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REVIEWS OF Norton Community Hospital IN Virginia

gail Austin

Hadn't had any previous issues with this hospital until a few weeks ago my aunt went there because of a lung disease and they didnt do anything to try and help her ( in my opinion) she was there 5 days struggling and then they just simply sent her home with an antibiotic and oxygen..she passed away sadly 2 days later after she struggled with her breathing. No comfort nothing..they had to have seen her struggling!! They are supposed to be dr.s their supposed to at least care..

Mary Hubbard

I recently had an EGD and Colonoscopy there. The surgeon, and nursing staff was wonderful. I had no complaints until I got my anesthesia bill. Then I found out they were out of network. I understand that it is hard to get some specialties and that insurance companies pay to little but I feel it is important for the hospital to inform the patient before the procedure that they may end up paying more than their insurance company says they will pay. The hospital needs to be more transparent. My care was great though and other than what happened with the anesthesia billing, I am satisfied.

Jo Williams

ER is the first visit the doctor said all I wanted was drugs. He was very rude. I tried to tell him that I had pain med drugs but he would not listen...stomped out of the room and did not come back..."Dr" Williams Another visit (different Doc) he told me he did not know what was wrong and gave me steroids. and charged me $4000+

Michael Clem

Kati Hensley

I saw Dr. Vanbuecken and he helped me, I don't have any insurance. And he helped me

Josh Mullin



Worst setup I’ve ever experienced. Went in for an X-ray and had a two hour wait getting signed in. Had doctor order with me when I arrived. Absolutely ridiculous!!! Wish I could rate in the negative!!!

Justin Ivory

Debra Steelman

This hospital deserves more than 5 stars in my family's opinion. While my grandfather is very ill, the doctors,staff, case manager in the ICU as well as every staff member we've encoutered over the past week has been generous, accommodating, knowledgeable, and just overall impressive. Our family lives over 5 hours away near D.C. and I can say without a doubt this hospital performs 10x better than what we're used too. The doctors are upfront with you that they do not have all of the specialists on hand as larger hospitals but in our case they called them in within that day, incredible. Thank you, all!

Toshia Honeycutt

ED staff during evening is very rude, smart a$$ed people. Especially the RN we dealt with. What a rude and snootie person. She will be reported to her supervisor first thing Monday morning.

Miranda Baker

NCH ER Dr. & staff was excellent, in every way. Dr. Williams saved my husband from being paralyzed or worse. He transported him to HVH & 6 specialists all confirmed his original diagnosis. If not for the Dr.'s quick & highly intelligent thinking, my husband would be in a wheelchair within the next 6 months. THE DR. IS A GENIUS!!! I highly recommend NCH ER.

Ashley Dotson

Doris Workman

Jennifer Caudill

-David T Sr.

I wouldn't send a Dog there.They don't even have a Dr.working anymore.Thanks Ballad

Amanda Mobley

The attitude of the staff can use some work. I haven't ever been so insulted.

Amanda Gibson

stella Hurt

Fanny Angel

My mom was really sick and I was 4 hours away. The doctors and nurses kept me informed on every move and everything they did. They saved her life. Thank you.

Isabella Garcia

To bad I couldn't give them less then one star. My 76 year old mother fell ripped her arm up broke her shoulder and her wrist Dr ison came in got his gloves to examine her arm dropped one of his gloves in the floor picked it up and continued to put it on. I told him that's very unsanitary he acted like he didn't hear me and proceeded to do his exam. I told him good thing you didn't touch her open wound he again ignored me and walked out of the room. The nurse came in my sister told her about it she laughed and said yeah they do that all the time. Ridiculous no damn wonder everybody gets staph and God only knows what else.. this hospital has sure went to the dumps in the last couple year's. Use to be halfway decent. But not anymore.. And I will be calling administrator..

Danny Hawkins

I went in with a black widow spider bite it was in my shoe it bit me on my right big toe and again on my right index finger because I thought I had just been stuck by something and was dumb enough to stick my hand in the shoe to see what had stuck me. Well anyhow I started having stomach cramps and cramps in my back and nausea I saw a nurse practitioner not even a doctor she said it couldn’t have been a black widow because they bite once and retreat she pretty much said I was lying without even asking where the spider was when it bit me. Well anyhow she treated me terribly like I was a drug addicted or something I was a police officer for 15 yrs she sent me home with a anti biotic and not even anything for nausea. I went home and spent the next 10 hrs pucking my guts out and with the worst muscle cramps you could think of. I really thought I was going to have to go to another hospital. This nurse assumed I was drug seeking without knowing the whole story. Terrible experience

Marianne Anderson

Better read the reviews before considering using this hospital. They are rude and will not return a phone call regardless of how many messages you leave. Very inconsiderate and lack empathy.

MarShara Thompson

Sunday May 5 8:51 whoever was working the 2 peoplw at the ER desk need to be fired...made fun of everyone who came through there. Its sickening that people are coming to you for an emergency and you decide to be rude about it FIRE THEM

Dee Boysen

the urologist (dr pathan) over there is the worst. do not go.

Cheyanne Sexton

Rude. My mamaw got admitted and all they were was rude to her and us. Also wouldn't tell us a thing or what they were going to do. We will not be coming back to this hospital, we'll be going to St. Mary's.

Waylon Ward

Sitting here right now. Wife about to pass out from pancreatitis pain. Been here for 2 hours watching her suffer. Nurse took blood as soon as she arrived and it sat on the counter til just about 2 minutes ago. After my second attempt of asking nurses when my wife will get to see a doc or get something for pain one nurse said she would call the doc again. Doc said to give my wife Zofran. My wife has been going through this off and on for 17 years. Last time an attack hit her near this area we had to rush here. Spent 6 hours in ER and then STILL had to drive her to another hospital. It's looking like it's going to be that way again. This place wouldn't make a decent ghetto animal clinic. I keep trying to get her to grab her belongings and let me rush her own down the road. She's been to 14 different hospitals in the USA and Norton is so far below 13th place it's pathetic. Doesn't even deserve one star rating. These people couldn't bag groceries. Okay, here's an update. Been here 3 hours and thank God for night shift and Doc Bruner. Dayshift doc Price worthless. Bruner came straight in as soon as night shift got here. Now why in the Hell can she have been here for this long without seeing dayshift doc? Then night shift shows up and they see her immediately. We will see how it goes from here but they are supposedly getting her something for pain. We shall see. Anyone that has never seen someone suffering from a major pancreatitis attack has no idea how bad this stuff is. On the verge of passing out, going into shock, from the intense pain. And these ding dongs on dayshift casually walked around without a care. Makes me sick.

Mia Powers

The billing department is a joke. Had a bill from a car accident after settlement was made at which point I did not receive enough to pay all of my medical bills, made arrangement with hospital to make payments. Was paying more than agreed amounting and on time, my bill was “accidentally” sent to collections and after 3 months of fighting with the hospital was lied to multiple times, was refused when asked to speak with supervisor, in the end they refused to correct their mistake. Would give a 0 Star if possible. Beware of billing department.

Mark Balthis

Dr.Vanbueken and his pa..did nothing for my friend because they have no insurance...I thought doctors were suppose to help you..I wouldn't recommend going to the orthopedic clinic and seeing them..

Austin Crabtree

Mindy Cervantes

Dr westney was the rudest person I have ever met. I don't care what kind of day u r having, u don't treat patients like they r stupid and as if u want them to leave. (Very snobby attitude) also misdiagnosed me.

Dennis Williamson

Absolutely The Worst hospital!! Should you ever go to the ER of Norton Community Hospital, be prepared to deal with condescending, utterly asinine, arrogant, and incredibly rude "doctors." The medical staff are, for the most part, indifferent to the suffering of arrived patients; you'll call and call for them only to be left in agony. My father, who is chronically ill, has been taken there on many occasions and was treated more like a nuisance by the ER staff, than a human being, and a veteran of a foreign war, in serious need of medical attention. More than once he would've perhaps died there had he not been transferred to Johnston Memorial Hospital in Abingdon. If possible, have the ambulance take you or your kin there; there they really care about their patients, and show the utmost attention and kindness. Norton Community, and Mountain View Regional for that matter, are blatant insults to those in need of proper medical care, and stark blemishes on the community of Norton. Avoid these so-called hospitals, if you can.

Melissa Deel

kourtnie regan

Chasidy Smith

Debbie Lawson

This hospital goes above and beyond what is expected. The staff shows genuine caring for their patients and for their families. We are privileged to have this hospital in our area. Could not ask for better care

Erica Mitchel

lost my son because no obgyn would come in to help. I had a er doctor looking at me and it took 4 hours before the medflighted me out to johnson city...One of the nurses even said their not qualified to take care of me and i should have went somewhere else..This place is ridiculus

Patsy Meade

Tim Redfern

Britany Utley

Worst experience of my life. Dr.Dingus and Nurse "Ratchet" were rude. We were out of town and staying in Norton at a hotel. My 3yo daughter woke in the middle of the night with a high fever and I didn't have any fever reducer with me. Under different circumstances, I wouldn't take her to the ER and would just give her tylenol and call pediatrician if fever didn't go down or persisted for several days. Within 10min of being in the ER, Dr.Dingus gave her a tentative diagnosis of pneumonia (bc she had a history of it but no current symptoms- he didn't even use the stethescope on her back), croup (she coughed once and it wasn't barky at all), UTI (since we had been traveling? though I stated that she hadn't said it hurt at all when she went potty), and stomach virus. It was middle of night and she was exhausted and was a bit delusional and they acted like she was hallucinating. They waited a long time before giving her tylenol and she eventually threw up and then they tried to give her zofran for nausea which I refused. They tried to order xrays, blood work, and a catheter which I refused stating that I wanted to see first if her fever went down. The nurse implied that I was being neglectful. After her fever did go down after some tylenol and motrin, she ate a popsicle and we went home. She had a low grade fever for a few days and ended up having an ear infection and nothing more. After the first 10min, Dr.Dingus never returned to our room and never discharged us. I could see him with his feet propped up in his office which had glass walls. My toddler just kept asking to leave because they were so rude to all of us. She normally responds very well in medical settings.

Belinda Clem

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