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Loudoun County Rocks

Had a very positive recent experience at Loudoun Hospital. Glad that the hospital, and the excellent doctors and nurses, are here for us in Loudoun! Thank you!

Anne Marie Pecha

I brought a family member here with appendicitis earlier this year. Once we got past the emergency room, the operation went smoothly and the pre- and post-operative nurses were excellent. The emergency room was another story. My relative had an immediate violent allergic reaction to something they were given via their IV line. I hit the call button just after the person who administered the bag had left, but had a lot of trouble getting a nurse to come back in. First we got a nursing aide and then another. They would look in, see the patient red as a beet and convulsing, and scurry out again, presumably up the chain of command. When the nurse finally came in, I thought we were saved at last, but she said, very nonchalantly, that the reaction was a symptom of the appendicitis and I shouldn’t worry. I asked why the patient had been calm before and then started reacting after the bag had been added to the IV, but she reiterated it was the appendicitis, and left! The patient couldn’t even speak, their whole body was rigid with tension and spasms, their eyes were staring into space. I hit the button again, called out, ran into the hall calling for help, and finally an aide came in with a worried look on his face and removed the bag. The reaction slowed soon, and within a minute or two my relative was calm again. Later, when I read the medical record, it indicated that the patient had indeed had an allergic reaction to the medicine. But the record carried no hint of the drama of the circumstances or the failure of the nurse to identify it. For several hours after the reaction, I felt like the staff were punishing us for having disagreed openly about its cause. The doctor came in and backed up the nurse’s claim of no allergic reaction, even though, I imagine, it must have been the doctor who entered into the record that an allergic reaction had, in fact, occurred. They kept us away from the operating ward, telling us someone would take us, but sending no one. After waiting, dozing on and off in my chair next to the cot, I eventually realized no one was coming. I walked around the emergency ward and everything was quiet. The nurses were quietly sitting at their computers. The doctor was in a large room with a male aide, who was helping her move large stuff around. So there was nothing more important keeping anyone from attending to us. They were just playing around with us. When we finally got to the surgery ward, the nurses there, who, as I said, turned out to be highly capable and professional, said they had been waiting for us for a long time. So it was clearly the emergency room’s fault. I’m really creeped out now by Lansdowne emergency room’s lack of professionalism, to say the least. I feel that they endangered my family member’s life for the sake of their own ... I don’t know what — ego? bathroom break? spite? In future emergencies, I will head to Stone Springs or Reston. To top it all off I got a letter from a scary bill collector dated 10 days AFTER the payment to the surgeons had gone through my bank.

ChandraSekhar Tumuluri

My children were born in this hospital. Awesome Staff and friendly environment.

Kathy Goodenough

Every time I say "never again". Always demoralizing and horrible.

Chelsea Ours

Mark Delavega who works here attacked me mentally about my disability and having a miscarriage at 17 weeks its the best thing that could have happened to me because I have a disability the and baby would suffer from a retarded like me as a mother. It's very wrong for anyone who works at a hospital to treat someone who suffers from a disability who just lost a baby at 17 weeks pregnant.

Prospect Park

Go somewhere else. Horrible experience.

Lilly Edens

I have been to this hospital numerous times for myself, my husband, my sister, my mother and my children. We have never had other than amazing service, even when it was clear they were being highly overwhelmed by numbers of persons or specific activities. The Staffs in each area were gracious, helpful and intelligent. We did not do valet parking as most of the parking is nearby and a very short walk (not to mention free). Regardless of where I have been in the facility it has been clean and tidy, SMELLED clean (often a better indicator of true cleanliness). These have been visits to the ER, the Cardio unit, the pediatrics unit, general admission. There may have been glitches - but nothing insurmountable given the overall care.

don huss

Just left the ER 2 hours ago was transferd there from an urgent care facility from the EMT group to the people in the emergency room I can't say enough nice things in no particular order Justin ,Sarah,Shelby and Dr Lee,Carlos were compassionate caring and actually showed concern. Would not hesitate to return hopefully I won't have to. Good experience for a bad situation. Thanks to all.

David Gray

Transfered here from Inova Ashburn after having abdominal pain. The staff were professional and dedicated to finding the cause of my pain. After testing showed I needed surgery I was in the OR within 15 minutes. Surgery team was very compentent and I woke up with minimal pain. Aftercare was great and I never had to wait for pain medicine. The discharge process was quick and easy. Overall the best hospital I have ever been a patient at!

Dee Dee

Kirsten Barger

My son unfortunately was admitted for RSV last month for 6 days into the pediatric unit. It's hard to be in the hospital with a little one but they made it easier. The child life specialists are able to help get entertainment, the room came with an iPad to keep my son occupied since he couldn't move much while hooked up to oxygen, and the nurses and doctor were wonderful!

Jaime C.

I can't believe that anybody can write good reviews about this hospital. Their lack of ethics and poor service is unlike anything that I have ever experienced before. I had a simple cancer screening procedure that lasted less than 30 minutes. A few weeks later I received 6 different bills for more than 10,000 dollars. They also charged this procedure as a medical emergency instead of a screening, and for this reason I had to pay thousands of dollars out of my pocket for the procedure, even with insurance. Also, be advised that the reason for having an "Ambulatory Surgery Center" is to make extra charges for facilities and lab work.

Howard Beny

I was at Loudon hosp three times. One in the ER only, one was 3 days and the other was for 5 days and the care I received was excellent. The drs, nurses and techs were very caring and prompt with my needs. The ER staff was excellent and provided the care I required and in a timely manner. The food was even good and I had a lot of choice. The janitorial staff were also very pleasant and did their job well. I would highly recommend this hospital. SB

Ayaz Hyder

Relatively new hospital. The entrance for emergency room is completely on the other side of the building.

Susan Vlasic

My Mother is in ICU possibly dying and I just had security called on me and my kids and \we were told to leave since my 12 year old son was sitting in the waiting room. He was already there once today and I also witnessed other kids his age allowed into the ICU. I have never been treated so horribly by people who are supposed to be there to care for your loved ones.

Ian Furlong

Pablo Cabrera

Ashton Hanna

I had to be admitted to this hospital for a stomach bug while visiting from South Carolina, and it was easily the best hospital experience I've ever had. My wait time in the emergency room was less than 5 minutes. The staff were amazing, efficient, and very quick to help me with anything I needed. They were all so polite, especially the nurses in the pediatrics wing. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone in the area.

Lisa Nicholson

Norma Nunez

the best hospital and the best staff of pediatric area, each nurse is very friendly and very helpful. And the doctor Shah is very good . Excellent professional excellent person. this is the 3rd time I'm in the hospital and every time that the dr. shah is in the pediatric area I feel safe and confident. what I like about her is that she take the time with each patient and explains everything perfectly . I love her and all staff of pediatric area.

Breanna Ventura

My cousin and I got to the hospital around 9:30-10:00am and left around 5:00pm. I believe at first they were very quick with us, but as time went on we were just sitting around waiting for someone to release us and let us know what was going on. You could tell there wasn't much communication between the doctor and the staff, because each time someone came in, we had to tell them what was told to us. Although the wait was extremely long, I believe there were a few staff members that went out of their way to help us and make sure we were doing fine. I believe their names are Ashley, Regina, and Jennifer. All 3 of them made us feel very comfortable and each individually went out of their way to meet our needs, also very extremely nice people! Those 3 members did a great job keeping us company, and truly did offer help each time.


Went to ER. All they wanted was to get money anyway possible. I felt better and the doctor told me nothing was serious but suggested to spend the night there for observation. I told them I wanted to leave. They told me the insurance will not cover anything if I leave instead of spending the night there. Not only that they are charging me for services I did not get. Rude nurses. They let me out of the hospital without saying bye. I didn’t even have my shoes with me, they didn’t care. Worse experience ever.

Tyler Barton

By far the worst hospital in country. Daughter told surgery would be last night and at 6am she found out the doctor had not even scheduled procedure. Meanwhile she sits in the acute care ward in pain and having anxiety attacks. Latest she has been told is maybe sometime late afternoon. So now going on almost 24 hours since she walked into ER. And don't bother with your Patient Relations Manager, she hasn't bothered to reach out to anyone like I was told she would, probably needs to have a sudden career change to unemployed.

Ayman Akhnokh

Not My Name

My wife spent 2 nights here, and the staff were absolutely wonderful!! Her words "it felt like a 5 star hotel", would recommend Inova Loudoun to anyone.

Jose Dela Cruz

Anthony Caseres

Sarah C.

The only thing they care about in this hospital is MONEY

Amanda Purvis

good hospital over all, alot of construction going on. most of the staff is kind and helpful but some of the nurses are really jaded. the attitude ends up effecting the patients.

Alejandro Soto

Nabi Haidari

Bad hospital ever seen in United

Laura Cabrera

Cynthia Jones

I enter the ER on 12/6/17... With a BP of 255. Feeling lifeless.. Couldn't keep NOTHING! down..sooooooo Sick.. of course I was amitted to stay... Taking too the Progressive Care Unit .. The staff was AWESOME! OMGGGGG! they took such GREAT! CARE, of me.. they had a tough time getting my BP blood pressure down because I was also in sooooooo much PAIN! Just the CAREING ,FRIENDLY, ATTENTIVE care , SMILEING FACES , had start to work on my HEALTH alone for the better..After getting hooked up to the IV..for fluids.. Having to use the rest room every10 min.. every time I pushed the bell they came in as QUICK as KRAMER from the show SEINFEILD.. I was there for a week. They ran test after test after test. I could not eat , sleep, make a BM bowl movement..nothing.. WELP! THEY FOUND THE PROBLEM...THANK GOD!!!! By the end of my stay. My BP was down to 120/85

lasantha mallawaarachchi

They have valet parking but they don’t know how to talk to people they are not nice and polite to others only trying to get tips pls try to hire own staff not the sub companies....

Wavy Days

Sabrina Sharmin

*The 2 stars are for the wonderful behavior of the staff(except for one nurse) and esp the security staff* I drove to the ER with my very sick sister and her four little children and checked in at 5:25 PM. Now, anyone with a reasonable knowledge would assume that numbness on one side of the body and spinal pain are pretty serious symptoms that requires immediate attention. But, we waited in the depressing little waiting room as I saw there was no one in the triage patients and no doctors/nurses. Then, after a 'very short' wait of more than an hour, the patient was warmly greeted [sarcastic] with a nurse asking her why she chose this location instead of somewhere else; 'You're better off waiting in the waiting area'll be a while before someone sees you!' On hearing that her doctor called in and asked her to come here, she said, 'I don't know why they do that! More burden on us!' while the patient was barely being able to speak from pain. Then, when another triage nurse called her to come along since the doctor called, the very warm lady was nice enough to say, 'Looks like you just got lucky!' a bouncer would say, when you just got to be the last person to be admitted at the hip party! Then, thankfully within 3 hours of getting in, a lot of anxiety later a doctor was able to see her. And, as the little kids waited around in the waiting room while there mom just disappeared, the awesome security manager (perhaps the only competent person in the building) updated us constantly about her condition and whereabouts. However, at that pace, they weren't able to complete all the tests or relay any information about what was going on and she was recommended to stay overnight for observation with a pending MRI to be done early next morning...when, the machine broke. Morning turned to afternoon, and the machine was fixed, but they can't give us a time because pain meds solve problems and there are nine more patients ahead. Also, more importantly, the patient wasn't deemed important enough to receive any explanations of any of the previous test results. Afternoon turned into evening while the two-year old just wanted her mom back home and I was tired of explaining that, the doctor just need to finish this one test and mommy will be back home. More than 24hrs into this ordeal, the nurse supervisor hears of this and goes to check in what happened. Since, there was a hint of a complain, all other excuses of machines not working and there being more critical patients ahead got replaced with, 'We needed the last MRI's medicine to get out of your system, so, you'll be going in at 9pm tonight!', one more night of kids crying and missing her, the husband missing work...nbd! We all go to visit and come back home without her in the face of 4 kids asking, "Why isn't mommy coming with us?" at the rate of 4times/30min. Finally, the evening hours roll to the coveted 9PM when I call her at the hospital to hear that the time is still "up in the air" because there are other patients. So, to get done with this MRI in an emergency, it took close to 48 hrs, two nights of hospital stay, > 24hrs for an explanation of any sort and finally, inconclusive diagnosis with a prescription for high dose pain meds and muscle relaxer....sounds awfully like a third world country healthcare scenario [!!!] : Inova Loudoun Hospital The last time I remember being IN a third world country hospital, I told the doctor that I had severe back pain and got a comprehensive X-ray, ultrasoud and MRI done within the afternoon with a full explanation of why each one was done along with a results analysis: The irony!


Had the worst experience.

Stephen Brimmer

I was taken by ambulance with heart chest pains today and I explained to the nurse I had the same symptoms the day before and went to washington children hospital. The doctors at the washington immediately put me in coronary care unit and wanted to do a catherization and to spend the night. I told them I would go to inova loudoun hospital for the treatment the doctor never visited me an the nurse kept suggesting I go home and see a doctor on Monday. They definitely wanted to be bothered with me so I went to Reston Hospital where I got actual care. Well as it turns out I had a blockage in the left anterior descending artery (LAD). The cath lab saved my life with a stent inserted. The emergency staff at loudoun sent me home and the emergency room doctor neither talked or examined me. WOULD YOU WANT TO SEND YOUR FAMILY MEMBER TO INOVA????

Kelly Wilson

Dr Hogan , Claire N and Rut took amazing care of me. Had so much pain when I came .Left feeling relieved. . No pain meds. Just took care of the issue . Cannot thank them enough.

James Lewin

This hospital has centers of excellence but it is outweighed by poor service in other areas. Radiology for example, is almost impossible to get a hold of and they often do not return calls when you leave a message. I tried their on line service and still no response.

sham chowdhury

Blake Robertson

Excellent hospital that is so close the home. Love the medical staff here.

girija sahoo

If you are going to die then die at home but do not go there. there doctors are not good, staffs are not supporting and very rude and they will kill you by sending bills of thousands different types.

Stephen Gaskins

I am asthmatic and I visited this place at 2:30am on a weekend. There was a reason I couldn’t wait and came in that late.. my issue was that they rushed me in and out..remember I could barely breathe. No xrays to check for bronchitis or pneumonia, no blood work, no time to have me stay awhile to see how I was reacting to my breathing treatment, nor did they take their time with the situation. Just one breathing treatment and some zpack and they send me off with a prescription and off I go. Not only was that bad for the patient but it also hurts us financially..even with insurance people pay 150 to 250 dollars for hospital visits and have reasons for going to the hospital as oppose to waiting for the doctors office.. during that visit patients should be taken care of and everything possible should be done during that visit to ensure what is actually wrong with the patient..


Inova Loudoun Hospital is continually changing and expanding. The staff is always helpful and knowledgeable. The hospital is currently going through renovation by adding a trauma center and more parking. New wings are also being created. With a new healthplex that is open 24/7, and urgent care centers popping up everywhere, INOVA looks to providing excellent care or our community.

arezoo azd

Never come here they just call it emergency room but we had to wait more than hour to see a doctor while my husband was yelling and crying of pain!!!

Israr Mahmood

Worst hospital ever

Nagesh Kumar

I had an excellent treatment few days ago at this hospital's emergency dept. I do not know about other doctors but Dr Sara Woo and the nurse treated me very well on that day at that time and I hope the hospital will maintain the same quality forever, it makes a big difference for all the local people living within the vicinity of this hospital. I felt very happy about the whole treatment process. Thank you Dr Sara Row and nurse.

Matthew Bergevin

Everything was fine until I passed on a suggestion made by the Doctor. The Doctor understood I didn't want any unnecessary and risky procedures (at least not without referring to a specialist). However, afterwards a very irrate/livid nurse came in and told me they were kicking me out for refusing service. They didn't even wheel me out, just said "there's the exit" and made me walk out. My Doctor told me that wasn't at all right and I should complain as that unprofessionalism put me at unnecessary risk given I had a serious condition. I'm on the phone with a lawyer to guide me but wanted to share this story to let people know if you can you need to go to another ER if you're in trouble.

Courtnay Cozine

Loved my two nurses but the doctor was very rude. He was uncaring and seemed to think I was wasting his time.

Mathew Christensen

10/10 I would risk it and go to Reston or Fairfax.

Reginna Felanggi

I DO NOT recommend this hospital to even my worst enemy. Had the worst experience in my entire life. On Tuesday February 5th, 2019 I went to ER due to having a severe and unbearable stomach pain. I had to wait for a very long time in ER to just get checked in which that part I can understand; they were probably busy or they were short staffed which in either case there was not that much they could do about it. After spending God knows how long in ER from early morning till 10pm and had nothing to eat or drink, I was informed that per doctor's order I have to spend the night to get more tests done the next morning and not allowed to eat or drink. I understood that part as well, unfortunately had no other choice. Finally I was given a room at 11pm. Although I am not sure if you really could call that room as It did not even had a door. There was not even an extra chair for my daughter who took me to hospital to sit so I had to send her home. At this point I was all dizzy due to medications but still had so much pain that I did not care that much for my surrounding environment, I just wanted the nurses to help me with my pain and be able to get some rest. I was truly exhausted. The room seemed to be placed right in the middle of construction; it was so loud and crazy that upon my arrival, the nurse immediately gave me 2 sets of earplugs to help me with the extra noise (keep in mind that it was almost midnight). Finally with the help some strong painkillers, my pain became more manageable and I fell sleep. Not too long after I fell sleep around 2:30am two nurses came and woke me up insisting that we have to move you to a different room with another patient as this unit needs to be shut down. This was a temporary solution and now that we have a free bed we have to move you to the other room (2:30am). I wish this was communicated with me from the beginning so I could make other decisions. So they moved me to the other room with another patient. The other patient had her TV on all night in addition she kept screaming the entire night asking for help or yelling at nurses, or complaining about pains. Please keep in mind that no one in that floor was paying any attentions to her as maybe they got used to hearing her yelling. She also was suffering from a nonstop cough. I felt so bad for her but at that point I was also scared that I might catch what she had. Unfortunately, I had to deal with my own pain and I had to listen to her all night long, so I was not able to close my eyes not even for a minute. This was not the last of my wonderful night at this hospital. The nurse call button by my bed was not working so I was not able to ask for help to use the bathroom as I had IV in my both hands as well as I was connected to other monitors and could not go to the bathroom by myself. I was also very cold and was not able to ask for an extra blanket; remember, the nurse call button was not working and apparently our room was no enter zone as no nurse stopped by to see if me or my poor roommate are alive or need help with anything. Luckily I had my sweater with me to keep me warm. But had no choice to hold myself and not use the bathroom till morning when my daughter returned to be with me. First thing in the morning I voluntarily signed my own discharge paper; even though my pain was horrible and I didn't feel well at all, I couldn't wait to get out of there. I hope that no one experiences what I have experienced at this hospital. PS. I gave one star because I had no choice.

Paola Estremera

I schedule an diagnostic mammogram first they called me to reschedule my appointment the day of my appointment after I had already requested the day off they told me if I didnt accept the new time I will have to come another day even tho I was called the day off. I accepted the last min change and when I come there the front lady saw that I had my sleeping son in his stroller with my 11 yo daughter (I'm a single mom and I dont have no one to watch them when I'm off and on top of that one of my family members had die the day before so all my family is busy with that) as soon as the lady saw me she said we are not babysitters here you cant leave them here, my son was sleep and he would have been sleep for 2hrs and my daughter would have been there to watch him but no she didnt want to, a nice lady offer to watch them for me and the front lady still refused. I will never be going back there again I even start calling around to see if I could find someone to come see them while I had the test and she said even if you find someone they would have to be here in less than 7min, I left this place in tears, i lost my day of work, she made my daughter feel like it was her fault I couldnt get seen and who knows when I would be able to check why I got this pain on my breasts.

Dinesh Chandra

Probably the most expensive in the area, compared with other hospitals in the fairfax area. I had a horrible experience.

J. Leonard

They add/remove medications without telling the patient or family, don't know how to read basic English on papers hanging in the room which explain "no blood pressure or blood draws on right arm" or "needs assistance eating". Twice IN ONE DAY we arrived to see my grandma with dinner in front of her with no one else in the room to help her. The lack of communication between the staff causes major confusion and anger in patients and their family. Some of the staff is absolutely wonderful, but all the other bad eggs are just mindnumbingly irritating.


Alyssia Schular

Will never go here by choice again

Hanjin Shin

Lola Johnson

Free Valet Service beware alert! The security personnel stole $100 from my vehicle and played games when "investigating" the incident. From leaving me on hold for over 30mins to security guards claiming they have no superiors to report the incident to. WORST HOSPITAL EVER

Koosha Kassiri

If i could give this place less I would. At first they were awesome, then as time went by they progressively got worse with service and they way they treat you. I was told and I quote "we will keep you here until insurance stop paying for you" I came to the hospital for health care, not to be talked down upon and lied to about my health. They are trying to keep me here to monitor me with faulty equipment that is their way of keeping control over their patients. If you have the choice DO NOT come here for anything less than a life threatening emergency. I would personally drive out an hour away from this place to get much better quality service from somewhere that cares about their patients not their own pockets. Worst hospital ever.

Marie Cosgrove

I was scheduled to give birth here and a week before hand was sent to labor and delivery for the 4th time for an evaluation. Previous visits were horrible. The first time I was there they locked down and searched everyone because there was a baby missing. This visit they refused to let my small child or husband back with me. They informed me that if I gave birth there (I'd be admitted for 3-5 days) that my husband could be there for 2-3 hours a day and my son could not even meet his brother. The staff is horrid with terrible attitude problems. Everytime I went there I was treated like an inconvenience. Numerous nurses made rude or mean comments. It was so bad that I had to totally reschedule the birth of my child to avoid this hospital all together. I would seriously reconsider giving birth at this hospital!

Arlette Jeet Falone M.B.A.

What a horrid and horrifying experience. Rather disappointed in the ER there! How can you discharge a patient without providing the care the Doctor said would be provided? Then you refuse to re-admit the patient so he can receive the care that the Doctor said would be given. What horrible staff you have,unfriendly, unhelpful, uninterested in providing proper care.

soul collector

Worst hospital in Virginia. Don't bother with the standard reply from administrators how can we help loudoun county citizens a huge favor and close your doors

Lyriq Manson

Michele Davidson

I was admitted for septicemia related to ovarian cancer. I saw a Physicians Assistant in the ED who was very nice and initially very professional. At his last stop before I was transferred to my room, he advised me, "Your X-ray shows 3 nodules in your lungs that are not infectious and not inflammatory. I asked, are you telling me my cancer spread to my lungs?" He responded, "it looks like it", I was in tears and he promptly exited the room. During my stay, I never saw an oncologist. The hospitalist never called in a pulmonologist to review these findings. I was there 5 days and was then transferred to Inova FFX. It was another three days until I finally saw the specialist who advised me the nodules were 100% related to pneumonia. I had been followed by infectious disease at Loudoun as well who never looked back at the records to determine an error had been made. My experiences with this hospital has been that there is absolutely NO accountability for the physicians here! They are truly the worst of the worst. I have no idea how they received the awards they have, I assume they were awarded to INOVA as a whole. The ONLY positive thing I can say is that the nursing care was excellent. The nurses were very kind and caring and attempted to provide reassurance as well as they could given the horrendous medical care.

Noemy Pineda

Gene Saunders

Absolutely amazing. We unfortunately lost our child. They took care of my wife, every single step of the way. The nurses and doctors we very kind and knowledgeable. They checked on my wife with precision and urgency. Even after the visit, they called us to make sure we are doing great. If I could, I would give them 10 stars. Very happy. And I am stickler about attention to detail. They passed with flying colors.

Derrick Gray

Kathryn Luciano

I've asked so many times for them to file a claim with my insurance. They say they do and never do. It's been months of trying. No help at all. It's been stressful and disappointing.

Samkelisiwe Mayise

My experience in this Hospital is my idea of Miracles do happen and I know that to be true because I've seen in happen to me 2012. This was in Fact my End and the the Beginning of my American Dreams. Thank you to each and everyone of you who worked on my case 24/7 including on communicating with my mother back Home when I felt I was face to face with the verge of death but God said no! My life is a testimony. Shout out to Miss Washington who left her professionalism at the door and spent her time with me as if I was her daughter. You don't know how much that made me feel I was not alone, Thank you Much

Yolk Those Nuts

Nina Nguyen

Mr Pablo

Christian Bongard

I recently came in with appendicitis in the middle of the night. Everyone was very helpful and friendly to both me and my wife. The surgery went well in the early morning and I was heading home by the early evening. I am very grateful for particularly all the night shift nurses that I really needed when I first came in.


Unfortunately we had to visit the ER just an hour ago. The hospital itself deserve 5 stars. The Drs in the ER were very helpful but the RN Sahra was rude and have no respect for the patients. I dont know why such a person choose to work in healthcare industry who has no patience and 0 empathy. When I asked her when the test results will be back for my wife she chose to yell at me. I expected better treatment when me and my kids were already stressed out about the situation.

Michael Wood

Was admitted for migraines. There was little to no communication from night shift to day shift and I'm pretty sure the doctors never looked at my chart. I have 5 people come in within an hour and asked to do the same exact test, and was surprised that someone has already been in to do it. Finally the Doctor, Dr. Mancini arrived (how he got on my case I have no idea) presenting himself as a neurologist (he ISNT) and proceeded to informed me it was because of my recreational drug use. Of the medicine I'm prescribed and take as prescribed. I was then inform it was all muscle related without any actual evidence and discharged. No resolution, still have blinding pains.

Robert Hutson

My mother lives in Leesburg, I was visiting her with my family. I had an attack of my RARE blood disorder and went to the Emergency Room on a Saturday Night, now not only was the Emergency Room empty, I was taken care of and in a room within 25 minutes. The nurses to the doctors were all very amazing and very nice. I couldn't have been more pleased with the way I was being treated. The doctor took notice of my health condition and took the appropriate and suitable steps to get me back on my feet and make sure I was good enough to leave. I went home to my mom's, I woke up and enjoyed the day until about 1PM when I started to notice my attack came on 10 fold worse. The same nurse I had dealt with, which to me was a pleasure and great cause she was sooooooo nice(AMY). I had a nice and great doctor as well. The admitting doctor was great, I couldn't give this hospital enough praise. They all took care of me from day 1 until my discharge. I live in New York, I goto the hospital's here, and I can tell you from personal experience that the hospitals here are disgusting, the nurses to the doctors are extremely rude and I couldn't believe how different the doctors, nurses and so forth were. Thank You very much for all your kind care and help. Will be down again and I know I can count on this hospital for the best care!!

Michelle VanBibber

Worst ER visit ever! Needs some serious management overhauls. Took my mother. Staff rude! Wait time was rediculous! Finally walked out along with a few other families! Best advice is DO NOT GO! It is worth the trip to Reston or Fairfax.

Don Owen

I just experienced medical assistance at its best: prompt, professional, thorough, and personal examination, diagnosis and treatment. Patient intake, nurse care, and doctor care were a 10 out of 10. Thank you! (And by the way, I hardly ever write reviews, nor have I ever met any of the Inova staff in my life.)


I will say it was the worse experience for my wife & for myself regarding an appointment with their sonographer Sandra Caceres. I've touched base with their "leadership" regarding the matter, still don't feel like anything was done or anyone reprimanded. I will be getting WavyTV10 involved. NEVER AGAIN.

Leo Kelly

Irfan Syed

I visited to hospital with my cousin in emergency. Wait time is so long. I think the staff is very lazy and I see communication gap between staff. If someone Visit in emergency it's mean he/she needs extra care in pain but the staff is very careless. I don't recommend this hospital for emergency.

RJ Uebersezig

Worst experience! Took my daughter last night to the ER, and was told we were not covered by our insurance. Called our insurance company this morning, and they followed up with the hospital. They didn't bother to enter our insurance information! The doctor came in with an attitude, and instead of being understanding, he snarkily admonished us for not giving motrin. Sorry, I probably should have stopped at the CVS, on the way to the ER! Then when I asked follow up questions, he appeared annoyed. Wow, I have no words. A single star, is very generous, in my opinion.

Caroline H

I was seen in the ER twice. I went yesterday and Wednesday morning due to stomach pain, pelvic pain, nausea, and throwing up. I have not been able to eat anything in days. but was still throwing up. Wednesday I was given an ultrasound to check if the cyst I had on my ovary was ruptured or there was a reason. I mentioned my gallbladder and how it might be the cause of my issue but was only given a pelvic ultrasound and a transvaginal. The report was nothing wrong. No cyst. Dr. Woo gave me a rough pelvic exam even though I declined. She came to the conclusion I must have an std and gave me several antibiotics including a shot in my arm for an STD I didn't have. Yesterday I returned to the ER - because I was throwing up again after nothing in my stomach. Dr Woo was rude and made several statements about not giving me pain meds ( which i didn't want) I wanted a reason for the constant vomiting and stomach pain. Dr Woo concluded I did not have an STD but BV and that is the problem. Yesterday evening returning to Winchester, VA Still throwing up, still weak, etc. I went to MED express and Immediately they knew it's my Gallbladder which has the potential of being covered with endometriosis. I am very disappointed with the DR and refuse to pay for the STD testing. It really seems your staff could care less about my sickness because I do not have insurance or quickly decided I was drug seeking. When I never asked for pain meds. Women with endometriosis are constantly shunned away and treated like we are nuts. I expected a female DR to have some sort of bedside manner but I guess if you don't have insurance, you are dirt on their shoes.

Paula Garay

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

Indira Guerrero

MICHAEL Donnally

With all of the MetaphysicAL injuries there, you would think Langley would invest..If they were smart they would investigate why so few racial demographic groups go to Hospitals of Asian and Indian descent around Va. Sincerely, D.Jinn

Phillip Christian

I had 10 ER Visits between September and December, and all were as good as possibly could be, being in the Emergency Room. Staff was professional, courteous and very caring.

Phi Nguyen

I would give more than 5 stars if I could. No one envies going to the hospital, but the whole staff puts every effort into making sure you are safe, comfortable and on the mend. Huge kudos to Dr. Aye and all the nurses (Elaine especially). They even followed up after I left to make sure I was okay. They put me at ease and made an uncomfortable place feel like home. Keep up the dymnamite work and the professionalism. Thanks again.

Megan Zerfas

Shamsiye Akbar

Extremely satisfied with the staffs of labor and delivery department ,everyone is so professional ,helpful and kind

Anne S

Please do not go to this hospital! Especially if you are Elderly and have Medicare. They really don't value Humanity. The staff is manipulative and just don't want to treat the Elderly because it wastes the Hospital Funds. My family has taken our loved one to another Hospital and the Care is immensely better. More than that, we are treated with Kindness, Compassion and Dignity at the other hospital. The ICU doctors are horrible and often manipulate the truth so that they can kill patients off early to make room for more patients with better paying Insurance. Look for a second opinion and ask to be transferred out. I even overheard the nurses and techs say how selfish families are to not let their loved ones die instead of seeking treatment because they are just so old. 60's is not very old for your information. Shame on you. Many reviewers are saying the same thing, so it is true.

simokon h

I recently had to take my child to the ER and anyone with children knows what that experience is like. The nurses were so good and so sweet. The doctor was right on time, never delaying and making the experience worse. No one likes going to the hospital, but this made it more bearable

Ricky Hernandez

Horrible spent 2 hours in the waiting room and once I got into the room pretty much nothing but waiting in a quick visit that only took less than two minutes with the doctor and worst part I came here for severe abdominal pain and I can't get any type of pain medicine because there's no one here with me their new policy no one comes to the hospital because of no pain we come to the hospital because her pain is severe and we can't tolerate it but yet you guys like to charge so much for our visit but yet you don't even help for me Loudoun County Hospital should even get a star at all

Glenda Amaya

Alexis stanley Posada zavala

Delmy Yamileht Posada Mira

Connie Jackson

I want to share with others the very positive experience I had with Dr. Chauncey Stokes and the staff on hand in the pediatrics unit this past Friday, leading into Saturday. I had to undergo a major surgery with little advance notification. When I held appointment with Dr. Stokes, I found him to be skillful, intelligent, thorough and empathetic. He took great care to present me as best he could to surgery ...having gone to great lengths to explore any and all risk areas. In pre-op, he sat with me and my husband as I suffered a bit with last minute paperwork. Following surgery, Dr. Stokes placed me in the Pediatrics unit for “best possible post-op care.” The evening nurses on the 3rd floor Ped Unit were phenomenal in care. Whether they came into the room to take vitals, change IV bags, or to give shots, each one always said hello, gently woke me and explained all that they were doing ...even if they could have done it without my knowing. This instilled great trust in me for INOVA Hospital and also gave me opportunity to ask questions. I’ve been to one of the newer hospitals mid-year 2017 and did not receive the care needed to heal. The new hospital was efficient but not prescriptive in care like INOVA Hospital in Lansdowne was. I grew up on hospital floors for most of my youth due to an illness that befell my twin sister at a very young age. To that point, I’ve seen all types of care. INOVA Hospital’s staff in Lansdowne, VA rank pretty high in the level of “compassion care” they give. I highly recommend this hospital and Dr. Stokes. Not only do they care for the patient, they also have a sort of “leave no man behind” method of care that extends to the patients’ loved ones looking to be kept up to date on operative and post-op care. Great team from start to finish.

Jessica Troilo

I would give this place negative stars if I could. The doctor was unconserned who didn't come in the room for more than 2 minutes, was beyond rude, and didn't address the symptoms. Your honestly better off looking up your symptoms on WEB MD and looking through a CVS aisle.

Jose Vasquez

Jose Alberto


Dan Bailey

I have had many positive experiences at this hospital in the past, but the injustice I have been subjected to in the past year requires speaking out. It started with a trip to the Inova Loudoun Emergency Room in April of 2016. After all life-threatening possibilities were ruled out, I was kept overnight for observation. In the afternoon of the second day, my troubles began. Dr. N. Naureen Rana, a neurologist, walked in and restated my case to me, except her summary was incorrect. She then asked me a question. Before I had said one complete sentence, she took out her phone and began listening to messages. She didn't excuse herself or apologize at any point. She hung up, spoke to me in a dismissive tone for 2 minutes, and left. As many people have learned the hard way, a hospital trip usually means separate bills from the hospital and various doctors. What I did NOT know, is that those doctors do not always take the insurances that the hospital takes, even when they work in that hospital! Several months later I received a bill for $300 from Dr. Rana's private office for her 'treatment' at the hospital. It was not covered by insurance at all because she was out-of-network. Here are a few very troubling points about that situation: 1. I was never informed that doctors inside the in-network hospital could be out-of-network. I walked into a hospital that was in-network and thus believed that this applied to all services rendered inside the hospital. 2. Dr. Rana did not treat me during a life-threatening episode. This was no emergency situation that precluded an opportunity for informed consent regarding her out-of-network status. 3. Dr. Rana spent roughly five minutes in my hospital room and two of those minutes were spent ignoring me while listening to voicemails. Her bill was $300, which for even five minutes, would indicate an hourly rate of $3,600. 4. When I looked at my online chart, every doctor who saw me or analyzed a test result (i.e. did not visit me at all) was listed in the report; all except for Dr. Rana. She appeared nowhere in the records. So it did not appear she had spent any time on my case other than visiting me to be rude, yet even that visit was not listed in the chart. 5. The last thing Dr. Rana said before departing was that she was going to prescribe a few medications for me. The hospital also arranged an appointment for me to see a specialist at a private office to follow up on my situation. That specialist concluded that the hospital diagnosis was wrong, providing convincing evidence for his case. But much worse than that, the specialist said that the prescribed medications from the hospital would not only slow my recovery, but that two of the medications should not be taken together! He told me I should not take any medications under my circumstances. I followed his advice and was much better by the next day. 6. When visiting that specialist, I told him about my lousy experience with a certain doctor at the hospital, and he guessed her name without any hesitation or clues other than her behavior. He said he had heard stories before. On receiving this bill from Dr. Rana, I contacted Inova's patient advocate office and spoke with Margaret Solar, who said she would look into the trouble. She did nothing to help. It goes to show just how callous, arrogant, and brazen the medical industry really is. It seems to me that doctors are free to visit us patients in our rooms at random, treat us like garbage, misdiagnose us, prescribe harmful medications, and bill us $3600/hour as out-of-network without warning or consent. Apparently, that's all in the fine print somewhere.

asRoxana Ruiz

The pediatric emergency service my worst nightmare ever!!!!

Superior installations

I scheduled a life threatening procedure 3 weeks in advance. After I was released from the operating room. I sat in PACU from 2:15 until 10:00 before I got access to my shared bedroom. I waited without any possessions because they tell you not to have them in the operating room, I had no phone, no tv. Nothing to do but sit and wait for a room where my family could visit me. My complaint is if I scheduled surgery would a room be waiting for me? The nurses and doctors are nice but better floor management must happen. I wasn’t the only one who waited and waited for a room and watched my name get bumped off the top of list over and over while my nurse called to question the delays. Sincerely Joe Dunn 4/1/19

Carmen Torres

Took my daughter there because she was sick and we didn't know what was going on. The staff and doctors were great!!! They were very accommodating, friendly and professional. I am a nurse so I know professionalism when I see it. We were in the ER for 2 days waiting on a bed and the staff made us feel like we were in a regular room. When we finally got a room, the care was so good , we only had to stay 1 additional day. I commend the doctors and all the staff for their great care.


I would like to take this opportunity to send a heartfelt thank you to all of the staff at INOVA/ Loudoun County Hospital, ER, Radiology Dept. and the amazing Observation Department. The caring and compassionate way in which the Doctors and nursing staff, without exception, helped me throughout my stay. It was simply exemplary. The standards of care, the compassionate nursing, along with the respect and empathy shown to me was outstanding. On behalf of myself and my family I would like to thank all of you for your kindness, hard work and dedication. I did not see one bad apple in the bunch they all were so pleasant cheerful and helpful. Each and every one of you should be applauded. An immense thank you to DR. THOMAS MANCINI who consulted with me and provided me with all of my test results. He was so dialed in, he looked directly at me and spoke with a warm, concise, compassionate tone. He took his time and not once did I feel as if I didn’t matter. His expertise and of course his knowledge & experience were all very much appreciated – I just cannot thank him enough. I can honestly say that the worse part of my hospital stay was that I discharged...that’s how impressed I am with the care provided. I never imagined I would ever utter those words relating to a hospital. Please pass on my sincere thanks to all concerned including Forest who delivered my meals. I seriously had to look around my hospital room to see that I wasn’t on vacation getting room service at the Ritz. The Food was amazing. I’m no longer afraid to go to the hospital. Warmest regards, Bonnie M.

im imran

The ER nurse and wheelchairpushing nurse were genuinely caring, well mannered, job oriented and a great asset to the rest of the mostly loser team at this hospital. I suffer with majir heart issues and i have moved three States running from these money hungty murdering doctors who only want to put in long extra steps before they prescribe oxygen and install pacemaker and stents for my heart. The American system has failed itself again badly. Even on the web the statistics counted hundreds of thousands ofpeople who died just because they could not get any health coverage and those whohad it cannot get the treatment on time. There arewomen children and men dying due to lack of proper anything. This inova hospital andits doctor i came across its better to goto a fire station or sitout on the road and you will be helped but not at this hospital. I have spent 32 months of immense sufferings and still suffering but there is no proper or timely help. I am actually dying everyday. But every doctor i saw and see says why the delay when theyone by one are actually playing the money making game. By God these people are evil. Money hungry devils. At one ER if i did not tell the nurse to let the 7 year old girl take my place the girl would have died. She was having appendice pain. Her mother came outand hugged me thanking me bcz they had to quickly operate on her. I am a human and not angel. And we are better than angels because angels dont go through these horrible sufferings. And Hell with Trump too and his games. No human should be suffering at the hands of Governments especially in a Country like USA.. I find its ways its laws its practices worse than any i ever saw. Dont go to this inova hospital. But then which one should we go to?

Rebecca Simmons-Brusick

If I could I would give no stars... was in there today for pain related to my menstrual cycle and endometriosis.... they gave me pain meds while in there but it took over an hour to get those and I had already been there 2 hours by this time... the doctor came in asked me if I wanted to go home I said yes she even asked if I wanted to have her prescribe something for the pain. I again said yes, she acknowledged all of it and the nurse returned 10 mins later with discharge papers and while explaining everything to me she told me to alternate tylenol and motrin which I had been doing and did nothing for the pain this time around and no prescription for meds to help with the pain. By the time I had gotten home the pain meds had already worn off and I'm back to the excruciating pain I was in when I first went to the hospital. So long story short don't go to them for anything... and this is the hospital I got diagnosed in 5 years ago... will be driving the extra miles to stone springs from now on

Jawid Alias

OK I was in Loudoun hospital on June 5 to 7 and I must really happy about the care I got from everyone very nice specially Roqeya, GiGie, and Manjeet., christen and all the tech I forgot their names and doctors, and even workers except the lady who was bringing food' she needs to smile big time ...Over all I mere happy and I will give everyone 5 stars specially again our nurses . I was in loundoun long time ago and the service has changed to perfection Thanks every one

Dave Park

Great staff and location! I came here to the ER recently, and they nailed their job super promptly! I'll definitely come here again when necessary, especially because it's walking distance from where I'm at!

Alvaro Torrez Nogales

Amazing service. Took my son for stomach pains at 8pm, we were all done and resting after a successful appendectomy by 11:30pm. All nurses and staff were nothing but friendly and respectful. The Dr was amazing as well.

Andrea Lozano

Never go to this place! After paying an invoice TWICE Inova sent my invoice to a collection agency. They do not have systems in place to track payments, and when I send scans of the two checks I had sent them (and they had cashed, btw) they were so surprised. This is completely unacceptable.

Castaneda Orlando

Casey Macogay

Went last night around 10:30 there was a very long wait and hardly seemed like anyone was there. So that was very frustrating but once I got called back all the staff was soooo nice and kept apologizing wait. They were very fast with getting me checked out. And they were very fluent, they told me what I had and how I got it. What was going on with my body and what medicine I was getting etc. They explained EVERYTHING with words I could understand not Just doctor lingo. So I left with confidence and understanding. The staff was great. Room was clean! It was a great experience

Earl Le Blanc

R Denega

Erican GPX

Nice hospital

Barba Kargbo

C Mara

Had a double mastectomy, best doctors, best nurses, food service and custodial staff. Everyone was helpful and super friendly!!

Abs Q

The worst hospital in the area. Everyone is rude and the layout stinks.

Meme N

On 8/6/18 my daughter went for emergency c-section 3 weeks pre-term and due to Pre-eclampsia. she had a very incompetent nurse who caused her severe anxiety and stress. While hanging IV, the nurse said to her colleague that she didn't want to be at work that day! And told my daughter that she needed to send her sisters and mother home because we were causing her stress and when my daughter told her that she was very anxious; the nurse responded " i also have anxiety and depression!" She was fumbling with the IV pump, the baby monitor and other equipment while mumbling under her breath that she didn't know what she was doing. no confidence in her skills and zero bed side manner which my daughter picked up quickly. my daughter 's comment speaks for itself, she said " this nurse hates her job!" my daughter ended up in ICC and we had a huge problem with the ER front door police!! who wouldn't let us go to the ICU waiting room after 9 pm till i threatened to move my daughter to Fairfax hospital where they will allow you to stay close to your loved ones. we had great nurses in Postpartum and that's why i am giving 2 stars


My son-in-law & another man are in waiting room right now in severe pain & vomitting & no one cares & another poor man just came by ambulance with pain & nurse told them to leave him in a wheelchair. Bullshit!

Raven Claw1280

Normally I like this hospital. But after speaking with a nurse here I will think twice. Rude, condescending, trying to psycho analyze, just rude.

Michelle Lane-Smithwick

John Oates

Carlos Roberto Andrade

Hector Hernandez

ann marsden

My elderly father who had dementia was treated there in 2013 for pneumonia. Unfortunately they were too caught up in the fact that he had dementia to effectively treat his pneumonia. They almost killed him (literally) twice. The overall attitude was that since he was elderly it didn't really matter since he was likely to die soon anyway. The main doctor assigned was too junior and did not run the team or the care plan properly - and she did not enforce her decisions/directions - for example some of the nurses decided on their own not to feed my father even though tests validated that he was not in danger of aspirating his food and the main doctor ordered food for him). When he was released after a very strong course of antibiotics and courses of laxatives (laxatives which he did not need and I asked them not to give him as they caused severe diarrhea) they told me to give him his regular medicine which included blood thinners. A week later he was back at the hospital for internal bleeding - too weak for exploratory surgery to find the source of bleeding. The only thing they could do was give him blood transfusions. He died within 4 days of being admitted to the hospital. I would not recommend this hospital.

willian rosa


Berzelius Paragot

I have always been treated well here, including when my children were born.

seniz yasar

the care was horrible, doctor's don't even listen to you pre judging already I hated it, it's so sad to have a hospital near you and don't want to got to. Even to have a line in your body I had to go through hell got stuck 15 times it sucks !!!! shame on them

Naveen Kumar Y

kathy De campos

Miguel Hidalgo

Victor Gomez

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