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REVIEWS OF CHI St. Luke's Health-Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center IN Texas

Bev Licona

I had day surgery last Wednesday, May 1st and the entire staff that waited on me, from the time I signed in to the last person who helped me get into the vehicle, were incredibly thorough, very supportive and caring to all my needs. Sorry, I only remember a few names, Ruth, Jorge, Melissa, Chesney, Li and of course Dr Weil. Thank you all!!

Rosemary Fain

The staff there is very kind, caring & prompt. Interns are very attentive. I can't say much for housekeeping. I'm not going to say what floor we were on to prevent a panic, but we both were bitten by bed bugs. I went to my primary care doctor because I was afraid it might be a staff infection on my face, & he said no, it's bed bug bites. My boyfriend was the patient, and he had bites on his upper back. Good Hospital, bad housekeeping.

William Stein III

Very nice and very busy medical center. As with every hospital expect renovations and construction. Note that the entrance is 1101 Bay which is the newer entrance.

Staci Buck


Joseph Park

The case manager here on the 21 floor today was useless. She has no listening skills. She asked my wife if she want to go to skilled nursing home or our house. She stated the obvious "home". She set her up for skilled nursing. "WRONG"! She set her up for oxygen and screwed that up which made the hospital stay longer. I will never us this "hospital" again. All because of one person.

Lisa Dupree

My husband had a cerebral angiogram procedure done at this hospital. The care was excellent from arrival to discharge. The hospital was very clean. Everyone from doctors to transport was highly professional, caring, thoughtful and very kind. Great customer service! We felt valued and important at every step.


I have had a lot of surgeries over the years. This was my first at CHI St Luke's. My expectations were pretty low. I was expecting it to suck but to my relief my experience was pretty good. I was pre-registered so admitting went fast. Yay! Pre-op nurses were very nice and professional. There was a delay getting into the operating room because of an emergency but that was out of everyone's control. My neurosurgeon, anesthesia, and nurses were awesome. Surgery went well. Recovery is usually where things can go badly. My nurse was so nice and gave me pain medication when needed. I have a high tolerance for pain meds and have had to suffer in the past. I was very grateful to be treated as an individual and given what I needed. I was crying it was so bad but we had it under control within 30 minutes. And I didn't have any nausea. That was a first. My first night was rough but I had the best night nurse on the floor. He was so kind and gave me my meds on time and never questioned that I needed it. I was sad to see him go in the morning. My day nurse wasn't as compassionate and made me feel bad for asking for pain meds. I also felt rushed to leave, my family was over an hour away and had to drive through flooded roads to get to the hospital. Bugging me to call them was unnecessary. All of my nurse's aids were great! My PT and OT was very helpful. I was happy with my stay at St Luke's and would definitely recommend this hospital to my family and friends. It was worth the long drive to Houston. My doctors were from Baylor and I'm very grateful to have been referred to them.

Tammie C

My daughters experience here was horrible. The hospital room was dirty & in need of repairs. We had to hang hospital gowns across the window because some of the blinds were broken off, the refinishing on the tub was peeling off, the mattress on the bed looked like something they dug out of a dumpster and the food was awful. Thankfully there’s a McDonalds there. The nursing staff is even worse. At one point they were giving her the wrong dosage of one of the meds. & one gave her a lecture as if she were a drug addict when she asked for pain medication. The day she left, the nurse she had told her she could walk out on her own or they would call a transport for her if she wanted, so she chose to walk out because at that point she just wanted out of there. I have never seen a patient allowed to leave a hospital without being escorted out in a wheelchair. Especially when they had just given her a dose of dilaudid not long before she left. St. Luke’s use to be a wonderful hospital. I have been a patient there in the past, but things have really changed and I will not be going back there anymore. BEWARE OF THEIR BALANCED BILLING PRACTICES. The hospital may be in network for your insurance, but the physician working there may not be. They will send you a surprise bill and will make no attempt to work with you on it. You will be charged list price which will be MUCH higher than their negotiated in network insurance or uninsured fees.


I was making a delivery on the 5th floor on 9/21/17 and slipped and fell due to a ceiling leak. I got seriously hurt and was tooken to the ER for xrays the staff at the ER were very rude, But the staff up stairs on the 5th floor were very concerned and said this leak had been reported and going on for a long time and no one had did nothing to fix it. Now i am seriously hurt from my hip and tail bone. I am bruised and swollen with a 6 month baby unable to carry her or stand with pressure or weight on my leg. Im in pain and need a immediate response. Thank you

Doris Weekley

I visited you ER on Saturday morning. I was an out of town Red Cross volunteer. I had been turned away from another hospital. Your staff was amazing and very empathic. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel better because of them. Keep up the great work. My WV family thanks you.

Karly Lawrence

I have to say this has one of the worst experiences I have had in a hospital. Brought my dad in this morning at 530am to have outpatient procedure done and we should have been out by noon. I have been here for 14 plus hours now and still waiting for them to either release him or move him to a room for the night. All of this has been with basically no updates from any nurses unless I ask for one. The doctor was the only person to provide an update without me having to ask and he was the most amazing doctor but the rest of my experience was horrible. I would never recommend this hospital to anyone and I would discourage anyone from using this hospital.

R Tussey

I came in very sick with no idea what was wrong. Thanks to this dedicated staff working together with doctors nurses and other departments I was fully recovered in two weeks after going to 3 other hospitals with no improvement. Thank God for this Hospital.

Michael Liddell

I'm an old guy. We have 4 grown children & probably more than our share of hospitals in the last 50+ years. My wife just went to this hospital with an on going afib problem. Not only did she receive 5 star medical treatment but I've never seen a hospital where EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE treated us with such respect & genuine kindness. The whole experience was amazing. Whomever runs this place deserves a raise.

Veronica Santos

Terrible experience. I didn’t wait long in the emergency room but the doctor didn’t seem to care at all about what’s wrong with me. He came in and I told him about two Of my many symptoms where he cut me off as I was talking and told me it just sounds like constipation and said he was going to put the paperwork together and left. A woman came in a few minutes after he left and she gave me a bill for 4K. I’m paying 4K to be told that I’m constipated?! I’ve been struggling with gastrointestinal issues for six to seven years and I’ve always been constipated but have never had pain like this before. Very upset and frustrated with my experience here not happy about it and I will be making some phone calls.


I was a Kentucky guy working there for a couple weeks. What a BIG AND NICE HOSPITAL Tons of floors,youll get lost super easy Plenty of food there Small ER though Chapel and Other Amenities What a really nice hospital

Idris Bakhari-El

This is the southwest chicken salad that was ordered from the kitchen. It was rather tasty. Many of the meals that come through are ok. My wife spent about two weeks in this hospital. The nurses and service was average. Most of the workers were good but many were very lazy

Sarina Mott

First visit to ICU was great with my uncle the nurse was a man and was outgoing to wonderful. Second visit days later on the 2nd floor I believe omg... my uncle just had a stroke and we just lost my grandma and grandpa this year and then this and the RN Megan Murphy was the rudest nurse with a horrible attitude I’ve ever encountered. Every question my cousin had was answered with an attitude and I could just see her rolling her eyes and upset that she had to change the pad under my uncle since it had pee on it. This young lady should not be a nurse...I basically changed the pad for my uncle as she just watched... I want to file a complaint with someone higher because as a nurse you should never act in this manner with a family who is experiencing this situation. After I asked the nurse why she was being so mean she basically had more attitude and slammed the door. I would never write a review on someone to get them in trouble but Megan crosses the line ....

Chris Rhule

The staff and facility was great.

Christine Crooks

Generally, highly disorganized and sloppy patient care with no regard for the patient whatsoever. The worst nursing care. Old decrepit conditions. Nasty personnel. And do not go to the ER.

Becki Borth

My husband had a kidney transplant here 5/18/2019. He returned for 42 days and was discharged on 8/1/2019. Fortunately it was for a intestine situation. I cannot say enough about floor 25; the liver and kidney transplants floor. These nurses are the best of the best. Always kind, caring, making sure all of us knew what was happening. They are most definitely family to David, myself and our family. We were valued and were treated as if we were their only patient. I never saw one nurse go on break, comment about their long hours or days. I am a ex-nurse and I always know what to look for and each time he is either in the hospital or general office visits. You can be sure that I give you the highest rating and wish it had a thousand stars for me to mark. KEEP UP THE INCREDIBLE GREAT AND ON GOING WORK. Thank you for hiring perfect people.

Iffat Naqvi

They discharged my dad within 24 hours of surgery and no follow up appointment and he died in 4 days due to their carelesness .He didn’t get post surgery care .

Alexander W Pearson

I read several of the negative reviews and have to say that a recent experience (2/2016) was nothing like anything described in those reviews. The nursing care was excellent and it would be difficult to find a more professional and competent group of physicians. I was also admitted in 2014, and was also admitted through the ER in 2004. Each of these admissions were handled with the highest level of professional care anyone could expect. In the future when I need a hospital I'll choose St. Luke's.

Susan Pavlas

I’m currently in the hospital and would have given five stars if not for the incredibly rude actions, sarcastic comments, and disrespectful behavior of Nurse Salina in CCU on the 6th floor. I hope her Nurse Manager (Olga) will follow up with me. On the other hand, the other CCU nurses, the Telemetry Staff on the 14th floor, the nursing assistants, the imaging staff, cath lab staff, doctors, and Chaplain Frank Toliver have been fantastic! Before tonight’s events with Salina, I had planned on giving a five star rating. I work with the public everyday and there is no need for this type of behavior - especially in a field where you are committed to helping others. I will be happy to share the statements made to me and the details of tonight’s incident with any St. Luke’s staff that would be interested in addressing the situation. She is young and hopefully someone can assist her in being more appropriate and professional when treating her patients.


The doctors were amazing aswell as the nurses. Unlike the woodlands location where they were just waiting for our relative to die.

Shaun McBride

The medical staff were excellent. Knocking off one star because of the mean-spirited British lady staffing the transplant critical care visitor desk. Almost every family with a loved one in critical care had a story to tell about how she had treated them.

Sarah Foster

Probably one of the worst ER experiences I've ever had. Sat in the waiting room for three hours after being sent here by my surgeon who told I needed a few tests done and to go ahead and go in to ER. I received an x-ray and that's all the testing I was given. No IV was ever started not even the slightest form of a physical exam. The doctor came in and was very short. He simply said "there's nothing we can do for that here in the ER u'll have to see your surgeon"(who sent me to the ER in the first place) and gave me some ibprophen and sent me home with paperwork that said I had "A headache with no cause" and to return if I had the following symptoms and I went into the ER with those symptoms to begin with. Doctor didn't listen to anything I had to say. Worst patient care I've ever experienced will not ever return here or recommend anyone here EVER!

Brandon Elbers

The nurses and doctors are great. My mom was down at this hospital when she passed away. They kept her comfortable while she passed.

carmela kaltenberger

I have had nothing but good stuff happening to me @ St Lukes hospital.. As far as the blood donor goes that could have happened at any hospital.. Did anyone do more testing to see why your wife passed out had to be a medical reason... as far as you having to pay for ER services I agree you should have not had to pay ... wrong on their part.. I would not stop donating just because of this she could save a life ...

Akaycia Addison

No issues with the hospital but the McDonald's needs to be removed or revamped. You would think the service would be better considering the environment but this is the WORST McDonald's I have ever been to. The biggest problem is they close whenever they feel like it. The posted sign says they are open until 3am. They're never open and it's frustrating to walk ALL the way over there for nothing. If the hours have changed then this needs to be posted otherwise operate during your posted hours of operation!

khalid mohammad

I haven’t see bad emergency care like this place. I have been waiting for more than 2 hours to see the doctor. Also they took blood sample and they left me in the waiting room with these things on my arm

William lopez

just as bad as ben taub never come here waited for hours and never got seen please go somewhere else!

Robert Thein

Super Waste Of Time... Came For a Study For My Epilepsy... There Answer Was Just To Add Another Medicine... neurology Team Is Terrable That Would Put Me On 3 Diffeent Meds. In It Fir The Money They Seem Like. Please Be Verycarefull And Don't Let Them Try To Force More Meds On You.

David William

Still in the waiting room after 4 hours. Called ahead. Wife dehydrated, sweating profusely, on the verge of shock. No hope in site . They tell me they are waiting on beds. All I want is to stabilize her.


Hospital is owned and run by lazy morons. Go bankrupt already and stop ruining lives.

shannon foshee

Very unproffessional they ignored me I got no treatment they refused it I unhooked all the monitors and left shut this place down I.m not coming back ever rude staff no courtesy at all

Sandra Stevenson

Husband had a heart pump implant in September of 2017 . We had a wonderful experience. The doctors and nurses made us feel at home. They took exceptional care of my husband. Six months later he is doing very well. Thank you to everyone at Children's St. Luke's Baylor Heart institute. Without them and the grace of God pointing us in their direction my husband probably would not be alive today.

Kristina Candito

Extremely rude. I called with a simple question and was answered rudely and sarcastically and hung up on. Unacceptable.

Lois Rogers

Do not go to this Emergency Room!!!! Went there with chest pains..... waited 4.5 hours and still didn't see a doctor. Just left, figured if it were serious they would have taken me back. This is supposed to be a world renowned cardiology center if only someone would see you. Will never go back here.

Azeez Alrifaie

Waiting is a killing here. They lied to me , they said be here 90 minutes before your appointment time and I took off work and I'm here . No one ever cares here. It has been 1 hours after my appointment time already and nothing yet. They're not punctual. Their billing codings are not true and don't make sense. I regret having procedure here. It's a no no place. If you can find somewhere else then that's hot best bet. Forgot to mention . They're parking cost 14$ and they don't wave it to patients.

What Johnny Sees

Most of the people I have met have been very kind. I am so glad we have a choice of hospitals because St. Luke's has so many kind people working there. I have only heard of good things there. Everyone is so nice at St. Lukes, and is probably the friendliest network of any hospital I have been to in Houston or Texas.

Xochitl Cassagne

Earlier this week, my 85 year old father was suffering from severe neck and right hand pain, so my mom took him to the ER. The first unprofessional encounter started there. He was disoriented when he arrived. After a while, my mom asked what could be wrong with him. The nurse told her it could be an infection or Alzheimer's! No nurse has the right to diagnose a patient in such a lightly manner or diagnose him period! Once admitted, he had to have a CAT Scan done. The technicians were less than careful to say the least. When the three techs transferred him to the other gurney they just dropped him. The beds were not even so his head hit the bed and there was no support for his neck! This made his pain even worse. He told them to please be careful, but they didn't even acknowledge him. The same happened when he was brought back to his room. All we heard from the nurse and social worker was, "I'm so sorry," when my mother complained to them. This does not amend my father's excrutiating pain and tears for hurting so much and being scared. Him crying like a scared little boy broke our hearts! In the end, he was diagnosed with kidney dehydration. His neck and hand pain was never addressed despite our questions. St. Luke's has gone downhill very quickly. Their staff lacks bedside manner, they act like they're doing us a favor and are lazy. To you he may be another chart, to us he's our loving father, our blood our everything! You are a sorry excuse for a hospital!


My father went into ER not breathing well and they have such a great group of drs who took great care of him. They have the best surgeon for mesothelioma that my dad is having another opportunity at life. Even though wait time sometimes is long we rather wait than to rush and miss something.

Maria Jara

All I have to say about this place and people here are good things, my experience at this hospital was great from nurses,Physical therapist and doctors. Thank you everyone, I had a hip replacement back on July 10 of this year,stayed at the hospital for 3 days they treated me with respect and most importantly they care about me... no more pain.. Thank you very much

SA Benn

Nurses are wonderful. Horrible experience with hospital itself. Doctors are absolutely incredibly "bad". This will be our last trip to this horrific institution. Please note these are Baylor doctors. Kelsey doctors are Awesome.

K Horner

Very good care here! Everyone was polite, smiling, and professional! We were very thankful for the expert services my husband received! Thank you, CHI St Luke's and BCM doctors!

Jordan Tibbetts

My mother and father in law was discriminated and mistreated while admitted for her surgery this past week, starting from the nursing, kitchen staff. I can't believe they claim to be the best in Houston. They made a mistake on the surgery and had to do another surgery but expect her to pay for there mistake on scrapping the intestine. And they administered the wrong medication, asked her what they need to give her when they have a chart to read since she is the patient they didn't bathe her the whole 3 weeks she was there but they bathe others. I can keep going on but this is enough information for this review. Don't recommend at all!!!


If I could give 0 stars I would. My mom was there for 3 weeks and nurses, doctors and staff were all horrible. Reported to charge nurses on different floors and their supervisors to no avail of the disgusting way they treated my mom. The hospital defended their staff several times shamelessly. My mom said it felt like hell and she felt ashamed the way they treated her when she was in need. Nurses refused to help her no call buttons answered to the point she yanked her heart monitors off just to get help and that even took time. Staff was on high turnover and I’m sure we weren’t the only people who were appalled by their failures. My mom ended up passing away in the hospital and they couldn’t even tell us how besides that her heart simply stopped. I regret taking her here and please take your loved ones elsewhere. Have never seen such unprofessional staff and nurses who really shouldn’t be in the service of caring because they don’t!! I filled out their patient survey and spoke to patient care services what a joke!!!

Robin Massey

Our experience there was very good. We were there after my husbands surgery for 3 months. The 7th floor ICU UNIT was an awesome group of people!

Cynthia Hall

Unacceptable, my love one laid in hall for 4 hours. At 11:03 a room appeared. Doctor "female" comes in as I tell her we had been here for over 4 hours and said we all are frustrated and I have 28 patients. This is not our problem. I am frustrated and very disappointed with the ED. This is the foundation to start good customer service. This needs to be fix as no patient should be lying on a stretcher and ignored until you say something. After telling the patient serval times doctor was coming. When she did she spend 3 minutes at bedside. Nurse S had to apologize for her co- Workers. Kudos to that nurse. Customer service is a must.

Jamaine Land

My wife have been going here for the past year. The staff has always been friendly to us. Everybody works hard everyday. I admire and respect what they do. Everyone is so helpful. This hospital saved my wife's life. I have no complaints.

Charlotte Reagan

I had a fairly complicated surgery at this hospital about 2 weeks ago. Needing work on both my pelvic area and thoracic cavity (both lungs worked on). My surgeons and their fellows were amazing but the support staff at Baylor nurses, anesthesia etc. were some of the worst I have experienced. And I am speaking as someone who has had 3 surgeries and countless procedures over the last 2yrs. Anesthesiologist wanted a 2nd line in. I told him a handful of sites that would NOT work, no one could get a vein in there. Instead of listening I wake up with bad bruises in EVERY FAILED IV site that I told him not to touch. Looked like I belonged in a battered woman’s shelter. In hospital 5 days to control the pain and get chest tubes out. First night I get an allergic reaction to an injected anti-inflammatory. The head nurse told me “it’s normal pain from surgery” IT WASN’T. I started hyperventilating 10min later. Even then the nurse ONLY hooked up IV Benadryl after my mother coached her to do it! – No on call night doctor apparently Trouble urinating after surgery. Nurses “tried” to help but ended up standing around gocking, 6 nurses watching me try to piss. I kicked them out. One stayed and tried to “update” the board for shift change. My bladder was screaming and only when I yelled did she leave.– Hospital procedure trumps any patient needs or considerations at Baylor, that’s obvious. Procedure says you have to ask for EVERY medication dose, nothing automatic. One of my docs wrote orders so meds were on automatic schedule. That didn’t seem to matter, getting meds on time was a constant battle. X-rays needed after surgery. First tech was AMAZING got 2 X-rays at bed side no issue what so ever. The 2nd tech insisted that the only way to get clean X-rays was to have me sitting FULLY upright (not true based on previous tech) and in that position the metal plate they need was resting fully on my back. (When lungs are an issue back pain is a big thing). I couldn’t take the weight on my back it was agony. I tried to tell her it would work fine if I laid down but she instead yelled down the hall that I was uncooperative and needed to be taken down to imaging. I was taken downstairs for an X-ray and that went fine but afterward I was “parked” in an empty space and given a call button. The call button only went to an EMPTY nurse’s station in front of me. I was drowsy and falling asleep in the chair, almost falling out (major drugs in my system) and NO ONE was around. It was a ghost town! I can only imagine how their critical patients are treated. Hospital runs understaffed, or seems to = horrible outcomes for patients. Can’t sleep more than 10min at a time with constant checks and nurses loud in halls. WORST of all was sanitation!!! I was there nearly a week (5 days) and NEVER ONCE did I see sanitation staff in the room! I was just out of surgery! Infections people!!! Discharged with NO wheelchair at all. I was made to walk behind the nurse several flights down and across the hospital. I could barely keep up (I was barely managing laps around the floor). The nurse then sets my 20lb bag (can’t lift more than 10 after surgery) on a couch and LEAVES. My mom was picking me up and had to leave the car in the entrance to come in and get me. The hospital valleys screaming at her to move the car the whole time! As I said working a Baylor are great, but if they have admitting privileges at ANY other hospital, go to the other hospital for surgery. Worst patient treatment I have experienced. And this is from someone who has had to have 3 surgeries in the last 2 years. I've had my share of procedures and met countless hospital staff. You shouldn't need to be on guard from your own nurses and coach them on how to do their jobs! Still no survey call from the hospital, wonder why . . .

Ed Lipets

I've been working here for more than 10 years, the condition of the parking garage has gone from bad to totally unacceptable! Gates are not working!! Very frustrating situation. Huge long lines to get in and to exit garage. Nothing is working and nobody cares. And the elevators are rarely all functioning causing even furthe delays and frustration. Earlier this year one of the elevators was out of service at least for two months!! Yet the prices just keep going up. The equipment is very old and very poorly maintained. It is shocking how far we have fallen.

Robbie Jansky

Centrally located and easy access to with great parking close by. Make sure you know where you’re going and what your destination is, the hallways and layout can be confusing! #yourTEXASrealtor

Chris Caloway

Had emergency thumb surgery hospital and staff was amazing kept me comfortable definitely will recommend to everyone I know

Daniel Zegarra

Great service. Amazing staff. My dad was treated like he deserved. Cannot be more thankful

Alberta Keener

I had all of my children here. The hospital started out great but as the years have by the customer service has got time worst. Delivering my last child at this hospital was by far the worst. I came in because I had to be induced , they did what was needed and asked me to walk to get an ultrasound because I was a high risk pregnant. I followed the directions that were given but on my back to the section of the hospital I originally left, my contractions started while walking across the bridge ( I guess that’s what they call it). There so many doctors walking across the bridge as well, not one doctor stopped to render help. I walked while contracting ( of course stopping whenever a contraction occurred) and no one stopped to even help. The nurses were so terrible, I remember this one nurses first name”Alberta” because a it was the same as mine. She was a Caribbean woman and she was rude as hell.She yelled all the time( imagine being in labor and her mouth is all that you hear) and kept saying she couldn’t wait until she retired. I can remember all of this because she took away from the experience of my stay at this hospital. So fast forward I had my son and the photographer that comes around to take pictures of the newborn babies was so upset because I chose not to have my child’s picture taken. When I tell you I will never recommend anyone to this hospital I mean it. My entire experience was awful. I have never went back and will never go back to this hospital again. I was just thankful that my son was healthy enough for us to leave this horrible hospital quickly.

bettye raines

To bad I had to put a star, I was born in this hospital 56yrs ago, this Hospital is the ONLY Hospital my Mother will go to. They now have crappy lazy employee's there, mainly the billing office, Pamela is the lazy 1 I'm speaking of. I took my Mother to the ER on July 24 2018 and she was released THAT DAY. Her ER co-pay is $75 which was pd that day. St Lukes billed for inpatient, $425. and the finacial POA sister that lives in another state pd the bill. And PAMELA said there WILL NOT be a refund because its been audited and closed only because my sister pd a incorrect bill. Hey PAMELA, I'm sure people much less Dr's do not make mistakes. Thank the lord my Mother's insurance company will file fraudulent charges against them. Look out, seems like they are in the business of theft on the elderly. Oh, and I have other bills (transportation home that St Lukes arranged, Visiting Angels invoice) for that day to prove my Mother was never admitted. It was just a ER visit. GIVE MY MOTHER BACK HER $425, that was mistakenly pd by the finacial POA child who lives in another state.

Porsha Sweet

When my husband got into his a car accident and he told me he was going to St. Luke's, I asked WHY? And our experience confirmed why I will NEVER go back to St. Luke's. Overall, the staff weren't friendly. They don't use their boards to write their names. I had no clue who the nurse was when I arrived. We saw two doctors as one was leaving and the other was coming in. The second doctor was who released us. He didn't go into an detail, at all. He ran in the room, said the scans were clear, ripped the neck brace off. My husband already has problems with his back, so we already know there is something wrong!! Well the doctor left as fast as he came in saying we were about to be released. We were confused as to why we were being rushed out since we have insurance. No MRI or anything, but I assume that's not protocol and may need pre-approval so I'll regress. We were referred to an orthopedic surgeon when in fact we need a neurosurgeon. As we stated my husband already has problems with his back and an orthopedic surgeon is merely for injuries. The nurse was annoyed that I was annoyed and dissatisfied by the explanation. She didn't have the answer to certain questions. And instead of saying let me find out she tried to answer and probably was wrong. She didn't try to find out at all. She merely stated it was in her "nurse" job. Overall, the atmosphere is not one you want to go to . We just felt like a number and customer service is of no concern.


I came here because Baylor referred me here to pick up an at home sleep apnea kit. It was a really strange experience. You walked into what looked like more of an office. A nurse took me and had me wait in a conference room. It looked like they had been decorating cookies on the conference table before I came in and there was granulated sugar all over the table. The hospital is also very creepy. The oldest and most sad posters of animals on the walls. Also the hallways were crowded with unused/ old gurneys everywhere. The office was a little difficult to find and I saw no one else in the halls. I thought I was walking through an abandoned wing that time forgot. I got no estimated cost of the test or any paper work. A few months later got hit with an unexpected $400 bill. The only good thing was the nurse was very nice. I called the office and she ran down to meet me in the drive way to get the test kit from me so I didn't have to park and go inside.

joshua armstrong

I went in October to a new doc and someone on their staff mixed my chart with another persons chart. They have repeatedly given me his information and they have given him mine. Despite the numerous attempts to fix it they still have me mixed up with the other person. I would give them a 0 and I only recommend them if you want your information given out to strangers

Michael Zuber

I spent two nights in this hospital after a surgery. It is a great hospital. The nursing staff was so nice and professional. I enjoyed the food and had a nice room. It was actually a great experience!


You guys did surgey on my heart, to remove the infection,but the infection went to my brain,i suffer a myotic anyesium. Why? Didnt you guys prevent this from happening? Why didnt the hosptial put coils in the ayeisum or give me an antibotic infusion? Im emtional broken cause of what happen. It happen in the bathroom where i fell. Now have weakness on my left side. Negelience is the term correct?

James Hatchett

Good care. Be aware that they will likely give you an estimated discharge time several hours before the actual discharge time. This happened to someone else we know as well.

tammy racen

This place is no good. I was a CNA here. While working on the 11th floor the DON is very evil. Rosalee Francois. The staff informs you if a special person comes in the the administrator of Baylor Clinic. They tell us to give this person special treatment. In reality all patients deserves the same treatment. We are always short of staff which causes the the patients recieve less care and constant frustration. And on top of all this Rosalee Francois fired me because i was pregnant. I truly am in the middle of a lawsuit with them because Rosalee Francois cant get a Way with this. And the chairman is invicible. Theres no way to contact him.

Monshanda Garrick

Do not ever go here. I sat in their waiting room in pain that continued to get worse for 5 hours. Meanwhile they took people ahead of me who got there after me but nothing was wrong with them. How do I know nothing was wrong because the person said over and over they were just there to get pills and proceeded to try to sell pills in the waiting room. Meanwhile Dr orders CAT scan for everyone but doesn't do a thing. Then your night male triage nurse has a nasty attitude when asked anything. But you will be sure to try to over bill my ins again. No thanks. IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE DO NOT VISIT THIS HOSPITAL.


Worst hospital in Houston! The nurses are cold, robotic and only interested in the billing program documentation in their computers. They should all be replaced by AI robots. Patients get lab draw daily regardless of need. Administration is arrogant, uncaring and just plain rude. Basis of care is MONEY. The profit motive. Stay away!! Many other caring facilities in Houston.

Ana Correa

There is lack of communication among staff. After the procedure my left side of my lip was pretty swollen. I was discharged from hospital and after shortness of breath I was asked to go to emergency room. It was a dreadful experience, they didn’t check on my allergies and the CT test with contrast made me itch and it made it more difficult for me to breathe, The emergency room did not expedite one of my exams so I have to spend the night. The following morning they still have not expedited my exams Even though the doctor had asked him to. While I was at the hospital they thought I was diabetic, tested my blood and told me I needed insulin. I told them that I was not a diabetic. This was during my second visit. During my third visit, my Dr asked me to go to the dr to get CT scan to rule out stroke and pulmonary embolism. The Dr’s called in the orders and told me that he got me admitted. When I got to hospital, they could not find the orders and they asked me to call the dr even though the office was closed.


The 3 days we were here, nurses were absolutely awesome, doctor was great, recipients good, McDonald was busy, every single time you go there regardless of what time! the parking lot? It would probably be a good idea to take an Uber to here,

M Herrera

Service is terrible. 4 people in Waiting room for 4 hours now, like taxes you don't get what you pay for. Ben tub is faster.

Tom D'Ambrosio

Holy crap is this place a disaster. My mother walked into St. Luke's a few months ago with a high fever and severely dehydrated from diarrhea. A few days in, she started coughing as a mild case of pneumonia set in. They gave her "something to cough up the phlegm" and four days of non-stop coughing later, she coughed her way into a collapsed lung. Days later, she told her nurse that she "hadn't had a bowel movement in five days" (how do they not know???) and needed "a laxative and a commode chair". They got her out of bed for only the third time in two weeks (I had to pester them for TEN days to get Physical Therapy to visit her in her room) and put her on a portable commode chair, constipated with a collapsed lung and tubes hanging out of her side. She immediately went into respiratory distress and cardiac arrest. CPR was difficult with a collapsed lung and she suffered severe brain damage by the time they revived her (and then lied to us about how long she was out.) They left her to languish in bed for a full month, doing NOTHING to undo the damage they caused, while she developed a severe bedsore that is only now being taken care of by another hospital. This hospital probably kills more patients than they save, and thanks to Texas Law, we can't sue. If you or someone you love needs to go to the hospital, GO SOMEPLACE ELSE!

l2eally l3ol2ed

What a waste of the day, first off the appointment time bears no meaning. Be ready to spend most of your day here. Also do not ask to many questions because certain staff give annoyed responses. Why work in this field if you cannot deal with people, it is a 24/7 human contact type of job. My grandma who is an amputated diabetic is expected to wait for hours without eating for a simple 5-10 test? Avoid if possible people.

Debbie Bayam Dillon

Caring nursing staff and others

Evelyn B

Horrible service! Nurses just don’t care! Please take family somewhere else! I have never been treated so badly by nurse and PCA. Wouldn’t answer call button! Did not come back to see if you needed anything. Treated me like my room was empty. No one deserves that kinda treatment especially when your sick. And I’m currently waiting on heart transplant. Sooooo sad St.Lukes.12 Floor Horrible! No compassion! I thought this was the safe place for me! Nooooooo! I’m planning on moving my transplant to another hospital! ASAP

Christy Johnson

I had my thyroids removed here on July 19, 2018 I ended up staying over night. I was treated so good from every staff that I came in contact with. The nurse overnight Monica an the PCA (Ashley) went above an beyond to meet my needs. I have never had any type of surgery done so I was scared an nervous. The doctor that performed my surgery name is Dr.Sulibuck he is wonderful an very knowledgeable an you can really tell that he cares about his patiences. The whole experience here has been successful for me thank you so much to the entire St.Lukes Crew I know your job can be very difficult at times but you all made me feel loved an for that I am forever grateful...

Zach Buschardt

This hospital has gone downhill. They left my father in the wheelchair at the door of his room when he got there. He doesn't mind the 5 hour wait in the emergency room, as that is now considered the norm and above average in most cases. What bothers us is the fact he was just left in the chair like ok there's your bed go ahead and help yourself into it, despite being very sick and needing assistance. Also, no pillow, no toilet paper, and many other things I could mention but you get the point. My advice is to spend the extra money if possible to go to a better facility. If not, make sure to ask for the bare minimum commodities at least as they admit you so at least it can be on record you asked. I am not certain at all that you will get them. It's now like a third world hospital as opposed to what it used to be. Very below par and below average facility. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO MY ENEMIES. BOOOOOOOOO

Christine Lacey

I can't speak for the ER because our experiences weren't through there. If you have to have surgery this is the place to go, I had OHS(open heart surgery) and was life flighted from another hospital. Everyone was great from life flight, OR, SICU, cardiovascular unit and teaching. Also went with my brother when he had a hip replaced. Excellent care and treated family well. There was a waiting room for family that had people having surgery with plenty of seats, coffee, and phone chargers. You signed in and could leave but the doctor that did the surgery came and told you personally how it went. I used to work in the hospital and was really impressed. . Keep up the good work St. Luke's.! Non emergency surgery and elective surgery usually gives you time to make an informative decision. It is your body and you have to decide what is right for you. If you are unsure seek a second opinion or do your own research. On the other hand, when time is of the essence and your life is on the line you will be fortunate if you get to St. Luke's. I spent less time in the hospital with my open heart surgery than I did after gall bladder removal at a different hospital. My brother's stay was also short. I think their pre and post op teaching really is a plus. You know what to expect, when to notify the doctor, and how to take care of yourself to aid in a full recovery. Keep in mind how many people are sicker than you and that you can sign out anytime AMA and go is your choice.

Joseph Skelton

I've been to St Luke's several times now. Each time the quality of care gets worse. The last time I went to the ER for chest pains while under stress and severe abdominal pains. The ER Dr didn't read my records on file or even touch me for an exam, but wanted to release me anyways. A specialist stepped in and admitted me for abdominal pains to cover the hospital. I have great insurance so that wasn't an issue. They ran tests, but the Drs didn't me give any of the results except when they caused severe internal bleeding. The 1 test that showed something serious they turned me into a lab rat with 8 drs crammed into a small room wanting to run insane tests. They refused to let me see my Dr.of 6 years. They changed medications for no reason and gave me unnecessary things I didn't need like a carpal tunnel brace. I've never had a sore wrist one time. CHI has changed the hospital for the worse. The nurses and techs are still wonderful and caring, but the new Dr are barely competent to handle things more than broken bones, cuts, and straightforward heart attacks. I recommend going to one of the other 5 hospitals within a 2 block radius. Stay far away from this circus of a hospital.

Barry Smith


Desiree Thoughtful

Extremity exteremly extremely slow ! Everything they do takes hours .. Nurses are pretty good but the service is slow asf and they don't answer your nurse button ! They tanf there time when coming to help !!

David Cukierman

Wonderful nurses and assistants. Extra wonderful at the ICU. They all took care of me with all their love.

ShitCreekSurvivor HTX

This is the not the hospital to go to if you need urgent care. I lost count after 10 other patients were turned away besides my significant other due to a shortage of beds /rooms. Only after waiting for over 6 hours did they turn us away. I must mention we had Dr's order for admittance due to a severe infection that could not be treated with oral antibiotics. I ended up having to take him to UMMC MEMORIAL MEDICAL CENTER /HOSPITAL off of Tidwell by Shepherd. They took him right away and are treating him as I write this review by a very dedicated /caring staff. I'm not sure what is wrong with ST LUKES HOSPITAL but they clearly have more in staff issues than they can handle. So if you want proper /urgent care for you /someone you love, Please don't take them to this location.


The Drs and nurses in the Icu,Neuro and rehab depts saved my life. But was shocked when a CNA accosted me one night asking why I kept letting my leg fall off the bed. Told her with a stroke she should know I had little control especially while asleep. Was very uncomfortable and surprised after that. Cos all others were nice and helped the healing process.


St Lukes has been my home since I had my transplant on 3/22/17. It has been mostly 5 stars as I only dealt with the transplant unit. Tonight it all changed with a visit to the er with suspicion of kidney failure. Granted that this is the day after new year, I left work and came at 3pm. I’ve been waiting now 9 hours. Nobody can give me an update on my place in line. I asked if I should talk my evening dose of anti rejection meds and nobody would answer me for an hour. My abdomen is tender and I’m afraid I’m going to loose this kidney with every moment that passes. Three calls to my transplant coordinator finally got me someone who said the hospital was backed up and 4 other patients had called, but to please be patient. As a diabetic, I probably should have eaten dinner but I’m upset to my stomach ( could be another symptom of kidney failure). Everyone in the waiting room is caughing wet, productive caughs, and. Have watched two patients vomit into bags. A number of things have gone wrong tonight and I’m still waiting. So disappointed. Update... after 14 hours, I was finally admitted at 5am the next day and had an emergency appendectomy. Still blown away by the care I’m the ER but the care upstairs is better. I hav noticed that if you’re being seen by multiple departments, they don’t work well together and the nurses all agree that they see the same thing.

chinta fultz

I recieved a heart&double lung transplant in 2012 there's a Great team of nurses and Doctors at St. Lukes

Aimee Zamora

Professional,honest, WorkinCaring,Hard working Doctors On Board.. We Thank God for blessing them

Claudine Smith

I was confined in here because I met an accident. Thank you very much! Everyone is so friendly and I am very thankful you are in this area to care for us when we need you. Your hours you are available are wonderful. The Doctors, nurses & staff are professional and very thorough.

Joan Thomas

My elderly mother was admitted to St. Luke's from her assisted living facility. She was experiencing rapid and irregular heart beats. The doctors explained it as A Fib. We were all very concerned since she has a history of heart problems. The nursing staff could not have been better. They treated her with such care and patience. The cardiologist on staff was very easy to talk to, explained things in a way we could understand, and made significant changes in her medications that have really helped her. We feel very lucky that St. Luke's is here in our area and offers the quality of care that we needed!

Kyle B

Absolutely horrible experience for my parents. First they didn't have sufficient parking (garage wouldn't even let anyone pull in and turn around, they caused a traffic and safety issue by making people back up onto the street) and valet was full so my parents had to walk several blocks (and they're older). The doctors and nurses are awesome but they are severely understaffed with regards to support staff. My father was supposed to be moved at 8am and he sat there waiting until 10:30, his food was delivered cold several times, etc. Others in the hospital are just having family go buy or bring them food because of the issues with the kitchen. For being a premier hospital, they don't seem to have their act together or be organized. Again, the nurses and doctors are great, and that's the only reason I'm giving 2 stars.

Karen Lewis

The CCU staff was phenomenal - from the nurses to doctors, everyone treated us with care and concern when my sister stayed there. She received the very best in medical care and the staff was great about explaining our options and eased the burden for us to make difficult end of life decisions.

Tomas Van Basten

Beware, it costs $4700 to go here just to start off. Then it goes higher from there. We asked how ahead time and the secretary said she did not know the cost, until after we got out. Then she said it starts at $4700 & emergency care is not cheap. Why didn’t she warn us at the start. Ripping off Americans is what the medical institutions are doing all over the US. For what? Just to take our temperature and blood pressure? Should be ashamed.

Lea Moody

Excellent care for my mother in law. Dr Ott and his team were awesome. Communication with family members could vastly improve with the exception of ccicu after surgery. Phillip her nurse could not have been more clear and precise in keeping us informed.

Miguel Steele

I wish I could give this place zero stars, the only way this place is even worth one star is because my doctor happens to be affiliated with the hospital, and the floor nurses are nice. The only reason I came to this hospital because I was instructed to by my doctor, who again is affiliated with this hospital. Due to the clinic he works for, I drove over an hour to get to this specific hospital that I was instructed to go to when dealing with my lungs. The ER is a disgrace, workers at McDonald’s have better customer service, and overall attitude then the ER. The doctors like to pick and choose what they will treat you for, regardless of what you came in for. The ER nurses are a joke, and like to follow each other into other patience’s rooms and joking around more, than actually work, and talk about and make fun of the patients, which I’m sure somewhere between all of what is stated. I know one if not more are HIPPA violations, and completely unprofessional if there is an issue, the ER nurses aren’t afraid to yell and argue across the nursing station, and accuse patients without having any backing of proof of what they are accusing the patient of. One minute the ER has more than one doctor on, and the next they don’t. The ER doctors and nurses have absolutely no problem violating the Patients Rights. Some of the doctors think just because they went to school for a long time, they are free to have an attitude and violate patients rights, and not treat the person if based on life or death. I would avoid this hospital at all cost, especially if you don’t have a doctor that isn’t affiliated with them. This hospital used to be good, but not anymore. Don’t believe me, read the other reviews people have left.

Brandy Bosquez

Waiting in the er for more than 2 hours. They take you to admission and your registered so you can't leave. Its an er why is anyone waiting. This lady had test after test and brings her back to the waiting room.

Kyle B.

I had extensive back surgery, 5 hours plus, back in July of 2018. Just now deciding to leave a review based on the other reviews I've read. The surgeon and his surgical staff are not an issue in this case it was just my caregiving after surgery. The 2 stars are for the few nurses involved in my post-op care that really seemed to care...My stay was 5 days and there several others involved. I was told to be there at 5:30 surgery was scheduled at 7:30. Got there on time, checked in and 6:30 went to the desk to check on when I would be taken back... lady at the desk called the back, 10 minutes later they came and got me... went through the pre-op process, sat down with the final person to finalize everything... when we were done she said okay we have you down for 10.. I said no 7:30 ...she made a call found out has been pushed back to 8 they put a "rush" on me. Got me changed got me sanitized. about that time they came to get me surgery. After 5 hrs of surgery I was placed in recovery for 6 to 7 hours. Was told they were short on rooms and were trying to hurry. Finally got a room that looked like it was used for storage... had extra chairs extra couches pushed against the wall. The post-op care was subpar at best except for the two or three that I mentioned earlier. AC wasn't working right finally brought in a big fan... flies were in the room. Medication that was going to be given to move was dropped on the floor, picked up and put back in the little cup for me to take, I asked the nurse to get me a different one and she asked why... I persisted, she left the room... as far as I know she went and got another pill. This and several other things prompted me to call the hospital.. talked to the person in charge of this type of situation...we've had communication... I submitted paperwork she asked for, several weeks later I got a thank you for making us aware of this situation ...we intend to do better etc. etc... and that was the end of it. Problem is I have felt sick ever since I left the hospital... early on I thought it may just be from the surgery which was very traumatic and intrusive to my body. I plan on seeing an internist.. having a full blood work done and hopefully not find anything serious. PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE A NUMBER FOR ME TO CONTACT...I'VE ALREADY SPOKEN TO A FEW PEOPLE THAT HANDLE THIS.

syed askari

Staff is very unprofessional they got offended by a 12 years old kid ask him a question that doctors did not like the question and staff keep bringing up for next 3 daysif you ask any question to staff they don't listen to it and get offended

Tami Karaffa

St. Luke’s always gave wonderful care to my sweet Mother. The staff were kind and loving while treating her over the past decade. Especially this last visit.

Charis Viager

Does not care about anything but money. They work staff to death, you can see it on their faces... Run, never know what will happen to you if those taking care of you are too tired to notice a change!

Daniel Becerra

Don’t ever bring your family here. The nurses simply don’t care. No updates are given unless you force it out of them and make them do their job. My father was in excruciating pain for days and all was said was “there is nothing more we can do, the pain medication should be working”, but was clearly not. The doctors are great. The doctor was the only one to give an update. The only way to get ahold of a nurse is to walk to the front desk of the floor and physically call for one. They never came in on their own and had the audacity to say “you don’t have to keep calling me, I know when to come in it’s my job” while my dad is moaning in excruciating pain as if she was bothered that he needed help. In the end of course they found an issue and gave him more medicine, after 10 hours. Absolutely disgusting I hope they don’t treat their own families this poorly. Our nurse was Daniella. We requested a new one and they said we could not have a new nurse. So we where stuck with Daniella’s cold, horrible, absent survive. Don’t ever bring someone you care about to this place.

Daphne DuMariuer Hampton

My father was killed at this hospital. Jie Cheng did what was supposed to be an out patient surgery on my father. He did the surgery without doing a pre-op. He didn't check my father's INR. There is no record of his INR prior to surgery. He then injuried my father's subclavian vein and called another surgeon in to repair it. He never informed the family of any of this. He then came out of the operating room and lied to my family. He told us that my father's surgery went well and that he would only keep him for observation because of his age. He knew my father had lost a lot of blood in surgery. He gave him blood in the operating room. Which was a big mistake. He should have given him medications to make his blood clot since his INR was so high. It was one mistake after another This hospital has not taken responsibility for the negligence that caused my father's wrongful death. The anguish my family has endure after the loss of my father is unthinkable. His life mattered!

Maggie Jeffries

I have been coming here for my mammogram for years. I can't say enough good things about how friendly their staff has always been. I had my annual visit today and felt compelled to leave a stellar review. At most mammogram places you feel like they are herding cattle. At St. Luke's, year after year they run on time and you are greeted with friendly, professional staff. On my way out, I ran into the person who had checked me out and he went out of his way to wish me a good day. Well I had a good day - thank you all for making it so. As an aside, Dr. Huynh is one of the best at reading mammography and I always feel that I am in the best of hands with him looking at my studies.

greyson prutting

DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL FOR SURGERY!!!! This hospital system is dishonest, and wants to steal your money. At the end of 2015 I had a non-urgent surgery that was required, but could wait till 2016. In order to understand the costs of the surgery against my 2015 deductible I called several times to obtain a good faith estimate for the services required. I called with my insurance company to discuss the estimated costs of the surgery that I the customer would be billed. Based on the conversations the hospital system said, "you will owe zero upfront". I replied, "that is great, but nothing is free in life, what will be my total bill at the end of it all.", the hospital said "zero". I went ahead with the surgery based on this understanding. If I had known that there was going to be a bill from the hospital I would have waited until 2016 to do the surgery to maximize my 2016 insurance deductible. To much surprised I received a bill in Feb. 2016 for almost $2,000.00. I understand the term "estimate", but to go from "0" to "$2K" is extremely dishonest and excessive. Through multiple follow up conversations with a number of the hospitals dishonest accounts, they were unable to recognize that the hospital made a mistake in quoting the original "$0.00" costs of the surgery. I was willing to pay the hospital if they would provide a negotiated discount for the surgery based on the lie that was originally told to me in 2015 for the estimated costs of the surgery. The hospital system was unwilling to negotiate on any of the costs included within the pending bill. To top it all off, I eventually gave in due to time wasting, and frustration, so the hospital won. I proposed a monthly payment plan of $50.00 per month, they conveniently stated that the minimum monthly payment they could accept was $150.00 per month. I advised the hospital that in order to become more honest with their customers they should probably include that in the packet of information prior to surgery. To some people $150.00 a month is a large amount of money, and it would be nice to understand that to establish a families budget over the course of a year. In the end, after the last bit of information provided, I told them to send my invoice to creditors. Sad when you would rather pay a creditor than the actual place you received service from. Please do yourself a favor and do not spend you money at this hospital. If you do, I hope your experience is different from mine.

Erin Coss

Y'all nearly let a man bleed out on your floor? Never been but it looks like no one with a heart is employed there.

Ana Kalil

They have treated my Mom with respect and very caring thank you so much

mehna nawal

I visited the Emergency Room a couple of weeks back for severe upper back pain , after making me wait for hours , a doctor came and discussed my problem. He did some heart , urine test and then gave me some medication and could not tell what the problem was. He prescribed me steroids and left , did not even see me after test results. It was a complete rip off. They charged me heavily and and the steroids did not help me at all. I would not recommend going here. I would never go there again personally.

Christina Garcia

Needs to train there staff. Very rude Nurse's & PCA.. We have to take out trash, change the sheets to the bed. Nurse wanted for my son to do the stool sample. They take to long, to answer your call light and bring what you need. If you need your glucose or temperature checked they take to long. Respiratory Therapist come and lay out all medications not knowing the order it needs to be done and never comes back to sterilize equipment. Some patients are to sick, to do things for themselves never the less also have to do there own change of bed and other things..

Marielou Agno

Previous employee for 28yrs. Senior Pharmacy billing specialist. Excellent job, special co worker and Pharmacist are friendly smart and professional. Bck then. 2012

Jasmiry Mercedes

I went to the emergency room. It's a good thing I wasn't dying because I would have been dead waiting on simple patient care. Basic blood work was not taken. There were people in this emergency room waiting for several hours (more than 9 hours) and were still sitting in the waiting area. Terrible care and certainly not patient centered.

Patsy Chumas

Super nice and very helpful staff and people. Never have I ever experienced such a nice establishment.

Mary Prejean

First full day, breakfast, lunch, does this happen. You tell the desk staff on the 16th floor your leaving to go get something to eat because nothing has been brought to you all day it's 2:00 @ this point , they just look at one another, not even offering to fix this situation!!!! Making you fill out a paper stating they are not responsible if you leave the floor. Then take care of your patients. Love the Doctors, but this hospital is for the most part unfriendly. These fine people act like they are mad. GEEES your here to help people with their medical needs! Be happy.

Ashlie Hardway

I had to make a hard decision to let my mom go. Marissa was our nurse on 6S1. She was so genuine and helpful. She cried with me as I struggled with the decision and stayed after her shift to help us. She turned my mom and treated her with dignity. I could never repay her generosity. The other nurses were goof too. She just stuck out more because she really sympathized with me. The doctors were very blunt. They don't really sugar-coat anything or maybe it was just news I didn't want to hear. They each rounded on her and called to talk to me. The chaplains are great they prayed with me everyday. I would recommend the facility.

Steve Wilgus

I’m at a complete loss on how this hospital is allowed to run this horribly !!! This is worse than an county or state run hospital I have ever heard of. There ability to schedule a surgery and give proper patient information is worse than the customer service at a Walmart . Actually a Walmart has better service than these so called professionals. I can’t beleive that Baylor a noted and renowned company and hospital would associate with a train wreck like this .. even though I can’t say that the my doctor at Baylor is any better for communicating things . As a associate professor I am almost scared that she is teaching our future doctors. Her office has been a complete disgrace and waste of time! This experience just feels as though I’m being raped and taken advantage of and that this these hospital systems could care less about the patient

Charlene Warfield

I had surgery 11/30/ 18 at this hospital. Let me preface the following before I go in to the details of my observations/experience. Both of my parents were frequently in St. Luke’s in their latter years. Their care was stellar and the best one could ask for. The last time I was a visitor there was in 2011. On 11/30/18, I returned as a patient for surgery. My doctor and anesthesiologist were stellar, compassionate, and communicative. Upon arrival at 5:30 in the morning, I asked for directions to the purple elevators. The man at the information desk did not look up and pointed in the direction of the purple elevators. The first impression is lasting and I was dismayed at the actions of this man. Not the St.Luke’s as I remember. The surgical prep team were not friendly. One brought me some Hibiclens wipes, told me in a curt voice to use all over my body. She left the room. Everyone appeared unsettled here. I was next moved to the surgical floor. An RN looked at me and literally threw the head cover on my bed. I’m thinking what’s going on here. My anesthesiologist was stellar, answered questions and an example of what your hospital should be. Of course, my surgeon is one of the best and frequently checked in. My surgery went as expected and in the hands of an excellent doctor and anesthesiologist. Recovery went well. Not much talking or checking in. Upon discharge the same day, I was as required by St. Luke’s policy to be in the care of a staff person until I’m in the car. I was at the car, stood up and fell right to the ground. I looked up to the person transporting me and the St.Luke’s staff person just stood there behind the wheelchair. I got up by myself and into the car. I was only a few hours post-op from back surgery. I did report this incident to St.Luke’s. Whether changes in protocol will be changed, who knows. I expected a follow up call about the fall that day and that did not occur. Additionally, I’m concerned as to why patient surveys are not sent. How can you all know what is going on and the true care received by St.Lukes? I have no idea when the decline in compassionate and stellar care eroded. I suspect when CHI took over as prior to that, this was the best hospital.

OSCar Carlton

Wow. These Dr's, nurses, PCAs were amazing!! I'm 29 years old. No Obamacare. Hospitalized from severe dehydration from a 6 day virus. Stayed the next 6 days at ST Luke's. First 2 days in ICU, those were a fog but I remember Dr. Livesay was there the whole time. Absolutely saved my life. What a great guy. He never stopped coming to check in with me until the day I left. Nurse by my side 24/7 in ICCVU. I stayed another 4 days being closely monitored while I recovered. I remember names nurses Daniella, Sharon, Angie, Susan, Ruth(iccvu). Great people after great people. until I could do so for myself. Talk about going above and beyond for the same ol pay. PCAs Roland, Terrie, Gwen, Terrie, Destiny. They as well went above and beyond. I couldn't find a person to dilut in the building. This is the first positive review I wrote. I'm missing a couple names I know it.. but it's safe to say your going to have great people around you. Facility isn't brand new, but a beautiful building is nice, but I'd take a ugly building with these beautiful people in it that truly care about there patients. 2 stars haha it's comical. These people probably grew up in Houston Tx, spoiled by the best dr in the world. We star hospitals down here. Go out of city or state for that matter and find out what a 2 star hospital looks like. And if these people were trying to steal $$ , im the last person they would've kept a full week. Never once tried to hurry me out the door. Still have called about a dollar and I been out 2 days. I'm so blessed God brought me here to St Luke's. GI team was outstanding, ENT team as well. People were constantly up to date on my status. No matter how many nurse/ PCA changes that got made. Financial aid team presented themselves the first night to tell me I wasn't in this alone. Just a top notch run system. Supervisor came around towards the end of my stay to make sure everything went right! Was ready to hand out disciplining. Wow. I told her she was taking names down. But relieved when I had nothing but good things to say. This is where u want family, if they do indeed have to see a hospital. I wish there was a ten star review. Thanks again St Luke's


Am a kidney transplant patient had my surgery in 1995 is August 2019. Am asking for help hopefully someone at this center can help me... I was only 15 when i had my surgery. After my kidney transplant i was told that i had to take immunosuppressives for the rest of my life basically i could die without. I just want too find out if AM THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS BEEN LIVING WITH A KIDNEY TRANSPLANT N NOT TAKING IMMUNOSUPPRESSIVES?? SO FAR EVERY KIDNEY TRANSPLANT PATIENT I'VE MEET THEY ALL DO TAKE THEM.. EVERY TIME I GO INTO A HOSPITAL THEY TRY TO PUT ME BACK INTO TAKING THE IMMUNOSUPPRESSIVES BUT EVERYTIME THIS HAPPENS MY BODY'S HAS A REJECTION REACTION. I NEED HELP IF AM THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS CONDITION I'LL LIKE TO HELP ON HELPING OTHER'S LIKE ME. IT'S BEEN 20+YEAR'S YES NOT A VERY PERFECT LIVE BUT BETTER THEN MOST. THANK YOU

Bodies By Farny

Terrible company literally have been robbing thousands from me because they claim I had pre existing conditions for something I had found out through them which makes no sense. Do not use this service they are terrible at doing business.

Demetris Kelly

My wife went to emergency room at 5 PM and 6 hours we were still waiting in the emergency room to be seen. The only thing that had happen after the 6 hours someone came and said we are from registration. Please don't respond and say we take your concerns seriously and please call our patient care line. If you care, you will contact me directly.


OMG My daughter had a Stent Procedure and had to stay the night in the NICU. The filth I immediately complained to the staff about how nasty the room was. Called my doctor to try and get her transferred to another hospital. The dinner we ordered came with a dirty spoon. Not to mention I had to walk to the bathroom which was located down the hall around the corner and around another corner. Got into the bathroom and it looks as if it hadn't been cleaned in a MONTH. By now I am totally pissed off. Although they tried apologizing it wasn't enough. I have never been so upset behind a Hospital being so Filthy. That was just in the NICU. The outpatient waiting room was immaculate, the NICU AREA MAY AS WELL BE A HOSPICE I FEEL SORRY FOR THOSE PATIENTS.


I hope to never be here again. Two experiences 4 years apart and both were miserable with horrible service, misinformation, inattentive staff and insanely long waits. Go anywhere else!

Scott VanDerhei

Nurses were terrable and incompetent. Whatever else dont expect to be able to get medical records. they dont answer their phone and don't call back if you leave messages.

Amber DeBord

I went to this hospital for a procedure that I needed for my health and I stayed at the 16th Tower room 1638 & I must say that everyone at the hospital was super friendly, supportive & just super great. The nurses I had when it came to Sarah, Evert, Stephanie, Lupe, Roxana & Christina where all amazing and very helpful and kind towards me. They made sure to get me something to drink or get me something for pain when I needed it they also helped me when I wanted to go for a walk so I could enjoy getting some exercise since I wanted to enjoy some time away from my bed to get a little more limber so I wouldn't be sore or uncomfortable. They also asked me how my pain level was so if I was in a lot of pain they would do everything they could to make sure I was comfortable which I appreciated a lot. Also the food I got from room service was really great and delicious I enjoyed the food I ordered. I also wanted to say that doctor Codi Dawn Wiener did a great job on my surgery. She is a super wonderful doctor who I would recommend to anyone I know who needs to get any kind of surgery when it comes to any kind of gynecological needs especially with a heart condition or pacemaker. I just wanted to make sure that everyone know what a great experience I had at the hospital and I wanted to make sure that everyone knows how awesome the staff was to me.


Why do they send workers who don't know how to insert an iv? I have large veins and most everyone has no problem but nooooo.....after several attempts and a bruises the size of a silver dollar it was over. Now im ready for Halloween I can go as a junkie. Ray Charles could have done better.

Jillian Hampton

My son's month and a half stay thus far has been extraordinary with the highest level of care. This was the first time he had been away from home. The Cardiac Critical Care team has cared for him as though he were their child. The Chaplain Services have been very comforting. I'm glad we chose St. Luke's.

William Bradberry

Currently sitting in the ER with my son 05/30/19. Haven't seen the RN since we were told he's getting admitted. One would think they would check in on occasion. Made an inquiry at 2:50pm and almost 3:05pm and still haven't been given an answer. If they are suppose to be the best they are sorely failing. Update: My son gets admitted and according to my wife who relieves me, it's another issue. I encouraged her to put it writing plus my ER issues and send it to someone who may hopefully care. If you have choice go elsewhere.

Mary R

I was just released from St. Lukes 02/25/19. My Heart Catheterization had several complications. Once in CCU took 2 days before they started monitoring Blood Sugars even though it was disclosed I am Insulin dependent. Monitor read 290+ before got insulin. Was not offered Hygiene Care or Oral Care for 2 days. Now dealing with Yeast Infection. St Lukes has many deficiencies in health care.

John Smith

We met several extremely nice nurses and friendly doctors, all of whom seemed both capable and personable. A hospital stay is unlikely to be a good time, but the staff here was quite attentive. The only minor hitch was the climate control in the room seemed a bit off - regardless what the room thermostat was set to, the room seemed a bit warmer than the surrounding area. Maintenance ostensibly looked into it but in the week spent there the situation didn't really change.

Kim Garrett

I am not impressed with the under staffing. How dare you have the day shift be fully staffed when all of the Hospital administration is on duty AND the all night shift so fully understand staffed . I know there are laws on the nurses per patients in OCU. I. I..I

Chris Medders

Dr Silva and the staff of the Cardiology Cath Lab are wonderful. From the doctors to the nurses, my dad was treated like a family member. The nurses in the CCU are true caring professionals.

subbu t

Cost of treatment is very high. DO NOT use this hospital unless it is unavoidable. My previous surgery at a different hospital cost me less that what this hospital charged me for treatment of Pneumonia. STAY AWAY from this place.

Rhonda Watson

The ENTIRE nursing staff on the Y24th Floor was beyond excellent, Monica, Kayla, Daisy, Ruthie.....can't remember everyone's name, forgive me! Even the hospitalist , Dr. Jarrouvie , was kind. Wonderful chaplains. Respiratory therapy staff is great, especially Nicki. In ER on July 2nd, 2019 My nurse acts like a”valley girl.” Specialist wanted me here & said tell them to call me and you won’t linger in the hall of the ER. The nurse called him and he told her “Oh I just wanted her evaluated.” I’m lingering in the ER. Dehydrated and not receiving fluids like I was in the ambulance. I’ve not kept fluids or food down in 4 days and have lost 11 lbs. Severe pain in lower left quadrant times 4 days. Don’t come here. They don’t care about you. I am going to try and go home even though I’m This ill.

Karen Theiss

I was at St Luke's about 7 times during 2016 & 2017. I have bad veins for the IV. I always ask for some one experienced but no they stick me twice before they get the good one. Every time I go there the doctor taking down my meds screws it up and it takes a day with the nurse to get it right. I never take a pill without asking what it is because they will give me something I don't need or want. Had a terrible instance with one doctor that I actually reported her. Have never done that before or since but she was horrible. Half the nurses are ok and half don't care. I was left with a painful IV in my arm because the nurse didn't want to change it. She disappeared after seeing what I needed and I buzzed for several hours while she ignored me until she got off work. Finally someone helped me. Most of the assistants have an attitude and or very sullen. The place looks dirty and run down. The food is not good. I have found out that I have another approved hospital in my system and hopefully I never have to go there again.

Brittany Kuhns

My mom went in for emergency back surgery to remove a pain pump.. the nurses were awful to her! They never offered food to her no jello no anything! It took two hours just to get some ice for her! They told her that water wasn’t good for her and kept her on 3 different types of pain medicine when she was saying she didn’t want it. They made it to where she could not dial out on her room phone you could only call to it and it took them 3 days to give her the phone number so she could have family call. Never leave your family members alone there! My mother didn’t eat for the 6 days she was there! Only reason rated it so high is so everyone could see!

E Reynoso

Please don't let your family member alone with the nurses , my family member almost DIED because one nurse wasn't taking the proper care, he is alive because when he was literally dying, we found the cause he was dying that the nurse could have been prevented if she had been doing her job (there is a 1 nurse to patient in the unit where this happened :cardiovascular critical care unit ) while we were there in that unit another person actually died because a nurse was not putting attention on the patient, their family said they were definitely going to sue the hospital, but it was so heartbreaking to see them cry so much in the waiting room and knowing that nothing was going to bring the family member back , I will never forget that day .... Fast forward with God help my family member improved but stayed in this hospital for a long time, he stayed in lot of the floors and In many units, where most of the nurses don't really care for the patients, they do the minimum they can, and believe me, even if the doctors are doing the best, the nurses can make your patient either get better or worse! Is like if they use all of their degrees to make the patient easier for them, instead of making the changes to get the patient in a better health but they would have more work to do. And it was so sad that this didn't happened just to my family member, I witnessed many neglects on other patients which I did let their superiors know, and also her the stories of many other patient's families saying the same thing about the nurses. In one instance I heard the nurse call from another room, it took them more than 15 minutes to go to that room, in the mean time I could see the nurses joking and laughing in their station, Later I called to report that, and basically they told me that I can just complain on my family behalf And I can do a whole essay on all the times if we hadn't been there, the nurses would have neglected our family member and cause him terrible damage, Unfortunately for every one good nurse we had 4 terrible nurses, Please if you Can, be there for your family member! Believe me we had dozens of nurses through the stay!

paul layme

Worst place ever. Don't come to this hospital if you can avoid it. Why schedule a 9 AM appointment (ir procedure venogram, in radiology) if you going to make us wait 3 hours and counting. Not to mention that they insist you arrive two hours early so you can register and pay your co-pay. Nurses, are nice but it took 2 1/2 hours to finally get approached and say we are next and about to go our room. Guess they work in dog years here. My has come in with out breakfast, we woke up at 5am to here here two hours early and it's now 11:40. St luke in the Vintage is way better then this pathetic hospital. Just to sum up. Arrive at hospital at 7:30am. Mom was in her hospital gown, in bed, all prepped and waiting since 8:30am. Still waiting zzz.

John Upshaw

I worked in the EVS department for a year after graduating college and I’m here to say the cons outweigh the pros by a bunch. No opportunity for growth, understaffed, unprofessional, and management with the exception of a few will tend to make a lot of promises by offering promotions to employees but don’t follow through on their promises. Workload is very busy with unobtainable expectations that are too high. When faced with problems, management will tend to fix it but create a new problem as a result by adding an extra workload along the way. There are a few supervisors who were great and knowledgeable since they have been here for years. However, please stay from the EVS department completely. When I joined CHI my plan was to get into a role and work my way up to a department that suits what I went to college for. However, I realized that the opportunities here are slim and HR is very clueless when asked about opportunities. The hospital prides itself on being a teaching institution but doesn’t offer any research positions. Funding has been cut short due to malpractices such as failed heart transplants and blood transfusions. Nursing staff tends to hold discharges until it’s convenient for them. Also there is a disconnect when it comes to them and bed control when a patient is discharged. House Administrators don’t return calls when needed. Nursing Assistants tend to not prep rooms for discharges which creates a problem for housekeeping. The hospital right now is in a lot of turmoil and hopefully with new leadership in place things can change for the better.

Ginger Coccaro

Awesome hospital, awesome nurses and awesome physicians. The care was exceptional and better than care I’ve received at Methodist and Hermann.

Lori Sue Holden

I have been in many of hospitals, admitted too many times to count. St. Lukes hospital is wonderful. All, and I mean every personnel, treated me with kindness, respect and compassion. Hands down, this was the best hospital stay I have ever experienced! Thank you to all staff I came into contact with! You all rock!!

Carolyn Edwards

I called to check on the status of a friend of mine and see which room he is in. They were very hush hush about the whole ordeal. The HIPAA Law is in full force here. Had to call my frie.nds Mom to get his exact where abouts in the hospital. He is in good hands.

Adam Gottlieb

They are insane! Went for a Specialist Dr visit at the liver clinic. I have a $50 co pay, they say I have to pay $240 because its an outpatient hospital and bill the insurance as such. Never in my life have I seen something so crazy. I refuse to pay $240 for a simple doctor office visit. No where did they advise me of this prior to appointment. Unable to reach anyone during business hours to resolve this issue. Phones always go to answering service while office is still open. Find care elsewhere!

Tiara Shavon

Most Horrible Hospital... They will neglect you and let you be in excruciating pain... They are expensive also even with insurance they charge "Facility Fees" that you have to come out of pocket for... There are some very incompetent nurses and some rude PCA's... This hospital left a horrible mark on me and I'll never return... I've spent almost 2 weeks here so miserable...


I was there in march 2016 for 9 days diagnosed with MS. Everyone was so nice. I especially remember the anesthesiologist telling me, she was giving me a margarita for the 3 hour MRI, and I was out like a light. The nurses and the nurses assistance on the 22 floor Neurology was so nice, I was ready to go home, but not ready to leave all the attention. I want to say Thanks to everyone that was part of my care, you made a hard situation, not so bad. If I ever have to go back, I hope I'm on that floor with those wonderful people.

Shana Hill

Horrible experience. Hospital is short staffed and billing was incorrect. Convenient for them since I pre-paid up front for my procedure. Have had to make multiple calls to get itemization straightened out with delayed responses advising that the person that was supposed to send me the correct information is on "bed rest." Save yourself and go to Methodist where they are organized, professional, and don't treat patients like they are $$ numbers.

danny kilpatrick

Back on 6/16/2015 had s major respiratory and heart failure. This hospital & Doctors like Dr George & PA Sue along with all the other support nurses & staff had been wonderful. ..

Lakesha Davis


Sharon Pantin

The staff that was attending my Mother was very caring and loving, just worn out! We had a good Gastro Dr., but the family physician was horrible! His English was so broken that we could hardly understand a word he said. Our 82 year old Mother will never go back to this Hospital again, 14 days is a long time! I think since they were bought out by Catholic Health Initiatives this hospital is never going to be the same.


I am in awe of the exceptional nursing care I received when I had surgery. I felt valued, respected, and was cared for like family. I cannot say enough about the fantastic nurses at this hospital. I highly recommend Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center.

Carlos Stark

Best nurse's and doctors they treat you like family


Far, FAR and away the best example Hospital care. Fantastic staff and Specialists!

Art Guerra

In early September, my 75 year old mom was transferred to St. Lukes from Brownsville, Texas on the recommendation of her cardiologist, to have a procedure done on her heart. As she has multiple medical conditions and requires 24/7 oxygen, she was transported from Brownsville via ambulance. Once she arrived, things went downhill fast. First of all she was seen by several doctors who didn't seem to coordinate with each other. Second the majority of the hospital staff was not very caring, and seemed like robots. Next, while attempting to prepare my mom for a diagnostic exam, hospital staff were unable to regulate my mom's oxygen levels and ended up scaring her by telling her that they might have to intubate her during the exam. She got so scared that she requested that the exam be stopped and that she be returned to her room. Note: She previously had this same exam done with her Doctors in Brownsville, with no issues. After this, the doctors who saw her continued to give her conflicting information with one doctor stating that she didn't need the heart procedure because she would not benefit from it, while another doctor stated that she would benefit from it. Finally, because of the confusion with the doctors and how bad the hospital staff were treating her, my mom decided against the procedure and asked to be sent back home. This presented another set of issues. Since she was initially transported to the hospital by ambulance, we expected that she would be transported back to Brownsville in the same manner. Unfortunately, St. Luke's social services office, refused to work with us and kept insisting that I take her home myself. I argued with the Social worker that due to my mom condition, and the need for 24/7 oxygen, that she could not make the six hour drive back in my car and need to be transported back by ambulance. Even so the social worker, kept trying to find ways to push the transportation on me, even going as far as stating that St. Lukes could do me the favor of dropping off my mom, at my aunts house (who lives in Houston) and that we could then coordinate our own transportation from there. When i told her that this was not acceptable and that I would not accept anything less than ambulance transportation for my mom, the social worker stated that if my mom wanted the ambulance to transport her back home that she would have to cover the costs of transportation. Even though my mom has Medicaid, which covered the costs of being transported to St. Lukes, the social worker at St. Lukes simply refused to work with Medicaid to get the transportation costs covered. We even went as far as to tell her specifically what she needed to do, so Medicaid would cover the transportation costs, but she absolutely refused to work with us and Medicaid. In the end, my mom had to pay $2500 out-of-pocket to get herself transported back to Brownsville. i believe that St. Lukes should reimburse my mom for the costs of transportation since it should have been covered by Medicaid in the first place.

sondra romero

I have been here for over a week and have been treated with the best quality of care. The medical team is amazing and professional.

Gia Garcia

Prior to traveling to the Med-Center I called the medical records department to ensure possession of my records the same day. I was informed after signing the release that would be able to obtain my records within 15 minutes. The way leading to the medical records department is very explicit, however once in the medical records department I didn’t know where to go to obtain my records. As you can see in the photos, no signs are posted pointing out a particular door to enter. I saw a door with hours of operation posted and knocked on the door because I saw a badge was required to enter. The door eventually opened to chuckling and staff members gathered at the door anxiously awaiting the person coming in. I was informed by the gentleman that their system had been down all day and the information would be FedEx to me next day once the system is up. Completely no one was going to tell me the door was unlocked the entire time until I asked.


I went to st lukes er last year for severe back pain to the point that i could hardly stand up,and i was only 23 yo. The nurse/transporter/tech and doctors were very nice and accommodating. Within the 2.5 hours that I was there,they did head to toe assessment,controlled my pain,run my bloodwork,X-ray,ct scan and discharge teaching. I work in healthcare industry myself and arranging all those things while having other patients to see is pretty impressive in my opinion.

Zoe Rivera

The nurses were absolutely wonderful! Great care sense of humors and so kind!!! Im going back and I'm so excited to see the kind staff again!

Michele Eigler

I went to St. Lukes with stroke symptoms. I was seen immediately and given a battery of tests. I was later admitted to the hospital and seen by a Neurologist who I later discovered is rated #14 in the entire country. My care there was terrific. I wouldn't hesitate to go back.

Daniela Allison

fine place but staff is not so much friendly..

Chaesa Kikoy

VERY VERY THE WORST HOSPITAL!! I only asked for eyedrop, they NEVER came up to give me that eyedrop even I ALREADY ASKED the DOCTOR.

Ronda Hedges

My husband had neurosurgery here in January after several stroke events. Being a service -connected disabled Veteran, he was admitted to MEDVAMC and then transferred for a very specialized procedure. His surgeons were fantastic and up until his post-surgical ICU transfer, the staff had been wonderful too. Unfortunately, his experience in the Neuro-ICU turned out to be horrific, as he puts it. My husband suffers from MST PTSD & was required to halt his medications for this period of time. In short, my husband conveys & I agree, the ICU staff failed to regard his condition (his primary disability)or the fact that his medication was not on board which resulted in their restraining him (4 point) for 8 hours without any medication to calm him, as he recollects. Even worse, he suffers w/ sleep apnea & had put off getting his home equipment, so the CPAP machine was newly introduced to him in the hospital. While restrained, the CPAP w/ full mask was placed on him at what he describes as full air blast & causing the sensation of being unable to breathe. During the entire ordeal he was unable to talk so unable to explain anything. He says all he could do was respond using his arms & legs in protest. We quickly discovered that he has post surgical Broca's Aphasia which affects his speech. He says he was terrified. No one bothered to call & notify me of this event either. That event threw him back to the moment of his most traumatic event which happened nearly 40 years ago, opening a Pandora's box of nightmares and undoing a whole lot of therapy and specialized in-patient treatments. And all the staff had to do were 2 extremely minor things. The floor staff sure grasped it but this group of very few just did not. My husband couldn't get out of there fast enough & refused to return for follow-up testing for 5 1/2 months. Being a former hands-on medical care professional, there are not enough english language words to describe how I feel about it all. More so, how it has affected our days and nights since. The surgeons I worked under would never have tolerated such oversight. I hope my husbands surgeon doesn't either, no matter how late his patient was coming forward w/ his experience. As to the rest... from the security staff, valet attendants, lobby staff, floor nurses, techs, nutrition staff and physicians - they rate high in my book. (At my husbands continual requests, I've edited to add info I had previously left out)

Vanessa S.

One of the worst hospitals I have ever stepped a foot in literally. Past Wednesday, my mom had a tonsillectomy early morning. Next day, she felt weak and wasn’t holding down any liquids as needed. Called her doctor told me I had to bring her to this ER where she had her surgery. Fast foward as I entered the building the front desk or whatever you want to call it to check in. The young lady was a little off stuttering as she was speaking. I did what I had to do and got my mom checked in. A minute or two passed by the nurse calls my mom. I can already tell shes a miss sassy pants. She was one rude lady. Took my mom’s vitals and she asked me what was going on and she kept interrupting me trying to speak over me. Like if you wait a minute I can explain. Oh btw her name is Katherine. Shes done taking vitals and my mom said she already disliked how they were treating her. I would expect that being a hospital in the medical center would treat patients right. 1 hr passes by and mom gets a room and we waiting about a good 30-40 minutes till I approached a RN to help us cause NO ONE checked in to see what was the deal. She seemed bother that I asked why they were taking so long. She comes in asking what was going on and I explained to her cause my mom wasn’t able to speak for herself after the surgery. She was like “ ok thats it? “ my blood was boiling at this point. As well asked her for pain meds and she said i’ll ask the doctor. Another freaking 30 min goes by and doctor comes in and asks again. He wasn’t professional at all as well. Everything was going completely wrong. We waiting and waited until one nurse came in and really did his job correctly was there explaining what he was going to do and at least some what having a conversation with. Other then that this place sucks and I don’t want no one to go here and die because apparently they will just keep you waiting and waiting. Unorganized place and which is ridiculous.


I want to be fair regarding my overall rating of St. Luke’s, in the TMC. I’ve been an Elkins Pancreas Center patient, for a few years. BCM physicians made my life immeasurably better. I’m fortunate to be receiving quality care, from the facility that’s located on Cambridge. At one time, I considered St. Luke’s to be my safe place. I could go there for treatment during crises, without judgement. I was viewed as a person, who was deserving of dignity and respect. My medical concerns and needs were addressed. I miss that St. Luke’s. Times have changed. I have had very negative treatment experiences, recently. I have chronic pancreatitis. I am NOT: a drug addict or alcoholic. When I go to the ER, it’s because, I need support. I can no longer manage the symptoms of my illness at home. I require pain management, anti-nausea meds, and fluids. What I don’t need is prejudgement, or negative assumptions regarding my condition. It is possible to develop pancreatitis, without abusing drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse is an illness too, and all patients are entitled to respect. My most recent treatment experience included: a violation of my patient rights, a hospital acquired infection, and apathetic clinicians. In my opinion, I suffered a negative treatment event, due to understaffing and negligence. I reported my experience to Patient Advocacy. I want to thank the staff in this department, for their assistance. Even though, my claims were investigated and addressed, it does not alter what happened to me. I believe that changes must be made, in the culture and treatment environment, at this facility. Until this occurs, I simply can’t recommend St. Luke’s.

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