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Mildred Sifford

Always get friendly assistance from staff

Regina Woodruff

Went to this hospital over Chest pains and had EKG sent to their heart center and they do not care. They expect to put your appointment out over 90 days. The main manager called from heart center and still didnt care on making a appt. They expect you to see several doctors and pay 1,000$ of wasted money before a heart doctor reviews the EKG you just had at their hospital. Choose another hospital!!!!

Kayden and Taylor

Missy Bowles

This is one of the worst hospitals I have been to.i told my family when and if anything happens to me Do Not send me here. The nurses and the doctors in the ICU are rude lazy and uncaring with the exception of a couple nurse and there is always trash ( dirty gloves,syringes) laying in the floor of the patients rooms. I have pics to prove it. I can't wait to fill out the survey for the Press Ganey Score Rating

J Wins

Worst treatment ever. It was never worse by any other Care Unit. I was assaulted by a "peace officer" who then thought she had the right to hold the door open to hear everything against my HIPAA rights. And the doctor was an absolute mess and went through with not only telling me I had to comply or he was going to make me comply with two other big goons behind him and strap me to my bed to extract blood when I came in there on my own accord. This is a police state that is disgusting! Shame on you University of Tennessee. Shame on you!

Salina Worrell

I’m visiting from Georgia & I broke my ankle right after I checked in to my hotel. Ouch! The emergency room admission staff weren’t the kindest but the ER Nurses & Doctor’s were great. I ended up having surgery to repair my ankle. But the Trauma staff were even better. I can’t stand hospitals but they spoiled me so good that I don’t want to leave.

Autumn C

will always be greatful for what Dr. Kleppe at UT has done for me and for truly changing my life. After 12 years of being treated poorly by tennova, leconte and fort Sanders......Dr. Kleppe was the only surgeon that advocated for me. Dr. Buckly in Vascular and Dr. Kleppe have been an answer to years of prayers. I have a rare disease called mals that dr. Buckley and Kleppe trested after all the other hospitals insisted I was crazy or worse. This was not an easy surgery. Dr. Kleppe is a gift from God.

Brennon Acker

If I could give this ER zero stars then I would, everytime I've had the misfortune to need to use this ER, there is multiple hours of waiting before ever being seen... They violate HIPPA by asking questions regarding personal information, HIPPA protected information and symptoms while ur waiting to see a doctor in the back in order to "expedite" the process. This is all done in the waiting room, directly in front of other patients which only serves to diminish the quality of care "received". If you happen to come here when they are understaffed (which is always) then be prepared to be treated from the ER and possibly be discharged without ever being evaluated or diagnosed by an in person physician. The care received is impersonal and they just don't seem to care or have the time or resources to assit people coming through the ER.

Tyler Morris

I am currently sitting here in a hospital room with my fiance who cannot move she is in so much pain. Her side is killing her and she cant breathe, on top of that shes had PE's in the past, and we told the doctors this, so what was their response? Well to give you an idea we have been here over 7 HOURS AND ALL THEY HAVE DONE SO FAR IS TAKE BLOOD SAMPLES. Dont bother with this hospital. Go out of state, like leconte avoid this hospital at all costs. You WONT be taken care of.

Scott Durand

They definitely need a new process. According to the nurses it’s not very busy but we have been here now for 7 hours and still have not gotten result or communication from anyone. They said it would be soon. That was 2 hours ago. UT you need to be better.

Walter Pope

Today I went in lost of course. I could not believe how nice the people were to help me find my way around. Two different times people came up to me and helped me just because I looked lost. 5 different people helped me, one took me all the way downstairs. What a wonderful friendly place☺️

Blake Bunnell

Awesome hospital, had to have a skin graft on my dominant hand in September. I’m already healed for the most part. I’ve been reading the reviews about the ED and what all the libtards fail to remember is UT is a trauma center. They literally handle the worst case first.


I've been to several of the area Hospitals and clinics. These people are not only knowledgeable and smart as a whip, but they are the nicest, sweetest people anywhere!!! They are understanding, and caring to a fault! I just came in for a doctor's appointment, and I was in surgery in just a few hours!! That's fast!!! The food is great too which is a very hard compliment to earn. This place has my vote and I will return here for any of my specialty needs!!!

Amy Reid

Best hospital best professional staff ready to assist you UT saved my life literally

Jeanette Harris

Broken ankle in 3 places. Excellent care! Reasonable amt of time and compassionate staff in ER. Great care by nursing and support staff; OR staff were excellent also. Really good food. They all deserve 5-stars!

Douglas LakeVacations

Great Dr's and staff been using this hospital for over 40 years

Mighty Mouse

So far, the doctor's I have through this hospital have been great. However, getting a test done though outpatient has been a nightmare. I had to press to get any information about my procedure and the simple questions I had were never answered. At 4:15 the Friday before the procedure, I get a phone call from the billing department saying I owe out of pocket $1100 and wanted a deposit. They didn't give me any time to make good decisions or come up with solutions for either my healthcare or to find a way to pay. I cancelled the procedure. This place wants your money or nothing at all.

Cambrea Brawner

They are not quick most of them just sit around talking and laughing at the patients the rooms are dirty I found a dirty needle on the ground they are very disrespectful and unorganized

Cory Tucker

Came in with gallstone pain, after having my gallbladder removed. Been here for 6 hrs, had to take a substance that would help with acid reflux but instead made it worse. Was told at 330am that I would have pain medicine and other medicine provided to me, it's now 450am and haven't heard anything. Expect that I would be here for three days...

Autumn Ward

Will absolutely never use this hospital again. I went to the ER with a skin infection on my foot. Extremely painful, hard to walk on, can’t wear open toed shoes with it when it flares up. I would be going out of town a couple weeks after this appointment, so I really needed someone to check it out and help me fix the problem. I saw a NP, and I don’t have a single good thing to say about him, from his horribly bad attitude and unprofessional remarks, to his disgusting work boots that had no business in a hospital room. He told me “this isn’t an emergency. I might actually help you if you had like a bullet in your chest. Now what prescription do you want me to write you?” Then wrote me a prescription for a generic antibiotic and sent me on my way. The whole exchange took 15 minutes. Now fast forwards 6 months later, collections is sending me a $629 ER bill from UT because they told my insurance company that my visit was an inappropriate use of emergency services, and they also are trying to say I didn’t make my copay of $100. Horribly managed hospital that is almost impossible to deal with. Never coming back.

Brittany Valdez

I got lost navigating through the hallways and staff were very helpful in pointing me in the right direction.

Chad Fain

A hell of a lot better than Leconte medical center.

Mx Match

Best experience ive ever had in a hospital! No waiting was seen by soooo many docs and staff that were all soo nice and helpful. This sounds like a fake review but honestly its not. And i been here many times with not so good experiences but this one deserves the good review 5 stars!!!

Pierre Galloup

You will be profiled here. African American, Hispanic, or poor white trash. Maybe be gay. You will be profiled. Thing is they judge a book by it's cover. Not knowing, I've been clean for 15 years. I went up to visit my friend/family after surgery. Once I had left 2 police officers visited and asked. If I had dropped off illegal drugs. I'm like wow really. Aren't they supposed to be showing the up most care for a patient and not judging them and treating them as second class people because they look different or do things differently. This is so sad that we don't get treated like first class at a place that is looking out for your well being. I feel sorry for anyone doing drugs. You will not get help here just left to die. Probably wouldn't give you advice or treatment to get you clean. And just think we go to this place to get help.

Mike Brown

Been going to this hospital for years then had a kidney transplant in 2011 so I'm over there a lot everything an everyone works great till the other hospitals closed an has put a strain on the remaining hospitals even UT''s emergency room or rooms available if you have to stay but even with the wait I couldn't afford to go anywhere else because of the transplant office an the staff there thanks UT an Transplant office for being there when I need you guys.

Donna Harrod

ICU nurses took wonderful care of my son, they were very compassionate, and caring. A wonderful staff of nurses and doctors.


Located near the university of Tennessee Campus. Great hospital especially the cardio until. Professional staff and they are very personable.

Nancy Kinsler

Nice courteous staff clean and cares for their patient

Angel_Dust 2019

Save a drive there dont waste your time or gas!! I went in for sevier wisdom tooth pain I had pulled 2 days prior I was screaming and crying in pain my dentist didn't have a 24hr emergency line it was the wkend I needed help my blood pressure was high from the pain the dude didn't even look in my mouth Gave me a freaking zofran FOR WHAT?!? I don't know why I wasn't there for nausea but for a horrid tooth pain. Dude treated me like I was a nobody! I needed help I felt like passing out from the pain ended up going to another hospital were I was finally examined and was told I had dry socket and an infection were I was treated the way all human beings should be treated! Stay away from UT emergency department! The nurse there helping her side kick doctor was a disgrace as well no manners at all treated me like she didn'thave time for me! 1/13/18 about 6:30-7pm and nobody was there at ER but me so they weren't busy!! The staff there is cold and uncaring I dont understand how these people are allowed to treat patients in need of help are still allowed to work there! There rude and if I was dieing I wouldn't go there or send my children! I was there total of 20min before being sent home not only that had medications wrong that I wasn't allergic to down! No clue how they screwed that up! If this was the last hospital on earth!!?? I would die b4 going back here! Someone needs to look into them cause apparently I'm not the 1st unhappy patient on here over UT Knoxville Hospital. BtW GO TO FORT SANDERS

Martie SassyB

I had my son there 16 years ago and it was horrible. I worried it would be a horrible visit again. Unfortunately I had to have surgery recently there as well. I was put in a room and forgotten. The Doctor and the day Nurses never came and cked on me. I was in pain and hungry. It was a horrible feeling. However the night Nurses took very good care of me. Thank God I had someone with me. He got it straightened out. I had to sleep on my dirty sheets after surgery. No one cleaned my room for 2 days. My trash was overflowing. What I am thankful for is that my surgery went good. So it's a mixture. I hope to never have to been seen at UT ever again. The food is horrible.

Michael Turner

Always professional, caring and genuine concern for a patients well being. Fast and friendly as well.

Linda Smith

They took really good care of me when I was there. Excellent care.

Angela Anderson

They are great with their patience

Edna harris

All of the nurses were so kind and caring. They took the best care of me. Last time I was here it was aweful but they went above and beyond this time. I will always be grateful for the care I received!

Cici Mitchell

The trama unit in this hospital is a Horrible place to take your friend or family member very unpleasant visit Everytime this one individual was at the front desk he was very rude and obnoxious he was a Very feminine guy who looked friendly and was the total opposite ask for directions and care when my loved one was in pain he stared at me n then told me to walk away!! This was 12/6/2018

Gamaliel Mejia

This place sucks 5 hours waiting and we still waiting

Kendra B

My mom had back surgery here because this is where her surgeon was. She went to 6 South after her surgery. The only reason they get 1 star, besides the fact that you can't pick 0, is that they do have a state of the art facility. What they don't have, is very many employees that actually care about their patients. The place is filthy. I left late each night that I visited, & there was dirt all over the floors. Not to mention, they never cleaned my mom's room while she was there. I finally had to ask, since I had been doing all the cleaning besides mopping the floor. My mom felt very neglected here, & I saw it first hand. I will never let any of my family members come here again. Park West will be our first choice from now on.

jeff whaley

I have always received great care and services here, many of my family members as well.

Jax McClaskey

Worst hospital in Tennessee and sadly it's a teaching hospital. I was in an accident and went to the ER to have my pacemaker looked at afterwards. They only checked the battery and told me I was fine. Flashforward three years and I'm seeing a cardiologist in Oregon after finally scraping enough money together to move out of that godforsaken state, I was told my pacemaker hasn't been working in the best they could tell one to three years. UT Medical Center was negligent in their care of me by not checking to see if any of my leads were damaged and that my pacer was sensing properly. If you don't have insurance they don't care about you. You're just cattle to push through the door. AVOID IF AT ALL POSSIBLE

Klass Act

Just saw a video on YouTube that is the worst demonstration of rights violations!!! The security guards impersonating police officers... Detaining someone illegally... I hope that the gentleman that this happened to sues the hell out of everyone involved!!! And that the fake police officers are fired!!!!

Casey Nicholson

I unfortunately had to visit UTMC twice in one weekend, and these two experiences were night and day. I would give one visit 5 stars and the other 1 star. My first visit, everyone was great and so understanding! My nurse was absolutely amazing, the techs and nurse interns were great, and the doctor wasn’t exactly the nicest, but he knew his stuff and that’s what’s important. They ran tests, made me comfortable, and eventually sent me home! I still wasn’t feeling great, but the pain was manageable and I was doing a lot better than I was when I came in. The second time, I felt completely invalidated. One nurse was sweet, and the nurse interns were amazing. The others, however, acted like they had absolutely no desire to be there. The staff’s attitudes this time made me feel uncomfortable and like a complete inconvenience. They made it obvious that they were understaffed and annoyed based upon their demeanor and their conversations outside of the room. Side note - The wait was extremely long for both visits, but this is to be expected when seeking treatment in an ER, especially a level I trauma center. Although I was miserable and in a lot of pain, I know that individuals were coming in via EMS and Lifestar that were in much worse shape than I was. In the end, the wait was frustrating but definitely not the issue. The drastic difference in care received during both visits is what really got to me.

Rachel Ammon

If you want to die a slow miserable death go to UT Hospital this place is a damn joke my boyfriend wrecked his side-by-side yesterday got to the hospital and he is still in the emergency room they did x-rays and found three broken ribs and a cut to liver. they admitted him yet never gave him a bed upstairs because they don’t have any beds left so he has three broken ribs a cut to his liver and laying in the emergency department this place is careless. I stayed the night there with him slept in a chair and only one doctor came in the whole time and he has severe health issues . He’s on a bunch of medication they didn’t give him his medication Yet! Been there over 24 hours all they’re doing is giving him pain meds so if you’re an addict and you want some drugs go to UT Hospital they hook you right up. that’s all they do. All these nurses running around twiddling their Twatt and no one being taken care of. But will just stick them in the hall and wait three days until someone either passes away or room comes open but good luck we’ll get to you sometime. this place needs shut down it’s a joke! Never in my life have I been to a hospital in seeing patients lined up in the hall because they don’t have enough rooms but it supposed to be the best hospital in this part of Tennessee. YEAH RIGHT! I think they better go to another hospital am I said I was going to contact the news he said that’s not necessary and I’ll end this conversation. because he knows it’s a joke and it needs shut down. He said I was being unfair how am I being unfair when my boyfriend is suffering and you got people lined up in the hospital in the hallways because you don’t have enough rooms!!! SERIOUSLY but yet you want to charge three dollars for parking get the F out of here.. RUN FROM THIS PLACE!

Stan Novakoski

UT Medical Center Trauma Team in July 2018!! Great Doctors and Outstanding Nurses!!

Jay Brooks

Very disappointed in my stay

Mika Ellen Orzech

Excellent healthcare. I won't go anywhere else in the Knoxville area.

Darrell Staton

my wife's blood count is extremely low and they sent us here to to get blood for the second time. The first time she was getting blood with in about 45 minutes the same 5.2 blood level . The emergency room isn't very busy and we've been here almost 4 hours and they haven't got her blood level back yet. The next time I'll choose a different hospital

Susie Tuberville

Love this hospital. Very friendly and helpful workers. Being going there for about 6 years now. We beat cancer together. Thanks to all the Great people that work at U.T. medical. Without there know how and God's blessings I wouldn't be here now.

Christian Byrd

The secretary for day surgery "Debby" was laughably terrible in terms of service. Inconsiderate, rude, downright belittling at times. Acted as though we were nuisances instead of patients or guests.

Ryan Leveque

Worst experience Ive had in a long time ,walked out after being there almost 3 hours without anyone really explaining anything! I really needed help and drove 45 minutes just to go there! Had a infection but had to go to another er to find out! It was also the dirtiest hospital I have ever been too! VERY DIRTY, and love having to pay for parking on top of the terrible service. Im very unhappy that Ill be getting a bill for service i didnt even get!!

Lindsey Neely

Left people in the waiting room for 12 hours overnight and didn’t even check on them til the morning.

Natalie VanSickle

If I could give this hospital no stars I would, they are careless, heartless and liars. They do not care that their mistakes effect individuals in such an emotionally and tragic way. Not once, not twice but 5 different people made the same mistake. They also read wrong lab results, and give you the run around when you try to get in touch with a higher peronel. Don’t waste your time here.

Marc Spencer

They are incredible! One the best hospitals in the country!

Missy Ingram

Been sitting here for going on 12 hours. 8 hours ago we were getting discharged, 6 hours ago we were getting discharged, 4 hours ago we were getting discharged. Now we aren’t even getting checked in on. Not a single person has walked in our room in over 2 hours!

Brent Batson

You are never a Priority here. The least amount of time I've spent in the E.R. is 6 hours. Dont come here if you have an emergency. This place is terrible and no one will adress it

Debbie Sise

My friend's husband died this afternoon on floor 12E. Around 4pm my friend noticed her hubby wasn't breathing. She pushed the nurse's button to page a nurse. A nurse came in and she did not have a stethoscope and said she had to go get one. Well, 5 minutes later, my friend paged the nurse again. But, it was too late. Her hubby of 46 yrs was gone. Shame on you UT MEDICAL. This was uncalled for! Teach your staff to carry the needed equipment!!

Claude Junior

On 5/23/2018 I go to UT hospital because of my injury I had at work on 2/2/2018. I go their on the count of Fort Sanders Regional Hospital and everywhere else nearly have been denying me medical care because I had a accident at work. I tell the two girls that check me in about all the issues I'm having like the numbness, pain, neck rotation, dizziness, etc. My wife also tells the two girls also about the issues also. They finally take me too a room and put a IV in and so on. I tell the two doctors about everything that's going on and they give me some potassium pills, pain medication, etc. After about 30 minutes the doctor comes back in and says that I'm not having a stroke and they are letting me go. The doctor has thr nurse too come in and she rip's my IV out and I start bleeding real bad and they don't even care. They made me feel like if I didn't hurry up and get out of their that they were going to have me put in jail or something else. So I hurried up and got out of their. When I got home I told my wife how they wouldn't help me either and I told her how they had ripped my IV out and so on. Looking back now the reason why UT didn't help me either was because the radiologist that read my CT scan on 2/2/2018 also works at UT Hospital. He didn't even put in the CT findings on 2/2/2018 that I had a crack and fracture in my ondotoid. Had he let everyone know that and wasn't working with everyone else back then I wouldn't of had probably a acute heart attack, white matter strokes, etc. on 2/11/2018 because of lack of oxygen in my blood from the epidural occipital hematoma swelling up and causing pressure in my head. Fort Sanders, UT Hospital, Nova Medical, Jefferson Family Physicians, Carter Express, etc. all work together to deny me medical care because I had a accident at work. Looking back now I realize even on 5/23/2018 that the reason they gave me potassium pills, was because of my blood pressure being really high and that without a doubt in my mind I was still having white matter strokes that day also. That's why they kicked me out of the hospital to cover up their wrong doing and also everybody else's. On 6/15/2018 I go to UT Hospital to look at some MRI cd''s to try to figure out about my medical issues myself. While their I have a girl in the computer room put the cd in and get it to the results and when I get done with that one I have her come back over to take that one out and put the next one in. While she's taking the 1st one out and putting the 2nd one in she switches the results of the MRI findings to a MRI study that I had done in Georgia four days prior. UT Hospital has her to do so because the MRI study that was done on 2/12/2018 I only had a few white matter spots and the new MRI study done on 6/11/2018 showed over 15 white matter spots in my brain. After about a minute after the girl switches th r cd's out I realize what she did and I ask the other two people working in the computer room where she went and they said she went home. I tell them what she did and they tell me that I want be able to prove it and thinks it's very funny. UT Hospital, Fort Sanders, Nova Medical, doctors, Carter Express. Morristown Hamblen, etc. all work together to deny me medical treatment because of me having a accident at work. That's corporate corruption. Something has to be done with all these people and businesses for working together to deny me medical care because I had a accident at work. I should've been able to get medical care no matter where I had the accident at. But I guess these businesses and doctors get a kick back if they can try to coverup your medical conditions and if you die in the process so be it. They businesses and doctors, etc. don't deserve the right to say in business. They need to be management changes. Just because us everyday workers get hurt at work doesn't mean that we are not able to get healthcare. We deserve healthcare just like everybody else. I'm sure had it been one of their colleagues they would've allowed them to get the proper medical treatment. Sincerely, Claude Ridley Jr.

Ariel Christen

Uncaring. Incompetent employees. Unreal!

Terry Smith

You will sit for hours in the ER waiting to be seen.

K Slay

to long wait in the er 4 and half hours and still waiting

volfan John

The people are nice but the hospital is grossly inefficient. With Tennova closing the St Mary's campus, it has flooded UT with additional patients. Going to the ER is an experience. You can spend 18 hours in an ER room waiting for a room. This is completely unacceptable. Communication at the hospital is nonexistent. You essentially have to beg for information. Nobody gets in a hurry for treatment either. When time is of the essence, people are waiting. With cancer patients, you can't wait. You have to get on top of it. The 3rd party billing is a joke as well. Charging interest on medical bills is unfathomable. A person can get better rates from a loan shark.

Megan Varney

My mom was hospitalized for 3 weeks. All the nurses she had were fantastic. Dr Boling was a blessing as he performed a life saving surgery on her & will forever be grateful. Some of the doctors were rude and not helpful but that was thankfully over shadowed by the nurses.

Vince DePersio

The ridiculous parking alone warrants a one star.

Sandra Reynolds

Good Doctor's

Shaina Matthews

My mother's team of Docterz are here at The University Family Physicians School of Medicine, they have saved her life a couple of times & I am Thankful & Blessed she is still here with me...Thankyou

Darla Spire

I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with the level of care my Father received before, during, and after his hip replacement surgery. The doctors, nurses, and physical therapists were all top notch. It is obvious that the University of Tennessee Medical Center is putting research and Best Practices into action.

Tiffany Abbott

I just watched this cockroach lady throw a fit because she wanted a single room and she just might have to share because they are super over crowded. Now I’ll be waiting in this hall way for a year... my nurse refused to lay my bed back since I didn’t know how to work it. UT HOSPITAL EMERGENCY ROOM SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last experience ( last time they didn’t bother to read my chart and when my personality changed after a serious seizure they shot me with a heavy sedditve) was worse than this one but figured they may redeem them selves BUT alas they’ve topped them self on some of the worst bed side manor, and patient care I’ve EVER seen from a hospital. I’ve been sitting in the hallway in wheelchair without being spoken to or checked on one single time!SAD

Two weirdos in a truck

I have not been a patient here but my relatives have and have had no complaints. It's good to be able to go to a hospital where there are actually doctors on duty and in the building. Its is a nice , clean hospital. I would come here if I needed treatment.

D. M.

A very good hospital providing the area's only Level I trauma center. The staff seem to genuinely care. It's my first choice in the area.


Excellent from check in to check out. They were kind and very concerned about my well being. Every testing department, every nurse and even food was supurb. I can't complain.

Kaitlyn Davis

I get that the place is super packed due to Tennova closing. Most of your staff is excellent, although the orthopedic surgeons are a joke. They absolutely do not care about the well being of their patients after they have had surgery. Blount memorial hospital could do a better job than them, and they’re a pea sized hospital compared to how “well” UT portrays themselves. If it weren’t for the ambulance taking us straight to UT I would have much rather have went to Blount or any where else for that matter because the Ortho team is not qualified to care for ANYONE. Have had sever infections due to pins coming out on their own in hand and have been sent home twice “because it was pointless” to be there, and the pins are “supposed to poke through a completely different place than where inserted”. Now the ER head doctor is taking it seriously due to swelling and infection while the Ortho team wants to send us home. Get your ducks in a row and start hiring qualified ortho surgeons who CARE about their patients and how recovery is going. TIA

sharon stewart

My sister-in-law has been in this hospital for 5 days and the nurses and doctors are careless, lazy and very unprofessional. They are too busy sitting around talking to each other to answer not one, two but three nurse calls. I finally went to the nurses station and there was probably all the personnel on the floor (including) doctors and they were having a jolly time chuckling and cutting up with each other all while buzzers are flashing and calling for help. This hospital provides subpar treatment. They have left my sister-in-law in extreme pain, without a bath, no nourishment and us begging anyone who comes into her room for HELP!!!! Go to Fort Sanders. Don't bring your loved ones UT Medical Center.

Garry Harger

Seriously this place needs a work over. I mean when it takes 12 hours just to get an imodium then something is desperately wrong. Most of the staff here really don't care about you and your well being. There are a few good people here that really care but very few. Most of the younger people don't seem to care. I took a shower yesterday and the lady that was supposed to be helping me out decided to change the bedding out. But she just did a halfway job of it and did not fix the sheets and bedding. I got something like a blood clot in my right arm and Dr. Snell said they would do ultrasound and they dd the ultrasound but didn't give me the results back. I was there because of a suicide attempt and they made the mistake of leaving insulin in my room so I injected 2 full pens of Lantus. I had someone sit with me and watch me but most of them didn't seem to give a rip. They treated me like a citizen from a foreign country. All the meals were cold and no ice in half a cup of tea. And to boot they charge for parking. Tomorrow is Feb 6, 2019 and I will be going AMA if not transferred to psych ward. They would do blood work when I was eating and test my sugar when I was eating. So disrespectful of them. I chose this hospital but good luck in trying to get money from me. By the way the security there are nothing but a bunch of spoiled brats.

Preston Farrow

Good and bad . Short staffed and overworked employees did have a great housekeeper and nursing on 11th east floor. Very caring and helpful. AAA+

Laura Majors

I’ve been here several times in the last few years with pneumonia and breathing problems. The staff has always been on top of it. The respiratory department is the best I’ve ever dealt with. The staff has always been very courteous and willing to go beyond to help me out. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Jeff Tucker

Today I saw a neurologist for an upcoming surgery! I have 3 bulging disc in my neck! I also am using a crutch due to a torn meniscus in my left knee! Parking is always a challenge no matter your health or the weather! Today's forecast called for 100% chance of rain! 09/26/2018 my appointment was 9:15 am and I arrived 8:50 am! Going in a past a shuttle and yes she was protected from the inclement weather! She did not stop for me or any pedestrian! She did stop at the stop sign and took a drink from her yeti but didn't acknowledge me! I left my appointment after 11 am and had the same incident happen! Still on the crutch! Still not acknowledged by her! Still protected by the inclement weather! Not sure what her purpose was but to drive around and taunt pedestrians/patients?!?! By the time I made it to and from the building I was soaked!!

Jessica Fryar

If I could give this place -10 stars, I would. My mother in law was taken to this hospital in August where she unfortunately passed away from injures she sustained in a car accident. This hospital has done nothing but harass my family for money since that very day. They claim they did things we know they did not do and refused to bill her insurance company for charges incurred and instead have chosen to belittle my husband and his brother over charges that her insurance would have covered. They lost their mother and didn't even so much as receive condolences, just handed a bill for more money than they need. They did nothing besides pronounce her deceased at this hospital. Terrible people and terrible service throughout.

Eddie Chebetar

If you need maternity care, look elsewhere. Staff is uncaring and borderline negligent.

A Ficca

I wish I had read all of the reviews here prior to making the one hour trip to UT Medical Center. I was visiting the area on vacation when I started experiencing symptoms of a detached retina. I called my doctor in my hometown who suggested I go to the ER since a detached retina can compromise your vision permanently. Like an idiot, I assumed that a hospital associated with a major university would be a progressive and cutting-edge facility. Boy was I wrong! I called the “hospital” before making the trip down there to confirm that they had an ophthalmologist on staff. I was told that they did have an ophthalmologist group which was in consultation with the hospital and available to see me. I was in the ER for about three hours at this “medical center“, during which time I had my blood pressure checked and my temperature taken, but was never asked to even so much as remove my glasses to examine my eye. An arrogant, man-spreading doctor stepped in to ask my basic medical history before leaving the room to have a telephone consult with the ophthalmologist. He returned an hour later...after his dinner I tell me he made an appointment for me with the ophthalmologist for the following morning. I was being sent home without ever having had my eye checked!!! The kind nurse who had me sign the discharge papers admitted they don’t have an ophthalmologist available nor the equipment needed to evaluate the eye. That seems to be something they could’ve told me on the phone when I called to check on this, or at the very least, they could’ve told me this when I arrived!!! Worst of all - they then charged me $750 for three hours of watching Law and Order, having my temperature measured and my blood pressure monitored - none of which were my chief complaints upon entering this place. I will not be making that appointment in the morning as we will cut our vacation short to head back to our hometown for care. If I lose my vision over this incident there will be a lawsuit on their hands. What a scam! I have filed a complaint with the insurance company, which said this sounds like insurance fraud and they would be investigating. Go elsewhere!!! Head on down to Atlanta or over to Asheville or Nashville if you need to see real doctors. I feel sorry for the locals of Knoxville and Maryville.


Professional, skilled, compassionate staff. Top notch. Only problem you might have is waiting due to the massive volume of patients they have to see. Most are being seen for stupid reasons that do not warrant an ER. Be patient. Being able to wait for hours is a blessing compared to needing immediate intervention.

Princess Nae

I tried calling to get a quote on how much I would have to pay for a check up everyone I spoke with except 2 people were VERY rude. They would transfer you without even asking if it okay or letting you know what’s going on. They transferred me to about 5 different people then ended up getting a Voicemail. Next time I called the First Lady I spoke with told me I had to get a doctor in order to get a quote. I explained very calmly I didn’t have one and I couldn’t remember the name of the OBGYN I last seen. Instead of trying to help she gets an attitude then before I could say anything transfers me to someone else. Very upset with the customer service they have. Do better !

Elizabeth Hanshew

Slowest hospital emergency room I have ever been to. Just moved here and I thought they would be faster than what I experienced. I got here at 12 am and it's 6 am and I just got in the back and going on 30 minutes and no one has walked into my room. Everyone is just standing around talking and laughing... very upsetting I will absolutely never come back to this emergency room again!

Glenda Cornett

They don't follow up with patients. Cancer center!! My oncologist s.n. was supposed to fax orders for testing because I am short of breath. I called the office and asked if the orders would be faxed to x-ray because I was driving 45 minutes one way to get there. I was assured that they would be faxed. I arrived and checked in. Orders were not faxed to the x-ray dept. So I drove 1.5 hours after working all day for nothing! Thanks U.T. !! You have dropped the ball again!

Cris Fuller

Being a former healthcare worker of 10 years, and now a private caregiver I took my client to UT. The er nurses and doctors were fast with a good bed side manner. Cleaning crew not so much...I had to ask for someone to clean the room we were in because the floor was filthy from things being dropped and littered with garbage but not cleaned up.A young man came in started mopping the floor without sweeping first..I watched him swirl the dirt around the floor using dirty water from other rooms therefore spreading all those collected germs and bacteria filling the air around "I covered my clients foot " a patient with an open foot wound. After he finished I pulled the overbed table to the bed and had to ask again for it to be cleaned due to blood being all over it...moving forward. We're admitted to the 6 E wing..nursing staff get us situated with medications and another sitter gives me a break..yet I'm called because no matter how often she called to the nursing station to have our client cleaned up, she was left lying in urine and feces for 20 minutes...this is definitely not professional behavior nor humane treatment. I called to the desk informed them if my mother wasn't completely cleaned to my satisfaction when I arrive in 7 minutes I would be calling The Ombudsmen, Patient advocacy, Health and Human Services and State Health Regulations, as I had pictures with times and dates for proof. Needless to say they got things done only after my call..I highly suggest DO NOT take your elderly here as they are treated below standard and disposable. On Sunday evening she laid in urine for an hour before nursing staff would clean her up....Monday she received her lunch I opened and set it up her vegetables were molded..this hospital was so much better when it was a state run facility. When the group of doctors purchased has steadily gotten worse. Their Veterinary clinic treats you much better!!

Guy S.

This is my favorite hospital after Vanderbilt. Spent 12 days here after surgery and the staff was excellent. No complaints other than food service need to fix their issues. I have regular procedures here and never one issue. Staff are caring and knowledgeable. Big thing is they listen to the patient's.

Roni Oneal

I visited the ER in October. The two women at the desk were busier talking among themselves than waiting on customers. I had vertigo, throwing up from the spinning and they were putting peoples vomit pans in the trash cans inside the ER. They must be promoting germs to get more people in. While I waited 6 hours a man was there with stab wounds. He must have been on "something" because he never sat down. He pranced around asking every patient in there if he could bum a smoke from them. He had a dirty, bloody rag hanging loose around his injured arm and kept winging that rag around in our faces. Nothing was done. The older woman who gets information from everyone would actually stop taking care of others to attend to the wired up guy instead of calling the police instead of an unarmed security guard. After a long wait I did get a nice nurse. She was very friendly. The ER doctor changed my B/P medication and put me on some that my doctor told me could cause me problems with my heart. He is weaning me off them. I gave the ladies my new insurance information and they gave the wrong company to every vendor I had to use that night. The people who did my scans along with the hospital are now trying to get me to pay the entire bill. Reason: My insurance refused to pay. Maybe if they had the right insurance company it would benefit them and me. Never will I ever go to UT ER, or will I go to their hospital as an inpatient. It's dirty and they have people working for them who don't know anything about their job duties. Good luck folks if you need emergency assistance...GO TO FORT SANDERS!!!

pat branam

Best medical teams around. Staff understanding,and supportive

Jennifer Pantos

Was admitted to 8 East through ER for 5 days due to sepsis, hypotension, kidney infection and sinus tachycardia. ER staff, doctors and floor were incredible. I would highly recommend this hospital to everyone. As far as having wait to be seen, it is a teams hospial and a stroke hospital those needs will come first. I can tell you when two members of the staff could not get a blood pressure on me or a heart rate my care was immediately taken care of with no less than 5 people in my face at once, asking questions, sticking me in more places than I thought possible, giving me meds and sending me for tests. This scary situation could have turned out much different for me and my family! Love UT Medical Center!

Park Major

Excellent hospital! Wonderful caring staff! I personally would recommend this hospital to anyone. I have had 2 surgeries performed her a d I am presently having cancer treatment here and I trust them 100%!

Lyndsey Hickman

I’ve always been very pleased with this hospital considering my father has all doctors here ( he has stage 4 prostrate cancer ) until today. My dad had a hip replacement surgery Friday morning at 7:30am. They discharged him Sunday afternoon. So usually everytime we have picked him up after a surgery ( he has kidney stints, so he has surgery every 3 months ), they bring him down to the fountain entrance and help him in the car. Well today when I picked him up with my sister and mom, there was not one nurse, employee, etc with him. Keep in mind, he can only bend his leg to a 90 degree angle, and cannot bend it out because it will pop out of place. I drive a Dodge Dart. He is 6’3” and had a following hip replacement on the other hip 3 months prior. So he was literally crawling into my car trying to not hurt his leg. Furiated, I go to the floor he was on, THERE IS NOT ONE NURSE IN SIGHT, but then appears the nurse who let me know she was his nurse through day shift of his stay. Long story short, she claims to have not known he was being discharged, and didn’t know he was gone. I asked her who’s responsibility would it have been if it would have fell and gotten hurt. She says his. I say hers. And tonight we found fingerprint bruises on him. I am one pissed off daughter and I will be in contact with HR in the morning.

Samantha Hensley

Brother was flown here after a motorcycle accident. Despite wrecking at 65mph and flying 30ft through the air before landing, having a beat up helmet, and red marks on his head, and on heavy pain meds they wouldn't even do a head/neck scan because he didn't meet the criteria? He was sent home with broken ribs and foot, and only two days of weak pain meds. And no he's not a drug seeker. He was told he didn't have a broken ankle despite EMS believing it to be broken, and it being swollen enormously, and was told to walk on it so it didn't get stiff. Less than a week later after his ankle became ice cold to the touch, another ER has found that he does have a broken ankle and is to stay off of it. He was in a hallway bed the entire time, and couldn't even get a pillow. They didn't offer him a will chair or even a bathroom to change in. They also didn't make sure he could pee or walk properly first before leaving like they initially told him they'd have too. Upon asking questions about his condition, his doctor told him he had other patients to get to. And no one wanted to take the time to actually care for him. After that sever of an accident, and telling him he was lucky to be alive, he was sent home within about six hours. Hopefully nothing else is found to be wrong since this trauma center apparently can't properly care for their patients, if they're too busy for proper care they need to start diverting people...not rushing and over looking injuries.

Natalie Patterson Mohr

This rating is in reference to the hospital facility and general staff. I have always been very pleased with my doctors and surgeons. However, I have not been pleased with the staff. Before a procedure, an anesthesiologist nurse who has never seen me or my medical history, asked me why I took ibuprofen. I thought she asked because it was part of the Anesthesia clearance. Nope. She lectured and patronized me for my use of Ibuprofen (I take as discussed with my doctor), warning me that she knew people on dialysis because they took so much ibuprofen. I don’t even take that much! I had surgery for a rare disease and was on opioids and prescription NSAIDS for 2.5 years and a lot more! She stepped way out of line and overreached her scope of practice giving me medical advice. What if I were someone who got easily confused and took that information to mean I should go back to being on opioids instead of ibuprofen? It was also a completely inappropriate time to be telling me her opinion right before I was going into a procedure. Idiot! On a separate occasion, I had surgery there. The pre-surgery team was great but the area is so small with a tiny curtain between you and the rest of the world. My husband sat and I barely had room to change. After surgery, I had a horrible recovery nurse. She was rude, acted inconvenienced that I needed new dressing after I went to the bathroom. And on and on. I’ve been in several other hospitals overnight for surgeries and procedures and this one was at the bottom of my list. I will say that they have good radiologists. They mentioned things in reports others from different hospitals never acknowledged. They are always precise and give measurements as well. I prefer UT for radiology. That and the cafeteria is great.

deana Musser

Great health care, The doctors and staff are very knowledgable and have top training. This is the only hospital in our area my family will ever use ..

Matt Wyatt

I brought my son in with a chin laceration and a fractured jaw as a referral from Leconte. We came in around 9pm. My son was placed on a gurney in the hallway. We had absolutely no privacy. Over 7 hours later, we had to track several nurses down to take his IV out that was unnecessarily needed. He received 15 stitches in his chin. For his fractured jaw, no eating solid foods. This is the most dysfunctional hospital I have ever seen. The staff is busier chatting, eating, and drinking in front of customers that obviously can’t have food or liquids. I was told this is the nature of things. No it isn’t. My insurance will probably be billed thousands of dollars for sub par care. This is not health care. I’m beyond disappointed to call this hospital the top notch of our area. You can do better.

East Clintwood

Sat in the basement for 27 hours, freezing my butt off, no communication with the outside world! Was starting to think I was in an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus!! Or the Twilight Zone!

Jerry Harding

Ut hospital is best good people who are down to earth

Amanda Evans

This review is for the ER only. This is the worst ER there is by far. They get you checked in quick, run tests quickly then set you in a hallway. You set there for hours while they have your results in hand, our personal experience today, but won’t give you the results until they get you in the room. The ONLY reason for that is so they can charge you for the room, the dr and every service that you never receive. I will be making a formal complaint, not that it will do any good whatsoever. We will definitely be looking for another ER, if needed in the future.

Kyle Wright

My roommate and I arrived at 6 AM. The waiting room was mostly empty, and it seemed we had arrived around shift change. This became obvious when all the nurses seemingly left out the front door while the entire morning shift got their coffee from the obnoxiously odorous coffee shop in the waiting lobby. Multiple times, people waiting with serious conditions would have to exit the waiting room because of the overpowering scent of coffee that permeated the air. And the nurses honestly didn’t seem to care. Around 8:30, my roommate was called in to talk about his problems. He wanted me in the room, so I went in with him. The nicest thing I can say about the intake interview was that it was polite. It was brief and didn’t really address what we were there for. It was done in about fifteen minutes. At the end of those fifteen minutes, we were separated and I was told to wait in the lobby, and I would get an update in roughly an hour. Four hours passed. No effort was made to separate the physically unwell from the rest of the waiting people. One man was made to wait in his boxers and a medical robe. He had to ask for socks. Another man entered in incredible pain in a wheelchair, and I think I never saw him spoken to, much less taken care of medically, in the hours I waited. A single, cracked, acrylic nail sat in the middle of the walkway in the lobby, next to an unidentifiable brown stain. The entire lobby was a biohazard, with no real protection for anyone in there. And then my roommate called me, using a hospital phone. He told me that he had been shipped off to the psych ward upstairs, and no one had spoken to him since he was dropped off there. His bathroom was soaked in the previous tenants’ urine, and he overheard nurses talking about how little they cared to fix it. His clothes and possessions had been taken from him to an unknown location. Another patient was mocked to her face for schizophrenia. He felt unsafe and uncared for, and the nurses never once gave him an impression of when they felt like addressing him. Furthermore, he had to deal with a psychologist whose ultimate decision was to prescribe him the over-the-counter drug Benadryl. My roommate was in for a very painful withdrawal, and he needed his old prescription refilled and any amount of psychological care. He was denied that. He ultimately requested being discharged. His nurse returned his belongings and told him to change in the bathroom. He asked to change in his actual room, and she told him no. So he was forced to change in a piss-soaked bathroom with no paper towels or soap. The nurse’s only advice to him was a pedantic “good luck”. He met me in the lobby a few minutes later and we left immediately. The staff is incompetent and does not care for the patients. People can lie in their own excrement for all they care. Patients in the lobby are second to coffee and loud, rude jokes. I cannot emphasize how dispassionate and traumatic our time here was. Any bill from them to us will be contested. I hope anyone who can find care elsewhere does so, because I would not wish this gross negligence on even my worst enemy.

BILL Berner

I have been in this hospital 5 times in two months and there now

Melinda Seabolt

THERE RUDE. The hospital room was not cleaned all the way. My husband sat in pain for hours, they prescribed him meds that interfeared with his allergies. Just to give him the pain meds he was taking. Food was three hours late after his tests came back. Worst hospital he has ever been to. They need to be re trained in bed side manners. They really duck dont come here.

Derfp Flertz

Was in a mostly empty ER for hours, staff seems like you are an imposition on their time to chat with their coworkers. No attempts to answer any questions

Lucius Bolton

Staff are extremely nice, and work fast. My best friend that I consider my sister broke her femur, and they cared for her every need. Couldn’t ask for better attention to detail.


My father was there Christmas Eve, while I understand it’s a holiday the doctors and nurses almost ignored us, at one point he was in an awful amount of pain and we had to press the call button 5 times before anyone came. I understand being busy or short staffed but this was ridiculous. Our night nurse was very nice but she was the only nice thing about our stay. We got discharged at 2pm on Christmas Day after being told he would get to leave around 10am. Very disappointing.

Misty W.

You better have deep pockets to eat a salad in this place. 7.89 for a little salad this is ridiculous!!!!!!! This will be the last time I ever eaten this place.

Kimberly Dawn Ridgway Whitehead

Great staff. Excellent care.

Robert Miller

A sorry excuse for a hospital, the entire building is absolutely filthy, housekeeping is almost non-existent (had to request for a floor to be mopped for it to be done), and the response time for employees has been 45+ mins (all in the 5E wing). If I was affiliated with this hospital in any way I would be embarrassed.

benjamin anderson

I honestly wouldn't bring my worst enemy here. The care my father got here was very disjointed. Nobody seems to know what service is in charge. They basically let him languish in bed with minimal care. Do they have any sort of protocols for hip fractures? They also seem woefully understaffed. Nurses were good for the most part, just stretched thin.

Autumn Ridge

My mom just spent a few nights there and I have to agree the rooms are filthy. There was blood on the floor the entire time she was in her room. The hospital itself looks clean but rooms should be held to a higher standard this is where sick people go to get better. The nurses on the other hand were fantastic!

Billie M

L A U G H A B L E ! I’m starting to understand why the theme song is “rocky top “ in this state . Seems the “professional ones “ all have lumps on their darn head .


I have always loved Ut.. Going through trying to figure out my heart problem I felt safer then ever being here. Until tonight... I have sat in my room for over 3 hours and not one single person has come in here to check on me. I'm to weak to get out of bed, and there is no call light. My heart is beating fast, and I guess we will hope nothing happens. Will not be back nor will my friends or family.

Lynn Reber

Nice people work here

Kayla Kennedy

The place is great and clean!! Once your in the hospital or visiting the doctor for check up they seem to very quickly and keep the pace. But if you’re there for the ER , I’m sorry to say make sure you’re prepared to stay ALL day. I’ve been there several times and it always seems to take hours. I still love the hospital and the staff but the ER wait time needs to improve!

Lori Beeler

Absolutely amazing. Caring kind staff nurses/doctors. Great hospital.

Mark Hale

It's a very good hospital.

Phillip Gibson

If you like being treated like garbage, lied to, stolen from then this is your place for sure. To the sawed off little runt Paul Blart wannabe by the last name of Terry......we will meet again

Samantha Barton

Some of the kindest people work here


Terrible experience the Worst hospital ive ever been too for me or my family members, and I've lived in a couple of different states. Definitely not returning very long wait time and poor customer care.

Kimberly Carter

The most incompetent people work here. I have been here a few times and they are terrible. Long waits in the ER, incorrect billing, do not call back when you have issues, think you have all the time in the world to wait for a simple ultrasound. This place is the worst hospital ever.

Rosemary Allen

They Are A Great Hospital

Jane Lynn

I didnt even want give one star because every thing that they could do wrong did with my son ,had to have an unnecessary surgery because the dialsys woman at the hospital stuck his fistula in the wrong arm blowed it up ,messed arm up had have another surgery to put another port in and stay longer in hospital,and his arm still kills him cant even drive,and he would come bk from dialysis there hoarse,couldn't hear,cramps,since hes been going to dialsys center none of that happens,so they need get friggen people that know what their doing!!!!!!!

Jamie Overbey

Dr. Russ Langdon and his Neuro Critical Care Team are truly outstanding. They are a model of expertise and teamwork in action for the benefit of others. Our family can never thank them enough.

donna dotson

My mother had a stroke she was in the NCU 2days then to the floor. I was very pleased with her treatment and all the nurses as well as several doctors their professionalism and bedside manner was 100% I would highly recommend UT Hospital. However tbe cafeteria could have lower prices it's difficult to stay with your family member and afford to eat your meals.

Taylor Winkel

I have been here twice, and the second time was an emergency and an absolute mistake to come here. The first time, the hospital “dismissed” me and the nurse forgot about my IV in my arm, and told me to go home. When I went i pro the desk and reminded them I needed my IV out, the nurse came back and forcefully ripped it out, which led me to bleed literally everywhere. I already discussed how much I hated needles, and this nearly caused me to pass out. The second visit to this hospital was in the middle of the night. The staff was careless, unprofessional, and literally led me to walking right out of the doors and refusing treatment. There was hardly anyone waiting to be seen, and I had to wait over an hour whilst being in extreme pain. They eventually put me into a room, but this “room” was literally a storage room full with dirty scrubs and medications all over the place. That’s when I had enough, and I walked out. Go to Fort Sanders. I will never return here.

David Sager

I had cervical surgery June 20th. My surgeon j. Miller is excellent. But my stay was the worst at this hospital. Nurse care is non caring and that's when you can reach one. It's like they all hate their job. Believe me find another hospital.

chanti griffin

My 81 years old grandma came into UT at 11:11pm and it’s now 2:17 am and she still is sitting in the lobby without seeing a doctor yet. Everyone out here has IV and blood work done but waiting on a room to see a doctor. This is total BS. The staff is in no hurry or even looks like they care. You are dealing with sick people that come in and get treated like dirt. This is sad but I bet they don’t miss a beat when charging her insurance who ever is running this place is lets this poor performance keep happening needs to be fired for no follow up. Check the computers of patients wait times and you would be high disgusted.

Doris Stables

My husband was rushed to their ER via ambulance by another hospital that found a severe kidney laceration on a CT Scan. Upon arriving he was rolled up against a wall in a hallway and left unattended and in excruciating pain for 4 hours. Someone walking by did hand him a trash in case he vomited from the pain that he was in. The Resident that finally examined him offer him a Tylenol for the pain. They didn’t seem aware of the referring hospital’s records that were sent. He was admitted into ICU for close monitoring and blood work was ordered every 4 hours. One blood draw was completely missed and he was withheld from food and the slightest sip of water for 36 hours, and possibly longer if he hadn’t demanded them to either do surgery to fix the hemorrhage or feed him. During his stay in ICU we never spoke to an attending doctor and the residents on his case were very vague about information. When asked about doing another CT Scan they said they wouldn’t be doing any other tests other than physical exams and blood work and they had no intentions of having him seen by a Nephrologist. After the IV fluids were stopped his Hemoglobin levels continued to drop. When he was transferred out of ICU into a regular room he sat in the private room for over an hour without a hospital bed and but at least there was a large hole in the wall to look while we waited. Each blood draw showed a decreasing Hemoglobin level but they still sent him home. So here we are at home wondering if he’s still hemorrhaging and searching for a legitimate medical professional that is dedicated to the oath they took and can help him.

Stevie Will

This is the absolute worst place, I told my family if I had to go to this hospital or die just let me die. My husband's brother used his name here 10 yrs ago and he just got served papers that they are garnishing his wages for over $200 a week, A WEEK! They didn't check ID or anything his brother is a damn con artist and knows all his siblings information. So here we are 10 years later paying for his lie but come one, 10 years!!!! This place is a POS hospital. As the previous reviews stated they don't give a damn about you, my half sister laid in labor with her water broken and not dialating for 15 hrs before they decided to do a C-section. This is the worst hospital to ever go to. Trust me and please make the drive to any other hospital it will pay off in the long run you won't be in a room for 24 hrs with nobody coming to check on you or yelling at you that they know their job don't tell them. F this place it and it's staff only care about money, they must have changed the medical oath that you help people. I guarantee you when. A UT DR. Comes up on a car wreck before he even gets out of his car to help he asks if they have $100 for his services til the ambulance gets there and if you say no he drives off. This truly is a hospital that cares much more about money than helping patients.

Patti Dyee

Absolutely horrible experience. This was 3 years ago. The doctors were very inept, poor bedside manners. They scraped my cervix and made me bleed. After they broke my water, i was left in a dirty gown and sheets. I asked for bedding/ gown change and they said no, sheets were going to get dirty anyway. Thank heavens a friend got some clean sheets, etc when she got there four hours later. Nurses were very rude and disrespectful. The hospital heavily pushed formula and lactation consultant told me to watch a video because i needed to learn to do that myself. I feel like unmarried women get treated different as well. Oh and when i was leaving OR after c-section, i had my daughter on my breast and was told by one of the staff i may want to cover up. If i could do it over again, i would have gone somewhere else to deliver. And shame on UT for treating mothers like that!!!! Do yourself and child a favor and go somewhere else.

Willy Oakley

people who work at the hospital are friendly and they care✝️♥️

Jessica Timberlake

The hospital staff was amazing! I just had my baby this past Sunday and we were never out of the loop. From labor and delivery to recovery we were told every step they were taking and why they were doing it. We have never felt so at home. There is absolutely nothing I would have wanted to go differently, they were amazing.

Amy Thomas

Advanced medical care with compashion and kindness I feel one of the best places to give birth and one of the best nicu I've seen

Greg Matthews

My name is Shaina Kerby Matthews, my mama is a patient with the School officials Team, they take very good care of her!

Matthew Boldreghini

Clean and well run facilities.

Joseph French

This is the worst hospital there is i took my son there with a temp of a 103.5 it took 4 hours and me saying something over n over just to get him so meds in the lobby that is the nurse in the er was a guy n he was rude to everyone when i asked to speak to the charge nurse it forever the man came to talk to me but only after calling security they told me we would have to wait 17 more hours and if i wanted to complain i would go to jail plus the charge nurse was bragging that they have people bleed out n die all the time in the waiting room waiting to see a doctor now tell me how is this a good practice for a hospital to have

Johnny Vaughn

Incredible medical staff. Can't say enough good about the Drs and nurses, but seriously lacking facilities for the families of long term patients. Even our local county hospital has better facilities for family having to stay with loved ones who are dealing with long term critical care

Lee Crouch

CNA on 8w was the best. He let me touch his curly hair. Everything was great but the food could be better.

Roberto Giovanna

A family member was admitted here and the nurses and staff have been gracious to my family. Excellent care.

Kelly Ann Shipe

Best Hospital EVER! The doctors are top of the heap and the support staff is so knowledgeable and friendly. We do everything for our medical needs at UT.

Rhonda Winsky

Their policy's and procedures with their employees is horrific!!! !! They should treat their employees better ! !!!

Norm C

UT hospital has always been a a great hospital,But the ER was absolutely packed with people with the flu and pneumonia,with no separation from the injured, So if you didn't already have the flu you certainly just upped your chances of getting it. It would certainly be nice if they had the rooms and the staff to keep the contagious away from the none contagious.

Charles Noe

My daughter was seen in the ER and was treated with great care and concern. She was admitted to the hospital for her condition and again was treated with great care and concern. Doctors were great, nurses were great. Response time was very appropriate. And I am so thankful the cafeteria was open until 2am! I have been in hospitals were the cafeteria closed at 8 or 9pm. When you have been in the ER for a number of hours and finally get a break to go get a bite to eat, it is quite frustating to find only junk food to eat... but not at UT Hospital! Thanks!

L McBride

The ER staff are cold and uncaring. Been here for hours with my daughter and the nurses have a don’t care attitude. Was admitted hours ago and still waiting for her room. The ER nurses aren’t gentle nor do they have a good bed side manner. Hospital is good - ER nurses are NOT. Doctors are MIA..... The nurses and staff on the floor are GREAT. ER nurses are the issue. Great care on the floor.

Elmer Durham

took my girlfriend to ER because she had been constantly throwing up and having feverish symptoms w/o a fever we were checked in and given tests quickly but have been waiting ever since for 4+ hours and nobody has a clue when we may be seen UT does NOT have it’s sh** together at all

Beth Kloker

I've been to various UT medical offices, CT scan, ultrasound, labs, admissions, inpatient, valet service, breast center. Everyone I've met has been welcoming, kind, respectful, and helpful. The doctors and staff I have worked with have coordinated records and consulted with each other. I am impressed and pleased with the care I have received to date.

May a

My cna Ashley was super caring and helpful with all my tasks i needed assitance with, i felt comfortable. Nurse Lori was great, she knew how to do things in the most painless ways.

Stacy Beeler

I just witnessed one of the most caring RNs in my 38 years. He was a young man named Stephen Vank or Vanks.. at Ut medical center in knoxville I promise u... if every nurse in the world was as sweet and caring as he was... it was actually unbelievable in today's world of young people....he does an over the top job

Mary Carson

Be proud of how well your institution is working everyone from ER to Housekeeping are great professional and kind I had surgery January 1 Dr. Cox was my anesthesiologist Dr. Bumpuss surgeon on 10 East what a fantastic floor great manager all staff are car I g and professional Also was followed by Internal Medicine Dr. Purkey was in charge couldn't have asked for more Be involved ask question I'll keep returning for any care

Anonymous Anonymous

THEY MISSED LIVER DISEASE! My abdomen has bad pain and pressure. He never had me lay back so he could examine me, nor did they do a single test other than bloodwork! Sitting with 2 layers of winter clothes he pushed the pelvic bone, not where I hurt! They had a man on a bed outside my door right after I got in and were asking if the room was clean yet and rushed to get me out right away. My pain was so bad I could barely keep from crying. The doctor said I had a bug, and should be taking my NSAIDS as prescribed. I was only taking 1/4 the dose because I was concerned they would cause damage. I told him that, and I was right, but they caused damage taking way less than perscribed! He neglected to see what was wrong and sent me home! Every question I answered that should have made him look further he ignored! A nurse I expressed concern to when discharged, guessed, and said to go see my neurosurgeon because something was wrong. I went in April with the same complaint but not as severe. I was there about 5 and a half hours before seeing the doctor. It put me in more pain and I was around sick people just to be hurried out, in my opinion. My primary doctor ordered tests and found answers easily.

Nichole Morrissey

I went there for the second time last night in 2 days. The first time, I sat in the waiting room for over 7 hours and the doctor didn’t even run any tests to find out what’s wrong with me, so last night I had to go back because I had gotten a lot worse. I was brought in by ambulance, in so much pain and still sat in the waiting room, with no pain medication for over 8 hours. Granted last night I had a different doctor and he actually ran tests to find out what’s wrong with me, but I still wouldn’t recommend going to UTMC especially if you are in a lot of pain and don’t want to spend 8 hours in the waiting room.

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