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REVIEWS OF Hampton VA Medical Center IN Virginia

Angie Wine

Recently went to what was supposed to be my yearly check up. Tried to discuss some of my issues with the intake nurse she told me “she (my PCP) doesn’t have time to talk about all that so what is my primary concern” that was just the first issue. My biggest problem is when I did talk to my PCP I felt extremely rushed. Then she decided to discuss my labs from 6 months ago and asked “do you know you have diabetes?” My face was stunned and I immediately got angry and she “cleared it up” and she oh no you’re pre-diabetic....I cannot make this stuff up. I’m not a doctor but isn’t it the doctors responsibility to review labs and call to say hey we need to talk because you are borderline diabetic!

Nate Washington

As a 35 year old veteran I was admitted due to renal failure. The nurses were rude and inattentive. I was basically told I’m the youngest person in the hospital so my needs come last. Only one nurse was actually caring (Jessica). The doctors the majority interns talk at you and not to you. Simple requests such as taking a shower took hours. To the point I just said forget it I’ll do it myself. I ended leaving against the advice of doctors because nothing was being done and I was sick of being ignored due to my age. It’s sad I served my country and when I need help I’m denied.

Aledia Johnson

Because they take good care of veterans

Karen Huffer

My husband spent 22 years active duty in the US Navy and has suffered hearing loss from working so many years in engine rooms on a variety of Navy ships! Unfortunately, his hearing cannot be fixed surgically! So he depends on getting hearing aids from the Hampton VA Medical Center in the Audiology Department to basically increase the volume of his hearing. This is a constant and on-going situation as his hearing is forever getting worse! He got a new pair of hearing aids two months ago and just had to go back a week ago to get another new pair of hearing aids! As his wife I am very thankful that my husband is able to go to the Hampton VA Medical Center and receive the necessary care that he needs from the Audiology Department! However, at the same time I am extremely upset that my husband NEVER received the proper training or necessary safety equipment that would have prevented damage to his hearing! In the first place! If he had he would not be having hearing problems now!

F. S.

I hate the merry go round phone service. It is like playing phone tag as your blind transferred again and again and explain yourself again and again. Parking is horrible. Hospital needs to build a parking garage badly but no way they could cause theres no where to offload current parking until they could get one built. I will say this, the staff is always borderline rude. They will interrupt you to ask you a question like last 4 so they can "move you along" however I do think they are pleasant and try for the most part. Maybe just a bit of customer service training. I understand its just a job to them and they want to go home and be with their families like the rest of us. But the people they are speaking to are in a HOSPITAL. Forget the veteran part, we are not entitled just because of our status. Just remember its a HOSPITAL, who wants to be in a HOSPITAL?!?! No one. So at the very least the staff should realize, be polite cause we don't want to be there anymore then they do... Its a HOSPITAL, hospitals always suck!

Michael Hall, Sr.

Staff is Great

Thomas Watts

I'm a Marine combat veteran of Vietnam. Because of the Hampton VAMC I am still alive. They quite literally saved my life. And I have seen them do much for others. May God Bless them at this time of Christmas and Goodwill .

Cindy Lou

Update: Dr A in my opinion actually cares after explaining some of my traumatizing events from previous military psych care, he now understands my horrifying experience and reason for mistrusting new care. After knowing a bit of my history, I think he is doing the best that he can with the resources, instruction and time he is given. I normally don't feel comfortable with male providers but I an beginning to feel at ease around him. Normally male psych doctors make me uncomfortable. But professional demeanor, calmness in answering my questions helps me know that he is really listening, understanding my trauma and situation and not judging too much. (after all judging and putting a label is psychiatry go hand in hand). Psychiatry is constantly changing to the "new drug pharma companies are lobbying and pushing" doctor A is making sure in not used as a guinea pig again and has my best interest at heart. I still firmly believe DO NOT take anti-depressants until your Research if there are any LAWSUITS AND WHAT SIDE EFFECTS associated with them. I was put on something called Paxil (newer) antidepressant medications, WHILE SERVING IN THE US NAVY and it caused me to attempt suicide. Google Dr Peter Breggin MD antidepressants VA Affairs and google (Paxil, Celexa, Zoloft, any meds your own) lawsuits and suicides. Needless to say I took the pills I was given without questioning, I just assumed these doctors were good people. I was 17 going on 18. I didn’t know anything about medication, the military Dr just said it would help with my depression. That eventually ruined my military career, THIS MEDICATION DROVE ME TO ATTEMPT SUICIDE ALONG WITH WORSENING MY SYMPTONS OF ANXIETY, ANGER, FEAR, PARANOIA. I truly believe I was a victim of big pharma lobbying military doctors. Used me as guinea pig. I felt so ashamed of myself it took me 10 years to seek help but no more, I finally filed for disability because I’m literally so effed up by what happened to this day, they ruined my military career and The only thing that has kept alive and semi functional is my previous primary care (she’s not a VA Dr unfortunately). Research your medication especially if the medication is older than 20 years, big pharma can’t make money off medications they no longer have a patent for and they normally stop pushing them on patients because big pharma can’t make money off generics. You can tell the good Drs from the bad doctors, the good ones will not play guinea pig with you and will put you on theRESEARCH YOUR MEDICATION! IT IS YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE, DON’T BLINDY SWALLOW PILLS WITHOUTH DOING RESEARCH. I’m done being ashamed, and hopefully this will help save a life. Immediate care are good though!

Richard Miller

Been going since 1993. Never had problem with staff or doctors. Had a few appointments postponed but no big deal. Parking is bad.

Susan Jordan

The medical staff that treated my 88 year old father were all outstanding professionals and truly went above and beyond assisting me with everything that he needed during his regular appointments and later on, when he was in ICU. The doctors, nurses, and the entire logistics team did an exceptional job of getting my Dad medically transported from Virginia to Ohio. Thank of you.....I am grateful for all of your untiring efforts.

Sandra Crowder

I have never been in such a poorly ran facility in my life. It’s a shame I have to go with my mother from now on because they can never get her appointments right and they are extremely rude to her. I thinks she’s had more cancelled/rescheduled appts than actual ones kept. I also feel sorry for the vets who have to place their heart care in the hands of the ONLY cardiologist there. He is extremely rude and doesn’t deserve the right to be called a Cardiologist. Instead of guiding patients in the right direction based off their heart history he tells them to google medicines and pick one. He refuses to listen when you have a question and he rather argue about having to answer he question rather than ANSWERING it! He just tried to get them in and get them out without doing his actual job. He’s more like a secretary, all he does is schedule consults. You get patients who are “ignorant” in the fact of what the right course for their care should be and look to you for guidance, not “google side effects and let me know if you want to take the medicine or do the procedure.” Horrible HORRIBLE and poor excuse for a veteran medical center. They deserve better than that, waaaau better than HIM!


A little confusing for the layout, but with respectful staff who do amazing work for the amount of veterans seen and the breadth of issues they have to deal with.

Soul Dezyur

Dr. Leavy is the only thing I like about the VA Hampton medical center. And he's at the women's clinic. Overall, I cannot stand this place and how the VA treats vets. There is no direct line to reach the department you need. They send you through 50 different directories to get you to the right one. Once you get to the right one, the person on the other end has the nerve to have an attitude with you. These people are the worse. And on top of that, don't have an appointment to see anyone for something specific (Neurology) they will put it in their system that you've already had the appointment with them when in actuality, they never called. The VA needs to be revamped ASAP!

Kmya J

Since when does placing someone on hold mean transfer me to outer space...repeatedly. I finally call in to do something about my depression and after a few hours on the phone to nowhere, I just hung up and cried.

will rich

They don't care long wait for meds suck millions of dollars from government and still slow or nasty attitudes 3 hr wait just to pick up 1 pill no one In line I wish I could leave negative stars

Cathy Sterling

Took my dad here for a colonoscopy.He was asked to be there at noon for 1pm appt.We found parking right away, there were other spots as well,not directly in front of it but in section b in the back of cafeteria which is next door.We were a few minutes late,they called him back after about 30 minutes.The nurse was very nice,gave me a pager & said it will work If I wanted to take the kids to the cafeteria but not to my car.After eating our packed lunches & bought snacks I let the children play by the shaded tree in the grass in the back in between both buildings.Then we went back up & I noticed it’s less crowded upstairs.There is also a kids table & a playing box.At 2:45pm my dad actually called me & said he was done & that the nurse would bring him down,another reason she was so nice.My dad told me he would have been out sooner but they took the patient who has more health issues before him which we completely understand.My kids were great,nurse was great & I’m glad we got outta there before 3pm traffic.

Mr. Thorpe

so far so unprofessional! starting my VA bene claims and was given an appointment at fort Ustis. no one had any idea of why i was there and there was no doctor present even to see me; found that out later in the day when i visited the VA to see the receptionist who schedule me in the first place. I have bad shoulder pain and need medication for other reasons and overtime i call to get an appointment the same crap is fed to me. " have you registered in the system" YES!!! going on four months now and still no assign provider. This is not cool. My solution is acquire staff that want to help people and not only employed for the payments. threaten their lively hood and see if their attitudes shift. Now it is not everyone. but a large majority does fall into this category. To the VA personnel who care and enjoy helping others Thank you. To the ones that don't care and think they are performing personal favors...well...

t corley

Went into the ER for a herniated lumbar disk. Never saw a doctor just a nurse practitioner. She diagnosed it as constipation . Save yourself a trip and go to a real hospital where you will be seen by an actual doctor and not some community college grad that plays doctor.

Kanak Attack

You know what is really bad about some of the workers is that they will call you and don't even know how to introduce themselves. My wife calls and the rep answers and says "hello" "What do you need" Seriously! No intro or how can I help you. What kills me is that when they leave a message they don't mention who they are, what office they are calling from, and what they are calling for. They tell me "Hi, I'll call you later". Like that was a personal friend that I knew who was leaving a message. We all know that we have multiple reasons of why we go to the VA. I bet a lot of us have multiple appointments as well. The number is a general number that shows up on the caller id. The customer service suck. They are not professional. I mean I stood to check in and a rep was on her personal cell phone having a full on conversation. Crazy place. I think the first thing they should fix in the hospital is teaching their workers how to talk to their customers. Not all is bad but most is. The person that knew how to speak to their customers was my social worker from the vocational rehabilitation and employment office. If anything she should be the one teaching all of their workers how to present themselves. Going through the service we was trained to be professional at all times. I believe it should be the same for them.

Brandi Johnson

Again, sitting here an HOUR past my appointment which only takes 15 min. Come on you guys MUST do better. This is complete bull for our vets. If people are running late, kindly reschedule them bc other on time Vets ain't got time for it.

Dave Moffatt

My VA.

W.L. Platt

I started going to the VA about 2 years ago and it has bee nothing short of a horror story. I am also a retire and was using the OIF/OEF Clinic and the nurse I was seeing told me I should use Tricare well that right there turned my stomach and I complained to the patient representative at the clinic and she said the same thing. Well I did do something I regret and raised my voice and told these ladies that I earned the right to use this clinic and told them exactly what I thought of them and would say the same to anyone else who would say that to a Veteran. When I exited the Army I had extensive problems that needed to be looked in to and test that needed to be completed. Well the OIF/OEF Clinic did not want to see me any more and they transferred me to Team 1 Dr. Wing before I had seen Dr. Wing The OIF/OEF set me up with a couple of referrals. And it starts on Oct 1 0f 2015 I had a sleep study done and not because it looks good for my VA Claim (I was already rated at 100%) but because I have not slept well for about 20 years. The nurse that did my VA. physical recommend that I have one done because of all the extensive medical issues, So I had the sleep study completed and paperwork was lost so I ask Dr. Wing to put in another referral some time in March because I hadn't heard anything as of yet, so I waited and waited and again had asked Dr. Wing to put in another Referral and Finally I get a call from the office that schedules appointments in the community. now this is August so I get my sleep study done and had the greatest experiences with the Tidewater Neurologists and Sleep Disorder Specialists, Inc. SleepMed Hampton Roads. in Hampton. everything went great and just like last time I need a CPAP Machine now the bad news I have to take the Paperwork back over to The Hampton VA. So I go to the second floor to the CPAP Clinic and want to get my paperwork turned in so I can get a machine well the (Nasty) lady behind the glass tells me we don't do this you have to take it to your primary care so he can put it in another referral to get a CPAP machine (AND I THINK THOSE ARE THE MOST IMPORTAN WORDS AT THE VA) ITS NOT MY JOB!!! well I take the paperwork back down to my PCM and wait for it have to make an appointment to get a referral to get an appointment for some time in October or November to get a CPAP machine. so this process is going to take over a year because of the incompetence and the VA's favorite saying (IT's NOT MY JOB)!!! I ASK PLEASE FIND OUT WHO's JOB IT IS? I Am still young I feel sorry for some of the older gentleman and Lady Veterans that get the run around every day!!!


I've been to different VA hospitals in different states, and this one is by far the best. None of the others have such a quick intake for Emergency Department, and the Immediate Care Center is a unique and appreciated accommodation. Like with many other aspects of Veteran Affairs in general, there are some kinks, but they do the best they can from what I've experienced. Thanks for what you do.


Have not met one staff member that is not rude. Everyone that works there seems to think they don't need to help anyone. Waited 2 hours for a blood draw just to be told there was no one working that day. I was one of about 50 people sitting and waiting. There are no words to describe how awful this facility is.


This facility is trash ,you have employees parking in patient parking.This place is poorly ran. you have get on 3 different elevators to get where you going.The staff make it seem like you are bothering them or blow you offI rather you say you dont know then you lie to me.This hospital is ate the fu*k up.I see why they bars on pharmacy they make you want choke these people.Er is trash too making you wait 6 hours to be seen. if you are a 100% P&T they and your have emergency, you have no health care. I'd thought Tucson was bad,but this hospital takes the cake. The Dr Davis and his surgical team is great.that only reason why I given a 2nd star.But other than that this hospital make you want to paid for medical insurance.

Paige Wiggs

This isn't about the facility itself, but the staff. I dealt with a Zachary Towell and he was very unprofessional. He tended to belittle me when I was working with him. I can't imagine the way he treats the actually patients in the facility. I would not recommend this location specifically because of the attitude of this, dare I say, "gentleman". I suppose I just have more couth.

Robert Wray

Doctors, nurses and there staff are very respectful helpful, the lab experience was good as was radiology. The pharmacy on the other hand was ridiculous waiting two hours to get a prescription. Both off site clinics are under staffed causing those of us in outlining areas to drive over forty miles through daily traffic and accidents making a fifthy mile trip lasting two hours, all hours of the day.

Louis Cavicchioli

Parking is a huge issue as is the wait to see a primary care doctor. It appears to be more of a Community Center, than a hospital!

Taylor Rowland

You go to look for a number to a clinic online, and the VA directory has the same main number for all. How about adding in the extensions?

j now5656

This is the worst place I've ever been to in my life. My appointment that I had been waiting 4 months was was 3 hours behind schedule! On top of that the "doctor" couldn't even give a cortisone injection on the same day as my appointment due to her running behind. She schedule the shot for 6 weeks from now when I'm clearly in pain NOW!! I hate this place with every ounce of my soul

Lonnie morris

I've been here all day all I can say is get me out of here

John Rolon

Although wait times can be lengthy, these medical professionals are doing their best to always take care of the patients despite all the bad things said about them in the media. How about reciprocating niceness instead of hate, discontent, and PMS (Poor Me Syndrome). Now smile, you're alive! Thank your doctor today! Remember it's NOT all about you. #truthhurts


So far they have always taken care of me and ive been going here for 2 years.... the only bad thing is the long wait times.... months for an appointment and hours to be seen. But I guess you really cant complain about free healthcare while others pay for the same service. They have an amazing email service and phone service so don't bother going in for refills, email your doctor or call them.

Don Paliotti

Got help from patient advocate immediately and they even are helping me with my disability increase.

Brian Haskan

I've seen good and great care and this place should be closed down for the low level of care they offer. The staff need more customers service training. They failed to understand its because of us Veterans they have a job. Other issues need congressional involvement.

Rexx Carrs

I would have more to say if they would pick up the phones in the benefit center.

Stanley Crawford

SLOW TAKES DAYS TO SCAN IN PAPERWORK....And they can't do anything until its scanned in

Melissa Lamberty

The phone operators are absolutely RUDE! It angers me to call when I need to. I had a fairly decent experience at the Women's Clinic but even there, most employees were very rude. I had a horrible time at the TBI clinic, primary care, prostetics clinic, and physical therapy. Doctors and nurses sucked. There was only two receptionists that were nice. The rest were also rude as ever. You wait a lifetime to get seen at the emergency room but the one doctor I did see there was very nice (I was shocked). I really wish this VA would lighten up a bit. There's no excuse for rudeness!

Taylor Klob

Pact team is great for me here, but the parking is terrible.

Mary Thomas

Always prompt, courteous and helpful. I believe people that are complaining have not been to a civilian hospital in a ver long time. EXCELLENT service for last 8 years!

Erica Rouse

Zero parking, in the middle of the day. It was even full at the women's clinic! And yet there were thirty or so spaces vacant at the valet!

Wayne Heslop

Doctor sucks type 1 diabetes and they let you go without insulin totally they don't care about Veterans

Gabriel Estremera

I was skeptical about this VA base on the reviews but moving to the Hampton Roads area this VA hospital was my option. While I do think the E.R. could care a little more and move a bit faster with patients. My primary care team has given me no issues. I have received medical items and appointments in a very timely manner and have been treated very professionally. I feel like a lot of the negativity in the reviews is coming from people who may be negative about much in their personal life. Some things are petty. Overall I have had no issues from this VA. All my medical prescriptions, braces, and glasses have been mailed directly to my front door and I was always in and out of my appointments while still being cared for properly. Remember their are a lot of veterans in the Hampton Roads area and no one is more important than the other. The people that work at this hospital see thousands of patients each week so treat them with patience and respect and I assure you based off my experience they will give you the same.

kevin watson

Excellent experience!

John Dobransky

Horrible va center. Dr hitchings from neurology is very rude and shouldn't be working there. Also they falsified my info and stated that I said I didn't want care from the va anymore which is false. Also website says closed at 8pm which is clearly wrong they close at 4pm which is complete garbage what medical center closes at 4pm.

Andrea McVicker

They schedule you for an appointment that doesn't get scheduled or call an constantly reschedule for a month out. Tell you that you won't be charged for medicine and then take it out of your disability.

Artur Karapetyan

I've been waiting to write a review for some time now and, honestly, I'm somewhat conflicted. I've been going to this VA for four years. I completely share the sentiments and dissatisfaction of many reviewers surrounding some key areas such as making an appointment, reaching someone on the phone, wait times, customer service, parking, and empathy from most VA staff. All of those categories are 1/5 stars; shameful. Good luck reaching anyone on the phone; good luck getting a timely appointment and good luck finding a parking spot. Expect to routinely speak with Patient Advocates who won't advocate for you in the least. Still, I've had two major surgeries at the VA, one of which was emergent and the other urgent. Both times, I had a team of healthcare professionals put forward outstanding work to repair a major muscle tear and months later perform an emergent life-saving procedure. Both surgeries were a complete success and I'm back to living my life fully. For the surgeries themselves and ultimate outcome, 5/5. Dr. Castro in particular, who was on call for my emergent procedure, really made me feel at ease, operated for hours into the night and showed up early Saturday morning after I woke up to see how I was. I could tell she was exhausted and that meant a lot to me. Post-operative care was like most care at the VA, awful. A lot of unreturned phone calls, talking to tele-nurses because no one else will speak with you, and a peri-operative team that could just care less. You have no idea what to expect, what your surgical recover should or should not look like and no idea what to do if something goes wrong except "go to the nearest ER". Post operatively, 1/5. I've been to the ER a few times. One tendon rupture, one muscle rupture and my life-threatening emergency. I've never had a bad ER experience, I think because my conditions were truly urgent/emergent. I agree, the ER doesn't handle flu-like symptoms well, or minor aches, or anything you can't clearly define. Yes, if it's packed and your condition is not more emergent than anyone else waiting, you're going to wait. That makes total sense. 4/5 stars for the ER. Personally, the pharmacy and the lab have never messed up my orders. I used to wait much longer for both but now times are much better. I agree with some reviewers, wait times can still be long at times. But, lab techs find my vein the first time. My meds are right and I'm generally on my way within an hour. Pharmacy staff could care less; zero empathy. 3/5 stars. Overall, I would say if you REALLY require attention and are having a true emergency, in my experience, the VA is going to drop everything their doing and care for you and do it just as well as any other established hospital system. However, virtually anything less than a true emergency, you can expect to wait, be passed around, be treated poorly, never reach anyone, never be able to make an appointment within a reasonable time and everything else so many reviewers have complained about.

Faith Kn

I went to this VA for appointments and I myself feel the same way as the comments that are made concerning this place. I don't want to call it a hospital because it is not at all in comparison to a real hospital. The staff is rude and unprofessional. It make me sick that my tax money is spent to pay these people salaries. They sit at the desk laughing and talking, Doctors don't seem to know half of what he or she is talking about unless if it not written in front of them from the internet. I can diagnosed myself and take an over the counter pill. I'm sorry to hear about the care that the cancer patient received from this place. It's not a joke, It's just sad that people are receiving paychecks for lack of care for giving people the service they should be receiving. I am a veteran and I worked in a medical facility years ago and after all these years the medical care is awful. Complaints need to keep coming in so it does not fall in death's ear. I have to give a star in order for this to post, otherwise I would not give a star.

Rodriguez Lewis

My wife and I have been trying to get our veteran ID cards since October and apparently the systems are still down. Extremely unprofessional. Get your stuff together.

Bargain Shed 757

Long waits to see primary care over 60 days. I see the ER more than my doctor.


Long wait times very few people listen to you and try to help. I sat for an hour and an appointment thinking I was checked in after I had asked the clerk she continue to let me sit there for an hour and hadn't checked me in it was until 15 minutes after the appointment time was supposed to have started did she that I finally go up and ask again if I was checked in which I wasn't wait times on the phone is atrocious seems like they put you on hold and don't even bother to check to see if you guys do I transfer very disappointed in this is how we treat veterans in this day in age


Deplorable customer service. I'm pretty sure the representatives don't give their name so that you won't write a poor review specifically on them. I felt like I was a child being berated by a wicked stepmother. Everything was my fault for not having known it to begin with, I was treated as a burden.

Rafael Garcia

Facility looks dirty, and the phone operators are horrible. I called to follow up on an appointment and got cut off, hung-up on, then they had an attitude. I didn't believe all the horror stories about the VA until Hampton, I hate this place already.

Angelina Ferris

Always there when I need them. I think to many people look at the negative instead of looking at all the positives.

louvina greaves

Just got off the phone with Albee, a very cheerful, accommodating, and courteous receptionists, who established great rapport in assisting me with the necessary procedures to obtain an appointment through the Va Hospital. Heavenly Father continue to bless me.

John Gaughan

Just moved here in January. Went to Health Benefits to get a primary care provider and it's been over 2 months waiting to be assigned and I call every week and department emails a lady upstairs that distributes the primary care providers and no email back or answer her phone. This should be an automatic computer generated system. I shouldnt have to wait 2+ months to get a doctor assigned to me!

Sherrita Latrice

I always have a bad experience with parking unless I arrive around 7ish and then I have to wait around for hours until my appointment. I also had bad experiences with some providers not updating medications and/or returning phones, secure messaging or relating important information regarding labs in an efficient manner. I still never heard back from a particular department since last November...

Kayla Tiffany

I spend 7 hours in the emergency room for a doctor to come in. Take one look at me. Listened to what i had to say then she left again for another hour. I was discharged after that. I had to spend 7 hours in there to be talked to for under 2 min.

Matthew Bowen jr

I have been treated here at this hosiptal since 2008 I myself am a Vietnam era veteran,this hospital has help me greatly as for my health matters in all departments and I was homeless when I started to receive treatment there since that time I am not homeless no more and I must say the medical treatment I receive is great they have help me with my health and my homelessness thru the dorm program and the mental health program where now I'm 100% they found a problem with me I never knew I had alot of vets come there seeking to fake out the doctors to try and get money plus with adtiuted they have to understand the VA as a hold is understaff and their r other veterans before them wow it bothers me when my fellow Bros in arms complaint all the time like cry babies when this staff at the Hampton VA is doing the best they can in time given to help out fellow veterans I give Hampton and Richmond both high ratings over 5 stars and the choice program is great!!!

Ashley Huntress

This is the worst VA I have ever dealt with. The call center transfers people between multiple different agent in the call center and when you inquire as to why, they place you on hold mid sentence. I have also been trying to make an appointment with the Orthopedic department to follow up on test results for 3 months, but the call center transfers me around and I get a phone line that just rings non-stop. I have also had false appointments made for me that the call center says are in the system, then when I showed up at the doctor, I never had an appointment. So I basically took off work to show up to a non-existent appointment. I have visited 4 different VA Hospitals and this is the worst of all of them. Unbelievably bad!!!

ashley dipasquale

The doctor I see in neurology rates a full 5 stars, he is awesome! But the womens mental health sucks big time. I can't sleep and the mental health doctor is always saying "I don't want you to get addicted to anything." as her excuse.

Laura Carranza

Earliest I can see my primary doc isnt til Dec.28 ima call and see if I can get a referral because ive been in constant pain almost and am starting worry if I have a cyst or ectopic pregnancy...

Herman C

Very Poor, The women's center is a complete joke, no appointments available, they try and shove everyone into group counseling session and the general impression is all the social workers consider themselves under paid and over worked. They all feel they are entitled to a GS12 senior position when they can't even put fourth an honest days work. Sadie, Maryland, and Denise are the worst of the bunch. Time to clean house and move non performers out. Im sure they all feel they are entitled to a bonus as well


I have been to multiple VA health care facilities in three states. The Hampton VA is by far the worst! Awful on all fronts.

Google User

This VA has made some good improvements. Doctors and staff are very friendly. If you look lost someone always stops and asks if they can help. Pharmacy you have to wait a long time but to me it may seem like that because I usually drop off my meds at a regular pharmacy and return hours later. I recently had surgery there. The surgeon was excellent as well as the nurses and the nurse anesthetists! They were very thoughtful and I felt like I was being treated wholistically including things that I was required to do in my life everything was accounted for. They now have surveys that ask you if multiple questions and if you felt you were treated with dignity and respect. They do have a valet now however they need more valet staff and parking is difficult I'd you arrive after 8 am. The building is old and has a lot of bumps but they seem to be making more improvements. All in all I like this hospital. Not as much as sentera but the doctors and nurses are really great, thoughtful and knowledgable.


I get the crowded parking and long wait times to see your PCP because it is the only medical facility for vets in the area and the area is super saturated with veterans. But when it's your time to see someone they really try their best. If you are prior military then you truly understand "hurry up and wait."


I have been to several VA medical centers. As a patient and a contractor. The Hampton VA medical center is second to none. Thank you for taking care of me and Damian

Kevin Dassel

I've been coming to the Hampton VA Medical Center since 2011 even though I have private health insurance from my current employer. As a disabled veteran, I am consistently treated with respect and given great care. For all the people on here complaining about rude employees and generally "hating" on the staff, I can only guess they are getting back what they give...

Ama Lee

Prime is slow, slow, SLOW. That's where you're going to have most of the issues. Way WAY way too many chiefs and not enough Indians, bumbling beauracrats everywhere, everyone thinks they're too good to do the very job they've been hired for and act like you asking them to do their job is an annoyance. HOWEVER... The ER staff is wonderful. WONDERFUL. If you have an acute illness, if you require surgery, if you end up in ICU ... you will receive world class care from world class, caring and professional people. The nurses, doctors, surgeons, therapy, and respiratory staff -- and the housekeeping and dietary staff too -- that you'll meet in the ER, ICU, and ICU step down is top notch, TOP NOTCH. These folks care. Fourth floor is not good at all. Be prepared to have staff that looks like they're slow, don't speak English well, and will regularly make you wait over an hour after you've rung for meds and 45 minutes after you've been sick all over yourself! The staff in the canteen and shop are really kind. The patient advocates are really helpful. Second floor with surgical and chemo is great and radiology is wonderful. Really hit and miss, they've got a lot that's wrong but so much that they're doing right. God bless our veterans and God bless some of the wonderful staff at the Hampton VA that care for them.

george marrero

Don't look in the basement type stuff like Jacob ladder

Corey Keeter

Worst medical service I have ever received, medicine doesn't arrive on time, oh well, looks like your behavioral health is gonna be on hold till someone gets around to doing there job, go pick it up? Sure I'll just wait 8 hours in the lobby to be called on at the pharmacy, and the best answer you get is, you'll have to wait till your meds come in the mail cause there is nothing we can do, oh and by the way, we forgot to put a tracking number on your medicine shipment, what a joke, good luck to anyone who has to deal with this horrible veteran services.

Alike Cooper

I can't believe the supervisor got loud with one of the employees right in front of me while I was waiting in the ER. The staff is so unprofessional. This is why the VA has such a bad rep because the staff is terrible.

darryl cannon

I seen my surgeon on Nov 26 about my knee replacement. Waited 2 1/2 hours. He said someone would contact me later that week. Nobody did. The next week I show up and talked to the person that does the scheduling. She said she would call me Thursday. Never did. I call Friday. Friday she's not working.

Ci Hawk

Moving out of area for better veterans hospital 8-2019 hope it's not to late for my health. Prayers for those who have to stay.

Alicia Taylor

I've never had an issue until today, the clerk in the dermatology department was extremely unprofessional, refused to take my information in order to reschedule since they cancelled my appointment after I got there and said the Dr will call me whenever she gets around to it.

Stacey Gallegos

This is for the Radiology (MRI) Department! As many of you who have to cross that forsaken tunnel, know you can run into traffic (back ups). Let's just say nothing moved for 20 minutes. I called 10 minutes before to let them know I was probably not going to be there on time. I finally got there 30 minutes later and they still took me in and told me it was ok. I was shocked, most places would've given attitude and rescheduled you. I was just happy to have found my way and got it done. Thanks Radiology, you guys are AWSOME!!!!! BZ for you!

Phoenixx Trih

This place is horrible...nurses who care more about their phones than patients. To be fair...not all of them. This is from the TOP down. Fix It!!

Justin McCoy

Slow and backwards. Trying to get ahold of your actual medical team via the phone is basically impossible. No matter how many times I reiterated I didn't have other insurance or healthcare they still assumed I was getting my medicine elsewhere and never put my prescriptions in.

Alkat Merc

Hampton VA has a lot of employees that have NO business dealing with patients/customers. These employees will ignore you and continue on with their personal conversation, playing on their phones, sleeping, rude and smart asses. . These people need to be fired, no customer service training is going to help them. Its definitely the culture at this hospital because no successful business would allow their employees to treat their patients/customers like this. I would rather suffer in pain then go to this disrespectful, uncaring hospital.

Ruth Smith

Our first trip here with no paperwork to tell us where to go...We check in and the desk sends us upstairs to 4th floor, NOT the right place. We are completely on the wrong floor, wrong building

Sky Finks

So rude. The staff clearly forget that veterans are civilians now and there is no CHAIN OF COMMAND. The black older lady in dental that works in the administration office needs to be fired. You know ots bad when her coworkers approach you and tell you good job for handling her. She talks to people as of she is coming out of her own pocket for your compensation. The VA need sto do better. Veterans are seriously out here dealing with real issues and have a major problem with adjusting to freedom. I wish I could remember that old lady name. When I find out, I will be editing this comment with it. Do better VA.

Randy Lawrence

Been here for over 2 and a half hours just to get a print out of my CPAP, only to find that they don’t have the resources to do it just because it came from another VA in the state of North Carolina. This is the worst VA I’ve ever been to.

Cody Boyd

I don't know what is worse, deploying with an awful unit or going here.... How does this place not have ample parking spots!

Michele Glaspie

I have only recently started going to the VA, but I am impressed by the care and attention that I have been given. Today I witnessed (overheard) a patient get downright rude with one of front desk staff members in Physical Rehabilitation. She apologized for his frustration and told him that she would be back with someone who could help him. Other than that place being a maze the likes of The Amazing Race (someone always asks those of us seemingly wandering in circles - thanks!), I give them a big thumbs up! Thanks for what you do!

Youness Halouane

The worst service ever. I tried to call the community service department today twice. The first I was waiting on the phone for 15 minutes and they hung up on m . I tried the second time and they hang up on me again and this time it was after I was in the phone waiting for over 22 minutes. The worst service ever

josh pine

if you like being lied to, poisoned, and harvested, this is the place for you

Kelvin Mills

Went in for one of my classes got a C-PAP Appointment seen a few vets n friends my day done

Athena Williams

I have utilized the emergency room three times in the last three years, and I must admit it runs more efficiently than any active duty hospital I have ever been too. Considering the amount of traffic this hospital is accountable for I'd say that for free health care they deserve six stars! The parking is pretty limited, but as long as you account for it there is really no reason to hold it against the facility.

Randy Whiteside

Getting a lot better, Veterans can't give up!

Kathy S

Hampton VA Med Ctr is short handed and gives me the run-around trying to get the appropriate assistance. There are a few doctors and staff that are courteous and try to help, however that is not always the norm; too much red tape and not enough care.


Total garbage, completely inapropriate behavior by the staff, rude and superior attitude, horrible service, and that's IF the help you, contact you, or get in touch with you at all. Struggled through dealing with them for two years now and they are nothing but trouble. Avoid this place.

Dennis Sanders

VA hospital has lost my medical records. I have been going to the VA hospital since 1995 and I recently went to the hospital they asked me have I ever been here before? The Dr Augustine tells me short term FMLA is only to take care of family. FMLA is also to take care of you. Job security and paid leave. He currently is getting me fired because of his lack of knowledge.

Randy Logsdon

Clerks refuse to scan my VHIC card for identification as they prefer to use my ss#. Millions of dollars

Joe Simon

It's a little understaffed and a bit crowded but the staff does what they can. The PCM takes time to hear you out, goes over symptoms, works with you on treatment options, not much else they can do. The mental health folks are top notch in my opinion.

Kimberly Hill

I took my husband here and the staff was very pleasant we didn't have to wait at all.. They even had free valet parking.

Dave Walker

A complete disgrace to ALL veterans. The government needs to fire everyone here and start over somewhere else. Lady tells me to take a seat and wait while I hear her talking to her daughter about dinner on her cell phone. It’s a waste of my time to comment any further...

Debbie Budlove

Spent 7 hours Tuesday night at the ER. Jerry had a horrible reaction to Combavent. As we're being discharged I asked thenurse, shouldn't he stop the med & the nurse tells me know-it-all he has problem again you can just bring him back to the ER. Am to help needs blood work in 48 hours to restart his Metformin. Get to VA today & the ER has a 4-5 hour wait.o to prime 1 & ask nurse if his primary can't order the test & she spends 15 minutes trying to convince me he needs a glucose test. Guess she didn't hear a word I said. Finally saw the Dr. In the hallway & asked him & he ordered the test. Get a mile from the house & the nurse calls & said they had the wrong labs & we need to come back. Get there & lab doesn't know what we're talking about. Of course by this time the staff has left prime. I go knocking on doors & luckily his primary is still there. Come to find out it was the right labs. So wasted trip back & the nurse must be a total ditz. Also tried to use kiosk to request his travel pay & was told to see the clerk. The clerk sends me to the wrong place. After asking I find out where I need to go & the lady there gives me attitude. Jeez, I wanted to hurt somebody.

Krich. Walsh

Well to be honest it's pretty much just like any other place in Virginia & remember that are vets that work there & some of our family members so we all have played a role in the way this country has turned out. So if you want to make a difference, stop saying that it doesn't concern me & make it your business to do the right thing in every scenario. Remember WWJD (what would JESUS do) Let's start asking that again before doing something. Ok?

monique wright

So unempathetic, unprofessional, condescending, impersonal, patronizing, and flat out rude! And I'm being modest! I went to an outside Dr.,and got frustrated with how long I had to wait. Once I got in, I understood why it took him so long. He didn't treat his patients like fast food; he actually sat down with them, got to know them, and genuinely cares. Something that I have never gotten at the VA. You could be feeling hopeless and on the brink of suicide, and if your allocated time for your appointment is over; they will kick you out!! I hate coming here; it brings me so much anxiety!!!

James Wallace

I would rather pay for health insurance then come back here. The VA needs to fire some ignorant people here and put more qualified individuals in place. I don't care if these people need job, I need healthcare not to be given the run-around. Come on VA step in!!!!!! We need your help!!!!!!! People of Hampton roads in Virginia

Tkm Check

Been trying to get a mask for my CPAP sent to me for about the past two and a half hours over the phone. Spoke to prosthetics (they handle the mail outs of equipment), and they can't send me a mask because I haven't been to the hospital within the last year. They transferred me to the CPAP equipment guy (Troy), who gave me a number to call in order to set up an appointment to come in, and that number was the number for a private residence. That very nice lady, who thought I was prank calling her, figured out that I was trying to reach the VA, and told me she's been getting these calls for years. She gave me a couple of other numbers to try. They didn't work either. I called the hospital operator again, was transferred to the CPAP clinic, they made me an appointment (for November. It is July 13th, as of this writing), and I've spent around the last hour and a half trying to reach Troy again in order to make sure my mask size is correct before he mails it out to me. The phone rings off the hook in the CPAP clinic, or it rings off the hook in Troy's office (which was changed on the fly because of computer problems), and sometimes I get a fax machine at the number for Troy's office. There's a whole lot more wrong here than not being able to contact the person. The lady at the CPAP desk actually told me, and I quote, "I can hear Troy out in the hallway, so he's still here. His last appointment isn't until 3:30 pm." So, I guess it was too much to stick her head out the doorway and say "Troy, you gotta phone call!" This is EXACTLY why people HATE to deal with the VA. I am currently holding the phone to my ear, where it has been ringing at the CPAP desk for the past 10 minutes or so, with no one there (seemingly) to answer. It is absolutely disgraceful.

User Name

Absolutely miserable experience. If you actually find parking and make it in, be prepared to be shuffled all around the maze and then wait forever to be seen. Once you are seen, the staff are totally incompetent. Avoid this place if you can.

Ashley Martinez

Explain to me why I spent 30 minutes on hold or waiting to be transferred for this location, but someone spoke with me within 3 minutes when I called the Richmond location.....? Oh and I can’t forget to mention the rude woman that put me on hold while I was in the middle of answering her question. Shame on me for thinking it was a mistake or something urgent came to the desk, I waited 10 minutes for her to pick back up and nothing. If this is ANY example of the service at the Hampton VA, I want nothing to do with it. I’ll make the hour and a half drive to Richmond.

Karlee Stewart

Just keep in mind my pain and depression doesnt work a 9 to 5 shift it's a 24 hr shift so when you neglect to send me my prescription in the mail for yet the second time then wonder what's wrong with me it's simple I'm in pain depressed from the injuries and I have a rude Fonsie telling me that if I wanted help I should call at there convienence to find out why I'm out of meds and still waiting 2 weeks for them to never arrive.. then you ask yourself Fonsi how many times did your ignorance rudeness and lack of sympathy put a life in your hands. But hey sure transfer me to the pharmacy so they can sit there gossiping about there husbands while a injured vet is trying to get help to simmer the pain and emotional mood swings from going off of and back on a anti depressant and see if fonsi has thought about making it all end. I'm scared of death but there are so many crying for help you all refuse to acknowledge. What is wrong with this place.. they put me on all these meds. And antidepressants well a month later I'm waiting to receive my antidepressants. I've been out for a month but hey I have enough etodolac 400 to do whatever I want with.. I do not take pain killers and I stick to my aspirin when I hurt.. I'm not looking to be an addict just my antidepressants so I'm ok again but instead you have sent me 4 bottles of painkillers that I do not want and best part is you just changed my primary care provider so now I am supposed to do what? Call the damn pharmacy that doesnt answer.. How do you fix this issue?? I'm sure an IG complaint would work wonders it has in the past.. this is honestly unacceptable

Sheila Barfield

I was misdiagnosed at Riverside Hospital but my physicians at the VA HOSPITAL were the experts in finding out about what was causing the problem and professionalism from them saved my life. Some people in between them can be rude, but that's their power struggle and let's face it we've braved carrying weapons for this country and without us they wouldn't have a job; so, hopefully those unhappy with needing to assist us will move out the way and let someone who does appreciate freedom have a chance at being an assistant to healing! ! We just want to feel better in life!!!

Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

If you’re LUCKY you’ll get a doctor that actually cares and respects veterans. Some departments aren’t bad when you understand that this is Government Run Health care and they’ve got 3k Veterans to see that day who are, a lot of the times, very rude themselves BECAUSE we’ve dealt with so many “check-in people” that not only hate their jobs, but hate and despise us disabled Veterans and treat us like we were just found guilty of some disgusting crime. Once you get your prescriptions you have two choices, either tell your doc you want them mailed to you, in which it’ll be 3 weeks before you get them. Not because of the USPS, but because the pharmacy didn’t mail them until day 18. Your only other choice is to get them filled immediately. I laughed when I typed “immediately”, because that means you’ve got to take a number and wait anywhere from 20min to 1hr to be called to another “check-in person” to let them know that you’re there. Then you’ve got to wait anywhere from 30min to 4hrs, depending on time of day, to actually get your prescription. Why you need to wait to “check-in” when your doc already sent your script to the pharmacy is out of my comprehension. So, good luck and welcome to one of the worse VAMC’s in the country! I pray that President Trump is able to change things for us.

cathy mindak

Has some great people, all over worked

Timothy McGrath

When I started going there in 2013, it was not too good. But after a few years going and getting to know Dr. Amare and her nurses, they been the best understanding and helped me out a lot.Got me a much need back surgery. Only one problem I see is 3rd party communications.

Lee Hughes

I hate when I call and finally get a human to help. That the person acts like I am disturbing their peace by asking them a question. The favorite line I hear is it not our job to provide that information. Really??? Then what the hell is your job?


The doctors that I have had contact with have taken good care of me. The down side here is the pharmacy and parking.

Denise Hardin

Radiology for mammogram "selina" was awesome....actually name of machine...but tech should remember me by the post!!

Cory Harris

For what I need and expect from nearly free healthcare the Hampton VA does exactly that. Whenever I have required medical care the Hampton VA has taken care of every need including my spouses needs as well. We appreciate the fact that we can afford to have everything we have been through over that past few years still fit in our budget. The Starbucks is not worth the wait but aside from that and longer than the DMV lines for service/labs/Px at times, it's great as far as I'm concerned. Also, please use the secure messaging system to have "other than emergency" communication including making appointments because the phone line is only good for emergency calls or the nurse line. Which are both excellent as well.

Angela Banks

I wanted zero stars but it will not allow you to post. Almost always a bad experience. A few do try to help but not enough, the main number goes to some rude people, I have been transferred in the middle of sentences while trying to explain the problem.

Robert Hand

They do the best they can with the messed up system they are given and veterans are forced to deal with.


Tried calling CPAP clinic and supply for a month. Not once they pick up. They do not even have a voice message. Try calling them for yourself X3177.

James Heath

Very sad! Very difficult to find the right person to help with questions that you may have!

katrina palmer

My biggest concern is with the call centers. The people are so rude. Absolutely terrible customer service. I have been to the emergency room a couple of times and they are actually very nice there. Sometimes it takes a while but that's understandable. But everyone that I have encountered in making an appointment have been some of the rudest people I've ever talk to.


After waiting a whole year to see my primary care provider, my appoinment was cancelled without my knowledge. The reason I found out about it was because a month prior to that appointment I called to make another appointment to see him for chronic back and knee paint. At that point I was informed that my yearly appointment was cancelled and therefore another appointment was set up for June 7. On friday June 7th I called the VA in the morning to verify my appointment time only to find out my doctor cancelled my appointment due to going on leave. Awesome. Now I have a new appointment set for the end of August.... 2 months from now.

Seth Brannock

How in the Hell does this VA stay open??? The rudest, most disrespectful bunch of people ever put together. This is not a hospital, its a Shith&#e. Fire the director and the worthless "MANAGERS". Close the place down or fire everyone and start over.

BIG Johnson

Nicely run facility helping thousands of veterans a year with health care and much more. Located in Hampton Virginia and serving veterans near and far for many many years

Marcus Wilson

The phone line receptionist are extremely rude. They sound like they hate their jobs and they definitely do not want to help me. They want to do the bare minimum. My PCM is the most rude doctor I've ever had the displeasure of knowing and I am currently trying to get transferred to someone else, hopefully in Chespeake. This place doesn't seem like a hospital, it seems like a favor house because it seems as though everyone who is "helping" you is doing a favor just by talking to you. The only good experience I had was with the cardiologist. I can't remember his name as it was uncommon, but he was very helpful and happy to help me.


I HATE THIS PLACE. Yep, HATE IT. The level of incompetence is atrocious. This is the Peter Principle at its finest. “According to the Peter Principle, every position in a given hierarchy will eventually be filled by employees who are incompetent to fulfill the job duties of their respective positions.” Ah yes, the endless cycle of stupidity. Where should I begin? Try attempting to make an appointment. You’ll wait to reach an “operator” who will then transfer you to an extension that doesn’t exist. The phone will just ring. Eventually you’ll be “re-looped” back to an operator who will start the process all over again. By the time you’ve finally reached your destination, 54 minutes will have passed only to be told by the person answering your call (no one can assist you.) The Pharmacy is a bunch of mindless caricatures who lack the ability to use basic common sense like reordering medication once the current supply has been dispensed, checking CURRENT mailing addresses and contacting the prescribing doctor should there be an issue with drug interactions. We all watched as the Arizona VA essentially sent veterans to their deaths as they were unable to schedule appointments - but you really should be looking at the Pharmacy. Wrong medications sent, incorrect dosages dispersed, incorrect medications dispersed and no one to answer for any of it. You essentially have to be your own doctor and pharmacist and double check their so called “work.” It’s a dangerous situation that puts everyone at risk. The doctors are overbooked, so you’ll experience a lack of timely access to thoughtful care. You’ll be made to feel like herded cattle on a conveyor belt being sent to the slaughterhouse - specifically, “you’re just a number and don’t really matter.” The entire administration lacks adequate leadership and you’ll find “rogue employees” attempting to accomplish what the entire organization is either unwilling or unable to provide, but finding a VA employee with more than two brain cells (that aren’t fighting against each other) is like winning the lottery. Actually, you have better odds of winning the lottery. Veteran healthcare is a farce - a total joke - and the joke is on veterans. I could care less about the veterans who work there - I find it insulting when some jackass employee explains to me “they understand my frustration” but interestingly they DON’T have any of the same issues. Good luck to those receiving care at the Hampton VA - it’ll become the hardest duty you’ll ever serve.

David Maynor

I visit the Hampton VA twice a year to maintain an active status in the VA system. They are not my primary medical providers but Dr. Wing and the intake nurses are friendly, professional and inquisitive. I schedule my appointments six months in advance. Parking is a nightmare but they offer valet service if you don't want to make the long walk from any of the parking lots.

Cristie Williams-Ward

Please find better care for your loved ones than here

Joseph Beagan

Dealing with this place is a horrible experience. I believe Ivanka Trump's husband needs to hear about the Hampton VA Hospital so I am sending him a letter. This has gone on for too long and since he is not that far from here he can come down, visit and ask people in the waiting area what they think of this place. Let's see if the President meant what he said about changing the system. It's not like they can possibly make the level of service any worse.

Leon Warren

There's good & bad in all, To each it's own. Either you're on correcting, Or all ways complaining. Warren, Leon Louis U.S.ARMY VETERAN.

Sonia Oden

I went to the Women's Clinic today at the VA in Hampton, VA for a general question and my experience was great. My questions were answered and the two ladies working the check in counter were very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I know the VA usually gets a bad rap but today, I want to say thanks to all the providers and staff who try their best to provide quality service in a flawed system.

Russell Allsbrook

A very grateful Veteran

sarah kemper

I understand that the VA doesn’t have a lot to work with. But most of the nurses and people that check you in are so unbelievably rude at the women’s clinic. That’s so uncalled for. I am not one to write bad reviews unless my experience is as bad as it has been the last several times I’ve visited over the years. Worst treatment I’ve ever experienced at any Va hospital.

Zakaria Ouahmane

It's a shame, Only one doctor on site when running an emergency room designed for 50 patient maximum capacity. (3rd world standards) This is a perfect case of fraud waste and abuse of VA Dollars spend on the Emergency department. The ER is meant to provide express and urgent medical care to patients based on the severity of medical illness. No one should be told the wait time is 5-7 hours so and I quote "you all are free to leave if you wish, we only have one doctor after 10pm" Ridiculous!!!!

gDavid gKinsel

After having 2 spinal surgeries November 2018 and December 2018, I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea stop breathing 98 times an hour. The findings were sent to this location. The only thing stopping me from receiving life saving medical treatment is someone has my findings on their desk and not scanned in from February 20, 2019 to present day. You can call everyone in that place including patient advocate and no one calls you back. Yet when you call them, they ask "how can they provide you world class service". They are incapable of providing basic service nonetheless world class.

Jerlyn Allen

Wait, wait, wait and more waiting. Good company though. I'm in the presence of other veterans.

Justin Burch

I'm posting three stars, but it's a bit more complicated than that. I haven't actually been to this hospital yet, but after three days of calling, speaking with very rude people, getting transferred to a phone that just rings perpetually, and being told they would give me a call back, I was finally connected with Lorrisa (spelling?). She didn't try to transfer me; she didn't try tell me she would call me back; she seemed like she really cared about getting me my initial appointment and stayed on the phone with me while she ran around the hospital to different departments to try and get me scheduled within a reasonable time. That conversation would get five stars, but since I'm also reviewing one star conversations, my overall experience just on the phone is three stars. Stand by for a review of my actual hospital visit.

Micah Castillo

It is rough time to time, but there are dedicatedly doctors and medical personnel who genuinely care and ensure you are taken care of. It's also pretty calming to look our the window and see the bay.

MO Sanders

The service provided has remarkably improved within the last couple of years. The parking is a problem so I pray to find a park each visit and it always works.

Steven Tindall

The service here is amazing. The staff are very caring.


Never had so many problems just trying to schedule an appointment until coming to this place. With all the services offered, it's a pain to try and get anything out of them. No help.

Charles Clayton

Employees are rude and act as if they don't want to be there. I wish they would evaluate all the employees there annually because if they do not want to work , are tax dollars needs to go to employees that wants to help veterans.

Carol Bonelli

Tell Jimmy, Sr (sir) I am on my way. Jeep is being fixed. Wild Bill says Hi....He s NUTS!

nishruu uurhsin

best va I have been to

Ricky Ward

Hampton VA Medical Center is a joke. I went to their E.R. to get checked out for possible strep throat or tonsillitis. They bounced me through to the Immediate care center. There, they swabbed my throat and sent me to the pharmacy to wait on 4 scripts which included antibiotics and an inhaler so I was told. I took my number and waited over an hour for it to be called to see the pharmacist. But wait, there's more.... The pharmacist took my name and last 4 then told me to go wait again while my scripts were pulled. This was at 1130 am. 5pm roles around after being told several times to await my name to pop up and I go to check on what's going on because they close at 530pm only to be told that my stuff just hasn't been pulled yet. Like we are just supposed to accept that. At that point I asked why it takes them 6 hours to pull meds, to be told by the man at the counter hed do what he could. Less than 5 minutes later they call me up. The pharmacy there really needs to get their stuff together. There were people waiting there just as long and longer than I. This is unsatisfactory. Also, I never found out what's going on with my throat as the doctors never gave me the call or results of any tests.

Nancy Copeland


James Edblom

Ever had to wait eight hours in pain then have the police called because you're upset. Come to this horrible place that wants to kill vets so they don't have to pay you anymore. Wants pics of the staff sleeping on the job while vets wait? Let me know. Do not go here only a few doctors actually care the rest are check collectors. Go to the Richmond VA.

M&R Jackson

Don't order from the Starbucks. They have no idea how to make drinks and the coffee always tastes bad.

Gerthel Wolfe

Long waits especially the optical shop. It's ridiculous

Erika Underwood

I hate going. I told my mom that the next time I go to the ER I better be passed out. I can't ever get an appointment with my doctor so they refer me to the ER then when I go to the ER they treat me like I am bothering them and wasting their time. Everyone seems to hate their jobs there. I work in Healthcare and would love to take one of their jobs since they hate it so much. Smh. Just pack your patience and if you are Christian pray and bring your Bible to read. You are going to need Jesus with you to keep you from losing it.

Beach Bum

Lots of changes coming soon. What people have to remember is this is government health care. For me it's not bad I have not had any problems with the hospital it's the system that is messed up. Everyone is very nice.

Brian GoneFishin

The veterans medical system is not perfect. It is an ongoing work in progress. What i can say is tgat the people who wor in this location seem to really care about our vets. Service here has been much improved in the past 15 years.

Kaylee M

I have severe chronic pain. I started using the VA when I was medically retired. I had to wait 7 months to get a PCM and another 3 for the appointment. They are over booked. My PCM wanted to see me in 1 month and the front desk said the closest they have is about 3 months out. Now I'm in the ER because of pain. I've been here multiple times. Every time they fail to help my pain. They just inject toradol and say "it will kick in" and after an hour or so I tell them it hasn't helped and they just say "oh well it might take long ER" I've been given toradol so many times I know it doesnt work for me. When they say they've "treated me" they discharge me and I'm still in pain (if not more) like I was when I arrived! Oh not to mention how loud the ER is from the staff sitting in the nurse area chit chatting and screaming to each other about things that aren't related to work. Meanwhile someone's room is beeping from their BP. No one making an effort to even check on the patient. They don't care about the patients at all. So far every department I've dealt with (excluding xray and escort and my doctor when I actually see her because they are helpful) are absolutely awful. Garbage service, most are rude, others just dont care about the veterans. The pharmacy take at least 3 hours and then they dont always call you because they are waiting on a medication that is an injectable that was ADMINISTERED IN THE ER. How does that make sense. This place is horrible. Hoping the VA in my home state is far better than this forsaken place.

Presley Lewis

This is a good facility. I started my claim but needed glasses. They gave them to me anyway.

Tyrone Nixon

I have been going to thisvaforoverthelast10yearsi can truly say that I have seen tremendous amount of changes that makes this vafacility the best one in the entire system of veterans hospitals salute my entire hometherapyteamwhohasassistedmegreatlysinceihada lifealterungstrokethe home-based therapy program is a good idea for the veterans administration to support and I can guarantee you that will see a big change in the way that veterans are being cared for I know myteamof Dr and social worker are the best I wisheveryveterancouldget the support and carried have been receiving for the last year since I had my stroke my hat off Hampton veterans affairs medical center you guys worked hard for the veterans andonbehalfofall veterans thank you for your service and commit menttothe veterans you care for keep up the excellent quality of work and workers who are definitely dedicated to the best treatment for American veterans

Daniel Miller

A good place as any if your looking for neglected care and a death wish

Charles Wilson

Beaware this is the fastest growing VA hospital in the US. Many veterans in this area are coming here. May want to try the Richmond VA. Otherwise very professional.

Jennifer Cagle

Awful. Mental health Dr's are very nice if always behind on appointments. However it takes FOREVER to schedule one - called in with a medicine issue (ran out of refills just as my primary Psych's rotation ended) it took over TWO MONTHS to get my medicine refilled - I just had to deal with the withdrawal symptoms of stopping a PSYCHIATRIC medication cold turkey. The phone operators are a different issue entirely - I have never had a pleasant experience with the phone operator. Recently I broke my ankle on the weekend and ER scheduled a expedited Ortho consult for me - told me to call the clinic on Monday. When I called the operator was INCREDIBLY rude and dismissive - told me that she could not transfer me to any clinic directly and that I had to wait for them to call me. When I never received a phone call I called back and the same operator actually BERATED me for following up. "Ah TOLD you that they'll call YOU." Meanwhile I'm on crutches with a broken ankle, not even in a proper cast just an ER splint and ACE bandages. I was only given a few days worth of pain medicine AND I need to get back to work! She was absolutely no help at all. I had to call the Women's Clinic and have them transfer me instead - come to find out Ortho is booked for MONTHS and now I have to face the hassle of going through the outside care program which is a whole new hassle. It's now TWO WEEKS since I broke my ankle and I have not seen a Dr. at all since the original ER visit. Despicable. I should have gone to Sentara and indebted myself. Luckily I'm young, with a steady job and a great support system. I can't imagine the hassle that elderly vets, that are depending on the VA as their sole source of care, face daily. My heart goes out to them.

Edward Barber

I've been to 4 VA hospitals since my retirement this is sadly the worst of all as far as direct physical interaction with patients from the Dr's Pa's. Pa that saw myself took ZERO none medical procedures to see/check evaluate or diagnose my condition ZERO. Walked in with med script pad wrote a few meds down & on my B.S. way. A few days after I went to a MD EXPRESS come to find out I had pneumonia in one of my lungs the Pa @ VA failed to check. After proper treatment from Express clinic was back to work after missing 4 day's ZERO thank to an inexperienced unprofessional Pa.

David Gibson

Everytime I go, I have a great experience. Always friendly and helpful staff. I know that the VA has a bad rap but this VA center has been nothing but good!

Amanda Inglis

They staff is very unprofessional and have the worst attitudes I have ever seen. They do not care about the veterans that rely on their services and would rather spend more time talking amongst themselves. As a veteran who has been recovering from cancer, you would think I would be able to get an appointment more than a phone call every 3 months. In the appointments they are very rude and don't seem to care what is going on. They try and get you out of their office as soon as possible. They also do not communicate

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