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Tori Watford

I went to the ER 3 times for complications of chest pain and not being able to breathe along with dizziness, etc. The first doctor without even taking any blood ruled it anxiety. The second doctor was more thorough and did do blood work but gave me a simple diagnosis without digging any deeper. The third doctor again dint even do blood work and wrote me off as having acid reflux even though i told him I had no symptoms of that. On top of that during my third visit my nurse Tony or Toby told me that the ER is for people having heart attacks and she didn't know what I thought they were going to do for me. Here I am 3 weeks later with the same symptoms and have seen multiple doctors without any relief but I refuse to go back to Mckay because of how I have been treated during this illness

Anthony Balaich

Nothing but a positive stay here for child birth. We had an induced labor and had to change to a C-Section a couple hours into that. That was pretty smooth and saw that baby was getting really good, constant care right when they pulled him out. We never felt really separated from him as I was able to go anywhere they were taking him while they stitched my wife back together and they also brought him back in the room so my wife could kiss him before taking him to another room for more observation. The stay was longer than we first anticipated because of the C-Section of course, but it was a good stay. Lots of rules in play to keep you and your baby safe. The nurses, aids and others were always quite helpful. We loved almost all of our nurses, didn't absolutely love one or two, but that seems like something to be expetced when there are so many different people you interact with. There was only one time where our nurse was so tied up that she instead asked someone else to come help instead of making us wait. The food options were really quite healthy and much better quality than I would have expected too. Maybe the only thing that would have made my personal stay better would be a more comfortable hide away bed. It was probably the least comfortable one I've ever used, but it still sufficed either way, and everything else was awesome. (I also want to note that I fully understand why they have the hideaway beds that they do have, because that kind must be dramatically easier to keep sanitary, I'm just having to nit-pick things since everything else was so good.)


Don't ever use this hospital especially there ER! Nothing but overpaid and uneducated doctors and especially Nurses!

Sabrina Haney

I will never go back to this Mckay-Dee Hospital ever again. They had put my newborn at risk for infection after coming right out the the NICU! I brought my 7 day old newborn into the hospital for a bilirubin test, which tested high, so they required a retest the next day. However, she had told me to come in after hours, and in order to do that we had to come in to the ER. The ER took no consideration of my daughters fragile and delicate immune system and had us stay in the ER waiting room to do paper work and placed another patient with an obvious bacterial infection and pussing laceration next to us. I had my husband remove her from the facility until they were ready for her, and the receptionist made us come back in and wait in the waiting room.

Sus Walk

No desire to go back. Dr. Holt is a pompous jerk with emotional issues of his own. In my lifetime of medical records I've never tested positive for heroin or cocain. I went in sick with the complaint i had been drugged. Dr. Holt has me pegged a liar and drug addict. Huh. He must be super smart..... Ugly attitude from a truly ugly man.

Christine Barney

If I could give less than one star I would. We went into labor and delivery several times because I could tell something was wrong with my son the last time we went his heart rate would drop with every contraction I ended up going to davis and they ended upcneedimg to do an emergency c section due to the baby not looking good what so ever and now they are trying to bill us substantially more than the first 2 times I went in to get checked

Aaron Brown

Hospital cafeteria only has diet drinks available. They have decided to take away your right to make your own decisions when it comes to what you choose to drink. If they are doing this I cant imagian what other medical choices they are making for you when you receive medical treatment. Be very careful of a place that does this.

Zachery Nielson

Absolutely great experience from beginning to end with our baby delivery. Every single nurse and doctor was amazing and super friendly. Both in labor and post, this is a great hospital with a welcoming and friendly environment. The cafeteria has quality food, everything is nice, new, and clean. Absolutely no complaints.

Shelby Voreis

McKay-Dee is a beautiful, clean hospital! It contains a renown behavioral health unit. A special feature is the Behavioral Health Access Center that provides community resources for those looking for mental health options.

Jim&Bonnie Lau

I must have come to the ER at the right time. They told me it would be about 1/2 hour but they sent me for x-ray right away to cut the overall time. I was hoping that I had sprained my ankle but I was taken to a room very soon after the X-ray and the doc said my fibula was broken. All involved were very courteous and kind. My thanks to the ER!

Athena Stephenson

This is the most rudest, uncaring, stuck up, unprofessional hospital I have ever been in. Extremely rude the second you walk in, the nurses are very cold. Adam is the only nice guy there honestly the rest are aThis hospital is a complete joke. We're not sympathetic towards my friend who tried to harm herself. I'd recommend coming here if you want to be miserable

Alex Shumate

If I got stabbed, and I had a choice between coming to McKay Dee hospital and bleeding to death on the way to another hospital, I'd take death every time.

Communist Lolii

The plecenta did NOT taste as expected. I was promised a steak like taste and it most definitely did not meet standard. Do not recommend after birth for consumption .

Kendra Johnson

I had a very positive birthing experience at McKay-Dee. Throughout my pregnancy, I felt very supported by their educational classes. The atmosphere is clean and healthy and positive - lots of natural light and soothing music make this hospital almost feel more like a spa. The nurses and consultants were all kind, helpful, and supportive. Even the "room service" is fantastic - the food is very good. I highly recommend this hospital.

voltonbad A

Seriously had one of the worst customer service experiences ever last night. I took my wife in (29 weeks pregnant) for flu like symptoms and lots of stomach pain; she wanted to ensure that she and our baby were ok. We went in at 9:00 pm and proceeded to wait for 2 hours before being seen. When we arrived there were two other people waiting in the waiting room. We watched at 7-8 other people or groups of people arrived after us and were helped before us. I could understand this if we were waiting to be seen by labor and delivery and maybe they were really busy. After 2 hours of waiting we were taken back to a normal room and then experienced 4 hours of abysmal service. There was an extreme lack of communication between any of the nurses and us. Nurses would help us, then leave without any indication of what was next or how long we would be waiting. 4 separate occasions we pressed the call button so that a nurse could come in and fill us in on what was happened get. We could hear the buzzer going off and were never assisted quicker than 20 minutes. I’m grateful nothing was seriously wrong because no one had any sense of urgency. It took us 4 hours to receive an IV bag, an ultrasound and be hooked up to a monitor to check the baby’s vitals for an hour. I have honestly never received worse customer service from anywhere including retail locations and fast food restaurants. When we left I expected to see hardly any staff as I assumed they must have all been really busy. Instead I saw plentiful staff sitting at desks or talking with one another (while our nurse call buzzer was still going off from the last time we requested one; after the dr came and told us we could leave and we proceeded to wait 45 minutes for someone to come take the IV needle out and give us our discharge paperwork). I am more than happy to recount our completely unacceptable experience should any supervisor feel so inclined to reach out but judging from the lack of care we received, I don’t expect much. Find a different hospital or make sure you bring a good book you’ve been meaning to finish.

Phil Mayne

Has always been great!

Zachary Walker

Atrocious customer service. Attempted three time to get a packet in preparation for surgery and never received packet according to agreement. On one occasion they turned my wife away about two hours after saying that they had it available. I rescheduled the surgery through a different clinic. On a separate occasion they refused to release lab results to me saying that it needed to be discussed by a Dr. Continuing to state that my Dr lacked competency to interpret the already prepared lab report.

Jaime Heren

November 3rd, 2003 i had surgery. I have had no problems with it at all, doctor bick saved my life. It took McKay Dee only three days from the accident to get me set up and schedule me a appointment and fixed.. they all at that time respectful and listened when you had a feeling that need to be talked about or solved. . The doctor was professional and protected me as a patient with all the laws and may me aware of my rights ,there for i will always have reapect for the hospital that is the best hospital in my area even though times change people come and go but the hospital stands tall with there companion and cares services are community. Thats why its a five star.

cheryl werven

The staff at the heart institute took great care of my Mom and explained her take-home heart monitor very well.

Rodolfo Mantilla

Excellent attention, you felt like home. All the crew awesome, no surprises.!

Maegan Scroggins

I’ve had multiple ovarian cysts in the past 3 months. The pain from the cysts was an easy 9/10. I sat in the ER room for 3 hours, in severe pain, only to be given ibuprofen later. SHANE STRATFORD was my nurse practitioner. He said he did see a few cysts, which was the cause of the pain. Since I asked for a stronger medication to help with the pain besides ibuprofen and since I had been to the hospital 2 times before for the same problem, the words “if you’re just here for pain medicine” came out of his mouth. Along with talking about addiction problems. He has terrible bedside manner, was very rude to me when I was speaking to him. He spoke to me like I was less than him. My husband and I are so unbelievably blown away by the disrespect I received.

Tim W

We are not happy with the service from their billing to their online paymant page. Our list of grievences includes: 1) We received a call from collections in Feb 2019 for a visit to the hospital in July 2018. Even though our address was updated at the time of service in July 2018 they still sent our bill to the old address for 6-8 months before collections called. 2) In Feb 2019, we had a rushed visit to McKay Dee for our son. Once in the hospital room, the staff spent 3 hours trying to figure out if or what services were actually in our insurance network. They did blood work but provided no other service except to frustrate myself and my wife. 3) The bill for that 3 hour hospital visit was $5000 and would have been more if had not argued them out of an ambulance ride from MvKay to Ogden Regional. 4) Even though our insurance card was given to at least 3 different people during that 3 hour visit, the visit was still processed as "not insured." This problem was supposed to be solved in March when the insurance info was again given, but it has yet to be resolved. 5) On top of all this, it comes to our attention that IHC is a supporter of Planned Parenthood, the largest anti-life and racest organization in the US. Because of these problems, we will not go to McKay Dee hospital or IHC if it can possibly be avoided. We will also encourage others to choose other options.

Ron Curtis

Our great grandson was taken to the ER last night. The attitude of the staff was very poor. He is 1yo and came with a temp of 105* at 2:30 am. Young parents worried and they did not help their fears of their ill son. I was extremely disappointed to hear because we have had nothing but excellent care at LDS and Murray Hospitals. Please look into this for me. Jan Curtis

Ëlânœrè Rênjån


Nick Ferrin

Horrible staff, tried bringing my wife and son to er due to food poisoning, got treated like dirt and when we tried leaving the ogden police followed with 4 officers claiming I had alchohol on my breathe. Ridiculous. The nurse there was the worst and if this how ogden police needs to get DUI I am never returning. Huge fail. Staff is not there to help.

Jazmin Campos

#PLEASEREAD!! Doctor( paul L ) Does not do his job i went in for my baby to get checked over her private part he did nothing but stuck something in her part and said its nothing to please go home . I went today right now may 1 its 2:18 am my mother had a attack i still dont know what it was because he went in a ambulance and he doctor paul said he doesnt know what it is to go home and sleep. THIS IS BAD SERVICE ! HORRIBLE MY MOM IS DYING AND THIS IS WHAT WE GET . PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE SOME NURSES ARE OK BUT OTHERS ARE REALLY RUDE AND TO THE NURSE THAT PUSHED MY CHILD OUT OF THE WAY I DID TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU AND YOUR NAME

Toni M Trombley

They were friendly and helpful. Even though we were late, they were still willing to see us.


Went to go do a stress test recommended by my doctor after telling her I had chest pains was short of breath and light headed. I did the test without even getting to see a doctor they told me I was fine and was left with a $200 bill with no help or explanation for why I felt this way. Now I’m left feeling this way to afraid to seek more help for the lack there of and the huge bill

K Bettolo

I’m writing from a different perspective—as an employee. I have a great manager who cares for her staff. I love the role I work in and look forward to small leadership opportunities I’ve been given and direct patient care I do. I love having wonderful technology and resources to provide the best care to our patients. McKay also helped with my college tuition which was amazing. I have worked for various jobs for the company since 2003 and can’t see myself working anywhere else.


Horrible place. As with most people giving it a one star I'm mostly pissed off about the ER. That place is like a dungeon. The last place you want to be when you need urgent care. Stay clear and find someplace else.

Bonnie Hyde

We had the unfortunate experience of arriving to the ER and being the only ones in the waiting room while we waited to be taken back for 30 minutes while my son was suffering from asthma and struggling to breathe the front intake staff were very unprofessional and when I addressed it with the person who claims to be the ER manager I was told that they're just the intake staff so basically they weren't expected to be held to a level of professionalism. They waited 30 minutes to take us back while they were discussing recipes about their peanut butter balls that they were eating and after they were done with their conversation they finally decided that it was time for them to take care of us and take us back,

Cor Ri

I went to my dr appointment with Dr. Anderson over in the pulimonary department. He walked into the room sat down, asked what other doctor had treated me for my sleep apnea. Told him who it was. He asked why I don't see this doctor anymore and I said because I don't. Presided to ask me what I was diagnosed with told him. He mummbled under his breathe, " that's helpful!" I didn't know everything he wanted to know. That's what medical records are for. Then he asked me what we should do because we were at a stand still. My insurance won't pay for a new machine and me current one doesn't help me like it used too. I'm beyond frustrated with doctors. This one was patronizing and I'm not impressed with.

Stephen Brock

I wish I could put no stars by Farr the worst E.R. Doctor Robert D. Croft I went in because my j tube was coming completely out I was in so much pain I waited for about 2 hours before the doctor even came in then I waited another 2 hours to get into the radiology then they took it out and put it back in 3 different times they kept pulling on it hard when the balloon was pumped up it hurt so bad I was crying they took back to my room and nurse kept coming in saying has the doctor came In yet like 15 times she had my discharge papers then the doctor finally comes in treating me like i just wanted narcotic’s I said I only seen you once the whole time I was here then he says in front of my 5 year old and my 2 year old I bust my f:)(:?! A!!! Then stormed out of my room I think next time my j tube comes out i will just let it because I won’t go back to be treated the way I was

Steve Gingiss

Note: my hubby pre-warned radiology that he gets nervous before procedures (they said "ask the Dr when you see him"; the doctor said he could get a pulmonary embolism, if they proceeded with the injection)... They Made us wait a MONTH to come back for an injection (Radiology) ... all that would have needed to happen is to have GP prescribe Valium in advance... How is keeping us waiting for an extra Month efficient, it caused my husband an extra Month of pain

Patrick Hall

My wife and I had all three of kids here, it is amazing place. Rooms are very big and the staff in Labor and Delivery are competent and very kind.

Ashley Samurai

I've never been to their ER but I do regularly see 2 Doctors at this hospital. It's very beautiful and seems clean, all the staff I've ever encountered have been nice and extremely helpful. I have herd some negative stories about Mckay Dee but personally I have never experienced anything negative here.

Sabrina Litster

Be careful going to the ER- We had to get REALLY pushy for my husband to get the care he needed, then the billing department neglected to mention if we set foot out of the ER we would be on the hook for a second 150 copay. (He needed to come back for followup IV antibiotics and was given the option of sleeping in his own bed for 8 hours overnight). 4 months of back and forth and they still won't update the billing to reflect what they said it would be like.

Alexander Akin

They don't know how to send the right labs to doctors and isnt worth the money it costs to stay if ill

Andrea Weloth

I cannot say enough about this place. My thyroid doctor and rhumotologist are both AMAZING doctors and amazing people! They both connect with me on a human level at each appointment. To top everything off, I had my daughter here at 35 weeks gestation, the doctor who performed my cesarean was awesome too! She even came to the NICU to see how my baby was doing. All of the nurses that took care of me in mother and baby were amazing, the same day I had my cesearen, a mother and baby nurse basically gave me back my independence. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have been able to recover so well. And my last nurse that I had as well was so sweet and caring. All of the lactation specialists were helpful and patient with me when it came to nursing and pumping, and last but not least, ALL of the nurses and doctors that took care of my baby, and the neonatologist that worked on my baby right after she was born all were so exceptional! They met my physical needs and emotional needs! They let me hold my daughter as long as I wanted/needed, they let me do skin to skin with her not just once but several times, this is what I call amazing care! I couldn't have picked a better place to have my daughter!

Joshua Hurst

This is a great hospital, I recommend it to anyone who needs help...

Yolanda Orr

the most dehumanizing experience of my life! I had the misfortune of having my 2nd child at McKay-Dee. After being denied admittance into labor and delivery, i went home and labored several hours until the contractions were closer together (I lived in a different county so i had a serious concern that i would be having my baby on the freeway). I came back a second time and was told i was not in "actual labor", weird because all the machines they had me hooked up told me otherwise. After being told to leave again (in between contractions) i loudly stated to my husband "it's okay, we will go out to the parking lot and you can run me over with the truck, we will have this baby in the E.R." i was then admitted and baby was born 20 minutes later. I later found out that the post partum rooms were completely full, i really hope that was not a weighing factor in my situation but if it was it would have been nice to know so i could have gone to the next nearest hospital. I do not recommend McKay-Dee to anyone having a baby unless you like to be treated like cattle. Go anywhere else.

Nancy Squire

My Daughter- in -law had a baby last week and everything was perfect. Such great care and attention. Patient's requests were honored. Everyone was so kind and helpful!

Ashley Hill

I was in a critical car accident and was not suppose to make it the surgeons their are amazing and saved my life!! Plus the staff was great to me when I woke up from my coma!! I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!! They made such a scary confusing time better and listened very well to my and my families concerns!! I wish I could give more then 5 stars!!

Mike Gallacher


Courtney Wright

Best. Hospital. Ever! We had two of our kids here and had a fantastic experience. I could not say enough about them, and would recommend their maternity ward to anyone. Their best quality is their focus on process. They know their customers and answer your questions before you ask them.

Kayla Brianna

I wish I wasn’t forced to even give one star. Waited over 2 hours in the ER with my 3 year old who had shortness of breath, heart rate through the sky, oxygen in the 80s and nobody did a damn thing about it. Just nonchalantly said “oh there’s 4 ahead of you.” Seriously hate the ER!!

Katie Beck

My dad was admitted to the icu on 10/26. The next day while still in the icu a rep from billing came in to talk to him about how he was going to pay and told him he needed to let her know his decision by 6pm. I am sorry but that is just uncalled for. He was in the icu super sick and she wanted to talk about payment. I was very disappointed with how that was handled. Just a suggestion, please advise the billing reps to wait until a patient is at least out of the icu before talking about payment.

Ellie Nava

This is got to be one of the worst hospital every!!!!! No compassion, No respect. I have been hospitalized 6 times at approximately 5-6 days at first it is wonderful., but i have had better service at Dennys. it has been such a disappointment. I go because I have to (due to insurance rules). people you work there for a reason you don't want to do your job. GET OUT OF THE POSITIONS (EVEN YOUR DOCTORS. So so disappointed.

Nathan Dabb

Great hospital and staff the only one problem is that all they have is diet soda or the zero ones I just want a decent soda. But other than that the food is wonderful.

Stephanie Bernal

I feel as though they have gotten lazy with there Emergency room procedures. They leave the patients in pain in a waiting room to only bring them to an exam room to be in more pain. They dont offer anything for the pain and Believe me I understand it gets busy. Im a CNA I've been working in a hospital setting but they do take a while to come in and see you.


No complaints here, everyone is so determined to provide the best care! Great company =]

Bryan Butterfield

This is a great hospital. The staff and cafeteria are awesome. IHC is more corporate than most hospitals. They do things by the book. They have procedures for everything. But I enjoy the strick procedures because I know they are following the best known route to success.

T big

Emergency room nurses most of em are snobby, the room had blood splatter on the floor and I had my infant on the floor crawling around and walking I had to clean it up my self, and they take their time like Davis hospital emergency room, my woman had kidney stones or gallstones and couldn't walk she needed a drink and everyone I asked wouldnt let her get a drink they said they could give her a swab for her mouth was all. I thought this place was better than Davis in this instance not much at all ....what happened to emergency , they are slower than molasses.

A K1982

Great place to be cared for. We appreciate having a top notch Hospital to meet our needs.

Isabel Zambrano

Worst hospital ever in Utah, they treat you unfairly and are very discriminatory. They have the worst unprofessional workers there! starting from Registration to physicians I recommend everyone not to go there but seek a better hospital. Sadly I had to rate a one star if I could I would rate it a NO STAR!.


The ER nurses couldn't find a vein to save their own lives, and after causing a lot of emotional distress for a man with autism, they tried to justify it with the comment that he "didn't look autistic." Honestly? Healthcare employees shouldn't be so insensitive.

Bryson Evans

Amazing hospital! My wife is 15 weeks pregnant, got the flu, which turned into pneumonia which turned into sepsis and we were at the hospital for 4 days. All the nurses, doctors CNAs, Phlebotomists, Respiratory therapists were SO great to work with. We always felt informed and they were very happy and upbeat. I was extremely impressed. They were always making sure we felt okay and had everything we needed. I would definitely recommend this hospital and its staff to everyone. We will be delivering here in the next few months and I am very happy about it.

Andrea Cunningham

I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with the staff (registration, scheduling, lab, and lots of people within the radiology dept) and procedures at McKayDee. Thank you for providing such excellent care!!

Jen Avery

Horrible, horrible hospital! Its interesting I hear people complain about Davis hospital, but that's the best hospital I ever been too! Here i had to wait an hour and a half in a very dirty waiting room. I was in allot of pain and very sick. The doctor gave me a round of anibiotics and tregitol for pain. I told him that my headache had gotten worse and the pain never subsided. The doctor had no bedside manners, gave me medication that reacts to all ready day to day meds I take. I am being released now with no comfort and still sick and in sever pain. I asked the Dr. To Call my family Dr. Bc he is the one who sent me here! He just said no need to! The nurse was super cool though! I will give her that! But Dr. Ashton has to be the worst Dr. I have,ever seem! WARNING DO NOT COME HERE! MCKAY-DEE HAS HORRIBLE!!! This hospital doesn't even deserve the 1 star, I had to to write this! Please don't come here!


Emergency Room only gets 1 star for their wait time. My Gpa was too week to stand or walk, dizzy, high blood sugar, low blood pressure, low oxygen, low vitals, fever. We waited for TWO HOURS before they called him back. His family made it all the way from Tooele by the time they called him. He was thirsty but they wouldn't let him drink in case they needed tests. He needed to pee but they wanted him to pee in a cup. ...back up to the part that he couldn't stand and was dizzy...we asked for a urinal he could hold against him but they were too busy to get us one so we waited for a nurse to come take him to the bathroom. We told them we had family that could've helped, we just needed a dang urinal jug and he could've been relieved. While waiting a young teenage girl waited in pain for 2 hrs crying and another man grunting out in horrible pain while his wife sat helpless for 2hrs. TWO HOURS! We heard someone waiting in one of the exam rooms yell out that this was bull ****. And it was. The wait time was ridiculous for those in serious conditions.

Manda Fazio

I do highly recommend this ER to everyone because they are wonderful and professional. Sure I have had a couple bad experiences there, but that was only because it was over crowded and extremely busy. I just didn't have the patiences to wait to be seen when I really needed to be and left. But I have had many wonderful experiences from my visits there and have always been treated greatly. I've even had the pleasure of joking with the staff there. I have been there recently, and I was recognized because I was there twice in one week for different reasons.

Jerry Larson

I took my wife to the ER around 1130pm because she has been extremely suicidal and she decided she needed help in anyway possible. When we went to check in to the ER she started vomiting which in turn hurt the wound on her stomach (that she got from someone robbing her at knife point which ended in a stab to the stomach) and I expressed to the lady at the desk that she needs mental help and she is in a dangerous state of mind and since she's also been sick if they could possibly check for infection in the wound. Later we found out that she pretty much ignored the fact we went for mental health and her being suicidal and just put her down for stomach pain. We waited for a room for 2.5 hours which isn't a big deal seeing they can't control that. We got a room around 1:30Am and the Dr came in to talk around 2:00Am. All he said was "so your wound hurts huh?" and glanced at it and ignored everything we tried to say to him. He was out of the room within 2 minutes and then the nurse came in and I tried explaining to her the main reason we were in the ER that night and we would like a crisis worker to help us get the correct help for my wife. The nurse was sweet and sounded like she was going to pass on the information she gathered from us. Well, between 2:00Am til right before 6:00Am only one person came in the room and it was only to restock the cabinets. For 4 hours we didn't get checked on and didn't hear a single word from anyone. They transferred us rooms around 6:00Am and had us wait another hour before talking to anyone. The crisis worker came in and he actually listened to us and understood the severity and that we werent really there for the stomach pain. He understood my wife's desire to be admitted into the psych and was going to make it happen. Unfortunately his shift ended and we got a new crisis worker and she didn't want to listen to us and just said we are sending you home. My wife was extemely distraught at that answer because she's been feeling this way for weeks and she finally grew the courage to reach out for help. At this point my wife wasn't making sense so I explained clearly what she was going through what she's afraid of and why she wants/NEEDS admission. The crisis worker kept interrupting both us then stormed out the room. She later came back saying we aren't going to admit you, and he reasons seemed like poor excuses, she said "Other hospitals and ourselves won't admit you because of the insurance." Less than a minute later she said "There isn't a single open bed in all of Utah so you're on your own." We basically begged for any form of help for her and she wouldn't listen and said "Your just faking it so you're not going." My wife said she was scared and she truly believes she don't think she will make it on her own and she has thought of several plans on harming her self. The lady said now your manipulating me and I won't help you and rushed out the room and never came back. 30 minutes later the nurse came in and wouldn't speak to us and gave us discharge papers and walked out. I'm sorry this was long but this Can not go unheard. We spent 9 and a half hours being disrespected and mainly ignored when we came begging for help. Apparently if you feel suicidal they want you to just end your life then to bother them cause they just don't give a damn. I hope a higher up reads this and seriously improves this "crisis" team. By the way, the Hosiptal 5 minutes away from here actually brought her in and listened to her and has been supportive and extremely helpful. Thank you and I hoped I save someone from trying to help them selves by going to these unprofessional inconsiderate money hungry "caregivers"

Tiffany Allen

Not VBAC friendly!!!! In 2006 they only had a 10.2% VBAC success rate, and have clearly not worked to improve this seeing as they don’t allow Vbacs after your second section! Extremely disappointed!!!

Chet Hovey

Awesome job. Very professional and wonderful staff.

Eliza Carter

They have great staff! I came into the ER and they were very helpful and on top of everything. Very efficient

Noir Whal

Love working here. Best job I've ever had, and with very professional people.

Shauna H

I think McKay Dee Hospital is a great hospital along with the physicians that I have visited in the building. The recent decision to only serve patients diet pop seems completely ridiculous. You can't even buy a pop with sugar in the cafeteria. People in the hospital are sick and they want what is comfortable to them. I hope this decision is reversed soon.

Hollie Smyth

I am only giving 5 stars for MD Frank Brown! The only GREAT doctor in that hospital is MD Frank Brown who got his Degree at the Mayo Clinic as well, AMAZING! Only doctor I will ever request to see. Dr. Hershey is just HORRID! He treats you horribly and your family who is there with you in a unknown bleed puking blood.

Ashlynn Lillywhite

TERRIBLE ER service!! Went in with chest pains, and was told it was probably anxiety. Which I have never had problems with, and tried to explain that it wasn't anxiety, but the doctor was not willing to listen to what I had to say about it. If it wasn't anxiety he wasn't going to help! The nurses kept trying to give me medications (the doctor ordered for "anxiety") I knew I didn't need!! And didn't want! So frustrating! Also the nurses were mean, and couldn't care less how you were doing!! They also did a terrible job on my IV. I was poked three times! The terrible nurse broke my Vein very badly, and wouldn't listen when I told her the vein in my right arm would not work for her. Like who would know!!? I mean seriously!! I think I know my body better than her! Then they had to get more blood because, the nurse let it sit out too long before she put it in the vile, so my blood clotted. After all that they never even ended up getting my IV in!! The next day I followed up with my primary care provider, and he was very frustrated with the care I received! He said they should have checked for a pulmonary embolism. Especially with my history! I highly do not recommend!!

sheri morreale

Had a Fantastic experience in the ER today. Found out what was wrong and they helped to correct/make the problem better. The Doc, Nurse and Tech were almost. Thanks for being there when I needed you.

Joshua Seward

By far the worst medical facility around! They only want your money! I have been in with my wife multiple times they never give us a straight diagnosis (have been told what she is feeling is a fluke and she is lying) due to these several visits we have racked up a couple bills, we have one of them on a auto pay, this week they take double payments and over draw the account. Then when asked to fix this we are given a run around and told it's up to the bank. We contact the bank and they insure us it is on the company who took the payment to issue it and when they can. After informing McKay Dee of their mistake they issue a refund and tell us it takes 7-10 business days, they leave my family high and dry with no concern for 7-10 days. They won't let me talk to managers to complain, they won't work with me, they won't do a dang thing other than tell you it's their process and it won't change! Save yourself the time and just throw away the money, you get the same result, still is pain/sick and less money then before!

Hunter Williams

I went in for my first ever surgery. I had an inguinal hernia repair. Dr Varela performed the surgery and it went very well. The nurses and all hospital staff were very kind, answered all my questions, and explained everything they were doing so I felt at ease during my entire visit.

Stephanie Taylor

Staff is awesome even when it's packed in the ER they try to keep things going well.


Fantastic, beautiful, and well ran hospital for everyone. They saved my son's life after and accident and nursed him back to health. I'm staying in their excellent guest house ran by a lovely host. The cafe has first class food at decent prices! I'm truly stunned by the professionality and cleanliness there. I am forever a big fan of Mckay-dee, Ogden. Best hospital I've ever seen. Thank you! Allen

Awesome Dude Of The Earth

I do trust this hospital a lot, safest hospital I've ever been to, my mom had my sister back in 2013, and it went very well, my mom said she didn't felt anything. I had my tonsils taken out in the surgery side and I didn't eve feel pain. My dad had arm surgery, and he said it did not hurt at all during the surgery, and my sister had her tubes put into her ears and both fells out without causing my sister any harm. My family loves and trusts this hospital and the doctors, nurses and staff. I must say this is the best hospital my family has ever been too. :) :)

Jamie Delvecchio

My daughter recently had a baby at McKay Dee. Her labor and delivery nurse Aleesa was incredible. Her bed side manor and true care was unbelievable. Thank you McKay for having such great staff!

Lynnette Chadwick

The worst care, that we have ever received.

John Pezowicz

I'm visiting Mckay dee with my wife to see our new niece. The staff is friendly the cafeteria clean and good food. My job takes me to hospitals all over the state and i mist say Mckay dee is a very impressive facility. The only thing i could gripe about is that intermountain removed sugar from the vending and fountain drink, but it's a hospital not a convenience store.

Abigail J

I came here to have an MRI done on my knee. The staff was friendly enough, but my orthopedic doctor got the MRI back and said that he could hardly tell what was going on in the images because they were very fuzzy and the woman who did the MRI should have redone them. She would have been able to tell easily that they were not quality images. What's even more upsetting is that they were reviewed by a doctor at the hospital before results were sent to my personal doctor and the results said that for the most part things looked normal, but that wasn't true at all. I have two ligament tears that should have been easily diagnosed through the MRI. So they did an unreadable MRI, wrote down some fake notes, and charged me $2000 for it.

DaDa luvs Baby Tyson

Dr Squire is a awesome Dr & is always on top of everything regarding your health.

marypaz Hernandez

I love it is the best hospital the service the doctors everything

Nick Bedwell

I will not list the reason why I will keep and never remove this rating as it is a very long and complicated one. I will only say, I will never take my children or myself or anyone else here for any kind of emergency, by recommendation or referral. I personally have experienced and had my children experience too much here and have not enough done here. I would rather risk dying going to Davis than here, and my children to Primary Children's. Not worth the money, time or the post effects.

Dawn Bertelsen

I've been going to McKay-Dee for years! From my Gallbladder to my Back & knee Surgery! They have some of the Best Surgeons there & Friendly Nurses & Staff!


The quality of this facility and has gone downhill in the past 5 years! I was satisfied with the service previously never had problems or billing issues until about 2 years ago. Now every visit causes problems, which results in endless phone calls to my insurance and the billing Department. The last visit I had at the Office Petronella Adomako was one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had. I would not recommend using this facility!


Caregiver: This Er is a joke I'm so angered with no one that listens . Called 911 they took patient too Mc Kay Dee with a serious new syndrome. As always was dismissed with The same diagnosis I don't even think they run test . I was up all night caring for my patient I care for. Recently we were also given the wrong discharge papers who got my person's paperwork isn't this a breach of confidentiality .?

Anna Imani

Great medical care, attentive nurses, good food choices.

Kayla Heritage

I'm giving it a two because the nurse and the techs are amazing, helpful and made a extremely scary time better. Seriously they made me feel better, they even went above and beyond to make my time in the ED better. My baby was diagnosed with Flu/Rsv at 6 months and his O2 stats started to drop in the ED. But what I didn't know is they "admitted" him though he never left the ED. He was transferred to Primary's from the ED at McKay. Now they are trying to charge us a 3rd time for a admittance copay. We've paid up to the third and now going to fight... the Emergency department was great! Minus the doctor we saw twice once to write us off, second when he realized it was going bad. Then never again just the best nurse. My son that night was intubated and was in a different hospital nearly 2 weeks. Seems McKay is trying to profit from this horrible time for a admittance they told me in the ED they couldn't admit him.

Chandee H

I was born here not this actual building but a different one. The neurologist was not educated she told me I didn't have back problems upper back problems. Boy were they wrong. I am having surgery and all it took from my doctor at the Tanner clinic was a x ray and a simple exam. They got my labs wrong and that really made me mad! I will NEVER go here again. I don't appreciate how they made me lie in pain the whole time and I wanted a non narcotic pain relief and they kept ignoring me! Not good patient care and I would never recommend this hospital to anyone and I worked in the medical profession!

Samantha Lundberg

I’m hoping this review will affect the gift shop. And actually the receptionist too!! I moved to Washington and my best friend in the world, had her second child eleven years after her first!!! It’s super unexpected and super new again, and SUPER EXCITING!!! And I couldn’t be there!!!!! Boo!!!! I obviously needed to send something. And when I called the receptionist was beyond nice and helpful. She transferred me to the gift shop, unfortunately they were doing like a year end thing. But she gave me her florists number that she works with. And she said they were the best of the best. She was right!!!! Jimmy’s took such good care of me. So much so I’m leaving a five star review for the gift shop! Everyone was so nice and helpful. And all I ever want it to be treated like I matter!! So thank you!

sue thonpson

in my opinion and recent experience this place will let your loved one die especially if they are eldery.i tried to get medical help for father while in his hospital bed and they refused even threathened to "escort me out" just for trying to keep my father alive. never bring anyone here if you want them to survive.macdee will them die.

Chris Dallin

Great experience. Gave our family a personal touch with compassion and expertise.

Don't worry about it

If I could give zero stars I would. I had my boyfriend take me into the ER due to a suicide attempt and realizing I didn't want to die. He brought the bottles of empty pills with and they looked right us and put us into the waiting room. 5 minutes later I had a seizure. My family is very kind and patient and they are not very rude people at all. But they got treated very poorly by the staff and they forced me to go down to their terrible outpatient when they took all my tubes out, even though I told them I didn't think my insurance would cover it. Luckily I was transported to University of Utah where they actually care about their patients and provide nothing but amazing and professional service. McKay Dee hospital is a death trap.

Jerry Shreve

My daughter fell down the stairs and she is pregnant. We have been setting in this hospital for over a hour they still have not got a room for her. The Ogden police officer that is here is a ass. Thus is my little girl I have a right to be upset and he say he is going to throw me out. He is rude and does not deserve to ware that badge

Chennel K

My dad lost his life here because of professionals failing to do their job. He went in for a simple CT scan. His charts showed he was allergic to contrast dye. Every nurse he had in ICU couldn't figure out why he was still given the dye. Not only that, both my dad and my mother are blind. We had multiple nurse discriminate against my mother while all she wanted to do was be next to her husband during this hard time. We are sickened by the outcome.

Mireya 1994

I'm very grateful for the nurses and doctors that work here. Thanks to them they controlled my daughters high fever and uncontrollable shaking. They also made us realize our thermometer wasn't working properly.

Kallie Kallie

They will make you wait in the waiting room So long you almost die before they even help you they are horrible even if they are not busy they take forever to get you in to see you I recommend going to Ogden regional there wait times are a lot shorter

David C Willis

Went to the ER a few years back with a lacerated fractured nose due to bumping into a door while working on my house...the ER Dr..who was very experienced and on staff for a long time...refused to wear gloves and was very angry when I asked him nicely to not treat my open laceration without gloves... bellowing at me "well i washed my hands!" and then storming out of the treatment room, leaving me there for over an was by far the most horrifying medical experience I have ever had in my life...I would NEVER go there again...under any circumstances...since that event former staff told me that Dr was well known as "not a glove wearer" i just thought....everyone knows and does nothing...its very scary...I went to Ogden Regional and got treated...

The Republicat

No offers to follow up on patient feedback or come to a resolution. Absolutely horrible. They will not treat you like a human being I can assure you.

coleen mejia

My mom had to have a angiogram we saw Dr Dan who is awesome, he spent time with us so we understood what was going on with her heart he immeditly told us she needed a angiogram the next day so they scheduled it. She came out of it just fine, Dr Lindey did a awesome job. The nurses are so helpful, a shout out to Jessica and Sam in recovery. Thank you from a worried daughter Coleen

Tim Carver

I had shoulder surgery in Feb. 2013. My experience with the surgery and post-op team was outstanding. I’m sure these surgical teams repeat the same procedure numerous times a day and numerous times per week. It would be easy to slip into a non-caring, non-personable routine. However, each person was warm and caring, willing to pause and answer questions. I did not get any sense of their being rushed, bored or non-caring. They were focused on individuals, a feeling not missed by my wife or myself. They demonstrated not only expertise but extra mile. Many thanks!

Frank Mercik

My two recent visits to Mckay-Dee hospital left a great deal to be desired. I was advised by my primary care physician to see a cardiac specialist "sooner not later" due to a slow irregular heart beat. A appointment was made for cardiac testing three days later. The first visit was for Nuclear Cardiac testing. What should have been a relatively routine procedure turned was prolonged by 2 hours because a necessary drug for the second phase of testing was not in stock. I was informed the the results of these tests would be communicated to me the following day which did not occur. I called at 9AM on the 3rd day and was advised that the doctor wanted me to come back in that afternoon for a different cardiac test. I did so and I was again advised that someone would call the following day with the results. Again this did not occur. I called the following day and had a brief conversation with a medical assistant who provided nebulous information regarding my heart. The Doctor was never available and apparently was too busy to call me. I have yet to know the condition of my heart. The Cardiac Department and the Doctor need to take a remedial course in client care and communication. I strongly advise anyone with a cardiac problem to go to Ogden Regional Hospital a few miles away.

Ryan Egbert

These guys run a very good clean hospital took very good care of us during our stay would've got five stars if they had some actual soda pop to drink everything here is diet and taste horrible

Cassandra Lange

All the ladies on the pediatrics floor are absolute rockstars! My 6 week old newborn was admitted and we were there for almost a week. They were so skilled and knowledgeable. Took care of my baby but also took care of me. I was a worried mess and they were all so understanding and reassuring. I can't say enough good things about all those amazing women!

Leticia Richards

Great place, great doctors and staff, great patient service!! Pediatrics is AMAZING!!

Valerie Brown

I have been so impressed from the doctors all the way down to the housekeepers at this hospital. Everyone has been so caring and helpful. Son came in for emergency dialysis and everyone has been so attentive to both of us.

Ivan Donkey

This hospital was designed with making patients heal faster using design elements like ambient lighting and open terraces. The staff is competent however because this is an IHC facility, they are very conservative about pain management. I have had a few surgical procedures here and they did them well but I felt too much pain.


i love this place. i love the food and the service people give. the workers are really kind.

Nanette Allen

Took my father to the emergency room we waited over an hour before he was seen. In the lobby I asked the nurse twice if my father could have a blanket because he was cold. She was rude and said she would get one when she went to the back. She never brought one. The whole hour we waited. then we waited an other hour in the exam room before he got anything for the pain . He had cut his finger. We Will never go to Mc Kay Dee Emergency room again.


The police officers at the building are unprofessional. (Especially officer Wilson.) I got escorted out ifthe building for "being out of control," when my 22 year little old brother had gotten hit right in front of me at the club on 25th and I was clearly going into shock. I told them my side was hurting and the lady named ABY in the E.R. was signing me in when I asked her if I could put in a complain again the hospital and the officers handling the situation and I believe the Sergeant officee came to ABY and said, in quote, " She is trying to put in a complaint. I was DUMBFOUNDED. my confidentiality with the hospital was totally broken. I felt as if she went against hospital policies and I was trying to make a complaint, the police did not need to know that? I do mot understand why they would need to know I want to put a complaint in for being treated very poorly. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. Secondly, when I got escorted in the wheelchair to the back, I was CLEARLY going into shock. I NEEDED MEDICAL ATENTTION. All of the cops there the night of, March 9, 2018. And all of the medical staff in the E.R. that night were there and the police officer in charge specially said, " if you do not calm down, you will be escorted out." 1. I needed medical attention because my side hurt. Was not completed. 2. The medical staff required by law needed to help me because I was clearly going into shock seeing my little brother get hit. Was not completed. 3. ABY did NOT do her job by keeping patient confidentiality. Not acceptable and my patient, D.R. confidentiality was broken. 4. I was poorly treated while i was in shock. By medical staff and police officers that night. I still had to go to make an appointment at Tanner Clinic because I believe I also have a concussion they failed to catch. I got hit by someone last night and I seeked medical attention and was not given the proper treatment. Do not go here. I had my daughter here as well and it literally took 10 min after pressing the nurse button for a nurse to come in. Not to mention the nurse on my team was rude all the time and was annoyed of me and could be noticed and felt. I suggest Davis Hospital. They are fantastic for everything! And when I had my son at Davis, The staff was 10X more nicer and professional than McKay-Dee Hospital. I hope everyone reading understanda how frightening the situation was and even in shock, they will refuse to service you. I felt attacked by the police and I felt the medical staff seeinf I was in shock should have stepped in and helped me instead of staring at me while I scream and go into shock because I couldn't see my little brother. I would give 0 stars if possible.

Robert Robinson

The best hosptal in 4 states

jophus Xakc

They saved my brother's life after a serious motorcycle accident, but he also caught MRSA while in the hospital. (It will likely kill him, eventually). Some staff were absolutely phenomenal (many ER nurses), others had the bedside manners of a rock (quote about some specialists from my dad who is the nicest man I know), but we were all in serious emotional turmoil, so I'm sure we had our own over-reactions and biases. Other than the MRSA, my brother has physically recovered well and I think a good part of that is due to the efforts of the staff at McKay Dee. The housing for families dealing with emotional long term emergency stays was such a help and we were extremely grateful for it.

Alicia Jessop

Worst hospital I have ever been to , staff is so careless & just trying to get everyone out of their they don't even take the time to really diagnose what is wrong. & everyone in the cafeteria has super bad attitudes I had to watch them cook my good to make sure it didn't get spit in. ALL THE SODA IS DIET WHICH IS RIDICULOUS .

GaryPam Monnot

I was at the ER at McKay today for several hours . Dr Hirschi was taking care of me as well as Chris. I have some known medical issues that can be life threatening so it can be scary to make sure the Dr is competent and looks to ensure everything is covered. I am so grateful to all the staff and to Dr Hirschi for checking everything to make sure. I was by myself so I thought it would be hard but I was so at ease and everyone was so nice. Dr Hirschi apparently has an abrupt personality that some people complain about but I oonly saw a kind intelligent Dr that I would put in charge of my medical care anytime . Thank you to everyone from the nurses to CT x-ray and blood personnel . Great job improving the overall experience. I will always go to McKay in the future. Thanks Pam Monnot

Joseph Shaw

Best Hospital in Utah. Tops for Cardiology. Has the Best Cardio surgeon(s). Dr. R. Connors saved my life and then my wife's two months later in (2014). Staffing was GREAT! Parking is ample. The cafeteria is top notch! Just a fantastic place, and to top it off...valet! Thanks you all.....

Kim Sonner

We have a family member actively dying on the 5th floor...we have had lots of people in and out for two days at all my daughter had a seizure twice...I am overwhelmed by the care and compassion that we have experienced...I am going to call the administrators office to declare the same..Thank you lovely people and GOD bless each and everyone of you.

Dustin Stoddard

I had my appendix removed and everyone there was so nice. I stayed overnight and they checked up with me every few hours. It was a wonderful experience, thank you to all the nurses and doctors who helped me.

Murdock Logan

Went with my daughter to be induced for her first baby. Arrived on Monday at 6 p.m. She was given a pill to thin her uterus at 8:00. Four hours later nothing had changed. At midnight they gave her another pill. By 4 a.m. nothing still had progressed. Her doctor came in at 8:45 a.m. after she had be in excruciating pain for over an hour. The doctor asked how come she didn't have an epidural. We weren't told that she could get one. Had to call the nurses every time her antibiotic and iv fluid ran out. The nurses acted put out that they had to come to her room. They finally hooked her up to Pitocin she started to dialate faster. After she was to a 10 they had her start pushing to get him moved down. She pushed for over 2 hours and was not progressing. She was physically and mentally wore out. The nurses called her doctor and they said they may have to go to plan B (c-section). This was Tuesday night at 7:45. Her doctor came in and tried to turn the baby with her had and was jabbing around in there and ruptured something and started gushing blood. Wasn't sure why or what is was. They hurry and prepped her to go in for an emergency c-section. (which should have been done sooner). She was so out of it and passed out she couldn't even see her baby boy for over 2 hours Out of 7 nurses only 2 were good. Not impressed with the doctor's bedside manner. I will never recommend this hospital to anyone again. A relative is a nurse at McKay Dee. She said she would never deliver a baby there, she would go to Ogden Regional.

Kristen Pope

My mother was brought to this location by EMS yesterday and the staff during the entire experience were so awesome that I felt I needed to share this review. For starters, the EMTs who responded to the incident were all incredible. My mom can be difficult to convince to get help, but between myself pushing and the compassion these guys showed, she agreed to be treated. Once at the hospital, she had the most incredible, kind, and insightful nurse named Carolee. She was truly a saint of a person and I hope she knows how much we appreciated her words of encouragement and advice. In addition, I wish I'd caught her name, but there was also a very sweet woman in registration that I spoke with regarding financial aid. She was very knowledgeable and humble, her help was much appreciated. She even gave me a hug as I left. All-in-all, every person during this experience was incredibly kind and showed that they truly cared about both of our well-beings. Keep up the good work, this has been and will continue to be our hospital of choice.

Lance Youngberg

Dr Spencer Ferrin had the bedside manner of a hippo making love to a gerbil.

Shayla Parkinson

Was here about a month ago to get an MRI done. They were fast and efficient and when one of my images weren't as good as the technician wanted she said " let's take another one just to be safe." And I got my results faster than was expected. On Saturday my grandma went into the ER because of chest pain she was taken back as fast as they could. The doctor and nurse were very nice and they ran even test possible to see what was the cause of the High Blood pressure and pain. And even ran one test twice to be sure. All the staff was very nice and kind. I have been here many times for different reasons over the years and loved how the staff treated me even time. I would recommend this to anyone whoose insurance would allow them to go here.

Lyndsee West

I’m not a fan of IHC in general, but this hospital has botched 3/3 of my grandma’s surgeries. The first time the tech forgot to flush a catheter in her heart and she ended up with air bubbles in her heart. The second time, the pre-op nurse told her to take her blood thinner after she asked three times because she felt that wasn’t correct. This third time, they managed to puncture her lung which resulted in 2 Liters of blood have to be drained out of her lung two days later and she is currently admitted. The ER doc caused a panic in my grandma when she came running in and looked like she was about to cry and started freaking out about how her lung is all blood and she called the ICU but they can’t get down here soon enough. My poor grandpa about had a heart attack. Once she was admitted, the staff seemed nice enough except for a CNA I believe, who had lost her phone and was bawling and making a scene in front of patients and their families. The phone was later found in a patient bed after she called security and accused her co-workers of stealing it. It was VERY unprofessional as she shouldn’t have had her phone to begin with and seemed VERY selfish to be crying about a damn phone when the family in the next room is discussing hospice for their loved one. Most of the staff has been very kind, but there have been too many errors and unprofessional personnel to ignore. Sorry for the long review, I have just had it with the mistakes that could cost my Grandma her life. And meanwhile some girl is bawling about a god damn cell phone.

Niv Woolley

I had surgery a year ago and almost died after they gave me antibiotics that I clearly told the nurses I was very allergic to. Then they lied to me saying it was just fluids. I fired the nurses, and due to the fact the surgery was crucial I felt I had no choice but to allow the doctor to complete it. My after care was decent, the food was good, and once the problem was dealt with I felt better.

Eric Schultz

We’ve now lived in various states across the country in cities of ranging sizes. Nothing has equaled the level of service, quality, and professionalism we experienced from McKay-Dee Hospital. We’ve had multiple children born there, pediatric services, physical therapy, OB-GYN (Fred ‘Rocky’ Seale, MD is absolutely The Best), GI specialist etc. and can’t say enough great things. We now know how good we had it living so close to a wonderfully operated medical center. To anyone living in the area, I’d highly recommend it without hesitation.

Lindsey Loveday

My dad had surgery on his shoulder and is recovering in the joint and spine unit. The first nurses on day shift were super great. But the nurses that came on may be the least dedicated people I’ve ever seen in my life. They are having my dad stay overnight to watch his heart and his bp was low at 5:00 o’clock when his was 98/67! THEY HAVEN’T CHECKED IT IN FIVE HOURS! We pushed our button for him several times and they said they would come in. And maybe came in once to do something small. I recommend a upgrade in staffing preferably. I’m sure as heck disappointed in the fact that they were sitting in the middle nurses station doing absolutely nothing besides being on their phones.

Ash Bash

This hospital is incredible. I am genuinely surprised how helpful and uplifting the staff is, it was a great experience. They're extremely responsive whenever you hit the call nurse button, and are quick to resolve your isue/needs. I love their food, such a wide variety of choices between breakfast, entrees, beverages, and desserts. I had 6 meals here and can't stop thinking about the food! Thank you!


Pharmacy techs were amazing here!

Kirsten Fisher

I had a hysterectomy surgery on Jan 18th in am and stayed overnight in room 4110! Can I just say how amazing the nurses where the entire visit! They answered to my call everytime urgently. The service here was better than Ogden regional. Even though the food was not the greatest (which I feel is every hospital). I just wanted to say thank you to the amazing nurses! It was clean and my husband had a spot to sleep and they made sure he was comfortable as well!

Fatai Taylor

I LOVE McKay Dee!! Best doctors, and nurses! The care is amazing, and they are very sincere about their job and do an amazing job!

Emily Bori

I flew from Orlando Florida to help out my sister that was taking care my mother in the Mckay-Dee hospital. I spend the last 3 days at my mother bed side. I am so impress about the service, care, and kindness from the staff members. Thank you so much for your excellent work. May God bless you!

Gator Jet TV

I just had my exploded appendix removed, and i thank Dr Varela and everybody else who helped me for service. what i Didn't like was the fact that it took us 3 visits here for them to figure out that I had appendicitis. by then it was a little late.

Aaron Green

Even though they were busy, they gave very good individual care.

Loren Clark

Always professional and skilled, every person I've ever met here when visiting as a patient or visitor, was awesome. Even the food is amazing! Make sure you visit the cafeteria, etc.

DB Dro

Don't get me wrong but I avoid hospitals like the plague. However, my few visits to McKay-Dee have been wonderful. The facilities look new and modern and are quite comfy when the inevitable waiting room time comes around. I'm even offered water or juice most times. They even have a coffee shop and small cafe down on the first floor. A mocha always rounds out a Dr visit here. The staff, and I mean all the staff, are welcoming and friendly. A far cry from other places I've been. From the parking attendants to the receptionists to the doctors are all great! Each person takes the time to answer any questions I may have, never making me feel like I'm waisting their time. Their professional service even extends beyond their front lobby as I've received several calls from staff asking how I'm feeling, several days after a visit or procedure. Again, if ya gotta be in a hospital, ya gotta be in this one.

Joanna Starr

I cannot thank the ICU doctors and Nurses enough for their kindness, willingness, hard work, and dedication they showes my family and my mother in her final hours. Dr, Anderson, Dr. Moore, Nurse Krysta, and Nurse Chapman were unbelievably amazing, amd empatbetic. They made everything understandable, were extremely patient, and gave the absolute best care. Thank ICU team

Jordan Farrer

Lynette was fabulous, but overall they were very inefficient and unorganized. The staff was pleasant, but wasted our time for hours. They were supposed to inform us that my wife needed to drink a dye 1.5 hours before the appointment, they didn't, so we had to wait the 1.5 hours after she drank it, as they called her back for the scan 2.5 hours after our arrival they decided she needed to get blood drawn prior to the scan (WHY COULDN'T WE DO THIS WHILE WE WAITED?!) we then waited another 45 minutes for the blood results. Close to 4 hours for a CT scan. If they would have been remotely organized or efficient we could have been there under an hour. For a hospital with so many awards and recognitions they were HORRIBLY INCONSIDERATE of our time and the worst part of it all is they didn't seem to care!!!

Dov Kahn

Nice new facility. Much better than the old location and staff for the most part seemed friendly although I've heard quite the opposite from any other people

Pablo V

My wife and I had our first child here at MacKay-Dee They have friendly staff that really cares about your wellbeing I highly recommend MacKay-Dee

Bobbe Dabling

You can't do better -- efficient, clean, prompt.

Desirée Craig

i went to the er... they were super busy which is completely fine... what wasn't fine was that i was treated with so much disrespect, they talked down to me and did not take my issue seriously. they acted like i was bothering them, i get it you are busy and it was hectic but that is not an excuse at all. absolutely NOTHING was done for me and i spent a total of maybe 5 minutes in the patient room before they rushed me out.. they even gave me someone else's discharge paperwork.. i called to let the hospital know and they simply said"oh, that's not good, just throw it away and come in and get your correct paperwork" REALLY?!?! so that means there is possibly someone out there who may or may not have my paperwork and information who could be potentially dangerous??

Logan Cudd

I WIll NEVER SET FOOT IN THAT PLACE AGAIN. I went to the ER for a head injury. I arrived at the desk and ask if they accepted they accepted my health insurance. They said yes, great! I was checkout by a nice doctor and was giving a clean bill of health and left. Fast forward to a few days ago when I received a bill in the mail stating I owned the 4,000+. I called my insurance company and they can't do anything because they are not under contract with Mckay-Dee. So I call Mckay-Dee they tell me I'm responsible for the entire bill. SO yes Mckay-Dee lied to my face negligently and I'm responsible. Why would I purposely go to a hospital my health insurance doesn't cover? I wouldn't I was lied to and now Its my fault for trusting their incompetent staff. I am livid. DO NOT GO HERE. this place isn't a hospital its a greed factory that prays on the sick and decrepit.

Kody Reynolds

Been here a few times. Not just for myself. typically i don't care to write reviews but i think it should be noted. I was having anaphylaxis and drove myself to the emergency room a year or so back. Which they didn't have a sign saying where the emergency room was. Then i had to have my mother call the hospital for me because i couldn't see straight to have them come find me. i found them. They took their time talking to me then wheeled me in. Then took me to a payment booth which irritated me. I had to get their attention at first while having my face swell to a lovely size. Once i got into a room it was smooth sailing the doctors were good But everything up to then was terrible.

ryan glasmann

Not a great experience. In the er, it felt like a drama episode with people talking sitting around not doing much while my father wated for 3 hours to simply get his finger stitched. As well as they forgot to give him a tetanous shot, so we had to remind him.

Jonah R. Childress

Nice peeps there.

Joanna Arbogast

Awful ER- my physician sent me in for some imaging, since it’s the weekend. Without even evaluating me the nurses at the admit desk told me I was non emergent and wouldn’t let me see a physician. They were all busy on their phones. Luckily, Ogden Regional was close and willing to provide care and evaluate.


The hospital itself is great! But DON’T deliver a baby here!!!!!! One nurse gave me so much pictocin that my baby went into distress and I had to go into an emergency c-section. The part that makes me the most angry about this is that the nurses kept us completely in the dark, treated us like we were dumb while we could see my sons heart rate dropping on the monitor. I asked if everything was ok and the nurse kept replying “oh he’s just being a boy”.. only to rush in minutes later saying I need a csection. Then on top of that, three days after my surgery the doctor came in to check on me and saw that I still had the catheter in, and said that the nurses should have taken it out and that I was lucky to have not gotten an infection. It was an all around unpleasant experience from the time we walked in. So just a heads up to any mamas!!

Clayton Pehrson

Good staff good food good expectations. Any time you deal with behavioral health you need a good team to work with. This place has one.

Rick Pasler

Top notch Design. Extremely nice people. Great history as well.

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