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REVIEWS OF Johnston-Willis Hospital IN Virginia

Carolyn Nelson

I had an excellent visit at Johnston Willis. I did not wait long in the waiting area before the nurse came to get me for my mammogram. I was actually finish with my appointment before my actual appointment time. That allowed me to get to work right on time. Thanks so much.

C Key

If I could improve 1 thing it would be plenty more parking spaces for outpatient surgery and clear directions how to get there once you enter the building from another entrance. Once I made it to the reception area, everything was top notch! I had a technician (female) named Kirk. I was so impressed with her, I wish you could handle all of my medical procedures!

Mom H

Excellent service as always. Friendly and efficient process to check in.

Paul Hux

I was an in patient from Wednesday through Sunday following a double knee replacement. Wednesday through Saturday morning was SIX stars. Helpful, friendly, smart and attentive. Then Saturday hit and the place went desolate. Nurses on my wing that did not seem to work in the ortho field. The above disappeared on Saturday. Maybe I should have expected it, but I had never been in a hospital. Sunday was much improved from Saturday, but hard to wash that taste out. They took care of me and helped me so they get 5 stars, but that one day was quite bad.

eric anderson

The Staff was outstanding. Made my visit relaxing and calm. They were very professional, and actually made me laugh which was great.

Gary Pantaleo

Poor quality of care.. I presented in ER for high potassium level and was in for about 4 hours, I am diabetic and did not have anything to eat during that time. With my IV I received Insulin , but was not told my sugar level. I was discharged and and went to hospital pharmacy. Within 30 minutes I had severe sugar crash and could barely make it back to ER after eating some sugar. My glucose level was still low. I request a formal inquiry as to whether appropriate care was given

floyd wiggins

I was received by a most stately, very superbly dressed and well spoken. In little time received by the section manager, who kept it lite and friendly. Professional. Oh, the place was very clean !!!

Pam Hewitt

Very efficient hospital. Pre-op tests were done smoothly and without delay, nurses very friendly and comforting - assuaging my fears. Short delay the day of surgery, but all went well once started. Again, a clean and efficient experience.

Lisa Chandler

From pre-a discharge the staff was great. I can't say anything negative about my staff. Everyone went above and beyond.

Christine Dupuis

I've been going to JW for several years now. Dr West is phenomenal. There are not enough words to describe how professional, thorough and caring he is. His office staff and nurses are just as wonderful. I saw Tabitha at their new Breast Center, which was gorgeous and had SNACKS, and she was so kind, caring gentle and described everything she was doing in detail, even showed me some of the pictures on the moniter. Im 47 and not one person has told me information Tabitha told me. She made me feel much more comfortable and much less nervous. I then saw Heather for DNA testing and Wow! Truly amazing. So down to Earth and so knowledgeable. She explained things, that I otherwise never would have understood, in such a way that I actually learned a lot!!! I was so impressed by this whole team that I went back to work and told everyone to get mammograms and DNA testing!!! I then went to Radiology where I had a CT and amazingly every staff member was just as kind, considerate and really made me feel like the most important person there. I actually walked away with a little gift bag. Finished up my experience with the valet parking. The gentleman who helped me was wonderful, patient and so polite, even helped with my car door. I love JW and will always return. I highly recommend.

Virginia Everett

Went in for an annual mammogram and found office staff as well as the medical technician to be friendly and professional. The valet parking was very nice as parking is normally an issue. All complements and no complaints!


My review is solely on the nicu. While the nurses there were nice to us and welcoming. I felt they didn’t do their job while no one was watching. Every time I came by to visit my little boy, he had old vomit on him. Which brought me to think what if he was chocking? No one would of seen it. Their excuse, they were changing shifts. He also had a couple of dirty diapers that werent changed, which caused a diaper rash. Every time I saw my little boy like this, I was brought to tears. It’s bad enough to have some guilt of why your baby isn’t with you. Only one nurse was there available to attend to these babies at night. Some nurses there are on their phone or on the computer doing who knows what. Every time one of the babies cried they would just put a pacifier and the blanket holding it to shut them up so they can go back to their seat. When I had a question about when my baby would be ready to go home everyone gave me the run around. I really loved the hospital but the nicu needs work especially because these are the most fragile and needy babies. I believe if they work on better training the nurses and actually held them accountable for their bad mistakes it would be a wonderful nicu.

Lizbeth Garnett

My 93 yr old Mother had mastectomy surgery on Monday, September 30. On Tuesday, the hospitalist, Dr. Ahmed, wrote release orders for her! Mother was weak, confused and in no shape to go home. I had to enlist the nurse and the case worker to talk the doctor out of releasing her that day and the next two days after. I wouldn’t give any stars to this hospital except the nurses and the case worker were excellent. The star is for them.

shelley simon

Nurses are great. They shared information and answered all my questions

Katherine Coleman

I loved every aspect of having my son here! The nurses are fantastic! Courtney was my nurse during the induction and Amanda was my nurse for the first night of recovery! I felt so comfortable and relaxed during the whole process!

Yung Hwangpo

Super professional and friendly personal!!

Ciryle Gage

Everyone was courteous kind and knew their job...they explained what they were doing and answered any questions I had...

Deb Dalla Villa

Visited family this week and unimpressed with the drab atmosphere. Did not see first piece of artwork on any wall in any hallway or patient room This projects a dismal feeling to visitors and patients. Is there not an auxiliary or staff who could reach out to local artists or photographers to brighten this hospital with their work???

Paul Martin

The Surgery Center is awesome, I have had 2 surgeries their in the last 3 years and everybody is tops in doing their jobs and being compassionate and understanding of your situation. From pre surgery to post surgery they are the best.

G Spiller

As an outpatient surgical patient, I was there for about 33 the Surgery Center...every single medical professional that I encountered as part of my medical and surgical team...with no exceptions...provided me with excellent care...from admission to discharge...And I must also give proper credit to my surgeon, Dr Nathan excellent Urogynecologist ...whom I would highly recommend to any woman requiring this specific medical specialty...

Crystal Carroll-Hallagan

What a wonderful labor and delivery experience! Staff was friendly and knowledgeable. We received the best care for our family.

Jennifer Arrington

Not happy at all with this hospital! Not saying it's the hole hospital or doctor's at all because I have had good experiences before when I was in a critical state, but what I experienced the other evening was horrible. I was in horrible pain and was not given anything to help with my pain nor did the Doctor care. I was put through a CTScan and was told nothing was wrong with the area I was complaning about and a urine test that did not show anything either. When I new something was wrong! Then I was told from doctor he saw nothing have a nice night and my nurse told me even if they found something that they wouldn't even be able to take care of it anyway. So im mind blown with these people and very unhappy to be treated this way after my bill was a incredible amount of money for nothing, but it's about the money these days with most doctor's and hospital's. Knowone wants to find the problem, because that means they would have to work from there hearts then. Come to find out the next day and going to another hospital they found were I did have a UTI, infection and another infection running through my body that was going septic due to my bladder sling around my bladder and it was causing my stomach to swell 5x normal size! Thanks though for the bill and doing nothing though to find my problem or over look all the problems just to push me out. It's ok though !!!!!!

Fran Cleary

Knowledgeable, caring nurses. Welcoming staff. Excellent doctors. Comfortable facilities.

Veronica House

I came to visit a relative that recently had a baby, no signs up to give directions to main elevators and get to 3rd floor to find out I needed I. D. not even the father could take me back. Signs about you needing identification should be posted on the 1st floor not everyone brings pocketbooks and wallets with them to a hospital especially if you are visiting someone. I could have waited for them to go home to visit for the distance I drove.

Alethia Holmes

The staff was polite & courteous. The waiting area was comfortable and the dressing room was clean and pleasant. The technician was pleasant & helpful in instructing what to do.

karina soto perez

Went through the emergency room and they took blood pressure and temperature right away. Then gave me a room within 5 minutes. Saw a nurse and a doctor very quickly. They did a great job.

Mona J The Dread Slayer

I just came in 5 mins ago with my man with horrific pain to his abdomen. I pulled up in er with him hanging out of my truck and there was no one there to help us at front door. The intake nurse just stood there with the wheelchair saying she was helping us. I said I need help getting him out of my truck. He continued to throw up and cry out in pain. Not even the White officer standing at front desk offered to help. He started throwing up and she just stood there. Now maybe I have it messed up on how things work at hospital er... But damn.. didn't know the only help they can give someone who can't stand is a wheelchair and wait for u to get in it.

Stephen Topham

I was seen here at Johnston Willis Emergency center and the staff was great brought me warm blankets and attended to my needs while I dealt with my illness. My nurse was Stephen (what a great name), every time he walked by my room he would ask if I needed anything. The provider was and very personable, which is hard to find these days. From the time that I arrived to discharge was fast. Some quick tips for those who may not have been to an ER before are: 1. eat and drink before going. 2. Emergency Departments always like to collect urine and this can delay discharge times 3. finally, just be aware emergency centers work based on acuity. If beds are backed up those that have a higher acuity take priority; however, at this ER they have a Rapid treatment area to help with the lower acuity conditions in getting people seen faster.

Connie Gentry

From check-in to the next morning when I was discharged everyone from the surgery center staff, nurses, anesthesiologists staff, Dr. Herzog, to the 3rd Floor Joint center were all professional, kind, and pleasant. I did have one nurse that was abrupt and rude to both my husband and myself when discussing my discharge instructions and answering questions we had. When asking about various things we were concerned about she became irritated and sighed as if we were annoying her. My afternoon nurses and Kim (my overnight nurse whom, by the way, was phenomenal) were all so wonderful that we were taken aback by Jordan’s unpleasantness and irritability with us over some of the questions we asked.

lisa meadows

I had a CT scan with contrast scheduled. The special drink was given to me 30 minutes late. My appointment was for 1:30, so now it would be 2:00 pm. At 2:20 I asked about my appointment time. The ladies at the front desk were very helpful. Turns out a tech “lost” my paperwork. It was after 2:30 before I was seen. The tech tried to draw blood 2 times. At both sites - one in right arm & one on left wrist - she wiggled the needle around trying to get blood. I never have an issue with blood draws. The left wrist HURT like crazy. I could not even hold a cup/glass that evening! Finally an RN came in and drew my blood from a vein in my left arm. She also started the IV. She was finished before I knew she started. PLEASE only let experienced medical staff start IV’s. The tech obviously did not know what she was doing. As such, I suffered as she wiggled the needle around while it was in my arm! I still have bruising a week later in my wrist.

linda mays

I came for a routine mammogram, JW runs like a we'll oiled machine. I came 5 min early was registered, examined and out the door within 30 minutes. Staff is pleasant and professional, results are received within 2 days.

Terry Davis

Had a bad experience with the doctor and my nurse..dr brushed me off and nurse acted careless when administering medication thru my IV will ne er go back..this isn't my first bad experience there in the er. The hospital overall is good, but the er department needs some major improvement.

Grace Stanley

The wait was very short, the technician did her job well and was pleasant and reassuring. I'm always well taken care of at this facility.

Doran Broadnax

I came in there with one symptom, another issue was discovered. I was given medication for that however my original symptom was still there. I later went to see my doctor and was given a prescription medication for my original symptom. Second time I've came and nothing was given to help my reasoning for going into the ER in the first place. However, the staff was great especially my nurses on both trips.

Paul Dull

My wife had a C-Section here in September of 2019. Everyone was fantastic! Our room was spacious and as comfortable as a hospital room can be. We were checked into a room upon arrival. We went down the hall for the surgery and then came back and stayed in the same room. You had to be buzzed onto the hallway for safety. Our baby had a security ankle monitor that matched our bracelets. We really appreciated everyone!

Shirley Bratton

I like going to Johnston-Willis Hospital, but I had experience on 31 July 2019 that I did not like. I was told by my Doctor office that my MRI appointment time was 11:45 am. Then I received a call from Johnston-Willis Hospital telling me to be there 35 minutes earlier. That was not a problem. The problem is that my appointment time Johnston-Willis had me down for was 12:30 pm. How do you go from 11:45 am to 12:30 pm on appointment time.Thank God I did not have anything else to do that day, but there are individuals out there they may have another appointment, go back to work or have something else to do. There was a gentleman, named Brain, that came and spoke to me. He told me he was sorry for the mix up of the times and the hospital was working on fixing it. I had and CT scan done there on 11April 2019 and did not have this problem. I hope this matter can be fix. Thanks Shirley Bratton

Dwann Bates

Wound do Johnston-willis hospital specialized in sickcell?

Jane Phillips

Received professional efficient compassionate care in trying circumstances ,which is exactly what people go to the E.R. hoping to find.

Miriam Caruso

I was quite disappointed with my head nurse and staff except Shevi. When the nurse asked for urine specimen she just left the bottle there and didn't tell me where the bathroom was, I had to go in the hallway and ask someone to direct me. They never left the call box by my bed and in order to call them I had to get out of bed and look for it and to top that off the machine that keeps track of bp and oxygen was beeping for 1/2 hr and before anyone came in and when he did he said it was nothing. I then said to him "but it's right by my head and it's annoying.. Very disappointed with the level of care. I was in a lot of pain on my left shoulder blade and sitting upright against that hard bed for a long time waiting for them to lower my bed was very difficult.

R. Booth

About the most incompetent place I have ever been. First they over schedule procedures to the point ours was 2 hours late getting started. During this time we were left in our room with no information or any supplemental care. Finally they come for the procedure. That takes almost twice as long as the Dr. told me. Then my wife is sent to the over night recovery room not the correct outpatient recovery room. Meanwhile I wait for information on my wife's condition. Finally I have to go through security into the recovery room for information on my wife. Seems when she was put in the wrong recovery room the overnight nurse said they couldn't care for her. They left my wife until the outpatient nurse found her. That nurse comes out and takes me back only to inform me that the wrong pain medicine has been prescribed for my wife. I explained to the nurse that we had meds at home, we just needed something for the long drive home. I finally had to take my wife out of the hospital. They couldn't get a single dose of a lesser grade pain med for my wife in a timely manner either. If we need the services of a hospital again, Johnston Willis won't be a choice. Hope you have better luck.

Markus Markus

Wife is in labor and we had to wait 45mins in the waiting room of labor and delivery before a nurse came with no wheel chair and had my wife walk to the hospital room after a 45 min wait full of contractions. Im so mad and disappointed

Patricia Compton

My husband, Alex W. Compton was in the emergency room. Our family doctor, James Anderson, requested that we take Alex to the ER where he could have more in-depth testing done. Our experience was very good. Wait time was not long. Nurses were so helpful and the doctor was very attentive. The results were that no stroke, no heart attack and Alex came home after two hours.

Michael Armstead

After my surgery on August 14 I was very impressed and happy with the care I received. My nurses Emily, Kaitlyn, Katie and Tina were helpful and thoughtful. Kaitlyn and Katie were especially caring and compassionate to make sure I was as comfortable as possible. It seemed whatever I needed they had before I even asked. They are most certainly a great asset to Johnston Willis. I Would like to tell them once again thank you so much for care and compassion for me during my stay.

Erica Billie

The staff was great! Throughout each step of the process I felt like I was the only patient. My favorite nurses were in post-op and recovery. They really took great care of me. I felt okay going home the same day of an emergency surgery.

Berkley Williams

I recently had two bladder tumors removed at Johnston Willis Hospital during outpatient surgery and I was very pleased with everything. Since all went well I did not have to stay overnight. I had never been there but if I need future care in a Hospital that certainly will be my first choice. My urologist Dr. Jeffrey Rebman who does surgeries at Johnston Willis Hospital was awesome! I just hope they keep up the good work at the hospital.

Erma Anton

Everyone is always friendly, the facility is immaculate, and never gave to wait! Love it!

Tracy Shumaker

I was treated in the Emergency Room. Everyone was very professional and prompt. They even called to check on me the next day and make sure I was able to get a follow up appointment with an orthopedic doctor as soon as possible! I’ve been going to Johnston Willis for years. My youngest child was born there, I’ve had several surgeries and procedures there as well as diagnostic testing and preventative care. I would definitely and have recommend Johnston Willis Hospital to others.

Joyce Harville

I was at Johnston Willis recently for a mammogram and breast ultrasound. It was a very positive experience . The staff and facility are top notch. The other women in the waiting room said the same thing I was thinking, that I won't go anywhere else for mammography. This place is the best. There is almost no wait involved, because the staff keeps things moving. They are quite friendly and make every effort to keep patients as comfortable as possible.

Harold Hunt

Went smoothly. Was there for a blood draw and am used to signing a sheet and waiting for my name to be called. But it did go smoothly without a great deal of waiting.

Darlene Pantaleo

It was quick and easy to have my mammogram done! Folks were very nice!

Susan Sheppard

I cannot say enough favorable things concerning my recent surgery at J-W! Every nurse assigned to me was wonderful and caring. And equally “on top of things” throughout the stay. I felt I was always in excellent hands and never just a number. Special shoutout to nursing staff Whitney, Pat, Meggie, Kelly & Yaris on the day shift. And to Amber and Brittany on the night shift. The facility was clean and the “select your own menu” was amazing! This was a step above normal hospital food. I’m now glad to have this chapter in my life behind me, however, I could not have done it without the kind and professional caring of J-W!

Sharen Faxio

I was extremely sick and went to the ER for answers. Unfortunately the ER was unable to diagnose what was wrong with me. I ended up having to see a gastro dr to get an answer. I feel like when you go to the ER and pay that whopping copay it should be one stop. The ER only runs certain labs when in my opinion the whole gam-mot of labs should be run. The nurses were not very kind. The dr was nicer than the nurses.

c sul

It was very busy but they still did a good job. Dr Freed is an amazing and compassionate DR.

Vicki Farmer

My surgery & over-night stay at Johnston Willis Hospital was excellent! Would recommend the hospital to everyone! Terrific staff & other employees. Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful. A great hospital experience for me!!!

Pat DeNunzio

Easy paperless check in. Practically no wait time to get into changing room and to have the mammogram. All staff very pleasant. Start to finish about a half hour.

Amiee Roberts

Everything at the 3 appointments I had that day to go to for ultra sound, hip exray and Mommogram went well except for the Mammogram itself. The Technician that took the Exam on me was overly rough and caused unnessesary pain at a greater length of time that was required. I know this because after I Left there in tears from the pain caused I called another Mammography Center to ask how an exam is performed and how long each hold on your far as the time needed for the breast to be in the flattened hold for an image to be taken and they said about 5 seconds. That Tech I had was letting me stay in the flat hold causing pain in excess of 12 to 15 seconds. It was extremely painful and I will never have it done there again.

Elsa Petrick

The Triage and P.A. were so good to my husband who came in to the E.R. for chest pain and trouble breathing. They took him right in to help him and we are thankful! I would give them 5 stars but the nurse who was assigned to us was very matter of fact and would answer the question as she was leaving our room. And made us feel like she was bothered by us asking her anything. Wylma's attitude and bedside manners are terrible especially when she is treating people who truly need help.

Gail Witty

Staff was very friendly, very knowledgeable and professional. Made me feel very comfortable. Facility was very clean and organized.

Emily Krapf

I'd never had any type of medical procedure done in my entire life. Not even an IV. Everyone was so patient and sweet. They put up with my numerous questions, and answered everything with a smile. I would HIGHLY recommend the surgical center.

Becky Mudd

Very good service and care.

Ron Rice

Couldn't find or ask for better care or nicer people.

Elizabeth Loker Perkins

They billed our insurance 1187.00 for a 10 minute conversation with a doctor in the Emergency room. Our portion was 717.00. We stayed in the waiting room and aside from blood pressure checks we received no care. There are enough other hospitals in the area that I can safely say I will not be back. We waited 5 hours in Emergency room waiting area with my 2 year old daughter. She had hit her head, was sporting a large hematoma, and had briefly lost consciousness. We were checked in to triage, her pulse and blood pressure were checked. Then, it was 3 hours before nurses came again to check on her blood pressure and pulse again. At this point in time she was acting normally and I wasn't as stressed, and after another 2 hours I spoke to a very nice doctor for about 10 minutes, and seeing that my daughter was acting normally we went home. I felt fine about the visit, despite the long time in a waiting area with minimal staff interactions because I wanted to play it safe with my daughter's head injury, and I figured the Emergency room waiting area was a good place to be until I was sure she was okay. Then the bill came. They charged our insurance 1,187.00. Our portion after insurance was 717.40. For 2 blood pressure checks and a 10 minute conversation with a doctor. Seriously. I will never set foot in there again, there are plenty of other hospitals to choose from.

Shaun Keckler

Keeps people in pain if u were an addict and trying to get clean and. Better they look at u with drug colored glasses and judge u dont believe your in pain....... my friend went in on the 1st of july 2019 and was still in real alot of pain 25 days later they r not giving him anything except 650mg tylenol every 4 hours 800mg motrin, and 25mg flexeril and 300mg gabepentin every 8 hours and 15mg methadone in the am and again in the pm ....but its not enough especially the is an addict and trying to get clean and 30 mg aday isnt enough for what he was going through channel 12 really should be notified for this in humane treatment

Beatrice Thomas

Nurses were wonderful - every shift. We were there for several days and they genuinely cared about your pain and progress. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Joy Chambers

This was my first biopsy (breast) at Johnston-Willis and it will be my last. I had 3 previous biopsies at a different location with no issues. This has been terrible. It has been over a week and I'm still experiencing pain. Some of the bruising I can understand but this is excessive. Even my GP thought it was a bit much. I gave 2 stars because of the nurses. They were as helpful as they could be. I have received apologies but that doesn't take away the pain. I hope no one else has to have this experience.

Corrin Ingold

Had to wait a little bit longer than I expected but once I was seen, everyone was so kind and efficient. Would recommend their care.


I am new to the Virginia area and I have nothing but high compliments for Johnston-Willis Hospital! I have visited this facility on 3 occasions (Laboratory, Radiology, Surgery) and I must say from the time I entered the facility to my exit I received outstanding courteous service. Thank you JW!

Shannon Stickler

Delivered our first and second children here and had a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend this hospital for labor and delivery. A wonderful nursing staff - specifically Abbie and Jessica C. The L&D rooms are spacious and welcoming.

Sara Robinson

I got in super fast. I looked like a cat hair covered mess. Everyone was really sweet and attentive!

Jeffrey Ryals

My father was rushed to the hospital due to a (minor) stroke. The emergency team took him in immediately and began a full barrage of tests. In my opinion the emergency team did an outstanding job. I would gladly give them a 5 star rating on the experience that we had. However, the situation greatly changed once he was taken to a standard room. The 1st issue was confusion on which room he was supposed to go in. Once that was settled, there was miscommunication on when he would be going to 3 essential tests (MRI, CAT, and Echo). So he was sent for the CAT, later to find out that the MRI time slot was missed due to him being gone for the CAT. Since the MRI is difficult to get worked in, this caused an issue. Finally later that night, he gets worked back into the MRI. All the while, miscommunication as to where he is and where he should be next is concerning. And while he is off having the tests run, I'm in the room with he's minimally coherent room mate next door. The nurse for the room mate comes in to find that the person that should've been checking on him hasn't; and, the poor nurse finds a very smelly surprise all over the bed. As she cleans it up, the catheter breaks and goes all over the floor. She goes gets help and they all pitch in. Those are the nurses that go the extra mile. Unfortunately I didn't see that from the nurses on my father's side of the curtain. Granted, the first nurse and the last nurse did a good job, but the ones between those time frames did not. Which brings me back to the MRI/CAT scans being completed, but no one knew when the Echo would be occurring, just that it would be sometime tomorrow. So we tried to get some sleep. The next day, no one can tell us when the Echo would be done or where the doctor was. By the middle of the afternoon, the nurse brings my father medication, but he has already taken his medication (he has inoperable brain tumors, so he HAS to take his medicine 3 times a day). The nurse lectures us on her having a degree and he can not be taking pills unless she specifically gives pills to him. But when I indicate that the medicine is required 3 times a day for the inoperable tumors (the morning and mid day she should've delivered, but now it was mid afternoon), she had no rebuttal. Anyway, we have now sat nearly an entire day waiting on the Echo guy to visit. When he does visit, my father (whom was very ready to leave) commented that it took a long time to finally get the test run. The Echo person informs us that my father was just added to the list; and, that he (the Echo guy) had been sitting around with nothing to do for the past couple hours. So the test was ran and we finally get discharged (this was now Saturday night). The only thing left is to pick up the reports and the CD of all the tests ran so my father (whom is from Mississippi, up visiting) could take the info back to his local doctors. It is supposed to be ready Sunday, but from the consistent confusion, I expected it would be Monday, if at all. So Monday, I call just to make sure its ready at the nurses station, which is where they told me to go. And as expected, no one had a clue as to what I'm talking about, but they would look into it and have the info ready by the time I got there. Due to the recent experiences, I called the Radiology department to see if I could get the information there, which I could. When I arrived at the hospital on Monday evening, the Radiology department had everything ready and I provided the required information they needed to allow me to pick up the records. But out of my own personal interests, I went to the nurse's station, as originally instructed, to see if they had the reports/CD; and, they did not. So 5 stars for the emergency staff and 2 stars for the follow up staff and extremely poor miscommunication (but again, not all were sub-par, I did see some very capable nurses there, and the two doctors we saw seemed very capable as well). So I gave 3 stars as a middle of the road rating.

Anderson Morgan

My time at the health care unit was great. I never had a problem or bad experience. As I transferred to the rehab center could not have been better. My trainer was the best. My O. T was Jamie and P. T was Monica they were the best. Thanks

Theresa Miller

Johnston-Willis Hospital has always been good to AND for me. I would not willingly go to any other hospital. My experiences with JWH have come during stressful times for me, including treatment for cancer. The people and principles of JWH have HELPED me during and after any procedures and tests and l thank them for those qualities. I recommend JWH to people l care about when they may be facing a hospital stay. Thank you JWH.

Alfreda Payne

Appointment 8am. Told to arrive by 7:30am. Called back around 7:45am. Then told appointment is actually at 9:30 am. The Male anesthesia nurse said I would go into the MRI machine awake then if I could not handle it, sedation would be used. He said I may wake up during the procedure. I kept telling him no. I am claustrophobic. That's why I am being sedated. He made me really nervous.Then the anesthesiologist came in. She said I would be asleep and would not remember anything. I am allergic to the adhesive in the circle pads. It is in my records. Circle pads were used. I have 3 big circle burn marks on my chest. They look like teeth marks. I have been to JWH before with no problems . I guess this crew just did not care. I was sedated for the MRI. I have 5 little burn dots on upper part of my back. No one said anything. I look like I have been tortured. I am praying that skin lightener will help.

Katrina Murphy

Thanks to Dr.Sanie and Dr,Randolph and Staff is the best

James Childress

I recently had a surgery done here. I also had to stay for a night. The nurses on the orthopedic floor were all amazing and took very good care of me. One of the nurses we could only wish to have after surgery and her name was Greatta(I'm hoping I spelled it correct.). The admin department was very disorganized and dropped the ball on ever getting me a walker and I had to get a used one.(my insurance would have paid for the walker). Several strange things happened. They called me twice with someone else's insurance information and they threaten to make me a pay deposit of a 1k or I couldn't have the surgery. I don't even owe out of pocket that much left. I had to call the insurance company and organize it for them. And I'm not sure they have the right information even though I personally handed the card to them.

Verna Smith

While the circumstances requiring my being treated at JWH are bizarre, my treatments were very good. Everyone I interacted with were very kind, personable and professional. I spent 2 nights in the Neuroscience ICU. All my nurses were exceptionally nice, with one exception, they would not let me get out of bed and go to bathroom ALONE. That really bugged me as I pride myself on being independent. Two of them named me ’Ms Independent’ (lol). Their names were Laura and Sonnia. I don’t recall names of all who assisted in my great care but another one was named Martha, and I remember her name because she had heard of Stuart, Martinsville and Floyd VA which is the area I grew up in. THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR WONDERFUL CARE AND PATIENCE!!

Joy Easter

I had an excellent experience at JW. I had a mammogram. All of the staff were exceptionally professional and caring.

Nancy Dutton

Everyone who attended to my care was wonderful, friendly, and helpful. The food was delicious, like home cooking. I would not hesitate to use Johnston-Willis Hospital in the future, if needed. Thanks to all.

Karen Escalera

First visit. Extremely clean, including the public bathrooms. I’m not sure what the greeters are called, who helped me check in, but she was extremely pleasant and helpful. Love the electronic checkin, although my session timed out due to personal issues, non computer related. All the help who attended to me were awesome, very friendly and put me at ease. Dr. Jindal was very professional and welcoming. Only difficulty was inserting the IV which was due to dehydration because of the nature of the test. I highly recommend this facility. My next procedure already scheduled here. Thank you for a great experience for a not so fun procedure.

Chloe Layman

Dr Crane gave me a block in S-1 because the nerve was being pinched and it has really helped! It is keeping me out of surgery and that is great. Thanks Dr Crane.

Rebecca Riddle

My experience at Johnston-Willis was top notch. Dr. Sahni and his team performed my surgery & I was admitted to and cared for in the neurological ICU for several days by an experienced, professional and caring team of medical professionals. The care I received as a patient is hands-down, the best I’ve ever had. I can’t complement the nurses who cared for me enough; it is evident their heart is in their work. As for the campus, I found the facility clean and the ongoing renovations are bringing a modern, sleek look to the campus. The cafeteria offers a vast menu and the food actually tastes good. The in-hospital Walgreens pharmacy was a nice surprise, allowing us to have meds delivered to my room before being discharged. The coffee bar provided a nice reprieve for family who spent a lot of time in waiting rooms & at my bedside during my stay. In all, I wholly believe Johnston-Willis deserves a solid 5 of 5 stars for my most recent experience. It has easily become a facility of choice!

Katie Denning

Johnston-Willis Hospital truly gave my husband and I a great experience while delivering our first baby. ALL of the nurses for myself and the baby were fabulous. They attended to our every need within minutes and were very helpful with our needs for the baby. They were very comforting through the entire experience and our three day stay. They provided a lactation consultant to help along with all the nurses being able to help with breastfeeding on a moment notice. They took care of my husband's needs as well and made sure he was being taken care of as well. I truly have nothing negative to say about our experience. From the moment when we walked in the door to when we left, they were beyond accommodating and helped us every step of the way on our new journey of becoming parents. I would recommend this hospital to anyone.

Tammy Ford

Johnston Willis is legally responsible for that acts of their employees. The after-hours nurse that saw me Sunday 12am was incompetent, she did not follow protocol, and hopefully will be fired. This is not typical of my experience at Johnson Willis, I assume some of the recent poor reviews have something to do with her on the night time team. I will revise my rating once the director contacts me back. If you see this review, nothing has changed.

Kimberly Raiser

I came to the ER 1 week post bilateral mastectomy with expanders put in place. I had developed a cough after five days. The morning of the 1st I woke up coughing severely with a 101 temperature. My oxygen level was also 89 and fluctuating. It took 3 nurses and digging around in my arm to start my IV...though I was not hooked up to fluids. I did get prompt tests completed. Chest Ct, leg ultrasounds and bloodwork. My fever started coming down. Just before I was discharged the Doctor told me I had a partially collapsed lung and wrote me an RX for cough syrup with hydrocodone. I was given no instructions for breathing. My discharge papers only mentioned "peripheral edema" and "coughing". I left and went to my plastic surgeon for a quick follow up. He referred me to my primary care physician. I was disturbed at the lack of information or instruction as to how to improve. I became much worse over the weekend and purchased an Inspired Volume piece og equipment to use for recovery. My lungs had become productive. My primary care physician placed me on a Zpack to prevent pneumonia.

Carol Rezba

Best prep nurses ever!

Rebecca Satterfield

My technician for the mammogram was excellent. I have had breast cancer and so has my sister. I was very disappointed not to have received further testing such as an ultrasound or MRI. I have had mammograms in two other places and it is almost always followed up with a second test. In fact Sentara in Newport News said I would receive an MRI this year. I did not go there this year because of a broken hip and the drive would be too long. I will not go back to Johnston Willis next year. I would like you to mail me my results. Thank you, Rebecca Satterfield

Kim Colton

I did not like the Black outfits! I was not at JW for good reasons so seeing the front desk people all dressed in black was un nerving! I felt more like they were Funeral Directors! Or cheap hotel front desk clerks. It was creepy! I’m thinking Bright and Cheery would be WAY MORE APPROPRIATE!!! Oh and while you ponder this. I know of lots of Artist battling Cancer whose art work would look lovely on the walls and about! You could show it off for them and give a fresh breath of air to the place! You could also switch out the work every few months or so. Think it over I would love to help. The women who helped me while I was there were FANTASTIC!

Coszette Staten

They take great care of there patients great Job

Ashley Ringstaff

Everything went smoothly and as planned. All staff I worked with were kind and compassionate and made every effort to make me comfortable and help me reach my goal to definitely keep it as a same day surgery--making sure I was home that evening.

Michele Mangiaratti

The ED Physician was genuine concerned with my fall but unable to admit me for further work up which I needed but alas insurance is tuff. Great nurse who checked on me. Friendly staff and was attended to in a timely manner

Melissa Cavanaugh

The nursing staff could not be more accommodating and helpful. They truly seem to care about every patient and baby and make you feel like their only priority. Both visits with my babies were excellent and I would recommended to anyone.

Brenda Jenkins

Appmt time was 1:20. I was asked and arrived 20 minutes early for sign in. Had to wait at least 20 to 25 minutes before sign in began. It sure why I had to be there early to wait.

Julian J Young

They took very good care of my needs in a timely manner.

Rebecca Hartwig

Very nice and sweet nurses. Very caring. Knew exactly what they were doing. I had surgery there and it went extremely well.

John Conwell

I had a very helpful person to help me register when I arrived for my MRI.


Everyone is always very nice. Answer any questions. ..Just a great experience year after year. Definitely would recommend JW for mammograms!

Paul Jaszewski

I've gone in twice for a CT scan. The first time was unbelievably quick. I was in and out in about twenty minutes. The second time I was in the waiting room for 45 minutes and then got into the CT only to be taken back out because somewhere along the way my paperwork had been misplaced. In all it was an hour and fifteen minutes

sheila Bailey

Very pleased, all employees was professional and very friendly...took the time to listen and answer questions in a manner that you understood word for word what was going on...thanks

G. Rice

Polite, professional, and they made it almost pleasant.

Regeanna Anthony

When I was in the ER the nurse and physician assistant were great, good bedside manner and good care!

Lisa Donovan

Just spent a brutal night in the maternity infant unit waiting room. So so so cold. Even in winter coats. Blood on chair arms and floor. Filthy bathroom. Hope I never have to come here again.

John Hricko

I received the highest levels of quality care from every individual I came into contact with during my visit. From the preadmission process, preoperation testing through surgery and recovery the care provided was professional, courteous, caring and again, of the highest quality my family and I could have hoped for. We wish to offer our highest recommendation for Johnston-Willis Hospital along with our most sincere thanks.

Dinah Mitchell

The facility and staff are great, but please do something about the food. It is truly awful.

Scarlett Winfree

I found everything from start to finish extremely professional and in the patient’s best interest.

Ralph Smith

I had outpatient laparoscopic surgery on March 22, 2019 for removal of my gallbladder. The pre-op admitting nurse, Holly, was fantastic as were all the medical staff that participated in my surgery. Dr Amy Rose, my surgeon, was terrific. She is a skilled and fantastic surgeon. This hospital and their staff are top notch.

Carolyn Ayres

I received excellent service. Everyone was very nice & helpful.

Jacki Pagerie

My stay at Johnston-Willis Hospital was more than I ever could have expected from a hospital. Everyone (doctors, nurses, technicians, transport people, lab techs, room servic, housekeeping, etc.) was so incredibly compassionate, kind, caring and respectful. I would recommend this hospital to anyone.

Casey Edwards

The doctors and staff were extremely friends and understanding. Everyone took time to comfort me as well as explain what was going on throughout the entire birthing process.

George Reed

The Nurses at Johnston-Willis are God's Angels on earth. The ENTIRE staff was wonderful.

Jim Bowden

Everyone was super nice and friendly once I got back to the medical people, the registration staff was less so.

Robin Booth

After our second experience with Johnston Willis hospital we decided it would be our last. We left a review a few reviews down. In that review I did not list the fact that the Medtronic's employee that was supposed to call us the day after surgery never did. My wife did receive a text from her over a week late. It was her job to help complete the installation of the electronic device for my wife. Pretty much not only did Johnston Willis drop the ball on our case they didn't even know where the ball was. I went to Augusta Health Care for my medical needs. Seen on time in a kind courteous manner. When we were done I told them I had eye issues. The next day I had an appointment with an ophthalmologist. Set up by the people at Augusta Health without my knowledge. I wasn't able to go that day and I promised call back. The next day I received another call with another appointment and was seen by an ophthalmologist. All set up by my care personnel at Augusta Health. Johnston Willis you need to take a lesson. By the way this is not a commercial. I am a real person and my wife was a real patient at Johnston-Willis Hospital.

Sheri Athey

All the staff that I came into contact with was just amazing; however, I am only giving a 3-star because my surgery was pre-scheduled and I was required to have an overnight stay. After my surgery I was held in recovery for 6 hours because they didn't have a room for me. Very unsatisfactory.

Janice Sheffield

Wonderful experience ICU kaimon nurse also Stephanie, Chelsea where great nurses

Sean Lucas

Only take away I had was they couldn't determine what the root cause was at the time but they found me a Specialist that could assist with the issue (hopefully). Nurse Carrie (travel nurse) and Nurse Heather were amazing as all the nurses were (sorry, could only remember a few names).

Denise Diehl

The whole process was very efficient and everyone involve was extremely professional. I was informed of every thing before it was done.

Susan Bird

Surprised to find the ER room I was put in had a dirty glove in the floor and wasn’t as clean as it should have been. They were very busy but still. Their staff was wonderful so no problem there. They took good care of me.

Dale V

Easy registration. Friendly staff. Everything explained well. In for an outpatient test, reasonable wait time.

george haverson

Very impressed with all aspects of care.

Jerry Blalock

I only had a Remicade infusion !!! Everything went great !!! The nurses in that department are awesome !!!! I have been coming to Johnston - Willis for years !!! And , I am always taken very good care of !!! Thank you

Caroline Humphries

My 3 day stay was good. All the nurses & staff were very nice and tended to me as much as possible. They are extremely professional and went out of their way to make sure I got the care I needed. Thank you all for the great care you gave me.

Nikki lee

I have delivered all 4 of my babies at this hospital and I will not deliver anywhere else!! The staff are super friendly and attentive. The nursery took awesome care of my newest baby while I was dealing with unforeseen complications. I will recommend this hospital to anyone, anytime.

Paul Seay

All nurses and staff were professional and courteous in their mannerisms. However, the doctor in the emergency told me they were going to keep me overnight to monitor me, but he then said he was going to release me that day...most peculiar. Then one of the nurses came in an started squeezing the IV fluid so they could get me out of there. I was hooked up to two IVs at the same time due to dehydration and she squeezed them both, and cut off the IV before it was finished. The doctor told me to see a gastrointestinal specialist with in two days. The first appointment available was September 3rd. Nothing available for two days time. I'm still ill.

Bonnie Lowe

My physical and emotional welfare were treated with upmost respect and professional service. At no time during my short time spent at Johnston-Willis did I feel abandoned or ignored. I received top notch service.

Jo Ann Concepcion

It was an awesome experience ,staff were very friendly,thorough, helpful, and most of all great environment to all patients....

Robert Ellis

Always courteous, knowledgeable staff and always willing to help.

Frank Marshall Sr

The staff here at Johnston-Willis gave you a wonderful feeling that they love there job.

Kelly Edwards (NES)

Compassionate, caring staff. Everyone was helpful, friendly, and dedicated to providing the best patient care possible. Thank you!

Anthony Taylor

I had a great experience! I love the preregistration process!

Michael Sieber

Great overall experience from this facility. From pre surgery education and lab screens, to the surgery and recovery care unit, I could tell that my experience was valued by their staff. I would recommend this facility to others and thoroughly enjoyed my time with them.

Marri Neilson

I was seen at my appointment time with no wait. Very professional, thorough and personal. I love Johnston-Willis Hospital. I'm treated like family (the good side of the family)!

Susan Droste

Very good experience. Got in immediately without any wait and everyone was very personable, personable and knowledgeable.

Limo Girl

We were there for over 5 hours and the standard of care was poor. While we waited in the waiting room, they had several very sick people vomiting into plastic bags. These people were in a lot of pain and they were left in wheelchairs for all to witness their humiliation. We not not be returning!

Nikki Thorpe

I'm so grateful I chose this hospital to have my firstborn. Dr. Feore and the attending nurses and Dr. Grossman made my experience one I will always cherish. Wonderful maternity/infant ward staff all around from the nurses to the lactation specialists. Thank yall for all you did!

Tory Parker

They were good to me but need more staff. I always felt like I waited forever to get help. The doctors were friendly. They discharged me to a good nursing home but I wish they would have told me more info.

Dubby Rod

Completely satisfied with the service and caring each employee gave me. This was my 3rd time in the hospital and in each case, the caring to make sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed. Very satisfied with all services. E. Rod


I had some diagnostic testing that was more involved than usual, and both nurses and doctors were very nice throughout the whole experience.

Billy Mullins

Everyone who was involved in my procedure was professional and personal. I really felt I was in competent care.

Gàrry Moore

The experience was very nice everybody treated me real good I give them 5 stars

Juanita Allen

I had a wonderful visit. Thank you so much. The wait was on time. The people were nice. EVERY THING WERE NICE AND CLEAN. I love that. The place looks marvelous. The bathrooms look so nice and clean. Thank you again. Juanita Allen

Stephen Wright

Crowded, understaffed. Horrible experience, I waited 2 hours and then I left.

David Stone

If you thought Chippenham Hospital emergency department was bad you don’t want to go here. Very sub standard of care. No respect for the people ! Refused to let family go back with elderly person.

Amanda Lott

Great system for reminder and pre-arrival data acquisition day before scheduled test. Quick check in at desk. 2 minute wait for call to radiology. 10 minute wait in radiology. Excellent care by techs and nurses.

Eileen Jenkins

Been going to JWH for 15yrs for mamo, also had 3 procedures, have taken family members too! Last yr a family member had a procedure and the out patient dept. was all together. The nursing supervisor visited and engaged with patient and family. JWH is for medical care and thus far, they nurture you with care and beyond!

Emelia Maerz

Dr. Hughes and the nurses that took care of me (I wish I could remember their names right now!) were absolutely stellar. They were very kind, informative and very fun! It definitely helped ease my nerves in my very uncomfortable physical state. They walked through each process and step and kept me updated on test processes and results. My family is very lucky to have J.W. close by. Always a good experience and great people on staff! So very thankful!

Wilton Neville

At JW for surgical procedure, excellent teams of health care professionals in pre-surgery, surgery, post-surgery, and submission floor all delivering excellent and attentive care that could not have been better. Only possible improvement would be in identifying cases that are not their standard protocol and adjusting protocol standards and logistics to better align with any changes, my goal was for release the same day of surgery which isn't standard protocol there for that surgery. Other than that possible improvement my experience was 5-star!

Patti Sue

Went to the emergency room. Staff was respectful, kind and courteous from reception to check out. Did not have to wait long. The whole process took less than an hour and a half. It means a lot to be treated well especially, when you're not feeling well.

R.C Burns

Always. A good visit. Skilled staff . After many visits for the same infusion experience . Good people.

Sauni Lukhard

I saw the Dr. For less than two minutes. The nurse came and drew blood. The room was filthy, cold and we were left there for hours. I asked several times what was going on. Someone brought in a portable screen and said a psychiatrist would be on in about 30 minutes. My husband has Alzheimer's and was suffering from severe hallucinations. 45 minutes later l asked for my nurse, she came in l explained how unhappy l was and she said she was busy. I felt my husband had calmed down enough to leave. The nurse said she would go get the doctor. She came back with a message from him to go to Chippenham next time, they are not set up for what l needed. Awful experience.

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