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This Hospital corresponds to the category of Psychiatric hospital.

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REVIEWS OF Big Spring State Hospital IN Texas

Crystal Herrera

Priscilla Davis

This place saved my life giving me adequate coping skills and many other options to lead a healthy productive life i thank everyone there if it werent for you i wouldnt be here today

Resistance Now

Pablo Galindo

Poor management, specially security.

Michelle Thompson

tina thompson

I was there over 10years ago . They were great in my treatment . learn coping skills for everyday life. Been sober and clean now for over ten years. The staff was great and all who helped in my treatment program. I tell all if have a mental need this is place to go . its great . The book I received out of control I still use it today . Thank you for your love and compassion for me . because of y'all I am well and alive to day . May God bless this hospital and all who is a part of it.

Josefina De Rodríguez

Wilfred Nyangweso

A Marie

Normally I can talk to my family member but today I was transferred through and a “patient” answered the phone???? Why wouldn’t a member of staff be answering the phones instead of a patient?? Ridiculous. The patient wouldn’t let me talk to my family member and was just trying to have a conversation with me. Maybe they can look into that and have actual staff answer the phone instead of some random patient. Most of the time when the staff answers they’re rude, but at least I get to talk to my family member. I can handle a rude “what” or whatever, but I feel uncomfortable knowing the next time I call I could be speaking with someone who isn’t even part of the staff.

Richard Roberts

I was a patent there in 2011 I was forced to stay under court order and was treated badly after the nurse helped me drink soda while in full restraints and having Abdominal surgery cause my insides to explode - my intestines! I was sent back to the hospital and Once again... straight out of surgery I was asked to sign papers - I am still not sure what it was but than my court order was lifted without a judge and Big Springs State Hospital wouldn’t pay me medical bills they caused. I needed treated I couldn’t be operated on or closed up due to my protein levels it took 10 months to get them high enough to operate. I was sent on greyhound to Phoenix Arizona. I was in no condition! No one cared! I was weak unable to eat or drink without it pumping out of my stomach as fast as it went down my throat literally!! In fact I would have died if I continue the journey that big Spring State Hospital sent me on back to Phoenix Arizona. They were ordered to help me by judge all they did was cause me more pain and suffering and then kicked me out without a judge order I wasn’t there not even four months I was supposed to be there 12 months according to a judge so how is this possible? The doctor Sad to the judge that I was in capable of taking care of myself and I needed their supervision and they were going to help me! said to the judge that I was I’m capable of taking care of myself and I need it their supervision and they were going to help me Really? I want answers to why? But can’t get it! I had no way to eat or drink due to having (2) fistulas caused by the soda exploding my insides -my intestines where hanging out of my stomach- I went septic- Big Springs State Hospital is at fault and no one will do anything! Why? My intestines were hanging outside of my abdomen in a clear bag I was sent to the ER in New Mexico who transported me by ambulance to Scott and White Hospital in Temple Texas Due to my severe condition where I spent (10) months in the hospital due to the medical misconduct, unprofessional conduct and medical malpractice I was forced to received from big Spring State Hospital than thrown on the streets once they messed up! I was told I could not leave for at least one year but after they did this to me my court order went away while laying there in the hospital somethings not right I had an attorney look into it and was told that big Spring State Hospital has immunity therefore pretty much they can do whatever they want to anybody and nobody can ever do anything about it and it’s very obvious somebody’s in somebody’s back pocket because somethings not right about any of this! How is this legal? How does any hospital or Doctor receive immunity? I’m better mentally now and doing all I can to raise awareness for those who cannot speak like I couldn’t inside Big Springs No one knew I still suffer And big Springs State hospital has never made not one attempt to make any of this right all they try to do is cover everything up so now I’m getting a hold of everyone I can to bring attention to the issue for all BBB - Texas State medical board - NAMI - ACLU in Washington DC ect Protect your family loved ones friends ect! My opinion.... Stay away from Big Springs State Hospital! No ones life is worth the chance It’s not what they told my family on the phone at all I layed in my own body wastes for hours while in restraints! Brought out doors in a thin gown during winter with snow everywhere! They had jackets gloves hats while I froze I was assaulted by a staff member and he was removed They know what they’re doing to stay out of court

Roberto Rivera

Alicis Brice

Fired me just because i took days of. For my mother's funeral...The supeviors are fack as hell..don't trust them

Nick MacMan

The state of Texas doesn't pay well but the benefits and pension are awesome.

Grace Guzman

I work with great professional staff

Adriana Julie Benson

Well kept grounds during the winter. Clean parking lot and edifice. Sticks out when driving down Texas Highway 87.

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