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REVIEWS OF Reston Hospital Center IN Virginia

Jackie Najarro

I delivered my son here and I can’t say enough of how wonderful my experience was. Their team of staff is wonderful. 2 nurses in particular Molly and Allie as well as my lactation consultant Catherine made this experience memorable for me. They were beyond patient and helpful to me and my newborn.

Robert Jones

I chose Reston Hospital for joint replacement surgery. Having never had major surgery, I did not know what to expect. The Reston Hospital medical team and staff were fantastic. Thanks to Dr Hartley, Catherine Dick and the team for their medical skills and care. Thanks to Nurse Manager Alisa Rooney and her staff for their professional nursing care after my surgery. They were attentive, professional, and attended to every personal need.

madhusudhan bindignavle

The staff at suite 412 were prepared to receive our 94 year old father and started the treatment right away. They were cordial and friendly.

Kerri Hash

I've been to Reston Hospital a couple dozen times over the last few years. The level of care has dramatically declined. Unfortunately the great doctor, nurses, and staff are overshadowed by the many many substandard. Very sad. I hope they get it turned around. For now, I recommend going to one of the many other hospital options in the area.

Gilbert Associates

I really appreciate Reston hospital. I live in Manassas and I rather go to Reston!

Neil Cooper

Cardioversion went without any problems.Procedure was fast and efficient, Staff was knowledgeable, courteous, and knew their jobs with the procedure being fully explained. Thanks Again, Neil

Paul Lukacs

My experience at Reston Hospital was perfect. The entire process; pre-op, operation, and post-op experience was easy, and I was impressed w/ all members of the Reston Hospital staff. Check-in was prompt, and I was greeted by a caring and courteous reception staff. When I was passed over to the pre-op team, again, I was cared for by an outstanding team of nurses and Doctors. The entire team communicated every step of the process. The team treated me like I was a member of their family. The team worked together seamlessly, communicating among themselves and most importantly, with me. They explained everything. When it was time for surgery, I was relaxed and confident that everything was okay. In post-op, I was monitored closely. Individual team members came in to check on my status. Everyone provided details, and gave me clear discharge instructions regarding pain management. The entire process was easy and I left Reston Hospital knowing I could talk to the staff if any issues arose. I want to thank the entire staff for their genuine caring and attention to details. The nurses, doctors, and administrative staff were welcoming, professional, and comforting. They provided such as positive "vibe" from their attention to detail. Their communication skills kept me calm, and I focused only on recovery. My family was kept informed electronically, and they too were impressed with the proactive communication. After 6 days of recovery, I still think about the team at Reston Hospital. I want to thank them all for making my experience so easy. Too often we forget how hard they work to make others feel better. Thank you Reston Hospital for the outstanding experience.

Nick Bond

Literally could over hear nurses making fun of other patients and openly discussing there medical information. My Dr. couldn’t have cared less. Most unprofessional drs office/hospital I have ever seen. I will go out of my way and spend more $$ to go elsewhere.

Anita Brinson

My outpatient surgery was handled efficiently by all staff and caregivers. I could not have asked for better reception, clear direction, and expert care.

Larry Forsyth

Everyone did their best to answer my questions and make me comfortable.

Cindy Candenquist

Every person involved in my care was very professional, kind and caring. I also knew I was in good hands with the surgical team. Proper hand hygiene was always practiced. Food was pretty good too. It was worth the drive from Rappahannock County.

Billy Moore

Everyone was extremely professional, efficient, knowledgeable, and most of all very kind with patient caring. Each person from the registration desk, to every nurse, OT, PT, MD's, anesthesiologist, food services and even the folks that remove room trash were five star type people. I would give 6 stars if I could. There were two nurses that stood out that went way above and beyond with extraordinary care. The first was Mr. Righter an RN that has left a mark in my life forever - I will never forget his care. The second nurse, honestly I do not have her name, but would love to pass along my most sincere thanks for being the most gracious and caring young lady I have ever met. She is originally from South Carolina and while I do not have her name, I will always remember her face, her touch and most of all her care for me before and during my surgery. Although our paths were so brief she too has left a huge mark in my heart that will never be forgotten. Thanks to everyone at the Reston Hospital. I am so happy we chose Dr. Bradley Boyd and his staff for this robotic hip replacement surgery. His calming nature helped a 68 year old man calm down and press on. Now on the mend with time to share, please pass along my many thanks and appreciation to all that were truly blessings to me and my wife. RW "Billy" Moore

Vic Bailarin

It all happened fast when I walked into the hospital next thing I knew I was in a bed ready for surgery. Then I was taken upstairs To recover after surgery and from the moment I got There it was all made at ease for me to recover faster. Minutes after being in the Room the supervisor Mrs.Roz Came to introduce herself , And offer all the help from her staff and herself to help me through recovery. Everyone's knowledge was incredible towards all my pains and my diet's after my gastric bypass. I was in pain 10% of the time I was there, Because their priority was my comfort, My well being, my fast recovery, And my health. I am highly Satisfied with the staff , There is not one staff member whom I don't remember their names Cause every single one of them took their time to introduce themselves. It was a great experience I would say 5 stars is too little for the staff and the hospital itself.

Sandy Seaton

My stay was excellent, the staff and facility was top notch!

Laura Ray

Very efficiently run ER, resulting in minimal wait time. Professional, friendly staff and doctors. Highly recommend.

Amanda Taylor

I could not be more grateful for the loving care I received while delivering my son here this July. I arrived after being diverted from Holy Cross Silver Spring, rather bewildered as I had never been to this hospital and wasn’t registered to deliver there. The culture of respect and care at this hospital was astonishing to me, I didn’t meet a single member of the labor and delivery team that wasn’t outstanding! I've been telling everyone how great it was and that we will be intentionally trying to deliver here for baby no. 2!

Rebecca Burnett

The surgeon and all the nurses and techs were great. Someone always came when I called. I was disappointed with the physical therapists. I thought they would come daily to take me for a walk and give me some light leg exercises. Not so. I only saw them once for a ten minute stair and car demonstration.

Christopher Kreft

Very much could tell the nurses and techs did what they did bc they love it- not that it was Just a job. Very friendly all around and attentive to when my wife was in pain.

Vin Swasey

I had two stays in a two week period. In each case the staff - nurses, doctors,and administration could not have been more helpful. They were friendly and highly professional. Thanks, I'll come back if necessary to Reston Hospital Center.

The Boss

Upon having my first surgery at Reston, I have to say, I was very impressed!

Sheila Houle

We had a wonderful experience at Reston Hospital Center. Over a week ago, I delivered our first baby girl and although it started a little disorganized as far as having a scheduled induction and no available rooms it ended on a high note. I realize things happen unexpectedly and take priority and I respect that, I was more annoyed at the communication of when I should be coming in for the night and just being in the dark. However, as soon as we were admitted to the labor and delivery ward the nursing staff gave non stop, around the clock attention. We moved to the maternity Ward and continued to receive the same friendly, committed staff. My only slight complaint is the communication with the NICU department, we were told we would meet with certain doctors and never did and we were never really updated on our baby's status as often as we would have liked. However, the staff overall was always pleasant when we had questions and concerns. We had had two NICU nurses that could use a few more classes on bedside manners but again not the worst, just frustrating to deal with. I would happily recommend Reston Hospital Center for labor and delivery. Overall, they are committed to achieving satisfaction and the well being of patients and their families.

Dominique Andrasi

I had my second child at Reston Hospital Center. In comparison to my first delivery at INOVA Fair Oaks, the staff and care at Reston far surpassed what I received at Fair Oaks. Dr. Barrett is an incredible OB, and the maternity staff was phenomenal. In particular, I had two nurses, Anna and Pam, who went above and beyond to ensure my son and I were happy and healthy, and I was well informed throughout my stay. I can’t say enough great things about the experience as a whole - the food was even really good. I highly recommend this hospital for their maternity team.

Gloria Bohdanovich

Everything about this hospital from check in to check out was first rate. The pre-op nursing staff were very caring in controlling anxiety and very efficient in their duties and the post-op nursing staff were just as efficient and caring. Every step of my stay was documented and discussed. Excellent care and the food wasn’t all that bad either

Bob Sease

Wonderful experience all the way from intake to discharge!


The staff was very friendly, professional and nice in treating me there.

Wafa Haija

Highly recommend it! Friendly nurses, expert doctors. They respect the patient’s time, privacy and needs. I spent 5 days at RHC, the nurses were so nice and helpful, they were committed to the medicine times and well checks. The doctors and nurses answered all my questions and provided all the means to give me comfort after my major surgery. The facility is very impressive and clean and they took all the pre-op precautions to avoid any possible hospitals’ common infections.

Sal Pal

Excellent pre & post operative service by all. Couldn’t ask for more. Facility was 5 star rated. Felt secure throughout my stay. Highly recommend.

Alene Sprano

Outstanding care from the registration desk, pre-op lab procedures, to the incredible nursing staff! Highly recommend using this hospital if you have the option! Comforting, caring, simply outstanding.

Jennifer Phillips

My son who was 24 died here on July 6 after a car accident. No one at the hospital has been in touch with me other than to send bills. I actually called the hospital to provide insurance information and the Customer Service person yelled and hung up on me. I left terrible reviews for the hospital on Yelp and the hospital webpage but still no contact. How many people died in Reston Hospital as the result of car accident on July 6 that this horrible place could not contact my son's family and ask for his insurance information? Or even call us to say goodbye before he died!!!!! Horrible, horrible, horrible place and people!!!!!!!!!!

James Meenan

Good efficient service and attention to patient needs!

Magda Alvarez

I've had terrible experience with the lack of interest for hygiene and patient care when my mom was hospitalized there over long periods. For my outpatient surgery, everyone was SUPERB and caring. I give them 4 stars because the discharge nurse wasn't the kindest, but she tried. Thank you all.

Michelle Bucholz

I went here to have my baby because my HMO directed me to. The nurses were incredibly kind, but the doctors - not so much. When I was moved from the ICU, I was instructed to walk to my new bed only two hours after having a c-section and being put completely under. My new daughter ended up having her arm broken during delivery and NO ONE AT THE HOSPITAL CAUGHT IT. We were discharged and discovered the problem ourselves the next day. I am livid about that level of neglect to my infant when they run several “infant assessments” before we can leave.

Jerry Schrager

Had a perfect hip replacement surgery on 21 August 2019, with Dr. Bradley Boyd. Loved every part of the Reston hospital experience!! All the medical and administrative staff were high level. Thanks for All!!

Kevin Riddick

Great facility and the care provided is excellent.

Jennifer Blanton


Radha Krishnan

Very quick admission process, physician examination, and radiology room visit. It was one of the best emergency rooms I have ever been to. Very professional medical staff and physician.

Jodie Monger

My husband got C-Diff during his 4 day visit back in April. Since 3 rounds of Vanco didn't get rid of it, we are now dealing with an Infectious Disease doctor. He just started a 10 day course of hand made antibiotic with each pill costing $140 EACH and he has to take two per day. And he has to go for an IV treatment as well. We realize that it's not uncommon to get this at hospitals but they have not followed up with us at all despite they diagnosed him in their ER shortly after his discharge.

Paul Hoyt

Excellent hospital. Had outpatient surgery. The process was flawless and all the staff were very friendly and professional. Highly recommended.

Patricia Harvey

My day time nurses were great so was my nighttime nurses. They were exceptional in everything I needed. The food is really good .

H B3

The entire staff was extremely caring, personable, and comforting. They kept us on top of the situation the entire time and were true to their word. We greatly appreciated the care we received there.

Michael Mobley

The staff was incredibly friendly and skilled at keeping you at ease before a procedure. They stayed casual, which helped to calm nerves. My only request would have been to have had updates. My procedure ended up being delayed for over a half hour, and no one came by once to let me know or explain what was going on...I just laid there on the bed waiting and wondering why I wasn't being brought to the procedure room.

D.D. Mason

I am so happy that I chose Reston to care for me. I was extremely satisfied with the cleanliness and safeness of my environment and especially the professionalism, kindness, friendliness and competency of everyone who cared for me; from my surgeon and his staff, to Reston Hospital Center's best: the Anesthesiologists, Respiratory therapist, All of the Nursing personnel. Housekeeping, and Maintenance Engineer. Each and every person that I came into contact with genuinely cared about my health, happiness, recovery and well-being. I have been raving about my experience since my discharge. I give the highest respect and my highest recommendation to Reston Hospital Center for anyone looking for the best quality care.

C. E. Andrews

Everyone was very competent and extremely courteous. Also, everything was done exactly on schedule. No waiting!

Tracy Smith

WOW! I couldn’t have asked for any better service during every aspect of this surgery. Would not even consider going anywhere else. Everybody involved made you feel like you were their only concern! Thank you thank you thank you!

Claudia Hawkins

I am bothered that I cannot give Reston Hospital Emergency Room 10 stars! My dusghter is away from home in college and she has unfortunately required emergency care in the middle of the night. The two times she has gone to Reston Hospital she has been treated with amazing care. The health providers are very responsive including to me over the phone (I am located 2500 miles away from DC). It's a special place.

Butch Gilbert

Reston Hospital Center is a first class facility. But more so are the employees. From the administrators to the maintenance employees. All are super individuals. Caring and professional. What more could you ask for?

Elizabeth Al

Great staff that take care of patients. Every time I come to have a baby here it is always the best experience with the best doctors!

Mason Jolly

Staff was quick and efficient. Went during a lunch break and was able to drive there, have everything done and get back to work within an hour.

John Ragu

Everything was fantastic. Nurses and medical staff were courteous, relaxing and professional and the facilities were clean and comfortable! Great place!

Siva Nagarajan

The ICU staffs just ignored my wife stating that they have more critical patients to look at after her C-Section. The post partum care did not take care of my kids metabolic screening when he was in hospital. I had to go next day to get it done in outpatient lab of the hospital. The doctors are good, but the hospital needs better nurses to take care of patients. Avoid going if you have other hospital choices.

Sarah Lundgren

Had to make an unexpected trip to RHC's emergency room due to some horrific nausea, illness, and right side pain. Once taken back to a room, the staff was top notch from start to finish. From the IV placement to the catscan tech to the doctor, everyone was professional, competent, and compassionate. Those things are important when you're in pain, a bit nervous, and pretty stressed out. Well done, RHC team.

Chuck Manns

I had a choice of hospitals to have surgery and I chose Reston Hospital because of the reputation of the nursing staff. I made the right decision. I recieved outstanding care in every department. These people are great.

J. Cuddehe

This place saved my husband's life when he had a cardiac arrest in late July. The ER worked with the EMTs enroute to the hospital, so the ER had all the right people in place upon his arrival. One wonderful nurse came up to me and assured me that my husband had all the best people working on him, and said, "I'm here for you, to make sure you are okay." I believe she kept me from going into shock, and she set the tone for our entire stay at Reston Hospital. From Respiratory Techs to the Cardiologist on call...they were all compassionate, knowledgeable and, well, phenomenal. My husband was then transferred to the hospital's ICU and every single medical professional there was topnotch. They put him into a Hypothermic Protocol and the nurses and nurse coordinator were so helpful to family and friends, and totally on top of my husband's critical situation. The nurses gave us guidance on when to go home to sleep, when key things would happen that would be best for us to be by his side, tutored us on the alarms so we wouldn't freak out, and countless other acts that gave us confidence that this was the very best place to be for someone who went into cardiac arrest. The Cardiologist on call was not only an expert, he was also compassionate and communicative, which is a rare skill set. The Cardiac Catheterization happened ahead of schedule and--as we found out later at Inova Fairfax where he underwent a Triple Heart Bypass the following week--very accurate. Reston's Cardiologist worked with Inova Fairfax Cardiologists from the very first day, and as a result my husband was choppered to Inova Fairfax soon after the Cardiac Cath. As a result of this slick, orchestrated-to-the-minute medical care my husband is with me today, with no heart damage, missing only 3 days of his memory, and sporting some brand new arterial roadways to his heart. We are profoundly thankful.

Mark B'rock

I would have never thought that I would speak so highly of a hospital visit, but (in contrast to previous hospital visits and even without comparisons) Reston Hospital Center was an outstanding experience. From start to finish everyone was super friendly and helpful -- beyond anything I've experienced. Someone actually greets you upon arrival to make certain that you are directed to the right location. Every step after that is as thoughtfully managed. Friendliness seems paramount to them! Thank you for not being clinical in your treatment of patients!

Dawit Zewge

Thank you all the nurses working in the labor & delivery; again in the mother & baby ward. I can not separate one from the other, all are great & nice people, who love to be nurse and who are perfectly nurse with all it takes !!

Dan Little

I was misdiagnosed with shingles on the back of my neck. Two nights after I was released from the hospital the area started to swell around to the front of my neck. I went to the ER at Arlington Hospital and they did a CT scan which revealed cellutitus as the case of infection. I was given an injection of steoroids and a prescription for antibiotics. The swelling has gone down and seems to be healing. The nursing and MD staff were very nice and attentive. I have been to Reston Hospital many times and I can see a very good improvement in Customer Service. You are on the right track.

Stephen Carroll

Emergency room visit for fall... facial stitches. They were polite, quick, professional and efficient! Healing well now.

Mike Dillemuth

The check in was easy and everyone knew what they were doing. Also very friendly. Well done.

Kenneth Lueth

I could not have been treated better from the checkin office through surgery and recovery. Everyone was outstanding which helped my wife and I from getting nervous. I was checked regularly overnight and the food was wonderful. Every one of the staff was extremely professional and friendly. Thank you.

Brett Kulp

Very positive experience with the delivery of our first child. Very knowledgeable and attentive medical professionals and care team. They worked well with our insurance through Kaiser

Tracy D'Ann

From beginning to end, Reston hospital made my visit so smooth and easy. From paperless check in procedures, to online payment I could do on my own at checkin, to the great and caring staff and caring goodbyes. I was 100% impressed! Thank you!

Mark Fletcher

I received the best care while in Reston Hospital for a 1 night stay following surgery. Medical staff, from surgeons to techs, both before and after surgery, were all polite, caring and attentive. Very happy I chose Reston Hospital

JoPa Kaylors

Everyone from ER check in to labor, delivery, and recovery was A+ in terms of customer service, quality care, and general friendliness of the staff. We felt well taken care of and like a priority constantly. The nurses, house keepers, food service staff, and doctors were all fantastic. The care is worth the construction hassle for sure!

Paula Steele

registration/surgery/outpatient release - all great

Gina Turner

I went to the Reston Hospital ER at about 4am on a Saturday morning with severe abdominal pain. I lay on the hospital bed with my pain growing steadily worse. The nurses that checked me in kept asking about my pain and saying that it looked like I was hurting. They would leave to ask about getting me something for the pain and then not return with anything. After a while the ER doctor finally came in and by this time I was in the fetal position from the pain. She didn't ask about my pain level, she just smiled at me. As I tried to describe my symptoms, she just cut me off each time with an "Un Huh" or "Yeah". Then she proceeded to leave me in the bed with my pain worsening for two hours. Only occasionally stopping by to smile at me and arrange an ultrasound examination. The ultrasound tech remarked with surprise that I hadn't been given anything before the exam, but was refused when she asked the doctor if I could be given anything for the pain. The ultrasound caused my pain to skyrocket. After being returned to the ER and being left to curl up in pain for another hour, the smiling doctor came back and began to lecture me about the current opioid epidemic going on and that she believed, since I had put on my information that I drink alcohol, that I had an addictive personality and was probably just after drugs. I could not believe my ears. I had only gone to the ER because, after a virtual Doctor visit, I was told I should get it checked out as it could have been appendicitis or some other serious issue. I have never been treated so badly at any medical establishment. I understand that you have to deal with all kinds of people in an ER, but she showed a severe lack of professionalism during the entire interaction. If you want care, compassion, and attention to the Hippocratic oath seek help elsewhere.

Zandra Comas

Excellent staff, great servive. Doctors and nurses very emphatic. Recommended 100%

Julie Safa

Another great experience at Reston Hospital delivering our second daughter. I arrived in labor, having painful contractions, and was immediately attended to by compassionate staff. In triage Dr. Lee and nurse Christy were top notch, both were comforting, decisive, flexible and great listeners. I felt like they were family, and that they truly cared for my wellbeing. I can’t thank them enough for helping me get admitted. They proactively prepared the paperwork for my epidural so I got it as quickly as possible. They were personable, and relatable, their bedside manor was amazing. My epidural was very smooth and the birth even smoother! Dr Alfreda Jones stepped in for my OB, and she was absolutely astounding. I couldn’t have been cared for better, by those noted and every single staff member I interacted with. My nurse Rose was incredible; proactive, personable, nurturing and just awesome. She made the recovery and discharge process more than ideal. Thank you Reston Hospital!!!

Liz Blankespoor

The staff members are professional and friendly, but the treatment you receive depends on which ER doctor is on duty at the time. I received an incorrect diagnosis (according to my own internist), and my husband who was in the ER twice in the past month received an incorrect diagnosis once and a correct one the second time. Dr. Lisse is thorough and a great diagnostician--you're lucky if you get him.

Edith Bergay-Edwards

For the visit on 10/14/2019 Thoughtful and well organized team.

Daria Parnes

Well organized surgical experience for hip replacement. Procedures were explained and staff were friendly and knowledgeable. I felt confident that I was in good hands.

Robert Proseus

This was my first surgery at Reston Hospital Center. The staff made me feel comfortable from beginning to end. I was especially impressed with Dr. Boyd and his surgical team, as well as the nursing staff in the 4th floor surgery recovery unit.

Katie Murray

Can't say enough positive things about my experiences with Reston Hospital. I was in last year for planned surgery, and it was great; and last week, I was ambulanced to the ER and had to undergo some unexpected surgery the next day -- and the entire process and everyone involved was phenomenal. So glad to have chosen Reston!

matt wartell

I took someone to the ER recently because I was new to the area and it was close. I have been pleasantly surprised by the skill, care, and concern exhibited by all the staff. The patient was admitted for emergency surgery. The pre-op visits by the surgeon and support staff were professional, complete, and forthright. The surgeon told me everything he knew following the surgery and the post-op staff kept me informed throughout. In the hospital post-surgical ward, the patient was very well attended, but it goes a bit further. This is a simple thing, but is is emblematic of the human concern I've seen there: I went to the nurse asking for some ice, "Sure" was the immediate reply. "Who is this for? Yourself or", "For Patient in 123", "Oh I'm her nurse, one moment". The sense of ownership and duty was really apparent in that simple exchange. This is characteristic of all contacts I've had with Reston Hospital Center, even down to the central information desk. I'd not seen a single deviation in the week I was interacting with them.

George Hunt

I have, over the past 30 years or so, needed to make use of a hospital very rarely, but nearly always as an emergency. The Reston Hospital has always provided me with top-level care. I couldn't ask for better.

Tiffany Gowen

Excellent experience. The nurses and staff were exceptional during my unexpected c-section. The care I received was above and beyond. I felt comfortable and well cared for along with my son. Let’s not forget about the amazing post delivery complimentary massages. My husband was very pleased with their in room accommodations for him a full side fold out bed is way better than just a chair. Thank you to the wonderful staff we appreciate you.

zaneta funk

I was very impressed with the service offered by the ER in the Reston Hospital. The staff was exceptionally professional, pleasant and efficient. it was my first ever visit to an ER and it was very satisfying and fast , which is also important.

richard sherman

excellent experience. courteous and competent professionals

Karen Shumake

I needed a CAT scan for scheduled surgery. God bless Brenda who helped me when I walked through the door. I came there thinking I would have to pay out of pocket because my primary insurance denied my request. Because I have secondary insurance, Brenda looked into why it had not been checked. She got the request pushed through! I left the facility feeling very thankful and blessed that she was in my corner.

Donna Madison

Everyone I had contact with were very nice, professional, and caring. Facility was clean and I loved the relaxation music channels it made me relax so that I was able to sleep.

Jamie Schneider

I never thought I would say this about hospital, but we truly enjoyed our experience with the L&D and recovery teams. The hospital is very clean, which is a must for us. Our planned C-section when beautifully, everyone was very professional and kind walking me through the process. I want to give a shout out to Shannon, the birth navigator, for her patience and help with getting us ready for the big day. We elected to have a primary C/S due to family history, and everyone was very supportive of our health choice. No judgement. They were very accommodating to our birth plan requests, and we basically ended up with a "gentle C/S." Our daughter was but on my chest after her APGAR exam and my husband was allowed to cut the cord. They are ahead of the curve and already delay the cord clamping as well as delay the first bath. Overall, a very smooth experience and I felt the care they all have for their patients. Dr. Bowers did a beautiful job on my incision, and the anesthesiologist (forgot her name) was so kind and warm, talking me through what I would experience and very attentive to my needs. We also got the drape with the clear window, so I saw our daughter being born. Afterwards, the nursing staff in recovery were amazing. I particularly want to give a shout out of praise to Rose, Connie and Alie (sp?). There were others, but don't remember everyone's name, and these three really stood out for providing outstanding care. I felt like we were extremely well cared for, and they were always accessible for questions and to help us as new parents. They attended to every need, listened to our concerns and questions, and were very good about following up. They even made sure I got a massage, and our newborn pictures taken right in the hospital so we could share with our family. Rose, Connie and Alie, made it feel like home. Thank you all! Jamie & John Domm

Brielle Hertz Jones

My husband and I recently welcomed our first child at Reston Hospital and we were beyond impressed with the quality of care we received. Our original plan was actually to deliver at Fairfax but when my water broke in the middle of the night my doctor instructed us to go to Reston. All three of our labor and delivery nurses (Kelly, Diane, and Kendria) were fantastic! I ended up having to push for 2 hours and not only was Kendria instructive and caring, I could tell from the tone of her voice and look on her face that she was genuinely excited about the arrival of our baby. She was so positive and encouraging throughout the whole process. Our postpartum team (Katie, Kristina, and Pam) were also incredible! Kristina was our nurse for both day shifts, which was great for not only continuity of care but it also allowed us to build a great relationship with her. The entire team was warm and caring, informative and educational, supportive and friendly. Overall, we couldn’t have been happier that our original delivery plan got thrown off and we ended up delivering at Reston Hospital. Every nurse, doctor, and team member we interacted with was kind, competent, and made us feel so at ease during this exciting and stressful time in our life. We never doubted for a second that we were reviving the best care possible. Thank you all for helping us welcome our daughter into the world!

Joanne Willis

Registration was efficient. The nurses were warm and caring. There were no complications with the procedure.

Grace Choi

Seamless care, amazing and super capable nurses. Could not have asked for a better experience.

Express Pilates

My nurses couldn’t be more caring and sympathetic to my pain and my needs. They were sad and empathetic with me and my condition as celebrated with me as I got better! They are the best team I could have possibly had.

Abigail Schaffel

Amazing experience! We absolutely loved the nursing staff (from labor and delivery to postnatal care). We appreciated their balance between expertise and personality. They were skilled and knowledgeable about their profession, but also able to share the compassion, empathy and excitement of having our first child. And what a surprise to have a RN “relaxation consultant “ arrive to our room for prenatal and post natal massages! We cannot day enough about the team! We loved the care that we received and will definitely go back to Reston Hospital Center for our future deliveries!!

Jeff Loeffler

Excellent care and nursing staff and nursing technicians were very caring for my needs.

Alex Emerson

My Mother Terry Miller visited this hospital to receive a CT scan. They were very helpful. Took care of her appointments, insurance approval, and it was a very wonderful experience. She was in a great deal of pain, and they took great care of her. Brenda, Melissa, and Katie, were very professional, kind, and made everything very pleasant. - Terry Miller

Victoria McClintock

Every single interaction I had with the staff was kind, pleasant, with a smile and extremely caring.

Dotty Andrews-Harris

Good surgeons and nursing staff. I had surgery there, and it was very professional, service-oriented, and friendly experience. They have a good team of doctors, specialists, and latest hospital equipment for emergencies. I highly recommend this Reston Hospital.

Emma Atkinson

I delivered my first baby, a little boy, at Reston Hospital via scheduled c-section a week ago today. I was really nervous going in but the experience was nothing short of magical and I credit this exclusively to the amazing Doctors and Nurses who took care of us. Nurses Kimberly, Stacy, Pam, and Cindy were incredibly professional, thoughtful, caring, and kind. They coached us through everything, made sure we were comfortable at all times, and truly felt like advocates for us throughout our entire stay. As someone who had a lot of anxiety about the delivery and birth process, they could not have made the experience more wonderful. Our first 3 days with our son were truly incredible and I know for a fact that this is due to the amazing care that we received during our time at Reston Hospital. Highly recommend this hospital for any labor and delivery needs!

Wen Chen

This is second time I utilized its services. Staffs from reception through the end of my imaging experience is excellent and pleasant. All personnel are quite helpful and cordial. Work flow are smooth. The atmosphere of proficiency and efficiency is palpable !

Harshanie Bandara

It disappoints me to have to rate Reston so poorly because I thought so highly of the hospital center until recently. My dad was admitted for two and a half weeks. There was issue after issue with nurses misinforming me about vital information in regards to his uhmm... HEALTH and BEING. There was issues with the kitchen not giving him the right diet - God forbid it was someone who had no idea what they were eating, there goes a life. I spoke with Bette, the "patient advocate" who did nothing but listen... literally, nothing but listen. No notes, no recordings, no names, nothing. Just a couple of head nods and a misleading "I'll look into this and follow up with you in two business days." My dad has been discharged for a week and even relocated to a different state and I haven't heard a word from the lady. Bobbi, Barbara, Alex, Meeju, Virgil, Richard, and Jen (some of the admin and nurses I can think of) were tremendous help with my dad and from the bottom of my heart, I thank each of you for taking your jobs seriously and committing to serve what you signed up for. As mentioned, I can only imagine how many families have been mistreated, misinformed, and mislead because of the lack of care. I'm absolutely sorry some of you spent so much money to be in a field where you cannot cater the basic necessities of your career. It must be absolutely embarrassing. I'm most definitely not planning on recommending or even admitting myself to this hospital if needed. I'd much rather drive the extra mile in absolute pain to be in a place that will help me maintain my health and longevity rather than decrease it.

John Brobst

At the Reston Hospital Center I was treated with curtesy, empathy, and kindness. I was treated well before, during and after my surgery. Others should consider Reston Hospital Center for their medical needs.

Michael Ferraro

Great care. They had a good process from the minute I arrived to when I was discharged. Good coordination between ambulance EMTs and hospital personnel.

Tami Nguyen

I came in the delivery room a little before 6am, at the end of the night shift. All the nurses were very nonchalant/lacking urgency even though I was in extreme pain. In between my contractions/pushing, I was asked non trivial medical history questions even though I already pre-registered; a nurse was on her cell phone and told me husband to hold me leg so she can talk on her phone.

Johnette Lewis Johnson

Thanks to Nurse Woon (Emergency Room) for taking great care of me this morning. She was personable, she listened, answered all my questions and last but not least I felt 100% better before leaving.

Bonnie Saks

Most efficient, respectful, thorough and knowledgeable ER experience. My husband and I were traveling from Florida on our way to Paris the next day when, at 2 AM he said he to go to the ER. We were processed immediately and seen by excellent nurses, Christy and Ryan were superb and Dr. Todd Larson was excellent. I am a physician myself so I know good quality care. What a great hospital ER.

Ron R

Can I give them 10 stars? The best hospital ever. Just delivered a baby by c section. The whole staff here are amazing. These people are so gifted that it doesn’t look like they are doing a job, it’s like a hobby for them- they like doing this. So well organized. Doctors are amaaaazing. Nurses are amaaaaaaaaaazing. Can’t stop talking about these angels I met here. Peggy, yoli, kathy all were so helpful. God bless these wonderful people.

Jamie Riddel Daughtry

The nursing care was beyond outstanding. Each department that took care of me had the most considerate, compassionate, attentive and skilled staff I have ever had. It was the most pleasant hospital visit I’d ever had and I felt as if I were being taken care of by family.

Linda Faigle

The Staff was exceptionally attentive and responsive to all of my needs.

Amanda Worrall

I’ve had both of my children at Reston hospital and the experience both times was the same...excellent! The staff really care about you and your needs. Our labor and delivery nurses and post partum nurses were awesome! The food is great and the cafeteria even calls your room to get your order and it’s delivered to your room. I highly recommend Reston hospital!

Beth Sammons

I had my first child here last week and the staff and service were incredible. My nurses were constantly checking on us and getting us anything we needed. They did a great job of monitoring and reacting to my condition during delivery and keeping us comfortable for the next two days. The rooms were big and comfortable and the food was pretty good. They even have a massage therapist for you. The discharge talk was very helpful on babysit and mother care. They even reconfigured our car seat to be properly set up for our son.

Brooke Neis

Roz is amazing and holds her staff to super high standards. A very pleasurable stay and she followed up with a phone call to check on me and see if I had any questions or problems. I highly recommend

Esra AE

My husband and I had our first child 2 weeks ago at Reston Hospital. It was a C-Section and our baby boy had to stay in the NICU for 5 days. The support and the care we have received from them was beyond amazing. I can’t thank enough to my nurses and the NICU nurses.

sharmeen shaikh

I recently delivered my baby at the Reston Hospital and my experience was so good. All the nurses and doctors are so caring and they make you feel better when you would feel a lot worse. I loved my labor and postpartum nurses specially Alice, who helped me through labor. Highly recommend choosing Reston for your delivery.

Nicholas Hampton

I will only go to the Reston complex of medical practices and hospital for any future medical needs myself or family need. I have had three surgeries, 2 at the surgical center and 1 at the hospital. My wife has had 1 surgery at the surgical center. Every aspect of an already stressful situation was handled with our care in the forefront of all staff members. Would and have recommended these facilities to everyone I know. They keep in contact with you throughout the entire process and you feel important and not just a number. Very professional in their business and very personal in their concern.

Jose Noel Pineda

I was there few days ago and they treated me really nice

David Humenansky

Courteous, professional, responsive, on-time, patient focused, reassuring atmosphere, clean and quiet. Everyone there is a pro.

Karen Hausfeld

This was outpatient surgery and everything went off without a hitch. Very pleased.

Crystal Stowe

Gone downhill. Two years ago, our baby was delivered there. We had such a great experience from the anesthesiologist to the wonderful nurses that we decided we had to go back there for our second child's delivery. This time, nurses were forgetful and did not seem particularly knowledgeable. I had to ask for some basic supplies. The nurse didn't know the recommended usage of a standard over the counter medication that they leave in the room (I had to inform her). The labor and delivery policies sheet that's supposed to be reviewed and signed off on was never mentioned. In fact most of the paperwork and the prescriptions that were called into my pharmacy were never properly covered. Given the amount of attention overnight, I assume they are also understaffed. I'm really glad I somewhat remembered what to do from my first child because there were so many things they didn't even mention this time. On a good note, you do get a free massage after delivery which is a nice perk. If we were to go through this again, I'd definitely opt for a different hospital.

B Hurley

My husbands stay at Reston Hospital Center Surgical Unit was absolutely the best. The nurses Wendy and Zen were the greatest!!! Professional, caring and made my husband and myself very comfortable. The Tech.... Desirae and Gladys were extremely kind, professional and were always there to help with a pleasant attitude. My husband and myself have nothing bad to say !! Well done to the nurses, techs, spine coordinator Ashly, Nancy the Nurse Leader/Director, and all !! Keep up the fabulous job of making Reston Hospital Center a A+++ Hospital !!!

Alice Buell

I was very impressed. This was the best hospital visit I have ever had. The staff was efficient, friendly and professional. I didn't spend much time waiting for anything. That's unusual for a hospital. I thank them for a pleasant experience.

Kevin N

I went to the doctor for a minor issue and he ended up doing an In & Out procedure totally unexpected. The nurses and doctors were awesome. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. This is one reason we drive from Winchester, VA to Landsdowne and Reston for specialty treatment.

Ashish Agrawal

My sister was at Reston hospital receiving post-op care, and the list of inept staff is unlimited. The worst is a nurse telling her that the 1foot x 1foot huge blood stain on the sheet is not from her, nothing to worry, it may be a pre-soiled sheet. OMG! Aside from that, the nurses and tech in trauma did not seem to care about the patient, having the attitude of "its not my job". The catering dept did not care to fulfill your order as taken. And worst, the attending physician refused to give his number for followup. I would stay away from this place if you can.

Todd Hazelbarth

The hospital staff were professional and attentive. No one wants to be in a hospital, but the doctors, nurses, and receptionists made it as positive and experience as possible.

George Sheflett

The level of professionalism was outstanding at all levels. I was completely put at ease both before, during and after my procedure.

Vinh Nguyen

Everything went well until the discharge. I was half asleep when the nurse came in with the discharge instructions. Before the surgery, my doctor said I can't go home until I can walk around. And that didn't happen, they rushed me to change, moved from the recliner to the wheelchair and out to the car. Is it how the hospital discharge procedure is? Obviously it's not acceptable.

Scott Zearley

As a patient with several visits to the Reston Hospital I can't say enough about the entire staff. From the moment one checks in to the moment of discharge the experience of it all leaves me with a feeling of complete confidence and satisfaction in the outcome. From the doctors, surgeons, nurses, technicians and staff my stay was comfortable leaving me in good spirits throughout my stay (not always easy in a hospital). If needed in the future Reston Hospital will always be my choice for my healthcare needs.

Andy G.

This feedback is related to my most recent visit to the ER. I came in for Chest Pains. It ended up being like an SNL skit. The care they provided was excellent, but the nurses were few and far between. When I needed help, I had to pull out the leads for the EKG and do it myself because they were not there to help. For this reason alone, I had to give this 2 stars. When you have to go, you have to go. I ended up being admitted and the care was excellent.

Eun Jung Shin

I recently had my first child here. I spent four nights at the Mother Baby Unit after my baby’s birth. The nurses and staff are so great, I can’t thank them enough. They are genuinely caring and professional. The hospital seemed to have a good system that made me feel well cared for around the clock. I highly recommend this hospital.

Dima Ghalayini

My wife’s experience at Reston Hospital Center 3 weeks ago delivering our third child was the worst experience she ever had! She asked me to write this review because the memory of that day is so painful that she cannot bear writing about it. Her care during Labor and Delivery was extremely poor on many dimensions. I will only mention some issues we faced with anesthesia and nursing care even though much more can be said…… Most importantly, my wife feels that she was put on the spot (not given an option) when the nurse anesthetist performed the epidural. The attending anesthetist only came after the epidural was inserted even though I saw him outside the room moments before! We had asked her OB several times leading up to delivery if the attending physician was the one who would perform the epidural and the answer was always yes. The epidural penetrated too deep, and therefore was only effective on one side. When I discussed the details of this event with two anesthesia colleagues of mine, they both informed me that the CRNA should have realized the deep penetration of the catheter and should have rectified the situation immediately. Instead she waited for 15 minutes and then started to react. After several failed attempts the CRNA finally called the attending physician WHO DID NOT ANSWER her call and text message. The end result was that my wife delivered with complete sensation and the most unbearable pain!! After the delivery, the attending physician came and his excuse for not responding was that he was “in a meeting with pharmacy”. I wonder if his loved one was in the delivery room and needed that epidural would he allow a meeting to delay it?! The other dimension of poor care was from the nurse assigned to my wife during Labor. The list of poor and unsafe performance by this nurse is too long to list here but I will mention a few: • She lacked basic nursing skills. She was unable to insert the IV cannula despite my wife’s easy veins. After puncturing 2 veins she finally listened to me and called another nurse who got it from the first attempt. • She was extremely slow and disorganized. She would start a procedure then discover she was missing something. She would then stop, get what she needed and return, and start all over again. My wife was extremely tolerant to this behavior despite her pain and the response she got from the nurse was defensive and aggressive attitude because according to the nurse she did not like my wife’s “body language”! • This great delay in establishing the IV access and completing the admission process delayed my wife’s epidural and led to unnecessary pain. • By that time the nurse came around to the doctor’s order to start the Pitocin (a drug with significant potential for harm) my wife’s water broke and she was in active labor since the doctor’s order. Yet the nurse was insisting on giving the drug and became very rude and aggressive when we asked her to double check with the doctor before giving the medication. Indeed, the indication for the Pitocin was no longer present and my wife did not need it! • This nurse lacked any degree of compassion. On several occasions she would ask my wife to do things in the middle of a painful contraction and then get upset at my wife for not complying! • Another example of this nurse’s aggressive behavior, and the last draw, was when she almost pulled the IV line out while positioning my wife for the epidural. The nurse did not see that the IV line was caught on the bed railing, so I stopped my wife. The nurse not realizing why I stopped my wife started talking to me in a language and tone used on the streets and not appropriate from a professional nurse. She then walked out of the room and I asked for another nurse. Overall, quality of care is nothing if it is not consistent. What happened to us was unacceptable by all measures. We gave a 2 star rating because the postpartum care was very good.

Bob Janis

Great staff on all shifts. Great care. My second stay in 5 months (knee replacements), and both stays excellent.

Virginia Merrill

The pre-op nurse who put the IV in did a very poor job. The first try was very painful, I think she hit the vein wall and not the center of the vein. She had to bandage that and try again in a new spot. A week later I still have a significant bruise.

Kristine Hrbacek

Reston Hospital is a fantastic hospital. All the staff are awesome, caring and have great bedside manners. I had 2 surgeries there in the last year and both of them were seamless.

Earl Ritter

As has always been the case any time I have been to Reston Hospital I have received a # 1 service and care. I have never had a bad experience there. I'll be having surgery in September and I have no fears because of the past wonderful care that I received.

Cindy Printz

It was very timely right from the start with check-in, all the nurses were so nice and the follow up was good.

Judi Miller

Excellent holistic, patient-centered care. Particularly impressed by their multi-modal pain management strategies. And if you're worried by the thought of spinal anesthesia, don't be! This was the best thing ever.


This is the second time I have had the pleasure of staying at the "Hilton" of Reston Hospital. Top notch service from the best of the best. I have had the unfortunate lifestyle and down-range experiences that has had me in many hospitals all over the world over the past 50 years and I can say this with all honesty and experience. Reston Hospital is the finest of the best. Congratulations to you all. William Jeff Winch

Carolyn Foyle

Very thorough from beginning to end of my surgery! Even called me to make sure I was on top of my pre surgery! Pa, Dr. was totally on top of everything! Rehab has it going on to.....Can't say enough about the Surgical Joint Replacement Department! Just WOW!

ruhi anjum

Overall experience was good , however after signing consent for Hepatitis B vaccination for baby it was not documented anywhere if it was given or not. Inquired with the staff multiple times during stay but information was not given . Pediatrician office reached out to medical records to get more information .


I had the absolute worst birth experience ever! When you try to report the house pediatrician you get nowhere! The NICU nurse Sarah has a better bed side manner than the doctor! The head of NICU tried to say this awful doctor was a phenomenal doctor. Looking back I should’ve recorded her and how she approached me at 10pm and my husband on the phone. However trying to scare parents that their child is going to die or suffer permanent brain damage is completely uncalled for. My baby had jaundice and took them over a day to put her under the lights! It took over 2 hours for the anesthesiologist just to administer the epidural. The doctor that delivered me was excellent. He took the words right out of my mouth when he told the nurse that wasn’t good enough when I had been waiting for over 2 hours. I had a far better experience with loudoun and fair oaks with my other 3 children.

jane kyper

My sister left her purse in the room when transferring to another room and though her name was in it -- nobody thought to bring it up to the other room -- a patient advocate Betty took the job on and eventually found it --Betty is fabulous!-- however it should have traveled with her (sister blind) or at least when room cleaned,it should have been returned to her. Also the PT came for a few days then stopped abruptly on a weds or a Thursday without any explanation. Doctors great, nurses overworked

Rachel Rose

First time ever being admitted. Entire staff was super nice and helped me to not be so scared. All my questions were answered. I hope I do not have to be in a hospital again but if I do, I would chose here.


Was left on the hook for $3000. It took an hour to be seen. They did a CT scan and bloodwork. I received a bill for almost $9000. Insurance paid $6000. Insurance company said the hospital was billing way above the negotiated rate for a CT scan. Filed an appeal but hospital wouldn't budge. So I was stuck paying the $3000 difference. Watch out for this place.

Michael Hong

My wife delivered at Reston and we had a great experience. A couple of shout outs to nurse Patti in labor and delivery and nurses Nadine and Anne in postpartum. They got us through a long labor and were so helpful showing first time parents how to do things. Would definitely deliver here again

Karen Douglas-Arsenault

I had back fusion surgery at Reston Hospital Center. All of the nursing staff were excellent and they took very good care of me. They had many professionals making sure that I had everything that I needed. I would definitely recommend this hospital for any surgical stay.

Olga Twombly

I had surgery on 5/1 to remove my gallbladder. Everyone was very professional and friendly, from the time I walked in to when I left. My surgical holding nurses were caring and warm. My OR team was excellent! My PACU nurse took great care of me, as it took me forever to wake up from my anesthesia! And my secondary nurse was also warm and friendly. This is the place I chose to have my surgery because I knew I would receive great care!

Paul Forbes

Excellent quality of care dispensed at the Reston Hospital Center. Great staff who showed lots of empathy and care for their patients.

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