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REVIEWS OF CHI St. Luke's Health Memorial Livingston IN Texas

Tina C

This has to be the WORST hospital in Texas! Second time we have had to go there and I think in the future I would rather just stay home and die than put up with sitting in the waiting room for 8 hours with every drug overdose only to put up with the RUDEST woman in the world at the desk, only to be MISDIAGNOSED!!!!! I will definitely be filing a complaint with the state medical board!

Mike Brewer

This is the worst hospital in the state of Texas. I have been to many. This place is bottom of the barel. The last time my wife and I were here we spent 4 hours in the waiting room. She had a fractured hip. A man came after us with a sprained ankle via ambulance. Because he was in an ambulance they admitted him first. Who ever runs this place needs to be fired!!! St. Luke's needs to step up and get something done about this place. Yet they want to brag about the hospital in Lufkin. Do something about this St. Luke's.

Fallon Boinski

I was in town for Easter and this was the only hospital around. I went in by Ambulance and they immediately threw me into a wheelchair and into Triage where an older lady began asking questions that the EMS lady had just asked me and had obviously had it all written down for her. I was in excruciating pain and it was ridiculously obvious by the crying and screaming I was doing (pregnant with a possible twisted ovarian cyst). The lady said that I needed to "chill out" because "you're already aware of what is going on, no need to freak out this much". Really? I felt like I was about to pass out on top of almost having a panic attack due to being overwhelmed by the pain. When I told her that I had to use the restroom (the first time) she said I'd just have to wait. I told her that I had to go pretty bad and she was completely irritated but wheeled me over to the restroom where she ran me into the door frame sending shooting pain throughout my body. I told her that it hurt really bad and her response was "Well you said you HAD to go pee!". What?! No sorry?! It took all I had to not go off on her. Then I was put in a room and they took forever to come in. Usually pregnancy complications are rushed. Not here! The doctor was quick to just administer pain meds, which is fine and all, but I wanted to get down to the real problem. I waited 3 hours for an Ultrasound then another 2 for results. The nurse made a comment about how busy they were today and how most of the people just go in there to get their drug fix. Well, after the doctor wanted to "give me a shot for the road", I can see why people flood this place! The staff is very unprofessional and the place is disgusting. I was shocked at how unsanitary the place was! Drive the extra miles to the next hospital, who knows, it just might save your life.


Rude nurses and doctor. No one was listening to me about what was happening to my body. During my body going through a shock, a rude nurse named Valerie kept yelling at my face to calm down, the whole time my body feeling like it’s being paralyzed, feeling the weight of my organs crushing me, and having my heart rate reach up to 160. Telling me it was anxiety attacks when really my body was going through shocks of not eating right and sleep deprivation lately. I wouldn’t recommend this hospital if you want real, solid answers as to what is going on with your body. They’re just happy to hand you a pill to get you out.

Keenan Landers

Always great

Jennifer Mayer

Great Nurses. Very compassionate.

Jennifer Page

Please consider this a review of the emergency room only. 10 days ago, I was experiencing symptoms that led me to go the nearest hospital. Given the reputation of Houston's Chi St. Luke, as a leader in Heart care, I felt I would disregard the things that I had heard and go to the hospital right next door. I was Casper white, sweating in 68 degrees, faint, elevated blood pressure, tachycardia, and chest tightness and pain but at the same time, making jokes and doing my best to stand on my own two feet. I was there from 2:30 to 10:00, was given 2 Tylenol, 3 bags of saline, diagnosed with dehydration and sent home. Although I drank just as much that day/week as any other time. By the time they were discharging me, I was realizing at No point during my visit had anyone asked me what medications and supplements I take, no one asked me what existing conditions I had. Basic stuff. Both the day shift and night shift doctors spent miniscule amounts of time with me and were dismissive and condescending. The night doctor told me I could lie to him and he would admit me if that's what I wanted. When I told him my go-to drink was water, his response was "Good Answer." No one gave you time to think of a response, if you did have everything formulated in your mind what you were going to say when the doctor or nurse comes in then you missed your chance because they are in and out. My head was fuzzy. Guess I needed pencil and paper to gather my thoughts and articulate fast enough for them. The nurses who took my orthostatic blood pressures did not do it correctly. I read up on it because there were marked differences in my bp and pulse from laying down to standing but that's because I was dehydrated? Right. I was still faint when I was leaving the hospital, and for days afterward. But after the experience that I had, I refused the grudgingly offered wheelchair and walked out with my fuzzy head held high. (My husband drove.) The one good thing that I learned from my visit was that I was not having a heart attack. Thumbs Up to that! A separate issue, I'm not good with names, I can't tell you anyone's name there. However, if I heard this person's voice again, I would know her, I don't know what her role is but I thought of her as the official "Loud Talker" of the nurses desk area. When she came on duty she was complaining about someone else not having brought her a latte for a long time, then begging others to go to McDonalds and purchase her a latte, then telling said someone that they "make the big bucks" and they should pay for her latte. Perhaps my pulse was staying high because this woman was quite the most annoying person I've ever had the displeasure of listening to. Not long before we left, Ms. Loud Talker apparently had failed to plan ahead and loudly announced to the hall that we needed to get these people discharged because she had a paper to write. I hope all the patients survived and she made an A, that would be the best of both worlds. A formal reprimand would also be in order, I imagine if you read this to emergency room personnel you will find said Ms. Loud Talker very easily. As a sick patient, I know I found her attitude extremely offensive. I imagine everyone else in the hospital did too. Dear Sir or Madam form responder, it is not necessary for you to tell me that I can send this to Yana Ogletree. I am aware. I am also aware that you can copy, paste, and forward this feedback to her just as well as any of these disappointed responders can. If a personal approach is the goal, if satisfaction in your patients is the goal, maybe reach out to the Houston hospital for guidance? It seems that this small town can learn something about friendliness and patient care from the big city. Perhaps its because the big city pays more and attracts a different caliber of doctor, I don't know. I certainly hope that these issues are worked out so that local people don't fear going to a local hospital in an emergency situation.

Lisa Murchison

Worst emergency department of any hospital I have ever stepped in. The staff is rude and the waiting room is disgusting. We actually walked in through the back way so we came through the actual emergency room and everybody was standing around doing nothing yet there are about 8 people just sitting in the waiting room. I will never come back to this place again.

Darin White

I had to stay with them for the last couple days. Having to be in the hospital is never good. But, I have never been treated better. Every one from the doctors, to the fine folks that cooked my food and cleaned my room. That being said, the nurses were THE most caring and professional people that I've ever met. They should all be commended for the way they treated me and the compassion they showed me. I was sweaty from earlier that day, then was too weak and unsteady to shower the next two days. I was terribly embarrassed. But they treated me like I was their own father. CHI St. Luke's, I hope you will let these very special people know how much I appreciate what they did for me... Darin White Room 219 11/03/2018 - 11/05/2018

Judi Burks

This hospital sux most of the time... Me and my best friend went to the emergency dept last night and they treated me OK I was brought back shortly after we arrived... I had a seizure and was also diagnosed with tia.... My best friend went in with pains in her chest, coughing up dark brown flem and very bad sore throat...we arrived at 12:30 she was still in the waiting room... They kept telling her she was next but 3 ahead of her...they brought back people that came in after her...her blood pressure was even high..she decided to tell them to take her off the list...and let them k ow she was very unhappy...shes back over there today and has been in the waiting room almost 3 hours today...its ridiculous ...smh....i wouldnt go to cleveland either they are worse

Pamela Collins Jester

Love these employees! With so many surrounding counties coming to this ER, I have no clue how they do it! Kudos to these employees. Small ER, small hospital, way to small to be the only hospital for so many people.

Jason Thomas

Herridge Fam 5

Gerry Beathard

Drs might be good. Staff is incompetent. Faster to drive to Kingwood or Conroe. Dont waste your time here.

Christina Fisher

My step was sent home from here and went to another ER. He was admitted to Herman for hypoxia. As a nurse AND family member y'all should be ashamed of yourselves. I can't believe you even have a license to operate. Thankfully he didn't die leaving out of your facility. You've been saved from a lawsuit.

Nathan Smith

If you have a small issue this is the place to go. If your issue may need to have a specialist, then this is not the place to go. Day shift E.R. doctor played the "Pass the ball onto someone else" game

Alvin Taylor II

I can in for excessive vomiting and dehydration and got checked in fairly decent. I end up getting checked in and when I got to my room I had no meds on my profile. They found a kidney stone and didn't tell me, I only found out when my Aunt came and they told her not me. I layed in my room in extreme pain for 24 hours and was simply overlooked. There is very poor communication if any between staff and sloppy structure. Shame on you St.Luke.

Cherissa Sky-EagleSmith

Everyone I ever saw at ER were the nicest people! Some times slow, but very efficient.

Donna Doughtie

Corey Jackson

They are not the best

Big time review

This is a hospital that should be shut down, anytime a hospital in your town is know as the death trap must say something. Drive to Humble or Houston as fast as possible and give your self or loved one a real chance.

Todd Taylor

Good people

john kowis

Angi Collin

Denise Bannister

Slow--90 minutes to get registered to have xray and another 90 minute to have procedure done. Whatever happened to prompt service?

Janet Hudson



I had a 1.5" long beetle burrowing into my eardrum. After unsuccessfully digging into my ear to remove it, the ER doctor knocked me out with Fentanyl. The Dr and nurse still could not get it out because the pain was unbearable. I begged to be admitted and put under anesthesia because it was like a 25 in pain on a scale that only goes to 10. IT was unbelievable. Finally they got the burrowing insect out. (left the room for 45 minutes with the open bottle of Fentanyl sitting on the cabinet. !!! Good thing I'm not a thief.) Then they discharged me with no antibiotics (and of course, no pain medication). It got infected and half my head swelled up so much it sort of temporarily disfigured my head. I spent 3 weeks in bed recovering from the infection after seeing an ENT Specialist who treated the infection the hospital caused. The only way I would go back to this ER is if somebody drags me there unconscious.

Shanequa Cratic


Cheryl Bullock

Jeramy Resendez

They tried to said that the flat rate of a tetanus shot is $1950.05 and that it cost $107.50 to give me the shot. I don't understand how this place is still in business. I will be reporting this to someone.

Disha Abraham

Was seen in the er for chest pain and i only seen the rn twice and was only given medication on the ambulance and even they were rude. They were a prime example of what not to do

Christo Lee

This has been the best experience I've had in a hospital in 2 year's. They are very attentive even though they're busy, answered all my questions intended to all my concerns. Thank you nurse Jackie. Everything here was wonderful.

Iwanna Shoptaugh

Bobby Scott

We moved to Livingston a few years ago from the Woodlands and must say the Hospital staff are proficient and caring. We have had to use this emergency department in the past and pay cash. Sometimes not as fast as they would like The building as well as the staff have come a long way in a positive direction over the last few years. From our observations, the staff does a phenomenal job, considering the large amount of traffic this little hospital receives. While here I read a lot of negative comments and feedback, but can not concur with their statements. We have been treated with care, concern and respect since the moment we walked though the doors. We have been to many different hospitals over the years I can say from personal experience this is NOT the worst hospital. As a matter of fact they have gone above and beyond to diagnose the issue and treat it as quickly as possible. I read a lot about the bill being high, but have yet to see the bill so I can't comment on that at this time. I can say that you get what you pay for and when it come to my wife and I the cost is well worth the care. My wife and I do not have insurance due to the extreme cost and lack of benefit in having insurance. We are cash paying customer and live pay check to pay check, so it was nice they offered us paperwork for financial assistance and a payment plan. All in all A+ staff! Thank you for taking great care of us.

Angela Brown

Labor and delivery nurse is rude and hateful. Dr said me, my son and her mom could be in the room. The nurse said I had to leave because she only wanted 2 in there. When I told her what the dr said she old me to leave. This is only one of the MANY reasons everyone HATES the Livingston hospital. The night nurse was rude and disrespectful and the delivery nurse on days was the same way. How about if you want to be prison wardens you go work for the prison.

Madison Bailey

Sean Sullivan

The review I am about to give is specifically for the ER. The other sections I've had dealings with have always been great. Very friendly and helpful and willing to answer any questions. I have spent too much time in this Hospital int he last 5 years. I have chronic pancreatitis as well as quite a few other issues as a side effect of it as well as some other non related issues. Times in the ER on the other hand... First trip in my Doctor called and told them I had acute pancreatitis with a history of it and that they needed to get me in immediately and to notify him as soon as I arrived. ER left me in the waiting room for 4 hours before I was even triaged. If you have had pancreatitis you know that the pain level is just short of causing you to pass out and if not treated quickly can cause death. Even telling them my Dr had called and was waiting for me to be admitted they didn't do anything. The next trip in I ended up with a C-Dif infection form something I was exposed to there. 3rd trip I went in with internal bleeding and passing blood. The ER doctor gave me antibiotics and sent me home . I went back 2 days later still bleeding and they sent me home again. I nearly passed out and was extremely dizzy so we went to Kingwood. I was dangerously dehydrated and anemic from the blood loss and ended up needing 4 pints of blood transfused and as a side effected lost 75% of the vision in my left eye and 25% in my right from oxygen deprivation nerve damage. That was the 3rd strike so we stayed away from there and went to Kingwood despite the 45 minute drive because it was still quicker and we received better care. This was also before Chi St' Luke took over the Hospital. So fast forward to last Saturday, my daughter got struck in the foot by a cottonmouth. The puncture wasn't deep and it didn't start swelling right away so we decided to give them one more chance. Nice 2 hour long wait in the waiting room followed by the Doctor confirming it was a snake bite but said it didn't look severe enough to be worried and sent her home with instructions to take ibuprofen for the pain and keep her foot elevated for a few days. Sunday her foot continued swelling and got to the point she couldn't move her toes so off to Kingwood. They immediately took her back and started blood work and preparing antivenom. Due to her age and the fact she wasn't in distress they transferred her to Texas Children's Hospital where we met a toxicologist and she had to go through 4 rounds of antivenom, Found out the last medicine that should be given to any kind of snake bite victim is any pain killer that thins blood because snake venom can cause internal bleeding and the person can bleed to death from it. Needless to say it appears that change of ownership has done nothing to improve the quality of service in the ER. I wish this was just a series of bad luck occurrences but after checking around it is apparent that this is more the common experience in this ER than an exception. Please avoid this place if at all possible.

New Heavens New Earth

Emergency room was a very good experience no long wait And I was treated for my kidney stone PAIN QUICKLY. Very caring staff and the nurse GREG was AWESOME!!!!!

Sarah Barnett

Totally unprofessional. Went for a BPP ultrasound and the tech NEVER checked my placenta or the umbilical cord, all she stressed about was getting the baby to open her fist. She jabbed my belly for 20 minutes straight trying to get the baby to move more than she already was. The babys length and weigh was never checked either. I will never be going back.

Pat D

My grandson hes an infant. had an appointment at the doctor at. 2pm. But that morning his fever kept getting higher and higher. Took him to the st lukes around 10 am. Sat there for hours. 1 pm rolled around they hadn't even took him to check his temp or anything yet. The lady at the front desk was really rude. So I left and took him to his doctors appointment. They took him right back. His fever was 102, and they tested him , he had the flu. Will never go back to that hospital. Had to sit and watch my grandbaby suffer. Horrible hospital.

Barbara Marks

Was on vacation..went to ER..ALMOST didn't leave hospital...I was very sick and very unprofessional people who just didn't get my situation even after hubby explained it. Wanted to run way too many unnecessary tests which I refused after staying overnight and they were trying to force me to take. Gave me too much medicine and needed oxygen after that...after coming home the next day- My dr at home was not happy. slept for three days from too much meds. And couldn't wake up. wish I had known where else to go..

Country Angel

They don't even act like they want too be there! & the Dr on call Dr.Collins he acts like everyone there isn't worth his time & he's very rude & they don't do anything for you they just try too get you in & out as fast as possible so that they don't have too do anything! They let my iv blow in the cat scan & they just rolled be back in the room! It took 5minutes for them too come back in & the blood was literally running down my arm! & they just said it happens all the time it's no big deal it's normal ummm no that's not! Please don't go here if you can go somewhere else please do so!

Pamela A. Crawford

Well Everyone was nice... The wait was horrendous I felt after going back getting blood drawn, getting xrayed, giving a urine sample, getting my nose swabbed. Which took 4 HOURS. I was being patient and understanding. When I was rolling on hour 6 and still hadn't seen a doctor and was in the same seat I'd been sitting in all day I decided it was time to go home. The best way to go back and see the doctor is if you are brought in a ambulance or on the verge of dying. I will never go there again and recommend no one else go there.

Paul Anderson

Maria Valdez


Fiance just left @ 8:30pm while waiting since 4:45pm to be seen, apparently while waiting, she was discharged as leaving on her own without being seen. I guess she decided to hang around for another 2+ hrs to be cool right? Staff refused to fix their error, and she would have to wait even longer to be seen. Why is this hospital so horrible yet the one in Lufkin so awesome?

Kimberly Walker

If you're with Cigna Healthspring, you're stuck like chuck with only one qualifying admitting doctor. Forget about getting well.

Bobbie Cotton

Since I live in Livingston I've had to go there several times over the years. They treat everyone like a drug addict. It doesn't matter if your situation & pain is real, to them you're a drug addict. So if something is wrong with you & you're in a lot of pain, better to go 20 mins. down the road to Cleveland. I know this area has had a lot of problems with drugs. But I'm 60 years old with health problems. If I'm hurting bad enough to go to the hospital, you can bet something is bad wrong with me! Terrible place to go!

Jonathan Perkey

This is the worst hospital ever my pregnant sister has been sitting in the waiting room for 2 and a half hours for bleeding. And then two years back my dad was slurring his words and they told him he had a urinary tract infection so took him to veterans hospital it Houston and found out he had a stroke and a tumor on his brain unfortunately he passed away less then a year later

kyle dykstra

Pamela Oliver, the clerk at the emergency desk was very rude, confrontational and obnoxious. She would not give any (even calming) information to me about my girlfriend. I asked why she couldn’t advise me as to why she couldn’t tell me anything, she just told me to sit down. Even if this is “protocol”, I believe associates who deal with the public about family and loved ones should be trained in sensitivity to people’s concerns or emotions.

Keda Byrd

I'm a mother of 3 young boys. My eldest is 19 months and the 2 younger boys are 6 month old twins. Obviously life is already a little interesting in our house. One night my eldest son was worming his way off of the opposite couch from his father and me. We were laid back watching movies before bedtime. I'm not sure if he didn't have a good grip, slipped, got his self hung up some how or what. But my boy rolled off the couch trying to get down and hit his head. Instantly I had dad go get an ice pack and washcloth for me while I calmed our boy. When monster finally turned to me the side of his head (on the temple) was swollen to the size of a golf ball within seconds. It was black and blue with a small abrasion already starting. So instantly we packed up, loaded up, and headed out. Anyone that has kids knows that a tired toddler that hasn't had a nap is difficult to keep awake. Monster refused to stay awake. All I could do was get him to move and respond some way for me. When we reached the hospital and located the er, they reacted quick at first. We were triaged and sent to the waiting room. With where he hit, how badly swollen it was, and the chances of ANY damage you'd think they'd hurry. There was hardly anyone in the waiting room. 3 hrs in the waiting room. We only went back because I started going to the desk highly pissed off. I have three friends that have had brain injuries. Saved or not what damage is done is done. There is no errasing the injury. Only memories and knowledge. Once we were in the room I asked the woman placing us what took so long. She gave me some hipe about every place was booked and bla bla bla. When I expressed my concerns for my son she was snippy with me. 'No, if damage is done it will be okay.' it wasn't even what she said. It was the attitude and her turning on her heels and leaving before I could open my mouth. She really had the nerve after I sat and watched people come in after us. Laughing, walking around, goofing off, etc. go back before us. 3 hours of this and she wants to be snippy with me? Really? I couldn't help but finally snap. I was already net and pissed because of everything in the waiting room. I won't snap on someone that doesn't deserve it, but when they ask for it I don't mind dishing one bit. My husband was trying to calm me as I ranted not so quietly ready to go find a doctor myself or someone. The same woman comes back in crying and apologizing complaining about how hard the night had been in her.... Hmmm.... If you can't take the heat get a new damn profession. Y'all had my toddler son wait e hrs with a moderate concussion for me to her about how hard your night in the er has been? You've got to be kidding me. They just need to shut the place down and save the lives of the poor souls they don't care about.

David Walters

In the emergency room I heard the doctor tell my family I would die in a week, then back on the ambulance and into the night to Kingwood I went. There my family was told I might make it two weeks. I was groggy but even while everybody was talking over me like I wasn't there I could hear every word. No big deal, I'm 67 and been there and done that. Only I came around and I'm still here.

Jason Hodges

Tiffany Carter

If I could give zero I would. 19 and a half weeks pregnant. Waited in the waiting room for almost 3 hrs. They wouldnt send me to labor and delivery because I'm not 20 weeks along. They do not know how to triage at all. Very incompetent. Workers need to be fired for neglect.

George Fullen

I had hip replacement surgery here and I found it to be a great hospital with friendly knowledgeable and helpful staff. I highly recommend this hospital.

Alina Luv

My mom went feeling sick: dizzy! Having convultions! And half blind! Nurses & doctor got upset said it was a migraine. They send her home. Thank God my mom knew she needed help. My dad drove her down to Methodist Hospital in Houston. She was getting seizures on her way down!!!! When arriving to Methodist they were seen right away. They waited to see what she was talking about. Her blood pressure was very high. That night she got a seizure. They determined the had a stoke that triggered seizures. A vein in her head had ruptured,also. After 3 days of test they have also found blood clots in her brain! If you feel something ain't right don't listen to these unprofessional people. If you want to live go to Houston Methodist Hospital! They have been very professional. She got a seizure within seconds there was like 5 nursed and 3 docotors! Thanks to Gods mercy and this whole staff we still have my mom. Livingston hospital staff you almost killed my mom with your rejection and ignorant doctors! Edit: they don't do nothing for the kids either. Had to drive to Texas Children's Hospital more then once!

Johnny Clark

My wife had surgery there and I've had testing done there, they are really polite and explained every thing to us. I have no problem with them.

Tiffany Beckman

This has been the worst hospital I've ever had the displeasure of being treated at, I've been sitting here sense 1:40pm at it's now 6:36pm for bleeding while pregnant and still am waiting to find out what could be wrong! Any other hospital would have had this taken care of! This is three hospital you go to to die!

Simon Geller

Here is my opinion, I was treated well by the staff and doctors and all places can be slow but I felt like they did care about me, which is awesome. What I can not stand and why I have it one star is that they have no compassion when it comes to getting their money. I have been blessed to only been to ER a couple of times in last three years. In all of them I have received a high bill even though I have insurance. I have made calls and three have come up with some discount so I could pay them back as I pay my bills. Not one was a Christian based service but all had compassion and worked with me with a good discount. Now come to the Christian one and the only option is to pay every penny but they will let you pay over months. Although they give insurance companies discounts on what they have to pay not the patient. Will I pay, of course, will I avoid them at all cost, yes I will. Well here is an update, i made the call like suggested and unless i fill out paperwork and apply for help they will not help me. Was advised the reason they can not work directly with me is that the discount is given to the insurance company, who already gets a huge payment monthly from me. I would suggest maybe letting the person receive some discount as well and not the business. I am not poor but I have bills and live paycheck to paycheck just like many others. Just wasted my time again getting same response. Do not worry i will pay you every penny I owe as i always pay my bills but trust me unless i am unconscious and an ambulance drives me there i will not be back. I will go to a for profit only organization who will at least bless me at the end.

Jeff Nelsonburger

Helen Sanchez

This place is a joke. They changed it to look more modern but the service still sucks! 7 hours and counting and waiting on Dr. I asked nurse twice on updates and she says waiting on the Dr while she puts lip gloss on. Worst place ever! Unfortunately there are no options for hospitals here. I guess that's why they act the way they do.

Clifton Alderman

Peggy U Barber

Been here for 2 hours just got to the room and there is blood on the floor said something about it they don't care

Ashley Alexander

I got to the hospital at 1oclock and here it is10 and im still sitting her haven't seen a doctor yet this is the worst hospital I've ever been to and they will never see me after this

Lee Quillin

They suck my friend was crying in pain cramping badly. She was having heart pain n they didn't help her with pain. I got so passed off about it. I really don't want to be rating this place they don't deserve it.

Jack Bobbitt

Don't go to this hospital, you might not walk out, take the extra time and go to Cleveland 20 mins away.

Jay Orosz


Janel Kincannon

Susie Williams

The er at this hospital is by far the worst ever,right now as I speak,my cousin is sitting there,pregnant with gushing liquids and bleeding(the reason she's there),been there since 7:30 it's now 11:40,and guess where she's at....yep..the waiting room still.unbelievable!

Carl Eckhardt

Can I give ZERO stars? Or negative stars? These guys need to be shut down by the state. Seriously. I called 3 or 4 times, and these chumps wouldn't lookup a patient that I KNEW was there to tell me their room number. They must really stink at medical care. I wouldn't send my hamster to this place, if all he was, was hungry. I think they'd probably neglect to feed him. Horrible. The absolute worst.

Akemi Perez

Tl Haag

I have had several tests performed here as well as a day surgery procedure and I don't think any of it could have gone any better. Everyone I dealt with was not only professional but also very kind and friendly. I had a very good experience here and would recommend this hospital and it's staff to anyone.

Cecily Davis

If I could give less than 1 star I would. I've never seen such blatant incompetence in my life. I took my mother in because she hasn't eaten in weeks and has been vomiting uncontrollably for longer than that. My mother is blind, in heart failure, a diabetic, and has kidney problems. Not only did the nurse not know how to properly inert an IV, she found it funny and started giggling when she blew my moms vein. I asked her a question and she told me that she didn't know the answer because she was eating. As if that wasn't bad enough, the doctor comes in and says that he hasn't looked at any test results or anything yet but it's her diabetes that's causing the problem so I'm going to discharge her. We got home and looked at the test results via online patient portal, turns out they found a hernia and all of her nutrition levels were very low. NONE of this was mentioned to me at the hospital. I decided to take her to Kingwood Hospital where they immediately admitted her. My advice: Do NOT take your loved ones there unless its absolutely unavoidable.

Jean Burns

My daughter was seen at er several months ago. She was not helped here. She was having cardiac issues due to medication prescribed incorrectly. She was treated very disrespectfully. No one bothered to check her medication list. They assumed and didnt bother to check . Thankfully another doctor (not Livingston Chi St Luke) was able to figure out what the problem was with just a few questions like what medications are you currently taking? Any recent changes? they realized the problem and it was resolved. Hopefully they will go over protocols here. That was very dangerous to assume .

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