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Very clean and great staff! Very nice facility.

Jack Thompson

Really outstanding care and treatment. Great supervision at the top and staff

Sean Pollard

Would not go here for a sleep study. Was referred here to do a sleep study. I initially asked about cost, even though we're insured and they couldn't tell me what cost was or what my insurance would cover, but they said if I was a cash patient it wouldn't be more than $1400. So I said okay and scheduled study. Had study done - tech was wonderful, place was clean. Fast forward 2 months. I hadn't heard anything from Carrus about the sleep study or results, but I had received a bill for $400, insurance paid $250 - I paid $150. No big deal I thought, I'll call and ask about results. I had since become uninsured but figured I could get the results and go through my options from there. They said they wouldn't give me my results unless I had insurance, which I couldn't believe. I had already had the test, but they WOULD NOT give me the test results until I was insured. Wouldn't even give us a cash option to meet with the sleep Dr. Fast forward another 2 weeks - Got another bill in the mail for $3500!!!! Insurance paid $2800 - I owe $700. This was all for a study that for a "cash patient" would be $1400 and I had already paid for a bill earlier that when we called in to ask why we received 2 bills, the lady on the phone said "i don't know." I'm not sure why I was quoted a cash price by the scheduler, and then told later on that to get the results I would be required to have insurance. Im going to end up out of pocket $850 and with no results from my study. I am basically going to end up paying 3-5x a hotel fee to have slept all night with a bunch of stuff attached to me and them not tell me the results. Unacceptable business practice. The hospital may offer good care - I can't speak to that. But I wouldn't consider this place AT ALL if you're considering having a sleep study one. Find somewhere else.

Seemoore Butts

The facility it's nice but some staff members aren't.

Gary Glenn

Casey House

Vickie Woodard

Just finished a sleep study at Carrus. I left with an average opinion of the facility. I was scheduled at the same time as another patient. I had to wait until that person was set up before me. That took awhile! Not the tech's fault. Arrival times should have been staggered to accommodate both or have two techs. The sleep rooms need to be updated. Old, worn out furniture and bed linens. Bed not comfortable and pillows were terrible. I suggest having water or other drink option available in patient rooms and definitely a Kuerig for the morning coffee before having to drive home. I finished my morning paperwork and after waiting for a while, I finally just left because the tech was somewhere else. Maybe with the other patient? If my doctor orders another study, I will request to go to Heritage in hopes that it might be a little nicer and scheduled better.

David Daughtrey

Have relative who is in Carrus ICU. 5 Weeks out of a Perforated Duodenal Ulcer. Septic Shock Came from Presbyterian Hospital of Denton. Great Nurses and Doctors. They offer long term ICU. ICU is as good as the big hospitals.

Jessica L

I had a relative placed at Carrus to recover from an accident and we are truly blessed that she chose this facility. The staff is great, the facility is beautiful, and she even said the food was great! She can be a feisty one but thankfully the staff at Carrus was able to get her back on her feet quickly and keep her entertained while doing so (a difficult task). They were nothing but understanding to my overly protective family members and very patient with what can be a difficult process for all involved. I would recommend Carrus to anyone with a family member that qualifies to utilize this facility.

Miguel Rivera

My very first time in a rehabilitation center after being diagnosed with an infection in my back spine fluid. I don’t regret choosing carrus. The facility is clean and the nurses are very understanding and respectful. They have amazing therapist. They helped me 100 percent of the way. They are incuraging and have positive attitudes. Everything I needed was done right away from day one. They took very good care of me. From switching my mattress to an air mattress to getting all my utensils and my everyday equipment I used daily. The food was great and if i ever got hungry throughout the day they brought me snack/drinks. I can’t complain much about this place. I enjoyed my two month stay here. Met a lot of great people. They helped me boost my motivation each day even after being a crybaby most of the time I was here. They never gave up with me. I was very very satisfied.

Danny Lovelace

Best rehab care. The employees take patient care number one. Everyone from the CEO to the janitors smile and show that they are happy to be working there.

Jamie Miller

Very clean facility.

Pat Risha

I have been to several medical facilities over the past few years due to a ongoing, lifetime, medical issue, ( I can no longer walk either) but by far, Carrus is the WORST medical facility I have ever been to! 1) I was on life support and was allowed to fall out of the bed and still have nerve damage from that. 2) Even after my Pulmonary doctors released me, I was not allowed to go home because they would not sign me out for 2 weeks AFTER my doctor had released me, therefore Medicaid would not pay for the ambulance to take me back to my facility. 3) They removed the room phone and TOOK my cell phone so I could not call anyone after they heard me telling a police dispatcher what was going on. Keep in mind, I could not call anyone. 3) Even after the Pulmonary doctor and all other doctors had released me and I was no longer on any kind of medication, some big joker would come in at 10:00 P. M.and RESTRAIN me and FORCE a by pap mask on me ALL NIGHT where it stayed until breakfast came! 4) I could hear other patients saying they did not want the machine on them either but soon I could no longer hear them yelling BUT I yelled to family members of one of the patients as they were going down the hall to see their loved one, and told them how he begged, and begged, not to be restrained or have the machine, and told them that when Carrus knew they were coming about the same time each day, they must sedate him because he was always asleep when they came. ( I asked them to call my brother so he could come from another state to get me out of there, and that's how I got out.) But, the same people surprised Carrus after I told them what was going on with their loved one. They returned to Carrus UNEXPECTEDLY where their loved one begged them to get him out of there. They did, and as they were leaving, they thanked me profusely for informing them of the situation. 4) Room service was VERY, VERY slow and they hardly ever had ice. I WOULD NOT SEND MY WORST ENEMY TO CARRUS. P.S....I had to click a 'star' to be able to submit my Review, but obviously, they would get ZERO stars from me otherwise.

Connie Mears

I began my journey at Carrus hospital following a stroke which paralyzed my left size. I was there for one month. The staff was amazing. The nurses was kind, respectful and was there for me . LV. aka teddy bear and Vera. My first day in therapy I met Moon. I was scared but drawn to her kindness. She ask me what I enjoyed doing, I said being outside. So she took me outside to the pond. That day I felt normal just a moment. Her thoughtfulness was so appreciated. Moon was going to be off for a couple of days , I got so upset I started crying. Moon just held me and said everything was going to be alright. Again, so kind and carring.I also met Andrea in therapy and she was so full of life. She let us listen to rock & roll and she sang during therapy. She made it fun. She would always say if you don't count your reps they do count. Every move counts. The day I climbed the stairs I heard cheers. I was so proud I called my sister. I accomplished that goal. I do believe God knew where I needed to be. I had a wonderful case manager. That worked diligently to get me the care I needed beyond Carrus. She went out of her way to work with my family.

Bonnie Trapp

My sister had a stroke was led us to Carrus Rehabilitation. The caring and knowledgeable staff made it possible for her her jump start her journey to recovery. The therapy team and nurses believed in her so she could believe in herself. What a blessing. Special thanks to Moon, Megan, Brandy, Crystal, M.V. Andrea and way to many others to say all by names. Our families gratitude.

Eddie Crosby

I had a sleep study done here . The staff was pleasant to me . If you are on Medicare or Humana you will owe a huge bill when it is over . I am dropping Humana and taking out a new private policy on my own . So if I have to go back my insurance will pay better .

Melissa Hood

Carrus was wonderful!! All the staff was caring and compassionate they really cared about the individual!! Physical therapy was tough (tough love) but so NEEDED to help me get BETTER!!! It's just what I needed and I couldn't have found a better place seriously I made so much progress I didn't want to leave!!

Barbara Faris

Had a sleep study here, technician was good both times. Have had friends hospitalized here, room response slow.

riz jade

by far the best care i have ever had at a hospital. the staff was focused solely on making sure i was taken care of and comfortable. i was beyond pleased with every single person who helped me, especially Dr. Watson, he was the best doctor ive had!

Eva Christmas

My 81 year old mother was brought here from TMC after being diagnosed with multiple myeloma and amyloidosis al for rehab to see if she could regain her strength to possibly have treatments done for her illnesses. The nursing staff,OT and physical therapy staff along with the cafeteria, EVS and patient assistants have all been great however their nurse practioner and GI specialist on staff DR Young were the rudest people I have ever encountered. They treated my mother with no compassion and no respect. One nurse also was rude as a whole I would not recommend this facility.


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