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REVIEWS OF Ark Veterinary Hospital IN Vermont

Marcia Moonan

Anna Keller

My cat always gets the high quality attention and service that she needs at Ark Veterinary, and the team goes above and beyond to make sure that she gets the best possible medical care and I have information about each step of the process.

Elizabeth Skypeck

Dr. Gary Solow is a fantastic vet. He is also a great source of information. The staff is welcoming and efficient. I am really happy to have my dog cared for at ARK. Now that Gary has retired, Dr. Andrew has admirably filled his shoes. I trust Ark- and our dog is a real problem puppy....

Peter Loomis

The staff is very friendly and compassionate. The care provided is excelent.

Lisa Werner

I have been with this practice for a long time (I believe I am patient #26), and I have stayed this long because of the consistently high quality and extremely kind veterinary care my pets (and I) have received. Unlike many vet clinics, everyone at the office likes people as well as pets. They will recommend preventative testing on a certain schedule, but no one judges if you choose to skip some of it. As my pets have aged or gotten sick, Dr. Bill Kellner has always given kind and practical advice. He has never suggested crazy cancer treatment that wouldn't work but has suggested it if he thought it made sense. I've always been told the odds and the impact on my pet's quality of life, and no one makes you feel badly for talking about costs. Once, when Bill suspected cancer, he insisted on a test to confirm rather than simply treating, because he wasn't sure enough of the results based on the X-ray. We did a stomach biopsy, and my cat had an extreme form of ulcers. She was medicated and lived 8 more years--to age 18! I mention this because the testing proved to be absolutely necessary. My cat was treated, her life improved, and she lived a long time. People complain about costs for all vets, but I've found that they make practical decisions at Ark. In that case, yes, we paid for an X-ray and a biopsy--but the X-ray might have ruled it out and was the less expensive and less invasive option, so it was the right place to start. I have dogs and cats and they love both. We have seen the younger vets now, Dr. Sarah Smets and Dr. Andrew Koenitzer, and both are kind and thorough.

sue schermerhorn

We've always taken our dogs and cats to the Ark and never once been disappointed even with the most challenging cases. Always had excellent, knowledgeable care and caring people who genuinely love what they do. Since our dogs are easily bought, and the treats are delicious, exams go very well!

Get a 2nd Job

I brought in three very small dogs, all indoor dogs about 2 lbs each. I emphasized that they are indoor dogs who never go outside. Dr. Manges recommended a heartworm test for all three. I went along with it, at 50 dollars per dog. Afterward, I learned that heartworm is not common in Northern Vermont, even for outdoor dogs. Since it's transmitted by mosquito, the odds of my indoor dogs being infected= almost zero. I was naive on this issue, and I felt that Dr. Manges could have better informed me before I spent $150 on this test. EDIT: "We are treating several dogs for heartworm." Dr Manges gave me the exact same line when selling me this unnecessary test. Heartworm is rare in cold climates.

Suzanne Blanchard

Always there for our Joss, excellent care!

Anatoly Polyakov

Frances Foster

All I did was pick up some pills. I think getting a questionnaire about this is ridiculous. A waste of time and annoying...

Lynn Jerger

The staff is very caring and knowledgeable

David Pye

These folks take great care of my furry friends.

Susan Landsman

The entire staff at Ark Veterinary is absolutely wonderful. They cared for my two cairn terriers from puppyhood to their final days 18 years later, and for my cat as well. Dr. Solow's superb veterinary skills and perspective are matched by his sensitivity and respect for the animals he cares for, and for the human and animal bond. My dogs loved going to Ark, and were always greeted with genuine warmth and enthusiasm. The staff were integral to the joy I experienced with my little guys. A friend who was with me on my dog's last day, was so amazed by Dr. Solow's gentle, reassuring, and loving nature, she said, "Wow, when I get my next dog, I'm switching to Ark!"

Peninnah Ragasa

Kudos to whoever manages this facility. The building is bright, clean, and organized. They have an up-to-date billing and scheduling technology. The staff are quick to respond, knowledgeable and always with a smile. Maybe because they all LOVE animals? Keep it up!

viki zulkoski

I have entrusted Ark over the years with the care of my beloved cats and dogs. Though the Vets have changed, the level of care has not — it is excellent. The 'front of house' runs efficiently and professionally which is so helpful when dealing with what can be a stressful situation. Waiting times are manageable and the location is convenient. The facilities are clean and the waiting room is large enough to accommodate several clients. Keep up the good work, Ark!

John Beal

Very welcoming staff and superb veterinarians. They work to get your pet in quickly when you have a concern.

Elena Rubinetti

Mary Dunne

Ark Veterinary Hospital has been a great Vet to bring our chocolate lab, Charlie, to! He has allergy issues and they have really worked with us to bring everything under control and to keep him comfortable. I would recommend Ark to anyone for good, quality care for your pet!

Catherine Curtis Martinez

Compassionate and pragmatic- good with pets AND their people.

Lia Wrenn

We cannot say enough good things about Ark! When we first moved here it was recommended to us and we started out seeing Dr. Solow. Dr. Solow has since retired and now we see Dr. Kellner, who is incredible! He recently operated on my dog and has been nothing short of amazing during the whole experience. Everyone at Ark has been so kind and thoughtful, and they all know my dog when he comes in. Whenever I have called to ask questions they answer promptly. They also fit me in quickly for a visit when I was worried about my dog post operatively. Cannot say enough good things about this place -- we are really going to miss them when we move! Thank you Dr. Kellner and team!

Ruth Hagerman

Easy to make an appointment, easy to get to, knowledgeable techs and vets. Recommended by the cat!

Sarah Smets

Deborah Gauthier

I have been a client for many years. I would recommend Gary Solow to anyone who asked as well as Bill Kellner. Ark Veterinary is the only place to take your pet. The kindness and support Ark gives to every client is impossible to describe. The staff are extraordinary and you know when you walk into the office you are welcome and they care. My first group of cats lived wonderful lives because of Gary and Bill and now we are starting a new family with the kittens. Thank you for all you do.

Lois D'Arcangelo

Dr. Kellner and staff have always treated our pets with great compassion and skill and us with insightful understanding.

Jenna Michaud

Laura Armell

Wonderful vets and techs. My pup was very ill and they did everything they could and saved her!

Sandra Baker

Courtney Seale

Ida Ludlow

Wonderful, caring and knowledgeable doctors. Kind and professional staff. We completely put our trust in Ark Veterinary Hospital. Doggies love everyone at Ark!

Susan Statkevicus


Never before has Levi wagged his tail going IN to a vet. They do an amazing job there, and treat the dogs with a gentle touch that they seem to appreciate.

Cheryl Owens

After cycling through several incompetent vets in the area, thank goodness we landed at Ark Veterinary Hospital!!! They have been wonderful!!! They were able to accurately diagnose (when no one else seemed to be able to do so) and help us manage ongoing health issues for our furriest family members. The entire staff is amazing and I'm very impressed with how quickly the doctors get back to you with answers to any questions. We will be Ark Veterinary Hospital patients for life!!!

kim kanios

Dr Kellner & staff have taken very good care of me for 9 1/2 yrs. They suggest what's best for me but allow my mom to make decisions on what's best for her too. I can't say enough good things about them!

Zani Lewis

We have been using Ark for 19 years now. My pets have been welcomed and well-cared for. The vets have always been wonderful about explaining the various different treatments versus the risks and supported my decisions. My dog loves the treats!

Judy Christensen

Dr. Gary Solow is the best! Fenway loves ARK!

Diane Tayeby

Annabelle loves going to this vet practice. She's treated well and we feel like the prices aren't inflated.

Vicki Schwarz

I do like these guys, and the doctors. However, I really dislike the idea of making a business like this a profit center. They have not seen my dog in 7 months, and want to up charge me a "Wellness exam fee" of 60 dollars. Mimi stated that they administer rabies or boosters without this to "Make sure my dog is perfectly healthy"

Paul Urband

Fantastic veterinary care. Great staff.

Michael Abrams

Under Dr. Solow as owner and also on staff as a vet, this was a stellar practice. With him gone, however, the deficiencies have become glaring. Neither the new owner nor the vets on staff seem to appreciate the vital importance of presenting their customers with all the treatment options for their four-leggeds so they can make their own informed choice. We lost our wonderful cat Armand recently, and I would like to share our experience. Armand had been diagnosed with kidney disease, and it had progressed. When we brought Armand in to Ark, their vet could give us no option other than eurhanasia. We were put in the position of having to track down Dr. Solow who was able to suggest diuresis as a viable option. Customers should never be put into this position. While giving customers all of the options may have no effect on the ultimate outcome of a condition, it can make a big difference in the way that the owners feel. This is something that neither Dr. Kellner as owner nor the staff vets seem to care to understand. As a follow up to my original post, I find that I am being cyberstalkef on LinkedIn by Armand's vet. My advice is to stay away from these people.

Margaret Munro

Quick, efficient and caring service at a time of great stress for me as I tried to export my cat to Costa Rica. The experience at Ark Veterinary Hospital was professional and to the point, with no waiting (very important as I was trying to get through my lengthy checklist of things that had to happen before the move).

Rosalie Schneider

After having no luck with our local vet we went to Ark Veterinary Hospital where we received excellent care for our dog. What the first vet could not do the doctor at Ark accomplished immediately and our dog is now well. We will always use Ark in the future.

Ashley McAvey

I have been taking my beloved animals to Ark for the last 10+ years and am continually impressed with them in EVERY aspect. They are incredibly competent, calm, smart, kind, efficient, helpful, and do all they can to keep costs down. FIVE stars for Ark and specifically Nicole who has been there for us in many, many ways through the years with a can-do attitude and beautiful and warm smile. SO grateful to have them in our amazing town!

Kitty Boyan

After several disappointing visits to other vets, we asked a neighbor where she took her dog. Without any hesitation, she answered The Ark veterinary hospital in Shelburne. Travelling the few extra miles (we live in Burlington) was well worth it! Drs. Kellnor and Sole as well as the rest of the staff were great with our dog. They all took the time to allow our dog to feel comfortable with them and earned lots of love from the healthful doggie treats they gave her. They took the time to listen to my concerns and answer any questions I have, petwise. They send postcards with reminders for when to set up appts. and which shots she'll be receiving. In my humble opinion, they're the best!

Mark Wetmiller

The folks at Ark have taken care of Mika since birth (9+ years) and JoJo since we adopted (4+ years). Every step of the way they have been there providing best quality healthcare and in the few (whew!) times we had immediate needs. Our girls love going into the office and the ladies out front know them by name. I can't imagine a better resource for my dogs and believe me, I'd never settle for less for my girls!

Pete Gadue


Dr. Bill Kellner and all of the staff at Ark are amazing. There are not enough superlatives to describe this practice - by far the best veterinary clinic in Chittenden County and beyond. Eight years ago a close friend recommended Dr. Kellner. At the time, my then two-year-old dog had begun experiencing severe orthopedic issues. These issues were misdiagnosed/incompletely addressed by other local clinics, with less than ideal outcomes. As soon as he began seeing Bill and was properly diagnosed/provided a treatment plan that was effective, the improvement in his mobility and comfort was remarkable. I attribute my now nearly eleven-year-old, large mixed breed dog's life to the care and treatment he has received at Ark. Whether you are just looking for an excellent vet with a lovely, top-notch facility for routine care or if you're like me and have a companion animal with a condition (or host of them) that requires a knowledgeable, experienced vet who works tirelessly to try to find the very best outcome possible, who will genuinely treat your animal with the compassion and care he would give to his own, then it's the place to go. All of my animals go to Ark. I wouldn't take them anywhere else. As an aside: my friend who recommended Ark moved out of state. He lamented he can't find the same quality of care in his new stomping grounds that he took for granted here. He scheduled a routine care exam with Dr. Kellner during his vacation, driving four hours just to take his pup to Ark. Mind you there was nothing pressing, he just wanted to be satisfied she would receive a proper semi-annual physical exam while she got her shots. If that's not a testament, I don't know what is.

Adrianne Gilbert

Brought my rat there since she had a respiratory infection, and everyone there was so nice and caring. I wish I had an animal requiring routine check-ups to bring there since I had such a great experience!

Carolyn Zeller

Phil Bothwell

Liza Cowan

Ark has helped my pets with their expert care. The whole staff is wonderful. They listen to my concerns with respect. My dog and cat love them, too.

Kenneth Lemieux

Pet place

Joe Lemaire

Amazing people! Took care of my dogs tooth issues with no problem!

Dun Flying

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