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Karyn Crounse

They deserve NO stars. They charged me $1300.00 for a 24hr urine. They gave me the wrong container for the test which caused the results to be off the map. Rather than acknowledge their mistake. They wanted to repeat the test at my expense for another $1300.00. Bunch of hustlers that don't care one bit about people!!! Bring your loved ones elsewhere.

Stephannie Bartos

I have had superior care at UVA Med Center since 2007, and with an overactive immune system I have an array of doctors, nurses and technicians working with me and helping me time and time again. My insider knowledge is that I am architect (retired 2 months ago) with a background in health care facilities ranging from new hospital campuses to stand-alone small clinics for children. Here is a list of a few things that give me quality and comfort: • High level of intelligence combined with compassion of doctors and staffs. • Several weeks ago bringing an elderly family member into the ER on a Friday night and having the best of outcomes- medical treatment from multiple doctors seeing him with different specialties. Since UVA Med Ctr is a teaching hospital, many young doctors and students stopped to review the case during their rounds In the ER, throughout the night. • Treatment with dignity. • Access to medical information. • Assistance in understanding billing, etc. in a private environment. And many more...

Melissa Larue

Brandi Dysart

Worst place ever Most disrespectful drs ever Need to be medically reviewed and shut down

Reinerio Fuentes

Jalisa Mariee

Doctor Angie Nishio-Lucar is a great doctor and she cares. She took great care of my fiance and provides her patients with a lot of beneficial information. We loved her and she is very nice and listens to concerns.

Peanuts Butter

This is horrifying. It is very rare that I share anything I find online but this is beyond me. Of course they do not want to comment.

Henry T

Crooks and thieves. Can't believe these people are trusted with the "care" of patients.

Robyn Swecker

Very friendly staff, always very helpful and caring.

Tonya Cain

We were there around 3 am Monday morning. I've never been there before because we live further away but was transported there. Wow, what a fantastic group we encountered! The 3 doctors that seen us were knowledgeable and I felt like my son received the best care. They took their time and thoroughly evaluated him. We had an amazing nurse too. You could tell that she loved her job, and she was definitely good at it. She knew that we was tired from being up all night so she made us as comfortable as possible. Definitely a great experience. Thanks!

Michele Henry

Worst experience ever! Had back surgery and almost all nurses were the worst and told the drs what they were gonna do!! They denied me pain meds when a dr had told them I could have them! They argued with her and with us! I was in a intermediate intensive care and the dr there was also on call in the ER and no one would come to help me. My pain meds wore off and I couldn't move and they still wouldn't help me. My husband had to keep raising Cain to get me help and they threatened to have him thrown out of the hospital! After that we got the absolute worst treatment you wouldn't want a dog to have!! I had a great dr who did my surgery but he never came back after my surgery and I was there for 5 days! He sent a student to check on me! Very disappointed in him and student! They suck all the way around. I'd give them a zero but I had 1 nurse when I was recovering that was great to me on the last night I was there! The old guy with white hair who was my nurse for 1 whole day needs to retire!! He grumbled about everything and fussed at me for everything he had to do. Excuse me for making you do your job!!! I'll never go back there!! Warn others to never go there either! My granddaughter who has special needs was not given good care there either!! We finally took her out and took her to Richmond, best decision ever!!!!

edison Morales

Audrey Sayler

Terrible that you sue your patients right and left. There is no "care" in your healthcare. Shut it down.

Janet Abbene

I think that is really sad that just because you are seeing one dr you can not see another for the same sickness just because they work at the same hospital . We want to see dr James Begin because of his write up we saw on line . UVA you should not be allowed to do this it's not patient care I'm really upset and disappointed not that you really care !!!!!

Ashley Wood

UVA Pediatric emergency room is a JOKE. I showed up there with my 4 year old son with concerns that he can hardly speak! He has a draw in his face when he tries to speak that has been getting worse by the day and we were very worried about his well being. When we got there, they took us right back without wait and there was 4 doctors in the room that all SEEMED equally concerned about my son's condition.. the managing nurse told us that Brendan would need a catscan, bloodwork and possibly more test. So we wait. And wait.. fast forward 6 HOURS later, absolutely NO tests done, and a nurse coming in to inform us that the neurologist had FORGOTTEN TO PUT HIM IN THE COMPUTER! They came in our room again to let us know that we were to go home. They did absolutely nothing for him and to be honest, I dont think they even cared at all. I am beyond disappointed in the service and care that we received. And as I go home tonight still worried to death about our baby and planning out where to take him tomorrow to try to get some answers, I feel the need to post this to let all mothers know about our experience. If you can help it, stay away from this place.

C Mina Johnson

Linda Hall

I am now cancer-free UVA is a great place to go I'm always treated with kindness and respect

Stanley Kubrick

I was hospitalized for 4 days and they gave me top notch care. The people were wonderful. Absolutely the best hospital I've ever been.

Damarys Melendez

Yatziri Osorio

I have been having to stay here to do testing for a week and I have been going on appointments. Everyone has been very nice an caring. I’ve never liked going to the doctors but I enjoy going to this hospital:

Lorenzo Elizarraraz

I am very thankful for the the staff here. Saved my brothers life. Keep up the great work guys! God is great!

Darryl Bouchard

If we could give a negative number of stars we would. The UVA emergency room charged > $1000 for a stool sample for giardia (parasite) and then refused to work with the insurance - or with us - and they lied to us repeatedly throughout the process. Then they took this to court and also sued my wife. The absolute worst way to treat a customer from beginning to end.

Paula Longacre

Pat Stouffer

Finest health care in Virginia, smartest doctors, great nurses, beautiful facility

Sami Wami

Really unprofessional. I feel like most of the doctors in the emergency department are very uncertain about everything they do.

Katherine Butterfield

Stayed in waiting room and 6 hours and finally took my cousin in to tell him that he had a broken collarbone. Terrible service

Heather Bender

The WORST experience and treatment by staff. My husband had a numb half of his face AND slurred speech and severe burning pain. Sat in the waiting room for 4 hours to see a doctor. WHY?! Med students are practicing tonight. We are watching lots of people go in and out, just not us. Finally was placed in a "room" in the hallway next to the emergency room door. With no privacy or place to plug in equipment used for checking my husband. He had to walk from place to place in pain to get checked out. We get our parking validated and leave. Finally leaving to obtain medicine fron the pharamacy next door. We are behind 2 people. After we get our ticket to drop off, 5 more people come in. THEY NEVER CALL OUR NUMBER. A nurse that works for the hospital comes in to drop of a personal prescription. And stands at the window to wait for it. We know because she had a loud conversaion at the window about how she works until 5 this morning and she is trying to avoid her shift. She stands at the only open window for 20 minutes talking to the technician. After we get our med slip dropped off.... We go back to the parking structure to find out there is no way to get back into it!!! We spend 15 minutes trying to find a way up the stairs. Finally get up them and go to leave....

Jonboi Brown

This is a place where you die. I urge you to go to Martha Jefferson uva will do things to you would not wish on your worst enimies to long of wait for everything they give you false information lie to you mis guide you give you false hope rude people rude staff uneducated doctors and staff hell they might kill you for fun this place needs to be shut down and have their dark secrets exposed

Carrie Miannan

Are you kidding? The business practices of this hospital are predatory and horrific. Read Washington Post article.


they billed me for dreaming about getting sick

Cindy Dove

My 77 year old family member had to request training doctors- twice- to put gloves on when they were working on his wound, then a doctor left bloody forceps on the bedside table. I moved them to the counter and notified several different staff members while they stayed laying there for over 48 hours. Even in situations where we saw the steps taken by the hospital and organizations we came from ...these places were consistently blamed for things occurring at this hospital. Staff who talk negatively about each other and their patients/family members, staff who belittle interns while they attempt to learn on my family member, part of a long list of unacceptable. Until this organization is willing to accept responsibility and hold staff accountable to a high standard, nothing will change. I have spoken to a patient advocate and the follow through there has not happened in the timeframe I was told it would either.

tamim jan


Just finished up my seven month long struggle with billing! Went in, and the care was fine face to face. Had two issues with the online system used to order perscriptions, and had to get in contact with the RN multiple times about it. With two rounds of antibiotics, my problem was still not solved. They were unwilling to help me any further without my coming in again. At this point, billing had spelled my name on my insurance wrong at least 6 times. I had even called before my appointment to make sure everything was set up. I had made multiple calls, and sent many emails. Due to this, they billed me incorrectly and told me they needed money from me asap. (Funny how they take your money so quickly, but when it comes time to refund due to their mistake you get your money back in a month ) We ended up paying the bills, and sealing our tragic fate of months of back and forth. It took me probably about 3 months to get someone to email me back, and that person was high up enough they could FINALLY get my name corrected on the insurance. Then she dropped off the face of the Earth for a month and a half, and I never heard back. I would send at least 8 emails before getting a response. This woman was slightly helpful, and I thought my chances of solving the problem were better left in her hands. 5 months after my initial appointment, and they had finally put things through insurance. I'm not from this part of the country originally, and miss the healthcare back home after this. Will definitely be keeping cities with decent health care in mind when moving next. Hit or miss with providing proper medical care is not really ok for me. I had read reviews before going in for my appointment, and still thought I should give it a try. Learned my lesson! Stay tough on billing, and 12 months later your problem may be solved !

Eugene McVey

Victoria Meador

I've had over all good experiences here. The pediatric unit is great with kids and there is some really passionate and wonderful nurses and doctors. I've only had one bad experience which was about two years ago when a doctor told me I was feeling sorry for myself because I was crying and she went out and told the nurses I was feeling sorry for myself. There ended up being something wrong but uva contacted me and are making sure it doesn't happen again. So overall good hospital.

Johnny Jay

Autumn Parker

What a butt hospital. Wouldn’t send my won’t enemy there

liliana moreno

Sergen Keles

Katherine Prince

“Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore has sued roughly 240 patients a year on average since 2009, according to a May report in the Baltimore Sun. UVA, by comparison, often sues that many former patients in a week, and averages more than 6,000 cases a year, court data show” - Washington Post Tax exempt from federal, state, and local taxes and suing thousands of patients a year. UVA Health saves lives just to financially ruin them.

Matt Holcomb

Terrible food with multiple health code violations

Corey K

They took good care of my pops when he went in. Great staff and nice visitors room.

A. Nony Mouse

Whenever I bring my multiracial family along to any appointment, I am treated poorly by white employees in general. It makes me wonder how many of them feel similar about black and multiracial people to that one who recently got fired for tweeting about how she’d purposely give those of the Jewish faith the wrong medicine. I have $300 worth of medication that have only made my symptoms worse and a $1500 bill for procedures that told me nothing. After those procedures, my doctors both acted like jerks to me on separate phone calls and so did several of their nurses. My recovery was not normal and my symptoms have been worse ever since and they just clearly do not care to help me. At all. One example: a nurse came in after one of my appointments and immediately stretched her hand out to shake mine, which I did. Then she noticed my fiancé in the chair and began to outstretch her hand, in that millisecond, she got half way, and then jerked it back. His hand was left hanging there in mid air. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. He is black and I am white. He’s told me before about cashiers throwing his change in his hand to avoid touching his hand, but I had never seen it. This was eye opening. The moral of this story is: I can’t bring my multiracial family to my appointments at UVA if I want to be treated like a person by their physicians and staff.

karissa stevey

I work at the hospital and while I was working I felt dizzy and some other issues arose. Medic 5 was called and while they took a while to get me and transfer me to the ER, they were overall pleasant. I had an awesome nurse and doctor in the ED and I’ve heard a lot of issues of the waiting times from my patients that come up to my unit, but they are expanding the hospital which will hopefully solve the issue. I was in the ER for a few hours which sucks but I know that they have other people to see. I have literally accommodated everything around my life to my job here and I wouldn’t change a thing! It’s a great job to have and I have not had any issues with billing on my half. I would recommend sending my family and friends here.

stephan bossidy

Belittling staff patronizing unprofessional wouldn't send a enemy there.

Shannell Rafik

I had gallbladder surgery in January. Dr Psyner and her staff was wonderful

Makenzie Woerner

Have had nothing but a wonderful experience with UVA. I recieved my prenatal care and delivered my daughter here. The staff was always helpful, professional and kind. They also let me make my own informed decisions at every turn and never made me feel pressured I had to be induced at 37 weeks for the safety of my baby and myself and they helped me achieve my goal of a completey unmedicated birth! The nurses helped me through labor and pushing and to recover postpartum. And the lactation support is amazing Cant say enough good things about this place! Just fantastic!


Zulma Lizeth Reyes

(Translated by Google) Hi, I'm a Hispanic, I came to the Emergency Unit and I've been waiting for almost 4 hours and they do not take care of me and they have come to America more after me and they have taken care of that, it's racism (Original) Hola soy hispana vine a la unidad de Emergencias y ya llevo casi 4 horas esperando y no me atienden y han venido americanos más después de mi y ellos si rápido los han atendido eso ya es racismo

Sally Placido

Mariarubpat13054 Virginia

Elmer Antunez

Rene & Butch Coleman

This ER is a poor excuse for a medical facility. Five hour wait for possible flu. Vomiting, fever, chills, sore throat coughing and feeling like she might pass out! An asthma patient also with several autoimmune diseases. No one cared just let her sit in waiting room with "vomit" on her shirt. I know they might be busy but she waited from before 10 p.m. until 3:15 a.m. to be acknowledged! She's grown, this was ridiculous! I'll be in Charlottesville tomorrow to see administrator but not before I file a report to Richmond. I am totally livid! They could have least done something. The other reviews from this hospital are all pretty bad. It seems like someone would try to improve this mess! I once thought my child would be taken care of in this town as a student. No more! No one seems to care about their well-being! A Mother's rant! Sad situation!

justin Harris

I cannot review the hospital as a whole. My Doctor, Johnathan Black and his staff and UVA support down were hands down the best. I was at Georgetown, Md. Star DC, VCU and others. Dr. Black and the UVA team got the issue solved. Like their basketball, they were a good team. Best, Harris

Ryan Kennedy

Read Washington Post article on billing practices of UVA system. I’m in California but the article bothered me so much that I had to do something. Sadly, giving 1 star on google hardly makes up for the thousands of lives ruined by praying on poor and middle class Virginians to fund a so called non profit system that benefits millionaire hospital administrators. Medicare for all or economic fascism are our only choices now.

Larry Largent

John Crichton

Pretty disgusting place suing it's own patients for not being able to pay up.... and doctors were involved in this practice? Horrifying.

K Bell

Dr. Daniel Strand in GI is the best doctor I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Extremely advanced, well spoken and excellent beside manner. All of the nurses are so nice, and are on top of everything. The internal medicine team at the hospital is incredible. Make a trip here if you need advanced treatment for difficult issues.

Alexa Turgeon

I recently gave birth here and i couldn’t say more amazing things. The nurses and doctors were so amazing and made my birth experience the best one. Thank you so much!

Brenda Mathews

If there was less than one star, that would be my choice. My husband and I drove 3 1/2 hours for him to have surgery for cancer of the esophagus. After the surgery, he needed a central line. The woman who came in to place it was "large and in charge'; however, she was unable to complete the procedure. She didn't even know how to use the ultrasound that was required to locate the vein. People beware. This is a teaching hospital and your loved ones are the Guinea pigs.

margie gomez


503 Albanes

Chris M.

After horrible experience in labor and delivery, nicu, and now the e.r this review is well over due. My family has been mistreated and had our rights breached multiple times. This hospital is a joke. Good thing there's another hospital in Charlottesville.

John Follin

Watched my father go from a healthy human being to 5 days later dying on there bed and having students tell me what his Dr is saying..I saw his actual Dr. one time to explain to me as to why he died. Oh yea had hernia surgery there myself never been right since.wont go there for anything ever again.. rip Dad

Irving C. Hughes

(Translated by Google) Best of the best!!! (Original) Creme De La Creme!!!

Brittany Chenault

My son saw Dr Quin today at UVA emerg room. She was awesome! Very attentive and concerned with my child. She was quick and answered all my questions! She even took a follow up call for me with my concerned! Very impressed with how much time she with him but yet got us out of there quickly as well! Loved her and this emerg room! Huge shout out and THANK YOU to this doc!

Nicole Little

My three year old son was transferred to UVA from our local hospital after he fractured his femur (he needed a pediatric orthopedic surgeon). The nurses, transport technicians and doctors in the ER were incredible, making sure my son was as comfortable as possible and even going out of their way to make sure he didn’t get frightened. They kept me updated regularly, and made sure that I understood everything they were doing. The nurses on the 8th floor were beyond amazing (Angie and Sarah) and I will forever be grateful to them for the care that they gave my son while we there. The compassion they showed was truly inspiring. The OT was a saint-making sure that I understood how to transport my son in his new wheelchair, showing me how to move him in his new cast and answering my questions without hesitation. The OR staff also took excellent care of my son. The nurses were so kind and attentive (something I appreciated so deeply as a scared mommy). The anesthesiologist offered nothing but patience and kindness, answering every question that I threw at him. The orthopedic surgeon (Dr. Abel) made sure that I understood the procedure and what we could expect post-op. He answered my questions readily, and never made me feel as if I were overreacting with my concerns. Child life staff went above and beyond, doing everything possible to help distract my son from the pain he felt-bringing toys to his room when he couldn’t leave, and then coming to the toy room to play with him when he was able to venture out. I will never forget the exceptional care we received at UVA during this terrifying time. I honestly do not have the words to explain my gratitude to the entire staff at UVA.

Mary Moore

Wonder if you would treat your family the way ER patients are treated. Sitting in pain for more than 3 hours, having a gallbladder attack, and told to wait more. Do the staff here get the same treatment? Might explain their horrid moods.

Preston Wood

Docs and nurses were complete bitchs

Suying Li

DO NOT GO HERE DO NOT. they lie to persuade you to stay longer so they can bill you $6000+ for overnight. Dont listen to them when they say financial assistance will cover. They dont tell you the fine prints snd the fine prints arent written on paper either!!

Camille Balazs

My bestfriend went here for extreme depression and anxiety and i stated all of the things that made him nervous yet they continued to those thing and make him very uncomfortable they held him against his will for a week and made him talk to very large groups of people/handcuff him/not give him the medicine he is prescribed which made him nerous and i told them that yet they did not care.... they treated him so badly i honestly would not reccomend uva hospital at all because even when i went there i recieved poor service and smart remarks i am honestly so dissapointed with the service here

Chris Smith

Recently read about the health systems collection practices. Shameful

Clay Robinson

Ruins peoples' lives with bills. Very greedy administration. Awful.

Megan Wright

james Karen McDonald

Was very disappointed with ER when I was seen. Just recently my daughter had to be seen at ER and it was even worse I didn't think it could be. Will not go back

Janet Pattison

WOW, I just read the horrible article about this health care system and how they are aggressively suing patients who can't afford to pay their medical bills. BEWARE ! They sue more patients in a week than most other hospitals sue in a year!

Becky Long

I have been happy with certain doctors and specific departments throughout my son's health issues the past 4 years. HOWEVER, the hospital entity itself, our inpatient experience in the Pediatric ICU and the ongoing billing issues have been a nightmare. The billing office is the worst. I have been trying to pay off our bills for years now and have made payments consistently to do so. I have been in contact with billing numerous times to assure my compliance. You get no straight answers, and I JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT A BALANCE THAT HAD BEEN, and I quote, "just sitting there since 2015." (4 years old at this point). The incompetence of the Pediatric ICU is pretty shocking, actually, at least our prior experience was extremely bad. My son was left shaking, freezing and alone in a room for at least an hour post brain surgery! When I tried to get a blanket and Vaseline for his lips that were dry from the tubing, I was informed by a staff member that "she was not his nurse." Our subsequent nurses were terrible and incompetent as well. No one, at the staff level, whether inpatient nurses or office administration, really seem to care or take their job seriously here.


Awful place, incompetent doctors, can't get appointments, don't follow up on test results. Have yet to get actual treatment for anything at all, even one ailement! How these people are funded with contined negative reviews is a wonder. Only come here if you don't care about your health, because the staff sure don't!

Tucker C

The artwork here is terrifying. Dead babies, bugs, clowns, creepy indescribable scenes plastered all over the walls. I think this hospital would be a great place to go if I wanted to be put to sleep. I could spend the last 30 minutes of my life reminded of how cruel and horrifying the world is, through, not only the disturbing artwork, but also through the realization that a boardroom full of humans collectively decided a gigantic picture of dead babies on a gurney was appropriate for a hospital.

Rita Banks

Why would they build a bigger ER when they can't operate what they have. Here in ER with my elderly mother for 3 hours and people before us have waited over 10 hours to be seen. Ridiculous UVA!!

Ladyy X

I would never go here ever again. Wait time 5 plus hours, get sat in the hallway and they don't even take you seriously. Unless you wanna get harassed over your medical bills to be sat in the hallway and made fun of go somewhere else. I've had way better treatment at Sentara.

rockelle Bowens

My son was flown here after he was hurt working on a job site and we thought he would neved walk again... They did surgery on him repeated his T11 and he has screws and rods but with the gracw of god and the staff he is here to tell his story.. Thank you guys

Lakisha Johnson

As a parent of a child that receives services here, unfortunately our experience here has been quite unpleasant. I had been trying since May of 2018 to have my son's medical bills taken care of properly, I did all that was required of us, and it is just now getting started and it's February 2019. My son has to take medicine throughout the day in order to survive so we have medical bills that have accumulated and are getting calls from creditors because of the lack of concern addressing the matter. I and my son have jobs we are no affluent by any means and receive NO government assistance Medicaid, ebt or anything that is why it's so hard to understand the lack of concern. It's no fun to sit and watch your child go without because no one on that end cares.

Damon Andrews

Jen Bossinger

If you want to be placed in the hallway for hours and not have your symptoms taken seriously then this is the hospital for you! Don't worry. After they discharge you they'll charge you several thousand dollars for care you didn't receive since you were in the hallway.

vladimir cruz

Matthew Wallace


Saveon Artis

Very poor service they will throw u in a room n let u die n most nurses will discriminate against u. If u want to die this is the place for u...

Alex Trillon

I had an excellent experience at UVA. The physicians and staff were great, I really left with a clear sense of my condition and am very hopeful for the future! Thank you!

Yesenia Balazs

James Setzer

allen rogers

I'm glad I had my heart attack in cville the staff UVA did a awesome job of taking care of me. Very Greaful

Adi M

L Smith

I have been here with my son 3 times in 2 months. I find the staff in professional and hear nothing, but gossip about the patients or those with them. My son had fluid on his heart and the ER just put us back out in the waiting room because they said they had no beds. The first timet in the ER we waited 8-10 hours for a hospital bed. Please people don't go here this hospital gets worse everytime I come here.

Thor Johnson

Possibly one of the worst hospitals I have ever came to they do not know how to prioritize and they will leave a pregnant woman that has fainted thrown up and use the bathroom on herself in the lobby for 6 hours and on top of that at 2 hours ago I asked how many people were in front of us they said 7 2 hours later and they have called back 10 people we now have 6 in front of us

Buck Sliver


Sage Bradburn

UVA hospital is financially irresponsible toward patients by refusing to provide the prompt, concrete information about treatment costs patients need to make tough decisions about whether /when they can afford procedures or not. In contrast, at MARTHA JEFFERSON HOSPITAL I am provided with this information before I even leave the doctor's office! Example? The last UVA doctor I saw recommended a diagnostic test. When I expressed concern about the cost and whether I could cover it, she said it would be a "very expensive test," even if my insurance covered 80%, and that I should call my insurance agency to find out specifics. Of course, the insurance agency needs medical codes to provide costs, but the codes were not provided on the order, nor did the two nurses I spoke with in that department know what those codes were. Instead, they told me I had to leave a voice message on the "pricing hotline" and would receive a call within 3 (three) business days from a pricing representative who would leave a voice mail if I couldn't answer the phone, leaving NO opportunity to ask clarifying questions (such as whether the quoted price included all services that might be associated with the test. Since many patients-- like me--need to make decisions between paying for medical care, groceries, and rent, this lack of information is outrageous, especially given how boastful UVA is about it's national rankings and how many of its patients come from the middle-class or working poor. When I made an appointment at Martha Jefferson Hospital, a doctor recommended the same test and the office staff provided me with the 3 medical codes associated with that procedure before I walked out the door. That is customer service you can trust.

Paul Langman

This hospital punishes with alternative medicine. I was screaming in pain after being given a pill while normal before it.

Kierstin G

They really dropped the ball at the craniofacial clinic concerning my child. Disturbingly so.

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