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Kenan C

6 out of 5 stars and then some as we had our baby there in July and then unexpectedly brought our middle child back for a broken leg, just a week later. Top notch facilities and even better expert cordial service!

Sandra Carden

Have been Awesome! Two surgery in a month. Each time everyone seemed to be having a wonderful day, and sharing this made me feel calmer. I just wanna say Thanks

Carolina Sanchez

I have never had a complaint about Fairfax I’ve had my babies there, and been seen in the ER a handful of times never have a received bad service. Definitely recommend it, the staff and doctors are all amazing and friendly. Best hospital!!!

marie mercer

Doctors listen to me I may feel better I gave me warm blankets


Excellent service & attention to detail. Great staff, from nurses to Doctors. The hospital is impeccably clean & orderly. I highly recommend it, especially for operations & when you need to stay a while.

Kassondra Ola

This place is great. I went in with pain that required a specific exam that literally gave me an anxiety attack. Miss Vicki one of the staff came in, bent over me, hugged me and held my hand through the entire thing and I have never had that happen to me before. I was so scared and she was so comforting and sweet. Not only that the doctor doing the exam, (Dr. Al-Kadiri,) found the problem, diagnosed me and ordered the appropriate medicinal treatment for me very quickly. I was in and out in a timely manner and am very happy with my experience. I felt very respected. I would not have wanted to go anywhere else. When I left I almost cried tears of joy and didn’t want to remove my hospital band for a few days just so I could look at it and be reminded of the excellent care and respect I received while I was there.


They let my father die as I saw some staffs laughing very disrespectful

Tetele Lemma

the largest hospta ,but the all docte, cliner the werst pepole they donker abut petint.theyl ver

Zainab Jalali

The worse hospital I have even seen. Employees are the rudest. Comfort the case manager in oncology department does not even care about any case . Anybody try to coordinate about patient , she hang up the phone . I have trying to call her so many times to let her know that my relative need to transfer to rehab , she keep telling me , she wants her to get discharge, asked me to call her again and bother her then hang up the phone many times. Then asking me not to call her again . I tried to talk to the nurse in charge so she may listen to me since damn Comfort did not , nurse in charge then her supervisors were taking damn Comfort side . They lie on me and told me rehab center will confirm if her insurance accept within few hours to transfer there . Nurse told me by the end of the day if the insurance did not accept , they will discharge her as rehab manager told her. I called rehab manager , she said she told them within 48 hours and please do not discharge her other wise she won’t be able to transfer her to rehab . We end up not showing up to pick up the patient. Superviser nurse was calling me and threaten me to come and pick her up but I did not . Patient got approved next day and they had to transfer her to rehab. Nurses were giving the patient oral table for nausea through patient was marked NON BY MOUHTH . Patient were telling them she can’t swallow her throat is blocked even from saliva but nurses were pushing her to take it . I would give this hospital minus million star if I could

Jon Roth

My experience is with the INOVA Advanced Lung Disease and Transplant Program. They are in high demand and I had a very short window of opportunity to see them. They were able to accommodate me and I’m glad they did. Dr Brown and staff are exceptionally well qualified and competent and I highly recommend them for their care and consultation.

Megan Mahoney

After 9 hours- I finally am about to be discharged when an announcement is made over the PA. Apparently there had already been two lab f*** ups and the third individual to not check their blood work labels would be sent home. How WIDLY inappropriate to announce for every patient in the hospital to hear that the employees aren't doing their job. Any good manager knows not to announce an employees mistake in front of the customer, and a hospital is no different. I don't want to hear how they couldn't handle the blood work. My first nurse was amazing and my doctor was very informative- I just cannot believe what I just heard announced for all to hear.

Jung Walley

Previously I posted a bad review regarding INOVA Hospital Customer service. However, I talked with another customer service representative named Marcella, I changed my mind and decided to revise the review. She talked very professionally and respectively. Also she was a good listener - First customer service representative, I ever talked to, who listens customers!!. She acted very professional and tried to understand customer's situation in a professional manner. I want to edit my previous review and changed to a good review with her exceptional customer service. Originally accounting department messed up my payments but she understood and listened patiently my situation and tried to suggest efficiently and effectively solution.

Angie Koffah

My daughter was born at Inova Fair-oaks hospital at 32 weeks, she was taken to the NICU, were they discovered she had a hole in her heart. The NICU started treating, and feeding her in other for her to grow. She was growing, she went from 4- 7 pound in a space of 11 days in the NICU, the Nurses and Doctors, was excellent! But the only thing they never had a heart specialist Doctors there. Doctors from the Inova Fairfax Hospital, PICU who was specialized , said my daughter should be transferred, were they will have a closer eye on her until she is ready for the surgery. That was the worst decision, that we made, in our entire life. A week upon arrival, they had already started doing surgery on my child. I told them to wait that my daughter is little, let her get bigger before any surgery, the doctor said he have to. It was a back to back surgery. With in a month of her transfer, 5 different surgery was performed on my little baby. Everything they did was unsuccessful and they kept lieing that the surgery was successful, knowing fully well that they had mess up her heart valve up and my daughter will never move from on pacemaker. My daughter got an incurable infection in their care, from the surgery room, due to the back to back surgery, that was never good to get cured. Her blood pressure was never stable, after the surgery. They keep giving her and taking blood from her every day. They kept her chest open from over a month. When they finally close her chest, all her organs shut down. They started using dialysis on her. The dialysis made her so big, until she couldn’t open her eyes to see me anymore. All the tubs they had in her was clot, until it got to a point they couldn’t give her medicines. There was no blood going to her feet and hands anymore, she was sedated the entire time. Until one night, all the feces started coming from her month and noise. Then the next day, the Doctors came to tell us our daughter will not make it. After my daughter die, I assisted in giving her a bath, when I lift my child, she had a big bed sore at the back of her head. I had never seen something like that before. I am hurt and we still feel and live with the pain of our child. She suffered and she die a brutal death, when thinking about everything she went through in the PICU. It was horrible!!!

Jamie Floyd

If they ever instruct you to arrive early for an appointment, completely disregard it. You'll still sit in a waiting room until 30 mins after your appointment. This has been my consistent experience with the Pediatric Imaging department.

Jessica Moore

Go anywhere else.

Gabrielle Howard

Great place! My stay there for 3 days was like being on a resort unbelievable. Thank you everyone! Great hospital.

Saima Sattar

Very bad hospital and extremely bad customer service, this is a big heart hospital but the cardiologist are not available for treatment.oh my gosh very bad personal experience, please save your life's and don't go there.take an extremely long time, but the doctor are sleeping

Richard Morgan

My wife experienced chest pain and was transported to the hospital ER about 12:30 AM 8/22/18 by an EMS Rescue Team. The ER staff was outstanding! The ER physician was very thorough and understanding. A CT scan and other appropriate procedures for chest pain were performed. My wife was admitted to the Heart and Vascular Institute Unit. A separate commendatory letter has been sent to the CEO of the Heart and Vascular Unit. The ER staff far exceeded expectations and in my view, is deserving of recognition above and beyond that normally accorded exceptional staff performance.

Andréia Williams

Great place to have your baby. Great doctors and staff. I really recommend it

smita maskey

I was satisfied with my stay and the staff were great. I am giving one star for my experience with billing and the rude customer service employees for billing department. I just needed some explanation regarding a charge where my insurance didn't receive any claim and i didn't get any help with customer service (billing) and just rude response. I do handle benefit for my company so i know the process and have access to our insurance rep. I do not understand the rudeness when i am just trying to clear my balance with the hospital and not asking for any charge forgiveness.

Mitchiko Cornejo

Ive been sitting here for over 2 hrs and when the staff was asking they responded with they dont have staff to change beds and clean rooms. Another couple have been here more then 5 hours waiting in ER

Al Pal

Caring staff from triage to nurses that got me into a room quickly in middle of night. Shannon (nurse) was very attentive and communicated everything well to me. Saw a doctor (Dr. Kim) within half hour of arrival to get my pain under control. Best hospital emergency room experience I've had.

Christian Kijora

I've had 2 knees replaced here and my gall bladder removed on an emergency basis. They have always been professional and courteous. They were especially good to my mom who could be described as difficult. Love these guys.

Christina Levendosky

I am extremely disappointed in my ER visit to Inova Fairfax Hospital. I was experiencing extreme pain and received an ultrasound. The results of the ultrasound that was told to me at the ER and noted on my discharge paperwork said "normal" but the paperwork sent to my regular doctor showed anything but "normal". My GYN was appalled that I received this service and recommended that I never return to this hospital for anything but cardio issues. This hospital was negligent for my care and I strongly recommend avoiding this hospital if at all possible.

Wardell Gatling

I dislike coming to this hospital. From the time that walk in I feel the bad energy. I've been in ER since 830 and its now almost noon and the doctor / nurses seem not to care at all. I have been throwing up since I got here.

Diane Jackson

Some of the employees are clueless

Laurie Chalice

Love the hospital and staff but the cafeteria is the most dirtiest I have ever sean

Lenore Straus

Even though my doctor had requested me to call, I was informed on my third call that nurses can take up to 72 hours to return a phone call.

Alice Kane

The Inova Hospital system is flawed and broken. Inept doctors, most especially a particular doctor byes, injured a patient when he should have helped. No excuses. Refuses phone calss. So sad. Patient injured beyond repair now.

Marilee Housden

My husband has pancreatitis, diabetes, and very high blood pressure. Our local hospital transferred him to Inova after 24 hours because he needed a higher level of care. Everyone is helping to provide excellent care

H Bicking

I can only review as a guest, not a patient. It is hard to find the right garage. Blue, green, grey, whatever. Signage could be better outside. Inside, same thing. This place needs better signage to allow guests to find things like the cafeteria and pharmacy without help. The support staff moved my rating up one star. Very helpful.

Luis Claudio

We were here for the birth of my son at the family entered care on the Women's building. If you're having a baby this is the best hospital to do it in Northern Virginia hands down. From the moment we were checked in a room to the birth and to the discharge this hospital was unbelievable. Friendliest nurses I've ever had to deal with, even with all the nurse changes through the day each nurse was as friendly and caring as the last. Sometimes at hospitals you feel like the nurses and staff forget about you but we never felt lost or forgotten at Inova Fairfax Women's center. Every nurse and tech came by the room to make sure we were good and check if we needed anything. Very very pleasant stay. I've never been to a hospital so organized and with just awesome Doctors and staff.

Al Kasakowski

One of the best DC Hospitals (IMO).

Jason Eni

If you love your life DO NOT come to this place as you will not only be misdiagnosed, you’d be neglected. What happened to the Hippocratic Oath??

Robert Novitsky

Just wondering if there is a particular reason for refusing to give a type 1 diabetic patient insulin for over 3 hours while their blood sugar is over 400. If you have diabetes you'll have to sneak in your own insulin and treat yourself when the nurses are away. This has happened multiple times so I'm noticing that this is not a one time mistake but being done on purpose. That high of a blood sugar is already dangerous and with nearly needing to be on dialysis having to void that much sugar is extremely bad for one's health. Only reason for 2 stars instead of just one is they did do a good job of treating the condition the patient came in for so they aren't bad if you only have one medical condition.

Anjum J

Great hospitality. Take good care of patient.

Taz Ahmed

The radiology department and the billing departments incorrectly filed their claims to my insurance. They were supposed to file it with a different person with same name. The billing department though says the claims have been reversed it hasn’t been reversed from my account. Be careful with INOVA billing from doctor’s office, hospital, urgent care or whichever. Their bottomline is to take money whether or not you’re the right person isn’t their headache.

Tommy Lee

Inova owes me $400 for birth of my son. They charged me $400 which my insurance covers, I did not know so I paid $400 out of FSA. My insurance later paid $400 to Inova. I asked for refund for past 2months it is “ under review”. I told Inova I’m not paying my bill until I get my $400 first they said that is fine. Then Inova sent my $40 unpaid bill to debt collectors. They tell me I have to pay the bill or else. Every time I call there is no solution just waiting. Medical staff are professional but the corporate behind them are bunch of crooks

Maria Rapuano

The one star rating is for our most recent experience with Fairfax Hospital. Previous experiences were more positive, although I've been butchered by terrible phlebotomists on more than one occasion. My 86-year-old father was at Fairfax for 10 days. I honestly don't know what would have happened to him if my siblings and I weren't able to be there every day to take care of him. Some of the techs were good, but some were awful. The food is barely edible. Often when we called for help, no one came. He complained that the bed was horribly uncomfortable. Like another reviewer, he said he felt like he was treated like a dog. But the thing that has me livid is that they moved my father to a rehab center without telling his family they were moving him or giving us any say over where he was moved to. The day he was moved I talked to his doctor on the phone and to the nurse when I was at the hospital. I was told the case manager would discuss where to move him with him and with his family. I left the hospital and my sister arrived 3 hours later to find they were in the process of transferring him. None of us were called. They moved him to a center in Alexandria, which will mean we won't be able to visit him every day. In addition, the place they moved him to is disgusting and stinks of piss. Who knows how many hours we will have to spend trying to get him moved again to someplace acceptable. The process was nothing like what had been described to us. I was assured over and over again that he would not be moved without consulting with us--we were not even notified. You may get world-class medical treatment at this hospital, but patient care is terrible. Transferring my father to a facility without even notifying his family is despicable. ETA: In response to the message from the owner, below, I would like to know where we go to complain about the Patient Relations Department. Supposedly this review was forwarded to them a week ago. On the same day, I left a voice mail and sent an email message. I have called again since. No response.


I was in the midst of a terrible flair..I received the worse treatment at the hospital two days ago. The doctor was Mia for two hours before she even spoke to me..she wasnt familiar with my diagnosis and symptoms..the nurse ran to go to lunch so she wouldnt have to deal with me and acessing my port. The follow up nurse was inept and lazy. She actually yelled my treatment plan out loud and wanted a tech to find a vein before she attempted to acess it.hence the resson i have a port so i dont have to go through being stuck rapidl....a colleague of hers followed up by saying i have to access this ladys port and im not going to leave her in the room when im done... Like im really going to sit out in the hallway of someones room with my breast/chest exposed. I went elsewhere and received kind patient care. Along with the treatment i needed. The only guy that was kind was a tech named Brian I believe. I left that night in horrific blinding pain. I could barely make it there let alone drive to the next place. This hospital has gone down hill. You have to be the right color, practically dead and or a stark raving lunatic to get proper help. I wont ever go back. Sibley is a better bet where they treat you fairly.

Diego Carrera

My mother was admitted to the ER last night for internal bleeding . I wanted to thank any doctors and nurses that help her during that time. The only thing i have a issue here is that fact when upon arrival to see her, the front desk clerk stated only 2 family members can only be in her room. That makes not sense to me. What would happen if she wasn't going to make it and my entire family couldn't go see her because "sorry only 2 family member can be present in her room". Please consider changing that rule!!!

Molly Czarnik

My step-mom had surgery last friday at the Women's hospital. The doctor was great and very attentive however after she got to her post op room is where the trouble started. There seemed to be a lapse in communication between the doctors and nurses as well as the between the nurses. One nurse put her on a regular food diet while another nurse came in and said "oh no I don't know why she did that" and changed it to a liquid diet. I was there when her IV started beeping, used the nurse call button and told them that her IV was beeping. 20 minutes later it's still beeping! I call the nurse again and tell her she needs to come turn it off, she say's "oh it's still beeping" Well YES!!! Nobody ever came to turn it off. The nurses attitudes make me feel as though they hate their job. This was not a good experience and will think twice before referring anyone there.

Elizabeth Shorcan

This review is only for the ANTENATAL TESTING CENTER. They were amazing! Especially from the two front desk receptionists I spoke and dealt with during my appointment. But the genetic counseling counselor was also very informative. They also validate parking for valet services which was a big plus because we were running late. Overall, it was a great experience. They are really nice over there and the area is very clean.

Monique Hermon

The doctors and staff at this hospital is just amazing. I gave birth to all 4 children here. My last pregnancy was a complicated one and the staff was great, they put me at ease and made my family feel very welcomed. Most importantly, the nurses really took the time to get to know you and were very thorough.

Rahul Jagtiani

They have a very inefficient process of doing things, patients waiting for a staff member, taking a whole day to transfer someone from ED to a room, and on top of that charging parking to see a patient, I am very annoyed

Eqbal Anwari

Attentive and helpful staff. Spacious interior with wide vistas outside. The facility has also got playground(s) and convention areas with convenient parking lot.

Elvis Presely

Came to the ER at 1:30 am with severe pain. The nurse, can't remember her name(short, curly hair) started my registration process. While registering she didn't seem to care what's wrong with me and was rude from the very beginning. She thought my condition was not very severe and asked me to sit in the ER which was again very uncomfortable. I waited there for 5 hours but still couldn't find a room. I asked the nurse how much longer would it take as my pain was increasing to which she replied " you are breathing just sit down". She was extremely rude throughout our conversation and said that if you don't want treatment you can just go home. She got into an unnecessary argument with another patient who complained about being suicidal after waiting for several hours. I understand there are other patients who have more severe condition but at least be nice to everyone. After waiting for 5 hours I just went home untreated. During this wait time no one came to check on me once. A lady next to me could barely walk and almost passed out. Her husband arrived in time to take care of her or else the staff would have cared less what's going on with the patients who are waiting. To make things worse, I now have cold from another patient in ER. Patients are already suffering through physically please don't make them suffer mentally. If you can't be compassionate and nice to patients just change your profession. You are not suitable to be a nurse. I am never coming back to this hospital. I hope hospital takes some action against this nurse as almost every patient in ER last night just left either without being treated or because of this nurse's bad behavior.

Johnnie Meredith

Charge you for parking. Do next to nothing for patients. Horribly uncomfortable waiting rooms. Rude staff. Inconvenient for smokers. Literally every other hospital would be a better choice. If you or a loved one get sick go somewhere else if you have the option. If I could give negative stars I would. This isnt a good hospital.

Green Yes

One star because you cannot depend on them when you tell them something.. I told them my brother was coming with my insurance card mutiple times I was in pain and couldn't do things for myself there they never even tried to ask him I was so much of in a rush to get home because after the stitched me up I needed to get my medicine at home they don't have there .. it's the principle they need better care for there clients and respect Now I'm here with a 2,000 insurances bill that could have been avoided if they could of respected me and my words but no they don't even listen to you

Nuria Villacorta-Munayco

My mom came to the ER with 207 blood pressure at 11:30 am. Now is 1:33pm and we are still waiting in the hallway. I saw patients walking into the ER, probably they are sick but their life doesn’t seem to be in risk as my mom’ Life.

David Bailey

Absolutely incredible hospital staff. Virginia's version of Grey's Anatomy. Prince George's county ought to be ashamed of themselves

grace mkandawire

I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy surgical procedure on the 4th of January 2018. The procedure went very well and I would like to thank INOVA Fairfax Women's Hospital for the great care they provided. Everyone I came across was very helpful; they were angels sent at the right time. This is an excellent hospital and I highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you again and God bless you all!

raga abdullah

Great place! Staff answered all of my questions and told me what they were going to do beforehand. I highly recommend this place for everyone!

Yeshi Assaye

Well the doctor was not helpful she was not caring enough to suggest a solution for the pain. Very cold I would prefer men because they seem real to help women doctors to busy with their own ideas than to help. I will go to Washington DC Hospital next time. Fairfax hospital is zero!!

Tatyana Berry

My father in law has been treated there. While he was in ICU he was recieving petty good care. But then he was moved to regular unit and that's where he is being treated like garbage. Nurses would never answer when he calls, they take away nurse call button so he can't call them at all. They never clean or change his sheets unless we actually demand they do. Last time it took them 2 hours to change smoked sheet. Horrible attitude, horrible staff. If you have a chance to go else where you should. Do not trust that hospital


The only reason I am giving two stars and not one is because the trauma doctor Chris and the nurses in the ER were great. However at one point my nurse walked in and told me they are waiting on transport to take me upstairs. I had no idea I was being admitted and had no idea why. It took over an hour and a half for someone to come explain what was happening because the admitting physician didn’t pass along any info to the next physician. The ortho team on the Trauma floor were horrible. They didn’t listen. They don’t care. They tell you one thing and then they tell everyone else something different. Oh, your nauseous and in a lot of pain, too bad. Take some Tylenol and follow up outpatient with ortho (who is always booked out weeks). I was discharged, which I wanted since they weren’t doing anything in the hospital) and I went to a friends house to stay the night and when I went to take a shower my knee dislocated again. The ortho team is just rude and unprofessional. Even the ortho who came on after the original team left, she apologized because the original ortho team wasn’t communicating properly and everyone had been told something different. If you end up here for an ortho trauma, god speed.


This is by far the worst hospital I have ever been to keep the story short I’m going to list all the faults I experienced in this corporate business NOT A HOSPITAL. 1) they overcharge , 2) will charge separately, 3) will not find out total amount till months later, 4) staff are unprofessional ( the staff don’t know anything, will not believe anything you say, give false information just to push you away), 5) the doctors and staff are never listed accordingly or never know who you saw just a list of doctors who you cannot contact and just push you to stupid phone staff who will hang up on you and blame it on you for disconnecting. These are my complaints a little more simplified, never believe this hospital I would rather Uber to the doctor than ride in the debt wagon, and be bullied for money at the dumb farm full of quakes and crabs.

google User

Friendly staff that cares and top doctors that care to help. great service

Taekyung Yoon

Amazing service I like nurses here They are really helpful

Trang Ouk

Large, modern hospital with some of the most advanced medical facilities in the Northern Virginia area. Parking is not free however, unlike the other Inova locations

Rhoda Agyekum

I give my nurse for today , in room 15, her name is Devin, five stars. She's awesome and a professional. Thanks dear.

Jack Gillotti

Would give them 1/2 star if I could. Treated like a dog in fact I wouldn’t let my pet stay there! I can’t walk due to stroke they left food tray across room for me to fetch on my own one tray came wout silverware had to eat w hands! No explanations of anything ! Had one person try to correct problem when it happened again it was my fault she only listened to staff. I would never let them touch a loved one of mine. Drs seemed caring but they have horrible bed side manners and explanations I would say stay away. Packed my stuff and was leaving on my own accord when I met a young Man named Timothy who single handedly turned my entire experience!! He should be given a raise and put in charge of patient care. Because of his efforts which were above and beyond he turned around my experience 100% ! He likely saved my life as I was supposed to get a catheter for dialysis and if it was not for his efforts it would not have happened!!!! Thank you Timothy!!

Jay Fernández

Has a great psych ward.

Christopher G

RECRUITER ALERT. Applying at Inova is a full time job. EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL, does not know how to communicate with potential recruits. This recruiter with initials of K.J. emailed me twice for 2 different positions in two separate times and ask me when my best available time for a phone screen interview. I responded and gave my availability. Never did I get a response from her from the 2 positions she emailed me about. I emailed her after a week to follow up on my resume on the first position. She never responded on my inquiry. The same story happened on the second position I applied for.. gave her my availability. No email, no phone call from this recruiter.

Carly Dallas

I really enjoy working for this hospital. Friendly staff members and welcoming vibe.

Ricardo Castaneda

Beware if your a poor Mexican they will let your loved ones like my Dad die and tell you it was human error. Also that when they, " forget to do something for someone its because they don't care."

RC Cola

Good Medical staff(thanks), ... seemingly lousy admin. Despite having both my private insurance company info, my Veterans billing info, and being notified to bill the VA along a prescribed process, INOVA continues to send me "collection company" notices. That's incompetence or harassment. INOVA appears to operate like other medical companies, where they appear to bill as often as possible, in as many directions as possible. What's the risk?... they just could collect twice on the same bill. Bad for us. Good for hospital profits.

Eric Medina

Saved my daughter's life. Forever grateful. Thank you.

Paul Shanholtz

This is for labor and delivery section!!!I absolutely love the L&D staff! Huge shout out to all the people who made my wife(whom is (was) pregnant with twins) very comfortable. The service is and still is(still here) the best I have ever encountered at a hospital. The ladies at NICU are like angel's. Very professional, prompt response time and they always have a smile on their faces and eager to help and listen. If I could give 10 stars I would. Thank you Inova staff for a wonderful experience on this beautiful day!!! Kudos!!!

Hana S. Jo.

I have been going to this hospital for almost 10 years now since my twin kids born, all 3 of us had health issues and we still follow up with physicians and surgeons there, we had great experience, they have great doctors/ nurses and workers everybody treat you with care , there NICU team are awesome my son was there back in 2010 and in all 10 years experience we only had one problem was with one of the Pediatric surgeons and the hospital did not handle it very well, but i still believe it's one of the best hospitals!


I was airlifted to this hospital. The first ER before I was airlifted informed me that staff here wouldn't really joke with me, and maintain professionalism. Much to my dismay this was true, but the care provided was top notch, except the food and the fact my repeated requests for nicotine patches were denied, but these were very minor inconveniences considering the shape I was in.

Joyce El Kouarti

Friendly, competent staff who go the extra mile.

Melinda Dixon

My husband had out patient surgery to remove a gastro polyp. All seemed to go well until he arrived in post OP. His blood pressure was abnormally high, which I expressed to the staff, but they released him anyway. 6 hours later we were in the ER at Novant Health in Haymarket. He was vomiting blood. He was admitted. They found that not enough clips had been put in place. In addition, they discovered an ulcer. He lost almost 4 pints of blood and had to have a transfusion. He has been here for 2 days and not once has the attending staff at Inova Fairfax called to check on him. Will never use this facility or the physician again.

Amanda Pettitt

Amazing hospital staffed with some of the most loving and knowledgeable people. My daughter was here with a concussion. She needed an MRI. Regardless of my daughter’s mood, everyone was so helpful and caring towards her. Holly was our Child Life Specialist. My daughter loved her. Thank you everyone! Great hospital.

Jasmin Perez

Horrible experience! I went to the ER for chest pain. The front desk ask me so many questions and when I offered my insurance card they said they didn't need it. The girl who took my blood was horrible and could not draw my blood she kept poking me and bruised me. I had pain in that area for two weeks after. They ran so many test and I saw a doctor for 5 mins or less. Then at the end I offered them my insurance again and they said they didn't need it. I then get hit with a bill for 1,500 dollars CRAZY I sent them my insurance infor like 5 times I called the billing dept many times to explain I have insurance. They claim they never received that info then two or three months pass they finally send my insurance the claim but get this they also send my bill to a collection agency. Aviod this hospital!!!!!!! They do not show empathy

Kai L

They think of their customers as money.

Anson Byun

All staff here; ER, Post-Op, Outpatient Care, are all top notch and very caring. The nurses in post-op have a very tough job attending to patients who literally just got out of surgery - especially during off-hours. Kudos to the nurses really wanting to make patients' lives more comfortable in the post-operation care department.

Priscilla Pittington

The nurses always take an hour to head your pleas even if you are one of the few patients under their care. I would know because my sister was in the hospital for a week from food poisoning and supposedly "gastroenteritis" yet it has been a month and she is still not cured. We went to a follow up and OF COURSE they said she was FINE. SO NATURALLY AFTER THAT SHE WAS STILL NOT FINE. She has not been eating or sleeping because she still spits and belches 24/7 AND IT IS MAKING HER SUICIDAL. This is supposedly the best research center in northern Virginia and my sister is still dying.

Theresa Carroll

The prep nurses were nice.The procedure went well. It wasn't until after my hysterectomy when my problems began. I woke up in the recovery room where I stayed for 6 hours! I told the nurses that I needed to take my medication or I would have a seizure. They just gave me more pain medicine instead. After 5 hours I finally started having a seizure. One of the nurses came over and said she could give me one of my medications. I tried to take it but was shaking so bad that I ended up spitting my ginger ale out and I guess some of it got on the nurse. She replied with, "disgusting!" Then she went behind the nurses station and started talking about me to the other nurses and giving me rude looks. When I finally got to my room, my new nurse also gave me a hard time about my medications. I asked her if any of the patients ever mentioned that they felt like they were in jail. She said just the ones who take medication. She also said they don't usually give medication to patients after surgery. She tried to lock up my purse after she searched it for medications. Luckily I was able to keep it in the room but they put it in a place that was difficult for me to get to. The call button was useless because no one ever came when I used it. I wasn't suppose to stand on my own but I did because I had to reach my purse for my medication so I would not have another seizure. When I finally fell asleep another nurse came into my room to draw blood. She was rough with me and kept demanding me to squeeze my fist in an intimidating way. I asked her if she could bring me a blanket as she was leaving the room. She responded with "yeah," but never returned. My iv somehow came lose and blood started dripping from it. I figured if I used the call button no one would come quickly enough so I screwed it back together the best that I could. The next day one of the nurses tried to take my iv out but could not unscrew the tube. I guess I twisted it too tight. She even brought in pliers to try to unscrew it! She left the room for a while. I didn't think she was coming back. I became tired of waiting so I just pulled it out myself! She came back in after about an hour and didn't seem to mind that I took it out on my own. When I was finally discharged I was stopped on the way out by a different nurse. She told me I wasn't able to leave until I left enough urine. I left urine twice but she was not satisfied, however, the discharge nurse gave me the o.k. to leave. The unsatisfied nurse didn't believe that I was discharged and told me to stay there while she called the discharge nurse to get approval. Once she got the approval she left, but I needed a wheelchair. I asked the nurses at the desk if they could bring one out. I waited for about 10 minutes and felt like I was going to have a panic attack so I left without one. I had difficulty walking but needed to get out of there! It was an extremely stressful experience. I was exhausted and in tears during my nightmare experience. I was so relieved when I got home. If you have a condition and are having surgery at this hospital, run as far away as you can!

Sel R.

This will be my last time going to Inova Hospital, specifically the ER department. I do not feel welcomed, that I matter, nor that my health means anything to some of the nurses there. It does not matter to me what the wait time is but if you make an effort to create a positive experience, then that's worth a lot to me. I also wanted to comment on the nurse that was putting in the IV -she did not care about me. There was a lot of blood on my skin and a scar from it. She was unapologetic, even though I had expressed the pain she had made me feel. She had no desire to empathize with me and walked away. I will not be a part of the people that pay your paychecks. If you can't offer something so simple as kindness then my money will go to the hospital that does deserve it. "It doesn’t take an instant more, or cost a penny more, to be empathetic than it does to be indifferent." - Brian Lee

olga fetisova

I don't know what else could make this hospital better, it is already 5 stars service to me. I have delivered a baby in this hospital twice already. Love it!!! Everything! Will go there again for the next delivery no doubt.

Ashley Fox

My daughter injured her mouth and after a trip to urgent care, we were told to have her checked out by this ER. We got there, waited about an hour to be seen, maybe spent 5 minutes with the ER doctor, she called my daughters dentist who told her not to to anything, that he would rather handle it himself, and then we were discharged. We were charged $600 to have my daughters vitals taken by the hospital (because that is the only thing they did), and another $600 by the ER doctor for her time. No meds were given, no tests given, no prescription, absolutely nothing!!! We disputed the charges and were told that due to her injury, it was a level 4 treatment and apparently that is the going rate. Will never use this ER again, and I'll make sure I tell everyone I can about this!!!

David Young

Unfortunately for me, I had to come to the hospital for a biopsy for a health issue that I'm dealing with. However, I want to point out that invova Fairfax hospital took care of me and all my needs. Before my procedure, they gave me a call to ensure that I knew where I was going and where to show up. The instructions they provided were really helpful, and it was one less thing for me to worry about. When I arrived, they treated me and my wife with utmost respect and care. The instructions they provided were extremely helpful. We didn't feel the need to worry about anything except for preparing for my procedure mentally. After I woke up from my procedure, the nurse that took care of me was extremely kind and helpful. I felt weak and tired, but she explained everything to me and helped me with what I needed. She contacted my wife, so I would not be alone for very long. Ultimately I highly recommend this hospital. The service is top-notch. The facilities are great. I would come again if I had to.

Matt Dora

My daughter was born here and have had nothing but great experiences with every single Dr. Not sure what all the other bad reviews are about, it seems like foreigners leaving horrible unreasonable reviews that are arriving from countries that have 1/2 the or even less accommodation/qualified Dr.s than here and expect nothing but perfection, I’m sorry to bust their bubble but this is America and even though we have a high standard of healthcare we are not #1 in that field (might give that one to Canada or Switzerland). I came in on 4th of July to the pediatric side to get my 3 y/o checked out after Fairfax county police FAILED to call an ambulance for my wife whom was rear ended in a car accident with her in the back strapped in her car seat. All just to double check that she was ok and she was thank the lord. The pediatric nurses and Dr.s are very knowledgeable and very polite. My experience in the ER for various instances have had the normal wait time, but the Dr.s never misdiagnosed me. What these other people fail to understand is if you do not have any form of health insurance than yes they will try and send you out to a follow up Dr! Those beds are for people WITH INSURANCE that have a serious enough issue to be admitted. One reviewer was complaining about the $5! PARKING fee and was so upset as to say the hospital needs to be demolished just for that reason, they just spent MILLIONS revamping that hospital 3 years ago, it’s not going anywhere soon. Get a grip, stop giving places unreasonable reviews.

Lorelei M

The care provided in ER was acceptable, but the billing is the worst nightmare I have ever enountered. No statements, yet I am contacted directly by a collection agency. It seems it will never end, since I already dealt with is last year!!! What is going on? Why you cannot provide a professional service all around? And ... I have never be contacted by your billing department representatives. You should actually be ashamed!


very unprofessional. many case workers who don’t know what they are talking about. Nurses who have given the wrong dosage of medication to my dad which causes my mom to stay late at night at the hospital in order to make sure the nurses are doing their job correctly. Didn’t check on my dad for over an hour and he was by himself all morning. Urine was left all in front of him so he could have gotten up and fallen. They also didn’t give him dye in his MRI thus, they had to do ANOTHER MRI on him. Ridiculous amount of time being there. He was also discharged to early based on miss information from the case workers. Thank you.

MICHAEL Donnally

With all of the Metaphysical Ai injuries at this Hospital you would think Langley would invest or at least investigate why the Drs are not disclosing this to local authorities. "Medical (PRACTICE)"

Sherif Saweres

Just wanted to say that I was Misdiagnosed in INOVA Fairfax Hospital- USA of having a single rib fracture, but it turned out to be 3 ribs fractured!!! Also another Back injury was not diagnosed... Very unprofessional, Egyptian CT- Scan made the correct diagnosis in Nasser Health Institute

Felix Ikanzo

Great service and ex-patients love the service so much they come by and visit present patients!

Dana P.

Teen daughter spent 5 days here and we left without a diagnosis. We arrived on a weekend and it was a revolving door of doctors and nurses. Each visit required an explanation of her symptoms and issues. Upon arrival the attending physician ordered my daughter to be given albuterol every 2 hours which resulted a severe headaches (pain level 12, out of 10). We didn't see this doctor again during her entire stay. Since her release, my daughter continues to have severe headaches. Communication between the staff was lacking, never felt that anyone truly studied her issue. On Monday, a group of residents showed up AFTER the time a procedure was to occur which resulted in a longer stay. My daughter stills suffers from her issue, and my insurance company was charged 21K for what I call "drive thru" medical care. Left Fairfax Hospital with the thought that health care in America is truly in dire straits.

Carter Swenson

Spent a couple hours with my Twin 2 today and all went well. Highly recommend this place!

Tammy Moore

I love this Hospital Had surgery their in 2010 and have had Family members their after that, the Hospital has gotten soooo!! Much, Much better keep up the good work Inova Fairfax Hospital..

Yong Lee

I was at the hospital for 4 days. While I was at the regular room, the bed was pretty broken or not functional. I asked nurses what’s up with the bed and I can get another beds. They recommended to sleep on couch?? I am sick and need to sleep and rest well. That’s how Fairfax hospital treats you. After the bad experience with the hospital, I requested to go home earlier. They said a doctor will be around 9 o’clock and will do final paper work and prescibtions stuff. It’s been almost 4 hours waiting the doctor who is not even around(probably not even in town). I am really shocked how the hospital treats patients. We are sick and need to be cared rather than treated as a just normal tasks.

ann lastra

I broke shoulder, wait over 3 hours, no ice, they had run out, no pain meds offered given sling that was way too big (according to their surgeon) and sent home. 2 years later husband shattered heal wait over 5 hours, got ice and pain meds only on request. Finally after 8 hours in the emergency room 71 year old man sent with a pair of crutches he had never used before out of emergency room, nurse started they were too tall for her so good luck, husband fell on the way out in waiting room full of patients, no medical personnel came to our assistance husband 71 190lbs, me 64, 90lbs. Technician who put cast on my husband's heel said he got paid too much to remove the trash and left it at our feet! I picked it up so my husband would not trip on it! He did fall not fall because of the trash although had I not picked it up he would have. Then you get the bill!! We have great insurance, but what we had to pay to be treated as less than animals at the vet, was in the thousands, yes, and you get bills from all over, I forgot to count the people who said hello over 8 hours but I got bills from the janitors (I picked up the trash). When my husband had his stroke 8 years before, wonderful, I felt safe and cared for and he was in the best hands in the world. I am sad to say what I have above, if you are in serious trouble these are the best people, if it is not life threatening they are seriously lacking in empathy and treatment, they will patch you up, make you wait uncomfortably for hours, charge you a fortune and send you to one of their highly priced "professionals.

Snit Habteab

I know nothing is perfect,but this hospital is very close to perfection.The big problem preventing perfection are a few people that work there.Such as a case manager who was an irritation especially to my mom on top of the pain she alrady had,by being very unprofessional in the ways she gives information,she is the worst experience i have had in the hospital,all i know she is not the right fit to be a case manager.Another problem was a female nurse partioner of the oncology team,who luckly visited us only once but said "this is not hotel fairfax you can't stay here",I mean who says that to someone in a lot of pain and unable to stand on their feet.If I should mention names dr Kumar is the greatest doctor,who did all in his power to make my moms discharge safe.The nurses,techs,food service,housekeeping and Chaplin make peoples day with the smiles on their faces.

Jose Martinez-Rivas

I visited ER last month for a throat concern and was very disappointed with the service I received. I waited for about an hour and a half just to have a doctor give me tap water to drink. X-rays were done in effort to obtain a closer look at my neck tissue, however, I was later told by the doctor that this would not guarantee that I did not have anything stuck in my throat. I was told a 'throat specialist' would come in and conduct a more in depth analysis of my situation but the doctor never showed up as promised. I then waited another hour only to be told by the doctor that I would have to follow up if the concern persists. Now, the hospital is imposing unfair charges by categorizing my visit as a Level 3 after spending 95% of the time waiting in the hallway and leaving concerned with my condition.

David Lunasco

I can't say enough good things about this hospital. I've been here more times than I care to admit, but every time I've been here the staff has been exemplary. The nursing staff is one of the best I've ever encountered. While I don't have the goal of having an extended stay in a hospital

Shannon Sunshine

Disgusting nurses, doctors and registration process! All they care about is money. Getting as many people in and quickly out! They lied to me about my ex rays. I told them I'm allergic to a couple meds and they still tried to force it down my throat to get my out quickly. The nurses forgot the iv hanging out that was hurti b and lied about it. The old pyscotix doctor wanted to force steroids oin md

Young O

Our family had 2 babies born here and the most recent was in the new building. There is a Panera inside here and the cafeteria food is good. The staff here are extremely friendly and helpful.

Kevin H

What a horrible experience at this hospital Emergency Room. By far, the worst treatment I have ever had. The fiasco started with me being admitted into ER - but admittance in this hospital means being relegated to the hallway, immediately adjacent to a *very* noisy, hectic, nursing station. No gown was offered. Not even a blanket. They literally just brought over the stretcher and I laid on it. No offer to help even though I was in extreme pain. The first nurse attempted to insert my IV into a very small lateral vein in my right arm instead of the large vein on my other arm. I believe he wanted to do that since my left arm was near the wall and it was inconvenient for him to reach. I said, "Are you sure you can tap that vein?" He said "Sure". I reluctantly agreed. Of course, it hurt like a ^^%# and I told him so. He said, "Does it hurt?" Well, of course it did! He said that my vein was not tolerating it very well either. So, he ripped it out and finally went to the left arm. That was just the start of a 10.5 hour ordeal IN THE HALLWAY ALL NIGHT IN THE ER AT THIS HOSPITAL. That's right folks. 10.5 hours in the hallway - even though I asked at least 3 times for a room. They said there were no rooms available. So, I just laid there in the hallway, listening to the nurses, doctors, alarms, people screaming, etc. Horrible! Finally, after a stressful 10.5 hours, they moved me to a room in the Oncology Department. This was a very nice room with some very kind and caring nurses. What a huge difference between the way I was treated in the hospital vs. the ER! I waited, thereafter, from 9AM until 3:30PM for the GI doc to come. And then, when she came, she rushed in, spent 90 seconds talking to me, and rushed back out. What arrogance. It's really sad that some doctors think so little of the people who pay their bills/mercedes. Likewise for the INova Fairfax Hospital ER. The icing on the cake happened when I was discharged. I started to gather my belongings up... wallet, check. phone, check. planner, check. shoes, ...., shoes, .... wait, where are my shoes?! Turns out the 'transporter' who finally moved me from ER to the hospital *forgot* to move my shoes from the stretcher to my hospital room. SO.... NO shoes for me! I had to catch a flight out that night and waited for about 20 minutes until finally I had to leave - socks and all. I LITERALLY LEFT INOVA FAIRFAX HOSPITAL IN MY SOCKS! One of head nurses did offer to reimburse me for a new pair of shoes and I appreciate that. Again, the nurses in the hospital were excellent. No complaints there. My recommendation: stay away from the ER. Hospital is fine. Needless to say, I won't be going back to this ER if I can help it. UPDATE AS OF AUG 16 2018: Patient Relations at hospital has *not* reimbursed me for my lost shoes nor do they even answer their phone. I didn't hear any complaints when they received their $8K or so from my insurance company, but when it comes to doing the right thing and reimbursing the patient for a pair of lost shoes, forget about it. What a disgrace!

Izaba Paras

If i could give this a zero i would. I went to the ER for bad chest pains and was in the waiting room for FOUR hours. I finally went to the front and asked if I could just go home but they got someone to put me in the back in yet ANOTHER waiting bed. The Doctor took over an hour to get to me by then it was already 9pm at night. They did a pee test and the nurse made a snircky joke on how thankful I should be that my pregnancy test was negative (this could offend the wrong family one day who is trying to conceive). I asked a nurse for water and she never came back with it so I had to walk to a water fountain. The doctor FINALLY came back after ages and released me. I went to the ER at around 4:30pm and went home close to midnight just to be seen by the doctor for less than 10 minutes. Then i got this WHOOPING bill over thousands of dollars and the billing department calling me about it when I never received the statement. 2 statements have been sent and none have actually reached me. Would NEVER recommend this especially to someone who needed immediate attention.

Queen Bristol

Had my baby a year ago, water broke at 27 weeks n was on bed rest for 6weeks and I loved it. Doc Felika King and her team were very wonderful. They gave me all the love and care I needed and doc King is always checking on me n making sure she answers all my questions . I have been through many doctors and Doc Felika King was the best. The hospital is clean n everyone made sure that I was okay. The nurses there were very nice and making sure I smile everyday.

Connie Cantley

Inova was wonderful to my son who was diagnosed with brain tumors. Fantastic staff, very knowable doctors and surgeons. I'd recommend to anyone.

Tigran Martirosyan

My daughter was born in December 24 2015. All doctors were drunk, so nurse said me privately "do not let the doctor make shot" on my wife 's spinal cord for anesthesia. Moreover doctor came to do that anesthesia shot drunk and when my daughter already 1hour was coming out naturally. He tried several times to make shot but couldn't do that because my wife pains could not let her stay calm and without move. Eventually I didn't let the doctor to make anesthesia. Then came another doctor who was all red and alcohol smell made for me impossible to stay near him. He can't help my wife and everything was done by the nurse. Next day Russian nurse took my daughter for "procedures" and returned her with injury under her foot, huge pacifier in her mouth, and red spot on her neck and head. Then the Russian nurse immediately offered us to go home saying: "more you stay here, more you should pay". My daughter have slept for more than 12 hours, then my daughter didn't eat for 3 days. we forced her to drink mothers milk, she cried hysterically every time we tried to get out pacifier and feed her, then She didn't sleep 2 days. After first vaccination In 18 month after her birth she was diagnosed with autism spectrum.... Awful experience, keep away from this place, specifically for childbirth and particularly in Christmas !

Kaitlyn Lucas

Great place, very friendly people and very professional. Only complaint is that the therapists and case worker/manager should be in contact with the parent or guardian more.

King of football

As I sit here out in a hallway bed pt’s information is just being left out in the open. Also just let me note I’m an employee for Inova and this isn’t they way things work. I’ve been sitting on the hallway bed for about 20 minutes not once has a nurse came by to say someone will be with you. Please avoid this place.

Allen Davis

If i had my way i would shut the place down when a person is sent from one hospital the there with a diagnosis they take four day to do any thing keep telling they going to do this or that and dont do anything sucking some body dry cause they on Medicaid hate that


This is not a hospital!We waited for an hour and a half!But no doctor came to see me!I don't believe this is a hospital!I see a lot of doctors.

Paige Bear

Nurse mean if they really cared about there patients they would leave them with what ever there happy with

Richelle Aine A. Torres

A very nice hospital. New, quiet, staffs: ie. from the nurses to the staffs who clean the room, who serve the food, doctors are all good, and accommodating.

Yujung Kim

Don't even bother to call the customer service center or whatever the number they give you when you complain about the hospital because nothing will satisfy you. This hospital must be demolished. PAY PARKING LOT IN THE EMERGENCY? Really? I've been living in the Fairfax County for over 20 years and we don't usually pay for parking. Please do care about your patience, not about your damn pay parking.

Ahsan Mughal

Longer waits waited 3 and half hour because system is down we are writing everything with hands after calling us inside the nurse didnt show up for another 1 and a half hour. Not very Clean. In picture the tape has blood on it and its from previous patient they didnt clean it. Second picture shows how careless they are. Inova fair oaks is best I think this hospital is just a bad experience. Definitely nobody expect it from Inova. but today I think Virginia hospital is very fast and more clean.

Elisabeth Smith

Was sent to this ER with a host of symptoms that presented very strangely. After ruling out stroke and MS, every doctor I saw told me it was "anxiety", that since I was not actively dying I should just see my psych, and released me to the waiting list hell that is outpatient care. No medical professional I have spoken to, including my therapist, thinks this is psychological. After 2 weeks, I am still struggling with related symptoms, barely getting back to work, unable to drive long distances, and stuck waiting for weeks for the next specialist appointment. I cannot help but think that if the inova doctors had been a little more curious and less dismissive, this might already be solved. The second star is for the kind nursing staff whom I very much appreciated.

Brittney McCauley

The pediatric doctors, nurse and the ultrasound radiology department where all so nice and where there every second. But the ER front staff is not so nice I did let know how I felt about them

Melvin Morris

As this is my first time ever staying in a hospital overnight, I have no direct equivalent to compare to it. However, I do have a good sense of what good service is. The morning service was excellent. The food is pretty good considering how many different restrictions they have. But as the day wore on, the service got worse. As of right now, I have been waiting three hours to be discharged. Final diagnosis--mediocre.

Anonymous Pro

Emergency room doesn’t treat like its emergency. I don’t get it. Same line and wait time as of a regular patient.


I am so impressed with all the hospital staff because they are so attentive, helpful, supportive and seems to be heart warming and welcoming to you. Parking was easy and offered paid parking tags for you and family. I don’t know why they charge you for parking because it should be free. Panra bread and Starbucks on site, forget ordering from the menu in the rooms. The menu prices in the rooms are expensive.


They really take care of you

Bobby Kalongo

Terrible help service. I've been waiting for 3 hours for my nurse to come provide me with some pain meds because I'm in so much pain. The slowest service ever. The nurses socialize instead of caring for patient.

Sam S

I had suffered a football injury. I recovered an onside kick and took a helmet to the back. I had to call the ambulance because I could barely walk. They all helped me onto the stretcher and Into the ambulance. The person who was in the ambulance with me was Jordan and he was really nice to me in there. Then once we got to the hospital I got onto a bed. Then as normal doctors and nurses came in. I liked all of them. But the one I really liked was Kristi(nurse). She didn't force anything and she was working with me with my pain. I didn't end up leaving the hospital until about 5-5:30 in the morning, and as you can see the people that I really liked this hospital visit were Kristi and Jordan. If you could maybe reach out to them and tell what a great job they did. Thank you

pari nurmamat

Look what they done just for blood test It by from Emergency people for this cost more than 1000$

luisa fajardo

While they were able to take me in in a timely manner, the facility was very clean, and staff were friendly, the procedure I had done was very mediocre and it didn't fix anything - in fact my condition got worst. A few days after the procedure, I had to travel to Italy which was very uncomfortable due to pain getting worst so I had to go to the emergency room in an Italian hospital. as soon as the doctor saw what the americas had done to me the week before, she was very surprised at the lack off detail. Not only was the Italian doctor able to do a much better job, the bill amount was ZERO compared to $1900

Ian Arneson

Doesn’t matter whether it’s staff, doctor or nurse. Things just seem to get lost in translation every time. I have been trying to get medication refilled for over a week now and no one seems to know what to do about it. I have called and called and apparently nobody answers the phone or checks voicemail. The rare chance I do get someone on the phone, they then transfer me to a voicemail that is never checked. This system is flawed and ridiculous. Some of us need medication daily and can’t just go cold turkey waiting for inova doctors or staff to get their act together!

Mark Chace

In 2016 i Had a quadruple bypass performed here. I was left with terrible chest pain. Since then I had to have a cardiac cath done at another hospital. It found two of the four grafts were done improperly. One could not be found during the cath, the other is to narrow to be stented. I don’t know what happened or how this happened but I am appalled a Hospital of INOVA Fairfax’s stature, where bypasses are supposed to be routine, allowed it to happen. For over 2 years I have had to deal with chest pain worse than before my bypass. I have not worked since the bypass. Can’t walk my dogs because of the chest pain and have zero quality of life. I put my faith in the staff here and they failed. I am sure there was an astronomical chance of this happening, but it should not have happened. I spent 6 months “recovering” (I was told in 6 months I would be back to normal) expecting to get better but haven’t. Good news is I am alive, but am little more than that. This hospital and the cardiac surgeon let me down big time.

Kai Lee

NOT GOOD. Would give zero if I could.

Kiara Watkins

Great experience after going to another hospital and not getting any real answers on what was wrong with me . Got my diagnosis and everyone was nice . Only gave 4 stars because I didn't like that you can hear everything . There was a guy screaming and someone vomiting and that's not something good to hear when your already at a panic or feeling nauseous yourself. No privacy in the rooms you can hear everything the next patient next to you is going through whether private conversations or not

Web Guru

They have a near monopoly in Fairfax, so that breeds a lot of incompetence and that is what you get. emergency room expect about 6 hours to get through. Once admitted with a high fever, got tech who could not take your temperature right! Its true. Could not understand her English anyway. First doc to come by room - after 24 hours- not once checked or even read my file or looked at test results. Said she has "over 20 patients" so what do you expect. TMI. Constipated from drugs so recommended a suppository. Took three hours and three calls to expedite that delivery to my room. Meanwhile Techs wandering around the floor talking to friends on their phones. Checking out, no one available with wheel chair for a couple hours so I walked down. They gave me prescription which they wrote up incorrectly so had issues at my pharmacy. I would have filled it hospital pharmacy but that was two hours wait. Two stars because thank god for a couple great nurses. Techs and MDs an F. But hey, who cares? No one.

Kayla McDerment

I'm really surprised at all the negative reviews. We drive about 2 hours to come here, because I'm not comfortable with the hospitals in my area treating my daughter. I've really not had any issues. As long as you show that you are involved in youre childs care, they will include, and discuss thoroughly. We are currently in the ER being treated. The sence on urgency was outstanding. Very nice to see! So far everyone has been great.

Maria Reyna

Emergency room receptionist are so nasty ! On the top of that They make me wait 1 hour and half !! it’s ridiculous!!!

Jacob Peterson

This is the worst hospital to come Rude Staff have No manners how to talk to patient . Keep draw blood “ JUST “ to make money

Joe Ryan

In a bizarre twist of events I've ended up at this hosptial's ER twice this week with family members. Both times the experience was exceptional. The staff is caring and professional, and we've felt both times like we were well cared for. We visited both the pediatric and the adult ER. Very well run. One family member was actually admitted and the hospital did a great job of taking care of him for several days until he could come home. They keep the patient informed and did a great job overall.

Martin Cook

Brought my daughter here after she had a tooth knocked out from a bicycle accident. After a 3 hour emergency dental procedure at a different facility the dentist recommended we go here just to check for head trauma. It was about 2am my daughter started getting sick in the waiting area. The young lady at the front desk had my daughter brought back right away. She could tell I was a little distraught so she helped me fill out the paperwork which I thought was very thoughtful and I appreciated it. I went into the room and there was already a nurse and doctor examining my daughter. They were both exceptionally nice and professional. Thankfully my daughter was fine but the doctor was very thorough in explaining what to watch and monitor her for. The doctor even called me herself to see how my daughter was doing and see if I had any questions. This facility and everyone we interacted with was superb and I wish to thank them very much for how they cared for my daughter. Thank you INOVA Fairfax ER staff!!

Antwan Coley

I had surgery on Wed Sept 12, 20018 scheduled for 1830 hrs.Everything was on target and the most congenial staff that I have ever met. My stay there for 3 days was like being on a resort unbelievable. Nice large clean room. My physician Dr. Rose has an excellent staff commendable. Best care ever. The nurses, food service, room service the most professional ever witnessed as if I were dreaming. It will be very difficult to render service from another hospital facility. Kudos to All the staff that rendered service to room 409 from Sept. 12-15th Keep up the good standard you all are the bestest!

Mechi M

Some of the most caring staff from the valet attendants to the nursing team. They are very good to my mother.

Alex Dillon

Best hospital in the nation I have to say. I recommend you go here for services.

Jay P

1st born baby was born here, and my wife works here at a ICU nurse. It is an awesome hospital! Great facilities for birth, and great nurses and doctors! Highly recommend you plan on OB and pedi care with INOVA Fairfax.

Sam Mansour

Emergency room service was surprisingly great and fast. I thought it would be a long wait on a weekend but it was less than 20 minutes. The ER doctor and nurses were super friendly and nice.

Jenn Mason

February 6th of 2018, I was 16 weeks 5 days pregnant and my water broke. I was triaged into OB and was told by Dr. Armstromg (male) that nothing could be done and I had to be induced to deliver my child - obviously completely devastating for my husband and I. We were told no other options were viable. We were moved up to OB floor. In OB, the nurses were phenomenal - namely Miranda K., RN. A day passed (2/7/2018) waiting for my cervix to dilate. Just prior to delivery (2/8/2018), doctors rotated and I was assigned Dr. Holmberg (female). She was also the doctor who delivered me. Upon entering room, yawning, she stated she just woke up from a nap because she was on call - understandable as I'm a nurse and know what doctors go through. My husband and I only had one request upon delivery - tell us the sex of the baby. After delivery, she forgot to tell us, so I asked, to which she hesitated, stuttered, and replied "it was a boy". It was obvious she forgot to look. We, at that time, picked out a boy name for our child. My placenta fragmented after delivery and copious blood loss occured and I had to be taken into the OR to to have a D&C to have the remaining pieces removed. Fast forward to my follow up with my regular OB one week later: pathology reports from my placenta and child (to check for any abnormalities) revealed that my child was a female. If you didn't look to verify the ONE request my husband and I had at UNDOUBTEDLY THE WORST TIME of our LIVES, the LEAST you could have done is say you were preoccupied with task at hand and you would make sure to let us know. Don't make something up. After pathology came back, we were emotionally distraught as we had already processed that we had delivered our first son. We let family know it was a boy as well. Emotionally, we cannot process that it was a girl. My mind is forever singed with this mistake. We couldn't even bring ourselves to name our lost daughter because I can't fathom that it was a girl. I'm embarrassed that the doctor made this mistake - and it's not even my burden to carry, but it is. Fast forward to present day: I recieved a bill in the mail stating I owe $1,250 for an "abortion" occurring on 2/8/2018. Excuse me?? The medical provider coded my D&C AFTER A 2ND TRIMESTER PREGNANCY LOSS as an ELECTIVE ABORTION. I called my insurance and the hospital, furious. I was told by my insurance that this would not be patient responsibility and they would contact INOVA to have them code correctly. INOVA still claims I should pay the $1,250 - absolutely not happening. All of this due to incompetence of a medical provider. How do you code someone as an abortion when I had already vaginally delivered my child?? We were not offered alternate options, had incompetent doctor(s), and now are being billed for a procedure that was made to look elective when it, in fact, was medically necessary to avoid death via blood loss. I refuse to ever return to this hospital and advise anyone to stay far, far away if possible. The only reason I gave 2 stars was due to the compassion and intelligence of their OB nursing staff. Update to add: I'm still dealing with their incompetent billing department...10 MONTHS LATER They have sent a bill into collections even though I gave them proof of payment via my insurance company: check number, check amount, and date check was sent out. When I called insurance, they said the hospital never cashed the check. INOVA, HOW IS THAT *MY* PROBLEM!? I gave them the number to contact my insurance company back in October - no one did that either. Next comes small claims court. I'm tired of the harassment. It seems no one knows how to do their job around here.

Melody M

ER room - The Nurses that work here are great! They genuinely care about their patients. They are very calm and in the know.. HOWEVER the Doctors here don’t care at all about the patients and have no knowledge at all (especially daytime Dr’s). Best experience with the Nurses, they are all so so sweet, understanding, informative and kind. Worse experience with the Dr, he was very rude and kept disclosing my private patience information to other workers aswell as not doing his job by helping me get better. Night Dr was more genuine but still followed daytime Dr as he was in first. 6/5 for your Nurses!!!! 1/5 for your Dr’s. I got in very quickly which I was very pleased about! Receptionist is lovely, understanding and genuine.

kevin pohanka

My wife and i had our baby girl here and they were absolutely exceptional. The nursing staff is wonderful and unbelievably attentive and helpful. I could not have asked for a betyer experience, the level of care provided was mind blowing. We are one month out and they just called to check up on us and offee advice and tips and to answer any questions... What hospital does that?? We are so thrilled to have had our child there.

Ab Ka

Good for women section, particularly labor and pregnancy department is outstanding.

Margarita Suarez

Great attention. Very very good customer service..Organized. Clean. Good professionals.


When I was being treated for surgery, an Inova employee who was not on my case looked into my file. Inova doesn't reprimand its employee for HIPAA violations. Totally illegal, but it does happen here.

Shah Yousufzai

Thank you Inova fairfax for taking care of me and helping me. Awesome nurses and technicians, they are so kind and helpful and nice ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Daysi the housekeeping, she is awesome. The food servers are very nice. I appreciate all those people who helped me. Thanks to the doctors

mariam mostafa

The hospital is clean, the rooms are specious but the nursing lack experience and professionalism.

Michelle Jafari

Pleasant staff, most are private rooms, large facility but could use more signage. Unclear where to park when visiting friends, then once in buildings can be a challenge to find rooms /area you need

Margaret King

I had inpatient surgery for my back at about 11am today. This has been scheduled for over a month. The nurses, PA and all other workers are wonderful! How is it that ar 11:05 they don't have a room for me? Still in the post-op area.

Korn Bread

I’m very disappointed in this hospital. I will never come back to this place!

Jasmine Dobles

WORST HOSPITAL EVER!!!!!!!! the nurses are terrible I called the nurses to come to my room since it was an emergency THEY NEVER SHOWED UP.. the nurses do a poor job, PT was terrible when they were taking my blood the lady didn’t do it right.. I ended up having a big bruise on arm and a cut. I WOULDNT TRUST THIS HOSPITAL WITH YOUR LIFE ITS A BAD MISTAKE.

Amy L

This hospital may have some of the best doctors but the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing and there are too many cooks in the kitchen... I was asked what happened at least 15 times. I had been sent there primarily because of a possible brain bleed after a bike accident... and transferred from Cornwall Hospital... and had not had food since 6 am that morning... or drinks since 10. I finally saw the neurosurgeon at about 8:30 at which point he cleared me from need surgery. I still couldn't get anyone in the hospital to respond and do anything but ask questions. My wounds were still untreated and left dirty. I finally unhooked myself -- of course even with the alarms, still no one came... could have died in there... asked for wet wipes and Neosporin to do it myself and a girl finally came in to help a little. I finally got food. Of course I had a severe jaw injury so needed soft food but they brought me a chicken salad sandwich on a hard roll and an apple. I sucked on the chips and cookies to get them down just to keep myself going but amazing. And the interns were out doing nothing... probably studying for their next exams or something. Some teaching hospital!! They need to be teaching them how to do a job first! Once I got to the room... at 3 am since the doctor never communicated I had been cleared... everything was a lot better. I was learning I needed to make sure they communicated so things would keep going. Such a sad state of affairs our American medical system is in... maybe Obama is right.

Rose Andes

As both a patient and a former nurse of fairfax hospital, this hospital is the absolute worst. I am familiar with the day to day in a hospital because I work in one so I can tell you just how horrible my experience was. My daughter was scheduled to have surgery yesterday at 12pm with arrival of 1030am. No one ever called to confirm the surgery time until 7 am yesterday morning when they called and asked why we hadn’t arrived. Our surgery was moved to 8 am and no one ever called. The only person who apologized was the surgeon, Dr. Gantsoudes (who on another note is absolutely amazing). So we rushed to the hospital and they were able to do her surgery. Moving on, before surgery the anesthesiologist told me I could walk with my baby girl to the OR and leave her after they give her gas to put her under. However, when the nurse anesthetist came over, she told us that “it wouldn’t do either of us, me or the baby, any good seeing her being put under”. I thought this was very rude and careless considering my 6 month old, my first baby, is getting surgery. anyway she went into surgery and that process was good, we were kept updated. She returned to the PACU where the nurses were sweet and gave my girl a fun toy for being brace which we very much appreciated. We were then transferred to peds where I also loved the nurses. They made sure my girls pain was managed and always gave us what we needed. The secretary was another story... I went to ask her for a parking voucher and she gave me a hard time saying it was a waste of money to move my car from one garage to the closer garage. It wasn’t until the next morning when my husband went and spoke to her that were finally able to get a parking voucher and she argued with him too. We had to explain our daughter had surgery and her new car seat is very heavy so we want to park closer. This way we don’t have to carry it through the hospital. Our car seat ended up not working and the hospital had a car bed that we were able to buy. We tried 3 different car seats at the hospital before discharge and no one could really give us good advice on a good car seat for a baby in a spica cast. shout out to kristen the OT for taking the time to research car seats for us, even though they didn’t end up working, I could tell Kristen was concerned and really wanted to help us. As for everyone else on the unit, It seemed like we were the only ones that have ever been in that unit with a baby in a spica cast. Anyway, I got the card bed and filled out a sheet for the car seat that said to pay in the tower cashier lobby if using credit. We went to the reception desk who pointed us to the first floor who pointed us to the cashiers office who pointed us to the library who had no idea what I was talking about. In the end, we left because we truly had no idea where to pay and a fussy, post op infant. The communication in this place is so unbelievably bad and even when I voiced my concerns to supervisors, it didn’t seem like they truly cared about patient satisfaction or what I had to say. It’s really easy to communicate... don’t argue with a patient, ever. If you don’t know something, say you will out. Simply put, this hospital is too big to care.

Em Tmoney

Brought my infant son to the ER with "over-anxious parent syndrome" at 2 in the morning. The staff and the doctors were all great. In and out fast and treated well. My two stars is for the practice of the hospital. They allow doctors privileges at their hospital who do not take the same insurance the hospital takes. I made a specific effort when I moved here to know where the nearest hospital that accepted my insurance was so that when I'm panicking at 2 in the morning I don't have to worry about it. But the doctor that treated my son did not take the same insurance so now I'm left with a huge bill. Apparently the hospital expects panicked parents to question every person that walks into the room about what insurance they accept. There is a long vetting process to ensure that doctors who work there are "acceptable" it would not be difficult to make sure that they also accept the same insurance. My previous hospital did so I know it's possible. A trip to the ER is stressful enough, parents and patients should not also have to be worrying about every doctor who comes into the room and what insurance they accept. Will not be returning to this hospital. Ever.


The emergency receptionist was horrible! Telling someone that they don’t need to go in to the er and then yelling at us for no reason

Yeram Yoon

Absolute trash. Like most hospitals, they sometimes have kind staff. However, from my experience, their facilities are not maintained well. Their blood pressure machines had no battery and had to be replaced over four times before finding one that worked! And they have extremely slow working staff.

Donny Hill

I was sent to the emergency room by my doctor concerned about a possible spine compression and to get an MRI. In order for them to do the MRI they said I had to be admitted? The catch! I have been in the hospital for 3 days now waiting for the MRI and they can't tell me when of if it will happen do day. So they have or will get at least least 3 days of a hospital bill by making me stay in the hosiptal three days (as it stands now) for a 1 hour test. Not to mention they also make you purchase your medications you are on from them even though they didn't prescribe them. They said for them to make sure you take the correct drugs. I am taking 2 drugs that are on a Clinical trial so they didn't have them and of the 3 Nurses I have Had so far my wife and I had to correct them on the medicines I am on. When I told them yesterday I was going to check out if I didn't get the MRI that day I was informed that if I checked myself out then the insurance would not pay. What a racket . Don't fall for this scam if you need a test don't come here.

Drew O

Visiting family here I was very disapointed in how policies were conducted as well as how the patient was treated. As a previous patient here I expected better.

Annie Taylor

From the father of a 6 month old preemie in ICU at Fairfax Inova... The night nurses here are awful. The one we had last night ripped The Infant’s g-tube out. He was in a swing and instead of stopping the swing and getting him out, she yanked him out and left his tube tangled to the swing. Lucky for her she did not break the balloon on the tube. They were able to get it back into him quickly, so that is fixed. But later on that night, from about 2am to 7am, we did not see her and she did not come to the room. She set up Stephen’ continuous feed and left. Forgot to suction his nose to get his build up out, forgot to change his dirty diaper that he sat in for hours, and did not pay attention to any of the extremely high vital readings that causes Dad, who is not a doctor, to be concerned. Just saying, when your baby has a heart rate of 240, someone better be in that room. But they were not!!!


SUNG TO THE TUNE OF: Some say love, it is a river Some say doctorin, it is a river That nurses the tender reeds Some say Dr. Ahmad, he is a giver Part of INOVA’s transplant’s perfect seeds Some say INOVA, feeds the hungered With the endless love they need And like Nurse Michelle, a beautiful healer They too plant that perfect seed This team fought past our son’s lungs forsaken Even though his body could dance And our dream you’ve given a waking And given our son a second chance And for this care, and some cryin We see you just give and give And each day you fight back for the dying And give your best that your patients might live And often the nights for them get lonely And their recoveries seem so long And worried parents think that love is only From their hearts that beat so strong But we have learned this very winter What lays beneath the bitter snow Lies the seeds of INOVA’s transplant team’s love And In the spring, our son will hold a rose Love the entire transplant team at INOVA!!!!

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