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Eunice Yuriar

My son had a tonsellectomy at the surgical building in Jordan Valley Medical Center by Dr Allak. We had an excellent experience from the financial rep that called us about our benefits to the nurses at the recovery room. They had excellent bedside manners and made us feel less nervous. They treated my 4 yr old with so much patience and they did everything to make him feel comfortable after surgery. Dr Allak was amazing and he is great with children. We are so glad we decided to come to Jordan Valley. Also, the check in process was so easy and fast. Thank you!!!


The only reason I came to this hospital was because it was an emergency and it was the closes one to where I was located. I have had such a horrible time at this place. I had "dr " Catherine beck for my surgery. I have been having issues after surgery and contacting her for questions or concerns is like hitting a wall. She almost never answers calls or messages if her MA does, its a few days later. I had a Ct scan last Friday a week ago today! And still no results. I was told the results would be in by Monday, Tuesday at the latest. I have been calling because I'm concerned and all her MA says is she will try to contact her but she is on vacation for another week!!!! She could of set up another dr to call me with the results before she took a 2+Week vacation while patients are waiting for results. Horrible place they do not care! Avoid this place if possible go to a better hospital if you can. Wish I could do 0 stars!

Jacqueline Skougard

We just delivered our second baby at this hospital and our stay this time was just as good as the first. Labor and delivery was very accommodating. They have various options available to labor and the staff was helpful and kind. Post partum was equally hospitable. The food was good and the guest bed in the room was better than expected.

Jennifer N

Every time I visit this hospital they always treat me with the greatest service with kind and helpful care. The best hospital in the state in my opinion.

Boston Walbeck

I’d go elsewhere to have a baby. Equipment is ancient and outdated, flickering fluorescent lights in the room made me feel like I was in a prison cell. Food here is fantastic actually, which is good because we we stayed 5 hours past when we wanted to discharge, so we just kept eating. The gal in charge of billing... well she should be discouraged from interacting with patients.

Troy Stevenson

Came in by ambulance with chest pain! Staff was waiting in treatment room; and did they ever work fast. I'm not sure of my nurse or Doctors names but they were amazing. Thanks


Second time here. The first was for heroin detox, was treated very fairly and un-judgmental. The next was for a major asthma attack. Again rushed in and was able to get me breathing comfortable after a while. This was due to me taking to long to make up my mind I was sick enough for a hospital stay. 50% o2 is way too low for anyone to make any decisions. Had to text 911 because I couldn't talk, moved to a new house and didn't know my address, UFD did a superb job finding me. When I was rolled in had a full team to keep me alive. I'm not so sure it's a good thing but my family is very grateful. Room is clean, staff is friendly and very helpful compared to another hospital I frequent. This may be my main stay for now on. Thank you so much!

Dimple Doll

My fiancé checked himself in here for drug detox. The staff was ok, but it takes hours to get anything done and they are always a hour or two late on giving him his meds. Also we chose this place because we where under the impression I could stay over night with him, new vision (the people over the drug detox) told us when he checked in that that wouldn’t be a problem, well later on we where told by the nurses that no one was allowed over night with him, but that same night his nurse told his mother that me or her could stay over night with him and the other nurses where wrong. So his second night there I stayed the night with him until 12:30 at night when the same nurse as the night before that previously told us he was allowed over night guest kicked me out! Saying that he wasn’t allowed guest anymore! The staff needs to be on the same page and have consistency and instead of kicking someone out after midnight! They should check the rooms that aren’t allowed over night visitors around 8 or 9 and have people leave then instead of waking up the guest and patient in the middle of the night and upsetting there patient when there supposed to be resting. We would have been perfectly fine with the rules if they had been consistent from the beginning and hadn’t been so rude when kicking me out. Also when kicking me out I had been dropped off when we told the nurse that and that we where not sure if I could get a ride home that late at night she didn’t care and said “she have to call somebody” while shrugging her shoulders like she didn’t care and while my fiancé is almost in tears cause he wanted me to stay and he didn’t want me making the 20 minuet drive home so late at night and by myself since he was concerned for my safety. These people need to get there act together and be consistent! We had also seen the nurse earlier and there was no problem! She told us she had known since that morning that he wasn’t allowed over night company but waited until after midnight to say anything! This place is horrible! I wouldn’t choose here again. I wish I had read the reviews before we chose here!

Alexandra castellano

Phenomenal staff! I had my son here and they took wonderful care of my son and I during our stay!

Tiffany Hobbs

When a woman is suffering from breast pain, every thing is terrifying. Fortunately, every staff member at Jordan Valley Medical Center Breast Care Center understands this. At one of the most emotional times in my life due to the unknown, I was treated with respect, kindness and understanding. I am so grateful to Jordan Valley Medical Center Breast Care Center For the above and beyond care they demonstrated. I cannot thank them enough.

Sean Nieman

The nurses don't read there notes about the patient they make fake acusations and really feel like they have been in violation of hippa

Amanda Johansson

I went to emergency room at 10:30 on Friday night because I had sliced my finger open while making a late dinner. They had me in fairly quickly and were very nice and conversational. I waited in my room for a good bit of time, but that's normal with any hospital and my "emergency" wasn't too urgent, it was just late enough that only the Emergency room would see me at that time. To be honest, it was almost a fun visit. Everyone was friendly and the stitch job on my hand seems to have been done very well.

S Hansen

Absolute worst. If you go here for an emergency, just plan on dying

Sharee McFarland

My husband and I have both had surgeries, my husband had stage 3A colorectal cancer and I had 2 surgeries here at this hospital. And I cant say enough about the professionalism and compassion shown by the staff from surgeons all the way to the nurses and CNA's. My husband was in and out of hospital for 2 years, ER to longer hospital stays. My husband and I will never change hospitals. Our experiences here have been nothing but exceptional.

Mikala Nolan

I have had not so good experience here they never checked up on me regularly they only came into the room to see how i was doing and it was horrible.

Lori Thompson

Where to begin. My mom entered Jordan Valley Surgical Center for routine Gall Bladder surgery June 14th. Her surgeon was Dr.Catherine Beck assisting was Sierra Burt. She was sent home same day. She returned to Jordan Valley ER June 17th screaming of horrible stomach pains. Her stomach was extended and couldn't be touched. While in the ER room several of us wanted to move her to another hospital but, her pain was to extensive. Everyday we discussed moving her. do you go about moving someone and she had Hospital-acquired pneumonia and Sepsis. The ER rooms were disorganized and dirty. Nurses couldn't find anything when coming in a even had to leave because supplies weren't stocked. They kept running tests on my mom. But never did we get any answers. What was causing the pain. Later that evening they admitted my mom. During her stay nothing had a sense of urgency. One of the Resp.Therapists came in to give her a breathing treatment. He didn't put on gloves (not many did during her stay) and started touching all parts of the tubes including the mouth one. He then handed it to her without any direction and turned to the computer. He didn't use the alcohol wipes that were sitting next to it. Actually, no one did. At one point while she was out have tests, I cleaned her room!!! It was so dirty and disgusting. One morning I had come in and there was bloody gunk on her eye mask which was placed on her food table. Give me a break! Why would her food table be a place to sit anything such as this!!! No one ever picked up after themselves there!!! Every visit, I spent the first 5 + minutes picking up garbage left everywhere!!! Garbage's were always over flowing, day old food trays left for days. It was apparent something was wrong and there might be a possible surgery. Day in and day out we wondered what was happening, what was causing her stomach pain and extension. They kept talking about a drain - this kept getting delayed. Honestly, we don't know the real reason as we were given so many different answers. At one point - it was her clotting level - one day the nurse came in and tried giving her a blood thinner shot. I asked why? Aren't we trying to get her to a surgery point?!?! Luckily she stopped and said she would check with the doctor. DUH! Remember nurses follow doctors orders. One day we were told it wasn't going to happen because it was the weekend and they didn't have the staff? What? So... if you have an emergency you hold off providing critical care because you are short staffed! Luckily that day - her kidney doctor (remember sepsis attacks your organs) came in and was appalled. He said that the drain needed to go in! He wasn't amused. After the drain was installed when it was drained they dumped down the toilet. It didn't matter if it hit the seat, floor or walls. After a week of little nutrition they installed a picc line. The guys came in and said I could stay in the room (I wasn't leaving her side) but, I would need a mask. Guess what...I didn't get a mask they put theirs on but never handed me one??? After the line was installed I told the guy (Donnie) her blood pressure had gone up. He simply asked what's her normal and then turned away. I never was able to answer him as he walked off. Doctor Beck insisted there wasn't a bile leak. After obtaining her medical records there was one all along. Google bile leaks and Sepsis. Also, note how many survive Sepsis. Also google bile leaks and how critical they are and how they happen. Doctor Beck didn't come see my mom until Wednesday. She takes Tuesday's off for her kids. Really, you have a patient that ended up in ER! Wow! My ending is not pleasant. My mother after over a week of pain couldn't handle it anymore. She left us on June 25th. My mom won't be having days to spend with her kids or grand kids. No Thanks to Doctor Beck and Burt. If you love someone, I beg you DO NOT take them to Jordan Valley or any hospital affiliated with the Steward Family Hospitals. But most of all don't let anyone you love be touched by Doctor Catherine Beck or Sierra Burt!

Momo Victoria

I stayed in this awful place when i was feeling suicidal. when i got there i was obviously in distress. I asked them to please call my mom because i have terrible social anxiety and having someone i know with me is helpful. they said okay, they would call my mom. hours passed and i asked again if they had called her. they said they did call her, and that she didn't want to come. this absolutely broke me. i was already in a vulnerable state and they had convinced me my mom didn't want to be with me. come to find out, THEY NEVER CALLED HER. THEY LIED. also would like to mention, many of the nurses scoffed and rolled their eyes at me and told me to quit being a baby. (i'm not immature, i'm SICK.) when i was having an anxiety attack, they injected benzos into me against my consent. i made it clear to them that i did not want benzos because i was previously addicted to them and worked so hard to get off of them. of course after getting out of here, i relapsed thanks to them. I'm so tired of doctors treating women of color terribly and getting away with it. all of the women here who "treated" me were white and prejudiced. whether it was because of my race or mental illness or both, what they did was wrong and karma will come for them. they're lucky i was so drugged up (thanks to them) that i couldn't remember names, or i would've reported all of them to the state's medical board.

sina quist

ZERO stars! Unfortunately my mom passed away at this hospital. I'm left with a bill for treatment i'm not even sure she recieved. My mom was rushed there by paramedics for possible HEART ISSUES!!! she was put in the very back room furthest away from the nurses station until she stopped breathing!!! I was stuck in the ER waiting room becaue there was no nurse in front or anyone that worked there for that matter. i waited a good 30 minutes to see my mom because no one was there to let me in! While in the waiting room there was THREE people who walked in with ruptured Appendix that walked in screaming but could not get the attention of a nurse or anyone for that matter and walked back out. HORRIBLE HOSPITAL


This is the WORST hospital I've ever been to, and it has also screwed with me mentally. First off, they have an internal medicine doctor there named Rebecca Tanner. Please do yourself a favor and NEVER schedule an appointment with her. At first I thought she was great. She seemed to really care about my well being at the time. When I told her my story and that I overdosed 2 WEEKS prior (I was just in for a regular checkup) she BEGGED my to go to the ER. I told her I was not not looking to be institutionalized and that I had to move in a little over a week, and I still haven't found a place. I was also NOT feeling suicidal or depressed. She said, "Oh it'll be okay. The social worker won't do that. You guy will just talk and work out a plan but I'm sure that's not going to happen." I also explained by fear of ambulances because of how costly they are. I agreed to go to the ER on that note, thinking they weren't going to take me. They stick me in a room, make me wear scrubs, the works. When the social worker came in and I explained my situation, she said she wanted me to go to the psych ward. I begged. I PLEADED not to go because otherwise I would be homeless. She didn't care. She said because I tried to kill myself two weeks prior I had no other option. I told her I was feeling fine, that I came in as a favor by Dr. Tanner. I wasn't feeling suicidal or depressed at that moment. Like I said, I woke up thinking it was going to be a normal day, that I would just go to a regular checkup and then I would go home and figure out my living situation. The social worker told the doctor not to release me, but I didn't even SEE the doctor. I was expecting to see him/her because at that time I still didn't know the full situation yet. This is also a room where they stick people who are suicidal. Now this has not been my first time, so I know the drill. They stick a tech in front of your door to watch you so that you don't harm yourself. I didn't get that at this hospital. There was a camera (like there normally is) on the ceiling, so I assumed maybe someone was keeping a close eye on me that way. 2 HOURS PASS Not a single word from ANYBODY. There was also a windowed wall so everyone outside could see me. This is important because of what happens next. A nurse FINALLY comes in to take my vitals. She told me that I was going to be picked up by an ambulance. That's when I started to panic. Literally no one has come in and talked to me after the social worker. After I BEGGED and PLEADED. I demanded to see a doctor, and the nurse said that she was going to go get him. THAT didn't happen. So for the next hour or so, I was having a panic attack. I was crying, SCREAMING, and literally NO ONE came in. I KNEW people could see me, but all the doctors and nurses did NOTHING. They just looked at me and then continued talking to their coworkers. I felt alone and scared because of this. I was crying so hard that I didn't have enough oxygen in my brain to the point where everything was becoming black and I couldn't move my fingers. The ambulance showed up. I told them I wanted to see a doctor but they said they were already called and they were on a tight schedule. They moved me to the West Valley hospital, which that is a horror story for another day. When I released from the hospital a WEEK later, I was screwed. They kept me so long that I had nowhere to go but to move back in with my parents. IN ALASKA. I have a dog, whom once had a note that she is an emotional support animal, but I lost it. I came back to Dr. Tanner looking for some sympathy adn for her to write the letter for me since I had to take my dog on the flight. She refused to write one. "Oh, well, I heard on the news that more and more people are trying to use these letters to get out of paying for stuff." "Well, I heard on the news that people are getting more and more allergic to dogs on the flight" "Oh, well I heard on the news that animals die in cargo." I did not get the sympathy I was looking for, and I did not get the letter. Now I'm more depressed. Thanks.

Brooks Jensen

I called JVMC at 8:06 am on Tuesday morning and received a recording that I had reached them outside of normal business hours which was 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. You want me to trust you with my health but you can't get to work on time? No thanks. I'll go somewhere else.

Eric Thorup

My father in law was recently brought in by ambulance because he was having chest pain and pain in his arm. You could tell from the symptoms that he was having a heart attack! He was in the ER for 7 hours waiting and constantly having to ask the staff if certain tests that they said they were going to do were done, only to find out that it hadn't even been requested. Their staff were not communicating with each other as we would get different nurses asking the same questions that a previous nurse has asked, all because that nurses shift had ended and not communicated anything to the new nurse. One of the nurses was asking him about his symptoms and he told her that it felt like an elephant was sitting in his chest and that his arm was hurting. And she, in all seriousness, asked him "you let an animal sit on your chest?". None of the nurses knew what was going on and the room was extremely dirty. It should not have taken 7 hours to determine what was going on and to finally get him admitted. We find out at about the seven hour mark that they didn't actually have him in their computers yet. My father in law actually tried leaving a couple of times to go to a different ER because he had no confidence in there ability to take care of him. They finally got him admitted and told him that he would need a stint because of blockage. But when they finally did the procedure they found that they couldn't and that he would need a triple bypass. At that point he refused services from them and requested to be transferred to the IMC on 5400 s. State St.. and wow, what a difference. It was like stepping out of the dark ages and into the future. I would absolutely never recommend Jordan valley medical center to anyone. We have had too many bad experiences in their ER and nearly losing one of our sister in-laws in an outpatient procedure years before. What a failure of a hospital.

Rachel W

Very frustrating visit. Not sure why the Emergency Room only has ONE receptionists to check everyone in, get blood pressure, input their stats and reason for visit, take people to their rooms, etc? My husband was in severe pain and no one looked like they cared or were hurrying in the slightest. Once we got to a room (about 45 mins later), we didn't have a nurse or doctor come in for another 20 mins. Took even longer to get pain medication. Had many tests done only to be told, "we don't know what's going on but take some ibuprofen and go see another doctor." If you can help it, do not go to Jordan Valley. I think their terrible reviews speak for themselves.

Alison Greathouse

Should be able to give ZERO stars. The so-called professional started off my mammogram by asking me if I had heard any horror stories about what she was about to do to me. I told her that I had been abused as a child and to not go there. During the exam itself, while my breast was being squeezed by the machine, she comes up behind me and asks if it has been everything I had imagined--as if we were on a date or something--beyond CREEPY. To put a cherry on top of this horrific experience, today I get a call from a collections agency because the incompetent staff NEVER BOTHERED TO BILL INSURANCE for this covered, preventative service.

Hazel show

UPDATE AT BOTTOM! My labor experience was pure hell here. My epidural didn't work at all. Then the doctor broke my water before I could finish antibiotics and my baby was born with an infection and we had to spend the worst week of my life in the hospital waiting for my baby to get better. I don't know what the doctor was thinking, but I am absolutely not done with this issue. Some of the staff and nurses are really nice, but unfortunately a good majority are extremely rude. I had to change my own bedsheets hours after I had my baby. I had 2 kids at St. Marks before coming here and never met a single nurse I didn't love. What a mistake it was to come here. UPDATE! 6/6/17 I filed a formal complaint with the board of directors after multiple attempts to contact someone here went unanswered. They launched an "investigation" that concluded that since I delivered exactly 4 hours after antibiotics were started (which is the absolute minimum) they were within guidelines. Well actually, my water was broken by the doctor only 3 hours in, so the exposure happened at that time. Really funny how they try to cover it up. ALSO my baby has since developed a seizure disorder that is likely related to this lack of care.

Jarin Lamph

I made a visit to the ER when I split my head open on the bottom of a pool after hours. The staff at Jordan Valley Medical was very kind and extremely knowledgeable. They gave me a couple stitches and I was off to enjoy the rest of my weekend! Thank you ER staff at Jordan Valley.


I would give this hospital a zero if I could. I was hit from behind in a car crash and sat in the waiting room for almost 40 minutes with zero other people out there with me. Also, the insurance company took a long time to settle things and I haven't heard from them for multiple months after they told me it was settled. Approximately a month ago, they sent me a bill for nearly $600 and expected it paid for right then and there with no notice. I received multiple letters and phone calls in two months with threats to turn me into collections. I started to pay them what I could afford and I was then told there was a $100 minimum (that is no where on the letter and was never said to me the first three calls) and she would see if payments could be approved. I was not at fault for the crash, I was not aware of any balance, and they expect me to throw out almost $600 after they all of a sudden snap their fingers and send a bill. The single most unprofessional and unreliable hospital that I have been to and their process is even more absurd. Do not go here if you do not have to. It is really that simple.

james walters

I went here to have some labs drawn and the service was fantastic. I initially didn't know where to find the lab but a very nice person who was walking past the entrance stopped to ask if I needed help. She gave me great directions and I found the lab with ease. The Lab staff were friendly and efficient. I was in and out in just a few minutes and had my results quickly.

Yvette Faonevai

My father in law was brought in Friday evening from his nursing home. I came in to check on him at the ER. I came to the room, no chair, no TV, the floors were dirty and it just seemed very unsanitary. Who ever took blood just left their trash by the sink. There were two urine containers sitting by the sink (gross) and the nurse looked liked they had been there pulling a 3rd shift. I spoke mostly with the little security guard who was helping me most of the time. The social worker who helped us the next morning looked like they had slept there overnight. I barely spoke to any of the nurses. It was like they were just there. I didn’t want to put my purse down on the floor or on the sink. It was just gross.

Sondra Howell

I will never NEVER see another Dr. Here! The Drs. Are lazy and the representative's are rude!! I've been going to this hospital since i was a child, i was actually born here! I had my own first child here. I've had nothing but bad bad bad experiences! When i was pregnant the drs. did NOTHING for me. I was constantly asking questions asking what's normal and what's not. NOTHING! Guess what? My child was born 28 weeks. Because none of my concerns were taken seriously! I went in the night before my child was born and the dr. told me nothing was wrong. I was just pushed to the side! Then after my child was born, i knew something was wrong and AGAIN the Drs. Wouldn't listen to my concerns! I had a bad BAD infection that resulted in me getting Re-cut open in the E.R! Also I'll add the dr. Who seen me in the E.R was very rude and asked why I didn't come in sooner. Which i had, i was seen by my dr. the DAY BEFORE!!! Also lets add the hospital they own once known as "pioneer" lied to me about miscarrying at 17 weeks and tried shoving pills down my throat to help get the baby out. Then me being I guess naive, i still continued to be seen here! I had my breast exam and pap done and i had concerns about my breast! The drs AGAIN ignored me!! Now those bumps that she said were "nothing" are bigger! And now I'm uninsured and the front desk has been completely unhelpful in getting me seen. They give me nothing but attitude and can careless about my needs and concerns. I will never come back for myself, my child or my husband. I highly HIGHLY recommend pregnant women or women who need their health to be taken seriously to go else where! Thank you Jordan valley / south valley women's health for NOTHING!

Searjasub Lopez

IF YOU READ THIS PLEASE TURN AROUND AND DRIVE TO ANOTHER HOSPITAL. We went there and no one was at the front desk of the Emergency room. No door bell, nothing to tell them you're there. People in the waiting room area said that they had been there for 10 min and hadn't seen anyone. That was the sign that told us that the 2.4 star reviews they have are 100% accurate. Never coming back here and will not recommend to anyone.

Kirk Petersen

I wish i would have never come to this hospital!! DO NOT bring anyone here that is in real need of help. This is the letter i wrote to the hospital (Wife) To whom it may concern, I wanted to write you to tell you about the bad experience we had in your facility Tuesday June 4th 2019 I think your staff was willfully unhelpful and i think you should know about it. We came into the ER the night before on the 3rd and my husband needed a gurney to get to the exam room as he could not walk - he was discharged the morning of the 4th 3 AM. He was in so much pain we returned that same day around 11 PM and i went inside the ER to ask if someone could come help him inside as he can't walk or sit ( i drove him with him laying down in the back seat of our truck) the two people who came out brought a wheel chair, we stated that he couldn't sit down and asked if they would bring a gurney and the male went on to say "So i am hearing that you are refusing wheel chair service" and my husband stated "Yes! i cannot sit or bend i need a gurney!" the male went on saying that if he didn't come in with a wheel chair my husband would have to walk himself inside on his own. I turned to him and i said "he cant! He is barely able to stand here" "He just had full knee replacement surgery!" The two people turned around and went inside and left us there. My husband couldn't stand any longer so he pulled the tailgate down on the bed of the truck and laid on it to try and rest and relieve some pain. After several minutes I walked back in and the lady came out and said "i brought a gurney to the entrance of the ER but if he wants it he needs to walk inside first or use a wheel chair." I looked at her and said " How is he supposed to do that when he cant move?" She walked out to the truck (in the ER driveway) and told my husband the same thing. "You need to come inside if you want us to help" He was so upset he was like "forget it they obviously don't want to help me, take me somewhere else! " I looked at the lady and said "what am i supposed to do? i cant carry him" My husband then scooted himself into the bed of the truck and said "take me somewhere where they will help me" The lady said we are not allowed to bring gurney's outside - he needs to come inside if he wants to use it. Again my husband was saying take me somewhere where they will help me - i cant take the pain anymore. The lady said to "hold on" and went inside - she never came back so after a few minutes - with no other options (12:30 in the morning) i had no choice but to drive my husband of 28 years to another hospital, in the back of our truck like a piece of garbage that your facility didn't - wouldn't help. Thank you so much for your compassion and taking the best care of patients that come to your facility. i will be sure to share this and see what can be done for the ineffectiveness of your staff and making those already in paid suffer more. Your facility is a Gem. Just FYI He had two Ruptured Disks in his back - the trip to IHC on 5300 and state in the back of the truck probably made it worse. Their team brought out 2 police officers, 2 EMT's and 2 Nurses to carefully extract him from my truck - taking the care to use a backboard and lifting him safely to a Gurney to be taken inside the hospital. No push back - No questions - they just did their job to help him in one of the worst times in his life

Elizabeth H

I am very impressed with how this facility has helped my sister with her chronic pain condition. The staff always go above and beyond to make sure that she AND her family are comfortable. They are polite, thorough, and patient with answering my many many questions.


This facility didn't deserve 1 star. I live in Bountiful, so already I am far away from home then I would like to be when it comes to surgery. But I love my OBG, I went where he was. This review, has nothing to do with my Wonder doctor and his team who are based out of the Riverton facility. Outpatient surgery, was instructed to get there at 11 so surgery could start at 1230... Two hours later, I am still sitting in the pre-op surgery area with no word as to what was going on. Finally a nurse got to me saying that the patient before me had complications and is running behind. Really? Running behind? It's two hours later, how is it no one told me right away. An hour and a half later, it was my turn. After surgery, staying the night with these "professionals" was a joke. I was told a recliner would be in the room (for my husband), there wasn't. After asking for one, well let's just say, 15 hours later, I still didn't get a recliner. Every time I hit the nurse button (3 times) the shortest wait time was 20 min... put into mind, I am hooked up to several machines and desperately needed to use the restroom during this 20 min wait. At one point in the night, I became nauseous, the nurse said she would be right back with something to help calm my stomach... 40 min later, I finally got meds for my stomach, well after I already lost the contents inside. Her reason for being behind, the pharmacy had to make the meds... That's great, but how about you tell me right away rather than me thinking you forgot about me. I felt like an inconvenience to these people rather than a patient. Never will I ever be going to this location for any surgical needs again. All, but one nurse and a cleaning lady, we're completely rude to me. No one, not one person wanted to communicate with me.

Alex Harris

My wife's doctor only delivers in two hospitals and Jordan Valley was the one that takes our insurance, so we knew early on it was were we would go. As we got closer to her due date, I started to read reviews for the hospital. I became very worried upon reading many bad reviews and it even gave me some anxiety because it was our first child. However, I can say that our experience was nothing less than amazing. Every doctor or nurse that we dealt with was extremely kind and helpful.They were very good about answering all our questions given we are first time parents. The room my wife stayed in was very nice and the bed I slept on, while not the best bed ever, was better than I expected. The food they brought her was actually pretty good and there was even one meal where I was given food too. If there are any negatives about our whole experience they are very minor and insignificant. I would be more than fine having any future children born at Jordan Valley.

Raeda Wallentine

I would give this hospital a 0 if I could as well. Came in with a broken ankle in the late of night and was told a surgeon would call the next day to set up surgery. Never happened.

Annastacia Hammond

Incompetent. Doesn’t care about the patients and pushes them out the door. Awful bedside manner. The doctors appear to have gotten their license from a Cracker Jack box. Wouldn’t send my worse enemy there.

Haley Briggs

I had my son here December 2014. It was the most AMAZING experience. My nurses were phenomenal and they made my labor and delivery and stay afterwards amazing.

Nate Harper

The doctors, nurses and everything were amazing, except the billing. It's been such a nightmare and after a year and a half, we still don't have an accurate or even precise statement. It's changed up and down every two weeks.

Christy Smart

Absolutely horrible. my best friend was brought to this hospital by ambulance after having 3 grand mal seizures. She had a fourth seizure while I was in the room, I told medical staff right away. They came in and said “her vitals are fine” and left her in there with just myself to continue having a seizure for over 5 minutes. Then a staff member I did not get the name of cane in to check her pulse ox as it was going off, my friend the patient told her she was having panic attack and hasn’t seen a doctor since she came out of her seizure and the staff member said “well I don’t care” and stormed out. Not to mention none of the medical staff even knew she was awake and out of the seizure, I was the only one who did. I cannot believe a nurse or doctor would leave a patient in a room to have a seizure, let alone her FOURTH seizure of the day after hitting her head very hard. We’ve been waiting for the charge nurse for over an hour and still nothing. I feel like this place doesn’t have enough staff to care for their patients or they just don’t care. I would absolutely never recommend this hospital and we will never come here again.

Brandy Jensen

I live very near to this hospital, and have many chronic issues that cause emergency room visits fairly often. There's another ER in Daybreak, where my primary care physician is, but there's no contest between the two. The doctors, nurses, techs, therapists, have ALL been AMAZING. I was in the ER tonight for pain and I was in and out in 2 hours. The wait time is rarely long. They are great listener and really try to understand how to best help in the situation. Tonight, my nurse was Carly. She made sure I had absolutely everything I needed every second of the time I was there. She was also very kind and thoughtful. She made me feel so comfortable when I was in there because I was in intense pain, which is hard to do! The provider was great too. She helped get me through tonight until I can follow up with other providers. There was a time in 2015 that I came by ambulance because I had nearly succeeded in killing myself. I was saved by the amazing providers in this facility. I was in the ICU for weeks, part of that time on life support. There were so many times that I was closer to death than alive. It wasn't the science of medicine that ultimately saved me. It was the amazing people in this hospital and their caring kindness to treat me as if I was their family member. There were nights when I would cry because I couldn't sleep and my body hurt so much. During that time, there was always someone there trying to comfort me. One particularly horrible night they were unable to comfort me, so they called my parents and allowed them to stay all night to comfort me. I'm sure it would have been easier to give me something to calm me, but they used their generous natures to try anything to give me comfort. The nurses would say that it was a complete miracle I survived any of it. The miracle was really the people who saved me. They were WONDERFUL to my family. I can with 100% certainty say that I would not be here if they had not fought for me.

Mark Thrash

The care has been phenomal. The have to bendover backwards to make sure my friend was cared for her and make sure that her stay was beyond her expectations.

James Dupaix

The staff at this hospital; Doctors, nurses, therapists, technicians, service personnel and nutritional department were fabulous when they cared for me. The food was exceptional for a hospital. The care was impeccable. I have had care in the ICU, Emergency Room, Radiology, Cardiology, Physical Therapy and had blood drawn. Every time I was treated not only with dignity and respect but with kindness, friendliness, and care. My life had been lengthened by the marvelous care I as given. I highly recommend this hospital!

Christie Nebeker

I just had surgery here a week ago and stayed overnight. I had a four star experience. The food at each of my meals was really good and I loved that part. It’s really improved from when I was there about 12 years ago and had my second baby. All of the doctors and nurses were great- except for the night nurse that I had. There were several problems with her that I felt could be better with some additional training, but I overall had a pretty good experience!

Du Doan

The staff here is great, but these 5 stars are for Liane in particular. She was awesome!

Tiffany Long

I had a major surgery at Jordan Valley and was here for 4 nights. I had a wonderful five star plus experience with the facilities and the staff. I am still here and am preparing to throw a massive toddler size tantrum when I am discharged. The surgery went off without a hitch and my after care had pain management has been fantastic. The nurses, the doctors, the aids, everyone was so patient with my needs and so on top of keeping my pain under control and even my happiness!! My water was always fresh, my ice pack always cold, my room and bedding clean and tidy, and everyone was super responsive. I met some of the kindest people here and feel lucky that I was able to have my surgery at Jordan valley. The cafeteria was so nice and always reminded me to eat even if I didn’t want to! They always called to make sure I had food before they closed. Everyone here is doing their best to run around and work these long shifts, for me I was treated so well and I’m thankful. I’m already planning my next (minor) surgery just so I can come back

Spencer Bowen

Cut myself in the middle of the night, I went straight there. When I went into the waiting room there was no one there except for a couple with their baby having a hard time breathing. About ten minutes later someone came out and called the couple over. Then about another ten minutes I was called over. I was then shown to a room, waited there for about 45 minutes, I was wondering if they forgot about me. But they came and fixed me up, they did it in intervals though, so I did more waiting. So all in all, lot of waiting, 2 1/2 hours to be exact, but the people were really nice. The bill was crazy though! I only have the Physician's bill right now and it's $619, then I have to pay the Hospital bill. I only received four stitches! But they did also check to see if I cut my tendon, which I didn't thankfully.

Ashley Roberts

I’ve delivered all three of my babies at this hospital, and I would go nowhere else. My mother-in-law has had eight babies and attended the births of lots of grandbabies and she was blown away at the skill and care of the OB/GYN team at Jordan Valley. The staff was great, and made sure that I had everything I needed. The food was great, and my babies and I received exceptional care. Facility was super clean, and you can’t beat getting a discount on your out of pocket for prompt payment.

Mai Nguyen

this hospital is really worst than i ever thought!! i my daughter went to there on Monday and they lost my daughter key and cell when she discharged, not even that.. they don't have doctor just only nurse practice, he's doesn't know how to do the medicine. he gave wrong medicine to my daughter!!

Darleen Bennett

I had carpal tunnel surgery a year and a half ago. The experience was great. Everyone was kind and helpful. Dr mackey did the surgery, he was awesome. I have to get the other hand done and hope it will go as well as the last one. Thanks for making the time there pleasant


My wife gave birth here aug 25th, and we couldn't have chosen a better hospital, all the nurses in the maternity center made us feel like family, they took care of us and most importantly, of our baby. Niether of us wanted to leave when the time came, one nurse really touched both of our hearts, and that was kelsey, we really appreciate all your help. To all the nurses we appreciate your help and care as well, we will forever be thankful for the team that took care of us. If we ever have another baby we will definitely come back here. Thank you Jordan Valley and all the nurses in the maternity center. We're glad we trusted you guys.

Debbie Todd

I had an amazing experience when I went in to have my son. The staff was very accomodating. I was a little nervous because he was coming 3 1/2 weeks early and my nurse was just amazing and helped me keep calm. AND they have all you can drink slushies when you're in labor! :-)

Cheyanne Blatnick

After reading some of the reviews about Jordan Valley, I was very worried that I was going to have a bad labor and delivery. I had to get induced about two months ago, and all the nurses were amazing! They got us everything we asked for, answered all of our questions to calm our nerves, and kept checking up on us to make sure we were doing okay. My baby decided he wasn’t going to wait for my doctor to get there to delivery me, so the nurse, Bri, had to deliver him herself. She was so sweet and knowledgeable, we loved her! I am so glad our labor and delivery went smoothly and I am so glad we decided to come here despite the reviews. Recovery was also great and me and my fiancé even got a congratulatory meal. I will recommend Jordan Valley to anyone!

Becky C

I am a patient of Dr. Natalie Carters and had called as soon as they opened at 8am to for me to speak with her assistant, Theresa, about getting results from lab work they had done. After 3 phone calls later and being told every time that she will call me as soon as she can, here I am writing this at 11pm at night and not once did I receive a call from her. I guess her time is so valuable that she couldn't take a few moments out of her day to return my call. I have been dealing with chronic stomach problems for over a year now, and for Theresa to not follow through with passing on the information to me is very unprofessional and inconsiderate.

Tevin Johnson

If you have any other option, do NOT use this facility. I am a pretty patient person and rarely do I give a bad review. But this is honestly the worst hospital I have ever dealt with. Their schedulers don't know what insurance providers they work with. We were told that they were in our insurance network (which is the only reason we went there), only to find out they were not. On top of that, they are RUTHLESS about collecting money, and they WILL send you to collections even if you are making good faith payments.


I had a very involved knee surgery at this hospital a few months ago and it was a complete nightmare. Several times the nurses asked who the woman (my mom) with me was, to which they would respond “aren’t you a grown up?” I woke up from the surgery crying, and in excruciating pain, which I later found out was because someone stepped on my IV and it took the trained (?) staff over 20 minutes to notice and get a new one started. I had to stay the night and did not receive any pain medications or help even when I asked the CNA’s to send in a nurse. Finally the shift changed and the nurse who came in the next morning did everything to get me comfortable even though I was almost hysterical with pain and exhaustion. The physical therapist kept coming in trying to get me out of bed to “teach me how to use crutches” even though I kept telling her I was dizzy and nauseous. They wheeled me out to my car before my pain was truly under control and this affected my whole recovery. The only reason for two stars was the positive experience I had with the nurse case manager afterwards. They were very thorough in their investigation and took my concerns seriously. Still very disappointed in the lack of quality care.

Megan Johnson

We went for a tour of labor and delivery and we honestly weren’t expecting much. We had gone to riverton hospital for a tour and it felt like we were sort of inconvenient to everyone. They said here’s the room you deliver— asked if we had questions and we went on our way. However at Jordan valley, we had such a nice nurse show us the different rooms, the nursery, the different check in areas, the snack closet, and went over what to expect. It put us at ease and made our decision on where to deliver a no brainer.

Diana Torrino

Awful they need to train people in HIPPA there a lawsuit waiting to happen. Please go to u and u in daybreak!!!! They were so nice to my mom cancer diagnosis. This hostipal would leave my mom for dead. Doctors are nice but there information is 8 years old there outdated in many practices.

Wanda Middleton

My mother had a heart attack around the first week of November. Paramedics and emergency room personnel responded very quickly and efficiently. She was moved to ICU after her procedure and at first I could not have been more pleased. I heard rumors about this facility and I was worried. The third day of her stay, still in ICU because their were no rooms available, there was an issue. My mother woke up in a confused manner and did not know where she was and had trouble recognizing fact from fiction. The nurse on duty at the time, I guess, could not calm her fears. The nurse called me at 10:00 pm and wanted me to come and sit with her. I could not come then as I was babysitting grandchildren. I was called two more times and responded the same situation. Finally at 11:15 I was able to go to ICU and my mother was indeed confused and somewhat belligerent. I asked why they did not giver her something to calm her and my question was not answered. I also wondered why they did not restrain her, again no explanation. Finally after a lot of them telling me they could not do anything with her, I signed her out AMA. I think they just wanted her gone. I assumed someone would call me to inquire how she was, but no such call ever came. I was shuffled around when I called and I never did talk to anyone. I cannot understand why they would not wonder how a 88 year old woman that had had a heart attack and went home early was fairing. I WILL NOT ever participate in this medical facility again. I would drive by on my way to another hospital that I would trust.

Chad Groves

This is the best HOSPITAL i ever went 2 no more LDS hospital

Roger Atkinson

This hospital gave us great service the wonderful care of my

D Thomp

Had the best and worst service there all within 2 weeks. In preparation to give birth there I checked to make sure everything was In Network. The hospital was In Network, the OB was In Network so I thought we were good. My wife started going into labor so we went in. She had not dilated enough so to keep the bill down we were told to go home and monitor the contractions. We ended up going back in the next morning just after midnight which worked for us with our insurance. Everything went smooth with the delivery and recovery. The last night we were there, our child spit up and breathed it right back in and started to choke. The nurses were quick to give aid but then took our child to the NICU to monitor the O2 stats. This brought some relief. This also brought the rating down because our child wasn't high priority to monitor we were there longer than we should have been. The doctors were never there to check and make updates to our child. We had to flag them down to get any answers. We had to ask about what needed to be done to take our child home. The doctor's were supposed to reduce the O2 every 12 hours to then see how our child would do. They did nothing for 2 days until we asked. The good thing was the nurses were AMAZING and did more for us than the doctors. After a week in the NICU we finally took our child home thinking the medical bills were cleared only to find that the NICU doctors are not In Network. Now we had to go through the fun of dealing with their billing and our insurance with no real help from the hospital. So if you do have to go here and have your child go to NICU they may not be In Network and you will have to explain that it was an emergency to your insurance to have them work things out. But the nurses and OB staff are worth it. The rooms are great. The onsite cafeteria has a lot of tasty meals.

Celest Bishop

The staff and. nurses here are amazing! They took exception care of my wife when she had to have emergency surgery.

Tnttracy V

All I can say is this hospital and Pioneer Valley are sister hospitals and I would tell people to keep on going until you get to another hospital if you want better care because this hospital is not a very good hospital at all!!! I won't give details because there is too much to say but this hospital and Pioneer Valley are scary hospitals. If you want good quality care don't stop at either one of these hospitals.

laken gasper

I just had my daughter here about a week ago . My dr was Dr. Chavez and I have nothing but great things to say . My husband and I were very turned off by this hospital after reading the reviews on here and seeing it only had 2.8 stars but we didn't really have a choice since we moved here when I was 33 weeks pregnant . The rooms were great , the staff was great , and my Dr was awesome . My nurse I had while in labor was Becky and she was so helpful and kind. During our stay we had a nurse named Loraine who got us in and out of the hospital knowing we had another child at home who we missed . I wanted to write this review because after seeing so many negative reviews I wanted some positivity on this hospital after we had such a positive experience . Thanks for everything !!

The PM

I'd go elsewhere

Jennifer Twitchell

I've had a number of procedures including two MRI sessions and have been impressed with the personnel, doctors, staff, security, cleanliness and even food from the cafeteria. A++

Amanda Hale

This hospital gives top notch patient care. The hospital is welcoming (as welcoming as a hospital can be), staff is friendly, & very professional. They took the time to answer my questions. They also made sure I was as comfortable as possible during my stay. I greatly appreciate this hospital & their staff!

Kennedee Richards

I had an amazing experience here with my labor AND delivery, staff was all super friendly and my doctor did amazing. I couldn't have asked for it to go any other way!

Jaqueline Espinoza

I've been at the hospital two times and I have to say that the doctors, nurses, cnas and housekeeping are very professional. While there everyone care for my wellbeing , doctors and nurses answered all my questions. The food was good quite a few options to choose from. They have the best Oncologist at the Cancer center. I do think they are the best.

Jordan Jorgensen

Where to start....I guess at the beginning. My wife and I took a vacation to Vegas and due to some extra curricular activity I sustained a testicular injury. I was in pain and was told by my urologist to get an ultrasound done. I thought it was a strange request as my only ultrasound experience was with my constantly pregnant wife (dang extra curricular activities). I was treated well though, and the ultrasound tech was very gentle with the twins. She even laughed when I asked if she could tell if they were boys, though when pressed she admitted to having heard that joke many, many times. All in all, I was treated well and an awkward situation was turned into something that I can remember with fondness.......but not too much fondness, I'm not a weirdo.


their nicu saved my babies lives born at 33 weeks one was very sick and they had her doing great in 3 short weeks we really thought she would be there till her original due date. the nurses and doctors were amazing. on the delivery and post partum floor the nurses were awesome and really cared about the patients. would recommend!


My wife delivered our 3rd child here. Our first two were delivered at Riverton Hospital but due to changes in our employer's health coverage and no longer covering IHC, we we forced to deliver at Jordan Valley or chose a different Dr. for my wife. We both love my wife's Dr. and he delivered our first two children but having read previous reviews about Jordan Valley we were extremely nervous about coming here. At one point my wife broke down and bawled at the thought of having to go here because of how many bad things she had heard. We first spoke to our Dr. and expressed our concerns. He assured us that he would not have us go to a hospital if he wasn't confident we'd receive good care. This held a lot of weight for us. Still being very nervous we decided to give JV a go. We have been pleasantly surprised with how well things have gone. My wife and baby have been treated very well, and have had constant attention from the staff here. When we delivered at Riverton, their hospital/staff, while very good, were also very busy and you could tell they had a large volume of babies to attend to. Here it was quiet and aside from another baby or two, we felt like we had the place to ourselves. It was really nice. The delivery was a little rough for my wife and I really appreciated how much the anesthesiologist did to keep her out of pain. My wife said that she barely felt the epidural and she had no fear at all of that process. I'm a curious dude, so I would ask the Dr and nurses random questions about what kinds of medications they were using, names, what they did, etc and they were happy to inform me about anything I asked. My wife says the meals were very good and if she didn't call to order, the cafeteria would call her to make sure she had her meals. The bed I got was not amazing, but it was a full size couch that folded out and I didn't have to sleep in a recliner like my poor brother in law did at LDS Hospital. Our rooms for delivery and recovery were both big and roomy and I would say this experience is on par with what we had at Riverton. The nursing staff overall was great. Michelle (nurse who helped with delivery) and Sherrie, our first overnight nurse were our favorites. Very friendly, attentive, and communicated very well. In fact, that was something I never once had to worry about with anyone - we always knew what was going on and they were happy to answer all our questions. My only criticisms are very minor. It would have been nice to have more toiletries available for bathing, etc (shampoo, body wash), the TV's and channel selection aren't amazing but you get the standard hotel list of options plus free channels. Hospital pillows are terrible no matter where you go, so I brought my own from home and I'm glad I did. I like that the hospital offers you a 25% discount on your bill if you pay in full up front. We still have more bills to receive, but I'm pretty confident this child will be the least expensive of our three in terms of hospital bills. Overall our experience was very positive and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to friends our family based solely on our experience. I hope that whatever caused the negative reviews in the past is resolved and that people have a good alternative to the IHC network. A big thank you to all of the JV staff, nurses, and Dr's for taking care of our growing family.

Tiffany Adams

I love this hospital so much. I work for a doctors office and this hospitals employees go above and beyond.

Terra Shrewsburglar

Everyone that helped me here, from check in, to x ray, to CT scan, to stitches was awesome. My doctor's name was Ashley, don't remember her last name, but she was friendly and professional and cheered me up despite the bad day I was having. Excellent service. Nice facility.

Robin Simmons

Absolutely amazing experience! If I could give them 10 stars then I would! I had my daughter here almost 2 weeks ago and the Drs and nurses where amazing! Anything I had to tell them I only had to tell them once, I didn't have to tell a second person, and I wouldn't have to tell the next shift. I love this hospital and would recommend them to anyone! *****

Billy Thompson III

The intake "nurse" with the strong accent, had some of the worst customer service I have seen in a Hospital. Extremely disconcerting demeanor, continued to ask questions that have already been answered, walked away from me while explaining my girlfriend's symptoms and laughed when she returned. If i could give this supposed establishment negative stars i would. #honest #nonbias #reviews #nofilter

DrumMom Fab

Worst hospital in Utah! I went there for a sleeve gastric surgery. The nurses were not interested on keeping my pain under control so I had to be calling every 4 hrs to remind them it was time for my pain killer. I never saw my doctor either! Staff don't seem well prepared and trained. Or they are just off! I was screaming in pain and nobody show up to check on me until my husband will come to see me and ask them what the hell was going on! I felt dying in this hospital! Then they take forever to do paperwork to send you home... but hey now they are in a rush!!! . The nurse told me they needed the bed for another patients! Never saw something so trash and getho. Do yourself a favor and go to intermountain health care or university of Utah... Jordan valley will be your living hell.

Morgan Corder Bass

The billing dept for this hospital has been a nightmare to deal with. They push office to a corporate office located in TN, they push it back on to the local hospital, back to a nurse auditor and then no one returns a call. Been trying to resolve a bill for more than a year, even the patients account supervisor isn’t capable of even understanding to help. When your customer service dept isn’t capable of resolving a simple insurance billing issue or the ability to listen, it’s time to rethink how you operate as a hospital. No wonder my insurance is out of network for this hospital, they don’t want to deal with it either. *** updated** took more than a year to resolve a billing issue. I finally worked with someone at the hospital who didn’t necessarily work in billing. It still took them 7-8 phone calls Of me pestering them to take care of it, and then pushing it off onto someone else, who’s number she gave me to follow up with was disconnected. It was finally written off, even though it was their error, no apology or acknowledgement of lack of service or help. The diabetic educator and doctor I work with near the hospital or at associates of the hospital were great, but the foundation of billing and service needs upgraded.

michael christensen

Dr.Allison Taylor best doctor on the planet.... very quick ...very understanding ....very resourceful..... her staff was amazing too....props to "Taylor" the nurse she did an unbelievable job ....I can't speak highly enough of this ER department and their team Dr Allison Taylor was on top of everything didn't miss a step... I'm seriously grateful for this hospital and these wonderful employees that helped.

Kate Martin

I have serious concerns about this hospital. Not only were they unhelpful at the front desk (minor) but when I went to have my blood drawn the phlebotomist had a hair tie around her wrist, bracelets, and DID NOT WEAR GLOVES WHILE DRAWING BLOOD. I understand they normally find the vein first barehanded because it's easier but she had no gloves on during the entire draw. Not only gross, but extremely dangerous. Find somewhere else to go.

Joan Sass

Last year I had a mammogram and never got the results, although I called a couple of times. I gave up trying figuring if anything was wrong I would, for sure, get a call. This year I had a blood test and never got the results, when I called I was told they had the results, but couldn't give me them over the phone. I never got them and neither did my doctor. On the plus side, I had a mammogram recently and just got a letter with my results. I found everyone I dealt with to be courteous and kind, and the process went smoothly.

jordan roberts

I had my gallbladder removed here and have nothing but great things to say. The ER doctors and nurses were excellent. The general surgeon was excellent as well. I've been admitted to this hospital several times and have had great experiences every time.

Rochelle Hatch

I love this Hospital! There's a community feel to it and the staff really cares. It feels like the staff really love their jobs and enjoy being there to help patients.

Jenifer Duncan

I went in for a what I thought would be an easy lab draw. Wrong! I was told on Thursday to go to the register desk by the ER on Saturday for my draw. Which no one was at when I got there on Saturday! So I go to the main entrance to find anyone to help me know where to go. Again no one to be found. So I notice there is courtesy phone to call the hospital operator. So I call and all she tells me is that I'm in the wrong location, and won't let me explain why I'm at this location. She becomes extremely rude and just keeps repeating your in the wrong area. I then hang up on her due to her belligerent treatment of me. So I then walk into the ER side this is the only place there are people! I ask the nice gentleman if there is anyway he can help me know if there is anyone in the registration area that can register me, so I can get my blood draw done finally. Keep in mind this is more then an hour at this point. He then says "just step over to the ER registration area ands see if they can help you". So I do and the girl there says yes I can help you. So I sit down and start the process. She immediately gets irritated with the computer and asks a fellow registrar " what that freaking code were use you register a new patient". To which I am not pleased with the connotation of the word" freaking". Well after that further bad experience. I ask where to find the lab. She gave me wrong directions. So I was stuck wandering around trying to find the lab. Luckily the lab techs were the only saving grace of this whole experience. They were very nice, accommodating and friendly. So there's my experience with the weekend staff of this hospital.

Braxton England

I would not give any stars if I could. They convince you to pay a large amount up front with a "discount" to cover out of pocket expenses and still slap you with outrageous bills after your visit. Their billing department is no help. And I won't go into the horrible experience of recovering from staff infection from this hospital. I do not recommend Jordan Valley Medical Center.

Jason Davis

My Mother went through an intensive surgery where a mass the size and weight of a cantaloupe was removed from her stomach. Doc did an incredible job on the surgery, but the nurses themselves "FORGOT" to turn her hydration/nutrition IV on for more than 4 hours after the surgery was done and she was laying in her hospital bed. She was so dehydrated to the point where they had to poke her 3 different times when attempting to draw blood, because none would come out. This caused her an excessive amount of pain that I can't imagine. I'd rather have my dog take care of my Mother than these nurses, it would do a better job. If you read this, please avoid putting any care of any family member into the hands of these nurses...

Jason Binks

I accidentally wrote my review on Jordan Valley Medical Center West Valley Campus so I'll add it here to give credit where credit is due: Jordan Valley Hospital is such a great asset to our community. I can't say enough good about the experience I had at this place. My youngest was born at Jordan Valley during the middle of the night and the nurses and doctors we so accommodating. I was so stressed out when I rushed my wife to the hospital during the middle of the night but the second we entered the hospital, my anxiety was subdued by the love and care we felt from the nurses and doctors. Thank you for treating my family with the best expertise and service possible.

Brenda Cruz

Incompetent, unhelpful, unprofessional, poor customer service. Billing is a nightmare. Double charged on multiple bills and tough to get a competent person to speak with.

Heather Clarke

I have had all 6 of my children at Jordan Valley. I great nurse and not so great nurses. My last experience was not the best. (4/25/2016)The nurse were not very nice. I just had a baby and they took my baby because of noises he was making. All my kids made that same noises after they were born. They wouldn’t let me nurse him and have him at all the first night. I was pretty worried my milk wouldn’t come in. They brought me a pump. When we asked why we could have our son they reall wouldn’t tell us why. It gave me the worst anxiety. Plus is was give difficulty pain meds then I normally was given. I felt as though that was part of my anxiety and not being given strat answers. The next day I ask the nurse who just came on shift about getting different pain medicine, I explained why and she said she would ask the doctor. When she came back she informed me that I had to wait and as the doctor myself. Which I assumed she had spoken to the not so nice nurse from the night before and chose to treat me differently after talking to that nurse. My dr was understanding after I explained what happened and he was confused why they would just text him. Which was my thought as well. So I waited until 3pm when he came to check on me to get my medicine fixed. I think nurses need to be patient and understanding and more informative with patients. Having a baby is exciting and stressful event. This pregnancy was a very hard one and I also went through a traumatic event while being pregnant. My doctor was Dr Mitchel Barney, he delivered all my sweet babies.

Imperator Furiosa

I like the women's center. Let me thank Dr. Scott Epstein for delivering my child some four years ago. I will come back to him and have recommended people to him.

Lee Thatcher

My wife was taken here by an ambulance due to chest pain. She was here for five hours. Then released without any information of probable cause. She went to her family doctor to find out it was a spasm in her esophagus. But to be on the safe side he ordered an echocardiogram test and the night before the appointment she got a call from there finance dept It was Amy from that dept. She attempted to shake my wife down to pay for an appointment that had not happened yet. This after we shelled out 1,538.00 the night before. My wife explained this to her she was very unaccepting of my wife's situation and refused services unless she could come up with 100.00 deposit minimum. So my wife called the insurance and found a different provider that would bill her. In short she did not need to shake her down and refuse service because we were not able to come up with another 500.00 on the spot.

Joseleen Hampton

Sadly I cannot recommend this center. My family member went in for treatment and was diagnosed for UTI and was not prescribed any meds for the UTI which can cause an onset of bipolar symptoms. Ive never been or heard of an establishment that had no empathy or compassion. Another thing the security officers need training on HIPPA and that it's not ok to discuss anything about the patients.

Mary Ann Waters

Very Wonderful Doctors Their! ❣️

Dejan Karic

As a family, we designated Jordan Valley Medical Center as our provider for childbirth. Months later, we are still distraught at the level of mistreatment. On November 2nd at ~11:00 PM, we arrived at the hospital to review my wife’s labor pains. Prior inspection (a few days prior) resulted in 2cm dilation and 80% effaced. The nurse, Mary-Ann inspected my wife and stated that she was 3cm dilated and 90% effaced. However, her attitude towards my wife’s labor pains was appalling. She told my wife that breathing through these contractions now is not relevant, as she should save her breath and energy for larger, later contractions. My wife was in pain, this was not an appropriate bed-side manner. The machine did not register significant contractions, so the nurse stated we would be sent back home. She did leave us with a parting message of “the pains are just late pregnancy discomfort.” Part of these comments seemed to stem from my wife’s desire to labor naturally. It was a despicable comment for a woman facing the excitement of her first birth. The hospital's message is one of welcoming natural births, but the actions spoke louder on this day. Although not ready to labor at this time, the approach by the staff was inappropriate. It was not discomfort, but labor. We decided to labor at home and give the hospital a second chance. The labor was real, it was not late pregnancy discomfort. On November 3rd at ~7:00 AM, we went back to the labor and delivery department of the hospital, this time with our Doula accompanying us. After a separate nurse had checked my wife (I do not recall her name), she had stated that she was 5cm dilated and 90% effaced. The machine that they were using was not consistently capturing the contractions that my wife was having. We had asked for them to contact our OBGYN, but were told that it was his day off and that a separate OBGYN will be used (although our OBGYN indicated that he would be there for delivery). The OBGYN that they was suggested was an on-site resident. The staff was pushing for us to go back home, essentially signaling it as false labor. After hours of frustration and disbelief, we decided to discharge ourselves and go to another provider for assistance. The comment to us was that a discharge without their consent would likely not pass our health insurance and will require payment, even though they were slated to send us home. At this point, our primary focus was to get my wife the appropriate level of treatment she deserved. We drove to St Marks Hospital immediately and were admitted at ~12:00 PM with my wife being 6cm dilated and 100% effaced. After a few hours, my wife hit 9cm dilated and our beautiful girl was born at 4:41 PM. How is it possible for a labor & delivery staff to misinterpret active labor on two separate occasions, with a disingenuous bed-side manner and disregard for assistance to help prove active labor. We were left to our own devices at Jordan Valley Medical Center, but were treated as human beings at St. Marks Hospital, with the proper attention and generosity. I will never take my family to Jordan Valley Medical Center again. It seems that attention to detail and additional courses are required to bring the level of professionalism up to standards. I am appalled and embarrassed by their services.

Gail Shannon

No experience at this hospital, just amazed at all the bad reviews Jordan Valley hospital, has and glad I've read them, and hope I have sense enough to seek out another hospital, should I ever need one, heaven forbid. It's amazing that the staff has not been reprimanded on these issues. Especially house keeping, are they not trained on how to clean? I wonder with all the staff infections that are in the reviews, that alone would scare the wits out of me, its kinda sad nothing changes especially when there is response to the reviews, just someone responding to them but doing nothing about it, nothing changes until something changes, so to the responders, do something to make your hospital, a good place to come to make some changes train your people to be responsible for others lives, be kind to your customer's, listen to them and take steps to help them to have an excellent experience and in return you will have repeat customers, if money, is your concern just think how much more you would make with some effort on your part to make your customers, feel like they would always come back to Jordan Valley, and word of mouth is the best for any business also your reviews would sky rocket, for the most part, there are those you just can't make happy, but you can still try, well good luck to all you customers and to the hospital staff and may God, keep you healthy and safe so you have no need for hospital stays,

Morgan Mason

They are taking great care of my sister who had a hysterectomy.

Jade Jay

'Very compassionate and caring ER staff. For an ER experience, I was surprised by how smooth the whole process went. The nursing, medical and social work team, couldn't have been more helpful and patient-focused. Thank you! - J.J.

shanalee harrison

If I could give 0 stars I would. My mom had to go into the ER. They did ok with taking care of her there but not long after decided to admit her to the hospital. She was there for over 15 hours and they did not do one thing for her. We never even seen a doctor until we had to get upset and told the nurse we wanted her transferred to a new hospital. Then the doctor decided to come in and be an absolute jerk. Didn't care at all about her. Didn't ask what he could do to help. She got absolutely no care. The only person that was kind and got anything done for us was Rich the head nurse. He got her discharged and an ambulance to a new hospital so she can get the care she needs. Never have I ever experienced something so terrible. When someone is sick and in need of care you give it to them. You don't just maintain where they are at and act put out if we ask what is happening and what we can do to help her. Thank goodness we got her to a different hospital to get her the right care. I will be sure that I never take my loved ones to this hospital again.

shiniga gangadharan

I delivered my second baby here and had a great experience. Nurse Charlene was my delivery nurse, I can’t express how awesome she was. She took every effort to make sure the delivery happened my way. I had made a few requests when I got admitted, which I later forgot with fatigue towards the last stages. But she reminded the doctor each of my request and made sure it was all taken care of. She assisted me through the labor process and was very keen on ensuring pain management. I have to say I was fortunate enough to have her assistance. All the nurses who took care of me in the postpartum unit were also great. They have a great nursery for the newborns. The nurses made sure I got enough rest by taking care of baby most of the time.

Hajime Kusakabe

I had some good and many bad experience at Jordan Valley hospital. I recently went to U of U hospital at Day Break for a same issue and so I was able to compare the services. I always had doubt with this place but now I clearly see how bad they are.

Katt Carlson

Horrible. Do not go here for an emergency. I’d give 0 stars if I could.

Biff Beezer

These slimy creatures are devoid of any tiniest trace of compassion. This was a visit to hell, as close to the real thing as you get on earth. This incident permanently cured me of ever setting foot in a hospital ever again. I would rather die than go to any medical establishment EVER again. I went in with what I didn't know at the time was a gal bladder attack, excruciating pain, I could barely think, let alone talk. They were not only incapable of diagnosing it as such, but tried to make me do things that only make a gal attack far worse, such as drink large volumes of acidic liquid. Anyone who has had an attack knows you cannot eat/drink anything without making it worse. They were completely unconcerned, making me wait HOURS, yes HOURS in horrific agony, to even see a nurse to fill out the basic forms, let alone a doctor, even though there was only 1 other visitor in the waiting room, who of course got in before me even though I had come first, and who was calm and obviously not in pain as I was. I could not believe the level of unconcern every person in this joint displayed, they almost laughed every time I tried to convey any sense of urgency. They also made sure to run up a hefty bill before offering any kind of relief in the form of pain medication. They must have assumed I was only there to get drugs. If it was a regular thing, I could understand their hesitation, but I had never been to any hospital asking for drugs before. This is inexcusable. I cannot really describe how horribly these people treated me or the experience in general, but it was enough to scare anyone that there are humans as empty and unfeeling as these demons working in the medical field. Once they decided to give me something for pain, they conned me with 2 placebos first, which only extended the agony for 3-4 more hours -that was after previously waiting 4 hours in extreme agony just to get in, be examined, etc. waiting for a doctor to come and go several times, before offering any relief. They never did find out what was causing the pain, after 5 grand in bogus tests, but I learned later from a non-medically trained chiropractor what was going on and how to treat and avoid it. Incompetence rules the medical field, and is standard procedure.

Kyle Farnsworth

Uneventful outpatient procedure, the staff did their jobs well. Billing and any followup was a complete joke. Want to ask questions about the origination of charges? No chance. Suggesting I contact my physician while asking for money is a surefire way for you to get zilch. Keep on calling, unhelpful robocaller. As you can see I'm slightly bitter, but that's okay. I spent $8,000 to be told to take more Prilosec. Why wouldn't I have heartburn?

Whitney Enosa

This ER experience was definitely my worst. The staff is totally unorganized and and took forever to decide how to help my foster child. When it came time to leave we couldn't find my kids shoes and later learned that the hospital staff had thrown away her shoes.

Sara Flores

Nothing like sitting in your hospital bed thinking if it would be worth paying 2 hospitals bills so I could go to a different hospital to get better care. I went to the emergency room, the nurse forgot to draw my blood, then tried to discharge me before the doctor had even seen me. She said oh I thought he had already been in here, let me go check…25 minutes later came back and tried to discharge me again and I still hadn’t seen the doctor yet. The nurse then came in to give me some medication to take at the time and a prescription to go home with, she dropped the ones I was supposed to take at the time. Then I noticed that the prescription was wrote incorrectly, it didn’t have the correct amount of pills for what I was supposed to be taking. Enough said…This place is a JOKE!!! I will NEVER be going back!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayla Worth

Dr. K is fabulous. Helped my mother tremendously. HOWEVER, MAKE SURE TO NEVER LEAVE ANYONE RECEIVING CARE ALONE BECAUSE I DO BELIEVE THERE IS THEFT OF MEDICATION GOING ON!!! Make sure to take photos of the board and to know the times your family member/loved one can receive medication. I showed up to the hospital and my mom was in horrible pain (she has a very high pain tolerance so I knew something was up). I asked the nurses to please help her and they were acting weird. They changed the time on the board and she didn’t receive the proper medication for her. Luckily my sisters boyfriend knows the medicine regimen and talked some sense into them. Looking back I should have called the police but had no proof. There was something sketchy happening and I believe they were taking advantage of my mother because she was alone for a while. Then I decided to stay the night to make sure they were doing their job. Once they knew that we were aware of the situation everything was fine. Don’t be fooled by sketchy nurses please! Be aware of your surroundings and who is taking care of you because people do take advantage.

Aleina Eyre

Jordan Valley hospital is a JOKE! Unprofessional, unorganized, inconsiderate, HORRIBLE bed side manner. I will be reporting them to the Utah State Medical boards.

Mindy Myles

5 stars ⭐️ for Dr. Brown was great. His bed side manner was Amazing! He spent 20 to 30 minutes each time he came into my grandmothers room. Talking to her and the whole family. He explains stuff in terms we can all understand. 5 stars ⭐️ for Steve in Respiratory as well. He was Amazing with my grandma. Now housekeeping on the other hand is Awful. That is why 2 stars ⭐️ The 3rd floor public restrooms in the waiting room in the inpatient tower. Have not been cleaned since Tuesday. Now that is gross. Please clean the public restrooms. When they come in to the room they only take out the trash. We have to ask them to clean the restroom and clean the floor, They still 4 days later have not even swept or mopped her floor. Even with us requesting it at least 2 times a day hoping someone will come clean it. Nope

Tyler Nickel

My wife just delivered our 6th baby, 2nd at this hospital, and we couldn’t be more satisfied!! Excellent customer service and staff. The nurses here are outstanding, very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. The hospital was clean and the rooms are exceptionally large!! Thank you for a great experience!!

jeremiah strong

This place is now a shot hole! Nurses don't care took an hour to get tylenol. IV and meds ran out machine beers for over an hour! Called nurse station 3 times to get help and nothing. If you want to die come to this hospital.

Jessica Hancock

Amazing nurses and staff!

Silvia Soule

If I could give this place’s ER zero stars, I would. I went in because of gallstones and gallbladder inflammation which meant I had to get it removed asap(of course I didn’t know that), all I knew was that I was in excruciating pain. When I got there, there were 2 other people in the waiting room, so it wasn’t too busy. This was on a Tuesday night. I waited for three hours and nothing, the lady sitting by me actually left because she had been there waiting longer than I had. I ended up leaving as well.. the worst part about it is you could hear the nurses in the back chatting up a storm and laughing about who knows what like they didn’t have work to do. I’m not sure how many physicians they have working there either but it was a terrible experience. The triage nurse was also super dry and didn’t even ask why I was there, he just told me to fill out a paper. The place looked dirty as well. If it wasn’t the closest hospital that my insurance covered, I never would have gone in. I do not recommend it at all. I should have listened to the reviews. If you are in any sort of pain or emergency, go to a different ER!!!!! It is worth it to make a drive for better care.

Hal W

Its been 2 years now that i am still alive because of Jordan Valley Medical & Sandy City paramedics. Thank you for giving me a longer life! They saved my life! I had a heart attack. I was taken there. I dont remember anything after going in Cath Lab until I woke in my room. I was so wonderfully treated by the staff. The food was good. The doctors gave very good guidance that I needed. My favorite person was the dietician. She took a lot of time to make sure I understood what I needed to know! You are the best. 10 star rating!

Marissa Elmer

I would not recommend anyone dealing with cancer having to deal with Angie or the other staff for Dr. Call I’m amazed with how unprofessional and rude these ladies are. After over a week of no response to emails that had to be handled in a timely manner, I would told I was inappropriate with calling and finally getting upset at the fact that they only work part time and had so much going on that how dare I assume the week of me waiting for a response was too long. Even trying to be put in touch with the head nurse was ignored Get help somewhere else! The Drs have been wonderful but this is not the first time I’ve noticed how awful the staff is


Was admitted to the labor and delivery unit for a heavy flu. Night nurse was extremely rude (Mary Ann). She seemed very upset that ER brought me to her and she had to work. The bed sheets were stained (blood) on two different spots which I pointed out to her but all she said was: “yeah, that happens”. The bed was very uncomfortable, very loud and very old. I kept slipping out of it and again the night nurse’s comment to that was: “I know”. The pillows were hard and old, breakfast was not eatable, TV had no signal and snow was on every channel. It was freeezing the entire time, I had to get up and into my own clothes while they wanted me in hospital gown. I did not see a doctor at all and I was there for 7-8 hrs. The day nurse was nice and she did her best to help (Becky). When I got wheeled out, the wheel chair had no support for feet..thankfully I did not have the c section there today because keeping the feet up throughout the ride would have been more than hurtful..I am scared to have my baby at this place in few weeks!

Jim Bird

This place is awesome. I had gone to Alta View, and waited for an hour where you put your name on a piece of paper, and they get to you when they want. Called Jordan Valley and they said they could get us right in. Drove the miles to get there. Had an intestinal blockage and they saved the pain and made me better. Then Wednesday my brother had a heart attack, and the quick response saved his life. They have the best care as this is owned by Doctors. I would drive the extra miles to go here anytime. This place is the best. The complainers are whining about billing, not care. maybe if everyone in Utah would support revamped Health care.............. Instead of the people they elect.

Sherrie&David Broadbent

I've been in quite a few hospitals and my stay recently at Jordan Valley Medical Center was very good. The accommodations were similar to other hospitals - room clean, enough chairs, well stocked, etc. The service I received, however, was exceptional. The nurses and staff were pleasant and helpful. The call button was always answered promptly and I felt everyone worked hard to make my stay there pleasant. Thank you for contributing to a positive outcome to my surgery.

Sela Taufui

This was my first time delivering at Jordan Valley and it was the best experience I’ve had out of my four deliveries. My Ob was Dr Epstein and he’s been the best one I’ve had by far. Simple, to the point and overall a great person to work with in planning this pregnancy. The nurses were great. I got check in right away and they got started on my induction immediately. Everything ran smoothly and I’d recommend this hospital to anyone looking for a good, facility and ob. Thank you for such a great experience here and taking good care of me and my new baby boy!

Miken Richmond

Labor and delivery was incredible. I had my son there in October 2014 and had some labor complications but was attended to with compassion and respect. I'll never forget the kindness of all the nurses during my post-delivery care over those 3 days. It was a tough time for me that was made infinitely better by the love and care I was shown. I've recently moved to Washington and hope I can find a hospital as good as JVMC for my next child. I can't thank my doctor or the nurses there enough for the wonderful care I received. As far as the labor and delivery portion, I can attest to the meals, the rooms, and the staff, and it's all amazing.

Jan-Michael Paul

Not bad so far. The medical staff are all very nice and polite. The aesthetics of the place inside and out could definitely use some work, though.

Brynn Jorgensen

I’ve now had all 4 of my babies here with the last one being just 2 weeks ago. The staff is amazing and the labor/recovery rooms are spacious, quiet, and clean. The food is great, and I’ve only ever had great experiences here! I also really liked he option to get 25% off my bill if I paid before discharge. Saved us a huge chunk of money. The meds to bed program from the pharmacy was really convenient as well. I didn’t have to stop at the pharmacy to fill my prescriptions on the way home. Way to go Jordan Valley!

Merry Elliott

I was in the hospital over 10 years ago & was in for 2 days in room #110!My nurse was an old friend of by the name Marilyn Prause,but at the time she was married & my surgeon was a Dr.Randall K.Jones,M.D.!Before that,I was in the hospital ER for my left ear because it was filled with a lot of wax & I had to have it cleaned out!I was treated so well & will gladly recommend this hospital to anyone who asks whenever I'm out that way!I had a Dr.Tom Darr,M.D who took great care of me when I was there 30 years ago!

Vanita Osborn

Hey owner... Before you respond to my review, please take into consideration all and every review on here with negative comments. They are very severe!! You have two really great Dr's out all there, I've had two knee surgeries, I'm struggling financially to even make ends meet!! Because you don't work with people I will be forced to stop my medication cold turkey! This is people's lives your dealing with and you need to understand that before owning a hospital!! I hope nothing happens to me because of your financial pocketing of money while others struggle and go without medication!!

Melissa Glazier

I just had my first baby here a little over a week ago, and I will totally have all my babies here!! The staff was unbelievably nice and so good to me during my stay! My labor and delivery nurse I had was Amy, and she was amazing! She always kept me informed on what was going on, and didn’t seem put out when I asked her for something or for help. I was having problems with my epidural not working on the left side, and she got it under control right away. She was so great to have by my side during one of the best experiences of my life! On the postpardom/recovery side, all the staff was so great! They didn’t make me feel dumb when I asked questions, got me slushes and filled my water mug without making me feel like they were put out I had asked for help. Amber was for sure my favorite nurse during my stay. I had her for two morning shifts and she was amazing! My husband and I both thought she was the best one we had!! Thank you so much for such a great experience for us as new parents!

Patel D.

On Friday, October 26, 2018, I came into the ER complaining about a severe, throbbing, headache. I told the Doctor I was having these symptoms of nausea and excruciating headaches for the past 5 days. I was treated for a Migraine and given a referral to the neurologist. I begged the doctor not to send me home because I was still having the worst headache of my life!! I explained to him that I had a toradol injection the day before at an urgent care, it did not help AT ALL. However, he ignored my cries for help and said the headache would go away, I was sent home with MENINGITIS. I vomited that night 5-8 times while having severe diarrhea. The pressure to my head was beyond unbreable and I was throwing up standing up, since I couldn’t bend down at all. I barely slept that night and woke up the next morning with numbness and tingling throughout my limbs, extreme neck pain, barely able to walk. I crawled into an Uber crying and came back to the same ER, which I am now realizing was a mistake. I came back the next morning and collapsed in the lobby, had to be taken by wheelchair and scream at all the Doctors to help me I FELT LIKE I WAS DYING!!! Dr. Mark May saved my life that day by putting a needle in my spine and Diagnosed me with Meningitis. I have been in here for 12 days now, still here on IV antibiotics. Getting my picc line placed was a disaster, the Billing department is very unprofessional and not to mention they BREACHED HIPPA!!!! My overall experience has been HORRIFIC. DON’T COME TO THIS HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy Reynolds

If I could give LESS than 1 star I would!!!!! 1st) we go into the ER with a possible heart attack, they take her back and hook her up too monitor and we wait for HOURS, 3 hours later , and me having to find a nurse a few times (because they didn't give her a call button) she's admitted. They didn't give her the ID bracelet until she had been there for about 5 hours! The ONLY 5 star service we received was from the nuclear department from Josh and Chuck, they told us what was happening EVERY step of the way. Chuck even gave me a coupon to get something to eat in the cafeteria ( the cafeteria lady wasn't supposed to charge me because of the coupon, but did anyway). The nurses on the telemetry unit was ok. Stephanie, Jet and Skyler (I think that's his name) were REALLY good. So overall I wouldn't take a dying animal there!!!

Brian Wootton

So check in with my wife at 10 pm ran a bunch test they took forever to tell us nothing was wrong finally out at 3 am

John Kavouras

Terrible experience! I came here for two surgeries within 3 months and had the same nurse in post surgery recovery both times. She has dark hair, late 40's and a New York accent. She was very dominating and forceful in trying to get me out of there asap despite my ill condition. She kept telling me how I was feeling instead of listening and just kept giving me pain/anxiety meds despite my actual problem being a bad reaction to the anesthesia. She lied to my surgeon about my condition and to my wife on multiple occasions and gossiped about us at the nurse desk which we could clearly hear. All she cared about was trying to get us out! We have opened a case with this medical center already, this isn't a drama review it's just FYI warning. I ended up staying overnight and the nurses on that floor were late almost every time coming to give me my meds and even totally forgot a dosage but on a positive note they were at least kind. I will never return to this medical center and will advise others not to put their trust here either.

Erica Hall

Every time I have had to call this hospital everyone I talk to is extremely rude!!! Today I simply asked how to spell a providers name and the operator very rudely told me to figure it out on my own and hung up on me!!! I would never recommend anyone I know to go to this hospital!!!

fae laurie

I was recently in JVMC West Jordan for a 12 day hospital stay that involved major surgery for a major bowel obstruction. The various nurses, cna's and doctors were all very compassionate and kind. They were very mindful of my pain level and very clear about my condition and what needed to be done to resolve it. This is always my hospital of choice and their committment to their patients is wonderful.


Good luck reaching anybody in HR , the are non existent when it comes to answering phone calls or calling you back when you leave a message. Get it together

Sharon Palma

I wish I could give this five stars but what happened today makes me want to give it 0 stars. My dad had an accident and was rushed to the emergency room at this facility. At one point he start feeling nauseous and started vomiting while he was lying in bed. A nursed called Mckenzie (or however you spell her name) came in and threw a bag on his chest and said "get up man, get up!" My dad was in pain and could barely move so she grabbed him she seemed pissed. I told her that's not how a patient should be treated. She replied by saying that he will choke on his vomit and die. I understand that, but that was beyond the point. She became flustered and had the audacity to tell me I needed to calm down when she was the one who was all agitated and focusing more on arguing with me than helping my dad. She then told me I flipped out on her and rushed out of the room as my dad was still throwing up. People who pursue a career in the health industry should have charisma, you can seriously not expect to treat and talk to patients and their relatives in such an arrogant way. Also, which school did she go to that taught her to storm out of a room while a patient is in the middle of a health crisis? Her attitude and her actions aside from being childish are COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE especially from someone in the health field. I was appalled by her behavior and completely disappointed in the hospital. Outside her work she can be and acts as she pleases, while at work she represents the Jordan Valley Medical Center and she did a poor, mediocre and unprofessional job as a "nurse." I reported her and I hope she gets reprimanded for her behavior and I hope this does not happen to any other patients who seek help from this hospital.

Mike Galloway

Service was fine. Administrative is another story. You will find them very unresponsive lacking in compassion. And all about getting there money. If you have a choice give another hospital a try.

Lyndsay Budge

I have now delivered two babies here and had a great experience both times. Everyone was very friendly, two of my nurses were absolutely exceptional, it was quiet, and the rooms in the labor and delivery department are very big (in fact, my sister came to visit me and my baby and couldn’t stop talking about how big they were, especially compared to where she delivered). At one point I had four adults and 4 children plus myself and new baby in there and had room to spare. Food is pretty good, too.


Please, please stay as far away from this hospital as you can. I had my first baby here and my experience was so bad. They hustle you for money as soon as you step into the hospital, my epidural failed twice and I dilated to a ten before anyone paid enough attention to me to get the anesthesiologist to fix it, my catheter was put in incorrectly and I was in tears from the discomfort but was told that I just had to suffer through it, my IV came out and started leaking into my arm, one of the nurses was extremely rude to my mom and I just can't believe this hospital is still operating with the way they run things. I understand that mistakes happen but honestly my experience was just ridiculous. I wish I had read the reviews of the hospital before I went in.

Snowky G

Doctor Spencer Colby was so amazing threw out the time i spent with him during my pregnancy and during my delivery he was so amazing and takes great care of his patients... This man has a big heart and he knows exactly what he's doing so blessed to have had this chance to meet him and would never have another child with out him as my OB Gyn..... ...

Shannon Youngblood

Maybe someone should call my friend back regarding her terrible experience! Cowards. My mom entered Jordan Valley Surgical Center for routine Gall Bladder surgery June 14th. Her surgeon was Doctor Catherine Beck assisting was Sierra Burt. She was sent home same day. She returned to Jordan Valley ER June 17th screaming of horrible stomach pains. Her stomach was extended and couldn't be touched. While in the ER room several of us wanted to move her to another hospital but, her pain was to extensive. Not a day went by that we didn't discuss moving her. do you go about moving someone and she had Hospital-acquired pneumonia and Sepsis. The ER rooms were horrible, disorganized and dirty. The nurse couldn't find anything and when came in a few times had to leave because her supplies weren't stocked. They kept running tests on my mom. But never did we get any answers what was happening. Later that evening they admitted my mom. During her stay nothing had a sense of urgency. One of the Resp.Therapists came in to give her a breathing treatment. He didn't put on gloves (not many did during her stay) and started touching all parts of the tubes including the mouth one. He then handed it to her without any direction and turned to the computer. He didn't use the alcohol wipes that were sitting next to it. Actually, no one did. At one point while she was out have tests, I cleaned her room!!! It was so dirty and disgusting. One morning I had come in and there was bloody gunk on her eye mask which was placed on her food table. Give me a break! Why would her food table be a place to sit anything such as this!!! No one ever picked up after themselves there!!! Every visit, I spent the first 5 + minutes picking up garbage left everywhere from everyone!!! Garbage's were always over flowing, day old food trays left for days. It was apparent something was wrong and there might be a possible surgery. Every day went by wondering when they would be able to answer what was happening, what was causing her stomach pain and extension. They kept talking about a drain - this kept getting delayed. Honestly, we don't know the real reason as we were given so many different answers. At one point - it was her clotting level - one day the nurse came in and tried giving her a blood thinner shot. I asked why? Aren't we trying to get her to a surgery point?!?! Luckily she stopped and said she would check with the doctor. DUH! Remember nurses follow doctors orders. One day we were told it wasn't going to happen because it was the weekend and they didn't have the staff? What? So... if you have an emergency you hold off providing critical care because you are short staffed! Luckily that day - her kidney doctor (remember sepsis attacks your organs) came in and was appalled. He said that the drain needed to go in! He wasn't amused it wasn't in yet. After a week of little nutrition they installed a picc line. The guys came in and said I could stay in the room (I wasn't leaving her side) but, I would need a mask. Guess what...I didn't get a mask they put theirs on but never handed me one??? After the line was installed I told the guy (Donnie) her blood pressure had gone up. He simply asked what's her normal and then turned away. I never was able to answer him as he walked off. Doctor Beck insisted there wasn't a bile leak. After obtaining her medical records there was one all along. Google bile leaks and Sepsis. Also, note how many survive Sepsis. Also google bile leaks and how critical they are and how they happen. Doctor Beck didn't come see my mom until Wednesday. She takes Tuesday's off for her kids. Really, you have a patient that ended up in ER! Wow! My ending is not for the faint at heart. My mother after over a week of pain couldn't handle it anymore. She left us on June 25th. My mom won't be having days to spend with her kids or grand kids. No Thanks to Doctor Beck and Burt. If you love someone I beg you DO NOT take them to Jordan Valley or any hospital affiliated with the Steward Family Hospitals!!

Shania A.

A hospital is a hospital. Lucky to live so close to one. A few years ago, my brother went to the emergency room, the wait felt like an eternity, hopefully they have improved. Other than that, keep doing a great job.

Destiny Para

I went to the ER last night for abdominal pain and was worried it was Appendicitis. thank god it wasn’t. However I was pleasantly surprised with the Dr and staff. To be honest I have always hated this hospital and would be willing to drive farther to avoid being seen. I happy I stayed close to home and gave them a shot

Janet Mclean

We've unfortunately had 8 ER visits and 4 hospitalizations in the last 3 months but the nurses and doctors were all amazing. Great care!

Crystal Pedersen

Took my 10 year old son to the emergency room, found out he had appendicitis. Had surgery the next morning. Everyone was amazing! The new pediatric center was great! The entire staff from the surgeon to the nurses were awesome! Thanks to Karlie (and I think the other nurse was Sarah) they were so accommodating! I would highly recommend Jordan Valley Hospital.

Avery Edwards

Dr Hatch is a wonderful surgeon and there are a few nice emergency professionals, but this hospital is ninety percent the rudest people on Earth. They feel that if you are here, they own your body and you have no right to say what they can do to you. They will do everything they please from skin tests to touching your breasts without asking when you only have a severely broken arm. If you protest they literally call you mentally ill and prone to outbursts in your permanent medical record. I had beer in my car with groceries, kale and such but though I was not drinking nor was the accident my fault, they saw this and called me an alcoholic. Then everyone in the hospital harassed me about it. This is by far the rudest hospital. I was very healthy before this but now I am swarming with health problems from how dirty it was, six months later. I think they are only nice to Mormons and will let you know you are beneath them if you are not one.

Bartholomew's Au

I have reoccurring colitis difficile. I have suffered from it for 3 years. Today when i went to the ER because of symptoms i was told it was psychosomatic when my tests were negative. Just one month ago i tested positive for Colitis difficile at Jordan valley hospital and was told that they would admit me but not treat me because I have no medical insurance. They gave me the choice to stay in the hospital and not receive treatment or go home and try to fight it on my own. Colitis difficile is an antibiotic resistant super bacteria that has no cure, is contagious and kills people. I will never return their facility

Sione Taukinukufili

2.8 star rating on Google for a good reason! My daughter had surgery here; twice for the same issue. -After the 2nd surgery, they fired all of the ortho doctors that were involved in her treatment. -Multiple times after scheduling appointments weeks in advance, they call me less than 24 hours before the appointment time and ask to reschedule because they "overbooked themselves". -Then they "lost" all my insurance info. Had to provide it to them - twice - and they still didn't charge my insurance correctly. -Then they turn around and send me to their collection agency even though everything is covered under my insurance. -After all this, I decide to follow the surgeon they fired, so they charged me for transferring records. Worst experience I've EVER had at a hospital in ANY state! (And that's saying a lot from someone who went from government provided healthcare 15 years ago to a top private insurance carrier that covers this whole ordeal!)

Christine ockey

I only go here when we have to go to the ER because its 5 min from my house. Never been impressed with this location. I have always felt uneasy going here

Ross Waters

The admitting girl was nice, but nobody knew anything about the prices i was quoted over the phone. Additionally, they deleted a test result, and I had to go back.

S Fox

Wasn't to pleased with the woman's center my last time here. Birthed two of my three kids at this hospital my first experience topped the charts in everyway. Having high expectations with baby three I was a bit more disappointed after my stay. Had an induction date scheduled to be turned away. More woman went into natural birth then they had beds for which is completely understandable had no problems with that aside from the fact we waited three hours after going through the check in process to be told it would be late late that evening or more then likely the next day. Drive back home 20 minutes away to get a call to go back in. Worst thing to do to a very pregnant mama. Every labor and delivery is unique, different, beautiful and sometimes complicated. 4 epidurals a spinal block and a peanut ball later my son was born. I didn't see my son for ten hours after delivery. He was healthy and needed no extra medical attention. He was cleaned and checked but remained in the nursery with Dad the whole time. wonderful bonding for them but I felt took away from the initial bond with mama because his first feed was formula against my wishes to only breastfeed for no apparent reason other then being busy. Other then that pleasant staff and nurses, just a bad experience.

KEB Flapjack

Went there to get a M.R.I and when I went to set up my appointment they said I was all good to go and didn't need to bring anything. I show up and come to find out my name and birthday was put in wrong. They told me to just come back and bring it even though I live near Ogden.

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