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Reginald Nelms

The DC VA Operators or Phone Assistants are RUDE and very impatient! I called at 6a.m. when call volume shouldn't have been stressful and I get YELLING and SCREAMING on the line prior to being abruptly connected to radiology. This happened on 20 June 2019 at 6 a.m. I recommend SOME FORM of customer service training. But, since this ISN'T the first time this has happened. I'd recommend automating the entire department. I am SURE other VETS only want assistance with their issues NOT ATTITUDE! Automating the call center will be frustrating but AT LEAST WE WON'T RECEIVE NASTY ATTITUDES AS IF...YOU ALL ARE DOING US A FAVOR BY DOING THE JOB YOU SIGNED ON FOR!!! R. L. NELMS


Every time you come here to get an ID card the system is down. And the reps are RUDE!

Quintin Gaines

The hospital is one of the best hospital in the United States I have had nothing but great experience. The Admission office is staffed with very professional staff membes. During my admission process the staff made me feel so comfortable I really was thinking about canceling surgery but after speaking to the manager and several staff members they made me feel at ease and recommend me to talk withy surgeon The staff on the ward was nice too.


To the middle aged receptionist ( scraggy purple dyed reddish hair ) thank you for not assisting my husband for immediate Care. Instead she sat there flirting with the younger male while 4 of us queued behind him for about 15 minutes. You lady should not be representing the veterans

Tucker Patterson

The VA does a great job taking care of vets.

George Banks

They took care of my needs

marla zisa

Overall they try, the residents and interns are very professional but there is a lot of stealing from someone or several individuals. I brought electronics and food for my brother and it was missing the next day. I think it's time to clean house, there are some bad seeds here and also they need to hire Americans that speak English. My family member was sedated most of the time and I know he did not eat all the food or lost the electronics. His friend brought him clothes and they were stolen, from the manger's office. Sorry but this sounds like an inside job. Stealing from retired or sick veterans is the lowest even for third world country immigrants!

Theresa Larsen

I had an ultrasound ... they were awesome. On time. Professional.

DR Cooper

Good people

wade simmons

This place will try u

jim brown

First I want to say, I have had a great doctor once at the Washington DC Hospital. On 04/16/18, I had an Podiatry appointment with one of their doctors. It took me 3 hours to drive from Va., so I was very happy to make it on time. When I made first contact with the doctor, he was "Rude, Disgruntled, and Unprofessional." After reading the other reviews, I know I am not overreacting. His attitude did not develop over night, yet it is allowed to continue. The entire appointment, I was dismissed, and told I was confused. I am an older veteran, so I recognize unprofessional behavior, and that person that needs to retire, or not work with people. The really sad part is, if a younger vet had to manuvoer with a doctor like that. As I was leaving the appointment, I mentioned to the assistant how rude the doctor was, her response was, he's not rude, that's his personality. "Wrong Answer." Veterans come to the hospital for help. I'm not asking for a perfect scenario, but you can't mistreat people. I will be making a formal complaint, although I have no confidence in the complaint advocate office.

Fernando Valle

Hola buenas noches quiero hacer una pregunta ¿quiero traer a mi madre a este hospital a tratarla de un Derrame cerebral que tubo? Como puedo hacer una cita.. ella está fuera de EE.UU .. Me Gustaría hablar con un especialista. Que me Oriente

David Isenberg

I just got home from work and listened to a rushed, barely comprehensible, voicemail message saying that the appointment I was scheduled for tomorrow morning with my Green Team primary care physician was cancelled. No information on why, or when it might be rescheduled to. Considering that, among other things, I was supposed to find out whether or not I have cancer this is, shall we say, disappointing. Way to go, VA!

Nadirah Majied

Went with my son to clinic. Wait time was reasonable.

Sophia Mala

UNACCEPTABLE! You will be waiting a minimum of 3 HOURS or a half day to pick up medication from the pharmacy. I AM Waiting here for my ONE PILL!! One pill!!! not a narcotic either. Going on 3 hours wait, what’s the point!! And this isn’t even super busy it’s a Friday and still slow AF. No point in driving home now traffic is at its worst in dc at 3 pm on a Friday meanwhile Im watching employees run out the door. They have one lady at the counter on a Friday and everyone is mad cuz they been waiting HOURS. Is this why veterans kill them selves??

Gladys Castro-Lester

Walk ins get zero consideration regardless of how much pain they are in. Dependents are treated better than Vets.

michelle firmin

Please work on your phone etiquette. I called from a provider's office requesting a fax number, was told that it was a holiday and hung up on.

Jacqueline Jackson

The staff at the front desk was very courteous and knowledgeable. The escorts were nice and the clinic was slow.

Dorothy F

The VA has been getting a bad rap lately...Ive had only good service and excellent medical care at this hospital.


There have been vast improvements here for female veterans and not just the aesthetics.

Christopher Campbell

Dentist office full of lazy dentist that dont want to work. Appt times carry long wait times. They care about the check not the patients ..


There have been three deaths here in the past month that have been related to the incomptence of the staff here and complete disregard of their patients' health concerns, and I can attest to the fact that these people aren't concerned about you or your health in the slightest. I was admitted to the ER for symptoms of anaphylaxis and was supposed to be "monitored" for a few hours before getting discharged. After appropriate drugs/antihistamines were administered, I was left in the room to recover. The whole 4 hours I was there, NO ONE checked on me. NOT ONCE. It was freezing in the room and I got up to ask for a blanket (which they should have provided already). I was handed a blanket and never saw anyone's face until the nurse came in to discharge me. No one assessed my condition before discharging me. In the neighboring rooms, I could hear patients calling for help, and NO ONE attended to them. Aside from my ER visit, I have also attended scheduled appointments here. Appropriate health procedures/sanitation procedures are not practiced. Doctors do not follow up with patients. I was supposed to receive my prescriptions via mail... It's been three months, and I have not received any of my prescriptions yet. Most workers here are incompetent and should not be working in this field. If you care about your life, please do yourself a favor and seek alternative care. PS: There is an Asian lady who works in the pharmaceutical department and she is extremely rude and disrespectful to patients. I have seen her deny patients their prescriptions.

Jaime DM

Spent 2.5 hours on hold yesterday to enroll in the system and no one ever answered the phone. Called the patients experience office spoke with a gentelman who took my information and said that he would have enrollment coordinator call me. Twenty four later and still nothing. Its sad when undocumented individuals can get better services and care than a veteran.

The Big Willie

My experience I have to say is mediocre. The staff are nice and informative of course I'm the type of guy that doesn't settle for half-assed answers. Besides the god awful commute to hospital, I thought the facility was not that bad. However, I am aware of the new discovered statistics that was recently found and is trending on the news and my ratings reflects on that.

Mateo Evans

Staff member , doctors and all medical professionals do a great job trying hard to help veterans. But there are many things that need to be improved. For example the almost 2 hour wait for medication. The pharmacy at this VA Location is I think the worst pharmacy in the whole country. This is ridiculous, we are in DC the capital of the United States. But the VA facility is just a very nasty places.

Ted Harris

Lots of improvement with the newly appointed Director of VA.. Medical Service is great and so is the parking...

Ruth Barney

I have always had a very positive experience with this VA Hospital! I have never had to wait more than 20 minutes to see my doctor or at the pharmacy. I have used the shuttle service between there and Martinsburg, WV, where I live after surgery when I was unable to drive myself and that experience was very positive too. I want to commend the radiology department as well for getting me in promptly for a CAT Scan the day of my appointment with my sinus surgeon. It saved me an additional long trip from W.V. to D.C. I also love the valet parking which saves time and energy when you aren't feeling well. I am a nurse and I know the complexities of a Medical Center and I feel this one runs very well! Thank you all for a job well done!

Beth Stair

I've been there a couple times now and everyone is very nice. Mrs Johnson was great about ensuring the system was updated and I understood exactly what would happen next and even walked me into the hall to show me where to go next. The atrium is a stupid structural design and the employees must get very hot in the summer but no one complained. I've been to five different VA's over the years. These people are the best so far. DO NOT contract this service out.

Scott Bennett

The people are all professionals.

Micky Micheaux


Andrea Dawson

Parking can be rough and getting there is he'll. Location is not great, but good in take service...the doctors are hot or miss like most hospitals.

Amanda Zellers

My husband is a veteran. He has breathing problems, so he went to see the lung dr., he said it wasn't the lungs so my husband was sent to see the cardiologist, he said it wasn't his heart go see the lung dr. It has been like this for 8 years. No one will do any tests to find out what the problem is. If it has to do with breathing, it can only be lungs or heart. These dr.s are in the same building but don't talk to each other. He also has pain and numbness in his legs, no problem we will give you a band aid so we don't have to work. They did a few tests 7 years ago, but that was it. They just send pain pills every month.

Robin Walker Salas

Getting better all the time..!

Francis McGee

I'm a veteran and they take pretty good care of me

Jeffrey Davies

The staff is unprofessional. It's almost impossible to reach anyone be phone. The medical center is disorganized and the staff is in serious need of training.

Keenan McLaughlin

Has bed bugs. Found one crawling on the curtains in the clinic. In THE CLINIC of all places.



Gerald Crawford

Been attending for several years, staff is nice and treats us well.

Orlando G.

After moving from Fort Worth, Texas it was time to choose a new VA center. During my first visit to enroll (in person), I was left with mixed feelings. My first appointment was over a month away for a general check up. Now that I've been back I am very satisfied with my new physician and clinic (yellow).

Jon Smith

I have always received exceptional service at the Facility from my prime provider and his assistant. However, the customer service appointment reps, and some of the front desk personnel are rude, none caring, and very insensitive to the needs of the Wounded Vets. I have been Hung up on, called dumb for waiting so long to make an appointment or put on hold for excessive amounts of time. There is no feeling of (I'm here to help you) concern, or ability to make me feel comfortable that I called the right place for help. I would recommend customer service classes for the entire staff....1SG Jon Smith (RETIRED) U.S. ARMY.

Iris Rivera

Horrible! I had to see the Orthopedic Specialist for my ankles and as soon as I walked in the door, without even looking at me nor greeting me, he started to shake his head and tell me there was nothing he could do for me. He said they hadnt been able to help me improve in 10 years so he couldn't do anything either. Then he said I am lucky I can still walk and that I should be grateful I dont have to use crutches or medical braces to walk like he does. We literally got into an argument because of how rude he was. Then he said the only option is to fuse my ankles together. I spoke with other doctors about that and they told me that was not true, that I do have other options. This guy was completely unprofessional. He even told me I was wasting his time by coming in to see him. Plus a lot of the staff are so rude on the phone and in person; they are ghetto (ignorant). I'm thankful for the few good ones that really do provide good customer service and that actually do their job; thanful to have a job and be serving the Veterans that sacrificed so much to keep them safe. It makes me wonder if VA is that desperate for employees that they will hire anyone. It is such a shame to serve your country and be left to deal with this nonsense.

Jacki Sturdivant

Healing in His Name

Brian Steelman

Horrible place. Horrible staff. Especially if you need referred somewhere. Rude. Think they are entitled. The patient doesn't matter here.

Kamilah Williams

It will do for basic needs and paperwork, but who do they have at the ID desk when you first walk in? They seem mouthy and rude. The security lady in the jacket.

Tony Currotto

Good luck finding parking. Front line employees lack empathy and a willingness to help. They do have plenty of rudeness. Check social media for proof.

Rachel F Miller

I find the service above adequate.

Nic I


Bill Schwerha

The facility itself is great, appts were on-time and without issue. Staff we as helpful as always. Parking, on the other hand isn't the greatest right now due to construction of a new parking lot. Use the valet parking and arrive at least 45 minutes prior to appt.

Melvin Campbell

Green Team primary care clinic staff is great

Morgan Fykes

So many problems, so little time to address them all but what I can say is I am scared what kind of treatment my clients would get if I was not there advocating for them... shameful

Zette Risacher

Can you give a negative number. I wish. This place need to be demolished and redesigned to actually enable vets to get to the care they need. the maze of hallways, mis -directed signs for years, never a call for results, waited on hold for an hour and was able to call patient advocate on another line and they walked to dept to get answer. Choice program only works if you can get appt - which i have been waiting 33 days now to get dept to call me for appt.

Gregory Eames

Support staff are terrible if not down right rude, getting the correct office on the phone is damn near impossible, initial "transfer" of benefits from out of state to this VA Center took over a month.

Vanessa Saenz

This hospital is just as bad as any other VA hospital. The care is seriously lacking and nobody cares about the Veterans.

kennie Martinez

While on travel had to go to the ER here in DC. The drive took longer than the service. I was checked in within 5 minutes from arrival, seen within 10 and had a diagnostic, prescription and referral to physical therapy and out the door in 30 minutes. I thought i was going to be here all day! But it dos not turn put that way. Keep up the great work! Thank you!

Jose Lopez


Cleante Apollon

Had a prescription called in at 9:10am. Get to the pharmacy at 10:30 and you've got to take a number and wait to get to 1 of 6 people who "verify" that a prescription has been called in. 11:31, get a prescription. Pathetic.

AD Strong

The liaison Norris in the billing department was very supportive in resolving my emergency bill issue that was unpaid. Great customer service!

Ashley Bland

I have had a torn rotator cuff and serious pain in my shoulder blade. In the winter time, my arm locks and I can’t move my head and the side of my neck hurts. I’ve been expressing this to them and all they want to do is shove pills down my throat. Every doctor I’ve seen has told me something different about my shoulder. It’s ridiculous.

amel han

I have been DCVHA many times. I use of the gym Facilities many times. It was regulated to a hour and some times rushed. There are a few single women and romatic activities are healthy alternative to Drugs that can lead to Chemical dependence.

Just Want To Run

I have never had a bad experience at this VA location. The care I have received since 2010 has been good.

Damien Ward

Okay, place. Needs to work on the long wait times.

Roshana Turner

My mom goes to this place a lot and sometimes I go with her but the way that they treat the Veteranswith no respect at all

Spark Sparacino

Really new and improved facility



ster plaz

The food was quite satisfactory; it tasted good and arrived on time plus most of the workers delivering it were courteous. Some nurses were good and kept track of you while they were on shift. Others made you wait hours for pain medicine. Social workers were the complete pits. Although they hold the title "social worker" they told me flat out that they don't do "any of that kind of thing" (ie social work). I was left to do a lot of phone calling to find an assisted living facility and some VA funding for it. The social worker didn't even reveal to me that the VA has a voucher program to meet costs; I learned of it from a civilian on the street. The social supervisor is an archetypical bureaucrat. She told me that to gain entrance to a VA assisted living facility I would have to be fully independent in the first place but later would be allowed to stay for assistance with living!!!! I kid you not, those are her exact words. I asked her, "do you not see the contradiction in that statement you made?" She gave me classic bureaucrat indignation and double talk. Honestly, most social workers routinely looked/talked to me the same as if I were to come to their private residence and asked to use their restroom. Doctors mostly made me feel unwelcome. I was not retiree or service related disability, so, many doctors told me there was no funding for any assistance for those such as me. This was said while five different doctors come in daily to ask the most banal, inane questions; how are you eating, how are you sleeping, how are your body functions. These are things a nurse properly keeps track of. I was told repeatedly that the VA beds were for "those who were really sick". I subsequently found out from some nursing techs (off record) that this particular VA admits drug addicts and alcoholics for treatment for as long as they want to stay. ER waiting times seem to be long. I once was admitted to the ER and spent seven hours lying around waiting for the doctor to either discharge or admit me. Do your best to find/fund your healthcare somewhere else. I know that's easier said than done.

John Anthony Reyna

**Someone Please Forward this to Alexandria ocasio-cortez! ASAP!!! Madam idiot or Pendeja... In Spanish!!! *** April 26,2019*** read update Below! As a concerned Disabled Veteran... I want Washington DC to see what's going on at Audie Murphy VA hospital in San Antonio Texas. I posted the Working Hours and I believe they take pride in displaying their work schedule! Everyone gets Mad but I tell them it's not a joke! Over paying employees at this so called Clinic and calling it a Hospital is "The Joke"! Knock down this clinic in San Antonio, Texas and Build us a "Real Hospital for Military City U.S.A.!" We are Proud Veterans Who vowed Duty, Honor and Country... For our GOD! We swore... We were on Duty 24/7 ~ 365 days a year... I don't care if you had a desk job or in Combat! We didn't drop everything after 8 hours and say I'll take care of it Tomorrow or maybe Monday after the weekend! At least I didn't while Being in Mobility Operations in the Air Force! January 18, 2018 Addendum... If you want a botched job... And You've never been a Guinea Pig... welcome to Audie Murphy VA Hospital of San Antonio Texas. Right before Thanksgiving 2018 I had cancer removed from my right kidney... to this day I thought I was being cared for under UT Health Science Center Doctors were performing surgery on me... little that I know I was one of several she was performing surgery on(they meet quotas this way for $$$) and she had her minions close me up, and I turned out to be a botched job which I am still deformed from it. Never select to be operated at Audie Murphy for any reason whatsoever. This is a confessional and I will go to court and swear under oath that this is the truth. I was told by a lawyer and they say that there is no way you could sue the VA Hospital so they know that and anything goes once they Operate on You... so feel pretty much like a Guinea Pig anyway! And get a Life Insurance policy! What a pathetic place for a VA clinic... it seems everybody has an attitude when they should be happy to have a job! It seems just because you showed up for either blood work, urine analysis or you just don't feel good or you hurt yourself and need to be checked out! You are a burden just by showing up. I stopped by here April 24,2019 just so I can walk across the street to save me a 4-Hour trip on the bus or two hour trip on a rainy day by car! I hate going to Audie Murphy so I stopped here just so I could get some blood drawn to see the doctor the next day! This is the second time I stopped here for assistance, the first time I walked in was back and June 2018, on a Friday a little after 4 p.m. because I wasn't feeling good but everybody had left already except the clerks and triage nurse and she checked me so she can write a report on my status! I notice when I walk my dog in the back of the parking lot, tiny alcohol bottles and beer cans all over the grass, drainage and the parking lot. I guess coming from the veterans taking a swig or drink during lunch time or right before they get off lunch... but there seems to be an issue of alcoholism in this facility! Three out of the four phlebotomist that I encountered had an attitude, one of them that has to call your name out to go in seem to have a good attitude by singing your name out and that's about all the best I could tell you about personnel working here! **** Update... April 26,2019, just goes to show you what the Hell is going on... My Dr. Yi Yang was looking for my Blood analysis on April 25,2019, and guess what he found!!!??? They only drew a fraction of the Blood Test they were supposed to!!! He asked me why the rest of my blood analysis wasn't in the system, I told him that I had "Fasted" and they only drew one tube instead of the regular 5 or 7 they normally draw. I told my Dr. Yang that and he was upset because Now he has to find out who were the Screw-Ups from the Far Northside are!!! He showed me his orders exactly what where in "The Computer". OMG!

Jesse Robinson

Can honestly say that in the 25 years of my life that I've never been treated so poorly by so many people. At least they're consistent! You'd think after fighting for this country, that the employees here (who clearly never served their country) would appreciate the people who're being treated here. Think otherwise. I give a big A++ to whoever hires the yahoos that I've had the displeasure of speaking with (and in most cases not speaking with). What a joke.

Anthony Johnson

Great people

Steve L

They keep me on this earth... Thanks

Daniel Fagan

Urine on the counter in an open container and blood on the floor from someone else in the er room they had me in.


You get what you pay for.

David M

I hate this place and the scum that work there, they are the laziest people on the planet.


I was seen here for about a year. After moving and receiving care at another VA, it's clear that this facility has poorly trained and educated providers that have no idea about how to properly work within the VA system. Most are there just to receive a check, and hardly go out of their way to help anyone. This place is more or less a garbage can--figuratively and literally.

Carl Burgess

Excellent to get around to work

RC Cola

Lousy Pharmacy Process. Oral surgery staff is great, but the is always an issue with the pharmacy. Always. I'd prefer to contract this function out, as an option for out-patients.

Henry Marsh

Correct service

Don & Laura Whittaker

I have utilized the services of the VA in Washington, DC for many years. Not one time have I ever received anything less than exemplary service. There are simply too many people to thank for all their kind service. Just this week alone, a cadre of folks stepped up to literally ensure I had the routine care I needed to infuse myself for the disease I have. From Page, a pharmacist I’ve never met, to Mrs Jackson and her staff in prosthetics, also a group I’ve never met, and my primary care doctor, Dr Goraya of the green team, I received unparalleled care this week to ensure I stay healthy and have the supplies and drugs I needed. I simply become angry when I hear anyone bash this incredible institution. The staff, without exception, from medical, to labs, to pharmacy and all support groups have my love, my admiration, and my eternal thanks. You are simply the best. William D. Whittaker

Daniel Adams

The parking situation is horrible due to the shutting down of the lot right in front of the hospital. Your best bet is to use valet. It's free

Shane Maloney

Waited 2hrs to be told to wait for 4hrs, was just trying to get PTSD meds. They asked me the same questions over and over again. Meanwhile I waited in a hallway while other patients where calling for water, and blankets and being ignored. They(Nurses, Techs?) where discussing what the other patients were asking for. And then doing nothing about it. This went on for 2 hours. I was so uncomfortable with the service being provided I had to leave. Was treated like I was looking for heroin, meanwhile just trying to get some zoloft. This really sucked.

Robert Dyson

You have a 1:00 pm appointment and not Seen until 2:00 pm, poor service, it is now after 2:00 pm and I still have not been called. I will continue to write reviews, you would think things would improve, the orange team eye clinic. It is now almost 2:30 pm and I still haven't been seen. To add, the fee for public transportation using Metro from Gaithersburg Md $16.00 to get there and back no reimbursement .

Im Him

Prior to my initial visit Im posting to begin a trail. Protocol can not be avoided regardless of situation based on this morning. I suppose it is what it is, however if someone is volunteering he or she should be in the mindset of a volunteer not a dictator, unless the goal is to get a rise out of people. People/clients/Veterans calling dont need to hear the same sentences repeated over and over especially if calling is the last thing we or I in particular want to do,(DAV office[Harriette]) if thats her real name. Secondly, all other calls were simple being that most likely professionalism was taught or learned as well as empathy however volunteers should undergo a training to prevent lost causes due to inappropriately addressing concerns. Ill reply again after or if I visit. Id rather not continue visiting places where people intentionally cause disruption, drama or friction due to whatever excuse or stigma attached to callers such as myself or just me. Honestly this behavior is why I speak ill of the VA and the country i served, its all too familiar and quite frankly Id rather not play this game.

demetrius hollingsworth

Dr. McKenzie in orthopedics just did total knee replacement and i could not be happier with his care. Everyone from checkin to discharge were great very professional and did all they could to ensure my comfort and wellbeing. Had first follow up three weeks post op today and care professionalism was beyound reproach.

Francisco F

The only thing I see wrong is that they are under staff they should hire more qualified people because there's a lot of veterans and growing or they should build another VA Hospital

Charles Appling

I give the service here, as excellent being a veteran, and I work there as well, .. once you've serviced, you never stop, I will, ad long

Tyonte Thomas

Long wait. Gave wrong medication. Rude service

Stephen Vanacore

This place is the bane of my existence. Only redeeming quality is the parking situation.

Hiru Amenra

I spent 2 weeks on 3D East and I was not treated well by the staff, Keith Morgan to be specific Other staff members treated me as if I was a burden when I asked for water or a box or tissues the staff member whos name is Queeny asked me "why are you so needy" ? When I tried to make a formal complaint the nursing supervisor told me "I dont have time for this I have a meeting to go to" when I told my assigned psychologist what was going she took the problem to Dr. Neptune and I over heard Dr. Neptune stating that "its not that serious". Everytime I visit this place I have a bad experience.

Nelson V

I have been going here for 5 or 6 years now and have had nothing but good experiences. I would recommend it to anyone.

Jimmy Costello

Renovated spaces look great.


They gave me the wrong meds. Also juice me up on so much stuff I function worse than how I was

Edward Luzadder

One of the best VA Medical Centers I have been to, as they take their mission of helping Veterans to the next level!

eduardo hernandez

Worst Place I've ever been. Waited 5 hours in the ER

gloria horton

A viewfrom the veterans rehab_therapy hospital. ..d.c.


Most of the doctors are great. We LOVE Dr Highfill in the Orange Clinic. And his nurse Erena is the BEST! Once in a while you get a bad apple, but all in all, we are very happy with the medical service offered. What we have problems with sometimes is the pharmacy and their timing or thoroughness with shipping meds. Most of the staff is friendly IF you are friendly to them first, otherwise they have the same attitude as the stereotypical DMV (drivers license employees). The new wing of the hospital is JUST beautiful. I've noticed with any stay that my father has had, that it is best if I'm there with him to ask all of the questions. Sometimes my father is a "yes man" who will just say yes to whatever the doctors say. Me, on the otherhand, asks all kinds of questions and since they know I am paying CLOSE attention, they give him better care. Otherwise morning rounds seem rather routing. So I sleep over and wake up when the morning team comes in and fire away with any questions, concerns or grievances that I may have. All in all, we are very happy with this hospital. Thank you all for helping keep my very sick father alive. PS - there is a housing place for families to stay who live out of town, very nice touch.

MZ Normann

The veteran community makes this a great place for medical care.

Yaheem Jones

Th doctors are not bad at all, its the staff thats very disrespectful. Calling over the phone is a nightmare and if you leave a message they will never contact you back. nobody wants to do their job, they just transfer you around and wont even let know ahead of time they're transferring you then when you get someone to answer they transfer you to another operator.

Mohammed Reshid

I have got the honoree of volunteering at this center and very much satisfied with the staff and the coordinators>

Gary Williams

This whole place is depressing. The only reason it is raised to three stars is because I've met some awesome employees here.

Luis Reyes

This VA is awfully undermanned. Although I am already in the VA system, one has to go through a tedious process to register locally. It took me days to get some answers and finally the issue was only resolved by going in person. Calling the individual departments is utterly useless. An automated recording states that one can leave a message and get a call back. I left around five messages and never got a call or message back. Compared with other VA facilities I have interacted with, this VA's customer service is far below what should be acceptable. It's shameful that this is what we have in our nation's capital.

Abdul-Jabbar Al-jhmaci

I have been using the VA Medical Centre in Washington DC for more four years, I have always had positive experiences. Sometimes, the doctors might be off schedule, but it does not make the VA unique in anyway, form or fashion. The doctors at the VA take care interest and pride in serving Veterans. The entire staff is amazing. The VA Hospital is the number one hospital, the VA hospital keep me living; I have never been turned back or refused care or treatment.

Jigar Patel

Worked as an extern love this place and staff

Nick, Margee Mangus

I get most of my care through the Neurology clinic. They have an MS center and I am very pleased with them. The MRI, PET scan and lab people I have dealt with have been nice and helpful. Yes the place needs some serious work but I don't know if the VA system has the funds to do it. Parking is an absolute mess. I try to allow myself at least 30 minutes to park or use the valet service. They recently finished a two story garage that I think takes up more parking spaces than it created.

Blue Leaf von Müller

Inefficient. Poor customer service.

Duncan Enterprise

Friendly service.

Jackson Michaels

Emergency Room is the worst at check-in in the country. Unfortunately last few times I have gone to the facility it has been awful. Now once you have triage and seen by nurses and doctors they have a tendency to recover very well. It is the people you have to deal with upon arrival. In my last visit I heard the gentleman at the front desk engage man who happened to be awaiting a ride to the homeless shelter. The way he spoke to that man was dehumanizing to say the least. There are times when some of those people can be the wretched of the earth.

Todd Roebuck

Good care just long wait for a schedule appt.

Molina *

Mental Health at this facility is overwhelmingly terrible. The providers are condescending and treat patients as if they are receiving charity, and just go thru the motions, if that. It is also very complicated to get referred to a therapist.

Hunter Anderson

This is the worst service I have ever received.

Joshua Fenty

Rude, not helpful, and always busy. After you place your call, you wait for 20-30 minutes to talk to someone. Who normally asks for your name and what not, and immediately tells you to hang on and transfers you elsewhere for an additional 10-15 minutes. They answer ask for your name and what you want, and tell you very shortly, abruptly, and with no explanation a useless answer and tell you to have a good day. The amount of time spent on one caller is about 20-30 seconds, and nothing is done to improve anything. They could probably compete with Comcast for worse service around. It's a shame these are the people that "want" to help us Veterans... Boy would I hate to see someone who doesn't want to help us.

Johnny Five

The PIV card office here is a broom closet. The staff is completely rude. They shut the door in my face and told me to come back at 1 after lunch. I had an 11AM appointment.They never have access to the VA system. They take fingerprints manually and issue PIV cards manually I don't know how that's even possible. I went here twice to get my PIV card. Both times I was denied. They gave me the run around and told me I had to print off all kinds of forms to prove I had been put in the system for a card by my COR. I went to the Central VA HQ to get my PIV card. THEY WERE MUCH MORE EFFICIENT And I was able to get my card in an hour. Do not go here to get your fingerprints or PIV card you will be wasting your time.

Mark Williams

Outstanding job on my hip replacement

Helen Granado-Boesel

Customer service staff have been wonderful on the phone and physician care great. However, more strategic planning has to be implemented for those of us who live over 50 minutes drive to a facility, or who were forced to sign up at a VA facility over 50 minutes away based on lack of ability to receive new patients. However, driving long distances to receive medical attention is not pleasant. Why isn't the VA planning rural satellite clinics in the greater Washington DC/Baltimore/Annapolis area? It happens in other states! Driving 45 minutes to 2 hours for some is just morally wrong. Also, when appointments need to be cancelled at the DC VAMC, it is not easy to get through to the department to re-schedule an appointment. Dental appointments for re-evaluations are unavailable under 3 months & God help you if you need to cancel. When one needs medical attention constantly and has to depend on the VA, it is quite distressing to have to 'beg' for it after having given one's all to the country.

robert thompson

My experience has been


Rarely do I post reviews but I am afraid this facility needs a serious Joint Commission inspection. The doctors are great however in regards to the process of some their Departments greater heads have not prevailed. There should be absolutely no reason why there should be 2-3 hour wait at the pharmacy and only one person retrieving medication. I understand that some days you may be short staff but this is clearly a process failure. Operating your pharmacy like a 1930s pill mill is highly unsat for any medical facility. You could easily do away with pharmacy check in verification with biometric devices. Or rather than having one person collect slips it would be far more beneficial to have one person collecting slips at the desk and one runner so people are not standing waiting for one person to grab medication and slips. I would love to overhaul the process just so my future visits are more seamless.

Krystal Hicks-Mebane

Getting better service now! It still has a long way to go.

Chris T

I can not speak for the whole hospital. However when dealing with Orthopedics. Prepare for your patience to be tested. When you look at the telephone directory. You will notice that orthopedics (by the way a major part of their portfolio) is not listed. Then when you hit the switchboard it can be a hit or miss if you get same day surgery or someone else. Overall when you finally get the doctor you have attempted to get for about more than 120 hours. You will be happy that you just got seen. Is that what we define as successful?

aixa seales

I gave this VA 4 stars only because I have been going to the Women's Clinic, and my provider Dr. Soriano is amazing. Our first appointment she made sure that I had everything schedule to ensure that chronic issues are taken care of and even introduced me to some other programs available. I haven't really experienced any rudeness..except for the gentleman at the information center. I do have to admit, they need faster service for the pharmacy. I did have to wait over two hours for medication one time which in a room full of impatient people, is torture. But once again, if it wasn't for my provider and the few wonderful people I have had interact with at the medical center, I probably would have given it 2 stars. But they are a vast improvement from my previous medical center. Oakland VA Clinic. Now they are rude, short and love to mess up people's schedules and appointments.

Terry Johnson

just got home from visiting the yellow team...made the appt. at 0900 today for 1030 today...its now 1400! was treated great by all. thanks for looking out for the Vets!

Benjamin Davis

It is the Best...that I can Afford

Alex slate

I came to a job fair here to become a MSA. The service is a mess. They were unorganized. There was a first come first serve basis that did not fall thru which prompted the people who were early to be called last or late. Which had the people who were there early in the morning yo be called late in the after noon or evening. Or not called at all. It is very unfair and unprofessional. Please come up with a system to help fix this issue.

Phenom X

Great customer service so far

Marcus Graham

Always good to be around my fellow Vets.

Lj Wade

I was born there... Eternally grateful

Dennis Washington

The staff at Washington DC veterans clinic have better things to do than actually doing there job.Doctors at the VA are top notch, its there incompetent staff. They are always to busy socializing,texting or they don't know there own job to the point were they can't help you with something they are hired for.

Justin Guzman

Nice facility

Casandra Johnson

The absolute worst hospital ever!

Hector Moncada

Absolutely horrible place. Literally scary to try and go there for services the staff is untrained unprofessional and just rude. The ER is a mess. People were given wrong medication masks on patients with shortness of breath and nurses walking around with gloves on outside of patient rooms. They need to tear this place down and just start over. Shut them down.


I had gone there for what i thought was going to be a 3-4 hour emergency room visit for a bad cold that i thought i had. Well that visit turned into a 9 day hospital stay. During my stay in the 3E unit i was well taken care of by the nursing, doctor, lab, housekeeping, food service and etc personnel. So i would like to thank all of those people and sections but i am sorry that i cannot remember all of the peoples names involved in my care. When i do put together their names i will send them in also but i am sure that they know who they are. Lastly while being in the hospital for those 9 days i had parked my car in the lot and figured i would be out in a few hours to drive it home. When i did get to the lot after 9 days my car was still there with no tickets or anything and that i really appreciated because most places an auto will be ticketed or towed if left on a lot for over a few days. So thanks to the VA security team for recognizing that the car belonged to a patient that could not get out to move the vehicle or even put a sign on it to let them know where the driver was. thanks everybody and i am glad i found this place to make my statement at.

Nathan Hunt

I go here often. For labs or to see a specialist. Yes it looks rusty and crowded but the staff are friendly and caring. Lots of volunteers and all of them, volunteer or not have a great attitude dealing with each patient. Normally there is not much wait there, especially if you are in time. They do go above and beyond to provide the best service possible. My big thank you to every single one of them.

Michael Clark

My new Doctor took real good care of me , very informative, I love the VA Hospital

Arthur Davis

Need improvement

William Hart

Good service.

Gregory J Gentilini

First of all, if "U" were on 3DE you're a psycho , DC VA does the best they can... Go to another VA hosp. in the country and see how you get treated!!! anyone who complains about this facility is a malingerer & trying to get something for nothing!!!!!!

Zachary Reichold

The people who answer your phones are cynical, unprofessional, and burnt out. It is sad that this is the only option for a good number of veterans. I have a service connected disability rating so what I go there for is treated for free but I have decided it is no longer worth it to go to this hospital. I would rather pay out of pocket. I went to the VA in Prescott Az for 7 years and they were amazing. You can get good care from the VA just not this one.

tony petro

Warning -lengthy-**Even for a scheduled appointment plan on being there at least 3 hours** My first time here was for my military checkout evaluation. My doctor told me my back and knee pain were due to just being old, I was 29 years old at the time, with 8 years active service. After this my wife got me put on her insurance to see a real doctor. He submitted to the VA a recommendation for an MRI on my back and knee. The results came back as me having a protruding disc in my back and multiple tears in my knee. Upon me seeing the VA doctor for the results, she stated, "I don't know why your doctor had you get the MRI done, even after seeing this, there is nothing I will do for it". The next issue I had was dealing with a sleep problem. A doctor gave me some type of sleep medication, which I had tried for several weeks with no success. I called in and told him, and he told me to just keep doubling the dosage if it doesn't work until it does. After a few more weeks I had to go in to set up a sleep study appointment. During the process the woman at the front desk was talking to me about what my problem was, and decided that from my description that I DID INDEED have sleep apnea and ordered a special order mask for a machine which was for a problem I wasn't even diagnosed with. This then lead to the actual sleep study a week or two later. I arrived at 8:45pm for my scheduled 9pm - 5am appointment. I didn't get hooked up to the machines and the test started until around 11pm. During the study, there was constant noise in the hallway, from squeaky janitor carts, people talking and laughing, ordering pizzas, and the one time I started to doze off the computer in the room rebooted and lit the entire room in a bright blue and snapped me out of any chance of sleep. The person conducting the study came in at 3:30 am and told me that the study was complete. I didn't sleep at all. Within a week I received a letter stating that they found evidence of sleep apnea and I need to go in to get a CPAP machine! I am shocked by this evidence of a sleep condition found during a test in which I DID NOT SLEEP. When I went in to pick it up, the gentleman which runs the CPAP machine office was extremely rude, but that aside, the shear number of people waiting to get their brand new CPAP machines was insane. There were at least 15 people in the waiting area. I seriously think that someone in the department gets kick backs from the purchases of these $500+ machines, as well as the desk lady who ordered the special order masks without waiting for any diagnosis?? There has to be some kind of scam going on here. I have since avoided this dump like the plague and only use it for things which would still be rather expensive through civilian doctors, such as Xrays, etc.. update.... I was told to go into the emergency room by a nurse for a foot injury, thinking I broke or tore something in my foot. Upon entering, there is no instruction when you walk in. Just people that stare at a computer screen until you interrupt their doing nothing. Even though I was the only person in the waiting area, I still had to wait an hour and a half to get seen by the triage nurse. I then spent another 45 minutes waiting info the room to get vitals. I finally got my xray and was told to wait in the room again. This time they came back and told me to wait a minute. 30 minutes later I stuck my head out and asked what else they needed and found out that all I needed to do was sign a paper, but THEY FORGOT ABOUT ME. 4 hours later I was out with the regret of wasting another day in this hell hole.

Dave Zol

Always there when you need them..



Chris S

Another example of tax payers supporting 6 digit salaries & great benefits to individuals that are not even remotely able to preform in the medical community. The VA is not a medical institution, its a place for Parasites to go & suck off of tax payers. I went to the WRISC in DC to get a detailed evaluation of my neurological & physical problems. After a week of test I already had done & realizing I was not making up my issues, I was dropped like a bag of poo to decay & blow away in the wind. Fortunately I had a great network of people that cared & I have been able to figure out what is wrong & start fixing the problems so I can get back to work. If an enlisted farm boy as myself was able to figure out my problems, how come the mighty War Related Illness & Study Center figured out nothing or even helped me get my benefits. What an embarrassment, you politicians in DC need to forced to use the VA. However bad you think the VA is, its much worse. I have dealt with 5 different facilities. The VA left me to die a slow painful death. Combat was so much easier than fighting the VA.

Stephan Berry

They say it's for the vets, but unless your dying you may get some help.


Staff cant understand basic English. Cannot process requests timely as just getting a form over has taken over 3 weeks. I have made 12+ calls, left multiple voicemails. TAX DOLLARS AT WORK! Thanks for nothing.

Adrian Mobley

I haven't had any issues with the VA Medical Center. I made them my primary care, and I'm loving the clinic in Prince George's County. My prescriptions are delivered via USPS, and if I need it before it arrives, I have gotten a small supply from the Pharmacy with no long wait. Sorry, no said story from this Vet. Keep up the great job!

RLJ Comm

It's kind of amazing how many veterans are here and how efficient it all is. There are a lot of good men and women who served oue nation getting the help they need.

Al Q

Good paitcent care for Veterans

Mike Cross

Great changes to the VA hospital. I was last here 10 years ago and the overall improvements on service is outstanding.

Barry Moyer

Been getting extraordinary medical care at this facility for 30 years and it's been a life saver. People have bad experiences in all medical facilities and historically in VA facilities specifically but this seems to be the Flagship facility, or one of them, and I just don't see bad things going on at this one. Could I grouse about the little things? Sure. But it's a medical center, not an amusement park. And the excellent care is free for all practical purposes. An outstanding facility with outstanding people who knock themselves out for you.

Tawanna S Foote

I thankful don't have to go here for my primary care only when I need specialty care that's why I gave it the three stars. They gave me the option when I moved here to go to Ft. Belvoir community hospital VA clinic which is very nice, still has rude employees at the desk but my doctor is really good. She made sure I was schedule for everything I needed when I got here. When I do go to the hospital I always get this strange feeling and yes the employees are very rude but I found out that they are that way at most VA hospitals. Me and my husband who is also a vet went there a couple of weeks ago and saw the VA police chasing a man around outside. I have been to Hampton, Atlanta and Tampa VA's and trust me they are much worse. When I returned from Afghanistan it took the Tampa VA 6 months to give me a mental health appointment and that was after I had called the director of the OEF/OIF program. I had surgery at the Tampa VA I couldn't walk and while I was in the hospital the nurses would take hours to come help me to the bathroom. The lady in the room with me was helping me. The wait times were also terrible so the Washington DC va is better but it still has its problems and I believe most of it is with its staff.

Don Bridges

They are definitely getting better with their service

Brian Chambers


andre moc

I do not agree the the harrassing behavior.

Brenda Roberts

Absolutely wonderful. Visiting from California, ended up with a kidney stone. I was seen immediately and treated with respect and dignity. Thanks to everyone who was involved in making my experience wonderful, considering my circumstances.

Matt R

This is likely the poorest excuse for a medical facility in DC. The patient advocacy department is a horrible and unfunny joke. I am ashamed of the service this facility provides, and disgusted as a veteran that I am forced to go here.

Jeff Fuller

The administrative practices - from website to getting enrolled in VA Choice is a complete nightmare. Once I get to see a medical person it has been good service. But getting there is as user unfriendly as anything I have encountered.

Sherie Robey

Folks are friendly. ..

Anthony MyEcon Davis

This is where I get my Medical Care

Stephanie Coleman

This is a outstanding facility.

Michael Jackson

They get the job done!

Jenny Willis UBAM

Better than expected. Be nice and you will be treated the same. Getting an appointment can take a month or two. The Women's Clinic is a nice touch for female vets.

Mona Johnston

Despite the bad press about the VA health system, I have been nothing short of amazed. We've never waited more than 5 min. past an appointment time and I've found the staff to be very helpful. So far, I've been quite impressed with the medical team as well. It was a bit of a challenge to get in to the system but, so far, we've received good service beginning in Anderson, SC continuing to Ft. Belvoir Primary Care Clinic and at the VA Hospital in DC.

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