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REVIEWS OF Bon Secours St. Mary's Hospital IN Virginia

Franki Gadoury

On 01/29/2018 a ER attending doctor never examined my 8 year old and allowed a PA to discharge him with a diagnosis of a "cough". I carried him out on my back because he was so sick and dehydrated. He had pneumonia but they did not read the xray before discharge. They did not give him fluids because "he looked hydrated". No one did a CBC. I returned to St. Mary's in 5 hours and they ordered another epi nebulizer even with the first one not working and him being on steroids for 2 weeks prior. Again another ER doctor let a PA diagnoses him with croup for the 3rd week in a row without examining my son himself. A respiratory therapist noticed his cough was not right. I mentioned to the respiratory therapist that he was not hooked up to evaluate his vitals even though he had pneumonia and his blood pressure was high from our ER visit the night before. He then requested a pediatrician evaluation which resulted in an NPO admission. I asked again for an IV and the ER doctors who did not even touch my son said "He looks hydrated to me". It took 2 hours after getting to the pediatric wing to get my son a IV even though I told the ER doctor he had only had 4 oz of fluid in 24 hours and he was no longer urinating. The nurses on the pediatric flood showed me that my son's veins were all flat and 2 of they worked for over 30 minutes to find one vein they could use. I have never been so scared for one of my children in all my life. My son had a bacterial infection in his upper airway (confirmed by a mass on his trachea 02/08/2018), right upper lobe pneumonia, and having laryngospasm that blocked air to his lungs causing stomach acid to flow up into his esophagus and leaving abrasions on the bottom of his trachea (confirmed by UVA). He also is now on neurological medication to resolve the "tick" he developed as a result. I went to St. Mary's because my son needed a pediatric specialist to see what the other doctors were missing but they didn't even take him seriously. I will never take any child to St. Mary's ER ever again after this experience. I just received a letter from St. Mary's stating that they feel they level of care he received was accurate.

Paula Craft

My experience as a patient there was terrible. The nurses on 3 shifts did not follow through with anything. I had to ask repeatedly for assistance or to receive the necessary treatment. One of the nurses actually wanted to put an icepack which had fallen on the floor back on my injury. When I asked for a hygiene wipe for my hands, the nurse told me to get up and get it myself! I had just had surgery and was on pain killers. My doctor had told me since I got into the room late that I could stay as long as I wanted the next day. The morning nurse had my papers ready to leave and practically kicked me out by mid- morning! It was unbelievable how bad it was!

ivona biondic

I was there with a friend and was highly disgusted with the amount of care received. No privacy, lack of treatment, she didn’t even have a personal room. People were puking in the rooms. Saline bags hung up on picture frames which is considered neglect of the patient. If state came in there would be big issues. Nurses didn’t care. Almost felt like a military hospital. Complained to the supervisor Lauren and still then nothing was done. I don’t recommend this place at all.

Susan Aiken

The care my father received was amazing. There is a culture of caring at St.Mary's that other hospitals lack. From the ER to intermediate care to moderate care. Everyone was friendly & professional. Good job St. Mary's!

Kimberly Barnes

It's been over a year since I've been to St. Mary's Psych Ward and I can still say that it was one of the worst experiences I've ever dealt with. I felt more like a lab rat being pumped with medication that I barely knew anything about than a person who needed help and counseling. I was placed on an extremely high dosage for one medication (because the original dosage wasn't high enough and the doctor wanted me to feel the affects quicker?), that I later found out from a separate psychiatrist to be nearly lethal if I had continued taking that much of it any longer I was in for 6 days, but it felt like a lifetime. I felt so alone and like no one really wanted to listen to me. I eventually got in an argument with one of the same doctors, Dr. Maria C. Haine, who prescribed the high dose, because I felt like she was more concerned with upping my prescriptions so I could "appear happier" than actually caring for me or treating me like a human being. She was also terribly condescending and rude.

Derrick George

I was born here. ER is good. Wonderful staff when I came here for food poisoning and my kidney stone.


Great staff and doctors 24 hours

Sonia Pysh

Don't expect to get a call back if you call the Billing Dept. I called on 8/18 spoke to Robert. Told I'd get a call in 2-3 days....nothing. I called on 9/19 spoke to Whitney. Same thing 2-3 days.....nothing I called on 9/28 spoke to Anita - Anita found out that nothing happened with my first call to Robert. She didn't know who Whitney was, and gave me the name of Ida J. Hite, a financial counselor that was to call me back ASAP - she put a rush on it. 10/5 - HaHaHa - is this a joke? I'M STILL WAITING! :(

Janice Brubaker

This place needs a lesson on how to take care of their special needs adults. I can’t leave my non verbal trached 20 year old daughter here by herself for a minute. I will never bring her back here. She will be discharged or either transferred from here tomorrow because they are going to kill her if she stays much longer!

Derrick Banks

So far so good,all the doctors and nurses are really nice and has been taking care of my mother n law, I would recommend this hospital.

Sh O'C

I was having chest pain or what I thought was upper stomach pain. I'm a male, not overweight, 36 at the time with family history (Father and brothers all with heart disease). I was a social drinker and smoker at the time. I only smoke and drank on the weekends. How bad could it be, right? For someone like me, very bad. I was in the ER and as soon as my EKG was done and within 20 minutes, I was on my way to the cath lab. I received 7 stents and they saved my life. I was treated one of the best Cardiologist on the east coast. His bed side manner, horrible but his work as a surgeon, genius! Thank you St. Mary's for your kindness and thank you for saving my life. The staff in the ER was amazing as well. PLEASE don't go to the ER for a stubbed toe or headache. Go to your PCP or better yet, take some ibuprofen. I've been to a ER for 2 reasons in 40 years. A heart attack (STEMI) and a snapped or ruptured achilles. Drug seekers need not apply!! If you have a real problem and don't want to waste everyone's hard earned tax payer money, go to St. Mary's!!

Nina g

The Birthing Center is awesome. The nurses went above and beyond the call of duty. I will never forget how they made me feel. I was STRONGLY encouraged to breast feed. I did it for 2 years. Thank you so much!!!

Wendy Voelker

My mother-in-law was admitted on Sat 7/1/2017 for abdominal pains. The care in the ER was slow, but we were checked on often. Once moved to a room, it deteriorated quickly. The staff did not take down the correct medications for her and gave her a medicine that her heart doctor had stopped. Her oxygen was not set at the correct level, even though we had told several people what it was. In 7 days, and 11 visits to the hospital, we never once saw her doctor. We left several messages, as her caregiver, for information of when surgery would occur and never received any type of communication. She had 2 stones removed on 7/5 with no notification from anyone until it was finished. When we got to her room, afterwards, they had not hooked her back up to her oxygen or IV. There were a couple of occasions that we had to put her oxygen back on her. She went into surgery 7/6 and we weren't even informed of that. She is 83 with Dementia and cannot make medical decisions on her own. The lack of respect was horrible by Dr. Suy. The nurses and staff went out of their way to try to get information, but Dr. Suy did not leave the appropriate notes in their system so we could be updated. Her only reason for going to ST. Mary's is that she is Catholic....we'll have to trump that decision next time. How can you not call a family, who's number is plastered all over her room, and not tell them what you are doing?

Denisse C

Please not think to come this hospital . I came here because my grandfather had problems to breath . The nurse wa really nice and explained everything to us. Way better then the doctor .we wait for 3 hours for the doct to come and speak to us about what was going on . Hi didn’t explain very well. I stay with my grandfather in the ER for 24 hours . Because they didn’t had a room. They didn’t had pillows or a small couch . Worst hospital .

jodi gold

As a former employee, I aso had the fortunate experiance of also having an elective surgery as an out patient. The preop, surgical and post op starff were and are first class dedicated educated kind caring thorough team

Stanley Barrientos

Is a place full of racist peopple awefull place no way to come back

Veronica House

I usually give St. Mary's emergency department a thumbs up however today its a thumbs down. I do not know what program or trial you were doing today but I don't like it at all. The wait seemed like forever and it was no privacy or the one on one. I felt lije my privacy was invades. The Nurse Practitioner on duty had an horrible bedside manner. Also, it was a guy bleeding from his hand that set out in the waiting room just as along as I did and I know he should have been in the back getting taken care of. I hope that this is not how you see running your ER in the future.

Joni Dudley

Worse hospital ever! This place has lost all of its care value. They put you in a focus room with other patients, which goes against HIPAA. They will have empty beds, but will but you in a chair in the hall. You don't ever see a doctor and you will get a rude nurse who can careless.

Carla Williams

I Love St. Mary’s pediatric ER! Very short wait time. The nurse/entire staff are very compassionate, knowledgeable on the important issues, and most importantly patient with my son.

john taxin

This Family Has Confidence in St. Mary’s Hospital. Overall they do a great job. This is a big facility covering, almost, every traditional condition. There will always be something wrong whether it’s a staffer in a bad mood, dissapointing news, doctors who you just don’t feel comfortable with. Thankfully my family has been fortunate and we have had good service, success and luck with the specialist, medical procedures & surgeries. We have had 5 successful surgeries. All for different things. The hospital staff has been kind, curious and clean. We feel comfortable and confident as patients of St Mary’s Hospital. Keep up the good work and always strive to make the patients feel like they are the most important person.

Ms. V

The only hospital I've been to that consistently has incompetent nursing staff. I've been surprised that they have nursing licenses with the way that they "care for" patients. Maybe they need their BSN's instead of just the RN. The most unpleasant experiences at St. Mary's hospital. If you can travel to another hospital, PLEASE DO! Seriously it's not worth the risk to deal with the nurses at St. Mary's. I'm basing this off of several visits here. The nurses not only often lack basic nursing skills/knowledge but have been unprofessional, not paying attention and very slow to respond. Add to that understaffed at times which makes things much worse. This hospital should really look into evaluating them better before patients are further affected. Maybe provide surveys to people before they leave the hospital or something. I'm fortunate that I have family that's in the medical field and also have experience myself so I'm more aware of what to look out for but other patients may not. Very unfortunate. I've also connected with staff members (a few) who quietly agreed that the behind the scenes is not good. I would not recommend this hospital as a first choice to anyone.Try MCV/VCU or another local hospital if you can.

Kevin T O'Hanlon

They took very good care of my family.

Yvette Stovall

Because I have always gotten wonderful care

Jess Mitch

If I can give this place nothing then I will but right now my mom is here and having chest pains and they got her in the waiting room waiting

Scott Wolfe

It's not so much that it's nice but that it's comforting to know loved ones are getting great care.

Clarence Harris

I went into this hospital at 12am an left out unseen at 3am. I woke up out of my sleep could barely breath at first was coughing every 10 seconds, got to the hospital set in the front for 2hrs. spent the last hour in the back waiting on the doctor which I never saw. Richmond has some messed up hospitals but this hospital is the worse one of them all the nurses laugh an joke all night I didn't see the humor out of it. Poor st. Mary's!!!

Catherine Holt

My parent developed 5 bedsores in just 2 hospital stays at St. Mary's. One sore took 6 months of care from a wound care nurse to heal. One of those hospital stays was only 4 days long...and in that time he developed 2 bedsores. Nurses never assessed the skin after the admission evaluation...they just don't look at it. Later we found out about the skin sores. I was told on several different hospital admissions that there is a Mobility Team who turns patients every 4 hours in the bed to prevent bed sores. I never saw the Mobility Team in five separate hospital stays, so I don't think it exists. The nurses didnt do a discharge skin assessment to see what problems developed from laying in the bed, so you'll find out after they get home. You are on a deserted island on the weekend. Forget about having a nurse or nurse aid. Don't count on getting changed out of a diaper or getting a bed bath. We were told, "the nurse aid has gone home, "(3:00 pm) or "We don't have a nurse tech" right now. Frequently short- staffed on weekends. They dont take care of patients 7 days a week. My parent was also put on a fluid restriction and we were never told, and no one tracked the amount of water or liquids he was drinking between meals during the day. One nurse never put on the yellow isolation gown when entering the room. Keep close care of your family member, especially if they can't speak for themselves.

Chris McDowell

Great experience in the Pediatric ER. High quality of care for our child and in and out in a very reasonable time frame. Thoughtful, helpful, staff and despite being busy, overall noise level was very low. Rooms well appointed. Thank you!

Thamr Almusilam

Every thing there is very good. The doctor is so friendly and the stuff are so nice people. I really recommend this hospital.

Mindy Gholson

Wonderful staff! Great rooms! Cafeteria is awful!

Fleet Moore

Tonight is a good night soon as we got in they was calling her to the back fast tonight

Aaron Davis

Was hospitalized here for a few days recently due to an infection and was admitted through the Emergency Department. Most of my experience was excellent. The nursing staff was exceedingly good, physicians were caring and responsive, and the facilities were great on the whole. I say "on the whole" because I was very dissapointed to discover after being admitted (and initially staying in a very nice private room my first day and evening) that St. Mary's still has an apparently sizeable amount of shared (also called "semi-private") rooms for in-patient care. Being in the hospital was already very distressing for me and because I expressed this to my physician, nurses, and the chaplain who came to visit me I only had a roommate for a few daylight hours my second day in the hospital and was alone overnight in my double-occupancy room. Nevertheless, the fact that such a great facility is still using outdated shared rooms in at least some wards is a glaring flaw. If not for this I would have no problem giving St. Mary's a five-star review because everything else about my care, treatment, etc. was great. Also, as an addendum, the chaplain's office did a great job not only checking in on me and my spiritual health but also providing help when it was needed. My first night at St. Mary's I was having alot of trouble sleeping (just from the stress of being in a hospital) and asked my nurse if she thought the chaplain's office might have a rosary I could pray with. She was unsure but asked, and lo and behold at 2:30 a.m. a chaplain showed up to give me a rosary. Great spiritual care there, and very appreciated by me.

Sebastian Soekawa

Staff was very friendly. Had a great experience. I came here because I had a heart condition and I had to be monitored overnight. The rooms were very comfortable and nice. And the nurses they knew when to give me my medications. They helped me feel a lot better. Very great hospital to come to

Elnora Lightfoot

Receptionist in the Liver Department was very unprofessional. I asked her a question, she gave me an answer. And I asked a Why question and she said I'm only the Messenger. Instead of asking how can I help you further, like call my Insurance company to find out why.So unprofessional!It took me 35 minutes to find the Liver Department. St.Marys is a very confusing place to find different departments. I asked several employees and no one was very Helpful.

Niveya Beasley

WORST HOSPITAL EVER !!! I came there because i wasn’t feeling well but my pregnancy was fine before i got there and they treatEd me for something completely different something that i i didn’t not come there for & they made me stay over night, but they didn’t check my baby not one time all they did was give me medication through a IV soon as they discharged me i noticed that i was spotting but i thought it was normal because it’s my first but they end up calling my mother phone back to back to bring me back up to the hospital but it was 11 at night so i end up not going and i tried to go to sleep but i couldn’t sleep at all and i had end up cramping real bad and bleeding heavy so next morning i went in the ambulance to another hospital and they told me over the night i had a miscarriage and that morning they still was calling my mother phone and she told the nurse at St.Marys i had a miscarriage and she said “oh wow “ like nothing bad didn’t just happened so from my experience i don’t trust ST.Marys at all this happened Recently too. 10/10/19-10/11/19

Justin Del Valle

The kitchen staff is horrible. Thanks a lot. The people that serve you the food are great. The managers and supervisors have to respect themselves and others.

Paige Przybylek

L&D was awesome but the postpartum unit had some rude women. I asked if they misplaced something while moving me from L&d and they were very rude and also didn’t get me a lactation specialist until 1 hour before I was discharged. I also went to the ER this evening for a postpartum body issue and they wrote something completely false and blamed it on the medical scribe didn’t help that my nurse was a classmate in high school and thinks I have this disease that I never stated having!!!!

Royalty Cruz

Such a beautiful hospital and the staff here are extremely polite and helpful. Wheelchair accessible parking. The cafeteria has healthy food and there are public restrooms as well.

Dawn Sanders-Ball

My husband was a patient at this hospital during the months of February and March of 2017. We appreciated the professional care and support received from nursing, vascular, therapy and the dietary departments. Pain was managed exceptionally during his stay. The food service department was great in providing alternates and portion sizes that were customized for his eating habits. Requested information regarding policy and procedure has been a subpar experience as I have initiated calls and been a victim of phone tag with a patient advocate whom has yet to provide infection control policy and procedure information. It is my opinion that all physicians with privileges within the hospital should have their infection control data accessible to the Infection Control Division within the hospital and to the patient or patient advocate upon request. Health care has become Care of reimbursement and the patient's health and wellness has taken the backseat to that. Professional, ethical physicians unfortunately have become the minority and healthcare disparities continue to perpetuate a need for healthcare advocacy and legislation needs for all people. Where is the UNDERCOVER BOSS for our healthcare system?

Sabrina Beckford

My dad had a heart attack 1-15-19 and I took him to the ER with my 6 month old son. When the nurse came in to take my dad vital signs she said hello I spoke back and she looked at my son and said HEY LITTLE MONKEY. I was shocked, appalled you name it I was IT. I couldn’t believe she had the BALLS to say something like that. I was focused on my dad so I was going to talk with the charge nurse before I left in regards to the nurse. However I was told SHELLEY BASHAM is unavailable and I’m always transferred to her voicemail but never receive a phone call back. I will never go there again I love the doctors but that ONE NURSE has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Charlotte Johnson

So far the best. You were thier when my husband Thomas Johnson needed serious care. HDH Paraham failed beyond words. Left there ER to come to yours. Glad and Praise God I brought him to your ER. In your hospital now. You may have saved his Life. Wonderful Nurses and great care on 5th floor o fSt. Marys on Ruchmond Va Thankyou

Jeff Chiskowski

Just delivered our baby girl at St. Mary's. PHENOMENAL nursing staff that makes sure you get the individual treatment you need, every nurse was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, caring, took the time to get to know us, and just plain awesome. Definitely earned top rating! Thank you!

James Alexander


William Friday

I had 2 of my son's born here and it was great biking needs a little work but nothing ridiculous

Sara Cook

I will be contacting The Virginia Department of Quality Healthcare Services.... I had a brain decompression surgery at St. Marys in Jan 2019. My care before my surgery was exceptional. The after care, not so much. My medications were not given properly as instructed by surgeon. When asked for my medication my nurse came in almost an hour later and said she was at lunch. Keep in my mind this was a brain surgery recovery. Medication is key to recovery and pain management. There was even a patient advocate involved. With that being said I was readmitted to the hospital two times after discharge. I was in the hospital for a week at a time. Fast forward to my final discharge. I recvd a survery. I filled out the survey with my concerns. Well, today I recvd a call telling me that my care was found to be acceptabel. Really? I am a manager for a work a group of surgeons and I deal with patient care, complaints etc on a daily basis. When asked for the information on who reviewed my records all that was said was a medical review was done. Again, I asked was this person a neurosurgen, any kind of doctor ? The response giving was again a medical review was done. This is unacceptable. IF patient care and patient concerns are not met that is an issue. I will never again set foot in this hospital.

Julie Johnson

This was an experience at Starbucks inside the hospital. My daughter and I had a few things to do inside the hospital, we went to Starbucks afterwards and the crew in there was loud, rude and unprofessional. After taking my daughters order, she paid and said Thank you, the cashier was so involved in the loud conversation she and the other ladies and one guy was having she didn't acknowledge my daughter. This isn't the first time that we have been in there and the same employees acting like they were the only ones in there.

John Click

Nursing staff attentive and extremely qualified, above and beyond normal expection. Thanks especially to Kasie who went out of her way to help and make my stay as pleasant as possible. Each department was efficient and polite through out the entire process. Thanks to each and every one!

Grace Thomas

My father was carried to Saint Mary’s Hospital in an ambulance. So I got there and went into the ER. I was told they had no rooms available so they placed him by the nurses station. So we sat there, 30 minutes passed no room. Then the tech came to do chest X-rays. So ok maybe when he got back we would have a room. Nope, she brought him back to the same spot. Then 45 minutes passed so I asked are you going to give him a room? Still no rooms available but we were told we are just going ahead and discharge him. No blood work, no one listened to his chest. Nothing!! Just laid him on a cot basically and then sent him home. Really!! I put his coat on and we left. I was told we didn’t discharge but you did not do anything. So I gave instructions for the EMTs not to ever take him to Saint Mary’s again.

Amethyst Shenandoah

Word of advice to ER Dr. Powell. Don’t look at a patient and walk away while she is in the middle of a question about her miscarriage! So disrespectful!

Yvonne Ruiz

Went to Children's ER. Signed in at front desk and taken to an individual room within minutes. Registration and triage happens in that room....not different stations. Staff is amazing...nice, upbeat and relays info very quickly as they get results in. My son was admitted. Process went very smoothly and staff was amazing in Pediatrics as well. I will definitely be bringing my children here from now on!!

Jill Hansen

Hospital itself is top notch. Parking deck is poorly designed in terms of wayfinding signage, IMO. I parked in B19 today. But there are parking spaces in the same letter/number combo in each color. So I parked in B19 ORANGE (not B19 GREEN), The ramps divide into different colors in the middle so you can mistakenly remember one color because you walk down the ramp into another color to exit the building. In other words, the letters, numbers and colors overlap. Confusing! Some parking decks have signage to urge customers to "remember your color, letter and number". This is needed here, IMO.

Greg Pfister

The children's side of the hospital and children's ER are very well staffed, great layout. That being said, the billing department of St. Mary's (external company for most patients) is atrocious. Over the past 6 years, I've had to call to have them fix their billing error no less than 10 times (not an exaggeration). Further, in ALL cases, the number you will call is the hospital itself, where you will be "verified" by having to explain your name, last four of your SSN, address, child's name, DOB, date of service and account number, then, if you have any questions, will transfer you to the outside billing company (under contract from bon secours) wherein you will have to re verify all the information you just provided. They will claim that it's to satisfy law, but HIPA and 1972 privacy act does NOT require each agent to do so. Therefore St. Mary's (Bon Secours) is purposeful in their customers / patients jump through unnecessary hoops just to have them fix THEIR billing problems. Note - Make sure you record EVERY conversation when you call in to these people. Also let Administration know (even though they don't seem to care) that this practice is unnecessary and a waste of your time to fix THEIR mistakes!

Benjamin McMahan

Top notch care in both the OR and ER. I underwent an open hernia repair, performed by Dr. Parker, on Friday. While the surgical office seems to be poorly managed and there is an enormous lack of communication between the office and the OR, the OR staff was absolutely fantastic. When I went for my initial surgical evaluation, I waited for nearly an hour and a half after my scheduled appointment time before I was seen by Dr. Parker. I was never given a reason for the delay and had to ask several times when I would be seen. I was about to demand a refund on my copay and leave when Dr. Parker finally entered the exam room and apologized. I am so glad that I stayed, he's an outstanding physician. Also while waiting during my first visit, a woman and her father entered the waiting room. She had recently undergone surgery and was in severe pain. Rather than sending her downstairs to the ER, they left her in the waiting room while she was in obvious distress, asking her to repeat personal information and provide details regarding her procedure. I can still remember her name and history. This was a blatant violation of the HIPAA guidelines and she was still in the waiting room as I was leaving, around an hour after she arrived. Now, for the good parts! The OR staff could not have been more friendly, patient, or compassionate. They appreciated my past career in health care and I felt like I was just spending time with friends. They worked smoothly and efficiently and frequently checked on me while I waited in pre-op. While not normally permitted, they allowed my wife to remain bedside until I was taken to the OR, which helped me pass the time and alleviated both my anxiety and hers. The anesthesia cocktail was absolutely perfect, I awoke quickly and felt fantastic in the postoperative room. I was on my way home fairly quickly after the surgery and the long acting anesthetic they administered gave me a day and a half without pain. My nurse in the PACU never once left my side and was very nice. The discharge nurse was also amazing, providing my wife and I with excellent instructions and with a sense of humor (as all staff had, which helps me with anxiety). Sadly, the pain hit hard the following evening and I had to visit the ER to rule out a rare but potentially serious complication from the surgery, on the advice of the surgeon on call. The ER triage nurse knew exactly what the potential severity was and immediately took me to a room. I was undergoing an ultrasound minutes later, no time wasted. As was the case in the OR, the ER staff was outstanding. Extremely polite, gentle (especially the ultrasound technician, thankfully because I was in terrible pain), and with very little time spent waiting for anything. The registration staff member helped make me more comfortable, bringing me a pillow and a warm blanket. I was prescribed medication to better treat the pain and fortunately the possible serious complication was ruled out - definitely better safe than sorry! The bottom line, outstanding patient care but glaringly obvious problems with interoffice communication. Training of office staff could be improved. Glad that I chose St. Mary's for my care!

Steven Fleming

One day, I had to reschedule my appointment, the lady who answered the phone was super nice and patient with me in for the next available time slot and offered to work around my busy schedule. They have awesome Front desk members as well as professional clinical staff.

Nicole Anderson

My daughter came through the emergency room no problem it all started when she was admitted and put on the 6th floor of St Mary's hospital at 2@m June 28, 2017. One of the night nurses accused my daughter of faking then said that she was only here for the pain meds and then tried to say that I wasn't her mother some of the nurses on the 6th floor need more training they don't know how to draw blood and when you tell them to stop they write you refuse. Not only that they we're going to discharge her and said they couldn't find anything on any of the test they ran not only that her sugar was so elevated they said her A1C was an 11.2 and was going to discharge her from the hospital but all of a sudden her gallbladder was infected and in larged and had to be moved and even after all that some doctor on duty that I have never seen before comes in and says she can go home today July 2, 2017 and her A1C is still 11.2 and haven't been able to pass her bowls and they are sending her home something is not right I use to highly recommend St. Mary's hospital but after what they have done to my child and the poor nursing I'll take my chances somewhere else. Not all the nurses we're bad there were about 3 of them that did a excellent job but all the other ones that we came in contact with they need to really think before they say anything out of there mouth every black person you meet doesn't do drugs and we come in all different colors watch how you treat people and what you say out of your mouth because that's how you can wind up with a slander law suit. Last but not less the first two days I stayed with my daughter don't ask for a drink all your going to get is water you won't get nothing else.


The best hospital I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The comfort, care and the staff are above and beyond the usual.


WARNING! 3 Days after triple fracture surgery they moved my loved one because no family was present!! WARNING!! Don't leave your loved one alone in here. After sleeping next to her bed for 5 days I slept in my own bed at home I came back and she was GONE!! WARNING! While in severe pain they moved her to a Nursing Home without consulting the family! WARNING!! They expect you to empty bedpans and bedside commodes if you are present. WARNING!! Patient care and compassion for the sick, injured, or dying are gone!! Why use the Virgin Mary's name then? WARNING!! HER BLOOD SUGARS WERE 90 TO 130. THEY CHANGED HER INSULIN AGAINST DR.S ORDERS AND PUT HER IN THE HIGH 300'S!! WARNING!! We had to bring our own Bipap machine- why are you a hospital then? Never Again! Never!!

Joseph Gold

A great place the staff there is very friendly and did not complain about parking in the front well we are waiting for a pickup!

Lisa Steeley

Multiple horrible experiences at St. Mary's Hospital. My husband was in the emergency room and because he is on chemo and radiation, they just wrote off he was having problems from treatment, this was on Sunday March 5, 2017 and sat in the waiting area for about 3-4 hours.On Tuesday I was told to take him back to emergency room because getting worse. The triage nurse was beyond rude and compassion was no where to be found and to make matters worse she told us we would be waiting for at LEAST 4 hours before going to the back. We left and went to another emergency room to find out he had the flu, which should have been checked on Sunday, but no flu test was done. We then found out after wearing a chemo pump for four days, he was not given to correct amount of chemo medicine and is now back on the pump to get remainder amount of chemo. Of course everyone is pointing fingers at the others about the mistake. The doctors comment was at least he wasn't overdosed, but underdosed! To make matters worse they give you a parking permit for radiation patients and it's useless. The hospital security will NOT enforce people parking in the radiation parking area. I went to the security office after having to put my husband out at the door and find a place to park, to be told "we don't have enough staff to enforce the parking". Why go to the expense of putting up signs that clearly reads radiation parking, by permit only, owners towed at their expense, if you don't intend to enforce it!!!! These patients and their families are enduring enough emotions and stress, please be considerate of them. The only reason I am giving this a 1 is because I had to pick a number. St. Mary's really needs to pay attention!

Joan Shepherd

I'm a nurse practitioner and I love my nurse practitioner, Cathy Conner. I refer my patients to her as well.

Smith Smith

Worst hospital in the world!!!! You guys are the very reason people hate seeking health care.. i hate it here and the nurses lack compassion or any ounce of honesty!!!! I was on 5th floor for 5 days.. IT WAS HORRIBLE AND NOW I'M ON THE 6TH FLOOR WITH NO CHANGE!!!! YOU GUYS ARE THE WORST HOSPITAL OF VIRGINIA!!!!

Nikki Herring

The pediatric ER and pediatrics were great. They treated us like family and took such good care of my daughter. I highly recommend them. Thank you so much for all that you do.

Amber Chandler

Thank you for taking care of both of my boys during their procedures. From start to finish even with billing everyone is so nice. It's a scary time for a parent to see her kids go under and have surgery but with the help of the St Mary's staff I felt reassured that they were in great hands. Thank you all

Dione Newman

I had excellent care from the St. Mary's staff. From the initial visit with my surgeon down to my stay after surgery at the hospital. The nursing staff is phenomenal. The surgery team were on their game and extremely respectful of what I wanted during surgery. I came from the Norfolk area and they put me up in their free housing that is on a donation basis. The housing facility was so clean and staff is extremely accommodating and friendly. I can't say enough nice things about this hospital and their staff. Highly recommend.

katt katt

Wonderful staff...truly care about patients and their families

Capt Ron

I used to work in Radiology at St. Marys. If only the patients could see what goes on behind the scenes. This is the most backstabbing, cutthroat place of employment I've ever seen. I don't understand it since Bon Secours Mem. Regional in Mechanicsville is the exact opposite. Don't get me wrong, there are many very pleasant people working there, but OR, ER, and Out Patient was unbelievably bad. OP is a bunch of haggling women, most lazy asses who don't hesitate to back-stab you. All but one or two seem to have mental disorders. There was one named Beth who was a complete lunatic. Rude, could care less about the patients and was demanding. She did pediatrics and would walk around with this stern look on her face with no personality and would sneer at you when you asked her a question. This other one named LeeAnn, sat on her fat ass surfing the net all day, and would get pissed when she had to get off her butt to do an exam. She was also a hypochondriac so she misses work a lot. Total gossip drama queen. OR, has some of the rudest people I've ever met. ER, is so disorganized, I've seen patients waiting up to 10hours to see a physician. Some of the nurses in ER are horrible conniving backstabbers. One day, one of them set me up to get me in trouble. A patient I had to xray was hooked up to o2 and the monitor. The nurse said "you don't need to hook her back up when you get back, I will do it". I figure she had a reason, maybe the patient was admitted to the hospital and was going to be moved to a room...So when I brought her back, I didn't hook her back up, but I did go tell the nurse she was back in her room. Later that afternoon I was severely reprimanded for not hooking her back up. The next day I went out an purchased a voice recorder I kept in my top pocket, and from then on, anytime I needed to talk to a nurse or physician I would hit the record button. It was the only way I felt I could cover my rear, since I couldn't trust any of them, including the people I worked with. It came in handy on a couple of occasions when called in to explain myself, I could play back what the nurses told me. There is just way too many people jockeying for management positions, and many don't care if they lie, cheat and backstab you to get there. I worked very hard, never turned down an exam, never complained about my hours, and was resented for it. I could never recommend Saint Marys to a patient or someone seeking employment. Bon Secours Memorial Regional on the other hand, seemed like a well oiled machine comparatively, and the employees genuinely enjoyed working there, including me. The opportunity finally came up where I could get the hell out of St. Marys for good. The Radiology staff at Memorial Regional knows exactly what I'm talking about. If you're a patient, make the drive to Memorial. If you seek employment at St. Mary's, good luck, you're going to need it.

ADLs Mom

I do not have enough nice things to say about the pediatric ER at St. Mary's. My 8 year old son had chest pain and trouble breathing. After a horrible experience at Chippenham, we left without being seen and made the drive to St. Mary's. The pediatric ER is separate from the adult ER which was very nice. The waiting area was very clean and child friendly, but we weren't in there for very long as my son was taken right back. Everyone from the check in receptionist to the nurse to the X-ray tech to the PA and doctor were amazing. My son was in pain, panicked and scared. They eased his fears and treated him with the utmost kindness and respect. Although St. Mary's is across town from us, we would drive back in a heartbeat if we needed care. The staff should be commended for their compassion and ability to work so well with children.

Melissa Penn

My entire family has been though this hospital in one aspect or the other. They are amazing! All individuals are hard working and kind. The nurses and Doctors always take their time to explain what's going on. I won't go anywhere else.

Carolyn Wood

Had a procedure done Monday and everyone from the admission desk to my nurse after the procedure was absolutely the most helpful and polite I have ever experienced. Thank you!

Nicole Hebbe

If I could give less than one star, I would. I had an awful experience Monday afternoon. I guess now that they have opened a dedicated Children’s ER, they must have taken space for it from the “adult” ER. I presented to the hospital, having been sent there from my physician’s office. I spent the bulk of my time being shuffled back and forth between the individual test rooms they took me into and the general waiting room. When they finally decided to have a physician see me, I was taken back to a bed for the less than 3 minute appearance made by they physician. I was given an IV, injected with medicine to curb the nausea and given an oral solution to numb my throat to help with the spasms in my esophagus. About 15 minutes later, I was told I needed to get out of the bed and follow them to another area. They took me into a curtained area lined with chairs and “room #s” taped to the curtains behind each hard plastic chair. I was told to wait there for my discharge. I sat beside other miserable souls looking confused, feeling uncomfortable, and and just wishing they would hurry up and discharge me so I could at least lay down. If this is how they treat their patients (and yes, I have private insurance), then I will never step foot back in their ER. If it comes down to it and I have to choose between going to their ER and enduring a horribly painful death, I will gladly choose the latter. I will also be contacting my insurance company and letting them know that if St. Mary’s charges them for anything other than the tests that were run, the meds that were administered and the 3 minutes of physician face time, they should promptly deny the claim. I had better not receive a bill for any portion of this miserable experience. It really wasn’t the staff’s fault. Clearly they are being overworked, understaffed and provided with a miserable excuse for adequate space to treat their patients.

Amanda R

Told to be at the EEG lab at 7:30. It is now 8:10 and finally got registered!!! We sat for over 30 mins and staff just kept walking by!!! Nice to see nothing gets done unless you're a jerk! I will not ever come back here AGAIN!!! UVA is where you want to go for competent healthcare!


Don't even think about using this hospital. It's not worth the aggravation. Their billing department couldn't pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel. They are still sending me threatening letters for a charge that they were paid for over a year ago. I have called them 4 times, each time they've looked into it and agreed that the bill has been paid. Yet the threatening letters involving a bill collector. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!! And to be honest, their prices are higher than competing hospitals for the same procedure.

Edgar Schmidt

I got a letter in the mail saying I owed them money, so I checked the account balance, and I owe them $5,600 or something in that ball park (after insurance). I was not even admitted into the hospital. They turned me down. I am going to be paying almost 6K for having to stay up until 4 AM, waiting nearly an hour for someone to even see me, them to ask me some questions, for them to take blood and urine sample, and then driving home fatigued (a few interstates included in that mess). What a great deal I got. PS - Went to different hospital hours later and was admitted no problem.

Strawberry Syrup

I've had a really great visit here. The staff is very kind. The food is great. They make sure you're comfortable. St Mary's is better than Memorial Regional from what I've experienced. Very clean. Very nice place. Jay and Kaytee the nurses on nightshift on the Neurosciene floor are absolutely amazing partners they made my entire stay so wonderful I truly appreciate them so much. Theyre such kind people and I will never forget them. ❤️

Angel Bonnie

Horrible Breast cancer surgeon. If you are not do called phony Christian then find another hospital. All their staff wants to make sure you are hypocrites phony Christian to get admitted specially if you don't have insurance to cover you. Starting from Surgeon to all employees working for St Mary are phony Christian plus they will abuse patients and will threaten to block patients to visit that hodpital if file complaint against them.

Adnan Selimovic

The baby delivery doctors are horrible, no passion or care and very rough. My wife was there for over 36 hours in extresm pain and finally they decided that she should try to push. Well after 36 hours of laying there in pain she choildnt and had to have a c section. The doctors were beyond horrible, no one ever told us anything. We weren't even aware that our little one had the umbilical cord around her neck!! Only way we found out was because I read the insurance report!!! Because of course they want their money. Not to mention during the 36 hour ordeal the heart rate of the little one would go crazy! 60, 120,190,60,100 it would just change to extresm numbers randomly. NEVER AGAIN WOULD I BRING MY WIFE TO DELIVER HERE. I rather have a stranger deliver the baby then these so called doctors. If you hear of doctor Sigeal or VanDye STAY AWAY!!!!!!!

Andrea M Blackmon

My experience at St.Mary's was pleasent. I was admitted on 2-27-13 for a major surgery. Spine Lumbar Laminectomy with Instrumentation performed by Jed S Vanichkachorn, MD and feel like he did a wonderful job. And love the staff there as well. They treated me very nice the whole time. And the food was good too. Thank you very much for your kindness.

ray brown

The nursing staff is hit or miss, More miss than hits. Some great, a lot their for a check only.

Bernecia Green

Was sent here the other day by my Dr. for Preeclampsia the nurses I had were so awesome one name was Allie and I cant remember the other one but they were the best great job ladies cant wait to deliver my baby there hopefully with those two : ) as my nurses Update: Just gave birth here March 17 I had the BEST TIME EVER every nurse in labor and delivery is awesome Allie Whitney Katy Christy Sharon and Andrea thank you for making my delivery so smooth sailing An of course Dr Diaz Worlds Greatest Dr

Zachary Ortwine

AVOID AT ALL COSTS - ITS NOT WORTH THE HEADACHE! I was a patient at St. Mary's for 3 days and 2 nights, and it has been the worst experience I have ever had in a hospital. This is a recap of how my stay was, and why you should AVOID ST. MARYS AT ALL COSTS! I arrived at ~6:00 AM on Day 1 and was diagnosed with Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) due to faulty insulin. The ER nurses were very helpful and worked excellently to start my treatment (fluids). I was moved to 4th floor critical care, and the treatment was working very well. On Day 2 at about 5:30 AM the next morning a nurse drew my lab work and the results were shared with me at about 9:00 AM when the doctor came. All of my blood chemistry (cause of DKA) was back in normal range, yet the doctor told me that she was keeping me again overnight without any explanation. I was physically healthy to leave the hospital, but was being held without any communication from the doctor as to why they were keeping me overnight again. This caused much frustration, and I was not able to see the doctor again for the rest of the day. I was disconnected from the IV because treatment was no longer needed, and I spent much of the afternoon and evening walking around the hallways and talking with the nurses to kill time and give my back a break from the hospital bed. The nurses agreed that I was physically healthy, and did not understand why I had not been released this day. I accepted my fate (overnight stay again) because the doctors were nowhere to be found, and continued with my evening. AT 12:30 AM MY GIRLFRIEND AND I WERE WOKEN UP AND TOLD THAT THEY NEEDED TO MOVE US OUT OF THE ROOM TO ANOTHER FLOOR TO MAKE ROOM FOR OTHER PATIENTS!!! I had literally just demonstrated all day that I was healthy and it was so infuriating that ST. MARYS DID NOT PLAN AHEAD AT ALL and move me to a less critical part of the hospital at a reasonable hour. One would think that a hospital might plan to keep extra rooms/beds ready in anticipation of an EMERGENCY, BUT NOT AT ST. MARYS!!! Instead you get a 12:30 AM wakeup to pack your stuff to move to another room. Day 3 the hospital nurses and staff know that I'm upset and ready to leave, so they do their final lab tests around 6:00 AM and wait for the doctor to arrive to sign off on my release. I informed the hospitalist that I need a prescription for diabetic test strips, insulin, and ketone strips. At about 10:00 AM the nurse comes with my discharge papers and prescriptions, but the doctor wrote the prescription for the wrong test strips, insulin vials instead of insulin pens as I requested, and no ketone strips. I asked the nurse if she could contact the doctor to update my prescriptions so I could get out of there, and she said that she would go contact the doctor. The nurse comes back at 12:30 PM and tells me that she can't get ahold of the doctor, but would try to get in contact with her. At this point I told her not to worry about it ill just get what I need from patient first, and I left St. Mary's COMPLETELY DISSATISFIED with my stay. THE ONLY POSITIVE THING ABOUT THE HOSPITAL WAS THE NURSES. But with their hands tied waiting on a doctor, theres really nothing that they can do. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE AND FRUSTRATION, AND GO TO HCA OR ST. FRANCIS MEDICAL CENTER. THIS HOSPITAL IS A CANCER AND I WILL NEVER COME BACK FOR ANY REASON!

shea green

By far the best hospital,exceptional care from everyone

Matthew Houchins

Very friendly, super fast and accommodating. Easy to navigate and plenty of parking.

Steven Sykes

Wonderful customer service the best hospital in all of Richmond

Bettie Breeden

Put 1 star because I couldn't have picked 0 the waiting was beyond awful and the greeting staff when signing into the ER was very rude to alot of patients. 5 stars for the nurses that are in the back though.


Found out on the neuro unit that I was having psychogenic seizures. These manifest differently than epileptic ones (psychiatric instead of brain electricity). Most of the nurses were totally uneducated and because my tests were coming back normal they just assumed I was faking everything. One nurse purposely inflicted pain on me to try and prove I was faking. It hurt for many days after I was discharged. She also loudly gossiped about the validity of my condition in the hallway. Another berated me immediately after a seizure, yelling at me that I could talk, I could open my eyes, and my tests were fine so I “wasn’t allowed to shake anymore”. The actual neurologist assured me that this condition is very common, so I have absolutely no clue why nurses on the neurology floor felt it was appropriate to bully a patient that could possibly be presenting those symptoms. Psychogenic seizures, I learned, are a result of unresolved trauma. My visit at Bon Secours St. Mary’s just piled on more trauma due to unethical and uneducated staff. I’m also having a difficult time finding a way to contact them to complain. Don’t go here.

t hen

Don’t take your kids to this pediatrician. The doctors and nurses are good. The front desk personnel are trash. You want you medical records? “ you have to pay $50 because it’s in storage” they even said this to a doctors office!!!! No other pediatric office charges you to get records. Also HIPPAis totally disregarded as they tried to discharge my son due to a billing error on their part? Same last name? Discharge the kids with that name. Never again. Getting my records for my son and leaving forever. Ridiculous.

Dave Oaks

Clean and modern city hospital in Richmond Va

Taylor Jackson

This is a excellent hospital I was born there and I have had surgery done there before and the staff are very kind and great at what they do for everybody

Troy W

An original, a best. The cafeteria has really good food.

Kimberly Washington

This used to be my go-to for emergency services, but after a recent experience I will be going elsewhere. “Non-emergent” patients are corralled on top of each other in one dirty room. Bright fluorescent lights and two TVs blasting two different channels. Sick patients were hunched over in uncomfortable chairs. Nothing was cleaned the entire two hours I was in the “focused care waiting room”... patients came and went out of the same chairs that were never cleaned. Medical waste was on the floor, I didn’t see the nurses wash their hands once. Nurses attending in this room (when they were actually there) barely spoke to me, and “hang on” was the constant refrain. Nobody asked the entire time I was there how I was feeling or whether I needed anything. They clearly had no interest in making the patients comfortable. St. Mary’s can change their motto to “providing MEDIOCRE help to those in need”

Tina Tompkins

I only work here and I enjoy my job. Had my daughter here 27 yrs ago haven't had a reason to stay overnight but nice hospital people are welcoming

Hannah Luiz

Parking is insane!!! Bring my mom to the doctor....non handicap cars in the handicap lot just parked next to the curb!! Valet is a big fat joke! Can’t get near the door to drop off the car.....isn’t that the point of Valet? Too many cars just parked and lined up....never being taken to a lot! They just sit! Someone call the fire Marshall!!! And don’t bother calling security.....just get s voice mail! They’re out smoking I guess......cuz non of them are outside!!!

Rhonda Gonzales

Unfortunately, i was admitted into the ER last night. I was seen by Dr. Imani A. Orgill. She was Great!!!!!!!!! The staff, nurses and radiology were great also!!!! The took good care of me. They listened to me. They explained in detail what was happening, and took care of me quickly. I actually felt like i mattered, not just another body in the ER. Thank you to everyone that helped me last night.

Sparkle Jackson

I take my son here, and the nurses and doctors are super sweet!

alvin jones


Violet Garner


Mary Arginteanu

I have used St. Mary's many times over the last 12 years. I have been with others when they were patients. While not everything was perfect every time, overall I find St Mary's services thorough and appropriate and the staff competent and very kind. I used their service, run largely by volunteers, to keep family in touch with the progress of surgery on a loved one superb. I needed last week when my husband was having emergency surgery.

Melissa Adwell

This hospital has no clue on how to prioritize their patients when they are slammed packed! Taking patients with minor injuries or colds before someone who is in critical condition is absolutely absurd! My father was diagnosed with sepsis by memorial regional, he got worse off today and looked like death. He was transported to this facility at 6 this evening and was overlooked by staff. Him and my mother was told that it could be another 3 hour wait before he is seen. If anyone doesn't know what sepsis is it's a severe bacterial infection in the bloodstream, if not taking care of properly the patient can have major organs failure & die! Which none of the nurses have the slight clue what it was not seemed concerned. They didn't even send him to triage to at least have his blood pressure checked..or could have at least started blood work! And then to top it all off, a RUDE nurse took my dad's wheelchair bc she needed it.. demanded she have it! So you take wheelchairs from patients bc you're too lazy to find another one? You take a wheelchair from a patient who is dehydrated, lethargic, litterly white as a sheet complaining of passing out.. wow just wow! Round of applause to this hospital. I see a lawsuit coming soon if something bad happens to my father while being ignored in y'all's care! Try me

Randy Barnett

This place is horrible. The staff are treated poorly, and it shows

Most Beloved

My wife and I went to the ER on 3-4-17. Triage was performed almost immediately, even though the waiting area was almost completely full. After waiting in the waiting area for about 4 hours, we got a room in the ER. We spent almost 3 hours in the ER. In the 3 hours there, the only time I saw someone clean ( I assume) their hands was the PA, Alicia was wiping her hands when she initially came in the room. The staff did wear gloves when needed, but they are supposed to wash their hands prior to putting on gloves, so as not to contaminate. One of the RN's came in the room wearing gloves. Who knows if she, blond haired lady, used them on another patient? We asked her to put on new gloves. She acted as if we told her something stupid. After everything was done, the PA, Alicia, said that she "does not know why there is bleeding, if the baby dies, it will probably happen within the week, you guys have a great day." With that callus attitude, I would be shocked if she did not run an abortion mill on the side. Were counseling services called or offered? F that. Anyone ask how long we were waiting, to offer us food? F that. The other three RN's were, Marcus, Ingrid, and tall white lady in her early 30's with long blond hair. If I were ignorant, I would say this is isolated, but I know this behavior is encouraged. If you sat down those four staff, four people who manage the ER, and four people who are in prison for despicable crimes (rape, kidnapping, etc.), and asked them about how they treat people, you would have a hard time guessing what category they belonged in.

Jessica Cruz

very rude receptionist! she was white and had a pixie cut, she was very rude not only towards us but also other patients. these people need to be taught how to treat people of color as human beings! many white patients who came in after us were attended first.. this is an unprofessional hospital and very rude.

Tom Dunn

old hospital, overall good care, rather be in Disney

Laura Miron

Horrible horrible

Jeremiah Tomlin

worst hospital ever the nurses in picu know nothing the doctors came when they felt like it. they don't listen to your concerns they shrugged mine off, had the listened my 4 yr old wouldn't have passed from septic shock.

Susan Ashby

WATCH THE BILLING! Bon secours is still sending me bills from 2016 that have long since been paid. I have cancelled checks and statements from my insurance company showing full payment. In the emergency room they told my husband and I that I was covered . After the second day in the hospital they said they had to release me because they didn't accept my insurance. I was then billed and paid over 8000.00 out of my pocket . It was wrong for me to be billed and continually harassed to pay a bill that has been clearly proven that it is paid. I would expect truth and honesty from a hospital with a religious name.

Franklin Culbreth

Went to St Mary's on 4-25-16 with severe stomach pain. When I got to the back and put in a room, Dr Azie came into the room and asked what the problem was. I told him and he ordered blood work and a CT. One hour later he returned and said, well everything was NORMAL and had discharge papers. The next morning, still in pain I went to a different hospital where the NP ordered blood work and discovered that my Pancreas lipids where through the roof. I ad a bad case of Pancreatitis. St Mary's so- called blood work was a straight out lie. I'm going to notify my insurance company and dispute the charges at St Marys. STAY AWAY FROM St.Marys and especially Dr. Azie. He's a QUACK. You'd be better off seeing a Veterinarian.

Travis Chevone

worst customer care and service. I would drive past saint marys and go to Henrico doctors.

Rebecca Busic

STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOSPITAL. WORST ER in Central Richmond, Pay NO ATTENTION TO YOUR PRIVACY. Put full name, birthday, and social security on all labels. I have met and talked several times w/management. Told would be given number 99..... They say they do not have in their hospital, I said you had best check, then they find 999.....#. Of course u best hope ur together to tell them, last time I was not. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS MONEY, I ALREADY HAVE 2 CASES COULD SUE A DR. WILLIAMS IN ER, REALLY NOT THAT KIND OF PERSON.' HOWEVER, NOW AFTER SEEING THIS INFO AGAIN O N MY ADMISSION, MY ATTORNEY WILL TAKE OVER AGAINST ST. MARY'S HOSPITAL.

fred sanford

May 17, 2017. My wife is due to have out patient surgery on her hand tomorrow. The out of pocket cost is/was $234. My wife paid $117 and a payment plan was put in place for the balance. today a Margie Bagly called my wife and demanded a fee of $1000 be paid. She claimed her deductible had not been meet on her insurance plan provided by Wal-mart. I have called twice today so far and no return call. People find somewhere other than St. Mary Hospital. do yourself that much of a favor and skip them. St. Mary has gone down hill and has no bed side manners at all!

Kim Snider

My daughter has been in the Pediatric ER & ICU the doctors and nurses have been amazing over the past several days! We are still here and they are still rocking excellence in all they do!

Ismael el pintor

Excellent good doctor and nurses

Wanda Ventriglia

Pediatrics ICU staff is amazing. They took great care of my grandson and they were funny and cute and he loved them all!

norm gallaher

Awesome hospital with a wonderful pediatrics ER

Edward Price

Wonderful care, nice parking lot, 16 unit guest house. Since 1965, a place for healing.

Kayci Yates

I had my third baby at St. Mary's. I was assisted by wonderful nurses and a great midwife. I had an unmedicated birth and all the support in the world from the nurses. Especially a nurse named Laura B. She was like a doula to me and I couldn't have done it without her. Kaylee was born in the labor tub because I progressed so quickly. It was truly the best birth I've had. I highly recommend the hospital!

sam smith

This was the worst experience I have ever received. I wish there was a rating worst that 1 star. The doctors there do not care if it is a life or death situation. They will watch you limp, crawl, or get pushed in a wheelchair to your room, and still will not check on you. I sat for 2 hours and still never even got introduced to who my doctor will be. I asked my nurse to send in a doctor and she says,”I will remind them.” Another reminder after 2 hours?! I eventually decided to just leave and head to another hospital who shows they care about patients and not just there for a paycheck!!! That place needs another inspection!!!

Gorgeous beauty Vsg

Staff members are awesome! And the valet parking is great

Ellen Scott

This is in response to all the people on here complaining of how long you or your loved one is waiting in the ED, or how unpleasant the environment is there, please go to another hospital and see what happens. If you are being stacked up in a waiting room, or it's taking hours to get a room, it is because all the other area hospitals (VCU, MRMC) are on diversion, and will turn you away. St. Mary's will keep you, even though there are no rooms left in the hospital, and therefore you will sit lined up along the hallways in the ED. Instead of complaining about what you are not getting, maybe you should be thankful your loved one or yourself are being seen at all. And I guarantee you the staff taking care of you are exhausted and overworked, and would like nothing better than to treat you in better conditions. The selfishness of some patients is unbelievable.

Justin Thomas

We brought our 1 year old daughter here because she was having issues. They took an x-ray. Didn't say anything was wrong. Well I had another x-ray done this past week somewhere else and there is clearly an issue that could threaten her life if not treated fast enough. I will never visit a Bon Secours Hospital again. Any moron can look at the x-ray and see that there is obviously a MAJOR problem! This condition is what's been causing all her problems!

William Rascoe

Currently here with my newborn son in my arms. The nurses in LND and recovery are awesome and go above and beyond to make sure you have a happy and speedy recovery. In the many previous times we’ve come here for what we thought was labor, we’ve always received the same great care!

Patricia Kraft

I would not take my dog to this facility! My mom was taken by resque squad for high blood pressure.she suffers from alzhimers.she was placed in a hallway.we were ignored.there was no compassion from staff.after 5 hours in the hallway dr.said she could go home.after leaving hopsital a nurse called me to tell me an iv had been left in her this time my mom began vomiting I returned only for them to say oh we did take the iv out.unacceptable incompetence!

Lj Jefferson

My experience in the labor and delivery unit was absolutely amazing. All the nurses and midwives that helped me were wonderful. They made sure I was comfortable and checked in. They listened to what I wanted and helped me achieve a natural birth with many suggestions to help with pain. All the ladies were super sweet and I want to thank everyone there for being so amazing and helping me through the rough parts. Thank you for helping me bring my little girl into the world.


I delivered my baby here. The Labor & Delivery staff was phenomenal. I had absolutely no issues there. The recovery process was another story. We were put in the tiny room in the corner. There was no room for the bassinet. The phone didn’t work for me to order my meal. I had to have the nurse put in my order and she forgot. Of course by time the mistake was realized the cafeteria was closed. It ruined my first day with my baby. We were eventually moved to a bigger room after having to ask MULTIPLE times. The next few nurses were a lot nicer after that

David Smoot

Beautiful staff!

James Winston

Staff seemed pleasant and the doctor was very knowledgeable . It was also very clean here .


This hospital has turned around from what it once was. It's sad to say that the feeling you get from the ER nurse is that they are here for the paycheck not for the patience. The staff was extremely SLOW and it was a slow night from what I could see more nurses than patients. This used to be the ONLY hospital I would go to but now I don't even want to go as a visitor. Just wish that after seeing and reading all the terrible reviews and experiences that other have had someone higher up would try to make some changes.

Vicky Alexander

I had a great experience, I had surgery and the nursing staff was so attentive and reassuring. My doctor(Tovia Smith) was very thorough and did such a wonderful job I hardly have any pain! I would definitely recommend St. Mary's Hospital if you have any need for surgery =)

Marvin MJ

Listen it’s wonderful people who work here. But this hospital is old. It really should be torn down and rebuilt. Not sure how they would accomplish this but I’m just being honest. 4 star workers in a 2.5 star hospital..

Jackie DeMarco

I will start by saying that I have never taken my child to an emergency room until today (nor have I ever been to one myself), but I was extremely impressed by the care my son was given today. We were immediately greeted when we entered the pediatric emergency room and only had one simple form to complete before we were seated to wait for a nurse. We were almost immediately brought back to an examination room and the nurses were amazing with my son. They blowed bubbles to distract him while they took his blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen levels, and that really helped distract him from everything that was going on. We saw a doctor and an attending, both thoroughly examined my son and both were very good with him and very thorough. Someone came by in-between the doctor and attending to take down our insurance and personal information. I found this to be extremely nice. There is nothing worse then trying to complete paperwork with a toddler in your arms, and I can't imagine trying to complete the paperwork with the amount of stress I was under. Overall I would take my son back here in a heartbeat (hopefully I never have to) and I would recommend the pediatric emergency room to anyone.

Alyssa Carden

Don't call here ever. No one knows anything and everyone has an attitude. Its not like you are being forced to work here. If you don't like your job that much, just find a new one.

Brandon Cook

I recently hurt my back and the ER was very quick and courteous. The doctor provided me with great information and recommendations to help ease my pain. I felt very comfortable. Highly recommend coming here if you have to.

Evelyn Stells

Terrible doctors for the most part. MOST OF the nursing staff was good in er. But once getting to the floor...not good. I use to complain about Henrico doctors forest but after st Mary's I will continue to use hdh forest. St Mary's is no longer the hospital I would recommend to friends or family. I am done!!

Trevor Weaver

Dr. bagwell was the most unkind and rude doctor I've been to yet. Hope this helps you decide.

Minecraft pro 2.0 Bryan

In the ER waiting room and the wait was so long. When I was finally brought to the back, I was taken to an intake room and placed on a stretcher that was to short for me. So now I am in pain and uncomfortable. After I was seen in the intake room, I was then taken to a room with other parient. The doctor came in and I was do uncomfortable having other people here my ailments and results of tests . Then I was admitted to the hospital and the room was so small and to add the the misery of the"broom closet" ALL of the rooms we in A-B form. I was in bed A. I felt like I was at camp getting medical help. I love Bon Secours but I will always go to St. Fransis from now on.

K Morgan

My mother had to sit outside in the cold because there were no wheel chairs in the lobby. The volunteer at the desk directed me to a closet that contained a ladder. He said he'd call for a wheelchair. I parked, walked back, walked my mom to admitting (who were finally able to get a chair) while he was still waiting. I don't think it's too much to expect a wheelchair in the lobby of a hospital.

Felicia Cegelski

The BEST care without a doubt, excellent staff and state of the art equipment.

Tiffany Girardi

Made my 4 year old autistic son wait over 14 hours NPO for an MRI with him screaming uncontrollably. Would not send my worst enemy to this hospital.

Meredith Squire

Absolutely the most difficult patient portal. Very difficult to access your patient records. Henrico Doctors Hospital has very easy access and very friendly portal.

Savannah Deguel

Aside from being unwell, I had a great experience at the Saint Mary's emergency department. I was taken to triage right away without having to sit in a waiting room chair. My pulse was up so the triage nurse hooked me up to heart monitor right away and called a nurse. She left and got me a pillow without me even asking for one. I was expecting a wait as it looked very busy but within moments I have many nurses and a doctor in front of me. The ordered lab work right away. I hate needles and most of the time faint when having blood drawn. They were sooooo amazing and patient with me. The doctor himself stood at my bed side comforting me as the nurse quickly and successfully took blood. I didn't faint and i owe that to them. Jackie was my nurse and I could write for hours about how wonderful she was. Talking me through everything and every test comforting me and assisting me anyway she could. I honestly wish every nurse could have her attitude. The doctor was in my room constantly checking on me and updating me. They did chest Xrays, labs and all tests right there in my room so I would be more comfortable. Even nurses and paramedics not assigned to my room were just constantly looking in to check on me. They put on a meditation channel to help me calm down because I was obviously scared. The ladybthat came in to take my insurance information even came back with a drink for my mom without us asking. I could go on and on about how kind they were! VERY thankful to have chosen saint Mary's. They are awesome!

Saraisa Simpson

I will NEVER go back to St. Mary's again! I experienced the worst form of racism I think I've ever experienced in my 36 years of life! The PA would not even allow the nurse to take my vitals or hook me to any of the medical equipment. He immediately assumed I was there to "get opioids"... he obviously didn't take the time to look at my chart, because if he had... he'd noticed that I'm deathly allergic to opioids! He never asked me my name, how I was doing... he came straight out and said "we're not giving out opioids tonight"... I was completely confused... I drove over 30 min to the hospital; because they're supposed to be the best... only to be treated like I was nothing!

Larry Walker

The hospital was clean doctors and nurses were nice and the food was good


I have no problem with St. Mary's Hospital, This review is about one of the Rehab Facilities that St. Mary's has on their list for care after discharge! That facility is GLEN BURNIE REHAD AND NURSING right around the corner. I want to make everyone aware! This is my families experience: October 8th 2015 my dad was admitted to this facility for short term physical therapy and on October 13th at 2:50 am he was found dead face down on the floor of his room. We requested the Medical Record, EMT reports, Nursing Notes, as well as a meeting with Director of Nursing. That meeting prompted us to file a complaint with the State Investigators. The records revealed that my dad had complained of stomach pain at 3:26 pm on October 12th and began vomiting stool during the course of the day, what the staff charted was small to moderate amounts. They also had my dad signing paperwork on this day that they charted he was extremely ill. The staff admitted to state investigators that he needed to go to the hospital because they are not equipped to handle someone vomiting stool, however he was not sent because in their eyes "He looked Fine"! Tragically, My dad died face down on the floor of his room . The doctor stated to investigators that he couldn't remember being told of vomiting stool, and if so he would have sent to the hospital. St. Mary's Hospital is 4 minutes away from this facility and Glenburnie Rehab denied my dad the opportunity to get there. He was denied medical treatment from a hospital and the staff continued to chart that we were notified and made aware of everything. The State Investigators Cited this facility because of their negligent care, and were given 5 days to correct their mistake. My mother and I feel this was a slap on the wrist for refusing a patient proper care and ultimately allowing him to die on the cold floor of their facility. These facilities are given Chance after Chance to Get It Right, and in the end the families are the one to suffer! How many other families have to suffer? There is more evidence of neglect on Glen Burnie's Facebook page from other families. I will continue to bring awareness to this neglect. #ComplainedOfPain #VomitingStool #DeniedMedicalTreatment @Justice_4David *** Please watch our interview on WTVR CBS 6 Problems Solvers: * **Search for...."Family Upset Man Vomited Stool and 911 wasn't called for hours".

Brandy Winker

I had my second child here on Dec 29, 2018. I had the best experience. My doctor and all the nurses were amazing. I ended up having a c-section which normally means you have to stay 3 days to recover, but the doctor did such a good job delivering my baby and the nurses did such a good job taking care of me afterwards, that I recovered so fast I was able to go home a day early :-) Room service alway made sure to call to see if you wanted something to eat for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. And surprisingly the food was really good! I kinda felt life I was in a hotel on vacation. The nurses were great with my son, including the hearing consultant and the baby photographer. They made sure he was happy and comfortable. They didn't just rush through his test to get them over with. If he got fussy they would stop to comfort him. I really appreciated that. One of the lactation nurses was awesome! Both were good nurses, I have no complaints on either one, but one in particular was awesome. She helped out with so much more than just breastfeeding. I plan on having my next child here and I highly recommend you having your child here. I delivered my first son at Mary Washington and my experience there was horrible! I'm willing to drive an hour to St. Mary's now. Love, love, love St. Mary's.

Edward Washington

Excellent facility. Staff is great

Vera Lipscomb

This is always a terrible place to come for pediatrics. They treat the parents like they don't know anything about their own kid. I honestly never want to come here again and this isn't the first time. That it's been that ridiculous to be here. I would rather take my kid to the ER 100 times and nothing be wrong all 100 times then to be bullied into it's just a cold when they were having an allergic reaction. You don't have to be a doctor to know your child isn't feeling well or somethings wrong. Remember to anyone just because you don't have a PhD doesn't mean you have to be treated poorly. If you don't like helping EVERYONE EQUALLY then leave the medical field because you don't belong.

Paris Abou

Expect to be treated like a drug seeker if you are a minority.

Jamie Strosnider

I am rating the bill payment with customer service. I set up monthly payments that I made faithfully each month. June I went online to make my payment and received a online message that the system was down for maintenance so I made the payment as soon as I could. July I received my bill as normal and made the payment on time. August comes and I get a bill from collections. The customer service agent said I missed my payment and there was no scheduled maintenance and there was nothing he could do. So I got sent to collections because their online system went down. The payment was made, no payments were missed. Unless you can pay in full the astronomical prices for hospital services you may want to go somewhere else that has a payment plan and online system that works.

Christopher Munton

I had an adequate stay. I came in with hypertension and an elevated blood pressure. Even though it was packed they took care of me pretty well. Even had a customer care representative offer drinks, food, and pillows. The only issue I had was the intern who set the IV. Six tries still had issues and finally had to allow the instructor finish. I still have a huge blood clot and bruise from it five days later. When I complained about it I was told I was imagining it being painful. Funny thing was for right years I ran with the rescue squad. I know an improper insertion of an IV. Other wise decent care was given to me.

Kathy WIlliams

Brother has brain cancer , today went in there at 2:30 pm. His breakfast and lunch trays were still in his room. His meds just sitting on the table. He was sleeping, his girlfriend got there...the bed was soaked and he had a BM. She also cleans his trach...shes not a nurse. It's suppose to be cleaned 3 times a days. So disappointed. It's like they don't care!!!!

shilpa matta

Worst staff, I had a very bad experience. They show attitude towards patients, they are not at all helpful.

Sissy Reese

Nurses in icu were wonderful they took real good care of my husband Drs did great job figuring out what was wrong with him im so glad i brought him here

Mrs. Gordon

Worst Website ever. Can't find where to check in. There is no website for just this hospital. Should make it easy for all patients.

Amy Shao

My father was in St. Mary's for nearly 2 months. During that time, he had a rotation of hospitalists that "coordinated" his care. All but 2 of the ones he had were AWFUL - they showed a complete lack of compassion and inability to communicate clearly or effectively. He was released to a rehabilitation facility in the middle of his stay only to have to return less than 24 hours later because of kidney failure that CLEARLY should have been addressed before he left. Another hospitalist threw out in an off handed way that my father had "heart failure" -- when confronted that my father's cardiologist had said NOTHING about heart failure, he hospitalist said maybe he was thinking about another patient...turns out he was discussing my father's case based on another patient's chart. One particularly AWFUL hospitalist told him she couldn't tell him he would get out of the hospital and ripped any hope he had away. That was a Friday night. By Sunday we were in the hospital by my dad's side saying good bye because he refused further treatment...convinced by this IDIOT doctor that he was beyond hope. THANKFULLY, my brother-in-law is an MD in Los Angeles. My step-mother gave permission for my father's doctor's to discuss all of his tests and chart with him. I suspect the doctor that nearly killed my father with her abysmal bedside manner was irritated that she was being asked to discuss something with another doctor and took it out on my father. My brother-in-law spoke to my father and explained that there was nothing that he saw in his charts or tests that said he was in anyway beyond treatment. After speaking to my brother-in-law, my father agreed to try dialysis. To be CLEAR -- MY FATHER WOULD BE DEAD IF NOT FOR MY BIL ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY CLEANING UP THE HORRENDOUS COMMUNICATION OF ST. MARY'S DOCTORS. My father is now off dialysis and has been released to a rehabilitative facility to regain his strength so that he can return home. While the nursing staff at St. Mary's was top notch and the infectious disease doctor was AMAZING -- the cadre of hospitalists were AWFUL. Dr. Ackerman was the only hospitalist that acted like she 1) knew what she was doing and 2) showed the ability to communicate clearly and with compassion. For a hospital connected to the Church...they need to do a SERIOUS reassessment of their expectations for their doctors and the care they provide. I can't help but wonder how many people like my father have died at St. Mary's because they didn't have a resource like my brother-in-law to step in. For intermediate care of aging parents, I would NOT recommend St. Mary's Hospital.

shy a

I suffer from endometriosis and this evening I started to experience the worst pains I had felt in a very long time being that I had been taking Tylenol and pamprin and still having no relief ( and I can't not take meds such as aspirin and Motrin due to previous blood clots and a stomach ulcers) I decided to go to the er...bad idea mind u I have been to St.Marys many times and they have all of my medical history...the nurse practitioner Mike obviously did not review this information because he brings me nothing but medication that I shouldn't take of course I refused...then goes forward to tell me well ur pain is just cuz of ur hormones there is nothing we can do and sent me on my way .. a big waste of my time....and money but had his nurse tell me on the way out be sure not to take too much Tylenol because it could be bad for really thanks for nothing

Portnoy Johnson

The staff is helpful & pleasant even with high demand schedules. Parking is not bad & closer to the offices & buildings than other larger hospitals. The cafeteria is pleasant, has a salad bar, grill & sandwich/soup options. Pretty campus with nice shade trees.

Jordan Rice

LGBTQ people are not welcome at Bon Secours St. Mary's Hospital. There is a culture of prejudice and overt homophobia at this hospital. Our daughter was born here last week. My wife and I are a married gay couple, who came here for care during labor and delivery. We experienced overt homophobia which was so bad that we were afraid that the care my wife and daughter were receiving was compromised due to prejudice against us. We reported the homophobia we encountered to the charge nurse across multiple days, and no action was taken. During a time when our family was most vulnerable, we were treated with disrespect and hatefulness.

Ms. Trueheart

Best hospital I ever visited. Today my son is having a MRI here. This place is filled with very friendly and informative staff. They have many different food options such as Starbucks, a hot bar in the cafeteria and cold options too for those who may be here for a little longer stay. Driving here isnt confusing and they offer free valet parking. St.Marys is wheelchair accessible, has escalators and elevators.

Ana Gautreau

I came to the ER after a car accident. I waited in the waiting room for over an hour with a broken hand. The doctor was more concerned with old scars than my current broken hand. They never looked at my chest or abdomen to check my severe bruising. They only gave me a Tylenol. AFTER A CAR ACCIDENT AND A BROKEN HAND. As I was getting off the CT table I collapsed to the ground because my back gave out. The person in the room with me was preoccupied with talking about getting a nose piercing. She then (barely) helped me into a wheel chair as I’m crying in pain from my back. She took me back to the ER waiting area and moved me from the wheel chair and left! Not asking me if I’m okay or anything. She just grabbed my partner from the waiting room. I then wait about another hour and the doctor tells me....I have a broken hand. All I got was a referral for Tuckahoe Ortho (which is just as bad). No medication, no checking out my back, no checking my chest to see if that’s okay. Nothing. Oh almost forgot they had me pee in a cup (obviously) but it was in a sealed bag that I physically couldn’t open. The incompetence here is wild.

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