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REVIEWS OF Green Mountain Animal Hospital IN Vermont

Evan B

The staff are friendly enough, but this is not a vet I would recommend to anyone. I have a senior cat that I adopted a few years ago that deals with chronic upper respiratory issues, here's a recap of my various experiences: 1) After moving to Vermont, I brought my cat into GMAH for a check up and to see if they might have any novel ideas for addressing his respiratory issues. The vet I met was a gentleman who really couldn't have seemed to care less about my cat. He came in, did a basic examination, issued some meds and told me to get some Lysine treats for my cat. All in all, a worthless visit. 2) My cats congestive issues were acting up and he needed to go to the vet again, so I brought him back to this vet and had requested to see a different veterinarian. While this vet was nice enough, all she did was take some x-rays and then tell me that wasn't enough information and I should take him to the emergency vet where they have the equipment to run additional tests and see a specialist. So, I basically dropped $500 to get told to go see a specialist and they couldn't do much. 3) After getting a job offer in the Netherlands, I needed to arrange the paperwork for my cat's international travel. This consists of some paperwork that proves he has a microchip and an up to date rabies vaccination. GMAH has two accredited vets and one of those vets happens to be from the Netherlands, so I thought that could be a great option. Upon calling to schedule the appointment to bring my cat in, they initially had told me that they would only deal with clients who go through a pet travel agent... Of course, pet travel agents are absurdly expensive and also are not required in any way if you follow the instructions that are provided by the USDA (it's not rocket science). I was able to convince them to let me bring my cat in without going through a pet travel agent and thought everything would go smoothly from there. To my dismay, during the vet appointment, the accredited vet who was suppose to sign off on the paperwork to verify that my cat has the proper vaccinations/microchip, decided that she wasn't going to sign the paperwork because she was concerned about my cat's breathing problems. To be fair to the vet, sure I can understand that my cat's respiratory issues can be concerning. However, that was not the purpose of my visit and was not a valid reason for the vet to not want to sign off on the paperwork. So, the vet proceeds to tell me that she will only sign off on my cat's health certificate after his respiratory issues got better. I tried to explain to the vet that was a very unlikely scenario and that his respiratory issues have been more or less static over the past 6-10 months, so he isn't getting any worse. Moreover, if I were unable to get the travel documents sorted out before leaving, I would either a) have to give my cat to a shelter (he's 13 years old and sick - nobody is going to take him) or b) put him down. The vet dropped a $500 estimate in my lap for new x-rays (they had taken x-rays at my last visit, but wanted new ones) and that would have been for just the tests, not the treatment and there was no guarantee as to whether or not any difference would be made. So, I left and rescheduled with Orchard Veterinary Hospital to try and get my travel documents sorted out at a different vet. The staff at Orchard commended me on how prepared I was with all of the travel documentation and didn't hesitate to sign my cat's health certificate. I should have taken my cat there for other visits as well.

Frank Mamo

Objective review to help prospective patients: First visit: my wife and I took our 8 week old puppy here for her initial vet visit. I told the receptionist my puppy’s birthday, that I was coming in for an initial health exam, and that the pup wasn’t due for her next round of vaccines for another two weeks. I told the same information directly to the vet, during the first few minutes of our visit. The vet ignored me. As soon as I was finished talking, she took out a syringe. Before she could administer the shot, my wife asked, “What’s that for?” “Her distemper.” “Are you sure she is due for her distemper?” we asked. Recognizing that the vet is the trained professional in the room. “Yes, she’s ready. She’s 14 weeks old.” “Um... no, she’s 8 weeks old.” The vet left the room and returned a few minutes later — they confused her for a completely different dog on a completely different vaccine schedule. Second visit: thinking administrative mistakes can happen, this vet is in a convenient location, let’s give them another chance. We go back two weeks later to get our pup’s distemper and leptospirosis vaccines. In the patient room, the vet asks us how the pup is doing and checks her vitals. She then gets out two syringes, which makes sense because we are here to get two vaccines. She administers the shots. Later, when we get to the front desk the receptionist hands us a packet, “you’re all set, here are your rabies tags.” My wife and I look at each other. “Her what?” “Her rabies tags, they go on her collar” she lets us know as if we didn’t know what dog tags were. “She didn’t get a rabies vaccine. She got distemper and leptospirosis,” I told her. The receptionist gets on the phone with the vet, the tone of her voice gets lower, she hangs up and says, “I’ll be right back.” She came back and let us know that the vet accidentally gave her a rabies shot. The vet accidentally gave our dog a shot that our dog wasn’t supposed to get for several more weeks. After asking to speak with the vet, she came out 10 minutes later and told us that she wouldn’t charge for the rabies vaccine. That is, she wouldn’t charge us for something that our dog wasn’t supposed to get. She also said she could still administer the leptospirosis vaccine that day, despite previously telling us all of the risks of administering too many vaccines at once. We passed. Now we have to re-administer the rabies shot to be compliant with Vermont law. We also have push back our entire vaccine schedule to ensure we aren’t over-vaccinating in single visits. I would not recommend this vet.

Scotti Day

I love bringing my dog and cat here. The staff are all super friendly and knowledgable!

Elizabeth Plouffe

Able to get a last minute appointment for my cat today! Staff is very knowledgeable and it is very apparent they care about the animals they treat. Thanks GMAH!

Brian Hanbridge

With over 10 years of service from Green Mt. Animal my wife and I can't thank the staff enough for their professional and good treatment of our pets through the years, especially from Dr. Kerry. We recently lost our 9 year adopted cat from a long term illness. The staff did not suggest thousands of dollars of needless tests & surgery. They did though treat us with respect and kindness during our loss. Please consider adoption of a cat, dog or other animal from your local humane society or shelter. The joy a family pet with bring you & your family is endless. Brian & Julie Hanbridge South Burlington, VT.

MM Park

Great experience and lovely doctors and staff!

Joyanne Redington

I have been coming here pretty much since I have moved to Vermont from NYC in 2013. I was nervous changing Vets as I personally worked for the Vet in NYC that took care of my furry kids. They were( and still are) the best hospital around. Not only did they take the time to talk to me , but also consult with my former boss about what was going on with one of my kitties. I have 4 cats now, and had 2 pass on that were elderly and they have treated me and my furry family with nothing more than love and respect. I will not go anywhere else.

robert adams

This place is a money driven practice! We had a cat there twice for urine problems. We never got a call back when we couldn't get the pills in to the cat!!. A couple of weeks went by and we had a really sick cat. They were very helpful of taking our savings account at this point. Stay away from this vet.

Samantha Williams

The entire team is smart, caring and sensitive (our story had the ending you never want). I will not bring my cats anywhere else.

Connie Coleman

We have been taking our pets to Green Mountain for over 17 years. This is an incredible group of knowledgeable folks and animal lovers. It's good to remember that with any relationship, there is bound to be a bump or two in the road. After 17 years we did have one that gave us the chance to have new appreciation for GMAH. We have had many positive experiences with GMAH with the exception of a very rough post-surgical experience with our dog last year. Our dog is a sensitive, young, rescue dog. She (and we) did not cope well after a surgery that was recommended for curing repetitive UTIs. I was ready to leave the practice. However, in the end, the surgery was very successful in its mission to stop UTI infections (yes!) and the incredible folks at Green Mt. came to our rescue once they knew that we were having a negative experience. Our challenge was that we didn't know what to expect after the recent surgery and the post-op care instructions from the surgeon and GMAH were lacking information and follow-up (for our needs). It was really tough. In desperation, I decided to let the hospital vet and manager know our circumstance and share that we really needed way more information & support than we were receiving. Our pup's surgeon, Dr. Murray (and the entire staff), came through for us with 5 star support once they knew that we were struggling so much. It was very clear that they felt terrible that we had such a negative experience. The entire staff supported us in the way that we needed in order to get through a very difficult healing time for our poor and sensitive puppy. I received many calls to check in on our dog from Dr Murray and other staff members. It's important to reminder to share any concerns and needs along the way. This must be a complicated line of work to deal with pet owners and with the pets themselves. Our dog continues to need support for her emotional health and they are right there for us. It's not always an easy fix as our pets can't tell us exactly what is bothering them and we do have to try different modes of treatment. I am made aware of costs for my pets' treatments before we accept any plans and I am often given multiple options in order to fit my budget. Again, it helps to communicate your needs so that they can help you. GMAH and Dr Murray are kind, compassionate, highly skilled, and some of the best folks in their field. I'm very happy to continue to be part of their practice.

Willow Holden

We took both our cats to GMAH for years and, suddenly, they got really bad. One vet prescribed antibiotics for feline herpes repeatedly (I trusted her and didn't think to double check), thus we spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars for no reason at all. They also prescribed a special diet for our other cat that was, again, unnecessary. I would not recommend this vet to anyone.

Fran Johnston

Disgusted to see negative reviews here. I have never had anything but exceptional care and service from all the staff and doctors for my animals over the 40 years we have been going there

Trish Flowers

Christine LaVallee

These people are so very caring! We have been going to Green Mountain Animal Hospital for the last 30 years, couldn't ask for better people! ❤

Samuel Coleman

The people here are very nice but the prices for a very typical yearly exam were so astronomical that I will never go back to this veterinarian clinic. To charge as much as they do for annual boosters, but then to charge another $70 for a "wellness exam" and then another $100 to examine a bug bite on my dog's face that took all of 2 minutes. Absolutely ridiculous to pay $350 for an annual exam and some very run of the mill meds for my pooch.


Our 10-year-old pug required surgery and dental work, complicated by the fact that we had limited time in the area. The staff and went above and beyond to provide Rosie with great care. They were helpful, friendly and significantly eased what could have been a stressful situation.

Zack Wyman

Caring, supportive, friendly and always willing to find a way to make your pets feel better.

Dave Gerns

nice affordable care. Friendly staff.

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