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REVIEWS OF St. Mark's Hospital IN Utah

Kristin Brand

I had an unexpected overnight stay last night, in the Women's Pavilion, and this was my first real experience with the staff here. I had to have an emergency operation, and I was very scared of what the outcome would be. The staff were absolutely amazing. Every single person that I came into contact with was extremely nice and helpful. The doctors walked me through everything and made sure to address all my concerns. I couldn't have had a better experience. Every single person made me feel better about my circumstance. I wish I could thank every single person that helped me through this ordeal personally. I'm looking forward to coming back here to deliver my baby girl. Seriously, the best hospital staff ever.

Lise Fischer

I was taken to the ER at St. Mark’s on July 23rd with what proved to be a stroke. My experience in the ER, ICU and general care floors of the hospital were excellent. I was diagnosed and treated for a stroke (source and type to be determined after a second MRI in late November when the blood has been resorbed and the doctors can see my brain. All of the nurses, doctors and therapists have been fantastic. My neurologist, Dr. Diana Banks, and my speech therapist, Eric Klein, and occupational therapists, Jon Clark and Vanessa Holmes have all been exceptional. I have seen the latter three since the stroke weekly (I have been discharged from occupational as of Friday 10/4 and am currently seeing my speech therapist once every two weeks). I have experienced a remarkable rate of recovery with their help and I am most grateful to them all. I could not have done this without their incredible expertise, talent, care and support.

Emily Anderson Seaton

My husband and I attended the childbirth prep class this weekend at St. Marks Women’s Pavilion. We are having our first baby in December and it is a great way to get familiar with the many different options in childbirth and all the tools for mom and partner to make it a wonderful experience. The instructor really knew the material and had so much personal experience to pull from. We loved it!

Michelle Barsness

I recently had surgery at St. Mark's and I was terrified. My doctor, the anesthesiologist, nurses and OR aides were amazing. I went from shaking and crying to completely comfortable in an instant. They provide wonderful healthcare and I trust them completely. St. Mark's is my go to hospital in Salt Lake City for all of my healthcare needs. Highly recommended!!!

Jodi Key

Anne the gal that did my 2nd Mamo was so kind and understanding how afoul the procedure was. The ultra sound left me feeling uneasy I do not think I was given enough information . How can they tell the cyst is be nine by a picture. I thought the Dr would at least peep his head in to explain

Debra Casey

I've never been big on P As but there are a few good one and the reason is because they don't listen to you I know I'm no Dr. but there are things I know more about myself because I've been seeing Dr.s for more then half my life and they don't know body as well as I do. But I'll tell you now the Dr's I've have found at that hospital have been really good, and I know I'm not an easy person to get along with if they don't listen to me but wright now I'm glad I found these Dr's. they have been really good about taking care of me and doing their best to do so I just want to thank them all. Debra Casey

Craig Broderick

We took the weekly birthing class with Destiny and it was great! She was a very knowledgeable instructor, took time to discuss things thoroughly, and gave us all the options available to us that we will possibly encounter. Very productive and informative!

Jackie Shewell

St. Mark's Hospital is a wonderful hospital! I've had 2 surgeries and 1 baby here. I have 3 other hospitals that are all relatively closer to me, but picked St. Mark's because of the caregivers. LOVE Dr. Daren Watts!

Ronald Hyte

My wife and I both appreciate the dedicated care we receive at the Senior care Center located on Fort Union blvd. Last week as I was leaving out the door it started rain. Half way across the parking lot the rain turned to a very violent hail storm. All of a sudden Elaine from the office appeared with her umbrella. She had come out in the storm herself to provide me protection while I loaded my walker in the back of my car and got myself into the car. I also want to express how much careful attention that is given me when Dr. Gohari during my visits. The staff at the office are very kind and compassionate.

Richard Ross

Everyone I dealt with with was friendly and helpful. I didn't have to wait. I was in and out in less than half an hour.

Joseph Madsen

The nurses were awesome and the doctors worked great to help save my life. I would have given 5 stars if the food was better! It wasn't bad...just not many options. Other than that, they honestly deserve 5 stars.

Darlene H

Dr Glines and his staff were so personable I was immediately put at ease. They know what they are doing with no additional pain, relief is wonderful! The office was neat and clean and I would highly recommend them to friends and family.

ME Elf

Thank you St. Marks! We so appreciate your offering this service: CT cornonary calcium scan. It took me twice to get the correct number to make an appointment, but thereafter, all went very smoothly! Additionally, the results of this test showed areas of concern, so quick action needed to be taken on my part. I would never have known that I was in the danger zone unless it was for this test. A great service!

Lisa Wooldridge

Great experience. Everyone was helpful from checking in to the technician. No wait, clean, and privacy was respected from checking in to procedure.

Suzanne Knox

From the person at the registration desk to the ultrasound technician and everyone else I came in contact with I was treated quickly and politely. Thanks to everyone at St. Marks for making quality patient care a priority.

Alice Regan

St. Mark's Pain Clinic staff is remarkable. Dr. Glines and his staff are outstanding! I would highly recommend them. 10 Stars +

Ines Clark

It was a very good experience. I was able to schedule an appointment quickly and in the waiting room I didn't have to wait long. I was able to get help from my doctor an get better knowledge of how to care for myself.

chris patterson

Staff is knowledgeable I didn’t have to wait very long I got in and out without any problems I was able to see results of my tests and everybody treated me in a kind friendly professional manner. I would recommend this to anybody needing hospital services

Chris Spencer

St. Mark's told me on two different occasions before and after my surgery that they would call me to follow up. Both times they did not call me. Saying something and not backing it up deserves a 1 Star rating.

Stevie Clark

Delivered our 3rd baby here. We had great Dr. And nurses. We've delivered our other 2 children at other hospitals and found our care at St. Mark's to be as good or better than the other 2.

Rebecca Conde

I went to St Mark's Millcreek Imaging Center in Millcreek. The wait time was minimal and the process pretty easy. Ida was the tech I worked with and she was excellent!

Steph Shepard

Process was about as painless as a surgery can be. Nurse Joyce was amazing and I couldn't have been more pleased with the care I received.

Robin Marble

I was very well taken care of at St. Mark's. The staff kept me well informed, answered my questions, and I felt part of the process not just someone being acted upon. I would like to give a special shout-out for Nurse Alma in the 4 West wing.


My husband and I took the weekend birthing class! Tawna was amazing. She was so honest about her experiences and everything we should prepare for. We feel so much more ready for when our daughter is born and what we can expect. I will recommend this course to anyone who is expecting! Thank you for having these courses.

Vicki Privett

I see Dr. Rahimi and he is excellent I’ve always had good experiences except for this last time his nurse Miss Ramirez seems to be angry at the world and where she works

Jennifer Josephs

St Mark's lives up to its' high ratings for terrific care. The entire staff was efficient, considerate and everyone had a sense of humor, which is a big plus when you are going into surgery and are slightly nervous about it.

Laura McDonald

Great staff and comfortable installations and rooms. I’ve been here twice and compared to others here I’ve never had my arms bruised during/after IV set up, never needed a phlebotomist to do it. Nurses are patient sweet and kind

Barbara Holcomb

Excellent team. They all work well together. I am glad I was able to have Dr. Patel as my surgeon and everything went smoothly the nurse Misty who was there before and after the surgery...made sure that everything was going smoothly. I could just feel the energy of all of them working smoothly together. Thank you so very much.

Cami Gibson

I had a few different procedures and surgery at St Marks. Everyone was very friendly, helpful and organized. I felt like the process was very smooth and I knew exactly what to expect. The gals on 4th East were very nice, and knowledgeable, The surgery staff were all very fun and nice. My Doctor was great, and literally everyone that I came in contact with was awesome.

Alan A

Surgery on May 28, every clerk, orderly, nurse and Dr. treated me with respect and were as kind and pleasant as possible. If I ever am in need of hospital services again, I would not hesitate to return to St. Marks. Thank you!

Chris Dipietro

It was a pleasant experience. They were prompt and very professional. The tech that examed me was wonderful, she didn't make it uncomfortable as it has been in the past.

Jeffrey Kach

Dr Jeffrey Jackson was great. But their front desk is awful I had a previous MRI report sent to their office. Marta left me a message that they threw it out. I even asked for a copy of it before it was sent. It is impossible to call their office. You must leave a message. Then they never call you back. The doctor is the best. But you have big hurdles to jump through.

Yolanda Vivien Archuleta

Staff are all very prompt professional and caring as well. Building and equipment is state of art up to date. Highly recommend the West Valley City Location

Elizabeth King

My husband and I took a child birth prep class this weekend and loved it. We are first time parents and very overwhelmed with everything. This really helped ease our mind and we feel alot more prepared now. Our teacher Tawna was very informative, professional and hands on. I would recommend taking classes at St. Mark's to anyone! We are excited to take many more! I can't wait to deliver our baby at St Mark's in October

Mary Janda

I was very pleased with the care I received in the ER. I was treated with care, respect, and kindness. I was informed of everything that was happening with tests, etc. This is my go-to medical place!

John Huewe

The staff in 4 West were awesome from the RN’s, CNA’s to the Housekeeping Staff everyone was excellent. Thank you for providing me with excellent care.

Pam Heil

I have loved it. The Drs. are awesome and so is their help. I have loved being treated like a human and not a number. Explain things so I can understand.

Judy Adams

This was my first visit to the “Senior Center” care department. I thought maybe I was too young to be visiting this facility (who am I kidding....I’m 71!), however, I was so impressed with everything and everyone I came in contact with. Prior to my visit, I had to have my health records transferred to the doctor I was seeing. Dr. Rebecca Moore was fabulous. She is young which I especially enjoy because I feel she will be up-to-date on the most current health and care information. For my own information, I had looked up her “resume” prior to my visit and was very impressed with her credentials. Dr. Moore took time in going over my previous health information as well as my current health status. She also went over several points she wanted me to work on and her medical assistant gave me a complete typed list prior to me leaving. No other doctor has ever done this and it makes me more accountable when it’s in writing! I also had my blood work done and received the results that very afternoon from her medical assistant! Usually it takes days for someone to call back. Great job to Dr. Moore and her staff. Thank you.

Satyn Easdale

My experience at St. Mark’s was so wonderful. Before my surgery I was told exactly what was going to happen and when, and the nurses and techs were very friendly and compassionate. The whole thing was very efficient but not in a way that seemed rushed. My surgeon and anesthesiologist kept me informed and were reassuring and kind. I’ve never had an experience in a hospital as amazing as this one. They really go the extra mile to keep patients comfortable, calm and informed.

Robert Goodick

My experience was very positive. I was in and out for my scheduled test within 30 minutes. Staff was very personable and professional and the facility was clean.

Chris Beck-McKay

Very impressed with the whole team at St Mark's and especially the technician who did my mamogram. Knowledgeable, professional and friendly--what more can you ask for!!

Dale McKinnon

The quality of service I received was good and the people were all professional and well qualified. The only problem I have is that they failed to do one of the tests my doctor requested, which means I am going to have to take another half day off work and probably pay another co-pay to get it done. Then another half day off for another Dr.'s follow up appointment with co-pay as well.

Monica E

I had a hip replacement at St. Mark's Hospital. The care was amazing! The nursing staff worked together so well and gave me great care. I was amazed at how they handled the shift change. Two nurses came in and went over the schedule and care that I was receiving. The CNA's were very attentive to anything I needed. The food was amazing. The best was the salmon, baked potato, clam chowder, salad and strawberry shortcake. I was able to choose exactly what I was getting. I would recommend this hospital! - Jackie Shorts

Suzan Tahir

We attended the breastfeeding class with my husband and we were so happy with the information we got. Wendy was amazing!

Kathi Forkner

My room was tiny and not clean. The nurses were too busy to give adequate care. I would not recommend It. Marks Hospital.

Kate Gildea

We attended the birthing class with Destiny and we had the BEST experience. Destiny was knowledgable, open to answering questions and made the whole experience great. The class was really helpful and helped us think through our birth plan in a whole new light. We are so grateful we were able to attend the class and that we had Destiny as an instructor! Thanks again for the great class!

Phoebe Galvez

My husband and I took the natural childbirth preparation class with Andrea. We learned a lot, and felt that many options were offered throughout the class to find what works best for us. Andrea was helpful, and recommended some great resources that we have used. I would suggest this class to others.

Donna Simmons

I got lost and one of the nurses asked if they could help. She took me directly where I needed to be. All of the people who assisted me for my mammogram were incredibly nice and helpful. I was in and out in 20 minutes. This place ROCKS! I will definitely recommend St. Marks to everyone I know!

Siniola Fisher

The level of treatment and professionalism within the staff was on point. It helps to recover faster with the help of each of them.

Victoria Sethunya

I waited for nearly one hour for my x-ray CD. Two people who came after me waited for about 5 minutes for theirs. Thank you to the clerks at the registration department. They did a fabulous job.

Madi Mitsvotai

My husband and I attended their weekend childbirth preparation class, and are so grateful we did! It is incredibly affordable, and for this being our first pregnancy it was VERY informative. I feel much more comfortable going forward to know what to expect, how to handle situations, make informed decisions, and much more. I'd highly recommend attending. They offer a lot of great educational courses, we plan on attending the newborn care class next. :)

Jody Stubler

Appointment was with a Cardiologist. Love valet parking fast and courteous. Everyone in cardiology department was friendly and very helpful. Took great care of me.

christina gonzales

I had surgery done there and the medical assistants do NOT take good care of you! I asked for another blanket and the girl says " oh I can get you a warm one," then goes home. And another one when asked forf a pillow for my husband never came back either. They didn't ask my husband if he needed anything and slapped on a price of tape over my bloody wounds. It was a mess. St. Marks used to be my first choice in hospitals, but I don't think I'll ever go back.

Rebekah Williams

I was in a scary situation for a minute there, and St Marks really came through. I have a horrible fear of bad phlebotomists and all my experience here has been excellent and skilled! Amazing staff who really took care of me.


The worst ER experience of my life. The doctor was disinterested, and did nothing to aide my illness. I was left in the room for over two hours attached to an iv. With all the saline in my body, I need to use the restroom. After repeated calls to the nurse's station, and no response whatsoever, I had to disconnect the tubes and go to the restroom on my own. The physician's billing service is absurd, and took over 6 months to properly file a claim with my insurance. At the end of the visit, the doctor told me to take an over the counter medication that conflicts with the medication I had already told them about. The doctor was completely incompetent, and had no business practicing medicine, and certainly not in an ER. Never, ever, go to St. Mark's emergency!!!!

Rich Smith

The staff that took care of me during my stay was top notch! Not only the care for me but my fiance as well. Very pleasant to talk to, explained everything well and have the care one would expect from a top notch facility. If I have to make a suggestion, the size of the room I stayed in on the 5th floor was more like a closet than a room. The cafeteria food could use a Gordan Ramsey touch.

Barbara Hunter

I appreciate Dr Rahimi and his staff. I always feel my questions are answered and I am given great care.

Sharon Saxe

Today was the 1st procedure I've needed since 2010, & the 2nd one @ St Mark's (1st one in 2006?). Staff was great: since I'm a vA patient, its wonderful to be reminded the are genuine & caring & great people out there. Thank you very much for today. If I succeed in receiving my SSDI & Medicare, I'll be seeing you. Thanks.

Rachel P

My children enjoyed the Super Sibling Education class. Thank you.

Greg G.

I was lucky no one else was in the ER, so I went right in. I received good service and the tests were appropriate for the situation. The Doc was kind and understanding and the staff did their job So it's up to my GP now.

Brooke Williams

Everything went perfectly. I was totally prepped, mentally as well as physically, beginning the day before by Tony. So far, everything they suggested post-op (24 hours later) has worked. Everyone I dealt with was pleasant while being extremely efficient. I would strongly recommend the Out-Patient Surgery Center to anyone who asks.

Jenna Dowdle

I took the weekend child birthing class and really liked the information and the instructor. I learned a lot and feel much more prepared. I would recommend this class to any new soon to be moms!

Patti Silcox

Top notch care. Awesome nurses and Doctors. ICU staff was amazing. PCU staff was very caring. The rooms were incredibly small and potentially hazardous for those with limited mobility. All in all considering the circumstances the stay was good.

Steven Ott

The crew in the Cardiac Rehab Center have been wonderful. They are attentive, responsive, and caring. I could not ask for better service or care.

Shandice Johnson

I have been so impressed with St. Mark's Hospital! We just took the Super Siblings class and had so much fun. My 3 year old son has mentioned getting to hold the babies (dolls in reality) several time. We got some great resources as parents and my son has a better understanding of what happens when baby comes!

Patt Cruz

Every employee doctors, nurses, assistants, aide everyone there has treated my mom with the up most respect. They have given top quality service every time we have to go to the er. The same goes to the staff if she needs to be admitted.

Blaine D. Wilcox

I came from Russia to see Dr Jackson due to shoulder pain scheduled appoint a couple months in advance. He looked at me Monday, I was able to get MRI on Tuesday, Dr Jackson read MRI on Wednesday & I got physical therapy & training on Thursday. Flew back to Russia on Friday! Many Miracles in a short time of 4 days! Huge Thanks to Dr Jackson & staff, plus physical therapy team. Big Smile

Glena Chidester

Helped me, feel better and I felt the dr was right on track

Lynnette Shimmin

I absolutely love the Heart Center at St. Mark's. Dr. Hacking is a top notch and incredible physician who actually listens to his patients. You know he always has YOUR best interest at heart. I'll always make sure whatever insurances I have down the road of life, the Heart Center at St. Mark's & Dr. Hacking are on the providers lists or I won't subscribe to that insurance vendor. Period. It's as simple as that.

Sara Bergstrom

I went in for my first mammogram. I was super scared and nervous. Every single staff member there was super friendly and thoughtful and professional. They were consistent and on point. They did not make you wait forever like some other hospitals that I won’t name. Thank you for showing me that it wasn’t so bad after all!!!! You all are amazing

Gustavo Carrillo

Great class ! Andrea is very knowledgeable and has many years of experience. I really enjoyed all her classes and were well worth the time to sit in the classroom for 2+ hours.

Richard vb

Quick and easy registration. No long wait until you are taken in to the room where the procedure is completed. The process was quick and painless and Katie my technician couldn't have been nicer or more beautiful!

Betty Anfinsen

Very short waiting time, all very concerned for my comfort and privacy! Happy with entire process, and all concerned! That's why St. Marks Hospital is my hospital of choice!

Bernard Williams

MRI services were excellent. The staff was well informed and efficient.

Jon Culver

The staff were all wonderful. They helped put me at ease during a difficult procedure. The only reason that I do not give this experience five stars is because of the money situation. I was called the night before and was told that I could pay for it then. I thought that was ridiculous. Who eats at a restaurant and pays the day before you go? I arrived the day of the procedure and was told to pay. I did, but, once again, who pays for a haircut before you see how things turn out? Anyhow, the procedure went well, and I get a bill in the mail about a week later. Didn't I pay for everything at the time of the procedure?

Karen Kilpatrick

The entire staff from check in to check out was great. My nurse Tami was the best. Funny, compassionate and professional. Thanks for the great care.

Jéssica Fredell

Me and my husband took the breastfeeding class with Wendy as the teacher and it was fantastic. We learned a lot and feels we are more prepared for breastfeeding our little Prince.

Richard Pryor

Friendly and accommodating they took such good care of me. Best nurse's ever.

Kimberly Lopez

I was in so much pain when I came in. They were so kind and caring. They immediately tended to my illness and help me to feel better while finding out the cause. They were very competent nurses and doctors. It was such a relief to hear the cause of my pain rather than hearing it was a virus or stomach spasms. They renewed my faith in doctors and nurses.

Yvette Sanchez

My doctor Susan horvath at women’s pavilion has been great she deliver mes both my babies cSection -2012,2019 Obstetrics and maternal care , took care of my gestational diabetes they where also great . The nurses very friendly and knowledgeable, helped me so much controlling my blood sugars. Labor and delivery was also taking care of my needs , friendly helpful and caring. The nurses back at my room where great to take care of me those 3 days in the hospital . I really felt comfortable with their care. My husband and daughter stayed with me in my room. It was a small room but overall we liked our experience at St Mark’s Hospital.


I went to St. Mark's for a CT scan. It was a seamless process. The staff was great.

A Broomfield

Everyone was really nice to me and very helpful I pick this hospital for whatever I need anytime highly recommended St Mark's

steven mills

My surgery was scheduled and when I arrived I was taken to my room got into there gown and within an hour I was heading to surgery. Every nurse and doctor that I talked with was friendly, informative. I felt at ease and confident that I was going to be fine. The surgery went well and my recovery was comfortable and efficient. That called me. Few days later I received a call from the hospital staff checking to see how I was and if there was anything they could help. And fallow up from my physicians office. St Marks Hospital has my confidence and where I will go for any hospitalization when needed.

Jessica Schardt

I just moved here from California and I am so happy I chose saint marks to help me with my pregnancy needs! This is an amazing facility and I love everything about it

Ron Kasteler

We needed some genetic testing done at St. Mark's Hospital recently. We met with Melanie Taylor and were we ever impressed! She was fabulous - really! She was personable, knowledgeable, kind, and mindful of our every concern and question! Way to go - St. Mark's for hiring such a professional and excellent genetic counselor! We think she deserves a raise! :)

Char Potts

I gave birth there earlier this month in Labor and Delivery and everything was great, even the food surprisingly. I love how you can choose what you want to eat for each meal. They even had a cool thing where the parents had a celebratory dinner one night and you could choose what you wanted from the menu and it was great! All the nurses were great as well, but it differed in how thorough they were. Some nurses just checked my vitals and got me water where as others checked my vitals, my uterus, made sure I was doing ok, etc. Also, Dr Watts was my doctor and he was seriously AMAZING! I wish there were more doctors like him and had his bed side manner. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because they said a lactation specialist would come in and go over breastfeeding. Unfortunately no one ever came in and I was there for 3 days and 2 1/2 nights. Overall it was a pretty good experience.

Tiaura Smith

I thoroughly enjoy going to the birthing classes at St. Marks. I am learning so much and am grateful the instructors are willing to answer all my questions. The instructors are very knowledgeable, professional and keep the class entertaining. I feel more prepared about giving birth and becoming a first time parent a little more each week after attending the class.

farol nelson

Overall a good experience. Staff friendly, helpful, from check in to discharge. Nurses were very knowledgeable, pleasant. Other support staff; PT, OT were professional, good to answer questions. Food choices not so good, pretty institutional.

Dexter Gibson

The best hospital anywhere, doctor's and staff took very good care of me and my heart,

Dan Richards

The staff at St. Marks are fantastic! I had very attentive CNA’s, Nurses, and Doctors! I was treated with dignity and respect and am grateful for their kindness! The physical therapist and occupational therapists were very positive, instructive, and helpful! I’ve had poor experience in other northern Utah hospitals and was grateful for such a positive experience!

Harley Griffith

Friday morning trip to the ED. No waiting. Went right in and saw the doctor immediately. Tests were taken, diagnoses made and treatment given in a timely manner - problem solved. Nice people who were competent in their jobs.

Elisabeth Xidis

The labor and delivery and postpartum units were great. All of my nurses were wonderful and took great care of me as a patient. I am so thankful for the great experience during a tough time. The nurses made all the difference to me. The only negative for us was the food. It was not the greatest quality, and was very bland.

Dee Anne Mcguire

Getting in to the ER was quick. The doctor and staff were extremely friendly and caring. Especially the doctor. I don''t know his name, but he made me very comfortable.

Maria Andrade

Took my daughter to the super sibilings class yesterday and she loved it. She came home very excited and telling her dad everything she learned about babies. She had a good time learning to be a big sister. I highly recommend your little one to take this class to help them with the new arrival and for them to be more confident around the new baby. I also see my midwife here and she answers all my questions when I have any. Very nice staff and welcoming atmosphere. Thank you.

Connie Sorensen

I had to have a breast biopsy and my nurse, Kristie, (unfortunately I cannot remember her last name), was an angel. She talked me through what would be happening and then during the procedure, she comforted me by gently rubbing my hand. She made it so much more doable than not having someone by my side. Thank you, Kristie!

Karen Taufer

I was treated with courtesy and respect and the staff went beyond what was expected. One of the nurses even brought my husband and I two champaign glasses and a bottle of fizzy apple juice to celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary. I couldn't have asked for nicer people.

Shani O'Donnell

Dr. Glines and his staff are ALWAYS the BEST!!! They always take such great care of me..

Mala Sum

Loved the birthing class. Very fun and informative. Seems like a wonderful hospital to deliver in(:

Dennis Brimhall

I just had my second surgery this year at St. Mark's & it is a fantastic hospital with the best doctors l have found! Debbie

Ernie Martinez

Had my second successful back procedure. Pain clinic not only have the best professional staff members but also the most friendly staff members that makes your visit more enjoyable.

Beth Wisch

Avoid this hospital at ALL COSTS unless you enjoy spending months on the phone with their billing department and your insurance company. My daughter was treated in their emergency room nearly 10 months ago and I am still arguing with them over the bills that they are sending me. I have called my insurance company multiple times and they said it is all paid and resolved from their end and there is nothing else that they can do, but St. Mark's hospital is trying to make me pay the difference between what my insurance says the hospital agreed to charge and what they are actually trying to charge. This is against the in-network agreement that they hospital has with my insurance, but St. Marks will not honor that agreement and continues to send me bills.

Irene Rampton

Such a well organized and run operation. Kind women helping when needed. I was in and out in 40 minutes. I had the more extensive mammogram this year for the first time. Went really well. Super job, everyone!

Michael Plain

The nurses, and their assistants worked very hard at making me comfortable. It was a good stay. The Dr’s were good as well. It was as good as it gets when you are sick and can’t do a lot on your own! The care was the best!

Julie's Chavez

The endoscopy lab crew are top of the line! Professional, highly skilled and kind. I feel like family every time I’m there. Shout out to Keith and Laura! Awesome people.

Lindsay Figueroa

I came in for a small surgery and had a great experience! Victoria in the surgical unit was seriously the best nurse I’ve had to date! Everyone I encountered was great!

Bob Kawa

The staff are helpful and very welcoming. I can't thank them enough for the caring they have given me, especially the Icu nurses and the cardio therapy staff.

Stephanie Smith

Completely underwhelmed by the quality of care. The ER nurses were great, but once I was admitted, the nurses upstairs had to go searching for my chart, and it appears that some important info didn't make it onto the chart. Spent the next day waiting, waiting, waiting, almost until 12 before I saw a doctor, and another 2 hours before I was finally released--with no diagnosis, no orders, no instructions for follow up or precautions, no medication for the pain-- which also happened to be about the time the nurse harangued them into giving me something to eat.

Krista Merino

The Women's Center at St. Mark's Hospital is the Best! I highly recommend them for your mammograms, they are so caring and explain everything that is happening as it goes.

Judy Jensen

Lisa was the best nurse ever. She took good care of me and was very caring. If a discount is given for up front payment someone needs to let patients know in advance.

Lis B.

I cannot say enough about how great this hospital was to my grandma. St Marks truly has the most excellent, caring, and kind doctors and nurses I have ever witnessed. Dr Jared Johnstun in critical care is fantastic. His kind bedside manner and expertise were exactly what my family needed during my grandma’s crisis. We were so lucky to get nurse Hannah. She was so efficient and kind. Thank you to all involved with her treatment as there were dozens of you!

Becky Goold

The emergency room and X-ray staff were great. Once the hospitalist, Dr. Maiya, admitted my daughter we didn’t see him again until he discharged her. Our excellent nurses more than made up for his disappearing act and the mistakes he made in incompletely filling out forms for discharge medications. The nurses on 4 West were exceptional and we very much appreciated their care and concern for my daughter and our family.

Michelle Newman

An amazing place to have a baby, excellent staff in labor and delivery as well as postpartum.

Joe Booth

The staff was very friendly and helpful. The pre-registration process was simple and easy.

Shari Fullmer

Perfect service and a very reasonable price for my CT scan—much lower than two other facilities I checked. I was treated well and every person I interacted with was professional, courteous and efficient.

Tammy Morgan

This was my very first time ever staying in a hospital & having surgery. The staff at the hospital was all very amazing and so kind. I would highly recommend St. Mark's Hospital to everyone. Thank you!

Danielle 1216

The staff was wonderful. I had a spider bite that was infected and they cut out the infection. Unfortunately, I had a severe reaction to my antibiotics and had to go back to the ER two more times. Other than the cost, the visits were fine. They were kind to me and made sure I was comfortable and not in pain. The recovery has been awful, but the visit to St Marks Hospital was good and I’d definitely recommend it to others.

dragon fly

Awful experience. The Dr in the ER Should NOT be there. I was diagnosed 3 days prior with a very bad UTI. I was instructed to go in to the ER if my symptoms worsened. I did so, and the DR was VERY rude. She also told me to stop taking my antibiotic and to go see a urologist and that I did not have a UTI.. I couldn't get in to see urology for a week. By this time I was in sever pain. The urologist ask me why i discontinued my antibiotics because my results showed a sever UTI.. Then the hospital wouldn't give me my results because its against the law. its been 10 days and its still NOT in MyChart.

Sondra Stephens

St. Mark's hospital was a great experience for my first mammogram. They were efficient and helped me to feel at ease. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes and felt relaxed the entire visit. Thank you!

Ashley Brock

Great visit to get my MRI. We were all on time, the staff was great, and the tech doing the MRI was confident and aware of any needs. One of my better MRI experiences.

Cassie Rynearson

HORRIBLE postpartum experience. If zero stars was an option, that's what I would choose. I had a baby in September 2017 and the experience still enrages me if I think about it too much. My baby disappeared for 3 hours and NONE of the nurses would tell me or my husband where he was or what was going on. He ended up spending 4 days in the NICU. Please, CHOOSE ANYWHERE ELSE! Positive note: Jordan was my delivery nurse and she was absolutely wonderful. If she could have stayed my nurse when they moved me to recovery, I know my experience would have been completely different.

LuAnn Nelson

Great care. A person always dreads going to an emergency room because you end up being there for hours- sitting around. St Mark’s was efficient, took care of me in a timely manner, had a great staff, and I was on my way. Thank you. L. Nelson

Connie Golden

Wonderful, competent care is provided. Sometimes communications between doctor's orders and food service got confused and patient got food that they weren't supposed to eat. Otherwise all the medical tests and evaluations were performed quickly and patient released when he could function at home without an IV.

Donna Shepherd

Dr Hollingshead was very gentle and caring, and I didnt feel it when he took out the staples or the drain. Those procedures can sting. I didnt feel a thing. Excellent surgeon and good bedside manner.

Gina Lakatos

Of all the hospitals in the valley, St. Mark's is the best. Even though I don't have insurance, I was treated so very well. The doctors, the nurses, even the food care workers and cleaning staff treated me with so much respect. They are caring. Special thanks to Tara on the 4th floor for making me feel taken care of right from the start. Everyone on the fourth floor should get kudos for the amazing job they did. I will never go to another hospital. Thank you, St. Mark's.

Craig Widdowson

Was a bad and humiliating. I was treated bad by one young nurse and a nurse friend who were uncommonly degrading. In the future I will choose a different Hospital to use.

Wendy Hanks

I had the CT scan of my heart to see about calcium deposits and my risk of heart diseases. The test was fast, everyone was so kind and efficient! They told me I would have my results within 2 weeks, and I got a call the following day! I would highly recommend this test!! The peace of mind is worth it!

Telesia Ieremia

It was great....the staff were there right away. Thank you!!

Tracy Bailey

I was really sick, so that sucked, but the nursing staff was so nice and attentive. They were all great. It made a bad situation for me so much better! Everyone there is so helpful. It was clean too.

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