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I am sorry to post this review. I do not speak for all staff members and doctors and I am sure there are many who have found help here. My rating is based on our visit. I am upset by our experience at this hospital both during our stay and after discharge. We came with our 9-day old son to check on a possible head swell, who was then x-ray scanned an additional ~26 times all over his body to look for possible injuries, without a prior physical examination or signs of anything wrong below the area of concern. Scans of some areas were apparently performed multiple times. This survey scan did not reveal anything and was not properly explained to us before hand. The doctor we encountered didn't provide documentation on the head or body scans before the procedure and did not convey to us the rough number of scans before they were performed, instead dismissing risks from additional scanning following a CT head scan on the young child. We asked the hospital to provide information on the scans and estimated dose before we discharged. The "radiology safety officer" called me a day later and quoted some estimates for both scans. However, when asked how the effective dose is calculated from dot length product for the CT, the scaling factors for the estimates, etc it was suggested only that a "spreadsheet was used". Other issues we didn't appreciate were long delays until the baby was allowed to be fed, due in part 'to slow internet to interpret scan results,' as well as being retained into the second day, where no meaningful examinations were done. Again, it's likely that there are a number of good doctors and staff in this hospital and it is a major center for child care. However, our son has been somewhat needlessly overexposed from a week old age and the scale of the procedure was not clearly explained to us before being performed on such a young child. I have spent several weeks asking the hospital via phone calls and emails for a written response regarding the total # of scans performed and an explanation of the rough radiation exposure, which we initially requested before discharge.

Mohammed Rahman

My daughter was diagnosed with ASD and wanted to get pediatric developmental specialist at Childrens. I am naive when it comes to doctor.. After few back and forth hold and call transfers, I got an appointment. After I went there I find that I am meeting with a psychologist and not a dr. I wanted a thorough evaluation of my daughter not a psychologist asking me questions about her behavior and stuff. For future appointments I called again and asked for pediatrician development and then I found out what exactly happens there. The wait list for pediatrician development is so long that they keep forwarding me to child psychology department where appointments are available. Needless to say, I am dropping all evaluations there now. I feel like I have bene duped by their staff for some un-needed psychological evaluations and over 2k bills. So Disappointed

Elsy Jurado

Was there for a night because of my diabetes. The nurses were all really nice and the doctors were amazing, my experience at children's was great! The diabetes educator was very nice and patient. Everyone was wonderful, the nurse and doctor students were also very nice!

Bright Mensah

Some of the stuff that works there are not very friendly.

mariame kaba

This place is a disgrace. It has the most disorganized ER I have ever been to. My daughter had a fever and was vomiting so I brought her in to be seen. After being there for almost 5 hours and 90% of the people that came after me being seen, i decided to ask a nurse when the doctor was going to see my daughter. She told me very rudely that I have been called. Me and the other patients are bewildered because that is not true. Plus she just rudely left without giving any information on when we will be seen. I decided to leave and go to a different place. I will never go back there.

Sofia Girma

Thanks so much for every one have kind Hart!!! Every time when I came to this hospital with my sun it's really have such extremely Beautify experience!!!!

D Urquidi

Ive been to the Fairfax location which was good, but the DC hospital is another story. First of all some of their staff are very rude. My 8 year old son had an appointment with Nephrologist Dr. Marva, she was nice at the time of the appointment. However she couldn't find any notes on my son's history with nephrologist and urologist through the years. So she was just assuming and relying on what I was telling her. Which I understand, perhaps their system was not registering information or updates correctly. Needless to say, I explained her why we were there, and at the end she decided to run some blood work to check on my son's kidney's function etc. She mentioned if the lab came back abnormal she would call me. 2 weeks later I get a copy of the Final report sent to my son's pediatrician indicating some of his levels in blood work are low. That to me is not normal, However I never! got a phone call from them to explain what is going on. So I decided to call her, and the staff member I talked to said, well Ma'am if there was anything wrong she would have called. To which I responded, the blood work shows low levels of 3 things, and even though it might not be life threatening I deserve an explanation of what those levels being low mean. She said she would ask her to call me. Then I realized there is an email for Dr Marva, so I went ahead and sent her an email, asking her to please call me. To which I get an automatic reply stating she won't be back until the 22nd of October!! and if it was important to call her assistant Tricia. So, I obviously called her assistant who happens to be the same person I talked to earlier. Same person who didn't bother to explain that DOCTOR was Out until the October 22nd!! I dont care if she "thinks" my concerns are not important, but if blood work is not normal I deserve a phone call and explanation of what is going on. I don't want an attitude from the assistant!! Telling me that SHE will have another Doctor call me. She should have notified this during my 1st phone call. Im very upset at how they handle these situations, you work at a children's hospital, and shouldn't be there if you don't like it.

Billy Joe Bob

I am so sad to give such a negative review. Years ago this hospital was wonderful and they were excellent with my son and his special needs. However fast foward many years and a different child we had the utmost worst experience with a resident nurologist, I cant go into to much detail as Im seriously thinking of persuing legal action but the attutude and incompetence of this student Doctor will give my child a lifelong dufficult road that wasnt necessary. I will be going to John Hopkins to see if they uncan do what this doctor did to my baby. I hope one day childrens will go back to the hospital they once were and not what they have become.

Robinson Family

We've been patients here for 3 years now. Truly world class medical care.

Rashida Moye

This is the best hospital for patient care of children! The staff is always caring, kind and full of courtsey. The doctors listen to the children and take their time! When arriving for appointment's please leave yourself at least 15 minutes for parking, heavy contruction and limited parking.

Linda Vallance

My 5 month old daughter at the time was admitted to children’s hospital on December 27 for unusual movements. They ran all sorts of test on her. They gave her some medicine which after a few days stopped the movements. The stay here at that time was great, nurses and doctors were very helpful. On January 2 , she got discharged and I was told that one of the test they had completed came back and it was normal but I had to follow up at genetic clinic in a month. When I go they said that it was not normal and additional testing needed to be completed. Since then my daughter has not gain any weight. Her pediatrician send me back to children’s on February 8 to get admitted. I live 1:30 away with traffic can be 2 hrs. Because it was a Friday the said to come back on Monday to get admitted then because all the specialist she needed to see for example nutrition was not there on the weekends. I got called on February 11 around 12pm that a bed was available. I arrived at children’s at 3:30. Made it to the room around 4pm. I didn’t see any specialist on Monday the 8th. The only thing that was done was blood work. It is Wednesday February 13 4:16 am and the only specialist that we’ve seen was the speech specialist at 10 am on Tuesday feb 12. And when the doctors came in at 4 pm and another group at 5 pm nothing had been communicated with the speech specialist they came in telling me they were having that specialist come in when I told them that they had came by already they asked ME what they said. In top of everything else the nutrition specialist has yet to come in which was one of the reason I was to return on Monday from when we got discharged on Friday. Rebeca Santiago

Oded Rozenbaum

Worst ER experience. Being totally ignored. Came to a room with no bed. When they brought a bed there was no sheet and nobody came in 2 hours to see how we were and ask if we needed anything. Disappointed.

AZY Enterprises

Had an appointment for surgery for 11:30. We were delayed 4 hours without much of an explanation. Meanwhile we are stuck in a waiting room with screaming kids and parents talking loudly on cell phones on speaker mode.

Robyn Harrison

The best hospital hands down. My daughter has a cavity that was infected. Her dentist did not want to pull it until the swelling went down. She started having issues in her throat. Her dentist told me to take her to children's hospital (which is an hour away from me) because they have a dental dept. and he was concerned the infection was spreading. when I arrived in the emergency room I was told yes they had a dental dept but it wasn't 24 hours. They were closed. The nurse later returned and told me that they we're going to come in. Mind you this is a Friday night and it's around 9 PM. A group of 4 ladies shortly after that showed up and me and my daughter followed them to the dental department. They opened the dental dept just for us. They even Played the Moana soundtrack for my daughter. And the tooth was pulled, they were so helpful and nice. I really wish I would have gotten their names. I was so thankful for these ladies to come back in after just leavin just to help my daughter. Things like that really go along way. Your staff is amazing!!! I can't thank those ladies enough.

Hekmat Mokhlis

Had to reschedule my appointmeny on the first day after waiting for more then 3 hours due to the physician or tge receptions fault. Charged me $3k for my few months old son sample heart graph, and result was not even shared with me in hard copy.

Anthony Wright

Children's hospital has saved so many children. The level of patient care is wonderful. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

Zachary Keith

Our son was admitted to the NICU here recently and he received great care. Some of the rules for visiting patents are a bit restrictive, and some of the nurses were a bit argumentative, but most were excellent and the pediatric doctor was wonderful. He addressed many of the nurses' comments and made sure our child was healthy before he came back home.


Amazing place to work - the staff really cares about helping kids!

Demiko Suggs

Always courteous and professional staff.

emmanuel ramsey

They saved my life gave me another chance of living I'm forever grateful.

christina anotchi

Blown away by the service here! My daughter was 1 at the time and had a boil on her private area. Later diagnosed with cellulitis. The care when she had to get her IV to being admitted into the hospital was amazing!! all the nurses and doctors who tended to her were amazing and knowledgeable. I can see why you guys are one of the top 5 in the nation! Keep up the good work!

Christopher Pearson

We had premature identical twin girls at Holy Cross Silver Spring. Lab tests at birth showed possibly issue with blood so we were sent after discharge to children's national to see specialists. Apparently this whole issue was deemed an emergency and so we took it very seriously and went as soon as we were contacted. Once arrived, it took hours to see anyone at genetics unit. From there, little was explained that made any sense and we were then sent to a whole different part of the hospital to have blood drawn. Not withstanding all of the issues up until this point, the blood drawing was a "horrific" experience. We were greeted by long lines at a general blood drawing wing and told we were to wait until our name was called. These were very premature infants surrounded by sick patients at a general hospital setting. Let alone an emergency situation which required our immediate presence over 25 miles away from our home just days after a preterm birthing process. I politely asked to be expedited but was refused and told we had to wait like everyone else. After another full hour we finally were able to have the blood drawn. And yet the person who drew the blood did not appear to be well trained or prepared to draw blood from premature infants nor were the facilities or equipment set up for this procedure. Still, he tried in vein (no pun intended) to draw blood. The children were screaming, I was frightened, my father-in-law was frightened, even the specialist drawing the blood was concerned and eventually had to ask for help. Total time at hospital over 7 hours to see a specialist and draw blood for special urgent care they requested and were supposed to be prepared for. I'm not saying that it wasn't worth getting the blood drawn to rule out any major medical conditions of birth with my new girls, but the overall experience was the worst I've ever had in a medical setting and I would not recommend anyone go to children's national unless it's an absolute emergency. And even in that situation please understand that the system is highly burdened, staff tend to be quite disorganized, and management is nowhere to be seen. I hope and pray your experience proves this review otherwise.


I work at Children's National and see every day what an amazing place it is! Every week there is some new discovery that helps kids feel better, live longer and live stronger.

Desiree' Herrera

I may be only 16 but I recommend that you don't bring your child here. I was at Meritus ER and they found a cariod artery on the right side of my neck since I'm underage the neurologist couldn't do any treatment so they transferred me on a helicopter to this children's hospital, when I got there the nurses were absolutely rude towards me until my parents came to the hospital & they didn't wait to get consent from my parents to do the CT scan. After my parents arrived at the hospital the doctors didn't and wouldn't do any more test or scans, they were being very dismissive about it. My parents also asked the doctors can they do an ultra sound on my neck to see how thin the cariod artery is and they wouldn't do it. The doctor basically told my parents the think it's a severe migrain and to just give me motrin for two weeks and they discharged me. Also the rooms and the bathrooms were filthy, the nurses were being very loud and laughing at 3 am which woke up a lot the the children and babies that were also in the ER. Long story short they are very rude & inconsiderate at this hospital.

Lubna Raza

AS A MOTHERS ADVICE PLEASE DONT BRING YOUR CHILD HERE !!!! This place is only a MONEY MAKING business...they done give a damn about your child !!!!! My son was circumcised this past Thursday in urology with Dr.Aaron Krill. my son was discharged from recovery while he was screaming on top of his lungs.. the nurses kept telling me it's the environment and the anesthesia they gave him during surgery that's making him uncomfortable.. We got home and my son continued to cry for hours. I called the recovery nurse who was helpful and she paged and emailed the dr to call me back, But no response. My son cried for 9 hours straight that day !!!. A student resident who was on call kept calling me back he was helpful. But as a parent I need to speak with the Dr who did his surgery. ***** if this place was not for money making business the Dr would have called me back regardless of if he was on call or not **** At 10pm I took him to the ER close to my house because he had not urinated.. as soon as i took him to the ER 4 nurses and 1 doctor jumped right on to my son because after his circumcision the Dr had wrapped his penis in layers and layers of sports tape which was wrapped so tightly that he couldn't pee. My son's pubic area was dark purple , green and super swollen.. The ER doctor tried to get a hold of the Dr who did the surgery and there was no sign of him... Please as a mother's advice don't take your children here. They are only here to make money of of your insurance... They don't care for the wellbeing your child !!!.

Hanan Bane

The Washington D.C. location is absolutely the worst, from unprofessional staff to overwhelmed doctors to a poor hospital signage system... we went through some of the worst experiences our family experienced in a medical facility.

Brian Rhoads

The logistics of this place are not the greatest. Crowded dirty parking garage, horrible city traffic. But the health care is exceptional good. Worth the trade off


Best place to have a dead baby

Phillip Leighton

Wonderful facilities with a friendly Staff.

Hamid Joshan, MBA

The hospital and its service are great; however, they have the most unprofessional and worst billing department. For two consecutive visits of my daughter they created two patient accounts and could not locate/reconcile a simple payment that I paid on time in more than four months! It made us so frustrated that how come in this modern technology century a standard hospital in the heart of D.C. has such inexperienced and horrible billing department. Suggestion to customers: make sure you check with their billing section and front desk in advance by getting a copy of your child’s info, verify it yourself prior to any service, as they will give you hard time later by their unprofessional communication for something that is not entirely your fault. I wish I could give them less than one star! I hope anyone from their higher management would be able to read this review and I would be more than happy to discuss with them in details.

katie clem

Got my gallbladder taken out yesterday here, my prep for surgery was supposed to start at 9:55am, I didn't get back till about 10:30, the nurses were great (woohoo Beverly and Alena) and the anesthesia doctors were great, the surgeon is awesome. My nurse during recovery (I didn't get her name but she was great; she was a shirt chinese women in a pink jacket. Was so very helpful and nice. I recommend the mashed potatoes and Mac n cheese there, but NOT the tomato soup. I was able to leave the hospital yesterday night and I went to get my pain medication and turns out they didn't do all the information I needed to get a narcotic at a pharmacy. The pharmacist at cvs stayed on hold with the hospital and exchanged a few words where the receptionist at the hospital was plain rude (pharmacist left it on speaker phone) and kept trying to get her to hang up and not to hold. (They're obviously not going to call back). So after an hour of going back and forth I still was not svle to get my medication so Ive been sitting in pain this entire time. NOT happy about that and the doctor should have known and read over the prescription to make sure everything was right.

Andrew Hartung

Wonderful Children's Hospital, well organized ER, and pays attention to the whole family, not just the patient

Fortune Fashe

I took my son in for orthopedic care with a fracture. These people were beyond amazing. Caring wonderful people.

Jp Alley

If you have a child in need of top notch care, with amazing staff throughout the building. Come to children's national. Not only are they one of the best hospitals in the country but the caring nature of everyone who works there is second to none... I wish I lived nearby so this could just be our regular hospital. Drs who don't treat you as if you know nothing and take the time to explain everything you don't understand so you are apart of your child's care is amazing. There is a reason the NICU is the #1 in the country. The nurses are amazing. The ability to stay with your child 24/7 is just something to show how they go the extra mile in every sense. Hate that I need this hospital. But so grateful that they are here. Anyone who has had issues with rude staff was obviously not here.

Traci Smith

We always have a positive experience here - their service model and all that they do is of high quality. Highly recommend them.

Ginny Munoz

I feel fortunate that this hospital exists.

Lillia Cruise

Excellent staff, very professional and caring My daughter's still currently admitted in the hospital

Olivia A. Chase

Dr. Nathaniel Beers Is The Best! He Treated My Children. Now He Treats My Grandson! His Bedside Manner Is Unmatched!

Emmanuel Johnson

Children's National is the best hospital for children in the nation. The atmosphere just breeds a sense of care and safety of the children and family. The colors are vibrant, doctors and nurses are nice, the organization seeks excellence and believe in compassion and commitment. The hospital is beautiful the medical equipment is state of art and the dedication to care for children is a priority to all that that works there. Can not find a better hospital in the metropolitan area.

ashley smith

im giving a 3 because the hospital was clean, nurses and doctors were nice. But, when my daughter was moved to the step-down NICU it was freezing cold in that unit. We came home yesterday afternoon and she now has a cold. She is a premie and didn’t want her to get sick but thanks to the Unit she now haves a cold that i was trying to avoid. Also nurses were not communicating with each other so myself and my grandma had to repeat ourselves multiple times. I thought this hospital was a good hospital but clearly from that unit it doesn’t seem good. plus my daughter has reflux and that she needs to be propped up so she doesn’t choke on anything that comes up. Well yesterday during cleaning time, a lady was in cleaning her room and she ended up gagging. We also had told the night nurse that she had reflux. i shouldn’t have to repeat myself about my daughter’s safety. You’re suppose to listen to the patient especially with that type of situation.

Jenne Assard

Our daughter had to go in for a scan of her kidneys. When they called to explain the procedure I specifically asked if the sedation would be general anesthesia. They told me no, it would be local. When we got there, they told us it would be Propofol, which my husband was extremely upset about. When we got there and walked up to check in, we weren’t even acknowledged. They tried to start an IV multiple times and kept blowing out her veins. They weren’t very apologetic as our two year old is strapped to the table with Velcro, being held down by her own parents, screaming and being stuck repeatedly with needles, not getting any closer to her test. Hours later, they finally got one in. My daughter was understandably traumatized by the room so we were standing outside of it waiting for the anesthesiologist. When she got there, she seemed annoyed we were in the hall, didn’t know the procedure being done and laughed it off as we were clearly upset and nervous about her being under anesthesia in the first place. I was in the room as they were putting her under and the second it hit her, her eye rolled back so I started to cry out of pure emotion and all they did was yell “mom, you have to leave!”. There were, however, a few bright spots. The recovery nurses and person from Child and Life services were nice, comforting and professional.

Ken Poe

I heard that this was a really good hospital, so I came from Maryland to take my baby here. I had an appointment with neurosurgery and Dr. Myseros refused to treat my baby for hydrocephalus. I also had a appointment with pediatric and Dr. Biddle did a x ray of my baby's entire body denying that she doesn't have spina bifida occulta and hydrocephalus. She called my mother and asked if she could do surgery on her and mom said no she doesn't want me to receive disability benefits. This is my baby and I make all the medical decisions for her. I won't be coming back.

darryl p

There are some great providers here but there are some real risk to consider. First flag, a nurse wanted to give our son that was diagnosed with Pancreatitis, Propofol. Yes the drug that killed Micheal Jackson and stays in your pancreas because she wanted him to sleep and had work to do. I refused to allow it and finally a doctor admitted it was not appropriate and very dangerous.Second flag, His foot had an infection from the iv which they refused to treat for a week because they said it was nothing before finally acknowledging it was an issue. The last an most galling was the charge nurse in the neurological department Geta comes in while our child who is special needs is sick at 1:35 am and wakes us up to inform us we have to move out of the room and go to another one. Who kicks a child out of a room at 1:35 am? There are more details but this speaks to some of the dangerous decisions being made here. Some of the staff is so great you hate to complain but in the delicate balance of healthcare all it takes is one bad decision.

robin 2

Love this place... They take great care of my children

Emma S Flores

While my son had his clinical trial, lack of communication was horrible, and social worker no help, as a single mom going through a devastating moment with your child having cancer, hospital is the worst place to stay, nurses we great very respectful, when my son had to stay over night due to seizures we spent the night in the hospital NO HOT WATER!!!! What hospital has NO HOT WATER??? I will never go back there again! Worst stay and not such a great place to receive care for kids well for mine I speak for myself! I regret taking him there, my son did the trial and he wanted to go instead of helping him it was killing him! To hear my 16 year asking me "mom please tell them to let me go" it's the worst feeling ever!!! No mom deserve to live like this and for a hospital to know about research should have more communication skills and let the primary Oncology where we reside what took place there and it never happened! 1st fix the plumbing, 2nd oncology need to have more communication with all the team especially where the family resides! 3rd more help to families with single parents, wether is food vouchers, and a place where parent can be comfortable. 1st impressions are the ones that will always be remember and believe me it was the WORST!

Srinivas Somu

At what point is it considered medical malpractice when doctors do not respond or even address pleas for help for a small kid in pain? Amazed as to how this place is getting such high reviews... probably from parents of kids needing superficial attention that we can get anywhere not seeing any pediatric skills from most of the doctors we had run through (at least 10) from different specialities.... we understand that this is a teaching hospital (we have a number of specialists in our family/friends circle who went through that) but what are these future doctors learning if they cannot gauge the pain of a kid? They definitely seem to be getting good at the game of hot sorry, but this is a rant of a parent in pain seeing his kid not getting the attention he needs currently at this hospital....

Angie Angie

This is unbelievable! We tried to make an appointment for my son's speech assessment- and I was on the line for hours. Finally we made an appointment-after trying for several days and being transferred here and there. The doctor Was kind and nice! But this call center they have is so unbelievable. First of all it always goes to wrong lines-and it will answer I don't know who transferred you here but you need to call to that location. I asked the lady can you give the number-she said she does not know. She was very unhelpful and aggressive so I could not take her, I did hang up my phone. And she calls me back from +11005600 number and scolds me for me being rude and hanging up my phone on her-and she hangs up! Is she there to scold people whoever calls. Obviously I was not there to hear her unkind voice and aggressive answers longer that a second.

Tryna B. Anonymous

This hospital seems focused on feedback and continuous improvement. We've had reasons to come here for more than a decade and some little thing I wouldn't have noticed is easier, more comfortable, friendlier, or more straight forward than each previous time. I'm very grateful for Children's National.


They take exceptional care of our future. Our children!!!

Dan Marsh

Waiting for a diagnosis for my son for a year now. Endless appointments that proved unnecessary... months of waiting... botched administrative tasks without end.

Jenny Illetschko

My daughter was treated here for cancer. Although it's very easy to get lost here the staff helped a lot to get you where you need to go. There were days when I couldn't get there so the doctors called for updates and even included me in their rounds. They also informed me when my ex husband was trying to make decisions behind my back. They took both of our inputs into account.

Carlos Cruz

An RN here offered me if I wanted to Set up an Ivy.. Simply because he was mad that I asked if it was safe to bend my baby cousin's hands that way...

victoria lopez


Vivian Chambers

My grandson had to come in for surgery. The staff at Center Surgical Care was awesome!!! They made you feel comfortable and at ease. I like to give a huge thank you to Dr Gitman ❤❤❤

Tracey T

This rating is in relation to billing at Children's National. They are literally criminals. After sending money to pay bills I was told I still owed. All year long, no matter how many times I paid, they kept saying I owed more. Found out they were putting my money into a hospital account and a physicians account under my name instead of putting it towards my bills. I started getting calls from collection agencies and finally after hours on the phone with Children's billing found out what they were doing. Also found out that they had another $100 in one of those accounts from a co-pay I made 4 years prior just sitting there. I asked why (if they had all that money in an account under my name) they didn't use that money to pay my bills - they said because I didn't tell them to. How would I do that if I didn't know these accounts existed?? And why make these accounts to begin with?? Oh and they charged everything out of network when it was supposed to be in network because they sent the doctor's name incorrectly to my insurance company. ASK IF THEY HAVE A HOSPITAL OR PHYSICIANS ACCOUNT under your name before doing anything else and you'll see how they are stealing your money and keeping it under an account without telling you anything about it. Despicable.

Srizana uprety

The wait time is forever. And forget it if you to have call for simple advice for your child, I waited for 52 mins there were 5 parents ahead for me and when there was 1 parent ahead of me they disconnected saying there was “ system something”. And for the visit at office if you happen to be little late because you didn’t find a parking spot at their garage be sure to see a different provider. If you are only going for a well baby check up, I think small practices are better place to go where your child gets the required attention and care. I wouldn’t recommend Children’s National unless it is recommended by your PCP which cannot be addressed at small clinic.

Melissa Forsythe Wilhelmi

This place and its out patient centers are absolutely unprofessional. My son has been seeing Dr.Young in Orthopaedics, she complains openly about the way appointments are scheduled, specifically..." they cant schedule all this kids with clubbed feet back to back"....She walks out of the room while I am still speaking to her. Scheduled surgery for my son...they called with pre op directions...we leave at 3 am to arrive on time for our check in time of 530...only to be called 30 minutes before arriving to say they dropped the ball and didnt get pre approval from the insurance carrier. I believe that all should have been taken care of before I was even notified of a date and time...

Tiffany Lashonta

Although I would have given the Hopsital on overall 5 star for the many great services 2 of my children receive from Children’s National which is there nephrologist, cardiologist, Hematology, Development Delay (Autism) and now Sleep Medicine. I was very disappointed that after being scheduled two months out for an urgent sleep medicine appointment for my autistic 2yr who stopped sleep back in September me and my family will have to continue to suffer an additional 7 weeks because all patients were cancelled and rescheduled until the end of January or into February while the doctor vacations. What I can’t understand is why there isn’t another doctor available. When a family of six hasn’t slept a single night since September this is a real problem. This is drastically interfered with work and other important scheduled events. I’m exhausted and really upset we will have to wait even longer with no relief.

Daryn Rudo

Wonderful staff - my son was transferred from Virginia while at school and I met him there - we live in Baltimore - everyone from the ER to the nurses and the MD were wonderful and thorough. Could not have asked for better care and understanding.

Susan Feidelman

Amazing facility! I took my daughter there for testing a few years ago and had a great experience from check-in and throughout the whole visit.

Anjenette Darden

The takes really good care of the kids

Samrawit Fittiwy

I have never seen nurses so rude and so unprofessional to take care an infant. this is the worst experience of my life.there body language irritates you to your breaking point.and because of them we are forced to lose a nice doctor for our baby. but the obstacles we face before to get to the doctor is beyond manageable. i just hope the hospital give them some kinda training and follow there day to day activities and put some supervisors.oh also the type of insurance you got makes a greater impact as to how you will be treated.SHAME!

Roy Lopez

Excellent hospital. Parking can be a challange based on y pop ur arrival time. Try to plan your appointment in between rush hours in DC.

rosemarie fraser

the hospital it's self is the best have the best doctor's..but the ER is lacking need great improvement in time management my daughter fractured her foot and we came in at around 8 and it is.almost 3 am and we are still waiting on doctor's to come and cast her foot it's ridiculous

Amanda Hanson

The absolute WORST experiences I've had! I have a referral from my pediatrician for a specialist, but somehow I end up arguing with the scheduling people about whether or not my child meets the requirements for an appointment! I know I'm not a doctor, and I strongly suspect the receptionist is not a doctor, so why on earth do they think they can assess a medical necessity against a doctors orders! Then when we get in to see the specialist and she gives us instructions for making another appointment the receptionist AGAIN refuses to make the appointment against their own doctors medial advice! The doctors all seemed great, but the scheduling is a nightmare! Beg your insurance for a different provider. These people will infuriate you and cause you unnecessary stress and anguish.

Jacquie Frazier

Spent an hour and a half in the waiting room for a well child appointment despite arriving 30 minutes ahead of my appointment time. Nurse taking vitals wrote vitals for multiple patients on a single notepad and did not sanitize hands between patients. She also took my postpartum mental health questionnaire and folded it up as if to throw it away. The hospital is well rated, but perhaps that’s for specialized care rather than the health clinic. Very disappointing.

Abrehet Mirach

The best and cleanest hospital

David Alvarenga

Children may died on waiting so much... the waiting time is like 5 hours. This is not a clinic... I don’t recommend to people.

sebawit Yirsaw

Loving and caring professionals everywhere in it! Blessed to have this place near for my kids!

Michelle Ettienne

My overall review is for the Pain Management and Headache Clinics . I miss the wonderful and professional Dr. Rebstock. She did a wonderful job explaining the condition we were dealing with. The Amazing LiZ gets 5 stars across for her superb professional services & astounding bedside manner. Dr. Lotke is also a powerhouse in the Pain Mgmt Clinic. Dr. Alexander was amazing with the triggers shot but has left. Dr. Disabella wonderful bedside manner, very informative and patient. He is with the Headache Clinic. Just met Dr. Peterson, she very professional and informative. She has a kind bedside manner. * Only draw back was getting an appointment with both clinics. There were some difficulty scheduling several times.

Mina Larson

We had a very positive hospital stay at Children’s National with my special needs teenage son. The surgery went very well and the surgery staff and Child Life staff were wonderful and very attentive to my son, who was very scared. The hospital staff, to include his nurses, were also very caring and helpful during our entire stay. We were on the fifth floor and I felt that the hospital room, cleanliness, and services for parents were excellent. I would like to especially thank Morgan, Erica, Maria and Lindz for taking good care of my son. My only complaint was that the cafeteria food was very limited on weekends.

Ali Jian

My daughter had a small cyst successfully removed by Dr. Albert Oh when she was 7months during an outpatient procedure. Naturally, my wife and I were beyond nervous. The doctors and staff did an amazing job caring for my baby (and to ease worried parents). One month later you barely notice a scar and our daughter was back to her spunky self on the same day.

Nabi Ghulam

The dental department in this hospital ranks zero when it comes to customer service. My child has been there three times and all they do is, ask what grade he’s in... and make a follow up appointment... off course big invoices follow, which I don’t know what for... My wife and I never got to know why they call us for appointments every six month but literally do nothing. I really don’t recommend this dental clinic! PS: my child has gone through several surgeries in this hospital. And we don’t have any complaints about the other departments.


Why does it take more than 30min to have lab work completed? All I see are women gossiping. Very unprofessional in the laboratory department


Our personal experience with Children's National was a nightmare. When our son was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea we decided to schedule an appointment with Dr. Maria Pena. Our first visit with Dr. Pena was extremely unwelcoming. The entire visit lasted under 10 minutes and the doctor did not seem interested in answering our questions or explaining the process for our sons upcoming surgery. When we went back for the second visit, for the pre-op, the entire visit lasted under 5 minutes and the doctor made some snide remarks about "being mad"...which I wasnt? I think she mightve confused us with someone else. The doctor then started walking out of the room while we were still talking about our son and our concerns. Needeless to say we were so extremely uncomfortable with this doctor that we decided to have the surgery at John's Hopkins in Baltimore, it was a much friendlier and better experience. I am very saddened by this experience, especially since I now have many expensive medical bills from Doctor Pena that I 100% believe is not worth the money she has charged us, frankly it was a complete waste since we had to start the entire process over at Johns Hopkins. August 30th Update: After receiving a response from Childrens on this review, I emailed as instructed. Over a month has gone by with no response.

Joshua Kanter

My child has been a patient for 5 years and we owe his life to Children’s National. Thanks Dr. Anne Angiolillo, Melissa Silva-Wells and the entire oncology team!!

Charlotte Keppers

I was referred to their burn clinic from Fairfax Hospital after my 14 month old suffered from severe 2nd degree burns. In addition to them not calling me back on two separate occasions to schedule an appointment, I also never received a call back after leaving a voicemail to speak with a nurse regarding her dressings that we now had to manage through the weekend without care. We finally had our appointment today, 6 days after the accident, and while the staff were great, I'm terribly frustrated by my experience trying to get scheduled. For the amount they will bill my insurance company, this was terrible patient support!

manuel hernandez

I want to share my story to people can do something , I took my daughter and my grandson to children’s because my grandson kept getting sick and his fever was not going away even with medicine, when I checked in got into an express room they saw he still had a fever they gave him some Tylenol and make him drink some juice they checked his ear because I asked and they saw nothing wrong , so they just discharge me and told to make him drink fluid , I go home and still my grandson has a fever it didn’t go away 2 hours later he still has a fever , my daughter wasn’t happy with how my grandson was looking so we decided let’s get another opinion we go to holy cross hospital we get there got a room and we found out my grandson has ear infection in his 2 ears. Children’s is not the same anymore , always trust your gut.

Lori Davis

My grandson is in this hospital now, and my daughter in law stays with him. Hes been very ill, and i have heard nothing but great things from her regarding how the nurses and Doctors have treated my grandson. So thank you all so much for everything you are doing. Great job!

Mayleen Marchany

Third time we have an appt. Schedule and it disappear, awful sistem or very poor understanding of the software.. staff wants to fix everything by apologizing, doctors are great and knowledgeable

Manuel Gutierrez

One of the best hospital in the nation

8990000 at Gmail dot com

My favorite children's hospital. Definitely beats out children's hospital of Philadelphia & Dupont/Nemours Delaware. We had an infinitely sick baby with many many conditions. We had been in the hospital for 250 of days in first year. Bills totalling 6 million paid by blue Cross though. DC children's did the best job in total care. They excelled in all areas above Chop and Dupont.

Sharnetta Clark

It's the best hospital for Children in the Nation!!

Mike Luna

The nurses and doctors were all great in the ER despite having most of our visit done in the waiting room. I would go back to see them. The male ER phlebotomist was rough and incompetent. I would recommend not having him dig around in your screaming child’s arm with a needle.


The Sleep Study Center was great.

Marie L

Everyone is so friendly here.

Davina Harper

We've been here since 9:51 am. Its now 12:16 pm. My son came in with chest pains a headache and pain in his legs. Everyone that came in an hour after is has been seen. We're still waiting. This makes no sense at all.. I drove from Upper Marlboro MD to ensure he'll be seen and diagnosed correctly and my child still in pain is still waiting. If I hadn't waited as long as I have I would leave. For this to be a children's medical center you all suck.

Fernanda Vessio Coelho

Incredible cutting-edge research and teaching hospital with dedicated staff. All my 3 kids are patients at Children's National, they've received outstanding care from the clinical teams, and support from volunteers, Child Life, Concierge Services , Pre-Surgical Tour, and Art Services. THANK YOU!

Alejo Services Inc.

Had to get an MRI for my 2yr old and the staff is great.

Thomas J Horner lll

I was a independent driver for ARC. Each time I walk pass Wall of gratitude, it gets larger with acknowledgments thanks from a lot of patients and families along with visitors, for the Hospital and Staff.

Pamela Urquhart

I have been bringing my children and grandchildren to Children's since 1967 and find everyone from the intake personnel to the nurses, the doctors to the maintenance personnel to be the best of the best. I only wish hospitals for adults were as wonderful.

Carletta Allen

Four years ago my daughter was hit by a car. Children's National was the place that the ambulance rushed her to and I am happy to say that she received her care there. They took excellent care of her. There were about seven doctors by her side and made certain that every inch of her was examined properly. She had to receive stitched in the back of her head, bruised liver, fractured ribs, a broken bone in her pelvis... that day was a nightmare for my family and I. Every specialist came to me to let me know what they were going to do for her. The course of action plan and more. She received excellent care in every department during her follow-ups. From the concussion clinic to the therapy clinics for her walking; everything was good. CNMC became our second home. A home away from home. Thank you CNMC for everything!

Kellie Freeman

My son had a cyst removed last Thursday as an outpatient procedure. We came to the ER because he had some swelling and after everyone was touching it the entire visit it got worse a few days later. Currently, my husband has been at that hospital for the past 8 hours and STILL has NO room even though my son is going to be admitted for a 24hr observation. They’ve been sitting out in a hallway this entire time with him hooked up to an IV line because they’re “backed up” for the past 8 HOURS! If you don’t have sufficient room in your hospital you should send your patients to one who does. Infection after surgery is a serious issue people! I knew I had a bad feeling when our insurance wanted to send us here.

Austin Graff

I don't often give places a one star, because we're all trying right? Well, Children's National deserves a one star because it's apparent they are NOT trying. Here's my experience: My wife and I were advised to take our 3 day old daughter to the ER here because she wasn't using the restroom in 16+ hours. We rushed here at 5:30PM on a Wednesday and wasn't admitted until 4AM the next day and had to stay an additional night. The ER is very disorganized and crowded. They do give you air masks and without it you'll get sick for sure. Once we got to the back of the ER, we waited for hours with no communication from anyone. The nurse led us to our dirty room and showed us how to use the TV and that's it. Hours later, finally someone talked to us but not until we complained dozens of times. Most staff members in the ER were rude, mean, didn't communicate nor seemed to know what the heck they were doing. It was so stressful and we just wanted an answer to what they were doing to our baby. We finally were admitted and got a large room on the seventh floor. Even then the staff were not communicating and no one seemed to understand what was going on so they asked us the same questions literally dozens of times. It's clear they have a MAJOR administration issue. Once we were on the seventh floor, we found a few staff members who were great and communicated. They also expressed genuine frustration on how disorganized this hospital is. AVOID IT AT ALL COST. The cafeteria is not good and serve really unhealthy food. GWU Hospital was a MUCH BETTER experience!

Kate Forte

Treated my daughter for headaches - doctor was great and office staff very friendly. Follow-up service has been fantastic. Thank you to the doctors at the Rockville location!

Kenyce McBride

First & foremost.. I've never been to a hospital we're your admitted & food such as breakfast, lunch & dinner isn't served to the parents of the patients.. Supposedly only if you're breastfeeding. If I would of known this ahead of time I would of made arrangements for meals if I knew of not getting a meal for a 24 hr stay! I thank god that I had someone here to assist me with my son so that we could take turns eating "snacks" from the vending machine.. I'm sitting here as we speaks with no cups that I've requested for 30 mins ago. I absolutely can not believe that this hospital has a rating of 4 stars. Don't get me wrong I understand that's its all about the patients but by all means I believe the parents of the children should feel comfortable as well. With that bring said traveling 2 he's away I hope this will be my last visit here.

Susan Muma

Children's National is the best place in greater Washington, DC for the care of children. They have experts in every subspecialty and primary care. My kids have been patients for years, and we have always been happy with the care provided by the caring physicians and nurses there.

Lili Johnson

We had such a pleasant experience here today in the Fetal Medicine Institute. Everyone we spoke with was so kind and helpful. The medical team we met with made sure to answer all of our questions and never seemed in a hurry. They were happy to explain anything we were confused by. Our wonderful laison Michelle brought us to our appointment, validated our parking and even brought my boyfriend coffee. Not to mention that the building is beautiful— brightly colored, with children’s art all over the walls. It was very inviting. We will definitely be bringing our son here if we ever have the need.

Nancy Harbison

The hospital is the best for children especially for children with complex care needs. We have a positive experience most of the time. Sometimes waits can be long in some clinics. You family is in good care here and the staff really care about your child or childrens health.

Aaliyah Samuel

I would have to say that the overall care was great. However the ER is filthy and I mean filthy. From the bathrooms, the chairs in the sitting rooms, the wagons for the kids and the rooms. Speaking of rooms I didn’t mind so much that they had us 3 to a room but when they brought in an entire family that had the flu into the room where my son was being evaluated for GI issues I couldn’t believe it. Why would you put a contagious child in a room with 2 other kids who are being seen for other health issues without the flu? On the upshot the staff was great from the X-ray techs, nurses resident and attending doctor. The filth was just too much and the horrible unhealthy cafeteria food. We won’t be back - we will go to INOVA’s children - smaller, cleaner and great doctors .

Tia Dae

Children's Hospital is always so inviting and vibrant from the colorful decor and bright environment, to the staff and Doctors, the ER team and even the Speciality Care out patient offices. I love #CNMC #DC this is a sick childs home away from home

Kristina Shaw

I was so impressed with this hospital and it's staff. They exceeded my expectations from the registration to the doctor experience. I have never had such impressive service and concerned friendly staff and doctors. This hospital gets 5 stars from me.

Natasha Sheridan

Jonathan Zember is the best radiologist at Children’s National. He is amazing with the patients and the parents! Highly recommend!!!

Austin Roberts

Children's National - Main Hospital is best medical center for children's. All of the nurses and doctors work well with the kid patients.They provide all medical services at reasonable cost.

Shannan Lewis-jackson


davis pipher

We received excellent care when my son broke his ankle. From the ED to surgery to the follow-up visits their team of nurses, doctors and everyone in between put the "care" in healthcare.

Shanikque Johnson

The ER was filthy. There was a coke bottle under the bed. I could see physical dirt and spots. The bathroom was dirty and smelly. The toilet seat looked as though it was coming off at any moment. Took them too long to discharge us. My daughter is an epileptic and the turn around time was too long

Johnna Story

My daughter was admitted overnight for migraines and we could not have gotten better care. The nurse who set up our room took as good care of us parents as she did my daughter. Every step of the way - from walking in the ER to getting discharged the next day - we encountered kindness, caring and incredible knowledge. Everyone was incredibly professional and I felt like we couldn't have gotten better treatment elsewhere. Thanks Children's for an amazing experience in what was a scary time for my family.


Children's is amazing! The care they have given my son and support to our family has been amazing. We always feel that we are in the best hands.

Sadaf Lakhani

Terrible experience from start to now with still no resolution: Our pediatrician at our local practice found elevated celiac markers for my 7yr old after months of nausea, throwing up and stomach pain. We took the results to Dr. Badalyan, who was reluctant to do anything and suggested that my daughter was stressed ( he even went so far as to ask what I and her dad do for a living?!). He didn't want to perform any further tests. We pushed, and sure enough the celiac markers came back elevated again and he recommended an Endoscopy to confirm Celiacs disease. At this point we decided to switch to a different specialist within the unit- Dr. Kerzner. After 3 weeks of calling, leaving messages, talking to front desk and sending emails to the scheduler and being told I would be called back, I still had no response. I decided to find new doctor- and have an appointment at MedStar. For the last 3 days I have been calling daily to try to get the medical records transferred to the new provider- with no success: I get shuttled from one person to the other and the last I spoke with- the nurse at GE promised she would fax it and still has not. They have delayed and obfuscated timely diagnosis for my daughter.

Jenn Flax

The entire process was as smooth as could be, which was great when dealing with something as concerning as a potential health problem for my child. The physician and office staff treated my daughter, husband and I so well and really made us feel comfortable. They also got back to us very quick with results.

Mchael Porter

Friendly staff, clean facility, great service!!

Peanut Jackson

Very nice, clean place. Cafeteria is great, lots of options, and great nurses and doctors, (from my experience) very friendly staff!

Kristen Archambault

While the doctors here are wonderful, the billing is unethical and a perfect example of the problem with healthcare today. Our son was seen in the office for less than 2 hours for an outpatient echo. For this procedure, our insurance has been changed over $5300. The ~$1100 for the echo and doctors consult I can live with, but the $4200+ (of which we are responsible for almost $2000) in facility fees is unacceptable. Aside from the echo and doctors consult, we received no other care or treatments while in the clinic to account for these charges. Add to that that I was billed incorrectly for the first set of charges and cannot even contest the charges as they incorrectly spelled my son’s name when entering his records. So before any work can be done on these bills, I have to contact medical records to do a legal name change. I finally spoke with them today after leaving 4 messages, none of which were returned. They have his original paperwork with his name spelled correctly, but insist that I submit legal documents proving their error and further delaying the entire mess. I highly recommend seeking care elsewhere until more ethical billing practices are established.

Jasmin Hollywood

One of the best and most trusted hospitals in the nation. Their doctors,nurses and specialists really did their best to treat my 10 year old daughter.

Carolyn Polite

I work here on day shift, it's a wonderful place to work. And the people here are compassionate, warm, and fun loving to work with.

OG Kaedo

My girl Christie went and got A standard blood IV transfusion and was stuck about five different times trying to start the process. I highly recommend going somewhere else for a good phlebotomist!!!

Walter Houser

The staff is friendly and caring of both kids and parents.

Dan Madere

My daughter had an ultrasound done here in Feburary. We paid $162 upfront on the date of service. Now, months later, Childrens National is sending me a bill for $162 again, as though I might forget that I had already paid. My insurer says my total responsibility is $162. I called Childrens National, they seemed to understand and said they would cancel the bill. Three weeks later, I get the exact same bill again from them! I would not go here again due to their very deceptive billing practices.

Et General

Parking is hard to fine and getting to the hospital in the morning requires lots of patience for the traffic is bad.

Jodi Henry

My daughter was recently admitted to children’s hospital because she was having difficulties breathing and after admission I found out she had pneumonia and asthma even some heart issues. She was in the hospital for a week most of the time spent in the PICU. It was a hard experience for our family but from the beginning to the end the doctors and nurses and other staff were kind and very supportive and we left feeling very blessed for all that they had done. However I had a follow up appointment with the pulmonary clinic and the experience was horrible. The staff at the desk were rude and not personal at all. I waited for over an hour due to miscommunication and my child was not seen because the young lady at the desk was rude and dismissive and she didn’t care about my time or my concerns, she was very disrespectful to me. I’m disappointed because I didn’t expect to have that sort of experience at children’s it was a real let down. It’s frustrating the wait was upsetting but I can live with that but the lack of respect for me and my child was too much and completely unnecessary.

Leslie Forte

We were so fortunate to have an amazing experience with this place. Everyone we encountered was so warm, caring and friendly, especially to our scared 5 year old girl. The doctors (particularly Dr. Krill!) put her at ease when she had to go for some extensive testing for her bladder issues. They go above and beyond every time we come and I so appreciate how communicative they are with us every step of the way. We feel blessed to live so close to such a world class operation!

Jessica Sherman

My daughter was sin the NICU for 30 days= amazing. My son had his tonsils removed, Doctor= amazing, nurses= amazing. Desk staff, mediocre at best, not friendly and it has been extremely difficulty to make appointments.

Stephanie Pierce

I took my son here for the first time. I am the type that usually tells people to stick to what they know. I usually take my kids to Anne Arundel Medical Center as they have a pediatric ER or his private doctor who is open 7 days a week. However, my son woke up crying in the middle of the night in pain. So I took him to Children's and we checked in at 4:53 AM we weren't called in the back until 5:30 AM and wasn't seen by the doctor until 7:30 AM and to only tell us his stomach pain and vomiting was because he was constipated and discharged at 8:00 AM. During our stay by 6:30 AM I asked the nurse when were we going to be seen she said it shouldn't take long because they are switching shifts. By 7 AM a medical student came to examine my son and ask a bunch of questions and apologized for the wait. She told me when its almost shift changes it gets really slow. So after she examines my son by 7:30 AM the doctor comes in and examines him and says he looks fine and healthy just constipated. I will follow up with his private doctor. I only chose children's out the norm because I heard their ER was good. Maybe I should've read the reviews first. Then the ER was not the cleanest. From the waiting room, to the bathrooms to the private rooms. I have been to cleaner ER's and Urgent Cares. They can use a nice overhaul in the ER department. Just NASTY! YUCK!

Sheena D Horne

Children's Hospital is not allowing me to exercise my right of breast feeding only, they are telling me that my milk is not enough to nourish my baby. They are forcing me to give my child dairy, via enfamil which goes against my spiritual beliefs.

Robin Baer

Under staffed!! I can not get an appt. every 3 months as required because Doctors are leaving or having to change appt. My daughters appt was rescheduled and change 3 times within 6 month calendar now with snow coming if I cancel they can't see her until June. This is completely unacceptable but with Children's Hospital being the only ones that serve our area, we are forced to just accept it. Children are impacted by the Hospitals inability to properly staff their facility and if Doctors keep leaving it makes you wonder about the Hospital as a whole. I am giving the Institution low stars but I give Mr. Narciso 5 STARS! On a side note I called again and a Mr. Narciso was able to get me an appt in May. He was very kind and understanding of my issues and I wish to thank him for doing what no one else was able or willing to do!!

Ericka Chase

Worst hospital ever slow had my 15 month baby waiting over a hour as i wacthed people come in and go start to the back why would you have a baby waiting in the emergency room around sick kids when babies have weaker immune system nusre look like she didn't want to be there . If you can stay away

Martha S Serika

I was trying to schedule a appointment in the cardiology department for almost two weeks. They do not answer the phone often. When i left repeated messages they never returned my calls eventhough they say they are supposed call back within 24 hours. I finally was able to schedule a appointment and then they were awesome. They just need to do a better job returning calls

John Angevine

Very efficient. Parking is easy. Great Doctors, nurses and staff.

Tanvir Chowdhury

I took my daughter at the dental clinic and the treatment was horrible. They did not keep schedules, wanted to cancel her appt when we showed up 10 minutes after he appt time; I had visits to other depts at Children's hosp at DC years ago, that were "Excellent" but the dental clinic was so insulting I was really felt they plunged the reputation of Children's down in the gutter.

Zugeily Casiano

Very extraordinary nurses and doctors very appealing people,kind ,generous and willin to help with any problems and make your stay tolerable. They are awesome!!! Am so grateful for all the kind gestire towards my daughter and my family while we currently staying in there at the moment.

Shannon Nonnahs

Loved the NICU. Wish there was a bit better communication with parents. My child was transferred to a new room and I was never informed.

Mitchel Grendel

Love the staff at this place. All of the nurses and doctors work well with the kid patients. My child has no fear going here. The clinics work hard to fit you into a booked schedule. The onsite lab is fast. The parking attendants do a great job cramming cars into the parking lot and getting you out safely.

Nilda Incatasciato

Had an emergency while visiting DC and took my teenage grandson to the ER. One of the most efficient and caring staff I have ever come across. The nurses and doctor were wonderful!


The best hospital on the east coast!! Cardiac team works miracles.. I have spent nearly two years at Children's and wouldn't go any where else.

Rodney Hall

One of the best hospital on the fast coast

Rosa Luque

I give this 1 star because I came to stay all night with my son and I brought my 10 year old son with me I had no one to stay with him at home around 11pm the nurse told me my 10 year old son could not stay in at night in the room with his brother and I was trying look if someone can pick him up around 12pm the nurse came the second time and told me she is going to get the the nursing chart when she came in the room she said the same thing my 10 year old son could not stay the offer us Office security with other people to kick us out the last option was calling social workers she didn't explain what the social workers were for we hade to spend all night in the drop off and pick up area this was the worse experiance I felt like to go upstair and take my sick son out of the hospital.

Ali Nesson

Treated both our daughters for in the past. The doctors and nurses have all been great! The kids felt comfortable at the hospital and Rockville location as they were both decorated in a kid-friendly manner. Thank you!

Fatima Bonilla

My daughter not so long ago had a virus & was in PICU for about a week & a half she was admitted 12/28 before that I was going in & out the ER since the 12/25 because I knew something was wrong with her, every time I went they would say she is okay & gave her steroids & said if she has so & so symptoms to come back, so she did ! I took her back & all they said was the same thing... if she has those symptoms to go back. Some nurses in the ER are so lazy do everything like if their forced too they see you struggling & don’t help . After my 3rd visit to children’s ER for the week I decided to take my daughter to holy cross ER until finally she got treated there! & got transferred to children’s. Everyone in PICU we’re so nice don’t have nothing to say about them my but ER really has to get it together because they act as if they don’t care about their patients !!

Joe Haggerty

Very caring and competent staff!

Sarah D

No one wants to be sick but while trying to get better most of the staff here are very helpful

Sharif Omar

Appreciate Dr. MD Davis and surgery operation staff regarding my daughter bladder surgery event, now she feeling heal day by day, very helpful , polite and professional members...


Best childrens hospital in my area.. NICU rocks

Antony Franco

The experience for our son was great. The nurses and doctors were very attentive. The care provided was fantastic.

JP Aus

Granddaughter had surgery and they we're the best.

Mary Mayotte-Kemp

Exceptional attentive care, informative and constantly kept up to date on your child's condition. Great team approach including all disciplines weighing in for the best course of action to take for the well being of your child. Many healthy choices to choose from in cafeteria. If you appear lost, many employees offer to direct you to the correct floor, room, elevator, etc. even to the point of taking you there.

JaVada Murfy

I'm here now. My 15 month old is very sick and she's getting the best care ever. We've been here for two days now. As much as I want my baby well and to go home to our bed and my other two kids...Children's Hospital is making me feel at home. Thank you to all the staff.

Josue Martinez

Rude staff doesn’t tell you what they can or can’t do and waste your time. Go somewhere else!

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