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Danielle Keirstin Valeen Zerull

I had a d&c surgery here in October. It took almost three hours to finally get a medicine to calm me down from my panic attack (I have fear of sedation) and start heading back for the actual surgery. But after waking up and coming to, they waited 30 minutes before taking me to see my husband (which was a good thing, because I dont even remember that part and didn't want him to see me like that). Recovery went well, staff was very comforting during the wait before hand as well as caring for me after wards. Surgery was by dr. Tappin, who did a great job. Over all things went very well and I would be comfortable coming to this hospital again.

tommy taylor

Krysta Morgan

Had my first baby here in 2017. I didn't care much for some of the nurses, but overall we had a healthy delivery and was very much looked after.

Abbi Gail

Maggie Lauser

Katherine Fenn

I had gastric bypass surgery at this hospital, and my experience was awful. It has been a while since the incident, but it was so bad that it needs to be shared so no one else experiences this. I had the surgery, and was not well enough to go home on the second day. What we didn't know is that I had a twisted bowel as a result of the surgery, which isn't totally unexpected, its a complication from surgery. The issue I had was that my nurse refused to give me pain medications or call my doctor when I was having symptoms but was not aware of the issue. He made me feel uncomfortable and berated me for crying and told me to suck it up. I have had abdominal surgery before and three babies, I know what pain is and the pain I had was awful. I was nauseated and in a lot of pain and he was unwilling to notify anyone. He assumed that I was just being a baby about it and then ranted to me about his personal problems, all the while I was hysterical in tears because I was scared and in pain. I told him that I was scared and that I really needed him to stop ranting. I felt trapped and didn't know what to do. Luckily, hours later another nurse came in by chance and I told her that the other nurse was not allowed back in my room. Fast forward to the next day, they discovered I needed emergency surgery and fixed my problem. If he had done his job and called the doctor, I might have been taken care of sooner and wouldn't have gotten to the point where I was so sick that I needed emergency surgery. I struggle with anxiety and the way I was treated was unacceptable. I explained to him the pain wasn't normal, and was severe, but he refused to listen and treated me like a prisoner. I even threatened to call the police at one point and he told me if I did I would be arrested. He threatened to send me to the ER for a cat scan, which I responded if I need one please do it because I was in so much pain. He had a lot of personal problems, and I get we all have bad days, but withholding pain medications from a patient and refusing to call their doctor when things are not right is so horrible. I will avoid this hospital in the future. I have never been treated so poorly by a medical institution. This behavior would not be tolerated at mountain star or IHC. I had to go through BMI for my weightloss surgery, so this is the hospital I got stuck with. Go anywhere else but here. I could have died, and this idiot wouldn't even call me doctor, let alone give me some pain medication that I was allowed to have (documented in my chart). They also broke my CPAP mask and the nurses at night were mean. Just plain mean. I go into a hospital and I don't treat it like a hotel. I take care of myself as much as I can and clean up after myself, but I do expect to feel safe and cared for and responded to when medically necessary. One nurse during the day was nice, and I had her most of my stay, but some of the nursing staff is just plain scary. Also on the day of my surgery, I was nervous, reasonably so. They had my door open and I had to listen to staff discuss a surgery from earlier in the day that didn't go well and heard about blood and everything everywhere, all while I was waiting to be cut open in their care. Unprofessional. They need to remember that people are nervous going into the hospital, and they need to be considerate of their feelings.

Roy Eaton

I'm waiting in the emergency room lobby and no help

Vani Contreras contreras

Horrible hospital I wouldn't recommend it at all . I will never go back again I took my mom to the Er cause she was bleeding we waited for an hour after that a nurse came and took us back to our room the nurse wasn't nice at all and the doctor wasn't nice either he was asking stupid questions I don't even think he is a doctor he's probably a MD practitioner because a truth doctor wouldn't ask those stupid questions My mother was bleeding so bad the nurse took her vitals and then she left for like another hour and leave my mom bleeding and then we left it was horrible I had to take her to another place so we waisted 2:30 hours in there ..poor service..dirty rooms.. Mean nurses..bad MD I'll never go back to the hospital again on my life .


I don't know about the different areas of the hospital but you have the best doctors I have ever come across!

Morgane Walton

I went go the ER a couple of times, had to stay overnight, and I also had my baby there. I always found the place very nice and the nurses are always professional and kind. I never waited in the ER waiting room for very long but one day when I was in a lot of pain I waited in a room for a long long time before someone was able to help me and another time I had a minor burn and they did not have anything to treat it or to relieve the pain and they kept me long enough that by the time I was out the pharmacies were closed. They have an awesome maternity wing with very nice rooms, very nice delivery rooms and great staff.

David Miller

Paula Pilivi

If you can drive just a Lil further go to the LDS hospital. ..I've been there and the service is top notch...I was in so much pain. Even though the waiting area was empty it took forever...after I went to do a CT scan I was left in the room for 2hours not one person came to update or check up. I advised 2 nurses I couldn't take specific medications because it makes my stomach bleed. They kept trying to give it to me. I even wrote it on my application. When the Dr came in about 2hours later...I thought it was a joke because he prescribed that exact medication I had explained to him all the nurses and admissions I couldn't take because it made my stomach bleed. My blood pressure was 144/91 the nurse was like oh well...kinda high but, you have been off your meds so its ok...I havent been on my meds because my insurance had lapsed. Not one person asked me if they needed to give me any. Let alone offer a prescription. The Dr seemed like he had just gotten back from a 2hr break on the golf course. Before he left he told me to follow up with Dr. Xxx my gastroenterologost... i guess the perfect suggestion since i was complaining about my head and heart...drove home. ..realized that the nurse never removed the iv from my arm. My sister ended up removing it.the hospital they gave me demorall I was drousy but made it home ok...right now my head is still hurting and I have cramps in my legs. I'm going to see my dr. tomorrow. A REALDR...if you can avoid this hospital. ..avoid it like the plague! Definitely the worst hospital I have ever been to! It's a joke! It's a waste of time and money! I should have driven the 10 or so extra minutes up the road to the LDS hospital. ..

Carol Terry

The admitting person didn't normally do that job, she had a few issues. Other than that they got me right in for my MRI. Very friendly, good service.

Rebecca Schuster

I do not care for Doctors but, this Ortho Surgeon at Salt lake regional was Quick, covered all my concerns and He assisted my son, got preopp, Pre Surgery visits preformed the surgery after care and visits in the best manner I have ever found in a doctor. The office he is out of downtown and Jordan Commons is Comprehensive Sports medicine, Salt Regional is the best hospital the Salt lake Valley I had a baby there 16 years ago and they are as friendly Staff then and the same goes today. Great place if you have to go to the hospital go to Salt Lake Regional. Kisses

Jeremy Safreed

Probably the worst experience I've ever had at a hospital the doctor has been rude it has taken forever they are unprofessional inexperienced left my loved in pain for a simple procedure as 7-8 stitches 3 hour's no medication for the pain UNBELIEVABLY TERRIBLE

Stephanie Johnson

Had my daughter here and I've been a patient at the women's center for about 4 years now. The staff here is amazing! Thank you everyone for all you do for our community.

fatima tovar

The staff here are so rude , yelling at us so unprofessional.

Kealy Garner

Russ Gibbons

These guys/gals saved my life after a serious heart attack. I have a bad heart and bad heridity genes for heart problems. Well om thursday night my all my arteries but the aortic clogged off. So i was a v8 running on 3 cyclinders. I have really good insurance and had a previous heart attack and had a stint done 5 yrs prior here also. I was there 8 days and dr. Stringer and dr cox were 2 fantastic well trained dr and surgeons there staff was equally ON IT FOR THE WHOLE ORDEAL.and amazing people. There staff is amazing. I was never without anything more than a minute or two. That was vital. The beds are crap and the place is old.....I walked passed it everyday in grade school and every day from junoir high. Had a crossing gaurd named george i knew 30 yrs. It's like a solid hospital. But there are some staff that shouldnt work at these places or have no sense at all what the F they are doing. Like one guy kept coughing on me after open heart surgery but he was repremanded right in front of me and handled instantly. I mean i get sick and got to work but after open heart surgery? One african amercan girl on nights was just a people person and i complimented her hair and nothing just didnt want to even help me. I asked for something to eat and was ignore i told her supervisor and she personally went and got me sandwich and chips in 10 minutes. But i saw young staff in the mornings and veterans at night. This hospital can get really busy and that sucks bad. Like one minute best care and then gets spread to thin and costs skyrocket. So matt, kyle, john, hannah, rickey, loise you guys are my heros im alive and i have this team to thank for it. The doctors and staff i dealt with do not reflect this hospitals online reviews or goals at all. And remember you get what you pay for. I had no insurance the 1st heart attack and 1 stint was $55,000 i said no way i cant pay that so they took off $24,000.00 to help me. I made payments for 5 yrs at $500.00 a month. I talked to the Dr and my kick ass insurance almost paid the whole bill. Im left owing like $5600.00 and they gave me a 20% cash discount to pay off in full in 2 week. So im alive and saved some serious money. I have the money so it helps there. FANTASTIC CARE!!

Bryan Nestorick

I had a great experience with this hospital. I was taken here by ambulance with an emergency. The staff in ER were competent and explained to me what was going on, what my options were, and what to expect. The one ER tech/nurse assured me that even though a shift change was about to occur that he would stay with me and he did. I received a welcome package from this hospital when I first moved to Salt Lake that included a free meal for two at the Rose Garden Cafe and a free first aid kit. The cafe was very good and the first aid kit, though small, was greatly appreciated. The brochure was well put together and told me everything I needed to know about the hospital. This isn't the largest hospital but, has a comfortable home-town feel. The Chapel is beautiful. Overall a great experience and I would use this hospital again.

Tyler Lundgreen

4 hour wait when 2 patients are in the ER. Ridiculous. Never again.

peter dalton

What an amazing experience! I came in to have mitral valve repair. Dr. Stringham was absolutely amazing probably the most amazing surgeon I've ever met he truly cares about his patients and his attention to detail is amazing. You are very blessed to have him doing surgeries here. Also the nursing staff in ICU blew me away. The nurses are incredibly thoughtful caring and have great bedside manner. I'd like to thank and recognize all of them Dinka the three Matt's Ricky John Kevin Katie Analise Jake and I know I left a couple names out that I forgot my apologies


I went to both the university of Utah and slc medical centers Er within 5 days for the same problem. I Wish I would have gone to slc regional first because they were the ones who listened, did imaging, diagnosed me and clearly explained the next steps. The staff is knowledgeable and compassionate. I felt like I got the one on one care that I was missing at university of Utah. I would highly recommend this er to anyone.

rhonda smith

I can't say enough about how great everyone treated me. Jason, my nurse was exceptional! I was there for 1 night but felt I had known him for a lifetime. I miss you all and know you will keep up the great work! <3

Matthew Yaich

If you value your health and money, avoid at all cost. Two years later, and I'm still paying in health issues and financially for their poor service and misdiagnosis.

Stephanie Richardson

The way the staff in the icu traumatized me enough to literally alter my personality. I had to endure at least 6 hours post op pain while the nurses used saline to try to stabilize my blood pressure because during the procedure i lost half my blood volume. So why was i filled with saline instead of blood? The icu staff ignored me except to take my vitals. I could write pages about how I was mistreated but I'll just say to anyone who has to be in a hospital to read the reviews first. I'll never set foot in there again.

Garrett Schwindt

He was beat for being gay... and after being transported by ambulance to the SLC Regional Medical Center, he sat... and sat... and sat in a room. 45 minutes went by before Cameron's boyfriend Andre got up to ask a near by nurse (who was chatting on her phone in the hall way) if they are going to help him. The Hispanic nurse ignorantly said to the other party on the phone, "Ugh, I gotta go. Gays are so dramatic". In complete disgust, Cameron and his boyfriend get up to walk out of the hospital before the nurse heartlessly looks at them and says, "The exits not that way". So he walks (Yes WALKS), in complete pain with a blood stained face and open wounds to the LDS hospital where they give him more than 25 stitches, pain killers, and send him home before telling him to come back in 2 days because he might need reconstructive surgery. Something needs to be done about this. No words describe how UN-fair he was treated at SLC Regional Medical Center. THIS IS NOT OKAY. We need your help to spread the word about such ignorance.


Very poor assistance especially for ER had to leave the emergency room to check on my father's meds & other services needed. very unprofessional and couldnt find a worker they are never around when needed most. Poor poor poor

Arnie Rodriguez

One of the best, if not the best, ER I have ever been to -- and I have been traveling the country for the past year. Incredibly friendly and kind staff. Very attentive and willing to listen and learn. Dr. Grace is a blessing. Thank you all for your help. All the best!

Krystal Alba

Delivered my first baby here and had the best care at Salt Lake Regional! They were very polite and helpful!


Good luck to the patient who is going to get assigned with the male nurse named Michael(40-50yr old guy).. I had a better experience with other nurses but this guy, no matter how much pain you are in, He does things at his own pace.. at one point when I was asking him questions regarding the treatment! he was in no mood to listen and told me... “the doctor is done with your medication.. why are you still here?” (As if I was asking his property or something) and I was still suffering from pain... very rude and unprofessional...


I have had multiple surgeries here and have absolutely loved the experience! The nurses and anesthesiologists were extremely kind and made sure I was comfortable while I was there. I would definitely recommend this hospital to my friends!

Steven Freeman

I preferably would not recommend anyone visit here under any circumstances. Normally I’m not fond of reviewing places... But after visiting here I feel I’m obligated to inform anyone who’d like treatment here to know what they might be getting into. This is not a hospitable environment by no means. Some individuals who work here are rather rude an arrogant, especially in the ER. I was being seen, an as I was being seen another patient was brought into the room I was in. The nurse that was attending to this patient spoke with a lot of demand, an very little empathy whatsoever. As a person who’s in the medical field, your job is to treat patients with respect an dignity. I can’t speak for all the individuals that work here. But from my experience today, I can genuinely say that this place needs new staff in their ER.

Stacey Hornsby

My daughter was a patient in their ER and the staff were great. They communicated well and took very good care of her! I would recommend this ED over others I've been to where I had horrible experiencences.

Alma Rivas

Overall, this hospital is in good shape in my opinion. There's always room for improvement with the nurses and employees, but overall, a good place.

heidi corbell

I've had a shoulder, 2 knee surgeries and a stay in ICU at SL Regional, 2 surgeries just recently. The staff in short-stay surgery is fantastic, however, their emergency room is awful! My legs swelled so bad after my shoulder and knee surgery, they were cracking and bleeding. My orthopedic surgeon sent me there on the weekend because my surgery had been there just over a week prior and knowing I had been in their ICU for stroke related issues. The emergency room did not have access to any of my records from either my surgery or my stay in ICU several months before and I had to give them my full history again. The ER nurse seemed flustered and was a little rude. I was still in pretty severe pain from my rotator cuff/bicep and knee surgery and just wanted the swelling in my legs to go down so I could walk without pain. After the nurse took blood, I waited for an hour and finally spoke to the doctor BRIEFLY who told me (without even a physical examination) my heart was fine and to eat less salt. I happen to know I'm not salt sensitive from my stay in ICU and that heart failure cannot be detected by blood tests alone.They offered no explanation for the extreme swelling and no relief options except pain pills which I already had from my surgeon AND I was charged over $2,000. It was ridiculous! My orthopedic surgeon's office finally figured out it was a rare reaction to Xarelto, the blood thinner they put me on post-surgery. To me, that's downright scary. I have another surgery coming up (all from a car accident). It's scheduled at Lone Peak but they've got some really bad reviews also. Maybe it's just hospitals in the Mountain Star Network.

John Morris

On May 8th of this year I was admit to a reversal surgery done for botched surgery from another hospital. After a few days I went back to Colorado to recover and while I was home I began to get ill again. And having the amazing treatment I had I was air transported bAck to salt lake, upon returning I was rushed bAck into emergency surgery an additional 5 times. The doctors and nurses and tech had told me that I was a day from passing away and I put my life in their hands, after being here now just over a month I've now come to almost a complete recovery from everything and I owe my life to the best medical staff of the fourth floor medical surgical unit ! Jason and his impeccable team took a man days from dying and now a week away from walking out of here a healthy man And extremely grateful patient.there approach to education of the patient is why I'm alive today. If you need the very best in medical care I STRONGLY suggest salt lake.thank you to everyone for their role in putting me back together again!!!I'm tearful and grateful Grateful John Morris

Jen J

I had surgery at Salt Lake Regional last week and spent a few days in the hosptial. Dr Smith and Dr Stout were the BEST! I had great nursing care from Heather, Teresa and Dana. It was a great experience


Absolutely pathetic.... I've had chronic pancreatitis for a while now so pain isn't uncommon. I went in last night because the pain was so severe I couldn't sleep. I was admitted fairly quickly and was checked on by a nurse, and shortly after, a doctor. The "supervisor" doctor congress in and said they don't treat pain in the E.R. and they were going to send me home as the emergency room is only for emergent patients. I was refused to be seen. They didn't draw labs or anything. I went to a proper hospital, I.e. Intermountain Medical and was admitted quickly as well. They found my Lipase to be very elevated and they also found that I had the flu. The same strain that's been killing people. Do not go hear under any circumstances. Take a little extra time and go somewhere else.

Danielle Cazier

Corey Smith

My father was transported by ambulance from a hospital in Idaho into the intensive care unit. It seems as if the nurses and doctors don't really care if their patients are comfortable and their needs are met. Multiple times my father asked his nurses for simple things; ice water, a barf bag, etc. only to be forgotten or brought back an hour later. The Dr. also was never consistent with the information he gave us and kept us waiting for hours after he had told us he would "be right back". This place is an pathetic excuse for a hospital with an extremely unprofessional and under-staffed staff. I would strongly recommend you not bring your loved ones here for intensive care if you would like them to make it out alive.

k wang

Christina Diaz

ZERO STARS! Andy who is the nursing supervisor should NOT work in healthcare! Today on 3/29/19 I called concerned about a family member and he told me that he/ his nurses do NOT have time to contact family when their family members (who are over medicated and could hardly stay awake) are being discharged. I even specifically asked about discharge today and I was told NO DISCHARGE. When I brought my concern to Andy (Nursing Supervisor) He gave me the brush off and couldn't be bothered with my concern. I then asked if he could give me the number so I could speak to someone about filing a complaint and he told me to GOOGLE IT. This is poor patient care and he has no compassion for patients or their families. I will find the correct information to file a complaint against the nurse and Andy the nursing supervisor and I will make sure someone gives him the correct information so he can pass it along to the next concerned family member he disregards.

Matt Wright

Super friendly and attentive. Went to the ER for kidney pain and was treated promptly. Great staff and nice environment.

sandi Williams

Good hospital.

Dawn s Martinez

I had the sleeve gastrectomy and all the nurses were inpersonal, rude, esp my Nurse. She wouldn't check on me for hours. My drain was literally overflowing three times. She did not help me get out of bed, use the restroom or even walk. I would have to text the nurse station every 2 hours for pain meds, etc. She didn't take vitals? Or make sure I was comfortable which I was not, I was in so much pain and very alone. None of the nurses were working. They were sitting around gossiping. They ignored me everytime I pushed the nurse button that I had to go up to the desk and ask for help. I got my meds twice maybe 3 times while she was there. I was in so much pain she just told me oh it's gas deal with it.. She made me swallow each pill and than make me show her I swallowed it. Not once was I offered any gas pill just had a 5 mg oxy. And she would not let me take my own meds. It's pretty bad when my family noticed all of this while they visited. Talk about Embarrassed!!

Wilma Adkins

The physical therapist, Brad Lewis, took the time to fully evaluate my abilities before giving exercises. PTs in other facilities gave me exercises too advanced for me. Brad teaches the advantages of specific exercises, and helps me want to do them at home. With RA, I've gone to many PTs since 1997, and he is the BEST.

Terra Riley


Well, I'm disappointed in the hospital. I had a family member taken to that hospital who had died of a heart attack. He had been missing for a couple of days. The family had been looking for said "husband and dad". No staff member called or tried to find the family to let them know he had been brought to this hospital. What the hell. "Wife" called police and was told to call all area hospitals. She did so on a Wednesday night (3 days later) and found that he had been taken to Salt Lake Regional Medical Center on a Monday night dead from a heart attack. He was not homeless and he had his cell phone on him. Again,,,,what the hell. Shame on you Salt Lake Regional Medical Center for your lack of compassion.

Steven Callaway

They have save My life I thank you saved My life

Lee Earl

Nate Cornwell

Lots of negative reviews, but I think that is the nature of a hospital/business. From ER to Labor and Delivery I've had a good experience. Facilities do seem a bit dated.

Bradley White

Best place to have a baby. My wife has had 3 babies there, and every time it's been an absolutely magical experience. I don't mean that in a sarcastic way. It was truly beautiful the way we were treated. I can't speak for any other services here. But labor and delivery, there is no better place to deliver a child into the world.

LoriAnn Scriver

My father was admitted to the Senior Behavior Health Unit. WHAT A JOKE! What a bunch of morons. The social worker was very helpful when she first called and at first assured me I would not have to go through this experience alone. Then came the family meeting. The social worker, the case manager and the medical manager. All of their BS might have been impressive if my husband hadn't been an RN BSN for the last 20 years and if I didn't have my Bachelors Degrees in both Psychology and Family and Human Development. The case managers discharge plan was to discharge my father who was diagnosed was mid-grade dementia to go live either alone in his house in Montana or with his equally crazy older brother. My husband and I thought he should be discharged to a secure facility. Oh they went through a list of the facilities he did not qualify for but their last words were "We will keep looking.: So after 5 days and 10 un-returned phone calls they call us to tell us my father is be ing discharged and dumped at a homeless shelter. That was the placement they had come up. This was after they had sabotaged a placement to a secure facility I had worked out by completely countering everything they had said about my father during our family meeting. A word to the wise, never intrust your loved one to these morons. I haven't even gone into the supposed evaluation they were supposed to do and never did or the medical social worker who thought clearly thinks he is a legend in his own mind so much so that he rewrites prescriptions that a well known cardiologist wrote becasue he knows better. *eye roll*

Jaime Lyn

What an awful place! I came to pick up my mother from "same-day" and I stood at the window for 10 mins while the staff just stood and looked at me! Hello.......

Daniel Davis

We just had our baby here. The rooms were very nice and relaxing. We were the only ones giving birth at the time so we had the whole area to ourselves. Several nurses were monitoring her vitals, and really stayed on top of everything. I really felt like we were being taken care of and wasn't worried at all.

Jennifer Emma Bassi

Loren Walker

M Sanders

Nice nurses and doctors

Kimberly S

I really don't like to complain or get anyone in trouble, and i especially don't like conflict, but it has been 5 months since i gave birth to my son there and I am still so bothered by my experience. It started out ok but eventually was just terrible. I felt neglected and mistreated and was in so much pain from my c section but one of my nurses wouldn't stay on top of my medicine. Id be crying in the bed because of all the pain and that's when she'd give me my pills. She said i was supposed to be keeping track of what i took, when i took them and when I'm supposed to take them next. Isn't that their job? If that was my job she should have left the bottles with me so i could actually know what they were and follow the directions printed on the bottle. Even at one point my doctor came in and asked why i was in so much pain and she lied and told him i refused to take my pills. My incision also wasn't taken care of properly and left soaking wet for 24 hours and i don't know if that's what caused it to get badly infected but i think it is. There are other things but I'm not going to list it all here. Overall it just hurts that my sons birth was such a terrible experience for me so much so that I'm up at 2am saddened by it. Not even the c section, but the care i received afterwards. Who do i write about this? I feel that i should be heard so everything i experienced, including things i haven't listed here, can be avoided and improved upon for future patients.

Jeanette Rodrigues

Nathan Henneka

Dirty reception areas. Lackadaisical and unprofessional care from the nurses (with one exception). It seemed everyone there hated their jobs, at least that is what their attitudes told me. I received indifferent & impersonal care from the healthcare professionals (with one exception, and she was so clearly overworked I hope she has gotten a job at a better hospital, she deserves it!). Billing errors that they would rather send to collections than admit their mistake. The only way I will ever allow myself or my family to go to this hospital again is if the choice is between going to this hospital or dying.

Mirian Brugman

I had same day surgery here a while back and all I can say is I loved the staff! Everyone was super nice and attentive the entire time! I'd recommend this hospital time and again!!

Jess Broxey

They have always treated me very nice

BoBo BoBo

The doctors and nurses here are very unprofessional, they don't communicate with eachother let alone the patients. The nurses can't be bothered to check on patients regularly, nor do they respond to patients emergency call buttons.. they just stand around chatting about their lives, if you don't care about your job please find another that doesn't put people's lives at risk! They also switch medications and doses on patients (without informing them) PEOPLE DIE THIS WAY!

David Mackey

I was born here and turned out great, so 5 stars!


AVI Reeder

Extraordinary Surgical Team of Physician's and Nurses.We were rendered the utmost Professional care and consideration in all phases and aspects of the Hospital.

Keesha Hardin

I recently brought my dad into the ER. It was a great experience! The staff were very friendly. They got us back right away and the whole process from admitting to discharge was so fast! It was a great experience.

Robert Bogden

This hospital is famous for dropped balls "opps, we missed that on his chart") and horrible communications", including appointments not registered, surgery missed!!!!! This place was reckless with my grandpa's health! They missed scheduled his surgery, they made him wait for several hours for every visit. The urologist staff were disorganized and provided poor communications, missed scheduled appointments and failed to provide high quality health care. MY ADVISE: RUN AWAY!

Christian M

Most confusing hospital in Salt Lake City.

Vincent Kerzman

The five stars is totally based on the experience that we had in the ICU Department. The staff in ICU totally deserved the 5 stars. The following staff should be recognized for exceptional service, Paul, Andy, Lauren, Louise, Samantha, Chris and Dave. But the entire staff up in ICU are total team players, something that lacks at a few of the IASIS hospitals. Dr Wren is one hell of doctor, is beside manner is so awesome. He has a way of communicating with the patient and there family that you know that you are in great hands with the staff in ICU. However, just the opposite in the ED. Not impressed with the staff and most of all not impressed with the ED doctor. He always had the deer in the head lights look. He has a very condensing attitude and makes you feel like that are imposing on his lunch break or it is Friday and he wants to get the hell of of dodge. The cafeteria, needs to have a wider selection of choices on the weekend. For a hospital that serves food that is cooked in grease and nothing on the menu is healthy, might has well just check yourself into the hospital. I would not recommend the food in the cafeteria. So, let me just say once you get pass ED, the rest of the hospital totally rocks. Totally recommend this hospital over any IHC or HCA hospital, unless you are employed by IHC, HCA or the Church.

Jayson Iorg

Went to the ER here as I was having an A-Fib episode. The staff was nice enough, but the DR refused to actually lower my heart rate to an average heart rate. When I left, I was still having spikes at around 140, but sitting between 105 and 120 on average. He gave me some drug that was supposed to reduce stress, said he was totally fine with spikes at 140, and sent me home. Now I'm home, the drug wore off, and my heart is still beating irregularly and much higher than average. I didn't go to the ER because I wanted to come home and deal with the same crap, or potentially go back, spend another 300 in co-pay, then have him give me another 3 hour fix. I was hoping for a solution that would last longer than the hospital visit. Why they didn't simply use the defibrillators is beyond me. I've had much worse episodes where they took my heart rate from 220 on down to 75, using nothing more than the defibrillators, and the total trip took 1 hour. My heart was then perfect for an entire year. Needless to say, I'll be going elsewhere for any sort of medical attention. These guys had no clue what they were doing, could have cut the visit down to 1/4 of what it was, and also gave me a long term solution, rather than a 3 hour fix that would require multiple visits to the ER for one simple ailment.

Brit Howard

The staff and people at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center saved my life!!! After an accident, I spent time in three other hospitals in the area and was finally transferred to the rehab center at Salt Lake Regional. I was not expected to live. The staff, everyone of them, were the most caring people one could hope for. Thanks to all in the rehab ward and Salt Lake Regional. Thanks.

Keanen Farr

Everyone there was very helpful and friendly... from the people at registration, to the nurses and doctors, and even the people in billing. I have to say that we haven't had the same experience at the IHC facilities we have visited. This is a much better-run hospital.

Laura Turner

I am very well pleased with all the staff that worked with me tonight. This was my first time at this hospital. Staff was very carin. They gave me a lot of information about my issue. They also answered mine and my husbands questions and have our child a Batman coloring pack. Lindsay, Zack and Dr. Hawkes thank y'all so much!

Kristen Comarell

After my mammogram, I had to have two breast biopsies. The techs and radiologists were professional and efficient. Great experience!

Mark Edwards

Law breakers, who do not understand state laws regarding mental health and the commitment of an adult involuntarily. Run away from these criminals. They will hurt you with impunity. I went to this facility as recommended by my neurologist to ask for outpatient rehab on a leg damaged by a massive stroke and brain injury. i was kidnapped, denied access to my own cell phone, and committed to behavioral health facility in violation of many state laws.. what good are laws when doctors break them all the time an ruin you life, humiliate you and destroy five years of working to rehab and rebuild my life? do not go to this hospital, they are scam artists out to make money off of your insurance company. mean and insensitive. Law breakers, ignorant of state laws.

Nick Vivirito

Roy Edwards

Keeps sending me bills that I do not owe. I am paying through my insurance portal and have proof this hospital is recieving my payments. Have told them twice and sent copies and now they are threatening collections. What a scam. Will contact an attorney if this continues. Your billing department is stupid.

Andy Fam

Had my first baby here. Great experience with the nursing staff. Very knowledgeable, experienced, polite and considerate of us. I was surprised at how empty the labor and delivery department was considering our good experience here. Food was great reasonable hours you can order food and have room service deliver. the facility was great. delivery room had a lot of space and was close to the nurses desk. nursing room was great as well and accommodated all our needs. there's also a family room for visitors to stay in which is very convenient. Our nurses were very attentive and respectful of our privacy and made us feel at home. I would highly recommend this place for delivery.

DeEtt Lake

Good hospital

Celena Davenport

This place is the worst

Carolyn Hansen

Ok first of all I went in for a hiatal hernia repair and candy cane limb removal but it turned there was no hiatal hernia so the Dr removed the the candy cane limb and removed a bunch of abdomal scar tissue. I was really hurting when I came to and they made me comfortable down in recovery. I was told when I got up to my room that I had a drip and could push it every 10 minutes and that the button would light up. But I was finding no comfort through this and just got worse my daughters were told to let me get some rest to go ahead and get some food. Well I’m not sure the time that went by but I was calling them and asking when they were coming back but by then the nurse had called Dr. Medlin and asked what she could do for me and that’s when he said go ahead and give her some oxy orally and then the chest pains started and I could hardly breath. But the attributed that to all the scar tissue the Dr removed.The staff did not listen to me or my daughters about me having a allergic reaction to the oxycodone they were giving me for pain. The pain went away a little bit when the night nurse got there when she put me back on the drip and kept me on the oxy. So I was getting both. But had still not went pee and that nurse was like we need to see if you can go so I tried through the night. But could not go so she had to do a ultrasound on my bladder and it was full so she called the dr and he said to do straight catheter and that was a relief. But then as the night went through I still didn’t go on my own. And I had to have a catheter put in to stay so by morning I wasn’t in a ton a pain probably like a 6-7 . The dr came in at 10:15 and my girls weren’t there yet but he said I could go home I was like but I’m still in a lot of pain and have to ride for 3 hours home. The nurse came in and said Dr forgot you still had the catheter in and I said well if he would came into my room and not just took a peek in he would have seen it and I could of had more time to talk with him.And when it came down to discharge I could not still go pee on my own and ended up leaving with a catheter for a 3 hour drive home I was still at 10 for pain rate and never could get a different pain reliever the next day I was able to get my local dr to get me a prescription for something different and it took 2 day for the oxy to get out of my system. The reason I went to Saltlake was to get better care than here in Idaho and that didn’t happen!

Dena Bess

Stephanie Russell

I delivered my first baby at Salt Lake Regional in January 2013. I was induced and had a very quick labor with no complications. I stayed for 3 days and 2 nights. I was nervous to deliver at Salt Lake Regional, however i was well cared for and more importantly my baby was well cared for. The nurses were very kind and helpful and genuinely seemed interested in mine and my baby's wellbeing. Pros: -I was one of three women in the whole labor, delivery, and recovery department. because of this i was able to stay in the updated, large delivery room. - the nurses were all well informed, confident, nice, and helpful. -I had my baby stay in the nursery both nights and brought into me when it was time for her to feed. - the room temperature was great, it was a bitter cold type of weekend so i was grateful of that Cons: - the food left much to be desired. It was eatable, but not overly enjoyable. They did provided one "candle lit steak dinner" on the house. We had family bring us dinner both nights we were there so they brought us a "candle lit breakfast" instead. This was by far the best meal we had. - while the walls between the rooms were sound proof the doors between the room i was in and the hall way was not. One night we were woken up by a baby crying in the hall. The crying lasted a good 5-10 minutes, when i asked the nurse what happened she said that the baby was having his diaper changed, but he ended up going through 3 different diapers.

brad ali

Very Very bad place PLEASE dont go to this hospital .The staff very unprofessional and racist also disrespectful specially in ER .

Leona Montoya

I wouldn't recommend this hospital to anyone. If there was a zero rating they would get that from me. After my surgery, I was scheduled to be released, I was the only one left in that unit, so they decided to close it, my ride was late so they stuck me in a room with a bed and miscellaneous equipment where not one person checked to see if I was all right. GO FIGURE THAT WAY OF A CARING HOSPITAL.

Ben Shaffer

Definitely a small hospital, but don't let the size fool you. I have had 2 separate surgeries at that hospital, both utilizing their specialized orthopedic floor, and the associated highly qualified orthopedic surgeons that use that hospital. All the staff was amazing, but I definitely need to thank Joan, who basically is the Mama Bear of the ortho floor. She was incredibly efficient, caring, not only with me but also for the hospital. Her care and concern for the facility should get her a seat on the board, if she doesn't already have one. Nurse Kathy in the same day surgery, also the Mama Bear of that area, super professional, probably the best nurse I have been blessed to have work with/on me. I am not sure if she would want to be on the board, but if she's not already the head nurse of the same day surgery wing, she should be on the list for that position. In closing, if and when I ever need surgery or to be hospitalized again, there is not another place on the planet I would rather be. THANK YOU!

The Gabriel Garcia Acosta Show Vlogs

My Dad Farted The Loud In The Chapel When I Was A Baby

Mary Wilson

Their pharmacy just charged me $36 for Afrin. I started to say something, and they told me that was the correct price and that it usually goes for hundreds of dollars. Had never bought it before and was in a rush so I got stuck with their corrupt ripoff.

Tickkid _

Treated me well and quickly. Only real complaint was that the room was just pretty hot.

Lindsey Heinig

I delivered my first baby here in December and have nothing but good things to say. The nurses were wonderful, the rooms were comfortable and spacious and I felt like I was treated with respect and kindness. I love that this is a very small hospital and I will return if I have another baby.

Dave Dixon

I have never been treated so shabby. They lied to my daughter about the therapy I was receiving, actually I was receiving none. So cold I couldn't sleep. The blond insurance wench should have enlisted in ISIS. So after a week of abuse in the mental ward and no therapy I heartily recommend if you have any self respect, NEVER GO TO Salt Lake Regional. Dave

Mariana Faiai

Janee Doee

Get rid of the emergency department! It’s useless

Kathleen Therianos

Such great care received at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center-from registration to discharge they were so caring, friendly, knowledgable and professional. Especially grateful to nurse Cloe and my amazing cardiologist Dr. Bekwelem!

Sherrie Hawley

The nursing staff seemed basically competent, professional and pleasant however, I found the room to be short on supplies (not a kleenex or washcloth to be found) and unclean. My patient bathroom was absolutely filthy. Not only did it smell of urine, but there was visible urine on the floor around the toilet. Equally as disgusting was the long black hair all over the bathroom floor (I am a short haired blonde). I was virtually unable to walk in there. I threw my slippers away when I left. I strongly considered leaving this facility against medical advice.

Mandi S

Not sure why so many one star reviews but most seem to be petty complaints. Yes, it is a smaller hospital and could use a few cosmetic upgrades but every step of the way the staff was amazing to work with. I went in for same day surgery and was very well taken care of. The nursing staff was awesome and accommodating. Each of my nurses, my dr and my anesthesiologist all made sure I was comfortable and well informed before and after the procedure. I much prefer the atmosphere and staff at this hospital vs a huge hospital like the university hospital.

Bree Phillips

Exceptional care and outstanding staff!

Cassidy Hansen

Such an amazing experience. Nursing staff was amazing with my newborn and myself. The doctor did everything she could to keep me from tearing. The staff all gave my husband and I a ton of support and information. Would highly recommend giving birth here. Had a small facility feel where the staff genuinely care, rather than the usual quick pace hospital feel.

damaris valenzuela

Best Experience of my life! The Nurses are amazing at Labor and Delivery. I delivered my son before the renovations back in August of 2014 and even though the hospital IS older, the staff there is amazing. I live nowhere near that hospital, but my doctor delivers at Salt Lake Regional so I decided to give it a go. It was a great decision! Rocky Mountain Women's Health Center is amazing!

Nicholas Westover

We just had our baby at the Salt Lake Regional Hospital and we had a good experience for the most part but it sounds like there was an influx of patients when we arrived and their were 2 older nursed that seemed to have a hard time keeping up. They would say they were going to bring something and then they didn't or they were going to take out the tubing for my wive's IV and then never did. Sara, Heather, and Dr. Macey however did an excellent job and we appreciate them greatly!!! They were very efficient, helpful, and seemed to have a genuine and heartfelt concern for us. Thank you guys! The care is not my main concern... I would like to start a movement on hospitals and insurance companies as they bully people as if the industry was monopolized. I am a car salesman and I try to be different from the rest of my competitors and provide pricing that is clear and concise. Transparency is huge in my business and even if you ask for a fare profit and are transparent at the same time a customer will truly appreciate that more than anything else and refer more customers your direction. There is not a single hospital that does this in the Utah Valley at least to my recognition. One goes in to get work done and comes out with bills that continue to come for the next six months. I understand that things may come up in certain situations that one is not aware of but one should be able to walk away from the experience with an idea of how much they will owe in the end. My disliking is not specific to the Salt Lake Regional Hospital itself as it is to the process of hospitals in general!!!

Mark Painter

Medical records incorrect including wrong prescription records ,procedure ruptured infection, also gave me MRSA infection resulting in a six week stay wrong

Matthew Campbell

A family member visited the ER late at night for an orthopedic issue, and I was blown away at how fast, friendly, and excellent the hospital's service and care was. We all agreed it was the fastest ER visit we had ever seen, but the care, attention, and expertise were still all top-notch.

Crazy Traingoingdown

Solid team in the Emergency Room and in the ICU. Thank you for caring so much!

Geoff Larson

Friendliest most personal and professional experience I have ever had a hospital.

Emily Bunch


Staff very helpfull... !! :-) :-)

Mickey Burnham

My sister is currently in the ICU for her 2nd time in a week. She was brought by ambulance the first time with chest pains and specifically asked to be taken to SL Regional because her cardiologist practices there. She never even got to see him. But they decided it was a reaction to her Rheumatoid Arthritis meds and not a heart attack. Then they performed a Stress test and changed their minds. They did an angioplasty because they thought she needed a stint placed. Turns out she didn’t and her heart was ok. They sent her home a few hours later that same day still not having diagnosed the reason she was there in the first place. She had a friend drive her back about 36 hours later experiencing the same symptoms all over again. They diagnosed her with severe pneumonia. It seems like this is what was wrong from the very beginning! Her white count when she was admitted was 19 and then jumped to 23. Normal is between 5 and 10. She’s had some good nurses and some not so good. But if the reason a person is placed in ICU is to monitor them closely, I’m not impressed. I have been there when she’s had alarms going off because some of her leads came loose for as long as 10 minutes. No one comes in. Yesterday I was there in the afternoon and her dirty dishes from dinner the night before were still sitting there. I asked a question about her general condition and was told I’d have to wait until her nurse was on the floor because only he was familiar with her case. Are you kidding me??? So If she needs something while her nurse is away she’s out of luck because only her own nurse is familiar with her case??? Not impressed overall and would not feel good recommending this hospital to anyone.

Jackie Kennington

Overall I had a good experience in Salt Lake Regional-if I had known then what I know now about the billing practices I definitely would have had my surgery in a different hospital. I have had three major surgeries in the last year and a half. When I asked for a payment plan the answer was half now half next month. Other options were not acceptable for my budget. Turns out they can only help 24 months for payment plans. Talking with people in AR was useless they were curt and cold. I was told plan on continuous calls requesting payment

Shari Davis

Brandon Raney

I would love to give this place five stars but I can't even schedule and important visit because I've been on hold for over an hour. I'm still on hold and my pregnant girlfriend is high risk for a miscarriage, which is why we are supposed to visit this place. Highly doubt I will even step foot on this campus, if they can't even answer a phone how can they be responsible checking the needs of a pregnant woman?

Kelly Cleveland

I would rate Salt Lake Regional Medical Center 5 stars. My mother recently had outpatient orthopedic surgery. We encountered 9 different Healthcare professionals. 3 RN's, 2 MD's, 1 PA, 1 Registration Clerk, 1 Phlebotomist and 1EKG person. Every single one of them were compassionate and professional. I would recommend this hospital to everyone! Kelly Cleveland

Lindsey Paradis

I just delivered our 2nd baby at Intermountain, And my experience was so different from Salt Lake Regional I had to commend Salt Lake Regional's labor and delivery unit. Every single nurse and staff member were warm and friendly, they acted like they wanted to be there and some just made us feel like family and anticipated being apart of the birth of our first child. Intermountain was much less intimate and they seemed understaffed for the amount of babies delivered in that hospital. I highly recommend SLR for labor and delivery!


Everyone was very nice and took good care of me. I had abdominal surgery and was in excruciating pain every time I tried to get up. After several hours in recovery I felt like the nurses were rushing me badly to get me out. That's the only reason I didn't give five stars.

David Brunt

Douglas Purcell

Craig Winans

I just got out of surgery 4 hours ago, I am already home and couldn’t have been happier with the staff and support of this hospital. Dr. Levitt and the slcmc staff are amazing especially nurse Elliot!

Patrick Crabtree

Very nice staff

Rick M

My wife was transferred here for more advanced testing and care a few weeks ago; she stayed a few days. During that time, we found nurses and doctors both willing to listen, answer questions, and work together for her health. I view myself as my wife's protector and advocate, so know that I can be a tad irritating in that regards sometimes. Nevertheless, the staff remained consistently courteous with me (and I did my best as well). Physically, the campus and rooms were clean and orderly. The precautions and cleaning routines certainly appeared up to par for controlling contamination. Parking was free and I never had an issue finding space as I came and went. I ate at the basement cafeteria twice and found the food to be pretty good (I would even go on purpose) and it was reasonably priced. Interestingly, the cafeteria offers some choice in meals for patients, although it is standard patient/hospital quality in that respect. The only down-side regarded my own access to the restroom. My wife's room was on the ICU hall (although she wasn't really ICU). I was instructed not to use the toilet in her room for understandable reasons. However, there were no other restrooms in the hall area that I could use; the closest facility was through the controlled access point in the family waiting room. Anyway, although I am nervous about seeing the bill, it was the right place for her to receive care.

Charles Pirro

I wouldn't wish this kind of care on anyone. They were rude, disregarded everything I said, caused me to lose a ridiculous amount of blood because they weren't paying attention, ran unrelated tests on me without my knowledge or consent (telling me it was for one thing, only to realize that they lied and did another), they also ran tests that I specifically asked them not to do. And the same nurse that couldn't properly draw my blood, was sent to put the IV in me. Once again, he was apparently distracted, and stuck the IV in my vein diagonally! When I told him it was causing me a lot of pain, he got offended and ARGUED with me, saying that he knew how to put and IV in and it looked fine to him. I spent all night here, had to ask for help multiple times, and was ignored while the employees talked and joked around and ate chips and guacamole in the it was some party instead of a a hospital (meanwhile they tried to tell me that they were so busy, and couldn't get around to me). Come to find out, I waited there for hours longer than needed, because my results had been back for a while. Eventually I had to leave for work, and had to be discharged without any help or treatment on the two issues I came in for. They charged me for things I didn't need or want, and didn't give the care I originally asked for. I feel like they just wanted to get a bunch of money out of now I'm stuck with a huge bill (most of which I didn't consent to), and I still don't know what caused all the pain I was in. I will never return to this facility, nor will I ever recommend it to anyone.

Kaycee Wyatt

Delivered 4 babies and every time was a great experience. The nurses were the best.

Madeline K

I was having foot surgery in the same day surgery unit. Of coarse like any human being surgery is nerve racking and scary. I felt nothing but welcomed and treated with the upmost respect by my anesthesiologist, nurses, and my Doctor. However, my last nurse Marilyn who was assisting me at my last recovery point. She was rude, and unorganized. She let me sit in a bed that wasn't even locked after I was fresh out of surgery! That's a safety hazard for sure. Otherwise, I had an exceptional experience. However, if you get Marilyn who is taking care of you, request another nurse. Thank you to all the staff and my anesthesiologist Evan for taking care of me.

Gina Mecum

One night I heard a woman crying nonstop. I got up and walked 4 doors down to find a woman in extreme pain crying. If I could hear her I know the nurses could. I knocked on her door and asked if I could come in and she said yes. I asked her if she was ok and she said no she was in a lot of pain and the nurses just ignore her. I looked at her note board on the wall (because mine said SLR wanted to be sure I was comfortable so they listed the directors name and extension). Her board lacked this info. I told her I would be right back with the directors name and extension info. Before I could leave the room, her nurse came in and chewed me out saying I wasn't allowed in the room unless the patient invited me in. I told the nurse, the patient did invite me in. Then she told me I still wasn't allowed in the room. So when I returned with the info I yelled it to the patient from her doorway. It was obvious the nurse was trying to intervene getting caught not doing her job. The next day, the nurses were trying to railroad me out of the hospital. They said I was going to get discharged, then my dr came in and said no, I was staying in another day. Also, one of the nurses was TRYING to get a blood pressure on me with a faulty blood pressure cuff. When she pumped the cuff up, it got super tight but then would begin to peel itself off. After my arm being painfully squeezed by this defective bp cuff, I took it off myself and said...we are done...get one that works.

Tilman R

This review is for our experience at the Labor and Delivery ward of the hospital. We toured the ward twice before having a baby there and staying for two nights. The tours were long and extensive and a nurse and other staff took their time to answer every question we had. We were also encouraged to call them with any concerns during the pregnancy and when we did (4 times over) a nurse and once even a doctor answered our seemingly trivial question. Every nurse and staff member was very friendly and helpful and genuinely concerned about our welfare during our stay. We found the delivery rooms to be spacious and clean. They currently deliver about 50 babies a month so it is not very busy in general. When we were there, there was an influx of patients but we did not feel any less attention or care. There are several older nurses there with a lot of experience that we felt added greatly to our care and the general knowledge of the staff. Every staff member had a little of their own style about infant care and was eager to give advice. Negatives: room service food quality, at least three different bills for the stay. Positives: not busy, caring and knowledgeable staff, special delicious dinner for two, 24 hour infant care, system in place to teach parents infant care during stay, offering prenatal classes before birth.

Anamaria2741107110711 Blidisel

Andrew Thomason

Let me express, "heartfelt gratitude" time! I honor all of you for your dedication to the practice of medicine. Thanks for putting up with my bull puckey Primum non nocere

S Bernard

I have 5 children and delivered my 5th at Salt Lake Regional. This was the best experience ever. I strongly recommend this hospital to everyone I know. The nurses are top notch and are very attentive. They are very accommodating to the fathers and to guests. The nurse to patient ratio is 1:1 so when I left it felt like I was leaving family and not like I was just another patient.

Adam King

I had an outpatient procedure, the pre and post op staff were amazing! Fast, kind and efficient.

Breanna Hankammer

Have u waiting for ever they don’t treat u right they haves bums every we’re igh worst hospital to ever go to

Aline Terpstra

I would not recommend this hospital to anyone! My original visit was in 2013. I was 9weeks pregnant and i started bleeding. I immediately knew i was having a miscarriage. I went into their emergency due to them being the closest hospital when i lived in salt lake. From check in it was clear that the individual who was working was not interested in being there. At this point i was crying the whole time because i new i was losing my baby. I told them why i was there and they completely did not understand. The nurses that were there kept on asking me if i was pregnant and i had to repeat over and over that yes i am freaking pregnant!!. As i was crying from losing my baby one nurse was about to give me morphine. I was lucky i asked what she was giving me and rejected her pain killers. I have no idea why she did not ask me if i wanted pain killers. I was crying because of sadness, NOT pain! I can honestly say they are beyond incompetent in this hospital. Especially the billing department. 3 years later & i am still getting bills from these people! The IASIS services are just as incompetent as the emergency room staff!!

pepe rodriguez


Allen Bildstein

Terrible customer service. Couldn't even call me after my husband was out of surgery. I had verified that the nurse taking him back had my phone number and was instructed to call me. I guess with this being Mormon country and my husband and I being gay, they felt I didn't deserve to know he had made it through surgery. I hate to see what places like this will do if religious freedom bills are passed and the Mormons who work here decide that they aren't going to care for all patients.

starnishia stevenson

This is the worst hospital I have ever been to. My first time here at any hospital in Utah. I am here to do fundraising for a non profit organization that helps youth stay in school and stop violence and the murder that took away my good friends son who was 17 years old to gun violence. I became feeling sick and I couldn't bare the discomfort anymore. So decided to come into the emergency room. I waited in an empty emergency waiting room for about 45 minutes I was the only one there. When I arrived in my room My wait time increased to 3 whole hours waiting for and all the have done is give me a urinalysis test to rule out any infections or kidney issues. Seen Doctor Thurman one time he did not connect with me. I asked for my discharge paperwork and My nurse Name is Jordan she threw my discharge papers on my lap didn't even hand them to me nor set them next to me on the table.then she started to smile as I confronted her about her disrespectful actions T words me. The whole time atleast 7 nurses are laughing and talking about snap chat and Instagram not attending to any patients. I couldn't believe the lack of professionalism.Dr lee the charge nurse sided with her she looks to be atleast 21 years old they are so immature and unprofessional I don't recommend this hospital to anyone please don't waist your time. I truly had a disappointing experience I have no idea why this wouldn't be grounds to fire a few staff and replace to upgrade the patients care and concern. Please find a better hospital you will experience the same treatment as I did. Take care

Jonathan Higbee

A biker T shirt wearing unidentified non-hospital-uniform-wearing rough thug checked me out of the ER. Roughly and painfully pulled off the oxygen sensor on my finger. Verbally combative and rude. Who was this thug “working” in the ER?

Abii Webb

Lance 'n Brad

I have had two procedures done at Salt Lake Regional. Both times the staff and the surgeons where awesome. I felt very comfortable with the care I received. I knew I was in very capable hands. I would refer anyone to Salt Lake Regional that is looking for a very professional facility with competent staff and excellent physicians.

victoria lopez

My mom just had heart surgery from one of the best most amazing doctor I have ever met! Dr cox & his nurses are doing everything that they can to make her comfortable I am very grateful for this hospital i have spent 2 night here & it wasnt that bad! Megan respiratory lady went up & beyond the call of duty thank you guys

Benoni Sowah

Doctor had no connection with me. He thinks talking longer with me was connection. I waited almost 30 minutes before he showed up after nurse had seen me. In fact I had to go ask. He gave nothing, lied to me that I need an X-ray when I didn't. He didn't even look over the X-ray with me. Just gave me phone number of another doctor. Something I could do on my own. Very unprofessional. I was HIGHLY disappointed.

Chuck Huff

Cynthia Wood

I give the hospital and outstanding rating because the staff was professional while my friend was under their care. They took the time to answer questions and my friend left feeling 100% better and if I ever get sick this is the first hospital I'd choose. I like small hospitals. However, I do have a complaint against the volunteer coordinator Mrs Hunter. This all stems back to 2006 and it was over some minor issue and ever since then has held it against me; which is very odd and just plane silly. People do desserve second chances and no one is perfect. She does not even know me from Adam. Very unfair. Other places grant liency after a period of time. I guess o'well her loss.

Susan Rogers

I had surgery Feb. 2011. I was really out of it back in my room because of the meds. The nurse took me to the restroom ( i was using a walker) and left me. Said she'd be back in a minute. I fell on the floor. Too far from an emergency red string. When she came back she said, "oh great, now I have to call your doctor". I had an implant put in my back and they didn't even address my fall or what it could have done to the implant. When I was released, i had extreme pain for the nest two weeks. came back to the er within 4 days. The doctor treated me like a junkie looking for a drug hookup. After two weeks of pain, they find I have nerve damage ( my L5 nerve). I had to have 3 spinal blocks and I am still in pain. I would never go to this hospital or er.

Ivette Hernandez

Delivered my baby back in April and the experience was beyond excellent. The staff made us feel welcomed and cared for the entire time we were there. Thanks for the wonderful experience.

Michael Anderson

Expensive. Expect to be billed $11,000+ for a fast delivery with epidural and 0 complications and a 1 night stay. They also took my newborn for bathing and vaccination and didn't return him for 3-4 hours. My child spent more than 50% of their first hours of life away from his mother. Completely unnatural and unhealthy.

Jane Valikoula

Uncle is at ICU and has been receiving poor service from nurses. One particular nurse refused to scratch his back and stated “I do not touch my patients.” When calling for this nurse to assist him to the bathroom, received no response & he had to go to the bathroom with no help. And when nurse seen him struggling to stand on his own, she was mad at him because she could lose her job. He’s fallen once while being here and the assistance here is very poor for patients. Our family members are constantly coming to the hospital everyday to take care of him and taking over the nurses duties. The particular rude nurse is very rude to our family, but if she was taking care of their job, we wouldn’t be constantly walking in and out, switching to take care of him. Requested to transfer to a Murray IHC & they declined it due to already treated my uncle.

Stacy Tukuafu

Hera Barton

I'm uninsured and had to come in for some orthopedic and neurological tests. Everyone who worked there was kind and helpful and treated me as if their job was actually to help me (not something I'm used to from other hospitals I've been to...). One administrator who I asked directions from even went out of her way to take me to where I needed to go, and made sure I was comfortable and seen to when we got there before she went off about her own business. The radiologist and the specialists I met with were quick to get me in and out, but I never felt like I was being rushed. They answered all my questions and again I came away feeling like they genuinely enjoy helping people, even people who can't afford the full range of care. I was given options I didn't have before. Hopefully I won't be needing the hospital in the near future, but if I do, I don't want to go to any other place.

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Ogden Regional Medical Ce...
Hospital - Utah

Medical Center

St. Mark's Hospital
St. Mark's Hospital
Hospital - Utah


St. Mark's Imaging Centers
St. Mark's Imaging Centers
Hospital - Utah

Medical Center

University of Utah Health
University of Utah Health
Hospital - Utah

University hospital