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Issa Smith

Waited no time to get my vitals checked and brought back to a room. Front desk, CNA, RN and PA all very professional and approachable. I was in and out in one hour! Quicker than my doctor’s office! Hopefully won’t need to make another visit to the ER of course, but if I do, this one would be my first choice.

Marilyn Sterrett

I first became acquainted with Inova when the military providers finally agreed to see GI and gave me a referral. I had my scopes done at Inova with my GI guy. I loved what I saw, efficient and friendly nurses. Friendly doctors. That was the surgical center. This week, after 2 different evaluations by 2 different docs, I was told the official answer is "I don't know. Go home and take Aleve." know, cuz I didn't try all OTC pain relievers before I made the decision to take a 9 hour tour of base medical. Derp. I left the base and drove straight to Inova just praying that they would find an answer and give me something to fix the problem. My gut feeling said military docs were wrong and I needed to go outside of their system, so I came to the only other place I knew for sure provides excellent care. And Inova, you did not disappoint. Within minutes, I was checked in, triaged and in the hands of a nurse being checked out. Within a matter of 20-30 minutes, I met the doc, we talked over some things and got the orders put in. By the time the 1 hour mark hit, I had already had everything done, just needed to scan. Then wait for the results which was probably the longest part. Shout out to Dr. He (and his scribe!), RN Trang and RN Jeff. These four flowed beautifully as a team and I could tell right away I wasn't going to get a third brush off. As it turned out, the two military doctors who said "I don't know" were wrong. I had a serious GI thing going on. Dr He provided me everything I needed to recover and rest comfortably until the pain passes and I am so very grateful I landed with them today. Total time in and out: 3 hrs 21 mins Total time in and out of a military ER/facility 9+ hours Message to you folks complaining about the wait times, you don't know how good you got it. The ER is always a long wait. Come prepared.

M Haroon Sahel

Waiting time will kill you, minimum time 4 hour. it is better to die but dont go there...

أم عمرو

(Translated by Google) The speed of disclosure and good handling .. The place is psychologically comfortable for the patient .. (Original) السرعة في الكشف والتعامل الحسن .. المكان مريح نفسياً للمريض ..

Ahmed Aly

Long waiting time, Emergency room!!!

Lensa Woldekirikos

On 6/17/16 morning my nine month nephew Jonathan Surafel got sick with high fever and vomiting and his parents took him to Inova Alexandria hospital emergency room and the doctor who saw him/her said that he just had a common cold virus and gave him a prescription to baby Tylenol for the fever to give him every 6 hours. However, his fever didn't go down and he got really sick with more vomiting, grunting, and crying constantly then we took him back to Inova Alexandria hospital emergency room around 6 p.m. with a fever 104. When we got there the first nurse who helped us her name is Jessica she is wonderful she was so sweet to the baby and concerned with his high temperature, after she weighted the baby and took his temperature she took us to the first waiting room and said the doctor will see him as soon as possible. After may be 20 minutes a guy nurse came and took us to another room next nurse station and he told us the doctor will be with us soon the baby is still grunting, and crying the mom and I trying to comfort him, but we couldn't he was in so much pain. while we were waiting the doctor one person came in first we thought he is the doctor, while he was washing his hand he asked us this baby was here this morning why did you bring him back? we said as you see he is in so much pain crying, vomiting, and grunting we are thinking he got something more than common cold and his temperature is not going down with the Tylenol. then he started the lecture that no one expect to hear from one health provider he said do you know that every time you walked in to emergency room your bill is $10,000 just to walked in and if we give him the fever reducing rectal medicine for one it is $500 if that is what you want we can give him and if you do not pay this $10,000 bill it will follow this baby for the rest of his life and his lecture continues I said are you a doctor? he said no, but the doctor will tell you same thing you shouldn't bring this baby back he is just has fever trust me he will be ok, and I said that is what we are getting for $10,000 a lecture that is unfair and right now for us we want to save the baby's life money is not an issue and I do not believe you are talking about money instead of giving him something and examine him may be if he twist or dislocate some part of his body because the grunting is abnormal. then he said ok I can check that and he move around his legs and hands and he said everything is normal just wait for the doctor if you want to hear the same thing I have told you and he walked out. The doctor came and examined the baby and she said he need x-ray and blood test then after all that she said he has pneumonia and he has to be admitted to Fairfax children hospital she called and arranged everything and paramedics came and took him to Fairfax children hospital and he was suffering from sever pneumonia infection and hospitalized for two weeks. When I learned that was very serious I was so upset and disappointed with Jessi who told us to take severely sick child home and that was his position to say. People like Jessi please do not work in health service just to earn a living. Thanks for the doctor who saves Jonathan's life I don't remember her name, and thanks Jessica and all others who care about him unlike Jessi.

ellen poage

The staff was kind and took care of everything. The Pa was skilled and the X-ray tech was pleasant and efficient. Everyone was helpful and competent and I arrived in pain with a broken wrist and left with less pain and a wrist in a splint that allowed me to fly home where I had surgery and 9 weeks later I am going great. Thank you. I am a nurse practitioner and am used to seeing support staf that are overworked and burdened. This staff did not show this. I hope you pay them well. They are worth it.

Jonathan Fraher

The longest wait to see a dove I've ever experienced. Go some place else unless you want to wait 4 hours.

samim Zalmi

Ase Lundgren

Sandeep Sripathi

Slowest service ever! Hate this place!

Christopher Kent

Kimo Jones

Lauren Taylor

ilaha Aliyeva

My name is Ilaha Aliyeva. Yesterday I was there (at emergency) for my headache and high blood pressure. Reception service was good and fast doctor also was very kindly. they told me they will do scan for my head however after few hours they came told me probably you have migren and you can go home and visit your primary doctor. I dont understans how rhey can be relax about head. after o came home i Had again high blood pressuare and noseblooding now my head started to feel numbing. all they did they checked my blood and gave me 1/3 iv and discharged me. I am waiting for my bill. so interesting how much will they charge me for that. Still I came home with pain and today i feel worse. I will go to checkups if its not migren and is different reason how can they explain me to neglect the head issues. Even I expalained them that last year I had an accident and I have a brain concussion history. I understand there were so many ppl in queue and they needed room and fast discharging but it s not enough reason to do improper work. By the way I remember my doctor called to the upstairs for my head checking but donna whatever they told her on phone she didn't schedule it.

Teisha Williams

Great customer service. Not long wait times. Dr. seemed very knowledgeable.

Ali Momand

Worst experience ever. How can a patient with 101 fever and chills resulting from pneumonia can wait for two hour to get a visit from a nurse or doctor. Haven't seen such unprofessional and ignorant staff. The first person you would see as soon as your enter the room is the one who collects the money. Once this is done, you have to beg everyone to be seen. I would never visit this place again ever in my life.

Yumeko Williams

The worst experience ever. I was explaining to the Dr. after being admitted. I was telling him that I was previously having issues, he said he didn't have time to hear it because he had other patients to see. After several tests he discharged me in 3 days and didn't go over the test results, My levels were off of the charts when I was released, I couldn't even walk. It was horrible.

John Austin

Chris Marokov

Please don't go there. I went there with toe pain, they charged me close to 2k and simply told me to keep my regular doctor's appointment the next day. Borderline scam from people you least expect it!

Jason Muller

angel white

Unconsiderate about your time

Salman Saghafi

only money is important for them


The doctors are great at Alexandria location but the billing office in Maryland is terrible and fraudulent. I had a workers comp. and my workers comp contacting inova billing office multiple times so they could pay the bill over a few months, but the Inova billing office did not only fail to document they mixed up my insurance company contacting them with thinking it was me! Claiming they were never contacting by my workers comp insurance. Not only that but inova office continued to bill me and then tell me my bill was going to collections. I received a letter from collections then. The customer service was incredibly rude and said I didn't need to worry even though I just received a notice from collections that I hadn't paid a bill I wasn't even supposed to pay!

Tierra Bailey

The Absolute WORSE HOSPITAL EVER!!! They are only about MONEY. I sat for 7 hours and was not even offered anything for my severe pain. Went to another ER and Was immediately rushed to the back and provided immediate CARE!!!


Inova is a good hospital but if you forget anything they won't be able to find it

J McNeil

I worked here as a student , amazed at the level of care as a patient.

Mohammed Salim

Shafiqullah Habibi

Inova Alexandria hospital is the best, really nice and kind doctors

Tanisha Thomas

Arif Kamawi

Rude security! Rude security! Rude seurity! They close all the doors except the emergency entrance after 9pm, making it difficult for movements.

Ben Lane

I have wet concrete chemical burns and no insurance they in process me just to tell me they cannot help me and I had to go somewhere else. Now I'm going to have two emergency room visit bills with no insurance they should have told me to go to the other location first instead of taking all my time and money.

Nader Qanbari

The doctor is good and the reception is very bad and she is always mad on you if ask her a question she is answering you shouting on then anather thing first they we accept Medicaid then after a month they send you a couple bills I don't want to meet them agian especially the reception

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