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REVIEWS OF Albany Med IN Vermont

Daniel Van Der Werken

I needed to see an ophthalmologist on a Sunday and Albany Med was the only place with one. I got there and he saw someone else while walking past us and went home. Four hours later we still were waiting. we finally just left. Nice. I guess I'll go see a real caring doctor this week.

Andreia Rulison

I'd give them no stars if I could. Was sent here by other hospital by ambulance for emergency surgery. Didn't happen. I was given medicine that I kept saying I couldn't take. Not let me eat or drink anything for 2 days because of surgery that didn't happen. They wouldn't get my medical records from other doctors. One of the doctors even said that if I didn't smoke that they would do the surgery they lied. They don't feel comfortable doing surgery on me even though I need it. This place is a joke I wouldn't go here if this was the only and last hospital in the world I would rather die than go here ever again.

John Doe

By far the best hospital in at least a 100-mile-radius. I feel sorry for the staff seeing what people they have to often put up with.

Nellie Nieves

I would never come here again. The staff

Koreyah Moyd

I am a 47 year old woman, who is disabled. I have high blood pressure. I had very bad food poisoning and called a ambulance. I was admitted, and the doctor told me that I had eaten something bad. He kept me there, giving me test after test that I didn't need, and did not for the whole five days that I was there give me my blood pressure pills. When I asked, I was told that I was being argumentative. I tried to explain that I have a primary doctor, and a medical list. He completely ignored my wishes and continued not helping me. I would not recommend this hospital to my worst enemy.

christine delaney

We were there on June 23rd for 10 hrs. The rooms were filthy. The handcleaners outside and in the rooms were empty no one came to fill them. The Drs. (Residents) for neurology were less than attentive. The worse experience we have ever had. They really need to clean up their service.

Aimee Stevens

Every time I come here it gets worse. Earlier this week I went to the ER and LEFT wo treatment because the intake staff violated every HIPPA clause I know about. I heard the name of, the medical history and the cause of EVERY patient before me. Now today I go to get my blood drawn and the ignorant receptionist (after I limp in and hand her my script) gets an attitude with me about my INSURANCE WHICH HASNT CHANGED IB TWO YEARS AND I COME TO THIS LAB EVERY THREE MONTHS TO GET DRAWN. She started talking with some old lady urban accent and told me “she had never dealt with me before so how was she to know”

Abdullah Alkhazaly

People here are just “chilling” it has been 2 hours that im waiting for a doctor to show up. And yes, I am in the Emergency department.

Serkan topaktaş

I am emergeny room 5 hours , finally the doctor come to take care. Why they call here emergeny ? I dont get it.

Andrew Decker

I have been here more times than I would like to admit. Everything from minor visits, to a trauma visit after a motorcycle accident, to emergency surgery. The nurses that have tended to me have always been caring and helpful (both female and male nurses). The nursing staff is really what makes or breaks a hospital experience, and some of these nurses are absolutely amazing. The doctors were efficient and treat you with respect. While everyone has their "horror" stories about bad experiences at a hospital, or long ER waiting times, this hospital still stands above most. As long as I have a choice of hospitals, I will go to Albany Med.

Tim Lange

Not sure if it was a fluke, but TEN hours spent in the ER as of this post; no sign of when this atrocity will end. Nothing compared to the poor woman next to us who has waited 13 hours!! Dozens of overflow patients lined up in the halls, leaving us to see and hear things we should NEVER see or hear. Central station seemed more like a social gathering for nurses; conversations about hairdos, jewelry, colleague drama, and food. Four doctors asked the same questions, obviously not conferring with one another. Poor bedside manner. Never again!

Patricia Hutchings

Icu means intensive care unit they do not live up to that. Allowed a non relative to sign for an autopsy then canceled it signed a false name and signing as Grandmother. There much more. Asking for Grand Jury Investigation.

Margaret Stein

Dr. Sara Scheid, board certified in Otolaryngology and a surgeon, has been an enormous asset to my family for over ten years. She has gone above and beyond in the ways we have been treated, whether it was allergies, to sleep quality, and specific assistance in securing appropriate care. She is always very responsive and caring, and always eager to help however she can. Her skill and expertise is unparalleled. Having had many medical experiences, I can confidently say she is one of the best doctors I have known.

Shannon Johns

The service was appalling. My younger brother went in with chest pain and the staff was completely inadequate. I had to put him back on the cardiac monitor myself. I was monitoring his blood pressure, he was grabbing his chest in pain and I sat with him for several hours and he was only checked on once. Never given a call bell to call for help . As a RN myself I was saddened by the poor basic nursing care or lack there of. What nurse pushes morphine for chest pain and does not come back to check on the patient. When a family member has not bothered you once but has important information to give you you don't roll your eyes and give an attitude where the family can see you. Be the professional you are.

Stephanie Derusha

We found the surgeon and staff we saw to be wonderful. They really helped us out. Thanks guys.

Kristen Sanzone

Great doctors in the birthing center. (No I have not had baby yet, but got sent there due to preeclampsia symptoms and high blood pressure) was negative of preeclampsia but I do have high blood pressure. Anyway, the one nurse I had didn’t know how to give IV and it still hurts to this day. And I was put in a room with no AC and it was very hot that day. And mantiance came in and they turned the AC on for a minute then it shut back off and I asked again and nobody came in and they just left like it wasn’t a big deal. Then I asked to use the shower cause the needle actually made me sweat from all the pain cause they did it in the wrong spot three times and they wouldn’t let me use the shower. Aside from that, the rooms aren’t very clean they smell funny and look dirty. But The regular midwife delivery nurse was very nice though. Loved her. It’s not the worst hospital but it definitely could be better. Especially how dirty it was. I did not like that one bit.

Nicole ryan

I would give this a zero if I could. Imagine having a nurse who made your life hell in middle school and made you want to hurt yourself. Not fun. They should maybe try to hire people who are decent and are going to be able to help instead of making a situation worse

Amanda Avis

I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for the lovely(one nurse in particular) people in the Bernard and Millie Duker's Children's Hospital. The EMT guys were also really great. I had a Pulmonary Embolism and if it wasn't for my doctor Matthew Cunningham for ordering the blood testing and my mother for calling and taking me. I don't know if I would be alive right now. Everything was great except for the food.

Nicholas Mancuso

The staff is professional and friendly but the facility is a nightmare. It seems to be laid out by either a 4 year old with poor preplanning skills or a architect with a grudge against the elderly and grief stricken parents trying to find their kids in the PED ER. If they had spent half the money that they put into making shrines for long dead doctors and donors on making some decent directional signs they’d be all set. Hallways that dead end for no reason, blind corners, and hidden elevators. If there is a fire in there hundreds will die. It’s not very comforting when you hear staff mention that they get lost in there.

Debra Bailey

My mother was admitted through the trauma center at Albany Medical Center on June 21, 2018 for a broken orbital bone and nose fracture. Everything was going well until she went to an inpatient room. After several requests to give my mother her hydrocortisone for Addison's disease and explaining how important it was, she became unresponsive because they did not give it to her in time. She also should have had an IV for hydration that was delayed well beyond a reasonable time. I am giving one star because the trauma team were great, but what good is that if you get to the floor and aren't given your life saving medication and hydration after a tramatic facial injury. If you choose to go here you must advocate for the patient and bump yourself up the supervisor ladder till you get what you want. In our case it was too late, she became unresponsive. She is alive and doing well only because of my sisters not the hospital.

Danielle Clark

I'm not sure what this place thinks they are doing to help their patients. I am not here to bash the hospital but what i am here to do is tell my story. I arrived Sunday 5/26/19 around 8pm. I was greeted and changed into the hospital attire. I was then put on a stretcher and wheeled to hallway where i stayed for my entire visit. I was told upon my arrival that i would probably be out the next morning which made me hopeful but unfortunately that was not true. After I settled in (to my oh-so comfortable stretcher) I watched people go in and out of their assigned rooms as they were taken care of and were ready to go home. I had a lot of time to observe both the patients and staff. Many were compliant... some were belligerent and not very nice but what i noticed the most was how angry most patients were about their care. This was a shock because for someone that doesnt find themselves in the hospital often I expected sadness, hurt, trauma, HOPE, healing. What i saw was that they were angry about how long they were waiting for medical attention, they were angry about the overflow of beds causing us to spend our stay in the hallway with bright lights in our eyes, and they were angry that the nurses talked down to the patients. I personally heard a patient ask a staff to stop treating her like a child. I cringed as i heard the whole conversation and i had the same wishes for the patient. It was a hostile environment with zero privacy. I stayed quiet for most of my stay but there were points that i needed to advocate for not only myself but for others. Seems like the nurses enjoyed the power struggle. As a care manager and direct support professional myself, I understand the difference between protocol and a power struggle. Because i arrived around 8pm I was cared for by the night shift when i got here. I cant say enough how great they made a not-so-great experience become (for the time being). The staff were nice and attentive. They spoke to you like equals and made you laugh. Marcus in hall D was my nurse upon arrival. When he left at 730am i was scared as to what was next... and rightfully so! This is when the hostile talk to patients began. My next nurse was attentive. At 330pm my last nurse threatened to hold me here longer. Mind you... i have not said anything disrespectful at this point. All i asked for was what I was waiting on. Questions seem to be a point of contention around here. Bedside manner is still a thing- isnt it? I got to a point where i felt like i needed an advocate so i called another hospital for advice. Whenever I do get discharged i was told to get the name of the hospitals attorney. That seems like a little much, but almost necessary so others dont have to go through the same experience i did and others did. I will never voluntarily be at this hospital again. Cant get worse. Couldnt get a great picture of this bodily fluid on the ground but i posted what i could get.

Elaine Sapong

The hospital was filthy beyond belief. I could not use the bathroom because there was urine all over the toilet and floor, when reported to the nurse, she agreed it was filthy but did nothing to correct it even though there was a janitor moping the ER floor nearby. And I saw a great difference in how Black and Hispanics were treated by a few employees. I found it shocking that blatant prejudice was allowed to occur in a hospital. If I didn’t see it and even hear it I would not have believed it. I would never use that hospital again. I could say more but my blood pressure goes up too much when I think of it,

Michele Pignatore

I have a granddaughter that has global development disabilities. She required a pediatric neurologist along with a geneticist. I cannot say enough good about both physicians. Dr. Pugh is friendly, professional, a listener and most of all an excellent doctor, very knowledgeable. I never felt rushed. He is genuine and is a blessing to the department. Thank you so much Dr. Pugh for everything you have done for us. Dr. Adams was also a great listener and helped us in our time of need. We had visited another hospital in Syracuse however once at Albany Medical the choice was clear who was best. I give both departments 5 stars. We never waited more than 15 minutes and all staff has always been extremely helpful.

Rosie Casso

Used to praise Albany Med. Had a procedure done yesterday, and the radiology Dr was great but had an allergic reaction to contrast. He call the er dept, arranged transport, and advised the er dr this was a known allergy and i was medicated before test to help prevent it but unfortunately it did anyway. Moved to the er, had to reregister and told to wait in waiting room behind the others. Asked how long it could be...told 2-3 hrs. Staff there was extremely rude when asked question. I dressed in bathroom from procedure done, and left. Asked for directions to get back to main bldg entrance, and the woman at desk said, "follow the signs, can't you read". Unacceptable practice by this hospital. Was driven to Ellis hospital after using my OWN Epi Pens for further treatment where it began as soon as I went to desk. Will Never go to Albany Med again! PRAISE to Ellis for all their care, compassion, quick treatment, and professionalism.

Sharyn Flesher

Came to the ER with a terrible headache. All staff were caring and skilled. After admission, it was found that I had meningitis. I am thankful for all the effort and skill given to me through this ordeal. They absolutely saved my life.

Kelly Moore

Impressed by everyone but the emergency room.

Ashley Erika

Monday afternoon my two year old daughter fell and split her face open above her lip. Urgent care directed us to Albany Med because she would need to see a plastic surgeon for stitches as it was a deep wound. We arrived at AMC at 4:45 for intake. Went through intake, told her we were sent there for stitches, they never looked at her wound and sent us into the back waiting room with two other families. By 6:30pm we had no updates and hadn’t heard any information on when we would be seen. My daughters bandage from UC was bleeding through so I asked the front desk if someone could give her a new bandaid. They put a new bandage on and sent us back into the waiting room. By 8:00pm the room was packed, they were bringing patients from the check in room into the back, but myself and the two families there before us were still waiting among others. After the parents repeatedly asked staff for information on when people would be seen, many who thankfully advocated for my daughter to be seen with her split open lip, we finally got a room at 8:55. We then sat in the room for THREE MORE HOURS with nothing. No ice for swelling, no reliable news on when someone would see us. At 12:30 my daughters father finally went to the front desk absolutely irate that we had been there for 8 hours for stitches. A doctor came in and told us his attitude was not appreciated in a pediatric unit and they were hesitant to do anything under the conditions. When we again explained that we had been there since 4:45 with an open wound they finally gave her medication to relax her to stitch her up. I have NEVER seen such an unorganized system in my life. We were seen well after the time frame for getting stitched in a timely manner and the lack of communication between staff and parents was unreal. Had I known that we wouldn’t even be seeing a plastic surgeon, we would have gone else where hours before. This was also the hospital I have been going to for OB appointments and I will surely be transferring out of that department as well. There is no reason a 2 year old should sit swollen and bleeding for 8+ hours with no information on what is going on.

Kade and Friends

They forced me into a surgery i didnt want and they kept me there until i would do as they said, im not insane- just a normal guy. The food was horrible and they never had anything people would want, I wanted to kill them. I am angry

Brielle Mastroianni

Yesterday was a lot. Had a bit of a health scare (all good though), but the level of disrespect that I received from the staff (doctors and nurses) at this hospital is something I'm still digesting. I was assumed to be homeless and drug seeking because they asked me if I was in pain after I told them I was. I am not homeless, nor was I drug seeking. I was also constantly mis-gendered even though I corrected them (politely) repeatedly. Here is the problem with that. I was vulnerable. I was alone while I was there. A few times I wanted to just sign myself out and go home and hope this got better on it's own. The experience I endured at Albany Med was degrading and lonely. People get so wrapped up in things that look different, but forget that at the end of it all, our bodies is no different from anyone else's. People deserve to be treated as a human being no mater what. If I was homeless and drug seeking, I still would deserve the status of human. Our health care professionals need to be better and do better.

Courtney Mould

Went to the ER after a snowboard accident via ambulance. I've had my fair share of ER experiences and this one was different with the way the ER staff handled my injuries and how fast paced everything went down (scans, pain meds, comforting, answered questions, nurses were nice, etc etc). I don't want to have another accident, but if I do, I hope I get taken here.

Sherri Hennessy

My complaint is the parking. I disagree with having to pay so much money each day to see a family member!

gia.milan cartier

I wouldn't even give them one star but it wasn't an option. This is the worst hospital I've ever been to. The staff was unprofessional and the wait time was ridiculous. If you are in serious pain on your deathbed I recommend you do not go here because you would die in the waiting room.

vamshi kamagoni

Never go to Albany medical center for any emergency treatment .!! They wait you sit for long hours and bill you .. unprofessional people I had ever seen !! Better visit St.peters for treatment.

Misty Doe

I was flown in after a bad skydiving accident Saturday.... Thank You for saving my life

Robbie Walters

Pay attention. Everyone makes mistakes. This place handles complaints poorly.

Ron Coleman

Unbelievable.... with the amount of money they have poured into this place, there are no maps showing you how to get from place to place. Signage is at best, poor. The desks with people to help close down way to early. Medical care seems to be pretty good but so is St Peter's and Ellis. My last choice from now on.

Jim Whitbeck

Have been excellent for me. 7 surgery's 13 inpatient stays have been good.

Drizz Drizz

If you go here expect to be here for 24 hours place is horrible everyone who works here should get a demotion

Kaitlyn Stanfield

Oh boy, I’m back for ANOTHER bad review. I now have to bring my sister to a different hospital because Albany med is denying her care because her insurance isn’t working right now (which is highly illegal by the way). They’re trying to send her home w/ a drain tube still hanging out of her coming from her intestines (she got abdominal surgery- anyone who’s had it or knows of it before will know what I’m talking about). It’s been 2 days since the surgery and she hasn’t not made a bowel movement, which is very bad and can kill her (no, not exaggerating). It’s it illegal for doctors to deny a patient care because of insurance reasons (which is in the handbook and in the oath that they’re REQUIRED to take before even training to become a doctor) so once I find out who her doctor was, guess who’s losing their 200,000

Liza Taylor

Our recent trip to Albany Med Pediatric ER on 10/12/18 with my almost 5m old grandson. Check in was not very smooth. Two people at check- in asking different questions at the exact same time overlapping each other caused confusion. Other people who came 1.5 hours after we were there with a 7(?) year old that did not appear to be as sick were taken in before us. Even that child's father made comments to nurse asking why they were being seen before a sick infant who had been waiting a long time. Nursing & MD staff were great. But the wait time in between seeing a nurse and seeing MD were not acceptable. I completely understand that there may be an injury or illness more severe that may warrant another child to be seen as priority; but when you have a very sick infant who is crying and having trouble breathing and gagging with a severe cough and congestion I believe that almost 2 hours in waiting room is a long time to have to wait as well as hours long wait once in a room. Wait times need to drastically improve. On top of that we were in the one room that had no air flow and was uncomfortably hot. I give medical staff a 5-star rating. But as far as flow - not a great rating.

Caitlyn Parsons

Spent 8 hours on a stretcher in the ED hallway, listened to a man in the room next to me die, saw him carried out in a stretcher under a sheet an hour or two later. There were sliding glass doors to the ED rooms, but staff never closed them, so no privacy. I heard the medical accounts of several patients over the course of those 8 hours. They hardly checked in with me, never updated me on wait times for testing, wouldn't let me eat until it was "ok'd" by the Dr. but unfortunately they weren't communicating with each other. I was there for abdominal pain, was told it sounded like kidney stones, but after 8 hours of waiting and only 1 hour of actual testing, they sent me home. I felt trapped, and I still have no solid answers. Go to Saratoga Hospital instead if you have the choice.

Allen Landes

Great place to work.

Neil Peltier

Im 41yrs old and have had numerous adominal surgerys in the last 2 years thru Saratoga Hospital and when they gave up on me Dr Paul Singh (surgen) took me under his wing and helped fix me. His staff and the staff at Albany med are outstanding! The nurses are amazing and Very very understanding and Helpfull. Soon I'll have my life back because of them! I'm forever grateful for everything they have done for me! THANK YOU SO MUCH DR SINGH AND ALBANY MED!!!!!!

vincent berrios

7/19/2019 My daughter was air-lifted to this hospital after a severe car accident. things went fine in trauma room, had cat scan done and found skull fracture, 3-breaks in orbital bones, broken nose, and broken wrist. when she was transferred to 6th fl. is when the frustration began. A cast was put on her wrist, then cut open as they were preparing for surgery on her face. We were told they were going to do the surgery, then advised that they would not do the surgery, because as we live on Long Island, and we could not come up for 4-weeks for follow-up visits... Between the trauma dept, plastic surgery dept, and orthopedic dept, one did not know what the other was doing in regards to my daughters care. At this point we could not get any answers on what the next step would be. We continually we being told "we paged the Dr and they will get back to you"...this is what we were told for 2-days. The only person who was amazing and helpful was RN Jake Paquette, who went out of his way in keeping my daughter comfortable. Her daytime nurse kathy Dart became agitated and made faces when we asked questions, and her constant response of "I don't know" and lack of urgency makes me think it is time for retirement. When we asked for recommendations of where we can go on Long Island were met with "that is your choice" as opposed to finding someone that can help with the surgeries my daughter would need, so needless to say we spent 1 1/2 days calling hospitals and doctors that can help my daughter. When we found Doctors on Long Island that were willing to take my daughters case, I needed info and records to be sent to them., and requested care mgr Anne Frigolette to send this info, again it was met with no sense of urgency, and a bad attitude. I had to have my daughter discharged and had to drive her myself from Albany to North Shore Medical Center in Manhasset to be admitted on Wednesday night in a torrential storm. I have already contacted a lawyer in regards to the lack of care received at this facility, and would not recommend anyone to go there for any reason.... The 1-star is for Jake only......

Stephanie Algiere

I would give less than one star, if I could. This is not something that I normally believe in doing, but I can't let another family go through what ours endured. In the middle of June, my Mother was admitted into this hospital. The trauma unit as a transfer from another hospital for a MINOR tear in her esophagus. They put her in a room and FORGOT about her for 13 hours. It wasn't until she went into cardiac arrest because of a Pulmonary edema that they realized she was there. They almost killed her. Even worse, the doctors and nurses told me that it was their error. They told me it was their negligence. She missed more than a MONTH of work. She had multiple surgeries to repair all the damage. I mostly got apologizes and ‘we well won’t let it happen again’… A person shouldn’t have to almost die before they are treated properly. We contacted several lawyers about a mal-practice law suit but they told us that the cost of the lawsuit would be more expensive than the settlement because she did end up recovering. They almost killed her and there is nothing anyone can do about it. She might be just a number to lawyers and the doctors who almost killed her but she is my Mom and she means the world to me. To add insult to injury, they lost her dentures while they were shuffling her around trying to cover their butts. Dental work is extremely costly and they were about $2000. She filed an insurance claim with the hospital and they said they needed to do an investigation. It took them MONTHS to decide that they would pay for the loss. And now… despite having said she would be reimbursed they have not paid and avoiding her phone calls. They always are in a meeting or have some excuse. All she wants is that check so she doesn’t have to be embarrassed and without teeth in public. I think that Albany Med has made her suffer enough. Write the check. It’s, literally, the least you could do.

Catie Smith

The nurses have been more then amazing at Albany med. Wait times tend to be a little long but the nurses we have dealt with have made up for that. My Dad was airlifted quickly to Albany med and he started in the emergency room. Our first nurse, Tammy, was amazing and very sweet. We were able to see him right after he landed. Once we moved up to the neuro floor we had many wonderful nurses. Thank you to Hannah, Lyndsey, Michael, Ling, and a few others who’s name escape me!! Our social case worker, Bonnie, completely dealt with workman’s comp and updates us daily about it. Heather from physical therapy came down initially and started helping my dad while he was in neuro. She is so wonderful and he loves her energy. He has now been transferred to in-patient physical therapy and his nurses and doctors have been phenomenal and so very nice. The food options are impressive and they will switch meals immediately with you if there are any mistakes in the order. So far, we cannot say enough good things about the hospital. Thank you to the staff and especially the nurses!!!!

Tanya Lewis

Literally no respect for patients in the e.r. we have been sitting here for 5 hours I have seen a significant amount of people on their phones, little to no information. I got blood work done and an ultrasound done 3 hours ago. I understand they have several patients and things going on. But 5 hours....not one person has even talked to us.

Devone P

Well it's a hospital... Great at it's purpose but it's a hospital so yeah. Want to stay on time? Use the A or C elevators, NOT the M elevator, you'll be waiting forever!

Rose Dawson

Been sitting in the emergency room now for almost four hours and have yet to see a doctor. NEVER AGAIN.

Sarah Dugger

I like it here because I'm very taken care of I have had great experience with my transplants and almost all the staff I have come across were very professional and kind

Anabell Lemus

Well, we. Stood 5 hours. B4 called

Paige Carroll

This hospital has saved my life ive gone two years with pains n couldnt move went here janurary 2016 n found out my appendix enlarged so they took it out. They took great care of me n my daughter when i had her novwmber 10th 2017. I will always go to this hospital.

James Parker

Albany Med is fine. They were very rude to my friend who showed up asking to see us and our son. It seems like they're always under construction, which is good for progress and care but bad for anyone who needs to find a way in or out of the hospital.

Aaron Palmer

Go to St. Peter's instead!

Robert Hunter

So I arrive at the ER here and in pain from a lumbar spine injury. After seeing the nurse at triage, I was told to sit down and wait for a room. Now I'm no medical professional at all but sitting after a lumbar spine fusion isn't the best idea as it put the most strain on the area. Yeah now I will walk around because there is no other way for me to get comfortable. Yeah Albany med ER. No high chairs so people with disabilities or anything other than a wheel chair to accommodate the disabled, Bravo medical college.

Tina Coston

This hospital sucks. My son was sent here from another hospital. We were in the triage area for almost 2 hours before going to a room. We were told that the nurse would be right in. We are still waiting after 15 minutes while nurses are just standing around talking. My definition of right in is definitely different than the medical staffs.



Susan Moore

I was in Albany Medical Center CCU for 5 days. I received excellent care from the team of doctors to the nurses. One particular nurse, I won't mention name due to the fact I don't have her approval, went above and beyond her duties. She helped me out of bed (when it was safe to do so) and helped me walk around so i could gain back my strength. Answered all my questions, printed out information for me so i could understand new medications. This in addition to treating me like a human being, someone who had a brain and a right to use it. To her I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget you and the kindness you showed me and my hug goodbye. God Bless.

Brian Horgan

Medical Care Good - Administration Is A Nightmare! Making an appointment- they required a referral (my insurance didn't). My primary sent it immediately - they failed to tell me upfront things they needed in addition. My neurosurgeon sent records, they denied getting them. After a satisfactory medical visit. They started sending me bills, despite insurance covering visit. They transposed my birthdate (1/21 versus 12/1). Insurance company has called them two times, I've sent two letters and made a call myself. Still haven't fixed, still sending collection letters to me. Incompetence reigns here. administratively. (My daughter was an RN there - they have wonderful medical staff...)

Toots Brannigan

My son as well as me self nearly parished due to Drs inadaquecy My mother had to request via board above my head, per nurses request, “Neonatal team STAT patients crashing “...was given Morphine @ 9 months pregnant when (I requested to birth natural as I did my daughter,) I’m allergic to it

Corey Fleming

Waited 8 hours and still sitting in hallway wife in extreme pain with no help from doctors. There is no excuse why this hospital should make the money they do with the care they give Albany med lacks in costumer care

Andrew Agustin

It's bad when I can say the the VA is better than this hostipal. All other veterans would understand what I mean by that.

Passing By

I had a very traumatizing experience and an altering life changing experience. I ultimately lost a loved one due to the negligence of that place. Although all the years I thought this to be quite a top notch place, I realized from this past experience that this is a school. Meaning it is a joke and you are basically an experiment. I won't say everyone experience will be horrible there. Just make sure you have a health proxy, power of attorney everything, if you have some all of a sudden life threatening illness! Make sure that you're family and friends agree that they understand what you're wishes are. And that you have outside patient advocacy because everyone who works for that hospital, best interest is that hospital and not you! The good people there, gets silenced, or underminded, leaving them renderless to providing you the proper care you need. I have witnessed others besides my loved one pass away from coming in there with one thing , then suddenly dying from another. Please make informed choices. Get second opinions. And never feel pressured into making any sudden and drastic measures on behalf of what they might tell you. Please take this in consideration from a mother who lost her child in that place. This is advice for any where you may go that has your health involved.

Viviana Espinosa

So 9:20 am. We walk into children’s emergency room and there’s nobody at the desk. For 10 minutes!!!! Then I call the hospital info. And we get a very rude answer of someone telling us that soon there will be someone coming. When I asked when she said soon. I kept asking for a specific time, she said soon and then with highs pitch voice a BYYYYYEEEE.

Elaina Borowski

I highly recommend this facility for your medical needs. I really believe I received the best medical care in the region. Unfortunately I believe the kitchen has room to improve thier nutritional program, the portions are adequate but the quality control is very poor. I really would give them 5 stars if they improved this program.

Emily Kern

Most certain my 19 yr son was forgotten in the ER, also he received the wrong blood type upon hand off to critical care unit, treated by new residents for first 3 hours of care for blunt chest trauma, chest tube and trauma cath places by new residents caused additional harm which led to veinous hemorrhage, and he was given an overdose of Fentanyl. I was denied a formal grievance review then told by leadership that “not all care is documented in the medical record”. Horrible at patient care. I give them a 1 star st covering up their errors and would never recommend anyone go to AMC not even my worst enemy. FYI My son died that evening at AMC.

America Ray

If you travel via public transportation during the winter times, disabled, or with a stroller I would advise you call for walk route and point of entry and record who you spoke with, patient care rights include safety and if you don't have a safe way into the medical facility then it's a big problem. I've complained several times about a broken changing table at the second clinical campus and I was treated differently because of who I see during my visit I suppose mental health unfortunately is frowned upon in 2019 & that's after loosing family in a 2017 quadruple Troy homicide!.. to be continued!

Brock Palmatier

Caring and friendly staff


Standard as far as modern hospitals go.

Shannon F

Was very excited to learn of this wonderful option for families with children in need of emergency care. Especially since the website boosts ‘ready access’ to services - any parent would be thrilled at not having their child suffer through long waits in the waitingroom, especially while sick or injured, in an unfamiliar place. That was just what we were hoping for when we brought our 4 year old on a Monday evening. Instead, the intake (possibly, nurse?) coordinator, recommended alternate care, before our daughter was examined, or even left the waiting room! She said that the current wait time was at least four hours. She instead suggested calling our pediatrician’s on-call for an immediate morning appointment or urgent care, when they open. Seriously? In truth, I appreciated her honesty and everyone was polite and professional BUT if you’re scared/worried/concerned enough to bring your child to the ER, do you really want to be told there is a 4-5 hr wait time and recommended to go elsewhere without being seen? I’m sure (or, at least, I hope) that this is simply the result of a new practice working out the kinks but, when is okay to work though the kinks when it comes to the care of children? Back to St. Peter’s, until I hear better.... UPDATE: after leaving AlbanyMed, we stopped at St. Peter’s ER and within 20 minutes of arriving, we were triaged and given a room. At least we have two hospitals within blocks of each other.

Jim Anoe

There is a map available in app store free call AMC Route Finder

Christine Diaz

Very confusing maze of a hospital. The building is very choppy. The signs are confusing. You need a map to navigate from the parking lot to the actual hospital. I was not the only one. This is my 2nd visit to this hospital and both times I was confused as to where to go and bumped into other visitors who were also completely lost. The signs make no sense at all. Very unclear. Not a fan. As far as their medical care....seems decent but being a NYC resident visiting Albany Medical....NYC is much better. I wouldn't want to be in this facility.


Awful service, wait is EXTREMELY long.

Ken Wilson

I have an excrutiatingly painful, HUGE abcess in my neck and I've been here for almost 5 hrs getting jerked around. I have a heart condition acquired serving as a first responder in NYC during 9/11 and if this infected material seeps into my bloodstream, I'm screwed. They're not the least bit concerned. This place gets worse the more it grows.

Brett Kimball

A mistake happened below, but since then they acknowledged the mistake and worked with me on a fair credit back to me. Much appreciated. [They told me inaccurate info that caused me to proceed with an MRI, resulting in my insurance quoting $500, then I got a bill for $2,700. Now they refuse to accept responsibility.]


My husband was transferred here from another hospital after having a stroke. Had I known it was that I would’ve driven him here myself. The staff were always kind to us through our many questions and concerns, he was transferred to different units (stroke unit, seizure unit, etc.) in a timely manner and seen by many different doctors. They performed every test they could to try and find the cause of his blood clot that lead to the stroke. My husband wasn’t an easy patient either, after being in there for a week he was very irritable and not too pleasant to be around, but they still remained polite and attentive. The only reason I knocked off a star is because of how difficult it was to get ahold of anyone once he was discharged, for his follow up care and test results. Ended up having to find our own neurologist and that office called multiple times to get all his files transferred over, otherwise we probably never wouldn’t gotten the results of his tests. Other than that I was overall very happy with the care he received.

Dominick Formato

The finest health facility in the world ,with the greatest dedicated staff known to man ,God bless them each and everyone !

Xavier Engelin

So to set the stage I was in for potenal apexitis. I am not joking when I say I was in the waiting room for 4 hours staff was nice but the wait was insanely long for the situation Edit: the front desk guy and a Irish nurse which I do not know the name were doing amazing work trying to handle the situation the desk guy mainly but some help from the nurse as well that’s the only reason I didn’t rate 1 star keep in mind it wasn’t the room nurse just the near front desk check what’s wrong nurse when you walk in

John Gallagher

Best hospital an staff I ever had .


These people are so rude on the phone. Very disappointing for a health care facility. If the ratings were below 1 that would be appropriate.

Sk Easin

The best Hospital in NY

Marty Cohen

Place is absolute garbage. The so called "ER" is a joke. Staff just hanging around, pitter pattering around, joking and talking about what they're going to eat next while they stare at you knowing you need help or are in pain. I personally would rather suffer or die from whatever ailment is bothering me than ever have to utilize this facility ever again.

Scott House

The food is catered by the Marriott hotels. The stzlaff is amazing.

Anna Melanie

If you have a loved one at this hospital, make sure you remove ALL jewelry off of them, because staff will steal. Someone used heavy duty metal cutters to snip the rings off of my mother's fingers--her hands were swollen due to her medical condition, so we couldn't remove them the normal way. But someone who works here knew how to get them off of her using force and avoid the security cameras. Disgusting. A police investigation unfortunately found no suspect. We are still heartbroken and humiliated. SHAME on Albany Med.


I have had two surgeries performed here and stayed overnight after each one. The medical staff is extremely professional and friendly. I will continue to choose Albany Med for my surgical and hospital needs. What a great experience! Thank you.

Ronnie Moss

yes my experience with Albany med has been horrific my uncle has been in there for 5 days I have not been able to get in touch with him they did not have a phone in his room they did not even know who his nurses were it took me two days to figure out where he was and to speak with him mind you he has three broken ribs a collarbone broken and two spots in his arms are broken and he is 70 years old I could not speak to a chargers nobody would give me their name not speak to anybody in any supervision super vision nobody would tell me anything I couldn't get anybody on the phone security kept hanging up on me all because it was 4:30 in the morning which is what time I get home from work and they still have not told me anything they deprived him of meals for two days because they were supposed to do surgery and you can't eat or drink before then for 2 days they did that and they didn't do the surgery either day so finally the third day after me calling up there and complaining they finally got that taken care of I would not take my dog to this hospital if that gives you any insight of how I feel about Albany med

Upst NYer

Awful. We checked in ER @ 8am. Even people who arrived after us were called in. Checked to see if we were next and were told we were called, but had left. Lies. We never left waiting room. She came over to check bracelet and went away. Came back an hour later to tell us we needed to check in again. At this point we were there for 6 hours. An hour later person came to give iv. Then we were told to walk back out to waiting room with iv. I then had to get some to disconnect the iv when it was beeping. Three hours later and still waiting to speak to dr. We were told to come here by neurology. Never again. Never.

Tammy Penk-Hill

While some of the staff are amazing....some of them lack basic decency. If you're in need of emergency medical help do not go here. My mother was brought in by ambulance and left in a room to decline for over 6 hours. Her "nurse" barely checked on her. It took me raising my voice at another nurse for movement to happen. By this time my mother was in far worse shape than we knew. The er never gave definitive answers. We never knew what was going on until she was admitted to icu. If you or someone you love need emergency help, avoid this er like the plague.

Hierarchy Rahasheem Brown

I would never recommend that anyone needing inpatient care go to Albany Medical Center. The Emergency Room treatment wasn't so bad, but if you get admitted you're in for a really rough ride. I know, because I'm a good writer, it probably sounds like I'm not an individual in a lot of pain, but please do not be fooled because I'm very bad off. And if you're in need of pain medication and you're black, forget about it because you will be treated like a drug addict--not just by white faculty, (intact you would do better if your nurses are white) but by the Black, Asian, and whatever other nationality that is employed as nurses there. You could be crying out in pain, and the nurses will not call a doctor to see if your scripts can be strengthened. Thus, you will suffer. If you call the number they provide you with for patient concerns, trust me your concerns will fall on death ears--and that's if they even direct you to someone in charge, where they will more than likely direct you to the very nurse's station that hasn't answered your call button for the last 45 minutes to an hour (I once waited an hour and 37 minutes and three times hitting the call button for my nurse, who said he only just heard about me needing him--maybe, maybe not). This is all day long treatment, but that same type of treatment is even more astonishing once the 7:00pm to 7:00am shift comes on. Now I will be perfectly honest, they never treated any of the people house next to me so badly, but who wants to take a chance at being the one they feel is a pain in the behind patient and run the risk of being mistreated. I can tell you for certain I was 95% independent, where I could use the bathroom--with a good deal of pain--on my own, my family changed my linens and cleaned my bathroom, (a shared bathroom at that) and I washed and re-bandaged myself, etc. Thus, I could not have possibly been too much of a pain in anyone's behind. The only time, in fact, I rang my call bell was to ask for something I had been prescribed by a doctor or a doctors assistant. Funny thing is, while this started before a botched surgery was performed on me, it was far worse after. I won't go into the specific details of what happened to me in the Albany Medical Center operating Room, but I will say this, I was told, verbatim, "We're certain we see [this] on your your MRI, so we want to go in and do [said] operation." I told them I didn't want to have the operation done because I know what they were looking for was not going to be there. Under threat of zero treatment for what I actually went to the hospital for to have remedied if I did not agree to first have above mentioned operation done, I agreed to do the operation. The operation was performed, and, just like I had told them, what they were going in to look for was not there. Thus, they pushed me to have an unnecessary operation done, even though I advised otherwise, under threat of further neglect of actual problem which needed to be treated, only to find out that what I told them was 100% accurate--that surgery was not needed. I know most people will not read this entire missive--and I don't blame you--and that some still will have their biases against what I'm saying based upon their own favorable treatment at Albany Medical Center, but for those who do read this and with and open mind, I hope I've been of service to you.

Marcus Williams

VERY, very slow. I was going to rate it 1 star but some of the staff are very nice. Its just I've been sitting in 1 spot with my son and son's mother since about 10:30 a.m. to check on my finger infection and now it's almost 7 p.m. and I'm still waiting because they're not sure what to do with it. I hate to complain but this is beyond ridiculous. I'm considering St.Peters next time I have to go to the hospital for anything.

Two Bits

"....Doctors and thieves, they both wear masks Overpaid meat magicians"

Tanya M.

Saved my life more than once in the emergency room, and several times on the operating table with extensive surgeries. The nurses are the best I have ever encountered, compassion and professionalism all around! I only go to Albany med now even though I live nearly 45 mins away and could quickly go to Ellis which is only 4-5 mins. My many experiences with both hospitals lead me back to Albany med and it is who I refer friends and family to often.

Eileen Raab

As a former employee of Albany Medical Center , I was not paid my final paycheck in a timely manner, as is required by NYS law, and I have no way to file a grievance, as they have stated that they will pay me. I am due my paycheck on the next regularly scheduled payday, and not a single day after. I am appalled by this lack of regard.

anonymous user

A month and a half ago.. I went there as my doctor sent me there, to see a specialist. I ended up in the ER where they asked some of my history, and decided to put me in overflow as my symptoms were an emergency. I was there from 10:00am to 12:00am, and during that time.. the nurses OD’d me on 3 different medications - 1 of which I had a severe anaphylactic shock too as I was allergic too, but they gave me anyways (and they just sat there and watched me), didn’t administer anything to stop it. Finally a doctor came over to check on me. To which later on that doctor apologized to me because she couldn’t believe that they gave me that much. The original reason I was in the ER was unrelated to my prior health issues that made them rush me in for a CT scan. They thought I had an issue with clotting due to my extensive history of traveling, and after I asked if it’s possible for a clot to go from the legs to the head and was told not unless there’s a hole in my heart (which there is not), they did put a stat order on ruling out a clot in my lungs.. again, not what I was in for. This entire time I had an IV in my right arm, and asked numerous times if they nurse could clamp it as it was backing up and she told me she had trauma patients to attend to and I was lower priority. It wasn’t until I went back for CT scan, that BOTH people I saw there were the best people I saw my whole stay. The guy said he felt the IV backing up and that wasn’t good, who could feel clotting in my veins and that would cause me problems later on. So he drained my IV twice, and the woman assisted. Afterwards I was returned, and for them to be concerned about me having a clot in my lungs - I didn’t get my results for 6 HOURS!! A man came over and told me he was a doctor and I had no clot in the lungs, so I said great since that’s not why I was there, but was going to follow up with a specialist for why I was in. I asked to be discharged as I had been there over 12 hours at that point, (mind you he’s the “doctor” who told me there was no chance of me having a clot on my brain). He then told me it wasn’t recommended I be discharged and I asked why if they ruled clots out. He then said my D’dimer was still elevated and I said well it could be from infection as I know D’dimer can tip for a number of reasons. He agreed, but said he didn’t feel safe sending me home because I could have clotting on the brain, and I said you just said the chances were less than 0% and he said yes, but it can start on the brain. All while telling me if I discharge against their orders, then the insurance won’t pay. I was so upset because I said the money aspect is not important, my health is and he said yes, but we won’t get paid. I said I’ve been here longer than you and not by choice, I’m not getting paid to be here. He then kept urging me to wait around for an MRI or CT scan of the head, and I said I just want to be at home with my child and he told me he’d call a social worker and send them to be with my child while I was there. Who even says something like that??? He tries to tell me that if I have bleeding on the brain, I won’t be there for my child and to just have this done. I told him I didn’t believe that because he was saying it was connected to the real reason I was there except my issue was with my ear, and it had been going on for a month.. so if that was the case, I would have already been dead with bleeding on the brain for a month. At that point I was very upset, and shaking because I was in such disbelief. I ended up discharging myself after 14 hours, found out he was a STUDENT in training, the medicine they OD’d me on didn’t even wear off until the following afternoon at 3pm time. So for over 24 hours I was drugged up on medicine, & that’s not the worst part. Since that visit I ended up with clotting in my right arm, which I was told by another doctor would heal in 2 weeks, it has now been 6 weeks and it is getting worse, not healing, and the rest of my arm and hand are becoming immobile. I am headed to a surgeon next week. I will NEVER return to AMC again!!!


my mom has had the worst experience in this TRASHY DISGUSTING RUDE PLACE first she was in the emergency room which felt like 1000000000000 years and she didn't even get a room she was in the hall talking to the rudest staff they weren't even listening to her they were just enjoying their time and she was so mad she had so much pain and they weren't even listening to her she felt like she was invisible and they didn't even see her because they didn't even look at her thats crazy we were in the emergency room there is a reason its called EMERGENCY ROOM YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO HELP THEM WITH THER EMERGENCY YOU HAVE TO GET A ROOM STRAIGHT AWAY NOT HAVE TO WAIT 1 BILLION YEARS WE JUST LEFT SHE COULDNT TAKE NEITHER COULD MY DAD OR ME AND I AM TELLING YOU IF YOU GO THERE DONT EXPECT ANY GOOD SERVICE THEY ARE GARBAGE THEY'RE GARBAGE AT THEIR JOB TOO DONT EXPECT GOOD SERVICE EXPECT TRASHY GARBAGE SERVICE IM TELLING YOU DO NOT GO THERE IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY ID RATHER TRY TO GO TO A HOSPITAL THAT IS GOOD UNLIKE THIS ONE. I WANT TO GIVE THEM 0 STARS BUT CANT POST WITHOUT STARS.

Juan Gonzalez

Very very nice

Robert Akey

Best hospital in the area!


In 2008 I came here to give birth to my daughter. I was induced. They wouldn't let me eat anything but ice chips and drink water while I was in labor for 36 hours and pushing for 8 hours. Doctors apparently don't know how to check dilation because they said I was 5cm, then 2 hours later said I was as 3cm. I called him (he was my doctor until my obgyn shows up) out on it, he said nothing and left the room. During the 8 hours pushing, my mom and husband were watching the whole time and said there had been no progress at all. I knew something was wrong and said I think I should have a C-section. The rude nurse gave me an nasty attitude "We don't just hand out C-sections". Apparently they just hand out jobs to people with no compassion, she was obviously in the wrong profession. I begged for a C-section, but they couldn't do it without my doctor seeing me. All staff left me in my labor...for over 30 minutes. I was in active labor, my body still pushing..what if my daughter finally came out? I screamed for help every time I my body was pushing because I feared for my daughters life because they left me alone. My doctor finally came in, made me push a few times and saw for herself there was no progress. She promptly ordered a C-section, and thankfully my daughter came out fine. I have always had issues with my lady parts, I've suffered from PCOS since I was a teen and was told I would likely never get pregnant, and if I did, I might not be able to carry it full term. I found out later that my uterus is backwards and the staff at Albany med trying to force me to push when I knew something was wrong could have KILLED me, especially when they left me alone for over 30 minutes. Doctors and nurses think they know it all. I got news for you...we know our own bodies better then any doctor, so when a patient tells you something is can either believe them or be sued. I should have sued back then and contacted the news about being left alone in active labor for over 30 minutes.

Christina Leone

so my 71 year old friend fell, her nose is bleeding her face is bleeding, she injured her back, her neck, and she might have broken her arm or shoulder. She went off in the ambulance - I follow - we go to Albany Med. I get here I'm sure she's been here with the ambulance, I'm figuring she's already set for ctscan, x-rays are done, etc... I walk in the ER and she is sitting in the waiting room in a wheelchair with a neck brace still on and the blood all over her. I have never seen a hospital where you come in by ambulance and you end up sitting in a wheelchair in the waiting room. I've been to dozens of hospitals all over this country I have never seen this. Albany Med is not what it used to be avoid it at all costs.

Deneen Prunty

I been here a few times for different surgeries but this last time was a terrible, terrible experience. The Doctors were wonderful as were most of the nurses. However one nurse inpeticular acted very unprofessional by talking about my situation loud enough to a coworker. He had questioned my pain management to the point he was making decisions as rot when I got my meds an how much I got. When the night prior the orders had been adjusted to better manage my pain because it got out of control at one point. But a kind nurse In short stay named Cheryl spent a lot of time and effort into getting me comfortable. Unfortunately a not so kind nurse named Chris C. Made my stay there in short stay BB EXTREMELY MISERABLE AND UNCOMFORTABLE. I DON'T RECOMEND SHORT STAY BB AT AMC.

Small Doorbell

My fiancée may have appendicitis, and we’re here for blood tests and a CAT scan to be sure—she’s in pain, can’t move well. We’ve been waiting for a long, long time. I’ve seen several people desperately asking for admittance after having been waiting for over six hours. Staff is disorganized and unprofessional. Lots of horror stories from the other people in this waiting room involving mistakes and wait times.

Nyckeisha Longmire

Place is nasty. Walk in to vomit on the floors and pee. Took 1 1/2 for staff to clean up and didn’t clean all the way. Several people stepped in it and there was no sign to warn anyone. Staff are rude and will completely ignore patients who need help. Waited over 2 hours after driving 2 hours to the hospital and continue to wait as I’m writing this.

Crazy 101

Stayed there for 25 hours when I could have been out in 10 the place was dirty and the staff was very slow and not caring.

Melissa Jean McCarthy

Made my birthing experience a horrific nightmare, my sons were born full term they terrorised me and accused me of doing drugs after all I went was through at the hospital in Glens falls mik

olivia durham

Abdul Arain is disgusting stay far away

samantha horning

Everyone's super nice and willing to help

Tanyatata Wmcg

If I could give less than 1 star I most certainly would. WORST EXPERIENCE ever. I'll Avoid amc at any and all costs . I never even was given a proper medical diagnosis or given facts on my condition. My discharge papers actually say the WRONG procedure was done. That is not going to fly. I NEED to know what exactly I went through. You can't get on patient portal THRY make it impossible on purpose.

David Samuel Levinson

I had to be transferred from CMH. The care I was given at Albany Med was terrific. Great support staff, wonderful nurses. Food not so good. And beds are not as up to date as they could be. The whole hospital needs an upgrade internally. But very thankful to the folks who took such good care of me, especially those down in VIR.

Melody Wheeler

The doctors kept me in the dark about what would be happening next during my labor induction . I had to wait hours to get an actual doctor to come talk to me about what was going to happen next. They messed up my foley bulb induction and had to re-do it twice. Also, a resident doctor had the nerve to mock me about me letting her “stick her fingers in my vagina” after I told the nurse that I found her demeanor abrasive. Talk about petty. Just another young doctor who thinks they are “woke” and want to help women, but in the end has no compassion for those women’s feelings during a very emotional time. This was my third birth experience (first one at Albany Med) and my worst. The nurses were nice, but it couldn’t make up for the terrible experience I had with the doctors.


Uncaring and unsensitive staff. Scheduling practices nearly unethical and would not allow high priority patients to be seen if they are 600 seconds delayed due to uncontrolled circumtances prior to their appointments. My feedback is that anyone seeks another care facility where people truly care or feel free to experience it for yourself.

Barb Brandow

my father was there he was diagnosed with lung cancer while he was there he met a few very nice people there is a nurse on c2 her name is chin during his darkest moments she made him laugh she treated him with nothing but the best she deserves so much more thank you so much chin and there also were aldi and Sabrina and llenchi I'm not sure if I spelled that right they are fantastic pepole as well best bedside approach and friendly 5 stars for all of them except 1 name is Melissa but I won't allow her to ruin it for everyone else

Stefanie gwinn vega

My elderly mother was a volunteer chaplain for Albany Med for a few years in the 90's.She used to come home crying and telling me the story of the HIV baby who passed away or grief of a family after losing their mother. It was a difficult, unpaid, thankless job but she did it. Recently my mother has become ill. She was in Albany med for a little over a week. During that time I had to call patient relations due to her poor care. She then had an assessment done for in home care, which she completely qualified for and was told she was all set for a referral. They discharge her one day after a horrible diagnosis, did not give her an oncology referral, did not give her the in home care referral and have been nothing but combative and rude when I try to get assistance from them. I have several calls to the social work department that went unreturned. If this is how someone associated with the hospital, that volunteered and gave her time so freely, imagine how they would treat you or your family member.

Alex Fields

I'm not going to mention the doctors name due to the formal grievance I plan on filing, but after we were referred by my pediatrician for a persistent fever my five year old was experiencing, she was seen by a doctor and all was well until they found out she was insured by Medicaid. After that the observations initially made by the doctor became inconclusive so no tests would be run. Albany med has made it abundantly clear that there is more than one standard of care at their facility and if you're poor, you will not receive the same care as someone who is not.

Miriam Shields

My deepest gratitude and big Thank you to all the doctors,my hero Dr.Kaufman and his team,nurses and all medical stuff Terry,Allie,Anna,Zach,sorry I was not well enough to remember all,who worked around the clock to make sure that we can beat this. I don’t know how you do it,smiling and ready to help at any time of the day or night.You make the difference in so many people’s lives.You saved mine....and little service pitty Cricket,how nice it was to pet you.


The worst ER experience, poor communications both provider wise and nursing wise, while the floor care (especially nursing) was outstanding.

timothy flanigan

when i have had to go to the er i have always gone to albany med. i have always had good experiences there. always have been treated with dignity and respect by the doctors, nurses, residents and med students,etc. i will always continue to use the albany med er.

Kareem Shabazz

smileMy personal place to download my shows as well as my medical

Tina Macina


Roman Rybak

The worst place I have ever been!!!

Henry DeMasi

Their medical staff performed brain surgery on my wife to remove a tumor effecting her vision. They saved her vision and did a fantastic job. I will be forever grateful to everyone here for everything they’ve done for us.

Scott Phillips

Horrible experience in the ER. I have never seen nor experienced such a poorly unstaffed operation. The administration should be ashamed of themselves. Had to turn off our own IV machine. My wife didn’t want to take an opiate / hydrocodone and after an hour and a half of waiting for a simple med change to an ibuprofen 800 was forced to take the hydrocodone because she was in such pain


Unfortunately I had to ER. They kept me there for four hours but could not figure out why I was having chest pain. Its been more that three weeks and I am still in pain. They sent me bill for five thousands dollars. These guys are waste of time and money. You go to ER they do nothing unless you are dying. They make you sit for hours bill you and send home. I would suggest go to St Peters Hospital.


Daughter had been in car accident,tho nothing horror happened(broken arm), staff did not care much about people in the ER. stayed beyond 6hours for treatment ,which it insane for a hospital .restrooms were fillthy beyond crazy, and lack of communication.

Deryn DiMarco

I was driven by ambulance to Albany med, having blue lips, delirium, shivering, and hot flashes. I was unable to speak and did not know where I was. I was writhing in the wheel chair as they rolled me in. Not one person looked up, and there was no rush to treat me. They wanted to give me Xanax because they probably thought I was just another “crazy girl”. I refused the Xanax and screamed for water and ice packs, I remember being desperately thirsty. After finally doing blood tests, it was found that I had excessive dehydration due to heat exhaustion that I suffered from only two days prior. Apathetic, sexist, and desensitized is how I describe this staff. I’m happy they gave me IV fluids when they did, and could only imagine what would’ve happened if they didn’t. Did I mention I’m only a 21 year old college student?

Nee na Kanna ra

Good place

Ashley Rockefeller

I'm admitted here now on the 5th floor my room mate is loud her guests loud like I'm not in the same room sick the nurse is stuck up and rude and rolls her eyes Everytime I ask for my meds or for anything can't wait untill she leaves at 7.....I usually have great nurses but this one is just to much for me.....I must add I have a great doctor Dr.hand had been excellent but I think they should be a little more careful with the nurses they hire

Phil Heid

I was a trauma patient. The doctors and staff were outstanding. Everything from pain management to the food I was served was excellent. The doctors, nurses and patient services people were all very nice and exceptionally kind and considerate. Getting hurt sucks. They did a amazing job of treating me and helping me recover. Much gratitude. Nice people and very skilled in what they do. I cannot thank them enough.

Brian Van Sise

I has my second hip replacement at Albany Med 2 weeks ago. I thought the staff was very attentive, knowledgeable and pleasant. I was only in the hospital for 20 hours, but received excellent care

The m Family

ER wait is expected 8 hours or even more! Save yourself the hassle and stay home or try else where. Absolutely ridiculous! Officially lost respect for Albany Medical Center.

Kathleen Monroe

My mother had her knee replacement surgery at Albany Medical Center and the staff all treated her so well and with great respect. I would highly recommend this portion of the hospital's services and would definitely go here if I needed such a procedure done. Her doctor was great, all of the nurses who attended her were amazing, and the on site occupational and physical therapy are partially why I am on track to get my own doctorate of physical therapy. Thank you!

Amy Parsons

Nothing but the best words for the pediatric cancer staff at Albany Medical Center. The nurses and doctors are some of the best and brightest and most compassionate health care workers we have ever met.

Christine Lee

My mother was transferred from another hospital. Right from the start we were floored by the way the residents and fellows talked down to us. There was two exceptions but most were down right rude! Then our impression of the ICU was “lock down” except for two very impressive nurses, Nicole and Dan! They treated us like outsiders! Todd was down right mean and should not be on the nursing profession! All my siblings had the same impression! Communication about our Moms care was hard to come by!! We couldn’t wait to get her transferred back home!!! In a new environment where hospital reimbursement is based on patient satisfaction, Albany Med has a long was to go! Involve family, communicate! And stop bad mouthing other medical professionals!

Denise Delaney

This is a level 1 trauma center people, unless you're dying it will take awhile to be seen.

Empire vapes

So after a 12 hour wait we finally gotten discharged. My girlfriend and I where kept in the hallway with no nurse bell around. Nobody came to check on her only after me walking up to the desk and getting someone for her. The staff simply doesn't care and is ALL college kids except for the doctors ofcourse. My back was hurting so much from sitting in the chair I asked for a recliner and waited 2 hours for that until I MYSELF walked around and gotten one. The place is filthy and the food is nasty will be posting pics soon. I've had it with the lack of care we received and I will not be returning. Albany med isn't what it used to be.

Douglas Jacobs

Wife was brought in with a stroke. Had 1 test done ,was supposed to have an echo which was never done. "It's the weekend you'll have to wait til Monday". 24/7 service? BS, terrible hospital, go to St. Peters.

Chris Maguffin

nobody is in hear... been sitting for an hour and the lady can't give me an estimate of how long it'll be... kid of crazy don't come here!

Franchott Barnwell Jr.

It actually amazes me that there's a hospital that exists that the staff almost takes pride in robbing the sick... Seriously, we've lost about 2-300 dollars in clothing, not torn off, not cut off, but literally stolen BY THE STAFF. Leggings, Socks, Shirts, even Underwear, these people are nasty. Also, this location also apparently doesn't change their patients sheets daily like any sanitary location would, but they are trying to "save money" by only doing laundry a few times a week?!?! So just understand, if you end up here, don't expect anything fantastic, or even sanitary, and don't have any clothing that you actually want back. Good job Bassett Network, stay classy...

Eleanor Murray

Today I was told that I would owe a $300 copay for a preventive colonoscopy at Albany Med's South Campus. THAT IS AGAINST THE LAW. The woman who called went on to LIE and say she "checked with your insurance twice." My insurance begs to differ, as they carefully log any inquiries regarding their members. No one checked my insurance. And there is NO COPAY FOR PREVENTIVE COLONOSCOPIES! Further, it took my insurance FOUR CALLS to correct the information on this call. My friendly Legislator's office is just a few blocks from my home. Imagine his surprise to hear this today. He thinks this is something to look into, as other patients may not be willing to fight this bogus charge.

Matthew Harris

The security team was very UNPROFESSIONAL sexual conversations while people are sitting in the ER. it was shocking. My doctor was cool as hell and so were the nursing staff but the wait time was ridiculous 6 hours for eye drops. Plus another hour to get the script filled pretty sad.

Matt Cerf

Albany Med is the only level-one trauma center in the region. As an academic center, it delivers the best care you can expect in almost every specialty!

Pyramide Albany

The speciized blood lab is a very time consuming process each time it seems never to improve on the Patient and appreciation for the Patients Time or Schedule.

natoya Anderson

I have had the opportunity to use the services of the ER, Radiation, Surgical, Vascular unit during my dad illness. Most departments are customer focused and the experience were good. Social worker on the vascular unit were very insensitive, disrespectful and appeared untrained. However the attendants, patient care, nurses and doctors have done an awesome job.

K Williams

I went to my primary care physician for stomach pains. After a CT scan it was discovered that I had a ruptured appendix. The doctor told me that this was an emergency and I should get to the emergency room ASAP. I am new to the area, so on the doctor’s recommendation, I went to Albany Med. they forwarded my CT scan to AMC and I arrived at the emergency room with the IV needle still in my arm. I explained my situation at the front desk and was told to “go and wait”. It was only after my husband complained that I was admitted. The surgical team was wonderful and kind. However, the nurses in the Short Stay ward are the WORST I have ever met (and I have had multiple surgeries). They were angry, dismissive and inefficient. At one point, my IV started alarming and the male nurse came in, turned off the alarm and walked away without replacing the bag. The same thing happened when I needed help in the bathroom. This was the worst experience I have ever had and I believe that most of the nurses at the Short Stay should not be nurses. If I am conscious and have a choice, I will never go to this hospital again.

wasan Abass

I would like to thank the Emergency Hospital of Albany

Andrea Lucarelli

This place sucks they told me me that I'm being admitted and they told me this at 8 in the morning. Not only that I asked the nurse if I can order food from the hospital kitchen and they ignored me and gave me a sandwich. I'm hungry and need to get my morning medicine they even have a list of all my medicine. Very rude ppl...


Note to albany medical employees. Don’t work in a fields of helping people if you don’t want to help us! I didn’t come for straight faces, passive aggressive attitude and unpleasant attitude. I usually go to St. Peter’s but it was convenient to come here. Just reminded me again not to come here again. Truly Disgusting I’m sorry. update: I felt like a burden there. Everything felt rushed and i feel very unsure. Getting a second opinion. The resident doctor that was caring for me needs to go over empathy. I had to beg him to test my blood literally. Him telling me theres nothing wrong with me, just by looking at me. This whole entire hospital needs to do a workshop daily on empathy !!!! I just felt like a test dummy. Im just really shocked that folks chose a career of caring for people....when they don't care. That is extremely odd to me.

Michelle Laing

My twin daughter was in the care of the pediatrics and the pediatrics PICU and she received excellent care from all the staff who were there to help her feel better and were there every step of the way to help support her so she could be on her way home !


I am very impressed with how well they handle my daughters issues with deep vein thrombosis. The lab techs are so willing to make the experience pleasant and give me no problem when she needs the Doppler machine to find the vein every time we come here, this is the only hospital that has the machine we need to get her blood drain in any way . We have to drive two hours to come here for that reason and thank god they are so willing to help us out with using the machine and assisting by way of the pediatric stat team, thank you so much!!

Danielle Curran

Have been waiting in the waiting room for 4 hours with my 3 month old. She has not kept anything down in the past 14 hours.

Saeid Liaghat

Very caring staff


Just had a baby girl transferred from kingston hospital (garbage) , love it here my daughter is healthy and beautiful and the staff was amazing and very polite and understanding . Love it here will travel 100 miles to come here again..

Mary Cade

Worst place ever takes forever to even get seen they leave u in hallways nurses are rude

Richard Williams

Always a pleasure!

Jay Macabre

Very unpleasant cut to the chace staff and once they learn you have Medicaid,complete negative attitude change

Timothy Hallenbeck

I understand so many negative reviews - people are generally only at a hospital during stressful times. My father had a stroke and was brought to Albany Med from Ellis, and spent a month in ICU and a few more in normal treatment before a bed opened up at a rehab facility. I was at Albany Med 6 days a week for several hours at a time after work and not once was I disappointed in the treatment or service offered. The facility was always clean, the nurses and attendants were always responsive and understanding, and always did their absolute best to accommodate everyone - even when under pressure from HUNDREDS of other families in the same situation. There are literally HUNDREDS of processes and procedures that hospitals must adhere to, from intake to release, that are designed to protect the patients, families, and the hospital itself, and many times people fail to realize that these policies aren't hoops that can just be jumped through at a whim. The staff at this hospital have saved more lives and eased the suffering of so many more; for people to leave a 1-star rant because an over-worked nurse wasn't able to bring them an apple juice in a timely manner is absurd.

jeanne sheffer

Spine Center, Easy parking in the attached garage. Seems to be confusion about people pulling the ticket from the machine.? Everyone was pulling too far forward. Spine center was busy. Staff friendly and most importantly knowledgeable


Went in to the ER with a broken arm, took 7 hours to be given a painkiller. I'll never go to this hospital again. When i wanted something stronger than over the counter, they treated me like a drug addict.

Katie Stanfield

I agree with garbage guy. They’re definitely not known for their speedy service. We’ve been here since 9:30 am and it’s almost 3:40 pm now. Haven’t seen a doctor, they keep telling us to wait and wait and wait. Bathroom was dirty, the nurses sat around as I watched them for the longest time on their phones talking about cruses. They’re starving my DIABETIC sister, AND they didn’t even test her blood sugar levels. For an emergency room no one seems to be acting like it’s an emergency. We’ve had better luck at emurgent care. The only good thing about this visit so far is that the receptionist when we checked in this morning was very nice. Also, parking is NO WHERE NEAR EASY. Does anyone actually look at these? Or is this going to be another CMH hospital where their known for people going there to die. If I could put negative stars I would.

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