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REVIEWS OF Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital IN Virginia

Tiffany Webster

Absolutely wonderful experience. Brought my 3 year old in for breathing troubles and the staff was awesome! The front desk, the nurses and doctors! Thank you Nurse Paula and Dr. Marcus!

Lydia Pike

Excellent experience with Day Surgery Department We moved to West Virginia from an area just outside Baton Rouge LA where there were 3 Regional hospitals and specialist of every kind. We were concerned to find limited health care services in the area we live now. We are no longer concerned. We experienced the most efficient check in process, friendly and thorough staff and very nice facilities at the Carillon Roanoke Memorial Hospital Outpatient Surgery center. Definitely a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ facility.

Sharon Collins

I was there 3 three mths when my triplet grandbabies were sent there and don't regret not one second the NICU unit staff are truly the best and it was the second time I am so grateful for their dedication

Cassie Walek

Worst experience of my life. The place was filthy. Unsanitary - literally no soap in the restrooms. Horrible wait times even once we were brought to a room. Insensitive and incompetent staff - saw nurses texting and chatting while I was waiting in my room for hours. I was asked the same questions multiple times by different people. Ended up walking out after 4 hours. I was out of town and had no other option, but I would never recommend this hospital and I would never return.

Michael Lewis

Great facility... We've always been treated well. My daughter had surgery there at 6 weeks old and the doctors and nurses who took care were amazing! I would never go to another hospital. I've had several surgeries at Carilion facilities and have always felt comfortable with everyone. Also, my child shouldn't have made it passed the age of five. She is now 13 and her doctor calls her his miracle child. It was the care and experience of the doctors and nurses who took care of her and most of all. Our faith in God.

Tijuana Givens

I've only been in Roanoke for one week. Unfortunately I had to visit this ER. Everyone here, from check in to ultrasound tech, was super friendly. I feel all the staff members I encountered were very professional, and worked in a very timely manor. I even received condolences and "feel betters" from a few❤. However I was a bit confused by ER parking. It's a very small area. I parked in an area I can only assume is the main parking area. I hope there are future plans for better and convenient ER parking. I had to walk up that dang hill!

Tara Meeks

The nurses kept trying to get blood from my nine year old even after they found thst his veins we're flat amd rolling. He has been stuck over 14 times in two days we have been here. And when they stick the needle in they keep moving it around digging around bruising him. He is terrified of needles now which makes things complicated because he was just diagnosed as type 1 diabetic. So needles will be a part of his life for the rest of his life!

Tom Flach

My fiancee and I just had a baby we have been in the hospital since wen's. Apparently they don't have linens on the 12th floor. Don't u think a woman who gives birth needs a shower? Or maybe the ol Man also when they live an hour away? Or with our next child should I bring my own? We've been told there is no wash clothes, towels, blankets, pillow cases? Other than that our visit was ok. BTW y'all should at least offer to feed the father's! Rocky Mount needs it's BIRTH CENTER BACK

Scott Bryan

Worst hospital I’ve ever been to. I waited in the emergency waiting room with my pregnant wife that could barely breath plus other serious problems for 6.5 hours.

Rebecca Sparks

Wonderful, always the best service.

Haley Pennington

Love, Love, Love the 7th floor nurses and the Heart Cath team. I am retired Military and have been to a few Hospitals throughout the US and World and and I rate this hospital as one of the best. Made my stay so much easier with the Nurse care, professionalism, and overall genuine care of the Heart Cath team.

Lisa Reynolds

The ER department is the worse one I have every seen. The nurses are ride and hateful say in waiting room 6 hours after being sent from RM ER

Allan Wingfield

Doctors and nurses are nice and very good! Take good care of you!

Laura Anderson

Took my son here hoping for a pediatric specific ER similar to CHKD (PHENOMENAL if you are ever in the Norfolk area and need a children's hospital) but didn't even see an actual doctor.... I understand they were completely crowded and most likely lacked the needed staff..however, the check itself wasnt much to be impressed with. The people I did see were very nice;(GREAT front staff and nurses) however, I feel that the check was not completed thoroughly. They checked his ears and breathing. They monitored his breathing and O2 but never mentioned it. (Alarms went off multiple times signally low O2 ---which was ranging from high 70s to 100) The diagnosis is nice to have however not acknowledging my sons fluctuating O2 stats is worrisome...i will follow up with a pediatrician as advised...

Christle Willis

The hospital itself is full of awesome staff. The rooms are clean and comfortable. For surgeries, testing, overnight stays, it's a good choice and the cafeteria and coffee shop are great for visitors...thats why I gave it 4 stars.. But if you are going to an emergency room, I wouldn't recommend this one. It's always busy, it takes FOREVER to be called back, and Even LONGER for a Dr to actually come in the room to see you. So, unless you have a MAJOR trauma or LIFE THREATENING issue (heart attack, stroke, Extremely bad bleeding, etc) I'd definitely say "Go Somewhere Else!" If I was just rating the ER, I'd only give it 2 stars because of the MINIMUM of 5-6 hours I've had to wait Every Time I've went there.

Robert Boothe

Horrible, for three months I've been telling them the "treatment" for my nerve pain is not working. What do they do? Ignore orders for a full Xray only do a partial xray, give me a shot that wears off way before it should and tells me to take naproxen even after I've told them many many many times these "treatments" are doing nothing for my actual pain, meanwhile the condition gets worse and worse more and more painful. Then they lie saying that they have nothing for pain, they treat everyone like they are drug addicts looking for a fix i never want to go these "drs" again real drs listen and care about patients.

Jennifer Patterson

I visited a friend in the pediatric unit and they were very well staffed there. Very nice and clean. I had to go super late and they were very friendly about it.

Cassandra Lovelace

I dont know why the rating is so low at this hospital, maybe its just because Ive only ever been to this hospital when ive had my children, but the front desk receiptionists are super friendly and nice, they walk you up to the maternity ward and you get set up in your suite quickly. Ive had 4 kids at this hospital and i highly reccommend it for labor and delivery.

Arnold Smith

Didn't like my visit has no parking I'm handicapped had to walk 1/2 mile to get to emergency rooms where my grandaughter was. No excuse.

Lois Lunt

This is the best hospital. The doctors and nursing staff are the most respective, caring and helpful people . My husband was treated with chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer and has just had surgery with one of the best surgeons in the world which removed the cancer tumor, now my husband is cancer free. I would recommend this hospital over any other. They work long hard hours and I give this hospital a 100++++++++++++++. Thank you so much for all you do. Dave and I appreciate your hard work for making his life better so we can have many more years together also this is the best Christmas present ever!

Safa Alnubani

Went to the ER yesterday, the wait was too long for me, everyone that came with flu like symptoms were going in right away.. But the staff are amazing... The nurses and doctors are so understanding and extremely nice they also know what they are doing... I would of gave a 5 star if I didn’t have to wait 4 hours unit my name was called..

Chad Lucado

The ER is a joke. Went to Community today for xray on my hand after falling the night before. I was sent to RM by the attending physician at Community, because after xrays i had two broken bones in my hand. Long story short, i eventually walked out. I felt like i was being judged because It was a charity care case. I even had a note for them to page the orthopedist and they just blew me off. Sat there for almost 4 hours on the dot. Never was offered so much as tylenol for pain. Was down to myself and three other people towards the end, and they were being taken back as i sit there scratching my head. Not a Dr by any means but i could have been given better or at least some care before i left. They could've cared less. Thx but no thx!!!


I was transported there by EMS after a fall which resulted in a broken noise and lost tooth. The ER doctors, nurses and staff were amazing. Best hospital experience ever (if that’s a thing). Later, I met with one of the staff dentists and again had a great experience. Lastly, when I needed to get copies of my medical records to take with me the staff was so accommodating. I very much like the fact that it is a teaching hospital, which I think improves the medical care.

Celena Mitchell

Feces beside toilet in new patient's room, Lost medications, medication not given. UNSAFE!!!!

marty carne

The staff the nurses the Physicians the CNAs absolutely amazing such care such tenderness such compassion ithey have showed to my mother the ER nurses unbelievable compassion and caring so thankful that we have a hospital like that in our area

Sherry Wright

The scenery here is great. Wish I could say the same about the hospitals patient care and some of the staff.... This place is Terrible. 1) Family member so dehydrated for 4 days. She couldn't eat or drink for 4 days. stiff muscles, urine dark brown looking... I came in and demanded an IV immediately. 24 hours later, urine yellow. She had never had IV during 2 week stay. (Believe that or not ) 2) No potassium or vitamins added. They are Not wanting to do TPN nor any nutrients even knowing that she hasn't eaten for several days. 3) She finally ate 3 spoons of jello. they keep giving her ibuprofen and tylenol pills. she throws them up immediately. we asked for the liquid version of these, just like you can find at any Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and dollar stores. They are not listening and Refusing her the liquid form-- they would rather her throw up with nothing in her tummy or throw up the little she eats. Ridiculous They want to argue about the requirements for her to receive liquid form tylenol. (Really?) Transfering her the heck out of here ASAP

Leon Turner

I have furnished transportation ( as a favor , only) for several people to Carilion,Roanoke, and everyone has been completely satisfied!!!


I'm 13(I know pretty young) But I had an extreme panic attack and I was taken here instead of Lewis Gale(thank God) but as soon as I got there I was given a bed,a gown, plus they had tv. The food is also pretty good my aunt also works there in the office part so she got to see me but overall I think this was a pretty good hospital

Melissa Haynes

These people are wonderful. If they don't care about you then they do a really good job of acting like they do. The nurses and staff in the south wing in ccu really try to make sure that the patient and their visitors are comfortable. They answer all questions that you have to the best of their ability. Noone expected my friend to live. He was flown in from Danville (where everyone at the hospital said it would be a miracle if he lived) on a helicopter. With in hours I noticed unexpected improvement. I do beleive these people saved his life. I am very thankful for these nurses they are awesome. Especially the weekend night shifts. I beleive her name is Sam. But they were all great. I have been a patient before in this hospital and so have my kids and my cousins. We have never felt anything but thankful for these people and this hospital.


Great much better than Gale

Maggie Stone

We evacuated here during the hurricane, and my 1 year old son got sick and had a life threatening heart rate of 210. The pediatric unit spent 9 hours with him getting him well again. At one point they even pulled up Moana, his favorite movies and 3 of the nurses sang to him while they drew his blood so he would feel better. It was a sweet moment. The doctors were very thorough in their search to resolve the problem.

Lindsey Miller

My entire family lives out of state, but my grandpa was admitted to this hospital after a hunting accident. He was in the trauma PCU for a few days, and their team of nurses and aides were incredible! They worked so well together and you could tell they were passionate about their work. The nurses went out of their way to ensure that we were all cared for. As a fellow RN, I felt like we were in safe and capable hands. Thank you for making this hospitalization a good experience for everyone involved!

Wesley F Phillips III

I’ve only had a few positive experiences here. I’ve been in the emergency room many times in the 10 years I’ve lived in Roanoke. Each time I’ve been there, whether for me or for someone else, I’ve waited in the emergency room waiting area for an average of 6-8 hours before being seen. I understand that it’s a teaching hospital and that they get a lot of uninsured people as patients, but the wait is ridiculous! I’ve been in and out of Lewis Gale, seen, diagnosed, and given care in less time. The only positive experience I had was when I had my gall bladder out and the birth of my son. When I came in an ambulance I had better care and was seen quickly versus walking in. When I was in patient back in 2012, the week before Thanksgiving, I was seen and misdiagnosed with seizures when I didn’t have a seizure and I was unable to drive for 6 months. Also they found 3 aneurysms but didn’t tell me until February of the next year! Talk about patient care ha! Whatever! Not impressed with this hospital nor most of its staff at the hospital!

Lizamand Thomas

This is my first time ever been in carillon Roanoke hospital, the nurse and Dr are very nice here,

Dave Anderson

Take care of their patients very well. Kind and caring staff.

Cotton Top

Awsome staff in the Heart Catheter dept. The views of the mountains and Downtown Roanoke are amazing.

Ashley Wright

I would like to recognize the pharmacy at this hospital. I was recently hospitalized for a new diagnosis. I was so worried about how to get my meds taken care of since I do not have a car. As it came time for me to go home I had a lady from the pharmacy offer to fill my medications and bring them up to my roombefore going home! This was a perfect service for me, my overall stay was very pleasant!

Jessica Anderson

My daughter recently had a baby and all the nurses on 13 and 12 were phenomenal. Took great care of my daughter and son in law, but while my daughter was on 12 I was walked past the place where all of them sit and there was a leader being extremely rude to her own coworker, it was definitely unprofessional. Maybe that’ should of been handled elsewhere. other than that, everything was great!

Debra Denise-Cook Ferrell

Was sent to ER by local Urgent Care due to pains and redness in my legs. Comes and goes for past 6 months or so. However, this date pain was doctor-worthy. UC was concerned about possible blood clots, etc. so referred to ER (it was after hours). Was seen by resident - who said some testing would be done but there was no way it was blood clots. What a relief. "Doctor" came in with resident later.... like... MUCH later (nothing had yet been done but I was exhausted, in tears, and just wanted to go home if it wasn't clots). Asked if I took pain killers. I told him I had some left from last years broken shoulder and a recent tooth extraction. He felt my legs and told me they couldn't give me any pain killers. I never ASKED for pain killers. I just wanted to know why my legs were hurting so badly. After 7.5, count them, 7 and 1/2 hours, no tests were run, and I was seen 1x by a very rude doctor. The nurse came back and told me I could go home and call my doctor on Monday morning. The jerk of a "doctor" wrote my diagnosis as "leg pain" (duh) and "take 2 Tylenol and call doctor". Genius. Oh - and by the way - got the ER bill today. It was a peach. Especially considering the rude "treatment" that I got with no real treatment included. NOT a fan of Carilion.

Dan Semones

Emergency room service Monday night was very bad. My son was in a car accident. Once in the room had x-rays but never saw a doctor. Nurse came with a knee brace and said could go. No explanation no information. Seemed to be in a hurry to get him out, not in good service.

Margie Hoff

During my time at Carilion I ran into a roller coaster of emotions not only from the situation with my son but from information supplied by staff. My son was being treated by two departments each with different views of his outcome. The staff that treated his mind was very pessimistic on his chances of recovery unlike the staff that treated his body who offered hope. When a question was asked as to what was being done or scheduled the answers were vague since one department was waiting to hear form another or there was a certain order for how things needed to be addressed. But we were never answered. I asked one resident if my son could be sent to another hospital and was told NO that his condition was to critical to allow for the move. I know my sons situation was dire but I more than once wonder if he would have had a better chance given my experience with Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital had he been taken any place else.

josh marcus

I am convinced that quality emergency care is not available in the Roanoke valley. After years of top notch care at Lewis Gale, both my wife and I had multiple horrendous experiences. So bad that we decided the next time we needed care, we would give Carillion a try. Last night that need arose and It has been a disaster since the minute my wife walked into the ER. We have been here for going on 12hrs and have only spoken to a doctor, in the ER, once. My wife’s condition is worsening and the nursing staff seems more concerned with watching Murphy Brown on their phone, than finding out why my wife’s care is not being addressed. The staff has been completely obtuse, it’s a complete scandal that paying customers are treated this way. I will be reporting the incident to my insurance company, the AMA and the US Department of Health and Human Services if that’s what it takes. This place is a joke. From now on, if I am dying, I’ll pass Carillion on my way to Wellmont in Bristol.

Barry Head

Horrible hospital,,they killed my mother in there, she walked in and never came back out

Valerie Hogg

Every staff person we met was courteous,thoughtful and very helpful. The pediatric ward is full of amazing nurses and doctors. The care was exceptional.

Autumn Epperson

I have been sitting in the Emergency Department for almost 7 hrs and names of people that came in after me have been called and taken back. This is ridiculous and why I will no longer come to this hospital. I came in because of chest pain and the most that has been done are my vitals. Carilion is right across the street from me, but if I am ever in need of Emergency services again I will go to Lewis Gale (the choice I should have made in the first place). It would be nice if they could give you an idea of how long you will have to wait. I guess a hospital with such capabilities isn't able to do that though. By the way, 3 patients that had been waiting have came and left to go to Lewis Gale ER. Very smart!

Consuella Thornton

My husband had out patients sug.And thay was very nice.When ever I had a question thay would help me.If thay did not know thay would fine someone that did know?

Amelia Sommers

The hospital itself is clean and the majority of staff are great. As far as the emergency department though, the staff, especially the doctors, are seriously lacking in bedside manner and even professionalism. I realize this is probably the most stressful part of the hospital, but with that said, I've had many experiences in the Lewis Gale E.R, and their staff manage to keep it together much better. They are friendly and helpful, and most of all, kind. Roanoke Memorial is greatly lacking when it comes to this in their E.R. If I could rate the E.R. alone, they'd get one star. I never had any of these same problems when I was in their cardiac care unit, or maternity unit, or for my other visits for tests and such. It's just something about how the E.R. is managed I suppose.

Kelly Flowers

I would like to give this deathtrap 0 stars. I worked for these people, yes they self fund their insurance so that you can only see their doctors. I walked in to the ER June 2014 almost 7 months pregnant, you forgot about me in triage. When my husband complained you stated if he did it again security would escort him out. You let my son die overnight and forced me to endure 4 days of induced labor to deliver him when an emergency c-section was in order. You have the only NICU in the area...yet you failed. We began using Lewis Gale, they have no pediatric department. My child was sent as an inpatient for Kawasaki disease! Only to be discharged by a resident, and treated as if he had hand foot and mouth.....are you kidding me?!!!! You doubt veterened pediatricians at Lewis Gale that ALL diagnosed it?! You would take people's souls for payment if you could!!! You are a foul excuse for a hospital. The physicians are not making good money so they supply bottom of the barrel doctors. You are a demonized cooperation, and soon Roanoke will be Carilion VA. Non for profit makes me sick,you're all for profit and what you do not already own you buy. If you are able,PLEASE go to UVA especially if involves a life or death situation.

w clem

Before my child got sick I would have given RMH 4 stars but now experiencing that they do not care about the parents of the children I put one star. As I stand here writing this review while my wife and child attempt to lay on the floor to sleep. That's right I said floor. The staff refuses to give us a bed. We cosleep and breastfeed our baby so you cannot just simply take a sick baby and throw them in a crib by themselves.

Megan Peggs

Everyone exceptionally nice. Unfortunately Communication & miss communication between drs & 4 hours spent under impression we were to be discharged only to be informed they think he should stay another night for more antibiotics/fluids....4hrs nothing hooked up & Noone stopped to do anything.thinking he was free just trying to be understanding & wait for Rx& other paper work .my husband insisted on going ahead to be discharged......We ARE STILL WAITING AfterAnother Hour!!!!!


Google and I are a much better hope than pursuing help from anything Carilion. Doctors do not listen to symptoms IF you even get to see one and they do nothing to help at all. Just throw some meds and send you home. After 6 months of my wife not being able to eat and vomiting we finally got a doctor in Rocky Mount that ordered tests and got her gall bladder removed. Now she's having complications and can't have bowel movements. Three weeks later only 2 bowel movements with enough laxatives to keep a normal person on the toilet for a week solid and today she was sent home with more of the same meds that don't work. No tests. No imaging. Nothing. She obviously has a blockage or they nicked something in surgery but the docter who did the surgery is the one who saw her and did nothing today. There's going to be some serious malpractice suits coming soon. Thinking about trying Lewis Gale or UVA next since there is NO health care available from Carilion anymore.

Christy Russell

While some of the staff were very pleasant it seemed that more of them were jaded over worked and willing to take it out on their patients. I had a AlIF back surgery that was rough for me post op never got my pain under control when I woke up and a young girl kept telling me there was nothing else she vould do I told her something beside whatever she was giving me would be nice.pain was intense enough to cause me to beg for somethimg anything to.stop it btw I have had 5 neck.surgeries and 2 back surgeries and Ive never experienced anything like this.I threw up on myself and bed sheets the rn was holding chin because she didnt know where.the plastic pan was then.... after coming back.20.minutes later she.took my.gown off and said.someone would be me up.and.put on a fresh they did, 2 hrs later but they did.Evedently some of the RNs have things they consider menial or beneath them and that was one. All I kept getting was "we are so sorry Ma'am", 2 of the RNs refused to take me to the bathroom and instead told me to.wait until someone else.could come.get me.and when I told her ( I have their names by the way) I hope I can hold it she laughed and left. Like I said, some were very sweet and caring but for the most part,you need to.clean house. Mostly its my word against theirs but I strongly suggest people staying there on the 9th floor, over a weekend record everything with your phone because its so over the top,noone will believe you. Yes they are short handed but thats no 9reason mean to the hurt or sick.I didnt even tell about when I paged my nurse and they didnt hang up after speaking to me so I had the pleasure of listening to them ask if I knew I wasnt the only patient in this hospital. Funny, I figured that out when I laid in vomit sheets for 2.hours.

Cindy Hedrick

The Emergency room experience I witnessed today was absolutely aweful! My mother-in-law fell and broke her shoulder while visiting a friend out of state, she wanted to get back home so she could have family take her to her appointments. While out of state, the Er took x-rays showing a fracture, they gave her pain meds and put her in a sling for the ride home. The Emergency room Dr. in Roanoke never even looked at her arm she had a horrible black bruise from her shoulder down her arm, the X-Ray tech took the X-Ray with her shirt on, not one person physically looked at her arm. Sent her home with pain meds and a referral for an Orthopedic surgeon, which can't even see her for another four days. She's 71 years old and is sitting at home with a fractured shoulder. My daughter had this same fracture a few years ago and had surgery the day after her injury. I would NEVER recommend this hospital to anyone.

seth anders

READ THIS!!!!! I feel bad for you if you go here RMH puts taking your time to a new level!!!


Nurses on the eleventh floor are pure angels. Nurses and doctors will do all humanly possible for you and your child. May God bless them all.

Staci Bryant

Daughter in labor here, the night nurse is wonderful 5 stars to her. But the blonde day nurse is awful, she talked down to the patients. Daughter had to go to the bathroom and the day nurses said you just went four hours ago. They nurse makes a big deal or lecture you about going to the bathroom or needing water anything she will lecture you! My daughters already had four kids so I think she knows when she has to go to the bathroom!

Sharron Lark

the nurses are super sweet and helpful

Ashley Carter

They were rude didn't do anything stuck me 8xs then finally got the iv then drew blood that was it . the dr was a female with dark brown hair and teal stripes in her hair unprofessional rude violated me . then discharged me didn't even pull out the iv I waited with my papers till she came back and asked while am I still here ? Really I have a god damn iv hooked to me she said other people needed the bed I had to pull my own iv out myself the white patent rep whith grey curly hair was so rude to me I had to rember I'm in a hospital.. I asked if she could get me a taxi and she said no you can wait 3hours that's what your insurance is for.. Seriously I don't care I will never come bck hear I'd rather die.. Its horrible I waited 5hrs for them to violate me keep me in the the back for 4hours then give me Tylenol and send me on my way.. Its the worst the might as well burn to the ground there awful the have probley killed more people then actually help. Or miss diagnose

H Sher

Nice clean place. When my young daughter came to see them no one came to check on is except when doctor requested. The night physician was great. The day physician invited himself and 6 other doctors in without asking us if it was ok and presented my daughter as a specimen. Put a young teen on the spot. Very unethical! He was a rude physician through the entire next day. Made us feel like we were in his way. This is not the kind of doctor I like seeing trying other doctors. To be cold and rude!!!

Amanda Ives

My Father is currently in the emergency room waiting room with chest pains....they have no monitor on him and said they will get him back when they can. This is absolutely ridiculous. He has had multiple heart attacks and the fact that he is not being seen now is absolutely infuriating!

sierra richards

My father in law came in after being in severe pain, having his heart racing, his side swollen, nausea, etc and was sent home and told nothing was wrong. Despite being told to come back if he experienced the same symptoms he is already experiencing! Something is wrong and they couldn't be bothered to take the time to figure out what, I will definitely be looking into reporting them for the way he has been treated and find somewhere that cares enough to figure out what is going on.

K Biviano

I’ve never had an issue when going to this hospital. The doctors and nurses have always been kind and tended to my needs. They listen to me and don’t sweep my issues under the rug like at my doctors office. I don’t really mind having to wait in the ER since I know ahead of time it’s going to be a while, that’s just what you should expect unless it’s a life or death situation. I never go expecting to be in and out, I go knowing it could possibly take the entire day. I don’t mind as long as I’m ultimately taken care of and my needs an fulfilled. My last ER trip was a wonderful experience (minus the reason I was there). My nurse was sweet and friendly, the PA’s questioned me for 30 minutes trying to get down to the root of my problem and I was given tests they deemed necessary for diagnosis. I’ve been to the ER for myself, my son, and my boyfriend numerous times and not once have I had a problem. I delivered my son here and it was a great experience, with the exception of having one rude nurse they can’t all be winners.

William Cherry

The worst experience ever! Went to ER after an infection and fever within hours of outpatient surgery. Told me it was at least a 5-7 hour wait. I had a 103.7 fever, bad topical skin infection (which was embarrassing enough) and couldn't stand at all. Waited 2 hours and couldn't take the pain anymore so I went to Velocity Care, at that was joke also. Ended up not finding out anything there and gave up. I have spent over $20,000 and still have not one answer, but the same ole question always pops up "where's our payment". I have filled complaint after complaint for them to look into with a letter telling me that they followed procedure. They don't care at all. My PCP refused to see me twice when I was infected and had a fever (separate occasions, same issues), and his reasoning was "I can't do anything for you" but you sure did charge me like you did something for me. You ask me what's wrong, I tell you, you check nothing but the computer your sitting at, and prescribe me some random medicine to keep money in the Pharmacy pocket as well as yours. This has got to stop and hopefully after I take legal action it will. I get nothing but shoo you in and fly you out service and that's not right. I have to keep telling myself "it's just a business of supply and demand, if we're not sick there's no demand for medicine and ridiculous hospital bills", but we all have insurance now (well mostly everyone) with the un-affordable care act. More people are taking advantage of something they didn't have before and the hospitals know this so they gouge us. I always wondered why there is a sign in the ER at Carillon in 16 different locations that states verbal abuse will not be tolerated and you will be removed , because God forbid you complain after waiting 3-7 hours, sick as a dog. We have no right to be upset over this? yes we do and they know it's a horrible place or 16 of those signs would not be posted in the waiting room. that tells me that this is a HUGE problem and has obviously happened before. This will end soon. I have faith.

Katie Kelley

Came to the ER with head pain and a fever. They blew my fever off then didn’t notice my heart rate until they were about to discharge me. My heart rate was 137. Didn’t get anything I asked for the first two times. Was there 14 hours with NO answers of what’s going on. Used to love RMH but I’m not happy with how I was treated. The nurse I had was very rude and nasty when I asked her for a drink or the plan for discharge or if I was being admitted.

Jr Beam

They drew 4 tubes of blood out of me wrong two in the emergency room wrong two in my room did they put me in 5th floor they drew two more out wrong nurses was giving me my meds one hour apart when should have been four and a half hours I had one lady Dr sticker head in the door and say I'm going to be your doctor then I never saw her again I complained about my back ache they didn't do nothing it would until I noticed he was giving me wrong medicine and too close together I started getting better. They got my medical records all messed up I left my family doctor who was one of theirs and went to another one who wasn't. Unfortunately my neurologist still is till I can find one that is not, they will ask you if you want to speak to someone just so they can sweep it under the rug I do not trust this place I gave it a one-star but actually don't deserve none I've as anyone going to the hospital not to go there from my experience

David Boyd

My patient rights were violated. My so called patient advocate was hostile and refused to explain things to me. The experience was fine until the events I just wrote about occurred. Things went downhill from there. The culmination of which was not conducive to my treatment and/or recovery. In fact it was a major setback. I filed a complaint through the Carillon website. I have not even received a confirmation that my complaint was received. Crickets..

Sunny Swirsky

Wow. Urgent Care directed me to go directly to Roanoke Memorial Emergency Room for immediate surgery to drain the fluid around my heart. 5 hours and counting flopped over in a stiff chair, with rageing chest pains, watching dumb girls go immediately back with a headache. I have insurance. Staff is rude and I'm getting ready to bail like they want you to.

Kristen Kelley

I urge any adult that can make it to Lewis Gale ED to go to there instead of RMH ED. Pediatric ED cases are sent to RMH and I feel sorry for each and every one. Another reviewer here said his/her teenager was treated like a specimen. My two month old was treated the same way by a daytime physician I understand this is a teaching hospital, but the doctor was very arrogant and completely missed a serious condition while discrediting my assessment of how my daughter was feeling. He then gave me parenting advice on how I should let my 2 month old that was actually in very severe pain "cry it out" for two hours and to "listen to an audiobook or something.". If I didn't do that for her as a newborn baby, she would never sleep as a toddler. Not one bit of solid medical advice, despite repeated attempts from me to have him explain any possible reason she would be screaming, refusing food, and acting very lethargic. Come to find after tests, she was in pain the whole time. Never take your children there unless you have to.

chris webb

The dialysis unit is rude, incompetent and should be fired

Rachel Padget

Awful experience in the emergency room on 8/4/2019. I cut myself fairly deep slicing chicken and when into the ER. Someone took my vitals, another person asked if I could be pregnant or have flu like symptoms, all understandable questions. However, not once did someone look at my injury, even though it was actively bleeding. I sat in the waiting room for almost three hours and left to just buy steri-strips and hope for the best.

Robert Young

After having been to this hospital and reading the reviews I’m quite convinced they pay people to give them 5 star ones. This place is a horrendous hospital that you cannot trust with solving a minor cold. If you have real medical issues and your life is of value to you avoid this place!


Former employee: I was once forced to neglect care to a patient asking for it, who needed more than one person to safely care for him, for a very long time, and then was written up for being mad about it to protect the people refusing to help. Patients repeatedly forced to lay in their own diarrhea because aides couldn't be bothered to check on the call light. Nurses constantly going off the unit for very long periods of time without getting coverage for their patients, leaving them without a nurse. Monitor tech making fun of patients on the intercom system with them. If you have the choice, use Lewis Gale

Shannon Dudley

I have had nothing but bad experiences with RMH. The doctors are worried about nothing but money and not about the patients health and symptoms. I had a doctor that I used to see sweep my symptoms under the rug and blow me off after 2 other Drs advised me that I had a goiter on my thyroid that needed to be addressed. My doctor decided it was an issue that needed to be addressed after a head and neck CT found the mass. I had to have my thyroid removed then he blew me off yet once again after my surgery. He refused to do my lab work to check on my levels. I should have filed a law suit but because I am not that kind of person I just changed Drs. On to my next complaint the parking to pick up medications at the pharmacy is ridiculous. There is absolutely nowhere to park. There needs to be designated parking for this. It doesn't even matter what time of day you go it sucks!!!!! Either have a better system or make one to accommodate those whom can only get certain prescriptions there. Or have someone smart like me show you how to do it cause you seem to waste money on other useless things so why not make better parking.

Glena Chidester

Great service , dr.O is the very best

ShayJ Bishop

My mom was transferred here after discovering that she was in septic shock. The Oncology floor.... nurses, patient care techs, PT/OT, doctors.... all were wonderful, caring and on top of everything! It could have easily been her last day but she made it thanks to their diligence. I’m so appreciative So appreciative!

emaleigh smith

I had the best overnight nurse. She was gentle , passionate and caring. Franklin Memorial hospital figured out what was wrong with me as soon as I got there.

Jade Orion

I can't speak for the rest of the hospital but the PCU staff is amazing. My family and I pretty much lived there for 5 days while our loved one recovered and the staff was wonderful. The nurses were kind and caring, and the doctor stopped to explain things to us when we had additional questions. Just wanted to stop by and give my heartfelt thanks to the nurses of the PCU you guys are amazing and I won't forget your kindness!

April Alterio

I had an appointment yesterday for a Spinal Tap on the 6th floor. The staff during the procedure were great. I was sent into a waiting area, 7th floor, to lay flat for an hour and to have blood drawn. After an hour, the nurse had to call down to get someone to come up and draw blood as they never came to do it. One nurse came up, she poked me three times and couldn't get any good veins. She had to call for another nurse, the other nurse came up and with one poke, got the blood she needed. After an hour and a half of waiting, I was able to leave. One the way out the blood nurse asked the floor nurse what the blood was being drawn for, this floor nurse didn't know because he replaced my nurse and I guess they didn't communicate. I told her what it was for, as I heard my other nurse talking earlier. She then said "good to know, now I know where to deliver it too" This is a bit disturbing to me. I am hoping my blood and spinal tap fluids made it to the right place.

Erica Dooley

They took good care of mr

rhonda harris

On Tuesday, July 16, 2019, around 8:45 PM one of my husband's and my biggest fears came true. Our oldest son Xavier Harris was helping his dad cut some pipe liner to put under our pool when the blade from his knife popped out and hit his eyeball causing serious damage. When we realized how serious the damage was we headed to Martinsville ER, but was informed to get him to Roanoke Memorial ASAP because you are equipped to handle eye injuries. It was the best decision I could have ever made for my son because the staff at RMH ER was amazing. From the moment we walked up to the check-in window we were treated professionally and respectfully. We could never have asked for such kind people taking care of our son during this family nightmare. I apologize in advance for not catching names. But the nurse who checked us in at the window was so nice and calm even though I know, he knew it was serious. The next nurse who checked his blood pressure and asked what happened, was calm like this was an every day situation and assured us he was in the best hands, and he said RMH is the best. He was right. Then there was the nurse when we were in Triage 4, who realized what the situation was and got the doctor's attention, hate that I didn't get the nurse's or doctor's name. She was great working with the doctor. The doctor immediately sprung into action once he seen his eye. He took a picture and contacted the optometrist immediately and we were back in a room and the ball was rolling. He was and is one of the nicest doctors I have ever met. He even came back later and wished us the best of luck. He didn't have to but chose to and that was awesome. From there we met the pediatric nurse, Corbin, who was amazing and you can tell he loves what he does because he keeps a smile. His smile seems to tell me he loves helping others and making a difference. He said if we need anything just holler someone will get him if he doesn't hear us.Then there was another doctor that looked inside his eye to see the damge along with a couple of other medical professionals who were just as nice. And I didn't catch their names of course. Next we met Kevin who hooked the bag of fluids to the IV that Corbin put in. And last but by far the least we met Dr. Patrick Bradley, who was and still is amazing. He has prayed with us and explained everything to us over these past couple of weeks. He had Xavier in his office almost every day since his first surgery and has completed a second surgery to make it water tight. He even came in on a Saturday when he didn't have to, just to make sure his eye was doing what it should.He has been professional and calming during our nightmare. Truly amazing surgeon. All of you on call that night were and still are amazing. You all are my heroes for doing everything in your power to save our son's eye, make our son comfortable and keep him calm along with his sister and I. You all showed so much team work and professionalism and you were all so kind to my family. My family and I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you do. Not just for us but for everyone that walks through those doors. You all are our heroes for that night of a parent's worst nightmare and for doing all that you do every day and night to help people in some of the worst situations. So again thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you and may God Bless all of you! The Harris Family, Michael, Rhonda, Khali, Xavier, & Asher

Dogmo Satchmo

Had a seizure, and rushed to the ER. Was diagnosed with a meningioma, and possible MS...The Drs and staff were amazing. They moved me to a bed rather quickly.The PCU floor, was top notch, and handled every single request and question. The food was also impressive. A scary moment in my life, made easier by professional, and courteous folks. The Drs talked to me like I was there friend, and made the entire experience alot less uncomfortable. Kudos to this place. Best experience I have ever had at a hospital.

Doug Morrison

Never fun to goto the ER, but this was the best experience I have ever had. My 3yo son was seen right away by GREAT doctors and nurses. We never felt like it was a business or we were a revenue stream....

La-u-ra A

I've had decent experiences with this hospital in the past for my children and myself. A bout of chest pain and various other symptoms had me worried enough to go to the ER recently. My stay was several hours long. The staff overall were okay but the nurse I had was sub par. I believe my stay would have been shortened if she was better at EKG lead placement. My initial EKG was normal but the others I had that night suggested something was wrong, I remembered later that the nurse replaced some of the lead stickers before completing a second and third EKG. A different nurse placed the first set so one could assume the second person placed them wrong especially with what was being suggested on the test. Also, her attitude changed and she had the nerve to ask me if I thought it was just anxiety AND after it was suggested by a cardiologist to get a stress echo completed, she asked me if I was 'happy' that I was able to stay. Throughout the evening and overnight I could see and hear staff gossiping and talking about ER patients. Thankfully my heart was in good condition and since then I have found out that my issue likely stems from back and spinal issues, and costochrondritis. I'm disappointed in how this young nurse treated me. The doctor was nice initially but then he seemed to have vanished. The Patient Representative and the PA were very kind to me and I appreciated how they treated me. If someone is going to work in this setting they should remember that people are always listening and watching. The staff that were there this particular night were unprofessional. I typically appreciate and respect medical professionals. While I know they likely see some crazy things in the ER, they should always respect their patients.

Daniel Loggins

Everyone from pre admission to the nurses, doctors and everyone i encountered during my outpatient procedure were very polite and professional and made me feel at ease . Thanks for your service!!!!!

Dan Reid

Let’s talk about the ER at this hospital. This was an extremely unpleasant experience. Disheveled nurses in ill fitting scrubs, and yes, they were complete with stains. And does HIPPA not apply here? I witnessed multiple occasions where patients were identified by name and given medication I’m sure they would have rather had in private. Doctors without lab coats. ID badges not visible. Police everywhere to wrangle the inmates. Seriously, do you not have another area for them since the already disgusting waiting area is bad enough for sick patients? If this is the regions only Level 1 Trauma Center, Roanoke is worse off than I thought.

Lolisa Young

My Uncle has been in the hospital for over 2 weeks now . He was on 6th floor Vascular ICU then moved to 9th floor Med Surgery ICU. He had some really nice nurses on both these floors. A couple of days ago he was moved to the 7th floor, wow what a difference. The day nurses were nice but the night staff didn't seem to be very nice. They put my Uncle on his bed pan and just left him there. He ask to have something to drink and the nurse said she needed to go find some thickener, I was there for 2 hours she never came back. I wish that all nurses would remember that the people they are taking care of are there because they are sick. Also how would they like it if it were them or someone they loved in the bed sick.

David Silvers

Its been almost a year. I coded. Thanks. Im still here!

Nashi Block

The NICU at this hospital was amazing. When my lil boy was born they allowed me to come anytime and encouraged me to come at care times so they can teach me what to do and they were overall kind. They gained my trust and I would go back for when my next baby comes (hope he/she is healthy enough not to tho)


Any clinic or doctor affiliated with Carilion, I stay away from. They hardly examine you and act as if there is a five minute timer and they need to get you out before it goes off. It is fast food health care, bring the numbers in, push the numbers out. Private practices and doctors who are not under the Carilion umbrella are the way to go.

Lee Fifer

My girl friend is on her death bed because of them they didnt get the tumor in her urinary track put stints in now it has spread. Didnt even give her any antibiotics for the stints she has infection now. It happen in march. They didnt care this is murder. Her name is janie cregar.

David Fridley Jr.

Took my Mom to the ER with blood pressure of 215/90. They just let her sit in the waiting room over 4 hours before doing ANYTHING to help her. By far the worst so called "Emergency" facility I have ever had an experience with.

monica toler

this is daughter had a baby there 9-9-16 and they were awesome... by far the simply the best

Christopher Winkler

A beautiful hospital full of friendly, helpful, caring staff. The nurses, doctors, cleaning crew, front desk crew, imaging techs, and everyone else you will meet are super helpful, patient, and kind. I lost count of how many people we met over a 24 hour stay, but every one of them took time to listen to us, answer our questions, and do their best to make us feel comfortable in a difficult time. We were constantly updated and everything was explained to us before it was performed. We were and are happy with the level of care we received, absolutely.

victoria Combs

A truly awful hospital. Unfriendly, uncaring, just horrible all around. someone described it as "fast food health care" that pretty much sums it up right there. Never going back, neither are any of my relatives!

Forrest Taylor

Multiple bad experiences, they put you in a room, eventually, then forget about you. Nurses don’t know what the doctor is doing, doctor goes home and you’re stuck another night. I assume it would be different if you didn’t have insurance, then they’d probably wheel you right out

Remmele Mazyck

There and I have to say they do a good job up there. I'm from South Carolina and comes up there once a week. They kept me updated and my father was definitely doing better

James Woltz

Absolutely terrible hospital. After living in Roanoke for 26 years, I have seen the facility degrade severely from what it once was. Almost all medical advice and classifications have been completely worthless. A complete waste of money to visit this hospital. Avoid the ER here if possible because it is terrible.

Brett Arnold

My wife was in ER due to surgical complications. Asked for pain management, in tears saying pain was a 10. After 2 hours nobody came to address any issues. 6 tests done and no answers on those after hours of waiting. Have seen plenty of nurses standing around joking with each other but definitely ignoring patients in pain.

Ahmed Aldhaheri

ER is the worst. Idk what it is but everyone that has came in after us has been called. And still we are waiting for a room and it has been 2.5 hours, while everyone is getting called. Seriously people. Never coming again!

Kayla Grubb

A family member of mine was in ICU and everyone from the Chaplain to the Doctor were SUPER respectful and EXTREMELY understanding. They made the family and I comfortable, and more importantly the patient. There was one doctor/nurse that stood out tho. He was very friendly and did everything he could to make my relative comfortable. He went above and beyond.

Janie Cregar

Rude nurses on 11th floor the doctors starve u too . to get u down where u cant walk. One nurse was picking her nose didnt even wash her hands . they love to poke and experiment nt on you. I will never go there again.

Sabrina Martinez

You let people like this work there...

Antoinette McIntosh

This place is the worst EVER and I don't trust most of their staff. There are a few good doctors, but for the most part, the last month of going back and forth, I've had the most inhumane treatment in my entire life. The OBGYN specialist tells me to go to the ER if I get worse (twice), and when I get there, they tell me they can't do anything for me. Took 4 people to try to get my blood and even with an ultrasound machine, they still couldn't get an IV started so they just gave up and never came back to try again. I told them that the pain meds didn't work and they dismissed it telling me there's nothing they can do and that I need to follow up with the OBGYN (who told me to go there in the first place!) They are sending me in circles and passing the buck instead of doing their jobs! I came in with my pain on a scale at 10 out of 10, and I left with it being a 10 out of 10. They did absolutely nothing! The OGBYN approved me for surgery but is telling me that they can't do it until NOVEMBER which means I have to suffer for another month as I get worse. After what happened this morning and the way that I was treated, I'd honestly rather die and I am canceling the surgery. How can I trust your staff to cut on me when they can't simply TRY to treat the issue that I'm having now? The correct way to handle it would've been to call the OBGYN on call into the room while I was there. That department was never called even though the on call staff told me to come in before I got there by phone. They are clueless and their bedside manner SUCKS. They have no empathy whatsoever. It's as though they are using Google or SIRI to treat patients. I walked out without even getting discharge papers because I was so disgusted with the way that I was treated and I'd honestly rather bleed to death than to EVER go to this facility again.

Monica Elliott

Horrible wait time in ER. Worst hospital in VA! I miss the Sentara system and Chesapeake Regional in Eastern VA. You want caring efficient service, get outta this place.

Danielle Marion

Do not go here if your gender non conforming or transgender. You will have pot shots taken at you in every Dept.

Tim Shank

Doctors here don't think outside the box.

Ryan B.

My dad is here. Came in early Saturday morning with extreme shortness of breath and confusion by ambulance. After sitting in the ER for about 10 hours, they finally had a room ready for him. They knew he is diabetic and has heart problems, yet forced him go over 12 hours without food or medication. Speaking of which: It took multiple times to get his meds right-even though they were provided with a typed up list of medication and dosage information, they continued to get it wrong - even after bringing in the refill sheets! You can't Eff that sorry of thing up! The level of care from the doctors has been horrendous. They already have one foot out the door before they even come in. They have only waited for him to regain his wits and lose some fluid. So far I haven't seen them do anything that couldn't have been done in the comfort of his home. Coming in with congestive heart failure, having an EKG showing he's in afib on addition to irregular beat and atrial flutter Saturday morning and and no cardiologist until Tuesday evening? They said they have no cardiologist on call? Get the fcku out of here with that B.S. The communication with the doctors has literally been grade school level. Probably more Pre-k level. They don't follow up, don't act like they care, and really, done a single thing to address the heart issues. Now that we are trying to transfer him out, they are acting even more pissy and uncooperative. This place will be going on my last of places to be taken if I'm ever in an accident. The nursing staff for the most part has been average, but the doctors here apparently think they are better than everyone else in the country, and lack empathy and concern. If you need medical attention, try to make it to Duke or UVA. Screw this dump.

Jennifer Hayton

From Dec27,2017 continued... At twin county I was diagnosed with a cervical lumbar upper and lower sprain/strain, concussion and a neck sprain... they said a soft neck collar could help with the healing process and possibly would need some physical therapy and that I may need to see a specialist if the dizziness, headaches, blurred vision and confusion continued and to follow up with my doctor!! Sadly I never once thought I’d ever have anything negative to say about Roanoke Memorial Hospital until now... I used to along side of many other ppl used to think Twin county was not a good hospital.... Well I disagree 100% because I’d rather go to twin county than Roanoke memorial any day now! Very unpleasant and unprofessional not to mention how unsanitary it was!

roanoke urbexer

The security guards there are the absolute worst ive been in three verbal altercations in which i was minding my own business they are on a power trip there if you can go to lewis gale its a whole whole lot faster wait hours in the emergency room here but go to lewis gale your in in about twenty minutes oh and screw your advocate also couldn't get a cell phone signal in the emergency room I'm needing to call my family and oh no signal never had that problem at Lewis Gale never had a problem with the security there never had to wait in the waiting room at Lewis Gale with blood pouring out of my face either if you have the means go to Lewis Gale also one of their security guards used to be a lieutenant at the Salem jail he got fired for corruption the hospital hired him he's still on a power trip

William Beck

Great and caring staff

Russ Compton

I have been sitting in the Emergency Department for 4 hrs and names of people that came in after me have been called and taken back and i see nurses sitting behind the desk talking on their personal cell phones and talking NOT working..i am giving you all a 1 star rating because there isn't anything lower and i even came it through EMS.

Debra Ruiz

I have used Roanoke hospital and I have .Trust. Them with my life. But I was there this month. For a sinus procedure .I was bruised in my mouth and throat. They must need better drs. In this field and .Better antithesis Someone. Hurt me badly.I would not trust .Antithesis dep. Nor the ENTs there. Don't go there without check-in the dr and antithesie.

steve shrader

My name is Beverly Shrader I went to this hospital praying God had the right doctor there for me. Oh my God blessed me with the Greatest doctor I have ever seen in my whole entire life. Dr. POWELL from England is what all doctors should be like.. THANK you Dr. POWELL for not only helping me but for not assuming I was something I'm not and for genuine care. I wished u had ur own practic.I would differently be ur patient. Better yet u need to be a trainer for doctors who have forgotten genuine care. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.❤

Diane Browning

The dedication and teamwork that I experienced was excellent. The care I received went beyond my expectations. Jesus sent me the best of the best. I pray that the doctors and staff know how much I appreciate all they did for me.

Chris Jones

Carilion Specialty departments are great. However the ER sucks. I am a post OP patient from this morning and I had to wait while easier people went before me, oh and did I mention that some of them came in after me. I am still waiting in the waiting room right now and it's been 2hrs.

Alex Bratu

Had to visit the ER in February for symptoms of a heart attack. Staff was wonderful and caring, while being monitored for symptoms, Patient Advocacy came and helped with financial questions. Doctors were great and nursing staff came by to check on me every so often to see if I needed anything. Great hospital and wonderful Emergency Department!

Lynn Cripps

The doctors and staff were all wonderful and very helpful.. The valet parking was awesome only when John was working but the older heavy set salt n pepper haired lady was a total snot, very unprofessional and non helpful at all.. Not a very good representative of such a fine hospital..

Andrew Byrd

My mother was sent to Roanoke Memorial Hospital by Helicopter. Dr Joseph of the Cardiac Team was Great. However the nurseing staff that I met in ICU on the 900 floor was rude. My mothers nurse had stains all over her scrubs and long hairs hanging all over her coat. My mother came in with a infection on her Pacemaker,she needs to be in a sterial environment..

Stephanie Pugh

While on vacation, my daughter injured her back after a fall. We were transferred there from Stonewall Jackson Hospital. All of the staff, doctors, transport team were top notch and very impressive. They all had a sense of urgency and compassion. THANK YOU from all of us to all of you. I wish we had this kind of care at our home.

Ashley Thompson

So as a patients family member. I was not impressed with the coffee shop. I had been up all night and wanted a nice cup of coffee... the little chubby with black scruffy hair that is always making the coffee. He always seems like he hates his life and he’s has been rude to me THREE times since I’ve been here and he puts his employees down in front of the customers and he’s not professional.... I would like a response to this comment. Thanks

Desiree Velazquez

I’m giving 3 stars because I’m incredibly conflicted on how to rate this. Last year, my daughter was born not only prematurely, but she was severely underweight even for her premature size. She stayed 51 days in the nicu, and although it was emotionally draining, our stay was pleasant. The staff were amazing to my little girl, and I will forever be thankful for everything they’ve done for her. However.. the emergency room is awful. I brought my mother in on Thursday afternoon because she was having diverticulitis complications again. Mind you, this was her second stay in 4 months. We sat in the waiting room for FOUR HOURS. Seeing the way my mother looked waiting, as her conditioned worsened with every passing minute, I would not wish that on anyone. I ended up going up to the desk at the three hour mark because her condition had gotten so bad, she was ghost white, and couldn’t even keep her eyes open. My mother looked almost dead. They basically said there was nothing we could do but wait. Another hour goes by, and we’re finally called back. Upon walking through the doors, I noticed several empty beds. I noticed staff standing around and having personal conversations with one another. Another two hours later, we learned that she would have to get admitted again, which we already expected. At this point it’s nearing 3 am (we arrived at the ER just before 5pm) They said they were just waiting for a bed to open up upstairs, and she would be on her way. At this time I made the decision to head home and try to get some rest, expecting to get my kids up in the morning to go visit her. When I woke up at 8am the next morning, she was still in the ER. Had not been moved. No one was telling her anything. They had ran a series of tests on her, giving her zero feedback about anything. The doctors I’ve spoken to were lovely, do not get me wrong. But I really feel like she was mostly overlooked. I understand there were most likely more critical cases there, but for her to feel as disregarded as she did was unacceptable. To be kept in the dark about everything, to be served cold food, and then to be sent on her way this afternoon while still in pain, feverish, and high blood pressure.. I’m extremely disappointed. I love this hospital for what they’ve done for my daughter. I love this hospital for treating me and both of my kids so well. But.. these last two emergency visits for my mother have been anything but helpful. I’m truly hoping that this will not happen again.

Katie France

Absolutely the worst experience and service that my mother could of received. What has happened to healthcare in Southwest VA.

Patricia Moore

They use to be a great hospital, now that they have grown the care has gone down hill. The continuity of care is not there. No one cares if you get help or not. Don't get me wrong, there are some great nurses in a facility that does not make an effort.

Cynde Early

Provides the ultimate of patient centered care. I would go to no other facility, unless out of town and an absolute emergency. The staff and physicians are wonderful!! Myself and my husband have both been there for major admissions, for which I feel they saved our lives. They provide consistent care and are open to the needs of the family also. I thank God for the kind hands and intelligence that care for our health

Amber Jennings

I would like to report Enviromental Services at this hospital. Numerous time I have came in once I get off work to visit a family member and the restroom beside the gift shop is absolutely filthy! The walls are disgusting, there’s no liner in the feminine containers (GROSS), there’s never toilet paper, no toilet seat covers, half the time there may or may not be soap! And rarely is there paper towels! I have called the number on the wall multiple times, only to have them tell me “yeah, we’ll get someone down there”. I came back 2 hours later and STILL nothing had been done! I have to then look around and locate another restroom to use. Come on Roanoke Memorial Hospital! Figure it out! Why have a number posted to call when the bathroom needs attention, but yet have staff that don’t respond to the call?

Judith Starchild

I arrived to the ER with a catastrophic illness. The ER experience was absolutely horrible. I did not feel as if I were in safe, competent hands there. Despite the emergency nature of it, staff asked me the exact same questions SEVERAL times despite my distress in answering the first time! I was admitted for 5 days. While there were other aspects of the hospital experience that I wouldn't even give three stars to (including the joke of what they deem nutritional from the dietary department), I rated it based on the excellent nursing and nurse's aides staff on the floor where I received my care. They were exceptionally caring and kind. I am grateful to them for that.

Heather Thompson

Very nice people

Christina Masterson

The desk staff and nurses were fine. The (mostly male) doctors were rude, condescending, insulting, mansplaining. I was ignored, argued with, and treated like I was an unruly teenager instead of an adult with valid concerns. I will NEVER forget the face of that doctor, and I will never recommend someone go there for treatment to the ER.

Kirpal Singh

Dr laura dziadzio Worst doctor, appointment was given after 6 months And we drove 2.5 hrs and got 15 min late because hospital staff kept on sending us to wrong building. She works with children and have zero patience level. Her license should be revoked. Very rude doctor and staff

Lisa Atchinson

Carilion RMH has always been an excellent asset to our community here in Roanoke, Virginia. The service and state of the art medical care they provide here is beyond exceptional. I always feel welcomed by each individual staff member, nurtured & each one of my personal needs catered to on every occasion. Thank you for everything that you all do.

Garrett Wise Jr

I need someone from The Ronald McDonald room to please get in contact with me. I have a child in the nicu and was told to leave because i had my 1 year old in there

Stephen Fintel

My wife and I had our baby delivered here, the level of professionalism and care given to us during the entire process was unmatched. Nurses, doctors, assistants, everyone involved, a big thank you to all for the personal level of attention and making us feel at home.


Hospital Dr"s =A+ Hospital staff = A+ Hospital clean = A+ Hospital cafeteria = A+ Hospital patient food = F, needs to be improved dramatically!!

Terri Fredeking

My brother was sent to Roanoke Memorial Hospital because he had a brain bleed. Sadly we lost him. We loved all the staff, nurses and all of the care that my brother received. I would like to thank Arthur RN who was as kind to us and took great care of my Mom when she knew she was losing her son. Also I would like to thank Nurse Cindy that was in palliative care unit she was so kind and honest with my niece while she was losing her dad. Nurse Cindy helped my Neice and her husband till the end. Her comforting words while she was going thru all this meant more than we can ever let her know. I just want to Thank you all for such great care and a great team that you all were. I am sorry I didn’t remember any more people to personally thank! But from our hearts we appreciate everything that was done for my brother. Thank you all!

Elaine Gordon

shout out to the awesome front desk staff, nurses, and doctors. Professional, kind, and efficient. Keep up the good work!

Steve Janney

My Sister was there recently for some thoracic surgery. The orthopedic area on the 9th floor was the area she was in. Several of the nurses were rude, uncaring and unsympathetic. It seemed to be a chore to help. As painful as it was after her 3.5 hour surgery, having to deal with this problem was an odeal that was not needed. If these people were in the same position they would feel the same. Train these people more thoroughly to have more compassion, it’s badly needed there.

Ronald Jones

Been sitting in the waiting room for more than 4 hours 3 of it waiting for a doctor to look at an x-ray. Tried asking the staff how much longer will it before I can see the doctor I couldn't get a straight answer...... I not in here really sick or injured thank goodness but listening to other people here some been here over 8 hours which is not kool. This will be my last time I come to this hospital for anything cause the ER here is really bad.

Tamatha Hannabass

I've been to CRMH emergency room 2 times in my life and have always been treated with respect. I recommend this hospital.

Julie Burnett

My brother is currently in the MICU and he has had wonderful care. His nurse, MaryBless, had been such a sweet comfort. Thanks to Dr. Thomas for her skillful hands with his surgery.

stephen hyder

I give this Hospital one star because it will not let it give me zero. The student type staff is inexperienced. The doctors are short to the point and rough without care for their patients. I've been told false information. We've been lied to and held waiting. We've been here for almost 2 days and I'm starving because the food in the cafeteria is not worth feeding my dog. Not to mention I spent almost $9 on something so disgusting I threw it away and it was a very small portion at that. I'm utterly disgusted with this Hospital and the staff. This is not my first visit here however I sincerely hope it is my last. I regret not driving to an out-of-town Hospital just to avoid this place. This is not a welcome environment and honestly I feel like a unwanted burden being here. Even the cleanliness was mediocre. There was even soiled bedding in the bathroom trash can upon check in. I deeply and sincerely regret having my child here.

Keith Kelly

The folks are down home friendly

Brian Morgan

Slow sometimes to a lot in the ER. Specific when admitted, don't want a mess up. Very detailed that they saved mine, saved my moms and tried their hardest for 26 days straight to save my uncles life (natural causes). This is a trauma hospital- meaning it will get slow in the ER for guess what TRAUMA VICTOMS... good hospital.

London Prough

My mom was in a hit and run accident and they unfortunately took her to Roanoke because it was closer than our home hospital Lynchburg. Every time she had to use the bathroom it was a fight to get a NA or an RN in the room. They would sigh and make like it was a burden when we called but then would scold her for not drinking her drinks they gave her. I went outside for a little while and came back to they had left her on the bed pan for an hour, mind you she had blisters and road burn all over her backside. She was crying it hurt so bad. When i addressed the nurse she said i should have came out and told someone. (SHE HAD HIT HER CALL BUTTON 4 TIMES NO ONE CAME) I fell horrible for any individuals who don't have a family member to help them. Because the nurse staff is something out of a horror movie, the only staff that was decent to her was her Physical Therapist staff. Go anywhere else. Literally anywhere.

Doris Rousseau

Neonatal unit you don't wear gowns over street cloths you don't wear masks with at risk babies. Tampa General you wore all of that or you didn't go in. Infection in incision while on antibiotics? ????wrong. I agree its all about numbers not people it's a business n profits . People n their health don't matter.

Mark Norman

Wife had surgery. Surgeon or his team failed to call after surgery of 6 hours condition of my wife. We finally got a room and then surgeon finally calls me to update me. No one ever called me while I waited 6 hours. Just not a good experience

Dana Moyers

Great staff, very helpful and provided me all the information that I needed.

Daniel Bare

Great hospital with great patient care.

Willy Hoston

Good hospital

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