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daisy m

My stay during labor and delivery was exceptional! The doctors and nurses were great. Even housekeeping was nice and helpful. My husband hoped the couch was a bit bigger to sleep one. Lol will definitely stick with this hospital for any future babies.

Lisbiviana Corona

Does anybody know how to find out what insurance they accept ?

Crystal Hobbs

I was rushed into the ER. The ER nurse wasted no time, he was precise and efficient. My BP was dropping dangerously low and I was wanting to sleep, the other nurse had a little more personality but also very efficient. They were the perfect duo. The doctor was in and out checking on me. I wish I could remember the nurses names but I was in so much pain and they were in a rush to get me to OR, but I just want to say THANK YOU! They were instrumental in saving my life.

Audrey Flores

Good doctors and nurses. But No free parking.


The Starbucks lady is very rude doesn't like her job at all no customer service skills

Sharon Biel

I was very disappointed in my stay. Food was not good, very small portions. I was left alone first time after surgery in bathroom and I fell. The first afternoon after surgery nurse forgot to give me fluids and turn on leg hose to prevent blood clots. The 7 pm nurse noticed no fluids and if they hadn't gotten me up to walk they would not have discovered leg things. I like my doctors or I would not come back to this hospital.

Patricia Johnson

My daughter has had amazing service here from day one. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Delivery was wonder and aftercare has been awesome. I highly recommend this place.

Suzanne Ruege

I had my first baby here 3 months ago. The level of care that I recieved here was absolutely excellent. The nurses were so wonderful!

Carolyn Simon

I had to have a cat scan and was a little nervous. Kellie and theresa could not have been more personal handling all my needs, questions and making me relaxed.

Leslie Sosebee

I was in ICU after undergoing a double mastectomy with DIEP flap reconstruction. The ICU stay was not because I was critical; it was so that I would have frequent monitoring for flap integrity. The nurses were very attentive and were timely with the flap checks and other ordered meds and activities. The only negative thing I can report is that my home medications were not automatically continued during my stay; I had to ask about them after the second day without them. I don't know if this was an oversight by the surgeon or the hospital staff. Finally, I want to emphasize that the food is very good, and they have the Golf Channel, so I was able to watch the LPGA event that I thought I was going to miss!

Jenny Moreno

The operator name Angie that answers phones so rude!! and ghetto!! No customer service skills. She hung up on me once before i even finish talking. I call back and she acts like she don't here you than transfers me to any department.They need someone else answering phones. Don't waste your time with this hospital.

Crystal Harrison

I was admitted in April of 2017. I was just about 25 weeks. The nurses and doctors were wonderful. It was the first time that I felt like my worries were being addressed. I had a long stay ahead of me they wanted to try and keep my little guy in for as long as they could, I was able to to carry him just a few more weeks, I delivered at 28 weeks. The neonatal doctors I had at the time of delivery were wonderful doctor Rieter and the others that worked for my wellness were exceptional. If I hadn't been transported to Woman's I don't think my son would be here today. I just want to thank all who worked with him and I. I love you all and March of dimes you helped me through a difficult month after he was born.

G Ambler

I love the woman’s hospital of Texas. The staff is very nice and professional. I had my first baby there and would deliver again at the same hospital. My doctor of course worked at the hospital and she’s been my one and only OBGYN doctor for years. The hospital keeps your baby with you all the time in your room so you can make sure you get enough skin to skin bonding with your newborn who’ll need all your affection in the beginning and care. The nurses took good care of me and they all had good feedback for me. The hospital also has breastfeeding consultants who helped me a lot with learning/ establishing a good breastfeeding. Everything I ever needed during my stay was brought to me. I was of course afraid it was my first delivery but it went all well and it’s been wonderful experience of my life to go thru.

Nancy Tarrant

I had the laparoscopic full hysterectomy procedure on January 18, 2019. This hospital was great. All of the staff were so professional and caring. They always asked if we had any questions. Dr. Zhou did a fantastic job doing my surgery. All of the nurses were fantastic. They did all they could to make sure I was comfortable. The food that was brought to my room was fantastic. The hospital was very clean. It's a great place.

Raymond Tucker

As someone who has worked in the healthcare field for 16 years it's easy to become desensitized to what exceptional care looks and feels like. My wife and I were reminded of just what that looks and feels like by Stephanie, and exceptional nurse in the Labor ans Delivery unit here at The Womans Hospital. She took every opportunity to go above and beyond in her care for my wife, anwsering the 1000 questions we had as first time parents and doing so in a way that you felt enlightened with knowledge. Her words were always comforting throughout our 18 hour process and brought a significant comfort level to all of the expected and unexpected. She was without question one of the best nurses I have had the pleasure of meeting, and is as great a representation of what The Womans Hospital can offer you or your family.

Michael Green

They screw up traffic every morning and evening by stationing police officers outside their gates on Old Spanish Trail to allow a dribble of traffic in an out, while backing up hundreds of cars full of people just trying to get where they are going. Only 2-3 rows of cars can get through the light at Fannin street each cycle because the road is blocked by officers for the sake of 1 or 2 cars entering or exiting. This backs traffic up well past Greenbriar street, and only creates ill feeling towards Women's Hospital for creating such chaos.

Ugochi Esther Nwoseh

They have remarkable and professional doctors and nurses. Thank you for your good care and concern

XR Dos

Went in to enduce my Wife's labor this monday morning, as per doctor's orders, appointment was set up last Wednesday, we get to labor and delivery only to be told to go back home or wait in the C-section waiting room due to no beds available.........who does that ?!? Then no instructions were given as to what to do next, other than for my Wife to not eat solids until a slot opens up........yeah OKAY........what a joke..........We feel we were treated poorly, not even an apology was extended our way. I understand hospitals are businesses, and with that said, this one in particular, is an extremely poorly run place of business.........I would NOT recommend this hospital to anyone.

Shannon Pashkoff

The only issue I had was the discharge. The nurse had me sign the papers and we told her we were ready to go. My husband already had the car pulled from valer and the bags were packed. However no one came for me with a wheelchair. I had to walk to the nurses station to ask and they didn't receive the orders. The tech said I needed to call. The nurse didn't tell me that. Quite ridiculous for me to call the tech when the nurse was in the room when we said we were ready to go. No waiting needed.

Raquel Torres

My son just had surgery here for a hypospadias repair with Dr. Eric Jones. The nurses were all so very helpful and took great care of him before and after his surgery. I was very nervous and wasn't sure what to expect because of some of the reviews I read, but of course everyone has their own experience and ours was awesome!

Sabrina Lopez

My first experience as a patient undergoing a hysterectomy at age 40. Beverly and Yvonne were the Best nurses on the 2nd floor east wing. Dr Kristen Brigger is truly the BEST doctor any patient could ever have. Thanks for taking care of me:)

Julia Jackson

My two labor and delivery nurses, Ashleigh & Christine, made my experience better than I could have ever asked. They kept the process stress free, exciting and so memorable. The hospital was extremely clean and the rooms were nicely updated. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. My husband just wished the couch was a little bigger to sleep on lol.

Gabynely Solis

This is the 4th baby I delivered at the Woman's Hospital of Texas and I'm so glad I decided to come back. The labor and delivery nurses, the East Tower 4th floor nurses and all of the staff were incredible. The care my baby, myself and even my hubby received was beyond our expectations.

Kalandria Walters

My experience at The Women's Hospital was Super! The entire process for my procedure starting with checkin and pre op was well streamlined. Every representative provided five star service, from the front desk, billing, through out my procedure and even after in the follow up calls. One particular detail that stood out to me about this group of fantastic people, is that each professional assisting me took time out to go over every detail, listen to and address each of my concerns about my pre-planned procedure. This was a quality experience. I couldn't have chosen better service.

Aline Clark

Great care from my emergency visit to the labor assessment center! The nurses that work there are fabulous and i have toured the hospital I am highly impressed but their level of care!

Nzinga Rideaux

My visits were Very Good and I’m completely satisfied with the care I’ve received. Thank you to Dr. Jamie Terry and the entire Care Team. Also thank you Mel in Radiology you’re the best. Blessings Always.

Jace Goodier

My wife and I had a wonderful experience here with the birth of our first child. We had 3 or 4 nurses who could not have been better or made the visit any more comfortable for first time parents.

Crystal Landin

my pain level never controlled, I felt like Doctor wanted to get rid of me.

Rhonda Bisby

Very good experience. Caring staff. Explained everything. Made my surgery a pleasant experience.

Souli Phaduangdet

This hospital is amazing all staff was just so caring and very attentive. I didn’t even want to go home everyone was just so nice and made my stay so welcome. Thank you women’s hospital keep up the great work!!

Jessica Saldivar

Just delivered my baby at this hospital on 06/28/19. My hospital stay was thru 06/29/19. The nurses in the L&D unit, heather and all the other nurses that worked that evening shift were wonderful, very attentive to my needs. Really made me feel comfortable and at ease during my delivery. The attention received is 5 stars despite my delivery being at 3:59am. The post partum nurses Kimberly and the rest of the post partum nurses were also wonderful, really nice and attentive. Dr Lombart was also great! I definitely recommend this hospital.

Eldy Griego

I went for two tonights in a row. My first nurse was great! Wish she was the one with me through the second night. After giving birth the other nurses were good. I would definitely recommend them, Angela Walker and Ms. Cheryl. They made me feel at home. And Ms. Cheryl was great with my newborn daughter. Overall the service was great.

Danielle Mayorga

Love the hospital and overall experience. The staff was phenomenal!! However i wont give it a 5 star because the whole billing and insurance process has been ridiculous! I've called the Billing department multiple times to get things situated and i keep getting the run arounds.

Jazzitay Kreationz

The nurses were unprofessional, it was way to warm in the emergency rooms, didn't offer water had to ask several times. I guess I expected the treatment Methodist always gave me. I won't be back!!!!

Ronder Scott

The nurses were wonderful. I stayed over night after surgery and the nurses were fun, handled business and very professional. Nice view of a wall outside but my other room had a nice construction view. I was just happy to be alive after surgery. It was my first all though I'm 40. Thank You Barbara, Lydia, Norma, Kesha and Dr. GRUNERT!

Sarah Barnes

The staff is amazingly friendly, helpful, patient and caring. They are so helpful and I'm thankful to be working with this team.

linda wilson

I was in the hospital for a week for an 8 hours major surgery, I absolutely felt like I was at home my doctors, nurses and hospital staff were caring compassionate and kind to tell you the truth I didn’t even miss my own family sure they did come and visit daily, but it was just the family I had in the hospital they became my family my doctors, my nurses, and the hospital staff. ! I feel so blessed to be here to tell my story about this wonderful hospital and everyone else there!


Pre-op was fine, post op was poor. The nurse in recovery was scrolling on her personal cell phone a lot, sharing videos with other nurses and then showing me a picture of her grandson as I was waking up from anesthesia. She also forgot to remove one of the heart monitor leads on my chest, which I didn't find until I got home. The wait to get into a regular room and see my family after the surgery was almost 2 hours, leaving my husband to wonder if I was okay after surgery. I was not able to see family in the recovery room. The nurse anesthesist patted me rather hard on my face after the surgery to tell me to wake up and that the procedure was done. A gentler approach would have been appreciated. Lastly, the nurse who removed my anesthesia IV wrapped my hand so tight with gauze and tape that the gauze was pushed off the site and my hand started bleeding. She said that I needed to hold it in place, and I said, "No, you moved the gauze when you wrapped my hand too tight.

Amy Alappatt

The nurses and anesthesiologists were very kind and attentive. All of my needs were met. My main complaint is that whoever put my breathing tube in really left me in a lot of pain for a few days. I have had a tube for surgery in the past and had the same sore throat afterwards. But, this was far worse. My jaw and tongue were so sore and could barely chew or swallow my food. My neck, shoulders, and back were also very sore. Recovery for my lower half was quicker than my mouth. More care should have been taken with the breathing tube. There was too much pressure and strain put on me.

Melissa Soltani

The staff are all so wonderful and very informative. My baby and I were taken care of very well.


Cant say enough good things about my experience at the women's hospital. All the Drs and nurses and employees in general from the moment I walked in for my induction until I was discharged where amazing. Very knowledgeable and treated me with so much care and respect. The rooms where very comfortable, clean and they provided with everything me and my baby Needed. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone. Great job! Specially to the delivery and recovery nurses who did not leave my side and where great at helping me out those first couple of days as a first time mom. You guys rock!

Presley Sather

My labor and delivery nurses were phenomenal!! Allie Watt and Zee went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of, comfortable, and well informed throughout the entire labor process. They were easy to talk to and really made the experience an enjoyable one. Their bedside manner far exceeded any nursing staff I’ve encountered in the past. it’s apparent they care very much about their patients and treat them like their own family. They made the experience memorable and the care I received was unlike no other! Anyone that has these two to care for them in one of the most important moments of their life is truly blessed. I was very happy and will highly recommend this hospital to everyone. My room and baby nurses were all wonderful as well! Isabel and Jacque were both phenomenal as well and really took the time to ensure I was taken care of comfortable at all times. It’s nurses like these 4 that truly make a difference and I am forever grateful for my experience this hospital stay. My room was clean, my care was exceptional and the food was great! I have no complaints and my expectations were far exceeded!!

Huda Sayyid

I will be forever grateful to women's hospital of Texas. I had my twins and my four C-sections there, and experienced a wonderful care and had an outstanding amazing Doctor. Thank you so much from the deepest of my heart. And I always recommend it to my family and friends.

Jen H

We had our baby at Women's Hospital in July, but I'm just now getting around to writing a review. I'm a first time Mom, so I just now have the baby on a routine and have time to write this! Anyway, overall my experience at the hospital was good. The nurses were all great, except one that was VERY chatty and I couldn't get a word in. I've seen some comments about Dr Patel and how she was rude and a bit heavy handed with the epidural placement. I actually found her very polite and very gentle. I had the nurse help hold me still, so that was key, I think! I was very lucky that I got a labor and delivery room right off the bat as well as a post partum room, given previous reviews. But the couches for your partner to sleep on are VERY uncomfortable, so some improvement is needed there. Anyway, the L&D room was nice and big and had a pretty decent bathroom and shower. My actual OB doctor did my c-section and all went well. However, the OR nurses should not have sensitive conversations with each other about a patients care (specifically dosages of Fentanyl!) in front of the patient - very unprofessional! The first post partum room we were in was VERY small and very warm. We couldn't get it to cool off in there for nothing! They finally moved us to a larger room, which was nice. However, then our baby had to have LED light treatment - for 12 hours! - for jaundice. This distresses the baby and he cried allll night. They need to do this treatment in another room or give us a heads up that we may need a friend or family member to tend to the baby so mommy can rest and heal. I had to stand on my swollen feet and ankles to calm the baby for many hours, with no assistance from the nurses, which is NOT ideal for recovery! Otherwise, discharge was smooth and we had no issues. I also hope the powers that be are discussing moving to or building a larger facility in the future. The hospital seems small and outdated for such a large city. Overall, I would recommend the hospital, but make sure your OB knows all of your needs and puts them in your birth plan!

rania telfah

I delivered my first baby in Texas women’s hospital what a great staff and knowledgeable nurses I was treated like a baby myself. Not to forget the implacable tmedical attention and care that was given to me and my baby

Denise Garza

I check into the hospital this past week when I entered my labor room I notice a blood stain under my bed yet remind you that it was suppose to be a clean room. I was very grossed out

Eva Patterson

Highly professional, skilled and caring staff! Yolanda, NICU nurse was very attentive to our grandson's needs and always available to answer our many questions. Will certainly recommend this hospital to everyone.

Whitney Reeser-Harris

I had to be admitted to the Woman's Hospital of Texas twice during my pregnancy. The first time for preterm labor and the second when my son was born. I have never experienced a more kind and compassionate group of individuals. From the doctors to the custodial and kitchen staff, everyone was very attentive and very kind. The nursing staff was top notch and put so much passion into the well-being of myself and my son. Both my labor and preterm labor scare were high stress emergency situations, and the nurses did an amazing job in calming me and my husband's nerves and keeping the atmosphere serene. I could not have felt more safe and secure than I did at Woman's Hospital of Texas. I highly recommend their services and applaud them for going above the bar. Thank you for providing us with the utmost compassion with our care. My son is alive and healthy thanks to you. I am forever grateful.

Jordyn DiGulio

I had an absolutely amazing experience at Woman's Hospital. Everyone I came in contact with was so nice and helpful. The nurses were fabulous! I couldn't imagine a better experience.

Desiree C

Great staff my nurses were really nice and sweet. Especially the one that was with me the whole time in the delivery room. She was awesome.i Went through a tough delivery but she helped me feel calm throughout the whole process. Wish I remembered her name but I cant thank her enough.

Gretchen Stowell

Pretty quick check in; radiology tech was great.

Judith Gasca

We had a really good experience with this hospital. I had to deliver my baby with a emergency c section and all the staff was awesome. I had an awesome after care. My only complain is the food at the restaurant :/

Eloise Whiting

Best hospital in Texas I'm about to have my 3rd baby here in a couple of days and I can't wait!!!!

Yarami elizondo

Honestly my experience wasn’t so good thanks to a labor a delivery nurse . After waiting hours for my doctor to decide i was going go be admitted and having contractions every 5 min . Theyre rooms were full . And screaming in pain i was finally taken upstairs at 6cm only to find a really rude l&d nurse who told me to stop kicking and screaming and whining. She was incredibly rude the only reason i didnt kick her out or say anything was because i was in so much pain and didnt focus on her but i wish i didnt even have her in the room with me i didnt get her name But she gives nurses a bad rep with her attitude clewrly she has never given birth to be telling me to stop my whinning she even went as far as saying i was throwing a fit. I got an amazing blessing that day thats all that mattered . Post partum rooms were small. Wont be delivering here again. Memorial herman has much bigger rooms .

Greta Malmin

I live in Katy (about an hour west of this hospital) and I gladly drive to receive care here because it is the best!

Vince Gilreath

Where to begin: . Showed up to hospital at 5am Thursday morning. We were checked in to our room and went through the process of getting admitted. Our nurse at the time did a fantastic job making sure my wife was getting the best care and reassurance. When the doctor finally arrived and administered medication to speed up labor we were given a time window of 4 hours. Upon return of the doctor my wife who is scheduled for natura child birth is now rushed into an emergency C section which we had no idea about. I understand the emergency situation but nothing was explained to us as this stressful action was happening. They placed an oxygen mask on my wife who then experienced a panic attack on the way to the O.R. As nothing was really explained during this process we were put in a very vulnerable position. All this happened in front of family in the room and nothing was ever communicated to anyone. During the C section I was finally told that the umbilical cord was wrapped around my baby’s neck. Our pre op nurse stopped by in recovery to check on my wife and make sure we were all ok, which we all really appreciated. Our nurses on the 2nd floor were great individually but there didn’t seem to be a lot of shift communication. On our 3rd day the nurse practitioner said she saw no reason for us to be there and we could leave and our discharge papers were drawn up. But, we were told after the fact that we couldn’t leave unless we saw our doctor first. We did not need to spend an additional day there when we were given nothing but Motrin for pain. It was unnecessary for us to be discharged a whole day later on Xmas eve. As we were given our discharge orders we were told our prescriptions were sent to the wrong pharmacy. It was not convenient for us but we needed to get there and get them. Of course upon arrival because we were discharged so late the pharmacy was closed. We called the nurse back to explain and was told because we were discharged we needed to talk to office. Guess what tomorrow is “Xmas “ and office will be closed and pharmacy. So with a powerful pain reliever not accessible my wife has to endure 2 more days of pain because of the docs orders. We went from a normal pregnancy to emergency c section to poor service to no medication. Do yourself a favor and choose your hospitals/doctors wisely.

Bela Jain

From Registration to the Surgery to the room care to discharge... everything was very smooth and all of them very caring and loving. Hats off to all the staff who works there. My son,who was with me the whole time, got so impressed with the whole process that he decided to have their baby delivered at this hospital,which is due in 6 months. The only problem I faced was with their billing department to refund my small amount which was overpaid at the registration process. The person was very rude and could not answer the questions, only repeating the same thing which he was taught to say.

Gina G

Clean, efficient hospital. It's a bit old but well maintained and rooms are adequate size. It's the third c-section that I've had in this hospital and they still met my expectation. They offer alot of help and great care for new moms. I was even able to get my newborn pictures taken during my stay. What I appreciate is the measures they take to ensure the babies are safe and no one can walk out with anyone's child without the staff knowing. Gives me peace of mind.

Michelle Sandles

I love all the staff, and everything about this place. Very warm environment and plus the food is great....

Janet B

This hospital is one of the best hospitals I've been to. The nurses (and doctors) are outstanding and so caring.

Ruby Haberdar

I think The Women’s Hospital of Texas is one of the best women's hospitals in the nation. I stayed at the hospital 4 times, and every time I was extremely pleased with every aspect of their service. They have amazing staff and nurses who took care of my needs immediately whenever I called them. I cannot say enough good things about my wonderful doctor, Dr. Lesley R. Davis. My experience with Dr. Davis and the Woman’s Hospital of Texas has been always amazing. That is why I did not hesitate to travel 1500 miles to be her patient even after I moved from Houston.

LaMechea Mallett

My experience with The Woman’s Hospital of Texas was wonderful. All of the personnel that I interacted with were professional, empathetic, consistent and some were very personable. I felt safe and assured that the nurses and doctors were making the best decisions regarding my overall health and well-being. My son was in the NICU level 2 for 3 days and they too took excellent care of him to ensure his overall health. I loved interacting with the nurses and doctors who took care of him. I also learned a lot to better care for him and can emphatically say that, should I have another baby I’ll definitely choose The Woman’s Hospital of Texas and will definitely refer family and friends.

joy T Bonefas

My Granddaughter was born there. everything was great. The baby had her cord wrapped around her so it was a bit stressful. it was all good. Thank you Womens hospital!

Shawn Gregg

This review is coming from experience that my wife and I are currently going through as I type. Last week on Wednesday we were told our voluntary induction would take place.. it didn't. We did not receive a call all day telling us there was an available room for us because we were not priority. COMPLETELY UNDERSTANDABLE. We (my wife and I) came up with a plan to postpone to the following week (this week currently). We spoke with someone in labor and delivery about scheduling us. I specifically asked "if we push this off to next week, what number on the reservation list will we be for voluntary inductions?". The response from the Charge Nurse was "we can get you in as number three on the list for voluntary inductions, but that is not a guarantee because your wife will not be priority if we have women come in who are in labor or medical inductions". Being that we were told that we were going to be number three on the voluntary list a week later, as opposed to nunmber thirteen where we started on the list the first try a week prior to the current day. Well the number three on the voluntary list did NOT happen somehow. Somehow yesterday we started the day at number FOURTEEN on the list. All of this infornation is verbally objective from me calling every few hours for progress checks. As you can probably assume, no we did not make it in yesterday. This morning I called and we were down to number four in the list. Around 12:30 p.m. I called and was met with great news (or what I thought was great news at the moment) with the Charge Nurse telling us that we are next on the list. Well, it is 5:37 and we have yet to be given any notion of us getting a room. ON TOP OF ALL THIS, our doctor took personal days, and from what we have been told TODAY, will not be in for the remainder of the week. Not a huge issue, but it would have been nice for someone from her office to let us know that she had to leave town considering we SCHEDULED THE ENTIRE INDUCTION AROUND HER LIFE AND HER PERSONAL TIME OFF. But no, not a phone call from anyone from her office. So once we found this out, unasked for someone to please getbin contaflct with our "filler" on-call doctor so we could see what we could look forward to with regard to how late she would be willing to perform the procedure, maybe get to know ANYTHING about her. I have been told three times over four hours that labor and delivery has been TRYING to reach her but has been met with no success.. the on-call doctor cant be reached by the delivery department in a four hour window.. okay. It's been 48 hours since my wife's last meal while we sit at home. It has been eat a light snack throughout the day YESTERDAY, and the last message we got at 3 p.m. today was "if she eats, we cant do anything with yall for an additional six hours" with no mention of her being allowed to eat at all today. This may seem a bit selfish and unnecessary, but the hospital had no problem taking out payment a week ago after lunch the first round try.


Everything at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas was absolutely wonderful. From the building, the cleanliness, the food, to most importantly the amazing doctors and nurses (especially Caitlin our labor and delivery nurse) were amazing. I felt comfortable in the care of all of the professionals while my baby and I were at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas!

Diana Enriquez

Shoutout to my nurses on my stay here - Maria Madrid, Kalisha, Blessing, Maite, Bettina, Monique, Elisa. They all have been wonderful. Maria and Blessing specially. I was admitted for a week and Maria took care of me on my first day and she is absolutely caring and very professional. Blessing made sure that I don’t get bored and checks up on me constantly even when I don’t need anything. I love them and hope that they can be my nurses when I deliver my baby in a month!

Michelle Merriman

The entire staff was so kind and very professional. This was the first time I had used this facility. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish. I would recommend this hospital to everyone!

Mz Mamps

I went in for an abdominal myomectomy surgery and I must say I was very impressed with the hospital and especially the staff who were all generally professional and courteous. I was so grateful for the nurses who helped in my recovery. They were quick to check up on me and respond where I needed assistance. Special thank you to Nurse Carrie on the second floor who took special care of me and helped me to get up and walking and the technician (I’m so sad I forgot her name) I really am grateful for all the staff. The food was good but it really did depend on what I ordered but it was well served and prepared. I also loved the privacy that came with having your own room. Overall I would highly recommend this hospital.

Leeper2 Boy

I had A great experience all the way through. The nurses, techs and staff were all very nice. I went for surgery but wish I had gone for all my deliveries too.

coreyonna honeycutt

All my nurses and doctors were awesome EXCEPT the anesthesiologists MD Patel . She did my epidural and it was HORRIBLE. She didn’t warn me before she poked me . Didn’t EXPLAIN anything . And she practically ran out of the room after . She did not allow the lidocaine to set in before she started stabbing me multiple times. This was my first baby and I was definitely looking forward to having a better experience . She ruined that for me . That was the worst part of my entire delivery . The epidural done by MD PATEL . I have spoken to multiple people who had epidurals and no one experienced Sharp shooting pains the entire time . She was rushing and was not compassionate at all . Because of everyone else being great I gave 4 stars . But if it was just based on her I would give absolutely no stars .

Donovanjlknh K

My sister in law went here to have her baby, because this is where her doctors practices. The only positive experience besides the baby was her doctor was amazing. The waiting room and the restrooms were disgusting. The cafeteria charged you for every little thing and was over priced. If it wasn’t for having to pay 10$ for parking every time you left then I would have went to restaurants around the hospital. In her room there was blood spread throughout the restroom and trash over flowing the trash can when she go to her room. After the baby was born she was moved up to postpartum unit. The nurses didn’t seem very caring, she was constantly having issues with the nurses. I’m so glad this event is over and mom and baby are home safely. Hope to never see this facility again. Hope the cleaning staff is enjoying their vacation with the piss poor job they do.

Christian_Joi C.

My experience from Labor and Delivery to my recovery was wonderful. My nurses had wonderful bed side manner and were very helpful with my transition with baby. The lactation consultants were very informative and made sure we were comfortable with breastfeeding before we went home. My OB Dr. Ferdinand Plavidal was amazing as usual. The Housekeeping and Hospitality teams did a phenomenal job also. My room was kept clean and hospitality made sure I was eating well and on time. This experience exceeded my expectations as this was my second delivery here. My first experience was not that good. I'm glad to see they have made improvements in the last 3 years.

Amelia H

I was a patient of Margaret Markham and I transferred to Texas Children’s Women’s Pavilion. I had gotten my OB panel bloodwork done on Monday and sent my records transfer paperwork on Wednesday. They told me today (Friday) that the lab had broken two of my vials and they couldn’t give me my OB panel results. I don’t believe them and I want an investigation done. I think they canceled the test because I’m changing doctors. If they didn’t, there were 4 or 5 more vials to get at least some results from. They didn’t offer to redraw the blood or anything. The reason I’m switching doctors is because I thought Dr. Markham was very condescending and I didn’t think we clicked. I went to the nurse practitioner and my mother came with me to the appt. When I would ask her a question, she would look at my mom and answer. It was very awkward. I’m 33, not 16. She should have directed the answers to the patient. My overall experience was awful and I will never recommend this place to anyone. No wonder everyone leaves there to go elsewhere!

Gina Felton

Level of service has always been okay - however the administration from preregistration to billing is atrocious. They have consistently sent things to the wrong address, their online registration is always down and to call is to get transferred between departments at least 3 times or more.

Tasha Sanchez

Excellent care at its best!!! Great staff amazing Doctors and Specialists when it comes to the care of pregnant moms and infants. I felt welcome and at ease with my care providers Dr.Zeid, Dr.Haidar and caring nurses Lizzy, Mrs.Blessing along with Linda. The diaticians are awesome and meals well balanced with many selections and great taste! Adequate care you can most definitely trust by very knowledgeable caregivers and providers. Last but not least thanks Mrs. Kristie for your courtesy and kindness!!! -Latasha

Jerquira Grear

Everything went smoothly. All staff worked with me to make sure they gave excellant service. My doctor was/is awesome. Everyone took care of myself and my baby and I am very thankful for that.

Michelle Mahone

Depressing rooms after delivery but friendly and attentive staff on duty.

laura stine

Friendly and very attentive staff. They run a tight ship and have a good system. My only complaint was the blood splatter of the floor when we were put in my first room apon arrival. We quickly were give a new room, but that was quite off putting.

Julie Tentrup

I brought my daughter the ER here and it was amazing! It was not only the best hospital experience we have ever had, but by far the fastest ER we have ever been to. In addition the entire staff was so nice and helpful and the care was exceptional. I was recommend this facility!

Raquell Sartor

I loved my stay, both sections of the hospital were wonderful. However, on the last day Sherry struggled and knew nothing about me. I was discharged at 6:40pm, right at the end of her shift, and that is when she asked me questions such as, am I nursing, is my child male or female, etc. That day, anytime I needed anything she took over an hour to get to my room and often showed up with out the pain killers because she forgot. I could say a lot more about her but basically she was not good at all. The NICU staff was amazing and did a wonderful job with my newborn. The food has also improved from my last visit 3 years ago.


RN Jasmine, Dr. Lopez and registration with Tania, I loved how attentive they were. I normally go to Texas Children’s Hospital because they have all my daughters records. I actually went to TCH before I came over here and the wait time was 6 hours. I was not going to have my daughter there vomiting for 6 hours until we could get seen. I left and came to The Woman’s Hospital, As soon as i got here they put us in a room, offer us an extra chair and blankets. Something that Tch has never done. With in minutes Dr.Lopez came in and in less then 2 hours my daughter was discharged. Highly recommended thank you so much ♥️

Tirita Jones

I had a great experience from the beginning to the end. Thanks to Edna RN, Norma, Lydia RN, there were 2 great CRNA's the help me and special thanks to the post op RN.. Sorry I can't remember all the names.

Vanessa Torres

Everything happened on time and the process was smooth. The radiologist that helped us was amazing and talk to us through everything.

Lindy Prine

I had a difficult pregnancy leaving me with 10 or more stays in the APU. My care by the nurses, techs, doctors, and house keeping was above and beyond. By the end of my stay I felt like I had made friends in all of them. When I was finally leaving with my baby after 8 long months of pregnancy and hospital visits I couldn’t help but thank every single person I interacted with while I was there! This place has amazing staff and the procedures they have in place, to keep your care consistent are amazing. I have since visited other hospitals and my care at those hospitals was incomparable to that which I received at the women’s hospital.

Myranda Kapner

I’ve delivered 4 babies here. I love this hospital. As with any hospital, some nurses are amazing and some nurses need an attitude adjustment. But.. even the worst nurse did her job well. The food is the best hospital food in existence. Like I actually looked forward to my meals and didn’t have to make my husband leave to go get me food every time I got hungry. I would recommend delivering here to anyone. (Omelettes are so so good. Lol!)

Curtis Ruder

The physical therapy department is a joke. They say it's covered by insurance, send me a 1200$ bill after service, and never return calls to discuss it. So disappointed from start to finish. Feel free to go here if you plan to get sent to collections after they lie about the billing and refuse to discuss it afterwards. THIS IS CRIMINAL

mirella mendez

Loved the way I was taken care of

Ebonie Mack

I gave birth to my son December 2018 and as a first time mom I received excellent care, starting from the tour until we were discharged and continued beyond our stay. My son was blessed to have nurses Maranda and Rosemin care for him during our stay, both ladies gave support and advice and were loving and gentle to him. Every staff member was kind, warm, and helpful. I had someone constantly bring me ice water and phonecalls to make sure I ordered my meals. There was assistance with paperwork, lactation consultants available, snacks around the clock in the fridge nearby, my son by my side. The only cons were my assigned room being taken and being placed in a tiny room and guests were not comfortable on the couch and stereotypical hospital food. We left with everything provided for my baby, diapers, bottles, wipes, thermometer, etc. breast pump accessories, all placed into a nice tote bag. After leaving I received follow-up calls from Dr. Harpervat concerning one of the test results for my son, he wanted to make sure he had seen his doctor and that everything was normal. My son and I are thriving and well, we are thankful for all of you there.The care and the continuity of care at Woman's was heart warming.

Nadia Medina

The ultrasound lady was amazing! I really loved her and her assistant who was learning from my ultrasound. I let her practice and everything was perfect. BUT ... when they called me the day before the worst customer service woman told me she wouldn’t help me know where do I needed to park... she said I need it to sort it out by myself (I’m pregnant) !!!!!! Hospitals are huge... I didn’t even know where the ultrasound office was and she never explained anything to me. At the end I said: if you don’t wanna help me it’s fine, have a good day BYe. Please get rid of this lady.

Katie Kupchik

I delivered my first child here and the nurses/delivery team and doctors couldn't have been more accommodating. My husband even said how our stay at the hospital really couldn't have been better and that's due to the care we received through our three night stay. I easily can say I would recommend this hospital without hesitation.

Chyna A

Visit was great ... I went in for a anatomy scan and had no complaints

Caroline Tran Perez

Woman's is one of the BEST hospitals in Texas! I am so fortunate to be able to have services at this hospital. All the staff that we were in contact with have been absolutely amazing! Thank you to Mimi in Radiology for explaining every detail of our ultrasound and making this experience so special to us! Thanks again! 9/30/2019 - Updating my review based on my hospital stay after delivery. This hospital and the staff deserve a 10 star rating! I feel so grateful to be under the care of the two nurses, Farjana and Nancy! They were patient with me, gave me attention and made sure I was comfortable. I truly ENJOYED my stay at The Woman's Hospital of Texas! No wonder so many woman and so many of my friends and family members choose to deliver at this hospital. They are renovating and expanding so bare with them, the wait and construction is worth it! Thank you to all the staff members, techs, cafeteria staff, nurses and doctors there! I appreciate all your time and hard work! The nurses truly work hard to make sure their patients are comfortable! I will miss Nurse Farjana and Nurse Nancy! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, The Perez Family Caroline & TJ Perez

Sarah Hendon

I loved my delivery experience at Woman’s Hospital of Texas! From check-in to recovery, every nurse, doctor, and hospital staff member I came in contact with was kind, compassionate, and made me feel very comfortable! This being my first baby, I was a little nervous but Woman’s Hospital of Texas made the experience great!

Sarah Gabbart

We welcomed our son into the world on 5/3/2019 and are so glad he made his debut at Woman's Hospital of Texas. This is an outstanding hospital—from the nurses and techs to the doctors and administrative staff, everyone we encountered was focused on giving me and my son the best care possible. It is clear that they are centered around making a woman's experience of childbirth safe and kind—they do their absolute best to promote not only a positive birth experience but also encourage family bonding. My husband, son and I are so lucky to have delivered at Woman's and I recommend this hospital wholeheartedly to friends and family who are looking for an awesome place to have a baby. Also, shoutout to Babitha, Jocelyn and Evelyn (tech) on the postpartum floor—these three ladies are stellar. They took such great care of us while we got to know each other as a family. I'm forever grateful for their compassionate care!

Michelle Sanchez

I had my 1st and only baby there. My experience was great. The nurses, anesthesiologist, food, cleaning staff, Check in staff, everyone was amazing! I have also been to the emergency when I had a miscarriage and our experience was thoughtful my nurse and radiologist were very considerate of our situation. Dr on call was not personable just in and out kind of thing other than her I would say this hospital is by far a great place!

Antoinette lye

Allie, the nurse, tammi the anesthesiologist, brittany my nurse after c cection was amazing women there. Hospital was very great and nice.

Alice Smallwood

The Women’s Hospital Physical Therapy is the only physical therapy place that I have been to that the therapists works on you the entire time. They don’t just give you exercises to do and look at you while you do them. They do give you homework aka home exercise. They have this app that records your progress and shows you how each one is done. They also see men even though the name makes you to believe that they may only see women. If you are going to have surgery they can help so that you don’t have so much inflammation afterwards. You come in get a baseline and get pre-surgery therapy and when your doctor releases you, you can get back to being up and around a lot faster. I have been in a couple of minor car accidents and Dustin has me back to 100%. He has additional education and training in Physiology and my neck has never felt better. He can help with any orthopedic issue. He has helped with my husband’s knee pain. My only issue that I have with them is that they overwork the front desk. Sometimes you’ll be late to see your therapist because they have so much multitasking they have to do. They actually need another person up there. But they do validate parking which is a total win!! If you need to have physical therapy this is the place for you !!

Sandra Perez

What a wonderful experience. The nursing staff was excellent, I loved the way Renee explained everything to me step by step as I was experiencing each stage in labor. As a first time mom, it was reassuring and calming to me; she was a great cheerleader! Dr. Chavez also made me feel comfortable and was respectful of my choice not to use anestesia. The support staff was also very informative, respectful, and caring. I truly enjoyed my hospitalization and recommend the Women’s hospital.

Kelsey Chastain Finney

Great care from all doctors, nurses and staff! Was under the impression that valet parking would be validated. Very disappointed to find out it was not. Husband did not leave me so the car never moved; would be different if he left and came multiple times, but he didn't.

Maxwell Julia

Have been a patient here since I was 16 years old. They are always professional and make you feel at ease. I am now 50 and would not want to be a patient anywhere else as a female.

Alyssa Ferranti

Absolutely love this hospital! I’ve delivered there twice and the staff is amazing, friendly and informative. If we have a third, I can’t wait to go back!

J LeBlanc

The surgery went well. Nurses, especially Esther treated me well and made sure I was comfortable. My doctor did great work as well, and the hospital has a Davinci robotic system. I give it a 3 because their billing people have waited three weeks to bill my insurance and still haven’t done so. Because the diagnosis code isn’t on the bill. I called last week and they still have not gotten someone to look at the operative report and put the code on the bill. My doctor wrote the operative report before she left the hospital that day. Now I cannot file my Aflac and or get credit for paying for the surgery so I can go to my other doctors. Also, the windows look dirty and that is unsettling. They have good equipment and staff, now they need to get the billing and building maintenance right.

Christain Bui

I have had 2 babies at this hospital since 2009. We have another on the way. Will be due in December. First off this baby we took a parenting class as this is my husbands first and my 3 year old went to siblings class. We got a tour of the hospital and well.... I am really sad. The waiting rooms are so small and looked as if there was no room to sit. It was full of families and expecting dads on our tour. Also looked dirty!! The restrooms are filthy. Yuck! Toilet paper everywhere and paper towels strung out. Smelled nasty. This makes me so sad as now my husband is questioning why are we having our baby here. I am not exaggerating on how dirty it is. I hope our next siblings class in September the cleanliness is rectified. Also would it hurt for your CHECK IN STAFF TO SMILE? You are the first face people see! But the instructor has been amazing both classes!

Tyisha Guillory

I had my last son here 5 years ago and recently I had a tubal ligation. I can say that The Woman's Hospital really does an amazing job all around. Everyone is always so knowledgeable and friendly. This will always be my go to Hospital.

LaToya Latson

All of my nurses were the best hands down

Jasmin Rivera

I just called this morning to get information about the hospital to deliver my baby to Woman's and the operator answers the phone all angry. She did not even want to see what I had to say she hung up on me once and when I called back, they could not give me any good information, it was as if it was a nuisance for her. I would like to mention the name of the girls, but she was very unprofessional and rude. They need to hire someone with customer service skills. I will not deliver my baby here. I do not know how to speak English very well, but she also did not try to understand me, the easiest thing for her was to hang up the phone and not bother at all. My question is do not they have staff that speaks Spanish?

Summer Evans

Renju is an awesone nurse. She clearly loves her job and what she does Other nurses were just doing minimum and wanted to be eles where. Renju made up for it

Veronica Jimenez

This is the only hospital I trust. I love them here!!!!

Maria Luna

I love Woman’s Hospital of Texas. I’ve had 3 of my babies here. I want to say thank you to all the doctors and nurses who attended to my need. For this one visit, I had outpatient surgery, but I don’t feel any surgery should be considered outpatient. What I had was multiple things done and for how I get with anesthesia, I should have been able to stay at least 2 nights. It’s like giving birth, but without the baby. I needed 24-7 care for the first 3 days at most.

Sabrea Munz

All the nurses, staff and doctors are so nice and helpful!


I delivered my baby here and WOW. The experience went by so smooth. With the coordination with my DR, i was able to be calm when it was time for labor. I called their number and told them i was going in to labor and the gentleman who answered me was very professional. He told me to take my paperwork that the Dr gives you before you go to the hospital and that they'll be waiting for me. When i got there they were expecting me so no need for waiting! very good hospital. The food is great also!

Maria Nunez

I went to the ER and doctor Olutimehin was in charge. Let me tell you. She has an ugly attitude. She literally asked me what was I doing there? Why couldn’t I just stayed in Baytown. Second when I requested to speak to the person above her she said she was the only one in charge. When clearly it had the name of the supervisor in the board. I am not satisfied at all. I’m still worried about daughters health. She didn’t even bother to listen.

Meagan Thrasher

Overall, everything went well and I had no complications. I loved my doctor and since I was induced I was fortunate that she was able to deliver our baby. The nurses that we dealt with throughout our stay definitely lacked compassion. They were skilled at their job, however, they lacked communication and were not very helpful in caring for me postpartum. I felt like my husband did a lot of their job during our stay in the hospital.

Sandra Austin

My visits always are on time. Very pleasant atmosphere. The staff is always professional and friendly

Sylvia Attia

Absolutely love this hospital. Delivered both my babies here. With both pregnancies I spent sometime in the hospital and all I can say is the staff is wonderful! If your little one ends up in the NICU the nurses there are AMAZING and do such a wonderful job with the babies. I can't say enough good things about this hospital.

Phyllis Beverly

This hospital is horrible more so the nurse care after surgery. No one will listen to me. I'm in pain right now and I can't get a nurse to help. They won't give me anything to ease my pain. This catheter is not inserted correctly and no one will help me.

Lindsey Höhn

I had the best labor and delivery at the Woman’s Hospital last week. Hannah was my LD nurse and was absolutely incredible. Jennifer was my postpartum recovery nurse for 2 days and was also amazing! ❤️ Lactation consultants, Kelli and Yasmin, were readily available and helpful. Thank you for a wonderful birth experience!

Mayra Marin

I was very disappointed with the “ED” Dr. Cano was in charge that day. She was rushed and didn’t listen to any of my concerns and just ordered labs and a scan without listening to me. She did not have good bedside manner and acted bothered that I was there. My visit with the last female doctor was great, I can’t remember her name. They also have pediatricians, but they are not ER fellowship trained pediatricians. There is no point in going to the ER to see a pediatrician when I can see one for way cheaper elsewhere this pediatrician set up they have is a total scam and my girlfriends have been ripped of when they took their little ones here, stay away

Selina Crosby

I have been here numerous of times and had 2 of my boys here they are amazing!

Maud Marin

Love the hospital, but very disappointed by the ER. I gave birth twice and had a surgery at this hospital. It is generally well organized and a very nice hospital. I ended up going to the ER later on, and was very disappointed by the doctor and care there. They sent me home without much help. They told me to see a neurologist, and the information that they gave me was not even valid.

Sherlonda Thompson

I received exceptional care from every person that had something to do with my care while I was a patient at the Texas hospital for woman's I strongly and highly recommend that every woman experience this type of care.

Rivers Masterson

Desk staff is pretty atrocious when it comes to procedure or policy enforcement. Anesthesiologist would have achieved similar results with the epidural as she would have with a railroad spike (still in process of getting wife's back fixed with more procedures). About 40% of the nurses there are fantastic, are there for the right reasons, and know what they are doing and talking about. The other nurses, the ones that come in during the night and wake you up telling you that you are starving your baby, or the ones that just don't care how mom or dad or doing. They don't belong and stand out pretty clearly. Admin does the best they can to keep patients and family happy with the seemingly endless shortcomings youll experience. Best of luck to anyone that has any kind of expectations of a hospital that are higher than the baseboards. This place should be better because it can. Would never recommend this place to anyone I was friends with or cared about. 1 star because having a baby as first time parents is crazy, stressful, adrenaline, joy, and fear all packed into one short period of time, baby is healthy and both parents moving in the right direction. Seriously though, tour more than one hospital, just because it says women's in the title is very misleading to the care you will receive.

Gabriel Segovia

Well, The Women's Hospital will most definitely leave a special mark on me. Our first son was brought into this beautiful world here. I have to say from the first day here to the last after delivery every nurse, every Doctor and every staff member would always show compassion and love towards our new born son and us. I have been to many other hospitals and I honestly thought this experience would of been the same, cold hearted get you in and out ASAP and then bill you. There is no other hospital I would of rather had my wife have our son at. If my wife and I plan to have another little one in the future this will most definitely be our first choice. Every day the staff rotates on every shift and its most likely you will not have the same nurse or staff to care for your child but even then I was surprised on how skilled and knowledgeable they were. The level of love each individual had was just phenomenal. Thank you to all who cared for my son and wife while our stay there. Great experience.

EricnClara Carlson

This was by far the best hospital I’ve ever been to. The staff, from housekeeping to the doctors were great! Everyone was courteous and very helpful. They kept me informed at all times of what was going on with my son and updated me as soon as he was moved between the NICUs. If they couldn’t get a hold of me, they would contact the nurse and have me call the NICU nurses or vice versa. I loved all their staff, they are by far the best I’ve ever come in contact with. Too bad this is my last child, because I would come here again next time. I regret not coming here with my first pregnancy. The care I received from Dr Huerta and Dr Bruce was exceptional. They were understanding and very knowledgeable. They listened to my needs and concerns and took that into consideration when making divisions about my care and my baby’s. Again, I love this hospital and the care I received from everyone and I would recommend it to my friends and family. In fact, I have already done so!

Jeanny Ellis

Thank you for your great service!

Ludwika Torres

I could not be more thankful for all the staff! In particular RN Allie and Dr. Burkhead! Without them taking action at the the moment they did im not sure if my baby would be here with us today! My family is eternally grateful for them making split second decisions! Thank-you again!

Cassandra Ezeukwu

I have been to The woman's hospital of texas two different occasions like a difference of 4 years and each time U are here things keeps getting better and better. The nurses there are awesomely friendly and attentive . The environment is always super clean that it makes U forget U are in the hospital. Am highly impressed and I will always recommend The woman's to My friends .

Chris Souza

My daughter gave birth to her first child at this hospital. After delivery they put her in a room that was 10ft x 10ft. It fit her bed a couch and baby’s bed only one person could walk around the room at a time. They had thrown her bags of pads, water bottle and all other items the hospital provides on the floor in the middle of the tiny bathroom. I was really surprised there was even a bathroom in there. We were told we could be on a waiting list for a bigger room so we did and when we saw bigger rooms become available and ask the staff about them they told us we had to wait for them to be cleaned. So I guess they were never cleaned because they would never did move us. There was no hand soap so we asked for some and we were informed they didn’t have any and we could use hand sanitizer. So think twice before you deliver at this hospital because on the tour we were never shown these rooms and I would think washing your hands with soap would be important around a new born.

Jessica Stenger

The Pediatric department is absolutely amazing. They were not only amazing with our four year old son, but they were very kind to us. Thank you so much for taking such great care of our family.

brittany guardiola

I delivered my son here 11 years ago and just delivered my daughter here absolutely the best hospital . It was a totally different delivery from 11 years ago with new skin to skin baby never leaving my room etc my nurse was awesome and my ob is same one.from 11 years ago

Keezy Marley

Im from st.louis and this is the slowest place in the world my wife was here from 7pm to 4:00 am to the point she left with no results

Erica Sanchez

The operator that answers the phone named Angie seem bother and so rude just transfers you anywhere does not let you even finish talking I called once and my husband called she did the same thing to him. No customer service does not want to her job.

Ashley Alvarado

I love them, had my second child with them and both times were amazing.. Very kind, and awesome..

Jeanine Williams

always excellent and professional experience at Womens

Nicole Overton

I was born at Women's Hospital of Texas years ago and now am returning for treatment. I am pleased with the courtesy and attentiveness of my doctors and their medical staff.

Our Family

Hospital stay was great. Staff were helpful, surgeons were great!

Archana Acharya

Warriors of nurses! Excellent staff. Committed professionals. I am so glad I was here for my baby’s delivery! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

Kerstin T

DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL. The ONLY reason I went there is because my obgyn doctor would do the surgery I needed there. Front desk was TERRIBLE and dropped a 1700$ charge on me the day of surgery when I was in the financial office 2 days prior for pre op and it wasn’t mentioned. When I finally got in my room the “best IV nurse in the west wing” wouldn’t listen that the ER at the same hospital did my third IV in my left arm and first in my right an both my arms were bruised from the terrible work, she did it in the arm I asked her not to anyways and couldn’t get the vein so she kept shoving it in about 8 times until I was screaming an the vein blew. Then proceeded to take it out, let blood run down my arm and spray on the bed and on me and THEN put the used needles on the bed to let blood everywhere next to my legs. My family had to clean the blood off of me and the bed because she left everything as is.(I woke up in the same blood soaked sheets after surgery)Terrified enough already of being there for my first surgery ever they do one in my hand and it finally works but hurts like all hell. I wake up and I wasn’t cleaned very well if at all because I’m orange covered in iodine and dried blood crusted all on my stomach and in my bellybutton. Never go here. I’m traumatized for life now.

ambra c

My experience at the Hospital was overall good. Amazing the care received during labour and delivery, and also in the post partum unit. The ob/gyn and nurses were excellent, professional, supportive and helpful. I cannot give a 5 star rating as we had some issues. 1st: We were doing the private collection of umbilical cord and tissue. The nurse collected ONLY the blood, wasting the tissue. Of course there is not a way back, and we felt miserable having lost this unique opportunity. 2nd: the paediatrician who visited my daughter on both days was terrible. Careless, not accurate, rushing. The paediatrician seem unprepared, which was demonstrated by giving me the test for another patient in the post partum unit rather than my own child. 3rd: There is a misspell in my daughter's name. When we realised it, we called the hospital to amend. I am still waiting a return call with a solution.

Nicklas Slater

These people have been wonderful!!! While my wife’s in labor I got a migraine that wouldn’t let go. I walked to their emergency from our room and was bombarded by nurses stopping me to ask if I was ok and if I needed anything. Once I got to the emergency room and told them what I was experiencing they were amazing, everyone in the emergency room knew that I had a wife in labor and was having problems, they made a great effort to get me fixed up and back to delivery. I’m so grateful for these people at three am going out of their way to help me.

Katherine Dale

My pre op nurse Jodi was a dream. She deserves a shoutout!!!!

Williams Fonseca

Best people, best place..

Diamond Rose

Had my son in January 2018 and my experience was phenomenal. The pre birthing classes they provided was very helpful, I learned a lot from them. My birthing experience was awesome the nurses really helped and coached me through everything being this was my first child. The nurses made me feel comfortable.

Chelsea Bernard

I recently had a c-section that was scheduled months ahead of time. The day of my surgery, we checked in and all of the nursing and or staff were phenomenal. After surgery I was put in a recovery area and was there from 9am until almost 2pm waiting for a room. We were told they were over booked and there were no rooms even though they had known my surgery date for a long time. When I finally got into a room, it was the size of a shoebox. I could barely fit a visitor in along with myself it was so small. The staff was wonderful, but the admin planning process needs work.

Dee Mon

I dont even know where to start... it was such a horrible experience with this birth my first childs experience was beautiful and awesome, but here you would think if it was in the medical center you would get top notch experience. You have to pay for parking, your food, nurses were rude and rude when I asked her to wash my baby in my room, my tv didnt work and compared to my hospital visit at clear lake regional they gave me memories to remember, Womens hospital didnt at all! If you are expecting PLEASE VISIT AND TALK TO NURSES AND ASK US REVIEWERS BECAUSE AS A MOTHER YOU WANT THE BEST FOR YOU, YOUR BABY AND FAMILY!

Susan Wright

I was extremely pleased with every aspect of my stay at The Women’s Hospital of Texas. I was treated with kindness and compassion from beginning to end. The nurses answered instantly whenever I called for them and came promptly to take care of my needs. I will definitely recommend this hospital to anyone I know who might need their services. My surgeon, Dr. Ginger Cathey, took great care of me and I will certainly recommend her as well. I had no pain at any time and that’s always a good thing.

miriam madani

Dr. Gunn caused me so much distress during my pregnancy and delivery. She was very rude to me for no reason. I will never forget that.

Shurina Andrews

Went in because I was having pain in my knee while I was pregnant the doctor came in and said I was having a tubal pregnancy and wanted me to get an abortion. I refused he then got mad and told me do whatever I want and that he wasn’t going to be their all night to wait for me.. they made me sign a paper to leave saying I could die so I wouldn’t sue the hospital.. I’m now 35 weeks pregnant and still alive don’t believe everything that a rude doctor tells you!!! I will never go here again!

aron copeland


Mercedes Hill

This hospital has a great nursing staff and Dr. Faro really cares about his patients. I have stayed here several times over the last 4 years due to surgeries and the nurses are always so helpful and great. Blessy is one of the best nurses I have ever encountered and she really cares about the patients on her floor. Although no one likes to go or stay in the hospital I have really enjoyed my time at the hospital. They try to keep it as clean as possible, it’s quiet and the techs are really great, Josie especially. If you are in need of surgery or have an emergency, Women’s hospital is a great hospital.

Tristan McQueary

We were not notified when our daughter was moved from one NICU to the other. They did not explain anything to us about the protocol of the NICU. When I called down to check on her they didn’t know where she was at first.

Silvia Alonso

Amazing staff ♥️

Judy Davis

Outstanding outpatient surgery experience! Worth the wait for the surgeons & the hospital.


This hospital is the best going back in 4 months to have my twins delivered !!! And hope it be the same way like my first visit !

Ashima Joshi

We just had our first baby at the Woman’s Hospital Of Texas and have had a wonderful experience. All the staff and nurses are really helpful and know their job. Their services were great and something anyone would want during their first time experience. Not to forget about my Doctor - Claire Kelly, who has done a great job as my OBG/GYN.

Griselda Mata

Very sweet and kind and fast !!

Karen Mitchell

The professional and compassionate care started the healing process on a positive note. The Enhanced Surgery Recovery program was an eye opener. The recovery was much improved over the traditional surgical procedure.

Erica Williams

My First Time Ever being a patient at The Woman's Hospital of Texas in Houston on Fannin and my entire visit was AWESOME! Everyone was so welcoming and courteous....I loved it! Everyone I encountered on September 25th deserves to be awarded for such great customer service and a job well done from the moment I stepped foot through the doors (concierge,security, admissions, nurses,Dr Holtz,all of The Day Surgery Staff that I encountered and that help my mother throughout my stay, Especially My Nurse Ms Jordan tell her I said Happy Anniversary of course I remembered because it's My Birthday *smile* and I can't forget My Recovery Nurse she was awesome as well) Everyone was so nice, warm, informative, Professional, clean and quick I could come back again just because but nahh I don't like hospitals like that lol....again Thanks for everything ...You guys Rock!

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