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Christie Onyechi

Great hospital and amazing customer service for the most part. The only area that needs work is the Emergency Room. There are a few nurses there that are very short in temper and need to realize that patients are sick or in severe pain. However the person that made my experience much better was a young man named Tomas Prudencio. He put in my IV with an ultrasound machine and Had exemplary customer service. He made sure I was comfortable and made sure the nurse attended to me. He was the best person I met there even though I was in severe pain. It was because Of Tomas I was able to have a semi comfortable experience. I really appreciate him. I did not have the best experience in the emergency room but as soon as I got to 5 North it was awesome.

Tenna Dukes

9/16/19 I sat in the ER for over six hours. So many people were complaining. It truly felt like they called the "Caucasian" people back before all the "other" people. This was the most ridiculous visit to the ER that I have ever experienced. They deserve a -3

Emmanuel Garcia

I had to visit the ER. There was a wait but it wasn’t bad, and the treatment was good. The medical staff was incredibly nice and helpful. My only issue is that after being admitted into the ER, a person came to charge us for our visit even before we received treatment. We have good health insurance and wish we would get treated first and billed later. One week after discharge, I had to return for a follow up visit and was forced to pay the full balance from my ER visit before I was allowed to see my doctor. Both times we were charged without receiving a bill, so we had no idea what we were paying for or what percent would be covered by our insurance. Pressuring people to pay before treatment is unacceptable.

Lachone Simms

My Mom was in GW Hospital for 9 days and I'm pleased to say they took very good care of her. All the staff was very nice and kept me updated on her recovery. The best hospital ever.

Sharmika Jackson

Every interaction with the staff was superb. From the staff that checked me in, the intake nurse, anesthesiologist, the nurses caring for me when I went back for the procedure, and Dr. Kallus. Everyone was kind, cheerful, and worked with a great level of excellence. I then woke up to a nice nurse caring for me. The best staff ever.

Anne Pellicciotto

Abysmal service and care at the OB/Gyn clinic. Disorganized desk and scheduling, non-responsive to calls and msgs. Waited an hour half naked in exam room for the doc. Prescrip refills impossible. The dir, Dr Nancy Gaba, should be faulted for such systematically poor service, finger pointing and running her docs ragged. I am changing to Georgetown.

Shifeng Song

I would have appreciated the experience more if the hospital can give people who are waiting at the ER some proper information about when they would be able to see a doctor. We waited around 6 hours in the ER to see a doctor, and during that time, we are very confused about where we are in the line and everything.

Cristian B

It's almost impossible to get help either over the phone for a follow up or in the emergency room.

Roslyn Taylor

My wife was taken to the George Washington Hospital emergency room on Wednesday 18 September 2019 for heart issues although Washington Hospital Center is closer to our home. A decision was made to admit her but there were no rooms available. Nurse Michelle, from Cameroon, was really professional answering all our questions and making her stay as pleasant as can be under the circumstances. She had a passion for the craft and it made us feel special to be in here presence. The next day my wife was taken to room 302A where we meet Nurse Jessie, our nurse. He exhibited the same qualities as Nurse Michelle and it was then we knew that there was something special about all the staff that we encountered. Jessie worked tirelessly to ensure my wife received the best care ( I was present and very observant and stayed 8 hours plus on both Thursday and Friday). He also displayed a sense of humor that was welcoming in this situation. On Thursday evening, my wife had an "episode" that brought about 12 people to our room ( the gold team ) to assist Jessie in correcting the emergency ( that was comforting ). Nurse Blair in the recovery room area was very attentive and helpful, she was very patient as my wife struggle to use the bed pan after surgery. The dietary staff ( someone in room services convinced us to go for the bake chicken make healthy choices for dinner). The lady that transported my wife back to her room after surgery, showed a level of caring that was refreshing. Mr. Todd and the valet team were very professional. The security guards were vigilant yet respectful. This visit to the George Washington Hospital hospital went well and we felt that everyone should know that. The service was top class and the behaviors by the professionals that we encounter were second to none. This level of service should be anyone's expectation as we demand quality service where ever we go. Our preferred hospital is Washington Hospital Center because it is closer to our home, but we never receive such high level of service there ( just being honest ), and I hope and pray that the George Washington Hospital management team realize what great professionals they have. As consumers we need to acknowledge and report quality service when we witness it in order to encourage the continuation of this behavior and to put others on notice that they need to improve. BRIGHTER DAYS DC......we have a new choice name G W Hospital. G. Gordon / R. Taylor

richard sklenar

My wife was there for the emergency room. Received quality care. But it did take us 4.5 hours before we could leave.


George Washington hospital is THE worst, especially their emergency wing. For starters, the security and nurses at the front desk of the emergency room are rude as hell and once you are able to get to the back to see a nurse in the emergency wing, they basically put you in a room and leave you there. I’ve never been in an emergency room where the nurses are non attentive. I am here with my mother because her job rushed her to this hospital due to her having trouble breathing and I really wish her job would’ve taken her somewhere else. The other 3 patients in this emergency ward with me have complained of the same issues. Oh and did I neglect to mention the flies and bloody swabs left around her bed. I had to clean up behind these nurses because clearly they neglected to do a decent job of that. The nurses are non responsive and I don’t understand how that’s possible when this is the flipping EMERGENCY WARD!!!! Seriously, anyone who needs immediate medical attention and is near this hospital, you’ll do yourself a favor going somewhere else.

Ethan Parker

The worst place

Arlin Winefordner

I received attentive and compassionate care for an attack of Gastroenteritis from the Orange Team. I arrived suffering almost screening pain and was promptly seen by an admitting physician. The pain was under control within another 10 minutes. I wish I could remember everyone that attended to me but I was much to groggy most of the time. My thanks to everyone that was involved with my care. I would give you all 5 stars but you need to rethink those automatic beds. They are the beds that never sleep and ensure that you don't either. I seemed that every time I adjusted myself to a comfortable position, the bed sensed it and reconfigured itself.

Dayona Campbell

This is one of the worst hospitals ever!! They did a surgery on one of my family members and did not cover her surgery scars they forgot to give her her antibiotics and on top of that she wouldnt wake up and they neglect to tell me she or update me on her condition I wouldn’t recommend this hospital to anybody

Twan Lo

Great Nursing staff on 3 South Cardiology Unit!

Tamia Barnes

I am very appreciative of the surgical staff. I am 1 day post surgery. The staff was great and very attentive to my needs. The surgery was successful and I am grateful for their competence and expertise.

ThatGirl Jane

This hospital has gone downhill faster than a skier on a ski slope. The Pulmonary Department works like a car repairman that keeps you coming back. You have an initial consultation $25, then a test $25 on parking and gas, then a follow up from the test $25 plus $15 on parking, then another test, $25 + parking, and then a final visit $25 + parking, and then you still don't get the equipment you need for another week or so, even if they say it's urgent for you to get the equipment, they would rather you keep visiting them paying money because they know you really won't need them anymore after you get your equipment. Oh, I should also mention the appointments are far apart, meaning you have to wait weeks for follow up appts. Oh yeah, if you work like I do, that's also time off work every month. While everyone is polite and friendly, just be prepared to hurt. Quick update: I never heard back. Even wrote a letter and nobody called me. There responses here are automated because nobody there really cares.

Benjamin Jones

Easy breezy. I got in and out of my outpatient surgery very quickly. Everyone was so nice too.

Monee Shops

The worst hospital ever! Expect to be discharged without seeing a doctor ! Expect to be in the waiting room for 7+ hours without even peaking at a doctor. I’ve noticed they are stuck in Jim Crow time because I also noticed how they handle their white patients vs their black ones. LAST BUT NOT LEAST EXPECT TO BE TREATED LIKE LESS THAN HUMAN WHEN THEY SUPPOSED TO BE NURTURING AND CARING FOR THEIR PATIENTS

Isabelle Duval

The nurses were not only polite and experienced, but very genuine. I experienced great care and attention that made the experience a lot calmer and smoother.

Lil star ej Jones fur

If I can give a 0 I would. I have been to this hospital before seen how the ER DON'T CARE and how they interact with folks. I should have sued but instead they barred me because they knew they were intiled to get sued. They were told I have a hole in my leg from jogging and tried over a area and the hole was a quarter or so wide and deep and when I got to the ER NO NURSE had seemed to care to EVEN LOOK AT THE WOUND and just SAY "PUT HER IN THE WAITING," WELL thanks your Neglience made me to Georgetown where they said because I waited so long to get seen and with a open WOUND they said I have MRSA and they treated me Right away.

Desire Williams

Amazing I had my daughter at GW the Labor and Delivery department were amazing!!! The staff we friendly helpful and just made me feel comfortable! The entire hospital staff are amazing down to the cafeteria staff I will never go no where else or bring my children any where else but GW!!!

Shamika Cherry

I know each person may experience something different upon their visit. Honestly I choose their Emergency Room over anyone in the district. I live in SW/SE but will drive or request an ambulance to GW. I was just there on Feb 2nd of the 5th. The staff is always nice and respectable. The service is fast. The staff is thorough and detailed and I never have to wait for someone to come back to check on me. My daughter was delivered there and the service was exceptional then, which was in 2012. The rooms are clean. I never noticed anything dirty. Staff changes gloves, information was keyed in properly. I was worried each visit yet their concerns made me feel better before I was medically diagnosed. Sorry for those that endured negative or bad experiences. I hope your next visit is better. I remember a time I went & no matter how many times I went to let the receptionist know the pain was getting worse, she informed a doctor each time. I know other people are worse off and its hard to determine the level of pain, yet receiving remarkable service is always a plus. Thanks to each of you that serviced me during every visit!

CoCo Moore

This has to be the worst emergency room ever. Wait time went from 3 hours to 5. Told a couple of people were in front of me and 7+ people later I'm still waiting. Front desk staff is antisocial. Cannot ask them a thing without them looking annoyed that you asked. This couldn't be a hospital

Harleen Sahni

The ER is a joke. They drew blood and then a later doctor said there was no reason to test it. So they did it for absolutely no reason. Also once they said everything was okay, they didn't discharge us and just kept us waiting around. The attending doctor was belittling and dismissive. We had to prod him for things we need to watch for to see if things take a turn for the worse. We had to keep reminding the doctors and nurses of the condition. Apparently they don't believe in reading charts or talking to each other. Also the last doctor said absolutely the opposite of what previous health care people at the hospital said at the same visit. Really inspires confidence. This place sucks. (BTW, this is my second visit for a family member to this ER. The first one was real spectacular as well where they made the patient wait needlessly for an MRI so the nurses could have their going away party for a staff member).

Cliff Colter

This is an extremely awful and broken ER system. It is extremely ridiculous that a person brought in by ambulance with chest pains waits in the ER for 8 hours ( and counting). Everyone from the patients to the ER staff are extremely frustrated and the medical staff (some ) are rude and lack compassion. The waiting room is 95% people of color and it makes me wonder if we were mostly caucasian if the wait time and service would be noticeably better. The sad part is that because it's mostly people of color no one probably cares enough to fix the broken system. Anytime sick people are so frustrated with waiting they leave before a doctor sees them you have a serious problem!

Nickie Nibblett

Please don't go here the er some shh my daughter been waiting for 5 to 6 hrs like it's really sad I'm mad as he'll y'all need some real doctors get rid of them students

Mic- Money

If you don't wanna become a lab rat, please and I repeat please do not go to this establishment. They will give you test after test, and pill after pill. That goes for the pain management center on K St., 2150 Pennsylvania ave, and oh! Don't forget the ER. Locations of GW Hospital.

Peter Tamilin

Excellent care providers; excellent results!

Amy Jones

My problem (suicidal) is life threatening to my health without medical treatment. The worst ER I've ever been to! The whole 4 hours i was waiting a old lady had been asking for help to the bathroom without any help given. I came in severely depressed and very suicidal. I was told that I should go back to my home town in Indiana. I came in for help and was pushed away for no reason given. I do plan on killing myself tonight. You'll have no choice to help me then. I'll just be put in a body bag and forgotten about. I'm not there problem to deal with. My problem is life threatening to my health. But nobody cares to help a suicidal 41 old female. Stuff was nice and respectful tho.

Nicole Coglianese

I have had great experiences with GW Hospital and Medical Faculty Associates. I had spinal surgery in 2012 and everyone was fantastic. My surgeon was very talented, had great bedside manner and quickly responded to phone calls and emails. The nurses were also fantastic and helped make my 4 night stay at the hospital comfortable. Since 2012, I have been to Medical Faculty Associates many times for different issues. I moved all of my appointments to this hospital because I like having all of my medical records in one place, and because I know I will get excellent care in all specialty areas.

Jamielee Sloan


Isabel Figueiredo

This is the best place ever! I was very well taken care of. I had a dog bite and they didn't let me go until they made sure my had was not infected anymore.I was always checked by a bunch of doctors,the nursers were always very patient.All doctors were very polite and gentle.i can not reccomend enough.Good Job!

j s

Even if my arm got severed I would not choose this hospital! Got an almost fatal infection last time I was admitted!!!

Jasmine H

Horrible hospital they don’t even give you proper discharge papers smh

Rebecca Smith

In the ICU unit on the second floor, I witnessed an Asian nurse with short hair in the form of a bob ROLL HER EYES secretly to two black woman asking concerning questions about one of their family members. The ladies had been told to wait in the waiting room until their mother had been cleaned by nurses. 2 hours later, they are still waiting! How long does it take 5 nurses to clean ONE person ??? TERRIBLE!!!! why work in an hospital and be so desensitized ?

Jamaal Shelton

Deplorable experience!!! Went in with facial parilaysis at 4:50 pm and was still waiting to be called to see a doctor at 8:20 pm!! The emergency room was not that busy. When I asked about my wait I was told I still had 6 people in front of me. So had I stayed I would not have been seen until 9:30 pm at best. Anywhere near a 5 hour wait is beyond absurd especially with my condition. Total waste of time and a huge regret as my face may never recover from the paralysis due to not getting early treatment. You have def lost one patient/customer...never again.

Lynnette Hardy

I really wish I could give them less than 1 star. Expect to sit on hold for hours before someone in scheduling bothers to pick up the bloody phone! Their billing department is run by a bunch of incompetent morons. They don't return phone calls. I'm supposed to go in for a follow-up sometime tomorrow. Of course, they don't bother telling me what TIME. Maybe I'm just supposed to bloody guess!! But I'm sure I'll get their regurgitated "We'd like to hear more about your experience" BULLCRAP once they see this review.

Valeria Ramirez

8 hours in the ER and counting ...Tested 3 times because they kept using the wrong items to test me with and still no results. I was told I was going to get medication for my pain and it never came(still in pain). Try to go to a family clinic or somewhere else. This place is unorganized and will have a lot of people come check on you but nothing will ever get done. Worst “hospital” health clinic I’ve ever been to. Steer clear of this place if possible !

Christain Gray

This said I been on hold for 25 mins I’m call the OBGYN department and been on hold for 27mins now and by the time I’m done writing this it’s gonna be 35 mins no came to the phone and said hold on like is this department even open? like why is it taken soo long for one to answer the phone when they have 3 people sitting at the desk because I’m right here watching I have to come all the way up here to just to do something I could’ve done on the this very pathetic and unprofessional and y’all need to talk to y’all nurse So a nurse just came to the phone and after me being in the phone for a damn hr I ask her was they busy and she had an attitude idk why when I been the one on hold for a damn hr it’s like they their to collect the money the don’t care I never had this problems with this hospital very pathetic

james pirius

Excellent attention to all details relative to treatments at GWU surgical center, 2120 L Street. Dr. Geet Paul attending physician. Dr Paul and nursing assistants did a very good job treating my condition.

Angelina R

GW hospital is not the same amazing hospital it was years ago.

Gia Monroe

They were very nice and treated great. I always have been treated great here that is why I continue to come here.

Stephen Niksa

The outcome of the procedure has been very good (cardiac ablation). However, there was one major problem. I have a visibly apparent case of cerebral palsy, which has caused markedly diminished development of the right side of my body, i.e., the muscles and limbs are obviously smaller and weaker. Nevertheless, the nurse initially attempted to put the catheter into my right wrist, until I pointed the obvious out to her, and indicated that I cannot even supinate by right arm. And so, the catheter was inserted into my left wrist. Despite this, the surgical team still tried to perform the ablation by incision into the right side of my groin. Unsurprisingly, they could not find a usable vein. Therefore, they successfully attempted the same incision on the left side, and the procedure was carried out to completion. As a result, I have had to tend two, rather than one, post-op wounds. Moreover, the right-side wound has exhibited much more significant bruising, and according to my observation, lags behind the left-side in the healing process. This could all have been avoided had the doctor(s) paid more attention to me, the patient, than to their heart-doctor's handbook. Patients are individuals, not incidental automatons. Happily, I abided the doctor's post-op instructions, and neither wound became infected. Also, my heartrate has moderated (as best as I am able to discern), and again, the procedure appears to have been a smashing success, at least in terms of what the ablation is designed to achieve. Still, it would have been much better for me had the medical staff exhibited more cognizance of their particular patient, rather than to their wrote memory.

Kia Wilson

20mins and 48sec on hold for a woman names Jazz to answer the phone. All you heard was mmhmm and she hung up. I called back waited another 10 mins Jazz answers again, the first thing I said was could you not hang up the phone on me again. She puts me on hold to speak to someone else. Im not even frustrated because people are really ignorant over the phone there is no surprise but very aggrevated now, searching for information about this hospital. Been calling here since Friday @ 9 am, 2pm 4pm couldn't get in contact with anyone left a message still no call back. I want to head up there but if thats the way the operate over the phone, I don't even want to consider checking in here. Thanks but no thanks.


Do not go here. Do. Not. Go. To. This. Hospital.

Gwendolyn Young

This is where I go when I have emergencies! The hospital is clean, the staff is pleasant, and the service is fast and it is accessible on public transportation (Metro Bus and Rail). The doctors are pretty throught. I had an experience when a male nurse hit a nerve instead of a vain in my arm. Another occasion is when a male nurse claimed he could not find my vain, so he had to get this big machine to look for my vain. I never experienced this before. But if you are looking to be seen and treated this is the place you might want to try. It is right at the Foggy Bottom Metro Station. There is a Whole Food Market down the street, and I alway stop there to get me some electrolyte water before going into the ER. I might buy me some nuts and yogurt too! If you go during midday, it is quite busy. There are vendors and live entertainment there as well. That may be just what the doctor ordered!

Lanai Huddleston

The service here is awful. Nurse Tracy (or whatever her name is) is clearly afraid of black people and it’s truly appalling. She should not be working with patients because she gets upset when you ask questions about your care. She lacks compassion and empathy. Letting her go would be a great step for this hospital. Shameful.

Joy Williams

I have always been given the best of care for health issues with this wonderful hospital as well as clinic. I trust that I'll be afforded the best of care from the devoted doctors and staff who are truly professional in their fields. They are committed to making sure you get the best of care. I have a lifetime of care from this institution and will continue to entrust them with my care.

Kenia Diaz

Here for a MRI at 4pm. Front desk-- the team is one hour behind, me not a problem. One hour turned to 2.5 hours. Changed into the gown, oh Miss we need a pregnancy test last minute. Why didn't you asked for one once I got in 3 hours ago. I was told I couldn't eat or drink two hours before the appt. This will never have happened at Washington Radiology. Poor protocol, poorly run hospital. And my insurance is being charge $9,848.84 K.

Joann Gomez

My experience for the first time was terrible. While I was waiting in the ER the nurse said to the patient on a wheelchair that he can leave if he wants. Then the escort lady yelled across the waiting area for me to come over instead of her coming close to me and ask me "how can I assist you". Bottom line NO PROFESSIONALISM!!!

Shenna Johnson

GW Hospital is, by far, the worst hospital I’ve ever visited in my life. Because it’s connected to GW, I was under the assumption that the hospital would be great, but that is not the case. I was taken to the ER by an ambulance because of a chemical exposure to my left eye. When we entered the ER, we had to wait about 5-10 minutes before anyone checked us in. Thereafter, I was left in a waiting room to wait. In the meantime, I decided to use a bathroom to flush my eye. Thank god that I did because I could have suffered sever eye damage, and even blindness. I waited for about an hour and a half, and was finally called back to see a doctor/nurse, who made me wait again. I got to the ER about 9:30pm, and they finally flushed my eye out with a liter of saline at or around 11:30p-12am. Terrible service. The staff were not hospitable, and quite frankly, seemed incompetent, inefficient, and lazy. At the end, they weren’t clear as to whether I could leave or not, so I unnecessarily waited about another thirty minutes before I saw the nurse walking by again to ask if I could leave. I’m actually kind of upset that my ambulance driver drove us to GW instead of Sibley; both are about the same distance from my home. Now, I’m sure I am about to be overcharged for poor and inadequate service.

Kenneth Jackson

I have no idea why there are so many steps to everything you do at GW. The process seems needlessly complicated from.the emergency room to admissions. Once you get to flowing things seem to come together. I like GW, always have that's worth it to me. They do a good job once they have thoroughly taken you through a million steps

Katie Davenport

Garbage, waited 3 hours and 20 minutes in the ER and never met a doctor, just shuffled in and out of small booths. Finally gave up and left.

Learning Everyday

I work there with some very good doctors and staff members

Jonathan Broder

Once I was able to be seen INSIDE the ER, I can't speak highly enough for the friendliness and kind care provided by the staff during my many hours of tests and waiting last Thursday. Where GW falls short is the treatment of the many of us waiting long hours in the hallway waiting to be seen. I fully understand the need for triage and wouldn't expect that my severe stomach ache (or the travails of those waiting near me) were more important than the needs of those already being seen. I also understand that lack of space for patients is an issue. But the lack of communication (and probably communication training), and the unfriendly, seemingly uncaring demeanor of those who are responsible for calling us in NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. Simply a smile or warm tone, plus an indication that they understand that everyone waiting is also suffering in some way while waiting would go a long way. People in the halls were in apparent pain and distress and the cold, even at times rude attitude of those dealing with us made it quite unpleasant up until the moment I was called in .....when it all changed for the better.

Shari L.

Unfortunately I have to leave a poor review for GWU hospital. I was impressed by the staff who treated me however the billing and accounting department needs to be addressed. I never received a bill or phone call for any money owed post hospitalization. It is now 2019 and I receive harassing calls from a collection agency. I called the accounting dept directly today and expressed my concerns. The representative did not apologize or offer any type of explanation of why I never reviewed any bills. Instead she claimed bills were mailed and messages were left. If I were avoiding something why would I be calling you directly. Absolutely ridiculous business practices going on with no accountability. To threaten people’s credit is disgusting in the name of your profit. Thanks for causing undue stress and providing poor customer service. I work in healthcare and am beyond disappointed. To the consumer - take your healthcare needs elsewhere to avoid this drama and headache.

Aaron Schnacky

Worst reviews I've ever seen. Scary. This "hospital" should be audited. The reply by owner doesnt make sense

India Brown

Service here is awful very rude nurses I would never come back here . Please take heed of the rude nurses you hire they have no patience or there not friendly . Awful service very bad

Chance DeBoy

The worst hospital in the world. I’d rather die of stage IV lung cancer than spend the 8 grueling hours I spent in the waiting room at the ER.

Louis Sokol

Staff was excellent. Cataract surgery went as planned and on time.

Laraina Stevens

Staff is absolutely wonderful could not ask for a better team taking care of me and my transplanted kidney.

Earline Hattley

My experience with GWUH was excellent with the Staff, Teams Nurses Doctors,Cleaning Department, Food Service and to say To All Thank You for Serving Me

Frank R

I fell and hit my head on the street. Dumb. Took an Uber to GW Hospital. They saw me very quickly. They provided me with material to stop the bleeding. I was given a Cat Scan and my crash part of my head was stitched by Kristin, and she did a great job. I was very pleased with my doctor(s), nurses and the results. GW is a wonderful hospital. I should add that I live in California. I felt lucky to have gone to this hospital. I appreciate everything they did for me. Highly skilled personnel. Frank Rankin

Queen O

Very unhappy how this hospital did my mother who was a stage 4 cancer patient..took out their cellphones and snapped picture my mother's leaking breast.. on her death bed didn't give her any hope told her now it's time to eat what you want, go where you want, as if she wasn't already on her death bed.. the doctor I witnessed while going with her to chemotherapy treatment had no compassion, at all for the sick. she yelled because of the needle being inserted into her port hard the nurse didn't even say sorry, I'm highly dissatisfied with the care my mother had in her last days. and am not at peace because of how she left this Earth and how this hospital treated her at her most vulnerable. gw hospital you all added to my fear thanks alot how you treated my mother and hope you never have to feel what ibfelt witnessing this treatment SMH you all will get old also and hopefully you would be handled with Care in your last days not how my mother left this earth!

E. J.

This was a HORRIBLE experience. I waited 1 1/2 hours in the ER waiting room AFTER I told them I had severe chest pains. I was in considerable discomfort. When I asked how much longer I was told at least 2 more hours. I left to get treated at another medical location without any support or interest from the staff. I understand triage but this was UNACCEPTABLE as a way to treat a patient.

Kim Summers

Currently with my son in the ER. He arrived yesterday (Monday)at 4:00 and finally was called back to a room(in ER) at 9:00 pm. It is now 1:30 pm on Tuesday and he doesn’t have a room yet! Throughout the night he pushed the button for assistance and his calls were ignored for HOURS! He is in excruciating pain ( they think he has pancreatitis) and he is beyond miserable and feels abandoned and uncared for. This hospital experience so far has been absolutely horrible! We have excellent insurance and have tried to be patient through this ordeal....I have never seen such a lack of urgency on the part of hospital staff in my life. Not to mention, my husband is not allowed in the room (only 1 person may visit at a time) and yet the “doctor’s daughter” on the other side of the curtain is having a party with her friends who are visiting her! Do yourself a favor and find another hospital!

Mary Morel

took 4+ hours for me to receive ONE ibuprofen pill. doctor initially said she would prescribe + give me inflammatory medication yet neither happened, only got on pain killer after waiting so long. when I asked for my pill, she disrespectfully snapped claiming "we're really busy go back to your room and just wait. you're taking up space." staff is extremely unprofessional, rude, lazy and slow.


Looking to die in an ER waiting room? Well look no further the GWU hospitals lackluster subpar emergency department ! Equipped with a higher intern to actual doctor ratio, GWU is sure to provide you with the longest, most uneccesary hospital experience you could ask for . Come in today and see for yourself the abomination that is the GWU hospital ER !

Nick Ameen

“Welcome to hell,” was how the nurse greeted us. Little regard for comfort. Intensely overcrowded and understaffed. No in-house options for visitors to get food while waiting for 7+ hours. This hospital is absolutely atrocious. Avoid if possible.

Maria Nunez

It should be ILLEGAL for this place to be called an ER. What an embarrassment for a well-known university like GW to operate this institution. We waited for almost 5 hours in the waiting room (total 8 hours) after my mother had a chemical lesion in her eye and was in extreme pain. Every time we would inquire about the wait we would get a condescending response. When she was finally admitted to the ER, we had to wait another 2 hours to be seen by a specialist. In the meantime, several residents and interns took turns doing the same exams over and over, which could have likely led to further damage. In fact, one of her procedures was done by a paramedic who had never done it before. At least 4 different people saw her and kept saying the doctor would see us soon. Then another resident would come along and do the same exam all over again and say the same thing. There was ZERO communication between doctors. If this hospital dares charge us or our insurance provider for the same exams, they can expect legal action. The 1 star goes to the helpful eye specialist who finally saw us after 8 hours of waiting.

Sharika Hagan

It was okay but the wait to be seen was a little long initially but once I got past triage I was given great care and service.

Josh Young

A staff that doesn’t communicate or seem to care. Friendly, but large amounts of wasted time and talking in circles here.

Richard Shine

My 88 year old mother waited 3 days for surgery with a broken hip and spent the first 36 hours in the emergency room! Probably an excellent facility for trauma but it can be extremely busy for the average patient FOLLOW UP After surgery my mother is receiving wonderful care from the 5th floor South Medical Team. I'm upgrading my original rating thanks to these wonderful nurses.

Thomas Houlahan

This place is absolute garbage. The doctors think they are God's gift to medicine though they are just average. The administrative staff stinks. They seem to be in a bad mood all the time and seem to resent you just for being there.

nzingha pilgrim

The doctors once again forgot my doctors note & I need that ASAP

jack blue

The ER staff fails to take a requisite history before administering care. The environment is tantamount to a torture chamber rather than an emergency room. It is very apparent that this is a "teaching hospital". I also found the "young doctors" to be cocky. I recommend visiting providence hospital for emergency care. Much service, DEFINITELY more compassion/empathy and a more calming environment. Good luck!!!

Cheikh Demba

If you’re suffering, do not go there. They do not even deserve a 1 rating. We arrived at 7:30pm, it’s 3:15am and we’re still here. We’ve been waiting for discharge for 2 hours. I checked with the nurse, she said that we’re waiting for the doctor to give the OK to discharge. This is just ridiculous.

Yuechen Shi

Waited 7 hours for an "urgent care". All I needed was a wound clean-up. Extremely slow in every step. Expect to wait 2 more hours every time you have contact with a staff. Worst medical experience I have ever had.

Shayna Frost

Great experience in the ER. Staff was friendly, we were only in waiting room for 30 minutes before being seen by a physician. Everyone was very calm in the waiting room. Felt cared for in a stressful situation. I work in healthcare and very much appreciate the level of professionalism and efficiency that my husband and I experienced there. Thank you!

riko kings

My mother is in the ICU #2 every time that I have seing a nurse or talk to one of them they have an amazing attitud the nurses Michelle Francis Christine and loran are so amazing professional caring with an amazing since of urgency they have taken care of my mother like she is family the way their healing hands have done wonders they are amazing group of nurses they really are the most amazing human being on the planet I now know why Reagan survive when he came to this hospital they go above and beyond is really amazing know they exist thank you

Dieuwke Zolas

If you have a Living Will and feel strongly the hospital follows your wishes, DO NOT check into George Washington Hospital as a patient. Our family member stated 7 times on her Living Will the desire to die and to provide Comfort Care only. The Neurology medical team did everything to keep her alive. It took multiple phone calls and visits to finally have all the supportive care turned of. Pain and anti-anxiety medications were never provided even with the family requesting this multiple times. The nursing care was poor finding our family member's paralyzed arm tucked under her body, mouth care non existing, tongue was so dry it could break, oxygen running at high level without humidification. The discharge planning for Hospice patient was disorganized and a nightmare to deal with for the family.

Kinya Price

Such a nice hospital. All the Doctor's and Nurse's are very professional, knowledgeable, and kind. Very Good Experience and stay here.

rayniece Johnson

These people was telling me my mom had a uti they did a cat scan and everything but the whole time she was actually having a stroke and because of them she had multiple for 2 weeks straight because they kept saying it was Uti’s. But me and my siblings knew something was wrong with her it couldn’t have been a uti by the way she was walking and she couldn’t talk so we took her to another hospital (Washington Hospital Center) that’s when they told us she was having strokes but now she’s back walking she laughing talking. I’m just glad I got my mom back

Hamed Abawi

I was involve in an accident with my bicycle . The took me from Virginia to George Washington hospital trauma while I was in coma.I was hospitalized there about 10 days. The most qualified doctors, nurses and other specialist I was at trauma center, ICU and finally the 5th floor where I recovered .I cannot put my good words in writing, the way I was treated at George Washington hospital, excellent, kindly, professionally and all of the other good words. thank you very much I Love you all and may God-bless you and George Washington University hospital ♡♡♡


I am a disabled man with a very aggressive illness. I walked into the main entrance of the hospital and walked up to the front security desk. There was a large black Male in uniform and a short black woman in a red blazer with blonde hair in a dread style. I told them I was trying to head to the ER to be with my mother who is also disabled. She was have chest pain and a anxiety attack. And was panicking to where I was to help calm her down. They both rudely and very disrespectful told me to go back outside in the heat and walk up the hill to the second entrance to the ER. (By this time I am sweating extremely hard from my illness and the walk in). I repeatedly told them I was disabled (and you can clearly see how distress I was already in). But they still rudely started raising there voices loudly and said ( you don't look disabled what's wrong with you) infront of everyone in the lobby and pointed to the door. Telling me to leave back out in the heat. The short womean in the red blazer leaves and just dismissed me like I wasn't even standing there. At this time I called the hospital security manger. The manager called the front desk and told the security to let me through while I was still on the phone with them. But the man still refuses to let me pass even through the boss told him to. After another 5 mins and holding up the sign in line the Security guard with an attitude now said (fine whatever just move) and finally let me sign in. I finally get to the elevator to go to the first floor where the ER is. And the woman with the red blazer walks pass with a very rude and disrespectful speaking underneath her breath about me to a patient. In front of my face. And I asked her if you have something to say about me. She looked at me and rolled her eyes and kept on talk to the person till she walked into the back of the ER. I felt so disrespected and humiliated. That when I did have a moment. After checking on my mother. I went to the bathroom and just cried. Never in my life have felt that ashamed to be disabled. NEITHER ONE SAID SORRY FOR THERE ACTION!!!

Ali Khadr

Went to the spine and pain management clinic today with my 90 year old mother, who has has sciatica pain for 2 weeks. Not very impressed. She was kept waiting for more than 45 minutes. Meanwhile I lost half a day’s income takes nw her there. And to top it off they did nothing to relieve her pain. They prescribed a shot (2 days later) and an MRI. Wow. I think a country doctor in Belgium in the 1960s (or even in Hungary, which was behind the iron curtain then) would have done much better. I really think their patient care model needs SERIOUS reconsideration. How sad. This is 2019.

Emi Ruff

This place is a mess. I came in with what was thankfully a minor injury, and the care I got was fine. But the orderly gave me the incorrect brace, and although I immediately had him give me the correct thing, I was still billed for the incorrect brace. It took me six months to get the bill corrected, which I paid. But it turns out they sent my incorrect bill to collections and now I’m getting hounded for a bill I already paid. What a disgrace. Don’t trust the brand name of this poorly managed hospital.

Thoraya Zedan

The staff was very thorough is their examination of my symptoms (stroke symptoms, turned out to be a rare type of Migraine). I was checked out by the nurse at reception, then a doctor in the ER, then taken to get a CAT scan, EKG and MRI. I was kept overnight and had a number of blood tests run. I was released the next day. It should be noted that I am not an easy patient. I hate needles and I hate hospitals. So kudos to the staff for tolerating all my idiosyncrasies.

Barbara Hardin

I gave birth to my first child at GW University Hospital in 1960. They were ahead of the times in so many ways and provided us a loving and memorable experience.

chanel Butts

Worst hospital in Washington DC. Here’s why... 1. Extremely dirty! Trash in seats almost every seat 2. Rude security guard who was so into her personal call that she couldn’t tell me where to get registered. 3. I was Place in a room that had a huge jar of (urine) on the counter that belonged to the previous patient. 4. Nurse didn’t read my chart before she walked in and proceeded to push down extremely hard on my stomach (not knowing I was pregnant) ! She apologized 30 times for her incompetence 5. I was there for over 7 hours with no explanation I finally got fed up and decided I was leaving

jennifer cuppy

My mother was here for 2 weeks and nobody bothered to wash her hair. When we arrived from out of town we attempted to wash it but they had no supplies. We used wipes and did the best we could. We discovered dried blood caked in her hair, and it was terribly matted in a huge knot. We also had to ask for a pillow case. I have pictures but can’t post them here. Very disappointed!!

Martina Dent

Don't go if you have a real emergency or need immediate care. Waited today over 2 hours (about 1:40pm to 3:40pm) in the loud, bright, stressful and smelly ER waiting area, which made my head trauma symptoms worse. One black woman even got assaulted by a white man, in the waiting room. The man said he was attcking her because she farted and that's gross. All security did was sit the man one row over. They didn't put a guard next to him to monitor him closely, I felt so unsafe. Ended up leaving to try another hospital, because was starting to feel nauseous and my head was in a throbbing level 8 pain, not only at the area i hit my head, but also at my temple and back of my head. When i went to the patient intakes person to tell him I was going to try another hospital, he wasn't surprised, had no questions, just handed me serious so i cut off my intakes bracelet. I don't actually feel stable enough to make it to another hospital, I had already delayed going an an ER for a day and a half, since I've had several past concussions and didn't know if it was just a mild concussion with possible loss of consciousness, soreness, head swelling that would go away with ice and rest. Definitely, was de-priortized despite the persistent and increased pain, soreness, light sensitivity, and difficulty focusing that i reported at triage. Triage didn't even ask when i had my last head injury, even though i reported several past concussions, and they only asked 4 questions to triage me. Highly, recommend working on your triage process.

Vanna Roberts

You WILL wait 5+ plus hours.....

Tara N

Staff = 5/5 Facilities = 1/5 (floors are dirty and there are dirty pieces of gauze and gloves lying around) Wait time: not even worth rating. Awful. Waiting 5.5 hours for a sprain diagnosis and to fill out paperwork. Not to mention, I heard one nurse telling the doctor about my case and the doc said, "she can wait a bit longer" seriously? All I need you to do is explain my X-ray, let me fill out my paperwork and then leave. Instead I've been relegated to this stupid room for 2/5 hours... If you're able, you're seriously better off going somewhere else.

Yvonne Swanson

Oh my, where do I start! I fell and hit my head near the Hospital. They were amazing with their response. I truly owe them my life. Their team got me through a tough situation. I truly wish I could remember everyone's name. All females, except a male physician's assistant. My only complaint is discharge time, but they were busy. Thank you, guys!

Ghassan Aguenaou

Came here in excruciating pain barely able to stand or talk from a fall I took at work, after waiting an hour and a half for someone to look at me it became obvious no doctor was coming, as I started collecting my things and took off my neck brace finally someone approached and offered an ice pack that’s it, whatever’s on my back is pressing into my spine more and more every second and it takes an hour and a half just for an ice pack? I’m currently ubering to a different hospital as the pain is excruciating and unbearable and these doctors obviously don’t care about anything judging from all the other horrible reviews. If you can’t even remember where your patients are how the hell are you practicing medicine. I don’t care if I’m dying right outside any other hospital is a better choice if you want to get looked at properly. Shame on you

Shayla Nicholson

Been in the waiting room for 5 hours but the homeless people looking to stay warm are being called and seen around me

Destiny S

Worst hospital ever been waiting 5 hours never was seen. Staff disrespectful

Alberto Sanchez

I went to the ER because I had a pain in my stomach for the past 5 days that would not let me even breath. After 2 hours in the ER, I asked how many people I had in front of me, and they said around 6! There was a person with a broken leg that had to leave the ER because he couldn’t handle the pain anymore, and the nurses were giving him attitude because he was suffering. This person was in the ER for over 2 hours. After 5 hours of wait, I asked how many people I had in front of me, and I had around 4!!!! The nurse was giving me attitude because I was asking. I literally had to leave because I couldn’t wait other 6 hours in order to see a doctor when my pain wasn’t letting me even breath. It’s better to die at home than going to this hospital.

Peiyao Sun

I could give 0 star if I could. I went there for annual check up. Even with appointment, I still wait about half an hour because no one told me I was waiting in wrong lines (yes two wrong lines). Nurses and doctor doesn’t seem care because they deal with so many patients. I did some lab tests in early April 2019 but now on the last day of May I still didn’t receive the test results. So I want to find out if they sent to wrong address. I called the hospital main line, trying to reach out to medical record line, they told me they don’t handle it, then transferred the line to appointment, without letting me finished my sentence, appointment line transferred me to lab, then transferred to different lab, then my phone was transferred again back to medical record. When I told the my frustrations, the lady on the other side of line started laughing. They finally told me I need to go to website, find patient medical record page and fill in the form. DON’T GO THERE FOR ANNUAL CHECK OR MINOR ISSUE IF YOU WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE A HUMAN BEING.

Perry fuller

I could not ask for a better experience. The staff was both efficient and caring. Kudos to the Gastroenterology Department.

Adrienne M. Dill

I am the spouse of a current patient. And I also have worked in Emergency Medicine since 2007 and this has been the best experience given our diagnosis. From our ER nurse and techs to the floor techs and doctors. They have been the most helpful, understanding, considerate and patient staff. I am an EMT and they allow me to be apart of my husbands care. Not clinically but allowing me to apart of his care team. Because of this new diagnosis we've had a lot of questions and no one ever seems annoyed or irritated and keep him in good spirits. Awesome team. I notice things because if where I work so I know what's right and they nailed it. They foam in and out, verify, manage each other up, bedside shift change and a lot of other things. To the 5 south team, dialysis clinic, techs housekeeping and nutrition, thank you. A special thank you to George ER RN and the two techs who set the tone when we first arrived. A great big thank you. I work in the ER and we have a tendency to not be the nicest but gold star to you. Your in the right profession. The only thing I would suggest is to update the rooms so that when patient B is being moved past patient A that its not so disruptive. And possibly offering free/discounted parking to 1 family member if admitted. That cost was a real hit times 7.

Lynette Brooks

ER sucks. Wait time over 8 hours. Worse hospital in D.C.

Hewan Mesmer

Waited 7 hours to be seen in the ER.. left in 13 with no solution. Security guards are unprofessional..this man fell to the floor because he was in so much pain and the security officer told him to stop being extra and get up. A lot of the people that work in the waiting room area LACK compassion. The registrar people and security are awful. When I went into the back with the actual doctors it was fine. They were very kind to patients.

Jasmyn Henson

Hello, I hope all is well. My name is Jasmyn Henson. I am an Executive Concierge with Related Companies and I chose to go to George Washington Hospital Center tonight for intense pain in my jaw area that had not been able to be remedied with over the counter meditations. I arrived around the 9'oclock hour on November 13th, 2018 only to have waited until 3:30am in the morning that I was not IMPORTANT enough to be seen by the doctor due to him being very busy with others. The nurse Tatiana was extremely rude & disrespectful. She made no attempt to retrieve the doctor and kept reiterating that I should not "shoot the messenger" as she was relaying a message. That was one of the most mystifying experiences and I will not be returning to George Washington Hospital. I am now off to rest until I can get up and find another doctor that will take me. Considering I am lowest priority. Happy Birthday to me! -Jasmyn Henson

Marsha Williams

This hospital is one of the reasons why I'm still living. I had a heart attack had to be air lifted from S.E. to RFK stadium field then by ambulance to the hospital. That's when they started working on me and brought me back to life. I recently was ask to testify n front of the city council concerning the helicopter pad that was a great day, to my understanding is that it's going to be one build. I'm truly grateful for GW Hospital.

Samonya Horton

I am glad that I went here in 2015 I didnt have a bad experience in the ER or when I was admitted

Andre Marshall

Great doctors and staff

martina fornace

I had a laparoscopic myomectomy at this hospital. My surgery went great and I had no complications whatsoever, but I was treated like dirt during my stay.My surgery lasted 5 hours and started in the afternoon, so they finished around 7 pm. I had a very strong reaction to the anesthesia. I had extreme nausea/dizziness after my surgery...after 5 hours I was still no better. The nurse tormented me for all this time with my "imminent discharge", she even asked me where my car was parked...she did that every half an hour, when she came to check on me. Bare in mind that I could barely keep my eyes open without feeling like I was going to puke on my self. When she finally called a doctor to get me admitted, I was treated even worse. Even though I didn't meet several of the requirements for the discharge ( I had not been able to eat, and I could not stand up), he told me there were no medical reasons for me to get admitted. Then, He intimidated me saying that my insurance will not cover the night (not true, but I was so confused that I got really concerned); when I told him that didn't change the fact I was unable to leave, he told me that they might not have a bed for me. He told me that like I was a freeloader who was trying to get a free staying at a 5 stars hotel...he was extremely rude and very intimidating, and I was scared and in pain. He also spoke with my husband twice, and never brought up any of these issues with him, so it's clear to me that he was really trying to get me out of there using my pain and confusion at his advantage. I strongly recommend anybody who's deciding to get surgery in this hospital, to be prepared and to know your for me, I will never use this facility again.

Kaylee Buchholtz

One star is too generous for this place. Early last November I was drugged at a bar. I woke up at this hospital a few hours later. There are a lot of things I remember about that night- and a lot of things I don't. There are moments- collapsing on the bathroom floor, my best friend screaming at me not to do this, to please get up. Cold and concrete. Her voice in the ambulance. Not being able to speak or open my eyes but trying desperately to move my fingers when they asked her my address. But I remember the hospital vividly. I remember waking up to bright lights on a gurney in the hallway. I remember nurses and hospital gowns and monitors. I remember my friend shaking me awake telling me to demand a drug test as they pushed my only support out into the waiting room. I remember being confused, then mortified, then violated. I started screaming for a drug test. I want a drug test. I need a drug test. Give me the drug test. They told me I was just drunk. They told me I couldn't handle myself. They told me I was irresponsible and an alcoholic and to seek help. They told me they don't do drug tests. At the hospital. They acted like they knew my body and myself better than me. They saw a passed out girl and deemed me the irresponsible one and refused to listen as I begged, my friend begged, and my parents who were halfway across the country begged for me to take a drug test. Instead of listening, they force fed me crackers and ginger ale and I nearly vomited. I cried and they lectured me about my drinking problem. I was numb in the cab home, barefoot, wearing a hospital gift shop sweatshirt with my phone, my purse, and my keys in a plastic bag, ruined by vomit. I collapsed as soon as I was inside- a sobbing, screaming disaster clutching my dog as I lost my mind on my apartment floor. I won't describe everything that followed but I found a lab that was able to run tests on my hair confirming what I already knew. I'd been drugged. Someone had slipped me muscle relaxants. And instead of this hospital helping me they blamed me, they shamed me, and they traumatized me. The events of that night did irreparable damage. But beyond the initial trauma done to my body lies the secondary but no less devastating trauma of reaching out for help and not being believed. Of being told by an institution that I should be able to trust that not only did they not believe me but that it was my fault. This is a university hospital. The amount of students who over-indulge must be high- I wonder how many of them are treated with as much disdain even if the underlying cause is something else entirely. If you care about yourself, if you care about your friends, if you care about your family- go somewhere else. Because this hospital does not care about you.

Latifa Jennings

My boyfriend was in a car accident. We have been here since 3:30pm and it is now going on 2AM. One of the nurses gave us a copy of the preliminary report of his CT scan. On the report there was false information; it stated that he was found by EMS laying on the ground covered in vomit and unresponsive. There has been no sense of urgency and after sitting here for hours, we are being told that everything is okay.

Christine Aiken

My boyfriend was throwing up blood and yet, we waited four hours. Even the nurses was surprised... and yet no one offer us water especially we been here since 12:30 and now it’s 7:30. All I see everyone talks but no action and don’t really check on their patients.I Feel like Im watching Greys anatomy when they only care about themselves and just getting their check by doing absolutely NOTHING! Therefore awful service and too long to wait for to get some type of attention especially if someone is throwing up blood... common sense people... very very disappointed!!! Also it is very annoying when I see everyone talking and laughing CONSTANTLY!!!!

Donald W Smith

I am a 73 year old male who had a serious life and death injury when I was nine years old. I've had interaction with doctors and hospital staff all of my life. From hospital's In five different states from which I have lived. So you may say I know a little about these organizations. When living in LA I was treated by a great doctors. So when I decided to move back home. I asked him which hospital should I go to for treatment. He recommended GWU hopital. Since going to this hospital for check ups and treatment. I have found the staff is very polite, efficient and friendly. My first doctor was a very young doctor but he treated me like I was family. I was really sad when he left. But his replacement Dr Alex Loreck is just as competent and caring. He is maybe just starting out but I feel he will be a great physician for mankind. His knowledge and his interaction with me is golden. Like I do not like niddles because of my history. But he has a way of coaching me to take them and I was glad I did. Had to say what my experience has been at this hopital. And the nurses are great, especially giving niddles (smile).

Kalisha Dixon

Took sick at work because of a chest pain DC fire took me to GW Hospital 1: 20pm

Cherif Meriam

It deserves less than a star ! Bad service ! Had an accident and waited in the emergency room for more than 3h, rude people

The Second Coming

I'm so mad right now!!! I can't find my discharge papers to personally Thank the nurse who took care of me last Sunday!!! Ugh...I believe it was RN Turet in ER...Anyhoo...Im in so much pain I will probably being seeing her again soon so I will come back with a detailed review when I have it together...This is an awesome saddens me to see such low ratings...

Victor Bonilla

If I could give this hospital 0 stars I would! Nasty and dirty. All students working there. All they want to do is treat people like they’re testing animals. They ignore critical problems and try to dismiss everything that you say is wrong with you. Nurses walking around with blooded urine bags in their hands it’s just nasty! Do not go here if you have serious medical problems

Narae Lee

I did aneurysm coiling with Dr. Olan Wayne and his team in Neurosurgery, and both procedure and recovery process were all good. Appreciate to the Dr and the team.

Danny C

Providers lacked listening to patient’s doctor showed a very careless attitude. Wasn’t evaluated after my HR shot to 159 after receiving a medication and told it was all in my head as if I couldn’t read the monitor (guess what? I can and every single rhythm). There’s also the lack of providers responding to bed alarms..not because they’re busy doing other things but too busy joking and playing on their phones (this was witnessed). Finally, I’ve also noticed that the GW system has very little care when it comes to due diligence with patients. It reminds me a lot of kaiser -if not worse being that everyone knows that Kaiser is incompetent overall from the start. I was basically told that based on, “your record” you’re fine-(failure to properly assess patient) -as if things don’t change. Ironically, all of my blood work as of last night isn’t remotely the same. I would tell patients to advocate for themselves and remember that you have a say so in every single choice at the hospital as long as you’re A&Ox3 = being of sound mind and body.

Pamela Stevenson


cooking with Kimberly homemade

Very great hospital. Well the labor and delivery floor is excellent. The nurses and doctors are amazing.

Cheryl Felder

I would like to thank Dr. Reiner of the cardio team He saved my life. Even thought the proceedure seems like a breeze I'm greatful. The best cardiologist In the world work at GW University. And also 3South unit Nurses William and Sabrina and doctors thank you for your service. I enjoyef my stay. May god continue to bless your staff. Thank you from my heart

Bianca Styles

It’s was horrible I could’ve stayed home and suffered in bed


Dr. Troost & Dr. Sherman were great doctors who made me feel very comfortable before my operation. This was my first operation - and they both made sure to see and speak with me both before and after. Also, they kept my family updated throughout. The hospital itself was clean and organized. We started right on time. Check in was a breeze!

Caleb Smith

Without a doubt the most painful experience of my life. I come to the ER for URGENT EMERGENCIES and have been sitting in the waiting room 4 hours with what I explained feels like appendicitis. It's just a matter of time before their neglect truly hurts someone while they wait. When I walked up with the pager to tell the nurse how long it had been I was asked to sit down so others could check in. I told her I had to lay down and couldn't wait any longer. She was unapologetic and seemed glad that one less person would be waiting. This place is complete garbage. What an insult to a great University. I will never be back again and will make it a point to dissuade others from going for their own health and safety.

Marshall Cohen

My wife went in to the GWU ER on Monday 10/8/2019 on orders of her doctor because she needed immediate lab tests for possible recurrence of serious infection. She arrived at 11:30 am, was released 13 1/2 hours later at 1:00am. In the end the medical care was fine; they found small infection needing antibiotics and responsibly checked out some other stuff, including blood tests, urine sample, catscan. But the experience was awful. Totally inadequate facilities for a big city ER.! Waiting Room (where we spent 5 hours) was overcrowded, understaffed and not very clean -- especially the bathrooms. Then the ER itself (8 1/2 hours) didn't have enough curtained off rooms, so there were serious patients on cots, some half-dressed up and down the aisles of the ER. Once evening descended, many trauma patients came in (it's a big city ER -- this is expected). But they appeared to be understaffed, so a non-trauma patient like my wife kept getting delayed. The noise and conditions and waiting can make a sick person a lot sicker.

Newell Rand

The experience at this hospital was a breath of fresh air. Two years ago, something tragic happened to my heart. Without going too far into detail, I would like to say that after 2 years of struggling for answers, I was finally given some. The 2 days I spent here were by far the most valuable days. The ER nurses Alex and Betty, Dr. Rachel Volke and Dr. Jannet Lewis provided superior care and genuinely listened to me. I am forever grateful for all of them. The reviews on here do not define how superior this hospital truly is compared to others. I have been to 3 others and they are the first ones to get to the point and do appropriate testing. Thank you all so much again. You have no idea the impact you made on my life in just those short 48 hours.

Cine philia

My mother was admitted to the ICU and everything was really good until she was moved to the 5th floor. I went to visit her and one particular nurse was very cold, like it was just a desk job and they weren't even dealing with human beings. The nurse asked who I was but did not once introduced herself or the two or three other nurses that were with her. I understand it's a teaching hospital but the human connection needs to be taught as well. Also, introducing the students, letting the patients know they are there to observe, and asking the patients for permission would go a long way. Not everyone feels comfortable with random people especially if they're just standing there. My mother could barely walk from her bed to the bathroom which was about six to eight feet away without getting short of breath and the next day I was told that she would be discharged. I explained my concern and was told that those were the doctors orders depending on another test. Why they didn't do the test before calling me, I'll never know but they told me, the same exact thing I was telling them the entire time, she was not well enough to go home. I understand at the end of the day its a business but they'll save themselves a lot of complaints if they had more compassion and at least a smile on their faces. I walk down the halls of the hospital and no greetings or hospitality, I have a friendlier time with the other visitors. The one good person was the respiratory therapist named Pam, she was fantastic aside from that it was terrible. My mother pressed the help button the get assistance to the restroom because she was hooked up to a machine and was told to call her nurse which she could barely do, good thing I was there to help her. If I wasn't there I would have thought my mother was exaggerating. Even the doctor seemed disingenuous. You can obviously tell the people who are there for a paycheck instead of having a passion for it and it shows. I completely agree with the rating.

Sarah Koreishi

We recently delivered our child at GW. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the labor and delivery team there. The nurses were amazing, Tamara, Shelly, Casey, and more. They were very well coordinated, and if there was any chaos happening outside of our room, we could never tell, because they always gave us their undivided attention. The shift changes were so well coordinated, and if someone had to step out to deal with another matter, the person stepping in always seemed to know exactly what was happening. It's clear that their team functioning is stellar, and I always felt that my care was coordinated. But then, we went to the postpartum unit, just down the hall, steps away from this awesome patient care model and everything went downhill. The nurses did not seem to be coordinated with each other as a team, and we barely saw them. The phone in our room didn't work, which we told them the first, second and third days we were there, so to call one of them was a herculean feat in and of itself. Anytime we asked them for anything, like my pain meds for my c-section, they would tell you they would be right there, and maybe three hours later and a reminder or two later, you would get them. The standard response from all of them, "There's just so much going on," or "I'm a little overwhelmed," Not anything I cared to hear. The worst of it came on a day where my husband had to go to work and our baby was getting light therapy treatment for jaundice. I didn't see anyone for over four hours, in spite of having spoken extensively with the nurse assigned to me on a plan for the day in terms of care for the baby, pain management for me, etc. And remember, I couldn't call out because our room phone STILL was not working. When my nurse finally came in, I lost it. Especially when her response was "someone fell, we had to attend to that." I went off, way off. I just don't understand how in one hallway, one side of the corridor can be so efficient and the other side...just fraught. I made it my mission to get us discharged and get out of that place, which by the way, one of the nurses thought was funny and told me that I was wishing to go home where I wouldn't have 24-7 support - I laughed in her face. I get more support here than I did in postpartum. Seriously. And I've been alone during this first week while my husband has been at work. We spoke with some friends who also delivered at GW and they all had the same sentiment, Labor and Deliver team - stellar! Postpartum team - the worst. I hope this is helpful to prepare expecting mother's for their experience when delivering at GW.

Christy Respress

Staff are amazing. Thorough even when crowded. The only feedback I have is that they really need to clean the waiting room in the ER every hour. Wipe down the seats, pick up the trash, pick up the spills. Same with the bathrooms. That would give people more confidence in the care.

jrmi 2012

GW failed miserably for planned elective knee replacement surgery, I spent 30 horrible hours in acute uncontrolled post surgery pain in the back corner of a darkened recovery room overnight and into the next day, no doctor, no adequate medical care. Apparently, orthopedic patient rooms were not available so I remained in this recovery area holding and holding. There was a lone nurse’s aid in the room as a monitor. She was apologetic but useless to assist with pain control. After the surgery my family was told incorrectly that I was headed to a room and to go home. I learned later that this patient abandonment is standard GW policy they call ‘boarding’. On account of the added trauma caused by the uncontrolled pain, I suffered breathing problems and a collapsed lung then spent an extra week in the hospital recovering from both. I was unable to complete any of the planned physical therapy for knee replacement at GW before being discharged. Overall recovery after hospital took many added weeks.

Princess S

This hospital has some of the worst staff.. My dad was on floor 3 SOUTH.. One nurse I will never forget was named Peter and he was terrible.. you could tell he was only a nurse for the money..Wasn't Caring, rude and didn't bother to listen to patient concerns.. Then my friend was there another time and First of all we only saw the nurses when it was time for medicine!! They NEVER EVER checked on us and acted like we were dirty and couldn't touch us.. The techs were wonderful though and I feel bad bc I know the nurses send them to do everythingggggg they don't want to do. I mean literally, a nurse was outside out room shopping on her lil portable computer and called someone to come in the room when we needed assistance for a blanket!! like what!! & then another time 4 doctors walked into the room to see the pt next to him and he asked one of the drs to empty his urinal... the doctors acted so disgusted as if they were so much better than everyone else & couldn't possibly do it.. and literally told him to call his nurse to do that.. smh I would never recommend anyone that I love and care for that hospital to anyone to work or be admitted to.

Giambattista Martano

My wife visited the emergency room because of a suspect GI infections which was causing sever symptoms. Note: the review relates to the poor level of service and weak processes and not the doctors which were nice and competent. We waited 5 hours to be triaged; they would be better off referring people to urgent care rather than keeping us waiting. Once we were in, service was good. We were told to submit a sample the day after go GW MFA lab and this is were the nightmare began again. Bad service and rude staff.i was referred to the lab from GW; all they could do is tell me that they are not connected to the hospital and could not take the sample, despite the prescription from GW ER. They did not even attempt to understand and problem solve the situation, all they could say is ‘go to lab Corp, we are not GW hospital. Called back the ER but ended up having to take sample elsewhere. Lost a few hours of work and missed work meetings for this. Awful experience.

Melissa Moore

I had an abscess and the doctors are telling me it don’t need to drained and it’s causing me so much pain but their nurses don’t care They lied and said they will drain it but they never did I’ll never come back to this hospital these nurses and doctors are racist bigots

Jaouad Imesmouden

Worst hospital in dmv. Bad services; their doctors and nurses have no idea how to treat illnesses. In addition, they are slow and rude. Big name GW with low qualifications.

Ming Li

It’s a horrible 6 hour experience. I’ve never seen a hospital that bad.

Erica Williams

Horrible hospital. Arrived by ambulance with my boyfriend and was seen maybe twice in the 20 hours he was there by the attending physician, Ethan Litman, who was incredibly condescending and dismissive.. a little shocking for a brand new intern. My boyfriend attended John Hopkins Nursing school and even in a state of delirium had the wherewithall to recognize this staff had no idea what they were doing. I know this is a learning hospital but I imagine all the pretention and ego must have clouded their education because I have never seen anything like this. I visibly witnessed eye rolling and overheard whispered commentary between himself and nurse while STILL in the room with us. it was rather disappointing because he was super adorable and I wanted to like him. How can anyone have that sort of audacity? We ourselves work, and have worked in medical facilities and while tediously long hours waiting and sporadic attention is not only expected and empathized, we witnessed other patients not being attended to, and also patronized by nurses when they thought no one was looking. We watched a young boy who was clearly in shock made to stand for hours with a gunshot wound to his hand bleed profusely through his bandage with a disgraceful lack of attention or concern. We were horrified. When he shifted in the bed, the sheet came off slightly and underneath was all manner of crusted bodily fluid and what looked like vomit. He was there over 20 hours with barely more than a blood test done, and then released with no answers. The next day he had a severe episode and needed to taken by ambulance AGAIN, however this time we were taken to Medstar Washington Hospital Center. The difference in attitude and professionalism is in astounding contrast. I have been here less than four hours and I am so impressed with the staff here, and it inspired me to make my first google review of a medical facility to warn people to NOT go to George Washington University Hospital if it can be helped, there are far better options out there. I never leave bad reviews, so you know it had to be terrible for me to make the effort to write this one. I’m sorry GWU, but that was an abysmal experience.

renee regan

Unless you are literally bleeding out do not go to this ER. Your spleen will burst or whatever ailment you have will overcome you while waiting for at a minimum of 7 hours! I would have rather driven to middle of Virginia than sit here with all the screams and sneezes in the freezing cold!

Robert Becker

Excellent Staff

Raven Lewis

This was the absolute worst experience I have ever encountered at a hospital. Aside from the incredibly long wait, which was ironically in the “EMERGENCY” wing, I found myself in constant amazement at what events transpired as I was waiting. For one, when my family and I first arrived, there were hardly any seats available, and the seats that were, were covered in trash. None of the staff came over to clear up the trash until 3 hours after I had been waiting. Secondly, the staff were rude. Though all of them were minorities, I noticed that they treated other minorities harshly and with a nasty tone of voice, while White individuals who came in were treated kindly and with respect. This differential treatment was blatant and was oftentimes unwarranted. Thirdly, there was a circumstance where the nurses and staff literally lost track of a patient and his family (apparently he left the hospital). Being so inattentive that patients are literally able to walk up and leave without anyone seeing is unacceptable. Lastly, there was an instance where the staff were experiencing technological issues with their computer system. As a result, there was a period where people were coming into the hospital (including a man who was BLEEDING and could barely walk) and the staff couldn’t even check them in. Again this is unacceptable. There were other things that were wrong with this hospital that I omitted to avoid making this an even longer review. However, I ultimately recommend that if you are experiencing an emergency, do NOT come here.

Matthew Fowle

I was charged $3745 for a wash of the wound and three staples, which took less than 10 minutes total. Everyone was nice and I thought the care was adequate. I had a nice student doctor guided by a very competent professional & that went fine. However being charged almost $4000 is insane, is a way bigger threat to my health than gaping open wound. Care also took forever. On a very quiet night in the ER, I spent about 8 hours sitting on a bed, first waiting to get three staples then waiting to get checked out. Also, the doctors bill separately, so you have two stacks of paperwork and hospital calls once you are released, which is annoying. Next time I'm going to Lowes & buying a staple gun. Going to the hospital is unbelievably unaffordable & an insane rip off. Damn you America.

Costia south side

this is my hospital


I hate being that person that has to sit up here and be the bearer of bad news. As well as, being that person who gets on the computer and discusses a situation I’ve had someone. Usually, when I had a bad experience with a business I tend not to ever get around to writing a review due to the point the problem comes and goes. In this particular situation, I am literally still dealing with the problem as I type this review out. I arrived at The George Washington University Hospital @Foggy Bottom around 10 o’clock when my friend unfortunately was victim to a gruesome gash across his eyelid. We have been waiting in the Emergency Department waiting room so long his injury has literally started to scab over. I am from Atlanta, GA so I understand how the wait in the ER room at Grady could be a hell of a wait, but were literally talking about 5+ hours and counting of waiting at a campus hospital. That the students of the campus can not even rely on because they are not important enough to the University obviously. It baffles me on how students are required to pay all of these great amounts of debt they accrue participating in college, especially a college such as GWU which is irregularly expensive, but cannot even receive the assistance of their own local campus hospital. I know this review is definitely grammatically incorrect and missing certain grammatical touches, but I am, in lamest terms, beyond disappointed and exhausted. We find ourselves young scholastic men stuck in our local campus hospital’s emergency department at now 4 o’clock AM. I doubt if we’ll be able to make it to classes in the morning...I’m really lost for words this is just disappointing. My review honestly doesn’t deserve to end until we are seen and this problem is addressed but unfortunately I know this will more than likely be overlooked. Due to this review becoming more and more unorganized I will bring it to an end, but mind you, I have been on and off typing this complaint for the past 2+ hours trying to decide if it’s even worth it and it has to be because I’m still sitting here looking at my friend’s eye slowly heal itself.


The absolute worst emergency room visit I’ve ever experienced. I’m writing this on the way back from the hospital because I could not wait another moment to potentially prevent another unwitting person, like myself, from making a traumatic, hours-long mistake when they needed medical attention the most. The bedside service was friendly when you could track them down, and it was clear they were untrained with many student nurses. The experience, which I’m sure at any other hospital would have taken three-four hours, took seven. Avoid this place.

rebeka mesfen

My Dad has a Very poor customer service in ED, my dad was in moderate fall risk room he has been calling for to see his nurse more than 6x but the nurse did not show up at least once, not only that she draws blood for lab after two hours she showed up ask for another blood drawn we asked why she said the one she draws two hours ago has a clot she has a very poor pt care skill i don’t even know how she become ed nurse so disappointed, but I would like to say thank you for the charge nurse and the Ed tech they make our stay much better.

Samuel Burgess

I had a infection for 6 months because...emergency room primary care doctor looked at my very bad looking rash around my penis area...and said it will go away if you leave it alone....s.even when I said I've been leaving it alone for 1 month at the if he didn't care....then he also had a bad attitude, I ended up leaving with no help. If you seen my areas...ypu could tell it wasn't going to go away by not touching....((worst experience ever in my life)) thanks for the 6 months infection because it'll go away

Nikki Nicole

I visited the ER with complaints of chest pains. After waiting an hour, I asked if I could get an EKG (most hospitals do that automatically if you come in with chest pains!). The nurse told me an EKG was not needed but administered one to a woman that came in after me (she told me she was in for the same reason). I left the ER, went next door, and made a complaint over the phone at the reception desk. A few months later I received a bill for service I never received. When I called the billing department they said my account noted that I left before any service & would delete the bill. I would NOT recommend this ER and only gave one star because of the individuals working in the billing department as well as the receptionist.

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