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Katrina Home Account

I cannot RAVE enough about the rehabilitation unit at CMC! The staff (Doctors, Nurses, Aides, PT, OT, Social Workers, etc) truly CARES about their patients. My mothers has been to four different local establishments for care over the past two years for anything from a stroke to broken ankles and Cascade gave me faith in the medical system again. They made me feel very comfortable and kept me informed on every step of treatment. The follow through and the true love and respect they showed along with the excellent demeanor of the trained staff helped my mom to get back on her feet again. My mom has been out for over 4 months and staff members still check on her. AMAZING!

Jenny Powell

As an Administrator of a health care facility in the area, I was thoroughly impressed with the camaraderie demonstrated by your staff, starting with your Case Manger, Tracy, and moving forward to the moment I walked through the doors: the emergency, nursing, and dietary departments--were all fabulous! I was in on an assessment (I'm a nurse, too) to evaluate a patient and could not have been more impressed with how kind and attentive the staff were. Every staff member was pleasant and professional to work with; they were knowledgeable of your facility and of the patient I was there to assess. I look forward to collaborative exchanges in the future. Thank you for setting the precedence of excellence in patient-centered, holistic care. Excellent job to you all!

Gregg B

Came for injuries sustained on a hike. Doctors and nurses were kind, courteous and had senses of humor.

Judy Weaver

Cascade Medical Center is the local hospital and physician clinic in Leavenworth, Washington. It has a wonderful team of physician and nurse practitioners that staff the clinic and the 24 hour emergency room. This past summer I was hiking in the area with a good friend in his 70's who developed shortness of breath and tightness in his chest. We drove to the emergency room and when mentioning his symptoms he was whisked to the exam area, saw both a nurse and doctor within minutes. Tests were done with results available in a reasonable amount of time and decision made quickly to transport him by ambulance to the nearest hospital with heart specialists. Because of the physician coordination at Cascade he was directly admitted to the cath lab for treatment and was resting comfortably in a hospital bed within hours. The fast evaluation and coordinated referral to treatment had him home and enrolled in a cardiac rehab program within the week to a great positive outcome. The staff and the Emergency Department at Cascade Medical are top notch and I highly recommend them to others.

Nancy Bruehl

My mother was admitted 12/21 and released 2/1. She'd had a serious stroke & I wasn't too optimistic in the outcome after rehab. The staff was there if I had a question, I got swift answers and was always informed of her care plan weekly. Katie & Sabine were wonderful with PT and built up mother's endurance, & her use of her hands for writing and eating are much improved. Her speech was "tossed salad" but working with Tracy she can now carry on a conversation. Tina kept her busy with activities. To Ray, Tamsen, Yvonne and the rest of nursing staff....thank you for taking such good care of mother. The attention you get from nursing staff can't be beat. I highly recommend this facility for rehabilitation services.

Krista Schober

I came in with a fractured ankle and the dr was going to diagnose me before getting the radiologist report. They only prescribed me ibuprofen for pain. This is not a trauma center, the er is ran by family practitioners. I was really disappointed how i was treated by the dr. This is not the first time myself or others have been given bad care.

Sally Lytle

We were in Leavenworth for our families annual vacation when on July 7th, my 8 year old son became very sick. There is nothing more stressful than being away from home and having your child fall ill. We headed to the ER at Cascade Medical center and were promptly shuffled to the back for vitals and our initial examination. Dr. Richardson came into the room and was friendly and kind to my son. He had personal connections to the Vancouver area, which is where we are from and made mention of the local hospitals and clinics that we are seen at. It was uneccessay in the course of treatment for my son to mention this but it does create a sense of familaraity which put me at ease (a bit). I appreciated the small talk very much. He ordered a flu and strep test and both were complete within' a 30 minute time frame. We were sent home after a breathing treatment and a lose diagnois of a viral infection. This is where the service began to shine. About two hours later I woke my son up to give him his meds and his lip had swollen to more than double its normal size. We rushed back to hospital where we were again treated by Dr. Richardson. It was 1 am, and I had no antihisamine to give him so it was very important to get that in him fast. His does of Benadryl was given within' 3 minutes of our arrival. Dr. Richardson kept us in the ER and stayed in the room next to ours to monitor him for a while (I believe he was on call at the time). We were again sent home and my son recovered a day or two later. This was one of the best ER experiences I have ever had (anywhere) and I would not hesitate to bring one of my children back here. Wait times were kept to a minimum, the service was excellent and we were treated with the utmost respect by the staff. I am very impressed by this small town hospital.

wade nash

Review from Kathi Nash I had an accident that required the Cascade ambulance, which arrived very promptly after our call. The EMT's and support staff were very professional, courteous, and comforting. After a stay at Central in Wenatchee, I transferred to the Acute Care facility at Cascade Medical where I spent time in rehabilitation. The Acute Care facility is clean, bright and very comfortable and I could write volumes about the wonderful staff. Let it suffice to say the medical, rehabilitation and support staff were extremely professional as well as caring and friendly and I came away feeling these people could be my friends ; the food was amazing by the way.

Kari H

Susan Raley

Returning after surgery from a Level I trauma hospital and arriving at Cascade was the best breath of fresh air. I could write about the great doctors, professional nursing staff, committed therapists, and beautiful facilities, but the best information might be for me to explain that my husband arrived with a newly placed stomach feeding tube and very weak swallowing muscles. He had had nothing by mouth for one month. Within five days he was eating ice chips and applesauce, something he had been unable to do at the trauma hospital. In a few more days, he was eating pureed food, and after a couple more weeks, then, as a rehab outpatient, he was eating anything he wanted. The staff arranged specialist referrals and combined expertise with genuine concern. I am so thankful for their care.

Leavenworth Paramedics

Suzette H

Richard is awesome!! Sometimes it seems he answers every phone call that comes in. He has run all over the hospital to find a nurse to make an apppointment for me! (he doesn't know me personally, he just cares about every person who calls in) Richard is ALWAYS courteous and polite - he is a real find - seriously that is not easy when you work with the public. The other young woman at the front desk is very intelligent and courteous too. The PT is excellent. The ER could work on their warmth factor, anyone there is experiencing trauma. All the nurses I have had are wonderful. Sara is the only nurse I have ever had who thoroughly checked my feet for diabetes influences and pointed out some issues and how to correct them. Dr. Butruille and Dr. Jerome genuinely care about their patients, both call their patients at home, I didn't know doctors did that anymore. Dr. Jerome took care of my FIL and MIL for 3 years, he does the rounds at Mountain Meadows, and they were not easy. Overall a dedicated and knowledgeable staff. It is a difficult job with not a lot of kudos and 'thank-you's. We're extremely fortunate to have a hospital in a town the size of Leavenworth, particularly with this degree of devotion to the individual patient. Dr. Fadich and Dr. Cho in Wenatchee are excellent too, but I would not switch to Wenatchee because the support staff is so difficult to navigate. We have waited 48 hours for a return call and sometimes not received one. We can never speak with the nurse directly. I am sure the support staff is excellent and hard-working (maybe understaffed, maybe they need a dedicated nurse), but I would not switch for this reason. Cascade has a much more accessible and responsive support staff.

Nancy Miller

My mother broke her hip. Cascade Staff x-rayed, stabilized her for transfer to a hospital that could do the surgery, and kept us informed. All went well from our side of the bed. She stayed here for a few days after surgery until she was mobile and ok to go home. The nurses were caring, the facility seemed modern and appropriate. Our only complaint might be that they aren't bigger (but then would they lose that personal touch?) so that the surgery could have been done there, too. The PT staff is efficient and the set-up is quite elaborate, including therapy pool with camera, and my mom did her PT regime there -- she's 89 and up and walking now.

Pat Maip

Been elsewhere for care, both in Seattle and Wenatchee areas. Was very impressed by the cascade medical team! The attention they provided my family member during rehab stay was outstanding. Will always recommend my family and friends go there for longer-term recovery after surgery or injury.

Jason Krakora

Recently established regular care here, visits are quick, the doctor had stayed in touch with me since my last visit and has been very friendly and helpful while listening to any of my concerns or questions.

Tom Sullivan

This place recently hired someone from another clinic, watch your records, she is known to run her mouth. She violates the HIPAA law, nothing ever done to her

L Berens

Chantelle Paulson

Abby Durrett

My mom was in the rehab facility at Cascade hospital for five weeks. The staff became like family to Mom and took fabulous care of her. Always positive energy with consistent and effective care. I brought her home today—thankful for living so close to such a great medical community!

Bruce Williams

Great Emergency Room and very convenient for those hurt while out in the nearby mountains! I was about to go mountain biking on a Saturday when one of my friends fell and suffered a sharp pain in his leg. We considered not getting it checked out until he went back to Seattle on Monday but decided it would be safer to have it checked out at Cascade Medical. They were great! Quick, professional and friendly service (and the doctor was a climber). Turned out my friend had a broken leg so it was good we had it checked.

lynda nelson

Their Hospital has the worst medical care . If you want kindness and respect go to Central Washington, in Wenatchee. I would Love to talk to whomever is in charge of the complaint department..Sure you got a brand new Hospital and it is a beautiful place, but as we all know outer beauty isn't whats really going on on the inside. The nursing staff needs to be fired and replaced. what a Wreck!

wesley minister

Amazing service, super fast and super friendly staff. Got us in quick and got us out quick.

jessica miller

Terrible. The nurses had no idea even how to turn on the machine to check my vitals. I had to show them. They would leave the room with gloves on and come back in and then touch other things. Totally disgusted I'm very unhappy with my service

Sean Stover

Chelsea Fleming

Was feeling carsick one Sunday afternoon and the receptionist let me rest in the empty waiting room and brought me some water. It was clean and quiet, and a short while later a physician came and offered me some crackers and peanut butter. They were both very thoughtful and it was overall a good experience despite the circumstances.

Heidi McCallister

Amazing Staff, Nurse, & Dr. Friendly, professional, helping with issue of problem at hand & knowledgeable. Great place out of state.

Amanda Simpson

Lorna Osborne

Cascade Medical has worked hard to stream line their function in making appointments, and their staff is always efficient and friendly! My husband and I have been patients for a few years now, and Dr. Jerome is one of the best Dr.'s we have ever had. Recently I have also started Physical Therapy at their facility. It has been an outstanding experience in every way. We live in Wenatchee, and the 20 minute drive is not only beautiful but worth the medical care we receive!

Chloe Hollatz

Our entire family has been going to Cascade Medical Center for years in their Family Practice for our Primary Dr's and have been to the ER there! All of their staff have been absolutely incredible. Our 3 young kids are always happy to see their fave Dr's during their Well visits or when a situation arises. Thank you for all that you do!

Avory Rankin

My boyfriend goes in because he gets a lump on his arm. They tell him it’s a tumor but they can’t do any samples of ultrasounds to make 100% sure that it’s benign and have to send him over to a different doctors office now out of town. I don’t understand how any hospital can’t take samples. They drop a bomb on this and say maybe it’s benign then send him off likes it’s nothing. Thanks for that.

Alexander Batishchev

No issues. Fast, nice person in lobby. Nice doctor (Geoff Richardson). Nice x-ray lab staff, too.

Alexis McMillan

The staff all seemed like they had somewhere else they would have rather béen. I suggest they get jobs in non healthcare fields. If you need an ER go to Wenatchee if you can! To the person who posted that they had quick and efficient help here, I would say I certainly hope so!! Because the ratio of staff to patients is 5 staff members to one patient. And they still were subpar. Harborview ER had hundreds of patients and I still felt that I had excellent care at Harborview. At this ER I wish I would have driven 20 more minutes for better emergency medical attention.

Mareth Flores de Francis

Very attentive and responsive to my needs

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