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REVIEWS OF Sibley Memorial Hospital IN Virginia

Alexis Wolfe

Absolutely wonderful experience. Fast, effective, and kind and warm staff. Best experience I've had in the ER.

Denise Ala'ilima

Great staff who listen are attentive and compassionate. Drs. will sit and LISTEN to patients and discuss options. Key words I are “ LISTEN and DISCUSS “ !! Parking is the cheapest I’ve experienced in the DC area. It is easy enough for a differently abled person to maneuver around the hospital. Food’s not bad for a hospital and unfortunately i’ve been in quite a few hospitals throughout my 66 years.

Tami Hernandez

I've never had an issue there. Had shoulder surgery, feels great. I come to the ER because they're always on point. No long waiting. The staff is friendly and show compassion. I drive past a few hospitals to get there. I live around the corner from PG Hospital. Terrible service there.

Hamdam Haydarov


Dominique Proctor

I love America

Scott Weible

Easily the BEST hospital experience I -- but more importantly my Wife, who has now had three surgeries there related to her double mastectomy -- can imagine. The people are fabulous, helpful, concerned and easy to get along with. The Docents are interested, polite and helpful. I even liked the food in the Cafeteria downstairs ... admittedly not top scale restaurant food, but very tasty and well prepared. I've been to quite a few hospitals in my life, and this one is superb, on all counts.

Jennifer Sorrentino

I've been to hospitals in MD. I have a chronic disease that is kind of rare. Every time I need to go to the ER's in Montgomery County, MD, I'm treated like a drug seeker and the staffs are always rude and the doctors swear they know about the disease then try to give something I can't have. Then blame me for it. Today, I went to Sibley. I was seen within 10 minutes and taken right to the back. I am a tough stick to get blood and start an IV. They were nice not to keep sticking me and got out the ultrasound machine. The first Doctor I have (Abele I think) was compassionate and caring. The doctor (her last name began with an S)who took over for her was also friendly and compassionate. Nicole was an awesome nurse and was always there when needed. The one thing that could have been different was that I did not have an allergy bracelet and I am allergic to a lot. So, I felt like I was repeating myself a lot. If I ever need ER services again, this is where I'll go.


The Sibley Emergency Room is brand spanking NEW and the wait time is outstanding. 5 minute wait time. On top of that, the staff is phenomenal. They are all courteous and sweet and you feel at home. They care about you and you feel it, wholeheartedly. These folks diagnosed me with POTS which no other doctors have been able to diagnose and I was even hospitalized for heart palpitations at another hospital. The knowledge from my Dr. and the medications were GOD SENT. I can now live my life to some extent and was directed to specialist for other health conditions which was helpful. I highly recommend this hospital and its staff. I predict that Sibley will get super busy once the good reviews and word of mouth starts spreading around the DC area. It will and deservingly so become no.1 in the city. I'll be one of those folks to spread the word! Thanks again, Sibley!!!

Wanda Young

Ivy Vance

So glad that Sibley was recommended to us, we waited a relatively short time and were helped by many wonderful nurses and physicians. We now know to come here for any emergencies!

Olasunbo Olakanmi

I must just share this review to appreciate all the care team at Sibley memorial hospital. I have never had such an experience before considering this delivery as my 3rd. From the gate to labour and delivery and post-patum. Excellent staff, profrssionals, compassionate, respectful and caring. I would like to mention a few names- Heather Riggs at Labour and Delivery,Dr. Stevenson and the anesthesiologist (forgot name-white male),to post partum nurses: Mandeep (she is a super woman),Bre-Onna (known as Bre-( young and ambitious)Brenda, all resident Kaiser staff. You all made our stay effortless. Their food (room service is so neat and delicious) those team are always on time and professional. I would recommend SMH over and over again even though it's far from my state but it worth the effort. Though no free parking it's a paid parking but services are worth paying for parking. Thank you so very much because you won't even need a companion to stay with you with this wonderful care team. Love you all.

Keith Carr

The best

John Turnmire

Burn Lab

Anthony Werner

I just had laparoscopic hernia repair at Sibley's Ambulatory Surgery Center. I cannot fully express how amazing the experience was from the first intake person, Brenda, to the final discharge nurse, Colleen. Throughout the process, EVERY person I dealt with including pre-op nurse, Niki, anesthesiologist, Dr. Kekolor, nurse anesthetist, Monica, surgeon assistant, Sam, OR nurses, Ethel and Paula, OR scrub, Christina, and recovery nurse, Stephanie, could not have been more professional, reassuring, competent, and totally human. I'm sure that surgical outcome is markedly improved when the patient is treated in this caring and calming way before going into the OR. The staff at the Center clearly care about their patients, and seem to genuinely like each other which makes the atmosphere relaxed and caring. They work together very well, and, for example, several times during my time there, another staff member would pop in and ask if the person attending to me needed any help. I was rolled into the OR at 7:30 AM and was home at 10:00 AM. Lastly, my surgeon, Dr. Martin Paul, was perfect from my first meeting to his post-op explanation of how the surgery went. Every other doctor and medical staff in other settings said, when I told them Dr. Paul was my surgeon, "He's the one I would use [and in one case, "did use"] if I had to have hernia repair. There is nothing I can think of that would improve on my experience and I give my heartfelt thanks to each member of my team.

Tiffany Murray

Great staff

Brenely Yossetty

Horrible customer service EVERY encounter I have with the Imaging scheduling center.

Sharon Bray

Came to ER for family member's bout of acute pancreatitis. ER Dr. Shannon Emerick was possibly the best ER doctor I've ever encountered. She is thorough, listens well, explains what she wants to do and asks for feedback, and is warm. Despite a very busy day, she neither gave the impression of being rushed nor impatient. The opposite was the case. The nursing staff was also good.

Stephen Hughes

Very peaceful ICU with kind and caring staff.

Warren Cox

This place is total disorganization and chaos. The wait times are unacceptable.

A. Musa

My son was born on Aug. 21, 2018. 99% of the staff was very helpful and friendly. What ever we needed. We go it but the nurse call was a little tad slow sometime but understandable. Not enough help for the graveyard shift and there were one nurse that my wife was not happy with but she was only with us for a few hours, this is why I took a star off. One more thing I like to add is the Pantry room. MY GOD there scavengers in there nothing left. I saw expired carry out food in the fridge that was dated over 3 weeks ago.

Os Al

They told me this place is good, but I really regret considering it. Front disk ladies are so rude and not helpful. I had to call twice and I waited 28 minutes and 35 minutes each time. I don't care if the doctors are that good since the bad service is gonna blow my mind.

Barbara Bryniarski

Beware of the can wait for hours, they’re often understaffed...

Tiara Harrison

Love working here with all types of people helping care for patients and families

Anna Chen

Sabrina Estrada

I called the gift shop to have a gift delivered to my friend. The woman who answered the phone was really rude. You could hear it in her voice that she doesn't like her job. She told me the gift shop is closed on the weekend. So I tried to have something sent from a third party gift shop. The shop informed me that this hospital's delivery policy is very strict and they've been sent away so many times. Nothing can be delivered after 3:00. It doesn't sound like they care about their patients very much. I hope my friend will be well cared for!

Princess Grace

AdmPhone BusCell

Ayana Dunlap

Dr. Nashay Clemetson is such an uncompassionate person. Drove 1 ½ hours to see her and was told that I could not be seen, even though I arrived within by grace period standards. Such an inconvenience and frustration when I have been suffering from my condition for months, had taken off from work, had to pay for parking and the next available slot was not within the next 24 hours. The receptionist claimed to have explained this to Clemetson, yet Clemetson still refused to see me. Apparently she is just like the rest of the money hungry doctors – for her its quantity over quality and will turn away patience without a care. Other physicians within John Hopkins have been amazing, this was just a one off terrible experience.

nicki grear-el

On February 13th, I had the pleasure of being cared for by an awesome staff. From the ladies at check in desk to the nurses in recovery.... everyone was AWESOME. Dr. Konrad Dawson was my surgeon Check in desk- Cecilia & Geneva O.R Prep Nurse- Belinda The young Lady that took blood samples-Sheina Recovery Nurse- Cathleen, Sue & Denise O.R Nurse- Samuel Everyone that was a part of my surgery/care, made my visit so peaceful, which is a blessing, because having surgery can be scary. I want to Thank them all for making my stay, a pleasant one. ~Nickita Grear-El

Jeff Randall

BEWARE of "traveling" nurses being employed at Sibley. My wife gave birth in mid-February and the nurse assigned to us was a "traveling" nurse from another state, and was absolutely terrible. She had an attitude, was rude to all of us in the delivery room, and was generally a miserable person to be around. In addition, the overnight nursing staff was unhelpful, often telling us to go ask our assigned nurse, who would disappear from time-to-time. Not a good experience. STAY AWAY FROM SIBLEY if you're looking to have a positive and uplifting birthing experience.

Contessa Antoinette

Upon my first arrival, I was pleased with the appearance and the treatment of the staff. Unfortunately, although I had consistent contractions, I did not give birth that day. When I actually had my water break and came back, a month later, it was a different experience. After feeling like I was forced into a c-section, I learned at my discharge that they had lost my placenta. After stating not only at my first visit but numerous times at my delivery and being reassured that I would have it, I was told it could not be located nor the nurse who took it and that I should "call on Monday". That aside, after taking my prescription to get filled at the pharmacy near home (over 40min away) I find out I cannot get pain medication because the Doctor who wrote the prescription, wrote a narcotic and ibuprofen on the same script, which is prohibited. The pharmacist calls the hospital to request a prescription be sent electronically and she was told they "don't do that" . I called to speak to the charge nurse or dr on duty to correct the prescription and was told I could not speak to them. This was a horrible heartbreaking experience. I am suffering in pain and sadness. I will never recommend this hospital.

Anna Vala Rockmaker

This has been my favorite hospital since I was a kid. Sometimes smaller is better!

Joshua Miller

I would not recommend going to Sibley if you are planning for the birth of your child. My wife came out with horrible engorgement, mastitis (sp?) and breast pain due to a lactation nurse who started her on a very powerful breast pump immediately after birth (which we have since found out is not a standard practice at most hospitals). Following this, my wife has had nearly weekly appointments with lactation consultants, breast surgeons, lactation doctors, and now a therapist to help her deal with the resentment she has towards the whole experience of the birth of our child. My wife also had a thermometer put into her mouth without a sanitary cover by a nursing student, which she only realized after the uncovered probe was already in her mouth. Being a pregnant woman, any sickness she would be exposed to would also likely be spread to our newborn child. We also had really bad issues with their billing department. We never received a bill due to the fact that the unit number for our condo was left off the address line on the envelope (I have since confirmed that they did have the correct address, they just omitted the use of the unit number for some reason). This led to us being sent to collections for bills that were never received (keep in mind that we were sent to collections within 2 months of having our son, without even a phone call or notification of any kind). When I talked to a supervisor at Sibley in their billing department, they told me that it was too late and bc they got the mail back (due to their own error) we would now have to negotiate with a debt collector (Harris and Harris) to get everything worked out. I would recommend going to INOVA. We have heard nothing but positive from there. Truly sad that our experience has greatly hampered my wife’s ability to live day to day life and enjoy the birth of our child. The facade of this place lured us in, but we certainly would not go back.

Grace Mtawali

Esteban Gergely

I was at Sibley this morning to drop samples of specimens I collected, as I was instructed to do yesterday by Sibley's Lab staff. I could not drop off my specimen because they couldn't figure out the code of the test, and they are frozen, specially their brains how to process something without a code! Please if they gave the containers after looking at my Doctor's order they must have a code. Or put other and actually write i it down. I am going to Suburban and pray to Bill Gates that they can enter it in the computer.

Christopher and Michele Quick

Sibley was our favorite hospital now you wait 3+ hours just to get a bed and then another 1.5 hour waiting on a DR!!! This place has gone downhill fast. Hire some DRa and start taking care of the people in need !!!!

Angela Hutchison

I remember my Aunts being there years ago and I am still glad it has such good ratings now

Kyle Stearns

Kathya Nunez

great hospital! I deliver here 07/2017 best experience if you want a a good ob doc go here, my doc is affiliated with capital womens care . this was my second child my first was at inova Fairfax was also great but this was more than 5 star!!!! from the nurses to the doc great experience I was never left alone and family was with me at all times.

Everything is Possible

Saved my mom's health

natasha northcross

They took my baby and started taking her blood while I was sleeping. When I found out about it They said it was because they were going to test for jaundice. They were doing this several times a day can you imagine how stressful that is on an infant? I never gave them the rights to take her blood nor did they take the time to discuss it with me first. If you give birth at this hospital don’t let your baby out of your sight. When I got really upset they then tried to get me to sign papers agreeing to the blood withdrawals. Only positive is when I went into labor I had a nice room.

Rudeboi Leat

the workers on 7 west they act they don't appreciate there job at all and it seems that they were trained to only service people who been here before every time I ask them to do something for me they put. me on the back burner but let a white lady ask them for something they move fast!!!!! they just giving me the bare minimum and I feel as though I should've just kept going to my journey!!! that's messed up!!! I asked for a grievance and they just ignored me and kept services the rest. I am feeling all alone here!!!!!!

DeJon Davis

I had my daughter here August 2018 and it was the best decision ever! The L&D staff were so friendly and patient with me (first time mom) and explained everything to me as it was happening. Even when I needed to have a c-section it was explained to me why it was in best interest of myself and my baby and asked if I wanted to go that route. Both the labor and postpartum rooms were huge, and they were all private. Visitation is 24hrs so your guests never have to rush. They encouraged rooming with baby, which is exact what I wanted and only took her to the nursery when she had to get her tests done. Even the food is amazing! I would definitely recommend anyone to come here to deliver and I plan on coming back to them when I decide to have another!!

Sally Canzoneri

Excellent Emergency Room -- but it is NOT an urgent care facility. Two years ago, I gave Sibley a five star review. Since then, I've been to the ER again and would still give Sibley five stars -- but only as an Emergency Room. Based on experiences with both Georgetown & George Washington, I'd say Sibley's ER is generally great, and particularly good for patients with stroke symptoms. (If an ambulance were taking me from an accident or shooting, I'd want GW, but otherwise I'd go for Sibley. And my experience going to GW with chest pains was a horror story right up to and including the hospital's coronary dept.) What I don't like about Sibley is that a Google search (hopefully not Sibley's fault) and their PR would lead you to think that they have an urgent care service (with urgent care pricing) along with the ER. I wrenched a little finger last summer and went to Sibley on a Sunday afternoon to have it checked. When I was asked for $100 copay at the front desk, I explained that I was there for urgent care. The lady on the desk told me they don't have urgent care and sounded rather annoyed when I said that, in that case, I'd go somewhere else. She tried to convince me that all insurance companies have at least $100 deductibles for urgent care as well as ER visits. However, my insurance card clearly states that the copay for urgent care is $30 and the ER copay is $100. Presumably this is to encourage patients to seek the lower cost care provided at an urgent care facility. Prior to my most recent visit, I thought that Sibley's "Fast Track" was an urgent care service; in fact, that was why I went to Sibley -- to get urgent care, because I did not need ER care. The US could save a LOT of money on health care costs if people were able to use urgent care when appropriate, rather than using the more expensive services of ERs. It seems to me that it would make a lot of sense for Sibley to have an urgent care service connected with the ER; but, as far as I know, they do not. Given that fact, people need to understand that even with its calm waiting room, short wait for service, wonderful staff, and "Fast track" terminology, this is still a hospital emergency room -- with high hospital emergency room prices.

the brundage/lockhart family

I would recommend this hospital to anyone the nurses and doctors really do care about your well being. Dr.Don Michael Coleman II was a great doctor he took time to found out what was wrong with me i loved when he came to my room to see how i was doing when I was in pain this hospital gets five stars from me.

Aras Barlas

Terrible wait times combined with incredibly expensive parking make coming here an awful experience.

Monica Kostreba

Luca C

They will double bill you, send it to a collections agency and despite you reminding them how to do their jobs they refuse to do them. Lazy, incompetent and thanks for ruining my credit with your garbage staff.

Kourosh Karimi

Terrible emergency department

Stewart Baker

Don't rely on the "emergency room reservation" system. It sounds like a great idea, but when I filled it out, it told me I'd have a slot around 11:30 am, a couple of hours away. Then they called to reschedule the slot to 1:30. Then they called to reschedule to 3:30. Then they called to say they wouldn't honor the slot, and I should just come in and hang around, hoping there'd be an opening but with no promises.

Carlos Cardoza

Very polite staff and excellent service.

Manzoor Elahi

Marvin Carrillo

Eileen M

Irina Petrossian

I would NOT recommend visiting the emergency room at Sibley hospital. We had a horrific experience with our 20 month old that resulted in a complete misdiagnosis and unnecessary life threatening treatment. Save yourself and avoid the incompetence of Sibley emergency room drs and nurses

Tracey Smith-Bryant

Wonderful staff, excellent doctors and superb service.

Sima Z

I've been going to this hospital for the last 40 years. It has always been one of the nicest hospitals in the area. Now it's under a new ownership and management my Johns Hopkins... it is still a wonderful place to be if you're not feeling well. They will take good care of you here. I just have to add the new bathroom doors in the emergency room are super heavy and hard to open specially if you're not feeling well or you are an elderly person

H Jones

Update: 1st online review & to be fair must add I emailed complaint next day & w/i 2 hrs rcvd several written responses & 2 phone calls, including 1 from ER Dr. Cope. I know ERs get busy & wasn't being impatient; staff forgot me then took issue when I tried to leave. However, how an org handles grievances says a lot & I believe Sibley wants to provide the best pt experience/care possible. I don't think same can be said of group that's taken over many other DC area hospitals. So changing from 1 to 4 stars. * Sent to ER for allergic reaction today. Quick triage then sat in room 2 1/2 hrs not seen by anyone but reg clerk. Other pts tx & left that came after me. Decided to leave; stopped @ desk to sign out & was told RN had to "discharge" me. Waited 5 min then asked to sign out AMA; then told RN & doc needed to speak to/disc me, plus I'd get bill-for BP, pulse ox & temp? I just walked out; will notify my insurer. New surroundings, same old run around.

yobi serd

beautiful surroundings and healing, caring staff

Elizabeth LM

ER review: 1.) Parking is right outside the ER for patients driving or people driving patients. As a patient who visited the Sibley ER 4 times in less than a month, I have developed a new appreciation for the convenient free patient parking in close proximity to the ER. 2.) Sibley has recruited the finest staff you will ever meet. From the nurses at check in to triage to the nurses and doctors and techs, they all wear compassion on their faces. They are so friendly and comforting. By this point, I think I've probably met most of them and these are the people you want caring for you when you're vulnerable. 3.) The third time I came into Sibley was thursday 12/28/17 for the same issue as my previous visits that month - kidney stones. To those reading this review: I truly hope none of you ever have to experience the searing physical agony brought on by kidney stones. My urology appointment was that Tuesday (the earliest I had been able to book a new patient consult during the holiday season). My ER physician had all my diagnostic paperwork put together, including a CD of my CT scan. Wrote me several prescriptions and wished me well. She was a very thorough physician who spent a lot of time with me, answering my questions and discussing my problem. She did ask if I felt I was going to be capable of making it until Tuesday to be seen. I assured her I would be fine, took my meds and my file and I was on my way again. 4.) 10 days later, I staggered back into the ER. I hadn't slept in days. I hadn't been to work in almost half a week.hadnt showered, hadn't even run a brush through my hair. All I had been capable of doing the past few days was writhing on the floor of my room in agony. As the nurse brought me back to a bed, the same doctor was in the ER again - young, blonde, pretty woman, with an assertive toughness about her - and she came back to my room and asked me "why are you back here? Did you have your urology appointment?" She remembered who I was and came almost immediately to my aid. I was crying and I told her that yes, I had had my urology appointment at GWUH that previous Tuesday. They had booked my procedure for that Friday. On Friday, I showed up at GWUH to check in surgical appointment and I was asked to provide a payment of $3,000 (my insurance deductible). I didnt have the money so GWUH sent me on my way, keeled over at the waist in agony. Since then, I had been on the phone with my employer, my insurance company, trying desperately to get them to present a different option. I didn't have three grand. I explained this to the Sibley ER doctor through my tears. I didn't know when I would have three grand put together and I wouldn't have come back but it hurt so much (At this point, I could no longer pee when I used the bathroom, even though I felt the constant painful urge to go. But I had to wear a maxi pad bc whatever urine my kidneys could push through would leak out of me. I'm 33 and have always been otherwise healthy). I remember looking at her and I pleaded with her to "please, get it out of me." And she looked appalled from what I had told her. She immediately responded that she was going to admit me. She would call the attending urologist. She promised me that they were going to help me and that they weren't going to let me leave again until i was healthy. I don't know what her name was, but I have so much gratitude for this woman and for the staff at Sibley. They took excellent care of me. I stayed the night. Being inpatient at Sibley is like being at a fancy hotel - they take first class care of their patients. The urologist on call was (ironically) a GWUH urologist. He was so nice to me and appeared genuinely shocked when I told him what had occurred two days prior at GWUH. I did get stuck with a huge bill courtesy of my deductible, but Sibley has been working with me on a payment plan. So I won't have to pay it all at once nor did I have to wait until I had paid for treatment.

Alfred green sr

Took my wife to the er it was almost empty now this is the flu season and almost empty they walked us to the back of the Er we m push the call bottom many times a nurse came one time and had excuses l even went to the station every. one turn their backs they would walk by the rm and not answer and my wife had pneumonia which she was told after l told them we were leaving

Charnea Loving

Doctors and staff was very patient and very courteous and let me know what was going

Olivia Norman

I was brought here by ambulance when the hospital I usually go to was full. I had some trepidation about going to a different hospital, but it turned out I had nothing to worry about. From the ER to the floor the care I received was excellent, compassionate, and very thorough. My doctor was extremely kind and went above and beyond to help me get the care I needed. My nurses and techs took care of my physical needs, but also my emotional ones. They went above and beyond and even thought of little things to make my stay more comfortable, like a cup of hot tea at night. I will certainly try to come back to this hospital if I need treatment, and have also recommended it to friends. Thad’s Sibley for taking such wonderful care of me!

Brian Adams

My wife delivered our son at Sibley, and we had outstanding staff. They were extremely attentive (in fact, our top complaint was that they were too attentive - let the new mom sleep for a couple hours after she's given birth!), had a lot of knowledgeable staff on hand, and provided everything we needed. The hospital layout could use some help, but that's not a feature of the service provided. Food was mediocre, as would be expected, and it would have been nice to have more coffee in the post-partum area for new dads. But, overall, it was a very positive experience, and if we stay in the DC area, we'll definitely go there for the next baby.

Keisha Moody Hawkins

John Knutsen

I had outpatient surgery here and was very impressed with the place. First-class service, care, and professionalism all around, from check-in to pre-op to surgery to after care. It wouldn't surprise me if this is the best hospital in Washington DC.

Sara Nabizadeh

While there are some great physicians at this hospital, the front desk staff at nearly every department is hopelessly unprofessional and lazy. I’ve had to come to this hospital regularly for over a year now so this review isn’t based on an isolated incident. Absolute lack of empathy, and in no rush to get paperwork moving. The front desk staff at the radiation / oncology wins first prize for greeting cancer patients by throwing paperwork on the desk for you while never making eye contact. Second prize goes to the blood lab testing no center which is where I’m writing this from right now while 7 staff members are looking for my admission papers which I submitted less than 5 minutes ago. They’re currently pointing fingers and shifting the blame to each other loudly as patients in th waiting room sit and wait their turn. This type of incident (negative demeanor, lack of urgency, confusion with paperwork, lost documents, loud demands, limited knowledge of hospital rules, unprofessional and rude remarks) is very common here and has been for at least the year and a half I’ve had to be here. The doctors I’ve seen have been great, and it’s unfortunate that the rest of the staff are so incredibly incompetent. It’s a horrible nasty place year round. Good luck.

Elizabeth Reid

Quality of Nursing care has declined dramatically as observed in the care of my sister and heard from a friend who could never find anything to criticize until her last hospitalization.

yaneliz lopez

So unprofessional was scheduled to have an induction Waited for more then 13 hours for a room my pregnancy was high risk they didn't care at all


I never heard about silbley hospital I have ca my Doctor name is Dr karen Smith she and her staff are the best there on point sm happy were am at

Candice Nero

I’ve been here on an EMERGENCY ROOM visit since 7:45. Still waiting...

Charise Van Liew

The new medical building (building b) is gorgeous. Nurses supporting surgical unit were excellent, but they seemed short-staffed. The new management by Johns Hopkins seems to have made significant improvements to staffing and customer service since I last visited over a decade ago.

Maryna Rudenko

My son was born on September 10, 2018. I can’t ask for a better experience. I was scheduled for induction. We arrived at 8 am, as we were scheduled. Room was ready, everything was prepared and by 8:15 am I was in the hospital bed with needed medication and IV. Around 4 pm my son’s heartbeat starts to slowing with a contractions. Doctor start preparing (mentally) us for c-section. Our nurse - Clair - was running around me literally none stop trying to change my position , so its effects belly cord position around my son and as a result his heartbeat should return to normal. It took her a while but she didn't gave up and she found a position that helped to stabilize heart-beat during contractions. I am so greatful she was the one who was scheduled with us!! Otherwise most likely I would have a caesarean with my first child. After she found a right position it took less that an hour for me to have a proper opening. Doctor Blackburn was all ready! She was nice helpful and was cheering me up during “pushing” time. My labor was painless and easy!!! On the second day we were ready to go home. But we had to leave our son ovennight at nursing room since he has a low sugar. It was the hardest moment for me. However, soonest I saw everyone at that department I had a relieve. They were carying for my baby like for their-own. ONCE AGAIN - I CANT IMAGINE BETTER LABOR EXPERIENCE! Thank you Sibley! Your are the NUMBER ONE !

William Gauger

Two experiences at Sibly: 1) CSection delivery of our first kid (2) they fixed a painful Hernia in me today. Both fantastic experiences. From adim assistants, nurses, and MDs,...all great

Biak Sang

Harvey Bale

Very strange place. Modern new buildings. Great facilities. Great hardware. But software?-- the human element? Excellent doctors. But there are very bizarre and very harmful, patient-dangerous lapses. The vulnerability of Sibley is certainly, perhaps mainly, in the nursing staff. We encountered several excellent, caring nurses -- but also some who do not think "patient-first" -- or who just haven't had proper training. If the patient is alone, watch out! Hours. I mean hours, may pass before proper medication is administered. Care level drops way, way down. Way down. Is there anyone in overall charge of Sibley -- who is the focal point where care for patients is paramount? Sadly, it must be nobody. Perhaps, someday, the sofetware will come up to the hardware promises.

Yonathan Ambaye

By far the best hospital I have been to. If I could I would give them more than 5 stars. Starting from ER every time I have been there (6+ times) I saw a Dr. within 20 mins. One of these times with lab and imaging done from time of the admission to discharge was about 120 to 140 mins. In addition, the personal service you receive here is unbelievable. To say the least I, drive 20 mins and my parents drive 35 mins to go Sibley.

Abigail Friedman

Susan Connors

Awful signage, awful parking, awful gate attendant, awful valet parking for $16. The medical experience was fine but the buildings operations were AWFUL.

McKenna Roper

In the past, I've had nothing but great experiences here but last night was a complete nightmare. I was stuck in the waiting room for 3 hours!! Not only that, I was told I would be next but they continued to send people ahead of me. When it was finally time for me to have a room, the sent me to a chair in the hallways and that was where I was to remain through my treatment. By the time I got back there, I had to wait an additional 2 hours to even speak with a nurse or doctor. It was an awful sight, people who had been waiting for hours were searching for someone just to help them because so many people were getting ignored. I know somedays can be more hectic than others, but I, among everyone there who had to wait an excruciatingly long time felt neglected and kept spiraling into a worse condition before any help arrived. Very disappointing, and painful feeling. The healthcare system is failing us.

Drew Silver

My wife went to Sibley's ambulatory surgery center. The facility is clean and conveniently accessible from G level of the A garage.(Almost) everyone was pleasant from the moment we walked in and very kind to my wife. The reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because of just one person we met during this process, the nurse anesthetist Kira. When it was time to go to the OR, she only took less than 2 seconds to introduce herself to my wife, skipped over introducing herself to me, went straight behind the stretcher, then tried to push the stretcher to the OR. The surgery was already happening an hour ahead of schedule... what required such a rush that she felt the need to skip common courtesy? Unprofessional and unacceptable bedside manner as an anesthesia provider. If I had the choice, I would not allow someone like this to take care of my family member ever again. I had to stop her in her tracks to try to make a request that she try to use a smaller sized breathing tube when intubating my wife, since she did not even come by previously to assess my wife's airway and neck size. Whats more frustrating is that after the surgery, the surgeon came out and told me everything went great on her end, but it took anesthesia a long time to wake up my wife. So not only was the nurse anesthetist rude, but also incompetent and incurred unnecessary additional cost to us for the extra OR time required to extubate my wife. This is an ambulatory surgery center, it was a quick and straightforward surgery, the nurse anesthetist at least looked old enough to have enough experience in waking patients up in a timely manner, and yet it still took the anesthetist 20 minutes after the surgeon was finished with dressings to extubate my wife. Also, my wife's biggest complaint for pain wasn't even related to the surgical site, it was because her throat was sore... Is it possible Kira was rough with placing the breathing tube on purpose? Or perhaps, out of spite, didn't use a smaller sized tube like I tried to request? Anyway, the preoperative and recovery nurses, the anesthesiologist, the physician assistant, and the surgeon where all fantastic at this institution. Thank you for your compassion and excellent care for my wife.

Lynda Dove-Garcia

I was here for an abdominal imaging this morning and the most stressful part was getting here (I hate driving in the dark to somewhere I don't know). Anyway, I made it. Went to the wrong department and a lovely woman named Teresa walked me over the correct department. My imaging was done by Liz who was professional and kind. Every member of staff I encountered wished me good morning or smiled...I am English and this kind of behavior seems to be becoming rarer. Anyway, overall a great experience.

Karen Lee

Everyone was very kind. Pleased with experience.

Sabrina Altema

Clean, efficient, professional. The receptionist was warm and kind, the intake professional was thorough and succint. Further, Dr. Cope demonstrated the best bedside manner I have ever experienced. His patience and clear explanation allowed me to feel safe, less anxious, and confident in his care. I highly recommend Sibley for healthcare needs.

Vivi Lasanta burgos

I had a procedure done at Sibley Hospital.. Dr. Martin G Paul, M.D. performed my procedure. He is a great doctor.. very knowledgeable, very gentle and attentive. Before going to my procedure i was an emotional wreck.. but the staff at Sibley are sooooooo friendly that it made me feel at ease. Let me not forget the specific Arlene and Lee which were the ones that took care of me after... they are AMAZING! By far the best care i have had in a hospital. Thank you guys soo much for making this scary experience a great one.and taking great care of me.. . god bless you all..

Bobby W

This unfortunately seems to be one of the better hospitals in DC. Most of the staff are rude and unprofessional, but at least the facility is clean and the lab tech knew how to properly draw blood. The oncology department has a truly baffling approach to scheduling — they send you to get your routine blood work after you've already seen your oncologist, thus pointlessly wasting the opportunity to discuss information that's actually up-to-date. I will be getting a second opinion.

Matthew Nicholson

jonas cohen

Absolutely the best, Sara , Ben and the NPR were amazing, Came in with chest discomfort they really used a reassuring touch and calmed me down took me immediately to the back. NPR Spent alot of time with me and listened never felt rushed, facility immaculate very clean and up to date, Everyone from registration to the medical staff fantastic ☺.. we bypassed Holy Cross to go because a neighbor recommend Sibley over Holy Cross and the experience at Sibley is fantastic. Thanks to the whole ER staff for making me feel bettter.

Kevin Ragland

Dislocated my finger in the mountains two days prior. Came in to get it put back in joint with no wait Saturday evening. Because of the time it was out of the joint it took them an hour to get it back in but they didn't give up on me. They were awesome! Cheerful, kind, caring, knowledgeable, creative, team players, and professional. I can't say enough!

Yaneht Umaña

J moe

Born DIY

I am very PROUD to tell everyone how wonderful my 18-yrs of Service in the Computer Dept meant to me. Sibley was and hope still is the the best hospital with the GREATEST Employees you can ask for. I'm still living in Florida and almost 70. Can you believe that. Sibley Mem. was mentioned in Season 2 / Episode 12 in the TV Series HOMELAND. Hope you get royalties for being mentioned. Keep up all the Good Health you give to everyone. Albert Morris

Michelle Jeong

I gave birth at Sibley and I couldn't have asked for better care. I wanted to take my nurses home with me!!! Especially Nurse Juliana, who also taught the very informative birthing class--she was so wonderful and incredibly caring. When I got home, I really missed being at Sibley because they took such great care of me and my baby. I've already determined that my second baby will be born at Sibley!!!

Zahid Khan



Julianne Shinnick

Great ER staff. Dad was taken there by ambo. They were expecting us and the receptionist was extremely helpful. One of the physican assistants noticed my mom had injured her finger (earlier in the day) and he registered her right away. She needed 3 stitches! Five star care. Thanks Sibley for helping my parents!!!!!!!

Jackcylne Hinton

This was the MOST WONDERFUL EXperience for my daughter, she had the surgery I had the grandbaby (4mos) Those ladies and all the staff Head nurse, were awesome and friendly and nice. I do not do doctors but my daughter was blessed. JUST WONDERFUL God bless the staff at the outreach surgery dept. I should have got the names One was named Jackie Friday am @7am January 25th 2019 GREAT

John Quinn


Sean Daly

They botched my sisters foot

Mariela Yordanova

My son was born in this hospital. The staff was great and helpful. The rooms were clean and nice.

Jasmine Green

The absolute best maternity ward ever! Dr. Wei delivered my baby. The nurses and hospital staff are superb. They go above and beyond to answer your questions, and meet your needs. My two day stay here was amazing, the private delivery/ postpartum rooms met my expectations ... I could not have chosen a better hospital. The nurses/staff are all warm hearted and welcoming, I felt like I was at my home away from home. Thank you sibley for delivering great customer service for new moms and there family :) you guys rock..... XOXO

Lawrence Howard

I recommend this hospital highly, -(their professionalism and sincerity ismon highmasure

Quentin Sibley

I don't live anywhere near this place, but cool.

John Baker

This hospital has never been anything but caring and attentive for any trip we have had to take to the ER. The staff are professional and knowledgeable and I think this is the best hospital in the area. To the comment above about the parking. Yes they charge and yes the lot could be better but do you really judge a hospital based on the parking? Just saying...

John Norcut

Only place I will ever go

Christopher Harrison

Mitchell Glen

Cause I was born here

Gabriel Kennedy

Good services

Missy Edwards

Sibley Hospital did not detect a stroke when we took my father there in November 2015. The emergency room doctors and staff either ignored or were not able to diagnose the obvious signs and symptoms. Thankfully we took him to another hospital where they were able to immediately diagnose and treat him properly.

Brendon Tylor

Great staffs and service!

Classie Johnson

They killed a legend !

Martin Brossman

With my Fathers health I have been in many DC Hospitals and this is as good as it gets. You always need an outside advocate that cross checks things but this on average the best. The staff are the least over worked and the doctors are more likely to be found and answer your questions. They have even responded to concerns I have had and called me back. They have a Star award program so if you get good help when you or a family member is there make sure to fill out a form and put it in the box for them. Any Hospital is going to have challenges with so many different levels of people but if you can pick a place to go in DC I would recommend this one. Big Thank You all the staff that clearly still cares is Sibley.

Wesley Schnapp

Inadequate, lousy, useless care

Elizabeth Jenkins

stayed here 4 nights for a c/section and had a great experience. no complaints!

Tony Spruill Teacher - Tony Spruill Coach

Great place for treatment

Jacqueline Jones

Best services ever. Caring doctors

Mary A D Petrino

Always excellent in our experience. Yesterday, we spent several hours in Imaging Center. Although testing took longer than expected, the care my husband received was beyond expectations. Kudos to Mr Walter Thompson for his outstanding service!

Khuong Nguyen


Marvin Higginbotham

They honestly don't deserve one star. Went with my mom to the ER and they told us it would be an 2-3 hour wait when the hospital waiting room was completely empty. I would never visit this institution ever again.

Kathy G

Excellent staff and providers!!!!

Nad Bhatti

Made me wait for one hour but lots of

Jonathan McCarthy

Vassi Kotsis-Horn

The staff was useless, medication mistakes were made. The patient I was visiting was in continual pain, sheets went unchanged for days & the patient was not showered/ sponge or washed in any way for 5 days.

Michael Bowie

Dr Warrington, at Sibley Hospital, is the best doctor I've ever witnessed in my life. Per my request, he balanced the cost vs. need of possible procedures for best outcome. Super knowledgeable, direct and friendly, with genuine care for his patient. Sibley cannot be beat in the Washington DC area!

David Pazmino

Shandha Louis

Emergency Room Experience....enter at your own risk! I had a terrible experience at this hospital. I has a bad reaction to penicillin and my face was swollen, in pain and terribly itchy! I did not even look like myself and was covered in hives. They did not see me for 3 hours!!!!! The staff were rude and dismissive in the waiting area, it was a complete nightmare. When I asked when I would be seen they acted as if I was being impatient and needed to understand that other people had more serious issues. Mind you I looked like Will Smith in Hitch when his face was swollen. I was terrified and was left to sit for so long!!! I could not believe this happened. My Doctor, Dr. Cope was excellent and got me treated when he finally got to see me 3 hours later and apologized and checked on me the next day. He even called an allergist to see if they could see me. Sibley Hospital for terrible communication and staff get 1 star for me, but Dr. Cope gets 5, he was excellent. If Dr. Cope had a private practice I would def. see him again. Unfortunately, the experience was painful and I was afraid for my life. The long wait time has also contributed im sure to me still not well 4 days later!!!! Im still out of work with hives, dark lips and am taking several meds. Im sure if I got in and was seen asap I would have been back to normal by now. Very disappointed, it was simply unacceptable, they need more staff.

Matt Webster

Jeff Lynch

The first two times I came here everyone was so respectful and very caring. I had to come to this er on Monday Augs 1st due to sever Stomach pain and Nurse Angela DR Agrai was amazing and went above an beyond to take care of me they were the most respected and caring people i have meet in an er room and hospital. Nurse Angela was the best nurse I have ever had any medical place. Then the day nurse Leslie was the most disrespectful person I had ever meet she slam my door in my room then took I IV pump and disconnected and said you need the meds and any time i ask her for anything she would get pissed. I had to come back to the er cause I was getting worst and the Doctor Eltaki was very rude and disrespectful and told me I should of went to the military hospital then here. I won't be coming back here again it's like that saying one bad seed can destroy a place and it has

Philip Rowe

We choose Sibley as the hospital to give birth. I can’t say enough about the treatment we received. Everyone was courteous and professional making our stay there feel like a 5 star resort. The Doctors were all extremely informative and took the time to give us detailed answers to our questions. The nurses were amazing. Although ALL the nurses made our stay enjoyable I can’t name them all, but a special thanks to Virginia, Michelle, Paige, Morgan, and Alice. I could never thank you enough.


Place was clean for DC. But unless you are a normal person expect to get hurt. I am a transwoman so i realize im less then trash. But when u are paying so much money a little respect is rdy to get misgendered all the time. They dont care. I guess if you are gay or lesbian they may have more respect. Trans people are scum me i know..i am one. Dr. Navin Signh is a lifesaver tho, and a Wonderful wonderful doctor. Love him. But the staff genuinly had a problem with me. Nothing new i just wanted to share my opinion.... Translife sucks

esther barnhant

Vilma Rivas

alyssa V.


Customer service and medical team provide excellent services making one feel better.

Stuart Cohn

Denise Lockwood

Douglas Flores

Stacey James

First visit. Very impressed. Excellent staff. So organized. Great level and quality of care.

Jeffrey Johnson

The emergency wait time is horrible. I hope other departments are better. After being triage still waited two hours.

Buster Baxter

Awful Experience! If you have a tinge or more of melanin in your complexion don't count on receiving adequate healthcare. Also be prepared to wait a ridiculous amount of time. I could write an entire dissertation on my experience there, however no one wants to read that. It still comes down to the same thing. Feigned pleasantries barely mask blatant racism!

Silvia Gonzalez

Latarsha Lucas


Frehiwot Shanko

Ella V Baldwin

Absolutely blown away by the treatment I received at Sibley this week. Every single nurse, doctor, and admin was kind, attentive, and made me feel like the most important person in the room. Any future surgery or hospital treatment I need I hope to have at Sibley. Cannot thank the healthcare professionals there enough and am so grateful my first surgery was with them.

Ryan Springer

Jim Bradford

Melissa McCloud-Smith

Sensation Coleman

Almost every employee is attentive and concerned. The doctors asked me numerous times why I chose this hospital and I clearly mentioned that I live close by. Lisa Olin to be exact made it obvious that she didn't want to treatment me from the time i was admitted. She rushed my stay while i was still in chronic pain and didn't prescribe any pain killers. I wondering if it was for the color of my skin or my insurance status. I'm currenyly still in chronic pain. This healthcare system is screwed.

Morris Manley

True the parking may be expense, but I can't deny the excellent health Care that I received each and every time I was received at Sibley Hospital with its excellent staff of receptionist, Nurses and Doctors on hand. Thanks!

yolanda gibson-michaels

Excellent Emergency room services. I was seen within 5 minutes. Great staff. Nice, Professional, friendly, caring.

M McCluskey

Last night, I was seen, diagnosed accurately and treated in under two hours - by a very professional staff who, despite all the difficult situations they see day in and day out, haven't lost their sense of humor, paired with competence and compassion from Ben in triage, to Antonio and Lisa in the treatment room and the X-Ray techs too. As a nurse myself, I know you can't ask for better than this.

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