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REVIEWS OF Page Memorial Hospital IN Virginia

tamara middleton

Don't go here unless you have a death wish. Nurses are nosey and spend half the time gossiping about everyone. Doctors/Specialists need to either go back to med school or seek another profession, not in the medical field. Getting the wrong diagnosis is a common occurrence here.

Jane rosser

Megan Kiser

Alexis and Ava

Allen Kibler

Horrible place , better off to drive somewhere else to a Dr . Better hope you don't need records transferred ( they lose them . ) They have no clue what they are doing . Almost lost family because of them

C S Stoneberger

Very Poor-They Never Know Really What's Wrong With A Patient

John Boy

What a joke for a er agree with the other reviews they sit out an gossip about there patients make fun of them I came in for access tooth and a bad throat infection told the doctor I looked my symptoms up online and know tooth infections can get too other parts of the body wanted too make sure infection hasn't spread my throat was swollen hard too swallow heard him go back out and make fun of me with the other nurses for looking my symptoms up on "doctor google" gave me nothing said id be ok I had too go too rmh in harrisonburg and yep had very bad infection needed bagged antibiotics and of course 10 days of antibotic pills said my throat could have gotten bad enough too swell up and cut off my airways page memorial is a fn joke of a hospital foriner doctor didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground and yeah hearing the same from other people how they gossip and make fun of there patients is just awful ill never go there again

Maleah Meadows

My review is not for the hospital, because we have not always found it helpful and clean but this visit was different. My step mom nurse Gina was absolutely amazing! So caring and has a heart of gold! Didn’t just push her off and not listen to her. She listened with a caring heart!! She truly is in her right field of world! I give her five stars!!!! The doctor was also attentive and caring!

Lauren Smucker

We waited for 4 hours to be helped. They took Christian’s temperature, told him it was 103.5 degrees & sent him back out to the waiting room with a plastic barf bag, adding that his pupils were 2 different sizes. The staff was not knowledgeable or helpful. The nurses did not listen & they talked back to the doctors. The doctor had no answers & said “go home & stop hiking the AT. Or I can transfer you to Winchester. Or give you a spinal tap.” Wow. Thanks for your expertise. We spent 7 hours at this hospital with no solution.

Samantha Louk

Very clean, very friendly nurses and doctor and check in staff! Was so slow they made us wait forever for some diaper rash creme and nausea pills or liquid for my daughter! They are not busy just a little slow at getting you out of here waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting to leave! Pick up the pace I mean y'all are and were dead come on now!

Katelyn Hansen

Everytime I go to this hospital they take forever and most of the doctors rush trying to get me out of there asap. Yesterday (11/27/17) i found a deer tick embedded in my side with a red ring around it so I went to the ER. They were busy - I was moved into a room fast, but I sat in the room for 2 hours and a doctor never came in. A nurse didn't even come in to check on me or anything. Instead they were all having social hour and gossipping about other patients (isn't that a HIPPA violation?) with the cops at the nurses station in the hallway directly across from my room. There were people who came in AFTER us for simple things such as a sinus infections - yet they were discharged before I was even seen. After waiting for 2 hrs in the room, a nurse came in and said they were going to move me to another room. I asked how much longer it would be (I just wanted the tick out of my skin - at this point it was 10PM and i was tired and in pain) and she very rudely told me "they were busy and i could leave if i want but it's up to me." My fiance asked why people who came in after us were already seen and leaving and I hadn't even had a doctor in the room yet and her snobby response was "It's all in the complaint you have" so apparently a cold and cough is much worse than a DEER TICK IN MY SIDE WITH A RED RING around it. So we left. I will not return to PMH for ANYTHING. I'll just use the time and go to RMH or front royal. All the time wasted spent at PMH could be used driving to a hospital where they take their jobs seriously and know what they're doing. Luckily my uncle had a tick removal kit and was able to get the whole tick out but I am pretty sure I need an antibiotic to fight against any possible Lymes Disease, but I am just going to wait it out and be seen elsewhere for it tomorrow. PMH is a joke.

Margaret Mack

The people are friendly, but they can't exactly do much for things like meningitis or things for minors

Charity Brumley

ER visit, no wait, immediately put my husband in a room and started assessing his excruciating pain. Staff and doctor were excellent— caring and attentive to patient needs. Clean environment. We appreciated the service as out of town travelers.

Kay Allen

Quentin Comer was very professional and friendly and did a great job making my xrays go very well . thanks MR Comer!

James Whiteside

Nobody wants to visit the ER, but accidents happens. If your in need of care, they will make sure you get the needed attention or work on sending you to the correct facility. If you go here for a cold or runny nose, expect to waiting longer for care. Sometimes emergencies occur and you will probably be put on hold (this is fully understandable to me, but some seem to struggle with this concept). Emergencies come first, as they should. For long term residents or swing bed residents, they care they receive is amazing. Top notch staff, that was very focused on getting you back on your normal way of life.

Henry Miller

Great staff. Would come back again. They have excellent scribes.

Joshua Kidney

Stacey threw the gauze with blood on it in the open trash can. The gauze have Hepatitis C blood on it.

Sean Cribbins

Very friendly, prompt treatment for a (hopefully) sprained wrist.

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