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First time I’ve been to this hospital and all I can say is Thank You!! The staff of nurses and the PA that treated me went above and beyond. They truly were the kindest and most caring people. So again, thank you so very much.

Monica Muth

Gave birth to my precious baby boy in July and Sentara Leigh was hands down a great hospital to give birth at! All of the nurses that I had the pleasure in meeting were amazing and caring!! I loved my labor and delivery nurse Lawry! She was great and really helped me through out my delivery!! I could not have asked for a better experience!!

Ken S

Just spent several days in ward 1West after undergoing hip surgery. Staff was always on the ball. Polite, courteous and at times even funny.

Amanda Freeman

Horrible experience. Staff was very unprofessional and unpleasant. Go to any Sentara BUT THIS ONE!!!

Repose Halo

Wonderful place and helpful staff. Takes care of all your medical needs.

Ben Freeman

horrible emergency room

lucy london

I am a nursing student that had clinicals there, not every doctor I’ve experienced was nice at other clinical locations but Dr. perez (lady) and the surgeon Scott was AMAZING they taught as they performed a cesarean and they were so welcoming. every staff there was everybit of amazing. I also had my son there 4 years ago and had a great experience! Highly recommended. This was on the labor and delivery floor by the way.

Megan Asp

My doctor -Leah Frank - was dismissive of my symptoms and needs. I waited 6 hours for her to give me the medication for the symptoms I was admitted with and the nurse actually questioned her decision to omit a script my blood work showed that I needed. She is aweful. A doctor Leslie checked in on me during this 6 hour period and was considerate and I really wish he had been me doctor. Additionally my nurse Josh was amazing. Just do what you can to avoid Leah.

Amy Madragana

I was born here.. a long time ago. Back then it was Leigh Memorial Hospital. ..upgrades and buyouts change many things over the years.......

John Holly


Marsha Wilson

The staff that took care of me personally was okay. I will never recommend anyone to this hospital to have their child there I had I very bad experience I got my baby with poop dirty diaper cloth wrapped into his towel. I was so upset to this day still am. They falsesified my mental status and they had that o was a former smoker when I have never smoked a day in my life.

jessie peters

ok care BUT my mother was fitted with a colostomy bag...I just had to CALL UP THERE from my HOME to get someone in there to empty her bag which is about to explode.. Very short staffed..If you want constant dependable care I would go elsewhere until more staff is hired :( NOT HAPPY AT ALL

Chris Ciardi

We had twins at Leigh right before Christmas. They were wonderful. The nurses go way above and beyond the call of duty. They treated us like family and gave my wife and babies amazing care. I tell everyone if they have a choice, have your birth at Sentara Leigh. Thank you all for two healthy and amazing little girls!

Lauren Halapi

Moving back to Michigan just to get away from Sentara. It’s that bad.

Luke lekanka

Have been sitting for hour or so and nobody has said a word to me I am the only person in the waiting room . This is the worst I have 3ver been treated any were .They should get help or do not make any body wait like this . This,so sad .

Matt Martin

They simply didn't care when I went in with an anxiety attack. The triage nurse was nice and promised they would have me checked out, but then they sat me in a hallway and had me wait for several hours and pretended I wasn't there most of the time. The rest of the time all I got was that patented health care professional I'm-better-than-you attitude from the most condescending, robotic sort of man. They had said they were going to give me medication but eventually told me they didn't have it so they were going to send me away. Without any treatment. This experience actually made my anxiety worse so I went to the DePaul Medical Center ER where I was treated for an anxiety attack. I really fear for people who go here with more serious ailments if they are not capable of treating severe anxiety, so if you can please go somewhere else.

Angela Bagby

The few days I was there were ok. I was in room 437( EAST TEAM). Most of my nurses and ncp were very thoughtful. I want to thank Delsey, Bonnie, Jasmine, Tasha, Donte, Kathy, and Monique. YOU ALL GET 10STARS! Each of you showed genuine concern for me as a patient. Sometimes you would come in just to say hello. I had a daytime nurse (Brittany), she had a lot of issues. I was able to bathe once and this was with the help of the night time team. During my care A cream was prescribed, to be inserted 2 times daily. She gave me this cream. And then wiped the tube with a paper towel, and put it back in the box. I looked in the box and saw waste on the tube, YES! I did tell her she said oh it's ok. When she left out, I sanitized and washed this tube. She did it again the next day. I told her I would take care of my own creams. She said "ok np" and walked off. I explained this to the night nurse. She could not believe this nurse was so unclean. She ordered a new tube for my care. I teach my children, at an early age, about body waste, and openings in the body. We can become very sick and or die if we are not clean. She gave big smiles but was lazy. I had an IV. In my arm. I was given iron to build my blood, and at some point part of the fluid got into my arm. It left a huge painful knot. It was about an hour before she was leaving, and she told me; " you have to keep it in because they may have to give you something else." YES! She left it in and the night team took it out and MOVED IT..... I hope she will improve her patient care and cleanliness. This can be dangerous for the patient as well as the hospital. PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! Get rid of those beds. They are HORRIBLE.... I could move around. I did not need a noisy vibrating bed.. I begged to home. I did not SLEEP AT ALL... it was depressing to sleep in those beds. I am now home sleeping, building energy and feeling better. OH THANK YOU to all of the Doctors who took care of me. You showed great respect for my decisions....

Kelsey Rivera

They don't even deserve one star. Do not take your loved one her, ever. My sister had a lumbar puncture and was having POST OP issues, which any GOOD nurse would have known to handle right away, and they made her wait 10 hours! They told her she could not have a Gurnee even though she had to lay flat.. They made her sit there for hours while in agonizing pain, not taking into consideration that you are NOT supposed to sit up due to cerebral spinal fluid leakage. Incompetent for lack of a better word. When the went to put the IV in her arm, the tech broke sterile procedure and did not wear any sort of gloves. He could not find the vein so he just stuck the needle in her arm and started digging around until he found one. It was disgusting to sit there and watch this. There's way more to our 10 hour horror story to Leigh but I'll stop here. Just DO NOT go here! Unless you are JCAHO and you are going to shut this hospital down.

Darcy Staley

Friendly, professional nurses in several departments, good communication with family members before, during, and after surgery.

Nydra Jones

My son came in on the evening on the 6/10 an the ER alway to ICU was nothing but amazing the Doctors in the ER worked very hard to get the care my son need an used everything they had to find out what was happening to him to bring him there. The front Checking nurse was on top of it they get him checked in an a room in let the 5 mins from walking in the door with him. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for a job well done a special thanks to Mercy one of his nurse that worked hard to help get has temp down from 103.9 she never stopped even stopped an prayed with us when our pastor was there. Thanks to the team of Doctors that use everything they had to treat my son until we could get a bed at the Heart Hospital were we are at now thanks thanks.

Brooke Rooney

I have received the best care in this ER. Two nurses stand out the most to me and they are Josh and Paul. Although they all were wonderful and helpful.

Roxane Mitchell

Worst emergency room services! With two kids and 3 pregnancy I have had my shares of emergency rooms. Lat night was the worst experience. I went in at 11pm with my 15 month old daughter who was vomiting and had 104.5F fever. There were 2 people waiting so I was sure it would be a quick one. I got registered right away and her vitals was taken. Although I told her she wasn't keeping any medicine down the triage nurse gave her some motrin anyway then sat me in the waiting room. Of course she threw everything up on me. I waited for one hour along with the other sick people (plenty time to breath in those germs). Being 5 months pregnant I really needed to use the bathroom.. I had to ask 3 different people behind the counter to hold my baby so i could use the bathroom.. After an other 30 minutes I got up and asked if I should go somewhere else as I had never been waiting so long in a waiting room before being taken to a room with a bed to lie my baby down. They said I would be taken shortly which I did 15min later. But I stayed in that room with bright light and loud TV only to be seen by a nurse who took my baby;s temperature and wouldn't look at my baby's ear as apparently the Dr was going to do that soon. After waiting another hour and a half I just took my bag and left. Went to CVS got pedialyte and Tylenol for infant and put myself and my baby to bed to be seen by our pediatrician the day after. When I checked out and the nurse asked if I was seen, I told her no and she just said sorry.. not even getting up to check what was taking so long... NEVER go there for an emergency, thankfully my daughter wasn't in a big danger although that high of temp can cause brain damages but i can't imagine how I would have felt if something was very very wrong and no one cared.. They sure took my insurance info fast though..

Ima Ninja

Such a great staff. We're very friendly and great at communicating. Very quick in and out visit. Always a pleasure going here even on an emergency visit. Got stitches done here last week n just taking out. Thank you Johnathan & lady's who's name I can't remember rite now.. emergency did a great job. A+ keep up the great work

Lorenzo Harrell

I love the cafitera, hot nurses too

Travis Williams

The operator Rhonda is super rude, she was yelling on the phone I told her to relax I needed to be transferred to the ER side she hung up the phone on me. She needs to be fired!!!

Phyllis Webb

Horrible experience!

Jo Ray

Worst ER experience!! If you are not transported by EMS, go somewhere else!!!!

Avis McCann

Visited with Dr. Goudar, she is my diabetes doctor. She suggested some changes to my meds and explained new treatments. It was a nice check up.

Tiffany Watts

I am receiving the most professional and coordinated care ever. The facility is new and very clean. My child was born yesterday and I'm thankful that I came here.

Elizabeth Crosby

Margie Conner

This hospital is amazing. Staff is wonderful, preop to recovery was a seamless experience. The private rooms are 5 star with accommodations for family. Sentara Leigh is a class act.

Ursula Hart

To whom it may concern and the entire staff at Sentara Leigh regarding June 23rd, 2014. I came into the ER at approximately 2:00pm and would be there until roughly1:30pm the next day. I came in with chest pains and was very concerned about what was going on with me. I have a history of PE/DVT and was afraid I had blown another clot or something else. Everyone I encountered from admitting to the techs to the Dr's and staff were outstanding! I wasn't the easiest patient at times and found myself having to apologize numerous times as my patience was thin, however everyone and I mean everyone was kind, understanding and thorough. So often we complain when things go wrong however I try to acknowledge when people go beyond and above and I'm happy that I choose Sentara Leigh as the place to get looked over by. You have a phenomenal staff and this patient is truly grateful for your help and kindness. G*d bless you all and the work you do. Ursula C. Hart

Latoya Vernay

OMGee!!! If you've delivered anywhere else in the Hampton Roads area, I would not recommend you or anyone go here! After a friend's advice & reading great reviews decided to deliver a SLH. Since we'd gotten there after hours (from about 9:30pm and stayed 'til 11:30pm), had to enter through the ER. The ER staff was WONDERFUL!!! They rush us upstairs & when we get into the triage room, we notice a dirty washcloth in the shower area ( #1 Bad sign); The staff asked for a urine sample, no one picked it up; no doctor entered the room at all; brought a wrist band into the room alon g with my registration paperwork that no one gave to me; the RN informed us that it would be best if we didn't return & continued to go to SNGH saying "we would prefer..." asking why did we choose to go to SLH. My overall L&D experience was horrible.


This place is extremely unorganized. I stayed in the phone with another person calling for a good 10 minutes. I called back 3 times trying to get transferred to the emergency room because I have a serious medical question I need answered. Overall, I will never be visiting!

Glenn H

Another stunning example of modern industrial medical care.

Michelle F

I was seen in the ER and the nurses were awesome. Especially Ms. Nanette she was so busy running around and taking care for as many patients as she could but still carried a great attitude and made me smile.

Marco Vanzetti

Dr. Marc Fink is the best podiatrist at this hospital!

Nick H.

Don't care about patients, I have been sitting in a room for hours without anyone checking up on me.

Melanie Alexander

We went to the ER this past Saturday morning and found it to be busy but were there a total of 1 1/2 hours, I was pleasantly surprised as I anticipated being at the ER for at least half the day. We saw Dr. Lang for a leg injury my husband sustained in a golf cart accident. Dr. Lang was so attentive, he was funny and serious when needed to be, he did a wonderful job taking care of my husband and so did the staff. It was a great experience overall and I thank everyone for taking such good care of my husband!

Nicole Hancock

The ER nurses are hit or miss depending on the day and time. The nurses on floor four are are kind, empathetic, and attentive. Unfortunately that's where the positive note ends. Although kind and attentive, people here can be slow and sometimes forgetful once your patient is out of the ER and staying in a room-- from requesting his medication, to the specific tests that the original doctor had ordered, to getting a referral for a PCP, it seems like you have to tell these people at least a couple of times when something needs to be done. The last doctor he spoke to didn't run the tests that he was supposed to get and proceeded to take him off one of the only medications that has been helping him feel better for the time being. Some of the doctors here are hasty and don't take the time to listen, you can tell how badly they want to discharge you. I understand there's only so much time that doctors can spend with a given patient, but christ, these people make it clear how little they care. To that I say, we only hope his health doesn't go back down the toilet and that he has to end up here again. It's starting to seem as if the entire Sentara health system isn't very competent when it comes to properly diagnosing and treating certain medical issues. Edit: Lo and behold, we had to come back to the ER here this weekend after his phosphorus levels dropped below 2.0. Not only did they give him an IV drip that didn't even work-- did they even put enough phosphate in the bag??-- but the following morning after he made it clear that he wasn't feeling well and was still having symptoms, they discharged him saying that he was being "over dramatic". We went to another hospital and sure enough, his phosphorus had dropped even lower to 1.0. If you think that isn't anything serious, keep in mind that you *can* die quickly from a severe electrolyte imbalance. And the doctors at Sentara Leigh just brushed it off. They didn't even bother to draw his blood one last time before we left to see if his levels had changed.

kenneth more

best oncology nursing

Brooke Thomas

Just had my son here on 8/8/18 and my boyfriend and I could not be more then blown away by the amount of caring staff this facility has to offer. As first time parents we came in for an induction that ended with a cesarean section late the next night. Throughout our whole 24+ hour labor we had the pleasure of meeting some of the most amazing and caring people ever. We will never be able to thank them enough for everything they did to help bring our beautiful baby boy into the world and care for him afterwards. They definitely went the extra mile to make sure our whole delivery went as smoothly as possible and that we got lots of pictures to capture every precious moment. Seriously don’t know how we would have done any of it without their amazing support and personal kindness that went above and beyond just your average professional care.

Grace tomeo

Im from Southern California and had to come here while here. let me tell you... This place is wayyyyyy better than any hospital where I'm from. I keep hearing people complaining that they had to wait "3 hours" to be seen or had to sit in a room for a couple hours etc. where I'm from ERs are so packed that people wait 12+ hours to even get and ER bed, then it's an average of another 16-24 hours to even get an open bed if you are admitted. The rooms at these hospitals tend to have 2-3 beds per SMALL room and when I hit the call light, it takes an average of 2 hours to be answered. Here, most of the staff responds in a timely manner to call lights. There are a few bad apples (there are everywhere) but for the most part they are very compassionate and good at their jobs. We had an issue with a certain doc (I'll be kind and not write his name) and had to switch doc's but the nursing staff and management were on our side and helped 110% to get us what we need. The facility is clean and remodeled. The single-patient rooms with the bed for a family member are a blessing. I would definitely recommend this hospital.


I used to live in Richmond and would go to Henrico Doctors Hospital, where it never took more than 30 minutes to be placed in a room. Here? I could have driven to Henrico and been seen by now. Currently still in the waiting room after two hours. Seen people come in after me and be placed in a room that appear perfectly fine. Have had blood drawn over an hour ago and when complained to the nurse about the needle irritating the skin, was simply told that it wouldn't be much longer. I am NOT impressed.

beverly caamano

Very good hospital , my husband went to ER and we as admitted quick. I got to stay in room with him. All staff was great.

Jerry Y

I for one can think of many place to be other than in a hospital. I live off Little creek road and have used an ambulance. But they only go to De Paul. (I don't like DePaul ) so when I developed lung problems , I aske my wife to drive me to Sentara Leigh. Wow was I supprised With the difference. As soon as I waled in the the emergency room, I was met witha wheel chair, and was checked in immediatly . After being examed by a very frendly Doctor, I was issued a room Rm 122. I could not believe this was a hospital and not a hotel. The whole feeling was relax. The nurses were great, I felt like the wanted to help me and it was not just a job. Friendly, smiles, . The food was great, and plenty of it. so if you have to be in a hospital this is the place to be. The only down side is parking and the lack of valet service, That would help visitors. I was there from 8/3 and was check out 8/9.

Daniel Knight


Skip G

Jan 5th I went into Leigh for a double knee replacement. There are not enough words to describe the positive experience I had at the new ortho center. Everyone was over the top courteous and professional. I am sending a separate letter of appreciation naming some of the more exceptional people that I met and cared for me. Everyone from the housekeepers to the doctors that came by were worthy of recognition. I have had several hospital experiences but never was I treated as a patient and a guest and waited on hand and foot. I would recommend this hospital to anyone needing a knee or hip replacement.

Trini VA

The hospital room was clean and the staff were very kind to me and my family. After surgery, it was important to have a group of people who truly care. Thank you to the following nurses: Jeanette, Mary, Mellow, Soraya & NCP Kaylen. I didn't get the nurse's name in the recovery room...she was awesome too, along with the food delivery team. This was the best long-term care I've received. I only give 5 stars if its earned... these ladies earned it. Thank you!

Brianna Montgomery

I love this hospital and I recommend it to everyone. I've had 2 of my kids here and loved every minute of it.

Marwin Calimlim

Didnt get everyone's name, but they all took care of me very well. Thanks for getting done what was needed. Miss y'all. I would've stayed longer, but their facility didnt have the necessary tools to fix my heart.

Corey LeFebvre

The staff at Sentara Leigh made my birth experience with my twins, which should have been the happiest time of my life, such a complete misery. First, if you have the option of scheduling delivery, I do not recommend scheduling it to take place over the weekend; the weekend staff is very inferior to the staff used during the week. The nurses were mostly absent, which was fine with me, but I did want my pain medication, and they couldn't even manage to handle that even though I practically begged them to do their jobs. And some were even incredibly rude when they were around. But to back up to the actual birth, I really regret having a C-section although my doctor did recommend it for my high risk pregnancy. Why can't they let you see your baby until after he/she is cleaned up and swaddled in blankets? That's all I wanted, and made that wish known up front. At the very least, they could put their clean-up station within your eyesight, but instead it is blocked by a big blue curtain. I would have liked to have actually held my babies, even if just for a minute, but it was a really long time after Igave birth before they would bring them to me. This hospital not only turned me off of giving birth here again, but made me wonder if I were to give birth again if I would want to even be in a hospital at all, especially at a price tag over $5k per day. Needless to say, I recommend going elsewhere for labor and delivery.

Zachary More

Drs are friendly. Staff is great. Best hospital in the area.

Marma loot

I can’t figure out where to post this review, but at the Starbucks inside this hospital I was helped by Deshauna on Sept. 9th and she was so awesome and helpful!! The hospital can be a very stressful and scary place, but Deshauna was so sweet and awesome! The little things go a long way. Thank you Deshauna!!!!!

John Harrington

Terrible place was there 4 days .

katie belanger

This is the worst hositpal. I never been somewhere so unprofessional I know all the staffs personal business they continue to talk to each other about thier personal life in front of you. They are not clean. This hositpal should be shut down. Thier remodel only made the outside look nicer. But the people who work here treat thier job like a game this place is really a joke. I had shingles on my scalp and they sent me home with a insect bite of some sort... You walk up to check in and the lady's continue their conversation about thier personal life and tell you hold for a min so they can continue their personal life conversatiins. Most of the night staff people who work here should be let go immediately. Your supposed to be able to save lives here.

Tina Yetter

Our overall experience with this hospital has been very disappointing. The nurses and pre-op team were great. Surgeon eventually decided to show up. Brought my rating up to 3 because the hospital apologized. If you come here don't come alone. Make sure you bring someone who can speak up for you. Otherwise you will be forgotten.

C. A.

I only visited, but I found it to be a very lovely hospital.

Gregory Bryant

I am in disbelief that the TV in the overcrowded MRI / CT waiting room has an obnoxious televangelist belting out his beliefs to an already uncomfortable group of people. Modern hospital, or rural Alabama clinic?

Michael Metheney

Very poor bedside mannor, by a nurse practitioner, I went to see a REAL MD, not NP, I refuse to pay bill for treatment by nurse! Wait time was rediclios

Nathaniel Green

The emgerency department ask questions right to the patient in the waitig area. Questions that should be answer when you go to the tri-age nurse. One of the questions is they ask what bring you into the emergency department.............That made me feel very uncomfortable I just told them I was in then asked where at. Also ask you for your age. They ask them questions right in the waiting area aroumd everyone.

Monica faye Estrada!

There really rude and didn't even help I'm not going there again

Ashlee White

Wonderful experience. I took my son here to the ER and the staff were extremely helpful and friendly!

Edwin Warden

terrible rude service after a terribly long wait for a very serious issue. this place is unprofessional and disgusting in a manners and aspects.

Beatrice Hale

2 years ago I had knee replacement surgery. I received excellent service from the surgeon, Dr. Dowd, the nursing staff and the cafeteria staff. My family was also very impressed with the quality service I received.

Sky Finks

donmos0211 .

My mother had to take an ambulance to the emergency room after going into diabetic shock. Had I not show up to the house when I did she would have died. The techs that helped on seen and at the hospital were great. It was the billing department that had no attention to detail what so ever! They were told several times while taking down her information that she has Medicare, but they totally disregarded this and sent the bill to collections. Medicare would have covered 80% of the bill, but instead my Mother received a bill for over $3000 for a 6hr stay at Sentara Leigh Hospital. Be careful of you go to this hospital. Make sure to follow up with their billing dep. asap if no bill is received within the 1st month!

Fred Gutermuth

Other than when they take blood, it is always pleasant

John F Carter II

The nurses and staff at 3A are terrific and were attentive to the patients and spouses who were staying there.

DaeQuawn Boone

They claim they not pack but cannot stick to the schedule for inducing my girlfriend

Corliss Pruden

The best nursing staff ever!

Lizzy Profita

William Hills

Wonderful Hospital and staff. saved my wife's life!!

Cathi Everett

The hospital staff are professional, compassionate and ready to help at all times. 5 East is wonderful!

Kathryn Levine

Even after reading bad reviews, I went in because I needed to. I will never go back or refer anyone to them, as they made me feel stupid and unimportant. The nurses are rude and condescending. The doctor acted as if I was wasting her time. Absolutely do not waste your time going here.

Patricia Bremer

Good care..slow on potty help few accidents cleaned fast....slow on meals and sizes I was always starving

Cynthia Lynn

They all did an outstanding job. I will tell of my family about the grant cara they give , Thank’ You All .

Ed Bochert

911 call to hospital 7am today great pickup. I called to get status of my wife The person hung up on me after I spelled my last name for the 3rd time. Told me not to get smart with her . you got a problem a Leigh emerg info. On this. Day. I need info on my wife.

Jimmy Frost

Meh, it's a hospital, great cafateria

K. K.

Don't expect for your issues to be handled by these obviously incompetent people. I went in for a liver biopsy and came out with a very obviously swollen arm are and pain. My arm left arm is literally twice as big as my right arm. The nurse who removed the IV claimed the swelling would go down-- that was over 6 hours and 45 minutes ago. I called to speak with a nurse and it seemed like everyone in uniform played hot potato with phone. When I finally reached someone she advised me to put a "hot washcloth on it until it turns cold" and continue to take my medication as usual. Issue number one, if an IV was infiltrated what is a hot cloth going to do for the patient? So now I have saline and the medication that was supposed to "relax" me stuffing my arm like a bratwurst sausage and sitting on top of my muscles and tissues. Said nurse also went back on what she said and claimed that I may be having an allergic reaction because remember a hot wash rag can cure your allergies. This place really is ridiculous. You'll leave with more issues than you came with the fact that NO ONE even addresses these negative reviews is enough to show you that the people running the once great Sentara Leigh proves it all. Don't waste your time here if you have a choice. You'll regret it.

Howard Bell

Lisa Siess

So many employees standing around doing nothing but conversing with one another while patients wait, and wait, and wait. Must be unionized.

taeshaun swain

Terribly slow . Bad service. I was trying to get help for my grandmother. No one even took the slightest bit of intuitive. I will NEVER EVER COME BACK THERE NOT EVEN ON MY DEATH BED .

fatima mohamed

Officer don in the emergency room harassed me. the nurse and doctor LEE were very rude. I can’t believe this is how you treat patients who are sick. I wouldn’t come here if I was on my last breath be careful

Alana Clay

Worst hospital ever. Every month I get a hospital bill from them with a new account on my credit and I haven't been here in a year. They will literally see a patient, with no ID and put then under anyone's name. I called them a year ago when they first did this to me. Apparently someone keeps using my info for someone else that works there. Now friday I have to go there and cuss them out! They even verified whoever came had no ID or couldn't name my social. Well why the hell are you putting them under someone's name with no form of ID. Unprofessional and I'm about to take out a law suit for thousands!!!!! Im missing work time and my credit is being lowered because they don't know how to properly identify someone.

Michael Alicea

If I could rate zero I would. Bedside manner is non-existent, doctor Shuck lacks compassion, and is not knowledgeable. My wife arrived via ambulance on 10/2 with chest pain, shortness of breath and arm pain. An EKG dismissed possible heart attack. The nurses who where responsible for taking blood samples and inserting an IV caused more pain to my wife as they were not able to find the vein to insert needle. The 2 nurses were laughing and joking about something that happened earlier in the day. After about an hour we met Dr. Suck, who ordered a chest x-ray, and blood draw for labs. We sat for 5 hours waiting for the doctor to come back. When he came back he said that we had nothing to worry about since EKG rules out heart attack and that we should follow up with our primary care doctor. When we asked questions he seemed bothered and made us feel like we were wasting his time wanting to know what he knew, which was nothing at all. He failed to discuss his thoughts on the X-ray. So we left there not knowing why my wife was in severe pain. We read our discharge papers and we noticed that there was a page that suggested my wife may be suffering from a pleural effusion, a condition that can be life threatening. Now I won't say that Sentara Leigh is filled with incompetent doctors, but they do have a night staff that is. No compassion, unprofessional, rude, and inexperienced. If you have to go to Sentara Leigh hospital on Kempsville road in Virginia Beach, pray you don't get Dr. Suck. If you do, ask for another doctor, his name fits him, along with the rest of his staff.

Monaliz Crelencia

Im so upset i told them i dont drive,and once i have a ride i will pay them i can only afford $60,And saying were here to help prove it

Chrissie Sweeney

I was seen there last night for a major headache because I tried worked. Took all vitals I need blood taken 2 nurses had to prick me 6 times in order to give blood even then I took give blood and I DON'T like needles I told every nurse or doctors that but nobody listened and then put me in a room then took me to a ct scan and an x ray I am very mad they stuck me that many times.

P Holman

Each time I visit I always receive the best care. Nurses and staff servicing 5 east are the best. They are caring, kind & generally concerned with all patients. Big thank you to Carolyn, Krista, Vicki, Anli @nd so many more that took great care of me during my stay.

Martina Finley

I had my mammogram scheduled for 10:15 am on Feb. 19th. When I finally found the right building (and I had asked beforehand which building to go to) it was 10:20 am. It was so chaotic at the front desk with three or four women trying to juggle while filling out their forms. After the receptionist looks at it, she gives you three more forms to fill out all basically containing the same information. Again, there was no room in the little waiting room to accomplish this. When you do get to sit down, there is no tv, no magazines, and no reception for your cell phone to distract you while you wait. (I felt really bad for the two men who apparently had been waiting there a long time for their wives.) It wasn't too long before I was escorted to the back, put on my examination gown and sat down---for over 45 minutes! The tv was set to the 700 Club (only about half the room could see it) and the magazines were old and dog-eared. A sign on the table had instructions stating that if you are there for over 15 minutes, you should go to the receptionist. YEAH, RIGHT! Do YOU want to walk around in the reception area in an exam gown??? The woman who did my mammogram was excellent. The women working there were all great. But the process is ridiculous! Hey Sentara--please show some respect for your customers. Our time is valuable too.

L King

At a routine visit to my Podiatrist, I was advised I had a serious foot infection, requiring immediate admittance to an ER. Though crowded, my wait in the ER waiting area was brief, maybe 30 min, then I was given a bed in the ER hallway, as the rooms were occupied with more seriously ill patients. The hospital was at capacity, so I had to wait about 12 hrs, before a room became available for my extended stay. I'm picky and have high expectations, but to my surprise, every aspect of the care I received and contact with staff went well beyond my expectations. I had surgery the next morning, then spent 5 days in a nice, pleasant, well appointed room, where my every whim and need was attended to with a smile. To my disbelief, even the meals were excellent, and I've had surgery at 2 other area hospitals, but Leigh stands out as the shining Star. My great thanks to the entire staff, especially the nurses and caretakers in 2 East. You can be proud of the care you provided me, as I was treated like family from the time I stepped foot in, until the time I was wheeled out. Thank you.

Al Parker Jr

I was very impressed with the renovations that this hospital is taking on. The staff was friendly and courteous and went out of their way to make sure that our family was comfortable doing a tragic time. Would like to give a special thanks to the ICU unit they're really top-notch.

Diana Latti

On 2Aug2017 at 2:36AM I went to Sentara Leigh ER for severe right sided abdominal pain which persisted for over 3 hours, nausea and vomiting, bloating, and they hooked me up to the IV, bedside ultrasound, and did lab work which they said came back normal. I drank a milky drink to “coat my stomach for pain”, was only seen by a Nurse and Physician Assistant, and yet was charged for a doctor’s visit. I recall laying in the hospital bed and the PA and other provider looking at the image on the screen of the Ultrasound machine and saying…. “Do you know how many millimeters it should be to be considered normal?” This was not very reassuring to hear when lying in the bed in severe pain. The PA verbalized the ultrasound was “normal,” but this was only a bedside ultrasound and I later learned the ultrasound was never sent to a radiologist which is EXTREMELY disappointing and should be a standard procedure. It seemed based upon the interactions I had with the PA and tech that they didn’t know for sure how to read the measurements. If they weren’t certain, they should have consulted with a physician or specialist. With the PA and nurse raising no alarm, I was shortly thereafter discharged for abdominal pain, epigastric (he said it is probably just acid reflux) with very little answers, and thought I was a little crazy for going to the ER for this diagnosis, but was relieved it was nothing “serious.” In the next few days and coming weeks I was still showing symptoms and saw a local GI specialist. I let them know I went to Sentra and they called for my records - specifically requesting my ultrasound images. When my local GI doc called for my Sentara hospital records they said they have no record of ultrasound images, so the GI specialist wanted me to get another ultrasound which means duplicate procedures and more money out of pocket. The local GI physician also ordered an upper endoscopy, CT scan, and additional lab work. I retrieved my medical records from Sentara and my pain assessment in the medical record note is indicated as a 5/10 which I never would have graded it as. I would have graded this as at least an 8/10. My biggest concern is that the bedside ultrasound that was completed was not annotated / documented in my medical record by Sentara staff. As a patient I would expect that the ultrasound report would be available with the description of the findings, interpretation, and physician name or P.A., and that the images be permanently archived and retrievable - Sentara has not been able to provide me with any records on this bedside ultrasound. On 25Jan2018 I called Sentara hospital and they advised they were unable to locate my ultrasound images. If the hospital would have sent my images to radiology or a doctor to read the images, then they would have been able to probably diagnose the cause of the pain back in Aug2017 and avoid all of the subsequent attacks, the bouts of severe pain, suffering, burdens, bills, doctor’s visits, tests, etc. On 2Feb2018 my local GI nurse revealed the CT results showed “the wall of the gallbladder appears thickened and edematous suggesting cholecystitis. Surgery is recommended.” – Mystery solved. Six months after my visit to the emergency room at Sentara. Within a few days I had my surgery scheduled and I had a gallstone that was greater than 2 cm that the GI surgeon verbalized I could have been living with for up to a couple of YEARS. When I told him about my wild goose chase he indicated this could have and should have been avoided. I have now learned my lesson and have to be my own patient advocate and I will make certain to share my story with others so they do not have to live through the sleepless nights, the horrendous pain and suffering after every meal like I experienced for almost an entire year. Sentara Leigh is completely incompetent and negligent and I would not recommend anyone go to this emergency room. The burdens and out of pocket expenses I incurred could have been totally avoided.

Sarah Frank

Update: The nurses were nice, especially Brian who is a lifesaver. They THOROUGHLY checked in depth for appendicitis , when DePaul sent me home and told me it was a ''stomach bug" super polite.

Darlene Parker

trying to get thru to patient information is pure hell. called in the morning after 8;00 am two days in a row never get an answer. It really sucks when you are concerned about your love one and can't reach the nurses's station.

Wilky Noel

Took 2 years to receive my wife in ER let alone treat her smh na jwen mwen anko bann salopwi blan

Tim Hart

Very smart and professional service. Had to get surgery here and it went great. Doctors are straight to the point and the nurses are very helpful.

Tameka Hardy

This is a terrible hospital, they care more about the way the hospital looks than how their patients are doing. Severely sick people are made to wait for hours and hours, when you get into a room the doctors and nurses do not communicate with eachother so no one knows what is really going on. My friends body was completely swollen and they stated that she came in for her high blood pressure and since that is done that is all they are concerned about so she can go home. She was furious asking to see her doctor but the nurses would only state that the doctor was busy. Also, If I wanted to kill somebody in the hospital it would be really easy, people just walk in, no one addresses you to see if you need any help and then walk completely out, if you are sick or hurt please don't waste your time with this hospital.

Tee Nee

Nothing can be loved about a hospital stay, however the staff @ Leigh ER, ICU and 2B have been nothing short of amazing. My mother was inches from death and over a week later she is still with us and getting better daily. It is a very hard job working in a hospital and I would like to send kudos to everyone that is employed @ Sentara Leigh. Thank you again! Keep up the great work!

Latisha Williams

I came in there because my arm was in really bad pain. It was traveling through out my whole arm shoulder and half of my hand. There is a bump that grew on my arm a few months ago and it wasn't bothering till now, the pain is comming from the bump and all he did was look at the bump pressed on it (when he was twisting my arm and pressing on the bump there was a sharp pain shoothing down my arm and to my hand) and told my that the bump is not whats causing the pain. I have to tell him that it is coming from the bump and he just Wrapped my arm up gave me papers and nerve medicine because he said that i have a pinched nerve in my neck. Im never going there again. On my way to depaul hospital now.

Steve Brown

The Nursery Staff here at Sentra Leigh hospital are the best in the world. Every doctor and every employee works at a supreme level. I've been at war here since Saturday and because of this staff ,this battle my family and I aren't facing alone. God bless them.

John Dunne

What an amazing experience in the family maternity center. The staff of nurses and doctors are incredible, caring, knowledgeable, and provided absolutely the highest level of care. Hands down the best hospital experience my wife and I have ever had. Thank you very much to the staff

Amanda Wood

Had to visit ER today from a debilitating migraine. The staff was BEYOND amazing. So helpful, fast and comforting. Thank you sentara staff!!! This was an embarrassing moment for me. I was almost screaming from pain. Thank you!!!

Brian Honeycutt

We came to here for the birth of our first baby. We couldn't be happier with the service. Excellent place. I would recommend this hospital to anyone.

Jerry Hollobaugh

I went to the emergency room on thr18th of June. I was seen immediately and after lambs and other test I was admitted with pneumonia. I had super care from the staff on 5 west. I rate this hospital with 5 stars on all categories and they are well deserving of them.

Ariana Arnicar

Brought my mom in to get seen. It turned into an overnight visit she was allowed to eat before 12 we were offered food around 3 didn’t get anything but a turkey sandwich at 5 because dinner was coming soon. She didn’t receive dinner she asked at 7 for dinner never got anything asked at 7:30. About 20 min later we received a TV dinner. Then when the nurse left the room they had an attitude while closing the door made the clock fall off the wall and break. Not Happy with The Care.

Anita Monroe

The nurses, techs, ER doctors and cardiologist were all wonderful. They thoroughly checked my husband's chest pain complaints and thankfully determined he did not have a heart attack or heart damage. They did everything possible to make his overnight stay in the ER comfortable. I feel very comfortable with this ER and highly recommend it.

rayanne start

Really nice and clean facility. They are known as the "baby hospital". They have a nice cafeteria and a proudly serve starbucks too.


My 70+ mother went it with chest pains. She is disable and arrived alone. She was transported there by ambulance. The doctor ordered an EKG that wasn't done until over an hour later.This hospital has the worst ED department I have ever seen. The staff were standing around socializing (I overheard the conversation) while patients need care. The staff was very condescending and has no compassion. When I asked the head nurse why it took so long for them to perform an EKG on my mother, she gave me a very poor excuse that made me sick to my stomach. Her response was "the nurses were probably tied up with this one patient and somehow just overlooked your mother".

Dee Johnson

The services were poor due to unpleasant greetings from the front desk for surgery registration and the other representatives during the process

Jun Ladnier

Our son was born Thursday aug 1st and all I can say is what An amazing experience we had here! The nurses and doctors treated us like family and made sure we were comfortable and made sure to let us know if we needed anything they would do anything to help!!

Karrill DaDiva

I couldn't ask for a better team of staff to care for me when I was sick. I didnt have to call them because they were always coming in to check on me. I never have to ask for anything because they would always ask if I need anything. I know they are awesome because I too work in the health care field and not everyone is like this. I would definitely tell all my friends and families about this hospital and encourage them to go there when they're not in the best of health.

Scrappy Smith

My husband just had surgery there this morning. And every single staff member we encountered was amazing. They were all so nice and personable. They call took care to make sure I was kept informed of every step along the ways. And they did an amazing job of taking care of my husband. Thank you Sentara Leigh.

Jonathan Queen

I love Sentara Leigh. Nearly every doctor and nurse I've encountered here have been extremely caring and helpful. For those that are admitted, the rooms are large and very nice. The hospital seems to be very clean, as well. My only complaint was with one particular doctor about three years ago. I went in for incredible back and leg pain. She didn't do any x-rays or CT Scans or anything. She blamed it on my being overweight (I'm 5'10 and 250. Yes I'm a bit overweight but not to the degree she was making it seem). She sent me on my way. About two years later, after the pain continued to get worse, I ended up at Norfolk General where I was diagnosed with several bulging disks and spinal stenosis. Had she done her job and properly examined me, I might've been able to have my problems addressed sooner. Thankfully, I've not encountered her since then and every other doctor there has been amazing.

Desire' CASON

Unprofessional.. & they take forever without telling you anything .. I will die before I ever come back here

Bonnie Mae Savage

I was admitted to the ER with a potentially life threatening situation. The staff were efficient and stayed on path with everything they needed to do for many hours. In doing so they remained kind and professional.

Candy Scruggs

I recently had surgery at Sentara Leigh and everyone was lovely. The facility was clean and the staff, everyone from the housekeepers to the surgeon, Dr. Groves were the best! I didn't want to leave. I could have stayed there for my recovery. Dr. Groves is an awesome surgeon!! You guys did an awesome job!!

Jasmyn Paige

When I came in, they brought me back quickly but the care was extremely unprofessional. The doc who took down my symptoms was on her phone the entire time she was asking me questions. She also did an exam on me but downplayed my symptoms and acted as if my pain wasn’t serious enough for more thorough treatment. After she dismissed my pain during a quick exam she instructed me to sit in a packed room with other patients instead of staying in a room until my results came back. They came and gave me some “just in case” medication, which was extremely unsanitary and dangerous because there was a needle involved while other patients were within arms reach and earshot of the medications being received. It all turned out to be unnecessary anyway, so in all I spent 2 hours to be treated rudely. She didn’t treat or resolve the issue. She just advised I follow up with my PCP. Which was ironic because I had already said that wasn’t possible until at least a month out which was why I came there in the first place. I ended up going to another hospital for proper treatment.

Ami-Ann Caulder

My mom and dad have been in and out of.hospitals for the better part of 2 years. At this point id say its the only hospital in Hampton Roads that i would take anyone to. They are sweet and amazing

Stephanie Bledsoe

Regarding the staff and process to get in and out I would give 5 stars. The staff at the imaging center both next door and at the hospital itself were wonderful. I dont however have confidence in the radiologist reading my MRI results. I had occipital neuralgia symptoms and received an MRI and was told everything looks normal. I went to a physical therapist who treated me for occipital neuralgia via dry needling and massage and my symptoms have subsided. I have an inflamed growth on the inside of my foot. When touched it is very obvious there is a hard nodule on the inside of my heel which is indicative of a bone spur. The swelling is visible to the naked eye. I got the results back. No inflammation. I'm 2 for 2 now with 2 MRIs in which I have received no information from and no diagnosis. I'm in the wrong field from a pay versus work perspective. Oh and I had to pay out of pocket about $700 combined for both of these MRIs.

Amy Dorand

My father who was a doctor who helped saved many lives having a wife and 6 children was treated like nobody not even giving him a bed with a curtain this disturbs me and us siblings.!!! My father could've died and maybe still could bc you had private rooms but no available beds???!! My father has afib and chronic dizziness forget doctor terminology but it was . is severe discharging him that same day bc he was disrespected. He preferred to die at home with my mom who had a stroke long ago!! Take care of Dr.Thomas Wayne Mostiler please if he goes back!

William Darden

Wife was in a car accident and waited 3 hours for a CT scan of her neck. They prioritize people with appointments in radiology over emergencies.

nathan montes

WORST HOSPITAL ON EARTH Please I beg you do not ever get medical service at this hospital. We where forced to due to our night risk pregnancy and it was the worst experience of my entire life. We came in for our apt 2h early as ( directed) waited 8h to be seen was then sent to a hospital room to then be told our apt was rescheduled. Came in the next day and waited over 10h from 9am to after 9pm the next day to finally be put in the OR. And our OB “was no longer available. So we had to go with a new doctor who didn’t even know she had a prior C section or post bariatric and went in anyways I litterally hate this hospital with a passion. ALSO they refused to validate our parking for either day so we where out 16$ a day for parking. REFUSE SERVICE PLEASE

Richard Turner

I've been a Firefighter/EMT for 12 yrs and have worked doing Medical Transport for 10yrs. This hospital ED has the worst indoc procedures that I have seen of all the area hospitals. The staff is lackadaisical, there is no direction of where to go or even which of the many desks to go to give your report to. There is a lot of staff and it seems to be a good sized ED, but their customer service skills are severely lacking. Even hospital ED's that are busy at least take the time to acknowledge new arrivals. Rather than ignore them while the staff talks about hair, weight problems, clothes and Facebook. (No exaggeration, we were forced to listen while waiting to be acknowledged.)

Eric Muniz

Oncoming nurse was very rude, trying to call them as I am writing this, have been on hold for 45 minutes and still waiting.

Nadia L

If only I could give this facility zero stars! I had the most horrible experience at the Sentara Leigh maternity department. To begin with, a nurse attempted to start an IV in my hand with a catheter that way too big and blew the vein. As an ICU nurse, I cautioned her not to do this. She left a scar that still has not gone away. She had poor clinical skills. After my baby was born, the nurse who took him to the nursery one night for an assessment returned him to me with a pacifier in his mouth. This lent to him having nipple confusion and needing to be fed with a syringe for 2 weeks after that. Idiot! The nurse who was assigned to me after delivery was rude and unfriendly. She had a perpetual scowl on her face and behaved as if she was doing me a favor by being there. When my baby would not latch to be breastfed, she gave me a disdainful look and walked off. Well, it's your co-worker that caused this! I kept telling the staff when I got admitted that my baby was in a breached position. I could feel his head under my rib cage. No one listened. When they finally agreed to do an ultrasound and found that I was right, they flew into a panic as I needed an emergency C-section. My blood pressure dropped after being given an epidural and more anesthesia when they realized I needed a C-section. I was unable to move my body from the neck down. Thank God I did not need to be intubated. I saw them hang at least 5 liters of IV fluids to help my BP and fix the mess they made. I had swollen feet that would not go into my shoes for weeks after that. The list of stupidity and rudeness goes on. It angers me to even think of them. I have never come across such an incompetent group of nurses in my life. Do yourself a favor and stay away from there.

Brenda Morrill

My husband was here for 12 days and received outstanding care. The staff were all great from housekeeping, dietary, nursing and pharmacy. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone unfortunate enough to need inpatient care.

Flo Webster

I have been admitted in Sentara Leigh twice and have had awesome nurse care and doctor care. I will not go anywhere e.

Scott Sinclair

To all the staff at 2 West ... I can't thank you enough for the care and concern you had for me during my stay. I appreciate all of you day shift, night shift, weekend shift ... you are the best. Also to the lady, who brought me my meals everyday, thank you for your warm smile and kindness. Scott

Carol MacDonald

My husband received treatment from warm and caring staff especially the nursing staff on the floor but also physicians in the ER and the floor. While we wouldn't like to repeat the process, we are so thankful for the staff, food, and spacious rooms.

Chuck Lynn

disorganized. Lack. Of communication. unimpressive staff.

Joedy Gillion

Very dirty never seen a er dirty and cafe dirty too gross

Kim Agnew

Just had my 2nd knee replacement done. The caring team here is amazing. Although, I'm sure, for insurance reasons, I feel you get pushed out way too early. 4 weeks Monday and I'm still in a lot of pain. Thanks to the government, I can't get hardly anything for pain. Currently feeling human for about 2 of the 8 hours between pills. The nurses are all so amazing and caring. I had one nurse in particular who needs to be mentioned. Her name is Michele and she was exceptionally sweet, funny and caring. When I was really struggling the 1st night after my 1st knee replacement ( the nerve block didn't work), although she couldn't give me anything else for pain, her compassion and caring made me feel better. All in all, knee replacement sucks, but having a caring person helping you can really make all the difference!

Lynn Haliday-Hudgins

A male Rn in the ER put his gloves on to remove my son's IV, he opened the top off a trash can while he was wearing those gloves instead of pushing the pedal with his foot to open the trash can, then touched my son's arm again with the same dirty gloves he had on when he opened the trash can...very unsanitary!!!

Gabriel Sullivan

I went into Sentara Leigh Hospital Jan 23rd, My whole visit was 11 hours. The staff did not communicate at all, I was waiting for hours in my patient room and the nurse would come in and be like "well the doctor told you .... right?" I couldn't believe it! Really what I am most disgusted about and am reviewing this is because of the HIPAA violations I noticed. 1) A staff member came into my room and logged onto the computer and left the charts and ER status up on the computer monitor after she had left the room, It was logged onto the computer for about 20-30 minutes. In this time I could see all of the ER rooms and who was in them and why, I couldn't believe it. 2) When I was being discharged, I was given the wrong patient forms!! I got some elderly persons forms with all of their issues listed, prescriptions, and referrals. I couldn't believe it!! I can't believe how they handle information here and I will NEVER go back here, even if I am taking my last dying breath.


I've been in this hospital and used the labs, emergency room and had several nights stay. I've had a cataract surgery on each eye. My aunt is there now. While every person is not an Einstein, every aspect of this hospital is well above average and many aspects are excellent. It's not reasonable to expect a better facility and care from a public accessible hospital.

Nodak Bison

Two orthopaedic procedures there .Both by top notch ortho surgeons from the Jordan Young Institute. Great compliment to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital!

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