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REVIEWS OF TriStar Centennial Medical Center IN Tennessee

annette Brewer

I had a great experience with my visit with Dr. Clamp. She is so professional and easy to talk to at the same time. One of the best doctors I’ve ever had!

Kristy Brown

The initial after surgery care provided was great! I didn't feel like a burden. Sometime I know things happen that is out of the staffs' control. The ac went out around midnight and it got super hot in the room. The resolution was to leave the door open. If I left the door open, then I couldn't sleep because of the activity going on. Finally after enough complaining, I was offered a bag of ice to cool me down. Really? This was the only solution they could think of? How about a stock of fans that can be put in the room in case of this type of situation. Also after the next shift changes, I felt like I was a burden. A couple of times I would call for assistance and I would get the answer I'll be there in a few minutes but would be forgotten about.

Connie Wagner

I visited registration, Nuc Med and the Echo department. I liked the express registration, kudos to you! Erin, the echo tech was fabulous as she introduced herself and explained the procedure thoroughly. I only gave 4 stars because the Nuc Med dept. was running behind and no one informed. I had to ask what was going on. Once back in Nuc Med, the staff was awesome and provided top notch service. Additionally, I was sent to an OP center on Murphy St. I will refuse to go back. The facility was disgustingly dirty and the ceiling vents were covered in mold. The hanging hooks in the restroom were broken and the commode and flooring around it like there is a problem with leaking. The staff needs customer service training.

ashley pickler

All of the staff were very friendly and accommodating!

Chuck Jones

If you require medical attention this is a great place to visit. It appears to be very professionally run with good employee morale and high attention to detail. I have been an in-patient and out-patient here numerous times over the past four years. I have never been disappointed.

Connell Stuard

The staff at Centennial took excellent care of me before and after my surgery. I would highly recommend this hospital.

Malinda Minney

I had a good experience! My nurse Crystal was fantastic and the young man that put me to sleep was wonderful. Everyone works well together and that made the procedure go smoothly.

Tammy Neil

The staff here show No compassion for patients. Not only, do the staff look as if, they hate their job, you can tell by the way they treat people. I mean the lack of. Staff could care less for the patient. I would Not recommend this facility. This place is disgusting and filthy as well. You should not be a nurse or doctor, if you do not have compassion and empathy.

Adrienne Greer

EVERY healthcare professional was very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. They made sure I was cmfortable and made every attempt possible to relieve me of any doubts or concerns. I usually have an issue with at least one nurse's bedside manner whenever I'm in a hospital whether as a patient or visitor BUT I have not one complaint about ANY staff. I especially love how the hospital does NOT look like a hospital it was very calming and relaxing. I could go on and on about my wonderful experience. Thank you centennial staff for a wonderful experience during a not so wonderful time.

Malachi Brown

After being referred here for a consult from another TriStar ER (with transfer paperwork indicating that they had been notified that I was coming), I was stuck in the waiting room for 5 hours in intense pain before they took me to a room only to end up telling me that the specialist I had specifically traveled there to see was not available at that time and that I would need to schedule an appointment with him later that week. They then gave me several scripts to fill, two for pain. One of them was ineffective for the type of pain I was experiencing and the other was at about one twentieth of the dosage that ended up being effective.

Tammy Davis

When arriving at the ER Staff on call went to giving the care I need that most important. Knowing what to do and what attention need to be address. I really appreciate that the on call Staff took there time to care for my needs.

Carmen Love

Rooms are filthy!!!! Floors are disgusting, linen has stains, mold in showers, bathroom walls have old blood and residue on them. My family had to clean room for me. I had to tell housekeeping daily to mop the floors because the only thing they did was empty the trash. Nurses are young and lack empathy and experience. Er nurse was in her mid 40s speed ,knowledge & compassion was her strong suites. She was my absolute favorite part of this hospital. A hospital should be up to pair on sanitary conditions but this one fails. Er room covered in trash. Rug never vacuumed , crumbs and trash piled in corners. Not sure what the other floors looks like but the er & 4th floor are disgusting. Will never come back.

Stacy Cardwell

Everyone from the valet staff, to the information desk, to the staff working in the offices was perfect. Everyone was friendly, helpful and willing to answer all questions.

Cheryl Nichols

Get my mammo there each year in and out no fuss at all love this place and my Dr. Geer

Lauren Hoenig

My mother recently underwent an outpatient surgical procedure and her post op nursing care was unsatisfactory to say the least. As an RN myself I was appalled when my father was called informing us we were now able to see her and when we arrived she was alone, no evidence of her nurse (or any nurses save the ones chatting at the nurse's station for that matter), and she had been frequently ambulating to a restroom down the hall without any supervision after just having received IV sedation. Her procedure was urological and they did not monitor her output at all (when successful urination was a requirement for discharge), and when she informed nursing staff that she was incredibly uncomfortable, distended, and not making any urine, they informed her to simply drink more fluids and ambulate the halls. I am a urology RN and requested a bladder scan (a non-invasive tool with the time and effort equivalent of taking a blood pressure), to which the nurse said "they didn't scan until at least a few hours after surgery and you've only been out for an hour." An hour later shift change occurred and we were not introduced to her new nurse or told a plan of action. I again requested a scan and the new nurse said "the doctor wants to wait an hour and then scan" which I found ludicrous; a doctor's order should not be needed. After yet another hour she was finally scanned (incorrectly I might add) and it showed 763 ml in her bladder. The nurse then had to call the doctor AGAIN in order to determine a course of action now that we had an amount! The doctor ordered an indwelling catheter insertion, and once inserted (again incorrectly; the RN initially placed the catheter in her vagina and did not get a new, sterile catheter before inserting into the urethra) they drained 1500 ml of urine, an absolutely absurd amount for a 115 pound woman. Since the procedure she has required another indwelling catheter insertion, daily self catheterizing, and as of yesterday a second procedure and indwelling catheter to facilitate future ability to urinate successfully. My mother (a Nurse Practitioner herself) said up until that point she had great care by nursing staff, anesthesia team, MD, etc., but I believe (and this was echoed by the MD as a potential etiology for her current issues) that she would not be in her current state were it not for the total neglect and dismissal of legitimate pain and concern by the post op nursing staff at the Outpatient Surgery Center.

E Beal

It was an awesome experience! I pray this wilm be the place I will get my kidney transplant!!

Fort Gwinn

Everyone did a great job of caring for me during my stay. The one sore point was the lack of communication from the IR (Interventional Radiology) dept.

Robin Lee

The staff was excellent. The food was good. They were available at the sound of the buzzer. Brenda was caring as well as everyone else. I feel like I was taken care of. Thank you.

Urbane Rocks

My experience with Centennial was extraordinary. Every nurse, doctor and staff person I interacted with was attentive, kind, friendly and professional. For someone who avoids medical care unless absolutely necessary, and being in the heart center, I felt safe and well-informed. I want to give specific appreciation to my day nurse, Stephanie, 6th floor, who made every challenging moment better by her level of care and sense of humor. I also want to acknowledge Amy, who was in the pre-surgery with me before my procedure. She was a huge comfort (I was terrified) and truly cared to make sure I was prepped not only physically but emotionally. I can't thank her enough for that kindness. Radiology/MRI was also terrific, though I can't remember his name. I could honestly list every single person that interacted with me during my visit. I commend Centennial and their heart team for truly being a bright light during a scary time. Though my situation turned out to be another minor issue unrelated to my heart, I can only imagine the comfort that patients and families feel during such a stressful time under the care of this wonderful crew. Thank you!

Nicole Kendall Arrighi

I love TriStar Centennial Medical Center, as I have had several procedures in this facility. Their team is awesome and very professional.

David Watlington

Excellent experience. Everything was well coordinated and I was able to go home the same day after a total ankle joint replacement. My nerve block kept me pain free for over 24 hours.

Karen Giovenco

Had surgery at The Womens Hospital at Centennial. Easy check in and friendly, informed staff. They made me feel special and cared for... my Doctor, the Surgical Nurse and the Anesthelogist. I stayed one night and all of the nurses went above and beyond... they were so helpful and even when I asked for coffee the next morning... they made a pot for me. My Doctor showed up right on time to check on me...just a wonderful experience all the way around!

Steve Davison

All of my visits to Centinnial heart were incredible. A top notch hospital to get great medical attention. Thank you, Steve Davison

shirley work

Everything went good and all the people were great

Bruce Spicer

Instructions for Pre Opt clear and easy to understand. Procedure went as planned and staff was great. No Runs No Drips and No Errors

Christine Sankey

This hospital renewed my faith in hospitals!!!! I was in the surgical floor and EVERY nurse I had was the best!!! The one I spent the most time with was Sasha and she is absolutely an angel!!! She cares....I know those are easy words to say, but I MEAN this!!! She is the most caring woman I have had the privilege to meeting. Thank you Sasha!!!

Derri Smith

The women's imaging center is a dream- run efficiently and compassionately. Great staff, little wait time....details all thought through and addressed.

Cin Lofton

They have excellent care and concern for their patients!


My husband had knee replacement surgery. The staff was incredibly caring, prompt and professional. We will use this hospital for any future medical needs.

Tanya Jones

My husband had valve replacement surgery and we could not be more pleased with how we were treated during his stay. The Dr’s, nurses and staff on cardiac floor and in ICU were all wonderful. They kept us well informed of what to expect before, during and after surgery. They also made sure we were very comfortable and had everything we needed. Dr Subramanian, nurse practitioner Jessica and nurse leader Kristy we want to especially thank. They went above and beyond for us!

Joe Booker

The staff took very good care of me during my treatment. They were so friendly and made me feel like they were part of my family.

Michele Dhital

Wonderful experience in a scary time. Love that everything is completed the same day. Issues are addressed, examined and a determination is provided that same day. No unneccessary waiting and worrying. Everyone was kind and helpful. Only praise given here and the only place I will go for breast care services.

Helherb Herbert

This was not my first experience at Centennial . The care givers are so dedicated and dependable, Someone is checking on your needs regularly. All your questions are answered in a timely manner. The physicians are great. I might add, the food is wonderful . If I have to be hospitalized again, this is my first choice. Thanks for the good care.

Marcia Sherrell

My visit was wonderful. The staff was very passionate. I truly appreciate the kindness during my visit. Centennial Hospital is my hospital choice.

Chris Alexander

All of the staff, from beginning to end, were the kindest and most caring people I’ve met. If you’re having a procedure at the Atrium, you’re in very good hands!

Jodi Judson

Very friendly, knowledgable and caring staff. Centennial is my choice for all of my medical needs from my Primary Care Physician, imaging and all medical procedures even though I live in Smyrna TN very close to Stonecrest.

Shell Neitzer

The ER staff was phenomenal!!! They showed compassion and understanding while being very concerned.

Starset Society

Had my appendix removed here Sunday morning. The nurses were so helpful and kind, nurturing and caring. The EMS guys were awesome. The anesthesiologist walked me through the process beforehand and the doctors and surgeons did an excellent job on me. You can tell they are professional and experienced in their work. Thank you Tristar Centennial for helping me.

Frank Abernathy

Efficient and personable service. Support staff is friendly and personable and got me checked in quickly. Dr. Anderson is outstanding and his knowledge of medicine is reassuring. All and all a pleasant experience.

Annette Cox

I am always pleased with Tristar Centennial Medical Center.

Sara Huberty

The nurses and care are amazing! Nurse Sherry on the newborn floor is my new favorite person. If i could afford it, I would hire her as a live in nanny to help take care of my sweet boy! Her sweet and genuine personality is unmatched!

Joe Parks

Total mix up in the scheduling of my test but they got me in and the test was completed. The employees were great ! My only issue was I got there @ 2:30 and left at 6:00! Could have been worse!

Queenie Gray

Went in for delivery and got a travel nurse which had no idea what was going on or where anything was located in the room. My Dr shined bright and took control. Moved her to a different room and got some tenured nurses in the room and we had a great delivery. Sad they spend money on this travel nurse's instead of paying current nurses more. I would recommend to others just take control of your own care.

Rebecca Hill

We just had our first baby at Centennial and could not have had a better experience. From the nurses to the care staff, everyone was so pleasant, efficient, and caring. They knew when to step in and were there for us regardless of what we need. Those nurses truly do it all and we were very thankful for them. They brought us stuff in the middle of the night, checked on us, helped us with our baby and answered any questions we needed. The rooms were clean and were freshened up every day. We definitely recommend going to Centennial and hope to have any future babies there as well. Thanks to the whole staff!

Ronald Barksdale

The patient care i received at Centennial was outstanding. All of the medical staff were not only professional, but they were compassionate, empathetic and focused on providing exceptional care. From the presurgical activity and surgery itself to the post-operative and recovery process, I could not have been treated with any more sensitivity and vigilance. I regret that I do not have the names of all the nursing team that provided care for me. They were all terrific ... being attentive and making me as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

Bertha Smith

As always ALL of the staff, nurses, and doctors were amazing. Ruth in the transplant center is an angel!!

Karen Peck

I had a wonderful. Experience. The nursing staff were very kind and professional. I can't say enough good things about them.

Charles Gustafson

My stays at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center have been great. Nurses are very caring and compassionate and do what they can to make the stay beneficial for my health. I am very glad my doctor is associated with this great facility!

Rob Cauthen

What can I saw about this wonderful team? From checking in to get ready for knee replacement surgery, getting ready for surgery, and after surgery care, the entire team of Nurses, Doctors, and Medical Techs, and other staff was there to ensure I was taken care of, and treated me wonderful. My utmost thanks for Mark in the surgical team, that kept me relaxed as I was preparing for surgery, Miss Amy, Autumn, Brandi, Allen,and others that took care of me after surgery and even my thanks to the nutritional staff that ensured I was taken care of and greeted me bringing in my meals. Thanks for all you did for me!

Diana Shaw

Everyone was efficient and kind. No ER visit is easy but the staff were great.

Josie Jacobs

Dr. Lizarraga, my primary doctor, is very special He gives his full attention to you. He is thorough, he does not jump to conclusions but has tests done to rule in or out causes of illnesses. Then he cautiously lays out a plan that he monitors closely. His nurse is also excellent.

Chris Pamplin

The care on the 7th floor after my knee replacement surgery was excellent. A problem at first was that my nurse call buttons on the handheld devise and the bed were not working. But I flagged someone down and it was fixed in quick fashion. Also, the TV speakers on the bed didn't work so I had to listen to TV through the hand held speaker. I didn't pack ear buds. I understand there are a number of beds with speakers that don't work so it would be nice if the nurse's station would stock some ear buds. But again, the quality of care from the nursing staff & physical therapist was great. I am now off the pain meds, swelling is down, PT is going well & I am walking with just a cane - 12 days after knee replacement. :)

Melissa O'Saile

I cannot say enough about the doctors, nurses, and staff at the hospital. What an incredible group of people! I just had my first baby via c-section last week. I was so anxious and nervous beforehand and was blown away by how comforting and supportive every person we encountered was. Also, the care we experienced afterwards was incredible. I was able to heal and start bonding with and learning about my newborn in a patient, positive, calm, and happy environment, due in large part to the amazing people taking care of us there. I highly recommend TriStar Centennial Women's and Children's Hospital.

Darla Runge

I have always been a very active person all my life and plan on being so for many years yet! I have had 4 back surgeries and many other surgeries, but this shoulder replacement surgery has been the least painful and was a piece of cake compared to my back surgeries. When I got to the point that I could hardly dress myself I went to Dr. Morrison at Southern Joint in Nashville. The entire staff and Dr. Morrison was the most friendly, thorough and professional of all the doctors and hospitals I had to deal with in the last 7 years. I'm in my 3rd week of PT and the physical therapist stated to me that of all the complete shoulder replacement patients she has worked with I was far ahead of them all. She couldn't believe the range of motion I already have and the lack of severe pain. I only had to take pain pills for about 4 days which is amazing to me! Thank you Dr. Morrison and all the staff at Southern Joint for helping me get my life back. I now am not apprehensive about getting the other shoulder joint replaced in November! I hope I get all the same staff at S.J. and trust Dr. Morrison to make me whole again! Respectfully Submitted Darla Runge

Beth Vosbein

I was admitted through the emergency room and was hospitalized for 4 days. When I arrived in the ER I was seen within 5 minutes and taken to a room. The ER doctor came in about 10 minutes after that. The staff were all friendly and professional. They answered my questions and explained what was happening. There were no beds available and I was send to the CDU for 2 days. This was not the best room since I had to use the bathroom across the hall. The staff in that unit was again very attentive. I finally was transferred to a room which was spacious and the staff there were attentive.

Marty Smith

Very impressed with all aspects of my short time there. The staff was friendly, courteous, and professional. Great facility.

Darrell Chancellor

I received 28 Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) treatments from May 6, 2019 through Jun 13, 2019 for prostate cancer. I could not be happier with the radiation team led by Dr Andrew Kennedy, Radiation Oncology at the Sarah Canon Cancer Center. They were friendly, caring, competent and professional while carrying out their duties in a precision-like manner. I experienced very few, minor side effects as expected due to radiation swelling of the prostate. I highly recommend them!

Amy Davis

Staff was great... continually checking to make sure everything was ok!

kim baugh

I had outpatient surgery last week and I have never had as much kind and friendly people taking care of me...

Al Gleason

Great care. Room was very nice. I can't say enough about the quality and care of the nursing staff during my stay. Friendly, comforting and professional people.

george bush

The staff at TriStar Centennial Medical Center have always taken the best of care with my health. The out-patient test I had was performed very efficiently and I was amazed at how quickly it was performed and the care I received during my visit.

Tiffany H

The ER was extremely busy on the day I was there. Although I had a long wait, it was understandable. The staff was AMAZING. They were all so nice and went out of there way to make me feel comfortable.

Erin Little

I had plastic surgery at the Atrium building here and this place was amazing. The staff (nurses and surgeon) were extremely friendly, very thorough in explaining the procedure and post-op care, gentle with IV placements and handling me, and very informative to my family that were waiting for me to come out of surgery. The only thing that could be considered negative in my experience was the check-in process. It seems they are under staffed with registrars, so the lady registering me was attempting to juggle asking me health questions while addressing other patients arriving to check-in. Besides that, my over all experience was perfect and I would definitely elect to go back to Centennial for any future needs.

Kay McClellan

The doctors and nurses were wonderful and took such good care of me. Thank you for helping me to get well.

Hardy Marshall

I had knee replacement surgery at the Center and from the time I was checked in throughout my complete stay I had the absolute best caregivers and most thoughtful people assisting me! I came to my room from recovery and I was made to feel very comfortable with my surroundings and the people attending me. They made sure that I understood everything and where everything was. How to get assistance if I needed. I was checked on regularly to see how I was progressing and told what I could expect to happen while I was there. The day staff was amazing with the amount of information and care they gave all the way through to the people coming to take out waste. That night I was even more surprised by the amount of detail and attention the staff took in making sure that I was comfortable and properly cared for. They were not there just to pass time until the day staff returned. They were very conversational and fun to be around. They were encouraging in my recovery from my procedure and what I could expect from the next day. I was taken walking on 2 different occasions and I had training on climbing stairs, entering a tub, entering a vehicle and descending stairs. They made sure that I had everything that I would need before I left and when I got home. Very detailed information on my rehab and recovery program. I could go on and on and on because it was such an amazing experience with such knowledgeable and professional and caring people!!

Ed Jackson

Pre-Op RN Taylor was outstanding. She was competent, friendly and efficient. She seemed always to have my and my wife's comfort at top of mind. EMA RN Kayleen was also a delight to encounter although she was less involved with me than was Taylor. The operating room nurse was likewise competent and concerned about my comfort, but I don't remember her name. My wife and I discussed after my surgery that this level of friendliness and competence does not happen by chance. Beside the excellent attitudes of the team of nurses, someone running this section (floor 2 of Women's Clinic) is doing something right which will keep this outfit strong.

Linda King

Overall good experience, but we were not happy with the discharge process. We felt rushed to get out and the nurse even insisted on helping my husband dress while he was sitting on the toilet! I'm sure pressure is put on staff to hurry so the room can be readied for the next pt. but that was over the top!

Erica Aubrey

From entry to exit, every single person I encountered during my surgery day was friendly, caring and professional.

Angela Pool

I had a great experience. I didn't have to wait a long time to be seen .They were all very nice. Thank you

Barbara McKenzie

I was admitted to the hospital on April 2, for the 3rd left shoulder replacement in 2 1/2 months. I had the initial replacement in January 2017. I got an infection in it and it’s initial replacement was removed on January 10, 2019 and a spacer was put in my shoulder and I underwent 6 weeks of IV antibiotics and then on March 21, 2019 the spacer was removed and another replacement was put in. I went back for check up and pain. The shoulder had become dislocated and I was sent to ER to put it back in place. And surgery was scheduled again for April 2, 2019. We were told the surgery would last about 1 hour. It lasted approximately 4 hours with no one informing my husband what was going on. The doctor told him that during the surgery that the upper part of my arm broke. All the nurses were great during my stay.

Tammy Adcock

I was admitted to the hospital after sitting in the ER waiting room for 5 hours, then in ER room for another 4 hours. This whole time they were aware of that I had pulmonary embolism and DVT. After being admitted I was in an observatory room for three days (without a restroom) before going on the floor for another 3 days. The nurses were wonderful but, the hospital procedures definitely needs to be looked at.

Kelly Gutierrez

I had the best Nurses taking care of me. They both were very caring and always on top of things.I would have to give Nurse Kyle 4 stars alone, he made my stay very comfortable, very professional, funny just an overall great nurse.

Sherry Hall

Staff took great care of me; they were personable, professional & thorough.

Cheryl Wetherbee

Great experience and wonderful staff. Always very polite and professional. I don't choose to go anywhere else. Not any problems for me.

Jo Boyd

Everyone was so nice and efficient. Nurses we’re awesome. All doctors talked where I could understand. I will use them again

Lois Stone

I had an outpatient procedure last week at Centennial Medical Center. It was my first experience at this facility. I was extremely impressed with the entire experience, presurgery, day of surgery and their follow up. All in all, it was a very positive experience.

Sherry Schmidt

Thanks for being on time. The staff was so pleasant and patient. Excellent experience.

Shannon Stoner

Had an out patient surgery in March. ALL of the nurses, my beloved Dr Nylander, anesthesiologists were fabulous & treated me with the best & personal care. Their goal is to make their patients feel like we are their top priority. They certainly did that! Centennial Hospital is my choice & I trust them with my life!

Rosemary Wallace

I was well pleased with my visit to TriStar everyone was so pleasant and everything was so convenient to get too.

Sherri Chockley

All of my elderly dad's care team is located at Centennial. We've been very happy with all of the team and the hospital itself. The ER is not usually very busy and they are quick to take him back and to make him more comfortable. The hospital itself is very clean and the nursing staff (although very young) seems competent. I'm very grateful that my dad's PCP actually came by and visited him every morning. When was the last time you had that happen? Of course I missed him every time since he came in so early, but he did make himself available via phone and health portal messages. Our only complaint is that everything moves as slow as molasses. You will need to have an advocate with you to help prod and push things along. You need to learn to speak up and not just wait for things to happen (i.e. food, pain meds, case manager, etc.). We waited 45 minutes for a wheelchair to leave and finally we just went "over the wall" without help.

Melissa Alexander

I can't brag enough about the staff on the 7th floor in the Advanced Joint Replacement Institute. The nurses and the aides provided the best care! The only change that I see needed to be made is floating the aides to different areas in the hospital. I think that should be looked into further. I am so grateful for all that they did to meet my needs! Eva, Hannah, Melanie, D'Artagnan, Allen...I could go on but, this staff is incredible! Thank you for everything ❤️ God bless you ALL!

Nashara Motoban

No nice words for this place, but it sucks especially the emergency department i waited 5hrs and left because they where not doing anything to help. Coming from Massachusetts a place with hospitals that have organization and nurses and doctors with knowledge. I would of been treated and out of the emergency department within 2hrs. Very disappointed and they have lost my trust.

Linda Pendel

We were there 9 days out of 14 at 2 different times. We saw many nurses on the 4th floor of Sarah Cannon Building. The were exceptional. Our care could not have been better. I commend the staff on being the best at what they do.

Pilar Magee

My hospital stay was one of the best experiences- for a hospital visit. The doctors were very informative in letting me know the process and what was coming next. The nurses who took care of me after surgery were phenomenal! They listened to me when I was in pain or attended to me if I needed anything. A very positive experience.

Stanley Woodall

Excellent care and service.

Heather Busillo

We didn’t know exactly where to go to start. The hospital is huge so exact directions are important. The check in process was long. Compared to other procedures I’ve had done this one was a bit choppy. There we’re a couple nurses and so forth that were helpful. My doctor didn’t talk to my husband and things felt a little off- maybe it was just the day.

Wilma Inman

I have severe, life threatening allergies as a result of an autoimmune disorder. This was discussed at length in my pre-admission discussion. When I was taken to a room before my procedure I mentioned to the nurse the allergy issues with hand sanitizer, instead of listening to me, she began handling the hand sanitizer and set it off, triggering an allergic reaction. The next person who tried to enter my room, hit the hand sanitizer outside my room, my husband refused to allow her to come into the room. If he hadn’t been there, I would have likely had another reaction. My notes were ignored and I wasn’t listened to when I voiced the issues.

Rachel Montuori

As an outpatient surgery patient my experience was excellent. I usually have to tell the nurse not to stick my right arm but they already knew that. They had read my chart thoroughly before seeing me. I was impressed because some previous experiences proved they had not. Lots of comforting words and smiles.

Jerry Gowen

Dr. Neely is prompt, personable and knowledgeable. I appreciate her and Kelsey very much. I am very happy with my care.

ed hogg

Medically everything was great from check in to recovery and everything in between. That said, signage is terrible, you literally pass the building before you see the sign, the valet has no clue about the surgery center being in the building. Sign is dirty and font too small.

Eva Keen

I have never had better care than when I had surgery at TriStar Medical Center. Everyone was so caring and concerned about my comfort.

Darlene Smo

I have been going to the Frist Clinic to see Dr Andrea Beck for almost 7 years now as my PC. She is wonderful and has never led me wrong. Her referrals are always spot on and carry the same high integrity that she does. This is a wonderful facility, always clean, pleasant to the eye and makes any medical procedural experience I have done a comforting experience that I am getting the best of care. Thanks...!!!

Rebecca Weiland

I always have a good experience a the center. Everyone treats you with such kindness and understanding and works very hard to make you comfortable. My technician, Melissa, was so wonderful and I knew she really cared about me and her job. I appreciate all that she and everyone at the center do to make the experience pleasant.

Jon Hall

I had an extremely well organized visit to do all my pre-op work. Except for one individual that kept me waiting in an exam room for one hour (until I went out and reminded her that I was there), everyone was very efficient and flexible. I am very impressed!

Susan Hazen

Dr David Allen is the most conscientious, caring Physician I have ever had. His staff is great also!

Simon Trace

The nurses Eric and Jessica where amazing, Eric working through the night was thoughtful and very patience, he is an asset to your organization. Jessica who I think may have been reasonably new was very attentive and made sure all my needs where met. All other staff where great but these two need to be singled out.

Katie Nichols

Loved it. Had a great stay and ebweuoy had a very good bedside manner. Definitely my hospital of choice for delivering a baby.

Elaine Key

The nurses were very attentive. They checked on me regularly and asked about my pain. My meds were given to me on time. When I needed their assistance, they did not make me wait. They were right there aiding me with my bathroom visits and walking. The physical therapists assisted me with my needs on how I would make it at home. All of my questions were answered. If you have to go to the hospital, I highly recommend Centennial.

Teri King-James

My visit was excellent. The staff took good care of me and my family during my surgery as well as my stay. I would recommend to have their medical services at Centennial Medical Center.

Arlyne Euler

Wonderful staff. My husband was there for a Endoscopic Ultrasound. Everyone treated us with courtsey and kindness.

Diana Beard

Great experience. Times when things were a little off but that's to be expected at a hospital. Thanks!

David Childers

Professional, knowledgable and very comforting manners. Confidence and trustworthy typified all the staff.

Faith Nance

Excellent staff and excellent surgeons.. However case management is the worst ever.. Rude and lazy. They act like patients are a huge inconvenience and give the wrong discharge information.. Again excellent nurses and doctors but when it comes to discharge and rehab setup families have to do their own research and insurance information..

Brenda` Henderson

The doctors, nursing staff and employees made my experience amazing. Their attention to detail, knowledge about my case, kindness and willingness to go above and beyond is sincerely appreciated.

Jamie Smotherman

I had a spinal fusion at the L5-S1 level,on Oct.4th 2019. I laid in the bed from that day until sun,Oct 6th,in misery!! I asked repeatedly for a different kind of pain medication from the rudest nurses I've ever came across. I'm going to go on and on,like I want and should,so I'll just say this. TriStar centennial will never be the hospital I will choose for anything let alone another back surgery if needed,and unless you are ok with,pain,rude employees,a dirty room and I'm sure a bill that won't reflect the actual services I did/didn't receive...I would look elsewhere!!!

Alice Cothron

The nurses at Centennial Women's Hospital were wonderful! They shared all the information that they needed to share and were very kind and concerned. My doctor, Dr. Numnum, was very professional and kind also. All there were just great and helped me very much.

Kelli Ross

Fantastic care during and after my open surgery at Centennial Women's Hospital. Would highly recommend.

sofia grusz

Every nurse and NP that I have come across has been phenomenal. All knowledgeable, listened to my concerns, and were incredibly thorough. Highly recommend!

Aven Goodrow

As I am sure there are others with the same name, Blair was the best nurse I have ever had! I was there from 2/26-3/1, on the 4th floor. Everyone I interacted with was nice, but Blair was outstanding. She deserves a raise! Sure hope she gets to read this!

Pam White

I had a knee replacement here last week. Everyone was very nice and professional. The hospital is very clean and people take pride in working there.

Bonny Massengill

It was an awesome experience. Every thing was easy,smooth and efficient. The medical staff is very friendly, fun and experienced.

Jane Lem

My favorite center for medical services. Staff is always so nice and helpful.

Debb Swanson

The hospital staff were all very thoughtful and caring. A supportive group of dedicated young people. My Dr. and his staff are the best. I would highly recommend them to anyone. The hospital was very clean and inviting. This the place I will return to if there is a need.

Grace F

Triplecheck your insurance before booking a Diabetes Center/Nutrition Education Appointment and don't take the billing lady's word. I'm stuck with a $275 bill for a 45-minute nutrition counseling session all because they bill the insurance as an outpatient hospital appointment. Called Patient Advocacy who was ZERO help claiming they had nothing to do with billing and to just try to talk to my insurance. Why didn't they say this BEFORE my appointment?! Won't bother trusting them with my healthcare further if I can't even afford to be seen or treated by them. A word of note regarding the appointment - the billing lady is horrible! I had to reschedule my appointment because they didn't have my information in the system despite what should have taken 10 minutes took almost an hour. Nutritionist was very nice - too bad the facility has been so irresponsible in my case.


My appointment was routine follow up. My Dr was very knowledgeable, courteous, sensitive to my needs. I was a little late by 5 minutes and the receptionist didn't want to let me back but she said send me back. She was friendly and had a beautiful smile.

Todd Glisson

I had a routine ultrasound on my legs in September. While the technician was kind, professional, and fast, I had to wait 55 minutes beyond my scheduled appointment time before the ultrasound even started. This is inconsiderate and unacceptable for any business to make a client or patient wait this long.

Starlene Hart

I’ve been going to TriStar Centennial since we moved to TN. four years ago. Am always satisfied with the employees and the testing areas that I have been to so far. Everyone is very professional and attentive. My visits have always gone well.

Amanda Woodard

I could not have asked for better care! I have spent time in several different Nashville hospitals over the years and they care that I received at Centennial was superb to any other hospital that I’ve been in. From the wonderful nurses and their support staff to the very sweet young lady who made sure that my room was clean everyday. I received exceptional care and I would recommend your hospital to anyone.

Katherine Fulk

The visit was as pleasant as a mammogram could be. Parking was a problem. All of the old spots reserved for this office now are assigned to doctors. 3/4 of those MD reserved spots were empty and I had to go to the 5th level to find an open space.

Ronna Bejarano

My hip replacement was pain free!! Every aspect of my care was exemplary. The doctors & nurses were very present & all my needs were met immediately. I had a hip revision surgery 3 months ago & the other hip replaced 10 days ago. Both experiences were outstanding. My legs are finally even after 11 years of a significant leg length difference.

Vicki Gann

I was so impressed with the pre-registration process & Melissa the technician was awesome. She helped me change my regular mammogram to a 3-D which I had wanted for years. I feel so much more secure from this process and feel I have received a more concise report. Thank you Melissa & Tri-Star Centennial.

Andy Vest

I went to the ER with chest pains and was admitted. Everyone from the ER and and 5th floor were amazing! Doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and transport staff taking me to have test run, were very kind and made me feel comfortable. Never fun to be at a hospital, however if you have to be at one Centennial is where you want to be!

Katie Collins

What a great hospital! Spent all night there trying to figure out what was causing my chest pain. Chest x-rays, blood work and a ct later they figured it out. The rooms were nice and I just watched tv while doing different tests and waiting for results. They kept me comfortable and managed my pain through the night. From the receptionist to the nurses to Dr. Cain everyone was so kind and caring. I hope I never need to be back at the ER but if I do I'd definitely return here.

Christie Bell Harris

I was at TriStar Centennial Women’s Hospital for four days after my surgery. The nurses and staff took great care of me. Many nurses rotated in and out of my room to insure that my needs were met. I highly recommend the Women’s Hospital.

Fox Gail

Very nervous about going through another surgery, staff made myself and family very comfortable and informed of what exactly what was going to happen. Would recommend this facility to others.

crystal whitley

I really enjoyed the whole experience that I had at Centennial medical in the Maternity unit. All of the staff was extremely kind and helpful. We received wonderful care. I would recommend this hospital to any mother having a baby.

Mrs. Kirkendoll

Upon arrival everyone was courteous and professional. The nurses Alyssa, Heather & Meredith were amazing! I truly believe Dr. Maikis has special powers! She is a wonderful surgeon! I couldn’t have had a better first experience with surgery & hospitalization. Thank you all for being amazing! ❤️

Lisa Judkins

Centennial W&C Hospital was just about perfect... until I got into the operating room. Once in there I was treated like just another body on a stretcher by everyone except the anesthesia nurse (she even held my hand at one point!). I understand they have to take the personalization out in order to do their job effectively during stressful situations, but I was nervous enough having my EYE operated on and they only escalated that when they failed to treat me with compassion at such a vulnerable, desperate time of need. Other than that, they were ALL extremely professional and thorough with their treatment and processes while I was in their care.

Gene Whaley

My experience was very very good. I was treated great by the nurses and entire staff. I would recommend centennial to anyone needing medical attention!

Dwight Hadley

got great care and such helpful employees. wold recommend

Ed Houk

The staff was terrific! Alisha, Donzie, and the nurse who actually worked with me on the treadmill test were all great ! Each explained what was going to happen, concerned about my comfort at each phase, very attentive, very personable, good communicators! To make things even better, I received a good report from my physician!

Angela Hansen

I had a wonderful experience having surgery by Dr Colin Crosby and all the nurses, techs, anesthesiologists were incredible. I would give my experience a 10 out of 10.

June Barnes

The nurses and tech staff were great. They seemed genuinely interested in how I was doing.

Steve Sinclair

Great people really make a difference!

DeeDee Passarino

Took very good care of me. Anything I needed they did with a smile on their face. Had a hard time regulating the medicines but they always had a trick up their sleeve to help me relieve the pain. Had a total knee replacement. Great job thank-you Centennial.

Robert Mack

For over six decades I have been directly and indirectly exposed to a variety of healthcare facilities but none compare to TriStar Centennial and their staff. Each segment, each procedure, the care, confidence, and reassurance has been an unforgettable experience. All services were conducted in a manner that was nothing less than “first class” - warm, friendly, “down-to-earth” seasoned professionals whose commitment, dedication, skills, and performance are “out of this world!” On behalf of my family, thank you for all you have done. With warm humble gratitude, Robert J. Mack Expat Contractor Area of Operations: Global

LaVon King

Had surgery last week. They took very good care of me. Spent the night, and went home the next day.

Debbie Clendenen

We are very impressed with Tri-Star Centennial. The nurses are all amazing and we can tell that they truly care about their patients. We have nothing negative to say about any part of our stays there.

Melanie Mosier

I love this hospital. The staff, doctors etc are so caring, professional and friendly. Never had any problems when my husband or myself have stayed here. I recommend this hospital to friends and family.

Ron McCafferty

I arrived a little early for my Dr. appointment, parked my car in the attached garage, went to the floor where my Dr. is located, was met by a concierge, checked in at the desk, and then called to the exam room. Saw the Doctor within 10 minutes after some preliminaries, (height, weight, blood pressure, etc.) Met with the cardiologist, and he then ordered additional tests. All told, it was a good visit.

Patti Moore

All of the staff were professional and courteous. High five to CMC and Dr. Stein. I have received TWO phone calls from him personally to update me on test and treatment-I didn’t think doctors took the time to do that anymore! Would highly recommend this team for any of my loved ones.

Bobby Mulligan

Emergency Department Visit Kind staff throughout. I was non-critical, and just going to be cautious, but they treated me well regardless. The doctor I saw gave me strong confidence in her abilities. I was lucky, since the waiting room was empty and they took me to the back promptly. Their billing process takes 4-6 weeks, which I guess is the norm, but I am concerned about the bill and don't have any insight currently. They had a valet parking at the front, but I was able to find a lucky spot myself, though parking can be confusing and challenging (didn't check the garages).

Maggie Moon

Everyone was very friendly, helpful, and quick. I was seen right away. I received results from my tests within 15 minutes.

Andrea Stratton

Thanks to all of your staff, from the receptionist, of whom I talked with the day before, the valet parking personnel, the admitting personnel, the people who proceeded to getting me ready for my surgery before and after, the wonderful nurses and doctors and please don’t leave out the dietary department. Personnel always asked you for your name and birth before doing their procedure. Some even asked “What was I in here for?” At first I frozen, but then I said to myself that that question was for my own protection as well as theirs. (smiles). All were very courteous and polite. Thank you Dr. Tara Allen. I will rate this hospital as a class A+. Thanks and God Bless!! Rochelle A. Stratton

Nancy Crowell

This was my second joint replacement at TriStar Centennial and the total experience from pre op to physical therapy before being dismissed was very positive. The attention to details was impressive and all staff from receptionist to doctors were friendly and professional. Thank you to all especially Dr. Hodrick and his surgical team.

David Storch

They try to take care of you after back surgery but I have pictures that they run an hour to an hour and a half behind on pain medication had a three-hour back surgery and I asked them none of them have ever had surgery they told me the pain can't be that bad I tell you what I need to have better bedside Manner and be more attentive to the timing of their patients care one came in on her cell phone she was supposed to be supervising the new nurse and it was a private cell phone not that little cell phone the nurses carry. Still trying to get a receipt for the medication they put in storage I never got returned.

Don Lindsey

I went in for a pacemaker and I was very satisfied with everyone that took care of me , from the Cleaning Staff all the way up to the Doctor's ! They kept my family updated and I was surprised how quiet my room was at night ! I would like to Thank Everyone !

Charlene Calloway

I'm very pleased with the the care I received at TriStar Centennial Medical Center. Everyone I came in contact with was pleasing and considerate. Attributes like this are most important in putting the patient at ease. My stay was comfortable and the attention I received was most adequate. I also would like to express my appreciation as to how reassuring the staff was to my family members as well as myself. Thank you all for your help and care!

Faye Head

Recently had knee replacement surgery at Centennial Medical Center and couldn’t not have ordered a better experience. I was treated with the upmost respect and caring while there by everyone I came in contact with. I was kept informed of every aspect of the procedure and what to expect in the days following. I highly recommend this facility and its employees.

Brister Scott

TriStar is a Great Hospital, staffed with sharp, caring people. Everyone I had contact with was pleasent, kind, helpful, smart and attentive. They gave me my health back. So thankful

Jim Madaris

The quality of care provided by the wonderful folks at Centennial Nashville was simply superb. It is no fun being in a hospital with a serious illness... But if one has to, there is no better place than Tristar Centennial!

Venita Martin

Very friendly and helpful people from the moment I walked in to register. I had surgery with Dr Grinde and his staff and I can’t say enough about their level of professionalism and thoughtfulness. The entire experience went very smoothly and I felt very well-cared for. Extremely impressed! Venita Martin

John Robinson

Very pleased with recent pre-op, minimal invasive surgery, post-op and outcome. Hospital and medical staff extremely cordial, optimistic and professiional. Impressed with facilities.

katherine jones

My visit was hirrible, demeaning and traumatic. I was treatef rudlely and dismissive. I was ignored called craxy and locked in a locked phychiatric florrr for no reason. I can ge an administrator to return my call they keep sending me to a patient advocate who in no way advocated for me. If could give zero stars i would.

Marissa Ludley

Excellent and caring staff. I couldn't imagine having my baby anywhere else!


Very friendly and caring employees! The hospital was very clean. Except for the air freshener being put into the air constantly it was great. I am highly allergic to that kind of thing and it got me wheezing and sneezing The food was awful and I ordered a dinner for myself and I had to eat the special of the day which never came up and when it did it was cold and nasty. The nurse ordered it as it had to go thru the hospital to be billed to our account. The charge was 12.00‼️

Tonya Malzone

First time at this facility, but will be back. Everyone was very friendly, yet professional. First time a radiologist came out to meet me and confirm that all was well - very impressive! Kimberly was the technician, and she put me right at ease! She is very good at her job!

Carroll Williams

My appointment was 6:30am. My procedure began after 10:00 am. I pre-registered 3 days prior. The priority appears to be having an adequate (plus) patient pool available, rather than regard for patients time and concerns. After the procedure I waited a long time for a hospital room for an "overnight" stay. Correspondence between doctors, staff, lab personnel was at best….marginal. Meals were late, cold, … Discharge...just a nightmare. I left with a much higher level of anxiety than when I arrived. BIG disappointment.

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