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mama of girls

This hospital almost got my 2 1/2 year old daughter killed! They refused to listen to me, I knew something was seriously wrong with her... Three times I had to go back because of her breathing. On the third time when they saw how lethargic she was an her breathing they finally made a smart decision an shipped us to uvm. I almost lost my daughter on the way there! She turned blue, she wasn't responding at uvm she ended up in picu because of this place not listening to me. Something needs to be done about this hospital. I can't begin to explain how angry I feel towards this hospital. Never again, Never again.

Cortny Ann

Surgery runs like clockwork. Everyone is competent and compassionate. All Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) for anesthesia and they are extremely professional and knowledgeable. Small town friendliness with big city technology and competency.

craig prim

copley is the worst hospital ive ever been in. here is a person that is disabled that walks into the hospital for help to only be looked at and judged before they can even talk.. i am from another state in town for a family member that is on there death bed and ended up having to stay a bit longer and ran out of meds and needed more because my pcp could not send what i needed to another state so i was told to go to hospital if i was in that much pain to only be told to go back were you came from if you need help. ive never seen a doc look at you and tell you to back to where you came from if you need help with pain. basicly i was a drug head and needed my fix. how does a doc tell you that with out knowing your history. i will never ever step foot nor my family or friends into that hospital again and to think i had a child born in there 11 years ago

Kerry Kunisch

I went to Copley on Sunday Aug. son was sick and we didn't know the problem. Dr. Nigro was there, him and the nurses were amazing and helped us out as much as they could. We did have to take him to Fletcher Allen by ambulance, but I felt comfortable with the care my son was getting and what they knew he needed. We are from out of town and really felt at ease with their care. Thank you so much for your help and care. My son is doing great and is back to his self! :)

Sam Bushee

Dr. Macy and all the medical staff were wonderful when I needed surgery for my shoulder. Best experience at a hospital.

Renee Adler

Although I cannot fault my interaction with the orthopaedic doctor, physical therapy was an utter low. Lots of yatta yatta, ignoring the instructions of the doctor and no work, no hands. Resentful that they bill my insurance direct, as it was a rip off. I wouldn't recommend seeking attention at the PT facility attached to Copley ever, at all. Other interactions at this facility have been quite acceptable.

lolly arena

Unprofessional as far as doctors go

Kristal Rogers

Kandie Williams

I brought my daughter in around 3AM with a fever of 104 when we left the house this was 1.5 hours after I gave her Motrin and about a 1/2 hour after a cool bath. I get her there Triage comes out fever of 105. The nurses on that shift were working at an urgent pace. Very nice very friendly. But then shift change happened. The nerve of this nurse who took over to ask me WHY I brought her into the ER rather than treating at home....... I had no words. none. I was so angry. I will never bring her there again. I will drive the hour to Burlington. Someone who has to ask such a moronic question probably chose the wrong career path. Then when I brought her to her PCP for follow up he suggested I call PCP first then go to Burlington. That's right local PCPs do not trust this hospital. Let that sink in.

Metvyn Eperstein

I was on time for my appointment. Unfortunately the physician was an hour-and-a-half late. No one bothered to tell us it would be late, how long it might be, nothing. Not even sorry when the nursing staff finally came to get me. When I asked why they were so late, I was shushed. Apparently they didn't want other patients to know. Can you imagine if a patient showed up a half-hour late, much less 1 1/2 hours late, and didn't bother to notify the hospital? Very unprofessional and lacking patient care interest.

Rachael Johnson

I have never had a positive experience at Copley. I've unfortunately had to go in atleast 5 times in the last few months, only because there are no other hospitals around. I waited in line today for some bloodwork for almost an hour just to be told that they would not draw it today. Would not recommend to anyone else.

Jason B

I went to copley to get blood work done. thats it. I showed up, they take my insurance at the emergency care desk and told me to go to the lab and informed me that the phlebotomist was already there. He wasn’t lol. Sat around for about 30 minutes even though I was early to my appointment. Went back to the desk and informed her and SHE DIDN'T BELIEVE ME. Does she think im going to lie about my well being? Then she called him and He was in the back room of the lab the whole time. At this point I was at the hospital for an hour for something that takes 10 minutes. I left saying whatever because I’m not like that. BUT, about 2 months later I just got home from college and found a letter saying they’re charging me $230 when they said my STATE insurance would cover it. My doctor called in the blood work, basic lab services costing $230?!?! had to wait an hour to be seen for 10 minutes?!? by far the worst hospital I have ever been to. If I am medically in danger I will gladly risk my life to drive the extra 45 mins to a better hospital.

Mysharia Morey

Went to this hospital for the First time with Really Bad Anxiety and the Doctor told me there was no treatment for that...? He made me feel like i was a drug addict just for asking for help. Never will go back to this Hospital!

Sharese Leggett

Melinda Smith

Sara Schindel

ER for the flu 4/17/15. Was refused any prescription to ease the coughing even though I wasn't sleeping and had broken a rib from coughing. I did get a chest xray for pneumonia even though I'd had a pneumonia vaccination. Had a MRI just because the doctor saw a mass above my heart that turned out to be a "fatty mass". Hope they get their MRI machine paid for soon. Did I mention that I'm 65 years old?

Anderson Spratt

All they do is use the Google and they still get the diagnosis wrong

Terry Forkey

The very best!

Jennifer Clark

Megan M

The absolute worst hospital experience I have ever had. The only person who was nice was my nurse. But here is why I will never appreciate this hospital... 1. When I was severely ill, to the point of going in and out of consciousness in my dorm lobby, I asked the paramedic between exasperated breaths why he allowed so many people to just stand in the lobby and watch me. He replied, "because nothing this exciting ever happens at Johnson!" What I really meant was...get everyone out! 2. One nice paramedic said "She may need oxygen" (I was not breathing normally at all and very much needed oxygen) and the same paramedic as talked about in #1 said "Nah, she doesn't need it. Why would she need oxygen she's fine..." ***Note: I do NOT exaggerate sickness. I would have given anything to avoid the hospital, but I actually begged for an ambulance because I was so ill-I know what I did and did not need but clearly this paramedic didn't care. 3. After many hours of battling a severe flu that led to 3 1/2 I.V.'s, the inability to walk & eat or drink anything and utter exhaustion, at around 2 a.m. I asked my roommate to please ask the doctor to lower my bed so I could rest just for a half hour or so before I go home. (I had to be taken to the car in a wheelchair because I was so weak). I heard her ask Dr. Nigro from behind the curtain, and his response to her was; "No, your friend needs to go back to school. This isn't a babysitting service." Then he pulled back the curtain and said, "Miss, if this hospital gets busy tonight, we're going to have to ignore you. Just go home, get somebody to pick you up." Now, you have GOT to be kidding me! I was their PATIENT. They saw, and others saw the severity of my illness. It was the middle of winter in Morrisville, VT...if the whole population of Morrisville and Johnson combined ended up in that hospital that night, it still wouldn't be busy. I was the only emergency room patient there.

Michelle Audet

Horrible experience and I'm professional doctors

Karma Dancer

Excellent care every step of my total knee replacement. Staff are positive, kind, compassionate. Wonderfully knowledgeable and skilled. Good education and communication. Very pleasant experience for me. Thank you to all who cared for me. Grateful for the wonderful care.

Mara Kunst

Seen in ER last night for a crush injury to my pinky while vacationing in VT. Myself an MD, I was impressed by the organization, professionalism and attentiveness of the staff. Lisa Black, PA and nurse Mary were exceptional.

Zachary Hale

I was born here!!!!

Evelyn Mackey

When visiting a friend in Vermont I needed ER services. I'd give the Copley staff 5 stars for being friendly and kind, somewhat less for the level of professional care, but my experience since leaving has been extremely disappointing. I received a bill and paid it promptly, then learned that I had been over-billed as Copley had also been reimbursed by my insurance company for part of what I had paid. I have been trying to get reimbursed for the last 6 months without success. Every time I call, I am told it is in processing and I should give it another month. I get the same story when I call a month later. For the last 3 months, I have been told it "has gone to accounting" and my reimbursement should be coming soon. When I called today, I was told it just went to accounting 2 days ago. I'm sure the billing and accounting people are busy, but this is ridiculous.

Adam Ford

Kathleen James

Avoid at all costs. They will not run proper tests and will do their best to get you and in and out as quickly as possible. If there is something seriously wrong, do your best to get to UVM, particularly if you are giving birth as there is no NICU in case of complications.

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Dennis Kurlinski

Marcia Donnelly

Due to a skiing accident, I was taken to emerg at Copley Hospital on January 18th, 2015. I want to thank the ambulance attendants for their care and professionalism. I especially want to send a "bouquet" to "Mean Mary", the nurse assigned to me in emergency. Mary, you were an angel, and you should be called "Merciful Mary"! Your sense of humour, your thoughtfulness of and empathy for my pain made all the difference for me. You helped me keep focused through those few hours and gave me some hope. You continued to try different ways to make me comfortable, and for that I am very grateful! May God bless you as you serve the sick at Copley Hospital. PS. I'm still in bed and hope to sense some progress soon. Marcia Donnelly :-)


Barry Tricker

I had a full knee replacement. The Staff was excellent. Nurses, were responsive and polite. Very positive experience!

Kathleen Menard

The emergency room doctors were through, diligent and caring. Once admitted I had wonderful care. Very professional staff who responded almost immediately whenever I needed anything. I truly felt like I was an important patient. Can't say enough good things about them.

slc crayzis

1. I visited the E.R in 2015 late at night. They were unable to ultrasound my Gall bladder because they didnt have anyone. So I paid the E.R. co pay Wound up going to another DR. and found out that my Gall bladder needed to come out...2018 I had a procedure there, and I have been making small payments on my bill because that is all I can do right now. So they turned me into collections. I was told today that they sent me to collections because I didn't set it up w. them. Well I tried, but they want 50.00 a mo for each bill and I cant do that. They refused to set up my payment plant because I wanted to pay less than $50 a month...So I sent in check payments ..At least I am trying to pay off the two bills...I will pay these billss off and I will NEVER visit this hospital ever again. I've always been able to make affordable payments to other dr's and hospitals..Never heard of such a thing! Thanks copley for turning me into collections..I will not recommend your hospital to anyone.

Barbara Sager

Dr. Gagnon and every single one of ththe emergency room staff and X-ray staff were professional, caring and medically excellent.

Craig Piazza

To this point, my personal experience has been wonderful. I had meniscus surgery and most all the staff was very delightful. I felt well cared for and Dr. Aros was good to me. Dr Aros took the time to answer my questions and made me feel comfortable - not rushed. It was hard getting in to the office at first, but once resolved, we moved forward and I am grateful for the overall care.

Mohan Etikela

I had been admitted to ER and underwent a surgical procedure. Words can't be expressed for the care I received in ER, surgery and post care. Doctors, nurses and aides... everyone excellent... made me feel that I am at home and not at hospital...

Allan Rotlewicz

Great ER staff and doctors. While this is not where you plan on spending your vacation, we had a mishap and ended up in the ER for several hours. The staff was polite, helpful, and informative. The doctor was on top of treatment, explained the care options, and spent time with us to understand what was happening and what the plan was.

Haylea Daniels

I like it because you can go when YOU ARE sick

Maggie Worboys

The only reason I am alive is because the nurses, doctors and techs in the ER saved my life- PERIOD. On the night of 2/07/2013 I suffered a brain aneurysm - they acted so rapidly, efficiently, professionally and correctly that I survived and they sent me to UVM MEDICAL CENTER in Burlington where I spent the next 48 days fighting for my life. Without the team at COPLEY ER- I never would have had the chance to fight for my life. I owe every person on duty that cold winter night my deepest and fondest admiration, respect and above all Love. Please know staff of Copley ER that my entire family holds you all directly responsible for making all the right medical decisions that saved my life. God Bless You All and know in your hearts that on 2/07/2013 you saved the life of Maggie Worboys! Be proud and hold your heads high because never has my life been more valued then the night you saved it

Constanza Bianchi

Susan Jennerwein

I was seen in the ER while on vacation during the summer. I was very ill and was admitted to stabilize my condition so that I could return home to my local hospital. The care I received while in the ER and as an inpatient was excellent. The staff was very kind and I was treated quite appropriately.

Angela Kehler

Patrick White

Clearly just another "hospital" that cares more about it's money than it's patients. Update: Copley hospital is so petty, uncaring, and selfish they're actually making me take them to court over 85 bucks. Smh keep up the great work.

Hester L. Fuller

Super staff. Great with seniors, esp. We are lucky to have youhere.

Samantha Bevis

I went to Copley after a ski accident ...... it was the only place around. I am there for a total of 15 mins, they give me an xray for my knee to ensure it wasn't broken (which I already knew it wasn't, it was obviously a ligament issue ). It was not broken they then wrapped my leg and gave me crutches and told me to get motrin and tylenol for the pain and to follow up with a dr. Turns out I had completely torn my ACL and had a high degree sprain of my lcl. They never gave me a prescription for pain medication or a prescription for an MRI. My bill for my visit was $750, which is outrageous since they didnt di anything for me. I had to still go to another dr get pain pill and an MRI prescription. They are in a ski town and should do a better job at treating ski patients and not focus on jacking up the patients bill. Absolutely horrible.

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