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Joshua Whitehead

horrible, 'some' of the nurses were great but the hospital as whole done least amount possible and was in such hurry to discharge they wldn't even check to see if they actually fixed the issue... which of course they did not

judy fleming

Incredible staff!!! My mom has been there several times and they are always wonderful to her. I can actually get someone to call me and let me know what's going on as I am out of state and can't always get there. The nurses seem very knowledgeable about what is going on and the procedures that they perform. Thanks so much to the staff at Sycamore Shoals!!!

Roy Vance

Leadfoot Lloyd

I hate the er there..disrespect ful assholes

Tina Marlow

Just want to say that I had a wonderful Dr and a few good nurses while in the e.r last night. But thanks to all the druggies everyone gets treated as if thats the reason you're there. 1st off I've only been to e.r. 4times in 47 yrs. and last night i wouldnt have been there unless I was in severe pain. Had 1nurse ask" what do you want us to do for you?are you wanting pain meds?" which I refused until I couldnt take no longer. I do not go to dr. unless have too you're more than welcome to check my record. Im not a drug addict never have never will. Not everyone is so I think the staff needs to work on their attitudes and be a little more respectful. Other than this and being there 6 1/2 hrs iy was ok visit

Rebecca Willens

This hospital is a joke!!!! The nurses are rude and treat everyone that comes in that is in pain as a drug addict and that's not the case. They need to work on their bed side manner. They need to treat everyone like they would want to be treated or have one of their loved ones treated when they have to go into a ED.

Terry Ward

jessie bradshaw

Slowest place on Earth. Even when it is a ghost town.

Glenda Purser

Thank You So Much for being so thorough and taking such good care of me... Your kindness and caring was so appreciated!!!!

Brad Phillips

I went to Sycamore Shoals hospital for a shoulder injury. The pain I was in was debilitating. I walked out of the hospital 6 hours later - in the same pain I was in when I got there - with no diagnosis and no relief from the pain. After returning to work, and telling my coworkers about the poor service at Sycamore Shoals, I was laughed out of the room. Apparently, everyone but me knows to never go to that hospital.

Wendy Minton

The nursing staff and doctors are great. The hospital is very clean. Had emergency surgery here and would go back over any other local hospitals.

Jay Reece Winebarger

As I set in the waiting room NOW in the ER I over hear the lady's behind me talking. Oh he don't have insurance, he may no pay. Need to keep your mouth shut lady's and just do your job!!!!!

Paige Minton

When my grandparents were in the floor, they were treated with kindness and respect. So I think the problem lies in the ER itself. The head nurse treated me as a drug addict. I was pregnant in 2014 and it was my first baby. I was only a few weeks pregnant I didn't know that there were after hour obgyn or doctors on call at all for that matter. I just thought if something happened after hours go to the ER. My kind, sweet obgyn, is the person that was KIND enough to tell me not to go to the elizabethton hospital to call him and then go to the ER where he is. The first time I went, I had a seizure. I have had seizures since I was two, and I know I had one. When I told him how I know, he said "it was a nerve that went asleep in your leg" no it F'N wasn't. I was pissed. The second time, I went because I was dehydrated. I had been throwing up from a VIRUS and i wasn't able to eat or drink anything. They said "you're pregnant, you get sick when you're pregnant" After this experience, I wasn't going to go back. The head nurses daughter made a status about me on Facebook saying that I was abusing my free healthcare because I kept coming to the ER for things that weren't important. YES THEY WERE. ANYWAYS, my last time I went, I was bleeding severely. I filled a toilet completely up to the top with blood. My ex took me to the ER, and we both told them what was going on. They said, "I don't know why you came here, we don't have equipment to see anything." Then they said " one drop of blood can look like a lot when it's in a toilet" no, it doesn't. Not when it's filled to the brim. They sent me away telling me to call my obgyn. I'll never go back. Literally if my life depended on it, I'd die before I went there. Useless hospital.

Karina Arreola

It took us 4 hours to get out! Staff very slow...

Jessica Worthington

The actual dr was great but my wife and I were treated differently as soon as they realized that we are a legally married lesbian couple and the icing on the cake was that the discharge nurse actually said "pain has never killed anyone" "a little pain is good for you" mind you we were there because my wife's gallbladder is full of stones that is real pain I wanted to punch that guy in the throat

paula holt

They got my daughter in fast, and they treated her well in the ER, and give her excellent care in the ICU, wonderful nurses and staff, so appreciative. Thank you so much to all the folks involved.

Dana Barnes


hollie pierce

I would and marked a minus star if possible, went to their urgent care, flu swab not done properly, misdiagnosed, went to er later that night just to check my potassium, I have CHF, 900 dollars just because I have insurance. I didnt get an IV they didn't even get me a call button I unhooked the BP thing myself so I could go to the restroom. Kicker is my job DOES MY LABS FOR FREE..yea, no sense

Joanna Roman

Kelly Hughes

My grandmother recently spent 4 days in there. She received excellent service. The doctors and nursing staff were very nice.

kevin mcauliffe

I have been a medical professional for over 50 years, and would recommend Sycamore Shoals ER to anyone needing care. While visiting friends in Elizabethton, I had an episode of severe, potentially life-threatening elevated blood pressure. Although slammed with a busy waiting area and ER exam rooms nearly full, the staff processed me quickly and placed me in a room. The nurse's aid took a thorough history and sent in a nurse (Chesnie) to start an IV, hook up the EKG monitor, order a chest x-ray, and draw blood as ordered by the ER Doctor Williamson. Everything was done in a timely, efficient and caring manner. Explanations were plentiful and very helpful. The ER was clean, well laid out, free from clutter, the bathrooms were convenient (I received IV fluids), calls from the bedside communicator was convenient and were immediately answered. I have been in numerous ERs, from large internationally famous medical centers to small hospitals. The care I received at Sycamore Shoals over 6 hours to treat my issue was outstanding!!! I would recommend it as a competent, professional ER to trust with your health care needs and those of your family.

Shelby Davis

I took my poor sick 7 year old daughter at 11:00 a.m on March 6th to the hospital because she was showing signs of strep, this doctor pretty much released me & my daughter like we was both fine & then called tonight March 7th at 7:45 saying their was a mistake & the tests came back from the lab & she has strep. I'm Grateful he called but Poor baby, I know my baby & when she's sick, and when I am sick. They just pretty much try to tell you what you want to hear & release you!

Tammy Hall

The staff have all been very kind and wonderful to me. I appreciate being treated so great. Would definitely recommend this hospital

jessy Miles

Was treated like a drug addict when I went inn with what I'm sure is gallstones or something along those lines. Told me to go to my primary care Doctor and I don't have one, to get a sonogram done.. why couldn't they just do it there? I told them i wasn't worried about the pain, just wanted to get fixed. I can't even take care of my children like this, doubled over in pain. There isn't much I can do. It hurts very bad. This isn't my only horrible experience. A few months ago I took my 5 year old daughter in there with a fever and other symptoms. They said she had an upper respiratory infection. Wrong. She had a very bad urinary tract infection. Had to take her to JCMC to get the real problem found. She could've gone septic. Could've died. Forgot to add, I was told by JCMC that Sycamore Shoals ER department threw my daughter's urine samples away instead of growing the culture they were supposed to.. then they would've known they diagnosed her wrong. They threw it away!!!!

Tiffany Willams

Bf spent several days in ICU here. The staff are awesome. They are very attentive not only to the patient but also make sure the family is taken care of. Very good at explaining things. Docs are wonderful as well. Very polite and courteous people. And a big shout out to Mack and Jeremy, RN's in the ICU. These guys are wonderful at what they do.

Melissa Boyles

Had my daughter here instead of JC Med Center... Best decision ever! No complaints!

Renée Dial

Johnathan Tolley

I am in icu it is may8th 2017 they have been great and that have been taking good care if me

Destiny Beverly

I am giving it a 3, b/c they can do more than an urgent care, but still have to send you to JC for major occurances. My biggest disappointment is to find out that although I have to pay a copay at the ER, and pay separately for labs, since the Merger, I found out that the Dr's do not work for Ballad Health, so you will have a separate bill from them also. Thank you to our state reps who were supposed to protect us from this, but they must have felt that their pocket linings would give us better access to health care. A mediocre donation to a politician will change any law you want. Ballad Health, you are disgusting.

Smokey Waterz

Went to the ER with a broken foot. The doc there was a completely unconcerned buttmunch. Wrote me a prescription for Tylenol, the over-the-counter kind. Two weeks later, I received a bill for "Physicians ER Service" in the amount of $ 1320.00. This hospital should be shut down, as should most of Mountain States Health Alliance facilities. I wouldn't return there if I was dying.

tommy jones

my brother went to the ER for his hands being numb and his leg..they did a MRI and told him he had degenerative disc disease and sent him home !..HE LOST HIS JOB ,ALMOST LOST HIS HOUSE.. BUT HE USED HIS RETIREMENT MONEY TO PAY ON IT,, AND WAS PUT ON DISABILITY AND HE ALMOST GOT PUT IN A NURSING HOME ! my mom is 81 and has degenerative disc disease and she can run circles around my 60 yr old brother . so that wasn't the main problem and then 10 months later he went to johnson city medical center because the problems had gotten worse.. they admitted him after being seen in the ER at JCMC ..the doctors found out he had numerous pinched nerves in his neck and he needed surgery ,,,NOW TODAY,, he's recovering ATM from the surgery and feeling much better thanks to JCMC ! SO THIS PLACES INCOMPETENCE CAUSED SOMEONE TO LOSE ALMOST EVERYTHING THEY HAD WORKED FOR IN THE LAST 40 YEARS AND IT WAS FIXED IN 2 HOURS IN SURGERY AT JCMC ! THIS PLACE ALMOST COSTED HIM EVERYTHING HE WORKED FOR AND ALMOST HIS LIFE !

Catherine Beckett

Paulette Sanderlin

The, staff. Is. Wonderfull. You. Need some. New beds. I could sleep. In mind. I had to sleep in the chair.

ronda kimberlin

Nice staff

Brooke Lafollette

They are over staffed in my opinion, 6 nurses that just sit on their butts the whole time. My finaces grandmother has been sitting in the er for 3 days now and no one does their job, all the nurses just stand outside talking about what they want for lunch or flirting with one another or what their weekend plans are. Seriously ridiculous when you have patients that need care and they're just sitting in their room for hours with no one checking on them!


Every time I go there like last year my daughter to brace so they made me wait for our who does that to people

Angela Price

1:35 Friday, January 12, 2018 terrible experience at ER rude staff. Waited 2 hours in emergency room with 79 year old mother. She has the flu and was vomiting Uncontrolalaby. The staff did nothing to assist us. We were moved to a room by another rude staff member who went for a blanket and never returned. It is obvious no one knows what the other person is doing or saying. My Mother has vomited so hard she defecated in the lobby chair. Again she has flu and now her body fluids are all over lobby chair and floor. The admission staff continue to socialize and laugh. And the charge nurse stated once their job is finish they can act as they please. It is very concerning when someone is sick and in pain, while the staff at the ER is joking and having fun. Very unprofessional! It is now 6:45 still waiting.

Vlogs by Katie

My mom is always sick in the haspital the problem is they never come she will ask for Something simple and they won’t come for like 3 hours but very clean nasty food

debbie sturgill

Dr Smith was great , very compassionate and caring Doctor, ER team was caring and helpful. Under the conditions of my mom they need to explain procedures of what could happen in the process of treatment! Not just hit us with a ton of bricks!

Brittany Fletcher

I was brought to this hospital by ambulance in a lot of pain. Nurses and doctors were automatically greeting me and checking on me. I had surgery the next day and was there for 3 days total. Everyone was so kind and wonderful! They were constantly checking on me and seeing if I needed anything. I will reccomended this hospital over and over again!

Karen Sheets

I am writing a review on something very different from any of the reviews that I have written before. Sycamore shoals hospital has the absolute best food in the cafeteria that I have found around here. It's a very very healthy menu. Far different from what I expected from hospital food. This month is healthy grains month. I took some photos of the cafeteria that I had breakfast in today. Surprised at how good the food was. And the prices are not so expensive for what you get. The cafeteria is spotless clean. The staff is so very helpful and curtious. Here are some of the pictures of the cafeteria. I would pick it over fast food any day and the food has ingredients warning for people with food allergies. I believe that this should be mandatory in all places

Jim Berry

On thanksgiving day My dad had a a abscess tooth less than 45 minutes there. He passed away they sent a bill less than two weeks after his death 2800 my step mom had a stroke while sitting in the er she keeps telling them shes having a hearttack ignored her till she had a hearttack then shipped her off to j.c what a disgrace.

Hannah Hughes

During each visit at Sycamore Shoals Hospital, I always say that I am never bringing my family back to this hospital. After our visit today, that is without a doubt. From now on, I will be driving the extra miles to JCMC or BRMC. I’ve worked in the medical field for five years now, ranging from hospital registration up to my current position at a speciality office. Speaking as a medical professional as well as a patients wife, the care you receive here is absolutely embarrassing. At check in, my husband was ‘greeted’ by a patient access representative. My husband told her his symptoms and got his armband. Before he could even walk away to sit down, she broadcasted “New patient” followed by one of his symptoms over Vocera. My husband and I looked at each other and I stated I couldn’t believe that just actually happened. Keep in mind, I use to do her job at JCMC ER. We did NOT do this. And even if that was our protocol, I would have never announced that and embarrass one of my patients the way she did my husband. So to the rep at check in, A simple ‘Abdominal pain’ would have worked. Zero respect or empathy right off the bat. Next, we are taken to his room. Very unclean and garbage everywhere. Before I could sit down in the visitor’s chair, I had to get a bleach wipe and clean it off myself. Coffee spills, melted popsicles, and random IV tubings scattered the floor. Blood stains on the counter from the previous patient. Two words we’re feeling at this point: Totally Disgusted. The nurse that he started off with then starts going over previous medical history and asked him what something specific listed in his chart was. My husband told her multiple times he didn’t know what the abbreviation meant. After being criticized for not knowing, my husband then had to say “If you don’t know what that means how am I suppose to know?” I mean, he has a point.

Bailey Daniels

In December 2018 I came to the hospital for heart attack like symptoms. I was seen promptly. A chest X-ray and an EKG were done. I had smoked marijuana hours prior to my visit, and was not high during my visit. After finding out I didn’t have a heart attack, I was discharged. I was told to quit smoking marijuana. Turns out, I had a panic attack from being allergic to tobacco smoke. The doctors did not tell me any of this nor pursued a diagnosis after learning I had smoked marijuana. I learned this from comparing symptoms on the internet. Still, multiple bills adding up to $6000 came my way. I paid them with an HSA card, and now, 9 months after the fact, I am being told I did not pay a physicians fee. The physician that did not take me seriously or help me after he learned I smoked weed? I paid both bills I was sent, and learned TODAY, NINE MONTHS LATER, a bill I did not see in my mail, has been sent to collections. WE ALREADY PAID $6000 FOR BAD HEALTHCARE IN THE ER. I am trying to see if I can get a record of what companies/agencies my HSA card already paid towards. I distinctly remember being told that one bill I paid was for the hospital, and the other one I paid was for the physician. All in all - doctors did not take me seriously or offer a diagnosis, did not even tell me I was having a panic attack, and nine months after the fact, after $6000 has ALREADY been paid, I am getting a surprise bill from a physician I AM SURE I ALREADY PAID. Would not ever visit this hospital ever again.

Brian Hodge

My daughter was in a car accident and was brought in by an ambulance an we have waited 6 hrs and still do not have X-ray results this is the sorriest service we have ever recieved

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