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REVIEWS OF Chippenham Hospital IN Virginia

Terri Smith

The whole staff was friendly and attentive. Put my fears at ease. This my hospital from now on. Even though I live in Prince George, it is worth the trip to receive this kind of care. Special thanks to Jessica Coleman and Angie Rodriguez for your prayers and for the wonderful care I received because of your kind words.

Ginger Arnold

I was there having neck surgery. Everything before surgery was great. Everyone was professional and caring, and very informative. The nursing care I received after surgery was less than stellar. The nurse was overwhelmed, and unable to provide proper care to any of her patients. She would listen, and then say she needed to go take care of her other patients. I couldn't move, and my buzzer kept calling on the floor, so I resorted to calling for help, which eventually came, but was still unhelpful. My friend eventually tied the buzzer to the bed two days later so I could have access. Some of the other nurses were great, but I would not go back there.

Samantha M

Always a great visit, even when it’s not such a happy occasion. The staff is knowledgeable and courteous, even during wait times. There have been long periods of waiting but I found it to be pleasant since the staff had such a nice demeanor and were apologetic. I’ve come for a visit during the past holiday season for the Community Christmas event and it’s very nice that the hospital opens their doors to service the families of the area. I do recommend this hospital and I feel safe in their hands.

Jerome Shaw

I second my wife’s review. Cartora is the best!

David Foley

Great service and very professional employees.


From the moment I arrived in the ER complaining of chest pains I felt like I was sent to the top of the priority list. Triage nurses, ER doctors and nurses, lab technicians, everyone showed a high level of concern and professionalism in the testing and diagnosis stages. Turns out I was admitted to the hospital for observation and ultimately a heart catheterization. Again, the same high level of care and professionalism from everyone I encountered. Two thumbs up to Chippenham Hospital and Staff!

Joe Wilson

Good place, Receptionist was very friendly. Tech was friendly enough but could be a little more personable

Tracey Brockwell

Terrible experience with the ER Dr. Did not listen at all. Sent me home with no answers and a $700 bill out of pocket after insurance.

Ann Temple

The Nurses were wonderful caring and took very good care of me. My Physical therapist and occupational therapist were the best. Gave me great points encouragements. And I thank you so much. Kevin I will never forget him he is the best nurse and teacher. My doctor Miller and surgical team were so good to me. I’ve never had a good experience with an epidural but my spinal was quick painless and they relieved my fears . I am just so thankful to the orthopedic staff for everything Ann Temple

Janine Adams

I had the best experience at this hospital i came from Washington Dc i was in so muvh pain do to the 2 car accidents i was in. When i got there i was treated with the most kindness respect they yook very good care of me i wouldnt ask for a different hospital whenever i return to Richmond.

Susan Keane

Excellent care received.Caring and competent care.Professional employees.Overall experience excellent.

Tommy Dorsey

Fantastic experience. Love that hospital.


Care in the ACU was excellent in all regards. The food however left a lot to be desired.

Sharonda Ragland

Even though I didn't have a room, the nurses and staff treated me with care.

Tricia Todd

Very helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant. When you have to deal with a hospital for anything they make it such a less stressful experience.

Jerry Burd

The absolute worst care a patient could recieve. If your ambulance driver asks where you would like to go politely say anywhere but Chippenham. Not sure how this place is allowed to operate it should be shut down.

Linda Hunter

The staff from the ER right down to housekeeping were very friendly they made you feel very cared for thank you very much would recommend your hospital to my friends and family

Tukisha burns

Omg I’m here now with my son and the service is horrible. The Dr or intern whatever she is got smart with my son in which I found to be unprofessional. Now I been sitting here for over a hour waiting on discharge papers. Please please please please don’t come here if u don’t have to

Linda H Scherr

Love my visits with Chippenham. Everyone super friendly and willing to help. Thank you!!

Shyneece Hitch

They don’t even treat you they don’t test you for anything they will waste your time all day to give you something you could have did at home but will charge you 600 dollars.....DO NOT COME HERE IF YOU ARE REALLY SICK AND IN NEED.

michael frankes

If you like to be harassed, yelled at and lied to, the nurses on the 6th floor will berate you endlessly. The techs will also lie in order to stay friendly with these hate driven nurses. I didn’t experience the abuse while in ICU, the 1st/3rd/5th floors. My stay of 47 total days seemed to be pure hell thanks to 6 (666?). Called (4/23/19) and spoke with Sandy Aderholt, Chief Nursing Officer as directed. I gave one example of how one nurse lied and harassed me in the presence of 3 other nurses and/or techs. After being screamed at by the liar and nurse, I instructed her to never enter my room again. The incident was not addressed and another incident revealed that the charge nurse was also a liar and was providing cover. This all occurred on the med surge 6th floor. But of course, Sandy Aderholt simply stated that I was not giving specifics and immediately hung up. I returned the call immediately but it went to voicemail.

quesha marie

the nurses on labor and delivery was amazing

Gloria Redmond

My visit on April 25, 2019 was without problems. There was a preregistration where most information was given and the opportunity to request a wheelchair because of the long walk. Everything was provided by a friendly staff and the prognosis was good. It was a good day.

Sharon Drennan

well taken care of in the cardiac catheter unit, thank you to the team of medical professionals that took precautions and found answers, I am well on my way to a healthier heart

Kim Moore

Fast service, professional lab technicians, good experience

Kevin Harper

Very caring. Took care of me fast. Great staff and doctors.

Deirdre Talbot

My 9yo thanked me for her hospital stay in the PICU. It just goes to show how nurse Bridgette, Loren, Crystal and Dr. Bhatiste helped her (in her own 9yo words) "I feel like I am at home and I am better." Thank you for some wonderful memories during her battle against asthma & pnuemonia.

Michelle Edward

I got my left knee replacement surgery on Jun 26th. I had a great experience at Chippingham Hospital. The staff helped me walk, gave me exercises to help me use my new knee and were very encouraging. I still have to get my right knee done and I'm looking forward to it!

Olive Purser

I live near another hospital that I visit when needed and have not been to Chippenham Hospital for years. I had a wonder experience, everyone was out of their way warm and friendly. Everyone was so professional and knowledgeable and kept me comfortable during every step. I would recommend Chippenham Hospital to anyone.

James Battle

Very efficient, and service professional.

Lita Moore

Staff was friendly and professional. And,they took great care of me.

Marsha Booth

I had a positively wonderful experience when I had my mammogram at Chippenham.

Luman Bailey

In and out of emergency in record time, allergy issue. These folks are so coordinated it makes me wonder how they do it.

Harry Marxen

The male nurse practicioner was a little clumsy removing bandage where blood was taken. I mentioned I was on blood thinner.

Brandia Ginn

I was there for my anatomy scan for my pregnancy. There was a little wait, but nothing terrible. I docked 1 star because the waiting area was full of pregnant women who had to stand waiting because the office was short staff and running a little behind. Being behind is no biggie it happens, but the office is small, so I think they should create an over flow area for when that happens, so their pregnant patients can have a seat if they want. Once I got to the back the ultra sound tech was very nice and answered all our questions. Then Dr.Love comes in and he's SUPER FUN and FUNNY! He had us weak and he was beat boxing. He has a GREAT personality and really made our already exciting moment even more memorable. Overall it was a good experience.

Janette Wilson

Never have I ever been in a hospital where my room was in a hallway! People are all over the place in every hallway. I had a nurse putting my IV in with other patients going by. And nurses pushing patients on beds right next to me. And that is while I was being poked with a needle! His arm could have been bumped! There was barely enough room for them to get by. And what happened to the hippa law!?!? Felt like I was in another country.

Edith Hickson

Very very good and everything was great job

Captain Moore

Absolutely love my nurses, Zach And Tashika on 6 Front. Thanks for being responsive to my needs and making this visit very tolerable.

Lynda Hilliard

This is for my husband. The ER was great. Dr. Montgomery was articulate, professional and followed up on admission. Took the time to explain everything to us. Nursing staff was up and down. Roberta was very good and came quickly when he needed assistance. Food was mediocre. Last day there never got lunch. Assume he had already been taken off roster but never took him down until 1:30. Lack of communication.

Lanna Wharton

My husband came into the hospital through the Emergency Room. He had a valve replacement done. The doctors and the nurses couldn't have been better than how they treated him and me. Knowledge, kind, patient, pleasant and made us feel at ease. His room was clean and the cleaning staff was very pleasant also. The food was fantastic which is unusual for a hospital. Hats off to the chef. All in all a very good experience.

Richard Landrum

Everything went smoothly from registering, right on thru the CT Scan. I was only there for a little over an hour.

Mary Smith-vallade

Excellent care for my husband,no complaints

Betty Ellison

The worst hospital ! I wouldn't take my dog there ! 2nd floor waiting area is nasty coffee machine had bugs and mold in it ! They didn't keep you informed on your loved one ! 5th floor room dirty and the reclining chair was broken the ice machine wasn't working ! And nite nurse had no clue on how to fill and do the ice machine for knee surgery ! If you have to go here don't leave your loved one !

Phillip Snider

When I pre registered for my cat scan, I was told I had to give a credit card number for a $1000 deposit. I did so even though I have anthem insurance and never had to do anything like that before at other facilities. I saw my statement, and they ran the amount without waiting for insurance. When I arrived, I was told repeatedly that I was late for my 2:30 appointment. How could I be late when the appointment was made by va ispine in conjunction with a procedure they had done immediately prior. I have no way of controlling my timing if they are running late and they made the appointment!

Skylyn Ferguson

A relative of mine was recently in the ER and then transported upstairs for an over night stay. I will say from visiting them, the service from all the doctors, nurses & staff was amazing. They went above and beyond to make sure she had everything she needed. Very well pleased with the bedside manor. Thanks again CHIP Fam!

Jay W

Let’s just cut to the chase, I went here at 12am on 12/19/18 for abdominal and throat pain, The doctors in the ER will mainly tell you to go to your primary physician and that they aren’t going to do any tests or scans because they can’t do anything with them and that you’re going to have a big bill in the mail for nothing. The people in the ER are immature and have inappropriate conversations, they play around and take their job as a joke. Long story short, the nurse said “Hey we diagnosed you with abdominal pain” omg I would’ve never guessed it Sherlock. Then the nurse turned around and said that there was nothing wrong and they sent me home in pain at 2am. I was in agony all night and didn’t sleep. The next morning 12/20/18, I went to Patient First where I was diagnosed with tonsillitis, an upper respiratory infection and cystitis. Do not waste your time here. Go to patient first instead to save your time and money.

Achim Amma

Not a good experience: 1. Despite having great insurance, hospital bill is still extremely high for patient: several thousands of $ for simple outpatient surgery. (Luckily, this hospital was in my insurance network, otherwise my bill would have been hundreds of thousands of $. Charging these outrages prices to uninsured patients should not be allowed legally. Really bad practice and very disappointed that this hospital does this.). 2. As a patient, there is lots of waiting. I was in the hospital from 6:30 AM until 3:30 PM for an outpatient surgery of only 30 min. The problem is that there appears to be very little coordination between the various teams. 3. Nursing staff had some capability issues and was not always able to address common questions. My advice: Avoid this hospital if you have that option.

Chris Service

My recent visit was very pleasant. Granted, most hospitalized patients are not in there for a vacation, but during my stay the entire staff was wonderful. All the nurses, aids, technicians, housekeeping did a great job of seeing to my comfort and my medical needs with good spirits and care.

Donna Ebright

Out of all my procedures I've at here has always been good, with kindness and understanding. Always recovered pain free. Except this last time, I woke from procedure with this god awful headache. Guessing from meds to help me sleep. Had headache the remaining of the day.

J Hackmenot

Very attentive staff. Doctors kept me informed regularly. Food left a lot to be desired.

Julie Austin

Pre- surgical care was average, but long wait times in lobby. Post- anesthesia care was ok. First 24 hours nursing care was like being in third world hospital. Vital checks sporadic, 30-40 minute wait after call bell. Not sure there was a care plan: no ice to surgical site, no instruction in use of spirometry. Communication between nursing and OT poor. I did not feel cared for as it was self care only. Personal hygiene of staff poor. Not coming back ever.

frances underwood

wonderful hosp[tal

Curnell Westbrook

The nurses and staff at Chippenham is by far the best in Richmond.

Rob Hayes

They sent me to collection after I made 3 payments on a bill because l didn't pay it in full or set up a payment plan. I did dispute 1 charge in the er because I was admitted within 24 hours but still had to pay the bill. This is in less the a 5 months period. Hopefully someone at the hospital will see this post and work on there billing arrangements. The doctor and nurses for my inpatient surgery for the service in the hospital was great five stars !

Karima Al-Hasani

The person that assisted me very nice and helpful. I have no complaints about the treatment I recieved. I did not care much for the place where I received treatment. It was almost like sitting in a hallway. I initially thought I was just being talked to, and would be taken to a room. I was a little shocked when the guy came back with the medication and shot to administer there. Why would anyone want to pull their skirt/pants up or down in a hallway? A little weird. That was my only complaint.

george compton

Worse hospital I have ever seen in40 years. Head Dr. Was disrespecting unprofessional came in with same problem I came with ...I am leaving with ...they lie and violate your right to min health care cafeteria number does not work ...I can't say much but I can't express enough ..go to a Real Hospital with people who care at least . God bless you and your family may your health always be good

Elsa Petrick

The P.A. that took care of my husband was great. Very helpful and patient. The triage was also great and very helpful! He came in for chest pain and trouble breathing and they didn't waste time helping him. But once we were taken back our nurse was curt and not nice. We would ask questions and when she answered them she was walking out of the room and her answer was always short and she acted like our questions were wasting her time. I would have given 5 stars but, Wylma's attitude in the ER didn't warrant it. We truly appreciate everything they did for my husband.

Sherry Coleman

We were unaware of the Emergency Room remodeling and when my 81 year old mother with a walker scheduled a MRI on Sunday afternoon and was told to register through the ER registration it would have been nice to have been told do not go to the main entrance of the Hospital. When we arrived we were told we would have to walk around to the back of the hospital to reach the Emergency room registration, no one offered a wheel chair or anything!!

Matt G

I had a quadruple bypass (CABG) surgery here on 9/16/19. The cardiac team, including my heart surgeon, Dr. Mulloy, & all the nurses that cared for me over my 2 week stay at Chippenham hospital, were just awesome, & really took great care of me, & made me feel comfortable, & listened to my questions/concerns.

Judith Coffman

Receptionist was delightful and very helpful. The waiting room was cold, both in temperature and in environmen, however. Same day surgery rooms were crowded and the atmosphere left a lot to be desired. I was disappointed that my daughter could not come back with me. The nurses, however, could not have been more pleasant, professional, or more helpful. A good experience. J W has an overall better atmosphere, however, & the same professionalism but with more room.

Patricia Hammock

Quick check-in - parking not really convenient.

Michael Mast

First I want to say people were generally nice. I really liked our nurse. My wife was in an accident, her head was hit and her face was bloody and swollen. tl;dr Dirty, lack of organization, seem to only care about freeing up beds. The medics on the scene mentioned Chippenham ER, I was just concerned about getting someone to check on my wife. We will be going to St. Francis from now on since it is within the same distance to our home. Previous experience with Bon Secours has always been positive. 1. The ER rooms were dirty. Thick dust covered most surfaces . They obviously do not clean these rooms often. 2. The doctor did not know my wife didn't receive an IV. Very poor organization and communication. I blame management for this, the Doctor was young but the hospital obviously lacks procedures\training. 3. My wife had to ask for water several times. I had to follow up to get the water for her. She had no IV and had nothing to drink since before the accident. 4. My wife had lots of debris in her swollen eye. Our wonderful nurse tried to help the doctor by offering a syringe full of saline. However the doctor declined, and instead complained that no one knows where the eye washing station was. He wanted to make my wife bend over the sink, but then decided it was best to create a pry tool out of a paperclip, pry my wife's eye open, and have the nurse wipe out the dirt. 5. No one cleaned the wounds on my wife's face. They were similar to burns where most of the upper skin was removed. Instead they told her to go home and clean it herself. When we left she had blood and dirt still all over her face. 6. After the CAT scan, someone told the doctor to get my wife out of there ASAP as she wasn't a priority. I understand they need to keep wait times down, but don't say that stuff in front of the patient. Customer service is not a priority for them. 7. Discharge instructions were vague. The wound become infected, and my wife's PCP was surprised at the lack of attention to detail.

Alicia Carrington

0 Stars, Horrible. I was made to wait in the ED without any results from testing for 4 hours. When the Dr. does show up he says, " I have no excuse why I didn't come back with your test results. I was wheeled to my room in a broken wheelchair which was brought to transports attention. I was made to wait in the hallway as my room was not cleaned while 4 other Environmental Service employees stood around talking, and then was told the Call bell in the room for emergencies wasn't working. Which was never replaced the whole 3 days I was there. If I had an emergency I would not have been able to call the nurse, I would have died! I will never voluntarily come back to this facility. I hope my experience helps you all improve your service tremendously!

Ava Rice

They put rapid track in the same area as people waiting for the ER? Very confused with this setup. Didn't work for me and wasn't happy with the whole experience

Shonda Boyd

I am from Nc and my sister stays in Chester va and decide to have her first baby here at Chippenham . I had a 2 hr drive but the drive was great parking was with ease . Hospital very clean staff was very helpful with directions around the hospital. My issues I had was that my sister was not allowed to see the list or revise after she submitted the list . According to the nurses only 3 people are allowed in the labor and delivery totally understandable but it was only one person in the room with my sister and I wasnt allowed but 5 mins the staff in labor and delivery was cold and rude .my sister said she was not explain procedures and she really wanted me to be apart of the experience . And if the patient is asking for a special request and was not over the limit and the peopl names that was on the list had left and no longer there and I had proof along with Id that I was kin I don’t see what was the big deal I had been in waiting room for 10 hrs plus and drove 2 hrs only family members with my sister and yet I couldn’t be with her with my first neice I’m just so upset I’m glad I conducted myself in a very professional way because I’m sure they wanted me to act a fool because I couldn’t even talk to nurse they was short and cut me off and didn’t even want to come to the door to respond to door bell one nurse told me she didn’t care she wasn’t going back to pull paper work it is what it is . But I was told once she delivers and recover and she is moved I can be with my sister time will tell currently still awaiting .

Susan Perkins

Great experience- timely, friendly and professional!

Mikki Hopcroft

My second and last time going to Chippenham ER. Thank goodness I was conscious.

Devonya Ngano

We were very happy with this hospital. They found dad a place to go and it is wonderful. They took very good care of him and they have called me twice since he left. Thanks Cartora for helping us. Dad has to return after the IV feeding for his final surgery. Fingers crossed.

Margaret Lafoon

I’m sorry I always like this hospital however someone needs to replace the woman who working in the blimpie sub shop! She’s rude plus touched money then fixed people food. She was coughing and whipping her nose and didn’t wash her hands I know hospital people always be sanitary why is it she is able to work unsanitary

Dwayne Hawkins

The staff was very informative, but I waited forever. I was being looked at for potential stroke and couldn't get a test done to verify, so I waited from about 1pm until 8pm. All this for them to tell me that they couldn't do it that day because the tech had an emergency...only one tech in the entire hospital, really?

Bobby Swineford

The Trauma Unit at Chippenham Hospital saved my life in March, 2016 following a serious accident. Cardioversions at CH, following 2016 stay, have regulated my heart rate, and fluid build-up was cleared from my lungs in 2018. When I was diagnosed recently to be in need of an aoritic valve replacement, where else would I think of going? No other place for me! The doctors are "The Best," and the staff in ICU and CVCU treated me as if I were a family member. I've never received better care anywhere!

mary Brann

Had a bladder tacked in place which DRSmith in obgyn did the surgery.Did an excellent job.!!Going back for the check up tomorrow morning..

Jessica Lynn

The ER staff treated my daughter with care. Nurses were very caring and compassionate with the exception of the director Laura Perdue. From my understanding, she rounds on all the patients to see how their stay is going. She was on her phone the whole time texting and barely made eye contact. Not a good representation of the hospital. Also the amount of patients in the hallway was disgusting and has to be some sort of privacy violation.

Terry Haney

Cardio rehab is excellent

Taiesha Tidwell

I had to get my Tubes tide and they welcome me like I was tgere family member. Dr Lucas was great. Thank you

Dave Steward

Excellent doctors, staff and facilities. Second to none.

Kelly Bishop

Check in was very quick and the medical staff was very nice and helpful.

Edwin Torres

The pre-admission was quick,and easy the associates could not be any kinder, or professional.I must say the Tech who did my MRI I give him a 20 ! he was the most caring and professional Tech I've ever met wish I can remember his name.

Cathy Amend

I had bilateral knee replacement surgery last week. The surgery care was outstanding. Everyone was so nice and helpful to me. A+++


I was seen at the emergency room and they were fantastic! They were quick and very friendly

Toni Lucas

something still going on wïth my "sprained toe. Still in pain, still can not wear a shoe. still a lot of reds and blues.been 4 days now. not too happy with outcome.

David Hale

Got there at 6:30 am for a Scheduled X-ray check in in minutes of arrival to registration. Went to Radiology got done what I need and on my way for the day. All my experience with this hospital has been positive.

Nathaniel Robinson

Large Hospital well equipped

Katrina Quarles

I was there for 3 hours, they were very busy but care was still good

Teddy Anderson

My 91 year old mother was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. She has a broken hip and broken wrist and is in much pain. Hopefully they will get her back to normal. Thanks for helping her. Thanks to the nurse that explained things about my mom. :>)


CJW Hospital in the thoracic ward fro 2/18/19 thru 2/22/19. Nursing staff were excellent. Cleanliness perfect.

Donnie Jones

This was a fantastic experience from the time I walked in the door until I walked out the .. All the nurses were great,helpful and friendly and very compassionate to my needs.. ICU was magnificent and the nurses there was top notch.. you have a special nurse by the name of Kayla that you be exceptionally proud of because she is everything you expect in a nurse and more and hopefully you will pass on my thoughts and feeling to them all specially miss Kayla.. thank you for making a rough time such a pleasure...


Number one place God bless the staff of this facility.

Amit Johar

Excellent care. Very satisfied. This is my preferred ER and hospital if anything ever goes wrong. Thank you

Maggie Wilson

I was in the Levinson Heart ACU section. All staff were great and the care I received was outstanding!

kollannia Gross

Saw Dr.Shnatz twice, once for a procedure, and once on his office.Both there at the hospital. So very personable and still professional. Both my wife and i think he is the best, and so is the Levinson Heart Institute, and that James River Cardiology Office.


Very little waiting, Friendly faces everywhere, Attention to detail, Excellent explanations, and valet parking! What more could you ask for?

nicole bennett

It was amazing! The only complaint from my husband and I was that meals were being skipped if we didnt call up to the cafeteria I may of not eaten but when we called up they were nice about it and brought us or food! But the nurses were so sweet and my delivery and recovery in the hospital was very comfortable!


Confusion. Indifference and attitude. Triage a joke. Medical care substandard. Never knew who was in charge. Sat in hallway 12 hours. After shift change "my " nurse who I never met Sat behind station eating dinner. Needed to use rest room, had knee injury and was told there were no walkers in ER.What???? Not my first choice of ER's yo ever go back again.

Desi 1016

This is the most horrible hospital i don’t care how much these people change the hospital around it’s still the same the waiting room takes hours and the nurse are rude as hell. I will never go back to Chippenham. If I could give 0 stars I would!

Vanessa Johnson

Great visit as always

Kim Lenhart

Very professional, very prompt and compassionate people. It's never fun to need to see a doctor, to need tests but at least it was a good experience.

Jean Lutz


Mike Ryan

Went in with a painful knee injury was given one dose of a mild pain killer. Knee was wrapped with an ace bandage. Pain all night long. Went to a real doctor the next morning was given pain meds that should have been given the night before. Would have done better in staying home or going to patient first. Don't waste time or money even driving there. Got a follow up call from the hospital the next day. No concern just we are sorry no excuse for sorry service

Karen Woods

All staff were focused, friendly, and experienced. Huge amounts of energy was spent preparing patients for their procedure. Everything went like clock work. Food was good.

Nicole Holstein

I've had this same surgery at a different hospital several years ago and the different outcomes are stark. I have had much less pain this time around, and the nursing staff were superb at getting my post-op pain under control quickly and sufficiently. I also have a horrible time with nausea from anesthesia but they listened, made adjustments, and for the first time in my life, I had no nausea at all after surgery! Everyone was so comforting from beginning to end, it was just overall much less traumatic, physically and emotionally. Chippenham is definitely the best hospital I've experienced.

Abb B

I wanted to give a fair review so I came back to change my original one star to 4 because over all the nurses on night shift were wonderful! The staff went out of their way to accommodate me and I truly appreciate it. The only downside was the day nurses they were terrible, but the night shift made up for their lack of professionalism and caring.

sara macklin

They released personal information to a non family member that in turn walked into my room in the physc ward. An hour after was admitted and never addressed me about it after I got out. Dont trust this hospital!

Zorica Skoro

It was most unpleasant experience however everyone were really caring and helpful.

Tia Lee

Yesterday was my first trip to the “new” ER. I went in for pain in my neck, shoulder and arm. After talking to the nurse at the desk I was told to walk around and sit in the chair behind her where she proceeded to hook me up to do an EKG. I knew I would have to based on my symptoms so I did not wear a bra. Imagine my shock and surprise at having to lift my tank top up in the lobby behind a partially closed partition. I could see out so I am sure others could see inside. I was humiliated and embarrassed! I asked why would they do this in the lobby and she said “they only have so much time to get everything done, everything is time based and there is a time limit for everything. I thought she was talking about the possibility of me being in the throws of a heart attack but no was their “processing” time that she was speaking of! I felt so horrible that after I saw her coming from the back with my EKG paper in her hands, I waited for 30 minutes, to make sure I was not having a heart attack, then I promptly left. You cannot treat people like animals just so you can receive trauma center status.I bet the hospital administrators’ family members and friends are not “processed” like everyone else. AND MY BILL BETTER NOT HAVE DOCTORS FEES ON IT BECAUSE I ONLY SAW THAT NURSE LADY!!

Crystal Hough

From the time I step in the hospital everyone was very nice to be the staff was great nurse and doctor treat me very good. I thank everyone for the great care they gave me.

Jean Karppinen Wallace

From Registration to Radiology, the process was streamlined, efficient and professional.

Shirley Edmonds

Nurses took time to listen to me the patient.They worked as a team I was never asked if I needed help with a bath,I did manage my self even thou feeling weak.My hospital room was a nice sized room.The housekeeping was terrible.I had to be taken out of my hospital room for cleaning of 3-4 inches of dirty nasty window blinds not dusted in several months.Visable dirty nasty ventilation over head blowing over me while I slept in the room coughing my head off for 5 days, making my respiratory condition worst which I was admitted to the hospital in the first place for.pneumonia.I coughed so much my stomach hurt.Causing undo muscle discomfort in my stomach.Medicaly my Dr. On staff was very good explained everything where I could understand and accepting my medical knowledge as being a former nurse..

P Galloway

My nurse (Jean-Pierre) was amazing. The doctors and other staff were also great. My wait time was very short for the ER. I took away a star because my room had blood on the floor that didn’t belong to me, so I kept my shoes on the entire time.

Ralph Harman

Must be great because I cannot even remember the visit.

David Hay

Great experience at the hospital. Super caring staff at all levels.

Linda Keenan

The process went very smoothly from preregistration, check in, blood work and MRI scans. The MRI tech was especially helpful when I told him of a previous bad reaction to the contrast dye. He understood the reaction and infused the contrast slowly and I did not have a negative reaction. Please send him kudos from me.

denisha holmes

If I could this hospital no stars I would. I waited in the er for 3 1/2 hours. I should’ve just went to patient first . I would of been on and out. They only gave a nausea pill and o haven’t hard for them . I wouldn’t recommend this hospital .

Gover Sanchez

Dr. David Bettinger operated on me, in chippenhan hospital, he did me a good job

John Taylor

I highly recommend Chippenham Hospital.

k. marie

army man lpn, this is snake girl, I have an unfortunate crush on you- but yeah the hospital is fine too. P.s. call me

Donna Carter

I love Dr. Pendyal. She is very thorough and listens. The office staff is nice. They have a good lab and phlebotomist. The only problem I see is with the new nurse. She didn't introduce herself or smile. I had to repeat my answers. Maybe she had a bad day. I believe her name is Denise.

Cynthia Dabney

I was at Chippenham Hospital last week and received the best of care. The staff was very professional and gave the best of care.

Carol and Mac Todd

The staff were attentive and caring while respecting my privacy. Dr. Coble did an excellent cardiac cath and the site is healing well.

julia lee

My stay at Chippenham hospital was very confusing , couldn't get a direct answer some of staff were very a amazing Alma,Ana,sunny really made my hospital stay comfortable and pleasant Dr Montgomery took the time to break things down cudos

Vicki Owen

Fast, efficient and friendly. Couldn't ask for more :)

Treva Clark

Worst ER experience ever I was just there with my daughter and we waited 30 minutes and I spoke to the nurse and told her my daughters situation. She is very ill and her breathing is labored, she can’t walk and could barely sit up. The nurse told me there were many people ahead of her and if I wanted to leave just let her know because it’s a lot. I understand how people die in the ER now if you don’t go in an ambulance you are not going to be taken seriously.

Catherine Wilkins

Unfortunately writing a review for my Mother who was very sick, admitted for 10 days then re-admitted for 5. The physicians were overall terrific and attentive to her needs 100% satisfied in that regards. Services provided were good. Unfortunately it was/is obvious not enough scheduled staff at times. I would love to rate higher but when your 88 year old mother calls you at work from her room, crying because she was throwing up and no one was responding to the call bell "it tears your heart". I had to call the unit and explain she needed help. Recognition for good service, compassion and care to Nurses and staff Alecia, Mia?, Victoria, Jessica, Bree, Takel, Kyle, Joy, Jasmine. (Lady environmental services awesome care) I am neglecting to mention some excellent staff unfortunately names not readily available. Regardless of some concerns and/or complaints we are very thankful to have Mom home and recovering. Alecia, thank you for encouraging when discouragement surfaced.

Susan Edwards

Staff was outstanding. Room where procedure was conducted was old & drab looking.

Teresa Fisher

All staff personnel were patient, compassionate, and professional. Very satisfied.

Beverly Abdus-Sabur

Efficient and caring staff made this traumatic experience manageable for us. Follow-up has been excellent and reassuring.

Tony Moore

Genise, Antionette& Karen

Chris Gustin

Overcharged for Emergency Room visit. Went here because we thought our son had a broken nose and needed an x-ray to confirm a broken nose. After waiting in the ER for 2 hours they were unable to x-ray because there was too much swelling. The nurse put a liquid bandage on his nose and sent us home. Our insurance company was billed $2,641.00. Follow up to original review (above): tried calling the director several times at the number that was provided to better understand how insurance was billed $2,641.00 for a liquid bandage. No answer - goes to voicemail every time.

Cheryl Rudd

I had a very positive experience at Chippenham Hospital. Everyone I had contact with was courteous and very professional. I had a hip replacement and was delighted with my care.

Stephen Goldberger

Cardiac rehab is excellent. Staff. Is knowledgeable and warm and friendly.

James Evans

Excellent team in the ER. Very professional and courteous.

Billy Ruch

My wife and I had our first child here with the midwifery program. If they still did the program it would be 5 stars without a doubt but since they decided to cancel the program I can only give a 3. Our midwives were incredibly attentive and wanted us to have the best experience we possibly could. Nurses were amazing, minus a few still stuck in the old way of doing thungs. Overall the experience was amazing but we won't be going back for our future children, we will be following the midwives at their new practices.

Kathy Dowdy

I had great care in the beginning starting in the ER. Trauma to my left pelvis which led to surgery the next day. The last 2 days of my stay the care lessened a little and I do realize that I was not critical but I layed in bed thinking that very fact and being thankful for it since I had to press the nurse button a couple of times to finally get recognitionMy nurses were phenomenal...loved them all but they can only be with one patient at a time.. The end of my stay was really puzzling...No one from case management came into my room to discuss acquisition of a walker, wheelchair, etc so my daughter (who is a PT by trade) and myself (I am an X-ray tech with HCA) made those arrangements. My nurses eventually came into the room and tried to tie things up..

Christine Nahm

I met with Pam Davis, nutritionist, because of my obesity. My weight and my poor eating habits were hindering my health and happiness. Pam's manner and advice were exemplary !!!!!! I have followed the food plan she discussed with me, and I have never ate so much healthy food, and I am losing weight.Thanks, Pam !

Jeremy Davis

Fast and friendly service. Clean and the new renovation is amazing

Meme & Sylk Curley


Sue Miles

I was well taken care of in the ER @ Chippenham Hospital last week. Not a long wait, incredible staff; very professional, kind, and attentive. Great group of people!

Vernon Seaton

Great hospital. Everyone was friendly and very helpful.

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