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REVIEWS OF Charlottesville Health & Rehabilitation Center IN Virginia

Savanna Palacios

The facility has such a warm and inviting environment! All staff members a very informative and are easy to get along with. It has such wonderful, vibrant care team and I definitely recommend it to any family members out there!

Joni Glass

Charlottesville Health and Rehab is a wonderful facility. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. The residents are happy and engaged. I highly recommend this facility.

Patience Britwum

Had a wonderful orientation at this facility. The staff are so friendly and residents appered to be happy. The place feels homey clean and organized. I am really looking forward to join this dynamic team.

Chelsie Snead

By far one of the worst health care facilities around.. They do not keep there patients clean nor care about there well being.

Millard Millard

Working for Charlottesville Health and Rehabilitation Center instills a sense of purpose.Under new management the leaders are engaged,invested and committed to the mission of both their employees and residents. This facility is about people- we are now empowered to try new things and approaches towards our employees and residents.We are respected in our roles which empowers us to impact our residents in a positive way. I feel safe,cared for,included and celebrated for the work.

Monica Smith

The Business Office is always friendly and willing to help anytime I call.

melissa Johnson

I just started there as Unit manager and everyone is very nice and helpful aND you can see that patient care is 100%. I love my new career!

Keyana Jones

I thought it would be hard but I have been workin here for two work now an I can really say I lve it.. I would lve to bring more people here to work anytime an I plan on staying here for more then a year.. I lve it

Mark Black

I really enjoy living here. Wonderful employees, good food, and nice clean rooms.

A Google User

I came and visited this facility and it is very nice and clean. All of the patients looked well taken care of. The staff is very kind. I would recommend bringing my family member here if ever needed.

Dione Berry

I have been employed by this company for six years. It has its challenges as all businesses do, but the difference is this company has a great system for support and guidance, they effectively communicate the expectations . They show sincere interest in employees and provides each team with the resources needed to attain results. This company gives consistent recognition to its employees. Upper management enforces company policies , procedures and values (as they should), without creating negative reactions, this helps employees gain visibility through their explanation of the how and why of the business. They make you feel a part of the big picture no matter what department you work in.

Theresa Granier

The facility is very clean and the staff super friendly. It’s in a great central location close to many restaurants and shopping areas. Would recommend for anyone looking for a short rehab stay or long term care!

Candy Morrison

I love working at Charlottesville Health and Rehab. We have a great facility and the best rehab team in the area.

barbara vickers

This is an awesome place to work!

Doug Bennett Bennett

I was pleasantly pleased with all the staff and the facilities. Everyone was approachable and personable and the facility was very clean.

Stephanie Bamford

I’ve been an employee here for almost 5 months and absolutely love the staff. The new management team is wonderful, personable and will do anything they can to assist our patients. Working in such a friendly, loving environment really makes a difference.


I have been in a lot of centers like this and I can say without a doubt that they are one of the good ones. The building is clean and doesn’t smell and everyone looks happy and says hi to me as I walk by. I always recommend them when someone asks about rehab care.

Joan Anderson

Joan Anderson * I have worked at CHRC for over 2 years as Receptionist/Accounts Payable and I have throughly enjoyed my job. My coworkers have been great to work with and the nursing staff , rehab department, Administration, all care about the patients well being. Not to mention the other many departments that keeps this facility a clean , comfortable, and safe place to be when you are in need of professional care and or rehab.

Virginia Jacobs

Toured here recently, clean facility and professional staff. Would recommend to family and friends.

Heather Blanchard

Very personable staff and clean environment. Would recommend to friends!

Dani Jenny

Nina B

From the very first day, the amazing staff made my mom feel safe and helped me to know she was being cared for! She left the hospital and came to Charlottesville Health and Rehab because she wasn’t ready to come home yet. It was very new to me, we were both scared, and I was feeling terrible that I couldn’t care for her while she recovered. She wasn’t doing well at first, and needed lots of nursing care, and they treated her with kindness and dignity. The nurses and CNA’s and admin folks who helped care for my mom were professional, friendly, and compassionate. And wow, the therapists who helped her gain strength and skills to recover are all rock stars. She’s come SO far and is coming home soon, and I thank each and every one of the workers at Charlottesville Health and Rehab.

Kevin Johnston

Very nice care facility. The staff here are warm and caring and the service here runs very smoothly. The food is pretty amazing, they serve some really good meals that keep the residence interested. What stands out it is very clean their rooms are set up to maximize privacy and the staff is very nice the building is bright and nicely decorated. It doesn't smell and most importantly The patient appeared to be well cared for.

Rachel Hackett

I feel everyone during orientation was very helpful! I was surprised there was a person from each department to come introduce themselves. They also gave handouts and a general description of the job and how it contributes to the patients. Even maintenance guys have the residents best interest at heart. That to me was heart warming. I got total confirmation that this place was a great choice. I am a fresh CNA and trust everyone here will see I have the knowledge I need to further my process and education. Bonus the benefits and pay are great plus they help with continued education.

Joy Magnan

I am employed there and absolutely love it! They are truly a team and family atmosphere. The residents always come first and staff satisfaction is really important also.

Anne Parrish

This is such a upbeat and friendly facility!!!!! The staff was so welcoming and put me at ease immediately!!!!!

Andrew French

I have enjoyed my stay here. Stacy and Kim are my physical therapist and they are top notch. I'm excited to see my progress as the weeks continue. Mrs. Donna and "Pinky" are my nurses and they are some of the best I have seen. The staff keeps me positive and they do everything they can to accommodate me. I really cant say anything bad about this place other than they always seem to run out of rainbow sherbet.

Mike Morrison

Great facility full of great people.

Kim Yeatts

The staff seems to be bothered by any question or requests. They seem to be gathered together complaining about being over burdened.

Connor Dunn

I toured here recently and the facility was very clean and staff was very professional and welcoming.

Kellie Morris

This place looks like a run down hotel. Saturday smelled of urine so bad I could hardly visit my friend. For over 20 minutes he pushed nurse call button. I finally went to the nurse station where the lady acted like I was disturbing her. She was obviously on her phone arguing with someone and didn't want to be bothered. Then on Sunday same thing. Over 30 minutes to get help for patient to go to the bathroom. Only thing going for this place is nice view from the room and the food looked good.

Emily Kelley

Very clean facility. Love the employees. Residents have privacy, great food, and are well taken care of. This place goes above and beyond!

Bess Kannan

patra philpott

We toured your facility. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. The atmosphere was wonderful and we found the facility very clean...


At Charlottesville Health and Rehab, our residents are our top priority! We love and respect our residents. We are now under new management and we are the employer of choice. Staff are happy, residents are happy! There is no better place to work.

Rebecca Sance

I can’t say enough about the wonderful caring family like atmosphere of this facility! Words can not express my gratitude of the care received here.

Chamblee Monique

Everyone is so friendly and helpful!

Courtney Mills

This is a really great place to work! All of the staff works so hard to make a positive impact on the residents lives.

Lucy Berndt

If there was a status less than poor, I would give it that. This place is terrible. I would not want to leave my worst enemy there. While the nurses and cnas are very nice they are horribly understaffed and overworked. My mother went in coherently, walking with a walker and came out in a wheelchair with more dementia and had had FOUR infections while in there. She had 2 UTIs, Mersa, and CDIFF. These were from the neglect of my mother. The management does not do anything. They are inept. Also, some personal belongings of my mother's were stolen. AVOID this hole at all costs. Trust me, do not let your loved one be there even for a day.I really would like to sue them for neglect and yes, I can prove it! THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE, DISGUSTING, AND TERRIBLE.


Yes. I would really like to say Thanks so much because the Orientation was fantastic. It was very informational. I appreciate the help with meeting everyone. It seems like a great place to work and everyone is nice!!

T i N A L O S S i A H

Dwayne Hensley

What a wonderful team! Everyone is kind, considerate and professional yet personable. They make you feel like you matter. Thank you CH&R!!!

cheryl martin

Charlottesville Health and Rehabilitation cares for and cares about our Residents, Families, and Employees and they show it every day! I have been working here at the center for almost a year and have seen great successes since I have been here. The residents are happy and well cared for and the staff are very hospitable and smile and greet all that enter our center. Each staff member that works here is committed to making a difference for each person that they care for. They strive to make the experience here at our Center a legendary one. If you are looking for a company that cares about you and your family this is the place to live, work, and grow. We celebrate our patients return home and our employee’s career growths. Come join us and live well.

Jenn Monterrozo

Orientation on first day was very well organized and ran smoothly. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Looking forward to working at the facility.

Kemper F

This rehab center is the best in town! The PT staff is phenomenal and everyone I encountered was so nice, smiling, and helpful. My uncle was back on his feet fast.

Chris Virginia

My father died here. They was supposed to be arrangement for him to be transferred to a hospis, but it never happened. Often he would be in pain when I was there and help would sometimes take over an hour to respond to him.

susan kim

I am so pleased with the the entire team at CHRC!! this is the best place to work and the benefits are awesome.

Streetz Blonko

This place is racist they getting rid of all the African American workers and if you try to talk to them about it they ignore you they dont follow there own policies . Diane is the main problem dont trust her very inappropriate i would not recommend anybody work or let there family stay here

Jessica Pelletier

Very nice facility. Business office staff very friendly and professional. Would recommend to others!

Google User

I 100% would not recommend this facility. The cna staff are very rude and could not be more lazy. I have had experience with the cnas not responding to the patients needs on time, disrespecting them/ yelling at them to shut up when they need something, slinging them around when the residents need extra help with mobility, and being on their cell phones while working ( example: Cna was on cell phone while giving a resident a shower. ) Yes all these things do happen there. There is also always a problem with this facility being understaffed which is an issue that needs to be resolved. If you would like your loved ones to be cared for like they deserve to be cared for, please please do not send your family members here. I hope this can be a big help to the families who are looking for great care for their elders. Thanks!

Leviticus Anderson

Very attentive and friendly staff. Managers very available and responsive to patient and family concerns.

Ashley Pressman

Charlottesville Health & Rehab is wonderful. The staff are dedicated to their residents and ensuring that their quality of life is as high as possible. The facility has been recently renovated and is well kept. The therapy at Charlottesville is second to none!

Brady Small

The staff and administration at Charlottesville Health & Rehab truly care about every patient and family member who come through their doors. They are committed to providing excellent care for both short term and long term patients on a daily basis. The facility is bright, clean, and completely equipped to meet the needs of their residents. You are greeted at the door and the smiles are seen on staff and patients everywhere you go through the building.

John Lloyd

I love my job and working with the residents at Charlottesville Health and Rehab.

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