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REVIEWS OF Utah Valley Hospital IN Utah

Jill Bills

I had the worst emergency room experience here. My son was transported via ambulance to the ER because he started having seizures. He continued to have seizures for several hours in the ER. The doctor, Michael Osborn, refused to call a neurologist or do an MRI. He eventually discharged my son from the ER. My son had a seizure in the transport chair while waiting for our car to come round and pick us up. After arriving at home, he continued to have several seizures. I had to seek out the care of a neurologist on my own. My son is still under the care of the neurologist. I notified the hospital and submitted a written explanation of my complaint. The patient advocate rep. was very nice and said they would do an investigation. After 2 months, I received a letter of support for the doctors treatment and a bill. Basically, the investigation was lip service and amounted to nothing.

Ryan Hicks

My wife delivered our last baby at Utah Valley and the labor and deliver nurses, OB/OR staff, mother baby nurses and NICU staff were incredible! We love the focus these Caregivers put on making our experience the best it can be. We will have all our babies at this hospital!

Sandy Kezerian

My experiences with the staff and doctors at Utah Valley Hospital has been extremely positive. The level of professionalism, courtesy, and the respect given to patients has brought me great comfort. I appreciate their willingness to take the time to explain procedures, medications, and to answer my questions. Thanks!

Wendell Robertson

I am a totally healthy living holistic oriented person. Hospitals are not the place to hang out for daily healthy raw organic vegetables and grass fed beef. . . . . Yet I when my retina detached I knew that I needed help immediately. That was 3 months ago. This week I had my sight restored with a new lens. It is absolutely amazing. The entire process is a series of systems that create success. Thank you everyone at Utah Valley Hospital for saving my sight.

Riah Rue

Had my baby here, and they did perfect!!!! I would recommend this hospital to ANYONE. Anyone asks me which hospital to go to I always tell them Utah Valley in Provo. My brother has worked there nd have had family member in that hospital my whole life, and i give it 10 stars!

Josh Melville

Doesn’t even deserve a star. You call this a hospital?

Louise Johnson

These people are professional, friendly, and competent. We really appreciate their help.

Twila Lemmons

Our grandson was in a motorcycle accident last week and has received excellent care! Staff are exceptional and kind, he will need long turn care... Thanks for love and kindness!

Debbie Barrows

This place is a joke, they neglected to give my sister's mother-in-law dinner and she is diabetic! The rude nurse said that she didn't ask for dinner

Mia Pula

Wound care staff, Dr’s, nurses, techs are THE BEST....friendly, kind, patient, funny and most importantly our experience they’re like “cheers” where everybody knows your name....they make our situation better!!

Vain Black

Labor and Delivery and the ER were phenomenal to me. I've heard horror stories but this isn't one of them. My attending nurse knew exactly what she was doing and was attentive and made sure i felt included and encouraged in the entire process. The anesthesiologist was congenial and supportive and quick! The entire experience was magical, cliche as that may sound. My doctor was as phenomenal as his reputation and if I had any complications they didn't seem very complicated at all, haha. They even kept me an extra day because my newborn wasn't ready for discharge yet. And when I showed back up two days later for an unrelated minor injury in the ER they listened to me and were sensitive to my emotional state from leaving my newborn with family. Was very fun to tell the ER physician I didn't need any pain meds at all due to my recent discharge vs all the times they have to be aware of potential drug seekers.

Brian Cowley

Happy with my care, and this hospital looks better than most. It is so bright and open, definitely made me feel more comfortable.


Fast friendly help. Had to go to urgent care and they were really helpful and quick.

Brittany Dana

I appreciate the help the staff gives. They are always great each and every time I have to visit the hospital!

Erika Zimmerman

I delivered my first baby at Utah Valley a week ago and had a wonderful experience! The labor and delivery rooms are comfortable and spacious, and the nursing staff treated us so well, especially the nurses in the mom & baby unit- Sarah Ann and Mary Belle were particularly exceptional and took such good care of my son and me during our recovery time there! I felt very well cared for and that all of my questions and concerns were addressed on a reasonable timetable. The only reason why I didn’t give a 5-star review is because housekeeping left a little to be desired- the sheets/blankets in our labor and delivery room were crusted with someone else’s mucus and the shower in our mom & baby room had used band-aids plastered on the walls- gross! Other than the housekeeping issues, we had a very good experience at this hospital.

Ted Crowther

My hyperbaric experience. The techs were especially kind and helpful. The techs were Bekah Lee, Craig, Ashley, Annette and Sam. They made me very comfortable. They remembered my likes for pillows and supports. They were very diligent in helping me choose very good movies. I will have 60 hyperbaric sessions. I was always made comfortable so it became a good experience. I would rate the techs and the experience as the the very best. Ted Crowther.

Krys Kiene

I had a horrible experience the entire time I was at Utah Valley for the birth of my first son. I have a hard time believing that anyone has had a positive experience there since there were soooo many horrible people working with me. It was shocking. Literally one of the worst experiences of my life. Doctors doing this wrong, nurses failing to get me medicines repeatedly for hours on end no matter how many times I asked, a nurse treating me hostile and bitter because I almost died while on her shift so the next time she had to help me she wouldnt even come, she was angry and rude, refusing to help me for extended periods of time like I ruined HER day by almost dying. Oh, and my favorite, the discharge nurse telling a flat out lie to us about me getting my blood drawn before I had to leave. I said it hadnt been done and she belittled me and my family saying new mothers are basically delusional and have no idea what is going on and then my mom went to another nurse and asked that they look in my file and sure enough, it hadn't been done. I was borderline needing a blood transfusion (which is why the dr ordered the bloodwork in thrle first place) and she was more concerned about shoving me out the front door. At this point we were pretty livid and when confronted, the nurse said "well I thought she had already done it!" Oh, did she also "think" that the lady next door should have some random meds without looking in her chart? "I must have mixed her up with someone else" yeah, like that won't kill someone someday. Seriously, this isn't even all that went wrong in 2 1/2 days. Since I was there every mother I know that has delivered there told me they hated it and never went back. I just wish I heard that before I went.

Adrian Dominguez

Had a great Emergency Room visit . Nurses and PA were very nice and attentive, was able to get in and treated very quickly. They were able to find out what my problem was. They explained things to me in great detail, and sent me home feeling much better.


Their billing practices are awful. I stopped meeting with doctors there because they continued to bill me even after I paid off my bills in their entirety. Several months later, I still get bills even after I was told my bill was paid off. I have severe depression and PTSD that I really should be seeing a doctor about but I’m too afraid to go see a doctor because their terrible billing practices make it so much worse. The bills make my health much worse than the doctors help. I would rather kill myself or suffer than deal with these bills anymore.

Michael Hays

I normally don't do reviews but in this case I decided I should. I have gone twice in the last few months because my friend needed to go, once for a medical issue and again for a injury and we got treated horrible, the first time was in the middle of the night and we forgot to take the departure paperwork with us, called the ER the next day and got a lecture from the nurse that had nothing to do with our call and if that wasn't bad enough we kept getting automated calls wanting to know how our visit was. Then we had to go in again about a month or so later to the ER and were treated like we were making it up, I could hear the doctor and the staff out in the hallway and they were out right rude, next time if my friend gets injured I'll be sure to record it as proof. The only reason I'm writing this is because the experience both times were horrible and very unprofessional not to forget to mention that both times the issues were not resolved, we had to go somewhere else where they did get resolved. It was just a complete wast of time and money. If it was like any other place of business we would get a refund for such poor service.

Trisha Olsen

I went in for a routine procedure at 7:20 a.m. and was back home by 10:00 a.m. All the staff were courteous and professional.

Amanda Williams

My friend took her 7 month old baby (who was born prematurely with spina bifida) in because he was struggling to breathe and his O2 levels were low. She has now been there for 9 hours and not one test has been done, they haven't hooked him up to oxygen, she went out to move her van and came back up to him covered in his own snot and crying so bad he was almost purple. The nurse was sitting outside the room playing on her phone... its been another 2 hours now and he now has red spots all over his face like a rash and is choking on his mucous so bad he's throwing up. STILL NOT ONE DAMN THING HAS BEEN DONE!!! The last time he was here they crammed the feeding tube into his LUNGS and quickly turned mild RSV into LIFE THREATENING PNEMONIA!!! HE HAD TO BE LIFE FLIGHTED TO PRIMARY CHILDRENS!!!! They basically just sat there waiting for him to die or get better on his own!!! DO NOT TAKE YOUR SICK CHILDREN HERE!!!! This poor little guy has serious health problems and they don't give a damn about him one bit!!

maryanne finch

UVRMC has been responsible for almost killing me twice in one year. Once was in June 2017 when one intern, Dr. Henderson, misdiagnosed me for four days and said he was going to release me. I asked my nurse to get me another doctor because I knew something was wrong and to her credit, she did. The new doctor sent me for a CT scan and 15 minutes later i was in emergency surgery because my intenstines were in a knot; I lost more than I would have if "frat boy" behaving Henderson had listened to me. He had the nerve to come to me after a surgery that split me half and ask how I was doing and when I said "you misdiagnosed me and tried to send me home" he actually said "sorry about that!". I forbid him from touching me after right after surgery he dug his fingers into my stomach. When he came back a second time i told him exactly why he could no longer touch me and he said "oh, you remember that?!" He along with another intern whose last name was something like Mau and was in the er the night I came in (I went unconscious the second day) tried to change my surgeon's orders. The second time was on Feb 2nd 2018. I went in for a planned surgery that was supposed to be laser and one night in the hospital. A stitch tore and leaked my intestines into my body cavity and I became septic. No one noticed until over 12 hours later. I spent 5 weeks there. I don't remember February; not reality at least. In my head I had been kidnapped and my organs were being harvested because my sister found out it took them 33 hours to deliver any pain medication because I hadn't asked for it. I was cut from my below my sternum to my bikini line; over the top of the scar from the previous surgery that could have been avoided. I'm a single mom of, at the time a 12 yr old girl, who was expecting to spend one night with my friend. When this incompetent staff realized something was wrong, a very long time after I went septic, they alerted no-one! My daughter was dropped off to come visit me and when my little got to my room, several staff were around me rushing me out of my room for emergency surgery and she was left alone, scared and crying. I and my sister have met with patient relations a couple months ago and we gave them a full accounting of everything that happened to me and was promised a call within 30 days; hasn't happened. There were some great people there but my overwhelming feeling when I finally became fully conscious was terror of going to sleep and slipping into the month long terror I lived. For the first time in my life I had to be on anti-anxiety medication. It's August, I have had serious complications and was barely able to start working full-time again. If you or a loved have any other options; don't go to UVRMC! If there were negative stars; I'd give it.

Elizabeth Taylor

Kevin is the tech who helped me. He was swift and good at the i.v. He was very friendly and helpful.

Alexnkrissy Krissy

Worst Hospital ever !never go there they don't give two fux they just are they're for the money. my grandmother is ready to sue the fox out of them .the doctors are rude , the nurses don't even listen. I'll never visit there again! When my mom went there after a heart attack she died twice. When I went there after an overdose I've died twice to. So if you want a disrespectful dr. I'd suggest going there. I was in the emergency room the doctor took 3 hours to come in after an overdose!

Dr. G

E.R. Department. I’ll never understand certain staff member’s attitude, impatience, condescension, and general unprofessional disdain for patients. The trash talking around the water cooler. The comparison of horror stories away from patient’s earshot. I mean, what is it that you think you signed up for? Patients are not an interruption and and inconvenience to your day. If they are, you chose the wrong profession. Do us all a favor and get out now. Some staff are professionals but other need to be flushed immediately before their infection spreads an further. I recommend starting with Dr. Red Head Fred.


We visited the ER as a result of our child tripping and splitting a lip in the hospital. ER staff and doctors were cold and seemingly treated us as a liability to their institution as a result of where the injury had occurred. We were led to a room for review fairly quickly after initial check in, but waited about 45 minutes before a doctor showed. The ER didn't seem busy during our visit, but no urgency was shown. Upon arriving, the doctor prodded at my child's lip for a better look and then indicated nothing could be done as a result of the location of the injury. The doctor suggested ice and even offered a popsicle, but it turned out the hospital didn't have popsicles. A second doctor came afterward and more clumsily poked at my child's lip. In most cases one might feel that the hospital really cared and wanted to provide a second opinion. This, however, felt like an attempt to cover hospital assets as a result of the injury occurring on hospital property. A third individual showed as well to document the situation (yet another attempt to protect hospital assets). In the end of it all, two doctors, a nurse, and an insurance writer (?) spent all of ten minutes (after waiting 45 minutes for "emergency care") to do nothing for my child (except further agitate the wound) and treat us like ambulance chasers, when all I wanted was for my child's injury to be urgently addressed. Instead, there was no urgency and there was no treatment -- unless you consider receiving the bill some sort of shock therapy. Of the four, I did appreciate the nurse (the others weren't at all helpful) and he did try to make things better by offering stickers (which the hospital was sure to bill us multiple hundreds of dollars for later). Now that's the way to maximize profits -- charge people hundreds or even thousands of dollars to interact with you for five minutes and let them hang out in a glass ER room for an hour then give them a sticker... that is, if you can sleep at night

Carolynne Pearson

Haven’t been there yet, but I’ve heard good things!

Michelle Simmonds

I have a six year old son with Aspergers and SPD (sensory processing disorder). Day 1. He fell and punctured his foot, which called for a trip to the ER. We walked in and were taken right back. They nurse assisting us asked me within a minute if he had anxiety or Autism, which was awesome! Everyone from that point on was SO AMAZING with him. They talked him through everything. If he needed a minute to comprehend what was going on, they would let him have it... Because of his special needs, we knew that we would be sedating for the stitches. And they were so understand that it would take a little longer for him to come out of it. It was 11:30 at night before we left. Everyone on his team that night was God sent. Day 3. A nasty infection has developed, and we rushed back into the ER. I took all the info from the trip before. The Nurse was this big burrly you man, that was a giant teddy bear. The doctor made sure my son understood everything. When they had to take the culture, and then remove the stitches. It took two nurses to hold his legs down, and me holding his top half. Both nurses were talking to my son, Telling him how strong and brave he was being. The doctor talked to my son through the whole thing. They contacted the on call podiatrist, and made sure we were in contact with him before we were discharged. I can not thank everyone enough for how caring and thoughtful they have been through this whole process. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Maria Black

My recent experience with the Endoscopy Lab was extraordinary. The prep for the procedure not as pleasant as the actual test. I felt welcomed from the reception desk to the endo suite. My nurse, Brittney, was amazing. She was kind, personable and very attentive. She kept me informed and answered my many questions. The team in the Endo Suite, Kristy, Holly and Laura made me feel safe, even though my conscious interaction with them was brief. Dr. Kawa was outstanding. He took the time to answer my questions and personally consented me for the procedure. He initiated the safety time out and I felt I was in good, trusted hands. I am thankful for the caring and competent team who cared for me.

Rulon Ray

These guys saved my nephew n law and my brother in law. Literally saved their lives!

Robert Faubus

Stay after from place unless your rich and even then they still might sell you to a death home like your property. This hospital kept my grandpa on life support just so they could getting money. They don’t care about people just how much money they get from them!

Rina Ashby

We had to take our 2 month old in for a fever. The ER was amazing, it was the nurses in the Peds who were absolutely TERRIBLE. I wish I knew the names of the nurses who had the WOOOOOORST bedside manner I have ever seen in my entire life. If you're going to have a super CRAPPY attitude, get out of that line of work. I don't care if your having a crappy shift. You're working with people and their kids/babies. Suck it up, put on a smile and BE NICE! ESPECIALLY for a scared first time mom. HAVE SOME SYMPATHY. Then when we got discharged way sooner then expected and we had family come to visit. The nurses were soooo quick to kick us out. If we paid for the room for that day? We will take as long as we want to leave. Thanks though! Your NURSES really need to get their acts together. Because thats absolute BS. If the nurses acted like the nurses at PCH, then you KNOW for a fact, you and your children will be taken care of. You will not be rushed. Your questions won't be looked over/ you won't get a half assed answer. They will take the time to actually want to help you and answer your questions. They have set a pretty high bar. And yours are no where near close. My baby's actual doctor was amazing. So thank you.

Juli Cox

I went to the emergency room in a Saturday night having an extreme siezure. The reason u rate it a 1 is the care of the physician. He said when people came in like this we used to just send them to a mental institution. I am very offended. I was employed there for 20 years and a siezure disorder was treated horribly. I explained to staff I am under treatment with a doctor for this and they still did all of the tests for many hours. We had one of the warning signals on a detector go off for at least 2 minutes..apparently it was change of shift.


This specific review is for one of the physical therapists in this building, Dan Simmonds. I was referred to him for help with a sternum injury that no one else could diagnose and he was knowledgeable and helped me tremendously. Would recommend him to anyone.

Kayleen West

NON profit my Ass!! Horrible experience at the emergency room with with my grandson. Charged double for the same procedure and supposedly extra care from the Dr. what extra care did we get????? We can't get any answers from the billing department, or the Drs office. We have already paid 3 bills and this episode happened last September and they are now sending another bill for the same thing which has been paid!!!! They have lost any support from me!!!

Cheryl McKay Bell

When I arrived for my colonoscopy we had to park with very far away. My husband has a lung disease and has a handicap parking permit. To add insult to injury there was no handicap parking available. When I registered the night before I should have been told that valet parking was available . Everyone in the hospital was very courteous and kind. The decor choices are tearable, brown went out in the 90s. The waiting area was in serious need of a deep cleaning. Vinyl chairs you could see splatter and smear marks all over them.

Wesley Eames

Our first two babies were delivered at Timp hospital in Orem. The difference in service was truly disappointing. We were schedule for an induction at 6:15am and sat in the lobby for 45 minutes. People “pretended” to check in on us and see if we had been helped but nobody helped us! We were second class citizens to the staff’s agenda. We will never deliver a baby here again and we will never recommend this place to anyone else, quite the opposite actually. If you have ANY other option, we would strongly advise going elsewhere for care.

Sam Jacobsen

I volunteer at the wound care clinic and I always look forward to seeing the staff there. They’re always friendly, efficient, and a joy to work with. Highly recommend

stuart jakins

We had a phenomenal visit largely due to the care provided by our nurses. While no one is perfect (perfection is a myth, but that’s not what this review is about) each nurse we had the pleasure of interacting with lived up to and raised the standard of excellence. They cared for my child as he took his first breaths and cared for my wife as she recovered from birthing a human. Thank you!!

Robin Beckstrom

My sister was here for a few days recently. Every nurse and doctor I saw come in treated her like they would family. They took care of her needs, answered any questions we had, made sure we understood the answers, and always asked us if we needed anything.

chelsea ricks

Great experiences here. Absolutely wonderful pediatric wing. Very attentive and detail oriented. Any concerns or issues they do their best to address. There have been times when I've put my foot down about issues or problems I didn't think we're being addressed and they were more than willing to listen. It's taxing emotionally when you have to spend time in the hospital. It's also nice they have counselors that are there to sit and help. We're had both our kids here and going back to a place your built trust in is key to your families well being. This place is one of those.

Kaetty Solen

I had to make two trips because they did little to no research on what was wrong with me. Almost $3,000 later and I am the one who figured out what was wrong. Horrible, costly experience and all they needed to do was a little research based on my symptoms. If there were a way to get my money back, I would deserve every penny. UPDATE: I was told to write an email to regarding my experience, which I did almost a month ago and still have NOT yet received a response. Not only that, they started harassing me for payment that I already made the DAY AFTER I submitted this review. Horrible.

Camille Spute

Great place to get a Mammogram. Very friendly and helpful!

Amanda Mann

Usually the service is fantastic. Tonight the ER tech Lindsey was very unprofessional. I was in a car accident today. I came in on my own instead of by ambulance. When I asked if she could help me by calling a head to another IHC hospital she got very very rude. She said she didn’t have an open bed, yet we watch them take people back and the same people come back out. Then I asked her how long the wait was and she lied right to my face and said she hadn’t had any movement’s in the beds as I watch people leave. I can not believe how poorly she treated patients. Including a woman with a child.

Gone Ballistic

This hospital cares little about patient or family needs. My wife had a bad experience here a couple years ago, she needed another surgery and had concerns about modesty and staff during surgery, the hospital was completely inflexible and would not address her fears at all. Policy wins out over patient needs at this hospital. If your needs win out over a policy, unfortunately you'll need to look elsewhere

Jordan Convey

Emergency room was absolutely empty when I went in. After waiting over an hour they told me they forgot to to get me to radiology to get an x-ray. Then waited over an hour and a half to get a nurse to put a splint on me. Came back and told me to buy one a a drug store. Terrible experience

Chris D.

They took extremely good care of my wife after she was transferred to Utah Valley. The staff is amazing!

Allison Kohler

Took over an hour to get two sodas and a yogurt and before that it took one of our nurses over an hour to get some jello. Then the nurses would prolong the time it would take to do blood tests just to keep us in there as long as possible. First we were good to go in one hour, then two, then we had to wait 45 minutes for a blood test that in reality took them an hour and a half. Never want to come back.

Cathy Clingo

Don't go to this hospital. I fractured my pelvis and I was treated there. The ER doctor told me to see my doctor for a follow-up in 3 to 5 days. I am from California and as soon as I returned, I tried to get my x-rays and cat scans sent down so that I could see the doctor. I filled out the necessary forms and emailed them. Two days later, I found out they had done nothing and that requests for x-rays and cat scans sit for a number of days until they can get around to them. After many emails, I found out that I must wait to receive the the x-rays and cat scans in the mail. That would mean that it would be more than two weeks after my injury before I could get the CD with my x-rays and cat scans and get follow-up care. The next day, I called and called, and finally, someone in the ER got the CD from the medical records department (I guess that is the name) and said she was going to overnight it to me. Why weren't the x-rays and cat scans in the discharge envelope on a CD? I had no problem with the Emergency Room quality of care.

Janette Arcos

L &’ D late night shift. I went there once due to pain they hooked me up and all they did was monitored the heartbeat of my baby and contractions and sent me home. Second time I had a lot of symptoms going on Vicki was my nurse for the night everything I told her she would brush it off and laugh it off and say it’s normal. Told her I was way dehydrated I would shake and felt like passing out and she said you should be drinking more water I told her I do I drink about 2 gallons a day and she brushed it off and said maybe that’s why you have to go pee every 20 minutes. She was ridiculous she never ever did she answer one question for me besides saying it’s normal. If your becoming a nurse you’re there to worry about people and for them not to worry about something if it’s normal. People do not go to a hospital if they’re not extremely concern they just go to the doctor because it can wait and it’s way less expensive Vicki from labor and delivery needs some more training and how to handle questions instead of saying is normal, and if it’s normal to explain why it’s normal. You’re late night shift nurses need to show some more respect and compassion towards pregnant women since their child is the most important and number one concern to them!

Mama and Alexander Hustle

First and foremost, I want to thank all the nurses and the doctors and anyone who is in the health field that is doing this day in and day out every day. Thank you for you service and I do appreciate it a lot since I'm a regular flier with my children. I am a single mother of 4 and three of my babies are disable. In this past couple of weeks, we have been in and out of the hospital for pneumonia, viruses, rsv and a lot of upper respiratory infection. Like I said earlier, I really appreciate the work that every healthcare provider does but these past two weeks was the worst I've experienced in this hospital. Especially for kids. First it was my daughter. She was admitted for pneumonia and two viruses, and she ended up in the ICU for lower oxygen and retraction. She was in a BiPAP for a few days. On the last day the doctor came in and assess her and told me that she will be transferred to the regular unit for couple more days to be monitor before discharged. I agreed with the plan. Couple hours later the nurse came in and said that we are going home. I told him that the doctor that came earlier said that we are staying because my daughter was still retracting an pulling on her neck but he wasn't really polite about it and went and got another doctor and told us that we were going home. In a normal situation, I would gladly go home but my baby wan't better. I tried to talked them into what the doctor said earlier but he had already done the discharge and told us that we were leaving. What are we to do? That whole night my daughter got worse. Of course they are always worse at night. I took her for a follow up with my pediatrician and he said that my daughter wasn't suppose to be out because she is still not well. He called the hospital but they seem not to care so he said he will file a complain.This was Friday of last week. Saturday night came two of my other kids started fever. My seven years old have cerebral palsy and DiGeorge syndrome and my son is in remetion for brain cancer. He had a really high fever. I gave him medicine and showered him and he had a seizure. Ambulance was called and he was taken to the hospital. My seven years old was brought over by my sister. They were tested for respiratory panel and found that they both have RSV and another virus. Because of my daughters history of pulmonary infection and low oxygen the ER doctor wanted her to be hospitalized. My son was taken home by my sister after evaluations and he was cleared from the seizure. We we're admitted on Sunday morning to the pediatric. She was in there until yesterday and she was getting worse by the day. Tuesday morning doctor came in and said that we are going home. Eventhough my daughter's oxygen was still in the 88%-90%. I didn't know what to say because they are the professional eventho this wasn't my first rodeo with my children. I took her home that day and she wasn't looking very good so I took her in to her pediatrician. My pediatrician took and xray and found that the asthma caused was from pneumonia, RSV, corona virus and rhinovirus. No wonder my baby can't breath. My daughter is not your normal kid. Because of her condition she can be septic over night. This was all explained to the doctors ad its all in her history. My pediatrician called Utah Valley for readmitting and they refuse to take her. They said NO for whatever reason. Her O2 was below 80% and they said no. I heard my doctor fighting with someone on the phone. Telling them that he will file a complain. He also ask me to do a complain. I had to drive my baby all the way to Primary children in salt lake and she could barely make it. She was admitted straight in the ICU. Most of death in children with healthcare is from carelessness. If I had a choice my babies would never be in the hospital. But this is card that I'm given by Heavenly Father. This is my call and my fight everyday. This is not easy journey to have. Having 4 children with 3 being disable. I would never recommend this place. NEVER! So much for compassion.

Karmel Pehrson

We live in Saratoga Springs and deliberately drive past at least 4 hospitals to goto Utah Valley. They are absolutely and by far the best!

Jane Jaussi

Wound Care Clinic awesome!! Great people great care!

Laurie Wood

They were very organized, and able to manage a lot of people quickly through the procedure and recovery

BetteJo McLelland

Routine colonoscopy. The nurses were the best! The reception and check in personnel were friendly and helpful even at 6am! Thanks to everyone at Utah Valley!

Fashionfox Fashion

Bad bad bad service Emergency room ! Nasty people:(

Ashley Dewey

My experience at this hospital was horrible. The best thing they did was transfer me to a different hospital. After 5 days of being in patient and only being allowed to walk to a bedside camode because I was passing out so often, they sent me home with no answers.They prescribed a home health nurse... or so they said... which turned out to be a physical therapist. (Not helpful when you cant stand up) when I got to the other hospital it was determined that syncope was from over medication. Guess who wrote the prescriptions.... I will say the nurses and care technicians were fabulous. It is the doctors that were unfeeling and careless.

Feranei Sooto

I’ve gone to this ER multiple times for myself and once for my baby. Everytime we went, we were there a minimum of 2 hours due to wait times and how busy they are, even in the middle of the night. The staff was not the friendliest and always seemed stressed, I mean I don’t blame them it is the ER and late at night each time I went. After I took my 1 month daughter there, I did not like the way they treated her and didn’t try to ease any of her pain wen they poked her with needles as she cried hysterically. The next time I needed to take her to the ER, I went a few miles north to Timpanogos Regional Hospital in Orem and the treatment and overall experience was a million times better than Provo! I was seen right away, checked in with frequently and was able to leave within 30 min without wasting any time! If you are able to, skip this Provo ER and go to Orem!!

Lucky Bail Bonds

I bring my friend Dena to the wound care clinic... she raves about Bryce & Megan... they are always friendly, clean, and helpful! Thanks to all who help take care and make her well!

Josh Rohatinsky

I visited the Instacare at Utah Valley Hospital for strep-related symptoms, and had a great experience. They got me in quickly, and the nurse ran the strep test. I met with Dr. Wood, who was very thorough and asked about other symptoms. He gave me some recommendations when the test came back negative and sent me on my way. In and out in about 25 minutes, and had a great experience with the nurse and doctor.

Eric Hatch

Really nice staff, always helpful! Best hospital experience I’ve ever had!

Akalia Bostock

Had an amazing experience at the outpatient physical therapy center! Awesome staff, clean environment, great atmosphere, and knowledgeable caregivers. Thanks for takimg such great care of me!

Kelly Wing

Best hospital stay! Nurses were fantastic. Checked up on me when needed, left me alone to rest. UVH really works hard to make sure patient care/satisfaction are second to none. We are very fortunate to have this level of facility here in the valley. Thank you Pederson's and Sorenson's and to many others, for investing in our health now and for generations to come.

Blythe Shupe

My nurses and techs were fabulous! Very attentive and friendly. Thank you for the great care!

Renee Tueller

The staff in mammography are always pleasant and explain everything clearly. They are great

Allison Lancaster

I was seen in the ER after a bike wreck with a broken arm on the 4th of July. I was nervous about the wait time with it being a holiday and expected to be there for several hours. After having my vitals taken immediately after walking through the door I was seen quickly and and treated quickly and was out the door in under an hour and a half! I was very pleased with the nurses and PA that helped me and grateful for the care I received there!

Kevin Butler

We had our daughter in the ER on Memorial Day for what turned out to be a ruptured appendix. Everyone from the nurses who greeted us in the waiting room, to the nurses, techs, and doctors in the back were amazing! My daughter has only ever had her shots; never a blood draw or anything like it, and they were so patient and explained everything. The doctor was knowledgeable and reassuring. The ultrasound tech was also great with our daughter. He talked to her on her level and explained everything to us. We were told that all of the radiology images were being reviewed by a pediatric radiologist, which was very reassuring. Once we found out what was wrong, a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Skarda, was consulted and he was also amazing! Dr. Skarda really knows his stuff, but is also very personable. He genuinely seemed to care about us, even checking in with us several times after the surgery. Everyone in the ER was great keeping us updated and making sure our questions were answered. Up on the pediatric floor, the amazing care continued! Our daughter was cared for by a team of pediatricians who did such a great job managing her pain and helping her get better so she could go home as quickly as possible. We were also impressed with a personal visit from a pharmacist and social worker just to see if they could help with anything. There was also a Child Life Specialist who was really key to helping our daughter accomplish the things she needed to do (but didn't want to) in order to get better. They spent time with her doing crafts and creating rewards for accomplishing goals. Our daughter really struggled with taking the medication by mouth, but every nurse was so patient and tried many different things until we found the one that worked. The housekeeper was also key in encouraging our daughter to do the things she didn't want to do. The housekeeper, at the beginning of the day, promised our daughter a special surprise if she would accomplish all of that day's goals. And when she did, that housekeeper was there, as promised, with her surprise. Nobody wants to be in the hospital, but everyone who was involved in our daughters care made this visit a lot less stressful. Thank you!

Stephan Millard

I have had mixed reviews in the past and have concluded the icu is great but the er is terrible. My grandma was in their icu and they treated her very well with the utmost care. Just based on the icu I would give this a 4 stars. However My cousin got turned away from the e.r. because they didn’t like his insurance. I too have had a terrible experience at the ER when I part of my heel got cutoff and I waited in the waiting room of the er for 20 or so minutes as my foot continues to bleed.

Seth Lovell

Overall it's a great place to work. Lots of growth opportunities, people that care. I'm excited for the next building to be completed!

Joshua Smith

This place is good, but doesn't friendly for deaf. And doesn't respectful what people want.

Shellie Brooks

Everyone was so nice & knowledgeable. Thank you.


99% of the nurses and staff are amazing and so kind. However, I delivered my daughter here in October via Emergency Cesarean. My baby was out in under 2 minutes but when they started cutting I was SCREAMING that I wasn’t numb. (I hadn’t used my epidural for hours and I could fully move my legs) They didn’t put me under either. They made my boyfriend go out of the room because of how bad/traumatizing it was. I truly believe I have ptsd from this. I could explain more in depth but I’ll leave it at that. Fast forward 8 months later - Today I brought my daughter in for fluids as she’s so dehydrated. The nurse trying to insert her IV was so unorganized and losing everything. She blew veins in both of my daughters arms, then dropped the needle on the FLOOR and proceeded to pick it up to try to use again. I wish I wasn’t leaving this kind of a review but I’d like to share my experiences.

Kristine Jolley

I had my mammogram at Utah Valley Hospital. The process was very efficient, no wait, pleasant staff. The tech was very friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and compassionate. I would highly recommend the mammography unit at Utah Valley Hospital. Thank you for the gift recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness!

Kynan Boyd

Their billing practices are extremely unethical and should be illegal. I was billed for visiting the doctors on days when I never went to see the doctor. I tried calling in to fix my bill but the lady who I spoke with was not helpful at all. She threatened to hang up the phone on me. I work for a law office and I cannot imagine threatening to hang up on a client. They sent me to collections without any notice or warning. I always pay my bill but she claimed that I did not pay my bill. I paid it every time I went to see the doctor. Somebody severally messed up at Utah Valley Hospital and they are making me pay for it.

Brett Wood

My nephew was born here, great staff.

Brian Graff

I went in with Kidney very painful. The nurse took his sweet time getting me meds to make me comfortable. Took forever to pick a vein to do my IV even though my veins are very prominent...after finally getting meds to reduce pain and sent to the ct scan my nurse never came back to check on me until i went to the hallway to ask for assistance. Dr. Simmons was nice and was the guy doing the CT...but as for my nurse and being comfortable when in a great deal of pain. It was one of the worst ER experiences I've ever had.

reanna novak

Went in and had my first surgery ever. My nurse was an OR nurse named Conner and he made me feel relaxed and comfortable the entire time from explaining the surgery to making sure my parents knew where I was he even helped me put my jewelry back in after my surgery because my iv made me unable. All the staff and doctors went out of their way to make me comfortable relaxed and feel ok especially Conner.

Geri Jean Lundquist

I have been going to wound care at Utah Valley Hospital for 8 weeks now and have had nothing but awesome experiences. The staff goes out of their way to make my experience extraordinary. The are kind and care about me individually. They truly exemplify the Intermountain vision and values. Thank you wound care!!

Burt Ernie

Multiple awful experiences. Timoanogos or orem community are better choices.

Karen Rollins

Just had a complete knee replacement, endoscopy and colonoscopy. The staff were all caring, professional, efficient and made me glad that I chose to have these procedures done in such a wonderful atmosphere.

Jessica Watson

I had my baby delivered here and the experience was amazing! The nurses were super amazing and kind, not to mention they said sweet things about my baby. House Keeping did a phenomenal job as well keeping our room nice and clean and came very often.

Cody Gray

Super friendly and helpful staff. Waiting in the waiting room doesn't get any better than this. A+

Danielle Gainer

This hospital has saved my life twice. The nurses are very kind. The doctors know what they are doing and are very knowledgeable

Mary Mac

I went to the emergency room at Utah valley hospital after I fell an injured my arm. They admitted me to the emergency room very promptly and I was seen immediately by a very competent nurse. My x-rays were done promptly and I was in and out of there with a fractured radius and a splint in a little over an hour. Everyone was very professional. The new emergency room is very well equipped.

Nurse Barbie

I had surgery at this hospital in December. Everyone I interacted with were both kind and professional. The personalized thank you card I received from my nurses was very thoughtful.

Yuliana Espino

I’ve had amazing experiences here having given birth to both of my children. But last Friday 10/19 my mom had a hysterectomy. To begin, in pre-op they literally poked her arms 5-6 times trying to find a vein for an IV. There was literally 5-6 nurses/doctors in her room trying to find a vein. Her arms are all bruised from all the needles. In post op, all the “nurses” had NO CLUE what they were doing. They didn’t know what pain meds to give her. One girl didn’t know what wrist band to scan, she asked is if we knew. They didn’t know how take my mother’s IV out. She had to go ask someone else to help her. One doctor tried to sit her up, not even 30 minutes after she had Been brought to her room he wanted her to get up and go to the bathroom, she was still coming out of the anesthesia. He sat her up and HURT her!! My mom yelled and started crying in pain. It was so unnecessary, she didn’t need to pee, she hadn’t ate or drank anything since 10pm the previous night. she told him she was in pain, and wanted to try to get up later but he still tried to get her up. The folowing day another young “nurse”. She helped her get up, and walk around the floor. When she was trying to sit her back down. She just let her fall! Just let her fall back on to the bed. My mom has no strength still to this day she is still recovering and for that girl to just let her fall back was so UNPROFESSIONAL AND COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. This was literally the WORst Experience my mom and my family have gone through. She was scared to have surgery to begin with and then have all these “nurses” do such a poor job to keep her comfortable it’s just sad and upsetting!

Janet Jenkins

The Er wait time when we got into a room was 45 minutes before anyone came into the room. No one checked on the patient until the Dr came in. No one even asked if we needed a blanket or anything. Lots of nurses talking about what they like to eat. ImI so glad I go to Timp Regional.. At least they care about there patients and attend to them when taken to a bed. This experience has changed my daughter mind about changing hospitals.

Johnathon Winters

I’ve had previous emergency back surgeries and yesterday I was injured from falling on my back and in serious pain. 2 HOUR WAIT WITHOUT SEEING A DOCTOR. 1 doctor and 1 PA for the whole ER. I left. They were extremely quick to get my payment and insurance information though! Honestly the employee taking my payment and insurance info asked more and seemed to care more about my pain and injury than anyone else there. THERE IS A REASON THIS PLACE HAS SUCH BAD REVIEWS. I literally live down the street from UVH but because I’ve heard so many negative things about the place I always chose Timpanogos ER. I was in a ton of pain though and thought I’d get lucky and try UVH out anyway as it was close and couldn’t be THAT bad. WRONG. Why on earth you HAVE to ask if I’m a member of the Mormon church ( no other religious faith was included in the question or inquired about) is beyond me. Does my religious affiliation make my back different to work on? Even the employee that asked me said she has to ask the question and has no idea why that’s even part of the sign-in process. Also, it’s pretty pathetic you have a canned response to contact someone else at your hospital to report this to. Hey, here’s a novel idea, YOU tell them about this review. I want nothing else to do with you.

Family Fitzwater

Just finished in the ER. The staff was fantastic. We loved the resident and the doc that took care of us. The nursing staff are so kind and attentive. Great job. It will be great when the renovation is finished.

Ivon Faulkner

Emergency room wait has never been bad for me.

Fran Burger

The doctor on call asked me to tell him about my son’s condition. I told him that my sons CML Leukemia had mutated into CML Blast Crisis and that he was home chocking every time he coughed, been coughing all day long but last night he was really struggling. I told him my son has fluid around his right lung and it’s has gotten worse. They did do an X-ray and it showed the fluid. I was told by the doctor on call that it wasn’t that bad. We were thankfully released at 4 am. My son Rick had 2 liters of fluid removed at 3:00 pm today and goes back on Monday to have more removed around his lung. I do understand that all doctors don’t know everything oncologist do and the condition of a patient that comes into your ER. Also there was really nothing that he could do to help my son except be compassionate and kind. Anything could have happened to my son being in the last stages of his life. I will not take a chance with his life not when I know that the ER was the safest place for him last night.

Quynh Larimer

The ER and the women and children’s place here are the BEST! The staff are super helpful, personal, and professional. The service is excellent as well.

Janet Frank

I had my yearly mammogram at Utah Valley Hospital this year and it was a great experience. Very little wait time and staff was very reassuring and friendly. The woman who helped me explained every step so I knew exactly what to do and what was happening. I'll definitely go back for my next one.

Cameron Mims

This Hospital is a freaking joke, Everytime I've gone it's been a joke, last time I was in ER got treated like a drug seeker, my last two surgeries there were pretty much a waste, and I got a EEG Lexie scan there over a month ago, and still never heard the results from them, and they never sent the results to Transplant Evaluation like they were supposed to do. You can make this Hospital look fancy, but it still sucks, oh and not to mention in 2012 I went in with severe stomach pain, peeing blood (which shouldn't be happening, because I'm in renal failure, plus peeing blood is bad), and they sent me home on my merry way, I went to The U in Salt Lake, and they told me had I waited another week I would have died... UVRMC is a joke... They're lucky I didn't sue them for almost killing me.

Lynden Jensen

They quoted us <$300 for a procedure then the bill came in a $2,500. Wouldn't work with us on the price and we were denied their financial assistance. My wife's dad (a lawyer) had to call them, after which they charged us around $300. They are just looking to pay off their new expansion.

Shelly Whetstone

We arrived and within 10 minutes we were being seen by a Doctor. A test was performed and we were told it would take a good hour to get those results back. An hour later the Doctor and a nurse were back to talk to us. We were taken care of in such a way that there was NO waiting on this person or that person. Very professional and friendly. The doctors firm handshake to each of us when we were potentially contagious went a long way. If I ever have need in the future for a visit to the ER, Utah Valley Hospital will be seeing me again.

Angela Eckler

The doctors and nurses were very respectful, non judgemental, compassionate and they actually took care of me.. I like when I get respect all the way around. So I give this hospital 5 stars. I've been to a lot of hospitals in my lifetime. Then one is the BEST!!

James young

I was here for a few days. I was shocked by the nurses and the case managers. I felt like they were very pushy. I feel like this place needs some re-vamping

Joni Anderson

This hospital continues to show their lack for patient care! Their Dr. Jolley lacks bed side manor and has no idea how to handle a situation he can’t explain. To ask a family member who is requesting competent answers, what their medical background is, may not be the best way to calm the storm. I would suggest a real hospital with real doctors!! And a staff that won’t forget they need to make sure their diabetic patient eats. Yes ladies and gentlemen if you love your family members take them anywhere but here, because once they are in they won’t let them leave!! Even if requested multiple times

Stewart and Tammy Rowley

I had surgery and my nurse is Becky and the Aide isJennie on the 6th floor. They are amazing! They go above and beyond to make sure you’re comfortable as well as your family

Sarah Moore

We had an abdominal ultrasound scheduled for my 18 month old daughter here. They called and gave me directions on how to get to their out patient building and what floor. Also letting me know my daughter needed to be fasting for 6 hours. Our appointment was at 9am so she hadn't eaten all night or breakfast. We got to where I was told to go. Checked in my daughter and waited 15 minutes. That's when we were told there was a mistake, and they didn't realize how old she was. (We checked in using her date of birth!!) They said we were sent to the wrong building. They told us we needed to go to the pediatric floor in another building and would need to drive there. So we did that. Went to the pediatric floor and again, wrong place! With a hungry toddler. SO much fun. That pediatrics office then sent us to another floor in the same building and finally we were in the right place. We had to check on ALL over again and then wait another 15 minutes. Very disappointing. They should realize they serve people of all ages and make note of who the patient is and where they really need to be. That's their job. The technician did a great job but that was about it. We've had ultrasounds done at Timpanogos Regionals Hospital and the whole process was much smoother. I know as an IHC facility the view my comment as nothing more than white noise because, what's one unhappy family to a cooperation making millions? It just was so frustrating. They care about numbers. Not people. Clearly.

Valeri Jones

Three times I've come in for an x-rays, and the wait was minimal, the tecnicians were efficient and the staff were friendly and helpful.

Savannah Terry

All the staff was so helpful, kind, and made bring at the hospital so much easier!

k S

The best surgery I ever had was here at this hospital. I trust my son with these drs

Heather Habel

Sat for 2 hours. Eardrums almost bursting and everyone got seen before me. I had my 4yr old because Im a single mom. They were SO RUDE!!! I think they need new nurses who actually care about patients. What I said went in one ear and out the other. So what do I do now. I havent slept in a couple days because of the pressure in my eardrums!!

Vienna Strauss

I have always had great care here but will not be returning due to the unorthodox and disrespect attitude towards employees in the endoscopy department. How management can not respect contracts and thinks they can supersede what was agreed upon and the value of an employee and will fire for no cause. It never ceases to amaze me how a person Fears and jealousy can rule a "Managers"(Christine) ability to be fair to an honest to a hard working employee and to null and void a valid contract for personal gain or need to rule all powerful. She can not meet the needs of the employees or doctors If this is the type of people you hire than what is my care and recovery going to be like when I was being schedule for a procedure there.

Margaret AlJamal

EExcellent care from the Wound Excellent care from the Wound Center tDoctors and staff very friendly and very cut competent I hate this

Gabriel Wilson

Wonderful hospital. They have amazing staff and wonderful hospitality. I've been going to the wound clinic department and they are amazing. Nothing but happiness and positivity.

Shiree Best

My review is about the hyperbaric department. My son-in-law and I were brought to the hospital with very high carbon monoxide levels and near death. It was after normal hours for the hyperbaric department, but within a few minutes both Dr. Robins and one of the staff, Ashley, had been called in and took great care of us. They got us into the chambers quickly, and though they had already worked all day, they stayed until late in the evening. They were very professional, friendly and capable. The next day we were back all day in the hyperbaric chambers again. We worked with Bekah, Craig, Crystal, Ashley and Dr. Stewart. We appreciated the wonderful state-of-the-art equipment and being able to lay down in them and have movie access, which made us comfortable and helped pass the time. They gave us the best care possible, kept us informed and explained any questions we had. It was an amazing experience.

Susan Lester

Scary to walk out into a hallway when your loved one needs help to look for someone, after you push the call light and get no response. Not even a “we will be right there”, no nurses station so it causes panic to walk into a hallway and feel all alone. All that you can see are other family members waiting in the hallway, all with frightened helpless looks on their faces. It took 6 hours to get 1 pill for pain. If you find yourself or a loved one at this hospital just know that you have to be your own advocate because nobody here will do it for you!

Sherry Woodard

This hospital is huge — and there’s a lot of waiting even when you’ve got an an appointment. However, there are some great doctors and nurses employed there. Most are friendly, efficient, and hoping to find your problem our a cure!

Dee Kei

The staff was too nice. Im thoroughly impressed.

Steve Gtay

Dr Gafain and his team were great!! The nurses were good till the last day. The last nurse was horrible. Some excuse about not her floor. Made me wait 2 hours after discharge to leave. Wouldn’t answer when I asked for her help. Wife had another nurse discharge me. One persons attitude can ruin the whole experience

Brooke Angus

DO NOT GO HERE! I am so disappointed in our visit to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. My husband went here for surgery on his shoulder. First, they put a polar ice machine on him, without asking our permission, and MADE us pay for it even after we told them we already had one. Now come to find out the anesthesiologist that they had come do the numbing was conveniently not in our health insurances network. How does that happen??? They definitely know who our insurance was when we came in, we had to wait in the lobby for 10 min to talk to them and show our insurance card before hand. I am definitely going to fight it because now they want us to pay $1000 for just the anesthesiologist. So unprofessional, just one thing after another and of course no one cares when you voice your concerns.

Chelle A

I had sprained my ankle on a Sunday morning and went to the ER in case I had broken it. Dr. Enz saw me after the X-rays and told me it was just severely sprained and then followed to explain tips on how to treat it. He told me to rest my foot and would have to give it a couple weeks before I can walk normally and put pressure back on it. The following Monday I went back with FMLA paper work for my job. I left them at the counter in the ER desk. They told me they would get in touch once they were finished. By Wednesday I hadn’t heard anything so I went back with another copy of the paper work and again left them there with someone at the front desk of the ER department. I called them by Friday still not having heard any news, they didn’t answer and I went to voice mail. They ( Wendy ) finally got in touch with me a week and a half after my accident telling me they can’t do FMLA paper work in the ER department. And max they could give me was a Doc. Note for 3 days leave of absence. It would have been nicer to hear that news a lot earlier than a week and a half later not only to know my options and also be able to tell me the managers at my Job and know my options there.

Michelle Tome

I have to say from the moment I walked into the ER to the time I left. I was impressed. They were kind and attentive, and let me know how long things would take. Unfortunately, I've had to goto doctor's, hospitals more then I'd like. So I'm always dreading the thought. But they really looked into What was going on with me and didn't just brush me off to another doctor. A big shout out to Dr. Liz, Lexi, Boris, Thor and the rest of the ER staff. Thank you so much!

Jaxie Olsen

I really wish there was a separate page for the gift shop, but since I couldn't find one... The day before yesterday I saw a man complaining about racism while walking the concourse with 2 security guards in the hospital. I didn't think much of it. I have never seen any real racism in Utah until yesterday. I went into the gift shop with my husband. We were in the store looking around and one of the register ladies walks up to him with such a blatant look of suspicion and says, "Can I help you with anything? Oh! Are you with her? Okay, that's fine then." And walks off. I couldn't believe it. You better believe I won't be buying ANYTHING from this hospital again. I don't want too get a generic message back from the hospital on here. Don't tell me "were disappointed that you had a terrible experience, contact us with this #..." Just actually do something about it.

Darinka Martinez

Earlier this month I gave birth here. The Labor & delivery nurses & staff were phenomenal! They explained everything that they were doing to me and going to do. They answered all of my questions and were just super nice. They were super comforting during my Emergency C-Section too. The mother/baby unit was also amazing. I loved all the nurses that helped me out! They treated me as a friend rather than just another patient. I loved getting all the sweet compliments on my baby girl. The room service is also really great! It was nice being able to choose what I ate rather than just being given a plate with whatever food. I really loved the card they sent after I got home congratulating me on my baby.

Linda Allred

Went in for mammogram, everyone was helpful and friendly. Great place for care.

Adam Winkel

I had fallen and cut open my head, when I went in the staff were very friendly and quick to help. I got my 15 stitches and that was that, a good, quick, efficient, five star service, as far as I was concerned. But the problems started when billing time came around. The hospital sent me the total bill three times, and every time I would call them and they would say that they didn't have my insurance info, which I then had to give them again all three times. They were friendly, but it got a little annoying. And then six months later the doctor, who I never saw, starts sending me these bills for a ballpark $1500. And I have to repeat the process with the doctors office. Who were not nearly as polite or accommodating as the hospital staff. It was a good experience, or as good as getting 15 stitches can be, soured by an incompetent billing department.

Jennifer Jensen

Love the warming hose and ease of check-in. Staff was great. I also loved the mobile pharmacy. That was so convenient, especially right after surgery.

Brent & Vickie

Great service. Very short wait. The technician made sure I was comfortable. Then when I was finished with my bone scan, I treated myself to something from the Gift Shop on the way out!

Rett Larsen

I went in because I had a allergic reaction to something and it restricted my throat so I couldn't breath they took me right back started an IV and got the proper meds in me within 15 mins my airflow was starting to get better they are very professional and very prompt to very life threatening things like I had

Idont WannaTell-U

I have delivered 3 babies there and been to the ER 2 times and had my gall bladder removed there. Everything was mostly fine. They did give my newborn the hepetitis vaccine even after I said don't and signed the paperwork saying I didn't want it. They also didn't wake me to feed my baby when he was in the nursery. This was in March 2011... I hope the people working then have sence improved. My later experiences were better.

Rudy Isaacson

Hyperbaric unit. Outstanding service and personalized care. I felt safe and secure. They made special arrangements for my situation. I cannot day enough good things about the staff.

Carolyn Dearden

I recently delivered a baby at Utah Valley Hospital. I had a very positive experience; all of the nurses who took care of me were kind, compassionate and competent. They cared about me personally, rather than just as a patient. A lot of people say that the labor and delivery unit is overcrowded and impersonal; I felt like I was the only patient there. The NICU is also phenomenal. The nurses and doctors there took great care of my son during his brief stay there. My husband and I knew he was in good hands. They kept us updated on his progress and let us be involved as much as possible when we were with him. They were very encouraging during a difficult time.

David Marajah

I recently visited the ER for a Autoimmune disease, the ER staff was very unprofessional and they and Dr. Krommenhoek had not a clud what to do even though the people who got me in there who is fully understand the disease. Dr. Krommenhoek was only concern about the feeling of his “professional staff” but not what was happening with me.

Karen Winters

I recently had the opportunity to be at UVH for a Diagnostic Mammogram. Tiffany was my Mammo Tech and was extraordinary. She was warm, confident, and made me feel safe and secure in her care. The visit was quick and efficient. Thank you! See you next year :)

Tenley Nuttall

Seriously the slowest ever! Waited 1 hour for doctor to come back and say nothings wrong. Then waited another 3 hours to even get released! Really....

Diane Black

The nurses were very nice.

David Cloward

My wife Cindy had a Craniotomy here. Doctor Gardner is the best. The staff were all very helpful and professional. Thank you all. Dave.

Abe Gamez

Everybody treated us great. I believe this is the best hospital in the state. Thanks for taking care of my dad.

Jacqueline Rose

My Aunt is having trouble breathing, she is in the ICU & Dr. Carter has been so kind & caring! He is amazing! I know she is in good hands with him. Thank you! I highly recommend Dr. Carter!

Brenda Trujillo

Lost biopsies twice, and it took over two months to get treatment. They have no urgency and care for their patients.

Karl Ludwig

My wife had a procedure in Internationale Radiology today. Brad the IR nurse was great. All of the staff were caring and treated her with great respect. She has had procedures done at other facilities, none come even close to UVH.

Jayson Sykes

Had a great experience in the ICU the nursing staff and the IHC billing staff were very easy to work with and very upfront.The billing staff in the emergency department on the other hand are a nightmare. They tacked on late fees before I ever got a bill. And when I expressed this they just had a "well that's just how it goes" attitude.

William Gum

Absolutely the worst. I started off going to an emergency clinic in Springville where I was told that I may have appendicitis and to go to the emergency room. After going through the least friendly medical staff, I waited 4 hours to be told not only do I not have appendicitis but I have diabetes. My symptoms do not account for this. Now after scheduling appointments at this same facility, I've had my appointments mistaken by their system and have to return. Problem is, I still have agonizing pain in my side and back which they told me could be a fracture but haven't investigated at all. I'm in so much pain and there are no other options in this area to see, anyone else. Additionally a nurse bled on me showing me how to take my blood sugar test. Seriously, what is going on with this area and healthcare?

Ellie Novelli

Can't say enough about all the professional medical staff at this hospital who provided care for my mom in the cardio ICU. After diagnosing that she had an aortic dissection happening they performed the surgery and provided excellent care for her until her transfer to a longer term care ICU facility. From the doctors, surgeons, nurses, techs and janitorial staff everyone was very compassionate and truly motivated to helping my mom survive this huge surgery. I would highly recommend this hospital.

Erika Taylor

Labor and delivery nurses were great! Dr. Jacobs was amazing, he reassured me that everything would be ok even though my baby was early. Very impressed! Thanks for helping our family!!

Brayden Robison

Awful experience here, they weren’t respectful of time or patient’s needs. It took the doctors 20 minutes to pull up CO2 readings on the monitor.

Joy Bracken

My doctor was awesome and very competent. I had some trouble coming out of general surgery with my bladder being too full. It was quite painful as they tried to insert a catheter over and over again. I also had a problem with my eyes. They were very painful. I had to wear something on my eyes most of the day. They hurt all of that day. When I woke up the next day it had resolved itself.

Michael Vargas

I would like to leave a review on the performance of the nurses aids. But I have been blocked on every Avenue due to it being a bad review. Anyone who like to get it to a good review status. Contact me.

Lisa Schumacher

I’ve always been impressed by the professionalism at Wound Care. Staff there are good at their jobs and just a friendly, fun group that makes it not awful to go to the office.

Annette Gwilliam

My husband has been a patient of wound care and hyperbarics several times, it's been a great experience. Thanks everyone!

Terri McMurtrey

My daughter had surgery yesterday at Utah Valley Outpatient Surgical Center. She had a little known complication following the surgery and her post-op nurse was AWESOME! She stayed with her the entire time and became her friend. You could see the concern in her eyes as she communicated with the doctor and us. She felt the relief as much as we did when everything turned out ok. Thank you!!!!!

Chalisse Martineau

We highly recommend Utah Valley Hospital!! We have been treated in the ER and on the Pediatric floor, and every Dr, nurse, and tech we have met have all been very kind, professional and helpful.

holly mcdaniel

I hate this place with a passion.! My father has had 3 major surgeries here and not had a good outcome. They (nurses, doctors) used to look at the health of patients but now their just in it for the money and I feel they don’t care for patients like they used to.!

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