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REVIEWS OF Augusta Health IN Virginia

Alexcia Calloway

If I could give a lower rating I would. The next time a family member or I have an emergency I will definitely go to RMH. Augusta Health is a joke. My advice DON'T GO TO THIS HOSPITAL!! My mom was here for 7 hours and still did not have a diagnosis. The staff, well some of them are cold and were not friendly at all.

Mr Man

I must say the entire facility improved. No waiting long hours...practically no waiting at all. So much improvement. I was seen no problems at all much congrats. I written a unflavored review 2 months ago from a visit but it's only right to put down much positive review for entire staff there and doctors nurses much love and respect thank you for your help.

Jacob Cox

Absolutely wonderful. I was treated like a person.

Stacy Gardner

I have been here for 3 days and I have never felt so much love. Everyone has been amazing and caring!!! Thank you for making me feel so much better!

Abby Mattox

Hugh Watkins

They definitely have earned their very poor service and care rating with many years of poor patient care. Wouldn't take my dog to them.

Kay Mo

Had a very disturbing experience here last year....their psych doctors will literally starve you to death and play games with your food until you give up and take whatever Meds they are trying to prescribe which is unreal bc I was in the 85lb range when I was admitted and I'm 5"3 so needless to say I was grossly underweight....they ended up putting me on 6 unnecessary antipsychotics due to a wrong diagnosis that they came up with and it destroyed my life, it has taken me a year to recover from the damage they caused with the medicine they prescribed and I've been under the care of a good doctor who has had everything reversed. Also, NO conversations with your doctor are kept private and the nurses are extremely judgmental.....this is absolutely the most unsafe organization of doctors I've ever had the bad luck of dealing with and I have deep sympathy for anyone who thinks they can go there for help.

Christina Lesko

Corinne McCutchan

My family has had multiple experiences with Augusta Health -- the ER, the main hospital, the rehabilitation hospital, and physical therapy. AH has consistently given us first-rate care. The staff is smart and kind. The treatments and therapies effective. Even the food is good.

Jerry Thomas

Nice folks not very attentive.

Kristy Knight

Today my mom had torn meniscus surgery on her knee in the outpatient department of the hospital . Everything went great and the nurse that took care of her in recovery was fantastic, she was the most patient , caring , kind and just over all amazing human being ! Terri , thank you for everything !

Jack McClenahan

Top Notch - Both the facility and the staff.We are very lucky to have this hospital in our area

L Pultz

Needle injections were injected to hurt and leave big bruses.

Ben Ben

My Aunt was in there for a very serious sickness and they kicked her out

Mirta Ruiz Herrera

I highly recommend the Augusta Medical Center, for the good services, the high complexity for this area and my especially for the quality professional and the care of MD, nurses and auxiliary personnel and rehabilitation center My first experience was 5 years ago with an emergency surgical procedure, an 3 days in the hospital, following with 2 times recovery knee replacement surgery for more than 10 days each time. And I use the rehabilitation services in and out the hospital many times. Last september I was in ER for a diverticulitis and again on 2/29/2016. Always the diagnosis, treatment was excellent and the human care could be better. The Rehabilitation personnel is outstanding and I am grateful for that

Bessie Painter

I have been in the er sense 1 my husband still Having back issues it's 230 my husband still waiting to Be taking back he isn't a well man I guess if you come to the er more than once are twice you are out on the back burner usually amc is good but not today at Augusta health nor at Waynesboro urgent care seems to be bad reviews there wonder why people are going to Uva in April he had s bowel restricted amc told us n was writing on his discharge papers if he had more usurps we need go to uva. Not happy at all still waiting while taking others back came on after him put him the room where they use to register you still never came in to check on him they are there to help a person but not today took everyone back before him I do Not care who are what is he had feelings to I'm Passed mad

mary jo morman

I had a hip replacement in January, and they could not have been more caring and helpful. From the doctors and nurses to all the ancillary staff. I would and have recommended AMC to any one needing surgery.


Takes forever just to get from one patient to another; Place wasn't even full and we had to wait 30 minutes in line trying to get checked in. Terrible customer service.

Sabrina Go Getter

My daughter had to go to this ER today 1/21/2018 never ever will I take her back nor will I ever go I will drive the extra miles to go to UVA . This place is the WORST the room was dirty the nurse was rude . My daughter was trying to explain why she was there and the nurse wasnt paying her any mind she was rolling her eyes and looking up at the TV. This happened between 6-6:30pm . She explained I will be your nurse for a min so I guess she didnt really care. My daughter 16 was so upset the way she was treated that she begged me to take her to UVA it broke my heart when I saw a tear run down her face . A child should not come to a hospital or any human being should be treated that way. I recorded the whole thing and i will post it on social media for the world to see. If you don't like you job then you should leave . Find a job you like and stop treating innocent people that way that need your help

Patricia Seaton

Stuart Trope

Worst healthcare facility in the world. Doctors took forever to show up. My daughter was there for 4 hours and did not see a doctor. Ridiculous staff. Stupid and incompetent people. Very difficult people.

Gary Wells

Somewhere in the world is the worst hospital. WE FOUND IT!!! Spent 5 hours there to find out what we already knew. An hour to get the results of an ultrasound and another 30 minutes for a shot. We finally left without the shot. NEVER AGAIN.

Cheryl Mullen

The staff was wonderful and very caring during my er visit.My heart beat had to be reset and I was scared to death.They reassured me I was gonna be OK.

andres urgelles

Best hospital I've been to in a while the staff was super courteous and was super attentive I am a sickle cell patient I came in on a sickle crisis was quickly treated with everything I asked for and given pain meds . 5 stars .

Karen Spencer

Had knee replaced excellent care would recommend hospital to anyone

Tiffany Webb

I went to the ER on 10/10 with severe pelvic pain. All they did was give me a pelvic exam and pain killers. No blood work no xrays no rectal exam. Nothing! Just sent me home with a few pain pills and that's it! After a week or so my own Dr saidsomething isn't right and sent me for an xray. Come to find out I was seriously impacted. It kills me to think that I wouldn't have missed several weeks of work if the ER had have done something productive instead of just trying to get me out of there ASAP!

Valerie Kelly

Jeff Hostetter

Hope Anthem does not sign with Augusta Health. They claim their service are as good if not better than other medical groups but are not. Staff does not want to do anything but give you attitude and the run around. Dr.'s are incompetent and miss diagnose their patient on a regular. This groups only goal seems to be billing patients and not helping patients!

Miles Barentine

Terri E

Tiara Wicks

This ED is slow and unprofessional. They usually send you home feeling stupid or looked over.

J 8

My sister in-law is in the process of labor, and we, (the immediate family 6+) just travelled 300+ miles to get here. She has had some complications, leading to induction of our new family member the next morning. It's midnight now, having arrived only an hour ago. Security kicked us out of the mane areas to wait. Now, more terribly they have kicked us out of the parking lot, ( including my disabled mother, lol who cant stop crying, she's so excited) as we were planning on just sleeping in our suvs and respective van. We can't all afford a hotel in this area, with other sibling giving up days of needed work already, in the momment of God's gift to us. We wanted to be close, just in case... This has been Just terrible! The attitudes of these security guards were indicative of boarder patrol shooing away immigrants, and even threatened to search our vehicles if we remained a second longer, my mother couldn't understand. Ha, when we are the family which will pay a majority of this bill

Joseph 6790

Good nurses

Vallen Rogers

If I could give this establish a thousand stars, I would. My husband's grandfather was hospitalized all week, landing in the ICU on two separate occasions. The staff was AMAZING. Every Nurse was friendly and willing to help, even joking with everyone to keep the situation light hearted. The main Doctor and the Cardiologist were very descriptive and made sure everyone understood what the issues were and kept us informed. If I were to ever be hospitalized, I could only hope the hospital I end up in is even half as great as the one in Fishersville. I am so thankful to say that my husband's grandfather has been discharged and is recovering in an assisted environment until he is ready to go home. Thank you so much to all of the wonderful staff for all of your kindness and help.

James Wilfong

I'm on my fourth day of being admitted. Every person assigned to me has been courteous. I have not experienced any wait even for small things like drinks or ice. The medical staff has done a great job treating my ailments and communicating with me and explaining everything clearly

Jay King

Annette Bowers

My husband was treated for a dog bite at the urgent care facility at 201 Lew Dewitt blvd. in Waynesboro Va., while traveling. The Dr.there didn't introduce herself, she threw me and my friend out of the room, never asked if I was his wife, and then later when I re-entered the. room was very unprofessional making racial statements. I've never been treated so unprofessionally in a health care facility. After this incident, I wouldn't recommend this facility. Go elsewhere.

jonnn56 .

Convenient Location Great Service

Felicia Thornton

This is Augusta mammal clinic actually I wouldn't even bring my dogs here they'd have to wait damn near a hour and half to get anything done RMH is way better than amc

Mike Williams

In my opinion what the hell is an emergency room that makes a patient who is in severe pain wait 3 HOURS to get his vitals taken!!!! So not relying on them for my medical problems

Flower Powered

Just wondering why you don't have any response to the patients that had a bad experience at Augusta health Nicole?

Jan V

I only did 1 star because I had to if I wanted to write a review. I must say I have never spoken to such rude people in my life. I live in NY and have a VA family member which lives alone admitted to this hospital. He called to tell me they were stating he needed surgery but his heart wouldn't take it. He was extremely upset over the news when a nurse came in and was extremely rude to him. He was so upset, that he got a little verbal and told them to disconnect his meds and he was leaving the hospital. He didn't care what happened to him. He has a life threatening infection and he left anyway. That should say it all..!!! If they are treating sick people like this , they do not belong in this field. Now unfortunately, the very next day I was finally able to convince him to go back to the hospital. He is back there and is much worse. I called to see what the plan was and everyone was very rude to me as well. My name is on his paperwork to be able to speak with me as he is alone. If something were to happen to him I would never know. I spoke with him a few minutes ago and he has the same nurse. Let me tell you....His heart is not well and I can only hope and pray that this nurse is treating him with the utmost kindness. He has a kind heart and would give the shirt off his back to help anyone. He is scared enough without having an unfriendly nurse. This is very disturbing to me.

Victoria Meador

Nancy Beverage

becky Eichelberger

I had the most amazing experience delivering my baby at Augusta Health! Having had my other children at Lewis Gale, it is like polar opposites. The OB/GYNs and Midwives at Augusta Health Care for Women are wonderful and attentive. Just an all around great experience!

Beto Vivar

Clayton Carter

Not worth your time to try and go to the Urgent Care or ER if you have a problem right now. They either tell you to see your Personal Provider first, then get a referral, or they just turn you away because they don't want to do the tests to determine what is causing your illness. Doctors here do not know what they are doing. I had a work related injury a couple months ago for my back, all the doctor did was "barely" touch where I was hurting (I couldn't walk at the time) and gave me Ibuprofen and sent me on my way (still not being able to walk because of so much pain). My pain has started to flair up again, so I went to the Urgent Care in Waynesboro. They told me go to to my Personal Provider then if they recommend I be seen, then they will look at me. For starters, I am one who really doesn't go to the doctors often, and my last Personal Service Provider is no longer there. They told me to find a new one. Augusta Health is a waste of time and money to go to. I will take the addition time to drive over the mountain to UVA Medical or Martha Jefferson to be seen. When I need help, I expect to be helped ASAP, not re-routed. Cheers,

Step B

I'm not happy with the attitudes at the staff of some of your practices. Some places are amazing. Some have bad attitudes and give you a worse name. Namely the Stuarts Draft Urgent Care. I've had good service and bad service there. Dr. Yim needs to be removed.

Katherine West

I'm only giving this place 1 star bc 0 isn't an option. I was admitted here January 2015 and wrongly diagnosed as schizophrenic when in reality I suffer from bipolar disorder......these doctors basically just place a number on you and push you thru a pill line not paying any attention to critical needs.

Killian Micek

Short and sweet version, be prepared for a staff that doesn't care, is poorly trained, improperly bills, and diagnose out of simplicity no matter what the symptoms are. The amount of 1 star reviews should caution you into using this hospital. Go elsewhere if you can. There were some nurses that cared, and doctors (especially for anesthesia) who cared. Overall though, the nurse scheduling me and billing me without my consent and against the doctors orders for what needed to be done, the nurse not caring and acting annoyed and above me for asking all of two questions (I, the patient, disagreed with what she said based on past experience, and it turned out she was wrong), shows a significant underlying problem within this facility. Unless it can correct many of these problems that consistently occur, the hospital will continue to function in a way that is not suitable for the patients.

Steven liblick

Charles Bentley

What was supposed to be an out patient stay became more complex and turned into a two nights. Due to the number of patients, I ended up in the pediatrics department with a group of great nurses and had my own room. Two days with two related surgeries with Dr Turza, Dr Bieg and anesthesia by Dr Jones left me with a great admiration for Augusta Health.

savannah chambers

Lisa Roach

Whent there to get a shot for my migraine. I sit in the waiting room for over two hours while other ppl come in after me and they was taking them on back to a room. When I finally got a room I was there another two more hours before I seen the doctor nobody came and checked to see if I was OK if need any thing or not. The doctor finally came in argued bout what medicine to give me & I told him what only work's on my migraines. He wouldn't give it to me so would stop it so I done got up this morning and it's back. Thanks a lot for nothing y'all have become a dog hospital I don't see how you make the top 100.

Mandy Hughes

Never again will I visit this hospital. Maybe I'm just accustomed to the hospitals in Florida where the staff actually cares about their patients. Even if this establishment is closer to where you live, drive the extra hour to go to UVA. I've never witnessed anything like this before in my life.

Jessyka Schifferle

Sharon Hanson

All of the staff were very caring. The doctor who cared for me, a hospitalist, never gave up until he had the correct diagnosis. Augusta Health is rated very high nationally.

Kelley Crossland

Asked for water 4 times over 4 hours and still never got any. Insanely long wait times. Rude doctors that make assumptions. Terrible service. Never again!!

Heather Williams

kenneth more

As a Visiting Oncologist I saw a very happy, extremely caring staff in the oncology clinic, with time to properly care for a varied population of patients. The Patient Navigators escort and help guide anxious cancer patients through all aspects of their care. The affiliation with Duke Oncology creates a credible expertise in care and opportunities for outstanding clinical trials.

Jacqueline Bayer

I was holding out hope for this "community" hospital but then spent 3 hours waiting before we were seen by the doctor. This was only after we had gone to find someone.....then the next day we found our that the neurolody department won't accept consult requests from their own doctors. How strange and inconvenient....I'll die driving across the mountain to Charlottesville before I go back here. Update: We contacted Patient Relations on February 14th and left a message. As of February 25th we have yet to hear back from anyone....

Dana Moore

Terrible experience, mostly everyone I've encountered about my visit and during my visit were less than adequate. I complained to my doctor and to the president of this hospital many months ago and still have not received a response back from either and am stuck with a bill where NOTHING was done in the OR! Very disappointed and have taken my business elsewhere, if you value your health and money do not go to this hospital.

Clayton Nelms


For the second time in 3 years, my elderly mother nearly lost her life prematurely due to the actions of some at Augusta. Some doctors and staff were helpful and great people. Dr. Blake McKibbin was in charge of her care and that was a disaster. Poor treatment and worse handling of her situation. Then the outrage: Dr. McKibbin discharged her without any service linkages whatsoever. Family was only in town temporarily at that point. That decision defied all logic and ethics and merits an investigation and reevaluation. Most nurses were ethical, professional and compassionate people. A serious exception was the RN primarily assigned to my mother. Victor Somers was highly inappropriate with patients and families. Further, he spent excessive amounts of time loudly and inappropriately trying to impress his peers. A reassessment of his credentials and qualifications is most definitely in order. My mother survived that nightmare thanks to good service providers elsewhere. The horror of the experience at Augusta speaks volumes because it is likely to continue happening to others.

Monty Stepura

They were excellent to work with. Four stars because while we got right in it took a long time to be seen once we were in the exam room.

James Sutton

Marcie Johnson

Shirley Boots

At about 9:30 PM October 11, 2015 in a hotel in Staunton, VA I stopped breathing. My husband called 911 and shortly EMT crew were there with oxygen and took me to the Augusta Health ER where I was diagnosed with pneumonia and entered into a room. We had been on a bus tour down the east coast. My husband was informed that I had nearly expired on the way to the ER. The morning of the 12th Case Manager, RN Nikki Griffin checked in with us. We gave her our trip insurance information and she took care of everything. When it was apparent I was to be dismissed RN Griffin made arrangements for me to have oxygen to go to the hotel with and had contacted my brother in Pratt, Kansas to meet Linn Care tech to get oxygen set up in my home in Pratt. My husband and I were very pleased with the care I received while in the hospital and he said that the ER staff and doctors were very careful in getting all my medical history and medications correct upon my entering. I was not cognizant of what was happening in the ER but he felt that I got prompt and great care. The doctors who cared for me while in the hospital were very good about explaining my condition and what would be necessary for my recovery. I have been under my family doctor's care since I returned to Pratt and have finally recovered from the pneumonia. Thank You for my great care! Shirley Boots

Angela Legg

Just leaving the er they were very rude and inconsiderate of my health needs haven't been in the area long so I haaaaad to be seen here I can't wait to speak with the patient advocate about such a horrible experience I had and I took lots of pics- I'm always going to demand the absolute best of my health care and I get that at the UVA MEDICAL CENTER IN CHARLOTTESVILLE VA!!!! That's the place where AMC sends people who need more than a bandaid

Dave Howell

2 ER visits in the last 2 years. 1st visit they charged me $2000 and send me to UVA. 2nd visit was $4000 for a broken wrist with a 5 hour wait. Fool me twice and I've learned my lesson. I'll never visit this hospital again. This is what happens when hospitals are "for profit". Unless you've got great insurance you can't afford this place.

Cecilia Correa

I never give reviews on anything, I had to for this place. Over all Horrible Hospital, very dirty very rude unprofessional nurses. I will avoid this hospital rather drive to Sentara or UVA.

Donna Monroe

The people who work in the hospital are always nice and very helpful be nurses or Dr.s.And willing to help you if you need assistance during your stay or visiting some one.

Theo Burgess

Great nurses and doctors.....

David Smith

My father in law was there for 11 days ending yesterday. To say his treatment was unsatisfactory is an understatement .From giving him a milk based meal despite the prominent no dairy notation , to not starting physical therapy in timely fashion ,to letting his iv infiltrate his hand and doing nothing to the final insult : bed sores. Patient Relations came yesterday and talked to my wife. I am sure they were trying to put a positive spin on his treatment. A 92 year old veteran deserves better.

Ian Fulk

First off this hospital is a complete joke and wouldn't recommend it to my worse enemy. So to them things that could possibly be blood infection are not and emergency. Also no testing was done to see if there was a blood infection other then poking the area and saying well it doesn't look infected.... What?!? really?!? I didn't know you're doctors could see a blood infection with there naked eye. My girl was there twice yesterday the first time they didn't even bring her back to the room they told her there was nothing they could do when she told the doctor that the second time she was there they said they couldn't turn people away. Well I'm pretty sure NOT DOING A GOD DAMNED THING is turning someone away.

Ty K

If I could give them no stars I would! Nurses do not care about you. They would rather sit and gossip at there station. They just want you gone. If you ask them for something be prepared to wait 45 min. Even for a ice. Terrible terrible terrible!!!! Oh and there excuse for everything will be “we just got so busy sorry”. Worst hospital experience of my life.

Robbie Anderson

I arrived shortly after midnight, suffering from appendicitis. I was processed immediately, but had to wait (it seemed forever) probably 45 minutes to see a doctor. The problem was quickly diagnosed, I was given something for the pain, and was in surgery within hours. Nurse care was excellent. This is a very clean, easily accessible facility with good doctors. We are fortunate to have this quality hospital in southwest Virginia. I am particularly grateful that it is an independent hospital, not owned by some giant health company. They also worked with me on payment of my bill because I was not insured at the time.


My fiancée was taken into the Emergency Department for flu-like symptoms (fever of 102.4, nausea, congestion, chest pain, and a cough) and we waited in the waiting room like we were told before being taken back to a room about an hour later, when he filled out his intake forms he wasn’t asked if he wanted a copy of his patient rights which is a must in all healthcare settings. Then in the room the nurse who saw him (who did not give her name) was extremely rude, sounded like she was making assumptions that he was a drug user, and did not seem to take him seriously. Afterwards she left without asking if he needed anything and we proceeded to have him wait for another hour and a half before the doctor (who also did not give his name) came in and told him that the flu test (which is known to have false negatives) had come back negative which then meant that he didn’t have the flu and that he was being discharged and to take Advil if he felt like his fever wasn’t going down. Then when he asked for his medical records from the visit the staff wouldn’t give him the summary of his visit claiming that since the flu test was negative they couldn’t. However we then went to Sentara RMH in Harrisonburg where he was asked if he wanted a copy of his patient rights, which he did, and was very quickly taken to get his insurance information we then were immediately taken back into a room and a very kind nurse (he gave his name but I don’t remember what it was as it has been a very long night) got all of his information about why he was in and his vitals and then listened to his heart and lung sounds (which AMC did not do) and made sure that he was settled in before the doctor came in (he even brought him a blanket as he was shivering). The doctor came in shortly thereafter and introduced himself before getting his information as to why he was there and his heart and lung sounds and did his vitals again, was very considerate about all of our concerns and then he asked if he wanted anything before leaving (one of the techs brought him the ginger ale he asked for within minutes). Then he was taken back for a chest x-ray because of his cough (AMC didn’t do an x-ray) and was very quickly back in the room. Not much longer later the doctor came back in and let us know that the chest x-ray was clear and the flu test came back negative but that the tests are not always accurate and that he definitely had the flu, he then sat with us and answered any questions we had and listened to all of our concerns and was very kind and helpful, he even wrote a prescription for tamiflu in case he wanted to have it filled, but he informed us that it is kind of expensive and he isn’t sure how different insurances work with it so it may be best to try something over the counter and then offered him a copy of his medical records from the visit. Overall the visit to AMC was very aggravating and stressful whereas at RMH things were smooth and we both felt satisfied with going there. I have only ever gone to RMH and seeing how Augusta does things (as someone who has worked in the medical field) I understand why now and neither of us intend to go back to Augusta.

Corey David

Not a great hospital. I've had several family and friends treated here, all of whom had a subpart experience. My father went here with am allergic reaction and the doctor was completely incompetent and rude. Honestly if you can spare the time it's much more worth it to drive over to University of Virginia's medical center. They have a much more experienced and weLL trained staff.

Dan Ford

the LACK OF COMMUNiCATION between the hospital staff and myself and between staff members was alarming Several of the staff advised my friend that she wouldn't want to work there they did not kill me

Pat Flesher

A very caring place and friendly environment and fast services

tonna booth

I feel too many times we leave bad comments and not good ones. I had a loved one overdose and was having convulsions last year after the 4th and when I accidently pulled into the ambulance entrance instead of the emergency I was looked at by a nurse from behind the locked door like I was stupid. When he finally came to unlock door to see why I was so frantic, he asked if he could walk inside and took his sweet time to try to get more help. Him and I were both treated extremely poorly and had to deal with rude nurses and doctors who seemed like they didn't know what they were dealing with. It is by far the worse experience I've ever had in dealing with a medical emergency. I would not even leave one star for that night. But yesterday I took my 4 year old son in for a ct scan to find out he had a concussion. Although it took 4 hours and had to deal with a couple rude nurses a few were wonderful. One nurse named Ronnie stood out and made quite the effort to make sure we were comfortable and didn't need anything. The doctor was wonderful and even came out before I left because I was upset that he had a concussion and we were released. I understand emergency rooms are busy all the time and dealing with eratic patients but my last experience really changed my mind about this hospital. Even though 80% of all nurses there are rude they helped me in finding out what was wrong with my son and made me feel very at ease about it. I appreciate that so much.

Irving C. Hughes

Staff not attentive,billing is very expensive.

Melissa Wilfong

I give 5 stars the wonderful nurses I had while I stayed in AH for 5 days. The room was clean and comfortable and very nice but the nurses I had were top notch. Could not have been better. They were all so caring and considerate. Compassionate about the patients well being. I had one nurse on the weekend shift named Laura who went above and beyond to take the best care of me and made sure my pain was controlled and I was comfortable. They were there fast if you needed anything. They also made sure my husband was comfortable when he stayed with me there. Although there was a issue with my chest tube and I had to be transferred to UVA to have another one done, I surely would have preferred to be transferred right back to the nurses and care that I got in Augusta till I recovered.

Josh Lipscomb

By far the worse. Don't take time to review or X-ray anything always in a hurry to get you in and out, went for back and what's there answer sciatic nerve but guess what they wrong. Went to another place for second opinion and guess what they sent me for a MRI them test came back and then sent for CT scan and they believe it's a stress fracture.

Jessica Sibold

Sara Hill

As we were traveling the last week of May, 2012 my 14 year old daughter started having a VERY rapid heart rate, she was short of breath, light headed and nausiated. She had been asleep and was awakened by the smothering sinsation. We typed HOSPITAL into the GPS and were led to this hospital. Upon walking to the triage desk and telling them what was going on my child, who was pale as a ghost and had a significant blue tent to her lips, was told to have a seat in the waiting room. This caridiac event was ignored by the staff of this hospital emergency room. After about 20 minutes of sitting watching the triage staff visit and cut up we left with intentions of calling 911 from the parking lot. As it happened the episode passed (this one lasted about 40 minutes total) and her heart rate returned to normal. We continued traveling south. I would not recommend this facility to anyone who is really sick. If you are really sick you better go somewhere else or you may die in the waiting room.

Tracey Border

I called Augusta Health to schedule an appointment to meet with my doctor and the woman that answered the phone did not let me speak to anyone else regarding my health condition and told me to take my business elsewhere. After that call, I certainly did. It's not fair to the doctors that their front desk person isn't a pleasant person and is sending away patients.

Red Star

Jamison Houff gave me the worst experience I've ever had from a company. So many bad things happened in the visit that I shouldn't even start elaborating. Just save your time and money for a much better hospital. Trust me. NOT recommended.

Carla Baker

Leo Ervin

Danny Powell

i went to er on Nov. 27 at 4 am with a ice pack on my pain area they did a ct scan ultra sound urine sample blood work and found nothing called regular doc. on 28 and one Dec 1 to get appt. cant get one till Jan 9 I'm still in pain i guess i will have to go to another hospital and Dr. because i cant get anyone that is at august health to help find whats wrong er Dr. gave me meds to only last 2 days when they had practice in Churchville i never had any trouble like this they closed it and are still paying rent way to go. thanks for nothing Danny Powell

Jess Dove-Neff

All My Family & Friends

Basically the last couple of times I have been there for severe back pain I had this rude and very unprofessional NP named Kristie Colvin. I was in there because my back pain was severe and I couldn't control the pain any longer. Without even reviewing my back or taking a look at it, she went on to say in her notes that there was no bruising or red spots, um for one thing she didn't take the time to look and had she would of, she would have seen a very red spot on my back from the fall on my back deck in the rain. I am very dissatisfied with the service here anymore. It's sad how unfriendly these doctors are to their patients.

Trevor Iseman

I'm not the hospital type. I'm fairly healthy, but recently I needed surgical removal of a kidney stone. Let me just say, that I'm not entirely sure of why people put bad reviews of a hospital. When you're in a lot of pain, even Disney World is horrible. But, with caring and knowledgeable staff, I got through the pain. Yes, I had a lot of inconvenience and discomfort. But, What do you expect? The ER wait times are hit or miss. Sometimes there is no one in there. (Super Bowl Sunday) (Night). And then other times it's packed. There's fast free WiFi, if you need to use your phone/tablet/computer. All-In-All, a fairly modern and nice hospital. Not near as large and cumbersome as Sentara Martha Jefferson in Charlottesville, but just the right size for the area.

Sharon Daniel

Horrible experiences with this hospital horrible more than one. Harrisonburg and Charlottesville have much better hospitals and Their not far away.

Joanne Flynn-watson

My husband went into the Emergency Room thinking he was having a minor issue. It turned quickly into a life threatening problem. The ER staff was quick to identify the type of care he needed called in the doctors needed to save his life. The radiology Dr. and his team were skilled, knowledgeable and treated me wonderfully. Dr. Comerford was skilled, knowledgeable and explained things so that they were easily understood. The ICU nurses and tech were not only skilled but solicitous, helpful and pleasant. Especially Jennifer and Sarah and the nurses and staff on the second floor were equally awesome. Oh, yeah, and the food in the cafeteria was great. Thank you is inadequate for how we feel.

Wendysue Kinlley

first off it takes a lot of pain, concern and discomfort for me to give in and go to the ER, many bad experiences. I went today finally after over 2 weeks of sciatica, pain, numbness, tingling, whole foot asleep, then yesterday a snap and severe pain shooting in lower back, in pelvis/groin area along with tingling and even more severe weakness. I was in tears and cant even walk straight. The front staff had 3 people there and only 1 was entering info as I am crying and did not seem real concerned. Another staff came and at least got me a wheel chair. When I was taken back to the room through all the chaos the tech didn't even try to help me get comfortable, they had no pillows so he tried to stack blankets, then left- no blanket to cover with or anything. The nurses were great though in regards to trying to get me a little more comfortable but of course they are limited to what they can do and they have other patients too. The Doctor was probably the worst of all of them. I appreciate that he got stuff ordered quick and wanted me to have MRI but when the results came in and there wasn't a herniated disc or infection I was treated like there was nothing wrong and it seemed like all that mattered was that I had pain meds at home. I felt like suddenly everything that was wrong and pain I was in wasn't real anymore...There was nothing wrong with me. Lets just get the IV out and send you home. Oh and btw what you have is all you need. I tried to ask him about what I should do about this and treat it but he constantly went back to the narcotics...I had to specifically ask him about icing, heat, anything else????? And just as I feared, I felt like I was being treated like a druggie and that what was going on was just in my head since there was nothing on the test. The "opiod crisis" is what is "killing" those of us who are honest! I will NOT be going there again! I told my husband that even if I had a broken bone they could see, I will splint it myself. and especially if it is something that you cant see- I will not be going again!

Terri Smallwood

Judah Wagner

Two years ago I had a major seizure, got taken to the hospital and stayed there for the afternoon. They took me to get an MRI, and a CATSCAN found nothing, so they did another CATSCAN (may have been MRI, they didn't tell me) and found nothing. All the while i explained my symptoms very thoroughly complaining of a twitching and pain in my left arm. Everyone seemed to ignore this fact and kept doing expensive tests. Needless to say they sent me home with nothing, not only that but they didn't even take precautionary measures like stating i couldn't drive for a while. Went home and kept having the twitching and pain in the arm. Come to find out, i had a pinched nerve in my arm, chiropractor found it fixed it no issues since, save for multiple thousands of dollars that I owe the hospital. Skip forward a few years, my father is in the same hospital and i go to visit him, at the time i was in the midst of a case of 'Contact Determinants' guessing it was poison ivy/oak i am very allergic to. I had been to the urgent care twice and they just kept giving me a steroid which was helping but not curing. I was 3 weeks into having it all over, sleepless nights and all. I went this day to visit my father, my foot was swollen and i was in quite a bit of pain from it. The nurse told me to go down to the ER. I spent a few hours in an ER room, doctor i spoke with said "I don't know whats going on, i'm just going to send you home and you just have to let it run its course" again leaving me with nothing and a hefty bill of over a thousand dollars. I went to my dermatologist the next week who instantly recognized it as Virginia Creeper and Chigger bites, and within 2 days it was gone from a topical she gave me and directions on how to clean it properly. I have have heard great experiences and wonderful service from friends and family, save for a few situations that could have been avoided and caused major health issues, but so far my two major experience have left me with nothing but extremely high bills and no answers until i went to someone else.

Melissa Schultz

Horrible!! I gave birth to my daughter at Augusta health last month and what was suppose to be a joyful experience was anything but. The " birthing suits " looked like they haven't been renovated in 20 years. They were small, with chipped paint and dirty walls and cabinets. The guest accommodations were awful. My husband wouldn't even stay there with me cause the pull out bed was so small and hard as rock. I delivered my first child in Florida and expected Agusta Health to be better or at least comparable, but it was not even close. As far as the staff is concerned, they were all pretty nice with decent bed side manner. However they did not wear gloves even when doing the IV ( which they had to do 4 times cause they were using a needle that was to large and kept blowing my veins ) the nurse even handled my blood covered needle with her bare hands. After giving birth one of the nurses dropped the bag containing all the afterbirth all over the floor and just wiped it up with a towel from my bathroom and threw it in the hamper. No disinfectant was used at all. I felt like I was giving birth in a shack in an impoverished country. My advice.... go somewhere else!

Sarah Crookshanks

If giving a zero was possible I would. I have never in my life been made to feel so worthless and given the most bs information I have ever heard. I will be contacting whoever handles this sort of matter and filing a personal complaint.

Robert Barnett

I'm new to this area by unfortunate cicumstances. I have limited exposure to Augusta Health but very impressed to this present day. As someone with limited resources at this time, I can say that they have been kind, thoughtful, helpfull, and expediant in helping deal with health issues. This is true for health services, financial aid, and physical therapy.

Sara Clinedinst

some staff was nice and great but some are very rude and hateful. very unpleased and will try to never come back here UVA is the place to go instead of this place.

Deborah Hoover Arbogast

Altho we live in Harrisonburg VA, we choose to get our medical care at Augusta Health. This difference between Augusta and our local Hospital, is the difference between heaven & hell. The staff at Augusta is very friendly and concerned. They treat you like a human being, instead of a number.They also have state of the art equipment. I have the upmost confidence in Augusta Medical.

Richard Elkins

I had to give it one star so I was able to post, other than that there would be no rating. My son went to the ER for an accident that cut his arm, twice my wife called to get an update on his status and twice she was told they no patient by that name. My wife than called the person that was with him and she told my wife that they had been there for about 30 minutes. My wife than called for a third time and was told that they had just arrived which was a lie. His arm was stitched by a Dr who obviously couldn't have passed a remedial needlepoint class. I have received opinions from his pediatrician and another hospital that they could have put more stitches in and that they shouldn't have put the knots directly over the wound. His arm was even used by a Dr who was with some students as what not to do, unless its dire and you have to go here....DON'T!!!!

Leah Cash

-5 Stars. Never go into the Emergency Room at night.

Justin rjz

They have great staff and very helpful people, accept some customer service are kind confusing or just ignoring patient during phone calls. I would like to give Teri Gissith from bussinss office five star she is very helpful to patient and respectful person.

Jonathan Berry

Folks in the business office make you feel like a criminal! IF you happen go here for care expect a nasty collection call two days after receiving the invoice in the mail. Rude and ridiculous!

Amanda Lyle

I was hospitalized with Augusta Health in early 2013 for nearly two weeks. While there I was treated as a priority. The nurses were wonderful attending to my needs and even lending an ear to offer me comfort and a few kind words. The day I left one of the nurses took time to braid my hair for me as I was feeling less than attractive and pretty down in the dumps to say the least. I give the nurses at AMC 5 stars and can say they honestly made all the difference in my unfortunate ordeal!!!! Bravo to the staff for all their hard work!

Travis Squires

This hospital gets a generous 2 for the "Birthing Center" , I will start with the positive situations/events. Overall the entire staff aside the room service who brought food and Midwife Beckie Davies and A nurse named Samantha were your only positives. I'd like to say the two mentioned were the only ones with people skills and who weren't robotic not just in there approach to bringing a child into the world and keeping my wife calm but everything. Hire more Beckie Davies and Samantha like workers please! for the sake of every other couple that has to be there. The lady whose in charge of the Nursery and the woman who was in charge there was annoying, if she was told 10 times there were certain shots my kid did not need she got told 20 more times, her pushy know it all attitude made things really tense. The overall feeling of the nursery workers was bad because they could not relate in any form that my wife and I had been awake for 30 hours and had a care planned that was not lengthy but explained well. The nurses we dealt with in recovery were ALL OVER the map, it was a manic like event and I say this due to the fact I would get one woman doing her job and checking and then another saying "You will have to get maintenance to fix the broken AC unit in your room". This resulted in them talking my newborn back there 2 times because it was cold inside the room and they put him in the heating station when all THEY had to do was get it fixed, this lead to me bundling him up well and then the next nurse says he is too bundled up! and made comments as to where we were despite the fact that there was snow outside and the kicker is the next nurse says why did you dress him down and I explained the previous nurse and she said she was an idiot and don't listen to her ( tell me something I didn't already know.) So the unit was never fixed and I had to use common sense to keep my child from going back to the nursery because there was nothing wrong with him, if you sit in a cold room you will take on that temperature also, It was neglect on behalf of the nurse who said deal with it in short; Babies can't regulate their own temperatures but she didn't care and I wish I remembered her name. The birthing suite needs to be upgraded, with all the income coming in, it is the least Augusta a TOP 50 place could do to make birth easier. I was also told that I was holding my son wrong and having two God kids and one of the parents did 3 tours in Iraq infantry, he would not appoint me to look after his kid if I was slack in the least, I point this out because the majority of the nurses has no people skills and rotten attitudes, I asked another nurse on the 15th {next day} she said I was holding my son fine and he was not at risk for being dropped as the previous lady said to me they had 3 drops in the past 2 months. They did an excellent job of judging a book by its cover and right down to security, the older colored man left me out in the cold when I went to get some air outside because he was looking at his paper like it had the winning lottery numbers. I conclude that this could be a great place if you weed out the nurses and staff who don't value there jobs and give less then a good enough attitude, bottom line if I owned that place, I'd scout new younger nurses; keep Beckie Davies and the few nurses like Samantha and tell the rest of them to take a hike!! ...1 more thing, I asked at my wife's 6 month appointment to Mrs. Somers if there was anything special about my child and she said no, he would probably just be like every other baby...In his first month he can flip off his back onto his stomach and make very unique sounds and what seems try to form words, he was also born in his sack which occurs 1 in 40,000 births and his neck strength is amazing with how long he holds his head up. That was the most negative response someone can say to a couple whose committed to having their child there. This was a 2 star review but now that I think of it all, its 1. -Travis W. Squires

Laila D

One star because I have to leave one. The staff at this establishment do not care about the patients in the ER and make it very clear. I was brought in on an ambulance and no one from the two EMS responders to any hospital staff helped me in any way to the room. Nurse Michael, bald headed guy, even tried to start an argument with me after being called out over his lack of professionalism. I was placed in a tiny room and he stormed in and walked right past me to the computer without saying a word. I said "Hello" in hopes of being acknowledged, but apparently he wanted to fight instead. No vitals were taken/ no IV/ absolutely nothing! I couldn't stand the disrespect from them and waited outside on the sidewalk in 20 degree weather to be transported to another hospital by a relative; I think that says a lot considering my 10/10 pain level. I ended up having a very serious diagnosis and was in an incredible amount of pain...the staff had gossip to do, so could not be bothered. Disgusting, unacceptable behavior and treatment.I recommend going anywhere else!I doubt any action will be taken against these people by Augusta, but it can't continue. UPDATE: I contacted patient services who said they "took complaints very seriously" and that the nurse was new, so that's why he wasn't helpful. She also said that the EMTs should have helped me walk in/got a wheelchair, yet WAYNESBORO FIRST AID CREW said the hospital should have. This is Augusta at its finest. The director never felt the need to reach out and apologize. Go to Martha Jefferson.

B Wilt

Be prepared to wait! Yiunmaybwanr to pack a lunch!

Cynthia Means

I was in the ER while on vacation, they took great care of me, fast service & very impressed with the follow up call from the PA to me at my home in another state. Highly Recommend!

Stacy Lindsay

Melissa welch

Ryan Smith

So I’ve heard my share of the rap that Augusta health has but I’m not gonna lie I’ve only had good experiences. First my dad had a heart attack( and received the best care from the doctors and Derek Murray (his attending icu nurse). Secondly and just today I took my grandfather this afternoon as he got in a fight with a chainsaw (he was also on blood thinners). The nurses and doctors really took the time to care, love, and relate to not only my grandfather but also with me. I’m so grateful for everything they did. Just to call out a few names... Diane temple, Daniel marinelli, mellisa (wish I knew her last name, and the dr that did the work (also wish I knew his name). They all cared and wanted to relate. Thank you all for what you do!!!

Micaela Mullins

If I could give no stars I would I want my voice to be heard on this hospital for several reasons number one my dad went to this hospital trying to get help he had a loss of hearing shortness of breath and was dizzy they did NO TESTS to see what was up and sent him home within three hours of being there ... my dad died the next day and because these idiots did no testing we have not a clue what may have caused his death... oh and every time I go literally they send me a bill and claim my insurance didn't know me and I have had to call them three or four times before they ever send it to the right insurance and then they feel the need to be rude to me please people don't go here!!

Hannah Brooks-Hostetter

I dont understand the bad reviews with this hospital. I had my 2nd child here, my daughter was hospitalized here this past spring, and I was recently released from being hospitalized. With my child birth my complaints are the nurses tried to talk down to my midwife as if she and her resident student were incompetent. I apologized on the nurses behalf as I found that ridiculous. They gave me the best child birth experience compared to my first with a dr who never coached me through the process or gave me options (different hospital). Secondly, with that experience, the nurses were rude, all but one, and unfortunately I cannot remember her name. One even blew my vein when taking the IV out of my hand and it swelled up and stayed that way for 2 weeks disabling any bending of my fingers. Also, the dietary team acted like the meals were coming out of their pockets. Very rude and when my 2 year old was visiting and asked for a bite of my food the dietitian rudely said no, that the food was only for me. I said my daughter can eat whatever she wants. I dont eat in front of someone without offering to share, especially not my child. Lastly, they only had size 1 diapers and "wipes" were just towels you wetted at the sink. Which I am aware you should take your own supplies for labor and delivery, but the other hospital I had delivered my 1st child they supplied everything. The nurses would take the babies in the middle of the night for check ups, but since they would take them all, it was hours the babies would be in the nursery with the nurse and Dr. I woke up in a panic because my son was not back after 2 hrs of being gone so I went to the nursery and they do allow you in there luckily, so I sat in there and he was next up to being checked over. My daughter was hospitalized this past spring for a week in the PICU and we never got answers as to what exactly was wrong with her. I'm just fortunate that they kept her and made her fever break after 4 days and had her eating again before we left. The nurses in that ward were all very nice and supportive. She had a lot of emotional trauma afterwards and we never figured out what happened to make her so sick, but without the team at AMC, I dont think she would've made it. A day ago I was released after going in for shortness of breath. I was immediately taken back in the ER as my vitals were off the charts. I was hospitalized after 4 hrs in the ER. Again, all but 1 nurse was helpful and friendly. The Dr and nurse communication could be better. The room I was admitted to was huge and clean. The ER has also been remodeled or added on since my visit months prior.

Frank Viviano

Bad experience

Krystal West

I wish that you could leave a review with no stars. This hospital has continued to go downhill over the years and with the lack of care and concern the staff in the ER provide it is no wonder the reviews are less than satisfactory. My 1 year old arrived with an injury to her arm that was causing her pain and was left screaming in agony for almost 2 hours. A nurse named Karyn told her if she was going to cry to make it "believable " which is absurd because according to the poor people listening to her cries it was not only believable but also very disturbing. We finally left and headed to UVA where we were seen by a doctor within 5 minutes, x rays done within 10, and a dislocated wrist reset within another 5 minutes. The pain and screaming immediately dissipated when her wrist was back in place. Moral of the story, skip AMC and head to a hospital who actually has a staff who enjoys their job and cares about their patients. I dare this place to send me a bill for the temperature they took and the near two hours we were forced to sit and wait in their chairs.

Brandi Van Ormer

My experience is in the pediatric ward. Every nurse, doctor, tech, and housekeeper, and even room service person was just lovely and attentive to me and my five year old daughter, who was hospitalized for pneumonia. She was treated well medically and emotionally.

Israel Leon

Calvin Daniels

Rude doctors! I was misdiagonesd, treated poorly, then billed for premium service. Please don't go here. Save your body and your wallet the pain!

Melessia Hatcher

Lindsey Viar

My dad was admitted to AMC September 19 after an ER visit. He was diagnosed with pancreatitis and sepsis and had multiple specialists working with him because of multiple organ failure. We saw doctors every morning with updates who were always very kind, helpful, and listened to our questions and concerns. His hospitalist made sure every one of his follow up visits were made with doctors my dad had seen already and the nurses (with the exception of one) within a two week stay were phenomenal.

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