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J Smith

Samuel Boyd

Christa Young

Dotchi Latham

I live 500 miles away but loaded up my kids and drove there hoping they would help me when no other doctor would listen to me in my small town. They were EXCELLENT! Not once did they say "It's all in your head" or anything like that. They said "Let's find out what's wrong!" and they did. I went from very sickly and ready to die (literally) to healthy and happy again after seeing their dietitian. I can't sing enough good praises about her and this hospital. They are WONDERFUL! Not only that, but where I live they said nothing was wrong... in Bremerton, they found out what was wrong, educated me on my condition, followed me closely for follow up and then treated my sons the same. We were all extremely happy with our care.


Noticed a lack of empathy in Urgent Care.

Michael Warmoth

Great place for military and retiree famlies.

Edmond Flores

Michael Winters

One of the slowest uregent care/hospitals I've ever been too! Only person in the waiting room, and takes over 2.5 hours to be seen. Time to get a better option and go out in town. Better servixe, better quality not care, and a helluva lot fastwr

Alicia Harris

nina anton

I spent ten minutes on the phone trying to get a confirmation email for my appointment. Not only the front desk assistants were unhelpful, but I was stopped in the middle of my sentence in a rude tone asking me if I am listening. I am not familiar with the hospital's computer system and lingo.

Sigfredo Cuevas

Coledale Webb

These service men and women do the best with what they have to work with and to see the professionalism, empathy, and attention to detail is really amazing. Thank each and everyone of you for a job well done. Thank you

Grits Morris

This place SUUCKS something vicious! My wife checked into the pharmacy at 1030, wasn't told that her command wasn't enrolled in a new records system that had gone live in September; She wasn't told this would prevent her number from being called until made a point to ask at a random window an hour later ( many patients had been there for an hour before her, so it seemed normal). After enrolling in that system, she was able to check in at the pharmacy. This was at Noon. It's 12:30 and she still hasn't been called back for her perscriptions. Lastly, there's a OTC meds that's normally available upon request at the pharmacy which they'd run out of. She was told she'd have to buy it or come after another day. Mmmm, love me some good ole' gov'ment health care!

baten kaitos

24 hours it's open and yet for several minutes on the line no one answered Sunday

Tighe Bailey

Joe RouLaine

Outstanding experience in Radiology, Family Medicine, Lab, and Dental.

Carol Meteney

I have been a patient at this hospital for over 20 years! I love my care received and all the services I have received. I highly recommend it to anyone eligible use it.

bellus exhibeo

Horrible wait times at urgent care. Child with frenulum tear was waiting for 3 hours to be seen with only one other patient in wait room. Common injury but nonetheless It shows just how little some of these so called doctors actually care about patients.

Steve Werner

Since Apathy is a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern I would agree they have a LACK of apathy. In other words, a lack of a lack of concern meaning they are very caring, diligent and responsive. BZ!

Daniel Ellison

Carmen Miller

My providers: Mary Miller and Mr. Davis are amazing. I did have a bit of a hard time with one of the nurses when I went for mental health and she got all religious on me but Mary was very supportive and even helped me through the panic attack that followed. Both of my providers shared their long history of experience in the medical field and I feel very safe in their hands. My son's providers Standaert and Crezensi (sp) are also wonderful and very experienced and Crezensi has contributed a lot to the inclusion of autistic people and the education of others about autism. Apart from that one nurse, all my other nurses and clinicians have been helpful and kind. All of our referrals have been submitted in a timely manner. I'm excited that we've got some good people on our side at this location. And what a location, the views from the waiting rooms are breath taking if you are into lakes and forests and mountains, which I am. Also, if you needing specialty care, don't hesitate to ask for a referral down to the Army Hospital at Tacoma, they have over 50 specialty clinics in their medical mall that we have access to as well. So four stars because of that one nurse, but other than that our experience has been good.

Shevy Stewart

Matthew Wallen

its good

Paul Cha

Nataly Ludlow

This hospital loves to do the run around with you, waste your time and not help you whatsoever.

Rachhana Srey

Brooke Copeland

Derrick Black

Dyler McCulley

What is the QD number? The number provided has a 2 min intro with all automated options. And zero for assistance does not work.

Ally D

The staff at Labor and Delivery are fantastic. I received the best care I could possibly expect out of professionals. I can't thank them enough, especially the night crew, for talking such good care of my family. My husband and I managed to actually sleep at night while the nurses took care of our newborn son. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much.

David Foster

My family has never had worse medical care than at this hospital. My wife is EFM Cat 4, and cannot even get a doctor that will refill her daily medications, or even one that listens when she tells them what is happening.

Kelley west

Been receiving care at NHB for 35 years. In the last two years care has become a nightmare. As of yesterday, we’re finally out. Can’t find a reputable doctor who takes TriCare, but no care is a better option than the care I receive there.

Brian Re

EDIT: So 6 months later. Pharmacy still has excessive lines. And Care provided, when you can get it is adequate at best. There is absolutely no access to health care unless you ware a military uniform. Avoid this place at all costs! Horrible customer service. They cant plan their way out of a wet paper bag. No communication with your Family Members PCM. Only good are the specialists, those clinics seem to run. Pharmacy is a complete time suck!

Renee Pickett

I have had my wisdom teeth out and gallbladder removed at this hospital as well as a few minor visits. I loved the care I received here! Most of the staff are very friendly and and helpful!

kelley Akers

Michael Johnston

This past Sunday, I really debated as to wether or not to be seen at urgent care. Wait times are horrid and staff seems to move like months old fryer grease. However, i had to come and give props to Dr. Louvet and his team!!!! When i walked in there was about 8 people ahead of me and i was like i have kids....i cant be here that long but i was hurting. I reluctantly checked in and took a seat and told my ride to go my surprise i think i sat there maybe 20 min. People just kept being called one right after ther other. I thought i was hallucinating. But then i was called up, did intake, the doc ans his angels came bing, bang, boom and it was done!!!! Just wabt to say thank you doc louvet and his team that night!!!! Made the weight we as a military family carry seem just a little lighter that way. Wish ALL docs and staff on other shifts were as efficient.

Theresa Banks

Absolutely Awesome hospital. The wait is TOO long for med refills but in 25 years stationed here we have never had anything but excellent care!

Ben Wood

I was born here in 2004

Eli Greene

I gave a 3 stars because there are good and bad things about this hospital. Good: providers care (for the most part), same day appointments available, nurses call back within 24 hours for concerns on behalf of the providers, the hospital has most departments for the referral process, galley has affordable food and you can fill your belly about 3 times from your one helping, Tricare or referral clinic usually calls back within 3-5 business days for scheduling referrals, great views of the sound, smoke deck in corner of hospital down by fence next to the forest, customer service is pretty good throughout, of course you have a few bad apples here and there, but that's everywhere, free wifi access while you wait, Subway restaurant on main advertised from galley, if you are stressed while your loved one is in surgery... The hospital has a healing garden and nature trails to clear your mind! There is a grand piano in the quarterdeck for anyone who is trained to play to allow your beautiful melodies to float freely through the first three decks of both building attached to the QD... I've heard it being played often. I've even heard people singing to their playing. It's not a bad place to be if you're a positive person. Bad: parking!!!! Wait times into family medicine or pharmacy can be 20 minutes to 5 hours. It would be more convenient for family medicine to have their own pharmacy team on the floors that the patient is seen on to fill said medications. Flu shots don't arrive until will into flu season. Pediatrics has no routine appointments for things like physicals for schools. I've had to wait 6 weeks for phyiscal that was due at the start of the school year. No exceptions were made and we are still waiting. Corpsman and civilian staff alike say inappropriate things in front of patients.

Mami Dye

David Hatzenbuehler

They treat military retirees like they are not worth treating. I heard stories about the VA, but the Naval Hospital is no better. After the way I was ignored with my medical issues, I am now in the process of elevating the concerns to my elected officials.

Michelle Gibson

NAVAL HOSPITAL HAS FAILED ME AND MY FAMILY! SHAME ON YOU. The pharmacy is the worst one I have ever been to. There is NO compassion,

Sarah Sterchi

Christian Lopez

Joseph Adkins

Ryan J

Would not even consider this a hospital. Their “urgent care” had one ONE doctor working. I waited three hours and 40 minutes to be seen, in which I had to leave early since I had a final for my college class. The people at the front desk had a sign that said two hours. They also only saw SIX people in those three hours and 40 minutes. Worst excuse of a hospital ever. Thank you for not even meeting the already low standard of federal work.


My father was flown from Idaho Falls, Idaho to Bremerton Hospital for a hernia surgery in 1968. They cut the main artery in his right leg during his hernia repair! We had just gotten back from 3 years in Taiwan. He should have died, but my mom brought my sister and I to the hospital and the doctor met with her and on his 10 th day post op my father bravely allowed the same surgeon to make the repair that saved his life. We had flown back from Taiwan as the only two children on a plane full of soldiers coming back from Vietnam. What I learned from the age of 8 to 13 was that Honor and Brave and Pride are very precious! The torn men at Bremerton Naval Hospital would have races in their wheel chairs, no legs! They would cry and laugh and stick by each other. War is awful! Defending our freedom is a Honor and I appreciate all of you who keep us safe. Thank you, God Bless you. Your stories live on in my fathers great grandchildren! Thank you

Barbara Taimanao

Fred Gilbert

Marcus Bedell

Jo-annie J.

Get ready to wait. And get poor treatment and rude nurses.

Genevieve Alasagas

Nach O'Guy V

Had some excellent surgery done here. But most recently I had to wait about 3 hours for urgent care, and then 5 more for barely 5 minutes of medical attention

Anthony Halverson

I have had nothing but good experiences with the staff, and I will be forever thankful for the services that I have received from NHB. The biggest issue I have is with parking. The parking situation can be absolutely horrendous and extremely stressful. I have showed up to the hospital about an hour early multiple times and barely made it to my appointments. I noticed that this is usually the worst at about 9:30 to 10:30. I hope that it improves in the future.

Tee Monster

Job Russ

I have attended this hospital for the last 3 years-- I've showed up to my appointments on time, only to wait for an hour or longer before being seen. I don't think they have ever seen me for an appointment on time. If you go to the pharmacy, be prepared for 2-4 hours of wait. I have never spent less than 2 hours in the pharmacy. Most of the 'docs' do not feel like they are there to practice medicine, instead to get a paycheck. This is one of the worst ran hospitals I've ever attended. On a good note however, the labor & delivery ward has been outstanding delivering both our children and I have absolutely zero complaints with them! Today I chose to leave the hospital waiting room after waiting for more than an hour to be seen for my appointment. I was 15 minutes early, which was my first mistake. At this point, I' would rather deal with the throes of a very severely infected and partially ruptured cyst than to sit in the waiting room for 1 more second, or listen to a corpsman read me a page off google. I will pay out of pocket from now on to attend a real hospital.

Angelica Laboy

i’ve been going to this hospital for 4 years now. the absolute worst hospital i’ve ever been to. it feels like the military just throws any person with an education higher than 5th grade and there and they use WebMD as their diagnosis sheet. first of all, absolute worst waiting time. i went to the ER twice, both twice in 11 months because i came down with the flu and was severely dehydrated. the first time, i waited four hours. ridiculous. there were only three other people besides me in the waiting room. the second time, i wasn’t even seen, i left the waiting room after 8 HOURS OF WAITING. SERIOUSLY?? you’d think that a naval hospital would be higher quality than a civilian hospital but dear god, you idiots really can’t do anything except receive a paycheck. secondly, i shouldn’t have to wait 5 hours to receive birth control pills, especially when it’s only 4 other patients in that massive waiting room. the pharmacy is hell. the ER is hell. the doctors are just coffee-driven zombies that are there only to get paid, which by the way, isn’t a lot. so i would think they’d step up their game, but obviously for four years they haven’t done anything but get worse. the services are free so that’s the only positive thing about that, but everything else is complete trash. i’d rather spend money on a hospital with real staff that knows what they’re doing. i think the military should do a thorough background check on their service member’s education and mental stability before they shove people as doctors/nurses in hospitals instead of patting bimbos on the back and handing them a half-ass degree.

Rachel Funball

This is an overall review for my experience with NHB for their exemplary service to me and my family during 2011-2015 Appointment times were concise and would make reasonable accommodations. When screening through for bone marrow they made it easy get paperwork sent to them. They handled my IUD pregnancy with exceptional amount of care (well except for one nurse who accidentally said congratulations not knowing the implications) with continual monitoring. Emergency was reasonable in priority as well as gave me private quarters when I went in for possible MC (ended up a tubal rupture) Surgery went well and respectful. OBGYN team was incredible. Birthing at NHB was pretty respectful of my needs...I may have kicked an OB out of my room and they accepted it with grace and brought in Commander Larsen who helped me deliver. Records for infants was amazing and they printed out and explained growth charts and curves as well as immunizations. Their nursing coach was invaluable. Their resources and accommodations made me truly appreciate having tricare and while I do enjoy my private insurance, I will honestly say I miss this hospital and staff

Ana Alvarez

Their pharmacy service sucks. Long waits for refills. They should have drive thru windows and text you or call when the medicine is ready. The primary care doctors google your condition and have little experience in the medicine field. Other department doctors are the total opposite they were excellent so it all depends what department is taking care of you.

Brandon Jones

**Pharmacy** I see the overwhelming negative reviews of this place are warranted. Our service members, veterans, and their families deserve more efficient care than this.

Cheri Koehler

Wonderful physical therapists. They were so supportive & kept me focused.

Alex Moore

Alma Bacani

Laura Schell

When I came here my son and I were very very sick. Waited 4 hours to be seen. I was coughing so hard I was crying. Mean while my one year old is having a meltdown. While walkins went in before us. Needed to breastfeed and got told to go in the bathroom that a private space wasn't available. And once I was seen the doctor was googling on his phone how to treat us and then told us to just go to the store and get something. That it was the same thing pretty much.

Cammy TheGreat

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