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REVIEWS OF Augusta Health Emergency Department IN Virginia

Elner Vess

I was very happy with the doctor who did my colonoscopy. That went very well and I have nothing but good to say about the procedure. However, a polyp was removed and it took two weeks to finally hear the results of the biopsy. I sent messages to the office and I called many times. Finally, after I gave the office a piece of my mind they called on that day. No excuses for being treated this way. Patients are very concerned about test results and should not have to go through this. Rest, assured, I will not use this office again. It's bad enough to go through the colonoscopy and then have to be on pins and needles because they just don't care.

Chance Massey

Augusta Health, in general, do not care about people. The financial aid office even more so.

Sandra Glidden

Grimy emergency rooms. Used chucks spilling out of receptacles in exam rooms. Grimy baseboards and floors. Stained privacy curtains , some with old blood splatter. Vending machines in looked black cages resembling a visitor room in a jail. People loitering in wait rooms . Chaos with psych and detox people causing mayhem among physically ill clients waiting in exam rooms. Staff chatting among themselves in hallways not engaging with patients. No privacy when giving personal information to intake/triage nurse. This place a total retail of the whole er. Staff needs protocols training for better care of clients. From a nurse who has 40 years of experience in military, va, and state hospital service. Also some private sector experiences

Bessie Painter

Had my husband out here for different reasons he had to wait in the waiting area over 2 hours this was suppose to be better but it isn’t my husband is not well by no means and still waiting in this place this is unreal not acceptable at all what is wrong with this place ?????

Bianca Hartman

Ray Humphries

Picked up family member from er and had to call ambulance after discharge for the same problem and was admitted into icu for untreated problem.

adam kennedy

The most useless er I've ever seen. They're disorganized to the point they let a man on blood thinners, a compromised immune system, and a gash on his head sit out in the waiting room for 3hrs. They thought it was a good idea to leave my kid with an object in his ear because they didn't want to deal with it, and not do any sort of scan on his head after he hit his head pretty hard at school and was acting weird afterwards. The normal response you get from them is "we don't know" and if they do give you any sort of diagnosis they sound so unsure about it that you would think they made it up on the spot. You're better off going to any other er if you need one.

Heather Kiser

Hans Auf Meistuff

Worst treatment I've ever received. I'm wondering which is worse: the rude mockery of the nurses or the IQ of the M.D.s.

JoAnn Jones

I had cancer everyone wanted me to go to Uva I refused I have had great experiences with augusta Health, I have been going there for at least 10 years and the staff treats me with great respect and the Doctors also my cancer is gone and I would never go anywhere else.!!!!.

chris driver

Lothias Twitch

Daniel Brewster

I have the upmost respect for Augusta Health [ Medical ] The entire staff the doctors, nurses, technicans, rescue squad and anyone else that i have been associated with has always treated me very good! I also look at the fact that i am not the only patient that they deal with. Thank you for all that you do!!!

Lynn McNeal

Negative rating. Very unprofessional demeanor, the staff was actually unkind! If I can avoid going there again believe me I will. I don’t know who trained these nurses but they need a refreshing class. And I’m not the only person who has heard this. The only positive point goes to the X-ray tech who was very kind, everything else was a big minus zero. You all need to work on your bed side manner Augusta Medical ER, when you’re sick and in pain you need kindness and compassion not rough treatment.

Gay Cowling Walker

I took a nasty fall and ended up in the ER. They were fast efficient and friendly. I was in and out in 2.5 hours including cat scan X-rays and having my wounds looked to. This ER has seen several family members and we have always been pleased about how we were treated. If you have to go to the ER fo here.

Jana Hebb

Front check in Nurse was very rude. Rolled her eyes several times when asking to add something to my daughter’s chart. You work in healthcare lady! You are supposed to be caring. I never once bothered you, only to ask you to add that my daughter was feeling short of breath and is getting pale on and off. Thanks for your services “Nurse” Tiffany. You were so pleasant.

mary jo ebach

my daughter sliced the tips of her fingers off on a mandolin and was bleeding like crazy. Everyone in the ER ; from the ladies at the desk to the nurses to the doctors were so kind and helpful and attentive. They took a very frightened young woman and made her feel like it was okay and she would be fine.

courtney johnson

If I could give this place a negative zero rating, I would. I initially went in and was was surprised at how quick they did my height/weight/blood pressure. They got me registered in the system and got me back in a room within 15 mins. I probably was seen quickly because I am also pregnant. I thought everything was going well until I sat in the ER for going on 3 hours waiting on an ultrasound to make sure my baby was ok. It took me to get up out of the bed and go say something to the nurse just so I could get seen. Mind you, it’s already been 3 hours since I’ve been waiting. Within 5 mins, the ultrasound equipment and the doctor magically show up. Oh yea, I felt insulted by the doctor for making such a snarky remark regarding my previous child that was stillborn. He then went on to LIE and say that my urine tests came back negative and I was cleared for everything. My urine was still sitting in the room untouched by the way!!! I called him out on it and he said the nurses came in the room take a sample of the urine and leave the rest in the room. I have been to the doctor and hospital plenty of times in almost 30 years and I have never EVER had a tampered urine cup left in my room. The doctor clearly only shows up to get paid and leave because he clearly doesn’t do his job. The nurses are worse. I hit the call button about 4 times in over 3 hours and no one ever came to check or anything. This is the worst ER to visit and I will never come there again. They should knock that hospital down and make a parking lot because it’s clearly of no good use.

Melissa welch

Leon McCourt

I was in the ER with my fiancée last night. Well, there was someone in line at the check-in before us and the woman at the desk asked if she needed to be seen and my fiancée said yes, then they asked us to set in the waiting room. We set there for a good 45 minutes to an hour, waiting for them to check her in. People who were there before us didn't even get checked in while we were waiting. The already small "waiting" room for check-in was full within the time we waited, and the staff never even bothered to call anyone up to check them in.

Patricia C

Augusta Health Emergency Department is deplorable. They treat their patients who are on Medicaid or financial assistance like garbage. I have chronic health issues that are very well documented and are treated by physicians within Augusta Health however everytime I have to go to the emergency room there I am treated like a drug seeking second rate citizen even though I do not request pain meds just want answers. Today I was treated very poorly by a nurse named Lynne in the ER. When she came in my room with my discharge papers I was asking questions because I felt like they missed something by not doing all the tests that should have been done for my condition. This nurse Lynne looks at me and says “all your tests look good so I don’t know what to tell you unless you want me to make something up!” (Tests being a urine screening and ultrasound that’s it!) When I responded with “obviously I don’t want you to make something up I just want some understanding of why a X-ray was not done” she replied by saying “fine if you want me to say it’s a kidney stone I’ll say it’s a kidney stone but it’s not!” I then said you don’t have to be rude and I would like to speak with your charge nurse she starts walking out the room and turns to me and says “I’m glad you’re unhappy!” I can not even fathom that Augusta Health would employ someone in the ER that does not understand chronic conditions like chronic pancreatitis and chronic kidney disease in the first place let alone be ok with a nurse treating a patient in that way for no reason. I am SICK AND TIRED of being treated this way every time I need to go to the ER. Augusta Health please please please start thinking about your patients that have very well documented chronic illnesses and how we are all treated while seeking care at your facility. If patient care isn’t at the top of the list why are you even open??? I should never have been treated in that manner and I should not have to drive 45 minutes to Charlottesville to get the care I deserve!! UVA always sees exactly what you guys miss. Every time I’m dismissed at Augusta Health I go to UVA where I get excellent care and the answers I was looking for. I have an appointment scheduled with my urologist Wednesday and I would bet every dollar I have that they will find the kidney stone with the X-ray that I requested at Augusta Health but was refused!!

Ki Park

My daughter had a ski accident so I took her here just few hours ago. Unlike the emergencies I've heard of others where they have to wait an hour or two unless its life threatening, here there was no wait. I signed her in, got to see the doctors right away, took x-ray and found her leg bone is broken. They got her splint, showed and helped her with using clutches. And there were barely any waits in between. The doctors were very nice, everything went so smooth and quickly that we were so happy that we came here. Thank you to all those that helped us at the hospital!

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