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REVIEWS OF TIRR Memorial Hermann IN Texas

Brandon Davis

#1 in the world as far as I am concerned!!! The doctors,nurses,techs, physical therapist and occupational therapist are second to none!!!! They gave me hope,education of injury and coping skills. They saved my life!!! Thank you Dr. Hernandez, Dr. K,Jennifer, Danni,Carla,Jerald,Kristi,Anne,Lucas,Ojo,Rosie,Terry, Elizabeth and many more!! God bless yall!!!!!

Joy Lopez

Amazing, knowledgeable, caring therapists.

Emond Thomas

I love this place and the people bc they helped me gain my strength back to where I can walk again and they are a blessing to me..

Amy Hebert

just wanted to say thank you to the amazing staff. y'all helped me so much. Your one of the ones that saved my life. Definitly recommend them. They did so good.

Aby Parada

Lorrie Eignus

I absolutely love everything about this place and the people who work here! They’ve gone above and beyond to provide for my health and well-being. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for all they have done to provide for my recovery!

Hawaiian Cone

Phone system sucks

Steve Marshall


Heather Garcia

Wait is too long.

Carmel Longoria

amazing people the give there all and they are great at educating the patients and there family's


Dan Kasey


John Webb

Extremely long wait. Very bad.

Hassan Ahmed Al-Saawi

Raymond_Debra Shoulla

I am unable to reach my wife's case manager and have left message. My wife was told yesterday she would be discharged this weekend. There has been no diagnosis and her state has not improved. She cannot walk, cannot get her self up, cannot get herself to a bathroom. She has been there for a week and a half. We have no information on why she is being discharged as the case manager spoke to her last week and said they would review each week. The case manager is not the one who told her she would be discharged. My wife also still has bed sores. We are expected to travel to Houston from Santa Fe NM to get her and she will be laying in the back seat of a car for 900 miles on the way back. It was my understanding that this was one of the best facilities in the country. I do not see it. My wife will return home in the same state as when she arrived. This is unacceptable. Do I need news agencies to get attention on this?

Jess Gonzales

My friend is still there waiting and in pain. 10 people in front of him is unfair because he didn’t have si many people in front when he first arrived. All his friends showing support and leaving bad reviews

Stacey Hunter

Memorial Hermann TIRR is a rehabilitation hospital. So all of the negative comments about and ER and having babies... Wrong hospital. Make sure your trashing the correct facility before you make fools out of yourselves. TIRR is an AMAZING hospital. I've seen patients go through therapy there in a coma and wake up like they were having long peaceful nap. I've also seen and heard stories of people who were literally brought back to life, put back together when completely broken and they WALK out of TIRR. I would recommend anyone who needs OT/PT to go to TIRR.

Neil Bear

Josh Mendoza

Long wait on weekends.

Joshua Feng

There cafeteria boss is mean!!!!!!!!

It's Whatever Alex

Muhammad Asif

Paty Hernandez

More than 3 weeks ago, I set up an appointment for my father and we both took time off work for today's 1:45 appointment. I receive a call at 1:30, as I am driving to TIRR, that the doctor is in surgery and won't be able to meet with us. Mind you, my father being a responsible patient is there 25 minutes before the appointment. We were told that the doctor's surgery would last 3 hours. So the appointment system that TIRR uses does not pick up that these appointments overlap? Apparently, this wasn't noticed until 15 minutes prior to our appointment today. Today's visit was a waste of time and not to mention paying for parking. We will no longer be going to TIRR and will find a different doctor.

Michael Lehmann

I went to Tirr for a stroke and they were excellent!

Dariel Molano

Very bad. I’m still in emergency room. Had very few people in front when I came in. I’ve been here for over 4 hours and suddenly I have 10 people in front of me when I asked the nurse. Ridiculous. I do not recommend.

Bannue Crawford

I was an employee here in 2013. I wanted my grandpa to come here after his back surgery in 2015.

Oscar Santana

Gabriel Ibarra

Zachary Smith

I almost died, was here with brain damage and such....therapists werw cute and really good but most nurses were rough and very rude...

Fred Plummer

Good service to patients

Mzs. Jackson

I want to commend this place for such great hospitality. They are down to earth caring people. The staff I've encountered since my sister has been in this place are wonderful, caring people. Least to say not because it's their job but they genuinely care as people. Keep up the great work. TIRR Rocks!!!

Deidre Hall

5th Floor The day crew,PT,and OT are great! They show that they are caring and concerned. The night crew are careless and ruff. They night crew should learn to care more.

Steven Rogers

The care of the patients including myself has been deteriorating over the last few years and the change of doctors kicked me out with no warning of insurance changes its sad I really liked it there...

Andrea Barger


My father was admitted here as an inpatient. Nurses and nurse techs are all sweet and nice! One person is allowed to stay over night. They have a cafeteria that’s open from 10-8. Parking is expensive, but I mean it’s the medical center. PT/OT/Speech therapy were fantastic. Everyone knew what they were doing! Shoutout to PT: Rachael, OT: Alexa, and Speech: Brandon The doctors were also amazing! Daily rounds were conducted. I even met the CEO in the elevator and saw him around to! I would recommend this place to anyone! And if you have any questions, shoot me an email or reply to this!

Susan cervenka

HORRIBLE HOSPITAL!!! A dear Friend was treated in MH-Greater Heights for five weeks and was hidden from his Friends without his consent. Many of us stayed with him (day and night) in this Hospital and MH- Medical Center since his accident, and had full access to his doctors and medical treatment. Suddenly they hid him and attempted to throw us out of the Hospital, despite the fact that he requested us to be there! He was later transferred to TIRR-MH for rehab, where he died suddenly...they acknowledged that his health was declining, but made no effort to transfer him to the ER or a real hospital! We still have no clue what he died from, but suspect it was an allergic reaction to an antibiotic they started giving him ~4 days prior to his death!! BEWARE!!!

casilda contreras

Phil Harang

This place is a wonderful gathering of caring and skillful people who give their all to helping their patients and the patient's families to deal with and overcome severe trauma. They care for the entire patient, not just the injury and are all kind and courteous. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Ambian Manfredine

I am Ann Waller. My daughter had two spinal surgeries. About 95% of the nurses are informed of the patients condition and how to handle, leaving the other 5% either uninformed or just do not care to know and follow correct measures. One wrong move as well as rough handling can cause more injury to a patient, making it longer for them to heal and causing more damage that can be permanent. There have been a few cases with my daughter that could have injured her more if I were not here to defend her as she was trying her hardest from her helpless condition to let the nurses know what not to do to her, that was being ignored. Just one wrong move is all it takes!!! So know, your loved ones are NOT 100% secure here alone.

Chris Smith

I give a definite (5) I had a stroke and actually died was on life support for three days at another hospital where they said I would never walk again my girlfriend contacted TIRR I was there for five months I can now walk without any assisted device/no facial droop no arm curl like I had when I got to them they are tough but it is all about your recovery I good go on and on about them and their excellence and my experience with them but I think I made my point THANK YOU TIRR FOR NOT GIVING ON ME SINCERLY JOB WELL DONE CHRIS SMITH!!!

nitha bestin

Edgar Flores

Siyou Zhong

bandar Abraham

(Translated by Google) From the experience of Tnumt a month and can provide a period of service and good service and concern for your safety more than anything else and the people of Bashoush treat you with respect and accept all your feedback and that suits you from medicines and others thanks to them and (Original) من واقع تجربه تنومت شهر ومن الممكن تزود المده بس خدمه وخدمه جيده وحرص على سلامتك اكثر من اي شئ اخر وشعب بشوش يعاملونك بكل احترام ويتقبلون كل ملاحظاتك واللي يناسبك من الادويه وغيرها شكرا لهم وبس

Luisz Zarate

Cynthis Halsey

Because of God and the Doctors and Therapists at TIRR I have strength to go on after a completely unexpected amputation of a limb. Everyone there was great, and I am still a patient there!

Hilla Aman

I had an appointment there this week, and I could not believe the customer service I received. Let me start off by telling you that I made my initial appointment over the phone with a girl and asked her to call me back as soon as she verifies my benefits. By the next day, I did not receive a call. I called the office to follow up, and the staff member says she does not see me on for an appointment. Luckily, my office is right across the street, so I walk over to the facility and give them the orders (since they said they have not had the chance to check their faxes for 2 days now). I have no complaints about the girl at checkout, because she was able to fit me in same day/verify benefits right away. What happened next is what bothered me the most. I get sent to the diagnostic imaging area and as I walk in, I have no clue where the seating area is, there are construction works moving around, and silly me, I ask the construction worker to “check me in (I guess)”, and the guy says he doesn’t work there and the check in should be somewhere that way so I walk to a small working station. I see about 3 people sitting on the computer (one eating, the other just web browsing) and I look completely lost. I ask one of the ladies if I am at the right place, and she looks at my orders and asks the guy (who does not even turn to give me attention, rather reads the news) and confirms I have an appointment. So the lady directs me to sit in a waiting around with about 4-5 chars, facing the construction workers. Behind me, I hear a lady speaking in her native languages for a good 20 minutes and eating her lunch. Mind you, I am already past 20 minutes my appointment by now. When the lady is finally done, she comes and notices that I am her patient and then she calls me into a room. Then I am informed that she can only do 1 of the 2 orders my doctor requested. I was upset simply because no one at the front desk informed me that, or else I could’ve went somewhere that could knock out both imaging at the same appointment. The manager comes to explain that to me, and I told him that’s fine. Now, here is the worst thing that happens- I am in the middle of doing a lower pelvic US and some guy that works there just opens the door without knocking! I immediately lift my shirt to cover myself. I was so shocked! Instead of knocking and asking, no this guy just tries to walk in just to tell the US tech that the next patient is waiting outside the door. Mind you, this guy was speaking in a very careless and rude manner to the US tech. The US tech rushes out of the room with her gloves on to tell the patient that they are early for the appointment. I mean, why couldnt the guy tell the patient that?!?!? So then the US tech performs a pelvic US and while my lower half is exposed and being scanned, the same guy attempts to open the doorknob and walk in again to tell the US tech that patient is still waiting!! To my luck, the US tech jumps over to make sure the door she locks the door. I felt so violated! I thought I would go to a nice facility, hence Memorial Hermann, but I have no idea where this practice is headed! The place smelled horrendous! There were construction workers everywhere, staff not paying attention an doing personal things, I mean I just left the place feeling violated, I felt like I smelled so dirty too. I will never ever come back to this place. They need to do training and clean up their act!

Jansi Sethuraj

Best place for rehabilitation

jons Fruhstd

Extremely long wait

April Perry

morgan valmont

I use memorial Hermann for 20 years and UT Physicans for everything for the past five years for all of my children. So when memorial Hermann tirr came out to a parents meeting at my doctors office I decided To change offices. Big mistake I would advice parents of small children to not waste their time. I’m saddened to have to leave a poor review because I usually give only praise for UT and memorial Hermann but the Tirr was seriously disappointing!!

Avril Cruz


Rodney Edwards


Thug Boi

My wife had been pinned between 500lbs of wood and a van. We came to this hospital thinking it was the best. Unfortunately we were 100% wrong. We came at 5pm and still hadn't been seen at 11:10 pm. When i asked for an ultrasound to make sure she didnt have internal bleeding they pretty much laughed in my face! They don't care about their patients. We've seen people walk in after us with a tummy ache and get seen before her! Its horrible! DON'T GO HERE IF YOU HAVE A REAL EMERGENCY! YOU WILL NOT BE SEEN FOR AT LEAST 6HOURS! IF YOU CAN LIVE AND ARE JUST SICK WITH THE FLU THEN YOU WILL BE SEEN IMMEDIATELY! Worst experience we have ever had! PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS PLACE!

Rebecca Thompson

My sister was brought here and they saved her life. We could never say enough great things about the ICU. My only complaint is once she was out of ICU, and still swimming from brain trauma they transferred her to another hospital. The reason "She can't do 3 hours of therapy". I thought they were #2 in the nation, but it must only be for a certain kind of insurance cause she was rushed out of here before she was ready. They had restraints which prevented a transfer, is what they told me her last day there, but they sedated her and made it happen anyways. So Thanks, and Congrats on your rank! To bad my sister was not worthy of your program and is now sitting in a nursing home and not getting the 3 hours of therapy she is now ready for. I will watch your videos and train myself to help her.

Bennita Britt

June of 2012 (Right before my 20th birthday) I suffered from a T6 spinal chord stroke (infarction) due to a blood clot. I was a paraplegic. Was admitted into Tirr and it changed my life for the better. Here they taught me how to sit up, crawl, walk all over again. Today because of God, Tirr their hard work and dedication as well as mine. I’m walking again. Working again. Back and school. Highly recommended. Amazing staff. From the kitchen staff, to the doctors, nurses, therapists and technicians.

Nicole LeBlanc

Frank Addams

Worst place I've been in years. No matter how fast I've recovered they kept me longer than I was going for. I was persistent in moving forward and the Dr's were motivated in keeping me longer. I do not recommend this place to anybody looking to get good quick as possible. Dont waste your time at this location. Find another place to get help at. Take it from me who was there and was never able to leave on my behalf. I felt like an inmate with no privilidges on solitary confinement.

Johnny Winters

Best place to work

Kiara Spencer

Siddharth Javia

Memorial hermann lab services keep sending me bills which have been paid and resolved by memorial hermann health plan (insurance provider) and there is lack of communication between their own health plan and billing services. While I get phone calls from Debt collection due to lack of communication between biller and insurance provider which are both memorial hermann.

Kathleen Hoyt

My son is in there now, for the second time. I absolutely love everything about this place. The Dr's , therapist, nurses , techs Janitors , maintenance, cafeteria people EVERYONE IS GREAT THERE. I thank God everyday that my son has had the opportunity to be there twice. Thanks Tirr !!!

Pam Mitchell

This place is #1, I feel very strongly about that, the staff did amazing miracles for my husband who had a traumatic brain injury resulting from a severe car accident, I was very impressed with the things these drs And therapists could do, and in a very caring manner. I would recommend Tirr memorial Hermann to any And everyone.

P Wilson

Lexi Zalobny

My pappy Rodney Zalobny was nearly dead by contracting sepsis disease and was misdiagnosed for shingles by drs in caldwell. Thanks to drs in Bryan they put him on life support for 32 days and finally concluded it was sepsis but, too late. My granny then had him transported to TIRR and after 35 days there he is now totally self sufficient. He is completely deaf because of the sepsis which could have been treated . he is now going through ear implants. Thank you TIRR for saving my Pappy

Lori Beltran

Manuel Alanis

Im a c1-c4 spinal cord injury and this place was good to me" Dr lisa rose wenzel is the best hands down!!! She's a expert at this

Kathleen Evans

My experience at TIRR was positive in every way possible. First of all Dr. Wenzel was very knowledgeable. When my husband and I got home after seeing her the first time he said WOW she gets it, she really understands! She understood things that I wasn’t even able to put into words. I knew she had my best interest at heart and she truly cared! She listened and she was able to direct me in the way I needed to go to set me free from the bondage that my disability brings. Some of which I brought on myself because I just gave up on some things. One thing I can say about TIRR is THEY GET IT and they help. They opened up a new world for me! When I was at TIRR we went to a park and threw a ball and I actually batted and I hit the ball. That wasn’t all, when I got to the park I felt the breeze on my face, I heard the laughter and cheering and encouragement of Erin over all, I felt the energy! I was overwhelmed with the beauty, the laughing people, the green grass and trees, I saw a hawk and a flock of birds. They gave me back something I had thought was gone. They showed me how to experience freedom, to be the best that I can be! They know how to get you to that point! In my experience my PT and my OT are the best. I had Lauren and Sarah. They worked together to strengthen and encourage me. It wasn’t easy, Lauren my pt, is tenacious, she doesn’t get angry, she just doesn’t let go of what she knows is in the best interest of her patients. Sarah saw way to help me meet my goals. She helped me see things in a different way. I loved everybody but I felt that Dr. Wenzel and Sarah could see who I was on the inside and each one used their expertise to unlock that person on the inside. I can’t forget speech therapy, I knew I didn’t have a problem there. (HA)I always talked soft and just cause my husband couldn’t hear me scream if he was in the next room didn’t necessarily mean I had a breathing problem and the fact that I had been bedridden for the past 3 years, that didn’t mean I had breathing problem, right? Hahahaha Of course I needed help! I had no idea how much help I needed. It was here that I first felt my core muscles engage. I’m so thankful for Michelle’s patients. The floor that I was on was the 5th floor which I have lovingly renamed the “Hallmark floor” they are the best! The first nurse I meet was Elizabeth, she had bunny ears on to celebrate the Easter holiday and a sparkle fanny pack and a smile that not only lit up the room but it also warmed up my heart. I was put at ease from that moment on. I can’t remember all of my nurses but I do remember they were all kind. Everybody needs to make money to live but a patient can tell if a nurse, or any healthcare provider for all that matters, is there for the money or truly there to help people and everyone I met had a passion to help people. I then met Dr. Terry, well it was obvious he loved what he does. He let me know from the start he was on my side and to let him know if there was anything he could do to help. It seems he was always there. I tried to take pictures of all my nurses because each one meant a great deal to me! I have some pictures I will send with this text but there are so many more. May 2, was mine and my beloved’s 16th wedding anniversary. It was very important to me and I was blessed by the love shown to me by my TIRR family, and I do mean family, because that is what they are to me. My doctor, several nurses, occupational therapist, therapeutic recreation, speech therapy and cafeteria staff and many more made this happen! My husband was totally surprised. This was the most memorable anniversary! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and everyone! Reuben is, well I can’t imagine my life without him. He means the world to me! He is the love of my life! My heart will forever be his, till death do we part! A special thanks to Dr Wenzel, Terree, Sarah Richardson, Darian, and Emily Young

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