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REVIEWS OF Henrico Doctors' Hospital IN Virginia

Luis&Marci Martinez

My husband and I were so impressed with the everything! Everyone who came into my room was so friendly and kind. My room was spacious and it had comfortable seating. The couch was big enough for my husband to sleep in comfortably!

sahar Malik

First time at this hospital. Was impressed by the efficiency of the staff. Very polite and courteous. All procedures were done on time. All doctors were with good bedside manners. I would recommend this hospital.

Vicky Furr

Outpatient Registration attendant Clarissa radiates Joy!! She was kind, professional and made me smile and feel like family during the entire check in!! I arrived nervous about the testing I was having and she changed that! Another patient even stopped in to see and hug her, as she was escorting me to another location!! Corey personally showed me to the restroom. What service!!! The team there is exceptional!! Techs in bone scan were kind, thorough, and made sure I was comfortable! I appreciated all of them

carl Robinson

My niece came in delivering twins, with an unexpected situation. After delivering the beautiful twins she was sent to ICU where her life was on the line. We had great service under the circumstances. Megan in the ICU WAS GREAT! She answered all of our questions and concerns. She was very professional and caring, you don't see this much in this time. All of the doctors and nurse from L&D to the ICU were great. My niece is doing a lot better now this couldn't have happened without their help and support!! I give them a 10 rating. Thank you very much for this unique siuation.

Shamorow Dabney

I love this hospital and the entire staff is so attentive to you. I’ve received outstanding medical care and will choose this hospital over any other hospital in RVA.

Chamauri Ferguson

I recently had outpatient surgery and I must say the process was a breeze. Numerous individuals were available to answer any questions I may have had regarding the operation and all the information provided were clear, easy to understand. Henrico Doctor’s is my go to hospital for everything because of my experiences in the past.

alnisa morgano

My stay at Henrico Doctors was Absolutely Fantastic; And Everyone there was Wonderful to My Family and Myself, i will recommend Henrico Doctors to all my Family and Friends

Kaitlyn H

HORRIBLE STAFF! Just came in to visit my grandmother and she couldn’t breathe because her oxygen machine tube popped off and the only reason she got help was because I had to go grab someone! Her call botton was placed out of her reach and she could have reallly been hurt because she has COPD. They also have not fed her at all the last few days she’s been here and she is diabetic which is inexcusable. I highly recommend taking your loved ones somewhere else these nurses do not have the patient’s best interest in mind. I feel terrible that I cannot stay with her to make sure they treat her right. Nursing staff is also full of attitude.

David Childress

Promptly seen by knowledgable staff. Another good visit. Thanks!


I had an MRI recently. I was seen quickly and cared for by a very professional staff.

Vince Corsetti

My wait time was minimal. Very efficient and professional.

Rebekkah Corkey

I received excellent care when delivering my daughter. The nurses and physicians all treated me with kindness and they were knowledgeable.

Stephen White

I've had MOSTLY good experiences with Henrico Doctors. It's a smaller hospital which is great for making it easy to navigate and find what you are seeking. At the main building, the staff has always been decent and friendly and I've never had any problems with anyone working at this place. All of the doctors I've met were polite and professional. Recently though I had to take a family member to the Sarah Cannon building to get prepared for surgery. While there, I noticed the staff was much different. They acted strange and also kind of rude. It wasn't exactly the most welcoming environment. It was like they didn't trust anyone who entered the building. That aside, I still do like Henrico Doctors. I'll take them over MCV any day if I have the option.

Don Miller

Procedure started a half hour late. Everything else was fine.

Nan Frascogna

I had out-patient arthroscopy surgery. I had just opened my eyes from recovery told the nurse I had to go to the rest room. She had me get dressed first and when I came out of the rest room (2 minutes later) she already had the wheel chair waiting for me to leave. A bit rushed - you think

Shefali Soni

I delivered my first baby last week here and had a great experience. The staff and nurses specially want to mention Brittany, Nicole, Jenna & Diana were so caring I felt like a family here they listen to you and help you recover emotionally and physically. Thank you for making my first birth experience so memorable .

Mary Willis

Excellent care!

Praveen Samuel

Labor & Delivery Care was fine. Pre checked with insurance if this hospital is in network. Pre registered in this hospital with my insurance and all went good until we were billed for huge $$$. On enquiring further the Child services was provided by out of network provider (Sheridan children's healthcare). Nobody informed or asked if it was ok. Shocked to see the never ending bill. I see similar comment here too. So who ever visiting this hospital please make sure you enquire about insurance thousand times with the hospital team. They never give proper information.

John Allen

Service was great. Food exrcelent.

April Bacon

I went to the emergency room around 5 am, it was empty. I understand it was the overnight shift but from the time I walked in, the customer service was horrible. The guy at the front desk was cutting me off, he could care less what my I had to say. Once I went into the room, here comes the doctor and nurse with no bedside manners. They both stood at the door with their hands folded uninterested. The doctor never touched me so I'm baffled as to how he could even prescribe anything. I wouldn't advise anyone to go to Henrico Doctor's unless it's you're last option. If I could rate them a zero, I would. I can't wait to see what my bill is going to be because it's going to be all lies.

David Cariens

I had an excellent experience at Henrico Doctors' Hospital.

Christie Knox

Had the best experience we have ever had at any hospital for outpatient surgery. Every employee and all the doctors explained everything in detail. The facilities were very clean and organized.

Stacy Robinson

Everyone from the dr’s, anesthesiologists, nurses, hospital staff was so awesome!! I couldn’t have been better taking care of. Thank you all!!

James Brooks

This review is from my wife, Kristen. “I had surgery there that required an overnight stay. The nurses that attended to me from pre-op through to my departure we’re all wonderful. They were caring, courteous and attentive to my needs. HDH was a wonderful experience and recovery is going exactly as expected (& what I was told by the staff involved in my surgery). Thank you.”

Carl Otto

I had hernia surgery with the De Vinci robotic procedure. The result and process were significantly better than I expected. Dr. Richard Pettit was great.

Barbara Horne

My experience was allford when I went to have my stitches removed my family doctor said whoever put the stitches in DID A UNPROFESSIONAL JOB

irene harrington

Nanny did an excellent job. I didn't know she had given me a nuelasta shot! So glad to have her on my team. Thank you for a great staff.

cheryl brown

I waited to register for 45 minutes, only to be told I was preregistered. Perhaps they were short staffed due to spring break. The procedure went very smoothly. Loved the doctors!

Beth Miksovic

Unlike others on this thread, we had an extremely positive experience at the ER and in the hospital proper. My father was taken by ambulance after a fall to the ER. The care was quick, the staff caring and knowledgeable. Rather than just treat and street, they recommended observation in the hospital, which later revealed an underlying medical issue that contributed to the fall. The staff on the ward he landed on were also detailed, caring, and knowledgeable. They kept us up to date, and we felt well informed by them and also then by his case manager as he transitioned to rehab.

Amy Gallagher

Horrible patient care. Incredibly rude and snappy nurses and staff, entitled and judgmental doctors. If I was in need of going to a hospital to save my life I'd risk dying trying to get somewhere else that was further away, I would absolutely risk it. Worst hospital I've ever been too. I tried doing 0 stars it wouldn't let me. 1 is much too generous.

James Evans

Went to outpatient surgery registration this morning and everyone was pleasant and knowledgeable. Then from there they escorted me to where I had lab tests for surgery scheduled for next week. Very nice and professional associates and nurses. Had my surgery on 5/24/18. Now at home recovering. The hospital staff treated me very nice. They were very professional and accommodating before and after surgery. The hospital called the next day to see how I was doing! That was a surprise.

Sherry Benners

Very very good outpatient surgical experience. Kind and competent nursing staff. Excellent surgeon and anesthesiologists.

Debbie Einarsson

All doctors and nurses made me feel very comfortable. I could have not asked for a better experience during a very anxious time.

some what mom

The nurses and doctors do not seem to care about there patience. I was there till 3 am im due anytime now. Came in with a lot of pain cramps in my private areas. The first think they ask was why i came to that hospital instead of my regular hospital. Are you serious. They didnt gave me anything for my pain nor to help my bleeding. I am now how still bleeding having to drag my self to the other hospital

Larla Dunston

Everyone, was kind, professional,they made me feel relaxed when I got my procedures done.

Delisha Ervin

I felt at home when I went to have my son at this hospital. That's staff was amazing and made me fell safe and respected. They catered to me every need and my guest's needs. I loved it so much I didn't want to leave.

Ariel Campbell

I loved my stay in the labor and delivery and mom and baby floor. All of my nurses were amazing and patient and the food was delicious. Discharge was incredibly hectic and the hospital forgot to give me my paper scripts, so I had to drive back to pick them up, which was incredibly upsetting. Aside from discharge Henrico doctors hospital delivered and made my first birth a dream come true.

Tiffany Tilghman

The doctors and nurses there are absolutely amazing!!

Stacey Elam

At one of the hardest times for me, I had the best care and a team of nurses who really cared and attended to my needs. My husband is a nurse so I know what kind of care to expect and the nurses truly went above and beyond to meet all my needs.

Sherry King

Kind and very nice house Doctor and nurses.

Roger Bieker

Everything we t fine. Everyone was very helpful.

Wanda Johnson

**I'm posting this for my elderly mother** I have always had a wonderful experience with the clinical team at Henrico Doctors' Hospital. I have been coming for lab work once or twice a week for close to 3 years now. The entire staff is friendly, caring, and treats me like an individual. The only knock I used to have on the facility was the excessive wait times in registration. Well, in the last 6-9 months this is no longer an issue. By the time I get checked in, my account is ready and I'm off to my get my labs drawn. The young man up front, Corey, knows me by name. He always asks me how my weekend was and he even remembers my dog's name!! The lobby is clean and the group is dressed professionally. This area did a complete 180! Well, something extraordinary happened when I was there a couple weeks ago for an x-ray. I had bruising on my ribs, so my doc wanted images to see if they were broken. I finished my test and was walking toward the café to catch the elevators up to the entrance lobby. I had a knee replacement a few years ago, so often times I have to take breaks when walking to avoid swelling and pain. While walking down the long hallway between registration and the elevators I stopped and was leaning against the wall. Then the best customer service experience of my life happened.... A young man named Nathan approached me in the hallway and asked if I was okay. I told him about my knee and he ran to get me a wheelchair. He comes back and says something like "this is Cadillac of wheelchairs, ma'am. I'll take you straight to your car." We make it to the elevators and Nathan asked me how my day was going. I told him everything was fine, but on the way to the hospital I had to slam on brakes on the highway and my coffee flew up out of my cup holder and covered my windshield and dashboard. When we got out of the elevator to head to my car I instantly smelled coffee from the Starbuck's upstairs. I told him how great it smelled, but I would get some on the way home because my wallet was in my car. He says "since you lost your coffee on the way in let me buy you a cup"!!!! He proceeds to buy me a small cup of coffee and even put creamer in it for me! Nathan proceeded to push me towards the doors heading to my car and the all of a sudden stops and says "wait right here". He returns with Clorox wipes and paper towels. The young man cleaned the coffee off of my windshield, wiped down my dashboard, and helped me in the car. He even took the fast food trash from lunch the day before out of my passenger seat and disposed of it! I cried the whole way home. Tears of joy, of course. This was unlike any experience I have ever been a part of. These people at Henrico are the absolute best! I wasn't feeling well before I came in, dumped my coffee, and still somehow had a good time at a hospital. Just incredible! This place knows how to make an old lady feel special. I'm not entirely sure of this young man's role at the hospital, but can someone please make the leaders aware of this life changing act of kindness?? Thanks!

Phyllis Matthews

I was in the hospital for surgery on 08/07/19. I was treated well during pre-op visit as well as day of surgery. All procedures were explained well. Post op stay was excellent. All nurses were polite and helpful. I especially want to thank my night nurse Sarah for all her help during my stay. She was excellent.

JoAnne Sharp

After having a Mastectomy I had to spend the night at Henrico Doctors Hospital. I had been through two biopsies, and four lumpectomys. I now had a drain tube in my side. I was having a lot of pain and asked my male nurse if I could have something for pain. He said no, your doctor didn't leave anything for you. I thought it was very unusual to have gone through losing my breast and nothing for pain. Also, I had an IV tube in my arm. I asked to go to the rest room, he helped me to the rest room and left the room. He did come back, helped me back to the bed. Because of the pain, I was awake all night. I pressed the call button later that night, he came back to help me and realized he forgot to hook up my IV from the first trip.. when he helped me back to my bed he showed me how I could do it myself so he didn't have to come back. I didn't bother him again. The next morning the replacement nurse came in. She was great. She asked if if I needed something for pain, I told her what the male nurse said and she went into the computer and found out that I did have something for pain. I was awake and in pain for nothing. I did not have a positive experience, needless to say. My surgery was on 12/31 so I didn't start the New year very good.

Lynette Metzger

I had great care in the Surgery Center at Henrico Doctors during my procedure. The nurses and other staff members were fabulous! They were very knowledgeable and caring.

Sam Kennedy

Went yesterday and waited over 5 hours they don't prioritize their patients had to leave and go to parham which was another joke. Blood work for pain and pressure and still don't know the results. Waiting is beyond immoral. You're better going to you're primary care doctor. I'll get a call in a few days from a debt collection agency and I'll just laugh.

Lesa Cole

I was treated like royalty. The staff was kind and compassionate and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. The Doctors were knowledgeable and showed great concern for me.


DO NOT LET THE WAIT TIME FOOL YOU. This is the worst run hospital. Hours of waiting for simple tests. ZERO sense of urgency and no one from different departments communicate with each other. Is the idea to keep a patient here and drain them financially of all conceivable cost associated with a potential diagnosis? Go elsewhere. Save yourself and loved ones the frustration. This is not an emergency room in any sense of the word. It's a WAITING room worse than the most inefficient DMV or customs experience you have ever had.

Barry Lodge

I had a great experience at the Er. I could not get my blood sugar down. They were kind and efficient.

Shaneka Charles

This is a awesome place to go when you feeling sick. I got the best hospital service in Virginia.

Hope Abisamra

A difficult period of recovery in a hospital that provided excellent care and attention. The rooms after ICU period are cramped and small unfortunately.

Janet Hessler

I received good and fast service from the ER team, especially my nurse Sarah Nuckols and the PA that treated me, Robert Westfall. I was in and out of the ER in a little over 3 hours, so you can’t complain about that! From the heated blankets to really listening to all my concerns, it really was a good emergency room experience.

Darlene Marschak

I waited for over 2 hours in the ER and finally gave up and left.Of course,you got paid,which is the important thing.


The quality of care given by the care team was excellent. My wishes/request were respected and adhered to without complaint. I even enjoyed the food! I would definitely choose this hospital again if needed.

Paula Gulak

My last visit to Laura Cameron infusion center was horrible. The nurse appeared clueless to what was happening. I broke out in hives and my feet and hands swelled and began burning less than 20 minutes into the playtlet transfusion. I buzzed her and told her what was happening and she wasn’t sure I knew what was happening and gave me first one Benadryl and a few minutes later a 2nd one as she continued the transfusion. I was flying out to Zurich Switzerland at 7 the next morning. I was hospitalized upon arrival in Zurich. Doctors there said my body was rejecting the las transfusion and my playtlets were dangerously low . I had asked the nurse at Laura Cameron if she would notify my referring doctor at va cancer what was happening. Apparently she did not. After treatment atbthevSwiss hospital, I flew back better butbwith a $12,600 bill since Swiss hospitals do not accept US insurance. I have been speaking w/Va Cancer Institute and my lawyer to figure out what recourse I have!

Sho Pannell

All staff were friendly and very willing to help. Even if it was not my nurse. The support on every level from baby support to parent support, was above and beyond what I experienced with my first at another hospital and their care was great. I will definitely choose Henrico Doctors again if I have another child.

cheryl schmidt

Young lady at front desk delightful,professional and efficient! Also , young lady who did CT scan put me at ease and no wait!

Katherine Capilongo

This hospital is very clean, and all the staff is extremely caring and comforting. I would recommend this hospital over any other in the Richmond area.

Roy 1776

It was about as good as anyone could possibly make a hernia operation . And my recovery is going great .❤

Campbell Dickerson

Was seen immediately at all stages of my appointment. Very efficient.

Carla Samford

Be aware of billing! Likely it will not be what they tell you in any pre-op consultations. I set up a payment plan for a small balance that required them to merge 2 accounts. They were unable to merge them and never shared this internal issue they had before turning me over to collections. The worst part was a payment plan was in place.

AJ Middleton

Made my princess feel like a princess. Very nice staff!

Rage cuz u bad

My experience was horrible... i had 4 drs that told me my water broke and it hadn’t... they were doing non stop c sections and dr. Jones dr. Giles and dr. dogule all said my water broke. It was a nurse named Gwen that knew my water hadnt broke.. so someone needs to call me.. my name is Landa Ciara Gusti... and if i dont hear from someone by Tuesday i will be taking this further.

Belinda Brown

The entire staff has always been professional, courteous, and friendly.

Nicole Lewis

I delivered at Henrico Doctor's Hospital. I had an amazing experience. The entire staff was supportive and kind. I'm grateful to have had Christy and Megan by my side. I felt genuinely appreciated by all (especially Christy and Megan). I will definitely come back if I get pregnant again. Thanks for everything!

Sara Easley

Did not feel comfortable going into a surgical suite wearing my street clothes AND SHOES. Major risk of infection.

Atheer Solaiman

had a c-section very fast and clean skilled and kind doctors and nurses who know what theyre doing.AMAZING staff and service, breakfast lunch dinner, always nurse on call, great attention to baby, caring sweet hardworking helpful clean perfect hospital COME HERE!!!!!

Lee Sowder

The doctors and nurses and aides and students and lab techs, housecleaners. All of this hospital staff helped in making my inpatient stay easy, entertaining, and healing. Thank you!

Roger Dowdy

Expert, efficient, courteous and caring staff team on all levels and areas of care. Emergency Team was outstanding

Jodi Watts

Everyone there was so nice and Dr. Love is so hilarious! He made me forget why I was so anxious. He was also very serious when he needed to be when discussing my case with me.

Big Fudge

My nurses here were off the charts nice. They went above and beyond to please me. Both nurses names are Sara and BOTH nurses deserve a raise and a promotion. It speaks volumes about a person when they take their job as seriously as these nice ladies. REMEMBER, RAISE and PROMOTION for both nurses named Sara in oncology.

Stella Jones

I faced emergency surgery for the first time in my life, but thanks to the compassionate and professional people at HDH, I never for one moment felt alone or afraid. The entire ER staff, the doctors and nurses and techs throughout my stay, were spectacular -- gentle, caring, reassuring, and supportive. They never lost patience with me, they never failed to respond when I needed help; they made me feel as if I was the only patient they had. I came in a stranger, and left with new friends. I cannot praise this hospital more highly.


I was extremely nervous about being put to sleep for an outpatient procedure...Let me just say that the anesthesiologists on this particular day was amazingly good. She, I can’t remember her name, was so warm and transparent with me, completely understanding my anxieties and need for control. Before I knew it everything was over and I was waking up! Healthcare should be like this experience more often . The entire staff worked together to look after my needs and I felt safe under their care.

Emil Deliberto

The staff at this hospital were professional and friendly.

Willard Paul Bailey Jr

Great hospital! Everyone from the information desk and pre op check in to the nurses and doctors were very polite and very professional.

Ray Rucker

Being in the medical field and having worked the ER I can truthfully say this HDH is the worst ER ever. The Provider never did a physical exam. If he had he would have noticed the crepitus in the area of my right scapula. I was given pain meds twice, but there was never a follow pain assessment. I went 1 hour and 50 minutes without seeing anyone again after the second iv pain med administration. And yes that was after buzzing for the nurse several times. At discharge the Provider stated I responded well to the meds he gave me. That's funny, he nor anyone else asked how i was doing or doing a physical exam. I was still hurting like hell but I left any way, I can hurt at home more comfortably. I don't blame the nurses, I blame the hospital for short staffing their departments in the interest of profits. Sadly this hospital used to be rated 1 of the best in the nation, now they've sunken down to one of the worst.

Big Moose

Are you part of the vcu health system

Lakisha Lockhart

My experience at HDH was amazing. While, the situation itself was not ideal (emergency C-section) everything was handle with such care every step of the way. Huge thank you to all my nurses and doctors, the anesthesiologist, the labor and delivery team, to the NICU nurses a doctors... everyone was caring and informative every step of the way. Thank you all so much!

Ania Melina Zavala

Best experience. Best nurses. Best care. All of the nurses took so much care of me in the delivery of my baby, but Rachel was phenomenal

Anne Haines

Unfortunately I have been here more times than I would like to admit and it's my "go to" hospital. Very professional staff. Hospital rooms are nice sized but some have less than desirable views (i.e. a brick wall).

Maureen Lipford

I had especially good care from the nurses in the cath lab, Shealor, and Nancy Hendrickson. Procedure went smoothly, and of course Dr. Bui is the greatest.

Jayne Kelley

After having horrible service at henrico parham i went to forest for a Doppler of my leg to rule out possible blood clot. The lady that registered me was fabulous i didnt really kmow what to do and she recognized that i hadnt logged in with the iPod so she came from around her desk and brought it to me. Once i did that she called my name and i expressed to her the horrible service i had gotten at their parham road she gave me the appropriate number to call and once i get my emotions out of the way i will make that call. Then once registered before i barely set down the gentleman called my name he was the ome that performed the Doppler on me i wish i had gotten both their names because they went way beyond what they had to but his name may of been Jim he was so calming and gentle with me and also encouraged me to make that call because see their professional behavior was EXCELLENT. I know now that i will always go to the forest branch of henrico doctors NOT THE PARHAM ROAD!!! They should of never bought the one on parham because they give henrico doctors a bad name!! I will make a call to parham before the end of next week and let them know how horrible they were but ill also call forest and let them know to keep doing how they're doing and not to take suggestions from their sister branch on parham

Malikah Alkebu-lan

Positive and concerned staff helping you back to a healthy state again

Catherine Stewart

Getting a mammogram is not one of those things I look forward to but you all make it as pleasant and efficient as possible!

Nate Smith

I feel sorry for anyone that receives any type of care at this hospital. If you manage to survive under their care don't worry the bill will kill you if they don't.

Richard Kinelski

Doctors and nurses were excellent, and I feel I had received the best care possible.

Tracy W.

I had surgery at this hospital that required a preplanned over night stay and from the time I got there the nurses were very nice after surgery I was in recovery and the recovery nurses were very nice as well. The only complaint I have is after coming out of the anesthetics I was not able to see my family who was waiting to see me and when I did get to see them it was for a few minutes. I spent six hours in recovery not because there was problems but because there was no rooms for them to take me to and my family never did see me again til I got to a room. Every time my family requested to see me they was told it was not a good time for whatever reason. I felt as though I needed to see my family after coming out from the drugs they give you and because my surgery was preplanned for weeks, I should have been given a room after recovery. When I did finally get a room the nurses on the floor I was on were very nice and helpful.

Michelle Foley

Great experience delivering here! Wonderful nurses!

Debbie Kane

I had a very good experience at the hospital. The Staff were extremely friendly and professional. They put me at ease. Thank you for taking care of me.

Heather Esposito

Everyone was polite and caring. It was a really nice experience when your nervous. They talked me through everything.

Michelle Crumpler

I had surgery at Henrico Doctors n early March 2019. Everyone was professional and caring. They got me started as soon as I arrived. I had an anesthesia concern and the anesthesiologist listened to my concern and adapted my treatment accordingly. My surgeon, Dr. Clifford Smith is kind, caring and excellent surgeon. I actually woke up after the procedure and asked if he did anything as I was not even in pain. I had great nurses in PACU and on the unit where I had to spend the night. My nurses were very concerned with my comfort and very attentive to my needs. Dietary and housekeeping were friendly and efficient.

T. Williams

Outstanding experience. Friendly, professional staff that puts you at ease!

Tami W.

Ummm can you say NO STARS!! My friends mom went to this hospital and they gave her mom a drug that shut her body down and GUESS WHAT??!! The result was FATAL. It was clearly noted in her chart that she COULD NOT have the drug they gave her!! I hope my friend sues them for every penny they are worth even though that will not bring her mom back. Happened right around mothers day too, WOW HOW GREAT!!. I wish I could share this with the world. So disgusted with this place.

Helen Yates

I had to stay over night & my entire stay was enjoyable even under my circumstances. The nurses were all friendly & very helpful. I appreciate all the nurses & doctors who looked out for myself & my Dad during our unexpected stay.

Terry Patterson-Payne

I arrived in your ER at 1:30 p.m. taken back for EKG, saw a NP for 2 minutes, back to the waiting room. Taken for X-Ray, back to the waiting room. Taken back for vitals, back to the waiting room. Taken back for labs, back to the waiting room. Taken back again for labs, back to the waiting room. This over the course of 5 hours. Sitting in the waiting room with people coughing, throwing up (me included). Finally taken back only to sit in a chair for 2 more hours. NP seeing patients that had not been there nearly as long as I had been. Finally at 8:25 p.m. NP comes to see me, He knew nothing about why I was there, doesn't have any lab results. No one ever ask me what med's I was on. Wrote me a note for work, told me to call my Dr. in the morning and sent me home. Really!!!! 7 minutes NP visit!!!! I should not be charged for a ER visit!! Labs, EKG, X-Ray yes. But I shouldn't nor should my insurance company have to pay to sit in a chair. I don't know why you don't split your large waiting area into 2 parts & make one side for sick people with fevers and throwing up & they should be asked to wear a mask). When I was in the back sitting in a chair a tech, nurse discharged a patient. She wiped only the top of the stretcher down with a bleach wipe, not the sides, not the rails, not the table or 3 chairs that people were sitting in. Your employees also need to use good hygiene. Sure infection control could not be to happy about that. This is all so very unacceptable and not good patient care at all.

miles pierce

The only hospital in Richmond that I would go to for service. Always professional. I've had more than one visit including open heart surgery.

Cynthia Warren

The facility at the Women's Center at Henrico Doctors' Hospital was top notch and the care from Dr. Roberts and the staff of doctor's and nurses was all I could have hope for. Every nurse and doctor I encountered during my stay was caring, informative - basically, I felt like I mattered! If you have a choice in your hospital - I don't think you can go wrong at Henrico Doctors' Hospital!

Eddie Gibson

So sick of this hospital, will never return unless unconscious and cant say no dont go there. The rest of my family gets great treatment I on the other hand DO NOT. You go to the ER, the fastest service you get is from registration who wants your insurance information. Then 99% of the time you dont get a nurse you get a PA who asked questions didnt listen to response and says let me order tests we will be back with you. During my 3 hour trip tonight the only time a nurse entered what wasnt even a room but a closet turned into a room was with my discharge papers and walked in hello again, to which I responded you havent been on here at all, her response oh my bad I forgot after 3 hours what can i do for you now. Not a damn thing ALL this hospital cares about if $$$$$$$$$... certainly not the patient.

Stephanie Davies

Their labor and delivery is outstanding as well as the postpartum recovery. I was very satisfied with the level of care and support we received. The nurses all seemed high energy, happy, and truely compassionate about their jobs, doctors were kind and patient with us making sure all our concerns were met, the breakfast eggs are the best I've ever had, seriously try them

Jean Tunstall

The entire experience was very pleasant. Everyone was helpful and pleasant. Instructions were given clearly, a relief as I am tone deaf.

Cora Bryce

Needed a chest X Ray for a doctor appointment in two days. I went to the outpatient registration and was helped immediately. The employee was friendly, courteous and efficient. I was then directed and accompanied to the XRay registration desk. Once registered, I waited less than 5 minutes before an Xray Technician escorted me to the dressing and Xray area. I was amazed how smoothly and efficiently this visit took place. I was walking out of the hospital with in 30 minutes. Great job! Every area was clean and staff were courteous.

Tyler Garrett

I saw my doctor within six minutes of my appointment time. He answered my questions and concerns. I am confident in his ability.

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Care was fine but billing is crazy. We preregistered for the surgery and after care and did all we were asked ahead of time. Yet the hospital allowed doctors on our case that don't take our insurance? Nobody asked if it was ok we were just billed after the fact.

Emma Lavaty

Everyone is always so nice and understanding. You really feel like you are being taken care of.

Marilyn Walls

Very professional and caring staff. Thanks.

Bill Palkovics

Very inconvenient to spend the night following surgery in the recovery room. Not assigned a room until the following morning at 11:00 AM and checked out of the hospital at 2:00 PM.

Diane Applewhite

I found the nurses overall to be nice, however I found many of them to wear fragrances that were inappropriate or heavy. The smell made me nauseous. The food was less than desirable to say the least. Mine was always cold by the time I got it.

Stephanie Catherine Watson

The unit I was in left me with some serious psychological scarring. One of the ways in which this happened was by freely sharing my information with someone I did not want information shared with, and to whom I never gave permission ! Not a thing you can do legally.

Ceann Cottingham

Everything was great as a mammogram can be! Lol. From the check in to the exit, all staff was courteous and friendly.

Andrew Good

Came in to be checked out after an accident. I came in for my ankle and my back. When they came to take x-rays they did my ankle and my knee. I told the lady doing x-rays that my knee wasn't a problem but she just did it anyways. I waited 3 hours and just left because they didn't look at what I came in for and now I'm stuck with a bill for something I didn't need. Terrible place. Steer clear. They just want to pick your pocket. Never spoke to a doctor btw.

anita sorrells

It was awesome service everyone was kind and on the job

Dorothy Marks

All of the staff, from the doctors to the housekeepers were professional and caring. Everyone who entered my room would ask if they could get me anything or if I needed anything . The nursing staff is excellent.

amanda coleman

I’m just going to go back to VCU because I shouldn’t have to keep calling and bugging for test results when they told me I should get a call the next day it’s been almost a week now and every time I call it’s I will leave them a message they have 48 hours to call you back we’ll its been well over 48 hours tomorrow will be a week they could easily send me a message on patient portal and haven’t even done that

melody moore

My mom is here now, these nurses are lazy. ICU nurse keagan is rude and disrespectful. I will never recommend this place to anybody. They ignore her, I’m here changing her bedpan on the general surgery floor. She’s been in this hospital a month, I had to make them get her up out the bed. I’m so frustrated with these people.

Courtney Tompkins

Giving birth at the Womens Hospital was a wonderful experience with the help of the midwives and nurses.

Karol Jacob

I don't even know how to start this review...there is so much about this hospital that is wrong. The first night my mom was here she spent it, with a roommate, in the Short Stay Unit, because there were no beds. Her nurse that night had such bad energy, and couldn't be bothered tending to patient's needs. The nurses waste their time gossiping and complaining about the administration and patients at the nurses station and not tending to patients. When you walk up to the nurses station to ask a question, they are rude and impatient. My mom's second day in the "Short Stay Unit" My mom rang the nurse for water, she was told the nurse would be there in a minute. I started the stopwatch on my phone, after 43 minutes, I went to the nurses station, and reminded them that my mom requested water, I received an eye-Roll, and was told that they are very busy and would get to her as soon as they could, I showed her the timer and said "my mom asked for water 43 minutes ago, she was put in here because she's dehydrated." I received a lame excuse, no apology, just an excuse. Today, I received a phone call from a rep about a device they want to put in my mom. She told me what it detects and while I was trying to explain that that isn't my mom's problem, she started talking over me! Not even listening to me! She did this multiple and it wasn't until I asked her why she was talking over me, did she stop. I told her that I would like to speak to her doctor first. She just kept telling me her sales pitch. Nurses and doctors need to remember; you may have many patients that you care for, but I only have one mom.

Jasmine Beal

Horrible birthing experience. While the outcome was well worth it, the events leading up to and the bedside manner of the nurses and a few of the doctors was extremely unpleasant. They left with me quite a few unanswered questions and trauma following delivery that I will never understand. — I expected better.

AJ Mir

Wish I could not give you any start. unprofessional and uncaring nurses during difficult times. I have had much better experience at St. Mary's. will not set foot in this hospital.

Ashley Graham

Minor outpatient surgery. Went back right at the scheduled time everything went fine. All preop nurses were super nice. In recovery I had the luxury of having a nurse that was normally at parham. Trish. She was amazing. Talked to me about anything I wanted to talk about just to help me block out the pain and make me comfortable. As she went to get my husband I groaned in pain (a quiet groan nothing excessively loud) and the other nurse who was tending to someone else said "you need to relax we have other patients in here ma'am" not feeling up to the argument I simply said sorry, her name was Michelle. And I understand other patients are trying to relax but I was in pain. I was not groaning to ruin their recovery time I was just trying to do anything to ease my own pain and groaning it out made me feel better. It was uncalled for and if she wanted to she could've popped around the corner and said I understand you're hurting but please try to be quiet so other patients may relax or anything to show she may have a heart somewhere under her cold witch woman skin. I told Trish about it and she apologized for the terrible bedside manners of the woman. Hospital was nice Trish was amazing. Michelle, I hope you were simply having a bad morning and are not rude like this all the time. If so you should consider a new career where you dont need to have a heart.

Jan Hatchard

I had minor surgery. As always, superior care in every way. From the person who greeted us to every single person who provided care; each earned 5 stars and more. So grateful to have such an amazing hospital so close!

Stephanie Williams

Besides labor and delivery my experience was horrible! People constantly heckling me to fill out forms and ask me questions after hours and hours of labor. There was no room on the maternity floor so I was in a separate area with rude nurses and no where for my husband to sleep. Then moved for a short time to maternity section because I complained and people were constantly banging carts and things into the wall so got no sleep the entire time in hositpal. Then when getting ready to leave bombarded with more questions and looking for payment. Now months later dealing with paying on those medical bills has been hell! I would rather have a baby in the car than use Henrico Doctors ever again. The only redeeming factor is the midwife that helped with my delivery, doctor and nurses were lovely! The rest of the people I encountered were horrible. Oh and the food was disgusting. I left exhausted, hungry and mad. All they care about here is $$$ and have no respect for the fact mothers just birthed a baby and require rest and quiet while recouping and getting to know their child.

Erin Williams

My daughter was transported to this hospital for a case of stubborn pneumonia. The staff and pediatrician on her case were very helpful and caring to my worries. I'd never had to deal with a child this sick before, but my questions were answered and my daughter was treated well by everyone, from nurses to the "food guy." She felt absolutely terrible, but they let her have her teddy bear and gave her a little frog and coloring books to make her stay more comfortable. I really love that I got answers and plans, and goals were set so that we had an idea of what we should anticipate. I know they're are other family and sicker kids, but we were given the same care and treatment.

Anne Twisdale

The nurses were all very nice & attentive.. The only problem I had was the time that it took for me to get into a room from the emergency room. Also, it took forever for the doctor to sign the orders for me to be discharged.

Jennifer Schneider

Had outpatient surgery, staff was nice, efficient, quick check in, answered all my questions (I had a lot), and took care of me during a stressful time.

Bruce and Linda McNabb

Was told to go to Ansilliary for my echocardiogram. Upon arrival a note said check-in closed and go to out patient registration. I was there at 2:45 for a 3:15 appt. and had to go back to out patient registration I walked past it already. I have Myasthenia Gravis and lose the strength in my legs after walking far. Took 20 min for out patient registration to find someone to tell that I was there. Needed a wheelchair to get back for my test. My appt. had been made 3 weeks prior and they were very specific to not check in at out patient reg. better communication would help for future patients.

Shawn Lawson

BEWARE OF EXTRA CHARGES. I went to Henrico Doctors Hospital with a life threatening emergency and was there for 2 weeks. I went there because they are "in network" for my insurance. I gave the hospital my insurance info as soon as I got there. Never once did the hospital inform me that many of the doctors there are not their employees and are not "in network" for my insurance. I ended up with almost $6000 extra in bills that my insurance company would not consider, the hospital wouldn't discount, and James River Hospitalists would do nothing to help. Thank you for the response. I did call the billing office, which was no help. I’m not really sure she understood your billing policies. I’m not hopeful, but I’ll try the patient advocate. I’ll be sure to add to this review after I speak to them. The public really should be made aware of this practice of balance billing. Evidently I’m finding that it happens to many people that visit Henrico Doctors Hospital.

Srujana Linga

This is my second baby delivery. Services and surgery was awesome. Every took lot of care and had patience. Cleared all my questions. Until we discharge they took lot of tests and did required job.

lala smith

Terrible experience---staff was rude, slow& should NOT be working in detox!!!! they are dangerous to patients. I will Never recommend to anyone, especially females. Staff has no boundaries , again it's an unsafe environment! Find another hospital

Nancy Payne

Everyone was kind and efficient. My only complaint is that it was so cold during my CT scan that I was literally shaking by the end of it. A warm blanket would have been much appreciated!

Ashley Nienaber

No stars, worst hospital I've ever been to. Went in telling them preexisting problems and they ignored it. All they did was take blood and urine in 4 hours and I told them i felt dehydrated, blood showed i was dehydrated, she told me to go home and drink a Gatorade. I'm currently at MCV and they done fluids, ct scan, xrays, ekg, still going. Only the 2nd time i had gone to Henrico Doctors, NEVER AGAIN.

Francine Gordon

The Women’s Center is awesome! The care provided by the nursing staff was great...the concern they showed for the family was great...and the doctors there are on top of everything starting with surgical team leading to the pediatric ward. Admirable experience!

Roberta Green

The staff was efficient and professional and also friendly. I am glad I chose Henrico Doctors' Hospital in Richmond.

Bridget Burr

I had my son here 2 weeks ago and the nurses were amazing! They were on top of it and went above and beyond for mine and my son's care. Instead of ignoring my husband when coming in the room, like some hospitals do, they engaged with him and made sure he was taken care of as well. I highly recommend HDH Forest for your delivery!

Pam Deyerle

Sarah Cannon Advanced Diagnostic Center at HDH - always a great visit here! Little if any wait time; friendly staff and techs; nice facility.

Joy Jones

Facility is nice; visit was efficient. Nurse assisting with mammogram was wonderful. However, I received an email from the electronics record system saying that records were available. I created an account and logged in, and no records are there. I called the support number for the EHR system and they confirmed a glitch. Not ideal. There has to be a better way to inform patients of results.

Paul LiPari

I was seen in Henrico Doctors Hospital Forest Campus location Emergency room on 5/1/2019 do to a hurniated disk in my spine which radiates extremely sharp pain through lower back to right side of my body down to right leg to the knee so i went to the E.R. and asked not to see a certain doctor in which my wishes were disregarded violating my rights so i passed him a prescription in which i was previously prescribed so he would know what helped and so he would know i was not lying about what was prescribed to me as i handed him the bottle he threw yes threw the prescription bottle at me refusing me treatment and told me call my doctor in morning than proceeded to walk away i am absolutely disgusted with the level of treatment i received from the facility and will not return if i was in dying needs nor would i recommend them either


Do not go to this emergency room. My elderly father was treated by Dr. Staci Cook who almost cost him his life. She refused to listen to her nurse's concern and the family's request and discharged him with not really knowing what was wrong. On the way home he suffered an emergency and had to receive roadside medical assistance to stabalize him. He was rushed to another hospital. The hospital's 5 star ratings are obviously not for the ER.

Saraisa Simpson

Is there a way to give less than 1 star?!?!?!? I waited over 4 hours to be seen and finally left. The staff was very nonchalant and careless. I was clearly sick, vomiting and unable to walk! They called back individuals that were clearly here for “no reason”, on their phones, and didn’t appear sick! Not to mention they came in after me!!! They were so unprofessional! The nurse put an IV in my arm, I had a X-Ray and CT scan done, then put me back in the filthy waiting area! I never seen a room! This needs to be addressed ASAP! This is ridiculous!!!

Carolyn Schmitt

I had a triple coronary bypass in January and spent several days each in the CICU and the Coronary Stepdown Unit. My staff was caring and professional, helped me manage pain, and encouraged me to move and become independent. Because of their excellent care, I was able to go home instead of into inpatient rehab. I would recommend ths hospital to anyone.

Allison Wheeler

The nurses are very helpful and always there to answer questions. Being a first time mom really scared me with the birthing process and aftermath. They made me feel welcome and provided advice and we’re there to help me do simple tasks like changing the mesh undies and walking to the bathroom after birth. My midwife delivered my baby and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you to all of the nurses who see us ladies at our ultimate weak state, you truly are super hero’s.

Sam Derks

The staff here needs to learn how to keep their opinions to theirselves, especially when they aren’t doctors. Not to mention the way the staff (nurse) speaks to people is disrespectful. Allowing them to throw around accusations or speak on matters they no nothing about is a severe oversight by the management. There seems to be no care for patients and their well being at all. Overall every time I’ve had to come to this location I have had at least one problem mostly with the nursing staff. If you need help or you have a sick kid take them somewhere where they will actually be cared for and they won’t just do one test and send them away.

Anne Riley

I had a mammogram. Appointment was right on time. Everyone I encountered was so nice. There was no waiting. Great experience

Mitzi Betts

I. Come to Henrico Doctors' Hospital to get my baclofen pump refilled. The nurses in the pain clinic are dynamic they are so sweet and professional. They really know their stuff!

Payton Casamassima

Nurse and staff were great. Doctor had me wait bleeding for over an hour while he "had to find a babysitter" (don't be on call if you don't have a babysitter ready). When he finally shows up he looks at my laceration, pokes at it a few times, and tells the nurse to stitch me up. He says the stitches that are being used are dissolvable, and it may take 3-8weeks for them to dissolve and fall out. The nurse asked if he was sure the stitches were dissolvable, even reading the label to him, and doctor scoffed as if he was surprised the nurse asked him a question at all. The 15 minute consultation and six stitches cost me $1800 (with insurance) and as it turns out the stitches were NOT dissolvable. I had a primary care physician take a look after two months of waiting and he said they should have been removed a while ago, and that he's surprised they aren't infected. I am now scarred on my hand from having stitches in too long and would advise people to steer clear from Henrico Doctor's Hospital's sense of arrogance and lack of attention. Would sue if I had the capital. VOTE MEDICARE FOR ALL.

Jessica Swauger

Great experience. Each person I dealt with was wonderful from the front desk and security staff to the nurses and doctors.

Pixie Hamilton

The best. Knowledgeable, kind, encouraging staff; clean hospital; treatment of patients is with respect and integrity.

alterek pittman

They are the Chic Fila of doctor’s. Our birthing experience was nothing short of amazing!!!! Give them all a paid day off!!! Thank y’all soo much!!!

Donna D. Livingston

On the 20th of June our family experienced a horrific loss. The loss of twin baby boys. The nurses in the L&D department were great, as were the nurses up on the unit floor. Dr. Hill the hospitalist that I saw on the 19th was very warm and informative to both myself, my spouse and my family. Ann our social worker, there are absolutely no words to describe the phenomenal job that she did to help our family through that sad process in which we had to experience. Unfortunately, there were also very troubling circumstances that occurred that will never be forgot to both myself our my family. For one Dr. Diaz the hospitalist who took care of me on the 20th was a horrific doctor. Dr. Diaz needs to be re-taught proper bedside manners. The attitude that she displayed made us feel like me going through a miscarriage was very bothersome to her. Her demeanor was cold and she always seemed rushed to leave my room. Sometimes just a warm touch and kind words can go a long way to make a lasting impression. Lastly, I had to be rushed to surgery for a D&C, upon my arrival into the Labor & Delivery Operating Room the staff in there were low-key arguing amongst themselves about the whereabouts of Dr. Diaz and how nobody was going to touch or do anything to me until they saw a consent. This was not a professional conversation or environment for a patient to hear. Henrico Doctors' Hospital would not be the place I would suggest anyone to go to. My experience there with the staff and unhappy event is one that will never be forgotten.

Georgia Roberts

Good care

Sam Modern

We have had 3 babies at Henrico Doctors Hospital and all we can say this is the best hospital..Love all the friendly staffs there !

Lindsey Ketchum

Really nice facilities and the nurses were so helpful and kind. Had a great experience

Mary Catherine Nebel

We were so impressed with all the staff in the labor and delivery unit. The nurses were very attentive and caring. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great hospital in the Richmond area!

Kayci Yates

I was transferred to the ER from Patient First, and Dr. Charles Steiner was amazing. He was so patient with me and went above and beyond to answer and questions. Ask for him!

Nancy Shepard

Staff was courteous, friendly, helpful & a nice experience. NS

Trang Lam

Thankyou Dr Prescott W , Dr Boardman ,nurses and people working in Hopital.they were very good,I am very lucky to meet them,Thankyou so much ❤️

Christine Jones

I'll start with really my only major complaint about this place: it's quite slow. You get called in quickly, but test results/discharge can take a long time. That being said, I've been to this ER twice in the last two weeks. The first time I needed a second opinion about a prognosis I'd gotten at a different ER a couple days before after having fallen off my horse and broken my collarbone and bruised my hipbone and hip muscles. The nurses and staff were kind and responsive to my needs, and the doctor was thorough and respectful. The second time I came in was the night after I had surgery on my collarbone for the same injury. The nerve blocker wore off more quickly than anticipated, and I was in excruciating pain to the point where I was yelping, crying, and hyperventilating. They immediately got me on a pain killer through an IV, which significantly reduced my pain. It was so relieving, and I was pleased with how quickly they responded to my pain. Once I was comfortable enough to go home and sleep (it was about 5am), they gave me an oral pill for pain to last through the night. I also appreciated that a day or so after both visits, a nurse called me to follow up and make sure I was ok.

Anne Thruston

Everything went very smoothly the staff was very friendly and efficient.

Julinda Lewis

Staff makes the experience easy from check-in through procedure(s).

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