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Katherine Dombrowski

Billing was an absolute nightmare to deal with. Took them over a year to process my bill and clear a check. They said they would contact me when things moved along and cleared and never did. Always had the longest wait time and they never had direct answers to anything.

David and Cheryl Gilman

I'm giving this a one star because I just got a MRI with sedation on Friday. After the procedure, I was still out of it but but two guys wanted me off the MRI bed. I wasn't awake enough so they dug their fingers into my shoulders several times and kept thumping on my chest yelling at me to wake up. It's Monday and I'm still sore from their abusive actions.

808gal Oahu

I recently delivered my beautiful baby boy at this hospital. If I was blessed again with another baby, I would definitely deliver here again. The doctors and nurses took such good care of me and my family. The lactation consultants were amazing here and were knowledgeable. Even the nurses were able to help me learn how to breastfeed my son. Everyone was so attentive to our needs. The midwife and nurses that helped me deliver were so awesome at couching me. They stayed positive the whole time even though I was a crazy screaming lady. My only regret was not personally thanking them again for there services. Thank you Riverside!! Keep up the great work.

Michael Arthur

Outstanding , clean and very attentive personel in every aspect of my week long stay there for a deadly infection and heart condition.

Seymone Vilo

Riverside is not a great place to work for. They do not care about their employees,they over work us, pay us low pay and don’t care for our safety when our lives are in danger when dealing with certain patients.

Richard Adcock

Great experience in the heart surgery unit.May I say Dr Evans and he's team had me squared away in no time! Thanks also to the Nurses in this State. Jan Watson , Vaness Pierce , Meagan Ethridge , and Katherine Patterson. Oh yea Dr Anthony Lembardo what a guy he made me feel at ease. Highly recommend these Professional People.

T. Osborne

I do not appreciate how the online wait time says a certain time and it isn't correct. I have been here for 2 hours and I look on line and the wait time says 43 minutes! BS! My 3 month old is in here due to a severe cough and trouble breathing but yet we are still in the waiting room waiting

Vapor Jayy

There is slighty parking vary on the day if you're lucky. Most of everyone is friendly and straight forward. Few are mean and ugly and there are little creeps that look like they'll cut you up for the Buffet.

Atiyah Daniels

On the morning of October 22, 2015 at approximate 11:am my sister had been taken to Riverside ER there she meet with unprofessional health care providers namely a Nurse named Jamie who from the very onset begin to violate HIPPA Law of discretion for patients seeking care in the ER. She begin by telling my sister to stop herself from bleeding all over the hospital floor and proceed to announce in front of other clients seeking health care that my sister could possible have Aide's or Hepatitis. Then once she had been admitted back to the ER she had been placed in room 25 (bed) no rails pulled up on either side which resulted in her falling out of the bed because of dizziness and light head from the loss of blood. The MD on duty came into the room and asked her why she fell out of the bed and how old is she. My sister felt disrespected and violated by the ER staff of Riverside Hospital so she called me on my cell phone. Of which I responded by going to her home and meeting her husband who informed me that she was at Riverside ER, upon my arrival to Riverside ER, I inquired about my sister and was asked to wait until she is able to have visitors. Then I had been given a badge with the room number of 25 and directed towards the room my sister had been placed in. Was I reached her room meeting her in tears inquiring about what is going on she begin to tell me her experience. Then walks in MD Raul Rodriguezs who took one look at me slide the curtain open because I wished to go to Patient Relations and formally complain about the unprofessional treatment of my sister he as that I leave the room and my sister informed him of who I was, and that I was not leaving. He then decided to discharge my sister Renda King from the ER in his words "I am discharging you because I don't like your sister, or her attitude." This Raul Rodriguez's MD just took a look at how I was dress as a Muslim and made his decision based upon that and nothing else because I said nothing to him. Then a Nurse White or Hispanic came in the room and ask what was the issue I proceeded to explain to her about the behavior of the MD on duty and she immediately went back to the MD on duty informed him of what I said. This MD Raul Rodriguez's came back into room 25 got into my face as he yelled and screamed at me about what I told the nurse about his disliking me because I am Muslim I informed him to get out of my face before I call the police and he said he was going to call the police because he felt I defamed him. I told him to go right ahead, This MD needs to be placed on administrative leave and taught how to properly attend to patients that come for help in the ER.

Tiffany Pesante

I’m not usually one to complain however the staff in the emergency room shame on you ! A bunch of children is how you are acting , NOT professional at all . That’s NOT ACCEPTABLE !!! I really don’t want to hear how much beer you drank last night and how you have only been at work for an hour and want to go home. The other girl with the nose ring was sitting Indian style in her chair telling me how my property had probably been trashed and tossed away ... she didn’t want to call and check for me until I asked and I was able to retrieve my belongings my item ! I know I am in Newport News but really what do you have to say for yourselves ? Shame , shame , shame on you for speaking like that loud enough for the patients to hear how much you can’t stand your job and what you do!

Chi'mere Faison

Extremely disappointing, stressful and unprofessional experience on so many levels. I nor any of my family will ever return to this hospital again!!...From the ER charge nurse to the RN, attending PA, to the 4th floor pain ward, all displayed the total opposite than what their Mission Statement says...So many excuses as to why something was done late or not at all...No I didn't feel like you cared for me, no I didn't feel safe but as they always say "we're understaffed". I feel embarrassed being in the healthcare field myself to have to stand by and witness this. Totally unacceptable and I will share with all on how to make sure you get the proper care that you PAY for.

Peter Ashworth

Nice very clean place staff very professional


completely down the tubes. there was a day when riverside was the best choice, not so much any more. Went to an urgent care this evening for abdominal pain. Dr there did blood work which came back with elevated white count so sent us to ER. We came to Riverside-Where we sat for over 2.5 hours after initial triage. when they finally called at the 2.5 hour mark, it was not to go back, nope, just to draw blood. could have drawn blood when first arrived! When we finally got taken back , things moved more quickly. The real issue is to get any communication from the triage staff. I saw a fellow patient get up and ask about the wait and get told with zero compassion that she would get seen when they had room. When we got called back for the blood work, I expressed that if there are major things going on in the back (ambulance arrivals etc) it would go a long way to simply communicate this to the walk-in patients. Let people know, "hey, there are major things going on. We are happy to see you and serve you, but the wait just got much longer." Communicate with people and let them make informed decisions about whether to stay or go, wait or seek care elsewhere. Another disturbing thing I saw was a family come running in and asking about a loved one who was supposed to have come by ambulance. the desk staff took their time looking it up, and then very casually told the family they didn't have any information on them. The family was in great distress and the staff made no effort at all to comfort them, to get any further information for them, or to aid them in any way. Basically, the back of the ER was fine, but the front is a hot mess.

Lola Smith

The wait time is too long. Especially when there was only three people waiting to be seen. Only other issue I had is when they sent two men (one of them was a student) in to do a EKG on me. I'm sitting there in a robe and underwear. Why would I want two men looking at my naked body? Even the student looked uncomfortable. So I quickly requested a woman and she came in and seemed irritated that she had to do it.

Elle Bear

Good care.. had pretty bad chest pain and other symptoms that looked like a heart attack. I was brought back right away (within 3 minutes) to get hooked up to a small ECG monitor for a quick read and then brought to a real room for monitoring. From the front desk to the resident doctor and the two nurses I had the experience was as pleasant as an ED visit can be. I was getting a chest X-RAY within 20 minutes of being there. The tech that did my blood draw and IV site was really great, she put the catheter while the doctor was speaking to me and honestly I didn't even notice any sensation or pain while she was taking the blood and bandaging me. The resident doctor was very nice and seemed genuinely concerned about my symptoms, he never once made me feel like I was 'faking' anything or being over dramatic. I actually fell asleep for a bit and the oncoming nurse was very sweet about waking me up to give test results and take my IV catheter out. It may be because I went in at 0520am but the service was immaculate and the rooms were large, waiting room was clean and large.. it was a totally different experience than the hospital I usually go to if I have an emergency (Norfolk General and Obici) Thank you for easing my mind and treating me well

kathline badgett

My baby was born at 25 weeks.. theyve taken such good care of us!!!!

Shaina Durham

I went to the emergency room and it took them forever to get anything done and they weren't even busy. They wanted to run ridiculous tests on me that had no relation to what I went in for. And of course it's just because they wanted to charge me for anything they could. The bathroom was excessively dirty as well.

Donna Ingle

We came today so my husband could get a spinal tap. I went to move the car so it would be closer to the pavilion. NO parking spaces on this end of the hospital. Can't park in the health department parking lot even tho there are tons of empty spaces so I lost my close spot near the annex and had to park farther away. Was going to park in the emergency room parking lot, but again NO parking spot. There needs to be a parking garage on the end where the pavilion is so people don't have to keep going around and around to find a spot. To top it all off I'm lost in the hospital and can't get to the waiting room I'm supposed to be at and the security guard didn't have a clue what I was trying to tell him where I needed to be

Tasha Brookens

Came in one 2 diff occasions at 37 and 38 weeks pregnant for blurred vision headache upper abdominal pain and lightheaded ness was given Tylenol and sent home since blood work was normal even though i have a slew of issues only a NST and bp monitor no actual viewing of baby or placenta hate this place

Wendi G

What is the point of waiting behind the sign to ensure privacy when checking in at the ER only to have you sit out in the open to take vitals etc. This hospital has always been unprofessional in my opinion!!

Dominique Goodloe

If I could rate this hospital a zero I would! At least the Emergency room! The nurses have absolutely no bed side manner and the wait time to be seen to 2+ hours. I went in because I assumed I was having a miscarriage, it was my first after two healthy pregnancies and I just wanted to confirm and know what I should do after. However even after letting them know what I was coming in for I still waited 2.5 hours in the waiting room. After requesting numerous times to be seen in the maternity ward since my reasoning for being there is pregnancy related I got told no because I wasn’t 20 weeks along. After waiting the 2.5 hours I got a room and then waited an additional hour before the dr came. I mentioned to him I had a picture of what I thought I to be the embryo coming out and he laughed and said “no I don’t want to see it I’m not an OB so I wouldn’t be able to tell what it is” my response was then why am I not being seen by an OB who could better assist me. They ran blood work and it all came back that I was pregnant so then they sent me for an ultrasound which took maybe 20 minutes. After the ultrasound I waited an additional 3 hours before hearing the results and I only heard them then because I pitched a fit asking for a dr to come in. When he came in he laughed and said “there was no baby so you know what that means” HOW RUDE! Here my husband and I are mourning the loss of what we thought was going to be our child and the ER DR just laughed in our face. I am extremely disappointed in the way this hospital treats their patients not to mention my husband is in the military and in his uniform. I really hope they get better training, because this was such an awful experience!

Mary J. K.

RRMC at Newport news is Horrible ! Like seriously we waited for 3 hours in the ER to be seen !! And all they did was tests we were already holding in our hands from less than 20 hours ago .. and we Understood all of that, it's the normal routine but what really annoyed me the most and pissed the hell out of me is when the Nurse "who was clearly not happy to be there" again I understood .. long shifts .. whiny Patients .. but when she says WHATEVERR when she couldn't pronounce my last name !!!! This is so disrespectful and Rude !!

Shannon Linquist

Had severe pain in my back right side. Initially went to Sentara. who diagnosed it as torn back muscle. A week later went to Riverside. They did a MRI. Come to find out I had 9mm X 7mm kidney stone just entering "the tube" They did a lithotripsy to pound the stone into smaller pieces. Great hospital.

Brittany Kim

Do NOT deliever here!

bryan baker

Horrific. Teach these people how to communicate. They do well checking in every hour but outside that not good. Food sucks! When in recovery know you have to request pain meds and then you receive them 45 min later. They write on the communication board “pain med at 4pm” but this is when you have to request it. We are told to set clocks at night to receive it. Wife told the nurse each day about sholder pain (her abdomen was worked on). As we are leaving they decided to do an xray. 3 hrs later we get counsel. Unreal. Customer service is non-existant here

Karla Holbrook

Stay away from this hospital!!! My son came in unable to speak, unable to walk steadily, and had muscles twitching uncontrollably. He is a healthy, strong 20 year old. They released him because his ct scan looked ok, and his bloodwork was only a “little abnormal”, he fell an hour later while he got out of his car. Absolute negligence on the hospitals part!!!

tariq shah

I am refering to ER Dont even deserve one is horrible. The wait will kill you even if they are not busy

Anu Thomas

Had a very bitter experience with my blood test service happened yesterday. My injected area became red, brown and finally black. Im in a position to wear only full sleeves always due to this discoloration. Seems like the person injected me was a new person and im so sorry that im not the person to do experiments with. Im looking forward to see some management person in riverside to report my concern. Totally disappointed.

karen mckee

Had the best ER visit yesterday! I have been to the ER numerous times with 3 elderly parents. On Sunday 9/14, the experience was exceptional. From the front desk, to triage nurse, to the ER Nurse Practitioner, ER Nurse Tim and Admitting Doctor Owens - everyone was professional, efficient, helpful and time sensitive. Our ER Nurse, Tim, was especially attentive and considerate of my mother's limitations and acute distress, while being informative and present for all of her medical needs.

Dribble Demon

Went to go get shots last week and it was a 1 hour wait when we where the 3rd people to get into the waiting room. Could of been quicker but it was ok.

DeShawn Cross

Terrible. Just awful service. Nobody has seen me in about 12 hours. Nothing to eat or drink. Service is complete trash.

Kathryn Erwin

My father will live out the rest of his life here and they have been nothing but caring, straightforward, gentle, and accommodating during our time here. We have been lucky to have had had his treatment at Riverside.

Emerald YT

My grandmother Rhonda Luck is in this hospital right now. My expectations is for her to be concious when she gets out. Btw i went here for my severe headache and they were wonderful!

Dylan Kennedy

Dissatisfied. On the outside looking in, Riverside cares less about their quality of care and more about whether or not their bills are getting paid. My office visits with the doctors were very short, but my wait times in the lobby were very long. The information I received when I asked questions was limited. The doctors were always more concerned with staying on "schedule" then working with me at the time of my visits. Riverside seems to have way more people on staff in their billing, accounting, and collections department than they do in their clinical departments. I had a nasty injury this past summer, and I received very limited PT assistance at the therapist's office. BUT I was billed twice for a single visit based on the way they coded their information into the system. I receive far better quality of care at my new physical therapist's office, and the level of genuine concern is much higher and authentic with my new PT. Don't visit Riverside unless you want to recover slow and pay bills forever.

Kathy Kern

They DO NOT DESERVE EVEN ONE STAR!!!!! I was seen in the ER I have never been to Riverside before and will never go back HORRIBLE TREATMENT and on top of all that they took my insurance information and didn't even submit it I got a high bill in the mail then my daughter ended up going to the ER there and they did the same thing to her well TRI-CARE management has been informed as well as our PCM I hope TRI-CARE STOPS SENDING ANYONE TO RIVERSIDE THEY ARE INCOMPETENT!!!!!!!

Carter Carter

Riverside Regional Medical Center is a great place. If you want to help keep the wait time down, try to get into your primary doctor during business hours or call to set up an appointment for the next day if you can. Or go to the urgent care place if it is not that bad like the one by oyster point md express. Anybody and everybody can have different experiences for instance I had a good experience when i lived in hampton and went to sentara. I had a bad experience recently at the williamsburg riverside. I haven't went to any other hospital so i really cant say about the others. It happens. Dr Flanagan did a great job taking care of my daughter while Dr Lawson i feel like saved my life. She got the problem diagnosed and me into surgery that same day. The specialists that helped me at Hampton Roads Urology were amazing. They have a great staff and are just as busy but even still. I am just grateful that they all took good care of me. 5 months later i feel so much better then I did. If you do not have a primary or know somebody without a primary have them look up local primary offices. If you do not have insurance try the local free clinics or sliding scale clinics. HELP FREE CLINIC, COMMUNITY FREE CLINIC OF NN, TAPPAHANIC FREE CLINIC, LACKEY FREE CLINIC, SOUTH EASTERN VIRGINIA HEALTH SYSTEM (A BUNCH OF DIFFERENT LOCATIONS), OLDE TOWNE MEDICAL CENTER, BON SECOUR CARE-A-VAN, ANGELS OF MERCY, GLOUCESTER MATHEWS FREE CLINIC,

IronReece13 .

We had to go to the emergency room with my kids. They were super friendly and helpful. The waiting room was busy but the wait wasn't long.

Virginia S

Better experience on the cancer floor at this hospital than at Sentara Careplex. The staff had a few great nurses and some that were outright liars. A mixed bag for staff. The rooms were updated and comfortable in comparison to other area hospitals.

yovany perez

Sitting in an emergency bed right now (been here almost 3 hours and no doctor). What is this hospitals definition of emergency room?? Incompretense is rampant within these walls. Stay clear

Cirrelia Thaxton

Customer service is lacking....nurses are understaffed and overworked...patients do not receive quality care on a regular basis...THERE IS A NEED FOR BETTER TRAINING OF STAFF! And, above all, nursing staff must follow the golden rule: PATIENTS COME FIRST! I stand by this review because I can bear witness to improper etiquette and ethics from the ANNEX (3rd Floor Station)....

Micalyn Raterman

The average wait time is 3 hrs per person as I was told by admin. This place is the worst.



Sharyn Fox

Care team communication is non existent. Doctors rarely admit to being in charge. Patients dismissed from ICU with life threatening conditions evident. Not a place I want myself of my family to be. .

Mitchell Holloman

Worst hospital even. Workers suck. Doctors are slow. Terrible hospital

Joann Yaeger

I wrote a review almost a year earlier. I will have a much much different say about Riverside today. Dad has been coming to this hospital for almost four years and I do not recognize this as the same hospital. Riverside has certainly strayed a wide berth from their mission statement. As I write this review, father is still in their hospital. He has been lying excruciatingly on a temporary, 2.5 inch mattress, 4 days now. Mattress causing abject pain. He is 97 and was ambulatory upon arrival at ER . . Now I am worried about him acquiring pressures sores. This gentleman walked in independently with only with a bladder infection, needing IV antibiotics, and will not be able to walk out on his own because of a wrongly prescribed antibiotic (viz: family noted the newness of swelling of feet, redness, pain, yellowing of skin, inability to stand, inability to stay awake---and Dad had cardiac issues----and this antibiotic should NOT EVER, EVER have been prescribed for heart issues--every time we brought up these issues, we were treated dismissively. Nothing was passed along to the physician. ) and a thin 2.5 inch padding that cannot cover the metal parts of base of the bed.. The family has been told is that, "The hospital is at capacity, therefore we cannot help you find another bed or mattress." (Really? On an elder care floor??? Bedsores???) I do not see the team work that used to be on this floor. There seems to be more admin work now than hands-on patient care. Nurses are trying their best, but quite frankly the overwork is causing condescension from some staff we have never encountered before. Our family is clearly annoying the healthcare workers by asking questions that SHOULD be asked about medication (wrongly prescribed for anyone with heart issues or AGE---) and requiring that for someone expected to lie prone for 4+ days on padding less than our cocker spaniel's floor mat. At this point, one employee has agreed our Dad should not be on this "bed mat" and she is trying--now 4 days later to help. The patient advocate has not returned our calls. Riverside has clearly lost focus. Update: Finally spoke with patient advocate. Will adjust this review as situation warrants

calm Child

Very clean very nice atmosphere a lot of good doctors in one place easy to access

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Corey Hayslett

I got in to a vehicle accident had bad pains in my head and neck hit my head in the accident go to emergency room for it as well as nausea waited for 3 hours with ears ringing couldn't even keep my eyes open because how bright it was then when I get taken back they put me in a room I asked the dr to turn the lights off thinking that would help before they come back to run a test or check on me the dr said ok and walked out I turned the light off then puked in the trash can the dr comes back tells me I need Tylenol and to leave well I go to another hospital have a traumatic brain injury thanks for your concern never again the worse part is my mother has worked there for 20+ years like that makes a different I guess warning anybody that goes there DONT you're not of their concern


I am giving a 2 because the check in was long and not enough help. The one bright spot was the young pregnant receptionist at pavilion who was fast, polite and smiled even though she was in the front alone checking people in. She deserves a 5 star rating. Also the parking stinks. Riverside needs to stop building and work on the parking issues.

Donna Clark

On the night of 2/23/2018, approximately 17:45, While at the ED with a family member, at the reception area, patients' vital signs was taken with a Welch Allyn. Excellent piece of equipment. However, the values were vividly displayed.The device was located flat against the wall. While the patient was attached and getting his vital signs, you could clearly visualize each patient's blood pressure, heart rate, and O2 Sats. Prior to approaching the reception desk, A sign was posted, indicating the concerns for patients' privacy, but yet, patients' vitals were displayed to the public. I made it clear to the staff concerning this HIPPA violation. They were nonchalant and provided me with a card to notify the Caring Connection person. She stated that it will be discussed with the leadership team. Let's be clear, aside for the HIPPA violation, it is in humane to provide treatment of any sort in an open forum. Even animals are taken to the back for treatment at the veterinary clinics.

Benjamin Miller

Don't let the negative reviews based on bad ER wait times deter you; this is an excellent hospital with great staff. Yes the ER does have significant wait times if you are not in an ongoing emergency, but this is due to the overcrowding of ERs and is a national problem. If you want to be seen for a minor problem quickly, go to an urgent care and pay the small fee. If you are truly in an emergency or need major care, RIverside is by far the best hospital in the region.

Michele Leeper

They quickly put me in a room.. So I felt as if the visit was going to be fast until I had to wait an hour to see a nurse that DID NOT wear gloves. Then I had to wait another hour to see a doctor. To tell me I need a a little surgery. But by that time I DID NOT feel comfortable with a nurse giving me a numbing needle who DID NOT wear gloves the first time assessing my cyst. So I asked if I could just get antibiotics and explained my last primary doctor gave me a prescription for it the last time I had a cyst and made them aware that this cyst is not in the same spot as the last one. So anyway I had to wait another hour for the prescription. So a total of three hours just to get a prescription just because I did not feel comfortable having anyone in that facility cut me.

Moni Love

Worse hospital I've ever encountered in my lifetime!! TRULY doesn't deserve 1 star. I have NEVER rated below 3 stars. Terrible treatment once I got to my room. I swore in 1997 I'd never go back but I thought it be better after so long.

Laverne Massey

Thanks, Riverside Regional,I had a great experience with R RMC, their team was on time for me. the food was ok, they need me in in the kitchen. The Doctor, Teachntion,and the Nurses, whom I depen on was there when I needed them. I am grateful for all of them. God bless all of you and Thank you.

Miiss Be

I had my baby here. let me just say that I feel like my labor couldn't have been better. the nurses were great! my delivery was straight forward. staff was great! Informative and helpful, sweet, and professional. this hospital has such a bad reputation and I was scared to deliver here. I thought I would have the worst delivery ever. but it was the total opposite.

Ana-Alicia Popham

Just had recent vascular surgery excellent drs and nurses especially in the icu/ccu Aaron Nicole Megan and especially Caitlyn she did everything she could to make me feel comfortable after an intense surgery

Katie Collins

My father was taken care of by Kelsey and Amanda on floor 4 for the 4 day stay. I feel that he was treated like a well loved grandpa. Also, when there was a mishap Ebony, director of Home Care took care of us and made sure that the mishap was corrected and helped my dad out to her very best effort. Thank you for demonstrating your mission statement with my father!

Brittany Bennett

All of the staff was wonderful when I gave birth to my son. The rooms were very spacious and the food was decent for hospital. I had an overall wonderful experience there. I would highly recommend to others.

Joan Conover

Post surgery for spinal fusion with cage, I had a terrible experience at Riverside Hospital. The day I had the surgery the patient call button for my bed (and all the other beds ) did not work due to installation of some sort of new hospital intercom system. That day I had major and very painful spine surgery and the pain medication and/or device did not provide much pain relief. So, just out of surgery, for a long long 18 hours of pain, nurses did not check me that I was aware of..I kept calling for help. Nothing, I kept using the call button, nothing. At 2 AM, i finally managed to get my cell phone from the stand next to bed and call my husband at home. He had to call the nurse on the floor to tell her to HELP me. The next morning, the staff nurses, when told of the issue of lack of pain meds the call button issue and the device not working, LAUGHED and said I got lots of medication as I had pressed the button over 350 times. That number at least should have told them there was a problem. And the fact it was humorous..and they argued the fact I was in pain...BAD. Don't go there if you have need of responsive and caring staff in the surgical unit. Frankly, spinal fusion with cages is a very painful surgery..the staff should have been more supportive.

Samantha G

Went into labor and had complications so they told me if I didn't do a csection then my baby would come out "retarded" and during surgery they used all latex when I have a severe allergy which was written all over my chart and 2 bracelets on. Never again will I go to riverside hospitals. Sad part is they never apologized for almost killing me!

Allener Rogers, Ed.D.

Knowledgeable physicians and healthcare professionals

barbara rice

Great hospital.. treated my daughter so well...... But lousy internet, could not communicate with the outside world!

L Carter

This hospital does not deserve even one star, it is THAT bad. I have been waiting for SEVEN hours in the E. R. to be moved upstairs to a room that obviously is not available. The state should step in and take a hard look at these facilities as much has fallen through the cracks.

Fanella Panory

We just felt so degraded and embarrassed, as my best friend daughter was at the ER and she was being treated in a busy Hallway because she didnt have any insurance. Her HIPAA privacy rights was violated. Virginia please expand MEDICAID to your poor residents so this BULLSH*T can STOP!

George Beverley

They knew what they were doing and took care of me

Quatasia Jones

Very unprofessional. They leave you in the bed in hallways for hours without checking on you ; i asked two nursed to removed needle from my arm and one ignored me the other went to the computer and started eating once he came he started thw process and walked off to answer his cell phone so i had no other option but to take it out myswld ! DO NOT COME HERE IF YOU’RE VERY SICK ! They do not care ..

Dennis Latimer

The emergency room has serious issues with basic triage. Took my wife in with severe abdominal pain that turned out to be a life threatening condition. Everyone from the reception area to nurses and doctors were callous and uncaring. My wife sat in a room crying in agony for hours while staff members sat outside laughing and joking. Pressing the nurse call button was useless; I had to roam the hallway desperately asking anyone for help. All had the same response: "I will let them know". Meanwhile, I could hear doctors attending to patients with minor issues like bronchitis and knee pain. After a CT, the doctor came in, mumbled some medical term, and left the room. The nurse couldn't tell us anything. Thankfully, after seven hours of waiting in pain, my wife was transported from this horrible place to a first class facility--VCU Medical Center ER. I deeply regret not video recording the whole experience to show the hospital administration.

Taylor Wallace

I was seen in the ER following a minor motor vehicle accident a few months ago. I was brought back within 20 minutes of arriving to the ER, and the total time I was in the hospital was less than 2 hours. All of the staff and providers were friendly and reassuring.

Theresa Rivers

Been in the hospital since January 2, delivered my daughter January 4 and were still in this damn place......once I was discharged I was forgotten about for food (breast feeding moms still get feed after discharge) and being informed on what's going on with lab work on my daughter. So glad this is our last baby because Riverside has gone down hill badly. Half of their food was bad or had a bug on it or they just dont feed you like their supposed to do. Good job at keeping a family separated and not giving information to the people/parents involved. Feel bad that the nurses have to do laboratory's job because their not dependable to be where their supposed to be. I've rated 3 stars and heres why. The nurses were on top of their responsibilities and then extra responsibilities of other departments so the Nurses in Labor and Delivery get 3 stars. As for the hospital sorry I cannot rate this place at the moment and not completely bad mouth it.

IAmTheFuture 35!

Currently my mom is in here and everything is going well the only issue is the amount of nurses available. For a hospital with many patients, the availability of nurses does not match and that needs to be fixed. It maybe a few nurses who seem to have an "attitude" but I can't knit pick in that because this can be a stressful job but as long as they do their job I can accept it. From a food stand point breakfast is alright(a 5), lunch is good(a 9) but a tad bit high priced. But overall everything is fine and I thank nurses who have came in, took their time, and did their job.

Deaziare Grant

Riverside Is The Slowest Hospital Ever! The Receptionist Told Me My Wait Would Be 3.5 Hours With The Longest Person Waiting 5. That Is Completely Unacceptable. A Lady Came In From A Car Accident With Everything Hurting And She Too Had To Wait. They Also Made Her Walk To The Bathroom On Her Own After She Asked Several Times Could Someone Help Her Due To Her Leg And Back Being Messed Up. The Receptionists Were Very Rude To Her And Raised Their Voices A Few Times! I Will Never Go Back To Riverside Again... Too Unprofessional, Unorganized & Disfunctional!


Worst hospital experience ever! They do not follow their core values and treat you inhumanly. Jeanette The Unit Manager should be fired with her lack of compassion towards family members. I have served Active Duty in the Military for 14 years and have NEVER been treated the way Jeanette treated my family. It's humiliating and sad for the people that have to work there. I would get all hospital care from Sentera CarePlex where they treat people as people!

Rachael Ward

Get better service at the funeral home any funeral home. New building you'll die waiting. Their own employee is in extreme pain been waiting 2 hours with only 10 people in ER. They get their buildings built faster than the service in Emergency room . Take care of the patients instead of making the buildings pretty.

Kim Suriano

Best hospitalization experience, ER visit care, EMT's.....for that unexpected ambulance ride...All great service from all staff member's

Nicole Call

I have delivered my two daughters here, exactly a year apart. I also have visited the ER, and underwent a ECV procedure. Delivering my girls I had WONDERFUL doctors and nurses both times. The one nurse who REALLY stood out was nurse Julie. She was part of my first birth feeding me ice chips and coaching me along and was also part of my ECV again helped me SO incredibly much with everything. She went ABOVE AND BEYOND. I was hoping I’d see her for my second daughters birth to thank her again but I didn’t. The doctors I encountered were fantastic Dr Mitchell and Dr Neely were absolutely fantastic. I saw Dr Mitchell for the majority of my prenatal appointments including the finding a possible cyst on my baby’s brain, finding out my baby was breach and scheduling my ECV and my C Section and she was SO reassuring and supportive. Dr Neely I saw with both of my children and he performed my C section with dr Wohlgumoth (spelled that wrong) they did GREAT. I was out of the hospital a day early, out an about 4 days after surgery and off on a road trip by day 7 my scar is BARELY visible. If I have anymore children I will for sure go back to riverside to deliver. Now as far as ER visit. I had an Anxiety attack in the middle of the night and had to bring my two children with me to the ER. Nurses came out of the woodwork and helped me with them as I advised to begin with that it was likely an anxiety attack I just couldn’t get myself out of it. They helped watch them so I could get my tests done and relax and come out of it. They helped me SO much I wish I could have thanked them more.

Julie White

My elderly mother took a very nasty, debilitating fall which required emergency intervention. The entire process, while lengthy, was painless. The initial female ER doc came in quickly and ordered tests and within a half hour she was taken for CT scan and xrays. The er nurses, especially, Cerina, were caring and compassionate with this 97 y.o. mother and myself. They went out of their way to accommodate her with pillows and heated blankets to make her comfortable. At shift change mom was assigned to a wonderful doctor, Dr. P. Amin. He took so much time with mom and explaining all concerns , testing, hospice and elder care for future. He very quickly completed all paperwork for her to transfer to an AL facility. He was extremely gracious, cordial, caring and the distraught family member, me, her daughter, a hug and offered his sincere understanding of our situation. Never a better doctor have I encountered in my 62 years. Additionally, the nurses on her floor in the Pavilion were super! My entire family was impressed by the care there and the facility.

Sandra Hutchison

This hospital sucks!!! My mom had surgery and they did not get her up to walk until the 6th day. She was here for 9 days and they only gave her a sponge bath 1 time.

Oliver Brand

Great People, great facility in the region

Toni Hodges Steward

Received the best care ever. Great staff of nurses and doctors

jerry vanderhall

Waited 2 1/2 hours in the waiting room just to be pulled to the back and wait another 3 hours! We kept talking to a nurse for an update because nobody told us nothing. My wife and I will NOT be back again....

Fed Up

I made the mistake of coming here tonight i waited 6 hours to be put in the hallway when i have health insurance and have the er physician yell my health problems out loud and for him to not believe me about my medical conditions and he told me to stop taking my antibiotics that were prescribed to me by my specialist this is a hospital you go to if you would like to die uncomfortably.

Catherine Vance

Seeing the Negative reviews, Being a new resident here from Maine. Kind of had me worried about my ER visit on a Saturday night BUT To my surprise, my visit was Amazing, I was greeted and registered with a breeze, and brought out back within 15 minutes and within 45 minutes I was walking out the door with A diagnosis and meds. Nurse and doctor we informative and listend to what I had to say in regards to my late night visit.. Only downfall was not getting a few doses of antibiotics until I was able to get my prescriptions filled the next morning.

Caitlin Caplinger

Absolutely horrible. After drugging me up to the point where I couldn't talk, they performed unnecessary tests on me and were rude to boot. The last thing you want at a hospital is nurses and doctors who make it more terrifying than it already is.

Marina Nelson Hall

The doctor refused to do my pelvic exam because I was crying and cursing on the phone with my MOTHER, NOT the staff. They said I defined their policy and refused to give me treatment. The doctor questioned my pain and said “ well you were not in pain a couple hours ago” so I replied “I don’t want F******* pain meds I just want to be helped” and apologized saying “I’m sorry I’m not trying to be mean I’m in distress” he then replied, “ your not in distress you don’t know what distress is the woman next door to you almost died that’s distress!” “you will be discharged and I will not do your pelvic exam.” I was discharged and went to Sentara where they did my pelvic exam and removed massive amounts of blood clots. Also when I meant distress I meant anxiety and fear! Not I’m dying! Also a lot of other issues happened with my treatment prior to the incident like the nurse getting my blood all over my arm while doing my IV and spilled all kinds of fluids on the floor before hooking them to my IV. Also 3 different staff asked where my urine sample was for the first 2 hours I was there because they couldn’t find it! Eventually they did!

em bfb

Would not let us see our family #charlesreed they lied and said he wasn't there when. I called waited in the lobby for seven Ours he's supposed to be on life support but someone walked by the room and said he wasn't hooked up to. Anything he was laying there lifeless looking dead or expired the disrespectfulness and what is the doctor doing with the bag of blood.... Staff rude on the phone very unprofessional

rickstart buck

Worst hospital ever. Makes 5 year old wait more than 6 hours n then have to give up n go some where else to be seen by doctor. No idea what is going on behind the doors in the ER but honestly no more riverside for my family for sure. Would rather go to sentara or CHKD.

Jamorria Shields

They deserve no stars! My review is for anyone planning to give birth here. No matter what you do, DON’T, find anywhere else! I’ll try to make this story short. I was being seen at Riverside Brentwood for OBGYN care. I asked each doctor at different appointments how they were sure my baby was head down since I was a first time mother, I didn’t want any last minute findings...well at my 37 week appointment the doctor said my son was head down but did a ultrasound to be sure...& guess what, my baby was breeched!! So he called on a later day to schedule an ECV, I’ve never had any surgery, therefore I have no idea how to prepare, needless to say he never told me not to eat or drink before coming in for the procedure. They needed to reschedule for another date but my husband had duty for the only next available appointment, so they told us after I reached 38 weeks baby would be too big to do the procedure so I had to schedule a c-section because we were told they absolutely don’t deliver breeched babies vaginally & scared me into needing one, also said Langley wouldn’t take me if I tried to wait for my baby to turn on his own. The first scheduled c-section date was 2/23/2017, we arrived somewhere between 6-7am, took them forever to find my veins & I’m not a hard stick, they even missed with a vein finder, instead they injected lidocaine into the bottom side of my wrist to start the IV...after waiting for a couple of hours my arm started breaking out with bulging bumps (allergic reaction-hives) they then gave me benadryl topical cream, & we continued to wait for women who they were unsure of would become emergency c-sections, until 3pm came around & I had had enough of starving my baby & feeling like I was about to pass out from not eating or drinking for extremely too long. Asked for my discharge paperwork & to reschedule my SCHEDULED c-section to 2/27/2017! Upon arriving at the hospital with more than enough time & being optimistic about a smooth beginning, the staff seemed to be rushing, my conclusion was maybe they didn’t want me to try & leave again, but whatever. Everything was fine until getting to the delivery room...the anesthesiologist (who wasn’t listening to any of my concerns) said my reaction to lidocaine wasn’t severe so he would still inject it so they wouldn’t have to put me to sleep...well regardless the spinal block didn’t work & in the middle of being tested to make sure I was numb although I kept saying I felt the coldness of the tool...the doctor started to cut me open & I felt EVERYTHING! I screamed as loud as I could & the anestheologist told the doctor to keep cutting, despite the female anestheologist telling him I was uncomfortable & shouldn’t have been screaming like that, but according to him it was just my anxiety causing me to feel things...& they didn’t even bring my husband in until after they had started, we were told he would be there with me before they began! Eventually they put me to sleep (I thought I died because that’s what it felt like). I woke up in the recovery room & they brought my husband in, I didn’t know what happened or where I was, but I wanted my baby. They didn’t tell me he was in NICU for low oxygen at birth until hours later! I couldn’t sleep in the bed & they kept trying to make me, I couldn’t lay on my back because it gave me horrible flashbacks, I had nightmares...shortly after going home, I was diagnosed with PTSD at Langley because of their care. It has taken me a year & a half to warn people about them because I’m still trying to recover even though I believe it has changed my life forever! I pray no one ever has to experience the pain & suffering that I do from Riverside Regional Medical Center! Short version done.


Hospital full of BS, they bring you in and release you too quick even when you not fully well. Its sad, they need to get themselves together and learn to care about the patients a little more. Head doctor is not working with a full deck either, he needs to tighten up and get a brain.

MICHAEL Sawyer Sawyer

My name is Michael Sawyer I recently began having painful urination and went to Riverside Walter Reed in Gloucester when they ran some tests they immediately wanted me to go to the Main Riverside Hospital in Newport News. My experience from the beginning until discharge and in subsequent vist has been 100%positive and Every single person who I came in contact with at the Hospital or follow ups at Dr.Prillaman's office are true caring professionals .I have never been treated better at anytime in my life then Riverside Hospital and staff treated me . Thank you Michael Sawyer

Lauren Kyle

My husband was"seen" in the ER by a "doctor" with atrocious bedside manner. He's been to the ER three times this week, and come to find out he was "supposed to be admitted" on his second visit. Issue with that? THEY NEVER TOLD HIM AND PROCESSED HIM FOR DISCHARGE. Then when he's there for visit #3 he's chastised for leaving when he was to be admitted. Let's just say y'all better hope and pray NOTHING happens to this man before he can get REAL medical treatment. Only go here if the vet is closed!!!!

Stinky finger

What type of HOSPITAL forces employees to come to work sick if they can't find coverage to work their positions, or they get written up? I hope patients and family members are appalled at such carelessness of this hospital administration to potentially expose patients for surgery to continued sickness.

James Johnson

7/6/15 about 6:50am mistakenly walked in there ER with a walking stick and so much pain. Nurses useless,Physician useless. Not a care in the world. My wife warned me I didn't listen.Even a common cleaner is involved in nursing affairs. Terrible Hospital ER.


Avoid this place. Going here for excruciating stomach pains I overheard the nurse and a police officer discussion of me using drugs. Then I am asked if I smoke crack or heroine, after which bloodwork was done and the nurse didn't come back but another nurse came in to tell me what is wrong with my stomach and tell me my bloodwork was great... this was the worst hospital I have visited.

Seth Stojiljkovic

I was the guy who had the Ice Skating accident and had 3 wonderful nurses in ICU! I would like to go back so I can gift and thank you 3! I would love to show my appreciation; because who knows what would be of me if it weren't for the 3 of you. To which ever Nurse brushed/cleaned my hair and made it look nice; thank you a million times; you melted my heart practically! Words can't describe how grateful I am of you 3!

Chaz Anderson

Wonderful hospital!

Charles Graham

Hard to park because of bird droppings

Heidi Norcross

I’d just gotten surgery earlier in the week at Sentara, but went to the Riverside ER when the catheter inserted post-surgery had gotten blocked. I was in extreme agony and went to find a bathroom to hopefully ease some pressure. Blood everywhere. When I told registration they said they’d note it in my chart... the chart that said I’d just had SURGERY to remove an ovarian cyst (along with the ovary itself and Fallopian tube), but blood in my urine isn’t an emergency?? I was in a cold sweat, crying and shaking uncontrollably. My husband got so concerned he finally told them I needed to be seen sooner. It took them two agonizing hours to see me, but when they did it seemed like they were finally listening. My nurses and doctor were amazing and they’re the only reason I’m giving one star. Everyone working at the registration desk that night needs to be retrained or, better yet, fired!!!!!

Leslie L.

This review is for the labor and delivery portion of the hospital. Months prior to my delivery, I went on a tour and thought the I’d be in good hands here. WRONG. When it was time to have my baby, they set me up in a dinky room with a broken sink. The staff will bully you into getting every kind of medical intervention under the sun, and if you stop to question them, they start treating you like a burden. They just want you out as soon as possible and if that means giving you a c-section to get you the heck outta there, so be it. One nurse literally told me that I need to “give up hope” on having a natural birth. I feel like I have PTSD from my treatment here. Oh and when it was time for me to be discharged my nurse disappeared so I had to walk out the hospital on swollen feet while recovering from a major abdominal surgery. I don’t understand how the staff here would enter the healthcare field when it’s apparent that they just don’t care.

Tia Walton

Most of the nurses are friendly here. There is one elderly man at the front desk who gets a kick out of being a smart aleck. Needless to say, he's very unlikable.

Mic Platt

We had two babies delivered here and two major procedures. Never anything less than awesome medical care! Please "like" my review if it helped you.

CAlinda Griffin

That is -1 this ER sucks it's like your I visible no one attends to you once in your room they didn't have a room to put my Mother in so we where treated in the hallway. Mom was there for wheezing a d chest pains no one listened go her lungs until I requested them to. She started violently choking no one responded. Just don't come as one person put it unless you want to die.

Tasha Moss

Very busy but good hospital

Janelle Koehler

I had an amazing experience after I broke my leg!! The staff was AMAZING - very respectful, knowledgeable, friendly, etc. I never had any doubts about the care I was getting. The only thing I really had issues with was getting my aftercare - like my home health aide care and my PT - I had to call the case manager on call and she had to push it through for me.


This hospital is by far the worst hospital I have ever been in. I brought my 75 year old Grandma, who has never complained of a pain in her life here because she was experiencing pain on a level of 9. We waited 3+ hours to be seen. When I would ask about the wait, the staff would say we call numbers at random. Which is a complete lie! I sat and watched as multiple younger looking adult and children go in after waiting 10 -20 mins at the most. It seems to me on that particular night that the elderly had more of a wait time. One lady said she had been waiting for 6hrs! I understand it's an emergency room and you may have a wait but really, 3+ hrs?!? I truly felt there was no respect for the elderly. Shame on you Riverside Regional Medical Hospital staff from 7pm to 12am on 8/5. Tag the hospital in the post

Mark Nataupsky

Dr. Denise Duhon had been my Primary Care Physician (PCP) for many years. She is an excellent diagnostician who takes the time actually to listen to what a patient wants to say to her. I don't mind that she often runs behind schedule. I know that she is giving another patient the same time that he or she needs from Dr. Duhon, just like she will give me all the time that I need for an appointment with Dr. Duhon.

Cyber Chutney

I use to work as an environmental service worker (housekeeper). The experience was horrible. The departments were so divided and disrespect. At the time, I verbally told one of the supervisors that I was coming in late to take care of my grandmother. The next day I was terminated. I should of wrote it down.Mrs.Byrd didn't want to hear it. I found another place to call a career. Anyway, the only decent part I like was being a patient there but working there is a whole different story.

Santia Wiley

Longest wait time: 3 hrs.

Jessica Brown

They have people waiting hours to be seen meanwhile the staff is just sitting around having personal conversations right in front of the patients... It takes 5 nurses to answer one simple question, lack of communication. Just very unprofessional and doesn't take their job serious. There is no way the staff is qualified to even work with patients due to their attitudes and lack of compassion... I rate them a negative zero..

Erik Greathouse

I have taken family and friends to this hospital and I have never received good service while there. I told my wife if I have an emergency please send me to another hospital. I am considering a living will to avoid them

Yin Scape

Called for information on a loved one, for hung up on by someone in a pissy fit of rage

Jakayla Phatkat

I’m here at the emergency room. And I’ve been here since 4pm. It’s now 9pm and I’m just now being seen. The sorriest hospital ever. Smgdh

Kimberly Hill

I was sent to RRMC from Patient First due to RLQ abdominal pain for a CT scan. Once I was roomed I encountered the NP who said she would do a Pelvic exam as well as the CT scan, once she spoke to the MD. Then the nurse came in to draw my blood and start IV "in case they want to give you medicine" during that time the Doctor popped his head in the door and asked me why I was there, I repeated my story for the 5th time. He stood at the door and said ok well we have to draw blood to see if your kidneys can handle the contrast for the CT scan that will take an hour, then you will go to have the CT and then it will take an hour for the CT to be read, so don't expect to see me or the NP for 2 hours and the clock begins when she finishes drawing your blood. I said ok. the nurse finished at 8:37. I asked her for something for pain. " sure she said" that was the last time I saw any of them. Another nurse came in a few hours later to draw blood and start my IV, I told her I already had all of that done and she just walked out, as I was asking her how much longer. At 1 a.m. I walked out of the hospital and n one noticed or cared. No one had checked on me. No one had offered me pain medication, no Tylenol nothing. No CT scan had been done. No one came in to say anything about my lab work. No one peeked in to say hey we haven't forgotten about you, nothing!! After I got home at approx 1:23 there was a message from Riverside not checking on me or wondering if I was ok or asking why I walked out but asking me to call back because they were " checking on the status of my IV" UNBELIEVABLE!! I am a nurse but now work in HR, so of course I removed the stupid IV. Major FAIL Riverside !!! I want to give NO STARS AT ALL BUT i HAVE TO PICK ONE IN ORDER TO POST

Lisa Borland

Thursday during the middle of the night I had to go in. I waited 20 minutes in the waiting room and an hour and a half in the room for dr. Rodriguez. Definitely not unrealistic for a busy ER at the time. I was very happy with the way I was treated by everyone and by Dr. Rodriguez and what he did. My opinion of Riverside has definitely changed!

Tamia Marrow

Riverside service sucks terribly the staff at the reception desk were ghetto and rude they had their cell phones out taking pictures, and asking other staff to take pictures of them and being loud and not respecting people that was sitting and waiting to be seen , cannot believe them .

Duane Lawrence

This hospital is a place to die at. Don't expect treatment. I went here with server resperitory distress. They had me give my health Care card while I was audibly wheezing. Then they wanted to do an EKG before they did anything else and the nurse got mad when I could not sit up due to coughing fits. I was still audibly wheezing. I left and went to a different hospital and actually got treatment. I had pneumonia

Cameron D

I fr don't understand all the salty reviews I went in and had no problem everyone was friendly things were done properly in a timely manner my room was very clean and i had someone checking in on me to see how I was doing i don't really see how so much salt can be put in the reviews (I think there was one about the internet being slow smh...) I don't think anything was wrong 10/10

Melissa Starr

2 surgeries here, poor experiences both times. Need another hospital.

Mistress J

God awful facility. Half the monitors in the cardiovascular telemetry ward don't work. The hospital is not even remotely handicap accessible. For example the pharmacy/supply shop is on the far end of the facility as far away from the main hospital as you can get. Given my bad back and knees a trip to it has me screaming in pain by the time I get back. The food tastes like cardboard, worst hospital food I have eaten. The chairs have 0 padding and spending the night as a family member leaves you untested and sore. The decor of the place is 60's prison chic. The nursing staff has been the lone bright spot in this nightmare. They have been wonderful. The hospital administration has been a typical penny pinching operation, trying to force patients out of beds as fast as possible without consideration of their health status. The doctors are poorly organized and don't communicate with each other properly resulting in days wasted in not getting proper treatment. This facility is old and broken down, renovations are only going to do so much. They need to build a completely new facility and demolish this hellhole.

Anna Ordmandy

Worst experience in an ER. Dr. Winstead is very judgemental and has an attitude of superiority. My boyfriend and I have been here 3 times and have had her as a doctor all 3 times! Twice with my boyfriend and thank god we didn't listen to her advice on his asthma or he would be dead by now. And now I'm sitting here for myself and had to bite my tongue when you could actually see her judging me because I didn't go back to see the spine surgeon when I know my problem can and has been corrected without surgery! Just and FYI Dr. Windstead, not all back pain patients are drug seekers. Some of us just want to get better and move on with our lives. Never coming here ever again!

Brian Causer

They had very fast service for the ultrasound I had. I got there 30 mins early and I was seen right away and out of the hospital a little bit after my original appt time

Christopher Smith

Terrifying place. My dad has been in RRMC three times—Fall 2014, Oct 2016, and Feb 2017. His first two stays, he received good care from caring people. The last visit was a nightmare of malpractice and lack of care. As a heart patient, Dad needed oxygen at night. When he had difficulty breathing and requested oxygen, he was denied it for several hours, until finally one nurse gave it to him. It turns out that his electronic medical record stated he had a history of emphysema, which is blatantly untrue. Each of his visits, his EMR contains different information despite the fact that all his health care providers are supposedly part of the Riverside "Health" System. None of them communicate with one another. Finally, after 4 days, he was sent home in worse shape than he had arrived, and with a respiratory infection obtained at Riverside. I was terrified to leave him at Riverside to go to work, because it seemed everyone either wanted him dead or didn't care. My mother and I are in agreement that we won't be taking him back there for any reason.

Ashley McCoy

The worst hospital I have ever experienced. The discharged my brother when he was worse off then when he came in, and even had the nerve to tell my dad they need beds. They didnt schedule any appointments for him for radiation or neurologist or even gave us the info so we could do ourselves. They recommended a rehab facility for him but didnt give us any info on that. He is declining more and we still havent received a call back as to where his radiation should be or any other follow ups. I will never let my family go here ever again

Kelly Schroer

We have sat in Riversides waiting room for HOURS. Riverside treats their patients like a number. Horrible customer service at any level. The billing department has shared my SS# without my permission. Therefore my number has been hacked mulitple times.

Olivia A Baldwin

My husband was at this hospital for 4 days in December 2016. The service is HORRIBLE. The staff is rude, you're treated like a number and the doctors talk to patients as if the patient is beneath them or unable to understand any conversation about their care. One vascular surgeon actually told my husband he didn't care one way or another which route of treatment my husband wanted. Awful awful awful! When a doctor comes in the room and don't turn on the light or take off a sock to look at the problem, its a sad day in healthcare. Go elsewhere.

Kenneth Haynes

I just fell and couldn't get up. Got no damn help. Had to help myself up.

Joe Broyles

I have been in Riverside twice in the past three years. The first time, in May 2011, I went to the ER I was in a great deal of pain. I was put on a gurney and left in a hallway. I was moaning quite loudly due to the pain. After two hours of waiting my wife finally convinced them that the pain was getting much worse and I needed to be seen. A doctor came shortly afterwards and things began happening pretty quickly. The care and treatment I got after point that was exceptional, and I am alive today because of the team of doctors and nurses who took care of me that week. The second time I was in Riverside was this past November. My son and wife thought I was showing signs of a stroke. I was quite dizzy, and little incoherent, and slurring my speech. The ER took me in immediately, and the care I received the 5 day I was in the hospital was again exceptional. The only complaint I have is that two of the three rooms I stayed in looked a little run down, could use a facelift, and they were not very clean. The food could also be a little tastier as well. Overall, my impression is favorable of Riverside, and I appreciate the good medical care I got while there!

Sean Sousa

While I had a good experience with the cardiologist and nurses here, the hospital botched the prep in the cath lab, and then let me know via certified letter as opposed to a phone call! Then God help you if you need a form filled out, they want an exorbitant fee to fill out a one page form, and refuse to take any payment other than cash and in person.

John Toth

Clean rooms and facilities. Nurses and doctors seem very attentive. Free valet parking.

Lloyd Smith

A beautiful upcoming facility. Patient's go to hospitals to be treated with care and utmost respect. Didn't have any of that. I will definitely make the commute to Sentara.

Janie Beck



Nurses and doctors have always been competent, caring and helpful when multiple family members are at this facility, especially my elderly 93 year old grandmother. I spent 4 days & nights here and every single nurse, aide, therapist and doctor were superb. Hell even the cafeteria was great; Big selection and friendly staff. The food was not bad, I ate here several times. I’m shocked the rating is so low, I guess people just like to complain. This is a medical facility, not a 5 star hotel with award winning food...

Dilverenny Portillolizardo

I dont like that hospital to many reason

Chantel Bautista

Took my son here last night because he has been having really high fevers recently, bad coughing, bleeding nose, abdominal pains, etc. I took him to CHKD the other night and they didn’t really check him properly so I wanted a second opinion. As soon as I arrived at check in and told them what was happening with my son they automatically did his vitals and swabbed him for the flu and strep. Once we went into a room the doctor came in and started asking him questions on how he felt and where does he hurt and if he had threw up or had diarrhea recently. She also fully examined his body and checked his reflexes and strengths. She ordered him to have a chest X-ray done to check if he had pneumonia just in case they weren’t missing anything. They gave him so tyonel and a nausea medication since he threw up before we came there and they also gave him crackers and apple juice. They seriously went above and beyond to make this worried mama feel better. I’m taking my kids here if they have an emergency for now on because CHKD didn’t take my sons case very seriously.

Daniel Hansen

Will NEVER come here again. Was here with my pregnant girlfriend. She had been throwing up nonstop for a few days. She had abdominal pain and even kept getting up to go throw up while waiting. Waiting for 3 hours and asked for a supervisor. Took a while for her to come out and when she did, she talked to us like we were stupid and didn’t know anything. Melenie was her name.

Carmen Blizzard

I have been here for 2.5 almost three hours in EXTREME PAIN !!!!! This is absolutely ridiculous. I'm a very very very patient person but due to the amount of pain I'm in I'm frustrated and very disappointed. I now remember why I don't come here anymore !!!!

Cheryle Watson

We have been in the ER for 2.5 hours in the waiting room. Have not been to the back yet. This is the worst emergency room to go to. Last Tuesday we waited a little over a hour. They probably only have 1 doctor again. They have discharged 3 patients in the last hour but they still have not called us to the back. What kind of hospital is this? Please check the wait time before coming here then add a hour to that and that will be your true wait time. This is my 2nd review tonight. Just cant believe this hospital 2.5 hours plus!!!!!

Tia Banks

In the hospital all day and wasn’t able to get anything to eat but crackers but they wanted me to take meds

Chrystal Monet

I took my my son to Riverside last night, Saturday night, 8/10, around 8:30pm. We were there for over three hours and never saw a doctor. My son sat there in pain and was never treated. His nurse, and I use that term very loosely, got a major attitude when I told her that my son and I were leaving because he wasn’t getting any help and he was in major pain. Her response was, “Ok, let me get the form”. Not, let me check and see how much longer it might be or anything like that, just let me get the form. Obviously professionalism was not her strong point. Then she brings back the form to be signed. After the form was signed, she rips the iv out of my sons arm because she has an attitude. While driving down the road, my son kept saying his arm hurts. After getting home to try to pump medication into my son myself, since the hospital was of no help at all, he peeled back the bandage to see that she had ripped his skin. I immediately called back and filed a complaint. I also documented this by taking pictures of my son’s arm. This is unacceptable and I will take this to the highest level possible so that it will not happen to anyone else. If the rating scale above would allow me to rate lower than an one star, I definitely would.

Tammera Menser

Worst nurse ever the doctor even gave me a treatment where one of the side effect was my actual problem.. The bathroom was so dirty i had to be walked around to 2 different rooms to pee.. IN A HOSPITAL PEOPLE.. Food was complete trash.. If you have any and i mean any other choice please please go some where else for your medical treatment.

Lauren Mahaffey

Discharged at 11 and left in the hallway for 6+ hours. My dad is in diapers and a victim of stroke. Nobody checked on his bathroom needs or otherwise. Totally disgusted

Beverly Conley

The staff is always sincerely kind & helpful! The doctors & nurses strive to provide the best care possible. Riverside Regional Medical Center N E V E R gives up on their patients ♡

Nakiah Reiter

I had to have surgery on my back. My doctor was thorough, professional, and courteous. I was scheduled promptly for my surgery, I was briefed before the procedure about side effects and symptoms I might experience as a result of my procedure, and everyone was very attentive. I was given financial assistance to cover my bill because I do not have insurance, and I'm extremely grateful to the staff and administrators of Riverside Medical Center.

Christopher Eskew

Wife delievered via c-section here, and we were here for 4 days. The nurses and doctors here are great, reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable. However, they have an agenda to push breast-feeding super hard. The lactation consultant says she wont push things, but she does. They all say it is your choice, but if you're undecided or you want to formula feed, you'll have people for breast feeding come talk to you about the pros of breast feeding.

Torin Prentice

I've been to this hospital for two separate injuries. I can honestly say the care I received was good, but there were a lot of problems with my visits and follow ups. They do a poor job of keeping your visits and information on file. They push unnecessary tests to drive the cost of your stay up. And they also do a poor job working with people's insurance companies on financial means.

Robert Carpenter

Great facility, staff is alright but lort have mercy they're slow

imani fennell


Ray Wright

Wife was sent here by ambulance for a possible brain aneurysm and we currently Sit for our 4th hour and have not been seen! The lady upfront made some rude comment as we walked back! 4hrs 45 mins till we went to the back how sad is this place!

Jane Gorton

I was brought in by ambulance for a possible heart attack. The paramedics were directed to take me to the.5th floor, no room number. They insisted they needed a guide which they finally got When we got to the 5th there was no one there who knew my room number The guide finally made a call and got the room number.The room was very nice but it was too late to order dinner I got a cold sandwich. A hospitalist came in asked me questions and told me was just filling in for my hospitalist who would come in the morning. He said he could not order my maintenance medications but I could go ahead amd.take the.ones I brought with me The next morning I was scheduled for a stress test but they would not.allow me to take my maintenance medications before the.test, doctors orders. I called my specialist and explained what was happening She asked to speak to my "doctor" who suddenly appeared for the first time. He .claimed.he knew nothing about the medications, but.he.did agree to follow my specialists instructions to let me take my medications before the test. He ordered my medications but I could not get my stress test until the next day because I missed my appointment . Tje day went the same. No breakfast because they were not told that the test was canceled. Lunch finally came at two I was so hungry I would have eaten garbage. I asked for pain medication for my headache but had to wait two hours before they got the doctors permission to give me tylenol My headache continued to worsen but was told I could not have anything else doctors orders. The pain was unbearable so I pleaded and begged and cried, until the head nurse brought me an ice pack and another tylenol Hope things go better tomorrow!! nurse

Gerry Mack

I had emergency surgery on late Saturday night into Sunday morning on Memorial Day weekend. The operating room was ready and the neurosurgeon was waiting for me to arrive by ambulance. The staff was excellent and the care was outstanding. They saved my life!

Scheryl Miller

Worse experience ever in the emergency department! Was there with my husband who had fallen X2 today. In pain. He has dementia and the wait was to long he DID NOT tolerate it well!! There over 5hrs.

Cherelle Johnson

I can't understand why my aunt has been in the emergency room for 4 hours without an update! I'm appalled at how they treat patients based on their socioeconomic status... A patient my likely die waiting to be treated! The staff was unhelpful as well. If you don't care about patient care, quit your hob!!! These are people's loved ones...

Grace Schaffer

I had 2 of my children here back in 1979 and 1981 and I had no problems at all! The staff was very helpful and pleasant! My doctor, Doctor Edwards, was the best doctor ever. My husband was stationed at Ft. Eustis back then. I'm so glad I had my children here, the best hospital ever! Thank you Riverside for the wonderful memories! Grace Fleming Schaffer Children: Anthony & Merle Fleming

Russhawn Godwin

The Mother/Baby nursing staff was amazing they took care of my daughter and her newborn during a difficult time .I am thankful

Renee Clark

The doctors are rude. I had a miscarriage at 15 weeks lady did the oddtopsy in front of me. The I got sent out right after I had surgery and had to walk.

Krystal Banks

First time at this hospital and my experience was very poor. My father went to dentist for coughing up blood and they transferred him to Riverside . We followed the ambulance and went inside to be utterly disrespected by the front desk staff. I am in the medical field and the reception area was filled with food from McDonald's and dirty. I asked if my father was ready to have visitors and was told he was not at this hospital and I told them I followed the ambulance and I know he is here. She proceeded to tell me he wasn't. Finally after waiting for an hour the charge nurse comes and tells me and my mother only one visitor and that we were not able to wak back and forth from his room to waiting area. Worse service ever!

Campbell Johnson

I brought my 85 year old mother to the emergency room for irregular heart beat. We arrived around 2:15p and it's now5:10p and she haven't been called to the back to see a doctor yet. This is very upsetting and alarming when it appears other patients aren't as serious as my mother.

Octavia Durham

They are ok some of the staff are rude and lazy but the Drs are good

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