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REVIEWS OF CVPH - Part of the UVM Health Network IN Vermont

Alycia Piotrowski

Spent my morning in the ER with gallbladder pain. All of the staff was wonderful. I was seen quickly and had all the necessary tests done.

Zachary Hinds

this place is a joke. they treat their staff like crap. and their patients like a number. the employees are great but people who run it only care about your money. unless im dying im going ANYWHERE else.!

Jane Zanchelli

The staff

SiSsY Kill-burn

Google has the wrong number on here.. the secretary to this place will cut you off mid sentence to tell you this in an annoyed voice.

LaMarco James

They almost killed my daughter last year. Then let me go after I was back an forth to the ICU. The most coldest group ever. God bless yall individuals

Naomiy belgium ldnlamieenana

Have doctor burns , to delivery , very not gentle practitioner , my contraction hurts very mich wich contracts my muscles , but doctor does a very intrusively brutal cervix check wich is not suitable for the soon to be mother due to efforts of her body already. Poor knowledge of tenderness and mistaken a condition to another . Now Dr has to be very careful since they are taking care of people lives

Mariam Alaoui

I don’t know why all the negative comments, it was my first time at the hospital emergency and all the staff was very nice and respectful...very busy hospital.

Bonesteel Marcy

Cody N Athena Yelle

Ruth Butcher

last night on 3/22/16 the worst night i ever had at CVPH Plattsburgh i waited in pain for two hours in pain that was beyond a 10 just to race to another Hospital for care after having a really rude nurse who told me i shouldn't have waited so long to come in are you kidding me yeah 1 minus on that star shut this hospital down

Emily Bell

Heather Diaz

Hit and miss with the care you get. Can't say I have had all bad experiences but have definitely had a couple. But I have also been and had excellent care, depends on the staff.

Mergim Demhasaj

The most disrespectful laid back emergency room I've ever been to. Emergency situation, got blood taken and haven't been seen or checked on for 4 hours, was not hooked up to vitals and there was a potential blood clot, what type of circus show are they running here!?

Stacey Grant

Courtesy, caring, and understanding of the patient

Kevin McGee

Worst place for getting healthcare. Nurses are great but doctors totally incompetent. AVOID CVPH!

Chris Turner

This is for the records department I hope you do not need your medical records for a life-or-death situation I have requested my medical records so that I can retire from the US Military over 30 days ago and still have not received them which is hindering my retirement. I do not understand why it takes more than 30 days to get a person's medical records with today's technology and I don't understand why it takes more than 30 days for One hospital to send another hospital a person's medical records if this was life or death I could be dead they do not care about patience past or current.

Sydney Haley

I try to never go there, based upon a number of unsatisfactory experiences with the place and the staff. UVM Medical Center in Burlington, on the other hand is top shelf in all regards.

Helena Labarge

Great Food

Amy Taylor

This last past week my Mother in law was transferred to CVPH, and we couldn't be any happier with the care she was given there. She was brought into the ICU and the nursing staff was the best ever. I know I will forget names but I hope everyone knows how much our family thank you for your care that you gave our mother. Nurse Amy K in ICU was the main nurse she took our mother under her wing and made the difference with her! Thank you is just not enough to say!

Edwin Reyes Sr

When they send you to another hospital cause they are clueless in some fields... never mind no restrooms have changing table for infants or toddlers. Gotta change em on the floor. I don't know where the last person stepped...

Rizzoo Rippling

I have really no words . I wouldn't give this one star if it didn't force me to . The er is a dangerous place the lake chaplain obgyn is dangerous THEY LOST RECORDS AND WITH VITAL INFORMATION INSIDE . Avoid this place all together. Had a blood clot in my lung , my primary called in advance to the er I was on my way via ambulance. That was at 130 pm , 8pm I was discharging myself I went to Burlington. thank God I made that choice . They also broke the hippa law in the family room , BY READING MY CHART OUT LOUD FOR EVERYONE TO HEAR THAT HAD NO BUSINESS KNOWING ANYTHING ABOUT ME. CVPH IS A DISASTROUS PLACE PLEASE DO NOT GO THERE FOR ANYTHING. I'm surprised they are still in business. LAKE CHAMPLIAN OBGYN IS ALSO DANGEROUS, THE FRONT DESK SECRETARY'S ARE A JOKE , THEY CAN'T SCHEDULE TO SAVE THEIR LIVES . ALSO THEY ARE RUDE AND NOT JUST A SLIDE TYPE, BUT DOWN RIGHT RUDE UNEDUCATED IDIOTS . THE BLONDE SECRETARY IS THE ONLY WHO CARES , DR HAMMEL IS A GOOD DR , BUT ONE GOOD DR IS NOT ENOUGH TO SURPASS THE REST OF THE UN PROFESSIONALS. I've lived all over the country and never seen such a dangerous hospital. I will be reporting this hospital to the, new York state medical board. They need baby sitters . UPDATE June 21 2016 ,, my brother in law fell if a roof and went to cvph . Cvph had givin him an x-ray of his knee they said all was ok besides a very bad knee sprain. They most of not looked close enough because his knee was broken. His primary instructed him never to go to cvph in plattsburgh again.

Derick Niles

I went to the emergency room because I was exposed to diesel fuel. I had a severe headache they did virtually nothing to help me. Put my clothes back on and I walked out. Mr hartung was especially not helpful. I left with a severe headache. I would not recommend this hospital.

Terry Frary

Hello my name is Terry Frary and my wife had surgery in this hospital August 8th ,2016. Her Doctor was Dane Larson. A very kind and generous compassionate man. Easy to talk to and you can see he listens and replies using words instead of a nonchalant nod or elusive smile. We met Diane, Sally , Mary , Laura, Linda, Tara , and the anesthesiologist with a beautiful accent and wide brown expressive yes and gentle demeanor . There was a Jason who was the brightest light as far as making a person laugh and relax and forget about themselves. [ coffee Jason ] Everyone played an instrumental part in my wife's comfort as well as our family and friends.. My wife could not stop talking about the main entrance where she listened to a woman playing the piano and what a lovely woman she is and how marvelously she played. Next she raved about how spotless the bathrooms are and how the floors are so neat and also went on to say how there was no dirt build up in the corners or along the floor and wall line on the bottom . She sees everything . She marveled at the cleanliness of the rooms and the OR and ER and Blood Labs She could not believe how CLEAN and SO PROFESSIONAL it was . She immediately felt welcomed and safe in such a clean environment .. The cafeteria was also so very clean .. We only wish more hospitals and restaurants would take notice of EXCELLENCE and PROFESSIONALISM and follow this example. When an establishment cares this much then you know automatically that you are in the right place ... BTW her surgery went well as expected and she required no pain meds nor a script to go . She was in surgery for one hour and one half and still the Dr was gentle enough where again she required not one single pain shot or pill ........ I cannot stop hearing my wife say again and again that PROFESSIONALISM LIES IN PLATTSBURGH and my whole family thank you all for not even the smallest detail is insignificant in maintaining EXCELLENCE and PROFESSIONALISM !!

George McChesney

I was refused blood work by Anthony J Dowidowicz after reporting severe chest pain cause by the car accident I was in an hour before arriving.

Half Sack

Place sucks. Horrible place to go. I’d rather stitch myself up instead of having to wait all day.

Jane Book

I visited the c.v.p.h. emergency room on 5/2/2016 , the staff was very efficient on collecting insurance information ,but. that is where the good service ended . I cannot imagine where they dug up the nit-wit "Doctor" who provided my care ,if one could call it that,on the other hand the nursing staff provided very good care considering how grossly understaffed they are.for whatever reason there was a women in a bright red short dress and heels who strongly resembled a two dollar hooker constantly roving through the E.R. I cannot imagine what her function was and was unable to get a look at her name tag to discern her post. So if God forbid you should fall ill ,try to make it to Burlington or Boston if you are seeking Medical attention AVOID C.V.P.H. AT ALL COST

Joel Dinovo

I have lived in alot of places been in many ers and admited to many hospitals. Since I moved up here in 2008 I have heard so many people bad mouth this hospital. But every time I have needed the er had to stay get a procedure done, CVPH has provided me with great care 99.9% of the staff from Dr.'s, nurses, to even registration, and the people who volunteer are great. I have watched this hospital in the 11 years here update and grow and provide a quality of service that other areas of the same size who have even bigger fancier looking hospitals, can not even begin to compare with CVPH.

Tatum Szalay

i’ve been in the emergency room for 2 hours and have gotten no attention. i haven’t even gotten my vitals checked. i may have appendicitis but no one would know BECAUSE no one has checked

Carissa lapier

I'm giving them a 4 stars cause when I went there for 2 infections in my colon and bowel track, they saved my life. I almost died a few times and cause of the doctors and nurses I'm still alive. I dont like the service in the emergency room though. I understand that they are busy with other patients who are in need of more care but dont make people wait like 6 hours to get care.

Puneet Bhalla

Jeff Lathrop

Nadeem Maken

Worst ER I have ever seen in my life .

marcelo garza

Understaffed and by far the worst medical attention one could possibly recieve.

Jennifer Mongold

If the ability to not give any stars were an option, that is exactly what I would give the Emergency Unit of this hospital. My Mom went in after a face first fall on a concrete sidewalk. The ER doctor took x-rays and confirmed that she had broken her jaw in 2 places and needed stiches. They then told her that due to the nature of the breaks there was nothing further they could do and that she would need to heal on her own, but they recommended she see the plastic surgeon on Monday. What a HUGE disappointment she had when the plastic surgeon informed her 3 DAYS later that she should have been admitted for immediate surgery. As a result of her injuries, said he had to have 2 plates and 26 screws inserted into her jaw to begin the healing process as well as have her jaw wired shut for three weeks. I am not from that area (I live out of state), but if I were on my death bed, I would STILL request to be transferred to Burlington or Albany for treatment.



Hopefully readers don’t ignore this, but the service at this hospital is the worst I’ve ever seen. I’ve been to hospitals in developing countries and the service is thrice better than that at CVPH, which obviously, is in one of the biggest nations of the world. With the resources we have, you’d expect a better service. Also, there was a doctor that looked so disgusted upon dealing with my friend, maybe because she is a minority or maybe just because he’s disgusted to deal with sick people, in which case he should probably find a new job, maybe one that doesn’t deal with others sickness or health. I respect all of the nurses and staff for the work they do, but the service provided is repulsive.

Degrassi Murphy

WORST HOSPITAL EXPERIENCE EVER. I was admitted into the mental health unit due to personal issues and it was horrible. On the 1st day while I was waiting in the ER my doctor for the day was extremely rude, unprofessional, and consistently gave me an attitude throughout the day. Once I was in the mental health unit it was horrible. The bed I was given to sleep on was literally a gym mat with a small blanket for comfort. i was personally attacked by other patients for being gay and i had to see the worst doctor i have ever met in my life Dr. Kouns who accused me of having autism and so many personality disorders such an antisocial personal disorder and of being a loner and I have not been the same socially since thanks to Dr. Kouns. This hospital does WAY more bad than good

nancy schubart

Wonderful staff, good food. That's all you need

wyatt bechard

Worst service any hospital ive ever been in has had.

Taylor Cowles

For a smaller hospital it's okay. For big emergencies or for surgical procedures I would recommend Vermont

Charles Strickland

Tammy Blake

Timmy Weeds

I had to bring my dad because he is having chest pain I went in the er an asked for help to get him out of the car. After trying for several minutes I went back in an yet still no help. Finally a female nurse came out to help she dragged my dad out of my car yelling that it's not her job. Then as she was pushing the wheel chair inside she was arguing with my little brother she slammed him into the wall causing him to b in even more pain. I'm calling a lawyer an demanding that the cameras are watched!!

Gabriel Gaylor

they fixed my shoulder

Cheryl Christian

Wonderful care

Janet Pattison

CVPH would get a minus 10 if it was an option. They don't deserve a 1 . Incompetent staff,. The details of abuse at this hospital can't be mentioned here. Go to VT instead. This place is the absolute worst for patient advocacy and care.

Kerri McCann

For the reasons that I've had to go to cvph they've been great and being an asthmatic I appreciate them leaning on the side of caution. It's not my favorite place or where is pick if I had a choice but they are better than some and at least you aren't left in the waiting room for 3 hours with an asthma attack. The doctors offices that are connected to cvph that I've gone to have been pretty good

Alexander O

Great hospital! Thanks!

Richard Vagge

Good Service Professional Staff Ok it's not NYU

Magaline Jeffries

She is the best hand surgeon around at least that's the word of mouth. Never had hand surgery but the injections and hand therapy on both my hands has made a big difference in the pain level as well as use of my hands. She is very polite and knows what she is doing. I always check out credentials as well as the word of mouth on any provider. Some I would never go back too but some are very good at their speciality. Dr. Matarese is one of the finer specialist.

Adam Light


Raymond Stiffler


It's not good, but it's your only hope.

Therrien Fox

The staff is not friendly or helpful the wait time is nuts the doc on night shift dont care ABOUT people

Jay mall

Better not be a black man with a white girlfriend because they assume Ur a woman beater

Sam Urbôn

This place has a bad reputation in Plattsvegas. If you have anything more serious than a broken ankle I'd recommend Fletcher Allen

Stephanie Blanchard

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