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REVIEWS OF Western State Hospital IN Virginia

Nancy Fisher

My schizophrenic son has been to at least a dozen hospitals over the past 4 years. Western State is the ONLY hospital that has been able to help him. They keep their patients for a chunk of needed time so they can really work with them, find the right meds and get them stabilized. Never any bad treatment. They get to go outside for fresh air and mountain views, watch movies, play wii games, have private comfortable rooms, etc. We could visit him every weekend for hours at a time. Staff always supportive and helpful. We were even able to meet with the entire treatment team whenever we requested it. I have nothing but good things to say about both of the units my son was in on 2 different occasions.

chery mullen

I cannot believe this place is still open. For godsake they caged a man with autism there. I guess, dss , csb allow abuse in state hospitals. Since it's all state and goverment

Sophisticated Wanderer

The nurses have been abusing their patients. If anyone says anything directly or complains, they just abuse my loved ones more. I can't go into any specifics to keep my 'patient' safe. There needs to be an investigation. They're going to start killing their patients, if they haven't already.

Candice Cuellar

Joku Noir

This place is pure evil. I wad kept here for over 30 days for no reason. They had no diagnosis for me, no treatment, in fact the Judge, my attorney and the psychiatrist on the "Laws" side had little reason to keep me other than "patient is PO'd at the world". Untrue, but if it was, i would have good reason. This is a human warehouse people dump their family members off at when they get tired of them. You do not need to be suicidal nor homicidal. All you need to be is different. Also, if you see doctor lindsay in 2 Hickory you will get prescribed Seroquel and Clonozapine regardless of diagnosis. (Because those pharm companies are paying her $$$). Employees who treat inmates like humans get fired. They are encouraged to lie and treat patients like trash. Western State Hospital needs to be shut down. Those in charge should be put in prison. It is not a hospital. They do not want to help you. They want to keep you trapped in a revolving door forever and leech money off the government for the priviledge of ruining weeks and months of your life you will NEVER get back. Contact me for class action lawsuit against WSH.


Cheryl Mullen

Western State isn't a place that I'd place anyone .Yes, they built another nicer place but, there practice is still the same.Human Rights and civil violations for the profoundly disabled.After it came out in the Daily news Record that, a man with autism lived caged in there . The place should have been shut down . And arrests made.

M Hall

Chad Chadington

Basically forced Klonopin, among other powerful drugs, down my throat daily for a week until I convinced the head MD that I was sane enough to be out on my own... because I am. Why was I in this facility? A simple fit of rage at the wrong time convinced a judge that I would benefit from being confined to this mental hospital for UP TO 30 DAYS?! It was clear the whole time that my behavior and intellectual ability differed greatly from the other patients. I feel bad for any person who doesn't need to be detained and is locked up there. It's pretty much jail - the only way you can pay your bail (get out early) is to be 'compliant with taking your medicine' and sucking up to the doctors and nurses. Like the other reviewer said: only giving 1 star because I can't give zero. I'm very glad to be free again and lucky to avoid a benzodiazepine addiction.


“Doctor” Santiago is quite a sick woman. From having students essentially prescribe pyscotropic drugs to a patient, to violating human rights. Says the patient is malnourished after the staff refuses to accommodate a vegan, then states “the only way out of here is by giving blood and taking medication,” after the patient stated it violates his religion. Just a week ago a patient on her floor was killed after a faulty injection. I’d suggest Santiago to lawyer up, the days of her false practice are coming to an end.

Josh Goldberg

Brandon Daniels

I went there sane but left all messed up in the head

Catherine Howard

Candi Nicole

Staff really cares

Manuel Hernandez

The hospital is great.

Will Robertson

I had spent 90 days as a voluntary patient at DeJarnette Sanitorium across the highway from Western State Hospital when my father's Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance coverage ran out. That was the only reason for the 'Lumacy Hearing' which resulted in my being certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a 'lunatic.' I could not believe they were using a 14th century word in 1969. I asked for a two week continuance in order to consult a court appointed lawyer. The man who was assigned to defend me turned out to be incompetent. I was officially declared by a judge with two thirds my IQ and 80% of my vocabulary to be a lunatic. Shortly thereafter the doctors had me transferred to Western State Hospital for not having insurance coverage to pay for the care people far less intelligent than I thought I needed. I knew that I had been misdiagnosed as schizophrenic because I had done extensive research on the subject the first time a doctor of psychiatry diagnosed me as schizophrenic a year and eight months earlier. I knew that the doctors were wrong because I had never presented symptoms which fit the definition of any type of schizophrenia. They were in cahoots with pharmaceutical companies and taking payments under the table for promoting experimental drugs. The patients were guinea pigs. I was acutely aware of the conspiracy to commit patients to state mental institutions for the purpose of experimentation when a new psychiatric drug needed testing.


I know of someone who was hospitalized here and this was the only place that got him sane. All other places cannot cure him. This place is the only place that enabled him to be logical and speak coherently. I am a relative of the patient and this facility is a good facility. It just needs more communication from Doctor and Social Worker to Patient Contact or Relative......

Jimi Ostraco

Wonderful, me kicking a heroin habit, a bunch of ghosts, and 300 lunatics that would love to kill me! Except one who fell in love with every guy she seen. She was cute, blond, and had been there since she killed a few people when she was 18. And she had killed at least one of the guys in there that she fell in love with and tried to f--k her. She was about 35 when I saw her.The crazy people would eat lunch at the same time as us,only separated. They would stand in line dead quite and just stare at me. All whacked out on whatever drugs they were on. I felt sorry for them and just figured We would be fine as long as they didn't put there hands on me. I didn't want to fight, I was sick kicking a terrible dope habit. The place really got nuts at night! Ghosts make lots of f--kin noise! And I was so sick I was always up to here em! The building We were in was 2 stories with us on the bottom and the ghosts in the upper ( empty ) floor!!! The whole place ( 22 buildings ) had been closed down to only 3or4 buildings being used. Us the drug program, and the lunatics in 2 or 3 buildings . That left a big place of empty buildings, creepy buildings, for ghosts to party and run back and forth having a great time scaring me to death!

Joyce Coleman

This review will be in real time. I called the main number to get through to a social worker. I was put on hold by the operator and I am still waiting after 17 minutes and 52 seconds. Do I wait or hang up and call again? Not happy. Hanging up to try again.

Steven Sorrels

oG Perceptixns

Stephen Wilkerson

Family Affairs

The hospital is one of the worst for singling out the patients that are to be treated fairly by staff. The staff only help who they feel are worthy of the help. Patients are spoken to as if they have no ability to comprehend and are unable to assist in their own treatment. The mission of the hospital to "provide recovery focused care" is not being utilized through the way the care of all patients is provided. In my experience with this hospital I would never even let an animal be seen by any of the staff, or medical teams at Western State Hospital, let alone a human being. For a state facility to let their patients be treated with such harm and disrespect as Western State Hospital it is a disgrace. Western State Hospital has been known to use excessive force with physical restraints, even killing a woman of a mere 26 years old. I give this so called "hospital" one star only because I can't give it a 0 star rating.

Adriana Viloria

Bashar Traveler

vikk biff

the asylum of nightmares here you go. I have thankfully never been here, but I know two other friends who have and their experiences are not good at all. I wholeheartedly believe it to be true and I'm going to write this on behalf of my friend who I have been there for him when he needed it. the minute you set foot in there for any reason you can expect to lose most all of your human rights. his experience was as follows. upon the first day he was given very belligerent treatment. he was excessively restrained even as he showed submission and cooperation. they personally and forcibly undressed him as they put him in a gown. he was examined head to toe, including private parts, by a doctor and was velcroed to a bed while this happened. any attempts to resist or defend oneself from their careless treatments will be dealt with excessively. you can expect to be restrained much of the day and denied any and all food and drink and even bathroom privileges. they give no privacy whatsoever. even if they let you go to the bathroom on your own, they still have hidden cameras watching you. you will be given many powerful and volatile medications upon the first day. some of the medicines are experimental. they are a team of nurses and doctors that will oftentimes entirely disregard the patient as well as the patient rights and the rights of family members. they are a corrupt people who want to be the best and always right and everyone else is wrong. they never will even ask the family if there is anything that they know that may help the patient. they listen to nobody and don't want to accept that they know nothing, but they most especially do not want to admit it. they will force upon the patient any treatments they are instructed and will mostly ignore any side effects, even serious ones. if one becomes violent, they will put him/her into various systems of restraint and many of these can cause a dangerous situation such as not being able to breathe or limb circulation problems. I also heard that some doctors and nurses here have molested and sometimes taunted their patients. in so many ways they are a failing miserable place and one day they will have themselves in so deep that they will not even be able to regret it too late. you are all weak dying fools who will die in your weak dying world. the tormenting play world you craft behind those walls and twist with your lies and powers. because you can just get away with it because you can say that everyone else there has a mental problem and they don't know nothing they're saying. I have not even told the very worst of what they did to my friend. they will all go to the place of eternal suffering they deserve for their reckless depravity and I can't wait to see them choke on the blackness they did to my dear hurt and broken friend. thanks for making him so much better u @holes!. sorry, but I already know that drugs and traditional as well as new methods are going to die out someday. I think somehow you know it too and that's why you are hurting and using these people.

Ronda Richmond

This hospital was the worse visit of any hospital I've ever been to in life .The staff sucked and the food sucked. I will never go there again in life

Paul Langman

The water tastes like poop. If that doesn't reflect their "quality" of service I don't know what would.


kush wadhwa

Patrick Wright

When I was 17 I had some cops accidentally take me there instead of the CCCA . It was like maximum security hospital , you first enter through a garage sally port . You go into a interview room off that , then . Well the nurse asked me my B-Day and realized I wasn't supposed to be there. The county sheriffs were total dumb asses .

Bethany Chohan

Sarafina Donald

I wish there were an option for zero stars, or even negative stars.

Betty Burford

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