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Medstar Georgetown physical therapy was terrible. It took me two weeks after my surgery to get an appointment. When I arrived the receptionist had never recorded my appointment so I had to wait another week. After my first appointment I couldn’t get another evening appointment until two weeks later. When I emailed the therapist directly, he didn’t reply for four days. When I finally arrived for my second appt I was 12 minutes late because of traffic, they had to cancel my apt. I was on the phone on hold for 30 minutes before I arrived to tell them I was stuck in traffic and no one at medstar answered. Now I am five weeks after my surgery and I’ve only had one session. Every late night I spend trying to manage my pain I curse medstar’s name.

suzzi copeland

If you drive anything bigger than 75 inches in height, you will have to park on the street. This was NOT told to us during my grandmothers pre op appointment. The outdoor parking used for bigger vehicles is undergoing construction and is closed. I drove my Expedition up here the day of her surgery and attempted to park in the garage only to be told my vehicle is to big to be parked in either of their available garages that offer validated parking. My options were to park in the schools visitor garage for $22 or do metered parking on the street according to the valet attendants. I ended up driving BACK to my grandmother's house an hour away and driving my aunts car up narrowly missing her before they took her back for her surgery. While the construction is going on, the hospital needs to not only tell patients this when scheduling appointments or doing pre op appointments, but update this on their website as well. I am very disappointed that this was not told to us prior.

CJ Mar

Staff was kind. But valet was rude. Not a good start to my experience.

Pinky Frazier

The folks here are awesome! Very professional yet friendly! I trust this hospital.

walter birkel

Physicians can be either great or just average. Cone prepared with questions , do your background research and demand full explanation. I cannot understand why they retain a sullen receptionist on the main floor who is annoyed to give directions. They could learn from Sibley and use volunteers to cheer up the patient experience.

Patricia Montekulast

This hospital stood out so well compared to others. Sweetest staff around.

Jack Folgers

Total waste of time. Everybody pretends to be "busy" yet anyone with eyes can look around and see theres 15 empty beds in just the room I was in, probably hundreds more spaces for patients. The er doctors didn't listen AT ALL... they treated one of 3 problems and just pretended like the other two problems didn't.exist. I LIMPED INTO THE HOSPITAL AND I LIMPED OUT OF IT. IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK PASSES FOR MEDICINE? A total disappointment devoid of any real human connection, just a bunch of bureaucracy paper pushers checking off boxes. An absolute disgrace to the notion of healthcare. Any doctor that can let someone walk away in pain deserves to have their medical license revoked. Medicine without morality doesn't even begin to touch on the total lack of care I found at this place.

Christian Gonzalez

Visiting my nephew, living proof that GOD makes mericles!

Philippe Malherbe

A few days ago, during a trip to Washington D.C., I had problems with my Kidneys (Stones). I went to this Hospital during the night. They gave me all the assistance I needed and were very comprehensive. They even rescheduled another surgery to allow me to be treated as soon as possible, so that I could fly home the day after. Their main concerns were my trip over the Atlantic. Today I had an appointment with my doctor at home. He told me, that the Hospital did a great work and that will help me to wait a few days before the stones can be removed. Many thanks to the staff of the Emergency Unit, to Dr. Jacob A. Brems and Dr. Ted J. Katz. A special Thank goes to the Nurse Sarah Beld and her Colleague in the “Wake Up Room” for the attention given to my wife.

David Dunn

Just had a anterior hip replacement at GW MedStar. Everyone was super nice, from the Valet crew to the surgeons! Only had to stay one night.

C McNee

Wow, i've had a lot of fun being transferred from person to person over the phone, and spending hours of my life on hold. Also, not having access to my child's records despite mailing AND faxing in a request.... as well as having them not work with any other doctor who see's my child... This place is terrible, never had such a hard time dealing with a hospital in my life. 1 star is being generous (only because i had to)

Yvonne Moxness

Peri-anesthesia, pre-op, and post-op staff were excellent. Dr. Postma, Orthopaedic Surgeon, and his residents staff are top-notch. Good bedside manner and willing to engage in detail discussion about the surgical procedure and after. Hospital only gets a four because I was admitted for overnight and never got a room. I was brought to a Post Anesthesia Care ward with 15 - 20 curtained bays. It was uncomfortably humid and warm when they delivered me to the ward around 8:00PM. First time I've ever been in a hospital and didn't need a blanket (as patient) or sweater (as visitor) in the patient area. My bay was near the central station so I heard every bell and phone ring, and (at least) one side of most of those conversations. Nurses, aids, and staff on the unit, also earned the highest marks for care giving, though. Pictures are "Night Mode in a PACU ward"

steven jones

I have been in the emergency room of Georgetown University Hospital for over 3 hours. I have a pain level of 7 out of 10 and have been completely ignored. As a former patient this has been a horrific experience. The shifts have changed and I have yet to see a Doctor. The folks at the desk said You kjust gonna have to wait!!! Maybe I will go back to GW!!!

James McCalla

The ER doctors relied on out-of-date files in their system instead of talking to me and asking questions. The attending doctor was talking with me when she was paged, so she left and said she'd be right back. Didn't come, but I do understand that they're very busy, so that was OK at the time. Still, her junior doctor simply assumed, without asking, that she and I had talked about everything, so he never had a conversation with me at all and at one point I was alone on the gurney in a closed cubicle for about 2 hours. When I finally saw the attending doctor again, she'd been consulting those out-of-date files and I had to correct her on my medical history AND my current primary care provider. The junior doctor said he could bring me sandwiches, but I had to tell him (since again he didn't ask) that I'm on a very restricted diet. The nurse, Ashley, in contrast to the doctors, was terrific, and I got most of the hard information from her about what was going on. The discharge nurse still had incorrect information about my primary care provider, and the hospital number she gave me to call to have their lab report sent to my current doctor was also wrong. She also didn't tell me that the request had to come from my doctor, not from me (even though they're my records). I would suggest to these ER doctors that if you have a patient who is alert and mentally competent, you shouldn't ignore him and use only old and outdated files just because they're in your system. When I finally got home again, I took 2 Tylenol: my symptoms disappeared and didn't come back. I'm now consulting with my primary care provider, which is what I should have done instead of going to the Georgetown ER. Lesson learned.

David Zulandher

MedStar Georgetown University needs a serious makeover. Ahh the frustrations of GU! This old place needs to be totally rebuilt from the ground up. And with it, the staff and IT infrastructure and everything else need a refresher and a new attitude. Even the patients need a better attitude. Let's just hit the refresh button and take it from there. I want to be greeted at the Pasq center with a hot beverage. I want medium foam and the drink hot but not burnt. I then want a pleasant waiting room with a meditation room. I want pleasant aromas to waft in. The staff should be attractive and well dressed but not provocatively so. I want Apple pay upon checkout since I don't want to touch anything. Some "nibbles" would help also, maybe individual bags of Kale Chips or Trail Mix (nuts, crassins, assorted dried fruit). Hand wipes for tidy up. That's it for now. More suggestions to come.

Monica Burgess

I had a bad experience with a procedure The anatheologist damage my throat with the tub that was put down my throat. I had a throat contusion it took me over a month to heal. I had go to a ENT. No medication was given. I couldn't eat because I couldn't swallow and it was very painful. Doctor's aren't good as I thought.I just came to this facility last year.I have experienced much more unprofessionalism.

Carmela Giambalvo

I love my doctors at MedStar Georgetown, but trying to get a call back is almost impossible. I am thinking of changing doctors because of this. Also their billing system is horrible. Each bill has a different account number. I pay by my checking accounts bill pay and there are at least 15 different account numbers in there. They need to shape up

Kasey Miller

Parking is completely ridiculous. 75$ a day just to visit someone or God forbid you have to drive yourself to the emergency room. You better bring your atm card. It's even worse for the employees

billy huff

The medical staff here for the most part are great Dr rns but when it come for the support staff they treat u like trash they talk to u like trash even chaplains here are no good they dont even care the only two good chaplains that did a good a job they where the Catholic priest and the muslim chaplain for good Dr i would say come but for everything else is trash i would not recommend this hospital i hope this review helps

Shawn M-D

A big THANK YOU to Kim McCormick (MRI Dept.) for her patience and understanding with scheduling an MRI I need to have done. She was quick at resolving the issue for me an did a a great good job at comforting my nerves by acknowledging my concerns and providing comfort...I really appreciate it! Thanks to Britney as well!

kishan bhutiya

Building is so messed up without any proper signs or labels! Plus the you will find the help desk inside a private rooms who are very rude when you ask them for help! Because of the building construction, i missed my appointment for 5 minutes and they said i have to reschedule it! I would recommend get another doctor but dont even try this building and doctos working here! Its trash service! Also it would take atleast 15 min to get cabs from this place! Big thumbsdown!

Eileen Sickel

Great experience at the emergency room about 3 times in the last few years. Not a very long wait to be seen, and all staff were very caring and helpful. And asked me the right questions to make the correct diagnosis. One of their drs. 2as so great. He realized that I had a bad case if bronchitis and was having trouble breathing. They gave me a breathing treatment and the dr. Prescribed medication etc. And I was finally able to get well after so many months of suffering without the correct diagnosis. I will always be grateful to this hospital for the good care they gave me every time I went to the emergency room.

Jennifer M

I have never been treated so poorly in my life even before I stepped in the door. I was called before my son's procedure to "pre-register". It's not pre-registering - its making you pay up front for your procedure which is not legally required by the way. They gave me a choice of paying all or paying 50% then divided into 4 payments. Those were my only two choices and I had to call back by the end of the day. If I didn't choose one of those, the hospital would expect full payment on the pay of my son's procedure. asked what would happen if I didn't pay, they said that they had no idea what would happen once I got to the hospital - implying that my procedure would not take place. This felt like a debt collector call and the hospital had done NOTHING for my son yet. You don't have to pay up front! After calling back and speaking to the supervisor, she admitted that yes, the procedure would go ahead if I didn't pay, they would bill me, and I could do a payment plan if necessary. They straight up lied to a patient's mother before I even walked in the door. I have written my Senator and will file a complaint with the Maryland Attorney General. This tactic has to stop. In general, the hospital is small and dated. I'm not looking forward to going there but the only doctor that will do my son's procedure works out of Georgetown. I would never voluntarily choose this hospital.

Some Dude

First, we have always had good luck with the pediatrics at Georgetown. However, my young daughter needs a test, and the department no longer takes walk ins (they did two years ago). We were turned away and given a reservation line to call. 3+ weeks wait, but this is urgent. Of course, a MEDSTAR doctor could get us in faster. I know for a fact our doctor is in their system, just not a MEDSTAR employee. Isn't this illegal? If not, it should be.

Little Goat

Did no provide water when asked. Ver medicated missed meals etc clinic interfered on y behalf. Insisted on keepin my door open and made me sit on ar to alwert hem. Nurse Martha has muv yo muc power over the staff,

Jon Johnson

My wife's surgery went well but after surgery it took 8 hours for her to be assigned a room where our family could visit and she could have some peace and quiet to rest. The surgery was scheduled a month in advance so there was ample time for Georgetown to be prepared for her. In addition, despite being in an open bay room, they were slow to provide water, ice chips or an additional blanket. This room was loud and bright and my wife did not get more than a few moments rest at a time. Yep. For 8 hours after surgery my wife was unable to sleep or even rest. When I inquired about the status of my wife's recovery room I was told that they were all booked and we'd have to just wait. I explained that we had booked the surgery a month ago and was told that they always overbook patients with a condescending tone. This reminded me of my Army days were the military hospital always acted as if it were doing you a favor. I do not recommend this hospital. They are not focused on patient care and their organizational skills are poor. The only thing they did quickly and professionally was take my payment. I think that fact more than anything let's you know what they care about. ****For update. you'll see below that in response to my post the hospital posted and apologized and asked me to contact them. That's just a ploy on their part. I did reach out and contact them and they did nothing. Literally nothing. They never bothered to respond after I reached out to them as they instructed. If anyone saw their response to my post and thought that they were genuinely trying to make things right, don't be fooled.****

Gary Wright

Recently, I had knee surgery at Georgetown University Hospital. Surgery was with Dr. Postma and both him and the nursing staff were great throughout the entire process. Just two areas of improvements I suggest for the Surgery Center. 1. Improve the wifi access in the Surgery Center building. Before the surgery, my wife and I had a terrrible time accessing the "free wifi" in the waiting area. Other patients and their family members also had a terrible time accessing the wifi as well. I could not get a cellphone signal in the building as well which made things worse. I even asked the nurse about it and she said the wifi is a known issue there. The hospital needs to work with its IT department and have this fixed as soon as possible since in these modern times, people need access to good wifi expecially if they are waiting on theie family while in surgery. I visited another hospital recently(AAMC) and they had excellent free wifi free . 2. The chairs in the waiting area of the surgery center are extremely uncomfortable while sitting down for long periods of time. They should consider replacing the chairs for ones that are more comfortable since family members have to wait long hours before and after surgery for their loved ones.

Jeramy Utara

Generally, the staff are kind and willing to help - many will stop you in the hallways to offer directions if you look lost. The doctors and their work are great. Sadly, just about everything else is lacking. Frequently, patients wait in recovery rooms all day and sometimes do not end up getting an actual room. The age of the buildings and lack of efficiency or drive to make the patient experience good is what hurts. If you ever have the option of where to have surgery, you will almost definitely be more comfortable somewhere else.

Jackie Bender

Had surgery and the care was fine until I had an issue with a drug given to me. Talked to the nurse who brought it up to the current pharmacist working. Had a very unpleasant pharmacist who tried to convince me she was in the right with what she did. I asked to speak with the manager, and the manager at the time Kang Ho came down to I thought have a level head about things to discuss things respectfully. However, he was even more condescending and the two even were snickering behind my back as I was trying to state my case with the nurse. What infantile and unprofessional people working there in the pharmacy department. If your manager can't be respectful and show concern for patients, what do you expect of his employees? I had never in my life encountered such an arrogant and pompous person and he is supposed to managed others?

Rick Brownlee

I have only a very few memories of this supposedly "Prestigious" Teaching Hospital. I was transferred here by Ambulance from Shady Grove Hospital because they were NOT EQUIPPED to handle an Emergency Hip Replacement Surgery to fix my Fractured Hip from a Trip & Fall. I had the Sad Misfortune of having to be treated on a Weekend Night. These times are heavily Reserved for "Students" & "Would-Be Doctors". Believe Me....I payed for it BIG TIME!! The last thing I can remember (even with my PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY) was having my bed wheeled around a corner in their ER Department. What happened next was Beyond the Unimaginable. Before they could even begin the Surgery, I had not 1 but 2 Cardiac Arrests!! BYE BYE LIGHTS OUT!! After awhile I opened my eyes to Tubes, Lines & Wires EVERYWHERE! I had 2 Tubes (Breathing & Eating) going down my Throat so I couldn't talk. I recognized my Mom thru all the Fog & Bright Lights. She said to me, "If you value your Life, you'd better get up outta here NOW! I heard the Students say they wanted to TRY IT AGAIN!!!" I wrote on a piece of paper to PLEASE TRANSFER ME TO THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND MEDICAL CENTER IN BALTIMORE since they knew me better. Georgetown did not hesitate & ordered for me to be transported there by MedStar Helicopter because of my Dilemma (Recent Open Heart Surgery, Dialysis Patient, Fractured Hip & now 2 Cardiac Arrests). I did send an Email to thank the "Real" Staff for then taking over & moving the Students & Would-Be's to the side. That was my 1st time there & hopefully my Last Time! Thanks for the Fast Transfer & ALL the Rapid Response for my Code Blue's!!!


My husband had a great ED experience. They were able to help him pretty quickly and the staff were friendly.

Jaime Travers-Fein

Just a follow up on my earlier review (see below) - medstar’s comment looks like they’re reaching out to fix the issues but in reality I followed the link they posted and haven’t heard since.

Mickey Muffin

This place is absolutely amazing, my son would not be with us today if not for the amazing, nurses, Drs and the Surgeons on the transplant team. I can not thank you all enough.

Guillaume DeNogaret

They took over Tenleytown pediatrics and the customer service has become a complete disaster as a result. We have been trying to get immunization records for my son for two weeks, wasting several hours on the phone, leaving numerous voicemails which are supposed to receive a response within 24 hours but are in fact always ignored.


Best hospital I’ve ever been too. Absolutely great staff and service!!!


DO NOT USE PARKING GARAGE/VALET. It took over 10 minutes to get into the garage and over 40 minutes?! for them to return my car to me once I came out. No exaggeration after I paid for parking I was sitting there for over 40 minutes while they told me someone was getting my car. I confirmed my ticket number at the 20 and 30 minute mark and still just kept sitting there. I’m just confused as to how it could take this long. Seems very disorganized.

Christian Onyiagha

I had a wonderful experience here. The Nurses and Patient Care Technicians were very helpful.

Ritha Khemani

I have a great doctor here Dr Miano , so I stick to this group. I am amazed so many find the staff amazing . Good for them . I have found staff inattentive , and incompetent and worst of all : they rarely call you back despite leaving phone messages. They also have this weird portal through messages are sent which I cannot retrieve . Is there no risk in this to patients ?

Empress I

I truly wish I’d read some of these reviews before choosing GTU for my care. This has been by far the most horrendous experience I’ve ever had. I saw Karen Brothers simply because she works under Dr. Loughney. Since that appointment I have not been able to correspond with her or anyone else regarding care going forward. I’ve left several messages to no avail. I am dealing with an issue that could cause me to faint at any time so naturally I’d like to fill my prescription as soon as possible. I cannot do that because every phone number provided my leads to a voicemail. What are you paying people to do if customer is not a thing that happens here at all!! It’s the end of the day and I still have not received a call from anyone. I’ve had to neglect my own work to spend time trying to get through to someone here to help with this issue to no avail. I will NEVER refer anyone to this place!! I work in a medical facility— avoiding this place will be a default piece of advise for anyone asking!!

Sean Clowes

The staff are great from top to bottom. Schedulers, nurses, doctors, specialists, and everyone else I have interacted with. Very pleasant, knowledgeable and the rarest of qualities in many medical professionals; attentive. The facility itself is also in decent shape - which I cannot say for other hospitals in DC.

Brionna Parker

My son was flown to the picu he’ll be a month in 3 days. They have been amazing with him. The moment we arrived the nurses were able to calm him down every-time they attempted (which is not easy with him). They have given me so many breaks and let me sleep while they all feed him, I haven’t slept in days before coming here so I’m extremely appreciative of all the help. All of the nurses have the motherly touches and have constantly come to make sure I’m comfortable and if I need anything while also checking on my son. It hasn’t felt like we’re just at the hospital, this feels like a luxury, which is awesome to be able to say considering being at the hospital for a newborn is so stressful and the last place anyone wants to be. I would recommend this hospital to everyone with children, they are wonderful, super sweet, friendly, caring and helpful.

Naghma Shah

My mother in law is currently staying here after lung surgery. The care she is receiving has inspired me to leave this review. The staff here is excellent and the nurses go above and beyond in their care for her. They are not only kind, but experienced, knowledable and immediately responsive. We’ve had experiences with many other hospitals in the area. We also like Washington Adventist and Holy Cross, but I feel like the care here is superior.

SPK Family

Very inefficient and disorganized pulmonology department. To get one sleep test done I had to call 6 times. Then they moved my appointment and 3 different people called me to get the same information. And for the results, You can’t get anyone on the phone. It’s all automated. When I tried every option in the prompts I finally got someone and tried to explain how many times I had called to get my results. And her response: “the nurse is never at her desk, she will call you back when she can”. I tried to explain that I see patients myself and can’t always be on my phone, is there any other way to try to reach someone, so I don’t interrupt another patients appointment by taking a call. Her response was “well if that’s how you want to look at it” and then transferred me back to an automated line.

Mary Jones

My son is a liver transplant individual. He began having jaundice he went to the hospital in our hometown. They are not aloud to help him, so they hospital contacted georgetown to pick him up. Took five days before they could send a ambulance to pick him up. The doctor and the nurses called two and three times a day to get him help. When you dont answer another hospital call is no excuse. I dont drive so I called and left several messages with the nurse and my son to call me to find out his condition. He was there a week not one call. I finally paid someone to take me to dc. Having no beds and not responding to anyone request make no since. In 2011 you were a wonderful hospital, always keeping family members aware and taking great care of the patients. T if any of the hospitals in my state could care for him,. Iwould not send him here.

Daniel Y

Waited 6 hours in the emergency waiting room

Debi Rowen

We had made an appointment with the top doctor in endoscopy, Dr. Stanley Benjamin. After waiting an hour, we met with an intern. Finally the intern said he would relay our information to Dr. Benjamin and then we would see him. (Not efficient in my eyes) Then Dr. Benjamin same into the room, basically said the same thing the intern said. In less than five minutes, a knock was at the door. The nurse told Dr. Benjamin his next patient had parking issues. Parking issues!! Is that a reason to leave a patient when you haven't even given him the time of day yet??? Appalling. Stay away.

Leimomi Apoliona-Brown

Met with oncologist for my husband's soft tissue sarcoma and basically they said to go home and die. They said it was in operable they said radiation wouldn't help , chemotherapy wouldn't help and they were going to concentrate on quality of life. When we met with the thoracic surgeon at Georgetown med star. and she took out the entire tumor. And then we went to the mayo clinic and they said they had treatment for him. Same with sloan Kettering in New York they also had treatment for him. They think they can starve the tumor for blood flow and use immunotherapy. Get second and third opinions.

Beach Couple

Unfortunately my wife has been admitted to a number of hospitals recently for a serious medical condition. Of all of those hospitals Georgetown definitely comes in last when it comes to patient care from the nursing staff. I have never seen anything run so poorly. The nurses seem to be very competent, however the operation is just terrible. She was treated very well in the ICU, however when she was moved to intermediate care the amount of care was atrocious. In her condition she was unable to summon a nurse via the call bell but I was told she would be checked on every hour. One morning I arrived at 9:00am but did not see a nurse or anyone else until 10:40am. At 11:07am I rang the call bell and called for the nurse, no one came. Called again at 11:30, nurse finally came at 11:34. When I asked why it takes a half hour for someone to come she said no one told her I called. This was not the first time this happened, it happened quit a bit. So when you have a patient who needs to go to the bathroom and has diarrhea and can't walk by themselves you must wait a half hour for the staff to finally show up. The level of nursing care is just unbelievably bad. Hopefully she will never have to return. Well, here we are six months later and not a whole lot has changed. My wife had to come in for very successful surgery. The review below is for our present stay, keep in mind we have only been in step down care for less than 24 hours. We are so thankful for her surgeons and the ICU staff. From a patient perspective their nursing system is broken and broken very badly. First of all I want to distinguish between the nurses and the nursing system. The system is just horrible. My wife had a very serious operation and had to to into the ICU for a few days. That system is wonderful, the system broke when she was moved to a step down unit. On the floor she was moved to the nurses do seem competent. When she was first moved to the floor from ICU a nurse came in right away to take her temperature and BP. The nurse said I'll be right back. Since it was 9:30 at night I wanted to talk to the nurse to pass on some information that I thought would be very helpful since my wife has trouble speaking sometimes. I waited a half hour and no nurse, I finally called and asked for someone, anyone. Fifteen minutes later the charge nurse showed up, so at this time it has been 45 minutes since my original call. The charge nurse did apologize. I explained all of my wife's issues that I thought would be helpful. The very next day my wife was getting an IV in her arm and it started burning. I immediately called and asked for the nurse. The person who took my call said that they would pass on the info. After 10 minutes of continued burning I went looking for her nurse and asked why she did not come. She said no one told her. This did not surprise me at all since the same thing happened numerous times on an earlier hospital stay at this hospital six months earlier. I would also like to point out that this is the only hospital that I am aware of that has this archaic system. Unfortunately my wife has had recent stays at other hospitals, and none function like this hospital. At the two other hospitals when you called for a nurse it would go directly to their phone so they knew you wanted them. At this hospital your page is routed to a unmotivated person who says they will pass the info on (we know this from past experience and this experience) most of the time your info is never passed on. I told my wife to NEVER wait to the last minute to let them know she needs to use the bathroom, because at the pace they move more than likely she will never make it. Believe me, the one star rating is for the nursing system only. The surgeons and nursing staff have been and are wonderful.

John Arnwiesner

Best wound care and orthopedic surgery in DC region

Marie Ji

The ER admission process was inefficient, but my overall experience was good. The staff was friendly and treated me with respect. I was in and out within 3hrs.

Carolyn Johnson

Absolutely the worst hospital that I have ever seen. I was told that I couldn't use the bed pan and made fun of for needing to use it.I couldn't use the bed side toilet in private and the male nurse told me that if I didn't urinate in front of him then I couldn't use the toilet at all.My bloodpressure pills were given to my room mate by accident two nights in a row and then I was told that I couldn't get the medicine because it was given to my room mate already and she would get in trouble because they count the pills.You can forget about them answering any call lights. My first room mate had c.o.p.d and needed an oxygen tank changed and she pushed her call light.After an hour of waiting I finally had to pull my Iv out of my arm to get someone to come and then she was angry with me for pulling it out.They wouldn't let me out of the bed after two weeks of being there so that I could get my legs used to walking again.I had to curse and complain and they finally brought me a walker and they walked me only one day around with it but yet they charged my insurance for physical and occupational therapy . That was a joke. I didn't get a food tray one day and never asked if I wanted one.I could go on and on because I have more horror stories but I can't type that much.Never go to this hospital if you want good care because it is a hell hole!

Hpnotiq Alone

Had lab work done Saturday morning downstairs that older ethiopian male nurse that drwas blood coughed in my face 2 times while preeping me to draw my blood a posted sign in the room says Cover Your Cough The 1st time he did it I said man u gotta cover ur cough and He ignored me Then he coughs again I say U gotta cover ur cough and he ignored me again Georgetowne your employees gotta do better.

Alba Morales

My brothe♿ is in the hospital on the floor 4, bed 4023. Just one night ---and the floor Chargers tonight at 9:30_ 10:15_11:05pm 05/07/19 don't pick up the calls from HIS ROOM.!!! I had to call the floor 3 times for someone can go to the room.

Seung Kim

I recieved my kidney transplant from Georgetown and everything went smooth. Great doctors, nurses, and staff. The hospital rooms were kind of small, but they are currently constructing a new building to remedy this problem.

Liz Davidson

Unfortunately, my patient is already in the ER as we speak. I sent her to the ED for a fever of 103.1 and the worst headache of her life . She got vitals taken and 3hrs later (temp now 104F) no one had attended to her. I reached out in frustration and was told by a rude nurse and attending physician that I was being demanding and that the patient was being monitored and was triaged based on Acuity. This was false because you do not leave a patient with a fever that high and the worst headache of her life for hours. Was hoping the Attending would hear the urgency in my voice but she instead took it as a demand and said I was yelling, which really wasn’t the case. So far I’ve read horrible reviews about the ED and I must say they are living up to their name. Too bad I can’t give this hospital a ZERO!

Kathleen Gilmore

My mother-in-law was taken to MedStar Georgetown yesterday for sudden pain and complaints of abdominal pain. She lives with us but was visiting her other children grandchildren and great grandchildren when this occurred the day before her return. Even though she is 93, she handles all of her own affairs and she is more physically fit than I am at 51! At the ER we received confusing information by way of her daughters. The medical staff after too many failed attempts with her screaming in pain, placed a catheter in her bladder and determined from the contents that she needed fluids. As was relayed to us. She was later admitted to the ICU for fluid overload and difficulty in breathing. Which brings us to today. The doctors on rounds mentioned that her cardiac enzymes had been elevated and that she would need a catheterization. Her daughters waited for their return for detail, discussion, explanation. There was no return. They inquired of the nurses station and were told that the doctors were gone for the day. We attempted to reach a doctor on call without a return call. After 2 hours, we contacted the hospital to page the administrator on call. After 2 hours, a go between called us to gather and relay our information. We are still awaiting an answer to whether or not she needs a cardiac catheterization, which usually in this country is a high priority. With most hospitals promising door to cath lab within 90 minutes or less. I’m a physician as is my husband. We both had our training of course in teaching hospitals. But you must be able to trust that you or your loved one will be seen as an individual worthy of compassion

Melido Garcia

Its the best hospital in the world. In 1975 a star was born. That star is me! 5 stars!

david beardsley

This place is a real dump. No exaggeration . The only thing that kept me from giving this 0 stars is the nurses. Some were outstanding. It really needs renovation and to be brought into modern standards. It's no where near that right now.

Olivia Norman

I have asthma which means I am a frequent visitor to ERS in DC when I have an attack my meds don't resolve at home. I have also been an inpatient here and I will never go to any other hospital if I can help it. The physicians and staff take wonderful care of me and really listen to what is going on with me. They never rush and always provide me with quality care. I feel comfort knowing that Georgetown is there for me no matter what.


Called to schedule a physical as a new patient and was told that medstar does not provide physicals on the first visit for new patients. First they meet to go over your medical history. I can't believe they are telling people this with a straight face -- talk about exploiting the healthcare system -- what a racket! What is more basic than providing a physical? Not wasting my time here, they obviously are not putting patients first. So hard to find a decent doctor in Nova/DC -- they know their clients are willing to pay and put up with their schemes!

Ziad El-Aker

I've called several times over the past several weeks to make an appointment with an oncologist. They say they'll call me back with an appointment and never do. I am a cancer survivor, so this is obviously very important. But not to them apparently. *EDIT* This has been resolved, rating changed.

Katherine Holmes

I never thought I would be writing something like this. I went to the ER last month and required a same-day procedure. I have an allergy to penicillin. I told no fewer than 3 people that I am allergic to penicillin when asked. My allergy is also on my medical chart, which should have been available to ER staff because my primary care doctor is with GUH. After the procedure, I went to the pharmacy to pick up the antibiotics I was prescribed. I WAS PRESCRIBED PENICILLIN. If I hadn't Googled the antibiotic and realized it was a type of penicillin before ingesting it, who knows if I would be here writing this review. After realizing that this catastrophic error was made, I called multiple times over the next few days to figure out why this happened and what medication I actually needed to be taking. I was promised that the surgeon or someone from the ER would call me back (which never happened) after each call. There was no follow-up regarding this issue or my next steps for treatment following the procedure. Unacceptable. This is the type of incompetence that kills patients. I was supposed to schedule a second procedure with GUH's surgery center after my ER visit, but I ended up selecting a surgeon out of the Georgetown network because of this situation and the lack of follow-up. A good lesson for all patients: ALWAYS DOUBLE-CHECK WHAT YOU ARE PRESCRIBED! Health care providers can make mistakes.

Mark Skinner

We had a terrific experience here in May 2019 with the birth of our oldest daughter. She was delivered in the NICU and certainly appreciate the efforts of many individuals and GUH's NICU who helped her acclimate to growing up. We were able to regularly attend the NICU renuion they have every fall. We look forward to visiting in the future to help her learn of her past. Thank you Georgetown Hospital and the staff who work so very hard to help all patients and their families.

baylinda washington

Always nice and courteous.

Megan Mericle

Worked here and was a patient here for 2 years. Apparently somewhere along the lines I got a bill for $400 for some service that I NEVER received a bill for. Well Georgetown decided that they would sue me and take me to court over $400. I'm extra confused because I still don't know what it was for and never received any bill from them. I didn't realize Georgetown and Medstar were so hard up that they needed to sue me that amount of money... This is why I will continue to go to Washington Hospital Center for services. Georgetown has a culture of perfection when really they are messy and try to bury their mistakes and flaws.

jj sane

Horrible, no good Med Star, more like med dump, corporate greed means they are always short in nurses and aides, filthy rooms, broken equipment, morons pretending to be doctors, the doctors will tell you to your face, but mostly behind your back, (but within ear shot, do you can hear), how your pain is what they perceive, and you will not get a narcotic, because, they "feel responsible for you not to become a narcotic junkie"; yes, sure doc tell me how I FEEL, better yet TELL ME EHAT MY REAL PAIN LEVEL IS WITH YOUR PSYCHIC POWERS, cause I MUST BE LYING!!!, Corporate greed equals super L-O-N-G waiting times just to be received, even longer once you get a room, long wait to be discharged, idiots in administration, complaining to managers gets you dismissed as a nuisance. Do not waste you time or money, go to north VA, or south MD, avoid DC, Georgetown especially, at all costs!

Elizabeth Teferra

I have been seeing physicians at Georgetown for 9 years for a head injury and complications thereof. From primary care to orthopedic care and 2 knee replacements, I have trusted medical professional care to GTUH. I have recently encountered an inexcusable event in Department of Psychiatry. My Dr of 9 years has neglected to reschedule a cancellation I made due to dizziness and fear of falling. I have made 10-15 phone calls. I have left messages at front desk for them to email him, I have left message for department administrator to call me back. To date, I have had no response from anyone. It is totally inexcusable but not out of norm for this renegade doctor. He prides himself in being out of communication with his patients. BAD MEDICINE. Bad Physician. I have now after 6 weeks of this outrage behavior contacted the hospital administrator. They seem not to concerned about these events. I find this inexcusable and extraordinary. One cannot just stop providing service to a patient and offer no finalization or next steps. Review what really happens in such cases. ET.

terunda odom

I went GT hospital around 3:15 pm I laid in the hallways until 11:30 pm the Dr was very slow to my attention. I went there for very severe pain in my side, they ran 1 test and it was a vaginal exam .they gave me a couple of pain medications and sent me on my way ,I am on my way back to hospital, still in so much pain but it want be that hospital, all I saw was young inexperienced nurse walking around talking,it was the worse, so dont let a name of a hospital fool you, it fooled me,they were the worse

Karen Cummings

You kindly responded and I thank you for that. If You are not a robot please email me. You are a robot. Such a sad sad place.


Exceptionally poor customer service, pretty filthy facility, and not exactly the place that instills any degree of confidence in your providers.

Katie Stout

Fast, efficient and top notch care

Avanti Hall

After waiting more then 9 hours at another area emergency room without being seen, we left and came here and was seen right away. I have been seen at the emergency room here on multiple occasions and the wait time was minimal. The staff I have come across have been very pleasant and helpful. I have since transferred seeing all of my specialist to this hospital. Even the wait time for seeing new specialist has been less than other area hospitals.

Velma Crawford

The medical staff are very knowledgeable, compassionate and caring. I've been a patient at Georgetown Hospital for five years, I have many medical issues and I'm very pleased with the care I receive from each specialist. I'd also like to add that the Patient's Advocacy staff is excellent in addressing the concerns of the patient.

Marcus West

I’ve been coming here most of my adult life. This is the best hospital in the DMV area.

Emanuel Grantham

One of the worse hospital I ever experienced. I arrived in this hospital in pain, a level 10. The documents you are ask to are designed to save the hospital only, not you. Your rights will be violated in more ways than one. My doctor decided to share my personal medical information without my permission. My doctor was you were sleeping and I didn't want to wake me. This hospital will make you feel unimportant. What was shared I didn't get a chance to answer or sign a constant for. This hospital will set you up and share you medical history maybe with your employer. This was posted with enough time for someone from this hospital to act fairly. The hospital and it's staff treated this like it was nothing. I strongly urge you to go to another hospital for care. Thank you Emanuel Grantham

Caryn MacDonald

Pleasant experience with nurses and doctor during my procedure but the administrative process is terrible and confusing. In leaving my surgery, I was told someone would call me the next day to schedule my post op for the following week. I did not receive a call. I finally called a couple days later and was told my doctor wasn't available for a post op until nearly two weeks after my procedure. These leaves me concerned for my healing process since the doctor made it seem like I needed to be seen within a week. The administrative assistant did not respond to my concerns. Upon leaving my procedure, the nurse gave me post op instructions with a number to call if I ran into issues. I had a minor complication, so I called the number and no one answered. The voicemail box was not set up so I'm not even sure the number went to the hospital. I left a VM and still haven't heard back four days later. I ended going back to the hospital and the admin at the front desk said that wasn't even the right number. Luckily my procedure was minor and non-life threatening. I would not go here for any major surgeries until they improve their communication system with patients. The hospital needs to streamline the communication process as it seems the message between the doctors, nurses, and admin staff isn't always the same.

Mark Hanson

Students beware! This review is about the Emergency Room and associated front desk. I was looking for the student health center because I wasn't feeling well. The area had a lot of construction and was difficult to navigate, and I entered the hospital by accident (wasn't sure if it was in there or not). When I asked if this was the student health center and showed them my Georgetown student ID, they charged ahead with paperwork and admitted me in the emergency room. It wasn't clear to me at all that I had made any mistake. I waited an hour to have someone spend all of 1 minute with me telling me to sleep it off. Now I have a $150 emergency room visit charge because no one had the basic human decency to tell me to walk across the street to the building with the student clinic where I would have incurred no charge. I called customer service and they placed 100% of the blame on me for entering the hospital and refused to evaluate the situation. Their attitude was terrible -- all about getting the money and not about customer satisfaction at all. I told my classmates about it and found I'm not the first to have been taken for a ride by the hospital. Completely unethical...

laverne mckinley

When I was diagnosed with ITP which at the time was not common. This hospital examined, researched and found what was wrong. Saved my life. Eternally grateful. I have moved since. But will make the commute.I trust this hospital. Going to contact Med star Georgetown Hospital because "I" trust and believe in them..


My father have a surgery in this hospital and they saved the life of my father Thank God this hospital deserves 7 stars

joe altobelli

If you have to go to the emergency room don’t come here, you will wait for 5 hours.

Amber Brown

Went to the ER with a referral to be medicated for dehydration was there 4 hours never got an iv or even any water I took my iv needle out myself and left was threatened by a nurse that they would call police if I was stealing the “iv” that I never received I was just sitting there being told I would get fluids

Pawel Garczynski

The ER is a mess. Dirty and disorganized. Wait times are beyond reasonable. Never going again.

Demetrious Harris

The worst hospital in dc. I waited in the emergency room lobby for 6hrs before being taken to a room where I waited even longer before seeing a doctor or having anyone check on me.

susan banks

I was at Georgetown accompanying my sister-in-law today I was so impressed by everyone that I had an opportunity to speak to the gentleman parking my car when I made a wrong turn instructions to get in the right direction folks in the hallway were incredibly helpful and noticed when we needed helpful care The Physician Doctor Kim was so clear in his explanation I am so impressed with Georgetown Hospital

Tiona H

They literally lied about not seeing a patient they drew blood from 8 TUBES. Black people beware of the atrocity of this "Health care" facility. Thats ridiculous that they even have their patients waiting in the waiting room for 8 hours plus. & this is supposed to be one of the "Best" hospitals in dc. What a joke! take your insurance somewhere else

SNA HeadQuarters

Do not go here. Terrible terrible terrible service. It’s a waste of time to bring a hurt or a sick person because they have you sitting around for hours.

Phyllis Hill

As we walked into hospital, the first person we saw was the receptionist sitting at the front desk looking very unkempt, her hair was a mess and she was wrapped up in her coat (although it was chilly). She had no idea what was going on, and never located the patient in the computer I was looking for. After giving her name several times and even spelling it, I decided to look for help elsewhere. Never ran into anyone else in the hall. Had to finally call my brother to get room and building. Mind you my sister in-law had been in hospital for almost a week.

David Jones

Stay on the D6 until you get to Sibley. The doctors are fine, but the administration couldn't be worse. There's just no reason to use this hospital when Sibley is so close.

Bradley Gunther

My wife was admitted to this hospital for a very serious condition. This hospital, from the Doctors, Nurses, and associated staff helped make a frightening experience into a positive one. They just didn't take care of the my wife but they also made sure us as family members were taken care of and kept in the loop. My wife has to continue to go back to Georgetown for check-ups and the level of care the staff continues to give her is excellent. They make her feel like she is their only patient when that is definitely not the fact. Of course there is going to be billing issues but all hospitals have that and to be honest the department she is receiving her check ups through are more then helpful in standing up for us and helping us navigate through the billing and insurance process. I highly recommend this team more specifically the transplant institute.

Debra Gottsleben

While I didn't actually go to Georgetown Medstar I'm writing the review based on an experience with one of Georgetown's residents who was doing part of his rotation at the hospital I was being treated at. He was so deficient in skills that it makes me wonder about the training residents in this facility receive. His behavior was shocking and based on it I would never go to a doctor who did his/her training at Georgetown. You really need to do a better job in training your residents to respect patient privacy. That shouldn't be a skill that is ignored.

Nathaniel Ruby

For these people to call themselves medical professionals is a joke. I spent 5 hours at this hospital that a competent group of people could have remedied in an hour. If you have any small to medium injury, I recommend traveling to a farther away hospital, as you'll save time even with the added travel time. I was told that "they promise they hadn't forgotten about me" so many times that it should be their new slogan. Avoid if at all possible.

Hamzah Aldobai

I have been treated by Dr Benjamin Osborn Several times Since 2015 and Had Excellent Experience All time Ever Since , Very Very Compassionate And best Neurologist Highly Appreciated by Many Many people . May God Bless you Dr Osborn . N

louis Charles

Horrible Horrible place to go. Accounting staff is rude ignorant with the IQ of a Fart. They sent me to collections within 30 days and I never received an Invoice. Surgeons are great! But the follow up care is horrible now under new management.I have spent over 200K in this place over the past 6 years and they continue to screw up the accounting.

Matt Butcher

Great doctors who cant communicate amongst themselves. Poor infrastructure with one of the worst parking systems which is a result of growing the facility at the expense of the patients.

Courtney Givens

Took daughter in with major rash and oozing blisters on 06/28/2018. Nurse Practioner treated her for blisters even after I asked if she didn't think it was a Staph infection or something more major considering my daughter stated she had no idea how the rashes occurred. They looked horrible! She discharged her with a RX topical to treat blisters. Next day my husband and I weren't convinced that it was just blisters. We took her to a different clinic and second opinion turned out to be a horrible skin infection.

Danny Phantom II

The nursing and staff of the ER here are absolutely the worst. They did NOT show signs of care for me as a patient. Not a since ‘human being’ had acknowledged me when I needed major assistance. It took well over 12-18 mins before one of the nurses / staff / officers to notice me and called one of the nurses that was assigned to me to nurse me. (her name I don’t remember but she said she had twins.) She was okay, but even the vibe I was getting from her wasn’t 5* service. Everyone else is a 0, negative, no stars. This hospital and its staff are Far from organized, shown no sign of professionalism, loyalty or customer care for patients such as myself. They just care about doing their job whatever that is and charging people ridiculous charges and multiple bills. Avoid this hospital at all cost and their school. #American life

Marlaya Ross

The absolute worst hospital I've ever been to. I went into their ER a week ago while visiting D.C. after a kidney stone flare up in extreme pain. The doctors there were not helpful at all, very dismissive and literally told me to my face that they did not believe I was suffering from kidney stones (even though I have a history and was displaying the appropriate symptoms) because I "didn't have blood in my urine" (as if that's the only symptom one must display for it to be stones) and instead told me it was either food poisoning, a UTI, or indiciative of an STD such as chlamydia or ghonorrhea. They sent me home with absolutely NOTHING for pain and told me to buy Ibuprofen (the worst medicine to prescribe someone with stomach issues). Once I got back to North Carolina a few days later (still in pain because the Ibuprofen did not help much) I went to the ER down in Chapel Hill where the doctors immediately recognized my pain as that from kidney stones, did a quick CT scan (which the "doctors" at MedStar refused to do because of the radiation [although the UNC doctors confirmed the increase in cancer risk was only .25%] and found SIX 5mm KIDNEY STONES IN MY URETER for which they scheduled surgery with a local urologist to remove. The "doctors" at MedStar are incompetent, dismissive, lazy, and insensitive and they will not out much effort into listening to you or trying to heal your ailments. Their bedside manner was absolutely horrendous for someone going through extreme pain and ruined the rest of my trip to D.C. If you can make it to another hospital in the area please do so. Don't waste the time or money at this crappy place.

Morgan Ouellette

Went to the ER this morning for a foot injury. There was no wait - everyone we came across was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. For ER experiences, this was a very positive one and I was extremely happy and impressed with the care I received.

Bobby W

I have heard the rest of the hospital is better, but the emergency room is the worst one I've been to in the United States. The facility is filthy and cramped and seriously outdated. When we were there in the wee hours of the morning, the staff were unbelievably rude. My girlfriend had a short but deep and painful cut on her elbow. After mocking her saying things like "it's just a scratch" and wasting 3 hours of our time, they sent us home with a $200 band-aid that fell off halfway home. The cut on her arm formed a large, raised scar. Avoid.

Dylan Kramer

I had to visit the ER, which is always a place of last resort. Doctor Wittrock accused me of faking my symptoms. After visiting a competent hospital and doctor it turns out said symptoms were serious in nature. This hospital is incompetent, unfeeling, and lacking any ethical compass. It is absolutely disgusting and inexcusable how the doctor approached my condition.

Mary Jane Ray

My mother was treated like a living cadaver. Mixed information, given on her condition.Tests given without protection from the imagining dye. I would NEVER recommend you take any of your loved one to this place! I still have nightmares about what my mother was put through.


Extremely experienced staff, they identified my infection that no other doctor could identify and I saw a lot. Their seems to be very many different specialties that are at the hospital and treat you to get many different 2nd opinions. I think my very very complex infection was handled to the best of modern medical care. I should have gave them a 5 star but some of the staff were kinda scary saying things like I don't want to sugar coat this......I think the staff is very aware of a legal problem/lawsuits in this country and cannot tell the truth but the nurses seem to tell you the truth and cheer you up and state what the doctors cannot state because of legal problems. Nothing bad happened but I guess if there was an amputation it would have been worse if they didn't try to warn me. I don't know I just have mixed feelings but I know our system has problems that the doctors just cannot handle. Cons: -Slow service but then again its probably fast compared to other hospitals but I just don't know. If you need a surgery on the weekend they will only do it Mon-Fri which is probably reasonable but its scary when you need it ASAP. -Some of the inpatient rooms needs to be updated and looks bad on the eyes but at least the TV is modern and is very large and loud. I got a room to myself that even my wife was able to stay in with the bed large enough for both of us. I thought the room was fine my parents were a little disappointed so results may vary.


Just recently had a appointment with a pcp named Varun Sharma (internal medicine) Very knowledgeable, caring, and hilarious. I was looking for a new pcp and I think I have what I was looking for in a doctor. He wants the best for his patients and it shows.

Holden Rhodes

The staff at this location are really great! The hospital offers a wide range of integrated services which is helpful because you don’t have to be sent off site for lab work, a specialist, etc., should you need it. Finding a doctor can be super hard in a city without going an absurd distance, so this is about as central as it gets for a reliable one!

Michelle Coles

It's a hospital but they take too long to get adjusted to my needs.

Beth Edwards

It is so hard to figure out where to go...but everyone is so friendly and people literally help you by taking you to your designated location even when they are in the middle of their own work. I really liked this hospital.

M Richardson

INTERNAL MEDICINE: Dr. Mary Czech is the WORST socalled doctor that has ever been in Internal Medicine. She's clueless, terrible lack of communication, inconsistent, pick and choose what she wants to hear... When she does not hear what she wants to hear from the patient, she resorts to SLAMMING doors as if she's 5 years old. She will definitely waste your time to pleasure her convenience.

Larry Olijar

Love this hospital. Excellent doctors, nurses, and staff.

robert curtis

Worst hospital experience I have ever had. My wife broke her ankle was in severe and increasing pain. We expressed this to the staff.notonly did they not care it offered cold ice packs and blankets to help. It still took us four hours of waiting in the waiting room to even be admitted. Once admitted we waited another hour to simply be given Motrin to ease the pain. Absolutely one of the worst medical experiences I have ever had in my life. I cannot recommend this hospital in any way shape or form. They simply are incapable of making a proper diagnosis ode and helping the situation.

Peggy McDade

This hospital is the best in the country, if anyone says this place is a dump, next time they should go to ANY Maryland hospital. This hospital and staff truly care about everyone who enters the door They are very professional, explains everything they are doing and make sure quality care is #1

Jeff Lynch

The RN are amazing and that why I'm given it one start for the RN HOW EVER the doctor here are worst then the VA doctors and that low the doctor here don't listen to you are try to help u at all they judge everyone by the same book cover en stead of reading the pg of the patient and at least show some compassion for the patient if you can't do that anymore get out of the field

Mohammed Alhatto

I was at emergency room for almost 10 hours, they admit me, took me to a temporary room and it was a very dirty unhealthy room. Complaint to nurse who came and cleaned it. Very good nurses, doctors but so dirty atmosphere.

Tania Rodriguez

Austin Raymond

No onsite parking. I spent 30 minutes trying find a spot on the street. Once the the doc and staff were kind, ...but my doctor forgot to submit blood work into the system. While they tried to track down the doctor I said for another hour and a half. Operationally seems chaotic and disorganized.

Fred Albert

@Georgetown university hospital a great place for treatments. I highly recommended this hospital .

Susan Kalmon

Phone calls not returned. Parking situation a mess! Took forever to get test results. Doctor was great, but i’ Going back to my Virginia doctor for more tests. Your customer service stinks!

PaTrice Greene

I work here

Mary Maggio

I went in after being in a bike accident. I dislocated my shoulder and was in an immense amount of pain. The staff was incredibly kind and nice considering how late it was and how busy. My first emergency room experience was as positive as it could have been. Thank you so much to medstar for taking such good care of me.

Corey Newman

Competent and friendly staff. One star deduction due to the current parking constraints due to the new building construction, and I wish everyone would move a bit more quickly.

jen amirgholi

The staff team is really good, and that would include the entire staff.

Rusty Foltz

My wife spent 15 days total on a medicine floor, then ICU and back to a medicine floor. Every employee and medical professional we encountered exceeded their motto of "cura personalis" (care of the whole person). I have a good amount of experience working in hospitals and studying leadership and management styles. In my adult working career I have not met such a dedicated and committed staff of people.The only bad part of this facility is having to leave those that have almost become "family"!

Robert Rounsley

If you are going to a hospital and expecting a high level of customer service, please reconsider this hospital. If you require prescriptions to be filled on time, please reconsider this hospital. If you expect a return phone call within 24 hours of your first phone call, please reconsider this hospital. If you are a pharmacy calling to request a refill order for a patient, please reconsider this hospital.

Novella Chandler

If the valets were any slower, you'd have tho come the night before to make an appointment. If the scheduling was any worse, you'd be dead before you could get an appointment. Don't waste your time!!! There are absolutely quality doctors elsewhere!!!!

Sherry Reed

My son had a liver transplant at Georgetown, and we could not have got any better care ! The Doctors and nurses were wonderful.

Catherine Crowley

Very clean hospital and was able to admit quickly in the ER. Student doctor was ok, but we're grateful there was a real doctor there.

William Harrison

The ER department at Georgetown doesn't even deserve a ONE star, nor does the doctor who treated me. The service was horrible, the staff and doctors were uncaring and oblivious, and the environment was disgusting and dirty. I went for severe pelvic pain due to an injury (I weight lift a lot and did squat exercises w/ heavy dumbbells). After hours of waiting in the lobby to be seen, the doctor who saw me, Dr. BRENDAN R. FURLONG, absolutely REFUSED to adequately treat the agonizing pain I was in. The nurse asked my pain level on a scale 1-10. I said 10. He ordered a tablet of MOTRIN for me which took 2+ hours for the nurse to bring. Of course it did nothing for the sharp shooting pain, so I had to beg for medication through an IV or a needle. He said he wasn't comfortable with doing that. Why on earth is he working in the ER department, then?! He gave me a single tablet of Vicodin which helped temporarily, but he wasn't interested in investigating the source of the pain. All I was given was an ultrasound which came back normal. Dr. Furlong at least ruled out life-threatening conditions (which I knew I didn't have), but his inpatient treatment was absolutely unacceptable. I arrived and left with the same amount of severe pain, and could barely drive home. If you go here for severe pain and get Dr. Brendan Furlong, ASK FOR A DIFFERENT DOCTOR, because he's a waste of time and WILL NOT TREAT IT. Before I was discharged he gave the worst medical advice to me and said I could be as active as I want, and didn't need bed rest. To this day it turns out I have a tear in my hip, radiating pain to the groin. if I had listened to Dr. Furlong's advice, I'd guess the tear would've been even worse. Thankfully I knew better. I don't usually leave reviews on hospitals, but this experience was a nightmare on all levels. Long wait, poor staff, passive and careless doctors, no privacy, dirty environment, and poor treatment. Overall, expect a series of disappointments if you go to this hospital. To this day i still have the same amount of pain which was neglected by Georgetown's Emergency Room. Seeing a pain specialist soon.

Robert Becker


Rennae Ford

A lot of construction is being done. Plan ahead for the long parking lines as well.

Ayaans Gaming

Medstar has good service nice people and good doctor s

Teresa Stewart

Do not feel safe here. Entire building aand parking garages don't look very up to date and maintained. Very sketchy. Elevators are very old and shakey. They don't follow protocols here. Never going back here again.

Pablo Stradeu

I don't like the service, the nurses in bad humor always


This is our 5th time in this hospital, my daughter has a chronic diseases UC and times with Pancreatitis. I have Aetna open choice good insurance. Each time we come here we have to wait more than 10 -12 hours to be hospitalized it is terrible and since my daughter is over 18, got worse. There is once We almost overnight in the ER. Before the service for the children hospitalization was a Little painful and better service and hospitalization was faster. Since Dr Reckmann left to S. Caroline this other Dr Young was terrible manners no knowledge and very young and inexperienced she did not want to continue to be her GI because my daughter turned 18. We took dr Charabaty who is never available. We never can talk to her by phone if you send an email she never responds to you. If you call the GI nurses in her office they are terrible. You can die they will not call her to talk to you. We had several times to complained to the administration patients advocate to complain about nurses in Dr Charabaty ‘s office and Dr Charabaty to return emergency calls for bleeding stool and pain. After my daughter had Hospitalization several times Dr Charabaty does not see her often it takes 6 months or more to see her again. The GI fellows is absent most of the time they do not follow the cases when they come to talk to my daughter they are not polite, they were very rude. I come here because This is close to my residence Chevy Chase, MD. I heard Sibley John Hopkins Hospital will be better, but they do not have a variety of GI here just in Baltimore. I writing this right now in theER Gt hospital I hope they will change the service . I’m tired to see my daughter suffering they prescribe different medications that give terrible side effects makes her worse. Plus The discrimination in this hospital is so visible I can see the difference. Even the employee reviews they mentioned they have different rules for different people waiting time bc the insurance. I have recently talking to a lawyer if There is possiblility to open a case against this Hospital. This is worse than third country health service. If you do not have drs here do not come to this terrible hospital. The only thing is excellent, it is the service provided by the nurses and Drs in the floor when you are already hospitalized they are excellent they are caring they treat you very well. There is a Dr that my daughter and I love and recommend to everyone, she is Dr Hawkins from Tenleytown clinic, adolescent pediatric. She is caring she is wonderful Dr. She is the best DR in that clinic, she is always trying to help the patient the best way to minimize the pain.

Shelley White

I've been a patient here for more than 10 years & It's the best Hospital in the DMV. Dr's are great, Nurses too & the staff is positive about your visit with them.

James Ruffin

They take care of you and your family.

Thai Whittington

Great hospital. They did great on my heart. Staff are awesome. Treatment is top of the line. Just great all the way around.

A Dub

My wife recently had the opportunity to donate bone marrow through another phenomenal organization, Be The Match. The procedure was completed at Georgetown without any complications. The staff treated my wife and I great and kept me posted of her status via phone when I was out. Aside from the actual procedure being so great, I was especially pleased with the recovery in 7 West. The nursing staff was on point and it is obviously a very well ran operation! Thank you for making this opportunity such a great experience for my wife and I!

Nick Moran

They will give you decent assembly line care for ridiculous fees but forget to fill your prescriptions. Or they will not fill it for some reason and never tell you.

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