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REVIEWS OF Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children IN Texas

Anna Massarelli

I always feel I get the best care at this hospital. I've had the best doctor at this hospital since I started coming here.

Zachary Lyles

Mariela Castro

I have spoken to Audrey S. in the medical records department and she is VERY RUDE! You can not ask her any questions because she will pretty much tell you to shut up because she does not want to repeat herself even though you asked her once, she will assume that you will ask her again so she does not answer your question. She is very unprofessional and seemed as if she just wanted to argue with someone and was rude from the very start, I was very polite and gave her absolutely no reason to be rude. If you're having a bad day and want to argue with someone, call your bf or husband and argue with them instead.

Nevaeh Brown

Emo O

The best hospital ever.

Andre Nell

This place is fantastic. The staff are friendly. The environment is perfect for children. The food is good and well priced. What a wonderful hospital!!!

Bruce Quitmeyer

best doctor experience ever

karina murillo

Yolanda Bustillos

She just loves the Doctor and dentist

Katie Owens


Laurel 905

Daniel Harvey

Veronica Rios

xXJayden Xx

I love this place it is so helpful to me and everyone that goes/works there

Roderick Francis

These females are very disrespectful to the men that fdo come to the appointments with their kids. I had two females disrespectfully overlook me as if I wasn't even there.

Hasib B

Cheryl Martinez Rivera

(Translated by Google) The attentions of all the personnel that this hospital works are given to the patients and their relatives with a lot of respect, kindness. Always ready to provide help. God bless you all. (Original) Las atenciones de todo el personal que este hospital laboran son dadas a los pacientes y a sus familiares con mucho respeto, amabilidad. Siempre dispuestos a brinfar ayuda. Dios los bendiga a todos.

nora rivera

Kellie cunningham

jessica creed

Josh Hall

Simply a fantastic organization.

Monica Boyd

Awesome place! They make my son feel comfortable and welcomed.

Yvette Cano

Audrey Mcray

So nice and sweet love the Wii game and art's and caft so quiet just a loved hospital and I love seeing the skyline of dallas

Eva Altschuler

love scottish rite hospital. my sister has scoliosis and is not scared about going there!

Richard Britton

This is our second time to have to use this Hospital in the last 3 years... And this is by far the cleanest and best run hospital I've ever visited in my 48 years being on this Earth... Hats off to the staff... Job well done

Brianna Perez

Tonya Bennett

As I sit here I can only thank God for this place. This hospital is not overrated at all. This has been a very special place. When they say they put kids first they mean it. Everything has been top notch from beginning to end. Wow!!! Just Wow! After a horrible experience with a previous doctor for my son Dr. Scott Oishi wanted to take my sons case. He is the most caring. His first thought was protecting my sons future in football which was important to my son so it was important to him. I see why they call this hospital and it’s doctors “Ortho Gods”. He wasted no time fixing the situation and it was more intense. He has gotten the best care here. He could not understand why the previous doctor put him in the situation, but God is good and put my son in the right hands. We are so thankful! Surgery went amazing! The support staff, the nurses, even the cafe just stellar. Your child will come first over money or anything else. Health first! I can’t find enough words to explain how great Scottish Rite has been.

Gaming _Time55

Amy Ditolla

World class hospital. Clean and competent. They did for my child what no other hospital could do to save her from debilitating scoliosis. Every year we go back and we see from the patients that are being helped that they continue to take on the cases no one else will. They do amazing things that help children live more normal lives. Also the cleanest hospital we had ever experienced.

Tracy Dye

Manasi Dosi Sheth

Its the best place for children. Great staff,friendly environment,specially designed for children....A true children hospital!

Silvia Fallad

Tonera Chose to

Patrick Brown

Shining example of a world class facility.

danni sanford

Tracie Horrell

Our visit today was wonderful all the ppl are very nice !!

Brittany Butler

Amanda Jackson

I was a patient here for a little over two years with Scoliosis; i was 13 years old and had the surgery at the age of 15 and i am now 28 years old and no problems with the Harrington rod they put in my back. This is a friendly place and i would love to go visit soon and see my DR's that had took care of me there such friendly people. :) I would recommend this place to anyone.

Deila Authorina

Sindi Vazquez

Lashea Barnett

Ires Silva

I love the park I like to be here with the kids and have fun

Christi Pugh

This has been the best hospital experience by far that I have had with my daughter. All of the staff are very helpful and make your child feel very comfortable with whatever they might be there for. I will recommend this hospital to everyone.

Simon Williams

Well done

Yad S

We had an appointment at 1:45 PM. We showed up at 1:30 PM. They took an x-ray at 2:00 PM. Every 15 minutes we approached the front desk, we were told the doctor would see us in "just a few minutes". We waited for three hours until 4:45 PM and finally left without having my wheelchair-bound daughter getting the service she deserved.

Dalandra Smith

Robert Meek

Great staff!

Leigh Ann Myers

Terrible experience with the Luke Waites Center. They could not see past my child’s ADHD to see there was a reading issue and tried to tell me he was average in reading for his age with is so far from the truth. The evaluator was inconsistent in her statements and made suggestions like “giving prizes for learning sight words”...something we have been doing since the age of 4 yet he still can not consistently read them. But in her evaluation he read them perfectly, amazing! Beware of the facility if your child has ADHD and you know there is more to the picture as far as reading goes because they will try to blame it all on the ADHD. I should’ve known this because even on their website they talk in depth about how they do not deal with ADHD etc. I’m a medical professional and I work with this child daily and the findings in her report are dead wrong. So disappointed my child suffered for 6 months with no intervention for literally nothing. I’m so disappointed with this facility. They literally treated me as a fool and just looked at my child as a head case and gave him a BS diagnosis that I have come to find out that the school does not even recognize as a disorder. At least his school is the best and knows he needs the Lexia computer program so are willing to keep him on it since every single person there sees his extreme reading deficits but these so called professionals can not. Ridiculous.

Chris Fletcher

Great hospital for kids

Janet Katz

Claudia Perez

max glisenti

Best hospital x kids and teens i ever been.. great people super nice and everybody its always ready to help and with the best attitude.

Horte Vazquez

Erick Zuniga

(Translated by Google) Friendly and very attentive (Original) Amables y muy atentos

Dia’s Frugal Life

Nancy Wolfgang

Jacob Denby

Great great great!!!!!!

Jackie Sanford Smith

Daniel Delaney

just a suggestion....check your sight and make sure of the spelling. In one place I read pediatric and in another I read pediatic. It does not exactly shout professional organization.

Chelsea Giles

We have been going to Scottish Rite for the last 5 years. We have had an incredible experience with doctors, nurses, staff-everyone. We've spent long days and nights at this place and have received the most wonderful care. Our daughter could not be in better hands. We are so grateful for this place.

Marisol Martinez

It was awesome wen it was my first time I saw a store popcorn sale and some fish

Jen Beau

Such a wonderful place to come for the care of a child!!!!

Lorena Del Toro


Incredible medical and support staff. Treated kindly and generously by everyone. Smiles and helpfulness with every encounter.

Kathy LeAnn

Richard Santos

They are very welcoming from the time u walk in till you leave. Very friendly and always willing to help.

Carl Overcash

kala nichole

Brenda Barnhart

Awesome in 1982 and still Awesome!!

Kenya Bustillos

I do NOT recommend their Dyslexia program to anyone. My nephew needed to be tested for Dyslexia and his school recommended Scottish Rite. They took forever to get back with his parents only to tell them they felt they couldn’t help him and he needed special education services. They did all this without even seeing my nephew!!! Turns out he IS dyslexic and the person that helped evaluate him was a Special education specialist that said he was far from special ed... They will help you as long as your child’s first and last names aren’t “too ethnic”.

Sharon moore

It is the best ever

Scott Van Dusen

edwin osala

There really awesome, keep time and i just love there professionalism.

Meli Hernandez

Jeremy Duong

Went here as a child, always saw the same doctors love them all. I make a 40 minute drive to stop by and visit and look back on my childhood memories. This was the hospital I grew up at, from 6 months old to the age of 17 they took great care of me and my prosthetic leg. My favorite hospital in the world no doubt. I don't think the doctors I had still work there, I don't know for a fact it was my favorite place to go before school. I would recommend this hospital to anyone who has disabilities, if the doctors cared for me I'm pretty sure they're go out of your way for you.

Sharise Taylor

I was referred to this hospital by my local doctor due to my daughter might have scoliosis she was to see Dr.Kim when arrived to checking in was good very nice place and pleasant staff upfront until we settled in room and Dr.Kim assistant came in and was very rude and seemed to be uneasy she was rude when asking me about why we were there she did some body movements with my daughter acted like her patience was short with her just all around not friendly to be working in a hospital with children kept telling me i was wrong and using the word she Thinks when explaining to dr all i had told her like i didn’t know what i was talking about or what the previous doctor had explained to me when you are in a child’s workplace or any period you need to act accordingly and she didn’t we had a great experience until we dealt with her even the others that came in the room were rude i wish someone would give her a pep talk and the staff and refresh their memory on why she/they are there and that one RUDE employee can ruin your whole experience

Danny McDaniel

Concepción Mejía

William Clements

They have nice nurses

Monica Grider

We feel our daughter is listened to and well cared for. I work at a hospital as a social worker and I am very impressed w Scottish Rite! It's also a fun place to go to!

Alena Tychina


I'm very humbled to be a part of this work we do for children. Should anyone need assistance with applicable medical treatments please, please, please don't hesitate and contact your local Scottish Rite for more information. God Bless our children.

Deann Redman

Everything about Shriners was great!! Being greeted when you walk in the door and being processed to see the doctor was very efficient. The doctors thankfully were able check my grandson out and give my daughter piece of mind. They go the extra mile

Havan Barwari

elizabeth linan

Jen B

Simply wonderful! The care, the staff, the volunteers, the atmosphere, and on and on. Thank you for taking good care of my little one!!!!

Dora Rodriguez

Absolutely Loved my time and experience here .My son has now graduated but definitely recommend this hospital.

Joshua Mota

AMAZING. Sweetest people ever. More kid friendly than any hospital i've ever been to. BY FAR. Lots of fun stuff to do for the kids. Atmosphere is not like a hospital. There's not that feel of a hospital; just a bright, friendly, happy atmosphere. They told my son to pick out a toy (stuffed animals) and he was only there for a dr. visit. Nothing very serious/long term. I was surprised at that. Very sweet people. Wow. If i ever want to donate to a charity (if i could afford it), this would be it. When i was leaving, i said, do i need to pay somewhere, and the worker said, "well, of course, if you can't pay, we never turn anyone away. But yes later a bill will come in the mail. But you don't need to pay anything today" I didn't even say i couldn't afford it and will definitely pay the bill but it's nice to know if i ever am down on my luck, there will always be a place for my kids.

John Mitchell

Awesome place. Best Doctors anywhere. Dr. Herring just performed our daughter's third surgery and she is doing really good. P.S. The popcorn is to die for.

Claudia Ester

Such a wonderful staff. Had to rate!


Wonderful place

Jon Paterson

Very caring staff that want the best for children.

Eva Chavarria

Derek Habte

Sabana Sanders

My daughter been patient here since she was 2 weeks old she's 9 now they are best when comes to club feet always answer questions and concerns some things can be improved like parents should eat free when child is in hospital and they should have snack room instead vending machine where u got pay for everything available for parents when staying with child like most hospitals other than that their good hospital

Holly Athey

I don't recommend anyone here if you got a child. That needs surgery you want get it. Until you haveing counseling first and there the ones who make the decision if he needs it or my point is your child will suffer

Missy Milbeck

Absolute amazing facility and doctors! Thank you SRH!

Jeremy Worth

William Anderson

This hospital has cater to kids who does not have any money all treatments are free what a wonderful thing all treatments from the hospital facilities at no cost to the families at all

juan nicanor

AJ Jaiswal

Deyami deyiam

Jim Turner

Where were you born? This is one of the best works of the Masonic brotherhood.

Taylor Huffman

aBBy Campos

(Translated by Google) God bless all the people who work their work and kindness their priority the patient and explain everything very well to the parents (Original) Dios bendiga atodas las personas k trabajan ai xk su trabajo y amabilidad su prioridad el paciente y explican todo muy bien alos padres

Mimi Checkin fake heaux

Morgan Scruggs

Jenna bored

Evoluton Best

The best hopital for chidrens

Youssef Almkari

I can only speak on the Park area. It is a beautiful place with gorgeous sculptures. I do enjoy the occasional stroll through this well-maintained area ♥️

Brian Baldridge

Greatest hospital! My daughter is a patient here and has had several surgeries. Staff is very professional and very comforting. I can't remember ever having a bad visit. Thanks for making my daughter's life easier!!!

Greg Pennings

Andrew M Crask

i have been a mason for 38 years now i started in dallas tx in 1978 , most of us there at texas insturments did work for you for free .i am 100disabled form that now thanks for the magazens over the years.


The best doctors, staff and team EVER. Every visit was amazing year after year

Michelle Bartolomei

Best hospital for children's in all Texas!! ❤️Thank you Dr. Johnston!!!

Michelle Hunt

I took my child here. The staff was awsome and caring .

Amanda Ballentine

I was born severely prematurely and spent the first 3 months of my life in the NICU at Dallas Presby. While there I contracted MRSA, in the NICU, and it attacked my joints and bones leading to osteomyelitis, laymans terms bone infection. I'm now 36 and have more problems than I can count but my doc at TSRH was wonderful. I did have to have several surgeries but eventually they got me somewhat situated by the time I was 18 and had my last surgery. Yes, they actually kept seeing me after I was 18. And I led a happy, somewhat healthy life until I was 28 and was diagnosed with cancer. The chemo aggravated the damage the osteomyelitis had caused and ever since I have been in pain. But that is in no way their fault. I'm so grateful for all that they did for me while I was a baby, toddler, child, adolescent and teenage mother. Who knows what kind of shape I would be in if not for the Ortho department at TSRH. I'm blessed to be able to walk at all now. I don't do it well anymore, but at least I can still do it. If not for them, I don't think I would be able to.

Elena Carrillo

Best hospital

naturally_ shay

The best hospital ever!! They really care about you and whatever brings you to them. My son has been a patient with scottish rite every since he was 1 he is now 6 years old. Stuart in the prosthetics department is the best!! He has been with my son since the beginning, he has always been there for us and treats my son with care he is very passionate about his work and it shows. I have nothing bad to say about this hospital....keep up the good job!!

Brandon Roland

I went to Scottish rite hospital up until I was eighteen I had so much fun as a kid and teen-ager going to the hospital was a blessed and learning different types of spina bifida and learning about my own spina bifida

Lana K

Wonderful playground for the kids!

jamie Blake

Scottish Rite Hospital deserves 5 stars because not only do they help our children but they do it with pure empathy. They smile and make you feel comfortable when you feel like the world is closing in due to the condition of your child. I praise them to anyone I speak to about my daughters condition. They all have a huge place in our hearts. God Bless all of them!

Daniel Martinez

Kevin Costlow

As a child I was treated at this hospital and I can't begin to tell you how wonderful this place is... Amazing Doctors and staff. One of the very reasons I became a Mason!

Diana Viveros

(Translated by Google) Excellent place everyone is very attentive, God bless you all for your great work they do (Original) Excelente lugar todos son muy atentos, Dios los bendiga a todos por su gran labor que hacen

Dee Plays

my best friends are getting surgery here today... thank you for helping

Frank Luo

Folks here are as friendly as you can ever get. And you got best doctors here too, if you don't mind the price.

Paul Kris

When I was 11 yrs old I fell off a tractor and got my leg run over by the shredder. Tecnically I sould of bled to death and came close to it. Not doing well at the hillcrest in Waco tx not knowing if they could even get the infection out and me live they told my parents if I live I would either loose my leg or have to have it welded strait. Idk know how but I got accepted to scottish rites. I had to stay there little more then a year and I had one of the best trauma surgeons in the state taking care of me not only did I live but Dr. Ritchards was able to put my leg back together and after months of therapy i was able to walk, run and live a some what normal life thanks to scottish rites hospital.

Ali Kemal goksen

Here are the most beautiful people I have ever seen on earth. When I take my sick son in scottish ritte, I leave happy after treatment. thank you for everything.

Chris Kirk

Leah C

Michael Law

Karina Torres

(Translated by Google) Excellent all the staff from the moment you enter to the medical care and when you leave, everyone is very friendly (Original) Excelente todo el personal desde que entras hasta la atención Medica y al irte todos son muy amables

Lizette Ramirez

Lori Wise

They have added security protection at checkin & have great volunteers that are consistent. My child loves seeing the same people serving & they remember. Amazing atmosphere & staff all around!

John Duncan

Just a wonderful place they did so much for my daughter so she could walk.

Kayla Burchfield

My son was diagnosed with Perthes disease, which was a very scary experience for us. We came to see Dr. Kim for a second opinion and are SO happy we did! Everyone at this facility were attentive and empathetic to our needs. They understood how stressful the situation was and did everything they could to reduce a little bit of that stress for us. We are eternally grateful for Dr. Kim and all of the Scottish Rite staff❤❤

Jeridyn Pearson

They are the best

Ann Lake

God bless them each and every one.

Super Man

Great children's hospital.

Fran Johnson

Timing is everything and they are on top of it

Cory Givens

Ligimol Tharayil

Laura Perez

One of the best hospital's for children's!!

Jennifer Winchip

This a very nice hospital. Really nice people.

nevaeh gang

Sarah Howard


I am a patient of Dr. Sucatos. I truly believe he is a magical physician. His bedside manner and surgical skills are undeniably the best I've ever encountered, which is saying a lot since I'm a nurse. He is one of the few surgeons that really cares about his patients holistically, and I'm recovering well because of his expertise. My nurses were attentive and kept me well informed of my plan of care throughout my stay. Thankyou Keeve, Eileen, David, Hun, Dr Richard and everyone else who was there taking care of me. I really can't rave enough about the staff here. I look forward to continuing my recovery with the help of all these angels. Thanks so much!

Carolina Aguila

David Reyna Martinez

obeyyprincess denisse

Carlos Flores

Ashley Whitehurst

Don Mingo

Helped our son 1991-92 after 8 weeks in Children's Hospital. We are very grateful. Didn't cost us a penny. Staff we so kind and caring.

Thelma Flores Craig

I was a patient there for the first part of my life. They help me with all my conditions and illnesses, plus I had a back surgery there. Plus I'm looking forward to going back as a volunteer.

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