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REVIEWS OF Stafford Hospital IN Virginia

Barbara Ulrich

Great nursing staff. Kept an eye on me as I had my own room. I had an operation and could not even move. Thank you again, nurses!!!

alexcei Smith

They treated me as if I was a drug seeker or alcoholic. They didn’t even fix my low blood sugar. I left with an undiagnosed UTI, which developed into a kidney infection. NEVER AGAIN WILL I STEP FOOT IN THIS PLACE

Seyed Hashemi

I am grateful for the caring professionalism demonstrated by the entire care team at Stafford Hospital. As a doctor I speak from experience of my own patients but also from recent personal experience as a patient. Specifically the ER was prompt to control my pain and the staff showed sincere empathy throughout my stay. It is evident that they hold themselves to high standards and provide truly compassionate care.

Raven Johnson


Crystal Leday

One of the most pleasant hospitals I have ever visited. All off the staff was amazing. From security, check in, nurses, paramedics, emt, ultrasound techs, doctors... everyone very pleasant and gracious. Keep up the great work! P.S I was seen by the ER staff.

Howard Pavlat

I went to 2 different doctors on the 12th of June, both said I just have a cold. I've been sick for 4 days and I wanted someone to help me get better. I came to the ER and they did what they did and found out I have bronchitis. Thank you to the staff for being excellent at their jobs.

Patricia Murgo

ED visit was excellent. Great staff and ancillaries. Great doctor.

Gladys Vazquez

I had my C Section on July 30 2019. I have to say that the staff in Labor and Delivery is the best staff in the whole hospital. Special thanks to Ashley, Aaron,Brenda, Stephanie, Crystal, Alice, Nancy, Rebeka, Donna, Frances, Sandra, Sahabita, all the nurses and assistants as well as the nurses on the Nursery.. Oh my God so many names I wish I have here with me to mention, so much care and love for the patient..they were amazing, they really care for my baby and me. And this is something you do with your heart, when being a Nurse truly matters.. I dont know how to say thank you so so much to all of you.. you were a real bless.. Now I was transferred to the Cardiac Intensive Care, have the say is the total opposite from Labor and delivery, Nurses and Assistants OMG you have to call several time for help, they are rude, they even left my catheter open and my room was pee all over the place one night. The Nurse Stephanie openly said she couldnt go to the bathroom bec I needed to do It by myself when I was with a C Section, 3 IVs , one halter, the Catheter and still she refused to help me, my blood pressure was low and I felt dizzy and sore. An assistant ended up helping me . Heart Care ,I dont think so.. thank God I was released by my OBGYN and one of the Cardiologist!

Sheila Bernard

My son was seen at this hospital in the emergency room for potential diabetic ketoacidoses. He was asked if he needed fluids and was released without the er staff regulating his blood sugars. After his release, less than 3 hours later he was admitted into UVA hospital with full blown ketoacidoses. If you are diabetic, seek alternative medical care. My story could’ve had a very different ending. This er staff failed my son luckily he was treated by a hospital that understood the seriousness of his medical condition. I fully intend on writing a letter to the CEO and Medical Director.

Crystal Ellis

My daughter just gave birth to 1st baby July 6th. Overall they were awesome when it came to her needs. I wasn't happy with one of the (male)nurses there. His name was Aaron! We never seen him before n when I asked why the midwife couldn't check her cause my daughter didn't feel comfortable with him checking her. He was really rude to me. He still proceeded to check her without my permission. Broke her water n didn't say anything about it. I REALLY didn't like this guy n appreciate it if some disciplinary actions are taken before he really hurts someone.

Lourdes Martinez

(Translated by Google) The ayrnsion is very burnas (Original) La ayrnsion es muy burnas


Laid on your floor in the ER at 2am by the main entrance and it took 20 mins for help,, priority was filling out paperwork......good thing the doc determined it wasnt a heartattack via EKG. If your on the verge of death, avoid this place because filling out forms is more important than stabilizing a patient.

Javier Wendy Montero Núñez

(Translated by Google) Good service They treated my wife well and it was fast clean (Original) Buen servicio trataron A mi esposa bien y fue rapido limpio

Alex Prekins

I’m exhibiting all the symptoms of appendicitis and some kid that came in way AFTER me gets prioritized because they have something stuck in their ear.

Kyleigh Ash

You have a 50 50 shot of getting a good, nice, respectful nurse. Im here with my boyfriend and his rr went down to 0. His monitor was going off for a solid minute and a half and it was flashing red and no one came to check on him. They sat out in the middle area talking. Now granted yes he was fine and the monitor must have been misreading but it should have triggered a reaction from the staff at least. No one came so check and the alarm was blaring. Had something really been going wrong, that situation would have been aweful. For small things this hospital is okay but i prefer Mary Washington for my own hospital visits.

Jessica Fulton

I wish I could give zero stars. Took my 8 yr old in the middle of the night due to a high fever and vomiting. The ER doctor was incredibly rude and was literally standing outside our room making fun of my daughter to the nurses because she couldn’t keep the medicine down without vomiting. It was obvious she wanted me to hear her comments. The nurses didn’t do anything or say anything either. I very respectfully confronted her about it and she stood in front of me basically mocking me. Even though this hospital is only 5 minutes from my house, I will never go there again. What kind of doctor makes fun of a sick child? Disgusting

Chris Shea

April Gomez

Best hospitality in the world. Nurses are extremely caring and efficient. Highly recommend this ER.

Gail Miccio

There is NO security on the Lanor and Deluvery and postpartum unit! Visitors are not checked in and out. Who is safeguarding the newborns and mothers? And, has everyone forgotten Charlottesville?

Camelia Costas

I delivered my baby boy on June and I can't have enough words of how professional and compassionate the nurse that helped me deliver was.Her name is Francesca and she also helped me in the recovery room,thank you,Francesca,you are an angel!The delivery room was clean same as the recovery room,spacious, all the staff was promptly helping me with everything I needed!Thank you!!

D Williams

Alaa Abdelhamid

This is the best hospital I have ever been to the staff is extremely comforting, the doctors are knowledgeable and educate their patients, and the wait time is not hideous. All the nurses were caring, patient, gentle, and compassionate. A million thanks to all the employees at Stafford Hospital!

Nuristani205 Wali

Worst hospital ever I took my son there around 2 a.m. in the morning and my wife was with me too and she wasn't feeling good so we went to the ER and first of all it took them forever to sign as in and might my son wasn't feeling it and my wife too so we have to fill out these forms confusing forms secondly when we got there they had no idea what to do the doctor was asking the nurse was this form for do I need to fill this out and the nurse will confuse the Doctor Who confused basically I was surprised to do how did they get their degrees how did it become a nurses and doctors disorganized appearances were really bad unprofessionals it's just crazy at the moment I was thinking everybody can be a doctor and I thought experience worst places

david kirby

Avoid this hospital at all cost. I got here at 9:00p.m it's now almost 1 am in the morning. Not one person came in for 3 hours. Not a nurse, not a doctor. If you're a junkie, perfect place to go to get narcotics. But the people who actually need them, don't get em. My gallbladder was inflamed and they just kept saying, we need more blood. I promise on everything I love I will sue this hospital.

Mena Sweetheart

There is a young receptionist that was working tonight in the ER that was completely rude and unprofessional. My mother was brought in through the ER then transferred to ICU. The entire conversation she was EXTREMELY RUDE! This BRAT kept telling me she wasn't there and to call Mary Washington. Mary Washington pulled her name up right away and informed me she was in fact at Stafford. So, I called Stafford back and asked for my mother, again. This little BRAT had the nerve to say "Didn't you just call? I told you she wasn't here!!" In a very condescending tone. I replied with "maybe, you spelled her last name wrong. It's pretty long" She procceeds to get more snippy and tells me "I didn't get a thing wrong" then transferred me without letting me speak another word. Just because you can't do your job correctly is NOT a reason to be unprofessional. The operator found my mom's name in the system right away and transferred me. I don't know what this CHILD'S problem is, but I do know you need to hire more professional WOMEN AND MEN. Not little girls that have no respect. My mother is extremely sick. I was shocked to not be treated with compassion in an emotional time. Shame on you. Edit: I kept calling with no answer... when I finally got through they informed me my mom who only had minor things took a turn for the worse... I rushed there to them trying to revive my mother... SHE DIED IN THEIR HOSPITAL AND WERE WORKING ON HER FOR 45 MIN WITHOUT NOTIFYING FAMILY!!!!! REST EASY MOMMY THEY WON'T GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!

N8 Smith

Absolutely awful service. I was waiting for my bloodwork and they said it would be no more than 45 mins. It took 3 hours. Avoid this hospital at all costs.

Sandra G

Worse hospital ever. Nurses are rude and cannot answer any questions. Assistant manager never gets back to you. If you go in, you do not come out the same. In fact, worse. Good luck with entry!

Anitra Kitfield

The ER wait times are a lie, I checked the wait times in transit and changed my destination from Mary Washington to Stafford Hospital becuse Of he 20 minute wait time as opposed to the 75 minutes at Mary Washington. Well we have been in the waiting room for 3 hours, they keep saying I am next but see people walk in that came after us. They say it is because of the seriousness of the patient... well my 7 yo son came in having a full blown asthma attack and that’s apparently not serious. We are leaving and going to spotsy regional they are always fast and now I see they are worth the drive

Life With Z

Called them prior to going to the hospital to see if they could help and was told they could. As soon as we arrived we were rudely greeted and told they could not help but could not provide an explanation as to why. We asked for the reasoning and were told that they simply couldn’t help us. Wasted our time and gas after we called ahead. They do not understand their own policies as they simply could not provide us clear answers.

Andrea Astudillo

I had my baby at this place and everything was very professional in a very efficient time manner! Great customer service and caring Drs.

Adele Anderson

From start to finish, my stay at Stafford Hospital was exceptional. The inside of the building is warm and comforting; the registration process, simple and polite (thank you, Julie); per-op prep was efficient and organized (thank you, Angela); my surgical team was thoughtful and delightful (thank you, Val, Kate, Mike, and Tracie); and my recovery nurse couldn’t have been more sympathetic to my pain, making me as comfortable as possible (thank you, Deb). Oh, and my surgery was successful! (Thank you, Dr. Dash).

William Robinson

The hospital is fine. During my stay, I was treated well by the staff and nurses and I have no complaints. The food service left a little to be desired. I've visited the food court numerous times for lunch visits and meetings and wish there was a better variety. Would it be possible to get some barbecue from time to time? It always seems like the food is the generic lunch fare which is good for a while but then it dulls over time. I think the menu needs to be updated. I'm a huge barbecue fan and really wish you guys served it from time to time. Thanks so much!

Annie Friedman

Delivered both of my children here. The labor and delivery department is amazing and has a wonderful staff. Everyone was kind, patient and professional.

Terrance Jackson

Jennifer Cortes

Sam Davidson

Went in three times within a week with chest pain and shallow breathing and they kept telling me it was anxiety and I just needed to calm down. This In addition to being treated terribly by the nurse at the front desk who was rude and inconsiderate. Fast forward a week I have an ANOTHER similar attack... an asthma attack. I was in a different state and their doctors immediately knew and recognized what was happening and tests were run. I have adult onset asthma after moving to a new home. I have a $20,000 asthma diagnosis. Thanks.

Daniel Nix

First this is Kelly Nix, Ok, so I thought 10 years ago they were horrible so it’s sad to see nothing has changed. I checked in gave all my allergies received a name bracelet no allergy one. Literally that should have been my red flag. I ended up seeing Laura J Dart, PA-C. Basically having pain from my lower back down. I explain all my symptoms told her my primary care doctor of 13 years closed his practice at the end of last year, started seeing a new one, it’s not working out so I have a new one I see on the 28th. I have a herniated disc on both sides and that I was scheduled to have back surgery with The Laser Spine Institute last week only to find out the Wednesday through the news before my surgery the entire company around the US completely shut the doors blah blah, blah blah so now I need to find another spine doctor that I trust to do the surgery. It the mean time I’m in pain not looking for narcotics but treated like if your there that’s has to be the only reason right? I had to beg for an antiflammatory. I had been to Urgent that morning no narcotics asked for or given. I finally got an antiflammatory which helped. Upon release they gave me 3 prescriptions 1 for a different dosage of prednisone for inflammation, 1 for flexeril (hence, allergy bracelet would have been handy at this time seeing how if I took this I would would be gasping for air since I can’t take it and 1 for Ibuprofen (another reason for the bracelet) which since I have Ulcerative Colitis I can’t take which I told them at checkin and all doctors and hospitals I’ve been too which has been a lot are aware. So apparently it had been a shift change when this other nurse brought the prescriptions in and she said let me go check. So they decided to give me nothing except the wrong Predisone dosage I guess as punishment for reminding them of my allergies. I guess only getting 1 out of 3 prescriptions that I can take might be a good number I guess. It could have been worse it could be 3 for 3. Hopefully someone with brains will learn to run this hospital. Thank God for Spotsylvania Hospital. We live across from Stafford but usually travel to Spotsylvania because well it’s worth the drive even though we aren’t even 5 mins from Stafford. Now I wish I could say this was a one off but ten years ago my husband and I spent many days and nights at this hospital when I was sick but none of my doctors knew what was wrong. So as I suffered in pain and they were my option I was asked by the nurse which I will never forget with my frail body they watched get weaker and in more pain each visit if I was a hypochondriac? No 2 years later and begging a surgeon I had a 17in fibrous growth wrapped around all my organs and intestines.

Lady Brown

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