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REVIEWS OF Virginia Hospital Center IN Virginia

Bill Wright

It's pretty good hospital to visit whenever you need to see the doctor. all the staff are nice and helpful. they are willing to help. Center is clean and well organised. However, I could tell who are the new nurses and who are the senior nurses. They might need to train new employee so that they can be more confidences.

Radzi Buckman

Really bad experience at the ER. Brought a friend in with a deep head cut wound. They took 1 hour to have a doctor come by, who looked, staples and just left without even cleaning the wound. Bed side manner from the nurse to the doctor absolutely horrible. Avoid unless no other option.

Jesse Bascom

Had a great delivery experience. My wife came in fully dilated (due to her being tough as nails) and were swept right into a delivery room. The nursing team was great, and our baby was born in a flash. Once we moved to the recovery wing we had excellent nursing care, especially from our nurse Sunny who took the extra time to help my wife with feeding and to give me some swaddling pointers. The nurses also have an award system wherein patients can nominate them for a star on their ID holder which seems to be a point of pride for them. You can bet we’re putting in nominations!

Claudia Gianina

I used to think that this hospital was amazing because of the type of attention I received while I was a patient in the hospital (2012) but latetly the Quality of service has decreased significantly . A few months ago I went to the hospital, the nurse that took my blood hurt me a lot because she was fishing for my veins when I clearly told her that she wasn't going to be able to get any blood from there she continued to fish around and did not get anything, later she tried in a different place. After hours later they came and told me the results were inconclusive. Yesterday my mom went to the hospital and the nurse also hurt her while she was withdrawing blood from her , they to need hire people that actually know how to withdraw blood. Also people that actually want work and help people. The attitude of the entire staff felt like they doing my mom the( Favor) of helping her. My mom was in a lot of pain and they didn't even think about giving her any pain medication. My mom had to ask why wasn't she getting any medication and the nurse assitant was like "oh you want medication for the pain?" As if that was not obvious enough. Later the physian (jennifer baker) came and gave a prescription and asked my mom if the IV liquid didn't help her feel better. My mom also complain about having ear pain and she asked my mom "did you want me to check your ears ?". Most of the staff was very incompetent they said that they didn't know what was wrong with her and didn't bother to run futher test to find out, they just told her she need to see her primary care physicians. My mom arrived to the emergency room with a high fever and with a pain that she is been having for 3 weeks now only for them to tell her that they didn't know what was wrong. If the hospital could improve their staff and service that would be great for future patients. The nurses, medical assistants need to understand that people don't go to the hospital for fun .

Eric Martin

This has to be one of my worst experiences at any hospital. The rooms are so over booked that they had my wife and several other patients waiting in the hall way because there were no rooms available. 2.5 hours in and we finally got a room. See the chart I took a pic of , apparently it's standard for it to take this long here. And we will have to wait on tests. Wesually go to INOVA Fairfax and the quality difference is much better there. Aside from that Ive been in many emergency rooms anr know emergency rooms are typically not a fun place and people are hurt / in pain, but my God I felt like I was in a horror movie walking though this place. The staff seem nice but honestly avoid this place if it's an option.

Victoria Hudak

Everyone is super nice here, they took excellent care of me. Wish I could give them 10 stars

Diana Nichols

Never been in the hospital here but here for years using room we rent out. Staff very good to us. If you read the reviews on any of the local hospitals in the area some of them are horrible. Tragic things happening due to incompetence and neglect. Try to stay healthy and out of the hospital! Nobody can fix you if you never took care of yourself with exercise and proper nutrition. Everyone thinks you can take a pill or get a scan and it will all go away.

Angelo Collins

Saved my daughter in a time of need, what else can I do but give 5 stars. Great hospital in an excellent location if you live in Arlington. They provide classes in the front area as well as their conference space for early childhood, pregnancy, delivery, etc.. wonderful facility.


My grandma went here because she had liver cancer, but they kept saying that she had lung cancer (which she didn't) just because she smoked. They also didn't help her or listen to my dad when he asked them to do something for her, and kept treating her like she was in hospice instead of trying to cure her.

Jennifer Tanner

My doctor's office and my husband's physical therapy are both part of this hospital complex. Never been to such a crowded hospital, nor a hospital where you have to pay to park! That alone would be ridiculous enough, but to top it off, the street parking is jammed bumper to bumper, leaving the roads around the hospital narrow and harrowing, and the parking garages are always near capacity. Even if you have a disability parking placard, all the handicapped spots are taken! Expect to arrive 15 minutes early so you have time to find a place to park, then make the hike to the elevator, wait for it to arrive, then ride it up and figure out where you have to go. Leaving takes a similar amount of time. Trying to get in and out of the area at any time of day, there seems to be traffic wrapped around and backed up somewhere -- sick, elderly, or healthy but confused people make getting in and out take an exercise in patience. Really inconvenient all around -- looking forward to when my husband's PT is over. Otherwise, I would not come back if my doctor had another office elsewhere.

irfan Khan

The worst emergency place ever!!!!!!!! Took my mom there for chest pain around 4:00 am doctors and nurses are so slow it took almost 2 hours to get the blood test and for the result we have to wait another 2 hours!!!! The nurse took the blood and put the blooded needle over the counter like she’s putting banana

Diane Bellis

62 year old female went to emergency room with chest pain, blood pressure that had spiked, headache. Nurse takes information and blood pressure. Doctor comes and asks patient what patient would like him to do. Isn’t the doctor the expert? Patient seeks treatment elsewhere. First questions other doctors ask are didn’t they do en EKG and listen to your heart with a stethascope to rule out any event that may have occurred? No.

Talha Chaudhry

Great Hospital, care by doctors & nurses, and clean facility. 3 kids are enough, but if we were going to have a 4th it would definitively be here.

Chris Kozemchak

My mother-in-law had to have an emergency appendectomy and the staff was wonderful. They were constantly checking in on her. She's been in and out of so many hospitals, she asked me to write that this is the best experience from the staff to the doctor, from the trash lady to the doctor, she's ever had. she was so grateful how well they treated her. She felt they were so kind and caring. She can't recommend it enough. She'd recommend it to anybody.

Rahatgul Zadran

Hello to everyone! We been here before but never had such as a issue. But this time I came in 5:20 and after long long wait my wife she had very very bad pain and after almost five hours wait they took us inside and also I had a fight over this issue with receptionist and then I told her to call your supervisor she just ignored me. But to me this is not hospital, this is shilter. When I fight with them then they provide me a room not organized and cleanliness. Then the doctor was not showing up for almost 15 minutes then i walkout I found this nice and beautiful girl by the name of Gabrielle,she was very respectful honorable nurse for the hole hospital. Thanks Gabrielle!!! I was still trying to find the supervisor but he doesn't show up.

John Doe

On Tuesday morning around 2:30AM I showered up in the emergency room with back pain and chills and vomiting. I was checked in and then told to wait. About 20 minutes later the nurse called me over to see what my problem was and took my tempeture and vitals and explain how much pain I was in only to be told to have a seat back in the waiting room. About 20 minutes go by and I'm called toe looked at only to sit for a hour in pain and vomiting only to be told we ( the RN) can't do anything until a doctor sees you. It was a good hour before I had been seen and given pain meadidation. It turns out that I had a kidney stone passing. I felt that the care received was poor and that the ER doctors and nurses would let you suffer over helping. I will not return and the next time I have any type of urgent care need I will go to GW or George Town even though Virginia Hospital. center is just a mile from me.

Maral Chergani

Is very old hospital parking need to pay five dollars and Area is separated ,..I donot like it

erin b

So I'm sitting in triage right now. I was transferred by ambulance from the Pentagon Bc of chest pain and shortness of breath. The emergency doctor and cardiologist at the Pentagon felt that I needed to be seen immediately at a higher level facility, so they called 911. Now that I'm at a "higher-level facility," I am not hooked up to any monitoring equipment and have not seen a nurse in over an hour. Seems a little backwards right? When I went to go tell the nurse that my pain was getting worse and asked if there was anything I could take for it, she suggested taking whatever pain reliever I had. Vicodin, Motrin? Who cares? Not her. So if I don't follow up on this post, someone, please come find the 35 year old female that had a cardiac event that went unnoticed in triage. Virginia Hospital Center: come here to die.


I will NEVER come to this hospital again. I came in with stomach pains that I have been having for weeks. I went to urgent care before coming here they told me I had a stomach bug that it would go away. After weeks of pain and it not going away I came to this hospital where they stated they were sending me home With antibiotic and without them not knowing what was wrong with me And told me to come back if I was having any of the symptoms that I’m having now to come back. Doctors should not to prescribe medicine without being aware of their patient’s condition which in this case they told me that I had no condition and to come back if I’m having any of the same symptoms that I came in for.

A Al

Worst ever... 6 visits to this hospital and none of them was an issue free. The only thing the employees won't tell you that "this facility is not for people look like you" but everything else they do and say says it loud and clear. Yes, this is what I am saying there is a clear ugly racial preferences in this medical establishment.

Jorge Sepúlveda

From the person who received me at the emergency entrance, to the nurses, and the doctors, their service, attention, and care was perfect! I was very impressed. This hospital is a model of how patient-care should be done. Thank you for taking care of me.

Donna Jachyra

They use kindness and friendly with they're daily life on all. Been with them since 1999. Nurses at their clinic are so helpful and knowledgeable. Take the best care of me.

Marcella Malone

I took my boyfriend to the ER for some issues he had with his throat. I thought things were going perfectly because we were admitted within Ten minutes. Once we got in there he had to do some tests and a CT scan. I was able to wait with him for the results. In the meantime he was having severe pain so they gave him an antibiotic and some morphine, which I thought was extreme. The morphine must have been a low dose and really did not help him much. After four hours they determined what was wrong with him. The staff was very nice, however, having worked in an oral surgeon's office, I know the importance of being sanitary. This was NOT sanitary. There was a blood smear on the overhead light above the bed. There were IV and needle wrappers on the floor and the sheets were filthy. I was pretty shocked. There is nothing worse than having bio-hazardous waste all over the place.

Jax B.

My first ever emergency room visit ever and I'm glad that I made choice to receive care from Virginia Hospital Center. They treated my excruciating abdominal pain and nausea quickly and dived into a diagnosis. A few hours later I was transferred to a clean and comfortable room that was ready for my stay. The care from nursing staff and technicians in section 7A was fantastic! Resident doctors and surgeon checked on me daily and patiently explained prognosis and my last recourses for recovery. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone.

FoE Dekker

The maintenance staff is a catastrophe . Drinking fountains just covered with trash bags and never fixed, elevators that work half the time of take you to the wrong floor (elevator #13). Hinges on benches broken, carpeting that looks 20 years old and has never been steam cleaned,. None of this is hard to fix, if you are doing your jobs.

Paulette Bunce

If anyone can make a hospital visit bearable these People can! From receptionists, nurses and doctors.... I feel like they truly care about my hospital visit.... EVBRY TIME! Their doctors are competent and knowledgeable!

Daniel Castro

Today is the 9/10/19 i am here with my mother is been 3 hours in the ER and no one just got here to see her she have allergy. I guess there are no doctor in the ER. I don't walk out with her because she is really bad but think about it like 3 times if you want to came in at arlington hospital

Marty Meenehan

The nurses were great, the service fast and the doctors very pleasant. The only reason not to give this place 5 stars is the quality of the food. Fairfax hospital has much better food choices and the quality is far superior.

Gardner Ligo

Not sure one can say that we "loved" being in the hospital. But our family has had several experiences with a loved one at VHC for a week or more and the experience has been top notch. The quality of care, both technically and personally has been expert and supportive.

ahmet salonsimis sim

Our insurance Kaiser works with VHC for labor and deliver, so we chose VHC for our baby’s delivery. -tour was great! -every time we came in for false alarm of labor :), every each staff from nurse to doctors were amazing! -labor and delivery time were also great and everyone were so friendly and made us feel at home! -we had emergency C-section so surgery was smooth and recovery in their room was comfortable and check ups were great by all the nurses and doctors! -babies are well taken care of at this place! - my wife and I and also our new baby girl loved everyone at this hospital! -so many people I know who used this hospital for labor and delivery loved it and they reffed us to this place! We highly recommend here to anyone who is considering for labor and delivery!

Margaret Spence

Virginia Hospital Center is where I had my surgery done. The Staff was very friendly and caring. They made sure I was conformable with my stay. My surgery was 4 hours long and they kept my husband well informed what was going on in the surgery room. Great Hospital. Was very please with my stay.

Nuha A H

Sooo greedy

Brittany Renner

This office is horrible. I arrived 15 minutes late due to traffic and when I arrived they had me wait to be checked in. Once I had someone at the front desk they told me it was too late for my 2pm appt and I would have to reschedule a different day. There was NO ONE in the office except for me. No one waiting. The NP Yvonne Pierce apparently decided that it would be too much trouble for her. Really, I only get 15 minutes allotted for my appointment and if I miss that it's over? I usually don't even get to see the doctor until 45 minutes after check in and waiting in the exam room. Don't go here.

Carter Hansen

went to the ER and was greated warmly. staff was great, wait wasn't bad. got the meds i needed and was on my way within an hour and a half. there was lots of people there as well.

Ezedin Salih

my father were there for several days, he was treated well. it's very clean and comfortable for visitors and patient. the nurse and doctors was great too, God bless America.

Hannah Martin Lawrenz

The nursing team was attentive, cheerful, and knowledgeable throughout my long labor and delivery. So thankful for Janet, Janelle, and Kaitlyn!

m j

My dad was admitted to the hospital the nurses were super nice but CT scans took forever the doctor said he needs a CT scan and its not until 4 hours someone comes to get him for the scan. Hospital needs to get this system right if someone is in a need of CT scan they need to do it ASAP.

D Dawg

got here in extreme pain by 8 out of 10. taken from ambulance to get blood pressure and temp. then put in a wheelchair and ushered right n2 the waiting lobby...and left moaning, hunched over and rocking from the pain that had now gone to a 10 out of 10. after an hour was finally taken back but once back the RN Megan Louis and Nurse Eric was wonderful. very compassionate and caring. couldnt ask for better once i finally got n2 their hands. getting there was the nightmare

Faiza Naveed

We had our twins there . And was the best experience of my life all the nurses from the beginning till the end of my stay were so caring. I normally doesn’t put reviews but for them I had too.

Lauren Clark

I design parking structures and street signage for a living. Their garages are easily the worst signed I've ever seen. For zone "blue/A" the implication is that visitors only follow the blue signs. But this is not stated anywhere on the website or in the garage. No wonder every practice here advises patients to show up 30 min early.

Dilmira Takhirova

Today my mom supposed to take me to phycologist, but somehow left me at emergency. Before she left, she told doctor that I was stress. And they kept me in that room from 12 until 6. Of course blood work and urine. They gave me cold soup. But today they were nice, they gave me food. That never happened before, I was there twice. They never asked if I were hungry. So in the end of the day they finally discharge me. Oh also they called social worker. I'm sorry for what I'm gonna say now. But they're breaking low of United State of America. Who treat patient like them. I told doctor Monroe that I'm fine and I'm feeling good. I walk in the park play pool. And I'm happy. Is that a reason to call social worker, am I criminal? Y would I need social worker? And they gave me diagnosed as anxiety. Just because my mom said I'm stress. So they don't have they own brain to give patient diagnost. I doubt of good qualifications and quality of Virginia hospital.

Kawana Hamilton

Thank you so much staff of Virginia Hospital. I injured my knee inline skating the day before yesterday and trust me when I tell you it hurt like.... well I'm not going to finish that statement but I'm sure you get my point. Never the less I would like to say you guys helped me out a great deal. I give you guys and gals there a grand total of 10 stars. Although I know that I can't rate ten stars but I will place some on here myself.

Gina Stewart

Great neurosurgery department and ICU and 5th floor nurses! My fiance had neck surgery at VHC on June 14, 2019 and he remained in the hospital for 3 nights. While we were there the staff was attentive and caring. A shout out to Dr. Richard Murray and his medical team, ICU nurses - Genesis, Andrea & Laura, 5th floor nurses/cnas - Jaliah, Nahzic, Randi, Charlene & Ava, janitorial staff -Waketa & Lori & case manager - Shaunte. All of you ROCK!!! Thank you very much!! Forgot to mention the food service was exceptional considering this was a hospital and not a sit down Restaraunt!

April Batiste

My daughter was in the ER and had excellent care. I appreciate the work they do immensely.

Thai Hung Nguyen

My 86 years old father is in for a broken hip. He then got so many complications. He was going through so much but the nursing staffs are phenomenal. Marissa, Shaina, Lucie, Quynh are so attentive and amazing. They know what he needed and act quickly and effectively. One of the incidents, thanks to their prompt attention, he was able to recover from a tough choke up. We are thankful to have him under the care of these amazing angels.

heather jenkins

Medical Neglect I really wish I could give Zero stars .. First Off ive only had one experience with this hospital but I am not happy and really hurt by what has been happening. My grandmother Received a pacemaker in this hospital 20 days ago and didn't heal well called numerous times to let them know of the pain and swelling and was told it was normal. long story short my grandmother has been threw hell in back in a short period of time and is now back in the hospital getting the pacemaker out because the site is infected with Staph and ecoil which they found when opening her back up to stop the bleeding this Monday ... and will have to go home whenever that is on home IV antibiotics. Im not happy at all and if this was your grandmother you would not be either. All this for nothing !!!!!!!!!

Neil Schuster

I went to the emergency room about 2 weeks ago with a serious infection in my hand (painful enough that it kept me awake two nights in a row). I was very impressed by everyone at the hospital, from intake, to emergency room treatment, to follow-up. I was treated as a valued patient and in a very patient-centric way. Shelby Yates and Teresa Ross attended to me in the ER and I can't say enough about their manner and approach. I then received two followup phone calls to see how I was doing, including one from Shelby Yates. The ER referred me to a hand surgeon for further treatment, and I am impressed with the care he gives as well.

Kelly M

I have to say they are better than most in this area. I would only recommend them and Reston Hospital. It isn't always the doctors on staff, but the nursing staff is very important. It appears many hospitals are cutting costs by reducing staffing which reflects proper care. Virginia Hospital Center is still doing it right, IMHO.

Erika Gaitan

I couldn’t be happier to have had my unmedicated hypnobirthing second VBAC at this hospital. The staff was all unbelievably kind and caring, supported and respected my needs and wants. My nurse was the best, she had some prior training in hypno birthing and made everything easy for us. The most beautiful experience I’ve ever had. They made for a truly peaceful labor and a great delivery.

Owen Stevens

The one star is only for the few diamonds in the rough working there. Avoid this hospital as far as you can, the worst service we ever received, patient without nutrition for 10 days and when eventually allowed to get nutrition they need 18 hours to prepare!! This place is SLOW, hundreds of staff milling about but not much happening. Their work in untidy and unhygienic, they just drop packaging, needle caps, dirty hospitals gowns on the floor and expect housekeeping to clean up after them, everything take days to get done, maybe this is the only way they can keep there patient numbers up! What they did in 5 days could have easily been achieved in 2 days, utterly discussed !!

Diann Metal

Ultra Amazing!!! Our daughter was attending an area sport camp, and unfortunately got injured. Double whammy, we are from out of state, so I needed to 'dig' as to where our insurance would 'work', and not get Socked. The Express Care certainly lived up to its name, AND we feel confident with the highly qualified staff addressed the situation with her best interest! Thank you for all your time in tending promptly to our daughter, and for everyone being so warm & friendly!

Gloria L

I gave labor here to my baby girl. All the nurses were really kind and supportive. Once I walked and I saw a sign stating they were on the list of the top 100 best hospitals. Now I see why. Couldn't have had my baby girl at a better place. I would love to give labor here again.


I was there for three days my wife she is born by c section. She was born three times in back home in Ethiopia. In us Virginia hospital this is the 4 time c section. . I was veary stressful because off this is 4 times. But in Virginia hospital help my wife everything perfect .i got Amazing dr moxley and veary polite nurses. I need to say thank you veary much Virginia hospital. You doing great team work. I appreciate alot Eyayou& Netsanet

Elaine Leow

Love the service! Everyone is so nice and willing to help you. My family loves coming here


had excellent service - from the receptionist to the prep nurses to the surgery to the post op rehab - Everyone was nice, personable and professional.

Jennifer Browrr

I would highly recommend Virginia Hospital Center. I was seen quickly and everyone was very kind & welcoming. The hospital itself is very clean & modern compared to others I have seen.


Garbage hospital they will charge you for people you don’t see and overcharge on services and if you decline anything it won’t matter they’ll still charge you this hospital is nothing but full of greedy doctors who care about there 6 figure salary rather than the people they went to school to care for.

Robert Bailey

This is dealing with the hospital over the phone Just released from the hospital yesterday evening. Prescriptions were supposed to be phoned to my pharmacy. Never happened. so I call hospital and they tell me they will fax them in the morning. Never happened. So now I keep getting hung up on, put on hold, told they will call me back. Thinking about just going back up there and asking them to give me the written prescription and go get them myself.

Jan Miller

Awesome doctors and nurses

Sasha Robinson

This hospital is great. Great staff great doctors. A family member of mine had to go through brain surgery and they took exceptional care of him.

Tom Nochera

Wife had 2 babies here. We love VHC!

Lauren Weigle

Outpatient Surgery staff and nurses were phenomenal! My surgery was delayed an hour which was fine, but during the time before my surgery there were several nurses coming in and out of the room making sure that I was okay. After the surgery was completed, it took me awhile to come out of the anesthetist and they were patient and even cracking some jokes, which is awesome. I have nothing but a great experience every time I have to go there for blood or something else.

paranoid android

Great facilities. The RN's were very helpful. Doctor was great as well. Got all the tests done fast.

Erwin Antelo

The best hospital in U.S.and excellent customer service.

Trang Ouk

Bright and modern hospital that got a facelift about six years ago. Rooms are spacious and clean, and the staff is friendly. However, any kind of services are extremely slow: lunch and dinner orders take over an hour to an hour and a half every single time (and something is always missing from your order), and good luck to you if you have the misfortune of needing an MRI or a spinal tap, you will wait on the gurney for hours to get the procedure done and days before the results are available!

Winter Fox

If I could give this a 0 star rating I would. They screwed up my life for no reason and disobeyed what I and my parents wanted. Horrible facility and rude inconsiderate doctors. The staff is nice and friendly but that's about it. I DO NOT recommend this hospital especially for people with mental illnesses. Do not go here.

Martha J Tovar

A poor experience. Living in Arlington it is easy to go to this hospital. But after what happened to my aunt last week. Never again At the emergency room you would have expect courteous and experienced staff. What we found was a very sad place. Lacking all of what we were supposed to find.

Christopher Lugo

Always have had great care. All the doctors, nurses, specialists have been great. Two cons: parking and administrative office workers. Parking can be a gamble and nightmare. All depends on timing, but what in this area isn't like this. We use this for all our medical needs so we've come across some terrible office assistants. The doctors and nurses rock but they assistants are 5/10.

Tracy H

I was brought To VHC Arlington with, at the time, an unknown issue and in tremendous pain. Jason was the first person I met. He fought side by side with me to get the pain under control. I really felt and still do that he truly cared about my comfort and did above and beyond what I would expect someone to do. I owe Jason a huge heart felt Thank you. Jason was one of many folks I met while the doctors figured out and solved what was wrong with my leg. Yalda and Athena stand out in my memory as well and there were several others involved in taking care of me that couldn't have done better. From the very nice lady that cleaned the room each morning to the doctors that operated, all involved gave me their undivided attention and helped me through a very tough time. I will never forget what you did for me and will be sure to tell all I know of my experience. I know I've left some people out and wish I remembered all of your names. Thank you all!

Dan Jakes

Dr. Margaret Fischer and her team were EXCELLENT. Tact, diplomacy, professionalism were greater than expected. Relatively new in the area, I had no family and friends to help guide me into the process. However, Dr. Fischer made her priority to speak with my kids via phone and assure them of the procedure, placement of a pacemaker and was extremely caring with an excellent bed side manner. I only had one bad experience with an over night nurse, but that should not deflect from the 99.99% positive experience. The Day Nurse helped me arrange an UBER since my ride changed their mind at the last minute to pick me up. The true experience is with the professionals treating you with dignity, care and respect. Thank you Dr. Fischer and your excellent team in making me feel better about my experience. I have another procedure planned for February 8, 2017 with an Ablation being performed and know I will be in great hands knowing you have my best interest and heart in hand. Thank you

T G.H.

Had my second VBAC here, staff is attentive and many thanks to my midwife, Karen with Arlington Women’s Center.

Ashlynn Pai

Absolutely appalling. It's eye-opening to see how bad it can get. I wouldn't wish this "care" on anyone. Make the most of everyday because with this place as my neighborhood hospital, I'm screwed. I'd rather spend my last moments dying peacefully at home or trying to get across the Key Bridge during rush hour so I can get to a real hospital.

Rosemary Leblond

Dr Gadhia was a compassionate, skillful and thorough. The ED team was welcoming and kept checking to see if I needed anything.

Victor Rewocki

We had our baby girl delivered here and we have no enough nice words for these people here. During the C section, Dr Schmidt did amazing job and her whole crew was outstanding. I am so sorry I can’t remember all of their names, but they will know if they read this. The delivery turned out with some complications but they never lost it. The Anesthesiologist was great and compassionate to my wife and even managed to get her a worm blanket while she was on epidural anesthesia. Our baby daughter had some difficulties with breeding and had to be transferred to the NIC Unit, for a few days. Thank you to doctor from NICU who made this call. And the NICU is another group of great people and professionals. Nurses, doctors, everybody in the NICU were outstanding. They helped our daughter get through the difficulties, helped and encouraged us during all of that time. Again, I wish I remember all of their names but they will recognize them self and we are truly thankful to them all. For those whose names we remember, thank you Amy, Emily, Beth. Thank you for making our time easier and taking an outstanding care of our daughter Emily. Many thanks to the crew taking care of my wife in the room 300. Nurses, doctors, servers and cleaning ladies. You are a true representatives of your profession, you should be proud of that and we are lucky we were assigned to your hospital. God bless you all! Emily and her sister with their parents.

murray greenberg

Very pleasant staff went out of their way to make me comfortable.the nicest people I have encountered in a hospital. Murrray Greenberg

Audrey Z

Terrible and distubing what happened to a friend. ICU had not hydrated and provided nutrition for a cardiac patient who was hungry and very thirsty when woke up, and could still metabolize food. On painkillers and oxygen only, their voice was extremely weak Saturday, but after a little oatmeal and tiny sips of water, but Sunday voice was strong with some morning juice. They became a little agitated and wanted to leave the hospital in afternoon so the punishment was morphine at level three then level four. Next day their heart stopped--dead. Trays of food had been delivered, but no way a sleeping doped up person can eat. Our bodies need water to function properly. Never want to stay here. Doctor and attending nurse was cold acted like this person was a science project. Ugly death.

Sue Clark

The Doctors and Nurses may be fine, but the parking is THE WORST About 18 months ago the Center got rid of the helpful parking attendants and put in an automated system. Take a card, pay before you go back to your car. But if you park on P5, there is no machine, so remember to pay in the lobby where there is always a line. Also do not rely on the number of spaces on the sign outside as you enter. Today it said 400+ but the lot was nearly full. Other times it says full, but there are spaces. Be careful that you notice whether you are in the red or orange level. In the dim light they look the same. Today I paid, went to the exit, put my card in magnetic side up as shown on the diagram and sat there for 2 minutes while the system was "processing" and people behind me were fuming. The HELP button produced no results. Finally the card came back out and the second time it worked. Going to the hospital is stressful enough. This innovation should be scrapped.

Christina Vandivier

I cannot even begin to express how wonderful Virginia Hospital Center is for first time mommas! I utilized Healthcare Center for Women throughout my pregnancy, of which has 6 AMAZING OB's. I went into labor 2 weeks early, and was treated so wonderfully the second we walked in. I wasn't sure what to expect, and the front desk answered all of my questions with care and consideration. The nurses were wonderful, and of course my doctors, Doctor McClendon and Doctor Sutherland, were the best! I was taken care of, and walked through everything (they know I like my info/facts). The Labor & Delivery itself went well, and everyone was so kind. Then we got to postpartum. Honestly, the experience was better than I could have imagined. Every single nurse, pediatrician, lactation consultant, and PCA was phenomenal. They all took such great care of me and my little one. My husband and I were both extremely impressed, and would absolutely recommend VHC for expecting moms.

Andrew W

Be prepared to pay $5 every time you park. I was sent for emergency surgery. Instructions given were to go straight to admitting and they would send me to my room. I did just that except when I came through the parking garage the sign said it was on floor g. I got back in the elevator and pressed g just to be back in the elevator. I headed back to floor 1 where a very nice worker attempted to help me find my destination. After finally making it to admitting we find out it's closed. He took us to the e.r. who told us to go back to admitting. After several redirections later and roughly 25 minutes minimum I finally made it to my room after having spent nearly 30 minutes wandering a hospital with a rupturing appendix. Will not be back here again unless I'm dieing.

Dianna Dean

Virginia hospital center has the best doctor and the patients should get food from the cafeteria and more the patients should get more food on their trays and should have their own nurses

Belinda Perez Santos

Great guy at Building A assisting me to find my clinic at Building B. He was at the information desk on the second floor today ( 11/15/18) and was kind to immediately volunteer to walk me there. Great I accepted his offer to assist as he had access to a shortcut door, else I would be late. Thanks!

Kate A. Green

Two weeks ago I was experiencing a sharp pain on the left side of my head, for a healthy 30- year old woman this alarmed me and I deemed it appropriate to visit my doctor at the Primary Care Falls Church in Falls Church, Virginia with the Virginia Hospital Group. In setting an appointment, sadly I learned my doctor has moved on to a different practice. Nonetheless, the staff wanted me to come in and bring all my supplements along to show Chris Greco, Nurse Practitioner since my doctor was no longer there. During my visit I was, unfortunately, 15-minutes late, I let the front desk know that I was 'okay' to go to urgent care instead. However, they insisted I wait and that they would see me. I waited for over an hour and a half. AN HOUR AND A HALF. After waiting an hour and a half to see Chris Greco, prior to I could overhear him in the next room yelling loudly in frustration at an older coupler - they were hard of hearing I am sure, but how unprofessional. I couldn't help think to myself "Is the NP that is going to see me?!" In short, I was so annoyed, hurt, frustrated and angry that I even agreed to wait to see this individual. By the time my visit was over, I left Chris and the awful office staff in tears. To be specific, during my visit he made comments to me like "I don't know about supplements I'd have to research it. Reschedule an appointment and come in a week so I can be prepared." My original Physician was focused in preventative care, not corrective care, unlike Chris. He continued, "You were late, there isn't much I can do." Again, I told the front desk I was okay to go to urgent care instead of meeting with an unfamiliar male doctor. I told him to just get on with exam so we can be done. As I was leaving his final comment was, "You're like a bag lady with all these bags" (my Tory Burch purse, my bag of supplements and protein powder), I was speechless. I shared, "your staff asked me to bring all of this in". Another comment he made, "Have a drink - not alcohol of course". I'm thinking to myself, who is this Nurse who graduated from Georgetown with a B.S. in Nursing, Magna Cum Laude, and has a M.S. in Nursing who claims to be a patient-centered holistic medical professional? Clearly not my experience with him. It was not only his words that offended me, but it was also his body language. Him taking deep breaths, getting frustrated when I briefly interrupted him to ask a question for clarification and getting smart with me for a response. Before he even conducted his exam, I wanted to walk out and say the hell with it and go. My interaction with him made me feel so uncomfortable that I will never return to that office, not to mention the front desk staff can be rude at times and should be replaced- especially the lady at the checkout. I was so upset and literally received nothing from this visit except a hefty bill. If you dare go, see someone else.

Sugene Sanchez

This doesn’t even deserve 1 star, more like none. Worst hospital ever. I was having contractions and i also was constipated for a few days, they said it was probably cramps from not having a bowel movement in days. i went to another hospital 2 days later to found out i was in labor. VA hospital totally ignored my pain and didn’t take me serious.

Fatima K.

The doctors are great but the staff is disorganized. My husband’s appintment was not in their system but they confirmed it. Overall not bad but could use improvement.

Ellie Aguilar

I'm compelled to write this review because throughout my IT career, I worked at a large inner city Hospital. So I am aware of the type of training care providers receive & inner hospital basic procedures and policies. I also want to add that I am very observant of body language over anything you may be saying. I visited the Emergency room right after landing from an international trip for Memorial weekend. My skin had sores/blisters in multiple areas, I had swelling and redness. Needless to say I was resisting the urge to rip my skin off scratching for the entire duration of my flights (total of 8.5hrs) However, I appeared calm because I do have a high threshold for pain. The triage nurse was great and witty while taking the basics from me. My disappointment began when I was placed in the room. The nurse that came in went over my main complaint verbally and briefly. I reiterated that I had come in straight form the airport & had a very painful & uncomfortable journey. She "took a look" at my skin on the arm and stomach, the latter one with some discharge, and said the doctor would be in to see me. MD comes in "looks" at my arm and declared a diagnostic. Never even put on gloves. Which I interpreted as "I have no intention of touching you". Only listened to my breathing since I did have swelling. Did not ask to see my stomach, which I said had discharge. So, if the nurse did not sanitized these painful areas so the MD could see them raw, then surely he does not want to get his hands dirty or take the time. I was certain he would send the nurse back in to do this & apply some topical or magical spray to cool down these sores. NO. He proceeded to chit-chat about trips he had made around the world and sailing adventures. Closing with an order to the nurse for basic Benadryl & Cortisone. I could not believe that I would have to 'ASK' to receive basic wound sanitizing care at a place that is promoted to be at the top 100 best hospitals. So I was discharged with Rx but went home the way l walked in, with a dirty sores/blisters polluted with international dust, sweat, jet fuel, and whatever else landed on it as irritant around the entire trip. DISAPPOINTED & tired I walked out in disbelief.

Nico River

So my friend was taken to the hospital in the ambulance, and sadly this hospital was the closest so she was rushed their. But if she had known she would have been taken to a better hospital instead of the this poor excuse of a hospital. Even after we were told about her being taken to the hospital she still hadn’t been treated even though we lived in Fairfax, we spent two hours waiting for her to be treated, she didn’t even get any medication for the pain. Even after asking they just said that she had a person in front of her that waited for three hours, she even called the carrier and was talking and laughing about the situation.

Patrick Malvaso

Spectacular treatment, staff takes time to get to know you, show a sincere interest in your medical problem and carefully guide you through treatment. Since December 2018 I have made over 100 visits to this hospital for cancer review, operation, therapy, radiation and follow on treatment. Patrick J Malvaso, Colonel (R)

Christopher Gabage

Absolutely the worst hospital I have ever been to. If I could give it a negative 5 stars I would. Wife had an accident and her insides were swelling. Waited hours to see a Dr and people who were in after us were seen first. Why? Go anywhere else besides this dump! Read all the negative reviews and that tells it all!

A Love

Worst ER I’ve EVER been to—and I’ve been to many bad ones!! Dr Griswell? actually had the effrontery to say to me (after I was tired of waiting in an ER room on blood testing they were taking a longer than necessary to do) that leaving before discharge would be a really dumb decision. He has absolutely NO bedside manner. Didnt shake my hand upon introduction, being extremely disrespectful and not taking the time to not only tell me which tests he was ordering and more importantly, why he was ordering it. Most doctors disrespect blacks, foreigners and poor whites this way because they don’t feel we deserve the same respect and consideration as middle to upper class whites. He didn’t even do a thorough examination for my fainting—did not do a neurological exam or cardiac assessment. I left there not knowing anything more, but I was exposeto radiation from an X-ray and CT scan, which I told him and the nurse I didn’t want because of frequent scans for another Illness. Just didn’t want unnecessary exposure of radiation. He told me I was dumb for deciding to leave without the testing. If he was so concerned about thoroughness, he should have done a more thorough physical assessment. But doctors nowadays don’t want to touch people, even though you’re supposed to have a full head to toe assessment at EVERY single visit. They’re getting paid just for doing an assessment. Should’ve known he wasn’t that smart when he walked in with a scribe to write his notes for him. Slow. The entire staff was rude, except for the lady from X-ray and the registration rep. Very unprofessional and won’t tell you anything, just start doing stuff to you without even a smile or I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. The care here is not patient-centered and I should know. Not only am I a nurse and know what should’ve been done, but I also know that patients have rights. Dr Griswell also LIED to me about my lab results saying they were all normal—recorded the convo. When I asked for specifics, he said only one but when I got home and read it, I saw 2 other tests out of normal range. Wow! I trust neither him nor his staff-even the hospital! Beware and be careful if you choose this place for care. It’s definitely not person-centered as they claim. Dr G also told me it could be my heart that caused 3 episodes of fainting in the last 4 months (when I had none before), yet refused to admit me to have more testing done since I was still having the dizziness, feeling of fainting, and even palpitations from time to time. Didn’t even do orthostatics to check for dehydration. I told him I’ve always gone to the VA for my care, so I’m sure he assumed that I had no insurance and didn’t want to eat the costs. Maybe he did know. I didn’t want the xray or CT scan but the CT scan is a high-priced item and the hospital makes more money with them. When I got home I got so lightheaded that while I was SITTING down for over 30 minutes, my son said something to make me laugh. I got dizzy again and literally almost fell out of my chair. The nurse let the bed bar down and walked out without helping me to the bathroom and left rail down! NO pillow until about 30 minutes before l left—had to ask for it from the nurse—who obviously could NOT do IVs. She stuck me twice and missed, but on the second attempt she actually tried to behave as though she got the catheter in the vein and even attempted to plug in the syringe to flush saline in. She was NEVER in the vein because there was no flash of any blood at all in the hub. That saline flush would’ve gone right into my tissues. I had to tell her to stop because she wasn’t in the vein. Then she looked at me like I was crazy I and said she was—like I’m really as dumb as that doctor said I was. Really? After over 20 years of being a nurse, working in Intensive Care, a Trauma Unit, ER, and in many other specialties, I think I know what I’m talking about. I didn’t complain to the Admin supervisor because they ALWAYS make excuses for the staff because of the fear of a lawsuit or letter to the Joint Commission. I’m going to write that letter.

Alex Grove

Outstanding facilities and well-trained, helpful medical professionals and assistants. As 'Patient Companion' volunteer, I took and was impressed by, a two-day training provided to ALL new employees, and us volunteers.

Jamal Pearson

If I could give this hospital zero stars,I would, the ER staff are very unprofessional , and are rude.

Kelly Thompson

Everything Oncology! Highly recommend VHC!

akash rachh

From start till the end of stay they followed every protocol very nicely .. had a very safe enviourment for my pregnant wife and new born baby ..

Dee Robinson

My experience was great at the Virginia Hospital. The nurses were very professional with amazing hospitality!!

Sunita Lal

Very bad service we are in ER 4 Hour nurse and doctor are very slow. Very in happy with this Hospital.

Kimberly Ohl

Extremely slow and does not show urgency in the ER. Arrived at the hospital at 11pm on a Sunday night with stroke symptoms... finally ruled out stroke by 7 am. By 9:30 am Monday morning still no closer to finding out what's wrong. Have been waiting for Neurology for 3+ hours. Have yet to be admitted. Night nurses were very nice.

Samantha Pierce

The entire staff here is incredible. Everyone is so friendly and make you feel very homely. I went to the ER here and everyone made me feel safe and loved. I will certainly be using this location as my primary hospital from now on. Cam Cushing is incredible, Abby is incredible, and all the other wonderful staff that was working with them were amazing. Thank you all so much for everything!

Khaled Elnady

Always great service there

Salwa Benerrais

very very nice hospital, when I enter from the first door I got help from anyone, thank you for all Doctors for all nurses for everybody work in Virginia hospital center. again thank you so much for the nice and hard job

Jeremy Deane

My wife has liver failure. This hospitial has done everything they can to "patch her up" and discharge. She looked damn near dead the last time i picked her up. These people have NO SOUL. BASICALLY SENT HER ON HER WAY TO DIE. I drove 7 hours to a veterans hospitial where she is being treated with respect. I don't see where arlington hospital gets off sending a sick person out. Not to mention they even tried putting her in a dump nursing home that denied her meds and even food. Money hungery garbage! Also the nurse accused me of having a knife. Which ended up false. I even let security search me. Then I was banned over this lie. I hate this place. They kept me from my best friend who could have died at that hospitial. I would not even had been able to say goodbye.

Mike Brooks

The staff on 5'A is excellent

Dominion Villa

We have had an excellent experience with Virginia Hospital Center. The staff on the 8th floor took incredible care of my mom. Friendly, helpful, warm and caring, SUPER ATTENTIVE and RESPONSIVE, gentle and kind. She has been there for over a week now and every shift of nurses, nursing staff and doctors has been wonderful. THANK YOU!!


My wife and I just spent four days here during the delivery for our first child. The staff here was truly amazing every second we were here. It wasn't just a few people, it was literally every single person we interacted with. They were all so caring for us during the entire process and everyone was very polite and professional. As for the labor and delivery departments, if anyone is looking for a hospital to deliver their child at I definitely recommend this hospital!

Mallory Nersesian

This was the worst emergency medical experience I could imagine. They will nickle and dime you and never give you a reason why. After signing in I realized an urgent care would be cheaper, and told the receptionist I was going to leave. This person with no medical certification told me I should stay because the urgent care was just going to send me back to the hospital. I watched her tell this to multiple people. The hospital won't even apologize for this gross negligence, and now I am facing an $800 medical bill vs. $100 bill. Knowing this they won't even work with me on the cost. Only go here if you have wonderful health insurance this hospital can rob from.

Amanda Langford

Horrible experience. They canceled my first appointment because the physician was on vacation and when they rescheduled me they refused to see me because I was 10 minutes late due to unable to find the building. I felt extremely underwhelmed with the information they gave me up front, had to do 99% of the research on my own, and when I called with questions the nurse on call didn’t know how to answer them. I immediately canceled all my appointments and am going elsewhere. Avoid wasting your time and go to another OBGNY.

richard dickinson

Had surgery for abdominal aortic aneurysm repair by Dr Rhee and it was a very positive experience. Was treated extremely well by everyone involved with my care. Have great respect for this institution and it's staff.

Latorya Lovitt

Had the pleasure of staying for a few nights and my nursing staff was beyond THE BEST!!! My nurses Alisa and Talaya were on point EVERY step of the way in ensuring my well being. My personal care team was awesome as well, but Lucia was by far, the GREATEST!!! I can go on and on about how these 3 ladies made me feel good when I was feeling extreme bad...words cannot begin to express! As a whole, VHC gets 100% and 5 stars on my book and I would definitely recommend it and would take that 40-45 minute rode to be seen here again. 7th floor B wing rocks!!! I also want to thank my GI team, for bringing me out of my misery. I cannot remember their names, but do know, you left an impact! Thank you again, to all that helped me during my stay!

Briana Brown

This is hands down the best hospital I’ve ever been to.

michael brooks

I had complex foot reconstructive surgery on February 20 .The staff did an exceptional job. The staff was professional, friendly, and very helpful. The Hospital was bright , clean, and well maintained. The food was good.Overall my family loved VHC. the surgery was long. My wife was updated frequently

Matthew Garten

Great staff. Cutting edge technology good parking great Hospital

Olaf Kula

I just had a pretty major spinal fusion L2-S21 with Dr. Chandela. Following my surgery I spent 6 days in the inpatient rehab unit under Dr. Allcock and I am now getting inpatient physical therapy at the Virginia Hospital Center's outpatient rehab. I have to say that my experience has been excellent. The doctors and therapists have been attentive, and professional. I would recommend this hospital to anyone. Nicole Johnson in inpatient rehab was exceptional in her help and the competition was very tough. The only minus is the food service, not so good. If you are an inpatient, ask your loved ones to bring you something from the Lost Dog Cafe or La Taverna. I'd give a 4.5 score if the site allowed halves.

Becca G

My 5 star rating stems from the Outstanding Customer Service and Professionalism that I continually receive in the office of Dr. Michael Moxley (GYN) who practices in an office on Mondays in the facility. The front office staff is an amazing group of women who are incredibly enthusiastic, personable, courteous and helpful. I would like to recognize them for always having a positive attitude and for their willingness to go above and beyond - Charlisa, Larita & Ashley. Thank you for all you do - the passion you have for your careers shines through and makes VHC top notch in my eyes. Dr. Moxley receives 5 stars from me as well. Knowledgeable, approachable, willing to listen and formulate a proactive plan of action. He is the epitome of a true professional. As a side note - although I do not know their names, two of the volunteer staff at the Information Desk lower level, unsure bldg# on July older gentleman and older woman went out of their way to help me with directions/locate a physician. In fact, they were very busy and assisted what seemed like ten people at the same time, showing patience, smiles, understanding and compassion to everyone. It is rare to see such fabulous customer service these days and it should be recognized. It is always nice to have these experiences when you are in a healthcare environment which can, at times, be overwhelming.

Sean Stafford

Place is horrible! Mostly Lazy workers. Not professional at all! I would try another hospital as one of the employees told me. They said go out to Loudoun County where there is less ppl. What a joke. That’s the big problem when ppl work for a paycheck instead of doing what they enjoy. How can u work in a field like health care and do it for the pay???

Wendy BeMiller

We are from out of state and my husband had a medical emmergency. The staff could not have been more caring and compassionate. They made sure we were both comfortable at all times. Doctors, nurses, cleaning crew...everyone was amazing! Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Gina Spear

Still sitting with my mother waiting for a doctor to come back by to talk to us after 3 botched blood draws. We entered the room at 5:30pm. Communication is everything.

Shawn Henderson

Everyone here is so nice and professional, can't recommend it enough.

jody norris

Very polite nursing staff and nurses assistants. Very nice rooms. Food is so so, it looks good but a couple items I found inedible. Wasn't a fan of them rushing me out of the hospital before I was ready to leave in my opinion. I was asked, "don't you want to leave?" Of course I want to leave, but after major surgery I would like to feel good with where I am at in recovery instead of being pushed out 3.5 days after surgery when my surgeon said I could be there for 7+ days. Felt like "most" of the Drs, or one specifically were just there to go through the motions and discharge you asap.

vet mm

This hospital is hands down the best I've been to and I was actually sad to leave lol


My baby girl Milagro de Los Angeles was born at Virginia Hospital Center on December 26th and I honestly am so happy we chose VHC. Literally EVERY SINGLE nurse, doctor, and staff that was helping my wife through the 28 hours of labor, the recovery, and then helped my daughter were absolutely astounding. To Bonnie, Sam, Merina, Megan, Danielle, Bruk, Trisha, Dr. Farhani, Dr. Kelly, Dr. Scales, and so many others that I just can’t remember - thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of my wife and daughter during the most exciting day of our lives thus far!

Tuyen Le

This place is a hoax. My wife went to the clinic and they sent her here to check up. She had a chest pain and It didn't get any better after taking medicine. We waited for 2 hours then they let us into the hallway of the emergency rooms. We wait for for another hour before they go and do standard checkup such as blood and urine. Although the clinic told them to do X-Ray and CAT scan only. We try to be patient and wait. We ended up waited for 2 hours before they go ahead and do some CAT scan. And after another 2 hours. They said "GO HOME AND TAKE SOME ASPIRIN". Now on my insurance I have a "BILL SAYING I OWE THEM $8,000" After insurance cover "I STILL OWE THEM $2,000" NEVER NEVER COME HERE. I have great respect for doctors but DOCTORS and NURSES here are the worst. The whole time we had to sit in the hallway ALTHOUGH THEY HAVE EMPTY ROOM AVAILABLE.

Sharon Lane

This is a top notch facility all the way around! The place is clean, easy to find your way in the large buildings, and if you look confused someone is always ready to help. My mom had hip replacement surgery and the nurses, doctors,and all the staff were excellent. I wish she could have done her rehab there because the Kaiser Permanente rehab facility they sent her to is the bottom of the barrel.

Helu Mitiku

I was very pleased with my experience at this hospital. I have never seen a very welcoming environment in my entire life. It was good to be treated with professionalism and care. The nurses and assistant nurses are like a mother especially Jackie and Marejoy they are supper awesome. The doctors are amazing. Good job


It's Clean, fresh and friendly. Wear comfy shoes. The hallways are long.

George Turiansky

Nursing staff totally uncompassionate and rude. 34 years in the medical Corps in the army and I’ve never experienced more rude immature intakers In emergency room. Disrespectful to say the least worse yet the nursing supervisor Barbara Perash was not any better. She gave me about 10 seconds to explain my side of the story and took the side of the hospital immediately. There was no discussion. I would fire her immediately as I would do two ladies in the intake room with no experience in customer service. Further the nursing staff banned me from seeing my husband to support him during his terrible ordeal. This is where underlings make the decision to ban people within five seconds of them walking into the ER without dealing with them as human beings they don’t know how to deal with people. And I don’t know how they are not taught to respect other colleagues in Medicine it’s unheard of.This is a horrible hospital thank God for Walter Reed Army medical center and Walter Reef national military Medical Center and Fort belvoir community hospital if we could we would have driven further to them. This hospital is horrible don’t ever bring your family here they are terrible in patient relations. George Turiansky M.D.

Bri Nicole

I’m very upset my car got flooded at this hospital I am a employee here and the hospital did nothing about it , come to find out this isn’t the first flood incident that happened!!! I need to get in touch with the CEO or somebody because now it’s affecting me getting to work

Priscilla Linn

Kind and compassionate care by nursing staff when arrived by ambulance. Tests performed immediately and every effort made to reduce my temporary debilitating condition. Great folks both in ER and on ward. I agree fully with all positive comments here.

Kerri Lane

Staff is amazing, but the facility is dirty and needs more attention in patient rooms. There was blood on the wall in the room we had.

A. O'B

I had spinal surgery here on Feb. 11th 2015 & was discharged on the 14th. If it wasn't for being stuck in bed I'd compare my time there to staying in a hotel. The staff is attentive & the facility didn't FEEL like a hospital. It made recovery easy.

Michele Kostos Yoder

I stayed there for 28 days and the team of doctors, nurses, and counselors were outstanding! I would recommend this hospital to anyone.

Oomga Ooma

Review of this section of VHC 1635 N George Mason Dr #310. The W-O-R-S-T parking service in America, especially the "gold" section. Good luck finding a space 8:45AM Wednesday 2/10/2016 for 9:15AM appointment. Went to see a orthopedic surgeon for fractured wrist and foot, the OrthoVirginia franchise office is located in non-emergency wing. If you are disabled, on crutches, or need wheel chair assistance, you will be sorry coming to this gold section hospital. Parking is garage underground, $5 parking, DO NOT THROW away payment receipt and original entrance ticket, you will need it to insert into the automated gate to verify payment and exit. Parking space size is perfect for a compact or mid-size sedan. If you have a truck, mid-size sedan or a van , you are truly screwed! You will need at least 2 parking spaces. Pay street parking is an option for short term, but you will walk at least 100-200 yards to get to the Gold/non-emergency section. Tough when you're on crutches with snow/sleet/icy sidewalk. Have to go back to this hell hole for follow-up from 2/10/2016 until 5/10/2016.

Bill G

Samantha Could not have expressed my experience better. The Virginia Hospital Center is the best! God Bless the nurses, doctors and the other employees that make this hospital the best. Sincerely, William Gray Cancer patient

william fosket

My sister was hospitalized at this hospital and received fantastic care during her stay. While we were visiting her, my four year old daughter vomited in the lobby and the staff in the J. Della Ratta Family Center for Surgery came right out to check on her. They took her temperature and let us know that she had a fever and gave her juice and ginger ale to settle her stomach (and a pile of stickers). Every employee I encountered there was friendly and professional. Thanks for taking such good care of my family, Virginia Hospital Center!

Seamus Hyland

My wife's medical records were falsified after she made a complaint about the nurse clapping her hands in front of her face and having her removed from the delivery room. The records were changed to say the pregnancy was complicated due to Cocaine and Opioid addiction. CPS was contacted. My wife has the medical records to refute this and here we are a week later and the hospital wants us to wait up to a month to receive the names of the staff involved. DO NOT HAVE A CHILD AT THIS FACILITY! We will be seeking legal action.

Emily Ann

I had a hysterectomy here and the staff was nice, but as others have said the ER is super hit or miss. Most of the time, even if I am experiencing a serious issue (for example anaphylaxis) I am better off going to urgent care. They have straight up lied to my face before, saying they could not do a procedure when another ER (George Washington Hospital in DC) did it in a matter of 5 minutes. Dr. Kahner is my least favorite doctor; she’s lied to me before, as well as diagnosed me incorrectly when an urgent care doctor diagnosed me correctly and actually helped me, for a $30 copay with insurance. She’s also extremely rude and acts as though you are stupid for coming in, no matter what your issue is. She has been wrong about my diagnosis two separate times, and acted like I was over exaggerating (this was when I was having severe pelvic pain that I needed the hysterectomy for; she acted like I was an idiot for thinking it could be pelvic inflammatory disease, which I was treated for by another hospital and ended up having adenomyosis as well). I don’t remember which doctor refused to do the simple procedure that took 5 minutes, but regardless I waited there for about 5 hours before I went to the other ER and they did it quickly and efficiently. Almost every time I’ve gone to the ER they’ve treated me badly, or like I was exaggerating or faking it. EMS from this hospital feels the need to tell me I don’t have “real” anaphylaxis almost every time it’s happened since I didn’t pass out, despite my allergist vehemently disagreeing and prescribing stronger allergy meds. Long story short—they’re fine post op. ER is generally bad; I’ve had twice as many bad experiences as good ones.

Eric Ontiveros

Just saw a review on Griswell and made me have to post one. Dude told me I had a temporary problem but ended up back the same night with the worst pain I’ve ever felt sitting in the car the second time. Also, I was like a test dummy for the ER nurses that couldn’t figure out an NG tube if their lives depended on it Nurses and doctors on the regular unit were cool. Long story short, the ER is super hit or miss.

Daynelle Brice

This Hospital provides excellent care

Sherry Corbet

I've used this hospital for about 35 years. C-sections, other surgeries, many ER visits with 4 kids, many doctor appointments and I love it. I give it 5 stars.

Ilona Coyle

During my labor and delivery, there were so many wonderful doctors, nurses, and PCAs at Virginia Hospital Center. Their quality of care is excellent, and they took the time to explain everything that was going on with my health and the health of my baby. Everyone treated me with respect and compassion. If I were to have another child, I would want to return to VHC!

A Riddick

I recently had a baby at VA HC and my experience was great. I had a wonderful OB/GYN doctor who had to do a complicated surgery to safely deliver my child, Dr. Amanda Barner. Dr. Barner is professional, caring and very skillful. I also had great nurses, Chanje, Kate and others and great PCAs, one named TY. I would not change much about my experience and this was a great hospital to have a baby! Thank you!

M. Knapp

Have been in the E R there several times over the years. Always treated with kindness and respect by the nursing and line staff. They have some really great nurses on staff, and always treat me and mine very well. Competent doctor's as well. The one exception is a Dr. Griswell. I did not care for his manner and I was not confident of his diagnostic ability. He was positive my condition was arterial when I actually had emphysema. He was curt and did not have a pleasant bedside manner. I could forgive that if he had great diagnostic skill, but he did not. I found the other doctors that I dealt with far superior in attitude, skill and bedside manner.

Mindy Lieu

This review is just about Cardiac ICU. My husband had an aortic dissection and right away, he was promptly treated correctly by the ER and Cardiac ICU lead by the thoracic surgeon. I'm in awe of Cardiac ICU and Cardiac Step Down unit nurses and staff. They're an incredible human beings.

robin sudkamp

I'm giving it two stars because honestly the visit itself was great. The problem came weeks later when I started receiving unexpected bills. Watch out, they will refer you to out of network specialists. Watch out, not everyone physically in the office is in network. Ask about every test, every procedure. I went for a physical with good insurance and I'm still paying over $200 out of pocket. Thankfully I noticed the specialist was out of network before making an appointment. It's disappointing that you have to remain so vigilant even within the same office.

Maximum Payne

I had my son at this hospital. Nurses are worthless. They didn't help. She clicked the Help Button, no one came, I had to chase down a nurse to help my wife. I never met so many rude nurses. The pediatrician was worse. I told i had a question and her response was I'm too busy.

Pamela Pineda

Karen Bune

Thank you, Dr. Stein, for your visit today with my mother. You are the best of the best when it comes to physicians, and the Bune ladies love you. Virginia Hospital Center is so lucky to have you!


Quickest ER visits I've ever experienced in my lifetime. Friendly staff. Ease of parking amazing.

John Mitchell

Saved my life twice now. Doctors, nurses and aides are some of the best I've encountered. Staff and service was superb.

mr. george washington

the two star was the least common; we want to balance it out

nikki wasielewski

So I've been to this hospital many of times and obviously it's a toss up on who you are going to get. I've had great experiences nurse wise usually but I must say some of their doctors are very obviously not in it for the patient ( I know, surprise surprise). But this time in particular I was so blown at how poor my doctors were overall that I don't know that I'll be returning in the case of an emergency. I have a reoccurring issue where I get obstructions and my intestines kink up and then you can potentially go septic. I had exactly 1 surgeon during my 3 day stay that seemed competent and in it for me. Dr. Espinel was awesome. He was kind, knowledgeable, and asked a lot of questions other doctors didn't, and most importantly listened to me about my body. Other than that there was a resident nurse who decided an ng tube up my nose and down my throat immediately ( which yes, l have done before and sometimes is necessary) . She didn't take into consideration my past or what I was saying and then one of the nurses, who were not my own, put it in wrong and had me bleeding a ton. ( not a normal side effect). The nurse was apathetic and disingenuous which is entirely out of character for the staff here. I must say I have never come across a better nursing team in my life than at vhc, they are phenomenal. Anyways, the resident nurse let that go and I had to pull it out myself. Absolutely absurd seeing as though I recovered within the next day and a half with NO NG TUBE AT ALL. My first surgeon on my case working with her also pushed me to get surgery and I had to turn it down. Surgery btw, is the most extreme of decisions with this particular health situation. Obstructions are caused by scar tissue buildup and surgery leaves you with what....SCAR TISSUE! So not a go-to usually. Anyways, luckily the next day I had dr. Espinel and he agreed that that would not be the appropriate response. After that I was able to steer my own experience seeing as though I know my body. But I am just so incredibly disappointed in the fact that they have such inexperienced people making life changing decisions. My ng tube side effects have not subsided yet, and more importantly i could've potentially ended up with a colostomy bag. I'm so disappointed. This is not the first time I had to stand up and say no to both an ng tube which was NOT necessary and no to surgery. If you aren't going to hire competent people than truly what's the point? 10+ for all but 1 nurse (and she was in the ER so I'm sure she was just over her night) and 1 on doctors. truly, after my 6th stay in 6 months. I'm just so disappointed it's only a business and not about the actual patient at all anymore. Just know not to follow blindly and always take the time to get a second option.

Daming Yu

Nice and caring doctors and nurses. However, I would not recommend this place if you are just here for x-rays or ultrasound. Very slow.

Smith John

Worst hospital in my life. My dad was very sick. The Kaiser Permanente doctors refused to treat him and even refused to transfer him to another hospital only solution they had was to leave him to die. All about money but this's not the end.


This is one of the hospital I ever seen. The nurses and the doctors are very polite, friendly and helpful.. I really have good time and I would like to appreciate, the best nurses meachel,megan ,Kelly, charly and Kelly again love them ... thank you for special treatment to my wife and kid ..

Geoff Hoesch

Both of our daughters were born at Virginia Hospital Center, and we had a great overall experience each time.

francisco perez

Dissapointed. Doctor's take 2 days to show. Came with an infected foot injury. Emergency room was very good, fast, they did what they had to do,(x-ray, wound drainage, .....) or better Then I was admitted to a room, waiting for the podiatrist to give direction on the treatment. Well 36 hours and still waiting for Dr. Anderson. All I receive are IVs with antibiotic. When inquiring the personnel (friendly) they always apologize, but apparently the Dr. Anderson gives arrogant responses, that he is aware and I should wait. The regular physician in charge is also not showing up. They should not admit a patient if the doctor in the specialty is not available. Next time I will explore a different options. They shouldn't sit patients under IVs waiting for these over-occupied doctors

David Mast

We had the trifecta of streptococcus, three generations infected and these Drs, nurses, support staff all the way to reception were kind, gentle and professional. Thanks so much !

ann brigida

Terrible wait! Didn't get seen for hours, but Dr McBride and Carly were so competent and kind. Perfect amount of friendly and helpful. Dr. MCBride worked wonders for me getting me in to see an endocrinologist asap. She just rocks! Dr. Huang is also amazing. Top notch care. Love this place. Except for the ER waiting room and time...

Kaushal Patel

I almost never write reviews but after our experience, I thought I’d share. The staff here is very active, very patient, and very friendly. They always have people checking in and everyone that works here has a smile on their faces and is ready to help in whatever way they can (literally everyone, the cooking staff, the doctors, nurses, security, the cleaning staff, etc.). My grandmother was very happy with her experience and felt as though she was in great hands!


Worst health service ever. I was taken unresponsive by ambulance and when I woke up I got the worst of all healthcare service ever. The doctor who came for 2 mins was sweet ( of course most of doctor are fine) I the nurses were nasty except for one. I am pregnant and we all know how a pregnant woman uses bathroom every 5 mins. I ask to use the restroom but because I was week they didn’t allow me to walk, so a nurse who was helping at the time told me that he was going to get a bedpan and he never came back for about 30 mins. I had to ask again and the second nurse was able to help and my bladder was so full and I was in pain just to find out I had an urinary infection. I had to have the ultrasound to make sure everything was good with the baby the lady who took me in was great and I wish she was the one who took care of me. Hey t I guess she was still in a process of learning the technique, so the experienced one cake and hurt me with the vaginal camera (device) and she didn’t care when I complained but I was comforted by the sweet lady. When I returned to the room a new nurse has just clock in and wasn’t aware of what was going on and took my IV off saying “ you don’t have to finish it” which it was wrong because my passing out has to do with dehydration. Not to forget about the business office, I was on hold for about 30 mins and no one ever answered. I am glad I am not a Virginia resident and hopefully will never go to this hospital.

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