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REVIEWS OF Central Vermont Medical Center IN Vermont

Mia M Boudreau

The place is very helpful when in need of being hurt they will be there to help you at all times 24/7 it is in ER that's what they're there for they're great staff and they will help any issues that you may have health wise.....

James Batchelder

Always a wait and staff can be rude

Caroline J Plamondon

Awesome staff.We were in the ER after a significant car crash. From the reception, the nurses, radiology and other techs as well as the doctor, all were outstanding. They were all genuinely caring and compassionate.

Steven Sharkey

The emergency room is a joke went in there for spitting up blood and they tell me it’s not even a mild problem when I can’t breathe or do any physical activity such a joke reason why I’m moving back to my home state where they have sane doctors

Jill Pruitt

I love the care I have received any time I have to visit the hospital, but I'm giving it a one star review because of the billing department. I have had the same insurance for several years, yet somehow when I get bills (that I shouldn't be getting) they NEVER have the correct info, and we have to go through and update it literally every time I call to see why my insurance isn't being billed. They have billed my son because they "didn't realize he had Medicaid as a secondary insurance" even though it was listed when they looked it up, and then tried to get me to pay anyway because it was past the 6 months they have to bill Medicaid even though I had literally just received the bill in the mail (no calls because I had a balance due, no other bills through the mail, just the one they should have billed 6 months prior when he actually received the services.) They often send my husband past due bills for a person that shares his name (but not his birthday or social). For the love of God, hire some competent people to work in your billing department!!! Everything else would get five stars, and I almost never write reviews, but I've been putting up with this for years and I'm tired of fixing billing's mistakes over and over!

Kaitlyn Stone

I had surgery on my foot 8/21/18. The surgical staff was amazing. Shout out to Dr. Watson, my RN Katy in recovery, and my surgeon Ciara Hollister. Thank you all for being so awesome! Katy, if you're reading this, you were so supportive and I really felt comfortable with you as my nurse while in recovery. No complaints at all from me! You did a great job, and I can tell you really care for your patients. I am very grateful to have had such wonderful staff for my operation.

Nicole Boothby

Caitlin Niland

Graham Willett

Andrew Opulauoho

By far the worst hospital I have ever been to. Unknowledgeable staff. I have never in my life been an abuser of narcotics, and to be treated like you are seeking drugs when you never even asked for any is rude. I understand the epidemic Vermont has but where do we draw the line? When we begin to assume everyone is a drug addict we fail in healthcare. Being a helthcare professional myself I know this is not how we train for our profession.

Tammi Cubilette

I was admitted to the hospital last weekend. I'm from New York. I was there visiting friends and unexpectedly had an asthma attack. Every single person I came into contact with, from the EMT to the attending physician to the nurses was absolutely phenomenal! So caring, kind and nice, not to mention speedy. I didn't have to wait for anything! A nurse would say "the doctor will be with you in a minute" and a minute later, and there was the doctor! If that had been a NYC hospital I would have waited at least an hour. Thank you so much everyone at CVMC. Keep up the excellent work!

Paul Koplewitz

Superb. Excellent, professional care. No one is rushed as in larger hospitals. The doctors do not spend 30 seconds with you. They take the time needed to explain everything and answer questions without having an attitude about it. Top-notch updated equipment and very comfortable rooms for patient and family. Very caring and respectful staff. Only have good things to say about this facility and the medical attention it provides.

elizabeth hook

I went here for a total hip replacement. The surgical team was great. I was admitted to the floor, met all the staff, who promptly vanished. The compression leggings were left not hooked up to the pump, there was no attention for a long time and although my legs were supposed to be kept on a compression pump and iced constantly, it was not done , no one came in to do it. I had to tell the staff to do this for me, even though it is mandatory for the patient to have this done after surgery. By 11 pm, after being admitted to the floor at 4, I was crying about pain, about the ice, and about the leggings. It took 3 aides who took my pain report and left to "go tell the nurse". The third LNA did go and tell, but again, did not receive pain relief for an hour and a half after the first request. I was newly post operative!!!!!!!! After many apologies, and my doctor addressing this, the pain medication was promptly given and the treatment was better. I did a lot of self care and ambulation, and the PT and OT department were great. The overnight staff was loud, in the hall,while doing personal care with the lady in the next bed, even though she was not hard of hearing. If I had to have surgery again, I would not go there. There were too many things missed immediately post op.

Bob Houle

Thanks to Robin in Pain Clinic for refusing my valid referral from the Spine Institute because of her incompetence. Everything was arranged to have my ESI done in Berlin because I'm 3.5 mi away and a short bus ride. It will take 4 busses (6 hrs sitting) and a 10 mi walk to get injection in Burlington. My spinal stenosis has gotten more severe this last week. Can someone, other than Robin, please honor my valid referral and schedule my injection?

Md Haque

E C S V medical center services is very very bad They charge too much extra money even I have insurance but they changed extra $310 even they changed from my insurance they behave is not good Pls don’t come eves center

Chris Bergen

Just had a great experience here in the Emergency Department. Very friendly staff and welcoming environment. I felt in good hands. Shout out to the night shift nurse Sarah for being great at her job

Kayte Bush

As a healthcare professional and two time ER patient at CVH, I can tell you this is by far the worst care I have ever received, the first time I was misdiagnosed with a deadly blood clot (only to be correctly diagnosed days later by an MD at a REAL hospital- UVM turned out to be superficial but I missed valuable time at work) Tonight I was seen for the stomach flu and rib pain from constant violent vomiting for 48 hours straight...they refused to let me go until I passed urine, waited an hour to hang a bag of fluids another 40 for a second one and then refused to give me anything to relax the spasms in my rib cage and abdomen so I could attempt to pass urine without horrifying pain. Not to mention the golf ball size hematoma where the *brand new* ER nurse (thanks Donna) destroyed my veins and left me incapable of moving my left forefinger- thanks lady, I'm in dental, I need my hands. HORRIBLE CARE. DRIVE TO BURLINGTON!

Lisa Kromer

Thomas Russell

Professional staff and quality health care.

Summer McMahon

I had to be emergency rushed from Ducharme rd in cabot ,vt to the hospital (34 miles over 20 mins exceeding speed and safety limits. ) to come in appearing physically fine..but enternally suffering and yet the late, over night nurses and doctor on duty didnt question the seriously critical pain and issue i expressed to them even at past 3 am . I could barily explain what was wrong or where or how severe the pain was for me and was immediately met with experienced and pragmatic acting docters and nurses who accepted my claims and severity for what it was and within minutes had painlessly took blood ,calmed me down with proper and effective medical convention, had me in and prepped for an MRI with very comforting and profesional technicians and before i even made it back to my ER room they had answers from techs, rn and Dr reviewed with diagnosis that my spleen had hemreged and eventually ruptured ;prior to me taking initiative to get emergency medical help . They immediately started treating the pain and dangers of inflammation and bleeding regarding this condition well explaining to me in near familiar way the processes they were taking and why. Even after my BLATANT neglegence at seeking medical help earlier i managed to find a medical center that managed to work professionally, personally and medically efficient that managed to save me from the already ,pre prepped, surgerical removal of my spleen. They followed up personally and with furthure MRIs , also from my own research they most likely saved 5 to 7 years of my life .. with their non questioning, direct trusting procedure which saved me from severe pain immediately; medicinally and with the help of their friendly communicative staff. I thank you to this day, for your fast and medically professional work. I would love to know the name of my main MD and the radiology staff that evening so long ago. Sean McMahon

Dan Fecteau

My wife and I just had our 1st child at CVH a week ago. We would like to thank everyone that helped us before, during and after the delivery. This included food staff, cleaning staff, along with amazing nurses and doctors. Everyone was always incredibly helpful and understanding no matter what the request or question was. Thank you and we really appreciate it! We highly recommend CVH to anyone. Katia, Ivan & Dan

Paddy McCarthy

Nice facility, not hectic busy


Received bill for $8.64 two days ago only. Received call from billing to ‘check to see if ‘customers had received the bill due to the Thanksgiving Holiday’ ? ‘Offered’ to push my due date forward...hahaha. I still have lots of time to pay so what is this insulting annoyance ? How about having invoice numbers on the bill, an ancient accounting practice designed so that bills can be identified ?

Mia M. Boudreau

Great place.......

Ben Eastwood

I didn't die on the operating table, didn't have any unexpected amputations and didn't catch MRSA so overall a positive outcome to a ruptured appendix. I will say the nursing staff was awesome.

Michael Griefen

Everyone was caring and attentive. I did not have to wait long. The doctor on call even gave me her home phone to call if the infection gets worse on Sunday. Thank you.

Amanda Belville

Wonderful staff, Nurse and Doctors both in the Hospital and other facilities. Dr. Weller is absolutely amazing along with Dr.Sylvia.


They got me right in fast enough

Cynthia Ariste

Best Breast Cancer Center Every! Staff and Doctors are top notch.

Svetlana Aleksandroff

Cathy Hart

I had s very bad COPD attack and the staff was very helpful and kind

Peter Duquette

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