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REVIEWS OF Sentara Norfolk General Hospital IN Virginia

Oshun Energy

Do not I repeat do not go here. My sister and I had the worse experience here. They no longer allow family members to go to the back with you. Instead of telling us why although both of us where patients there. The doctor there began to yell and scream. Stating that they didn't have to tell us. I also asked to see where in their policy did it say family members could no longer accompany their love ones in the back. It was my God given right as a US citizen to see this. The doctor jumped up and called the police back there. Mind you I had just been discharged for abdominal pain. The officer who's name and badge number I collected later told me to leave AND WALK FASTER!! Because he I quote had better things to do. I reminded him I was just a patient myself. He stated he didn't care. Well obviously! The nurse who was treating my sister also got upset and refused to give her her medication!! After she was diagnosed. This is an extremely unprofessional establishment where they treat patients like criminals. I am beyond shocked Norfolk General used to be one of the best hospitals.

Donna Hepner

This is to comment on the character and attitude of Dr. Wooten and Dr. King towards my mother who is a walking quadraplegic just turned 75. She went into the hospital for extreme abdominal pain and enlarged pancreatic ducts. She went into the hospital from ER and was at Sentara Norfolk from the 12th to 16th of July, 2014. The night nurses and doctor were wonderful but the day nurses and Dr. Wooten and Dr. King treated mom as if she were property. They did an esophagogastroduodenoscop which showed that her pancreatic ducts were enlarged but the doctors said she was to go home that day because the doctor said, 'you have a chronic condition that is going to get worse and there is nothing we can do about it".What a thing to say! They had my mon scheduled for a colonoscopy the next day but they cancelled it knowing how difficult it is for her to go outpatient. All because they could not come up with a diagnosis even though she was in obvious pain and still having difficulty breathing. She had also hurt her foot while there and they were supposed to order PT eval but never followed through with home health. I was very disappointed in the 'I do not care' attitude.

Sdf Bin-Laden

my grandma died here best day of my life

Sharon Payne

My husband was transferred to this hospital back in the spring. We live 3 1/2 hours away the nurses and doctors kept me informed about his condition and progress.

Shannon De Cleene

Fast check in, friendly staff and really quiet and clean. Definitely coming back if another emergency arises.

Stephanie Harden

I received the worst service at Sentra Norfolk general we arrived at the hospital by ambulance at 1:02 am and did not leave until 7:28 am with the same pain he came with the nastiest hospital homeless people sleeping in the ER shoes off stinking feet snoring total no compassion for the patients Never will I come or recommend anybody to come to this hospital

Brianah Clark

I just had the worst experience EVER. I went into the emergency room to be seen. My husband was not allowed to go back to the room with me so they informed me I can keep him informed via phone. Hours passed and my phone was about to die. My nurse informed me that I could seat in the visiting area with my husband to wait on my results. The head discharge nurse walked up to us literally fussing telling us to go to another waiting room even after me telling her my nurse sat me her so my husband can get updates. Then they tried to discharge me without telling me my results I had to ask for someone to tell me my test results. Norfolk General have gone down hill compared to how great they was years ago.

Ss Ss

5 hours in the "emergency room". A hospital of a third world country, the least to say!

Brianna Johnson

Bad attitudes do not take people seriuosly . Act like they are better than the patients . And never truly tells you what's is going on they go base on guessing most of the time instead of taking thier time to find out the true cause of the problem.

Cara C.


Chris Wiggins


Marian Jone

This is a good hospital just the staff here is trouble my mom set in pain 25 mins before the Nurse called for her doctor and when the doctor came he did nothing he act like he don't remember why he was in the room and the had the door close on her and she is a tornma care !!! rude people ever

Dylan R

They are the worst for the ER. If I broke my leg I would hobble 30 miles before I would go to them again

Chuck McNeely

Lotsa help good people.

Kayla Baines

I had my son there they are wonderful people and I really love how I was treated I love to revisit there again

Ed Woodis

The best Hampton Roads

Patrick Banaag

Every hospital has staff members that care more than others, this one however has plenty of those caring members. Even though the doctors take a while to see you, the nursing staff is very friendly and helpful. They will not hesitate to get you an update.

Bernard Tibbs

I do need to come there, where there are better doctors at. Then where iam at.

Elizabeth Starr

Staff was helpful and friendly. It is a little difficult to find the main outpatient entrance and park, although a free valet service is offered.

Lauren Halapi

Looking into filing a lawsuit for neglect. They put patients’ health at risk and then make money off it. I’m moving to Michigan simply to get away from Optima/Sentara. Don’t trust these people- I was better off sick at home.

Donna Richardson

My dad received the most awesome care there. The doctors were incredible and the nursing staff was terrific. But Toni, dad's most caring, loving and her sense of humor, touched my dad the most. He was on the 6th floor at Sentara Norfold General and I would recommend this hospital to anyone.

Lisandra Lezcano

Emergency room wasn’t great. To start off I had a nurse try to insert an IV, he blew a vessel on my left arm and then blew another on the right. A second nurse had to step in, she was about to put it in on the side of my arm opposite to where the first nurse tried to go. I stopped her and I told her I only get poked in the center (behind elbow) and it works every time. She did it and thankfully did a good job. Although I was still in pain from the other two tries. The first nurse that blew my vessel came back down the hall mentioning to another nurse how he blew a second persons vessel.

Becky Mehalko

The nurses were nice and the doctor they were all nice

Robin Walker

They have treated my mom poorly from the moment she came into the ER.

Sarah Holmes

Very good

Brookies Cookies

Nurses were trash at putting in iv's. Other than that the apple juice an ice was good

chris Johnson

The staff is top-notch the doctors as well as the students are all a tune to every individual need of the patients

Nick Mayer

I was less than impressed with the "Short Stay Wing" which was horribly understaffed. 2 nurses for 20(ish) rooms. But I made it out alive so can't complain much.

Donna Scott

The Doctors and Hospital staff are most excellent in triage in ER Room. Personal experience this place is where you want to be taken in an Emergency situation...



Byron Domio

I prefer this hospitals over others in Norfolk.

Lorry Albers

They are so bad I'd rather die

D. Fleming

I cannot emphasize the blatant disregard of medical care from this Sentara Hospital. Dr. Andy Bunch wasn’t remotely interested in addressing my untimely emergency health care on the morning of January 16,2018. Dr.Bunch wasn’t capable of listening to the patient nor assisting with the diagnosis of my symptoms. What doctor sends a patient home having full knowledge his patient is engulfed in physical pain with a blood pressure of 142/84. I’ve had high blood pressure twice in my life. Once after a car accident & another time with a severe migraine. Otherwise, my normal blood pressure is always great! Dr. Andy Bunch was so cavalier about my health status it was incomprehensible and very disturbing to my daughter who was present. He mastered the art of conscious choice making & deception!! I specifically requested to speak w/the attending physician Dr. Klickhammer which Dr. Bunch denied. My daughter was present when epic fail of communication took place. His lack of concern caused me a great deal of excruciating pain at the expense of his poor judgement & colossal disregard for my life. Pleading for an ice pack not once but three different times which never arrived. It took three different medical techs/nurses to try & find a vein only for the vein to be blown! I was stuck four different times with a needle just to take a sample of my blood. A complete disregard for my health. As I lay in agonizing pain waiting to get a CT SCAN for three hours w/no pain meds to address my excruciating pain, it was a complete disregard of the patient and enormous break down in protocol. When the nurse came in to discharge me. I inquired about the information with regards to my health pain?! Clearly Dr. Bunch had failed to include the information regarding my bile duct & why this pain was relentless. To state I was disappointed would be an understatement!! After tuesdays events, an uncomfortable silence followed. Dr. Andy Bunch’s egregious mistakes with my medical care & file will cost him a day in court! Dr. Bunch’s lack of discipline to tell the truth was enormous during my ER visit plus his notes in my chart. It’s unwanted & unwarranted. And there is NO substitute for accountability. Nothing can drown void! Compelled to take extraordinary measures to control the colossal damage. I will be reporting his lack of logic & compassion to the VA Board of Medicine. A compassionate call for responsibility has been delivered. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS ER!! D. Fleming

Kristen Gylling

Avoid this hospital at all costs. My father was flown here barely alive and his belongings were brought to the hospital. A nurse put his wallet in his shoe and when my dad woke up his wallet wasn’t in his shoe. What kind of nurse puts a wallet in a shoe when they have lock boxes in each room made for that purpose?! For all we know she stole his wallet. She was not reprimanded and the hospital staff was absolutely no help. It’s disgusfing to me how they think they can get away with being so careless with patients belongings. What kind of hospital has the policy of putting valuables in a shoe?!?! My dad nearly lost his life and now he has to worry about the money he lost, getting all new cards, and getting a new birth certificate and SS card. Absolutely sickening.

Anthony Gurley

By far the slowest and lazy staff I've seen, people should be ashamed of yourself

Lillian Turner

Up until today the fifth floor nurses were awesome. Today my mom was discharged and the nurse today was so rude. She took forever and she just handed her the discharge papers without explaining anything. I had to express my concern before she did! She acted unconcerned. All she did most of the time was sit at the computer.

jasmine walston

Very excellent facility and staff

Robert Turner

One of the best hospitals on the east coast.

Steve Wilson Sr

Has to be the very best. Great people.

Christina Birdsong

I feel as though I'm a little cog in a giant machine. Most stuff falls through the cracks at this hospital. Now I always go to Leigh, where they are smaller, more caring and better managed.

Jeff Conkle

Don't go here for emergency room care. Rude staff, terrible service, long waits, no one seems to care that anything is wrong with you. I don't know where I'd recommend to go but after three visits here in the last 5 years, I know I won't be back.


Er took more than 5 hrs to get us to a bed. The staff seemed uncaring and hostile. We were transferred to the icu because they said they were short on beds aNd then Transferred to the discharge unit where we stayed for approx 9 hrs without ever seeing a doctor.every transfer the staff did not communicate with each other at all and we had to start from scratch explaining what we needed and why we were here. we asked the nurse in discharge no less that 5 times when we would see the doctor of the ward and her response was always i dont know she should be here. The first time i met the doctor of the ward was when she was asking if i wanted to continue compressions on my dying mother or should we push a medicine that could either kill her or help her. My mother did not make it. I will never come back here and will explore filing an official complaint as well.

Tamara Padilla

was rushed in here after a car accident. i waited in the hallway on my stretcher crying about my pain, and when my mother tried to visit me they told her she couldn’t come in. i explained that they’re going to let her in. i stated that i had unbearable abdominal pain and they still forced me to walk. discharged me after an hour, they kicked me out to let another patient in smh. i could barely walk out of the hospital. no medicine prescribed or anything. will never return unless i’m 5 minutes to death.

April Benton

We had the absolute BEST experience at Sentara Norfolk General! From the time my boyfriend was transferred to the ED (from Obici) to the time he was admitted last night then discharged this evening he was taken care of! Round the clock care in the ED (which was an extremely long night) and then AMAZING nurses on the 9th (which is beautiful by the way do to the remodel) we honestly couldn’t have asked for a better first experience! On of the nurses that really stood out was Megan on the 9th floor. Her attitude/personality made the experience great and eased the worry away for a bit! Thank you to all the awesome staff for taking GREAT care of us!

Jonathan Waldron

Visting sister who had a baby boy but 1blonde old nurse was rude said i couldn't use that 1 bathroom in particular even though the rest of the other nurses said i could use it anyways plus my 3 year old nephew had to use it as well after he left his toy in their thats when it all started


I was in a car accident and the ambulance took me here. They had me in the room for way too long even after running test and finding out I had minor injuries not to mention the ambulance itself took almost an hour to get to me even though It was unknown at the time if I was in life threatening condition.They ran every test possible even some of which were unnecessary just to get more money. Doctor even had an attitude and failed to mention important information about my X-rays. I had to go to my primary doctor to get that information. Even my own doctor was confused as to why he didn’t tell me.

Ben Moreno

This is the worst hospital I have ever dealt with. My wife was 3 days over due on our first daughters due date and she was in pain so we went to the hospital that the doctor told us he would deliver at. They made us wait in the family waiting room for 2 hours while my wife was in pain then stuck us in what we called the broom closet because they had NO ROOMS. My wife couldn't take it any more an just decided we would go to another hospital. So we went to the other hospital and they took us right in but couldn't induce my wifes labor bc of her doctor was not a doctor there. Well she was scheduled for her induction a couple days later and we were told to call 2 hours ahead of time and thats exactly what we did. So when we called they told us again they had NO ROOMS. So my wife is now a week over due and we are still waiting for a room at this hospital. I would hate for a woman to actually be in labor and go to this hospital, she would probably end up giving birth right in the middle of the hallway.

Joann Yaeger

Let me say this first: Nurses are wonderful here--in ER and on floor. Dad has been here several times, and the care he has received from them is exemplary. Now that this fact has been stated: avoid this hospital if you are caring for a family member who is in the class of "the very old". Our family recognizes that our old gentleman, our Dad, will not live forever. We treat him kindly, gently, at home,and with his GP easing us along, have pared Dads medications down to bare bones--essentially THREE a day. We do not treat anything unless necessary for his comfort and our safety. We have spent a lot of time on this subject and how to proceed, and have discussed with our father how he wants his end of life care. . Wow. Dear Norfolk General: Why don't you plain-out advertise the very old are not welcome for treatment in your facility, and save us the time and effort?. And, for your corporation's benefit in the future, you will save yourself the coming onslaught/tidal wave of masses of elderly and their health issues. If you state upfront now, think of all the pain-in-the @&& headaches you can avoid, and the money drain that this incoming elderly-wave will incur. But do the public a favor...just come out and SAY you do not like treating the very old. By the way, the gentleman in question, my Dad, was a physician until he turned 80. His philosophy was to treat the patient as a human being. It is so very sad this kind soul is being viewed as a case and a statistic. perhaps 'Solyent Green' is not so far-fetched as this movie seemed years ago.......There. I have said my peace, since no one in the patient advocate's office will call us back.

Yeboah Bright Boadi

Yes I give you a 5 star rating cuz you deserve it, you saved by wife and baby boy on 07/30/2019 even when he wasn't term. From the receptionist, Lulu, the 2 nurses in the FDU Jennifer and the other one I can't recall her name, then Sarah in the L&D, Karren and her colleagues anesthetists together with the physicians who performed the CS were so professional. Then to room 418 where my wife was taken to after the surgery, we met Valerie, Carmalita, Krystal, Jamila thank you all. In the nursery my boy, Kwabena, was cared for perfectly by Alyssa, Breanna, charge nurse Sue, Sonja and all the nurses in the nursery for one whole week. I say a big thank you to you all for your good work. I pray God gives you the strength to do what you do best everyday. And continue touching souls like you touched ours. We are most grateful.

Debra Grabow

This hospital is awful, I sat in the er waiting to be seen from 1pm until 11:30pm they said that there were people with worse ailments than mine. Which once the tests were done I have a fractured hip bone. They weren't even sure of the root of my demise so how could they say such a thing? People with common colds were seen before me and I couldn't walk. I sat in a wheelchair crying all the time I waited to be seen. I guess because I am red flagged for having opiate issues in the past my problem wasn't important. Not only that but the general doctor came in and squeezed pushing down on my hip as hard as he could with all his weight to be sure I was really in pain before they ran crash, as I screamed out in pain he said "sorry about that thank you for not punching me in the face". I never was seen by the ortho drs while admitted and was only admitted because I also had a fever. They hadn't even gotten to the root of the problem and almost sent me home. They had to do a MRI the next day I was there to catch the fracture. The night I was seen the one Dr said he was sending me home on crutches and Aleve for pain. I couldn't walk as I said and had limited movement it killed me to cough or sneeze. Theses people's bedside manner are of someone unconcerned. They booted me because I don't have insurance. I get home and 2 of my prescriptions had never been called in and my paperwork (that tells you what to do about and how to deal with your injury) says muscle pain there's nothing addressing bone fractures. They are standoffish, they are unconcerned, they are judgemental, they are unprofessional, they are confused, they are chaos following blind leaders, they have no idea what they are doing. I hate this hospital my experiences in the past have been bad ALL OF THEM but this was by far the absolute worse.

Charles Seus

By far the worst hospital I've ever been to. Would give it zero stars if possible. My friend came to the er at 1030 pm on April 20th and we are still waiting at 2am the next day. They took blood work at about 1245 am and it's still not back yet. And he has yet to see an actual doctor to go over his symptoms. (Fever and nausea) and there are no beds available, so they sent him back to the waiting room with a needle still in his arm in case they need to give him fluids. Its currently 204 am now. My suggestion is don't come here Unless you're already deceased, and even then, they'd probably still make you wait in the waiting room for several hours.

Visible Killer

The nurses on 4RP are the best around. They are caring and the sweetest nurses. Fran and Brianna and Stephanie are amazing nurses thanks for everything.

Donna Green

I love this place. My mom is at the Heart hospital here and all of her nurses ( Sonia and Sherri) and Dr. Kemp are the BEST in the world. I as God to give my mom the BEST and He did God is amazing.

Marivetta Bibbins

Waiting over 5 hours in ER with my 81 year old aunt who has COPD, having problems breathing as we speak. This is the worst. Also non caring staff out here in the waiting area!!!!

madam malice

So I have a massive growth that is red and getting larger and painful on my thigh. I just swam at norfolk va beach, where just 4 days ago a girl in her 20s did have confirmed flesh eating disease from the water that looked very similiar to what I had on my thigh Nurse basically poked it, said it may be an ingown and that they "dont test for that" and sent me on my way with antibiotics. WORST PART!! THE SHEET THEY GAVE ME TO COVER WITH WAS FILLED WITH VOMIT AND FILTH. once I showed her she very nonchalantly said oh, yeah. Sorry. Disguisting. I wish I wouldn't have ever even walked into that joke of a hospital.

Dana Ali

Staff very helpful.

Scott Matheson

One of the worst medical experiences in the ER I’ve ever experienced.The doctor made Nurse Ratchet look like Mother Theresa. She did not care one iota about getting a solid diagnosis or treating the patient.

Aela Badiana

My Dr. was incredible. The hospital itself Ok. Now I have been talking to them the past 3.5 month about my bill. I have supposedly “the best insurance” there is. Why am I charged over $1000 for surgery, when my insurance insures me I owe nothing more then my copay of $128. Unbelievable. They. Are my pressed provider, so what is going on? I am supposed to recover, but with this borderline harassment from Sentra it is impossible. If I could, i would give negative stars. I have had it.....

Nicole Hancock

Whoever the overnight secretary is that handles the calls for the ER here is lucky she isn't copping the hardest slap I can muster to her face. My boyfriend was on the phone with her trying to get help with a simple question while going through an acute cardiac problem and she saw it fit to cop an attitude with him instead. Tell me how is that kind of behavior from any employee is allowed over the phone, while someone is clearly suffering and in need of help. Might I also add that that the last time he was here, this place misdiagnosed his problem as a panic disorder and sent him on his way with no treatment of any kind. By no means did they test or evaluate him thoroughly. This ER seriously has some of the most incompetent staff I've ever come across.

Sunday Foster

Amazing staff from the second I stepped in the door! Fast in and out, and made sure constantly I had what I needed and was taken care of! Thank you!

Kisha Love

last time I did a review and it was bad experience, now I seen a change in some people at this hospital when treating my son....I like the guy named Stephan Duran very mature doctor.He would really make anyone's day and A couple more were nice.He change a bad review into A pleasant one as long as he there I would love to be treated.You can tell he has a kind loving heart for patients and his voice is calm.Stephan keep up the good work.Show them the true meaning of respect God bless you and Love you too life.

Wheelman Andrews

They give you the best care they took care of my mom and found out the problem and it was just simple. I recommend this place to everybody I know I see and will not saying right now

Tonya Medlin

The nurses are usually great and very caring. The doctors, however, treat me with so much disgust and would think I did something wrong to them! The last doctor I saw, Crouch, was very rude to me. In my desperate time of illness, he made me feel like I really wasted my time by going to the ER (which I did because of him) and barely spent 2 minutes with me. He didn't even really look at me. I really felt awful and hopeless after he left. Fortunately, the nurse that was assisting me gave me some really great information and a referral. Oh and i asked the doctor for a referral and he didn't even give it to me. Thank god for the nurses there. They are the reason I'd go back. But unfortunately, unless I'm unconscious and have no say so, I won't be going back.

Rolitha McPherson

This is the most horrible visit in my life. Weve been in E.R. since 1:20 pm and its now 11:35pm. We cant leave because Sentara will bill our insurance company. This is sad our people are suffering!!

Natasha Robinson

I just call to see if they had a patient my son because I haven't seen him in a week and the operator on floor was very rude. If she dont love her job 'quit' and give it to someone who will. Poor Service

Chris Evans

Was tranfered here for a dog bite to the face. Was in the er roof for couple hrs while they were investigateing. Then put 40 stches in my mouth and was good.then 15 mins later they basically evicted me. Still hi on painmeds. Still bleeding from stitches which were only in for 20 mins. My face is so swollen i cant talk at all. They helped me choke down tylanol and sent me away. If they had givein me real pain meds they would have had to keep me longer. So i am sitting in waiting room in 7 out of 10 painlevel. With no ride and no ice packs or anything. And i have full insurance

David Hughes

My experience was one I believe you should expect and experience from an ER visit. The staff was kind, understanding and had clear communication. The nurse and Dr. were very helpful and made sure all questions were answered and that I understood what was going on.

Cynthia Spencer

Friendly place! I felt bad at the time and I can say the people in E.R is fabulous

Stephanie Carpenter

This is the slowest most unorganized hospital I've ever been in. I'm so mad. One night I got no dinner cause the person delivering the food didn't want to put a gown on to come in my room since I'm on no contact orders. The process of getting discharged has taken over 6-7 hours which is ridiculous, and nobody ever talks to anybody else so nobody knows what's going on. I'm so pissed.

Dianna Gregory

My mother had a minor scheduled surgery today that required an overnight stay. The staff were disorganized and had terrible attitudes, the info placed on the screens was incorrect, and no status was shared and when prompted we were told then screen was correct(they did not even check). My mother sat in recovery for six hours... because there were no rooms, she was not fed, she was not given her medication and she was miserable. She finally gets a room where she was ignored and still not fed nor given her prescription medication despite the doctor telling us she would be given her normal meds by the hospital. She is in tears and pain.

Keyser Sosze

Excellent Hospital I was flown there in 2014 and spent 2 months in ICU. SNGH staff saved my life no question. I have chosen to go back several times, even though it is 2 hrs away from me, for 3 surgeries since then and 2 of my follow up docs are there. I had one excellent ER experience for a huge kidney stone and a not so great ER experience for the same kidney stone another day. Took while to get it out as I had bad insurance at the time. I can’t say enough good things about SNGH. Was a NYC paramedic for many years and I would rather go to SNGH then almost any NYC hospital(except NYP/NYH of course) Big Fan!

Marie Scott

I had to bring my 3 day old baby in today and was told it would only be 10 minutes and then someone would come get me, 1hr and 10 minutes later I still haven't seen my baby....I went to ask if she was ready 40 minutes after waiting for and the nurse was just sitting there conversating with people and jumped up saying she's all ready and walked me to the room just to say never mind it'll be another 15-20 minutes. This is agonizing (for any parent especially a first time parent) to wait to know if you can see your baby. I am not satisfied with the service at all.

marry eskridge-ford

Wonderful hospital

Ms Trina 757

I went with my uncle here two days ago for flu like symptoms. We caught the ambulance. Still waited in the lobby for a long period of time. He is older, has had two brain anyursms, and a stroke. He is partially paralyzed. When they took him, they separated us. He had to go alone. After hours of being there they released him. He has the flu. Only given Zofran for nausea. Sent home. 2 days later still sick. Called ER to ask why no meds to treat the flu. A very rude young lady named Tiara kept me on hold almost 20 min. The nurse was just as bad. Just simply said " Oh you've got to bring him in again. We can't give any info over the phone. ER visits are not cheap. They wanna charge that card again. This used to be a great hospital back in the day. Not any more. Did not even bother to ask his name. Just rude. Searching for new health care providers in Norfolk.

Victoria Rouge

I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. My favorite night nurse, Anastasyia, was the sweetest thing ever. For my very first surgery (and hopefully last( I was supported caringly and all my questions were answered. The male doctors were swift and could probably learn a few things from the night and day nurses on bedside mannor but were still kind and understanding. I very much appreciated everything i was provided and the encouragement i received before and after surgery.

Rion Motley

I'd rather die on the way to MCV than set foot in any of the Sentara system facilities again.

Jonnie Kubizna

Most of the staff seems incompetent and unresponsive to peoples needs. Lots of playing around. Doctor didnt try to explain xray results to my partner and provided no relief from pain while waiting four hours for results. There are still those who tried to help but this place used to be so much better years ago. Place seems to be more about the money now than providing care for people. Be prepared to sit in pain next to loud construction directly next to the waiting area.

Dj Hymel

I came here with severe chest pains. They called it Acid Reflix. 6 months later turns out I had fluid around my heart. They also wouldn't Bill my issuance. They gave my debt to a collector.

William Edwards

As a health professional myself, I can honestly say this place is awful. I suffered burns, went to Sentara Norfolk, and felt like no one knew (or even cared, frankly) the entire time I was there. It is a little concerning when a hospital gives you paper instructions on how to take care of your burns without even having an MD or PA examine the burns for infection, etc before discharging you (LPN [yes, not even RN]: oh, take these papers and follow the instructions on how to take care of your burns - awful patient care). I was brought into the ER at 5, had my last interaction with a resident at 5:30-6 pm. Didn’t see another resident until 8 am the next day. And was forced to sit and wait in my hospital room until 8 pm the next day before being discharged with the PAPER INSTRUCTIONS on how to dress BURNS. I was held in the hospital overnight until 8 pm the next day, with only nurses to care for me, administering ibuprofen, checking vitals, and bringing me food (I can do that myself at home.) Long story short, if my family member is injured and needs to go to an ER, they will not be going to Norfolk, they will be going to Richmond. Awful patient care and this is coming from a health professional himself. Do NOT send your loved ones here.

Mrs. Thorpe

I would like to say the nurse in Women’s Health, Labor & Delivery, and Nursery are great.

Yoko Weaver

I went there for pain and numbness. I saw my doctor once, she never came back, another nurse told me to follow her, I asked what kind of department are you taking me to, she said it's just a different room. come to find out, it was an observation facility for mental health. My blood and other test came out clean, there is no illegal drug, alchohol in the system. I refused to go into mental illness observation facility. Police officer and one of the nurses yelled at me said go home leave. I said where is my diagnosis for my pain. The police said you are discharged,, no paperwork, leave, let's go, you need to leave in 15 minutes. Is this a law? She didn't answer, why do I have to leave, the police said Ibecause I said so. Another thing is a nurse in trauma section where I initially in told me Aje doesn't have my paperwork I brought in which is my medical information prior to visit this hospital. I asked it was in the room I was in, why my important medical information is gone? She was getting frustrated, I asked her if she was frustrated, she said yes, you are asking me same question and I am on the phone 10 minutes now, it is not going anywhere. I checked the room and I didn't see it. if you need the medical records you brought in, you need to go get it from where you got it. . I said ok, hung up the phone. a few minutes later she called me back and said she found it.

Susan Hardstock

Great friendly clean wonderful Doctors and Nurses


Special Care Nursery at Sentara has a fantastic set of nurses!

Leslie Fraser

My sister is a patient and all the staff have been very helpful, friendly and caring

Leroy Moore

A friend of mine was sent to the ER at sentara Norfolk from a urgent care in York county, route 17 due condition needing urgent attention of a Ear, eye, throat doctor that was only available in Norfolk. After waiting 2 1/2 hours we were told that the wait time was about 4hrs. We complained about the serious of the condition we were told that about 20 people were ahead of her and she was breathing ok. We left and went to vs beach and was seen in abt 15 min

Kathy Zeek

They need to number their buildings: or call each building a suite. It is very big complex and I always get lost.

Angela Mckinney

For most part not bad

Big A

A great hospital

Kaye Carney

9 am, Feb 7, 2018: So much potential, however, a few immature and unprofessional nurse personalities on the 5th floor certainly degrade this hospital's patient quality of care. I personally experienced 2 Nurse staff who engaged in dishonesty, strict-disciplinarian, and Gestapo tactics toward a patient reasonably asking for medication. The 'You don't have any pain meds, I'm too busy, I told you to wait, finger-shaking" attitudes toward patient needs is unsat.

Cristi Jolly

First time going to this hospital and received great care by the ER nurses and doctors. They certainly were empathetic and cared about you as a patient.

Carl Andres

Came here for an eye injury I sustained at work. They were so good at getting me the help I needed and took very good care of my needs. Every staff I encountered was very professional and kind. If you ever want great service and a professional staff when you have a simple flu or emergency. Come here to Norfolk General Hospital.


Cancer research good health browsing happy hydrocarbon warning keep out of reach of children

Ms.BrItTaNy BrOwN

Great people and environment

Kyle Fresa

Very impressed with the emergency room staff

Paula Boring

Had my first baby here. I have never met a better hospital staff. All of the medical professions i encountered were amazing. They went above and beyond for me and my baby. This is my first experience with them and i can't believe how i was treated. They honestly cared about me and my family. I'm not exaggerating when i say they honestly would go out of their way to help. The care i received was way more then them just doing Their jobs. I can't even express how thankful i am to have had such a caring staff available. I will be back for any future pregnancies.

Neal Scott

Great caring staff


Delivered my baby here and the Nurses and staff were super helpful, caring, and nice. They made sure my son and I were doing well and comfortable at all times and they were very informative.

KingTodd TheFoxxx

Sentara Norfolk General customer service is terrible. I tried calling one person and had to go through the operator service 4 times just to get to that one person. Terrible. Just terrible.

Stephen Murden

A little slow at times but this is an ER.GREAT PEOPLE.

Celestine Lawrence

I am lmao the hospital right now I have been waiting for a vascular nurse since 10:AM yesterday My stomach is hurting and all I can get is we are busy.There is a LOT more I can say but feeling to sick now.I am not a Medicaid person

Sue Fitzsimmons

I can't say enough about the wonderful and thorough care I have received from the emergency department to my current room. My nurses and the staff have been my rock, my voice when I thought life was over. My Angel's thru my suffering. They wear their heart on the outside and work tirelessly to keep their charges on the path to recovery. I pray heaven has a special reward for these folks, especially the nurses, they certainly have earned it!

Jora Odom

Very bad experience (again). Had an 11:00 a.m. appt for an MRI (that takes 45 min) and left after 2:00 p.m. Did a whole lot of sitting and waiting. They don't respect my time because they're there for a whole shift.

David Brady

The staff and Doctor's are amazing. Everyone from check in to discharge was friendly and knew what they were doing. My only complaint is not against the hospital but all the people that come in and are so rude. It's an emergency room, it's going to be crowded. Think about that the next time you think it's ok to drink a case of beer and play with knives. Dummy

Timothy Price

Not very happy with this place. Took wife to emergency room and it took them two hours before they took her to a room. Told her they needed to do some procedures, never saw anyone for another hour. Finally after another hour, they finally took some blood, didn't see anyone again after that. Told her they wanted to do a CT scan, got her prepped, after two hours still nothing. Called three times for pain medicine, nothing. The staff here does not seem to know what they are doing. They are good at walking around. They may have a reputation for being a great hospital, but I don't see that reputation right now. Edit: Admitted to hospital after being in emergency room for 12 hours. Dr. was about to send her home, until another Dr. looked at her chart. Nurses are not to friendly. Takes their time to respond to pages and then they forget to come back. Hospital needs to send their staff to customer service school. The security officers at the airport are a lot nicer. They have a free parking lot, but it only has about thirty spaces in it and it's always full, so you basically have to park in the pay garage.

Bryan Kennedy

My doctor was great the Staff is fine. I do not understand why I can't get pain medication a hour early . When I am in distress this is a problem I am in a hospital not abusing drugs. This is a problem I have to sit in pain because of a silly time constraint. Last time in Virginia beach General after a bowel resection the gave me Motrin because the nurse read the chart wrong 3 day in pain that time. I realise the opioid problem.but I am in pain. I wi be contacting the patient advocate I do not need to be in pain and I am ... Good job

Kim Smith

This is the worst hospital I've EVER been too!!!! My moms doctor sent her here for neurologist she's been sitting in er waiting room for three hours already can't even move her head! Just took her back for blood and a male nurse said something to the guy getting blood he said f##* it they can leave if they don't like it WHAT!!!!

Sarah Frank

Had my first ever baby delivered here, and they have been very very amazing here. So a short tidbit ive had a very complicated pregnancy (baby was great, momma was not due to preexisting conditions). I went in for an induction, they kept me informed, up to date, and was very attentive when the nurse call light went off. I had a vaginal birth and had quite the tearing so of course stitches insued(which hurts the WORST when it's in otherwise parts, even after an epidural wears off), and post partum they have been VERY GENTLE and very helpful in the whole process. Not to mention if I don't want baby to leave the room, I don't have to. They are very proud mom&baby , and are very kind in showing this new mom what to look out for, how to feed, and even show me about medical concerns I have in the first few days and weeks to come. I was super skeptical at first delivering here because I've heard positive and negative things about the hospital as a whole, but they are AMAZING here. 10/10. I love their labour and delivery nurses , doctors and staff, prepartum, partum and postpartum.

Ka blevins

As I wait for the er I hear the attendant talk on the phone about her personal life and the heart hospital worker with his shirt on flirting really? And she's still talking about personal things

Gonzata Floyd

My brother is getting excellent care at NGH. The Dr's. And nursing staff are awesome. God has truly blessed us.

Rikisha Bridgewater

Their parking accommodations for the emergency room is deplorable. Valet parking spaces taken when there is not valet services. Took me over an hr to find parking.

Brandon Allen

Love how one thing after another goes conveniently wrong when we are pushing HARD for a transfer! We've only seen our doctor like 3 times since being here and that's absolutely ridiculous, it doesn't help that our doctors communications skills is horrible either and never gives us enough answers

Donald Moore

I have been on the rehab floor at Sentara Norfolk general Hospital four different times starting from 2012, and my last visit was this past February. I had the flu and pneumonia and they had to build my strength back up. The head Doctor Mark Bergsten is great. I love him to death and Dr.Beverly Atwater over at E V M S. The entire staff on the 9th floor are great. I have the rehab floor my vacation floor, because I lovè being there, strange thing to say, they love me to death, and on the day I was discharged, my nurses Lynise said requested to be the one to take me to the car and she was crying when I got in the car , she said don't come back here no more.. The whole reason I got sick was my sister had a cold and gave me the flu and pneumonia and I couldn't walk or do anything. I thank God for the recovery and the 9th floor rehab for the wonderful work they are doing. I have a name it's The Candy man , because I always have peanut M & M ' s in my room or with me. This hospital is great. I don't like going to the hospital, but I have a blast when I get there. ..

Michael Echevarria

The worst hospital I have ever been to. brought my son there and waited in the ER for over 4 1/2 hours just to be misdiagnosed. He was given the wrong medication for his illness. then i spoke to a patient care supervisor Mr. Brian Taylor and was told, and I quote I don't care about your sons issue i can't help you. funny how the patient CARE supervisor doesn't CARE. since then visited a different hospital and was given the proper medication for my son. JUST BE CAREFUL OF NORFOLK GENERAL, THEY DON'T CARE!!! NOT MY WORDS, THEIRS. HOW BRIAN TAYLOR STILL HOLDS THAT POSITION IS A CRIME

Maura Gryffndor

Their billing department is awful. Went for an E.R. visit and provided my insurance card at time of visit. However, I have been receiving warning after warning letters saying that I do not have insurance on file and that I can apply for financial assistance. In my spare time, I also submitted my insurance information to them AGAIN, submitted my bill to my insurance company and still the bill has not been resolved. I had a great experience with my doctor but billing is unnecessarily terrible.

amanda hall

Dont go to the ER I have several medical conditions including several blood clots. You will sit here and die

Tammi Parker

Spent a week here for labor and delivery. Staff was amazing. So caring and attentive. Very busy but they still worked hard to accommodate. Son is in the special care unit. They go above and beyond. Spending everyday in there to feed him is pleasant. They make me feel so comfortable.

Faris Hess

If I could rate them 0 stars I would. My 18 year old nephew went in on Tuesday afternoon with jaundice, abdominal pains, and multiple other symptoms including an enlarged liver and spleen. The doctor scheduled him for an MRI at 2am - obviously they were concerned. The CNA - Samantha Welch - who was in charge of making sure he got down to get his MRI decided not to take him "because he was sleeping". OF COURSE HE WAS SLEEPING! WHAT NORMAL PERSON ISN'T SLEEPING AT 2AM. So now they're telling us that we have to wait another 2 days to find out what exactly is going on. Now, we have to delay possible life saving treatment for 2 days because the CNA didn't want to do her job. I also would like to add that his bathroom shower was dirty, trash was overflowing in his room, AND he pressed his pain button because of stomach pains and no one ever came to help him. If she was busy providing patient care that would be a different story, but this was not the case. She was too busy eating her Subway and talking about her personal life with her coworker to do her job. If you need medical attention - I suggest you request a different hospital if you want ACTUAL medical ATTENTION. I'm sure other staff members are wonderful - but they need to crack down on their night shift employees. Obviously, things are too relaxed during that shift.

Freedom Divine

Wait time in the ER was over 4hrs and counting. RN in the ER were rude and spinners if you had a question. I asked 2 RN's in the ER what the wait time was both said whatever time the first person came in which they said at that point was 3hrs 48min. I told them both to never say this is an ER again. Over a 4 hr wait. And still haven't been seen. Very dirty in the ER. No one ever came to get the piles of trash and masks from the floor . Patient was having an emergency and I called the RN in the ER and she said let someone else know . Don't come here.

Tiffany Blessed

I went to Norfolk Sentara because of lower back pain. I went to the emergency part of the hospital and I had to wait 20 mins before I was able to speak to the receptionist. And instead of taking me to a room with a bed, they had me sitting in this hard wheel chair; which wasn't helping my back none. And instead of taking xrays, they gave me one pain pill and sent me on my way. I left Norfolk sentara yesterday in more pain then what I walked in with. I hate this hospital.

Danny Mcclain

Despite my bad feelings about being in hospitals Sentara Norfolks staff helped me very much by being very friendly and cordial. Very professional I felt I was in very good hands.

Yonna Aneesah

The doctors and nurses move extremely slow in the ER

Sandy Jones

My husband recently had a cervical laminectomy fusion and I want to thank everyone on the 6th and 8th floor of the River Pavillion who helped him through his recovery ! From the valet parking staff to the nurses and therapists, we appreciate your kindness and support! Rodney and Rueben greeted me daily by name! That was impressive! Dr Zhu and Amanda , his PA and office staff were very caring and their follow up were beyond words! We would certainly recommend Sentara Norfolk General and Neurosurgery Associates! Thanks to everyone for making our long stay comfortable ! The Jones Family!

jeff sweeney

Nurse at shift change did not bother reading my daughters chart, she is diabetic and was fighting low blood sugar for hours. She comes in tries to crank up the insulin, my wife tells her what is in the chart, rather then taking her advice this stuck up POS told my wife “you are an embarrassment to her daughter”. This nurse needs to be shown proper care and treatment of both patients and family!

Dana Parson

All Sentara Hospitals and Clinics in Hampton Roads are excellent!

jdmadam1 .

Best hospital I ever been to. My wife went to other hospitals and they could not find why she was having pain so the other hospitals sent her home. She kept having pain so we decided to go Norfolk general and they found the problem with the same test where the other hospitals looked and said there was nothing. Thankfully they found it just in time because if she had continued with this issue it could have been bad. They took her in and had emergency surgery and now all is well. They saved my wife’s life. I am forever great full for that. Staff is great and doctors are some of the best in the country

Jessie Creekmore

Dr is horrible. Went in for chronic stomach pain she didn’t even examine me. Sent me home to follow up with doc. After waiting in waiting room for 4 hours and couldn’t even get a blanket while freezing because they don’t give them out in the emergency room anymore. Don’t get me started on security. That’s a whole different story. I kept it polite but I will never return!

Don Gartrell

ER staff spot on with diagnosis & decision to admit. Need to move from floor to ICU identified a bit slowly; but, move made expeditiously once need diagnosed. ICU staff amazing! Step down unit staff was also top notch. Cleaning staff also friendly and efficient. Only dud was woman from dietary who was impatient when my bride dithered a bit with her meal choice. She seemed a bit self-important. Sadly, I didn’t catch her name. She was not one of the very nice staff who delivered trays.


Third world medicine!


I had a weed killer chemical in my eye i wait 2 hours with this in my eye it was burning they never rushed me in I just sit in pain for 2 hours

LaDonna Olivo

I'd rather die than go back to this place. The condescending doctors, the arrogant anesthesiologist (who wanted to put his 2 cents in on an issue that I wasn't even there for), and the night shift nurse (Jazz) who was rude and couldn't get my pain management on the right track are just the top of the list of things that made my experience horrible. I gave 2 stars only because my pre-op, recovery, day shift recovery nurses were the only ones that made me feel cared for and Dr. Miller for actually listening to what I was saying. The worst 2 days of my life was spent there. Even for a million dollars. I'd never go back.

Boyce Porter

Service here is good. Valet taking all the free parking. Are they liable for your car? This is supposed to be a tobacco free facility. You can almost feel yourself getting cancer at the river pavilion entrance where the benches and valet parking are located from the second hand smoke. In the courtyard between river entrance and emergency, I counted 25 folks all sitting and smoking. A couple were obviously as they were pulling their IV carts. Security walked but said nothing to anyone, he did pickup a discarded cigarette pack. My advise, take down the signs or enforce your rules Hope I don't get sick from all the smoke!

Lauren Martin

I made an appointment with a doctor I've seen before in mid October. I was called about two days before my appointment to be told that it was made in "error." I called Sentara to try to make an appointment with another doctor and I was told that I couldn't be seen by anyone until January at the earliest.


Wost hospital I've ever been to I had my baby in the emergency admission room.

sally newport

My daughter began in the antepartum of the hospital, her baby was having some heart issues so she was monitored as an inpatient. We met the most caring nursing staff I've ever encountered. Gen helped make a scary situation as pleasant as possible. After 24 hours a team of pediatric cardiologists, MFM, and general pediatrics decided the little guy could get more help on the outside, so June 30 th with Dr. Winchester (truly a remarkable human being), a beautiful baby joined our family. He ended up at CHKD after a few hours to better monitor his heart, today is July 4th. We've seen a lot of medial staff between both facilities and they have been more than caring, kind, and professional. Keep Up the Excellent Work and Thank You for selflessly taking care of my family!

Jacob Lowery

Slow as can be but slower. Lots of broken promises im here right now and i have never felt so dis respected and neglected. Plastic surgeon told me to cut my own skin and drain MRSA sore. Have some photographic and recorded proff. Would love to see this place closed down and it makes me sick thinking about paying this place a dime. Dont gey me wrong nurses attempt to be good and professional, but simply fail. Do not check in here unless stress and headachs are the treatment you need.

Chanyah Tyler

My experience at this hospital was horrible! My fiancé walked in hurting in all types of severe abdominal pain and walked out the same exact way! The staff was very rude and very disrespectful they all sat around talking and laughing instead of doing their job in the waiting room as well as in the back. They were drawing blood from patients in the middle of the hall ways, they sent my fiancé to take a urine test in a nearby restroom that was very filthy and the supplies for the urine test were just sitting there on a table free for anyone to tamper with. Instead of checking her abdomen by physically touching her or even performing an ultrasound... they immediately opted to have their OBGYN examine her without her consent or even asking questions as to what was going on with her. Three different nurses were in and out of her room. The first nurse came in asking her what were her symptoms, the second nurse came in asking her the same thing as she proceeded to pull out all the equipment for the OBGYN, and also the third nurse came in asking about her symptoms. Once she told her the same thing she told the other two nurses, the third nurse looked baffled as if that was new information to her. My fiancé immediately told them she would seek treatment else where and signed herself out. Nothing about this hospital is sanitary or even close to being the least bit clean. I wouldn’t recommend this hospital to anyone!!!!

Stephanie Catchot

Worse food EVER!!!! Stairways are locked and can’t be used for those with anxiety and have issues with elevators. Most nurses are great but Marie in labor and delivery started having an attitude and being rude to me when she had to deal with my situation with the elevator.

Joe Waltz

Scheduled MRI for 3:00pm, it's after 4 and told it's going to be another 30 minutes. Wow this place sucks.

Drew Lee

As hospital stays go, mine was a very pleasant one. The nurses are awesome. The doctors are fantastic.

Sincere .W.

Worst experience ever they take forever to see you then they don’t tell you what’s really wrong they just tell me the symptoms I told them I have they do all this blood work just to tell you nothing . Once you are considered an inpatient they really have poor personality they show no genuine care for you as a patient. God forbid you express to them some discomfort they give you very vague responses and doesn’t make the initiative to do anything to see you feel more comfortable. In addition the staff gossip is ridiculous highly unprofessional.


Our initial reaction upon walking in was go clean and tidy the waiting room was. The registrar was very nice considering we were from out of town and she had to ask for all our information while I was holding a sick child. The greeter nurse, I think that’s what she was as she didn’t introduce herself, her badge was flipped and she was literally the nastiest human being ever who clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed, probably shouldn’t be the first impression parents are met with at a children’s hospital. The triage nurse Karla all but made up for it with her kindness thought and was very patient with my children unlike the greeter nurse. Additionally the doctors were amazing and thorough and eased our minds explaining what was wrong in layman’s terms before we left. Thanks you again. I do hope someone talks to the greeter nurse she literally left us with such a bad impression.

susan Hardstock

Top Notch Trama Team saved my life and still helping me ten years later great Drs.and nurses also the Nightingale is there which I was flown in on no memory of it but I know if they hadn't got me to SNG as fast as they did


Good nurse. Food is nasty but its a hospital. Better then most.

Baryn Gregg

Ive been waiting for over an hour with my wife whom is 39 wks. No one has even spoken with us aside from checking us in.

Kisha White

I used to love this hospital, please tell me when did they start having people at the receptionist desk behind her.If I have a personal situation I am definitely not going to tell the whole world.I didn't feel comfortable at all.So I left and I am on my way to another hospital.Why do they have so many people waiting all the time.

Derek Hall

the way i was treated during my visit to the emergency room will cause me to never step foot in this hospital again. a key part of the disrespect and disregard of my illness, i was told to walk myself to the restroom (in complete sickle cell pain from the waist down) and then she said in anger "i'll do it just wait" and walked away without ever helping me..... figured that i was leaving anyways. why devote your life to helping people during their time of need if you're going to treat them like garbage. and after i was discharged, everyone there did everything in their power to make me feel unwelcomed

victoria clay

This is the absolute WORST HOSPITAL! Unfriendly staff , they don’t care. No compassion for the patients! I could write a novel as to why I HATE THIS AWFUL HOSPITAL!!!!

Chris Langdon

They pulled a catheter out of my sister without deflating it first. This caused her pain for days. They ignored my mother in recovery when she needed help. My friend who is in there now they ignored him for supper and tired to correct for it by giving him something that had nuts in it and he has nut allergies. Darn good thing I was there. This is the history of their nursing care. The circus shut down and they hired the out of work clowns for nurses. Do not go there unless you are going to stay with your loved one while they recover or care from the nurses there will make their stay longer.

Marcus Sherrill

There was a lot of people

Jeffery larkin


K. Susan Huffer

My husband had a prostatectomy at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. The doctor performing the surgery did an excellent job and afterwards he spoke to me personally and said everything went well with the removal of the prostate. As far as Sentara Norfolk General Hospital goes, I have to say it is the absolute WORST hospital I have ever been to! My husband was in a hospital room for three days. During that time, the bloody nightgown my husband had on from the surgery was NEVER changed! Also, no one bothered to bathe my husband the ENTIRE time he was there! And, of course, the dirty sheets on his bed were NEVER changed either! I stayed in the room with my husband while he was there. Good thing I did too! I was constantly going to find a nurse to give my husband his pain meds which were NEVER given when they were supposed to be given! My husband received HORRIBLE treatment from these nurses who NEVER smiled and were NOT friendly at all! Admin should definitely train their nurses to treat patients with respect and provide all necessities to patients such as bathing, changing dirty gowns, giving meds on time, and above all the nurses must be friendly, kind and helpful! I and my family REFUSE to ever go to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital! It is PATHETIC and it is the absolute WORST hospital! DON'T go to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital if you don't have to!


Great doctors Quick service

Kevin w.

just called to find out where I need to go for an upcoming test, took the 5th person to fill me in and when I tried to make sure I wrote all down correctly she hung up on me, tried calling back and hung up on3 more times, a total disgrace for any business but worse when it is a hospital, hope it is my last time to that place, teach manners to your people who work at your hospital

Linda Campbell

Bad manerd staff . Do not file complaint. The uper staff are heartless greedy people!! Go to there competitor or look in Richmond va. Lawyers there love sueing this place ! 12 26 18 i was got back to today and they said the mri was broke and is only a year old and is still down. There should be some changes so when something like this happens they can get pain med to a patient if needed for out patients. And that the er should have not treated me like some addict off the streets . I had laget reson to need pain med and should have gotten it. I was totally open to drug screening. So im changing my rating from A ONE STAR TO A 3 STAR TILL I SEE BETTER CARE .

Braxton Hall

Too far to walk...parking lots all full

Carrie Trautman

Norfolk General is one of the BEST hospitals in the Tidewater area. They have some of the best doctors and everyone is so nice and helpful.


Rude and not sensitive to the fact that the patient that they were taking care of was very sick on GICU Christy or Chrissy on GICU was very rude acted as if she didnt care about my dying grandfather she also got very rude when i asked for washcolths so my cousin and i could wash the crust away from my grandfather eyes she wasnt professional at all i really think that something really need to be done she was even rude to other patients a nurse came and told her the man next door doesnt want to be poked or sticked & that he wanted to go home she says he can call his mother,aunt,sister I dont care made me feel that she didnt care about my grandfather if you dont care about your other patient or any of the other patients and also being that i reported her to another nurse Nicole the next day Chrisry hit me with treatment drawer and didnt even say excuse me if i could rate this place i would give it no stars but some nurses were great especially Nicole and Gloria on GICU they cared and wanted to help my grandfather.But unfortunately he passed away.

Darline Stevens

Wonderful hospital, best doctors and nurses anybody could ever want. Best heart , kidney, dialysis,. Very friendly service staff. Definitely recommend this hospital

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